Gayby Baby (2015) Movie Script

(Birds tweet)
- [Voiceover] We've gotta
aspire to give our children
what I believe to be the
very best circumstances.
That's to have a mother and a father.
(Calm piano music)
- [Voiceover] Marriage is
between a man and a woman
because of children.
Because motherhood and
fatherhood are important.
- [Voiceover] What a load of rubbish.
- [Voiceover] Legalising same
sex marriage will institute
the motherless family,
or the fatherless family.
It will inflict that
depravation on those children.
- [Voiceover] Same-sex couples
can't simultaneously provide
both mothering and fathering skills.
(Voices overlapping)
- [Voiceover] I and the Labour
Party have a clear policy.
- [Voiceover] Who takes
the boy to football?
Who tells him what's right from
- [Voiceover] If this bill is
passed it'll seriously deter
mothers putting their
babies up for adoption.
- [Voiceover] Paedophiles
will one day marry children.
- [Voiceover] It's just
natural order to do this
with a biological,
married mother and father.
- [Gus] I didn't have a dad as you
I had this thing called a donor.
A donor when they, a man delivers
into the hospital, into a little
and then they freeze it so it's all
and then they give it to the womans.
Two women that can have,
that want to have a baby
and then they have a baby.
And we did that
and now I'm here.
- [Jamie] Should we just put
all the stockings together Jen?
Okay, you go-
One Santa and reindeer, coming up.
Look at that, that is definitely
reindeer's got in that.
I know reindeers.
I know how they eat.
Like savages.
And you gotta write the note.
Didn't you have a note
when you were a kid.
That's what's wrong with you,
didn't have a note,
Watch out, to say thanks
for all the stuff.
You don't have to even, just spit it
(Clock ticks)
- It's Christmas everybody.
- [Rory] Look, it's Santa's
- [Jamie] Oh it is too, must
have come down the side.
- His reindeer's hoof print!
- Check it out!
I dunno if Santa's got horseshoes
has he, reindeer shoes?
- [Gus] It must be the reindeer.
- No Mum, there was Santa's reindeers
and this is Santa's foot.
- You see Rory, they
must have gone from here,
did a big jump, landed here
and then they must have started to
That's why there isn't
any more footprints,
am I right Amanda?
(Sportscasters on TV)
I love wrestling more than every
teensy little grain of sand
in the world.
Then, fly in a spaceship across space
and scatter them on every single
and that's how much I like wrestling.
Doo doo doo doo doo
I was wondering...
You know when the WWE comes to
- Yeah.
- Can I go?
- Do you want this paper?
- Do not try and change the subject.
- Can you go to wrestling?
- Yeah, when it comes to Australia
- I don't know, we'll have
to discuss it with Jamie.
- Come on.
- I'll discuss it.
- How do you feel about it?
- Oh I worry that it's just the
- I've heard this before.
- Boofhead, male thing that exists.
- Or the best boofhead
male thing that exists.
- Oh dear, the wrestling the
What are we gonna do
about the wrestling, hm?
(Baby talk)
- [Recording] Let's do
a breathing exercise.
Make sure you keep good posture
and breathe deeply into
your abdominal area.
Your shoulders and your
chest shouldn't move.
If you become a little dizzy,
just take a short break.
This one's four sips
in and four hisses out.
(Rhythmic music)
In, and out.
- [Ebony] When you're singing,
you just forget everything else.
Especially when you're stressed,
you just start singing and you forget
that you're angry about something
and you just listen to the
song and pretend you're there.
Too late for second guessing
Too late to go back to sleep
I really want to get into Newtown.
It's a really good school.
If I went there it'd probably be the
where I'd most be accepted.
- Having two mums you're
probably gonna have
a better time of it at
Newtown then you would
in a school out west where
they may not be so tolerant
of the fact that you have two mums.
In Newtown no one's even going to
at the fact that you have two mums,
so it's probably the
school that's best for you.
- What high school am I going to
if I don't get into Newtown?
- No you're getting into Newtown.
- How do you know?
- (Laughs) Because
you'll get into Newtown,
I have faith in you, you're
gonna get into Newtown.
- Don't you need a back up plan?
- Even if it takes us
moving back to Newtown,
you'll get in Newtown as local.
(Rhythmic music)
- [Recording] Now this is the last
Make it really steady.
Keep going.
(People chatter)
- Mum?
Um, about AFL.
I've been keeping up
quite a lot on my homework
and they're enrolling pretty soon.
And I would like to join
and I've only got one homework
that was 'cause it was over the
But I've learned my lesson
so now I'm doing every single
bit of homework tonight.
All be good.
- So when will you be doing AFL?
When are the times for AFL?
- Sunday.
- No way mate.
That's Saturday sports, Sunday
We have a right to have a weekend
So this is not just about you,
and as a mature young man,
in year seven,
your consideration shouldn't
just be for what you want.
That's my time to visit God,
that's my time to talk to God.
So for me, that is very important to
So if your game ends up
being on a Sunday morning
that means that I'm missing church.
- [Matt] When I went to
Bible study last Sunday,
we just read out a passage
and tried to think of the
meaning of that passage.
There's a nonbelievers tunnel
which is very wide and easy to go
But then there's a believer's tunnel
which is very thin and
not so easy to go through.
And the reason why the
believer's tunnel is so thin
is because one, not many people
choose it
and two, it's hard to stay on that
once you've chosen it
because not all good
things in life come easy.
At our age we have the decision now
whether or not we believe
or don't believe in God.
(Church bell rings)
(TV news plays)
- Your call man.
If you can read what the
school lunch is to us,
then you can have it.
- The Wednesday special is...
(Struggles with word)
- ls what?
- Is rav...
- Rav, and what's the next letter.
- Ravin...
- No, rav-ee.
- (Gasp) Say it again?
- Ravioli?
Return to the canteen by Sunday.
- Okay is it really Sunday?
- Saturday.
- Is that really Saturday?
- Oh, Thursday.
- Is that really Thursday,
'cause I think you.
- I mean Tuesday.
- You guessed four other days.
- Turn it over and spell Tuesday.
- Yeah turn it over and
spell Tuesday for me.
The days of the week
thing has let you down.
- Yeah the days of the week
thing is pretty upsetting,
I'd say.
- [Graham] If you don't read,
you'll end up on the street.
And if you do read you might
become the greatest author
in the world or the
richest man in the world!
Or you could just be a normal
person like everyone else.
Everyone reads.
(Calming music)
Tomorrow we're leaving
to go to Fiji.
- Maybe you should wear this on the
Can you imagine if you
walked up to Fiji in this,
I think you'd be a bit hot.
- I'll wait a bit.
We moved to Fiji for dad's work.
We're gonna have different uniforms,
different food, different house.
(Wrestling plays on TV)
- Three, four, five.
I am on the long road to puberty
which is when you become a man.
Most people say
that to be manly,
you have to like work
alone and walk different
and have these really
big muscles and biceps.
But I don't really know when you're
- Skin a rabbit.
- Ready, one two three, geez come on.
One two three skin a rabbit!
Here one two three.
Miss sunshine, little ray of
Arms up.
Okay, I'm gonna say the first few
and you have to say the last name.
- Michael.
- No that's Sean Michael,
so what about John C, C.
- Cena.
- Cena!
And Cody.
- Cody Rhodes!
- Cody Rhodes!
And Triple.
- H.
- Good girl.
Um, the Un.
- Dertaker.
- Undertaker.
- Please don't indoctrinate your
too much with wrestling.
- Okay.
Um, I'm thinking of someone else.
- [Jamie] I mean it though, Justin.
- Yeah sure Jamie sure.
- [Jamie] Alright.
In five minutes Rory, you need
to quickly wash your face.
- What about the one with the girl?
- Don't forget the girl wrestlers,
- Who's gonna be the girl?
- The girls?
- This one!
- I love that you're shopping with me
for your mother's underwear, it's
It's a bit unsexy the
whole lot of it isn't it?
- Stylish.
Make it look like you're the Joker.
- Um, can you not do that please?
- Sure.
- That is really not fair.
Do you want a tissue?
- Oh okay then.
- Thank you.
- If it's a tester you can wear it.
You don't have to wipe it off
just 'cause it freaked her out
because of her gender crisis,
but if it's not a tester
you can't use that though.
- They are testers though.
- Well just tell her it's fine
you like wearing lipstick.
Just apologise for upsetting her
but tell her it's fine to wear
Okay, come and help me clean that off
I'm thinking.
It's okay, doll.
Max, you alright?
I'm thinking this?
What do you think about that
for your mother?
- Uh...
- Is that sexy 'jamas?
I said people don't understand
that boys might want to
wear lipstick as well.
It's not that weird really.
- No.
- Just tell her you're
practising for Mardi Gras.
- Hm.
- I'll tell her.
- No I don't wanna go near her again.
(Car honks)
- Beat the car, beat the car!
- We caught the bus.
- I know, but the car broke down
- Again.
- I know, we didn't see
you so we started walking.
- In Parramatta I don't know anyone
who has a family like mine.
- Gotta get the baby out the car
and Ang has to drive the
car around for half an hour.
- I gave him my number.
- Did you?
Then you gave him my number.
(Calming music)
- Most of the time when I meet
someone new
I go, oh yeah my parents are gay
and they go, what?
Kind of looking forward to
going to high school finally,
getting out of Parramatta.
- You will be starting
your tutoring on the ninth.
She wants you to learn your song
before you even go there
so you have to have finally picked a
that you have to know
your song off by heart
before you even get there so she can
as much work with you.
- Off by heart?
- Off by heart.
- Okay.
- The lady says you have to know it
before she can work with you.
So she'll teach you some
techniques and stuff like that.
She'll probably teach you
more breathing techniques
because that's what you had
a little bit of trouble with,
breathing stuff.
So if you don't want to
end up going to Northmead,
you're gonna have to pull your finger
and make the effort for Newtown.
- Okay.
We don't really have that much money
'cause neither of them can work
mainly because they have
to look after Ashaan,
who hasn't slept through
the night once in his life,
who has epilepsy and it's just been
- How's his meds going?
- Oh he was having seizure
after seizure after seizure.
So we've had to get in
touch with a neurologist
and they've upped the dosage.
- You're smashing my head.
- He needs more.
He had, oh you haven't
been on Facebook lately,
he had two seizures
while I was carrying him
in my hiking pack on my back.
- Was he asleep?
- Yeah, asleep.
He's always asleep.
- Have your medicine.
Good boy.
Very good.
- [Woman] No, he's gonna wanna touch
- Oh no!
It must be a really really good
for Mum to go to such extreme
to try and get me in.
Seth hasn't even been able
to go to karate lessons
because you've been spending
so much money on me.
Makes me very grateful.
(Melancholy music)
- [Sandy] Thank you lord, for
the wonderful family we have
and the blessings we have.
For what we are about to receive,
may the lord make us truly thankful.
Alright, bon appetite everybody!
(Phone rings)
- Well I'm starting.
- Hello Sandy speaking.
So I'll take Matt on a Thursday,
you take Dylan on a Wednesday.
- [Matt] My mum and dad were very
while they were married.
- Probably looking at a Thursday
I've got sprinting, long
distance throws and high jumps.
- [Matt] I think it's when
my brother and I came along
then I guess they just thought it's
if they got divorced
because they didn't want.
Dylan and I to hear them
shouting at each other.
My mum met Lou.
Lou's cooked for me,
loved me, done so many things for me
that I never thought
someone who wasn't my parent
or related to me could do.
- I'm getting on with the job
with the strong support of my caucus.
- [Voiceover] And three
same-sex couples heading
to dinner at the lodge with Julia
They're hoping to challenge the PM's
about gay marriage.
- Sandy and Louise are
one of those lucky couples
as Karen mentioned, and
they're looking forward
to their date with the PM.
- We just want to go to
dinner and make her aware
of what our situation
is, what our family is.
- You know that Julia Gillard
said she's against it.
Would you vote for any politician to
be PM
on this one issue.
It that important enough for you
that it would override everything
- Of course it is.
This issue is very important
to us, it's our lives.
And when we go to vote,
we'll vote for the party that aligns
with out interests and our policies
and the way we feel about things
and what's important to us.
Doesn't sound like me.
- Your accent is a bit stronger on TV
but it's not that much stronger.
- Yeah 'cause when I get under stress
my accent comes out more.
- Oh ya.
- Oh ya. (Laughs)
Is it our weekend with
you guys, it is isn't it?
- Yeah.
So we can go on Sunday.
- I've got the church thing on
- Oh yeah.
Are you sure that's what you want,
because I've got a phone call from Bec
she wants to chat with you.
Are you happy to go to
Bible study with her?
- I don't mind.
- Well I think honey if you're
going to make up your mind
about something you need to know the
before you make a decision, yeah?
And at the moment,
you're only focusing on
one thing, aren't you?
- What do you mean one thing?
- Well you know we were talking
about it the other night.
And the conclusion we came to.
- I'm gonna wash up.
- For me, I was brought up with the
I listened to stories every single
And for me it was my favourite
I loved it.
And it wasn't just a storybook,
it took me a while to realise
the book was actually based on
people's stories of things
that they actually experienced.
- Like, how did we find
out how babies are born?
- How did we?
From people experiencing it.
But how did it first come about?
You know, who made the world?
Who made it, how did
it come into existence?
- Space.
- And how did space come about?
How did it first get there?
- There, I dunno.
- It just was there.
You're entitled to your own beliefs
and to not believe in God,
if that is what you want.
But, I want you to learn
more about the Bible
so that you have the facts.
- My mum has told me a few stories
about the priests at church telling
that mum is a sin against God.
And they're saying that God
created a man and a woman
so they could be together
and make new generations and
Personally I think that God made
to be who they are.
Moses Moses Moses.
- This is my third time
moving to my third house.
- [Recording] Please take the time
to familiarise yourself
with your nearest exit,
remembering that it might be behind
- [Graham] My second
one was just a carer one
the third one is Matt and Pete,
and this is the fourth move to Fiji.
(Adventurous music)
When I was five I couldn't speak
because my first family didn't teach
(People chatter)
- So the boys are gonna
be here on your visa.
So you're the father.
So how are we explaining me to this
- You could be a babysitter. (Laughs)
- I think that Matt's right.
Guys I think in this culture
we have to be careful
about how we introduce the
fact that you have two dads.
So the idea is Matt's and my
that's private.
So no one needs to know that
- Like if people say oh that's your
who's that other guy?
You say oh, - He's a friend.
- He lives with us too and
he helps look after us.
- He's a friend.
- Whoa, that's a big tooth Graham.
Is that a baby tooth?
It is a baby tooth.
Pretty cool.
Can you go put it in a glass of
- Love you honey, we'll
see you in the morning.
(Heavy rainfall)
- Did you hear the rain this morning?
- [Graham] Yes.
- Lots of rain this morning.
- Boys, we have two
things to plan for today.
- Generous friend and such.
- Oh what's this?
- What is it?
Oh she much have dropped
it on my bedside table.
- (Laughs) Liar.
- So hold on, the tooth
fairy not only brought you
one dollar Australian
instead of one dollar Fijian,
she dropped the tooth on
my bedside table. (Laughs)
- You're the tooth fairy!
He's the tooth fairy.
- Okay, Michael, Graham,
you don't believe, you
don't receive, okay?
I can't believe the tooth
fairy dropped the tooth
on my bedside table in
the middle of the night.
- [Graham] Lying is sometimes
good and sometimes bad.
If someone says, oh have
you ate your lunch today
and you say yes but you actually
that's a bad lie.
And a good lie is, oh I have ate
and he's looking after me and
the other one's just a carer.
And that's a good lie.
- So these are a little
tricky to get open and closed
so you need to make sure you
push all different areas of it.
- [Graham] I think it's okay
to lie about having two dads.
Because Fiji is not
really keen on gay people.
- [Dad] I don't think you'll need
your hat
in the classroom, Graham.
(Children recite letters)
- [Graham] if you can't
read, the letters will be
like A A B B all over the page,
like what's that, what's that.
Sometimes it don't make sense for me.
- The OMG oh my god moment
was not what you saw.
It was a short time after that,
it was when the epic match
between the undertaker and myself.
- [Gus] Before I liked
wrestling I was all like
fluffy and flowery and stuff.
And then I liked wrestling and
I became more rough and tough
and mean?
(Dramatic music)
Jesse J was then carried
out by the paramedics!
- Just buy the cheap seats
and he can sit there and
have the whole experience
and just be up in the
stalls with every other kid
that can't afford to bloody.
You know?
Really go.
- The smack down!
- What I worry about is
that the wrestling men
are such jerky men.
. HEY-
- That they're, that they're
a bit, basically hate women.
- What?
- That they're anti-gay.
- No.
- I worry that you start thinking
that's the way you be an interesting
or that's the way you be a sexy man
or that's the way you be a popular
or something like that.
I quite like rough and tumble.
I think it's fun.
But I have a problem with the men
that awful kind of thing
and the way they talk
about women as if they're...
- Mum, they never talk about women.
They never do it.
They never talk about women.
- But you told me there
was something where
some guy insulted some woman,
and some man was going
out with her and her twin
and he came straight away
and he flattened the guy.
Like he didn't, as if that
is some kind of solution
to someone being.
- No he talked to the guy
and um, the guy wouldn't stop
and the guy just slapped him
and then he flattened the guy.
- Well, doesn't sound great, does it?
He just slapped him and
then he flattened him.
- That was one thing that happened.
That is not, nothing like
that has ever happened before.
- But baby there's nothing
that ever happens on it
that's about peace or about
or about caring for people.
- There's heaps of friendship
and there's heaps of caring!
- Or about democracy.
- I don't know what 'mocracy is, but.
- Democracy, it's where people sit
and they talk about what everybody
and they work problems out by
- What?
- Democracy.
- No, there's no democracy.
- No there's no democracy, it's
all about flattening people
and just smashing their heads in.
- No.
What about tag-team matches?
They're friends.
What about contract signing?
They sit down and talk.
- [Sandy] It is your job to
argue and reuse questions,
it's his job to listen.
- My mum basically wants
me to have a meeting
with the pastor to have
a little chat about God.
I just think that the meetings
gonna be a bit strange.
I'm talking to people
that have believed in God
since they were like five years old.
It's almost like telling a
child that Santa's not real.
- So you don't really believe in God.
- No.
- Yeah.
What are the things that
make you disbelieve God.
- They've just made this book
Where everything is perfect
and this is how they
think everyone should live
and if you follow this,
you have to live like this.
You can't marry someone that's not,
you can't marry the same-sex.
- Mm.
- And all that kind of stuff.
- Mm.
The issue under that,
in your life for you,
is that, is the question
about, who's to say that
who should marry who and things like
That's the big question?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
That's really great with your mum and
that we can say, look, we
really think the Bible says this
but we love you, and love you to be
which you know is true.
So it's not always easy,
because we really do disagree
on something that's very
important to both of us.
Were you worried I'd be embarrassed
if you asked that question?
- No.
- Really?
You know, it's a gutsy question.
Any question I like, all
questions are good questions.
- Um, why do you go to a church
Where everyone thinks
you're a sin against God?
When you could just go to a church
Where everyone thinks that you're
- For me, it's not
about what people think.
It's what I believe my God believes
and what he thinks about us.
You think that we should
go to a different church.
- No, it's just.
- Where we're accepted.
- No, I'm just curious
Why you chose this church
instead of another one.
- Is your disbelief in God got
anything to do with the fact
that Lou and Mummy are in a
And that that is a sin against God,
as the Bible says.
- That's a bit of it.
- Okay.
- Alright, I'm just gonna
be another ten minutes
because I'm still with my other
Sorry I don't really have
any referees here (Laughs)
so just give me a sec.
- Okay.
When I first found out my mums were
and they were going on like
together together and stuff,
I was kind of, I don't know,
I wasn't that accepting at first.
- Your legs look so short in those
- I was the kind of person who'd go,
haha you're gay, you suck, you're
Who'd make jokes about it.
- Leave her alone, I'm doing her
socks up.
- [Ebony] People would slowly find
and I'd just kind of be like,
yeah and kind of run off.
It's not normal, you're
not normal and stuff,
the kind of things that would
go around my head at the time.
- Hello again.
- Hi.
- It's gonna be a very
crowded room tonight.
- I just want to see her a little bit
then we'll give you the space.
- Do you want to have a sing through?
Are you warmed up and ready to go?
Have you done any singing this
- Not today.
- Not today, alright,
let's do a little bit of singing
Might need to get rid of the chewing
There's tissue up the
top of the shelf there.
Alright, so are you guys both staying
or are you gonna...
- Don't you wanna listen to her
- Oh you wanna hear her sing first.
Alright no worries.
- I'll have a little
listen and then I'll go.
(Piano music)
- What about if we look at,
let's get that out for a second.
Let's time this.
When you sing it at home,
how much louder is it?
- Quite a bit louder.
- Quite a bit louder, is it? (Laughs)
So do you think maybe we
should have a crack at
trying to get it a quite a
bit louder in here as well?
- Maybe.
- We'll have a go at it eh?
- I sing better in my room, in the
not in front of a crowd of people.
- How are you, come on through.
- [Ebony] I'm very nervous
about the audition.
I'm scared that I don't get in.
- Ebony come here, Ebony.
Have a practise song.
- No.
- You need the practise, go on.
You need to get over your nerves.
Practise what you're gonna
do for your audition.
- Actually they're afraid
of everybody laughing.
- No one's gonna laugh.
Just your little brother.
And that's okay, I'll
put a hand over his mouth
and you'll be fine.
- Don't wanna do it.
- Why?
That's ridiculous.
Come on, please?
Just go brush your teeth
and go pop on to bed.
Off you go.
Night, chicken!
- Night.
- She needs to build
up some more confidence
and do things that make
her feel uncomfortable.
She chucked tantrums at her teachers
and stood there at Riverside Theatre,
where she's performing
in a combined choir,
with her arms crossed looking pissed
because she didn't want to sing a
Not because she didn't want to sing,
because she didn't like the song.
She needs to be pushed to do things
that make her feel a
little bit uncomfortable.
To those who ground me
Take a message back from me
And nobody in all of Oz
No wizard that there is or was
is ever gonna bring me down
(Child cries)
What's wrong with him?
(Child cries)
What's happened?
- He's just had a seizure.
- It's okay.
Your sissie's got you.
(Loud cries)
- It's alright, go do your practise.
- Go do your practise, it's alright.
- Guh guh ood.
- Okay Graham, honey,
what are our three rules.
- Slow down, don't guess, read
until the end of the word.
- Right.
What's the last letter there
at the end of the word there?
Is it a D?
- N.
- Okay Graham, the word is diet.
- Diet, his diet.
- It's not his at all, it's this.
- This diet gave him.
- Slow, stop.
Start at the beginning, slow down
and don't guess.
- His.
- It's not his honey, it's this.
- This diet gave him a
tuh, tummy ache
and a breath tempoor...
- So his diet gave him a beastly
Okay, let's keep going.
Just, okay my thoughts are
to start inquiring about
the resources we might need.
And if that's a teacher that's
or a young teacher at the university,
- Yeah.
- Someone.
Someone who's studying teaching,
someone who's studying speech
someone who's studying learning,
- And we just need to let them know
that he just couldn't speak
when he came to live with us.
That all he had were
vowel sounds, you know,
and like hand signals.
But it's important that
they know that it was
that extreme and that he's done so
but that he really was
at this real disadvantage
without being about to speak
at age five or whatever.
- They proudly sang their song,
(Melancholy music)
- Yeah.
Who's the taxi?
- How's school?
- Eh.
When I saw my test score I was a bit
because it was a bit low.
I got like, five, no four wrong.
That's all.
- You got four wrong out of six.
- Yeah.
- That's a lot.
- I know that is, but.
- What subject was it.
- It was, like you read it
then you answer questions.
It's like there's book.
- Reading comprehension.
- Yeah.
- And do you just have to fill in a
or do you write sentences?
- Sentences.
- Okay, it sounds like.
- I only got like, two correct.
- It sounds like that's
really a hard thing to do,
is that right?
- Mhm.
It doesn't care Dad.
It's not that much.
- Okay.
And what about the other
kids in your class?
Is it a hard thing for
them, do you reckon?
- No, I don't know.
'Cause we had to do it separately.
- You don't know how
the other kids scored?
- No one got the top marks, no.
- Do you know how the other kids
- Miss said put your hand up if you
if I say your score.
- So were you the lowest
score in the class?
- Yeah kind of.
- More than kind of, like yes.
- Yeah.
- Really, I like that.
Graham likes that as well.
- The first time time we found out
about our mum having
dinner with Julia Gillard,
she'd only have it if I'm okay with
because I'm going to a
Catholic high school next year.
And the first thing I said was, Mum,
there's nearly 5,000 kids in Waverley
and not all 5,000 can bully me.
It'll only be about, hopefully none.
Kids sometimes can come up
with better ideas than adults.
They discriminate
against my family, myself
and all other gay families in
Does that make sense?
I think that one of mine or Dyl's
are gonna really move the prime
And maybe even make gay marriage
- [Sandy] Dear Lord, please
keep us safe through the night
and please watch over us as
we fly to Canberra tomorrow.
Make sure that all the
conditions are good,
that we don't get hurt.
And that Matthew finds the
answers that he's looking for.
(Camera click)
- Thank you.
- Hi, my name is Matthew
and I am 12 years old.
I have two mums and I am proud.
My school teaches me that you
should never judge someone
just 'cause they don't look like you.
I say this because they call
my mums a sin against God.
- Yes, my darling.
- [Matthew] We have two
loving mums and a loving dad.
- Should I do up my top button?
- I bought this cross when Pop died.
- I know.
- So Pop's coming to the prime
minister's office with me.
- He'd like that.
Are you ready?
- Mhm.
- Sure?
- I've got my phone in my pocket.
- Don't you know I love you.
- Mhm.
I'm gonna send Dad a
text saying wish me luck.
They've all taught us manners,
acceptance of all others no matter
stand up for what we believe.
- You ready?
- No, not at all.
- Don't be nervous,
remember she's just a
person like anybody else.
(Door buzzes)
- [Recording] Let's do
a breathing exercise.
Make sure you keep good posture
and breathe deeply into
your abdominal area.
Your shoulders and your
chest shouldn't move.
(Child cries loudly)
(Rhythmic music)
- It's just his seizures
were so violent last night
that he has to be held down.
Well it seems I talked to you last
and we increased the medicine.
Actually seizures have gotten worse
and last night he had the
worst ones that he'd had.
And they were so violent
that our 12 year old
was holding him to stop
him from throwing himself off
like a little cot.
Okay, thanks.
He's gotta get admitted.
And he's gotta stay admitted
'til they can get him into a scan.
They're changing his medication
because it's probably his medication
that's making things worse.
And, yeah.
Um, so I don't know how we're.
- We just have to go in
now, he's being admitted.
- He's being admitted
while they change his medication
because they can't take him off
without him being admitted
because he'll have more seizures.
So he's, I'm gonna pack some stuff.
- I'm sorry mum, I should
have timed it exactly.
- No no no.
Not your fault.
(Child screams)
- Listen, sit down.
Sit down!
Don't piss me off by not
looking at me with respect,
you know you're making that
funny eye thing and grinning.
Now listen, both of you.
Listen up, sit up, okay?
This involves you too.
Look at me.
I can't see, it that where
the piano was getting you?
- Yes.
- Okay, I'm putting a ban on
you wrestling with your sister.
- And Rory, I'm putting a ban.
- Fine.
- Listen, no, I'm not finished, okay?
This is not the first time, okay?
She's the one that always ends up
I'm not saying it's always
you trying to hurt her,
I'm just saying Gus,
that you wrestle her like
you wrestle your friends
and I know she's quite strong,
but you're much bigger,
you're much stronger and you're
much more skilful at it.
Sit down or go to bed!
- I will go to bed.
- Okay, goodnight, okay?
Jen, Gus is going to bed for the
- Enough.
- No I'm saying enough, okay?
Now listen, no more
wrestling with your brother,
don't you make him wrestle you.
Do you understand?
Don't make him wrestle you.
I don't want you to be hurt,
I don't want you to hurt him,
you're too rough with
it, okay, both of you
and it's not okay anymore.
Okay, do you understand mum?
Do you understand me?
Everyday I have to stop you being
because you wrestle.
Okay Gus, I'm just reiterating
that there is a wrestling ban.
(Gus moans)
There is a wrestling ban in this
on you and your sister.
Don't you silence me son
or you'll bloody be grounded for a
Put your head out there
and look at me so I can
tell you what's going on.
- Tell me now.
- I'm saying there is a ban on
between you and your sister.
- You told me that.
- Okay, do you understand it?
- Is that clear?
- Will you abide by that?
- Right, now come and
do your piano practise.
(Gus shouts)
Okay then you stay there
and go to bed for the night.
- Fine!
I'm reading!
I wanna read!
- Don't speak to me like that Gus.
Do not talk over the top of me, okay?
I'm angry, I get upset every day
I have to adjudicate this rumbling.
Now I know you don't mean it, okay?
But you're too big.
You're too big to wrestle with her
unless you can do it in a playful way
Where you're very careful,
it's not gonna happen anymore.
So over and out with the bloody
Jen do you have an
opinion on that or what?
Am I overreacting or what?
I'm sick of it, you know,
someone's gonna break something.
It would be good if you
actually contributed your say.
- Okay, I agree with you darling.
It is true, they're too rough.
Rory need to stop because
she also talks Gus into.
- No I know she does.
- Just saying.
- That's what I was saying to her,
enough from everybody.
- [GUS] Rory.
- What.
- What do you want?
- [Mum] Stay here and behave
- Okay.
- Behave self.
(Dramatic music)
- But if like, if there's an accident
or someone with a bigger emergency
then he'll get bumped to Tuesday.
But they're taking him
in until he has his MRI.
- [Ebony] Mum doesn't cry often
but she got me worried.
One or two of the doctors are saying
that it might not be epilepsy
because he's too intelligent,
he's right handed instead of left
Only thing that really
fits in with the epilepsy
is that he's having seizures.
- [Jamie] Do we have a family
to look after each other differently?
- No wrestling.
- No wrestling?
Okay, shazaam.
- I don't think anyone, I
don't think Rory and Gus,
are committed to no wrestling.
Am I right or wrong?
- I think rumbling is really nice
- but Gus gets her in headlocks.
- I know!
- Which I constantly worry about.
- Rory is constantly attacking
him and wanting to wrestle.
I think it's really hard to
have an absolute blanket rule.
I think what we want is smaller
like no arms around the head.
Doing absolutely nothing
like picking her up
which can put the weight on her neck.
- No punching!
No punching, just hitting.
- [Gus] No weapons.
- [Jen] No punching's good.
- No punching, just hitting. (Laughs)
That's not a great rule.
You shouldn't punch or hit anyway.
- Like this.
- What about tickling instead
of hitting or punching?
- [Gus] Alright.
- So Gus, what are the rules for you
- Um, I'm not allowed to
have my hand around her neck.
- Absolutely not, and?
- And I'm not allowed
to put her on her head.
- [Rory] I got a great rule!
No pinching.
- Well you wouldn't
pinch anyway, would you.
- [Gus] Rory you're the one who
- [Jen] Rory does pinch so
let her add rules to the list.
No pinching, that's a good rule.
Anything else?
- Do you know when you
play with your big brother.
- No kicking?
- And when you play
with your little sister
it's gotta be fun and fair
and kind to each other, okay?
- The biggest person has
to take responsibility
for the littlest person getting hurt.
- Do the kitty, walk,
kick me and then do the kitty.
Oh my god, kick cat!
Do another kick cat roll.
- I'm doing it again.
- One two three.
Winner, kitty!
- Okay, I'm gonna wake Ebony up.
- Yeah!
- Yep.
Yeah, it's time to wake up.
- I know.
(Rhythmic pop music)
One and two and three and four and
and six and seven and eight and
and 10 and 11 and 12 and 13
- Come here, I want you
to wear this special thing
for good luck.
It's an ankh.
You excited?
You nervous?
- I'm too tired to be anything.
(Melancholy piano music)
- It's already on the application.
So tell them because you've got two
(Engine sputters)
You guys might just have
to get out and walk down.
Because I've run out of gas.
- It was doing so well.
- Yeah it's just that I have
to change it while I'm driving.
(Dramatic piano)
There's a fire starting in my heart
Reaching a fever pitch and
it's bringing me out the dark
Maybe I have no story to be told
But I've heard one of you
And it's gonna make your head burn
The scars of your love remind me of
They keep me thinking
that we almost had it all
We could have had it all
Rolling in the deep
You had my heart and soul in your
But you played it you
played it you played it
Played it to the beat
(People chatter)
(Sweet music)
- Okay bye!
- Now your third homework
is your writing homework.
Read the first batch.
(Children speak together)
Now you're going to write about you.
You can write about how
you were brought up,
your parents, right?
- Yes.
- Because in the morning,
first thing we'll do
when we come to school,
we'll sit, we'll be prepared to
to each and every one,
to stand up here, read
about what you've written.
- [Dad] Don't you wanna do homework?
- Yeah.
(Sad music)
- Dad and I are desperate for you
to be the best kid that you can be.
And the best student that you can be.
We think that you're a clever, smart
who when he tries hard,
he gets great results.
Come on.
- I have a desk in there.
- You do, why don't you go in there.
And if you wanted to really be
which means give a lot of detail.
- I know that.
- You can say things
like I have hazel eyes.
- I have two dads.
- And I'm this tall
and I weigh this much.
- And I have two dads?
- Well you could say that.
Do you want to say that?
- Sometimes, but.
- That's alright.
- Nah.
- You don't need to tell people
that they don't need to know,
It's called a need to know basis,
And this is important
for you to understand.
There are things that are appropriate
to tell people at particular times.
And sometimes that's
age-appropriate, alright,
like when we were foster carers
there were certain things
that we knew about your
history that we were not,
that we did not discuss
with you, because it wasn't.
- What was it.
- It wasn't age-appropriate.
Well we've discussed everything with
at the appropriate ages.
And there'll be things that we'll
with you when you're 18
that we haven't discussed
with you up to that point.
So do you see what I'm saying?
There's certain things
that are important to tell
and there's certain things
that are not important to tell.
- Yes, let's start writing.
All about me.
- Good.
- Funny.
- That's beautiful handwriting.
Oh is O, uh is U.
Listen again, ih.
- ER.
- Yes.
(Sweet music)
- The word is adjective,
you chose that word.
- They're in bed.
You're looking at a screen.
Fore pool or swim pool?
Swim pool.
Let's go. (Laughs)
- Now, did you do your writing
- Yes.
- All about me, okay?
All about me.
You should have enjoyed that
time writing about yourself.
Let me give the honour
of the very first person to come up
It will be Graham.
- Hello class and teachers.
- Hello Graham.
- My name is Graham Wilkinson
and I'm 12 years old.
I am funny, bouncy,
excitable, happy, friendly and
(Children laugh)
My favourite sport is soccer.
The first time I played
soccer was six years ago.
My team was in Sydney, the Red
I told you I was evil.
(Children laugh)
I wish I had a dog because
it would protect me
and I would care for it
and feed it and wash it
and play with it, it
will be called Destroyer.
The favourite part of my life
is playing on computers:
Wii, Xbox and iPad.
My favourite game is
Minecraft and Terreria.
Thank you for listening,
class and teachers.
I'm happy to live in Fiji.
Hold on.
- Thank you, have a nice night.
- How was that?
- It was good.
- Yeah, feeling good?
- Do you think she was nice?
- Yeah, really nice.
- Well when I first saw
her I stuttered a bit
so I didn't say what I
was actually going to say.
So I just said hi, I'm
Matthew and then we gave her
her letter, the flowers and the
and she said thank you, and yeah.
What I wanted to say to her at
the start after I greeted her
I wanted to say that, to tell
you the truth Miss Gillard,
I'm really honoured to
be here, but then again
I think it's pretty stupid
to be here right now
because this argument, this debate,
shouldn't have even been started out.
It should have just been,
it shouldn't have been a law
that two people that are
in a same-sex relationship
can't get married.
- Thanks boys.
- [Sandy] He's just growing
up too fast at the moment.
These funny little
habits, like you give him,
undress and give his dirty
clothes to put in the laundry.
I had to leave the room.
- He's 12.
- Going past that stage, I know,
but he's just growing up too fast.
- What's wrong, you don't get
naked in front of your mum?
Yeah but I just thought
we had a few more years,
15 at least, before we got to that
What's it gotta be like when you're
- Hairy.
- There are definitely a few things
that we have got in common.
But with religion,
I think we're two
different people with that.
- That's really nice, that's great.
Big smiles for me boys!
Yeah that's great.
- [Matt] if I really, really
don't wanna do something,
then I will stand up to
her and I will say Mum,
I really don't want to do this.
Not going to church every Sunday
it's just one of those
things that, I don't know,
we just don't go to anymore.
(Boys shouting)
I definitely think she's
strong about her religion.
But I don't think her not
going to church is gonna,
she's not losing her faith anymore.
It's just, I don't know,
she just wants to put like,
the family first.
- The eight's big, I need
it in like a middle size
or a six longer.
- You haven't done these
shoelaces up properly.
- I know.
I like thicker shoelaces, they tie
- There, is that better?
- Yeah, not so big on
being a singer anymore.
Just seems too out of reach.
Newtown isn't that big
a thing anymore, so.
I dunno.
- Aw, oh it looks good.
Looks very good.
You look so old.
- What, you want me to look six
- (Laughs) That'd be good.
- I reckon it's just made me
mature up a bit about music.
I reckon I'm a bit more self-aware
and understand what's going on around
Bit more grown up.
- [Seth] Ebony, you look
like a actual teenager.
- What are you doing on your head?
- Look at her, she looks so grown up.
- [Ebony] I was a little bit anxious
that they wouldn't accept my gay
- Give me a kiss.
- Bye Ma.
- [Ebony] if they have a problem with
they're not worth it.
Try and harass me there,
I'll kick their butt.
- [Jen] But whatever school you go
part of it is you know that
you have to do debating
this year, or join the orchestra.
- I don't want to do either of those
and you cannot make me.
- I can make you.
- You can't make me.
- Of course I can.
- No you can't.
- Of course I can.
That's the whole point of being a
- It doesn't let you force
things onto your child.
- It does, actually,
that's the whole point.
That's why everyone's
cranky with their parents,
'cause their parents force things on
It's really what's allowed.
- I'll call the police right now Mum.
- No they can only work
on child abuse, baby.
And having to do orchestra or
debating is not child abuse.
- That is definitely child abuse.
- It's not! It's sending
a child to school.
- Because in debate it's so boring
so I'll get bored and
I'll fall off my chair,
then I'll quit and everything
around me will be bad
and then I'll commit suicide.
I'm dead, you killed me.
And then in music, you're
trying to make me deaf
so I can't hear anything and I
can't hear the traffic lights
and then I die because I go into the
Killed me.
- Gus that's not a good argument.
Neither of those arguments are very
- Great argument.
- Not a great argument,
they're terrible arguments.
- See that's why I
shouldn't go into debating.
- That's why you should go to
you'd be better at it.
- [Gus] I just love the way
Jen is, how she teases me
about not liking wrestling,
I just wouldn't want to change that.
I think it would be boring if
everybody had the same opinion
in the world.
I think that it would be totally
if every single person had
their own opinion about stuff.
(Uplifting music)
(Crowd chatter)
(Raucous cheers)
(Fireworks boom)
(Joyful cheers)
- [Ebony] I don't really
think it actually makes me
that unique, that I have two mums.
It's just different for
every person growing up.
The people who raise you and
make you who you are today
are your family.
(Uplifting music)
(Inspiring pop music)
Lonely light you shine so lyrically
Please not be my own and
light my woes predictably
Cause I walk with difference
To sing my song with pride
There's nothing left in me
to find but what I feel inside
And I don't fight the feeling
'Cause feelings they just need to
It's the only expression
I need to know
I've got to find the feeling
I want these feelings to grow
It's all that I believe in
Just let my feelings show
Strike a chord on the rough of my
The tears they burn like fire
But boy I like the way they taste
Who knows whose meaning
really feels my song
When on this page is all
for some and some for anyone
So I don't fight the feeling
'Cause feelings they just need to
It's the only expression
I need to know
It's so irresistible
To place what you
find in lonely miracles
But you don't need approval
Just take what you do
and make it beautiful
So I don't fight the feeling
'Cause I just let my feelings show
It's the only expression
I need to know
I got to find the feeling
I want these feelings to grow
It's all that I believe in
It's all that I believe in
I want these, I want these,
I want these, I want these,
So I don't fight the feeling
Yeah I just let my feelings show
Yeah I just let my feelings show