Geetha Govindam (2018) Movie Script

Understand the understatement
Do you understand what you do not understand?
At least our elder brother is leaving
Look into the eyes of relation nextstep
You have to say that the wife is in the eyes
How many beans have drunk on how much he drinks of the mogul style of the house
For me the same desire from childhood is the wife in the eyes
While eyes eyes match
It's just small romance
If you say it, you know it
While Ramakrishna stories have to be
More than water from Mom
If you need
It took just a couple of months to take
The attributes of the character attributed to the enormous beauty
Is the beauty god in someone else who will be able to impress before?
There are enormous rhymes within the grupa attraction
Comes to be charming
The elders come to work and come to Raw and come to them too
How nice it was to know about the bonds about his wives since childhood
On a certain day, indirectly, he will take him to all
In fact, when God remembers you and your daughter dies
If you do not know how to wash it during the magical flower
Good morning
Ask now if
When is your wedding going?
Mad quotations
Marriage is not known to you
Say Serial When is the wedding going?
In the Lost
Mother is thinking of marriage afterwards
Vijay Good Morning
I mean what to do to bring this college up and down
What do you do when you come to the cable book and send it
What do you do after you leave
That's Diana
Vijay is your love
Do you remember the truth because you made a sin?
I'm not worried
Anna wants to be in a girl girl
The songs
That is from this movie
Kissing the kisses
Mad Mening Stomp
Put a good police station outside of you
With these ideas
If Arnels have trouble you
Shiva kamareddy
Another heroine
If you see the Thirumala phone
Kapoor stories of any girl
You sat down and sat down
White whites of light
A variety of green clay figurines
Akka Telugu home kommala is the goddess
Amma is not in the eyes of the mother
Available at dawn
Green emerald side
She has been spoiled
What are the words that you are the priest?
The evening's prophecies were my teacher
This is the nose
Who is the girl?
How much patience is
Such a cotton
That's what Amma does
Do not have a small bell
House society
This guy
That's outside of your kids Husbend is waiting for you
Amma is not yet married
When is the shit in the neck
Every minute there is natinchina
You can read in the eyes of your eyes
If you are not in my heart,
In the eyes of the rainbow the saris
Midnight rhino is yours
Babu hello to my town
Was my Brahmacharya killed?
For the flowers of the white lights of the white light
Siri got it
If you want to hit and drive you
China is just forgetting that you are the day
If you do not have a bathroom on the sidewalk
Nepali is growing
You heart
Hollywood eld
The branch of women is the lighthouse of women
How green emerald clay figurines
Cola of various varieties of Achcha Telugu home
Departing morning
Selling does not matter
What are you doing for these two days?
How should a boy get a boyfriend?
Phone to a little girl
Eye Hospital Catinada
Acid is mine
High signal
That's what I want
What are you talking about Sir talk to me
High proportion is mine
He is in one of the things he speaks without a little resident at home
Please Please Please Please
Not asking
English Rated
This is Billa Telugu
Next to home
Sri Ramakrishna
The screen
40 And the girl was taken up by the bus
The legs did not play hands
Sleeping Tablet to form
I do not get me
You are good
I will teach you the Telugu falsehood
Would it be until then?
Vijay Govinda
My name is Vijay Govinda
You can see the bike once in the temple
Your name
Your name
Aadat Adiyal is what
Can you get caught?
Where are you going?
Kashmir this bus goes to Kakinada Madam
Then mad mad quotations
Dhoom West Coin
What is the disease?
Do not show me my horn
Hi Ramakrishna
Do you think sorry srit
Looks like seeing the original fest or worm
Ladies are the problem
Take it
The golden mother
Lily lily seventh to seventh
Come on, the sinner is crying
As such,
Do you think Madame is going to be like that?
Let's talk the other
I give the feeding home
Bottle will end
From Inter
Little kids will stick to it
I'm just going mad
Oldest brother and older brother
Very fond of your children are doing well
You have more children
This is talking Madame
On the Most Elizabeth Bachelor in My Area
Take the baby to sleep
Everybody who comes out of the phone I will doubt it
What are you saying, how much does Raw children ask?
All of you are tiffin if you want to be beaten
I do in the bus
Even if the meal did not come up tomorrow,
Constable is all
Say madam
Tell what you are suffering
If Mary leaves us I should go to the bathroom
You have a little bit
Who is drinking over Vashruam Road is not exactly right
So you're just a little uneasy
The rest is Madame
Trains still
Thanks a lot for Thanksgiving
I felt like something
Trust in your
When the girl's mouth is closed and the girl comes out of the house,
She asked for parrots
The formal got
Call again
Raw Raw Raw Raw Raw Raw
But did not come
Tanna tanna
Reela Rela Reala
Saree Raw Raw Raw Raw Raw Raw Raw
Rara Rara Rara Rara
This is Ramana
The causal cause of the star
It's time now
What happened
This is just a little behind in the seat
Mohan is said to sit here
What's up
I'm not sleeping and I'm not sleeping
Come on my own
Sarija is on her own
Call the call
That is not a law but a baby boy
The girl is open now
Mom came just now
How To Love My Love
Will you communicate any more that you love the girl?
As well as the
Enjoy uncle
Waiting for draw
Not so
I love love
Let's say that the number of proprietors to take a number is the same
Selph's foot
Madame Madame Madame
Trial for Telugu Selfie
Does the girls have a background role?
No one's work
Show it with
We are out of date
How To Game
I took Selby to face me
Hello named
Madame I'm not mad
Sorry madam madame plie madam
I will soon take this study
View in Bhanagudi Junction
Sir Sir Sir
Pledge madam was not really intentional
I can not hold my father
Madam did not want to do what you thought I did
Bus cockinada
Land ticket is lost
The house should marry God like this girl
Thangana Raw
Looking at the cinema
Arey Ninerra Lift Lift or not
That's your good boy, and now I am your love
At 6:00 in the morning at 6 o'clock this evening
My name is not a picture
Time has passed
Now it's going to be the same
God wanted testimony
Now why cries are not right
Madame Madam Madame Please leave our home for two days Hyderabad
It's a lot of work to talk to you
What are you doing?
M doing
One hour timing
Vijay Vijay
Entra was worried
Sunny is afraid to come out and come back again
Now we're so serious
Songs Please
Nicosomes can be brought
What's up?
You can not talk to me anytime now
You have given me less
I did not see a good message
Talk you
Working on the bed
There are people
Great for everyone
Designed sex prognosis
Era java
Ravindra Fair
Raya Ray Rayla
Subscription was made
Home room
Uncle or sin
Thank you so much
Soft Corner
Even cut yourself into pieces and so sleep
But do you know your name?
For her
For the birth of a paralytic like this
The girls are once again aunty
This moment is the thing that girls on earth
May 12th Friday is a grandest day to do that work
Good morning March 12 is not even two weeks
Lendi Bava: If you take a space for two days, we go to Hyderabad and wear gold
My mom has now taken care of the whole work
You do not think your boy is in Hyderabad too
Looks cool
Eat a girl and eat it
The method is from the responsibilities
Abbas Kasam Babu
What time is a small child?
If you do not get married, someone else will do
Surrey is the same as our grandchildren
Selphi is not
New tenth tenth
How will it go
Today is my side
5 para
The girl between the two should understand that I do not
Whose parent's way of life is life
How to do it
Your life is like that
Who am I?
You do not have to name your mother or say no
Ours are ours
Make phone
Do not tell everyone to marry together
Say that you can not turn out with me
All your set is not me
Ours are ours
Do not overwhelm the rape
Have dinner
Good Night Good Night
What is it?
Asked if he would phone, PEDAVA asked
With my hands getting married and the rest of my life
Today is my birthday
Thaqque Sir
Fight 17
Come to Mommy Daddy must come
Make yourself vikings
Do not believe and do not disturb too much
What is the teacher?
Do not we see me or not?
This is how you look at me
I like to talk frankly
Need to tell me now
Let your mount be white
Why not say no
You do not have to wear clothes
Going to the girl is not the cars carry larry
Bring the small cart and body body
Collateralized killing of mad services
Body Body Touch is Started
Body Body Touch is Started
Hare hare
Rara Rara Rara Rara Rara
Ra ra ri ra ra na na na
What are you doing?
You are such a wife
If there is no karma, put your bike there
This is enough
Toys to increase heart rate
Tent is guntur
Teacher student
The bride's daughter Ramya is a very good kid well educated
A 15 lakh cash is ten grams of gold
That's what the bride's daughter asks me to do next
Okay, I'm there
Not want to
If you eat more then eat
There is a need for hunger
Dealings will be lost
He was living in the masani total
Do you know what a chain of these people is tied to you?
My every sorcery gets the lightning in your eyes
Mrs. Sunita my dreams come true
This is Song
See you yourself
You need this
Madame Madam is not in Madam phone silent
It did not get your call call
That is Madame
It's Girls College
There's no one there
Madam is exactly what it's like to be the Sundance of you guys
Your poem is poem
You want to measure your value
The ears are tired
Made by AP twists
Harmony inside the original nerves
Look at me who is behind me
If the caller stays there is a different salah
We are yours
Toys to increase in heart rate
This is the elephant punch this time
Born again for an hour
You come and come
Tell them all what you want
Office okana
Not yet
I've set
IBS will go away
Please click on the wedding shop
I'll come back
Delicious blindness to bring out
Where did you see it?
If you trust him, you are sitting on the road
We will expose our madam
The song is Madam Flight
Oh five minutes min
Friends who leave the garage leave you
Car taking the car
And if the car is on the day of coming up
We are madam now
Milk road traffic while doing a card card
I was asked about all this
Madam you misunderstand me
Time is running
Who did not come
When did you sleep?
Kadara used
To grow in the town
That's what the wedding is going to be married to the head
Pent in the bus
He is saying that he is married
How many padavav url put your anger?
Scholars show occasionally
If you like the same thing, it's the earliest
Grandfather hero
Do not worry if the sister did not marry
Two days have been cut down and killed by a housekeeper
You say that you look good in the office
That is very strong women
Kiran Reddy
Whatever you talk about, there are many meanings
I am blush
Will see the latest
What is the king
All of the householder's house is a good tiffin for you
G Madhu
In this, the drug is added
And so on
Telugu Madam
Today you have a good tiffin and you're happy to go to the hostel
Be all there are many people
This danger
I'm going next to you
Make wallpaper in Madame
So looking
What is the MR curry?
Hi Mam
Here's Dossi Idly
Akhil Is Two Three Dancer
Memory technique
The story
Now you're doing it
If no answer is specified
Smile is a language
If you do not want to stay in Devi Auto in Mantua
Merit list for nice coffee
I thought you did not know a baby for a few days
The airstriace is understood
Not that you are not
Things are not happening
Accident You Know
Not a normal set
If you look at your mobile
How much risk seems to be
There is no fire
This item should not be what is personal
Rice is a rice that is used to make rice
What is
Now I am teaching sanskrit
I am telling you about the events in the Kings Events ie Lost Report
You understand me as you put me
Well understood
If all the mobile looking
What is mobile mobile number?
What's on Mobile Mobile
It does not matter
If you know a big job like DP, they can not even connect with you
Chill Venture Your Mother Daddy is yours
Do not spoil what is missing does not
If you do not have anything to do with your family members
From your own
Do not care for punyamentha
What will you do
If you do things like this,
Something else is different
Our family is not jolikelthe not yet so much
You have come up with such words
That means you can play nx and make us mad
Please come first
Now you can
The day after tomorrow
Hello who is
What's the point of calling you?
Hello goodbye where I am from Hyderabad
Hyderabad Hyderabad is so sad
Let's see if the assistant does not know it
But now if we get it, let's talk
Not unless I had killed my son before
Soon the mother is now
Before my son's death Morning sar come to our house
That's because you know what you do not know
Listen little more
How many times do you see Hyderabad when it comes to that?
Always say elder brother
The news is about
OK Change
Mada 2000
Not better than the state
May 2000
Madame Madam is going
Kakkan Sir
Call Me
Tea coffee
Just now
He is Vijay
It will take ten days
On the side of Kakinada
Asked Questions
Tamil dimensions
Auto cursed
Cc in Madhu two hours
I ask if you can
I'm yours
This Month asked
Madam minutes sit in P as school
Do not mind madam
It's big bahubali
You have to help me
I did not do that and then call Madame
The 15 people
I do not even know that the believer was a big champion in my case
DJ Song
Let's call your daddy when rain comes
Patta chitta
After all, it's a loss that gives us all of our sister's money
To power
Red stripes
What is
Telugu Leader Hindi May
What is
Directly say
Make contents
To tell the reaction to see the reaction that the room is not clean
Here it is
Okay okay
She is a pub
Brother in law
He said now
Do not say your friend name politely
What did you do without dying?
I do not want it to be
I'm scared of you
Why on me why
What to see here
Do you have it?
No, it's true
You all fall in the lapse. Where will this go from?
Photo was dropped
Story 1
Take one time
Tell me okay
Is this Tamil feeding happy?
Uncle uncle
Babu should go home
Movie dot
If you do not know what an impartial thing is
I see
That's going to come out
Your girl college lecturer should talk a little bit with you
Mental is unacceptable
Get rid of these videos
Do you think that the birthplace is common sense in your home in IT?
I worked once
Let's talk
How much sud
Lalita Anna
Say it like that
Apalgonda Character Our Mommy Daddy
Now the money property is your name
Relations circle is like a madman working like a future to protect
Why is not she now, why did not my mother?
Raise the girl who believes on me not to raise
I'm looking at what's fine for my mother
If the ruler does not keep the inner peace of mind
You need pu
Life Long You're a Weliwara Love Friend
You are just water with me
I love it now
Poker mad mad
This is the same thing in my life today if anger goes on or it's not promised upon Amma
Ramesh Ramesh
Let's go over your girl in anger
If you do not know this, then the kids do such a mistake
All of us need to check it out and do not get the right answer
Aunt looks like
Please tell me
Who knows what to whom
Hyderabad come and make me understand
Do not get wrong if you go wrong
I will talk about paragraphs
I'm not talking to your sir
I have to look and see
I'll do it a little later
Sir minutes with you
Tarun minutes
I think it's cool
You can understand
I asked
My Patients are falling
Now I'm asked to ask you to install Stall on the road
Amala playing ten beaten
Chitti chitti
You are so big in Sir Sir City
Two minutes from the fish are asking time
Not inherent in here
Very sensitive area
In the
Can not stop leverage
Stay at home
But the responsibility is to know the bummies
Be good luck
That means mogudu is going on
Call me on the job
After taking the milk powder you are
Do what you want to do
On the top of the baby we can pick up again
I'll be back to school
That god is the same
You married the road
We all are okay
It is called for cheap
That's why the hospitals did not get so much fear
I did not say that
If Madam is your grandfather, why am I crying?
Your grandfather is our grandfather
Oh how are you madam?
For Anna
All of you are madam
Become bars
Why do you think so why do not you have cars cars?
Powerful Movie Movie
WHA And that's my father and sister
How can that be so?
We are still in our prep, but do not put your program on what is my father in the preparations ripples
I can not come back
What are you doing?
That's all there is when your mother will marry
Let's see now
Very happy and very close
How to ask
Your Husband
To call
I never
Now tell you about my mother
Love is all in love with madness
I do not have to give up
Wait to hide and show on our wife
Immortal to the wife
I have seen you in the temple a month ago
If there is a light on the lights and lighting, there is one Oriya
Every day if you get into my life
That's it
Then I see a real change in my eyes
Come on, but when I meet today
Measam not even realizing that people did not mean that I was wrong
But you have me a second
I thought you would understand
One of the drivers hit our row and dragged that you did not like it
Coffee is going on
How much science can you buy for a girl?
Ramesh's wedding is in 10 days
My mother again took my wife in the form of my wife
But I do not know why you have me
Uncle was missing
Coment is the beauty of the birth and the beauty of the wife
Charges for decoration now mean to you as a pennant sarad
Hayder names give you better than they did
One and Only Option
Because I feel like my wife
Arya Naakame is born for me to be ready for me
I can not have another work in this world except myself
But you are a dried out
There is no big difference
My vintage ideas are not wrong with yours
Bridal shower
Not to say that in my house is not in my house because of our sister
Children do something you have to be at your home
Pleasure Madam
Does this marriage happen?
His eyes closed and closed
The whole story of mines has changed over time
Good day
Made it
Hello this minute song
Would you like to see my ear now?
That's true
See that
The call has changed the whole story
Hamid stomach
Okay nay
Do not you know that you do not like it or are you forced to marry now?
What a girl likes is a hundred reasons, what's more
We do not want a relationship with our marriage
Give the pen
This is your youngest brother in any country
Mother is our village
Did not sleep and lie down to the men
Online light light light
Black drug
Our brother
Forget the origins
Take it home
White color is struggling to play
Please BIDS
It's everyone at home at home
Kay passes
I'm sorry
Gurvee Namah
Car toy
No station sar
Elite institute
Doing well
Daddy's gold came back tomorrow Morning Bava
Krish Babu
You are angry with me
Please understand that there are many problems in the cinematic program
The pakana name is propose
Does the policy have a love for her sister's wedding?
Does Tiffin get
If the
Even if she is married to her sister, the pay is different
If your mother cheated, can I do it?
Sari Bava
I do not know that I love you so much
If this topic comes to my name
Good luck would be happy with my sister
But the
I'll tell you something
You are poisoning the film
No one is searching in the matter
I worked on that bus
Telugu pastor
Kay passes the injury
Mind you
Let's talk to Morning
Do not sleep yet
Sir now asks me to forgive me to do something
Do something I do not know
This gorgeous sar
Madame Please Madame will adjust your week within a week
Life is gone madam
There is nothing else but money
The poor is not moving
Jaffa Workers
It will be difficult
I am unsaved deficit
Will you say more than the price of chelli?
In addition,
The same
I know what you like
We're not Mike
The two are the son of the two
Then 1
Learn what is going on in Telugu
Dead end
A photo
What is it?
To work
To avoid
Learn how to do drugs
Did you know Vidya Balan?
Without compassion
Take me
I've seen the angle of that angle at that angle
Look at the girl if you dare
You'll get phone in minutes
It needs