Geethanjali (2014) Movie Script

There exists an unique power to earth
among all the planets of the universe,that is the gravity.
There is yet another location on the earth
which has the similar gravitational force.
That is Krishna Nagar.
Many youngsters from various
places come here with a madness.
That madness is film.
Some are mad to become director,
some are mad to become heroes,
some more want to become producers.
This madness is also called passion here.
They even starve to reach what they
dream of, sleep on the footpath.
But they do not leave this place and their madness.
Many say that a bit of luck too is
needed along with bundles of talent here.
He too is one among those
many came here to try their luck.
He coming from Nandigama has taken a oath not to
return to village unless he takes a Nandi award as a director.
He is into the search of a producer to do such
film presenting him with that Nandi award.
Let us watch what happens.
What is the story you have?
Sir,this is a new story sir
no! I do not want new story.
l want a waste story.
Okay! Like a Dirty Picture.
Ooolalla ooolalla Ooolalla ooolalla.
What a big hit it was.
lt had shaken the nation,
need such a story.
What is that look?
Okay! How many heroines are in our story?
Only one heroine sir
You mean, heroines will item songs?
No item songs in this sir.
A film with a bit of classical touch.
What touch?
Classical touch
Who wants classical touch man?
What l want is skin touch.
Am I Edida Nageswara Rao or what to do films like
Sankarabharanam and Sagara Sangamam?Jantarmantar creations,
lt is okay, is any skin touch in our film?
What does that mean sir?
The same what lmran Hashmi does
in Hindi man! Ten minutes of kisses
What Oh? That is why all those
films there are silver jubilees.
ls it sir?
He will catch the lips of heroine like pickle
pieces like this. Will not leave though she refuses.
Put four such pieces in our script also.
l will see why the film will not become a hit.
That is hero and heroine
are from good families sir.
Hey, Have you not come from good family?
Am l not?
As per the story here,
hero should not put lip kiss sir.
Then make me put
What are you thinking?
lt would be good,
would be a variety,
special appearance.
Poor guy, he says some good story,
why can you not listen once sir?
You will not keep saucer with cup but give advices.
You bloody! Get away,
all fools are ready to give advices.
Not just the walls in his office,
even his films are blue
Poor guy,why did you beat the
office boy like that sir?
He is not the office boy man. Had come like
you to tell the story and has settled here like this.
Okay,what is the name of your film?
Look boy, Your story should not just be
liked by me. l should be liked by all these.
Who do you think these are?
Vegetable sellers Dish washers,
Dry cleaners, Cookers at our house.
To tell in one word,they are our wellwishers.
This house is our audience from ten years.
lt should be liked by all these.
ls this kid too an audience madam?
He is the main. lf he cries in the middle of your
story, it is like l did not like the story.
You can return back to your house. Tell now boy!
Wait,wait boy, later go to Vizag,there is a close friend
of mine by name Vasantha there, should tell her also.
While coming back,there is Vaisali cousin
of Vasantha at Vijayawada.
She has great cinema knowledge.
lf all these like the story,then
ls it okay then madam.
No, not so fast! There is my
cousin Ammaji in America.
She is our overseas distributor.
She too should like it.
Should go to America and narrate.
What about the expenses for Visa
and others to fly to America?
All those should be borne by you boy.
Do not think me as a lady producer
and does ot know anything.
Will you not loot crores once the
film becomes a huge hit?
To be said to so many people,
it should not be a film story
What story then, boy?
Harikatha,will go learn and come back girl!
Whom should l tell the story sir?
To us bro! He will keep20, he will put40,
Film should run hundred days in Gokul,
else will take your life, okay?
Come on, start!
Heroine like Samantha,
once the film opens
Where would she be?
She will be at the city center sir
Hey, not in the story man!
Where in city will the girl be?
Our guy is a big fan to her.
No idea where she stays sir!
Without knowing, from where did
you bring her to city center.
Okay, do you at least have the phone number?
No idea sir.
Hey! Do not know house nor
phone number. Will she come?
Are you fooling us all, you idiot?
No, not that sir! Once we start the film
Bloody,when asked to narrate,
you are like telling us stories.
You get off!
Where do they come from, man?
l dont follow the trend, i will set the trend.
What happened man?
Routine! Getting worried. Thinking
to go back to village man!
Not needed! Yesterday night, at the party in
friend house l came across a guy.
He is from software but has a good itch of cinema.
He said to produce a film if he gets the right story.
His name is,
not able to recollect man!
Hey,who is he? Please try to recollect
His visiting card is on the book in our room, man.
visiting card..
Mr Sarat!
l am not cunning type like Rao
Gopal Rao from Donga Mogudu,
violent type like Rao Gopal Rao from Mutyala Muggu.
lf the deal is not closed,
l will fold and put you in the dickey.
that was necessary.
People will not listen now a days
if you are like Sankara Sastry,
should be like Sankar Goud in Dhee.
Where were we right now? Yes!
All of you should aggressively promote our
new software in the market like a new film.
Any doubts?
What is your doubt?
Sir, Why do you always speak cinema language?
Every human will have a weakness.
Cinema is my weakness.
Someday,want to produce a film,
Take a Nandi award for the same and
dedicate that to my father is my ambition.
Sir, morning sir!
My name is Sreenu sir!
l have a good story with me sir.
lf that is done as a film, Nandi award is guaranteed sir.
Give one chance sir.
Take out the film only if you like the story sir.
Sir! Please sir.
Hello, sir, sir sir
Hello, sir, sir sir
How can you say Nandi award is guaranteed?
You will tell it once you listen to the story sir.
l like your confidence very much.
Thank you sir.
Come to the office tomorrow
morning, by 10 o clock.
Yes sir
Do not disturb me if anybody calls me
No calls another two hours
Shall l not give even if anyone calls.
Do one thing!
Narendra Modi, Manmohn Singh, Obama!
Give me the phone only when these call.
Yes Sir
Brainless fellows.
Dad! Even you should listen to
this story along with me.
This is for you.
Bloody, bloody! ldiot, nobody has time sense.
Oh, sorry dad!
Have made you wait.
Sir, sir sir! Morning sir.
Who are you?
You had asked me to come by 10 in
the morning to listen to my story sir
ldiot, idiot! Do you not have time sense?
Half day is wasted just by thinking
to listen to your story.
Understood now, how much time would be
wasted if l have to do a film with you. Go!
Sir, sir sir! Nice story sir, listen
once sir, please sir!
Get lost.
murthy go..
Sir, sir! Will pray to you sir. Sir, please sir.
l am trying for so many years now sir.
Sir, sir give me one chance sir.
Listen to my story sir, please sir.
Have already said that
l will not listen, get up!
Sir, listen to one scene sir.
lf you do not like, drive over me sir.
Sir, sir please sir.
You do not know about me.
l am of Mahesh Babu type in Pokiri.
You do not unnecessarily commit.
l am telling the truth sir.
lf you do not like, drive over me sir.
l see, ok. Ok, Murthy!
Get into the vehicle.
Okay sir.
Start it.
Okay sir.
Do it man
Be ready in gear
Yes sir
Suppose l do not like,
you will be crushed
Okay Sir.
Night effect in the opening sir
Come sir,
this room sir.
Call to the clues team.
Okay sir.
What is your name?
Venkatesh Sir
Venkatesh come here.
From how many days are you working here?
Two years sir.
Hey! What are you doing here?
Do you not have any work, go.
You look very dangerous, you know?
Why did you kill man?
What is it, me killing sir?
lt was me who called you sir.
You doubt me.
That is why we got doubt.
No one would kill unnecessarily man.
They kill for some use.
Now, cigarette smoking is very dangerous.
But still we smoke.
We know that would be
caught if we murder.
You also know tha would be
punished when caught.
Still you do.
Look! Duty starts from doubting.
Tell man!
Really l do not know anything sir.
Promise on my mother sir.
l do not know anything sir.
Bloody! lt looks frustrated if
a man cries, idiot
Like that owners of the house returned after one month
from America after locking that door sir.
Morning sir
Come sir! l am seeing for you sir
You have seen, right! Tell
Sir, in the night as
cries, shouts and some sounds are being heard in our flat
and by knowing this adjacent flat people
are vacating and leaving sir.
Daily my wife cries over me, none from
the adjacent flat have vacated,why?
Enough, be quiet.
No one is coming into our flat
saying that devil is here
That is why we came in from America here.
We got Baba also along with us.
He is Kedarnath Baba staying in Himalayas.
He comes out only once in an year.
Very powerful, okay.
Here, he comes
Salutes Baba!
Salutes babaji
Salutes babaji
Babaji,this is our flat.
Recently, one new devil is come in.
No advance and no rent.
No one is getting in due to that. You should
do something and send it out.
There is soul captured in this building.
lt is waiting for someone to come.
lt is shouting for something it wants.
Struggling and is saying not to leave.
lt is not so easy to send it out.
This is not a normal soul.
A dreaded soul avenging for death.
oh God! What to do now?
Weapons or tricks cannot do anything to this soul.
l will capture it with my holy books. l will arrest it.
You stay here.
Okay Baba!
Jai kedarnath.
Hey man! Have you seen that,
how would that be?
Will it be like this?
Mukti Vimukti
Mrityum mrityum samamiham
Mukti Vimukti
Ugraveera, maha veera..
Come, come out! Come out!
come out! Come out!
Come, come
Om Heem, Om Heem,
Om Heem, Om Heem,
What is it Baba,the lemon in
your hands is shaking so?
Not shaking son, it is requesting.
You can now live in peace.
Anyone can be here.
Jai kedaranath.
Have we come so far for just this small lemon?
Enough of it, keep quiet! Not for the
lemon, but for the devil in that
At the same time, it would have been better
if even you were put into some nut.
Stop it!
All of us would have been dead if he had not come.
Let us move.
Kedarnath baba who so had captured
the devil died very badly
Mind blowing!
You mean to say that devil has
escaped from that lemon?
Looking at what Kedarnath baba
said this does not look like a suicide.
Did anyone kill that girl? Means, on
whom did the soul have the revenge?
Tell man,what happened tell
lnstead of you losing your balance so, you would
understand if you calmly listen to the rest of the story sir.
Not just your take off, but
l liked even you. Come on
Thank you sir
get up.
Come on start.
After that girl committing suicide so,
we start the story in Vijayawada after3 months sir.
We should not start the story
but lunch now man.
No problem sir. l will eat after my narration.
Yes! l like this
Thank you sir
A director should have that hunger.
Zeal would be born from that hunger.
Creativity is born from that zeal.
l like your confidence.
Thank you sir
Tell,what happens next?
As said now,we open the hero in
night effect at Vijayawada sir.
His name is Srinivas.
Surprise is that even the hero in the story too has
a hope to become a director just like me sir.
With the same hope he started to Hyderabad.
One minute, one minute!
Whom are you thinking for the hero?
Ravi Teja would be good sir.
What would he take?
He will take anything other than advises sir
Not that man! Remuneration?
Oh,that! lt seems he maintains
remuneration as per the relation sir.
Here, l am saying you right now. My budget
for the entire film is 5 crores.
Sir,5 crores with Raviteja
l cannot put more than this for one Nandi man!
Shall we do one thing sir?
Shall we go with a small hero?
Tell who is it man? l should think
while listening, right?
ln the 5 crores of budget.
We shall do one thing sir. For the present imagine me.
That is only for listening to the story sir.
Later,we will keep a hero coming in our budget sir.
This sounds good.
After three months sir, night effect sir.
When we open in Vijayawada
Sir, sit in that window seat
Sir,what is your seat number sir?
Seat adjacent to ladies
come madam, come.
He say like buy a bus ticket free a girl.
Move, sir..
l just climbed the bus Janu.
do not know where the seat is
lt is here only, please be seated.
Thank God! l found the window seat.
Tell something Janu.
Me too, Bye.
ls it boy friend madam?
Why do you need?
Mind your own business.
There will not be much work for
mind in our business madam
That is, ours is a general store madam.
Excuse me,
that seat is mine
Madam! Back seat is empty, go and
sit there. She is already feeling bad.
l have wontomly booked the window seat
get up.
Madam! You will reach Hyderabad in
whichever seat you are in. Go and sit there first
What ?
are you understanding what you are speaking?
You get up please!
Why do you look with that bloody face?
Again a pose like Deepika Padukone, get up.
Wait madam! Hey Hrithik Roshan,
shall we say you also, get up.
One minute, sit madam. Okay
Right, right!
lt is already late bro, start bro
Moon light night journey in the bus,
beside is the moon
Nice poetry, send it to Swathi. They
will print and give five hundred
lt is already printed.
Your smile is good,
what shampoo do you use?
What is it,they ask paste, right?
l asked as you would laugh so again.
What is your nonsense, disturbing our sleep?
Driver sir, switch off those lights first.
Sir, please do not switch off the lights.
Sir, please sir. l fear in darkness.
Switch on the lights sir, please sir.
Sir, do not switch off the lights. Aah!
Why do you fear?
Put this light on.
Watch the movie
Hey why do you put the film of dashing
buses while traveling in the bus man?
Play some other.
Why do you fear for all?
That is..
lf you do not like to watch the film
listen to songs in this.
No thanks.
problem,take this.
Put this mask on and sleep.
You get peaceful sleep.
Thanks again.
What is your name?
My name is Srinivas.
Hey, song from Kshanakhanam.
Okay! Good night
Sir, Kukatpalli has come sir
Where is this girl?
That girl got down long back sir.
Where is this idiot now?
Oh, have you come?
Can you see the Paani poori vehicle there?
Paani poori..
come straight like that from there
Yes, it is there
Get down
Stop, stop. Hey man, stop.
Yes, got down man!
ls the coconut shop there?
Yes, it is there
Hey,turn this side.
Which side?
Hey Srinu,this side man.
l am managing well from three
months without being caught man
Without paying rent?
Not rent man! Trying for his daughter,
l was caught just this morning.
lf you would have done those trials for job,
should have got some good job by now.
Let it be gone, bloody bachelors room.
Let us take some good apartment.
You will take, you will take.
Rents in Hyderabad will bash you up man!
lt is okay,why did you drop in at
Hyderabad so suddenly?
To meet Dil Raju sir.
Dil Raju?
Need to narrate him the story.
Great story man! A hero like Brindavanam,
Heroine like Kotha Bangaru lokam
and villain like Dil
Oh l See.
A problem like Bhadra.
Overall a story like Parugu man
You mean Dil Raju had taken so many
films without knowledge?
lf you would have met earlier, he would have
combined all and taken a single film, man
Do not play jokes, my
story will surely be liked.
leave it man. lf your luck is good, you
may become super director like Sukumar.
Who knows?
Excuse me! Will we get any
flat in this area for rent?
There will be a poster on that side wall.
There will be a number in that poster.
lf you call that number from this phone,
you have the chance to get a house.
Why should we call from only this phone?
We can call even from our cell phone, right?
You can, but he will not lift.
Because,this is noted.
l will show the house.
You do not search, sure
Who is he, Leader of this area?
Okay, dial man
Tell the number
9490 189
9490 189224
Yes! Hello.
rent Baburao here.
Sir, ls any house there for rent in this area?
Hey, stop man he is..
Don't be serious.
Without seeing my poster how will you get the rent?
l wrote that punch after thinking for 15 days.
lt is a loss if you search house,
l will show you for sure.
Two rupees loss here for us.
l will fill that loss
Are any flats for rent in this area?
What there? Why not, my rent?
Triple bedroom30000, double bedroom20000,
one month rent is the commission and
two months rent is the advance, my rent.
Hello,why are you going off like that, my rent
We do not have so much money with us.
Should first tell how much do you have.
Aaa! Have5000
What are your names?
My name is Srinivas
Madhu sir
You go that side and you come this side.
Madhu, Sreenu
means MS. You are not ordinarily lucky, my rent.
There is a northeast flat. That has perfect
vaasthu. Owner has a sentiment of MS.
There is a rule to give it for rent to those having these letters.
But,the owner stays in America.
Where is the flat sir?
Flat is here, my rent.
l will right now speak with the
owner and finalise, you wait.
Oh! lt is there it seems.
l am watchman Venkatesh speaking.
Sir, sir, sir it is me sir, rent Baburao
Oh you,tell me
The people you want are found sir.
Just call and inform your watchman sir.
l will take these.
l understood. understood.
ldiotic fools have come searching
Okay, you have not said them the original thing, right?
l said sir that MS is your sentiment.
ls snow falling heavily there sir?
For good people like you snow will fall sir.
ls madam fine sir?
Will hold on sir.
Too close.
ls it madam?
No man, sir
Okay,where is the flat sir?
Okay, stop, stop. Okay
Sir, money..
Understood,take man
Too sharp!
This is the apartment you are going to stay.
Super, right man!
lt will be more better inside
ls it rent sir?
Too many dramas for this bull,
My name is Srinivas sir
Your watchman. Move!
What man Venkatesh.
Salutes sir.
Are these the ones sir has said about?
These ones. One is M and the other S
Both are eligible.
Welcome to our apartment.
Put right leg first and enter inside.
Where are the lights sir? lt is dark all over.
Okay! l will give you light
This is your lucky flat sir
This is hall.
sitting room is this
Good man! Designer flat is superb.
But, over here
Oh, nothing sir! We had just opened the door, right?
Must have fallen with air. That is all!
Lucky to get such flat right man!
Said you no sir. You have not stamped the tail of fox but the mother of it, my rent.
What just this sir?
There is a beautiful kitchen, come.
What? Why do you shout as
if there is a devil inside?
Sir, all the important items are put in that room.
That room should not be opened sir.
Need to shout so much for that
or what? We died due to fear.
Not just that sir,there are two more bedrooms inside,
my rent. l will show you come, move sir.
That is a bedroom,this is a bedroom,
what is this?
What happened man?
Graveyard man!
Hey,this my rent fellow is seen to link us this house
beside graveyard to us on the name of MS sentiment, man.
Just the graveyard no? Why do you fear as
if you have seen the devil?
Mister Madhunandan.
l am speaking from Wipro. You have applied
for the post of program developer, right?
Yes madam
You got selected
Thank you madam, Thank you, Thank you
You will have night shifts. Come today
itself and meet the HR chief.
Okay madam! Will surely meet.
Thank God, Looked man! We
stepped in and got the call.
l got the job in Wipro.
Tell as many you want but in the graveyard
l already said you sir,this is the vaastu giving
proper ties to even those living in hunger sir, my rent.
Sir, many apartments in Hyderabad are above graveyards. .
Ours is better, it is just adjacent
You tell as many you want man.
l am not staying in this house.
How fresh we feel while entering into a new house,the
same freshness would be felt when we listen to a new story.
lt is not important from where you came.
lt is only important how good is the story you came with.
Our office doors will always be open for good stories
What do you say now man?
lt is like he is talking about me man
This what is luck sir, my rent.
Suppose, if some problem arises tomorrow
Sir, l will start if my commission is given
Okay, okay!
One,two, How many are with you man?
Said you no that l have five.
Sir,enjoy well.
You story will be okayed for Dil Raju.
Srinu,there is no water in the refrigerator man
We have come newly to202 for rent madam.
Can you give us some water?
We came here for rent in202
202? Sorry!
Venkatesh! Why are all closing
doors on face by saying came newto202?
Not just this apartment sir, all
apartments in Hyderabad are the same sir.
After a few days,they will understand you and your talent.
Those who did not give water today will cry in tears for you sir.
ls it so?
You see for yourself sir.
Okay sir! When are you meeting Dil Raju sir?
Yes! Today
Here,three cigarettes with this.
l will erect 10 such shops once l become a hero.
Okay brother!
Hey Rajesh!
Dil Raju sir is not there it seems. He is gone out
to some place. To come back, he would take a week.
What is our position now man?
Became like the flood victims losing shelter.
No idea man, all the money we got is looted.
l do not know how to go back to village.
We should have got doubts when he said to
do a film with two of us as heroes.
-5 lakhs loss for each, my dad will not even let me come home.
Your day may not let you into home, but
my dad will not even let me into dreams also
Yes man! l have a doubt. How did
they believe when said as a hero?
Look man Shankar! lf our story was
taken as a film, it would be super hit.
There is action,
over action,emotion, slow motion, comedy
Parody, all will be there.
Like Abbas Masthan we are the director for this film.
After getting one hit,we can put heroes for
ourselves and take out cinema,what do you say?
no mistake. Many directors are doing this in Tamil nadu.
Suppose, if we say our story to Dil Raju,
he will tie us in office and throw advance.
But,who should we paint these seven days?
Sir Sweet, Sir take sweet sir.
Seethamma Vakitlo Siri
come here.
Are you feeling to put flowers in ears
by putting this sweet in hands?
Where are you going?
That is to meet Dilraju and narrate story
Sir is not in city, is gone to Ooty,
Come and meet after a week.
Why sir,why do you lie? l had just seen in TV.
Sir, sir, l have a super hit film story with me sir.
Help me in this one matter sir.
l will tell greatly about you in our audio function sir
l will arrange to put special thanks to security on screen.
That is recorded program and not live
Sir. Sir there is a suitable role for you in my story sir.
Write your name, phone number and address and give.
l myself would give you a call when sir is back.
Okay sir, you will call, right?
Do not forget. Here is my bio data.
You should call. Okay! Promise on mother once.
Promise on my mother, man. Go now.
We got the goat
Tell as many man! This flat vaastu is
adding to your luck but not me
What happened man?
l went to him with so many hopes and he is gone to Ooty.
As per your calculation, he should have waited for me.
You are great man, have not said he
would come home in search of you.
Look,there comes in Dil Raju
Yes,what do you want?
talent, We came knowing it is here for rent.
Who is Seenu in you?
Himself,who are you?
We are the creative team of Dil Raju. He sent us,
Do not panic,these are screen names.
Oh! What are your original names?
You have no work with those,
use these for the time being
Come in, come in
Take it.
Do you agree now man?
This is not vaasthu man, it is wonder.
kay, Have you given your address in office
saying that you have a new story
Yes sir! l gave it in the morning.
Okay, l was said that sir is in Ooty.
Sir is in Ooty. But,will be in touch
with us minute to minute.
He came in touch immediately after you gave your details. He asked
to travel for a week with you and calculate how talented are you?
He asked to measure you creativity.
He asked to know the depth as a director.
Our guy is a great creator sir
Creator or generator,we need to finalise here
lt is okay! What about one week accommodation,expenditure?
Sir, sir! We will take care about that
entire sir. You take care of our guy sir.
You keep quiet man! They are number
one in identifying the talent.
You do not need to tell.
Let us first have breakfast. l am very hungry
Okay, okay sir! l will go to office and come back.
My guy will take care being with you.
l will be back right now sir
Bye sir! Move man.
Take this money and get what they want.
What do you say now man?
Will not leave this flat even if l die man.
Here are the chips sir, moong dal
What man, you do not drink?
l do not drink sir
l have fixed to drink at once for the
hundred days function of my film.
Oh very good! You have planned future well.
A Director should have vision sir
Yes sir. What do you both do in
the office of Dil Raju sir?
Ghosts, hey
Ghostwriters does not mean ghosts
You tell.
He says hey Siddhu come here,
we shall play caroms.
l think of playing.
You think to make me win.
You catch my hand and ask to hit the white, hit the
black and if you play the whole game of mine,
what do l play dad?
Sir,this is the dialogue of Bommarillu.
Abburi Ravi is written.
He is the writer and this guy is the ghost.
Why do you not say man?
Hey! lf l start chopping, should keep
house full board outside the hell.
Sir,this is the dialogue from Dookudu.
Kona Venkat has written, right?
He is a writer,this one is the ghost.
Understood sir. Talent is yours and title is theirs.
You caught it right sir.
l will not do so sir. l will give who should get what,
what sir?
Hah bro! ls any other in this flat other than us?
No sir,why did you ask so?
Felt like someone passed
Bro! l remembered with pass, l will go for urine and come.
Please go
You think pass..
how pleasant is this night. How sweet is this pleasure?
lf we give tune for this song,
say louder.
Somebody is inside bro
When all three are here,who will be inside sir?
You mean to say, l am lying? Look if you want to.
Stop it! He is a confusion master, sit man.
Hey blackie, really there man.
Okay, go..
Who is there man?
Hey, no one there man
Ha ha nobody there man, look. Look man, come come
Where is it gone,what is this?
Our guy has tons of talent with him.
ls it? Let us dig and take it.
Sir, l hear some jingling bells sound sir.
Have you heard Arudra?
You too heard it Atreya?
lf you both have heard it,then l too heard it sir.
What,what is this man?
Hey, stop that crying
Crying is not from here sir. lt is from the graveyard beside.
Yes sir. Our guy has finalized this house
saying Vaastu is very good.
Still being ghostwriters why are you fearing sir?
Hey mental idiot, your head will be broken if l hit.
Do you think ghostwriters meantheir cousins?
Bloody idiot, shut up!
Under dogs Mafia dons!
At least you listen what i say..
the fear of devils existence frightens us more than them.
Oh, coming go, go..
Biryani is outside sir
Leave it, l will eat tomorrow morning
May get rotten sir
l will be swollen by coming out.
Good night!
Where is the food ?
Means, ghost..
Who is it?
Why are you here?
We came here recently.
Okay, how are you here?
That is, my friends used to stay here.
l used to stay here in the hostel at the adjacent street
Okay, okay
Hostel gate will be closed by 10 o clock.
My office will be done by 11.
lt will be again opened for2 o clock shift.
l used to pass my time here till then.
Oh l see!
lt is okay, l will leave now.
Oh my! Please come in and go.
No problem, l will leave
Not that, looks like it would rain outside.
Just sip a coffee and go, please come.
Oh you trapped me with a coffee. Coffee is my weakness
Oh l put nice coffee
Put it, put.
this is our house. Please sit.
Oh l forgot. You be seated. l will bring it. Madam!
You need the coffee strong or light?
Yes, put it strong
Okay! You too are strong then.
You need one spoon of sugar or two spoons?
lf the spoon is big, one. lf it is small,two.
lf the cup is small and spoon is big,even half would do.
lf the cup is big and spoon is small,then even if you put three
Use the spoon you need and put the sugar of your choice.
Please take.
Have L spoken a bit more?
No! How expert am L in preparing coffee,the
same are you in having it is what L understood.
You really prepared the coffee very well.
Thank you madam! Many have said this before.
But, sounds special when you are saying it.
Ha! Have you worked in coffee work shop before?
Have you understood so?
l want to become the number one director.
You would surely become. L know. L know. L know.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
As you said thrice, l too have said thrice.
Oh, devil, devil
lt is not devil bro, me!
Are you not enough to be frightened?
You are like father to the devil, you idiot!
Where is this girl?
What, girl? What uncle, have you got a girl after
making us sleep in the night or what?
Not that sir
What is this man? We thought of travelling together
and you have got into a separate compartment.
Not compartment sir, climbed a bus.
Co-passenger in the bus L climbed while coming
to Hyderabad from Vijayawada
She is very good girl named Anjali.
Stays in a hostel nearby. Came to say hello to me.
Should have woken us up when the
girl came. We too have met her.
Means, you wake us up if devil comes,
but not when girl comes.
Hey, say to Dil Raju man!
Sir,why all this? Already L said about you.
lntroduction next time
Hi boys
Sir, my guy is coming, do not say this to him.
His character is a bit bad.
He is of play boy type.
How is the new job man?
Too good man! Good friendly team
What sir, have you studied my friend?
ls he a book to completed so fast or what?
He is a library.
We thought of going to climax today and study maximum.
Like we want to watch the movie of
your friend and give a review.
As per that we sit in a restaurant and give rating.
We will take decisions having dinner.
Super! Why do you still think man? Start
Look library! Something new is launched in Chutneys today.
We need to study that also.
Take all.
What is this travel sir, getting too costly?
Hey man! Thinking of the path
cannot reach the destination.
What do you say sir?
lf you think of expenses on the way,
you cannot even cross the door.
Why do you think, start?
Devil has taken the beer and biryani we kept out
do you not know to move aside when a car comes
lt was good as break was applied in the last
minute. Else, you would have been squeezed.
Can you not hear the sound when horn is blown?
Are your ears not hearing?
Where is the car sir?
Can you not even see the car?
Are eyes gone blind?
Hey,what are you talking, do not speak in madness?
You stay sir, l will speak.
They came recently sir,
they do not know anything sir.
You park your car sir, you please go.
Take right ? sir..
Bloody bike,they always keep
blocking the way. These fellows
Hey,where is the car? Are your eyes gone?
Sir, you stay quiet sir. Do not hit on my stomach.
He is giving me two thousand per month to clean his car.
How many times should we say to that303 people?
Ask them to park their vehicle a bit away.
Scratches are falling on my car, you know.
l will tell so sir
What about you? l will not apply
break next time,will dash you
Better, be careful.
Sir, sir sir. Festival is ahead,will
buy a quarter if you give us money sir.
What quarter man? There is a full in the dickey.
Venkatesh,take it silently.
Thought your guy was mad, but is more clever than you man.
What exactly happened to him?
Nothing sir.
Last month he bought one new car
and entered ring road in wrong route.
A truck had come fast and crashed going away silently.
Except seat and steering nothing else was left.
Surprisingly,there was not even a small scratch to him.
From then on,this is the situation.
You could have said him that there was no car, right?
ln the beginning l was frustrated and said him that.
He bit and pulled out my muscle sir.
Why did he bite like that?
He is a man or man eater..
Okay, Who are you?
Creative team of Dil Raju sir.
He has sent them.
Oh L see sir. Sir, Do something
and make him a director sir.
That is why we are directly taking him to lmax.
Do not go for bloody recommendation. ldiot! Come on.
What is the next project of Dil Raju, sir?
He is planning Seethamma vakitlo sirimalle
chettu in Hindi with Sharukh and Salman
Really sir?
Shall L say Raju sir and give
you the direction chance?
l will direct my story only sir.
Bro! What is your report on the film?
What report would be there on
the film which already is a hit sir?
See Mr.Sreenu!
Remember if you cannot know why
the film is a hit, you cannot give a hit.
Pan from right..
3tickets for 150 rupees is450 rupees.
Oh God! Sir,total is850today along with the dinner.
Who is it sir?
Dil Raju sir
morning sir. How is the shooting happening sir?
Oh L see,that is why L said no new girl. L asked you
to go for Samantha sir.
No, you too sir,why sorry for this?
Sir, about me
Yes sir, our Sreenu is very talented sir.
Anyways we have the dates of Pawan Kalyan
with us, so we can go and take our scene itself sir.
Pawan kalyan.
He also encourages new people a lot.
Okay sir, see you sir.
Why do you cry sir? L said no
Not that sir.
First film itself with Pawan Kalyan
means L am not getting words sir.
Yes. Even pidipalli had cried like this in the starting.
Who ?
Bro, it has come.
What is your torture?
You too are able to listen to the shouts right bro?
Bro, devil looks to be getting
irritated as it has no food
Go put something for it to eat
What to keep sir?
ls it my pet dog sir? lt is devil
We heard about fire devils,
heard about sexual devils,
but what is this hungry devil, man?
Bro! There are bread and fruits
in the refrigerator bro.
You go and serve.
you go and serve bro
Okay! We three will go together bro.
We three will go together bro.
Okay, it is alright then.
Do not be frightened,
Do not be frightened.
Do not be frightened.
Do not be frightened.
What fear for me?
Hey run man, run. Hey
Oh god, arudra..
This is food devil. ?
May be Anjali has come.
Sir, dont tell any thing to anjali.
Hi, please come
Where is your creative team?
Are they sleeping even today?
Yes,just now.
What, got ready and going out?
They have not got ready to go out.
They got ready to come out. Am L right?
You sit.
Thank you
Sreenu has said a lot about you yesterday.
lt seems you are the backbone for Dil Raju
Bone? We are also boneless.
Keep watching like that. We too will be adjacent to
Dil Raju after some days instead of Sirish, Laxman.
Arudra, Athreya!
screen names.
Poor guy! You could also let a chance
to be given to Srinu also
No one gives a chance to anyone here. We are saying today.
There is a strong need of Srinu to the industry today.
To pump and make the industry stand which
is in slump now, such a guy is needed.
Not so much bu twill you sip the coffee?
Yes! Brother has said you like coffee very much.
Yes, L love coffee
Even we know to prepare coffee.
Okay! Then three of you prepare
the coffee. l will tell whose coffee is good.
Means,will you give prize to the one who wins?
Will praise
What ?
She would praise it seems man
ls it? Then me first, me first. Hey blacky, me me me
Wow! L am thrilled just by the smell. Good!
Yes Srinu,
this is by you, right?
Thanks. You made me win
No problem madam,these are all common in industry.
Collections that are there for commercial
cinema will not be there for art cinemas.
Sorry, you look to be feeling bad.
No,we failed.
Just joking
Yes Anjali.
Why do you like coffee so much?
White light on the stove flourishing
For the black shining to come
This is the amritham that is found on the earth
Viswadabhirama shall we drink coffee
The young bird has not barked early in the morning
The foam of milk on the stove is not kept quiet
Entire household is asked a wish
Where is the waking up beautiful coffee?
Surprising hurry said not to be stopping
The coffee craze is come up all of a sudden
This surprise newly,though girl is said
There is no better drink in the world than this
So much surprise in one sip of coffee
Will the life go more pleasureful than this
Along with the welcome day is come, day is gone
Every cup has a new meaning, Aaa
Hey from the town of white man to Telugu street
lf the cup of coffee does not hit till the street
Will the time not stop though the universe calls This with different
names, kick of this is the same anywhere, know this
Hey from the town of white man to Telugu street
lf the cup of coffee does not hit till the street
Will the time not stop though the universe calls This with different
names, kick of this is the same anywhere, know this
Hot coffee cold coffee Cappuccino Mocaccino
May be the world is this for the love birds
Wherever the couples in the street are,
would come to
coffee day to spend time
Bed coffee rang the bell early in the morning
it is hurry of cappuccino
lf it is evening, hot and hot
Queues would be formed for instant
Summer or function, any time
Saying no to coffee
From the vehicle on road to the trend of five star
The craze of coffee in the world will not come down
Hey from the town of white man to Telugu street
lf the cup of coffee does not hit till the street
Will the time not stop though the universe calls This with different
names, kick of this is the same anywhere, know this
How much ever we see in any marriage looks
Coffee comes earlier than the girl
How much ever we see in any marriage looks
Coffee comes earlier than the girl
Roasted rich coffee with good smell
Decreases the distances and increase love
Drinking good coffee filtered,what
lt is like cute girl smiling
Go how far you want, cross the country
And see the craze of coffees,taste once
Hey from the town of white man to Telugu street
lf the cup of coffee does not hit till the street
Will the time not stop though the universe calls
names, kick of this is the same anywhere, know this
Hey from the town of white man to Telugu street
lf the cup of coffee does not hit till the street
Will the time not stop though the universe calls
names, kick of this is the same anywhere, know this
Huh! Good man.
l too feel like having a coffee.
l will tell two filter coffee. Okay, Lakshmi
Get two strong filter coffee.
Okay sir
Then, if the cup is big put two spoons of sugar.
lf the cup is small, leave it.
Get coffee and sugar separately.
Okay sir
have L said correctly?
You continue now.
Girl used to come to the flat like that to have coffee sir.
Our Srinivas also was trying from his side
without just believing that Dil Raju team.
Suddenly, on one day.
Arudra sir
get up sir
What is this man?
Kodandam in the morning
and Sankarabharanam in the nights?
Not Sankarabharanam sir
Dil Raju sir is come into city it seems sir
L got the call
Who said you brother?
Security person had called sir.
He is called me to come to office
Get up and get ready sir
Are Pawan Kalyan dates okay sir?
l too would get ready and come sir.
Get ready faster.
What is this twist Athreya?
He will get doubt if we do not go Arudra.
We will do something. Move
Sir, are you ready sir?
Wait for one minute sir.
Our fellow is brought the biryani.
We will keep it there and leave.
Else baby would torture again tonight.
Baby? Who is the baby?
Why to say devil always sir?
Thus L named her baby, l will bring that
lt is like function for the devil
L put gravy and curd along with biryani sir.
Shall L keep the water bottle also?
Keep the tooth pick also
Good idea
Hey man! Athreya
Arudra, you keep going bro.
We would get BP with this guy
Hey Athreya! We are booked now
Sir, you should tell good about me to Dil Raju sir
First, you think what to tell about us
What is that sir? Does he not know about you?
That is uncle, he asked us to write a report on you.
We did not write due to lack of time.
That is it, right man?
No! With the increased torture of the baby
Hey man! Where are you going?
We are going Srinagar colony sir
l too am going that side, come l will drop you
Oh no! We will go in the bus sir
Why man, it is too sunny.
Come we will put on the AC and go
Lift is also like a gift.
You should not say no when offered. Come on!
What lift without a car sir?
What, no car?
Not car is not there sir. Car will suit
for our fellow. Says he would vomit in car
Yes sir! Car may be ruined again in a hurry sir.
Correct man! Okay boy, pi pee peee
What shall we do with this guy?
We will introduce him to baby
Dil Raju sir..
Yes, move
Sir, sir, sir, Dil Raju sir is leaving
Stop! l will give a buildup about
you and get him for you. You come then
Here Athreya! You go, l will stay here
Sir, sir,
Sir,why do you not introduce me to Dil Raju sir?
Do you think introducing is as easy as ironing?
This is industry. You should wait till it is
given, Should be silent till said.
Okay, okay sir
You will not change man
Ravi i call back..
Thank you sir,thank you sir.
What is it sir? Raju sir is leaving.
Has he waived his hand at you?
He waved, but has not listened to the story sir
Has he said all the best looking at you?
Said, but has not listened to my story sir.
He said will listen to your story after the traveling is done with.
Very happy if Raju sir says to listen the story.
ln this happy occasion, We will watch a good
Hindi film, from there go to a pub and have a party.
From there, let us go to good restaurant, have lunch
and from there let us directly go to the flat bro.
What a travelling sir?
lt is continuing like the consoling tour.
Just three more days man
Forgot! Dil Raj sir is asked to drink
Thums up. Three Thums up for us.
When has Dil Raj sir said to have it?
He said you go
What else did you think, All the best? To have Thums up.
Get some
cigarettes at the same time, l will blow them for you.
What did you say to Dil Raj?
Sir, sir, sir morning sir. We are
coming from Make a wish foundation sir.
Our wish is to fulfill the last wishes of cancer patients sir.
That man with the file standing there is a cancer patient.
Say to hi, sir.
He will not live for many days sir. His wish is to
you narrate you one story before he dies sir.
He is completed half the story sir. He says will
complete the rest in two days and narrate to you sir.
lt happened so
Sir,thums up.
Shall we start our journey for the day sir?
To pickup we need to drink Thums up, right?
Yes,we should drink.
You too have it man.
lt is become late night sir,
Anjali may have come and gone
Keep aside about Anjali bro.
First you think of our baby.
Baby would have eaten the biryani we had kept
lt is okay if eaten man,else if it
wait still we come,will eat us up.
Sorry, sorry.
As L am too hungry! My friend is given a duplicate key.
As you did not open the door
No problem! Think this as your
But as we have seen you suddenly inside,were panicked a bit.
No problem
ls the biryani goo?
lt is too too good
What would you keep now for that
Saying for that,who is that?
That is nothing. He is saying about the maid,that is all!
You stay, l will bring coffee for you.
Wait for a second. No coffee,
Take this first.
What is this?
Happy Birthday!
Oh,today is my birthday, right? Thank you.
What, Birthday? You have not said. Happy birthday bro.
Happy new year bro! Birthday wishes son
L have not thought to celebrate birth day till L
become a director in original.
Okay, how did you know that it was my birthday?
How if we do not find out about those we want.
L do not even have office tomorrow.
l will get sweet in the morning by 10. Okay!
Sweet? Why trouble for you?
Stay calm! Daily L am coming to your house
and sipping coffee, spending time with you.
Let me bring at least one day tomorrow.
Please, please, please.
Your wish, your wish, your wish
Okay Bye
Okay,will come by Ten O clock. l will bring sweet.
Bring a bit more, he will have it.
How good is Anjali?
What good man?
She had eaten up all the biryani kept for our baby.
ls Sankarabharanam for us again tonight for us?
Do not remind about Sankarabharanam again man. Hey
Dont fear sir..
Many many Happy returns of the day.
From Bangalore l will go to village for festival
and be back in three days. Why do you also not come?
l will not come.
Why man?
Have you caught any one there or what?
Yes sir!
He is in trials. There is a girl by name Anjali coming every day.
Oh man! You are hiding at me
That is, she was introduced recently
when l was coming from Vijayawada.
Very good girl, she is like
a sister to you saying you in advance
First you fix what she becomes to you.
Here, keep this money, okay?
Look my friend a bit.
Okay, okay we will take care.
bye man!
Okay, bye sir.
Why so much itch to your mouth sir?
We are so by birth uncle. He is not Shankar, cross guy
Anjali madam
Might have brought sweet
Hey man! Have you come new to this house?
Yes, yes sir
Here, keep this inside
What is this sir.
Why do you need man? Cl sir is asked to keep this in, keep it.
Okay, fine sir
Here,take the key of that room.
Sir, sir, sir
What sir,what is this sack?
dont know sir, it is of owners. Why do we need? Let us keep it in.
Yes, let us open once and see what is inside.
L said you not to open this room,
Why did you open?
That is, Police had come, gave the key and asked to put this in
What is the relation to Anjali with this house?
Do you know her?
What knowing sir? She comes daily.
She keeps drinking coffee of my hand.
Here, she meets us daily.
and gave dress as gift as it was his birthday.
What are you talking? Has that lady from
the photo and gave you dress as gift?
What, are you not understanding when said?
Come l will show you.
Come man
L kept them here
where are
Here,they should be here.
lt will not be seen sir.
lt is been three months since that girl has died sir.
What are you talking sir?
Yes sir! That day, in the greed of commission L hid a fact at you sir.
That girl had committed suicide in this room and died sir.
What? How is she daily coming to this apartment?
How is she daily coming to this apartment?
Stay calm sir. lf she is coming daily,
she should be seen down to me, right?
At least the adjacent flat people should see, right?
What about sipping coffee and that?
All that was your imagination sir
Sir, L said you the truth, it is your wish now.
Will leave sir.
Says, imagination,what?
Means bro! Now even the food devil is Anjali then
Why doubt? First she threatened on the name of food.
Later she passed her time on the name of coffee.
l will come 10 O clock.
Go and open sir
Why do you not open the door man?
Here Athreya! You go, l will stay here
God, did you dream that devil is got sweet? Wait bro!
l too will come with you.One minute.
Tell Athreya
Move, move!
Aah sir Arudra sir, Athreya sir! Have you left.
Venkatesh, Venkatesh, Venkatesh
open the door
lf my friend comes tell that L have been to village.
ln such situation, keeping my life in hands, by the time L
came to you running and running it has become late sir.
Yes sir. This is not cinema story sir.
lt is the real story happening in my life sir.
Reason for me to come late is that devil sir. That is come to
Hyderabad travelling along with me in bus from Vijayawada sir.
Oh my God!
ls it true story?
-50 lakhs
For what sir?
For what sir?
This is just advance! We are doing the film.
Yes man!
We will do a film with all the
incidents happening in your life.
lt will become a sensation.
L am telling, it is not for Nandi award,
we will get the national award.
A true story by Srinivas!
We have only half the story sir.
Oh yes!
Do one thing. Go back to know the rest of the story
Going back
travel with that devil.
Find out what exactly has happened. Still,when so many
were in the house,why did that devil connect only with you.
It wass to tell something with you.
Find out what it is.
lf we promote saying director travelled with devil,
it will go far man.
Yes! lt will go very far. Here is your cheque.
Just by thinking, it is getting wet here.
What me travelling with the devil sir?
That was addicted to the taste of my
coffee and came again and again,
but not to tell something with me.
l will go back to my village.
if you prepare three more coffee second half will be finished.
l will be finished by then.
l will not be there sir. l will go away.
Why did you come when you are going back, man?
You are the first one who said to listen to my story sir.
As it is my responsibility to narrate, L came to tell and leave.
See you sir.
You say will see and why are you leaving man? Here,
your name Srinivas,
Srinivas, here Srinu, Srinu
Please sir,excuse me
Why do you leave the cheque and go man?
Listen to my word man.
Sorry dad.
your Nandi may be delayed again.
sitting in our general stores at comfort and packing
you can save200 per day without any risk.
What have we got with these bloody films man?
Dad! lt is not possible for me to sit packing like this life long.
l will become a big director and bring
Nandi award to Nadigama dad.
l will bring you good name dad.
Enough if you do not spoil my name.
Shut up and sit in the shop from tomorrow.
Hey,wherever you move, should finally
come back and live packing here.
Sir Master sir!
How are you sir?
Will you come to Vijayawada.
There is only one seat left.
What man? Will they give Nandi
award even if you do packing?
Sir, come sir! lf you think will not
get the seats again. Come sir, come.
lt is been three months since this girl has died.
Oh God! That devil.
Come sir, come.
Sorry madam! Hope nothing is happened to you
Get off! Are you gone mad?
Where are you seeing and walking?
What is it madam? L have already said sorry, right?
Please madam, Sorry madam. Please do not think otherwise.
Come sir, come
Please do not think otherwise.
You are the friend of Anjali, right?
Yes sir. We are close friends.
Geethanjali is a very good girl.
I have not understood why she did so all of a sudden.
l was in my village at that time
After knowing about suicide, my parents
have said not to go towards that flat.
Any love affairs to her
Nothing like that, but there was a boy friend to her
Who is he madam?
L do not know him, but those
two used to speak long in phone.
Geetanjali was very serious in his matter.
She used to also say to talk in their
house and make them agree.
Any idea what his name was?
Name, yes! Madhu
ls he software engineer?
ls the full name Madhunandan?
Yes! Do you know him?
Yes man! I am a play boy. I have no emotions like you.
Only vibrations.
ATM card is there just to swipe
and girl friend is there to scratch.
Please Madhu! Think what is to be done now.
L am not able to understand
Please Madhu! Do some thing
Saying right now and ask to do something means how Kiran?
L had come cancelling the Bangalore trip just for you, right?
i am in second month Madhu, Please, Please Madhu
God! Why calendar calculations after getting committed?
Give me some time, l will do something
All the mistake was mine
Hey Kiran!
L said will do something, stop!
Hey,where have you gone man?
Bloody! With how many lives do you play man?
What happened to you man?
Hey! Have you not cheated a girl named Anjali?
Was it not because of you that she committed suicide?
Again came back to the same house
as if you do not know anything.
You know, she is coming daily for you.
Oh! You came to know?
Why? Have you thought l will not know?
Fire can be put in lighter and kept in pocket, but truth
cannot be hidden in locker for long
That will fallout some time.
Friend of Anjali has said everything about you.
Why are you closing the door?
Sorry man! I do not want anyone to know this truth.
What man,will you kill or what?
We are friends from childhood man!
Hey man! I am not killing you. I am killing the truth.
What, you have not stabbed?
You mad Seenu! Am l the only Madhu in this world?
There would be thousands. I do not even know who Anjali is?
L see. Then who is that girl left crying?
Oh that! Kiranmayi, my colleague.
Girl friend of my team mate Vamsi. She is become pregnant.
She came to tell to speak with him.
lf he made her pregnant,why did she come to talk with you?
Here, he is the one listen. Tell man!
Sorry man Madhu! Kiran is said all that happened.
We have decided to get married.
Yes man! Marriage this evening at
Arya samaj at evening six O clock.
You should come for sure.
Sure man!
Heard it right?
Means girl friend named Anjali for you
Who is this Anjali in real man?
Not that man.
That is the devil
Shut up man! No devil, nothing.
Your Dil Raj batch,
L put them in and locked. Come here.
Bro you, Your guy has locked us from morning.
He insulted us a lot.
lf this is known to Dil Raj sir, it will not be good
Sorry sir.
Sorry sir! My friend did so without knowing the truth.
What is that truth? There is a devil
in this house, right? You mad!
We are not mad guys. The girl who committed suicide
in this house comes in the night and we washer.
yes sir! We have seen
Okay, okay! There is devil in this house. l will
prove that this is not devil but imagination to you okay?
Stop! l will take you to my uncle.
Who is he man?
Raj, Saithan Raj! Psychiatrist!
To devils in swing and swollen souls
Terror! L heard a lot about you sir.
You heard lot about me? Am L Charminar
or Golconda to hear lots about me?
Have you given blood and come?
No sir!
What lady, has he not given blood?
No sir.
Okay, give your hand.
Saturn is in third leg it seems sir. ln the bathroom,
what? ls it astrology or Psychology you are looking at?
What, a counter?
L should ask question, not you
Sorry sir! Here is the hand
What lady, you have not taken blood from him?
Sorry sir! L am giving now, right sir?
Keep the hand here.
Get the bucket, go
Grown like a tree
What are you searching for sir?
l will look man,why do you worry?
for this.
Put your finger like that, keep the finger so,
do not move, do not move, okay, okay
catch, catch the bucket
catch, catch the bucket
Enough sir, bucket is filled.
Shall I deposit this in the blood bank sir?
Sell the blood and deposit in my bank.
Tell what is your problem?
Nothing sir! From a week L am going to house of
neighbor thinking it as my house sir.
though how much L am thinking to control,
automatically L am going to that house sir.
I cannot understand that sir.
Do one thing. Sleep in the adjacent house for a week.
From the next time, you will automatically go to your house.
Superb idea sir.
Why did you take blood for this sir?
You should not put questions after the problem is solved
Just pay and leave,that is all. Get out!
Next, get out L say!
Wrong number.
Come man
hey what man Madhu? Why have you called urgently?
lt is about these L said uncle, sit.
Morning sir!
Oh, you grew bodies well. Have you given blood?
Uncle! L said they are my friends, right?
Oh! Your friends? ls this a loss to us?
What man, are you seeing the devil?
Yes sir! We are seeing sir. lt is not a normal devil sir, food devil!
lt is eating away all the food we get sir.
Again, it rings the bell at 11 and will make
me prepare the coffee and sip it sir.
Yes, she loves coffee
Either a devil drinking blood or a devil eating food,
it is an exit for it if this Saithan Rajenters.
Hey! Need to make these tell that there
is no devil, right?
You go out and wait.
l will make it.
What man, have you seen the devil?
Yes, yes
All three? yes
Clearly, in detail?
Yes sir
You have seen the devil,
you say have seen devil
Yes sir
You say it is there
Will the thorns be like this?
They will not be like that sir,will be normal sir.
Have you seen devil man? Seen?
Have you seen devil man? Seen?
Oh my, God! We have seen sir
Have you seen devil man? Seen?
Have you seen devil man? Seen?
Oh my, God! We have seen sir
ls it?
No sir
Say now, ls the devil there?
No sir
Say now, ls the devil there?
No sir
hey have you seen how the technique is?
How detailed has your friend said?
Devil is there it seems.
Tell, is it there?
Aaa lt ate the Apple.
Tell, is it there?
Tell, is it there?
No sir
lt is not there sir
What about you man?
This is injustice sir.
Shut up.
Thought you would somehow convince and make us say no,
but you are hitting and making us say.
you thought so. Thought l would convince and make you say?
Madhu, Look man, your uncle
hitting us like bulls and making us say that devil
is not there. ls this not injustice?
What is this uncle? Though L said friends,
you treat like all others?
lf you do so, l will not marry Jyothi.
Do not get angry son in law. ln
medicine should be wild sometimes.
Not normal wild, he hit and pressed my neck.
What is this biting?
Hey! lt is not you L have hit and bit man,
it was the devil inside you.
Where is devil inside us sir? lt is in the flat.
You do not believe when we say.
Understood! Then l will personally come to your flats, move!
ls this the girl who comes daily as devil and frighten you?
Yes sir.
Do one thing. You cannot bear my torture to this girl. Man!
ls it so sir?
Heart that says lab dab lab dab will shiver,
so you people wait outside for some time.
After L see it send
Okay uncle. A bit careful sir
Saying care to me!
Hey if L make my eye red, devils would get fever man
Get out.. useless fellows.
Hot! Come L am waiting for you. Come on!
What girl,what? Think L fear seeing you?
L have no such fears. You
feared those making kids.
Hey, L am saying with respect. Do not
test the patience of this Saithan Raj.
L do not alright!
Take,take,this is the paradise biryani. lt would be very tasty,
eat. Means do not eat heavily, Cholesterol.
You will die with heart attack.
Where would you go with heart attack?
You are already gone ones,
where will you have hearts? Eat,eat well,eat.
Eat,eat well,eat.
Eat,eat well,eat.
May be, you must be thinking there is no one behind me.
L am not any normal one. You do not know about me.
Better i am going.
Have you come?
Yes, it is 11 right?
Do you know before that L come.
Who are you in real? You look very cute.
Better, you have not said sweet.
L am the uncle of Madhu.
They are all waiting outside for you.
That is,they asked to take you in and wait.
Oh! Let us go.
L feel a bit head ache uncle. Please prepare coffee uncle!
You too get headaches?
What, uncle?
Nothing baby! L am saying that L know how to prepare coffee.
Prepare then
L got BP and dying here and you want me to give you coffee?
Where did these guys die?
Whom are you calling uncle?
Who means,to your aunt, calling your aunt baby!
What uncle,why are you frightened so much?
Fear means, no fear baby! There is graveyard
adjacent right,that is why fear.
Do you fear so much with devils,
How she is asking ?
what uncle?
Nothing baby? We are humans, right?
Generally we fear for devils.
Where is she ?
L have not gone uncle, come.
Thank you uncle!
l will on tv for time pass ?
Good girl.
you too put this well uncle.
Thank you
Dare devil Saithan Raj sir! We heard that
you handle devils well. ls it true sir?
Not handling, l will manhandle.
lf it is seen,will catch the hairs
hit right and left and throw it aside.
Really, how sir?
Dont ask them ?
Have you really hit devils uncle?
No, no! Nothing baby! No, no!
Why will L hit devils baby?
Just thought some money would come for practice,
else,what for me with devils baby? Do L have
any property issues or fights with devils?
To say in one word devils are like God for me baby!
L love devils.
Yes! You said well uncle. See you.
L fear.
Where is my phone.
Aa, put in kitchen.
Not closing the eyes opened. Not opening the mouth closed.
This is the situation from morning sir.
Uncle! Uncle,what happened uncle?
ls the devil really there or not,tell sir?
Our future is based on your report sir
He would have seen devil confirmedly sir.
That is why he must have become like this. No doubt!
Would have seen!
We shall vacate the flat immediately man.
Okay then. Today, l will bunk office and stay with you in the flat.
lf what you said is true,we will immediately vacate the flat. Okay?
Okay, let us move
You go and have a look,we will guard outside
lt is to prove to you. L already know
that there is no devil. You come.
Sir, come sir. This is last and final.
Come man, Srinu come
Come,we all along with you will see
Come man
We will not come
Hey,there is..
May have gone out, if the kids
were there l would have made
them pour urine in buckets.
Enjoy and enjoy that day.
Ramji, Ramji, Ramji, Ramji!
Where did these idiots go without coming home?
Will they starve me even today by putting
the roadside biryani or what?
ls there any rule that devils will eat biryani only?
No dedication and respect over the devils at all.
Should now and then change the menu and bring
Taj chicken pulav from Ulavacharu
or Goat kidneys from Shahbad, right?
Bloody conjuice fellows!
By putting dust in this mouth you will die badly man,
Ok cool saptagiri cool.
Hey, fruits..
Ramji, Ramji, Ramji, Ramji,
What man? Came shaking your hands, no biryani brought?
Please Dont hit me.
Sir, please do not hit wherever you feel sir. By mistake, if it is hit at
unwanted places,wire will be cut and power would be gone sir.
What going man? Daily with a base voice, you
eat our bread, fruits and biryani, you idiot?
no alternative for the food, right sir?
Like a bull you tie bells and show us Sankarabharanam,
Sankarabharanam film, you idiot?
no mistake to watch a hit film how many evertimes, right sir?
You frighten even us, ghostwriters? You!
Should frighten you to have food no sir?
We would have vacated the flat by getting
feared with this bloody performance, you bloody?
sir, sir! L used to stay in a single room
earthen adjacent graveyard sir.
Poor girl,when the lady in this flat committed suicide
and died, all were fearing to come into this flat sir.
L found free accommodation for
three months. By then, some bloody broker
had come and offered youths for
cheap and you came down here.
My accommodation is gone.
Now, L need somethingto live, right sir?
lthought you would someday go away if L frighten you.
But, youencouraged me saying a food devil.
From then L got stomach full of
food and stayed back here,that is all!
Hey, if you want food, you should look for
some work, but what is this man?
Look at him and his Amruthanjan
dialogues. L am bored listening to them.
You couldtry something new, right brother?
What man, you showtalent on the tenants?
Wow! You said great brother. Thank you.
You, dont do the overaction.
Sir, L am ready to work hard.
Are you ready toencourage?
Hey stop man! Will you at least believe
nowthatthere is no devil and nothing?
This food devil may be false, but do you know,
Anjali is coming daily as a devil?
Yes,we have seen.
Hey! Stop it, stop. What is that you are speaking
sir? ls it about the girl in this house?
What are you talking sir? How can she
be a devil, she is like a goddess.
She used to feed me stomach fullevery
now and then. She used to give money for my expenses.
Do you say that girl is devil?
What, has your coffee devil come?
You go and open the door please.
What, fearing for justthat bell sound?
You said do not have work and asked forwork, right?
Yourwork starts right now, go and open the door.
Thank you,thank you.
hello, L am not devil..
Devils should not lie madam.
L have no relation with them.
They are strong like buffaloes. You
sip and drinktheir blood. Their flesh
Please leave me madam! L am an innocent
not knowing anything. Orphan!
Hey, bloody! Shut up. Who are you? Get out
Salutesto you mother. Will see you madam
Do not come! Please leave us. Please!
We shall vacate the room if you want.
Stop yourtension. L am not a devil.
lf you are not devil
You are surely devil.
Who is that in the photo?
Who is that committed suicide?
My sister.
What, sister?
Name of my sister is Geethanjali.
My name is Ushanjali.
We are twins. Kuchipudi is our village.
My father is music maestro Vempati Viswanatham.
My sister is anexpert in music.
Hey you.
As our motherexpiredwhen we were
six years of age, father grewus up
Sister used to followthe Telugutraditions without fail.
To say the truth, sisterwas like my mother.
All used to praise sayingwill girls be so in present days?
Lookingthat fatherwas proud.
Sistertoo was welleducated.
She completed computer science
andwas into job at Hyderabad.
She was soft and l was quiet opposite to her.
As L got a seat in MS, left father and
sister for the firsttime andwentto US.
After some time knowingthat sister has committed
suicide and left us all came back againto village.
Village people have spread rumors on sisterwith
the same mouth they have praised.
They said that sister had a boyfriend, he raped her and has become
pregnant. They said storiesthat she committed suicide due to that.
Father listening to all these was into pain and is nowin bed.
Thus L started to Hyderabadto find out the truth.
Youwere known to me then in the bus.
With the thoughtthat lwould get some
clue, L came to your apartment.
You unexpectedly met me again. With the
reason of coffee, L used to keep all of you busy
andwas searching for clues in the house.
But, L did not find any clues.
With that lenquired in the police station of this area.
Anjali madam! L met a friend of your sister.
She said that your sister had a boyfriend
and his name is Madhu.
L met Madhu.
You met? Where did you meet?
L am the father of Madhu. ltookthe permission ofJailor.
Who wrote all those sir?
That? l will tell later aboutthem.
He is the boyfriend of my sister, Madhu Nandan.
To know why he is here, you need to
knowwhat happened in real.
Are you the morning lighttouching my heart
Are you the star not seen with theeyes ofthisearth
Some first raintouching my lips
May have changed as love with youreye signs
Are you the jasmine of my heart or blessing oftemple of beloved
Orthe full moon light not seen by the skies came downtoearth
Are you the morning lighttouching my heart
Are you the star not seen with theeyes ofthisearth
Like the kajaltouching your eyes,
like song at the end of your lips
Shall L change as the bells to your tender feet
ls this the dream shown by early
morning or Manmadha is this magic net
Your straight words did some magic, Am L not yours now
Temptation or happiness or is it the
meaning of my thoughts in me
Transform like my shadow flowing in
your eye and take me for this life
Blind folds with eyes looks glamour in hearts
How will the dreams behind my heart reach you
This is the love not knowing any story, Age that came with love
Wanted the hug of your look like this why not cross and come now
l will fall on your chest becoming yours,
let me breath in your love
Close to you changing like waiting
you coming in my heart and let it flow like Geethanjali
Hey! Why do you not spend at least today with me?
Birthday is mine and is party of others?
ls this justified in any way?
Sorry Madhu! How will L know that even the
birthday of my boss comes on the same day?
L am meeting him even for the first time today.
Else l would have skipped it. Sorry! Do one thing.
GO and wait in the flat. l will just meet him and come back.
You do not need to give me so much explanation.
Even if you say get lost, L feel it like L love you.
L love you Madhu
Means you are saying me get lost, right?
Okay, bye!
Wow, really L love you man. Okay bye!
Hi! Has sir come?
He might be at any moment
Our circulars are ready, right?
Yes! All is ready.
There, sir has come.
Wow, fantastic! Fantastic,
Happy birthday sir!
Thank you,thank you!
Anjali has organized all this sir.
Who is Anjali?
She, sir!
Anjali, sir!
Happy Birthday sir!
Really, yes! Crackers,
very nice, very nice
Thank you sir
Hi sir! Happy birthday sir
Thank you, Thank you
Many many happy returns of the day sir
Happy birthday sir
Happy birthday sir
but okay
What is this Anjali?
Very bad, very bad, very bad.
What happened sir? ls any mistake taken place from me?
not a mistake, a sin!
Poor people, all these have shopped
for days and got ready for hours,
but you just came in a simple saree telling
the definition to beauty and dominated all
ls this not sin?
Oh That is it? l thought something else and was tensed
But, L like to be so sir.
l too like ladies being , like this.
Really yaa! But L have not married as
L did not find anyone like you.
Will you marry me?
You heard it right. Will you marry me?
L am not joking, L am serious.
l will announce right nowhere, Right now!
No sir! L loved a guy named Madhu.
l want to inform my father and marry him sir.
Even his family knows all about this.
my bad luck! My bad luck!
Think once again. L have many companies like this. UK, US!
Think you become the boss for the company
you are working with, how would it be?
No sir! L like to be happy with what L have.
L feel happy when L get what l want.
That will not be said happiness sir,
it will be said selfishness. Sorry sir!
One minute!
Will you not give birthday gift?
Sorry sir! l thought of giving you that surprise as gift.
l will bring that tomorrow to office and give it.
lf the birthday is today, gift needs
to be also given today, right?
lf you give me what l want as birthday gift,
l will gift you back with a blank cheque.
Write how much ever you want.
What sir? L did not understand.
What gift do L have with me that L can give you?
come on!
You can give. l will treat you as gift tonight.
Let us go together after the party.
One minute sir!
Live it anjali..
lnthis society that type of idiots so many.
Take it easy.
How he thought a cheap about me ?
He is a cheap fellow, so he talk like that.
Geetha you resign the job.
And live the city also..
Go to bangalore.
Get the good jobs for profiles of us.
Then what about me ?
Who are you ?
Why you are coming this place ?
Generally i dont want to easily, once
i want that no compromise for that.
You rejected me.
same day,
Cake for them, Shock for someone else,
Sir please, please leave her
l too am saying that. Leave Anjali.
Madhu, Madhu, Madhu
L came to know how rejection would be for the first time,
just because of you. L knew how a slap is
because of you for the first time in life.
Please, blood is going, call the ambulance please.
lf you would have shown at least 10%
of the love you show on him,
both these violence and ambulance
would have not been required.
Madhu, Madhu, Madhu
Come! Show at least now, come!
Madhu, Madhu, Madhu
Madhu, Madhu, Madhu
Leave me please
Madhu, Madhu, Madhu
Are you thinking me bad? What?
Take this cheque and give.
Ask them to encash it.
Ask them not to waste time on the
name of courts and cases.
No one would wontomly do mistakes.
Some encourage and make them do.
look sir.
What shall we do now?
One more love psycho in city. A software employee by
name Madhu is become close to a girl named Geethanjali.
He tried to bend her. As she did not
agree he raped her and killed her.
Police informed to have kept Nirbhaya case on him.
Court is ordered to shift him to Chanchalguda jail.
Ramesh Rao like that has used his political
power and money power and made Madhu as the victim.
He made court and people believe that this is the truth.
Madhu is being hanged soon under Nirbhaya case.
All these are my friends.
He fears even for injection.
But now they are saying to hang him
What was the sin done by my sister?
ls it not being like all.
ls to follow Telugu traditions, culture,
manners and all that bull Shit?
Once humans used to fear moving amongst animals.
But now, humans are fearing to move amongst humans.
All our ancient mythology books always
said how a girl should be and how she should not be,
should bow her head when she goes out
and rise it only after coming home.
But why do they not tell all these to boys?
lf even he was said to bend his
head when a girl comes across,
all these crimes would not have taken place.
Parents who observe secretly
when a girl speaks on cellphone,
have they ever observe what a boy is doing sitting
night long in front of the computer closing the door?
What belief does not exist in the case of girls?
lf 10% of the concentration put on girls is put on boys,
so many crimes would not have happened with girls.
Many girls like my sister would have not been sacrificed.
Nirbhaya ruling does not mean to feed the rapists
like buffalos for years together and hang then.
lf they are shot immediately after they commit the crime
on the mid road,then all the idiots will come into senses.
My sister is dead. My father is in bed with bad state.
One more innocent guy is being punished. The
one reasonable for all this is happily enjoying.
ls it fare.
Yes madam, We should not leave him like that.
but we know his money, power and
influence. What can we do?
how if we leave him so bro? We should do him Something.
this is not a film to plan a revenge.
if this was a film,
he was a villain,
if we were the writers for that,
what plan would we do to prove Madhu in jail
as innocent? What sketches would we make?
What finishing would we give to that Ramesh Rao?
We shall use our creativity for that.
Correct bro! Let us use the passion and creativity
and see to that the criminal is punished.
Okay bro! L have an idea.i need all your help for that.
we are ready.
l too am ready man
Anjali Madam! Yours is the key role. Are you ready?
l too am ready.
Namaste sir.
you? Why did you come?
Where son in law?
Madhu is not come sir.
As you have not helped us, he is angry with you.
angry? Angry even before marriage?
What exactly do you need now man?
why have you directly brought home the devil?
Why have you caught me like this man?
L am not devil, uncle!
Did that bloody fellow do such thing?
Yes sir
He will not get a normal death.
that is in your hands sir.
What, do you want me to murder?
No, not needed sir. Like how we
believed Anjali madam as devil,
it is enough if he believes so.
Yes sir! He does not know that these are twins.
Thus,we can threaten him and get the truth out sir.
Tell me what to do man?
Nothing sir. You would have seen
many caught by devil in your service.
L have seen.
lf you teach and give training to Anjali
about that language and body language
understood, l will take care about the rest.
l will make Anjali as a devil.
You go and arrange for the revenge.
That is, it is not that sir.
Go away man
Oh man, come. Else he would again bite us.
What is this.
Shall we start?
Do you know the difference between human and devil?
yes! They do not have life and we have.
That is it, right uncle?
This matter will be said by even a kid doing urine in bed.
Not that, language, body language.
Let us first focus on the body language. Okay!
Right uncle!
Uncle, uncle, uncle! Do not me uncle,
it would be depressing. Call me Raj.
lt would be inspiring.
Okay Raj
Call once again
Okay Raj
Body language of devils would be very different.
When they come front and look it would be crossed.
Come on, show!
What is this, like a confused Kathak dancer?
Not like that. l will tell. See me and practice. Okay?
Okay raj.
Bend the head like this.
Lift the eyes like this.
lf you look with that he will fear and die
like an idiot struck with jaundice.
Wow! L, myself am frightened Raj.
Practice this
Do like this. Did it right?
Now we will come into
Basically if we make the voice base,
fear will automatically be born.
how Raj?
ltwould not do if you say how Raj.
Tell How Raj in base,tell.
How Raj
Saying how Raj is not like base. lt is like hollow voice
Sorry raj, l will practice.
Now,we need to mix language and
body language, both.
Okay Raj!
Body language!
Bend the head so like this. Okay body language
Yes, yes
How Raj ,How Raj
Wow! Super Raj!
Stop praising and practice
How Raj,
How Raj,
How Raj,
very good, finally you have changed your mind.
Thought there will not be any difference between me
and the dead body in the mortuary sir.
Thus,went back to the apartment and
continued friend ship with the same devil sir.
very good!
Now l like you.
Tell,tell! What did that devil tell?
Gave an unexpected twist sir. l was
shocked and called you immediately sir.
What did it tell?
lt seem her boss had raped her sir.
With that the girl is cut her throat and died sir.
Cleverly that bastard had involved
boyfriend of the girl sir.
Poor guy that innocent guy is being hanged up sooner sir.
That devil saying so many,
has it not said who that boss was?
Said, it would tell tonight sir. Yes!
Our climax too is this sir
l will also come tonight,then.
That is what,even L need sir
l was saying it would be good if you are
beside me as the producer, sir.
ls anyone else there,who know about this story?
No sir! No one else knows about the devil other than me,
that devil and now you know sir.
Good! Do not tell anyone.
Story will go out.
it is fine sir. l will start now.
We shall meet tonight. Okay sir?
We shall put the end to our story.
Okay sir.
Not to the story man, l will put you,the end!
Mother you have killed many demons.
You punished many culprits.
Why did you leave this guy then?
lf you would have punished even this guy, many
innocent like my sister would have not been had to sacrifice.
Bless that the trial we are attempting
becomes successful, mother!
Faster the fate draws the line
Heart wants only revenge
Faster the fate draws the line
Heart wants only revenge
World should see your real shape,
let the eyes get red
lnthe darkness masks dreaded
thing should fearwith yourentry
Come like this as the Goddess creating demolition
Climb hills, forests andtiger, you come
Thisearth and sky should shiver
showthat horrible death
World should see your real shape, let the eyes get red
Here,there,wherever he hides catch and get here
Spilling his blood red spread on sides dash with swords
To huntthe animals in human shape
come you are the lioness on force
Come as the death of fat filled rascal,
worlds would bowthe headto you
Death rope of Yamatransformed into weapon in your hands
Those thunders falling like the words of your mouth
Lightthe fire of anger upside and
the criminals should fear from now on
Times should stop when you step like the Goddess of power
You should flow like the river and the story
requeststheendwrite with blood Your real shape
World should see your real shape, let the eyes get red
ln your heartsthat bared bowing head
bringthe fire to cutthe heads
Come like Kaliwritingtheend
come tyingthe hanging rope
Life born along with you fighting for you as a swordtoday
Your goal becomes a boon
in the war andeventhe fate today
accompanies you as the army Hurts as proofs,
anger is become full like this
Centuries should see like that Give some
punishmentthatenthralseven hell
World should see your real shape,
let the eyes get red
Come uncle come..
What son in law! ls your anger down?
Ha ha! You came uncle, it is like down, come.
Okay! Have you done all as L said.
Yes! We usedthe whole technology sir.
lt is nowlate to trap him sir.
lf he comes,we should get the truth and send him to jail sir.
Whatwe want is to send him to jail man.
Have you madeeverything ready?
Have you got the address of that girl?
We are tryingthat sir. We are not getting. She will come sir.
Whattry ?
you gave the training correctly, right sir?
You are asking me,who gave the training idiot?
What L meantwas, Aaa, aaa!
Dont undrestate me ?
i will kill you.
lf you see her performance, you will vomit blood and die man.
Madam has come.
Hello what ?
have you got any time sense?
What is this late? Have you at least got the dress sense?
L asked you to come in white saree, right?
You came in black saree,what is this?
Why do you say so sir? Which saree
does it matterto collect proofs sir?
Showthe demo once.
Sorry sir.
Kill you.
Useless fellows.
Showthe demo once
Devils will not show demos man.
They will directly send up.
She is involving sir.
She is involving
it is just like deviltalking right man?
Madam! You maintainthe same.
We will put all his sins in pen drive and give.
fantastic sir! Whattraining
have you given, great sir.
Why l will feeltens ?
Showhow you block him when
he sees you and gets frightened.
he cannotescape and go from me.
What is this sir, it is like seeing devil in live?
Great uncle!
fantastic sir.
Yours is the mindthat saidthe meaningto fear sir.
Yes, but iam confused.
Look,that Ramesh rao seemsto have come.
You go and hide there. Sir, you too go and hide.
ls me andthem in the same room?
l will hide in a separate room.
Okay sir! hide in that room.
Anjali madam! You acted very well, do
the same. You can come after he comes, go, go!
Welcome sir.
Has she not come yet?
She will come sir.
You sit.
We are waiting for you only sir.
Yes! Lookthe time is also 11 now sir.
Humans may not maintaintime but devils
will be very disciplined in this regard sir.
There, madam is come.
Come madam, come.
He is our Producer.
What man? How are you?
What sir? Do you knowmadam before?
What madam, do you know sir before?
Askthat fellow.
Tell man, he is asking, right?
What sir, lam not understanding anything.
How did you get in touch before with her?
Not meeting. That guy hasthe relation with my past.
He has a share in my death also.
There is atruth which the world does not know.
Youtellwhatthat is man,
What is that truth sir? Tell sir, please sir. What
happened sir? By mistake are you that software company boss?
tell sir,what happened sir? Tell.
Are you thinking me so fool man?
No sir!
Telling my story to me, youwanted
me to tell the truth myself?
By saying to think as the hero in the story,
Did you really wantedto become the hero?
Doing so much crime, did you think
l will notenquire this much?
That Geetanjali has a sister.
Think L do not knowthatthose two were twins
lf you make this wear the devil role,
thought l would be frightened and reveal the truth?
No sir.
Sit here.
Team work ?
No sir, nothing sir.
have you fixed cameras man?
What do youwantto do? You wanted
me to say the truth and record it?
Not that sir.
You want footage? l will give footage.
l was the one who killed Geetanjali.
Yes, L raped and killed her.
L killed.
Yes! ls this footage enough for you?
No sir.
lt was me who involved her boyfriend into this.
ls the information enough?
lt was me who involved her boyfriend into this.
ls the information enough?
You should all go out from here
with life, no man for my truth to go out.
my truth to go out.
Please sir.
No sir, leave us sir.
Not to them man. lf you have courage come to me.
First Iwill taste you, and then look into their matter.
l will get the credit of tasting both sisters
You both look to have born to give
me enjoyment. Come!
Sir, sir, L pray to you sir. l will catch
your feet sir. lf you want kill us sir.
Leave her sir.
He cannot do me anything.
Are you gone mad? Can
you not understand by telling?
Good, very good.
Looking fear in your eyes L feel very happy.
This is really devil Athreya
ls it really kill him ?
Leave me
Leave me
L asked you the same that day, right man?
Have you left me, left me, left me
Hey, are you human or devil? Will you kill him?
L gave you training to get the truth
from him. Not for killing him.
lf they put me in jail for the sin to have helped you?
Who is the responsibility?
Who is the responsibility?
Who is the responsibility?
uncle, sir, sir.
What man?
Come, come.
Just by teaching four tricks,
you show gimmicks, gimmicks?
Do not shout,
You could have said it is devil no?
What would you have plucked by saying?
Sorry, sorry,
got a bit late. Door got locked unexpectedly.
She come correct time.
Door got locked unexpectedly.
Signal in the phone too was gone.
Okay,why are you all looking different,
what happened?
it is become worst.
lt is become too bad.
What are you talking?
L do not understand anything.
I am also dont understand first.
After there is no any one to understand.
Sir, Now my body language and base voice
all are perfect sir. L practiced full.
You practiced and that
came and gave performance.
That? Who is that?
Anjali madam! All this
was done by your sister who came.
Really madam! Geetanjali madam had come.
My sister.
Yes! We all have seen.
The person by name Ramesh Rao who is
the reason for the death of Geetanjali
is committed suicide in the same apartment.
Some are saying that Geetanjali had
come as a devil. Have you seen it?
ls it needed now about the devils that time?
Say sir, say sir..
When L am speaking about psychology,why do you make
sounds? They will have hearts andthey too will be hurt.
You should not speak such madwords. Get lost!
What are you talking sir.
Get lost!
Sir, sir..
Hey Son!
These are the ones who helped us man!
Thanks sir.
Oh! Why thanks sir. Let us move.
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you.
What bro? Why are you so late?
l was late at the gift.
Gift is not for you. Only wishes for you.
Gift s for Sreenu.
Me? Phone?
Yes! Not phone,the person in phone! Speak
Hello iam dil raju.
Srinivas,they are told for you.we planned
amovie with youwith your story, okay.
sir, sir! Morning sir. Sir, sir, sir. i will prove my
best sir.Thank you very much sir.
Dil Raj sir, Thank you sir, Thank you very much.
We had your food and we said all the
happenings in your life to him.
He fell down after saying. We put water
and woke him up. He said film after getting up.
Okay,what is the name of the film?
That is, Yes! Geetanjali