Gehenna: Where Death Lives (2016) Movie Script

(wine flowing)
(chanting in foreign language)
(speaking in foreign language)
Where are you!
Over there is fine.
Ruth? It's Paulina.
Patch me through to Morgan.
Paulina, how was your flight?
Did you get the
email I sent you?
Great location, lots
of red tape, though.
I can get us through it.
I'm sure you can.
But Thomas won't go for
anything, unless he knows
exactly what he's getting into.
I'll get him the specs on
every inch of this place.
Try to enjoy yourself,
it's a tropical island
for God's sake.
I'll relax when
I have your office.
Slow down.
I might have another
year left in me.
Did you put in a
good word for me?
Every chance I get.
You know, take care of
yourself, and keep me posted.
Okay, Morgan. See you.
(speaking in foreign language)
Welcome to Resort
Saipan, my name is Tony.
And here are your Bojobo dolls,
This, a gift from the
natives of Saipan.
Depending how you place them.
Different wish.
This is for children.
Gracias, that will be all.
Enjoy your stay in Saipan.
Yes. Please.
Coffee. Cream,
no sugar, to go.
Good memory.
Any sign of Dave?
Yeah. He's out shooting
the cargo ships coming in.
Hey, did your brother get
back to you this morning?
Yeah. He did.
Thanks for asking.
I'm sure it's all
going to work out.
Everything will be alright.
We all got to grow
up sometime, right?
That's Alan.
Hey, Alan, this is
my associate, Tyler.
He's my architectural
Great to meet you.
Well, I'll go, find Dave.
- So How are...
- You want some coffee?
No, I'm fine.
Long time no see.
Paulina. Great to see you.
It's good to see you.
How's island life
been treating you?
Amazing as ever.
Hey Tyler.
I picked up this shirt in Tokyo.
What does it say?
(speaking in foreign language)
"I am America's
number one pervert."
Son of a bitch.
The sales person said it
was a very funny shirt.
It is.
Impressive at
reading Japanese,
can't be an easy
language to master.
My pronunciation's for
shit but I can stumble
through a conversation.
Me, I prefer to
speak dollars and cents.
The language the whole
world understands.
You know what I mean?
Shall we?
Hey, what are they
protesting about?
Yeah, the property we
are headed to, actually.
Shouldn't worry.
Natives never go
anywhere in there.
Wait 'till you see this place.
It's beautiful.
It's 20 acre that you got.
Pepe, what the hell is this?
You don't like it?
All good vans taken.
Plus, you always say
to save money, boss.
My cousin give us good deal.
Just help them with their stuff.
Okay, okay. Got it.
Um, it's,
Yeah. It's good.
Seems odd that the locals
are protesting the sale
but they never go there.
During World War II, some
of the natives went missing,
probably worked to
death by the Japanese.
My guess is that they
want to put a memorial up.
So if we obtain the land,
we'll just make it part
of our construction.
Whoa. Somebody's been
doing their homework, huh?
It was sacred burial ground,
before Japanese even come.
From early Spanish colonies,
they bring disease and bad men.
A lot of our people died.
But the point is.
It's that the Japanese is the
one who desecrated the land,
but now it's just a
prime real estate.
Pepe is right.
There's a lot of
folklore dating back
to the Spanish colonization.
Nobody cares about the
Spanish or the locals,
it's the World War II aspect
that the history
buffs are after.
There's tours given
on the island already,
but you guys can run your
own from the new resort.
I'm more interested
in the folklore.
If it's a burial ground,
shouldn't the natives be
visiting out of respect?
Not normal ground.
They think it is cursed place.
Superstitious son of bitches.
Witch doctors give
Saipan bad name.
We're modern people now.
Like Americans and Japanese.
This place sounds wonderful.
It's going to make it
difficult to hire local staff.
You offer them a couple bucks
and you watch superstition
fly out the window.
Money trumps fear every time.
Worked on me, boss.
See? Nothing to worry about.
Christ's sake, Pepe.
I got a set of
these in my room,
but they were way
nicer than this.
Bojobo dolls. Local
good-luck charms.
Not always.
The way they're tied
signifies the wish.
Hey, what do these mean?
That we should keep out.
Back inside.
It's a little further up.
Now that's a view.
Did I deliver or what?
It's nice.
But there's a lot of trees
that will need clearing.
Are there utilities
routed out this far?
Just 2 miles up the road.
Paulina, the beauty of this
place is how untouched it is.
Which makes it an
expensive development.
I see.
Morgan has taught you well.
There's a lovely cove down
the way with a waterfall.
Hey Dave, Alan's going
to show you a waterfall.
Grab whatever else you can get.
Tyler and I are going
to scout the beach.
Meet us down there in an hour.
I'm thinking two infinity pools
facing this side with
a V shaped structure
in order to maximize
balconies with this view.
Or you could work
with the landscape.
Consider three
tiers of Bungalows.
Jungle, beach, over-water.
Push the romance factor.
Sell it as an exclusive to
honeymooners and couples.
Cuts down on clearing costs.
And you can push the eco-friendly
factor to the locals.
I like it.
But don't give Alan an inch
if we want a good price.
So how long have
you known Alan?
Not long.
I haven't seen this
species before.
Do either of you
know what it is?
Yeah, that's
Pervertis Americans.
What is that thing?
Very good for the skin.
It has aromatic qualities,
Yeah, forget I asked.
So, you found
my favorite spot!
What do you think?
This place has potential.
But being so remote, it
would complicate construction.
A lot.
What are you
guys talking about?
This place is dying
to be a 5 star resort.
Dave has the photographer's
eyes, he sees it.
Speaking of which, Dave,
can we get some aerial?
Thought you'd never ask.
This here is the X8-M drone.
State of the art
and ready to fly.
We'll have footage of this entire
property in under an hour.
Don't touch it!
Wait, Dave, can you go
over the last section again?
Got it.
Zoom in.
I thought you said
no one comes here.
Well, whoever it is,
they're trespassing.
No, they look like they are
headed somewhere specific.
Probably to the bunker.
It's just an old machine
gun nest, it's nothing.
We'll need to see it.
They're Latte stones.
It's thought they were
pillars that the Chamarro
built their houses on.
That's what white man thinks.
These mark way to sulares,
sacred ground.
(speaking in foreign language)
Very strong spirits,
place the Latte Stones.
When trespassers come
without permission,
they become very angry.
Best not to touch.
He's screwing with you.
Listen you can keep these
up for cultural value or
level the whole place.
I've always thought it would
make a great tennis court.
Buyer's choice, of course.
(chanting incoherently)
Hey this is private property.
Come on, out!
On it, boss.
(speaking in foreign language)
Did he just say
you have a gun?
He's bluffing.
Ignorant bastards.
I knew you spoke Spanish but...
Chamorro uses
some Spanish words.
(speaking in foreign language)
Come on.
What did he say?
Superstitious bullshit.
Like mi madre used to say.
How deep do you
think it goes down?
Could be 10 feet.
Could be a mile.
What was that?
It's nothing, Dave.
You know there's no real
reason to go down there, right?
Your people could just wall
up that entrance and be done.
What do you think?
If it runs under
the property it could
create a structural issue.
Better take a look.
One more.
This will definitely
need a full survey.
But we're, not really
equipped for cave exploration.
Yeah, Tyler's got a
point there, you know.
Look, why don't we hire
a full excavation team
as soon as we're in escrow.
Thomas won't sign off
for an unknown property.
We need to what's down here.
It's your call.
Let's do it.
Dave, front and center, I
want all of this on video.
I thought you just said
it was a machine gun nest.
That's what I
was told, alright?
Did you never bother to check?
That looks solid.
I sure hope so.
I'm surprised the Marines
didn't strip this
place for souvenirs.
Who's to say
they even found it?
This is nowhere near where
the Americans invaded.
Somebody didn't clean
up after themselves.
And looks like that
somebody was real hungry.
How far does this go?
Now, that's what we're
trying to figure out.
Let's go for it.
Come on.
Coming, boss?
Uh, yeah.
That's a real dead body.
We can all see that, Dave.
I had no idea that there was
anything like this down here.
Listen, Pepe, will get
a full team
to take care of the remains.
I would hope so.
Paulina, hold on.
Dave, Dave.
Come on, let's go.
Dave, what is it?
How many dead
people are down here?
Paulina, I...
Oh my God.
What would a woman be doing
down here in war time?
She could've been
a prisoner, spy.
But she's wearing slacks.
Women in the 40s wore skirts.
Maybe her dress got ruined.
Does it really matter?
Thought I hear something.
A ghost?
A ghost?
You're an idiot.
And you're an asshole.
(breathing heavily)
What the hell?
Who is that?
Get, out.
Let go of me!
Who the hell is that?
What the hell is that!
You killed him.
Shut up!
He's still breathing.
What are you trying to tell us?
Let me see your footage.
Let go.
- What are you doing!
- Delete the footage!
Your fault.
You all saw that, right?
I mean, that was
self defense, right?
You saw he ran at
me, attacked me!
Hell, Jesus Christ!
He's practically dead when we
got here, I mean, look at him!
How did he know your name?
How the hell should I know?
Maybe he locked him
down here years ago.
Don't be ridiculous, Dave.
Who are you calling?
Can you connect me to the
local police department?
Let go!
I need that footage,
Get off him!
Alan, get off!
Oh my god.
What the hell was that?
I don't know but we've
got to get out of here.
(high pitched squealing)
Is everyone okay?
I think so.
I've been better.
Who turned on the lights?
What the hell was that?
Who cares?
Let's just get out of it
before it happens again.
Broke the damn light.
You're paying for this.
Shut up.
Old man is gone.
He wasn't even dead.
The others are gone, too
This isn't right.
Come on.
We should get out of here.
But it's not,
You got to be kidding me!
Now what?
Son of a bitch!
It's no good, it won't budge.
What do you mean?
I mean it won't budge!
Help! Somebody
help us! Let us out!
We left that open, I swear.
We should never
have gotten in here.
Does anybody
else have a signal?
You two pissed
off those natives
and they locked us in here!
We didn't do it!
We don't even know
these assholes!
Just let us out!
Dave, Dave. Calm down.
Calm down.
It doesn't matter anymore.
We just need to find
another way out.
That should be right.
They wouldn't just
have one exit.
If the enemy blew it up
everyone would be trapped.
What is that sound?
God bless, God bless
Tyler, God bless Paulina,
It's me.
I'm praying.
I thought you said you
weren't superstitious.
Praying can't hurt, yeah?
Well it's annoying,
so knock it off!
I'm sorry, boss.
Dave's right.
There has to be another way out.
We should check in here again.
Maybe there's a back door.
This has to be
a different room.
But it looks identical.
Just like the...
This is definitely
the same room.
Same bed, same spot.
It's not possible.
Not possible.
Maybe those native
people are messing with us.
They could've cleaned it all
up while we were knocked out.
That couldn't have been
more than five minutes
between the quake and the
lights coming back on.
There's no way.
Are you sure?
A clean-up like
this would take days.
It just doesn't add up.
Maybe we're on
a different level.
What do you mean?
Like, same floor
plan, different level.
We might be one floor down?
But why go through
all the trouble?
Jesus, who cares!
There's no another exit
in this room, so let's go!
He's got a point.
I'm going this way.
No, we should stick together.
Yeah, I'm done
following your lead.
We'll cover more
ground this way.
Must be a way out
here somewhere!
I think there
isn't any way out.
Are you quitting on me?
You come here,
Taotaomo'nas are angry.
Taotaomo'nas? I thought
you were modern people, Pepe?
Modern people don't
know everything, yeah?
You show me that, boss.
What did you say?
Listen to me, Pepe.
If you think, I'm
going the wrong way,
then you feel free to run
back off to the others
and see where that gets you.
No, boss.
They are not going
the right way, either.
I tell you.
Nobody gets out.
Shut up, Pepe.
Japanese, do you speak Japanese?
I can ask where toilet is.
You make that work.
Come on, Pepe.
Sorry, boss.
Nothing about toilet here.
I think this was lying there.
(breathing heavily)
It's a diary.
He says, my sins are too many.
They haunt my dreams.
I will make amends with my life.
Then the dreams will stop.
I guess he made them stop.
Hey! Hey!
(speaking in foreign language)
Who the hell is that?
This guy just came in and
started waiving his gun around,
Shut. Up.
He could've shown us a way out.
He found a way.
We found a radio but everything
is labeled in Japanese.
Take me there.
Come on.
No, boss.
Nobody gets out.
Damn it!
I got something.
It's Japanese.
Great. Just talk to them.
(speaking in foreign language)
It's a recorded message.
Just keeps repeating.
What does it say?
It's an imperial order.
(ghostly whisper)
David... David.
Civilians who commit suicide
get equal spiritual status
to soldiers who die in battle.
Maybe, try another frequency.
(speaking in foreign language)
[Voice] Kill her, Tyler.
Wait, what is it?
It's, just static.
Isn't it, Paulina?
Just great!
[Woman] Dave.. Dave,
I gave you first crack at
this property, as a favor!
I had 3 other buyers out there!
All ready to sign,
ready to bring in
their own the professional team!
Just like you should've done!
If they'd even
found out about it
before they started
the construction.
Maybe if you hadn't
lied about it.
All these arguing isn't
doing anybody any good.
We still need to find
another way out, right?
Hey, Dave. Are you okay?
I'm fine.
Did we reach someone?
(speaking in foreign language)
Which way do we go?
Well, I'm going this way.
It's your lead.
I'll take it.
Hey guys, what about Pepe?
He's probably hiding in
some corner, so screw him.
Japanese didn't carve this.
Definitely not.
Smells awful.
More Latte stones?
I know what this place is.
I've read about it in a
book on Chamorro folklore.
This was a burial site
for ancient chiefs.
These were the
first Bojobo dolls.
And, they help the spirits of
ancient chief and his bride,
whose bond was eternal.
That's why all the
dolls come in pairs now.
By separating the two
a curse was formed.
His bride was kept above ground,
but the chief was
buried down here
with a Spanish commander
who did terrible things
to the Chamorro people during
the first colonization.
The Chief's suffering
for his lost love
would be equally eternal
and that torment,
would be felt by the commander,
who's supposed to be still
down here, and still alive.
Oh my god, that's
the biggest crock
of shit I've ever heard.
These people believed it
enough to paint it on the wall.
To ward off the foreigners.
There's probably treasure
buried down there
with ancient chief.
What about that crazy looking
old man that attacked you?
Oh, he looks Spanish to you?
Well did he?
What does that say?
It's asking for, forgiveness.
[Woman] David.
And then it says kill me.
Oh my god, Dave!
Alan, take it.
I saw, I saw.
It's okay.
Relax, relax.
Dave, I think it's
dislocated. Alright?
It's alright, my brother
did the same thing
when we were kids.
Sorry, pal.
This is going to hurt.
We should get him
back to the barracks.
Dude we don't
have time for this.
We need to keep
searching for an exit.
Oh, come on, Paulina.
No one is stopping you, Alan.
Just uhh, don't
forget to come find us
if you find a way out.
Fine. We'll stick together.
Watch your head.
I'll stay with him.
You guys go on.
Alan is wrong.
The curse is real.
You should rest.
Somebody there?
What is this place?
We're not one
floor down, are we?
I saw these exact same
pictures in the room before.
It's the natives.
Okay? It must be.
Tyler, the natives are
just screwing with us.
Mother of God.
What have you done to yourself?
I am witness now.
There must always be a witness.
She told me.
Who told you?
Mi madre.
Someone must carry their pain.
You listen to me, Pepe.
Your mother is dead.
Only one, forever.
I've had enough of this shit.
No, no, no, Alan!
Taotaomo'nas protect me.
Screw you, Pepe.
It's okay.
Easy, Pepe.
Take it easy.
It's best you heed to
warnings, of your ancestors.
(laughing maniacally)
I'm so sorry.
It was an accident.
You, murdered me!
Stop it.
She was choking me.
My sister.
There was an accident.
You don't have to tell me.
You don't have to tell me.
In the end, do you think
we'll have to pay for our sins?
I hope not.
The old native dropped
this outside the cave.
This is the female.
The male is down here somewhere.
Maybe we can put the
two back together.
Then maybe we can get
the hell out of here.
It's more than just a folk tale.
Because it is not
possible. That's why.
That order was
given in 1944 when
the US Marines were
overtaking the island.
It's a tourist
gimmick by history nuts.
And I suppose that guy
that just blew his brains out
was a suicidal World
War 2 re-enactor, huh?
You're saying we are
not on a different floor.
We're in a different time.
Yeah, that's the only
thing that makes any sense.
That's the only
thing that makes sense?
Do you hear yourself?
Are you buying this?
No! This is not an option!
Okay, listen to yourself!
This is insane!
None of it is real!
Stop messing around!
Don't you forget
you're the one
who made us come down here.
We are the only
sane ones left.
No, he's right.
Whatever is happening
to us is my fault.
Come on.
You couldn't have known...
If it wasn't for me,
we'd be back at the hotel
having drinks talking about
what an asshole Alan is,
I'm the one who insisted
we come down here.
You're right.
Alan is a huge asshole.
You are completely
wrong about the rest,
but Alan is
definitely an asshole.
Dave gave me this.
He said that the old
native dropped it outside.
It's the matching
female to the male doll
that's supposed to be down here.
Huh. Sure looks like
the one in the painting.
He said if we re-unite
them then we may be able
to get out of here.
Look, I just told everybody
that I think we traveled
back in time, so I'm willing
to try anything right now.
Come on.
Maybe this will
give us some clues.
It's bullshit.
It's bullshit. Just the
natives are screwing with us.
It's the natives screwing,
That son of a bitch.
Enough of this
voodoo crap, Pepe.
You come and face me like a man.
Hey, I'm talking to you!
Pepe, come back!
Listen, I just want to talk!
Pepe, listen.
This is okay.
I get it, okay.
You're one of the
protesters, right?
That's it. You've been working
with them from the start.
You want to scare
all the white devils
away from your sacred ground.
It's genius.
Come on, Pepe!
Show us our way out of here.
Tell the police
whatever you want.
You hear me, Pepe?
Get us out of here
and all is forgiven!
You want money?
Just get me out of here, Pepe.
I'm going to pay
whatever you want.
You hear me?
Name your price!
(speaking in foreign language)
Her fault.
I'm going to go check on Dave.
(suspenseful music)
Who's down there?
Yes, sweetie, it's me.
I'm cold.
I'm so sorry, Jack.
I should've been watching you.
Where were you?
I'm right here now.
Mommy's right here.
I missed you.
Did you forget about me?
Of course not.
I love you.
Why did you let me die?
What's the matter?
My son, I saw my son.
Hey. Hey.
Whatever you saw.
Whatever you saw,
it wasn't real.
I didn't know you had a son.
I lost him 6 years ago.
I'm so sorry.
He was 6.
And we were at the pier.
I was with this
guy I was dating,
and I got distracted.
I took my eyes off him
for just one minute,
and then he was gone.
The next morning his
body washed up on shore.
He must have fallen in.
That's why I can't
be with anyone.
Can you understand that?
Well, well, well.
What do we have here?
Little inner-tunnel
romance, huh?
That's why you've been
so standoffish, Paulina.
You should've just told me.
It doesn't matter.
I know he's going
to be one lucky guy.
What did you just say?
She moaned like a
whore when I railed her.
Don't you ever talk
about her like that again.
What's going on, Tyler?
I will rip your God Damned
throat out for saying that.
I didn't say anything.
He didn't say anything.
He said that you, and him.
I'm, I'm sorry.
You were hearing things.
The same thing happened
to the soldiers here.
It's in the diary.
The officer and his
men were stationed here
during World War II.
The soldier named Kato
started behaving irrationally.
(speaking in foreign language)
The male Bojobo.
Enough with the stupid dolls.
Doesn't this look just
like the female doll
from the painting?
The old native dropped it
outside and Dave brought it in.
Kato continues to
be insubordinate.
(speaking in foreign language)
They found a
passage to Gehenna.
The room where the
curse originated.
(speaking in foreign language)
The battle of
Saipan had begun.
What did the creature say?
He just wrote it
down phonetically.
(speaking in foreign language)
That's Spanish.
Only one can live.
The Japanese were
ordered to hold the island
until the very end.
So they did.
Ah, but...
(speaking in foreign language)
I am the only sane one left.
I know what I must do.
It is done.
Well, that was a lot
of help, wasn't it?
Listen to me.
Pepe's gone off the deep end.
He destroyed the radio,
and he's cut himself.
Which one of us is next?
Well, you two can sit
here and think about it.
And I'm going to go do
what has to be done.
I'll find him.
You don't think
Pepe would murder us?
I don't know.
But the last thing soldier said
was that he would make
amends with his life.
So, he killed himself.
Look at this.
Seems my life is
not amends enough.
How long must I live
in this hell, alone?
We need to find that room.
[Woman] David.
Oh my God, Dave.
Oh, this can't be happening.
It was recording.
Who's Claire?
His dead sister.
Wait, Pepe.
Pepe had a knife.
And Alan was right.
The generator must be dying.
Come on.
Come on, we have to hurry.
Stay behind me.
Let me see the camera.
It's alright.
I think someone is there.
I can't see anything.
It's a woman.
I don't know, Turn
that off, I can't see.
She, she's coming at us!
I can't see anything!
Turn off!
No. No!
Hey! Hey! Look at me!
Look at me.
It's not real.
It's not real.
It's not real.
There's nothing here.
I saw her.
It's okay.
We're getting out
of here, together.
Oh god.
That's it.
It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Did you see him again?
Hey. Hey.
Like you said, none
of this is real.
Let me.
Smells even worse down here.
Oh, thank god, I found you.
Dave's dead.
We think it was Pepe.
That would be me.
Tyler, Tyler, Tyler, Wake up.
Come on. Talk to me. Wake up!
You think I'm going to
wait 'til this place
makes you all crazy
and you chop me up?
No, no, no, Paulina.
I'm going to strike first.
Come here!
Come back!
Paulina! Where are you going!
You can't run from me!
You're dead!
You' hear me? dead!
The curse.
(speaking in foreign language)
Only one, can live?
(speaking in foreign language)
Torment to all.
(speaking in foreign language)
Witness for eternity.
Torment for eternity.
Now you understand.
Spanish men come here,
to enslave our people.
So, shaman enslave him.
He kept him here.
For over 300 years.
Where did you find her?
The old native dropped it
outside, and Dave picked it up.
He should not have done that!
This can all end now.
We can end the
curse, and be free.
That is not what
my ancestors want!
But it's got
nothing to do with us.
We weren't even born yet.
You aren't born yet, even now.
Time matters not in this place.
We slide back, so
Bojobo can be together.
Yes, so they can be together.
They want to be together.
All can be freed.
Don't you worry, sweetheart.
You'll get yours.
- No forgiveness!
- Don't!
We had a chance!
Just me.
Stay down, Pepe!
I am Gai Taotao!
The spirits protect me!
Only one, only one,
You win, boss.
But you not understand.
One witness forever.
Chosen one, my ass.
Just you and me, Paulina.
Give it up, Paulina!
I'm the one who survives.
Come out come out
wherever you are, Paulina.
I got you.
Take it easy, okay?
I should shoot
you down right now.
Don't do it.
You should listen to him.
Listen to him.
We had a chance.
We had a chance.
You, bitch!
Only one can live.
I'm so sorry.
I love you.
I love you, too.
What are you waiting for?
Get on with that!
(gun firing)
Just me and you, Tyler.
How did I get in here?
Tyler, I didn't.
You win.
You, you still
don't get it, do you?
You, selfish piece of shit.
If you live, you lose.
You lose worst of all.
After all, doesn't
this all look familiar?
Us here in the dark,
in about 70 years?
I'm alive.
I'm alive.
We win!
How many dead
people are down here?
What would a woman
be doing in war time?
She could be a
prisoner, spy, or,
We had a chance!
You win, boss. But
you not understand.
Here in the dark,
in about 70 years.
Only one, forever.
You must die.
Can't be.
What are you!
Get off me!
Still breathing.
Only one.
- What are you trying to tell us?
- You. Must. Die.
(light orchestral music)
Paulina? I'm coming for you!