Gehraiyaan (2022) Movie Script

Okay. This way.
It's raining. Take it that way.
Careful with that.
Is this our new home?
For how long Ma?
How will I get to meet Tia and Karan now?
Tia's dad said he'll
take us to Alibaug.
- Now they'll go without me...
- Stop it Alisha.
No one is going anywhere.
It's my turn.
Look over here.
You lost.
Bad luck I guess.
Don't be sad Ma.
We can start again.
Why not?
Because starting again is hard.
Am I right, Sonali?
It isn't always easy.
But it's still a choice.
That is, if you want to.
What's wrong Ma?
Alisha, wait!
Happy birthday dear Tia,
happy birthday to you...
That's our home!
No Tia, no!
Karan, stop!
So, let me give you a demo of the app.
We have a whole list of postures.
Do you know the Tree Pose?
So say for example
he takes this posture.
It will show you a green line.
Which means that the posture is correct.
Say I move this way,
the app will detect that
the posture is incorrect.
And... a red line will appear.
Just give me a second.
It'll just be up. Sorry.
That was not supposed to happen.
You know I really must
take this call. So...
We'll schedule another meeting
once you've made more headway.
Neeraj will brief you.
Yeah sure.
Okay. Thank you.
Neeraj, you know
I can fix this glitch.
You know how hard it was
to set up this meeting, right?
Trust my fucking luck.
I must've tested the app a hundred times.
But it just had to hang
in the middle of the meeting.
Oh shit.
Let it go.
Don't get anxious.
Shit happens.
At least you can make
it to Alibaug now, right?
Tia would love that.
She was asking about you again.
I guess.
And up.
And squat and up.
Lunge back.
And up.
Lunge back.
And up.
- Hmm?
- Why don't you ever respond?
What happened?
- Nishanth had called.
- Hmm.
That issue with the
server might get resolved.
It's a little expensive though.
I wish he spent less time bullshitting
and more time coding.
You've already invested
7-8 lakhs on the app.
I really don't see the point.
Don't leave the garbage at the door!
- How many times do I have to ask you?
- The cleaners will pick it up in the morning..
I'll do it.
Half of Mumbai lives like this.
Well, I want to live
like the other half.
I don't see why I have to convince you.
She's your cousin.
Plus, she was so excited about this trip.
What should I have said?
"Sorry, the broker is more important."?
And it's barely been two
months since her dad passed away...
We should meet her.
And what about your deadline?
The draft isn't
due until next month.
Relax! Two days aren't
gonna change your life.
What about her fianc? Zen... Zain?
What does he do?
Something to do with real estate.
He's here in India for a project.
We should ask him,
maybe he can get us an apartment.
We won't even have to pay brokerage then.
- Yeah Tee, we've reached.
- Excuse me ma'am, photograph?
- We'll meet you at the ferry counter?
- No, we're good.
- Have a look ma'am.
- No, thank you.
Yeah alright, see you.
What happened?
- We aren't taking the ferry.
- Then?
There's a yacht waiting.
It'll be expensive Karan.
I blame us for assuming
Tee will take the ferry.
Look at the upside.
At least she hasn't changed.
I can't believe it's been 8 years!
I know!
You've put on weight!
Al, you haven't changed a bit.
- She's just being nice.
- Shut up!
Watch your head.
Guys, this is my fianc Zain.
- That's Alisha, my cousin.
- Hi. Nice to meet you.
- Same here.
- And you know Karan.
- Hey!
- Hey man, nice meeting you.
Wow guys! Sweet ride.
Jacuzzi and shit!
Just a little disclaimer,
I'm an unemployed writer.
- So, I doubt if we can afford this.
- Karan! He's just kidding, guys.
No, this one's on us.
Don't worry.
Yeah. We've leased it for a year anyway.
To impress his clients.
Zain and his partner are building
a township in Alibaug.
Karan mentioned.
So, what can I get you guys?
Shandy for you?
And you?
Just water, thank you.
- Beer for you?
- Beer's good man.
- Thanks.
- Okay guys!
Let's get this shit started.
- Yuck!
- Oh no!
- Shit just got real.
- Yuck!
- I guess it's considered lucky?
- Yeah.
Congrats Alisha.
You'll never have to
worry about being shat on.
- Fuck you!
- What?
Nothing's changed.
Alisha believes she doesn't
have an ounce of luck.
I have a little extra here. Want some?
That's nasty.
Go change.
I thought your mum would come too.
And how come you're
here for just two weeks?
- I need to head back to LA.
- For what?
I have to meet dad's lawyers.
There was an issue with his will,
So have to sort that out.
And besides, I figured Zain
might be bored. So...
Poor guy.
Now is when he'll actually get bored.
Shut up.
How's your dad, Alisha?
He's good.
Is he still in Nashik?
Yeah. At the farm.
How is he though?
Are you guys talking?
On Birthdays.
I'm gonna go get a drink.
Do you guys want anything?
You're really brought
up her dad? Seriously?
Sorry, I thought they'd
be on good terms by now.
- Hi.
- Hey.
Can I get a beer, please?
So, what grave tragedy struck you
that you went from writing ads to a novel?
I was writing hand wash ads.
Until my creativity died
along with the 99.9% germs.
That's a good one!
Tia mentioned that you guys
are meeting after a really long time.
Yeah. It's been years
since she moved to the US...
And I guess I'm not
good at staying in touch.
When did you meet Tia?
- Almost 3 years ago.
- Okay.
Her dad was in real estate.
- And I was assisting him.
- Nice.
So yeah.
Fuck off Karan!
- I'm not doing the Titanic pose with you!
- C'mon! It's just for a photo!
They seem quite close.
But the three of you
grew up together, right?
Yeah but the two of them were
studying together in the US.
And I was here so...
Basically, I now know my cousin
through my boyfriend.
I thought I was the
only outsider here.
I guess that makes the two of us.
Fuck man, Tee!
It's changed so much.
- Every time Zain visits, he changes something.
- So, you're a yoga instructor?
- Whoops!
- Hi baby!
A little bit.
Cookie! Do you want to do yoga?
- Hi!
- She's become so lazy.
Tee, remember how nothing
would get us out of this pool?
When were you here last?
Can't even remember.
- We just re-did the pool area.
- Yours is upstairs.
- Oh yeah?
- Thanks. I'll go freshen up.
It's heated by the way.
I can't even get my geyser to work.
Wooh! Punjabi Magic Mike!
- He's mad!
- Turn up the heat, it's cold!
Are you fine?
How come Alisha didn't
study in the US with the two of you?
Umm... It was too expensive I guess.
Both our dads had started
the family business together.
But then her dad left
and started a cheese farm.
It wasn't doing well.
Were they both partners?
Your dad and Alisha's dad?
Hmm yeah.
Why did he quit then?
I'm sure the family
business was doing well.
I don't know.
I was too young.
Let's reconnect over a meal once I'm back.
So, what plans?
Once Zain finishes his project,
we'll begin prep for the wedding.
And I was thinking I'll ask
mom to come visit sometime soon.
She misses this place.
I get it.
It's been years since I visited but,
this place still feels like home.
We were such a family here.
Weren't we?
Murli, get some ice.
I'm feeling kinda hungry.
You want something?
Maybe later.
Zain! Why don't you give Al some company?
Tell her about your back.
And Al, tell him about your app.
Thankfully Tia's already decided
our entire conversation.
What happened to your back?
Pulled a muscle.
Quite painful.
You're developing an app, right?
How's that going?
Same. Painful.
Let's get what they're drinking. Huh?
I'm going to pass out.
I've been up since 4:30am.
Had a yoga class.
4:30, in the morning?
What time does one have to sleep?
To wake up at 4:30?
No seriously!
You know like how these
two have an inner child?
I have a grandmother's soul in
me who likes to be in bed by 8pm.
Do that yoga pose.
That crazy upside down one.
- Upside down?
- No!
She thinks yoga is easy.
- Alisha! Alisha!
- Guys, no!
- Alisha! Alisha!
- I want to see it.
- Are you serious?
- C'mon!
Yeah! Alisha!
- Alisha! Alisha!
- Go for it.
- C'mon! We'll be good students!
- Al!
Alright c'mon! Let's do this!
Wait for it.
My back hurts just looking at her.
Just don't fucking fart now, Al.
Tee, c'mon.
What the...
Fuck dude!
I can't even fucking touch my toes.
Tee, let's go to the beach!
That was quite terrible.
Thank you.
I'm so jealous of
your back right now.
Wow Tee! Getting married in Tuscany?
Al let's jump on the bandwagon
and do a small ceremony with them.
It'll be cheap and cheerful.
What a cheap skate Al! Dump him.
There are many more fish in the sea.
- I agree.
- Wow.
If you guys are done with your bullshit,
- I'm going to go drown my sorrows.
- Where?
- Going to drown your sorrows or yourself?
- To drown my sorrows in the sea.
I'm going to race you.
Are you seriously
getting into the water?
Shut up. Run fatty run!
We should run the other way.
I can't run away with you Alisha.
How would Tia feel?
I don't think she'll mind.
She just told me there
are other fish in the sea.
She won't let me off the hook so easily.
If she did, I'd
run away with you in a heartbeat.
Are you flirting with me?
Maybe a little bit.
Guys! The water is amazing.
- Yeah?
- Yeah. Come.
Today was nice, huh?
Just like old times.
It's so strange.
When Tia and I were younger,
we had such similar lives.
And now, it's just so...
Well, you can't control
where life takes us.
You just gotta adjust.
You're up early.
Yeah. I've been on the
look out for a granny since 5 am.
Glad I found you.
Weren't you guys going sailing?
Yeah but Tia is still asleep.
You and I could go.
I promise I won't flirt.
Don't make promises you can't keep.
That's quite an interesting idea.
It's built into the app.
The camera feature allows us
to correct our posture.
Where are we headed by the way?
Who knows.
- What?
- What?
Almost there.
So, this is your project?
Hmm. What do you think?
All of that?
Fuck, you're rich!
Not yet but once the project is done...
We'll see.
What? I didn't get you here to show off.
Little bit?
May I ask you something?
What did you think of my app?
I think it's a great idea.
I was thinking, you can add things
other than just Yoga.
Like MMA, Pilates... you know?
That's nice but...
One step at a time, right?
You'll have to take
a leap of faith sometime, right?
Except, I'm not that lucky.
Fuck. I thought Karan
was messing around.
Easy for you to say Mr.Fancy ass yacht.
Lucky people never
believe in luck, I guess.
I didn't always have all this.
I had a pretty normal upbringing.
A little worse than normal.
Did you assume I was
some kind of a rich brat?
No, I guess I just
didn't know Tia's type.
What's your type?
Or do you have no
control over that either?
Just give me a second.
Yes Jitesh.
I told him that
I'm looking for funding.
He offered to connect
me to some investors.
Is that so?
Yeah it was nice.
He was like "life is all about choices."
What else did he have to say?
"Believe in yourself"?
Did you manage to write anything yet?
You'll know when I'm done.
It's been 4 months...
What's the worst that
could happen if I read it?
I'm not going to judge you.
I'm getting worried for us.
Once this book gets published,
we'll be okay.
If not, then I'll go
back to that soul sucking job.
And you won't have to
run the house on your own.
And don't touch my diary.
I was just moving it.
- Your turn.
- Yeah.
There's no point if you
don't wear it constantly.
I know, Tee.
Maybe Al can help?
- Al?
- Yea?
Can you fix his back?
Sure. I can try.
Swing by the studio.
Perfect! Sorted.
Let's take a picture guys?
- With this on?
- Okay. Take it off.
Don't irritate.
- Hold the phone higher.
- Cute, isn't it?
- This one's cute.
- Show.
Not bad.
We were in Alibaug.
With Karan and Alisha.
What was the need Tia?
I wanted to see her.
Besides she and her dad barely talk.
So I don't think she knows.
Tee, have you seen the remote?
Say hi to Zain.
Hi Zain.
Hey Aunty. How are you?
- All good and you?
- Sit!
How's the project coming along?
Going well. Good.
Mom by the way, Zain has rented...
an insane yacht for his clients.
You have to see it.
Wow Zain.
You were just a little
assistant and now look at you...
Aren't you happy you met Tia?
Of course, Aunty.
What would I do without you?
Listen, I'm gonna
go watch the match.
Listen Tia.
We need to talk
about the lawyers.
We'll talk about it later.
Luxurious villas in Phoenix town.
Possession starting soon.
I haven't come back to
India for the fresh air Bejoy.
The numbers have to add up.
It doesn't make sense
to go lower than 160cr...
And that's like petty
cash for your bank, Bejoy.
By the looks of your
current asset valuation,
the bank won't sanction
more than a 90 crore loan.
C'mon Bejoy. Our previous audits
are all strong. There won't be a problem.
An valuation gap of 70 crore.
How do you plan on closing it?
Ranjeet Diwan.
- Tropical Realty.
- Tropical Realty, yeah him...
I had a word with
him just last week.
We've offered them a pre-launch bulk deal.
We'll split the loan
between two companies...
And we can show the same assets for both.
So that's your plan? A shell company?
C'mon guys. Clean deals only.
We're gonna lock this
deal with Ranjeet soon,
We'll get the payouts in six months.
And we'll close the valuation gap.
6 months... that's not a long time.
Bejoy, there are good
deals and bad deals.
And this a good
one and you know that.
It's not that simple Jitesh.
- This is so expensive.
- Stop being so formal, please!
- What was the need for this?
- Mom has sent it for you.
- She knows you like to read.
- Tee, where's my gift?
Show me your draft then.
I will.
- He won't.
- Aunty, I'm stuffed.
Eat properly.
Who knows when you'll visit again.
Karan mentioned that
you're heading back to the US.
Yeah, for two weeks.
Aww, that's so cute!
Al, look at us.
I should show this to Zain.
- Hi babe.
- Hey.
Where are you?
At Neetu Aunty's
place... Karan's mom.
- Oh right.
- You have to see this.
- Is that you?
- That's me...
That's obviously Alisha doing
the handstand.
And say hi to Karan.
- Hey man.
- Hey man. What's up?
- Hey.
- Hi.
Didn't you want to speak
to Al about your back?
Did he text you?
He will.
Hey how was your meeting?
Did it go well?
I'm stuck... I'm stuck!
I can't breathe, Ma!
Ma, not this.
I was looking for Tia's birthday DVD.
Forward fold.
And switch.
- Hey.
- Hi.
- Nice place.
- Thank you.
I can work from here.
Be my guest.
Undo your shirt
and get comfortable.
Okay... I like where this is going.
Let's start.
Put your hands up.
You're not under arrest.
All the way up.
Okay and bend to your left.
- Ouch.
- And now to the right.
I'm distracted.
If you get distracted this easily,
I'd recommend our meditation classes too.
Bend forward.
Lift our right leg up.
So, what's your story?
Born in Jaipur.
Was sent off to a boarding
school when I was 6.
Fuck, that's young.
Better than being at home.
And then graduation.
Took the first job that I could find.
But it did get me a visa to the US.
You know, met some good people.
Worked my way up.
It wasn't easy.
But I always knew I had to get out.
And you?
You grew up here in Mumbai?
For a while.
And then we moved to Nasik.
Why Nasik?
Dad quit his business
and decided to settle down there.
And you?
You didn't want to move?
I was quite young but...
I remember Mom wasn't too happy to shift.
I guess she knew
Dad wouldn't budge.
Maybe that's what got to her.
The helplessness.
Must have been really hard for you.
You think it would
get easier, right?
But while watching
our home videos yesterday...
It all came back to me.
I don't want to end up like her.
You don't have to.
You've just gotta make different choices.
You know when Tia asked me
if you had messaged me...
I don't know why I lied.
I did too.
Hey Alisha,
are you done with your session?
Come girls.
Zain just ice your
back and you'll be fine.
Yeah. Thanks.
- How've you been?
- Good.
You're coming to the airport, right?
Isn't the driver there?
- But for half an hour...
- Listen Tia...
There's a lot of traffic,
I'll call you later.
Hey, how was your day?
Baby, why is the broker calling me?
I had to rewrite the first twenty pages,
and his calls were really distracting.
And listen, Tia is coming over.
She wanted to drop
by before leaving for LA.
- Hey, welcome home!
- Hi, what's up!
- Hi Al, how are you?
- Welcome to our yacht.
- Sweet place guys.
- We've leased it for a year as well.
- Yeah?
- The jacuzzi is missing though.
It's a nice place.
We're moving out soon.
Karan before I forget,
I got the keys to the beach house.
- Where should I keep them?
- Umm yeah there...
And Murli will pick you up
from the jetty at 11 tomorrow. Okay?
The house is lying empty anyway.
- Just go fucking write.
- Got some wine.
- Oh great.
- I'm going to play some...
- Music.
- Thank you. That's lovely.
I'll just get you guys something.
How does this work?
Alright guys,
make yourselves at home.
- Yeah.
- I'll just be back.
Not now, Karan.
It was an impromptu plan.
- Karan please.
- Karan, music!
- I was going to tell you.
- Go, she's calling you.
- Hey, I need an opener.
- Oh yeah.
Al, give him the wine opener.
Just figured it out!
- Hey.
- Hi.
May I?
You okay?
What are you getting for me from LA?
What do you want?
Nothing much. Just a yacht or two.
I wasn't thinking.
Alisha I really feel we need to...
Can we not do this now, please?
- Don't you want to talk?
- Tia's my cousin, Zain.
- Just listen to me...
- Zain shut the fuck up.
Alisha, can we just...
Oh fuck!
- What's wrong?
- What happened?
Zain! What happened?
- Shut this music!
- Shut it from your phone.
- Alisha what happened?
- I don't know.
- What's your password?
- I don't remember. 1796
Hold it up against the light.
- Alisha, bring the ice.
- It'll be alright.
I mean... It'll be alright.
Shit. Babe, it looks bad.
- No, it's alright.
- It could be a hairline fracture...
- Try doing this.
- Should I call a doctor?
No, it'll be fine by tomorrow.
But I'd suggest you don't drive now.
I'll drop you guys.
No no. We'll manage somehow.
We'll figure it out.
Guys... guys.
Why don't you drop Tia?
My house is in the opposite
direction anyway.
I'll take an uber.
You sure?
Yeah, Pawan can bring
the car back tomorrow.
It'll give us time to
discuss your draft in the car.
I've already read half of it.
Did you check my mail?
Do you want a pain killer babe?
I'll get it. Give me a second.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Oh, shit yea. Let's go.
Don't want to miss another flight.
She hasn't read it yet?
Fuck, did I fuck up?
Al, we're leaving. Bye!
- You guys go ahead. I'll get my wallet.
- Safe trip.
Shit, I fucked up.
I'll be back in a week or so.
I just made the plan
and I was going to tell you.
And if it's about the broker...
You can go see him.
Big deal.
What was Tia's feedback?
Knew it.
What do you mean you knew it?
Al, Tee is an outsider.
I thought I'll get an objective
feedback from her. That's it.
Objective feedback?
And my feedback is of no value, right?
I just run errannds?
Pay the bills? For what?
What the hell do you want from me?
What do I want?
Some fucking respect Karan.
- Don't fucking close the door on me.
- Al, I need my fucking space.
Or there's no fucking chance
this book will get published.
And don't you want
this book to get published?
All I want is for you
to fucking see me, Karan!
I'm not your fucking door mat.
Where's your cab?
Not sure.
Says it's two minutes away.
Text me when you reach home.
I'll miss you.
- Have a safe trip. Bye!
- Bye.
What's this
scar on your forehead?
How did you get it?
Last night.
You were wild huh!
Shut up.
You should see my back.
What's the occasion?
I had a word with my partner.
It's all locked.
We'd love to fund your app.
You game?
No fucking way!
A seed fund of 1 crore.
And you'll have
majority of the equity.
Works for you?
Why the fuck isn't this opening?
You're not doing
this as a favor, right?
Alisha, the team loved the idea.
Now shut up and go make me some money.
I don't like being at home.
I feel so stuck.
I know that feeling.
Dad had temper issues.
He'd get violent every other day.
And hit mom.
Once, in 10th grade,
when I was home for the vacations..
Dad got so violent with mom..
...that he broke her arm.
I called the cops that day.
Then she sent them back.
She convinced the cops that she tripped down
the stairs, and that explained the bruises.
That day, dad gave me this.
Special prize for caring.
Is that why you left home?
I had to.
And you know what hurt the most?
Mom felt like I was abandoning her.
The truth was that...
She didn't want to be saved.
You didn't feel guilty?
I did what I had to.
When no one
looking out for you...
You have to look out for yourself.
Look what I got.
Aw! You didn't have to.
But I missed you.
Try it.
You didn't tell me.
How was your trip?
It was so hectic.
- Yeah?
- But it's all sorted now.
What was issue though?
Nothing much.
Dad's paper work was a mess.
And mom didn't have a clue.
I've told her several times
to consult with my lawyers.
I don't understand
why she won't take my help.
Forget about it.
It's all sorted now anyway.
I really like it!
It's looking so nice.
Um... just give me a moment.
Keep yourself free next Saturday.
For what?
We are going to Alibaug.
Karan is planning a
surprise birthday party for Alisha.
He's so sweet, right?
Hi dad.
Happy Birthday, dear.
- Thanks dad.
- Karan had invited me but...
With my knee issue,
it's hard to travel.
I understand.
Try and make a plan
to come to Nasik sometime.
Yeah dad. I'll make a plan.
Take care, dear.
And Happy Birthday!
What are you doing?
- Let's get drunk?
- Stop it! Everyone knows me here.
- Want to meet in the car?
- Stop it.
Let's get drunk!
Beer for you.
Birthday girl!
Tee, thank you so much for this.
Are you mad?
It's been years since we
celebrated your birthday together.
It's nothing.
Happy Birthday!
- Candles?
- I think so, check.
Al, isn't he looking hot today?
What do you mean by today?
It's an everyday affair!
Fucking awesome!
It came through.
What happened?
- Tropical Realty?
- Yeah.
So excited!
- I need to take care of something.
- Meet everyone first.
- I need to take the call.
- Okay. Come back soon.
140 what?
Zain's been trying to crack
this deal for a while now.
And finally this company
is buying 14 villas.
You've really hit a jackpot Tee!
You Gold digger!
Shut up! Dad has also
invested in this company.
The project took off with his help.
So technically,
I'm his sleeping partner.
Ah! Is that why you're
sleeping with him?
Some times.
She was always talented
but now I'm so proud of her.
Now that her yoga app is being launched.
You fucker,
you should be the first one to join.
- Did you just fat shame me?
- That's so mean!
You know what Alisha,
You can definitely
do far better than him.
Oh snap!
Don't worry about the
purchase pricing clause.
I'll speak to Ranjeet.
Yeah, this is good.
No that's funny!
No, I'm just kidding.
Al is a blessing for me.
You know you've been there for me.
And you've always supported me.
Of course!
Fuck, I'm terrible at this.
Every other word out
of his mouth is a 'fuck'.
I guess...
All I want to say is...
Oh my god!
Al, you're my anchor.
- You keep me sane.
- Oh shit the ring fell down.
It's right there.
Right there!
Alisha, last chance to say no!
Al, will you marry me?
I promise to keep you happy.
Say yes! C'mon Al!
- So, this is it?
- Yeah.
Not like this was heading somewhere.
How do you know it
wasn't heading anywhere?
I shouldn't have come.
Alisha. Don't just walk away.
Hey. Are you okay?
Zain, I'm returning your investment.
I don't want the fucking money Alisha.
I genuinely believed in your app.
Please. Don't make
this harder than it already is.
It's hard for me as well.
So we are never meeting again.
How are you okay with this?
There's nothing to say.
Tia is a partner in your firm.
Besides, Karan and I have
been together for 6 years.
And that's our reality.
Maybe it was but...
I can't live in the past.
And I don't know how to let go of mine.
So what have you decided Tia?
We need to start the wedding prep.
Should we lock December?
Zain's busy. He wants to push
it to next year.
Why don't you decide baby?
And tell him that these are the dates.
It's not like that, Aunty.
Just need to finish this project.
It's not an option.
You really take us for granted, son.
Tia's father has invested
so much in this project...
We have always treated
you like family.
It's the least you can do for us.
- You're not winning this one Zain.
- Yeah...
By the way mom,
will you send this package for me?
Let's finalize this apartment.
It's not that nice
but it fits our budget.
You'll come and see it, right?
Al, let's talk later.
The landlord was asking
for our old electricity bills.
Yeah should be in my mail.
I'll check.
- I told you we'll talk later?
- What the fuck is this?
Have you been lying to me?
I'm not going back
to that fucking job.
I can't do this anymore Karan.
So what if it got rejected...
I'll find another publisher.
You got this email 3
days before you proposed to me.
Didn't you feel the need to tell me?
I'm working double shifts to try and
fucking make this work.
What the fuck are you doing?
Do you have any idea...
- How suffocating it is to live with you?
- Don't overreact unnecessarily.
I didn't say a word to you when
you lost your funding for the app.
And, if that money had come in,
you wouldn't be making a scene right now.
Al, if you can't help, then don't.
But don't act like
you're doing me a favor.
I'll borrow the money from mom and dad.
You're taking extra classes,
what am I doing?
I'm trying my best to write.
For fuck sake Alisha. It's
won't kill you to compromise a little.
It's not as simple as waking up at 4am
and instructing middle aged socialites
'Breathe in; Breathe-out'.
I need to think.
What happened, Mom?
I'm so stuck, baby.
We'll be fine, Mom.
Toby, c'mon!
You want some tea?
I'm making some.
Neetu mentioned that Karan
has shifted back in with them.
Breaking off an engagement
is a very big decision Alisha.
I don't feel good about this.
It's not about you dad.
Karan and you share
the same problem.
You're incapable of
looking beyond yourself.
Let me know if you're
here to pick a fight with me as well.
I was just asking...
Is this what you really want?
I don't want to go through what mom did.
She died a good mother.
And I must go on living
as the terrible father.
It was your fucking fault.
Just accept it.
And is this the place for trash?
- Did she say that it was my fault?
- Huh?
- Did she say that?
- No wonder she fucking hated it here.
- Did she say it was my fault?
- She didn't have to.
She fucking hung herself.
Maybe you never noticed but
she used to feel suffocated here.
Your brother called you
back to Mumbai so many times!
Asked you to rejoin the family business.
Do people not live in Nasik?
Aren't kids brought up here?
When Tia went to study in the US,
where was I?
I was working all the time!
And then I had to
call your friends at 2am,
just to find out if
you were alive or dead.
You were always fucking drunk.
When you needed me,
I was a mother to you.
And I wish you were a good
father to me just once.
Neetu aunty was telling me
that Al has gone to Nasik.
She must be having such a hard time.
I really wish she'd just talk to me.
- Gaurav wait for me for 5 minutes.
- Sure, sir.
Zain, you wanted me?
Yeah Jitesh.
I'll see you guys later.
Sure. I'll send the reports ASAP.
- Jitesh.
- Hmm.
I was wondering...
How long would it take
to return Tia's investment?
It's a huge amount.
You want to return it?
Sooner the better.
Okay. Let me check with the accounts team.
It's not that I hate him.
It's just... I have to move on.
We just want different things from life.
You've been together
for so many years, Al.
You're gonna leave it all behind?
This can't be the only
reason to stay together.
So what do you want to do?
Table for three.
Yeah, that side.
What are you doing here?
Nothing. Just brought
my new interns for lunch.
Al and I were just
talking about Karan.
Cool. I'll see you guys later.
Okay listen.
I did something terrible.
You weren't answering anyone's calls
and Karan really wants to meet you.
So he's waiting outside.
Just meet him once.
Tee, tell him to leave.
Al, please.
Why are you here?
How do I contact you
when you've blocked me?
At least just unblock me.
She has made up her mind.
You head back home.
I'll see you tonight.
Are you free after this?
I'm ready to change things.
Let's meet once and talk.
Tee, my cab's here.
Oh okay. Take care.
No actually. I have a presentation so...
I don't know how to get through to her.
I'll see you at home?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
Love you.
Alisha, I know you've blocked me.
And I don't know if you'll
ever get to hear this but,
there's something I have to say.
I wish we could have met under
different circumstances.
Because I love you and I know we
could have been something.
I'm glad you came.
Missed you.
These past few weeks,
all I've thought about is us.
And when I found out that
you were leaving Karan,
- I just knew I had to call you.
- My decision to leave Karan...
had nothing to do with you.
I get it.
I've made up my mind too.
I'm ending it with Tia.
It's been dead with her.
I'm returning her dad's investment,
It's just a matter of 6 months.
Then it's just us.
I want a life with you, Alisha.
Please tell me you want this too.
I don't know, Zain.
- What?
- I'm just really scared.
Scared of what?
I don't want to get hurt again.
You won't.
But other people will.
And you know it's complicated.
Yeah maybe they will but...
10 years from now,
none of this will matter.
Look at me.
For once think about yourself.
Think about us.
As soon as the project is done,
we'll move away.
Just you and me.
We'll start again.
Alisha, I love you.
We'll have a life together.
You were asking me if this is real, right?
It is.
It's fucking real.
6 months?
6 months.
So what do you think?
It's good.
But where's the rest of it?
I'm still writing the last 2 chapters.
It's really good, Karan!
At least some good came
out of the breakup.
Should I send her the draft?
Do you think she'll read?
Complete it first.
I know it's hard but...
You know, maybe you're
both better off this way.
It's just that I miss her man.
Yeah but don't be so gloomy.
You never know.
Maybe you'll find someone better.
Why don't you leave Zain then?
He has been quite out of it lately.
Maybe he's just busy.
Was thinking I'd join
some pottery classes.
I thought you were
potty trained already.
I'm so bored.
He's never home.
You'll be fine.
Look at me, I'm fine.
Do you ever stop working?
You were sleeping.
I've signed the papers.
They are on the table.
You know I was thinking...
Let's find you a new apartment.
Why stay here?
Let the app take off first.
Your company has invested
so much in the yoga studio already.
The yoga studio is an
asset for the company, Al.
So what are we now? Partners?
Equity and otherwise.
You can sail on your own now.
Feels good, doesn't it?
Captain Alisha!
We look so good together. Don't we?
We do right?
But unfortunately...
You go out for now.
You're so shady.
I am the shady one?
You bet you are!
Who's the shady one now?
How else should I have saved your number?
Don't pick up?
- Hi guys!
- Hey guys.
Please bear with us.
Because we "cat" control our excitement.
It's our third anniversary...
And it won't be a party without you.
So be there on the 24th.
At 6pm!
Alisha, I didn't want to upset you.
What's that sound?
Hold on!
The sail's down.
I need to go help.
Son, why don't you also join us?
That's alright, Aunty! You go ahead.
I'll wait for the rescue boat.
Thank you, sweetheart.
- You really saved our lives.
- Please come.
We weren't drowning...
- We were on a boat.
- I've repeatedly told you...
- To keep your phone fully charged.
- I am 80 years old!
I can barely remember my name.
How can I remember to charge the phone?
It's not like I'm 20 years old...
Yet I remember everything.
Yes, yes! You remember every damn thing.
I'm Kamal.
Zain and this is Alisha.
- Hi. Hello.
- Alisha?
Our daughter's name is Alisha too.
When's the big day?
I'll go get some water.
I know that was weird.
Fianc? Seriously?
You're celebrating your
anniversary next week.
It's nothing.
It's just a fucking party.
You can still skip it if you want.
What's the point of all this when
you're going to leave her?
Sweet couple.
Tee, Happy Anniversary!
Sorry I couldn't make it.
I have a ton of work left and...
- I don't want to screw it up this time.
- Don't worry.
It's mostly Zain's colleagues.
- Ah!
- And his big shot partner is here.
Can I get some more ice?
But yeah I think a
slightly winter-ish feel...
Maybe that's what they were going for.
Ranjeet, here you go.
- Ah thank you. Cheers!
- Thank you!
It's been a while
since you last came.
Landscaping is almost done as well.
You should definitely come.
I know I should.
We've spent a lot of money on you.
Stop making him nervous.
- Not at all!
- It's about time now.
- It is about time.
- I'd love to see it too!
Don't wait for Ranjeet.
I'll take you there.
Please be my guest.
Guys, I'll be right back.
- Can I get you something?
- No! I'm good, thank you.
It's all his favourite dishes.
Yeah I'll tell him this "Zain't" working.
- Excuse me.
- When are you sending the new draft?
What happened?
This morning ED has arrested the
CFO of Ridgeford Capital,
Bejoy Sen for money laundering.
After 8 hours of investigation,
reports from the ED suggest that
Bejoy Sen had assigned bad loans to real
estate companies through illegal means.
There could be a forensic audit.
We need to fix the books. ASAP!
What's the valuation gap?
60-65 crores.
How to fix this... how to fix this?
What about Tropical
realty's next instalment?
Not due for four months.
Zain will be so happy to see you.
Let me find him.
Zain. Look who's here.
- Alisha, long time.
- Happy Anniversary.
This is Jitesh,
Zain's business partner.
- Alisha, my cousin.
- Hi.
Nice to meet you.
- Can you keep this in your pocket?
- Yeah.
I'm going to get myself a drink.
- I'll come with you.
- You're okay?
He seemed a little off.
Did something happen?
Just tell me, is it work?
Sorry I couldn't answer your call.
Is everything okay?
I'm pregnant.
- Did you get tested?
- Obviously. Are you fucking stupid?
Let's get this party started guys!
Zain! Come on in now!
- We need to talk.
- Hey, Zain!
- Oh hey, Sejal.
- Hi!
- How are you?
- I'm good. How are you?
I saw you the other day at the Taj.
- I even waved.
- Must have been someone else.
I mean... what? I'm pretty sure it was you.
I'm so sorry. That's so rude of me.
- That's alright.
- I'll join you in a bit?
Sure, I'll see you.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
You don't need these. What are you doing?
Babe! Come!
Hey... coming! Yeah.
Zain, we need to talk.
We're surrounded by people!
This is not the right time.
We'll deal with this together. Okay?
Let's meet tomorrow?
It'll be fine.
I promise.
Alisha! You have to dance with me, come!
Zain, this is going to blow up.
We'll have to close
the valuation gap ASAP.
My first decent pottery attempt.
- Aw.
- Happy Anniversary.
- So cute.
- You like it?
- Well done, Tee.
- I love you.
We didn't click
any pictures tonight.
Where's my phone?
Where did you disappear
in the middle of the party?
Do you know what
happened with the cheese?
I specifically asked for Burrata
cheese because I know you love it...
But then they gave me goats cheese.
I was so fucking...
Are these your pills?
Yeah, I had a bit of a headache.
It's Valium, Zain.
- Hmm?
- They're anxiety pills!
I know. Just been stressed with work.
Are you seeing a doctor?
You're seeing a doctor?
Since when?
Why didn't you tell me?
For about a month.
Jitesh said there's some issue
with raising funds but.. like...
I didn't know it was this serious.
It's nothing serious.
- It's fine.
- Why are you taking anxiety pills then?
Why aren't we talking, Zain?
Okay, come sit.
If you're so stressed, why
are you returning Dad's investment?
How bad is it?
It's pretty bad.
Maybe I can help?
Anything, Zain.
Zain honestly, I don't think
Bejoy is coming out of this one. Okay?
Legally ED can audit us.
We need to get the
books cleaned. ASAP.
Tia wants to help?
She's ready to mortgage
the beach house.
The one in Alibaug?
Will 6 months be enough?
Let's valuate it and find out.
I'll speak to Kaushik, okay?
Call Kaushik, please.
Why aren't you saying anything?
Shouldn't we at least talk about it?
I'm not going to force you
if you don't want it Zain.
Alisha, I still have
to return Tia's money.
You're already doing that right?
Zain, you are, aren't you?
- Of course.
- It's a matter of 4 months then.
Yeah but...
You've just set up your studio...
And my project is at a crucial stage.
- You think it's the right time?
- I know we haven't discussed this.
But maybe it's not such a bad thing.
I know.
Had it been a year from now,
I'd celebrate with you.
It's just the fucking timing, Alisha.
We're gonna have
the life you want.
I offered to help him, he needs me.
I understand but...
It's only a matter of few months.
And all he's doing is mortgaging it!
Is he aware of the
complications with the property?
And just two weeks back...
You were the one saying that
you and Zain were having some problems.
He was just busy with work, okay?
Just think once with a clear head.
You trust everyone too easily.
I've stumbled down this road before.
Okay, I'll call you later. Bye.
Let's see the property first.
Then I'll speak to the financers.
Yeah sounds good.
There's a private access
to the beach from here.
And you can... that's the exit there.
And that's the pool.
It's around 8ft deep.
There are two bedrooms up there.
And the hill attached to the property?
That hill is about 8 acres.
And EC certificate?
EC certificate and the tax
receipts are in my name.
Oh, that's good.
I'm sorry I need to take this call.
- Hi.
- Hi. All good?
I've been trying to call you.
- The sonography reports are back.
- Ah okay.
Are you busy?
Just last minute meetings
with some clients.
So anyway, what did the gynac say?
Got an appointment for 4pm on Thursday.
You'll come, right?
Sure. I'll be there.
Listen, I've to go right now.
The clients are waiting.
- I'll see you tomorrow evening. Bye
- Zain?
Don't be so busy...
He's looking for you.
The contractor is having
some labour issues.
You okay?
- Come.
- Okay.
Can we stop somewhere to get water?
Yeah I'll look for a place to stop.
Be right back.
And higher.
Bhakti, just come here.
Keep going guys.
Squat! And punch.
Alisha, I have to go.
I'll meet you at the clinic tomorrow.
Ridgeford Capital's Bijoy Sen who was arrested
a few days ago by the ED for bad loans...
We'll have to think
of a different strategy.
Is being handled by the CBI now.
There are some other big companies
that have been added to the ED's list.
Companies like Sunrise properties,
MSD Group and Nexus Realties.
Tropical Realty had showed
some interest in investing in phase 2,
we should talk to them.
We're yet to hand over 3
villas from phase 1.
And you want to ask them for more money?
We have delivered 11 to them, haven't we?!
What sense does that make?
We're not asking for charity,
it's an investment.
We give them a fucking deal.
Zain, Ranjeet is a fucking shark.
You'll give him a deal?
Fuck. Jitesh, you're not helping.
What exactly is going on here?
You have an easy way out
and you're not taking that.
- What way?
- Just ask Tia, She'll be happy to help.
I'm ending it with her.
Great timing.
Another chick? Who's it?
How does it matter?
You just set up the meeting with Ranjeet.
I'll chalk out the
details and...
Stop stressing.
I'm on it.
I can set up the meeting Zain...
But just as a backup,
I'll be making a list of buyers too.
Guys, it's quite late.
Should we call it a night?
Yeah we should.
Hey, we're getting some dinner.
You want to join us?
You guys carry on.
You sure?
Okay, I'll see you.
You finally found the time to call?
I was caught up with work, obviously.
What did the gynac say?
I didn't go to the gynac.
What? Why?
Because we were supposed
to go together, Zain.
- And you cancelled last minute.
- It's not like I fucking planned it.
- Something came up.
- Something always comes up Zain.
Guys, we have a call in half an hour.
I want those numbers, now!
- Have a look at these.
- Show me.
What did the doctor say?
I spoke to the doctor whose
number you had given.
He's given me an appointment
for Friday morning.
Don't delay it any further.
When will you be here?
Thursday evening?
If it's a problem for you...
Did I say I have a problem?
Let your boss know she
needs to come to office.
But how can you issue this notice?
What's wrong Bhakti?
Help him shut this.
- I don't know who these people are...
- Sir, what's going on?
And what are they doing.
Hand over the notice to her.
- What...
- Stick the other notice on the door.
For what?
You can take this to
the higher authorities.
Sir, what's the notice for?
Work faster! What's taking so long?
He should speak to me.
He can't take that call.
Next time you...
Just give me 30 seconds, Sir.
30 seconds? I don't have 30 seconds man.
Karun and I were just talking. In
the next few days, we're going to be out...
Guys, call in 10 minutes.
Everyone get ready.
Sir, there's someone here to see you.
She's saying it's urgent.
So is this our capital?
Karun, can we give him the number?
I'll be back.
What are you doing here?
Why aren't you answering your calls?
This is my office,
what are you doing here?
What the fuck is this?
- What is this?
- What?
Some people came over and
sealed the studio.
It's a show cause notice.
- Let me check.
- What?
- Is something illegal?
- I'll check with my team.
- It says fraud!
- It's not fraud.
So, what's this notice about?
Sir, it's time to
dial in for the call.
I'll get him.
- There's an important...
- Zain this is fucking...
I can't fucking do this right now.
I have a fucking meeting after this.
- Zain, what is this notice about?
- I can't explain things right now.
What the fuck is wrong with you?
The call is in 2 minutes.
I need you there.
Yeah, I'll be there.
Why don't you go to the hotel,
I'll meet you there. Okay?
I'm keeping this.
Hey, Zain.
Hey, Ranjeet.
- What's this?
- Zain?
Ranjeet, congratulations!
I would love to do this in person but...
- I heard you were busy.
- I am.
I've got a great deal so
let me just start off with that.
As you know, phase 2 is about to begin.
And the ROI growth projections are
fucking exponential.
Off the fucking roof!
So... invest in phase 2.
80 crores.
Your company's tied up with Bejoy
from Ridgeford Capital.
I'm sure you know he's fucked.
He's looking at jail time.
And my sources are telling me that
your firm is also under SFIO's radar.
Ranjeet, I don't know
who your sources are but...
You're wrong. It's nothing
but an accounting oversight.
And there's nothing that
can't be fixed. You know that, right?
Jitesh, I'm sure there are lawyers
sitting with you in that room.
Please ask them to show
you page 17 of the contract.
Clause two-part two.
Material adverse effect change.
Now that's a breach of contract,
I hope you know that.
Ranjeet, you're aware of our topline.
The project is mint.
According to projections,
we're at 600 crores.
So you know what?
Let me make you a revised deal.
How about 80-20?
And those numbers work for you?
We can make it work.
Including your previous investments,
we are at...
Some 340 crores.
So yeah, let's just talk as friends?
Fuck the lawyers and let's
make this work?
You're still a rookie Zain.
You think you can play me?
I can smell your bullshit
through the fucking phone.
Tropical Realty will obviously not be
investing in your projects anymore.
And we need all our investments back.
2 weeks as per contract or we sue you.
If our name comes up in
any communication, we sue you.
Now listen to me Zain.
Kids like you, they come and go.
No one gives a fuck.
I'm done with this bullshit man.
Fuck this shit.
Turn it off.
Can someone fucking turn off the tv!
There's no other option.
Sort this shit out and talk to Tia.
That's it.
She won't budge.
Then explain things to her!
Tell her you might
go to fucking jail.
- It's financial fraud!
- I'm aware of that.
What do you mean she
won't fucking understand!
And for starters, can you
stop fucking her cousin, please?
Stay the fuck away from that.
It's my personal matter.
I'll deal with it.
Personal matter?
The shell company is registered
on her studio's address.
- If she says anything...
- Calm the fuck down.
I'm trying to think
of a fucking solution. Okay?
She just showed up at the office.
What was I supposed to do?
Is she blackmailing you?
Is that what it is?
Do you want me to handle it?
Do you want me to handle it?
You mean handle her?
You know what I mean.
Have you lost it?
- I can handle it.
- What do you think I'm doing?
Zain, we can handle the police
but not the ED.
We stink of trouble right now.
No one's going to invest in us.
No one will help
except for family.
Talk to Tia, please.
It's not possible.
- Tia has to do this.
- We can't do that.
Don't fucking get your love life...
- Into this business.
- Fuck man...
Listen... I'm...
Suck up to her.
I'm trying to fucking
figure this out, okay?
So just... let me be.
- Zain.
- What?
If you fuck this up, we're finished.
There's no way we can start again.
You know that.
I know there are a few
complications but nothing is illegal.
- My studio is sealed Zain!
- 'My studio'?
Have I not invested in it?
You said it wasn't a fucking favour.
It's not a favour.
It's a fucking business.
And things like this happen.
You said we'll do
this together and now,
I have to call you 10 times
before I get one fucking reply.
Does that mean you can
just waltz into my office?
No. I'll go to Tia the next time.
Oh yeah?
Fucking try me.
Okay listen, I called because...
I found a buyer.
He's an expat which
means good money.
I'll arrange for the
predated stamp papers.
That's it. We're golden.
We're good.
Zain, you there?
We need to do this, Zain.
I've checked with my sources.
We're on the list.
Hear me out.
What we can do it...
Offer him a 20% overhead.
And see if we can buy
the property back in a year.
Hopefully, Tia won't
check the papers.
Yeah, okay.
You're mortgaging
it for just a year, right?
Are you not okay with it?
No, it's not that.
Tee, we'll get the
beach house back in a year.
We'll buy the fucking yacht.
The life you want.
It's just that we've finally resolved
all the issues attached to the property.
I get it.
It's just a year right, Zain?
Of course.
You know what? You're right.
I should take a break for a day or two.
Let's go somewhere.
Just you and me?
Zain, I had a word with Mom.
And she suggested that
I show the papers to her lawyers.
I'll mail them once we return.
That's okay, right?
Zain! Come back!
You okay?
Everything's been piling up and...
I've been getting a bit anxious so...
And the way
we've been fighting...
I hate it!
Me too. Of course!
It's just that we aren't getting
time together.
- Yeah you're right.
- Right?
And please, don't worry about the studio.
I'm sorting it out...
I need to speak to you.
Let's go for lunch.
Just you and me.
Stop it.
Are you having an affair?
Why are you laughing?
What's so funny?
- Because it's funny.
- Am I laughing?
- No but...
- Does this look like a joke to you?
- Yeah.
- Who is Contractor?
- Tia.
- Who the fuck is Contractor?
Contractor is... the contractor.
Why do you receive so many
calls from that number?
Let me now sit and explain my job to you.
I know what a fucking
contractor is, Zain!
You get calls at 3am.
Yeah because I work
in the fucking night.
Facetime calls, video calls.
I'm not a fucking child Zain.
- Stop acting like one.
- Do not fucking touch me.
- Okay. I'm sorry.
- Pick it up.
- Zain, pick it up.
- I know.
- I'm sorry...
- It must be the contractor.
- I haven't been able to give you time.
- Zain, pick it up or I'm going to.
What's wrong with you?
What's got into you?
What's wrong with me?
- What the fuck is wrong with you, Zain?
- You're fucking crazy.
- You're so fucking hot and cold, Zain.
- I've left everything and come for you.
Didn't we come here
to spend time together?
I don't know what's got into you.
Who are you fucking talking to then?
Do you not want me to work?
Should I just leave everything?
Show me the fucking phone.
Jitesh is calling me. Please just...
You've had no time
for me since two months...
You're out of your mind.
Now that you want my help,
you are conveniently free?
- Help?
- Very convenient, Zain.
- I need your help?
- Yes!
You offered to help me!
You told me to take two days off!
- I'm doing it for us.
- No, you're not!
You... fucking selfish.
Selfish. I'm fucking selfish?
Working day and night so you
can have your fucking Tuscany wedding.
You make me feel like shit.
- What are you doing?
- Can't do this anymore.
- What?
- I'm done.
- Pick up the ring.
- I'm done.
Pick up the fucking ring.
Pick it up.
What is happening to you?
You wanted to check
my phone right?
Here you go.
- Hello Zain. Hello?
- Jitesh.
Here you go.
Let's end this drama.
Take it.
I don't want it..
Take it and check properly.
Hello, yes Zain sir.
Can't hear you, Zain sir.
I don't need your fucking property.
Okay? Don't do me any favours.
Your mom, your lawyers and
especially you Tia...
You fucking treat me like an outsider.
And you know what makes me sick?
That you fucking don't trust me.
Fuck. First Jitesh and now you.
I can't deal with this shit anymore.
You want to call it off, right?
Let's call it off.
Let's end this.
I can't do it anymore.
- Hi!
- Hi.
Great to see you.
You look good.
Thank you. You too.
What brought you here?
Was some work...
heading back home now.
If you're free, I mean...
We can go for a coffee or something?
I said too much Zain.
You know I didn't mean it.
You okay?
Nothing. It's just my period cramps.
Do you want any medicine?
- I'll stop ahead.
- No it's okay.
How's work?
Can't complain.
And your book?
It's going well.
Still needs a little fine tuning
Are you still working
out of Alibaug?
I don't know if Tia told
you about the Beach house.
What about it?
They are mortgaging it.
Zain's company's facing
some financial issues...
She's helping him out.
That's why they were both
in Alibaug for the weekend.
I'm sorry I fucked up.
I trust you.
You know I'll do anything for you.
I love you.
Love you too.
I'll get your medicine.
- It's fine, he'll get it.
- Don't know when he'll get it.
- Are you sure?
- Yeah.
- Alisha, what are you doing here?
- What the fuck is going on?
What are you doing?
- Fucking liar.
- Not here, Alisha.
Don't fucking touch me, Zain.
Alisha not here.
- You're fucking lying to me.
- Wasn't I coming to meet you?
- Why are you lying?
- Why are you creating a scene?
Fucking using me.
Of course you're fucking using me.
You said you were going to Pune,
so what were you doing in Alibaug?
I was in Alibaug for some work!
First you said that
you were retuning the money.
- Yeah I am.
- And now you're taking more!
- I'm not taking more money from her!
- Stop lying to me Zain.
You're mortgaging the beach house!
She said no!
So I'll go ask her.
Alisha please! Alisha, listen to me.
What are you doing?
She fucking can't know!
- Don't fucking touch me.
- I'll speak to her.
Alisha the audit is in two weeks.
Let me just fucking get through it.
I'll tell Tia everything once
I get through the audit.
You fucking won't.
I've worked on this
project for five long years.
I can't throw it all
away when I'm this close.
What about us?
I fucking trusted you, Zain.
But I don't know
what I was thinking.
You fucking abandoned
your own mother.
And I won't let
you fucking do that to me.
You did not just fucking say that.
I did.
Tell Tia the truth or I will.
I'm not fucking around.
- You have till tonight.
- Listen to me!
Tia, please listen...
Mom just because
you and dad had problems,
doesn't mean that I need
to be doubting Zain all the time.
That's not what I meant.
I really hurt him Mom.
He's on pills. He's so stressed out.
I'm really sorry.
And for what? This property?
Baby, I said it out of concern!
It was never ours to begin with.
Alisha, I'm in a bad place.
I know I fucked up.
But I want to come clean.
I don't trust you.
I know but give me a chance
to explain myself.
Let's meet once.
Not until you tell her the truth.
You good?
I've ended it with her.
I've not told her about you yet.
It'll be hard on her.
If you don't trust me,
speak to her tomorrow.
What about her investment?
Jitesh is bailing me out.
I've transferred
my shares to his name.
So yeah, that's sorted.
I'm sorry I just...
Can we just put all of this
behind us and move on?
- I'll get us a drink?
- Yeah.
Why don't you play some music?
It's not connecting.
I'll come and have a look.
I'm not feeling well.
I just want to go back.
Yeah okay.
You're okay, right?
I want to go back.
Sure, we'll go back.
Let's go back.
Give me the phone.
Your phone's ringing.
It's Karan on the line..
Alisha, Tia had called
me in the morning.
Zain didn't come home last night.
She got a call from
the police today.
They found a body.
I'm heading straight
there... I'll see you soon?
I'm sending you the location.
Okay bye.
Who can identify the body?
Please follow me.
Yeah Sanjay. Thank you.
Yeah, hello?
Yes sir.
Yes sir.
She's trying to get onto
tomorrow evening's flight.
- I'll try and get Tia to speak to her.
- Who's there inside?
Someone from Zain's
office is here to meet Tia.
The Police have said that they
will release the body after 3 days.
They are looking for leads.
Did he mention anything?
As in where he was headed?
Did he leave with his office bag?
Maybe it'll give us a lead.
What if it's something else?
What? What do you mean?
I don't know.
I mean... I could be wrong but...
Did you notice anything?
Any kind of signs or anything?
What are you trying to say?
I don't know.
Another woman perhaps?
He was on pills.
He was stressed because
of your fucking work.
And you're talking shit about him.
I'm not talking shit about him Tia.
I'm just...
Just leave.
Get out!
Let me know if you need any help.
Can I help you?
Uh... just looking for you.
Listen... if you don't mind,
can you give me your phone number please?
In case I need to call you urgently.
And Alisha's as well.
She was with Tia and...
I didn't want to disturb her.
You were on the yacht with him, right?
Police won't find an easier
case, Alisha.
They'll trace your fucking
phone and you're finished.
- I'm sorry...
- Listen to me.
Meet me in the
parking lot right now.
Or they'll all know
how you fucked them over.
I'm waiting.
Alisha, I've forgotten
my medication at home.
Can you drop me home, please?
When I got to your place last
night, I saw Zain leaving.
Must have been someone else.
No, it was him.
He even had the keys to your apartment.
Alisha, are you in trouble...
I've met him only a couple of times
and I work with his firm.
Why are you doing this?
Alisha please tell me...
- that there's nothing more to it.
- Alisha!
Where are you headed?
Karan, can you drop dad home please?
I'll stay back with Tia.
Of course.
Come uncle.
What do you want?
What did you think?
You'll get away with this?
Zain is dead. He's fucking dead.
What happened on the yacht?
What did he do?
It was an accident.
It wasn't supposed to happen.
I know it wasn't supposed to happen.
He was supposed to be here, not you.
Where the fuck do you think you're going?
Sit down!
I can help you, okay?
- I have contacts within the police...
- I don't want your fucking help.
I'm innocent.
He called me on the yacht.
He tried to kill me.
I'll go tell everyone.
Tell everyone! What will you say?
And what will you achieve?
Will you become a better person?
Can you bring him back?
- I fucking loved him.
- I don't give a fuck, okay?
Let me tell you what'll happen.
Police will investigate the case.
And you'll rot in jail your entire life!
And Tia is a partner in the firm.
When this becomes a fraud case,
her whole life will be spent
running in and out of courtrooms.
That's what you want?
Haven't you done enough already?
Listen to me.
In Zain's study,
you'll find the Alibaug property papers.
I can't go there but you can.
Don't fucking shake your head.
The firm's up for an audit in 4 days.
You need to send
me those papers tonight.
- I can't do it.
- Yes, you will.
I can't do it, please!
There's no other way.
This is it.
Get the fuck out of here.
I don't want to see your face.
I don't want to see your face.
Get out!
Yes... he sold it.
Zain said the papers were for mortgage.
Yes, for a year.
Mortgage was never an option.
It was always for sale.
I thought he would have told you.
He said that you wanted to
help because he was under pressure.
And that you offered to sell
the property yourself.
He said he was grateful.
I wish I could look
into it but it's done now.
Any word from the Police?
The toxicology reports are back.
And they found some pills on him.
Zain was very stressed
in the past couple of weeks.
Police is also taking
this into consideration, so...
Most likely they'll file a suicide case.
I had no idea he could
go to this extent.
Karan, I need to speak to Alisha.
You better take this to your grave.
Alisha, you remember I
had visited the US for 2 weeks?
I had to sort Dad's will out.
I don't know how to tell you this.
What's the matter, Tee?
Before dad passed away, I found
out that according to his will
you were going to
get the Alibaug property.
Why would he do that?
He's your father too, Alisha.
My dad and your mom
were having an affair.
They were the ones at fault
but mom was the one who suffered.
She had already been
through so much Alisha.
So I told dad to cut you out of his will.
I was just trying to protect her.
I didn't want her to
relive all that shit again.
I... I thought I could
just make it all disappear.
But... it never really does.
One sec!
Open the door.
One sec.
I didn't hear you come in.
When did you get back?
I just got home.
I'll just get some water.
Dad, may I ask you something?
Alisha, what's the matter?
Do I remind you of Mom?
I know the truth about her.
Tia told me.
Why didn't you ever say anything?
What could I have said?
That she broke me?
That I'm still trying
to piece myself together?
You could have told me the truth.
No matter what
happened between me and your mom...
She loved you a lot.
And that sliver of memory
that's left of hers in your heart...
How could I have destroyed that
by telling you the truth?
But I loved her dad and
I kept blaming you for it.
I had convinced myself
that it was your fault.
And that mom used to feel
suffocated with you.
And the one thing I
kept running away from...
Has finally caught up to me.
I've ruined everything for everyone.
No come on! Don't say that.
Her life was bigger than that one mistake.
And so is yours.
There was so much more to her.
I wish I understood back then...
That you don't need to run away.
You just have to accept the past.
And always chose to move on.
Do my choices even matter, dad?
There's only one way to find out.
You give yourself a chance.
I don't have the strength.
Oh! come on. It's right here.
I'm your father, sweetheart.
Is the taxi here?
Arriving in two minutes.
Give this to Karan from me.
You alright?
I'll be back on Friday.
You keep shuttling back and forth,
doesn't it affect your work?
Exactly why I'm suggesting that once I'm
back, we'll finalise your shift to Mumbai.
I want you to stay with me dad.
Um... one second.
I'll just be back.
How are you?
Jet lagged.
You look good.
- Thanks.
- You too.
Fuckers, you both are looking so hot!
You're gonna give Anika a complex.
Is that for me?
Yes, that's for you.
Gourmet cheese?
Hi everyone!
Hi, can I have your attention please?
As you all know, I had
a really rough start to the year.
To begin with,
my book didn't get published.
And when it did, no one read it.
- I had to go back to my old advertising job.
- I can't believe he's getting married.
- I felt like things were falling apart.
- I'm so happy for him.
When they were actually falling in place.
Anika joined the same office.
And I'm so fucking grateful for that.
Because we fell in love.
Time really flies, doesn't it?
And you know, the rest is history.
To new beginnings!
Thank you all for coming.
Enjoy your evening.
I'm sorry I haven't kept in touch.
Me too, Al.
I always thought of calling you...
I just didn't know what to say.
Maybe by telling you the truth, I just...
I made things worse.
I'm sorry.
Don't say sorry, please.
Dad would have probably never told me.
And it scares me to think that...
I wouldn't have ever gotten
a chance to fix things with him.
And what about us, Al?
Can't we put the past behind us?
It's just that I feel
like we're stuck in a loop, Al.
I'm stuck, I'm stuck. I can't breathe Ma!
Just like our parents.
Can't we break out of it?
I know it's not easy.
But can we start again?
It's not easy.
But it's still a choice.
But only if you want it.
But maybe if we let go of the past,
it'll let go of us too?
I want to.
You guys look like you're
having a pretty serious conversation!
Anika's vegetarian grand mother
just gobbled up some pork belly bao,
thinking it was Paneer!
Don't laugh!
Karan, what's in this bao?
Let me check with the caterer.
We have met somewhere before!