Gekijo-ban Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale (2017) Movie Script

It's a shame you can't see the stars in Aincrad.
But this view isn't so bad.
I've never seen a shooting star.
Where I live in the real world,
the night sky's too bright.
Oh yeah? Didn't know you're a city girl.
Come on, Kirito, don't tease me!
In my hometown,
there's a pretty famous stargazing spot.
There's even a small observatory.
Then let's promise to go see a meteor shower there someday!
Sure, someday.
To do that, we have to survive and clear this game.
And then I'll give you a ring
in the real world, too.
On November 6, 2022,
10,000 players of Sword Art Online,
a game produced for the NerveGear,
a full-dive virtual reality device,
discovered on launch day that,
because of developer Akihiko Kayaba,
it was impossible to log out.
They were trapped in a cruel death game,
where "Game Over" meant dying in the real world.
Amid an overwhelming sense of despair,
some took up their swords to clear the game,
while others, succumbing to fear,
cut off all contact.
And there were those who killed other players.
And then, what seemed like an eternity went by.
Until two years later, on November 7, 2024,
thanks to the heroics of one player,
the game was finally cleared and everyone was freed.
In the end, 4,000 people lost their lives,
and with the death of mastermind Akihiko Kayaba,
the incident drew to a close.
The players who returned alive
are known as SAO survivors,
and now, they're returning to
their normal lives in the real world.
The Complete SAO Incident Records
Um, excuse me?
What are those devices
you have on your ears?
The Rumored Gadget?
What is Augmented Reality?
Oh, you mean this?
It's an Augma!
Welcome to Augma!
As you can see, its popularity has exploded
immediately upon launch!
Let's discuss this next-generation wearable device,
the Augma.
Since the Augma lacks a full-dive function,
you might assume it's taken a step back
compared to its predecessor, the Amusphere,
but you'd be mistaken!
You could say it's a huge advantage
to be able to use it while conscious.
The Amusphere, which enables you
to full dive into the virtual world,
and AR, or rather, the Augma,
which augments reality,
should be considered to be
two totally different things.
You're absolutely right.
Most importantly, the Augma doesn't possess
the inherent risks of a full-dive machine.
In fact, there's been a surge in users
who wear it for fitness and health monitoring.
And one such example
is the latest game, Ordinal Scale.
Make Every Day an Adventure!
Ordinal Scale's defining feature is its ranking system.
Every player is given a number
that reflects their rank,
and as they play the game,
their rank increases.
When this number reaches the upper tiers,
you can receive various services
from participating companies
in the real world.
Now this is amazing.
There are discounts from a major online retailers
and access to premiere tickets.
There are exclusive shopping sites,
and even a coupon
for a free extra-large beef bowl.
Pretty tantalizing for young users!
Who knows what amazing benefit you'll get
if you reach No. 1?
The drones, launched right after the start
of the service to relieve the strain on the network,
now seem to be part of a new landscape.
And contributing to the game's growing popularity,
is its image character, Yuna.
Debuting as the world's first AR idol,
Yuna is an AI controlled by a program,
but as her speech and expressions
are so astonishingly natural,
there are constant rumors
that a real human is actually playing her.
Well, that mysterious aspect
might just be one reason for her popularity.
Actually, I'm Yuna's--
Uh, word is she'll be performing
her first live concert at the end of this month,
but the 30,000 tickets for the event
sold out instantly.
I finally managed to get some
after going through various routes--
The momentum of the Augma and Ordinal Scale
is only going to accelerate!
@ New National Stadium Arena
See you all there!
All right! We cleared it!
You did it, Silica! Nice assist, Liz!
That got us 100 points!
It says we get free cake! Lucky us!
Don't you think you're playing games
a little too much?
I-I never thought
you'd be the one telling us that, Kirito!
Well, you can get points from all kinds of shops.
So we might as well play, right?
Can't you just admit
you wanted to play with us?
Anyway, it's really convenient, isn't it?
We can watch TV anywhere we go,
it's easier to navigate than a smartphone,
the weather report's a total lifesaver,
and best of all, we can talk with Yui!
It seems like you're really into it, Liz.
Well, I wouldn't say that.
But hey, since they handed them out
to all students at the survivors' school,
we can at least try it out
for a bit, you know?
Thank you for waiting!
This is the clear bonus set.
I want this one!
The AI even knows what we'd like, huh?
What was it called, "Deep Learning"?
That's what you call thoughtful.
Unlike someone else we know...
I hear that the AI also collects data
on what you eat.
This may be bad.
You're consuming too many calories!
Liz! What's the matter?
How much more until the goal point?
About halfway.
It's tough for princesses,
not being able to have a part-time job.
No! It's not like that!
It's exciting to get a present for Kirito, isn't it?
Yep. I'll do my best!
Who knew they'd give the entire survivors' school
free tickets to Yuna's first live concert?
How is attending a concert a class?
I know! That school is pretty strange, isn't it?
Well, lucky you, since you're a huge Yuna fan!
H-Hey, I'm not that big of a fan!
But you were belting out Yuna songs
with Suguha the other day at karaoke!
Go on! You should let everyone else hear, too!
You were so good!
Hey, Kirito, you're going
to Yuna's concert, too, right?
I'm not sure. I'm not much of a fan.
We should all go together!
Well, if I feel up for it.
I have to admit,
this thing seems like a neat gadget.
But I still like full-dive better.
Is that so?
Well, after being totally immersed
in another world for three years, yeah.
Don't tell me you want to go back.
That reminds me! Speaking of Aincrad,
I wonder if those rumors are true?
You know, that boss monsters from the old SAO
are showing up in Ordinal Scale?
Oh, right.
You mean those mysterious event battles.
Are they some kind of promotion?
I don't know, but since they keep
the locations secret till the last minute,
it's hard to get there in time
without a ride.
I wonder what's really going on?
So all we need is a way to get there, right?
Let's do an OS boss raid together!
Looks like we made it just in time.
The location was just announced a half hour ago,
but there's already a pretty big crowd here.
I guess there's that many more players now.
What took you so long, Kirito?
Oh, Asuna's here, too!
Since Kirito wasn't that into it,
I had to drag him along.
Also, I won rock-paper-scissors!
Okay then.
All right!
Let's show Asuna what we're made of!
- Kirito, it's almost time.
- O-Okay.
- Ordinal Scale, activate!
- Ordinal Scale, activate!
The boss monster from floor 10 in Aincrad,
Kagachi the Samurai Lord!
He looks exactly like the SAO boss!
We can't use our sword skills now.
But if his attack patterns
are the same as before...
Are you guys ready?
All right, let the battle begin!
Music, start!
All right! Yuna's started singing!
It's a special stage with a bonus!
I'm gonna piss myself!
Is this a death game?
That thing is huge!
What do you say, Kirito?
Wait! Time out! Time out!
Hey! At zero HP, there's a penalty!
I know that!
Guns didn't work after all.
But I'd be scared to fight in close combat.
All right!
The bonus is ours!
I got it!
Nice block!
I'll deflect it!
Good. Eight of them, huh?
My body feels heavy.
This is definitely different from the virtual world.
It's targeting you!
No joke, it's so hard to move!
That's cause you're out of shape!
I'm just getting started!
What is he doing?
The last attack is mine!
Rank 2?
Here comes his ultimate move!
Tanks, follow me!
Hey, not bad! All right!
Okay! Me, too!
Retreat for now!
All right!
Get him!
That was awesome!
Congratulations on defeating the boss monster!
I just boosted your points big time!
Now I'm going to reward the player
who did the most tonight!
All right!
You're today's MVP! Congratulations!
All right. See you later!
Good job, Asuna.
The No. 2 ranked player, huh?
There's some amazing people out there.
My ranking shot up
just from this one boss battle. Look!
- Gotta hand it to those SAO bosses!
- Man, it'll be chaotic if all the users find out!
Huh? Looks like you barely moved up at all.
Be quiet. I'll leave these raids to you.
- Make sure Asuna gets home okay.
- I know that!
If he takes you somewhere strange,
give me a call. I'll come rescue you.
An item in a place like this!
You're that guy from the event.
What, are you hunting items?
Don't get cocky 'cause you're No. 2.
It won't go as easy as you think.
Friday, April 24, 2026
Inside ALO, New Aincrad, Floor 22
Man, the floor boss's attack patterns in AR
may have been the same as the original,
but fighting with our real bodies
made me sore all over!
I'm surprised such a small party beat it.
Well, Asuna and I already fought it once before.
But the other players
were inexperienced in group battles,
so it was an uphill battle.
And you were totally wiped out, too, Kirito!
I wasn't used to AR battles, that's all.
Oh, but that Yuna girl showed up to cheer us on,
and at the very end, as a reward--
Big Brother, you mean
you fought a boss battle with Yuna?
Is that true?
- Big Brother!
- Kirito!
I'm just glad I got to see her sing live.
I forgot to put my name down
for one of Yuna's concert tickets.
That's right, I scored a pair of tickets
during the Ordinal Scale registration campaign.
I did, too.
- What? Lucky you!
- What? Lucky you!
All right! I'll give you one of mine!
- Stare.
- And I'll give one to you, Leafa.
- Yay!
- Yay!
Oh, but I actually have
kendo boot camp next week.
Still, I wonder what's going on.
The bosses from the old SAO showing up
in Ordinal Scale event battles?
There hasn't been a tie-in campaign, right?
No. And even if they wanted to do a tie-in,
Argus, the company that ran SAO, is gone.
Were the other players in the event
aware it was an SAO boss?
It didn't seem like they were.
I think only we were familiar
with that boss's attack patterns.
What do you think, Kirito?
Yeah. It's probably like you said.
But if the old SAO bosses keep showing up,
more players are sure to catch on.
After all, you get a lot of points.
You mean they're trying to reproduce Aincrad
in the real world?
But your life isn't at risk
like with the NerveGear, is it?
You're overthinking it.
Anyway, Yui, let me know
if you find out anything.
Okay, Daddy!
If I can fight by Yuna's side,
I want to join the events, too!
Hey, me too!
Next time I'm gonna ride double
with Kirito for sure...
I wish they'd schedule these events
when it'd be easier for us to join in.
For you ladies in such a plight,
us guys in Furinkazan will happily drive you.
We'll pick you up!
That would worry me more!
Hey, now.
What's the matter, Yuna?
What is this thing?
It's proof that your singing thrilled everybody.
Oh, is that so?
And we'll get even more soon...
by getting revenge on every one of them.
"SAO Guilds Player Index"
Okay, Big Brother, I'm heading out now!
Okay. See you later.
You're still in that outfit?
Yeah, well. I've got some research to do
on my plans for after graduation.
It's good that you're researching colleges,
but why don't you swing a shinai
or exercise once in a while?
Yeah, yeah. If I ever feel like it, I will.
- Don't forget my souvenir.
- Seriously!
You know, you should use this more often.
They even offer gym coupons!
See ya!
Shigemura Lab: Creators of the Augma
AR really is everywhere, huh?
Link start!
Hey, Asuna. You're here.
Hi, Kirito.
Where's Leafa?
Oh, Sugu just left for her boot camp.
It's going to be lonely.
True. It's gonna be tough
without her waking me up in the morning.
Make sure you eat something, okay?
Sure. I can cook for myself, you know.
I worry about you.
Once you're focused on something,
you forget to eat, you know?
Daddy's go-to meal is
plain pepperoncino pasta, after all.
No need for that much detail.
Kirito, about what we discussed the other day,
my mother says she'd like to meet you.
Well, one of these days.
The next ALO event quest has been postponed.
I see.
In the last two weeks,
there's been a 30% drop in logins, Mommy.
I guess everybody's busy with Ordinal Scale.
You may be right.
But I'm sure they'll come back eventually.
Klein: Today's boss raid is near your house.
You wanna join us? Here's the details.
Open on map
Yoyogi Park
I'm heading out, okay?
Hey! Asuna!
Over here!
Sorry to drag you out here.
You weren't asleep, were you?
No, I was just taking a bath
and rushed right over.
Huh? You're not all here yet?
We can't get ahold of one of our members.
We'll jump in once we're all here,
so go on ahead.
All right.
If you're late, then I'm going to
earn all of your points, okay?
That's cold, Asuna!
Are you guys ready?
All right, let the battle begin!
Music, start!
Holy crap! Yuna showed up!
We gotta get going!
Damn, he's not answering my texts.
- We'd better go or today's prey will--
- No. Today's prey is you!
Why is it here?
Oh, a new song! How lucky!
As expected.
I can see why they were
one of the Assault Teams.
I'm going to show you
the difference between AR and VR!
All right!
Score! The bonus is ours!
There's no pain like this in VR, right?
You bastard! What the hell are you doing?
Hey, now. What a buzzkill.
Damn you!
Hey, let's have some fun.
Here. You forgot something.
Keep your eyes open.
That motion...
A wide-range attack is coming!
Tanks, draw its attention!
It'll use its ultimate move soon,
so aim for its wings when it hovers!
Uh, right!
Let's finish it off once it's shot down!
- Now's our chance!
- Right!
Oh, no!
Hey, you're amazing.
Nice direction!
Do you have experience from other games?
W-Well... Th-Thanks!
So it's you again!
Oh, what a pity.
See you later, Asuna.
Lightning Flash Asuna...
Ordinal Scale is a truly realistic MMO game
where players are free from the fear of death.
And that's where I'll demonstrate my true power.
And now here's the latest on Ordinal Scale,
the AR game everyone's talking about.
We hear that bosses from Sword Art Online's
Old Aincrad have appeared in its event battles.
Apparently, you can haul in a ton of points
in the boss raids.
Not only that, but the odds there'll be
a live performance by Yuna are extremely high!
What I wouldn't give to rank up
and earn enough to cover my internet fees!
Now, now.
Also, due to "The Complete SAO Incident Records"
being published last month,
it seems there's been a surge in those wanting
to relive Sword Art Online, now shut down.
So people are jumping on the bandwagon
after the fact, huh?
That's why, along with the increase
in Augma users,
there's been a downturn in logins
for mainstream VR games like ALO and GGO.
Is everyone bored of VR?
I couldn't say for sure, but we have
some of the show's past guests live right now.
Here you go!
Salamander Race - Eugene
In the next ALO duel tournament,
I'd like to face players who pose a threat to me.
But they may as well declare me the winner.
You didn't win last time, did you now?
Cait Sith Leader - Alicia Rue
We're extremely attached to this place,
so we have no plans to uproot ourselves.
"Sleeping Knights" Guild Member - Siune
Lately, the number of players
in Sylph territory has been plunging.
Sylph Leader - Sakuya
It's a shame, as we're no longer able
to hold major events.
But I'm not worried about a thing.
I'm sure everyone will be back someday.
Fukajiro, where have you gone?
I mean, I even got my hands
on a new grenade launcher just for you!
- L-Leafa!
- Come back!
We apologize for the unseemly images.
Uh, and last but not least,
a really big guest is unexpectedly here!
Good evening, everybody!
Only four more days till my first live arena show!
I hope you're all looking forward to it!
Good morning, Daddy!
Morning, Yui.
Where are we?
Oh, this is where Asuna participated
in that event battle yesterday.
It seems like Mommy's really giving it her all.
Looks like it.
Daddy, what's this mark?
Yeah, that's the day Asuna and I are going to see
a meteor shower at Mt. Doudaira.
That sounds lovely! I want to see it, too!
Of course you're coming with us.
Yay! I wonder what should I wear?
We promised each other in SAO.
That's where Asuna and I--
Hey, I know, Daddy!
Why don't you train to fight
in Ordinal Scale right now?
Mommy was worried about you
not getting enough exercise.
You'd better show her how cool you can be,
or your marriage will be in danger!
Ordinal Scale, activate.
There's just something off about this.
The lag is huge, or rather...
It's a different physical sensation
than virtual reality!
Your only option is to practice, Daddy!
Yui, you know what--
I'm sorry!
Who are you?
Yui, did you see that?
She didn't have an NPC tag, but...
She didn't seem to be a player, either.
So that means... Is she an AR ghost?
No, that would be unscientific.
It would, right?
It looked like she was saying something.
Judging by how her lips moved,
it seems like she was saying, "Search."
Kirito! Thanks for waiting!
Sorry I went to the event on my own.
You don't have to worry about me.
By the way, you said you'd spotted some other
SAO survivors besides us in that UDX battle?
Yes. That No. 2 player.
Oh, that guy?
I think he was a member
of the Knights of the Blood Oath. Probably.
The thing is,
he's totally different than he was in SAO.
Back then, he went by the name Nautilus,
and he was diligent and had potential,
but he couldn't overcome his fear of death,
so he didn't take part in a single boss raid.
So his playing style totally changed, huh?
I can't believe how he moved so nimbly
in an AR game.
You'd think he was a gymnast.
You didn't talk to him?
No. Since I wasn't sure
if he'd be glad to see me in real life.
But since he was a fellow guild member,
I am a little concerned.
That's our former vice commander, huh?
Come on!
Hey, Asuna.
You've never heard any talk about ghosts
appearing in this park, have you?
Come on! Cut it out, will you?
You know I don't like ghost stories!
Oh, yeah. That's right.
By the way, Kirito,
about that promise we made...
My mom started grilling me
about who I was going with.
You mean...
But it's all right.
We need to get ready, don't we?
Yeah. You're right.
Daddy, Mommy?
I was able to find out one thing!
Everybody, please look at this.
So far, the boss monsters
have appeared every night at 9:00 PM.
This is where Daddy and Mommy fought
Kagachi the Samurai Lord two days ago.
And this is where Mommy battled last night.
Let me plot the locations
where the other nine monsters showed up.
And now I'm overlaying
a map of Old Aincrad on it.
This is...
The places where the boss monsters appeared
overlap with the dungeon in Old Aincrad!
To be precise, these are
the closest parks and plazas
to the coordinates that overlap
with the dungeon.
Therefore, we can make certain predictions.
I can anticipate that tonight at nine,
one will appear in Yebisu Garden Place in Shibuya!
If we know in advance where it's going to be,
I can join, too!
It's at night, so will that be okay?
As long as I'm with you guys, I'll be fine!
Funny, our parents would complain
if this was VR.
Well, yeah.
I'll be at work then, so I can't go.
Huh? Kirito, you're not going?
Nah, I'm going to pass on this one.
What? Are you that bad at AR battles?
A bit.
Guess it can't be helped, then.
All right, let's show Yuna our veteran party play!
- Right!
- Right!
By the way, where's Klein?
Who knows? Probably immersing himself
in Ordinal Scale somewhere?
Oh yeah,
I did see him before the battle yesterday,
but Klein never did join the event.
He said they were waiting on
one Furinkazan member.
With AR battles, it's a pain to have to
physically go to the actual venue, huh?
Speaking of which, we should pick a time to meet
when we go see the meteor shower, right?
Whatever. Let's discuss our plans for tonight.
First, let's decide where to meet up.
- Yui?
- Yes, Daddy?
About going to see the stars...
we're keeping it a secret from the others.
I'm so sorry!
Well, anyway,
could you send the bosses' location data
to my cell later?
Yes, I'll be sure to do that!
To: Agil
Subject: Do you have a second?
I can't reach Klein.
Know anything?
Hello? Kirito?
Hey, Asuna.
Hang on a sec.
It really is just pasta.
For today, yeah.
That's all my cooking app ever recommends.
Seriously. Your diet's going to be so unbalanced.
Then make me a ragout rabbit stew
again sometime, okay?
That's not going to be easy. Oh, I know!
I can make something similar,
so I'll get the ingredients!
S-Sure. I can't wait.
Hey, Kirito.
About that ghost you mentioned this afternoon.
You asked me if I'd heard
of any stories like that in Yoyogi Park.
O-Oh, right.
I did some digging afterwards.
This didn't happen in Yoyogi Park,
but lately there are rumors among the players
about the ghost of a girl wearing a hoodie.
I-Is that right?
Wait, did you see her, too?
Of course not!
And I'm sure the people who said they saw her
must've mistaken an NPC for her.
You really think so?
Oh, hey!
The tent and sleeping bags I have look useable.
Thank goodness you had some outdoor gear
at your place!
Tell your father thank you for me!
Yeah, sure.
I can't wait to see the meteor shower!
Klein. Leader of the Furinkazan guild, huh?
We got a lot of them yesterday, huh?
I suppose so.
But the main dish is still yet to come.
Does this interest you, Yuna?
Nothing but text. Is it a difficult book?
No. It's like a journal of my memories.
"If he draws his second sword,
no one will remain standing." it says.
What is this? It's so cool! Read it to me, Eiji!
The Black Swordsman
"If he draws his second sword,
no one will remain standing."
So we meet at last, huh?
Have you been looking for me?
You don't seem to be a ghost.
Who are you, anyway?
Is there something you want me to search for?
You finally picked up!
Oh, my bad. I was driving. What's up?
It's Klein.
He's been in a hospital in Yoyogi
since last night.
Apparently his arm was broken.
What? Was he in an accident or something?
I don't have all the details,
but he said he ran into some trouble
on his way to an Ordinal Scale battle.
I see. Let me know when you find out more.
Right. Be careful on that bike of yours, too.
To: Seijirou Kikuoka
\hSubject: It's Kirigaya.
\h\hI have something to ask of you.
\h\h\hThere's something bugging me
\h\h\h\habout the recent OS event battles.
\h\h\h\h\hI'm calling in the favors you owe me.
Do you think Yuna will show up again today?
What do you think of Yuna, Silica?
Is she a program like they announced,
or is she actually a real human?
I don't think she's real.
But she doesn't seem like just an AI either.
I agree! That crystal-clear singing voice
isn't something a real human can produce--
Yeah, my voice isn't crystal-clear at all, is it now?
I didn't go that far!
I'm never going to karaoke with you again!
Sorry! Please forgive me!
It's almost time!
Are you guys ready?
All right, let the battle begin!
Music, start!
We lucked out!
All right, wanna go out there
and grab some points?
- Yeah!
- Yeah!
Just because there aren't any tanks!
Just as we planned!
This is a tough position to be in!
You three are kicking butt
even though you're all girls!
We're not gonna let you outdo us!
All right! Bring it on!
Ordinal Scale, activate!
That girl... she looks like someone.
You were in KoB.
You're Nautilus from
the Knights of the Blood Oath, right?
Please don't call me by that name, Asuna.
You've spent a lot of time in this game, I see.
I'm not who I was before.
You seem to be a lot more mellow now yourself.
You really think so?
Yes. Back then, you were much...
That girl...
Here goes!
It's about time.
Surround it!
We're all gonna attack at once!
Something else is going to show up?
Oh, is that all?
Pina, did you come to help us?
Silica! This way!
Daddy! That's the monster
called Dorcel the Chaos Drake,
who would've been the floor 91 boss!
Floor 91?
Why are you going after me?
I'm sorry--
Asuna! Stay with me, Asuna!
Are you all right?
You bastard!
What the hell did you do?
How pitiful.
So that's all VR's greatest swordsman
amounts to in AR?
What did you say?
Hey, you!
Don't forget game etiquette!
Too bad!
Good job!
Hey! What about the bonus?
- Hey! I thought you were going to help Asuna!
- Bonus! Please kiss me!
Asuna! Are you okay?
That's too bad.
We'll have to wait for next time.
I-I'm sorry, Asuna.
It was all because I messed up.
You got shoved to the ground by that No. 2 guy!
What's his problem?
Yeah, but as expected of you,
vice commander of the Knights of the Blood Oath.
Wh-What's wrong, Asuna?
No! It's nothing!
Come on, let's go home.
- Okay.
- Will you be okay?
Here, grab onto me.
All right, see you. Good job tonight.
What's up?
Um... do you remember
the day that you and I first met?
Sure I do. It was at that boss raid meeting
on Aincrad's first floor.
It was, wasn't it?
You asked me to join your party, didn't you?
Looking back now, I can't believe
I was able to do something like that.
I can already see the lake from here.
I can't...
Kirito! Don't go off on your own!
Who are you?
A dream?
No way... Why?
What's wrong? It's late.
You didn't even turn on the lights.
Sorry, Kirito, for calling you here
all of a sudden.
It's okay. Anyway, did something happen?
About how long have we lived here, again?
If you mean since we first bought it in SAO,
it's been two and a half years.
It has, hasn't it?
Just as I thought, I can't remember.
What can't you remember?
I can't remember anything
that happened in Aincrad.
How you and I met, how we fought together,
and when we lived together in this house...
Wh-What are you talking about, Asuna?
You're kidding, aren't you?
As more time went by,
my memories of SAO kept fading.
And now there's nothing left.
Yokohama North General Hospital
I'll have to go through the data
before I'll know any details,
but Asuna's brain shows signs of having had
its memory scanned in specific areas.
Memory scanning in specific areas?
Do you mean that
it only read her memories of SAO?
But how is that possible?
One possibility that comes to mind,
is that as she's reliving memories
of her time in SAO,
the single neurons serving as
the key to those memories were identified,
and then the images could've been
forcibly scanned with focused electron pulses.
In the last few days, there have been
multiple reports of similar cases in the city.
It could be a coincidence,
but what the patients have in common
is the fact that they've taken part
in that AR game's event battles.
So are you saying that the Augma is the cause?
I can't be certain of that yet.
Is Asuna going to be all right?
At this time, there are no signs
of any organic anomalies in the brain itself.
Most likely, her ability to recall was impaired
when the electron pulses degenerated her spine.
That said, I can't say without further observation
whether her symptoms will worsen.
In other words, she might lose even more
of her memory than she already has?
I'm sorry, Kirito.
Don't worry about it.
You still remember recent events, after all.
You've just temporarily forgotten
what happened in SAO.
It'll come back to you in no time.
What's wrong, Asuna?
I'm sorry, Kirito.
I can't remember anything, after all.
Even though I can remember
buying this house in ALO so clearly,
when it comes to SAO, there's nothing.
I'm sorry, Yui.
I know they're our precious memories.
I'm going to see if I can find out
what's going on in Ordinal Scale.
I'm sure I'll find a clue
that will help you regain your memories.
Thank you, Yui.
Even if I can't remember anything now,
it is true that I lived in this house with you, right?
I'll go make us some tea.
I'll help out, too!
No. I'll do it. It'll be a nice change of pace.
I'm now more powerful
than Lightning Flash and the Black Swordsman.
Me, of all people!
Seriously, I owe it all to Ordinal Scale.
Soon, I can deliver what I promised to her.
How's your injury?
Just the way it looks. Ouch!
Sorry to worry you.
Klein, has anything about you changed?
Do you remember what happened in SAO?
Well, when I try to remember,
it's like my head is in a haze.
Well, but it wasn't all fun times, right?
So I figure, if that's how it's gonna be, so be it.
I can't wait to see the meteor shower!
Welcome to Augma!
Subject: Warning about old SAO bosses
It's possible your memory might be impaired
if you fight the old SAO bosses in OS.
Two of my friends are suffering from it.
Everyone, don't fight the old SAO bosses, it's dangerous!
That's impossible
No way
You're watching too many sci-fi movies
You want the points for yourself that bad?
If that was true, it'd make the headlines
Come up with a better lie...
Boring! I wonder where it'll appear today?
Yeah, point hogger
Maybe it'll appear at Minato Ward's warehouses...
No, maybe around Roppongi Hills?
Search Ordinal Scale rankings!
S-Sorry about that.
Let's go.
I can't tell if this was simply an accident,
or done intentionally.
But if it's the latter,
the same thing may continue to happen.
You mean, other SAO survivors playing Ordinal Scale
could lose their memories like Asuna?
If I get taken out now,
I'll lose my memories, too.
If I lose my memories of those two years...
Can I be with Asuna like I always have?
Daddy, I'm sorry!
I couldn't find the player named Eiji.
I couldn't get any information from just his name
and the visual data of his previous battle.
I see.
Do your best, Daddy.
I'll be gathering data throughout this battle,
and find something to go on!
Right, I know you will.
I'm counting on you, Yui!
Someone's pretty pumped up, huh?
Sinon, why are you here?
You told everyone
it's too risky to fight the bosses,
but you're doing it anyway.
But it really is dangerous.
If you get killed by the boss,
you'll be just like Asuna--
I'll be fine. After all, I'm not an SAO survivor.
As long as I don't have any memories to scan,
nothing can happen to me. Right, Yui?
Yes, I assume so.
But there's no proof--
If you're that worried,
then make sure you protect me, all right?
Daddy, please look out for Sinon!
- Ordinal Scale, activate!
- Ordinal Scale, activate!
The floor 18 boss, Dire Tusk?
Wasn't today the floor 13 boss?
Currently, ten monsters are appearing
in multiple locations across the city!
That's what I call splurging.
In addition,
the bosses' locations are being shuffled!
- That really is the Dire Tusk.
- All right.
It's going to switch
to long-distance mode in a second.
We'll play it by the book, all right?
What does it think it's doing?
Get away!
Oh, crap!
- That's it!
- Go! Go!
You're attacking too much!
You bastard!
So he wasn't here today, huh?
My bad. You saved me.
You can pay me back with cake in Ginza, okay?
Will you let me off the hook
if I give you my beef bowl coupon?
I don't want that!
All right, then at least
give me a ride home on your bike.
Please wait!
Who are you?
I'm sorry, Daddy.
I was this close, but I got blocked.
Although I was able to confirm
that a mysterious program would activate
only when specific players
were damaged by the boss.
Is that so?
Want something to drink?
That's right.
Yui, do you remember which direction
the girl in the hoodie was pointing?
Yes. Why do you ask?
I want you to plot it over a map of Tokyo.
Oo-okayama in Setagaya Ward?
Yui, what's here?
Daddy, this is where
the Toto Institute of Technology is located.
So this is where I'm supposed to go?
I'm going to cross-reference Toto Institute
and Eiji's player data and run a search!
This person...
It's the Augma's designer,
Professor Tetsuhiro Shigemura!
The Augma...
Toto Institute of Technology
The most glaring flaw in the full-dive VR device
would be the full-dive function itself.
The risks of cutting off all of one's physical senses
in order to play a VR game are incalculable.
Needless to say, applications
for full-dive technology aren't limited to games.
Communication, browsing, digital production...
But in truth, these can be done with sight,
hearing, and limited tactile information.
So, rather than a dangerous full-dive device,
one should be able to choose
a safe AR device instead.
Does anyone have any questions so far?
All right, you there.
I believe that AR machines come with dangers
that don't exist in full-dive machines.
What are your thoughts on that?
Do you mean something like traffic accidents
while wearing such devices?
No. I mean that the information
added by the machine
could potentially invade
the user's perception of reality.
Full-dive technology
transforms a virtual world into reality.
But doesn't AR technology
make the real world virtual?
I'll answer that question next time.
That's it for today.
I'll get to the point.
Do you know someone named Eiji,
who's ranked No. 2 in Ordinal Scale?
I'm not sure.
Wasn't he in your lab?
I have a lot of students, you know.
Then, are you aware that SAO survivors
are suffering memory loss due to the Augma?
Doesn't the Augma
have a hidden function
that scans the user's memories
while the device is worn?
Kikuoka of the Ministry told me
you just wanted to audit my seminar.
The Augma having an irregular function equipped
will be uncovered right away under scrutiny.
And if that fact is revealed,
the Augma will be shelved like the NerveGear.
Do you really want to follow the same path
as your student, Akihiko Kayaba?
What are you talking about?
Even if such memory scanning
or whatever you call it were possible,
why would it be a problem
for them to lose their memories of SAO?
There's a saying, "Blessed are the forgetful,
for they get the better even of their blunders."
Don't you think that those survivors
want to forget their terrifying past?
Next time, get yourself an official appointment.
Of course, that doesn't mean
my schedule will be open for you.
Professor, you build robots, too?
Excuse me.
That's right,
Prof. Shigemura does have a daughter.
Actually, he had one.
But she passed away two years ago.
"Yuuna Shigemura"
I'm sure you've already made the connection,
but his daughter 's death
was caused by the NerveGear.
She was a victim of the SAO Incident.
What does this mean? What is he trying to do?
Like the professor said, maybe it's meant
as counseling for the SAO survivors.
At any rate, it's highly possible that
the Augma's equipped with a dangerous function.
Mr. Kikuoka, can't you use your authority
to shut down the service?
"Ministry of Internal Affairsand Communications"
I've been continuing to analyze this issue,
but we're up against a colossal project linked to
the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
I can't act unless we find solid evidence.
It's going to take some time.
There are a lot of SAO survivors
among the Ordinal Scale players.
If they happen to fight the bosses
from Old Aincrad,
there's going to be more and more cases
of memory loss.
I'll do the best that I can.
Klein and his friends in the hospital
all seemed to have the same symptoms.
Although their external injuries
were more troubling than their memories.
Kirito, if possible,
try not to fight any more bosses.
If you lose your memory as well,
that will be troublesome.
Asuna Yuuki
What's up?
Well, I just wanted to hear your voice.
Is that right?
Listen, Asuna.
Do you think I could see you now?
Oh, uh, if it's not a good time, that's okay.
No, it's fine.
I'm just a little scared to go outside.
Gotcha. Then I'll head over to your place.
I'm in Oo-okayama right now,
so I'm about 20 minutes away.
P-Pardon the intrusion!
You don't have to be that formal.
It's fine! Nobody's home right now.
Y-Yeah, but... It's my first time--
Do you think I should've brought a gift?
That's not necessary! Sheesh.
Come on, this way.
Someone told me that all survivors
want to forget their terrifying pasts.
In a way, that might be true.
Yes, a lot of terrifying and sad things happened.
But those two years we spent in SAO
are precious memories that define who we are now.
So this is the "future room" I've heard about.
But its atmosphere reminds me
of your room back in Selmburg.
I'll go get us something to drink, okay?
Make yourself at home.
To the me of tomorrow.
I haven't been writing in this diary lately,
but as I might forget what's happened
since I've returned to the real world, too,
I'm going to write down
how I feel right now.
It's already been four years
since I met Kirito, hasn't it?
All of my memories with Kirito
are sparkling like jewels.
Even if I end up losing more and more
of my memories because of Ordinal Scale,
if I can keep accumulating new memories with him,
I think I should be fine.
According to my calendar, I'm to go with Kirito
to the mountains in Saitama to see the stars soon,
but I've completely lost the memory
of the day we made that promise.
I've re-read this diary, and it seems like
Kirito is going to give me some kind of present,
but I wonder if he 'll forgive me
for forgetting our promise.
I want to give him something in return,
but since I'm not allowed to work part-time,
I'd like to use the points and pocket money
I've saved up on a gift for him.
My beloved Kirito.
If I ever forget even Kirito...
If I ever lose these feelings...
If I end up not being able
to make new memories...
Thinking about that really scares me.
I pray that the me of tomorrow
won 't have lost what I'm feeling right now.
It's all right.
I don't mind you reading it, Kirito.
Asuna. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
I love you, Kirito. I love you so much!
Even if I lose all my memories of SAO,
this feeling is the one thing
that will never, ever change.
Me, too, Asuna. I love you.
I always have, and I always will.
I'm going to get your memories back
no matter what.
So I want you to trust me, Asuna.
A shooting star!
Hey, Eiji, tomorrow's the day.
The day when my dream of singing
in a gigantic venue comes true!
Right. Are you nervous?
Nope, not at all.
After all, I get to sing before a huge crowd!
I've got to enjoy myself.
And that's where I'm going to
become the No. 1 diva, right?
That's right. You're going to
become this world's No. 1, once and for all.
Hey, read to me from that book again, Eiji.
All right. Sure.
So where do you show up in this book, Eiji?
That's what I'd like to hear.
I'm not in it.
I don't appear in this book.
Those of us who couldn't fight
aren't worth remembering.
You're certainly taking your time
getting this job done.
Someone 's caught on to our plan.
You need to hurry.
Yes, sir. I understand.
I've already set up the road map
to the final phase.
You'll keep your promise, won't you?
Of course I will. How could I ever forget?
I'm counting on you, sir.
By the way, about Yuna,
from time to time, her actions indicate
she has interests other than singing.
That's probably due to
her self-preservation program.
Just think of it as a sign
that the plan is proceeding.
Treasures of Meiji Shrine
Yuuna, right?
Where is this place? Is it a dream, or...
Dreams and virtual worlds
are more or less the same thing.
Once you wake up,
everything becomes an ephemeral memory.
It could be that it was all just a dream.
You clearing that death game,
and coming back to the real world.
When you open your eyes,
you might still be trapped inside Aincrad.
Hasn't that thought crossed your mind?
Sure it has,
but it's not something I've ever wanted.
I see. So you were in SAO, after all.
Are you Prof. Shigemura's daughter?
So you're alive?
Why did you send me to see the professor,
and what did you want me to do?
Why did the professor
steal Asuna's memories of SAO?
What exactly is the Augma?
O, stars that illuminate the sky...
Soft breeze drifting o'er the hills...
Please grant thine blessings to
those travelers who
- are passing through the ancient city.
- This song is...
All I want is to go on singing.
That's what I wish for.
What am I supposed to do?
What can I do to save Asuna?
If you want to get Asuna's memories back,
your current ranking number
isn't nearly high enough.
Now, then, it's almost time. Wake up.
H-Hey, are you okay?
Were you playing that Augma game?
I hear it's all the rage these days,
but you better be careful.
Try not to fall on your face, okay?
Karaoke Palace
So anyway, it seems like Silica's feeling
a little responsible, too.
I had no idea.
If only I could've been in the battles.
Klein got himself hurt
and ended up in the hospital,
so it might be a good thing
you couldn't make it.
Kirito told the other players
not to fight the bosses,
but then he fought by himself
in an Ordinal Scale battle.
Although I did kind of help him.
Th-Then, I'll teach him some kendo moves
he can use in that game's battles!
Such beautiful sibling love.
Liz, we're going to sing together next!
Since the concert's tomorrow,
we've got to study up!
Now, please take this mic!
Is this their way of cheering her up?
Well, Asuna does look like
she's enjoying herself.
So I guess it's okay?
H-Hey, what's wrong?
Are you okay?
Just like yesterday,
the bosses from floors 20 to 30
are appearing throughout the city!
I'm taking the shortest route
to take them all out!
That guy's pretty much
inflicting all the damage himself.
Wh-What the hell?
Don't get so worked up over a game.
It's just for fun, right?
All right, time for a special stage.
Give it your all, you guys!
Lucky us!
I see you've finally learned how
to fight in this game, Mr. Black Swordsman.
A message from "E" has arrived.
Come to Yuna's concert.
I'll return Lightning Flash's memories there.
I'll reward you, in Yuna's place.
Today is finally here!!
@the New National Stadium Arena
Wow, Yuna's popularity is mind-blowing.
My throat's sore from singing too much.
You got yourself way too fired up.
Silica, thank you for yesterday!
D-Don't mention it!
Still, it's too bad for those guys, huh?
Huh? Where's Kirito?
He said he had to go to the bathroom.
I'm here, as promised.
You're giving Asuna's memories back,
even if I have to force you.
Please don't rush me, Mr. Black Swordsman.
And you're Nautilus, right?
The one who couldn't confront his fear of death
and refused to fight?
I'm Eiji now!
That's ancient history.
I'm surprised you even knew about me.
I know someone who does. They told me.
Seducing Lightning Flash wasn't enough,
so now you're going after Yuna?
What are you talking about?
Oh, never mind.
You've come here so casually,
but do you really think you can beat me,
the No. 2 ranked player?
How will I know unless I try?
It's not like you're No. 1.
- Ordinal Scale, activate!
- Ordinal Scale, activate!
I admit I took advantage of my position
as external board director of Argus
to give Yuuna a NerveGear and SAO.
I just wanted to look good
in my daughter's eyes.
But my stupidity is what killed her.
Just as expected of the one
who guided players to clear SAO.
Is that all No. 2 can do?
It doesn't amount to much!
In the end, people only remember the players
who fought on the front lines.
Weaklings like Yuuna and me
are always overlooked!
You were with Yuuna in SAO?
Yeah, I was!
I was with her
at the moment she disappeared, too!
You've no idea how I cursed my weakness!
Even when someone precious to me was in danger,
I couldn't even move an inch!
Yuuna's brain was so damaged by the NerveGear,
it was impossible to save or repair it.
But if I can acquire memories of Yuuna
from the other SAO players
and combine those fragments,
I can use Deep Learning
Hello. I'm Yuna. Nice to meet you.
to resurrect Yuuna as an AI.
The numbers in the Ordinal System are absolute.
The one given No. 1 becomes immortal.
It was you who designed it that way,
wasn't it, Kayaba?
Therefore, she's "una." Latin for "one," then?
In contrast to the Cardinal System,
which controlled Aincrad using cardinal numbers,
the Ordinal System controls
using ordinal numbers.
You discovered the system I'd discarded
during the early development stage of SAO,
and resurrected it into a new game.
True, the man I was before
might have done the same.
But you see, Professor,
the man I am now believes...
in the existence of a power
that transcends the system itself.
Who cares if we take away memories
of that crap game, SAO?
Is this the secret behind your power?
I can't lose to someone who denies his past self
just because he suffered once.
All right, tell me how
to get Asuna's memories back!
- What's going on?
- Come on! Is that all?
That was fun!
It's too late now.
Almost all of the SAO survivors are here.
We're going to scan the brains
of every SAO survivor in this venue,
and take their memories of SAO.
And then we're going to bring Yuuna back to life.
What are you talking about?
All right, it's started.
There's no stopping it now.
This is what I learned from Kamura,
the manufacturer of the Augma.
Right now, the drones flying inside the stadium
are equipped with a wireless power feed function
that can boost the output
of the Augmas themselves.
What does that mean?
If they run that scan inside the stadium,
it might not just be partial memory loss
we're looking at.
You mean that...
That's right.
Like the NerveGear, the scan could
damage the brain, and even lead to death.
I'll stop the professor.
Kirito, tell the audience in that stadium
to take off their Augmas.
What the hell is this?
What's going on?
- Let us out!
- What's going on?
Asuna! Sorry I'm late.
Looks like we're going to have to
leave the venue entirely to Kirito.
Let's hurry!
Dad, I want you to stop this now.
No, you're not Yuuna yet.
I don't want to come back to life.
You're still at the level of AI where your
self-preservation program is making you say this.
It won't be long now, so just wait patiently.
I'm having an AI-type crawler gather the data.
She's just finishing up.
It's her final task.
She really did a fine job.
Don't do it, Dad!
If you run a high-output scan inside,
the resonance effect might not
just take their memories, but kill them!
You be quiet, Yuuna!
"Catastrophe in popular VR game"
"10,000 people trapped in the game"
If I can bring you back to life,
I'll gladly sell my soul to the devil!
Even if... even if it means
following the same path as that man.
All I want is to get that moment back.
Give me that!
So he's not making it easy for us, huh?
Find out where that camera's connected.
I guess we're even now, Kikuoka.
I'm sorry. I lost to one of the players.
But now all that's left to do
is the simultaneous scan.
We can finally bring back Yuna... Yuuna...
You still have a final task, don't you?
I want you to supply me
with your memories of her as well.
Eiji. You were with Yuuna the longest
in SAO, weren't you?
What else did you expect?
I have no use for someone
who couldn't even master the equipment I provided.
No way.
But you said that you'd make sure
I could be with Yuuna forever!
- Yuuna?
- Kirito, give me a hand!
At this rate, everyone here will be in danger!
When the average of
all of their emotive counters goes over 10,000,
a high-output scan will begin,
inflicting damage on their brains!
Take off your Augmas right now!
Take them off or you'll be in danger!
It's no use.
The reason he made the boss monsters appear
in all the previous events
was to make sure everyone
would fight them here!
Then what should I do?
The place where we met yesterday...
That was floor 100 in Old Aincrad.
Defeat its boss monster, Black Swordsman!
If you do that, I'm sure...
I'll unlock the Augma's full-dive function now,
so sit in that chair!
The Augma has a full-dive function?
The Augma is just a version
of the NerveGear with limited functions.
Now hurry!
Got it!
You guys...
- Let's do this.
- Right!
Daddy, good luck!
Yui, take care of Asuna!
It's all right. I'll be back in no time.
I'm going to save everyone else here, too.
Trust me, and wait for me, Asuna.
When I get back, let's keep our promise.
Link start!
So this is floor 100 of Aincrad, the Ruby Palace.
Who knew we'd be seeing this place
after two years.
So this is SAO's true last boss?
Let's go!
No way!
We have no chance of beating that thing!
I'm sorry, Asuna.
Your memory was scanned to extract information
about me, a player who died in Aincrad.
My father is inflicting the terror of being killed
by a boss monster onto every SAO survivor,
to run a simultaneous high-output scan
on their memories.
If that happens, it might leave your brains
with irreparable damage.
It might even kill them.
N-No way!
If I remove this, Kirito will be saved.
But then Kirito won't be able
to save the people he's trying to save.
If you lost your life in SAO,
it was because you left the safe zone.
It was because you fought a monster
and tried to clear the floor!
I'm going to fight again.
Yui, I'm going to join Kirito.
All right, Mommy.
I'll catch up as soon as I can.
Link start!
Stop it!
I'm sorry, it's all my fault!
You were feeling guilty all this time.
I'm sorry, Silica.
Sorry I'm late, you guys!
Are you all right?
I'm going to fight, too. I can fight, Kirito.
Big Brother! Sorry to make you wait!
Daddy! Mommy! I brought everyone!
- Looks like fun!
- We're not here to have fun!
All right! We're invincible in VR!
That thing is huge!
Those guys...
Time is running out!
Bombard that thing!
It's all right! Please use this!
This is...
I've loaded the saved data
left on the SAO server onto you all.
Sinon, yours is a special bonus!
All right, you guys, let's go!
Block that!
Let's go, Asuna!
This is what I can do now...
- We did it!
- Yay!
Now you've cleared it completely, eh, Kirito?
But isn't there something
you still need to do?
It's Yuna!
Why... Why?
I was so close. Yuuna!
Thank you, Dad.
I'm here in your memories.
That was a great performance, Yuuna.
Thank you.
The data for my main body was partially based
on the Aincrad floor 100 boss's resource script.
Its language engine is what enabled me to move.
But the boss has been defeated,
and its saved data will be reset.
- So I have to say goodbye to you all.
- No way!
I really enjoyed myself.
My dream of singing
before a huge crowd was realized,
so I couldn't be happier.
I'm going to return something
I borrowed from you.
The fear of death
caused your memory impairment.
But you overcame that and fought.
So I'm sure it'll all come back to you.
You remembered my dream.
An incident was reported at the live concert
of AR idol Yuna at the New National Stadium Arena.
"Ordinal Scale"
Accident at the event?
It's said several monsters from Ordinal Scale
appeared in the venue.
But it was actually a surprise stage,
according to its promoter's announcement.
Next story. Kamura Inc., the company
that operates the Augma, has announced
the resignation of its head of development,
Toto Institute of Technology's Prof. Shigemura.
Congratulations on being discharged!
Are you sure you're all right?
Oh, man, that was an ordeal.
I'd rather do VR for games after all.
But isn't there more chance
of meeting girls through AR?
It's no big deal! Games aren't for meeting girls.
Is that a crack about me and my wife?
And you wasted the ticket I gave you!
- What? Ow! What the hell!
- You got a problem?
Hey, now. Here are some souvenirs!
Come to think of it, where did you go again?
Shimane. There weren't any computers
at our lodgings,
"Romantic Connections"
but thank goodness
I smuggled my Amusphere along!
By the way, where are Kirito and Asuna?
They said they had somewhere to go.
Have you heard anything?
Well, now, it's all good.
Just forget about them.
What the hell?
Not showing up to celebrate his best friend
in SAO being discharged? What a jerk!
I think I'm going to charge just you today.
To reimburse me for that ticket.
What? I thought it was free!
You greedy merchant!
Oh, man...
I wonder if I'll meet any cute girls on a quest
now that ALO's reopened?
Not a chance!
Mt. Doudaira
It really gets pitch dark, huh?
Yeah. Can you see, Yui?
Yes, Daddy. I can see just fine!
Though it is a little greenish overall.
I never thought the three of us
would really make it here.
In the end, I left the house
without telling my mom.
A-Are you sure that's okay?
When we get back, I'll go meet her.
Asuna, do you remember?
What we promised each other in Aincrad?
To go see the stars?
Yeah. Well, that's part of it, but...
Just kidding. I remember.
That you said you'd give me a present.
Here, Kirito.
It felt odd just getting something from you,
so here's something from me.
This time, actually put it on my finger,
and let's continue from where we left off.
A shooting star!
It's amazing!
In the second edition of "The Complete SAO Incident Records," the following text was added.
"There was a diva who gave courage to the swordsmen as they set off to fight...
We must never forget any of the nameless players..."
What's the reason
for bringing me here, Kikuoka?
I'm grateful that I wasn't charged with a crime,
but what are you planning to make me do?
I was very interested in what I saw of your AI.
I feel as though I've seen how far
a top-down AI can go.
However, I do believe
in another future, as well.
As the head of the Shigemura Lab,
which produced both Akihiko Kayaba
and Nobuyuki Sugou,
there's something that
I'd very much like you to see.
Kikuoka, what on earth is this?
Welcome to Rath.