Gekijouban K: Missing Kings (2014) Movie Script

Seems like the request for approval
hasn't been submitted yet.
Blame Domyoji. I reminded him.
- Let's go.
- Right.
Looks like it's not a false alarm!
The scene is... Mihashira Tower!
The Gold Clan is under attack?
What the hell's going on?!
Please wait for me!
It's coming down hard.
I can't believe someone is foolish enough
to challenge His Excellency.
But that place is Gold Clan territory.
ls it okay for us to get involved?
We have scramble orders. Move out!
Units 20 through 25, close in from
the south west side.
Units 26 through 30 will take
the northeast side.
Surround Mihashira Tower.
We have weather and GPS data
via satellite.
Ground forces stand by for deployment.
Flight leader to all units. Visibility is poor.
Watch the distance between aircrafts.
Our cause is pure!
Emergency vehicles are passing.
Please pull over to the side.
Emergency vehicles are passing.
Please pull over to the side.
Did we get a hold of security
at Mihashira Tower?
Blockade in place!
Hurry up and contact the local police!
This is Scepter 4. Respond, please.
The fleet will infiltrate on the order.
Check all equipment.
Have we confirmed His Excellency's
whereabouts? That is top priority!
Special Ops will take the Main Gate.
The rest will cordon off the area.
Do not allow the media in!
Roger that.
Wait for the captain's order to move in.
Do not act on your own.
We're ready to move.
Please give the order.
Tell them to stand by.
So you've crawled out' at' last'.
Yukari! Yukari!
Are you okay? Are you okay?
Oh yes. Yukari is fit as a fiddle.
Can't say that about those
around me though.
Just what I'd expect from
the famous Usagi.
Douhan, you there?
Detached force reporting.
We've reached the underground
databank and have begun work.
But we need a little more time to
crack through security.
Keep the Usagi at bay.
Will do.
But to think it's taking this much
time to finish what we do best.
I guess the Gold Clan really is gifted.
At least, they're making it
more fun for me.
What about your target?
Not a sign of him.
Since the King's not around,
there's hardly any tension.
I'll get rid of the Usagi.
When you're finished there, Douhan,
will you go and escort the princess?
Did we get him?!
It's so stuffy in here.
All right, time to finish this up.
You must find your way.
And overcome obstacles.
Then you will reach it.
And here I am.
Why didn't you let me know sooner
that you were both back in town?
I'll sit here!
Sorry. Meeting up with her
took time.
Kukuri! Long time no see!
Long time no see, Neko!
Is the reconstruction of the
high school island going well?
Oh yeah.
It's been about a month since
you guys last visited the island...
Well, we've made some
progress since then.
It's just about back to normal.
Oh, but the clock tower and that huge crater
hasn't been touched.
How's everything going for you two?
Weren't you looking for someone?
What was his name?
Oh yeah, Shiro. Right?
Shiro is nowhere to be found!
How far did he get blown away to?
Wait, he was blown away?!
It's been close to a year now.
Neko and I split up to search, but
we couldn't find Shiro.
Shiro, where are you?
Are you even alive...?
Neko, what is it?
Over there!
It's the girl from the Reds!
Sorry, Kukuri.
Can you go on ahead to the
island without us?
You're not coming?
We'll stop by later. I promise.
Better hurry, or we'll lose her.
Okay, sure.
Guess they're really busy.
Anna! This way!
This is the end of the line.
Hand over the girl.
Who the hell are you?!
I have no reason to answer.
You're with JUNGLE, the Green Clan,
I gather.
Well, I know that girl.
If you want to continue,
I'll take over here.
My business does not involve
having to fight you.
Was that the rumored manipulation ability
of the Green Clan?
Long time no see, Black Dog.
Now I owe you one.
Have we met?
Aw, come on.
Can't say I blame you for not
recognizing me right away.
I haven't had much appetite since
Mr. Mikoto passed away.
Summer's over, yet I'm still
skin and bones.
Hey, but don't you worry, Anna.
I may be thin, but I still pack
lots of power.
Why is the Green Clan after you?
We're clueless about what's going on...
But that ninja guy showed up at
my place one day,
saying he had a request for Anna.
He wanted Anna to use her
sensory powers...
to "find the Silver King."
You can do that?!
You can find Shiro?!
I can't right now.
Is that so...
Anna's powers have been unstable
for a long time.
She can't locate people now.
But you were asked to find him.
Does that mean he's alive?
I don't know. the Green Clan
looking for Shiro?
So what now...?
Can't you join up with the
rest of your clan?
HOMRA is as good as
disbanded right now.
Mr. Mikoto, Mr. Totsuka, and now
even Mr. Kusanagi is gone.
It's a no-win situation.
HOMRA's strategist?
I can't divulge the details...
But Mr. Kusanagi told me to guard Anna.
What about that take-charge clansman?
Isn't he always at the vanguard?
Well... Yata is...
Huh? What's going on?
Hey Yata! Happy birthday!
Yay! Happy birthday!
Misaki, happy birthday.
Oh's my birthday.
I'm too old for birthday part/es.
Bu! since you're all here, thanks!
King, it's Yata 's birthday.
Say something.
No kidding.
Almost' time for your 7-5-3 rile
of passage?
AW, gimme a break! Im eighteen!
Mikioto, don't needle poor Yata.
He had the 7-5-3 rite
five years ago. Right?
Not even!
Make way for the birthday cake!
Did you bake this Mr. Tofsuka?
Mr. Mikoto...
Mr. Totsuka...
Damn everyone for abandoning HOMRA...
Even Mr. Kusanagi...
Yeah, I just got here.
This is some news blackout.
Not a single mention of armed occupation.
Thanks for letting me know, Seri.
I made it in time for the direct flight.
Forget it. Bu! did my pulling strings
for you reap benefits?
You were away in Germany for
six months doing field investigation-
Coming home empty-handed
isn't acceptable.
Don't worry. I did my work.
Can't say whether it'll be
useful or not though.
I wish I could've brushed up more
on the jargon with the professor there.
But what the heck...
We're talking about the
invincible Gold King...
Starting a fight is out of character
for the Green Clan...
At least I think so.
Any unusual movements since
the tower was occupied?
They seem to be fiddling with the databank,
but otherwise, not a peep out of them.
It's a stalemate.
The Gold King hasn't launched
a counterattack...
Judging from the situation, we should
assume he's absent.
So they attacked knowing this?
Can '1' say.
In any case, since we can't confirm the
influence of the Slates,
my captain's strategy is to lay siege without
encroaching on the other king's dominion.
And the captain? How is the
Blue King doing?
In top form.
With the Gold King in absentia,
he's stepped in to deal with the situation
as well as the agencies involved.
Fushimi's helping him.
The burden of a King's murder...
Hopefully, it's all unnecessary worry.
Well, this isn 't the time to chat.
I'll see you later.
But are you sure about sheltering us?
We have a room at the high school
that we use as our home base.
It'll be helpful too, if you can
fill in the details for us.
I'm sorry.
For what?
About your king...
I know he didn't kill Tatara.
And what about you?
You said your powers are unstable...
ls losing the Red King the cause?
No... This is different.
Hey, electricity!
What's going on?
Watch the girl!
I'm feeling all tingly!
Something is coming!
As one travels on.
A reunion awaits them.
Right for the moment.
That by Master Ichigen...
It can't be!
I wonder why his poems are
so touching...
Hi Kuroh... It's been a while,
hasn't it?
Have you been well?
Yukari Mishakuji...
Hey, who is that?
Yukari Mishakuji.
Former clansmen of the late
Seventh King, Master lchigen Miwa...
And student in swordsmanship...
I once addressed him senior.
What the hell are you doing here?
Oh, wipe that scary look off your face.
Aren't you happy to see me?
You? Someone who pointed
his blade at Master lchigen?!
Stop messing around!
Oh, that was just a test of our spirit.
That's the strong bond that
he and I shared.
You still don't understand that?
When I learned of his death, I cried for
the first time in along while.
I still carry those feelings with me.
But now you show up to get in my way...
Answer me, are you with
the Green Clan...?
Yes. That's why...
I'm taking that girl.
S-So then Shiro...
Adolf K. Weismann is alive?!
I dunno. That's what
we want to find out...
If our biggest threat to the Green Clan...
is dead or alive.
I was quite...pleased... when I learned
that we've become foes.
See, I was determined to
overcome our tragic destiny.
But you, Kuroh...
Get away from here!
R-Right! Anna!
What's with...this sword?
And here I was looking forward
to sparring with you...
This isn't even fun.
There's nothing to learn from
you at this point!
I'm taking Anna Kushina.
C'mon, shape up.
How can you call yourself his pupil?
Damn you!
You can't beat me by just
going through the motions.
Right now, you are no match for me.
Not in sword skills or frame of mind...
But least of all, beauty.
Oh? Mission accomplished already?
And that means this lesson is over.
Too bad.
You're not getting away!
We'll meet again, Kuroh.
Next time though, be more
mentally prepared.
Are you okay?
N-Never mind me...
Save Anna...
Go after them...!
All right. Leave it to me!
Neko, can you track them?
Pretty much... This way!
Y-Yata... Big trouble!
Not so loud.
You know how Mr. Kusanagi always nags
about keeping it quiet in the bar.
And where is this
Mr. Kusanagi you ask?
He deserted his precious bar and
went off somewhere.
H-Hey, what happened?!
Snap out of it, will you, Yata?!
There's trouble!
It's Anna...!
Where'd this pansy take Anna?
The Black Dog went after them...
But I haven't heard back yet.
What about Fushimi...?
Maybe Fushimi would know something...
He has access to the
Blue's information network...
ls this Saruhiko?
Al' least identify yourself'.
You're not on my caller ID list.
Do I know you?
You damn monkey...
Are you trying to start a fight
with me?!
Fighting you right now wouldn't
be any fun.
Taking on someone who's not under a
Sanctum's protection would be bullying.
Mr. Mikoto's power is still inside me!
I'll fight' you anytime!
No thanks.
But if you insist on fighting me...
Then I suggest you change clans.
I'm not like you!
HOMRA is the only clan for me!
Yeah, and it's as good as dead!
That's what you get when you
rely on things like friends.
Listen to me, Saruhiko.
Anna's been kidnapped.
According to Kamamoto,
a guy from the Green Clan named
Mishakuji is behind it!
But We don't know Where they took her.
Do you guys have any information?
If you know anything...
Please! Tell me.
I'm not your informant.
You think I like having to ask you?!
It makes me wanna throw up!
But Mr. Mikoto, Mr. Totsuka...
Even Mr. Kusanagi...
They're all gone.
I can't think of anyone else to turn to...
You're the only one that's left...!
You don't have anything
against Anna, do you?!
I was stupid to even think
he'd have a heart!
W-What'll we do, Yata?
I've identified the one from JUNGLE
who attacked Mihashira Tower.
Yukari Mishakuji.
A former vassal of the previous
Colorless King, lchigen Miwa.
Colorless and Green...
Someone like you...
who uses two colors?
I'm impressed that you learned
so much in such a short time.
I was asked to assist on another matter.
I was doing research on it and
by chance, there was a connection.
JUNGLE is a unique clan that has wide
presence on the Internet.
Through downloadable apps,
they have access to unspecified
numbers of clansmen.
Please take a look at this.
Hmm? This is...?
Higher-ranking clansmen possess the
Green Clan's manipulation ability.
They can alter the laws of physics, and have
far greater strength than the average man...
In particular, this masked clansman...
He's a ninja. Very interesting.
This masked clansman uses
the manipulation ability...
and as you can see, he can
pass through walls.
As a result, the security at
Mihashira Tower is meaningless.
This is just like a ninja
passing through walls.
- This masked...
- This ninja...
This masked man is probably,
like Mishakuji, a highly skilled man.
- No, this is ninjutsu...
- In any case...
This is the real problem.
It's the Red clansman...
Or should I say, ex-Red clansman,
Anna Kushina.
The reason behind her kidnapping
is not clear, but...
It can't be for any good purpose.
Anna Kushina...
Suoh's memento...
Something like that...
I see...
I now have an idea of the
enemy's intention.
It seems we'll have no choice but to act.
What about coordination with
the other agencies?
Completed, sir.
Well then, it's time we get going.
By the way, who was it that
asked for your assistance?
Am I obliged to tell you sir?
Not at all... I trust your work.
I never expected it to be like this.
That flashy man from earlier is in there!
Aren't we going?
Let's gather more information and
plan our infiltration carefully.
Huh? Why?!
First, there's the Blue Clan to
worry about.
And inside the building, the Green Clan is
probably lying in wait.
Only a fool would attempt to
break through from the front.
Outta the way, you Blue!
- It's HOMRA's Yatagarasu!
- Yatagarasu?!
A fool just went in.
We have no choice! Let's go!
Huh? Now you're talking!
Let them go!
Maintain the blockade!
Damn lackeys! As if you can hit me!
- An intruder?!
- It's a HOMRA remnant!
Get lost!
I ain't interested in small fry!
- It's Yata of HOMRA!
- Damn freak!
Stop! You'll hit our guys!
Heh! You cowards!
A-A-A girl?!
Use your head a little.
Misaki Yata.
Huh? Who called you...
Shit dog?!
Shit dog...?
Shut your...uncouth mouth!
Sorry, I had a rotten upbringing!
Listen to my plans!
First, stop fighting, you two!
Then we all help each other
and save Anna!
Let's go!
Hey! Who made you boss...!
Damn, more of them!
Leave it to me!
Special Attack!
Cat the Mountain!
Hey, is that chick gonna be
okay on her own?
Don't underestimate a Silver clansman.
You...that chick...every
damn one of you...!
You all piss me off!
Come on. Don't be like that.
On a mountain pass.
Accompanied by a friend.
One should have no fear.
What do you think?!
Huh? That's creepy.
What?! How dare you!
You bastards! What're you
doing to Anna?!
Oh, what an energetic boy.
We're not doing a thing.
Just asking the cute little bird
for a small favor.
Cute little bird!
I'll leave the hotheaded one to you.
Kotosaka, you watch below, okay?
Caw! Understood! Understood!
And l...will put my dear Kuroh
through a beautiful initiation.
Enough of your rambling...
Yukari Mishakuji!
First, I'll teach you manners, Kuroh!
Call me "Onii-Sama"!
Cat goes boom!
Found her! Stupid cat! Stupid cat!
Stupid cat! Stupid cat!
Meow?! Who're you
calling "stupid"?!
Caww! Thunder!
Caw caw!
Neko Touch!
Kotosaka Thunder!
Meow, meow?!
Caw?! Another enemy!
Another enemy!
Still no progress, Kuroh.
All you ever do is cling on to things.
You'll never be able to go anywhere
unless you learn how to let go.
Shut up!
That's right. I'm over here.
I'll shut you up, once and for all!
That's the spirit.
I'm at a disadvantage here.
Aha! Yes, Kuroh, keep it up.
Oh my, after I just
complimented you...
There you go, dropping to your knee.
Come on, on guard.
He's such a handful...
What? You want to play tag now?
How's this?!
Good. Yes, yes.
More, Kuroh!
Still not good enough!
This is how you...slash!
Still think you're giving me lessons?!
This brings back memories.
Damn IL what a creepy guy!
Don't worry. I'm just upping
the odds in his favor.
Then I'll take those odds and
send you to hell.
Who's there?!
Caw! Another enemy! Another enemy!
The enemy from HOMRA...!
Mr. Kusanagi...!
Hey, it's been a while.
How did you know we were here...?
What made you decide to
show up after all this time?
Same reason as you.
To save our princess.
Show off!
Glasses! Hey, Sunglasses...!
It won't open!
I will not let you take that girl!
That's my line!
With HOMRA's Number 2 here,
Yata, buy me some time, will ya?
Huh? Hey, Mr. Kusanagi...!
This is important.
I'm counting on you, Yatagarasu.
Well I can't let you down if you're
calling me by that name!
Bring it on, cosplay ninja!
HOMRA's Yatagarasu is gonna destroy you!
I went all the way to Germany to investigate,
hoping I could do something about this...
But I was too late.
It's no use avoiding it any longer.
Morning, Anna.
Are you okay?
You look like you're in pain.
I'm okay.
I feel like I've been having a bad dream.
A bad dream?
Tatara, you were killed and...
Mikoto went to avenge you and...
Then he died too...
And everyone got separated and...
No, that's not right...
This is the dream, isn't it?
I'm sorry.
Go talk to him.
Stupid Mikoto!
How could you!
But Mikoto...
Your red is still warm.
That's not my red.
That's your red.
Your color.
Your red...
My red.
Can I turn this red...
into a power that protects?
Anna, you wouldn't let a bad dream
end as a bad dream.
It's no use avoiding it any longer.
Red King.
No Blood...
No Bone...
No Ash!
The Sword of...Damocles...?
It can't be...
Our symbol...
Was that...?
I'm overflowing with power!
Here I come!
What's happening?
Looks like things are really
starting to heat up!
I will not lose to you!
Still running away...Kuroh?!
Kuroh, I'll tell you why you'll never
be able to beat me.
Are you still harping about that?!
This sword holds my entire being.
anger, sadness, happiness,
fear, hesitation, shock...
madness, anxiety, pride...
It's collapsing!
Watch out!
Deploy the shield and withdraw!
Roger that!
Go back twenty meters and put up the
barricade again!
But your sword is empty...
You swing lchigen Miwa's precious blade
Kotowari like a mere stick.
Is it any wonder then,
that it's useless against my sword,
which overflows with my soul?
Don't give in, Kurosuke!
We're going to see Shiro again,
My sword is empty...
What's the purpose for my sword...?
I, Kuroh Yatogami,
do solemnly swear to henceforth
devote my life to serving...
the First' King, Adolf K Weismann,
as his clansman.
/ wish you would loosen up.
There's no need for such ceremony
for us to be friends.
Let's go.
What is there for me to quest/on?
I'm supposed to be empty...
Both me, and this sword...
I am the clansman of the First King
Adolf K. Weismann,
also known as the Silver King.
I am Kuroh Yatogami.
This sword will never be used for
my own need...
This sword will open the path and
guide me to my king!
And...l wield it only to protect him!
Now I like that expression
on your face.
All right then, as a vassal of the
Green King, I must accept your challenge.
Yukari Mishakuji...
On guard.
That last strike of yours was
quite beautiful.
Yukari! Yukari!
Are you satisfied,
Please return. You have done enough.
The one who stands before you is no longer
a clansman targeted for capture.
She is the Third King, the Red King.
But Nagare, I won't be satisfied unless
I return with one head, at least.
She's a newborn and can barely
control her power.
I can handle her easily.
No, we achieved what we set out to do.
One must know when
enough is enough.
Nagare Hisui, the Green King?!
What?! This bird?!
Nah, the bird is probably just a medium.
Those Greens are capable of
all sorts of tricks.
The Red Clan's strategist is
very well informed.
I'm impressed.
I regret that I cannot greet you in person, but
how do you do, new Red King.
I am Nagare Hisui, the Fifth and
Green King.
Please excuse me for having to
leave so soon.
As a gesture of my apology, allow me to
send you a little birthday present.
It could also be a memorial gift.
So show us just how strong your luck is
by managing not to die here, Kuroh.
We will meet again.
Damn it! They ran away!
Or maybe they let us off.
Anyway, let's get the hell out of here.
What's going on?
Meow! My hair's standing up!
Up there!
W-What the hell?!
That's supposed to be
his little present?
The Lightning Bolt Jutsu?!
Hey, explain this!
It's a jutsu... whereby he
amasses power...
from lower-ranking clansman to
create lightning.
Y-You're a woman?!
Even so, the size of it is unnatural...
Don't tell me he ordered this mission to
others besides the infiltration team?
He's going to blast us
all at once? Damn!
What're you rambling about? Huh?!
Say, we should get out of here
quickly too!
It's too late...!
This time I'll protect...
He dissipated the
Lightning Bolt Jutsu...
He isn't called the Blue King
for nothing...
I suppose I owe him my life...
I'm not so stupid as to fall for the
same trick over and over.
Ready for battle...
In honor of the new Third King...
Men! Present your swords!
- Hidaka, ready!
- Enomoto, ready!
- Goto, ready!
- Fuse, ready!
- Domyoji, ready!
- Kamo, ready!
- Benzai, ready!
- Akiyama, ready!
Fushimi, ready.
Awashima, ready!
Hey Seri. Guten morgen.
Uh... T-T-Thank...
Thank you for saving us.
I'm sure my assistance would've
been unnecessary...
if you were in your best condition.
However, it is a fact that Nagare Hisui,
the Green King, warrants surveillance.
He is a disturbing fellow.
Thank goodness you're okay!
You guys are way too late!
Please take care of the rest.
By mutual agreement of the
Third and Fourth Kings,
Mihashira Tower, the dominion of the Second King
and the Dresden Slates are now
under the supervision of Scepter 4.
Fourth King, Reisi Munakata, shall be
entrusted with full authority.
Mikoto Suoh was slain with this.
Now, now, calm down.
Mr. Fushimi...
It is what Mikoto wished for.
I will not hate you for that.
But...l don't want to thank you
for it either.
As it should be.
It's been ages!
- It's been ages!
- It's been ages!
Have mercy!
Kurosuke, what is that?
Candy? Is it hot? Or sweet?
Does it taste good?
It's not food.
It's a parting gift from Anna Kushina.
What is it? A marble?
Yes. She said to keep it as
a good-luck charm.
It's Shiro!
Where are you now...?
This person is...Shiro...?
- Shiro...
- Hey, Shiro!
- Can't you hear us, Shiro?!
- Hey, Shiro!
What's the mailer, Weismann?
I was just thinking it'll be dawn soon.
And I get to have the
best view from here.
Aren't you used to this View?
Not really.
No matter how many times I saw
the sun set and rise,
my world has always remained still.
But now, I can feel it moving again
from that light.
The start of a new world.--
I'm relieved that my friends seem to be
welcoming a new dawn too.
A king who's in hiding,
and unable to go to the rescue of
those in need is a failure.
I was the one who gave orders
not to let you return....
after salvaging your
reconstructed body.
Don '1' blame yourself'.
It was to keep me away from
the Green King, wasn't it?
You needn't feel badly either,
They know about this ship from hacking
the database in Mihashira Tower.
This is the end of obscurity.
Everything and everyone has begun
moving again.
I had a feeling this would happen from
the moment' I saw your corpse-
As the Gold King who represents destiny,
was able to understand.
Things as they are...will change.
Rather... will end?
And I will be forcing you to pick up
after my mess.
No, that's not true.
Lieutenant, you gave shape to the dreams
my sister and I once wished for.
Using the Slates, you saw through
so many dreams...
great ones, little ones, good ones,
bad ones, too many to count.
That's not true either.
They were the dreams the
three of us shared.
That is why I wanted to fulfill them.
The new world is beautiful, isn't it?
The dream we once saw,
had a view like this.
What a close my eyes.
Just as you did, I will move forward
until my very last breath...
I won't run away this time.
I will face it head on.
The burden of killing a King...
I shall accept that challenge.