Gekijouban Tiger & Bunny: The Beginning (2012) Movie Script

And so the Statue of Justice,
a symbol of peace,
was saved thanks to Mr. Legend!
He's so cool.
Well... I'm off to work.
We have breaking news!
Robbers attacked an armored truck
in the West Silver, Stern Medaille area
and made off with
three million Stern Dollars.
Oh, no! The police car!
Will they let them make off
with the cash?
We still haven't spotted any heroes.
As all of you know, we bring coverage
of super-powered heroes
taking on crimes and natural disasters
straight to your living room!
the rescue entertainment program
that rates heroes by their actions to pick
the King of Heroes!
And here comes one now!
It's Fire Emblem,
the Bourgeois Open Flame Broil!
Will he be able to make
a grand arrest today?!
Get the camera closer!
Got it!
Yes! Is he going to use his Fireball?!
A merciless attack!
And there's another one!
It's Rock Bison,
the Bull Tank of the West Coast!
Things haven't been good
for Rock Bison this season!
It looks like we'll be able to see him
in action for the first time in quite a while!
Huh? What?
H-Hey, stop!
It looks like Rock Bison can't
pull his horns out!
They hijacked a taxi!
Oh shucks...!
There we go...
Wow! She charged up her arms
and released her special attack!
Two suspects are under arrest!
A triumphant moment for Dragon Kid,
the Lightning Bolt Kung Fu Master!
And as usual, Origami Cyclone
can be seen in the background.
This incident is now... Huh?
Oh, no! One of the robbers is
still on the run!
Hurry up and move out!
This is terrible!
According to the information
we just received,
the robber has hijacked a monorail.
Go slower!
What should we do?
It's best not to interfere with...
Look! Over there!
Are you sure he's okay?!
Wild Tiger, the Crusher for Justice,
has shown up in this terrible situation.
Now cut to a commercial!
Tiger, can you hear me?
Make your move in 30 seconds-
after the commercials are done!
Huh? Commercials?
I can't wait for the commercials
at a time like this!
Hey! Listen to me!
Things will be more exciting my way!
I don't care.
We heroes only care
about keeping the peace!
Wild Roar!
He's doing it again...
- Continue!
- Oh... Yes, ma'am.
Wild Tiger is activating
his Hundred Power!
This makes his physical abilities...
- Go faster!
- I can't!
...a hundred times more powerful!
Give up...
You idiot! He's below you!
When did he get there?
The robber has gotten on an airship!
And here comes Sky High,
the Windmaster! !
Mr. Hero, the star player this season,
is on the scene!
That bastard...
He showed up at the best part!
Don't try to resist.
Don't try to resist!
Don't copy me!
Oh no!
The suspect's missile has exploded!
He's controlling the wind
to save people first!
Just what we'd expect from Sky High!
Uh, oh! The airship is heading
towards a building!
At this rate, it's going to crash
into that passenger ship!
Oh, boy!
Quit wasting your time.
It's the moment all you fans
have been waiting for!
Blue Rose, the superstar
of the hero world,
has saved the passenger ship
with her Freezing Liquid Gun!
Camera B! Get a shot from below!
My ice is a little bit cold,
but your crime has been completely
put on hold!
She's done it!
Do you want ratings that badly?!
I caught the suspect here, you know!
That's what you get for getting in my way!
What are you doing?
He's all right! Wild Tiger was shot,
but he's all right!
Hey! Stay away from me!
I can't take this anymore!
It's her explosive Cutie Escape!
She's just running away.
Hey, watch it!
What an amazing jump!
He's out of time!
Wild Tiger's power only lasts
for five minutes!
Oh no!
Tiger has become
an ordinary human again!
He's in danger now!
Who are you?
Don't push yourself.
It's...! Uh, who is he?
The mystery man has
arrested the criminal!
Is this the birth of a new star?!
This season has ended
with a mysterious hero!
Cut to a commercial!
Hurry... I have to see you now...
This is what I'm talking about!
Your NEX is refreshingly cold...
It puts my heart completely on hold!
The great taste that draws you in...
- NEX!
- NEX!
Rose! Rose! Rose!
Hey, who's your sponsor?
You're a free agent, yet you decided
to stick your neck into this?
What were you thinking?
Does it matter? I made the arrest.
Anyway, a hero shouldn't remove
his mask in front of other people.
It's unheard of!
Heroes never reveal their identities.
How old-fashioned.
You've fallen behind the times, old man.
Everyone, thank you for waiting.
We're about to announce
the results of this season's HERO TV.
Do you realize what
you've done, Kotetsu?
Why did you have to bend the rail?
And you didn't have to
break the car windows, did you?
Then why did you break them?
Do you know how much that costs?
Sorry for always causing you trouble.
You do know who
made you a hero, don't you?
Our sponsors, sir!
Good. Now get to the award ceremony!
Fire Emblem!
Rock Bison!
Dragon Kid!
Origami Cyclone!
Sky High!
Blue Rose!
Wild Tiger!
Who's going to shine as the victor?
You're late.
When's the MVP announcement?
Right now.
Made it in time.
It's definitely not you.
Shut up!
Thank you for waiting!
We are going to announce our MVP!
With 12,730 points,
the King of Heroes is...
Sky High!
I couldn't have done it
without all of your support.
Thanks, and thanks again!
Next up,
a message from Albert Maverick,
the CEO of Apollon Media
and president of OBC!
But before that, there's someone
I want to introduce to everyone.
Come on in.
This is Barnaby Brooks Jr.
He has just been officially approved
by the Justice Bureau.
He is the new hero who will be
keeping the peace in Stern Bild.
"Heh," my ass!
Now, now...
When he activates his power,
his physical abilities become
a hundred times more powerful.
It only lasts for five minutes,
and there's another hero with
the same power,
but he's still young!
Try not to become a hero
who needs rescuing.
It's been 45 years since
people with special powers,
known as NEXT, appeared in this world
due to a mutation.
We still don't know...
- I'm going home.
- what trigger these powers.
No matter what happens,
please be a hero.
Promise me that.
I managed to get through
this season safely...
"A veteran hero who
made his debut ten years ago."
"He may be past his prime..."
I'd like ten of these, ma'am!
What's up?
Hey, aren't you going
to come to the party?
I don't really care for those things.
You should greet the bigwigs.
Well, you take care of that for me.
Oh, hey...
Your butt always feels so nice.
Knock it off! Get away from me!
The way you showed up
in the background was splendid.
I want you to keep doing it.
I'll try my best to bring the spotlight
on the company name. I mean, I will.
Sir, my catch phrase is embarrassing.
Can't I change it?
That domineering attitude is
what makes you so popular.
You just don't get it, do you?
I'm sorry...
Thanks, and thanks again!
Mr. Maverick!
It was the right choice to make you
the producer of this show.
I never expected you
to pull in these ratings.
I, Agnes Joubert, intend
to make the show...
much more intense!
Mr. Barnaby.
My name is Yuri Petrov.
I've been assigned to the Justice Bureau
as of today.
Pleased to meet you.
I look forward to your work.
I'll try my best to meet
your expectations.
Make sure to follow
your own code of justice.
I will.
Coming, coming, coming...
Hey! How's it goin', Kaede?
You haven't forgotten about
my recital tomorrow, have you?
Of course not!
I promised that I'd be there.
You don't have to work?
Don't worry!
Tomorrow, I'm going to get
a good look at how cute you are!
I wouldn't miss it!
Is that so?
You should have told me
that you took the phone, Mom.
I saw you on TV. Are you going to
have to pay for damages again?
You always become reckless
when you get worked up. Be careful.
I know.
Anyway, if you die,
I'm going to have to tell Kaede
that her father was a hero.
I want you to really be careful.
Sorry, Kotetsu.
A merger?
Major money was involved.
We were struggling with funds,
so we found a good buyer. Here.
Huh? Who is this guy?
Your new boss.
Go say hello right now.
Wait a second.
I don't understand what's going on.
Starting next season, only the seven major
companies are going to have heroes.
And our company was the last one to go.
In other words, we're going to disappear?
You don't need to know about it.
Did the other heroes know about this?
Was I the only one who didn't know?
Are you Wild Tiger?
You got "Tiger" from
your name Toratetsu, huh?
It's Kotetsu. Kotetsu Kaburagi.
I want you to go down to the Development
Department to get a briefing on your suit.
Oh... I hadn't heard that
I was starting today.
You can quit if you don't like it.
I'll do it.
The industrial area?
The Steel Hammer Statue?!
It's supposed to only be
a symbolic art piece.
Why is it moving?
This might be the work of a NEXT.
Okay, get moving right away.
I want you to make use of your new suit.
I can't do that...sir.
Do you have a problem with it?
I have no intention of wearing any suit
other than my own.
Don't worry. The specs on this one are
far better than the one you wore.
That's not the issue here!
I need to wear that suit to be a hero!
It's what I aspire to become...
Just get going already!
Yes, sir.
Actually, this is pretty nice.
That's him! All right...
There's one important thing.
I'm going to pair you up
with another hero.
The first team in the hero world.
That's what Apollon Media
wants to sell.
I hadn't heard about that.
You can quit if you don't like it.
What's this about a team?!
Who am I pairing up with?
That hurt... I guess I can't
do this on my own.
Huh? You?!
What? Really?
With you, Rock Bison?
What do you mean, "huh"?
You're my--
Let's go, old man.
Chaser Change!
Double Chaser!
Why am I on this side?!
It suits you well.
That doesn't answer my question!
It's company orders.
Leave this area to me.
The rest of you will...
Why aren't we going in?
I'm collecting data.
If we know what the other heroes
are doing,
we can avoid showing up at the same time
and stand out in the show.
Hah! That's just stupid!
Will standing out help us to
catch the criminal?
Will it bring peace to the city? Will it?
Listen, a hero is all about--
Bonjour, heroes.
Time to start the show. Good luck!
Three, two...
Welcome to HERO TV LIVE!
Stern Bild's seven major companies now
have exclusive rights over the heroes!
We're starting fresh under
a new management system!
Which hero will win the honor
of becoming King this season?!
Come on, it's time for work.
Wait! I'm still not done talking to you.
Excuse me!
What the heck?
Is that truck what I think it is?!
My ice is a little bit cold,
but your crime has been
completely put on hold!
There she is! It's not just
her body that's naughty!
Blue Rose is on the scene!
All right! I made it into
the background!
Give me a break, you guys...
Hey, wait up!
I'll bring that thing down using my wires!
Yeah, good luck with that.
Shut up! I'll show you
what being a hero is all about!
Now watch and learn!
Is that...?
Yes, there he is!
It's Barnaby, the new hero!
"Heh," my ass!
All right!
Huh? Wha--
What kind of joke is this?
You got yourself caught in it!
I can't work with that guy!
Say that after you get some results.
I thought you two were goners.
Lucky for you that thing stopped.
An hour has passed since
the stone statue stopped its advance.
And it still doesn't look like
it's going to be moving.
What do you suppose
the culprit is trying to do?
That doesn't matter.
I'm more concerned about you
than what's going on right now!
Do you understand
the situation you're in?
My situation?
That's right. We have a contract
with you to act as Barnaby's foil.
You're Barnaby's second, his assistant,
an add-on.
Hey, wait a minute!
Why do I have to be his assistant?!
And by the way, our mechanic is angry
with you too.
Excuse me?
Hm? Huh? What?
I'm Saito. I developed your suit.
I can barely hear you.
You need to make better use of the suit.
Well, I'm still not familiar with it yet.
Take a look.
This is the suit I designed.
And this it the crappy suit
you used to wear.
It's not that bad...
Let's see about that.
I get it! I get it already!
You showed me enough, okay?
Yeah, and that expression of yours too.
Also, since your ability only lasts
for five minutes,
I've added a special feature
which takes that into consideration.
See the button on the left arm?
You mean this?
I'm not done explaining!
The time is 3:28 P.M.
It's a clock. See?
Was he that surprised?
I'm really sorry! I was planning
to get there by three.
So where are you right now?
I still have some work left.
Are you really going to come?
Of course.
When? How long until you get there?
Uh, well...
You're not coming, are you?
I'll be there!
When does it start again?
At four.
Okay! I'm leaving right now.
Hold on a second.
Tiger and Barnaby,
we need you to jump into action!
The stone statue has
begun to move.
Get ready stat and head to the scene.
Uh, listen...
Oh no... I'm starting to get nervous!
Dad, hurry up and get here!
I mean it. You have to come!
Sorry to keep you waiting.
I'll never forget that
you wasted three minutes of my life.
You don't have friends, do you?
How will the heroes deal with
this strange giant visitor from the Brox area?
Blue Rose is the first one
to arrive on the scene!
Hold it right there!
And there she goes!
My ice is a little bit cold...
...but your movements
have been completely--
Looks like her ice wasn't
enough to stop it!
You're kidding, right?!
It walked right over
her Cutie Escape!
Cold, cold, cold...
If you're going to create such a mess,
the least you could have done
was stop that thing!
Shut up...
It looks like the heroes are tied up
with saving the civilians first.
There he is!
Hurry... Hurry up.
We're ready.
Firing in three, two, one...
Rock Bison is in the air!
He's controlling his direction
using his shoulder drills!
This looks promising. Or maybe not.
That was a close call...
And a close shave!
Look out!
Huh? Huh? Huh?
A child?
Wait just a second.
What are you doing?
I'm going to save him, of course!
If my deduction is correct...
I don't have time to listen to that!
Since no one is around,
he might be the one
moving the statue.
Out of the way!
He's probably a NEXT who
can control the things he touches.
Just move!
That child might be the culprit.
Even if he is, he's in danger!
Your lapse in judgment almost
got us killed the last time.
Well, that was...
I don't trust you.
I actually didn't want to
team up with you.
But the company ordered me to do it.
Oh, is that so?
Nobody moves!
It's Mr. Legend...
Do you care what happens
to this kid?
You're a...
Your power is meant to save people.
You saved me.
That makes you a hero too!
I see you're awake now.
Don't try to show off at a time like this.
The stone statue stopped moving again.
Then go ahead and free yourself!
I can't.
Unless I use my power, that is.
Then use it already!
Our power only lasts for five minutes.
I don't really want to use it here.
Jeez. Then Lil' Bunny can stay here
and do as he pleases!
Wait just a second!
I might have misheard you,
but did you just call me "Lil' Bunny"?
Yeah, because you hop about and
have long ears just like a cute bunny rabbit.
My name's not "Bunny"!
It's "Barnaby"!
"My name's not 'Bunny'!
It's 'Barnaby'!"
I didn't say it like that.
"I didn't say it like that."
A different stone statue is
now on the move!
The lion statue that is the symbol of
Helperidese Finance
is running towards
the New Morghen Area.
Care to free me as well?
If we activate our powers at the same time,
we won't be able to stand out.
You there!
Get down from there.
Stay away!
Hey, Handsome!
What are you doing up there?
Sorry, but could you
help me with this?
I guess I have no choice.
I can't turn down a hottie like you.
Thank you very much.
Hey... Come on!
At least let me touch your butt!
Where are his manners?!
Hm? No!
Oh dear. I can't get out! Darn!
- What?!
- Huh?!
Hey! Settle down!
Kaede! Kaede! Kaede!
Kaede... I can't find Kaede!
She hasn't made it out yet!
Okay! I'll handle the rest!
You get outside!
Thank you, mister.
Now run away quickly.
Thank you!
Huh? I don't see a reason
why you would be thanking me.
You're right.
Help! Help me!
That was close.
Don't get in my way.
Why are you doing this?
Because they shunned me.
Shunned you?
That's right. They call me creepy
and ignore me!
That's because he started moving dolls...
You call yourselves a NEXT,
but that just means
you're not human, right?
Of course,
we're creeped out by you!
I didn't ask to have this power!
I understand how you feel.
You're lying!
No, I'm not.
I became a NEX when I was about your age.
Similarly, my friends were
creeped out by me.
I used to hate my powers
and cried every day.
But one day, a hero known as Legend
taught me something.
He said that my power
was meant to save people.
Well, not for me.
Because my power isn't cool
like real heroes.
Don't worry. There will come a time
when your powers will be useful.
I promise you that!
Do you mean it?
Yeah. That's why you have to first
apologize to everyone
and go to the police.
Are you crazy?!
If we don't arrest him,
we won't get points!
Shut up!
You want to start using
your powers for good, right?
Then come down from there.
Look out!
Leave this one to me.
Your powers are still recovering, right?
I should be able to
use mine right about now!
Thanks, and thanks again!
What's wrong?
I'm out of time.
My power's about to run out.
If that happens,
we won't be able to hold this up.
Hey, Tony! Please help us!
Everyone's going to be in danger!
Please help us!
I can't.
Yes, you can! You can do it!
I have only five seconds left!
Five, four, three...
Oh, this is terrible!
What are you doing?
Watching to see how
they'll handle this situation..
Oh my, you're sick!
Oh, thank you, thank you!
What just happened?
Way to go!
You saved us, Tony.
That makes you a hero too.
A hero...
You still have some power left,
don't you?
What? That's odd...
Come on.
Let's go home, Kaede.
Okay, Grandma.
I'm so glad you're safe.
I thought I made myself clear!
You're supposed to
be Barnaby's second.
Well, I know that,
but my body moved on its own.
Leaving Barnaby behind like that...
He said that he didn't
want to activate his powers, so--
Then you make him do it!
Since he is still inexperienced as a hero,
it's your job to help him out!
Isn't it your duty as a veteran
to offer emotional support?
If I can't rely on you for that,
there's no point in keeping you
under our employment.
The only thing you have
going for you is experience.
Try to think of something.
Like creating a good
work environment for Barnaby.
Are you listening?!
Yes, sir...
I can't work with that man.
He's so naive.
You've only just begun.
But sir...
It's clear that you're drawing
people's attention
as the first superhero duo.
This is a chance to sell your name.
If you don't take this opportunity,
there won't be any point to
revealing your true identity to the public.
Am I wrong?
No, sir.
And by continuing this work,
you may find a clue to uncover
the meaning behind the mark you're after.
Don't worry.
We will find
your parents' killer some day...
Hey! Don't ignore me!
Please don't waste my time.
Man! Unfriendly as always,
huh, Lil' Bunny?
I told you to stop calling me that.
Well, good news!
I was thinking of--
If you'll excuse me.
Hey, hear me out!
Want to go grab something to eat?
I thought it might be something like that.
I have stuff to do.
Can't you spare some time?
I've already got everyone together!
What do you think of my body?
Amazing. So this is what it looks like.
I've only seen you use your powers
while wearing your hero suit.
You're right.
Here, go ahead and hit me.
I don't want to.
It looks like it would hurt.
Don't be shy. Come on.
This is stupid.
Why do we have to do
a welcoming party for that rookie?
I think it's nice.
He acts aloof, but actually wants
to get along with his fellow heroes...
He's delightfully mysterious
and handsome too.
I wouldn't call him mysterious.
I actually know him.
He was very popular at
the Hero Academy I went to.
Unlike me,
he was an excellent student
and everyone at the academy
knew who he was.
Boy, this is the first time I've ever been
invited to something like this!
I'm kind of nervous.
Worry not.
This is the first time we've gathered
together outside of work too.
I think today is a good opportunity.
Let's all have fun!
And let's enjoy!
You're right.
If the King of Heroes says so...
I guess...
Sorry, guys!
You're late, Kotetsu!
I was busy getting dressed up
to see you guys.
You don't need to do that.
Barnaby's the guest of honor,
after all.
Well, excuse me.
So, Mister Wild... Why don't we start
by reintroducing ourselves?
Yeah, that sounds good.
Then me! I'll start us off.
Go for it!
Good evening, Handsome.
I'm Fire Emblem.
My real name is Nathan Seymour.
I may not look it, but Helios Energy is--
You own it, right?
You don't need to tell me.
I already know.
I see.
Wow, you're such an achiever!
Already did your research, huh?
Cool, now moving on.
In that case...
You don't need to.
I've already done
my research on you too.
I see.
Hey, he's being kind of a jerk.
He's just socially awkward.
He's probably just nervous being
in front of the heroes he looks up to.
Well, I'm leaving.
Doing this is a waste of time.
Now wait just a second.
That does it!
Just who do you think you are?
We came here because you said
that you wanted to get along with us.
What? I never said that.
Weren't you the ones who wanted
to get to know me?
- Huh?
- Huh?
What's the meaning of this,
Mister Wild?
You said that Handsome
wanted to meet us.
I was told that
you all wanted to meet me.
Uh, well...
Well, I thought that it would
be easier for Bunny to work
if he was friends with everyone.
Does that mean that you lied?
Sort of...
I'm appalled.
You're despicable.
Wait a second. I don't understand
what we're talking about.
What's going on?!
I'll explain it to you later.
But don't you guys think
this is a great opportunity
for us to all get along?
Get along? Are you stupid?
We're rivals.
Well, I'll be going now.
Hey, Bunny...!
What a drag.
I'm leaving.
I need to tend to my shuriken.
I suppose I'll go take John
for a walk now.
No, wait...
Bonjour, heroes!
Something big just happened over
at the Stern Medaille area.
A thief has stolen an item
worth billions of Stern Dollars.
I need you to head
over there immediately!
Oh dear. I'm afraid of the dark.
Hey! Hands off!
Now I'm not scared.
You're scaring me!
I'm going on ahead!
Transporter, meet up at South Park
over on Ninth Avenue.
I wonder if my ears would
stretch out if I wore those.
What? You want to try them out?
No, I'm fine!
Umm... Why are you running?
It's faster than walking, isn't it?
That's not what I meant.
If you can control the wind,
why can't you just fly?
I can't.
In order to reach that flight speed,
I need a jetpack.
So without that...
That's right! I'll just float!
Mr. Sky High!
Man, today is just one incident
after another.
One, two, three...
All right!
The suspect is still on the run
with the Statue of Justice!
Hey, isn't that...
That's right.
It's the symbol of peace that Mr. Legend
recovered from some criminals long ago.
Do you know what'll happen
if the suspect gets away with it?
It'll make people lose
their faith in heroes.
So make sure you bring it back!
You must!
Hold it right there!
I don't want to!
Come back!
The suspect has evaded the police
and is on the run!
We still don't see any heroes!
Come on,
what's taking them so long?!
There they are!
Look! The new team,
Tiger & Barnaby are on the scene!
Will they make the arrest
with their teamwork?!
Oh! I see him.
Please don't do anything funny, okay?
I know. Just hurry up
and catch him.
There's a construction barricade up ahead.
Let's split up.
That was close! Wha--?!
Out of the way!
This is bad. Our points!
Blue Rose, Barnaby Brooks Jr.,
and Wild Tiger...
Who will reach the suspect first?!
Now's not the time for a car chase!
But how?!
The suspect is nowhere to be seen!
Where did he go?
It's your fault we lost him!
Why are you here, granny?
Watch it!
Hey, wait!
Oh, great...
I never expected him to escape
into an amusement park.
Well, we do want him to make this
look more exciting for us.
Hey, watch it!
Standing in his way is Rock Bison!
These points are mine!
And look! Dragon Kid is here too!
I'm going ahead of you!
All right!
Bye bye!
Sorry... Oh.
Look out!
Now hurry!
Mikey! Mikey! Mikey!
They stopped it!
But how did this happen?!
And here comes...Sky High!
Stop right there!
Heh! Don't point!
Sky High!
Wow, what happened?
You're not getting away!
High! And high!
Oh my...
He truly is the King of Heroes!
The wind seems to be blowing
in his favor for this season as well!
Now, hand over the Statue of Justice!
If you want it that badly,
come and get it.
But how?!
Let's put an end to this chase.
Are you sure it's really over?
My ice is a little bit cold,
but your crime--
You're taking too long!
Don't interfere!
If you have time to say all that,
then hurry up and put him on hold!
Hey! Don't steal my points!
You're breaking the rules!
No, that's what you're doing!
What in the world just happened?!
That's odd.
He shouldn't be able to escape them.
It's Sky High!
The heroes are stalled and
unable to arrest the suspect.
Oh! There he is!
Wait. You promised not
to do anything funny.
Huh? Did I make such a promise?
You really are annoying...
Then what should we do?
He seems to be pretty quick.
No matter how fast he is,
he can't escape from us
if we activate our powers
and flank him from both sides.
Flank him from both sides, huh?
You'll do as I say.
This is the perfect chance to show people
that we're a team.
I don't care what we do
as long as we arrest him.
Then go around to the other side.
I'll come from this side.
You got it!
Give it up already.
So now I get the rookie, huh?
It's not just the rookie!
Why are you here?!
How should I know?!
It was a pretty good idea.
But that's not gonna be enough
to catch me!
Ms. Agnes, it's Barnaby.
What is it?
I have a request to make.
Everyone, Barnaby has
something to tell us.
I'm opening up all channels.
Hi, this is Barnaby.
I've figured out the suspect's power.
It seems to be location switching.
Location switching?
He can switch places with
anyone in his sight.
So that's what happened!
There's something I want
all of you to do.
No! Why do we have
to listen to you?!
Oh, sorry.
What are you doing?
Try not to harm any civilians.
We heroes must protect the people.
Attention visitors.
There is a criminal with NEXT powers
in the park.
Please follow our staff member's directions
to move to safety.
I repeat. Please follow our staff member's
directions to move to safety.
I had you all wrong.
You do care about the people.
Don't get the wrong idea.
I did that so I wouldn't ruin
HERO TV's image.
Also, this will make it difficult
for the other heroes to interfere.
This is my chance to steal the glory.
Huh? That's so petty.
You should be thanking me.
You'll get to stand out because of me.
Yeah, yeah... Thank you very much.
The problem is that our power
has run out.
We need to make a plan
until we recover.
I have a good idea.
- Denied.
- Listen to me!
It's probably nothing good.
What did you say?!
Whose idea was it
that made us use up our powers, huh?
You agreed to it.
No, I didn't.
I was planning on going boom
and bam from the beginning!
You're not making any sense to me.
It means to just go for it!
I don't expect a plan coming
from someone like you to work.
Well I'm not going to waste my time
on plans made by some egghead like you!
Hey! Why are you fighting
at a time like this?!
I've got some information
from the Justice Bureau.
The suspect's name is Robin Baxter.
He's an internationally known robber.
We have reports of his crimes
from many countries.
But he's never been arrested.
He's gotten away every time.
Now quit squabbling!
If you do that again,
I'll take points from you!
- Okay.
- Yes, ma'am.
The heroes are calling
on the citizens to evacuate.
What's going on?!
We already paid to get in!
Hurry up and catch him!
Hello, Daddy.
There he is!
Are you all right?
That bastard!
Move out of the way!
Look out! Hey!
The suspect seems to be moving
towards the exit.
Let's head him off!
Huh? Hey! Listen to
what I have to say!
I'm over here!
So now it's the guy
in the Mohawk suit?
What, did you prefer
Lil' Bunny instead?
You called?
I'm done burning all the calories.
Let's put an end to this.
There's nowhere to run.
Heh... You're such fools!
Who are you calling a fool?!
Come on! What's wrong?
Try to trade places.
You can switch places
with either of us. Come on!
You really are fools.
What?! You're not going
to switch places?!
Hey, Tiger & Barnaby! Showing off to
the public how close you two are
won't help catch the suspect!
Could you let go of me?
What kind of plan is this?
I thought that he would switch places.
The suspect would never fall
for such a childish trap.
This is going to make people
change the channel.
Change the channel? Listen, our goal
is not about being on TV!
Yeah, yeah.
Hey! Don't you get it?!
What was that stunt
you pulled back there?!
We're supposed to be
protecting the people.
You're the one who told me to
put pressure on the suspect!
What did you say?!
What's your problem?!
Ugh, they're at it again!
Robin Baxter has committed
many robberies around the world
and is formidable.
The heroes are closing off
the amusement park
to keep him from escaping.
And we're now seeing
the park visitors
being led to safety by the heroes.
Sky High!
Looks like we're being
pushed out as well!
This area is currently closed.
Visitors are to follow orders
and head to the gates right away.
Everyone! Stay where you are!
It's him...
You come this way too.
What? What?
Gather together right now!
Everyone! Stay where you are!
What's going on?
You're not very bright, are you?
This area has just been shut off
from the outside!
If we gather everyone here,
he won't be able to get outside,
no matter who he switches places with.
I guess not all of you are stupid.
We just have to think of
a way to catch him, Mister Wild.
Wow, you guys are pretty smart.
How long do I have to do this?
No! Come back.
Help me!
Thank you!
Damn it!
That's what he gets for not listening.
Come on, let's go save him!
You can handle that by yourself.
I need to catch the suspect.
Don't move!
Huh? Huh?
Sir, don't let go of your son.
Remember, you're his only father.
No one can replace you.
I won't.
Do you like children?
I mean, you did all that for the boy...
And earlier in the day...
It's kind of unexpected...
There's no special reason for it.
The heroes are headed towards
the park attraction
that Robin escaped to!
Usually, things are largely
in their favor.
But this time,
it's the other way around.
This stalemate might continue on.
I have some bad news.
I found out that the roller coaster
the suspect escaped to...
stretches from the core
to the upper areas of Stern Bild.
The long vertical tunnel is split up
into the Green Zone, the Mirror Zone,
and the Sky Zone.
We've closed off the emergency escapes
all the way up to the upper areas,
but once he passes the Sky Zone,
he can see the entire city from
the observation deck.
So if the suspect makes it there...
He can switch places
with anyone in the city.
Oh, no...
You must catch him before he gets
to the observation deck!
At this rate, he's going to get away
with the Statue of Justice.
But if we go near him,
he'll switch places with someone else.
Maybe we should destroy
the entire building.
I shudder to think of how much
we'd have to pay in damages.
What a truly despicable bastard.
Robin has just passed the Green Zone
and entered the Mirror Zone!
What?! Already?!
Don't pressure us!
We're still thinking right now!
Damn it,
this is getting us nowhere!
I'm going to capture him head on.
You'll just fail again.
You're coming too!
I'll provide you with support!
That's what worries me the most.
What?! And here I was offering
to act as your decoy!
That's it!
What? What is it?
Don't follow me!
Huh? But we're supposed
to be a team.
I will capture the suspect!
Hey! Are you just going to let
the rookie go off on his own?!
Hurry! Robin Baxter is going to be
leaving the Mirror Zone soon!
The suspect is about to reach
the observation deck!
What is Barnaby doing?!
You've given us quite a difficult time!
It's over! We are going to capture you!
There's no way a foolish team
like yours can do that!
We'll see about that.
What? Huh?
What's wrong?
Your goal is just up ahead.
Powers exhausted in 30 seconds...
Damn it! I can't see!
It's over.
I've captured Robin Baxter.
He's finally done it!
The rookie hero, Barnaby Brooks Jr.,
has captured Robin Baxter!
He has successfully returned
the Statue of Justice back to Stern Bild!
He's so cool!
Wow, that was exciting.
Our numbers are skyrocketing!
All right! Let's shoot
a special documentary on Barnaby!
The heroes are now turning Robin
over to the police.
Is this all they've got?
Congratulations. You did great,
Lil' Bunny.
How many times must I tell you
not to call me that?
Are you still in a bad mood?
Isn't it about time
we put this behind us?
Whoa! What's with that look?
What exactly did you do today?
You talked big,
but all you did was get in my way.
You don't have to say it like that!
Good work.
Thank you.
Man, today sure was a long day!
I wasn't talking to you.
Besides, you haven't done
anything exhausting!
No, I did stuff too--
You were very impressive.
I want you to keep it up.
Yes, sir.
I'm sorry.
I was so scared, you know!
If only I had been there,
Daddy would have protected you.
I was all right without you, Dad.
There's a new hero called Barnaby.
He saved me!
He was really cool.
I'm already a fan of his!
I'll try to modify the suit
so it's a little easier to remove.
Thank you.
That was quite clever of you
to use the suit as a decoy.
It was just a split decision.
You two really are a strange team.
I saw the footage that was
recorded by your suits.
What are you talking about?
Man... You really surprised me yesterday.
Don't follow me!
I will capture the suspect!
Hey! Are you just going to let
the rookie go off on his own?!
I have no intention of
following his orders.
Handsome is going to steal
the best part.
Could you let him handle it?
You see, I kind of wasted three minutes
of his life today, so...
What are you talking about?
I don't get you.
We don't have any more time!
Mister Wild!
They're right.
Do you have a reason why
we should let Handsome handle this?
I do have a reason!
My gut says so!
He may have a small--
no, a big problem with
his personality,
but he's trying his best
to capture the suspect!
I will watch over him as his partner!
If something goes wrong,
I'll take responsibility! So...
Please let him handle this!
Please don't do anything funny.
Please don't do anything funny.
You promised not to do anything funny.
You promised not to do anything funny.
It's over.
I've captured Robin Baxter.
To be honest,
I was really nervous.
I said that I'd take responsibility,
but there's nothing I could do.
Well, in the end,
he made the arrest.
I guess you were right about him.
Whew... Whoa?!
Damn, that was close!
I told him not to
do anything funny...
I couldn't sing during the broadcast
and I chipped a nail.
Even after I went home,
I was so annoyed that I couldn't sleep
and ended up eating ice cream
in the middle of the night!
Hey, don't blame me for that...
This is your partner's fault!
Yeah, he took all the good parts.
Even if he's handsome,
a man without kindness won't win
the hearts of the ladies.
Actually, he was quite popular
at the Hero Academy.
He even had a fan club.
I don't really understand him either.
In that case, should we all go out
for another drink?
- Huh?
- Huh?
That welcoming party yesterday
was a disaster.
So Wild Tiger is treating us all today.
We did you a favor last night.
Don't you want to repay
the debt as soon as possible?
You're so pushy.
Well, I guess I don't mind
if he's treating us.
We can't let your feelings
go to waste.
If you're all going,
then I'll go too!
I'd like a place where
I can drink miso soup.
Well, I'll meet you all there.
Come on, this way!
Out of the way.
Yay! Hurry!
Oh well. Tomoe...
I'll try my best to work with him.
Mom, Dad...
I finally became a hero.
Someday, I will uncover the truth.
I'm a little concerned
about my partner, though.
The final days of Stern Bild?!
The shocking fate of the hero duo!!
English Subtitle Translation by: JN Production, Inc.
English Subtitle Supervision by:
Joshua Lopez & Tokio Inoue (VIZ Media)