Gemini Man (2019) Movie Script

Car number 6,
we are moving.
"4 alpha", repeat, "4 alpha".
Window seat, his
team's on all sides.
Copy that.
238 km/h and
holding steady.
You alright over there?
I do love getting
me some bad guys.
Wait! Wait!
Civilian in play, I repeat
civilian in play.
- Clear.
- Confirm.
Clear, code green.
Are we shipping to
the same place?
Yes, sir.
That was your best ever.
I was... I was impressed.
Where I hit him?
On a moving train.
- You took a video?
- Yeah, I took video.
Man, meet everybody else, look.
- Delete it.
- Henry.
Come on, listen.
4 shooters wift on this guy
before you got the call.
Alright, 4.
All of 'em studs.
And you bring him off.
That was beautiful, alright.
I got emotional, tear fell.
Delete it.
I'll delete it.
I'll delete it, alright.
Can't do this.
What's up, my brother?
You alright?
I got him in his neck.
But I was aiming
at his head.
Other lines of work
you can lose a step.
Not this one.
You still the best we got.
Best anyone's got.
Believe me, I keep track.
Not a soda, not today.
- Meaning?
- Give me a beer.
Are you sure?
- Are you really retiring?
- Yes, sir.
Then I'm sure.
A lot of guys can shoot, Dell.
They aren't you, they don't
have the history you do.
Yeah, I think the... the history
might be the problem.
We've been through a lot
together, you and me.
We do world safer.
I just not gonna trust a
new guy like I trust you.
There was a kid...
beautiful little girl.
Right next to him.
If I'm 6 inches off -
she's dead.
This time
I got lucky.
I didn't feel the shot.
Not like I should have.
72 kills, Dell.
That shit starts to
mess with you a little bit.
Deep down it's like...
my soul was hurt.
I just want some peace.
So, what do I do now?
Wish me well.
Good morning.
Hey, where's Jerry?
Jerry retired.
They couldn't take anymore
of his bustling pace.
I'm Danny.
Hey Danny, I'm Henry.
I owe you $23.46.
Okay, thank you, Henry.
So, what are you fishing for?
Peace and quiet
and mackerel.
Head now to Preachers Point?
Is that what you recommend?
Well, seems like a
nice enough day for it.
Not much of a "live and let live"
guy, I take it.
I'm deathly allergic to bees.
You a student or
just a fish whisperer?
I'm working my way
to grad school.
Marine biology.
UGA, Darian?
Go dogs.
Well, you be careful around here.
There is some dogs out
on these docks too.
Nothing I can't handle.
Well, I guess I don't
have to ask how business is.
Could have been yours.
Only asked you 10 times.
Hey brother.
- It's good to see you, Henry.
- You too, Jack.
What you doing there?
Feeling sexy?
- Thanks for coming so quickly.
- Of course.
- You still married?
- Yup.
Wife's on a shopping
trip to Paris.
Son's in boarding school.
No, no wife,
no kids, no Paris.
Here's to the next war -
- which is no war.
- which is no war.
So, what've you got?
Recognise him?
Who's asking?
Your old friend who's afraid
you're in trouble.
Do you?
I AMF'ed him in Lige.
They tell you who he was?
Valery Dormov.
Valery Dormov.
Molecular biologist.
Who worked here in the
States for 30 years.
I read his file.
The file was spiked.
I don't know by who.
I don't know that, either.
Where are you getting this from?
A friend.
From the other side.
Alright, well.
- I need to talk to him.
- Sure.
Skype? Facetime?
I need to talk to him, Jack.
Oh, what a hell.
He owes me.
I hope I'm wrong.
I just want you to be careful.
It's me got full of things
I didn't do in my DIA years.
You think you didn't do that
in your DIA years?
This guy.
They tell you who he was?
Valery Dormov.
Valery Dormov.
Molecular biologist.
Who worked here in
the States for 30 years.
You took a real
risk contacting me.
I wish you hadn't.
What was I supposed to do?
I love you, brother.
You too.
It's a pitty.
I've always liked Henry.
Henry is DIA, Clay.
He's one of mine.
He knows you lied to him.
We have a tail on him.
Standard protocol for retirement.
He'll be contained.
Henry Brogan?
He has Dormov's contact.
He's gonna pull on that thread
until he's pointing a gun at our faces.
What about his handler,
the bald guy?
He won't be happy, but he
won't cross me, he'll fall in line.
I'll tie this off.
Make it look like a Russian op.
You'll do nothing!
I'll tell my team
that Henry's gone rogue.
I can handle this.
Right after you wift
4 times on Dormov.
You need Gemini.
I will not let you do hints
on American soil.
You don't have anyone
who can take on Henry Brogan.
I do.
We'll clean up our
own messes, thank you.
Everything that we worked for is
at stake thanks to your failures.
You have one chance
not to screw this up.
Surprise me.
Any luck?
Most guys try flowers or a
playlist they think I'll find romantic.
Are you DIA?
That depends what's DIA?
Dance Instructors of America.
Did Patterson send you
to surveil me?
- Patterson?
- Del Patterson?
Funny coincidence,
he was just here.
Look, you're burnt.
Your cover's blown.
Okay, well I was just...
in the middle of
Marvin Gaye song,
so I'm gonna go back to that.
Name 3 buildings on a
Darian Campus.
- Really?
- Come on, marine biologist.
Rhodes Hall, McCourter Hall, Rocker Hall.
Now I know you're DIA.
Civilian would've told
me to piss off.
Not a polite civilian.
You good, you good.
Where you live?
No, I wanna see your place.
Excuse me?
Where, I am sure I
won't find a single book
on marine biology.
But I'm certain I'll find a
big ol' fold on Henry Brogan.
Excuse me?
Okay, this has been fun,
but I kinda have to do that job.
Sorry, sir.
Yeah, I got the
30-feet bowrider.
- Okay.
- Needs some gas and...
Hey, sir.
One sec.
I'm sorry, I...
Can I buy you a drink?
Why, so you can keep
interrogating me?
No, I'm probably gonna
spend the whole time apologising.
Pelican Point?
Sunday nights,
they have a great band.
Please, what time do
you get off work?
- 7.
- Think I also need a 12-volt bilge pump.
Alright, I'll see you at 7.
Just leave the crazy
at home, please.
Sorry about earlier.
Bad habits.
I don't trust people easily.
But I'm sure you don't either.
Why would you say that?
Where did you get that?
25 years of faithful service
you make some friends.
Now I'm burnt.
Is Patterson running you?
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Boilermaker is a cop drink.
You got cops in your family?
My dad was FBI.
And pretty big on
serving our country.
Yeah, he died off duty.
Trying to stop a bank robbery.
Sorry about that.
File says you were 4 years in Navy
"Fifth Fleet", Bahrain.
Yeah, did love the sea.
Didn't love being stuck on a tin can with
couple of hundreds sailors, though.
Beats a bunker in Mogadishu.
So, then DIA.
Defence Clandestine Services.
Recruiting, running assets.
Not a single demerit.
I mean...
So then the Inspector General
sticks you on a dock
to watch a guy who
just wants to retire?
That doesn't bother you?
Well, this is adios, Henry.
It's been nice surveilling you.
I'll be sent somewhere
else tomorrow.
You... you want a ride home?
No, thanks, my apartment
is just right over there.
Henry, why are you retiring?
I'm finding myself avoiding
mirrors lately, so...
I'm gonna take that as a sign.
Watch your six out there.
You too.
Night, Toast.
You should come
look at the stars, Jack.
- You have to work on your kick.
- Charlie.
- Concentrate, Henry.
- Come one!
You are 5 now and this
is not hard.
Try again.
Hi, this is Jack, I'm sailing.
Please tell me this means
we're back in business.
Where are you?
Just some guy.
I'm on surveliance.
Get out of there, now!
Do not go home, do not
go to your girl's house.
Go to the bus station,
get a ticket, in cash.
Do not use ATM.
Go somewhere where nobody knows you.
You sure?
They're outside my window, sorry man
I made you a loose end.
Come on man, I'll be fine.
How do I contact with you?
You don't.
Don't contact anybody.
Especially anybody from the DIA.
And get rid of your phone.
Oh, come on, Henry.
It's not gun time.
It's coffee time.
Do you have a burn bag?
First, tell me what
you're doing here.
Somebody just sent
a team to kill me.
And you're still asleep.
That means you didn't
know about it, correct?
No, of course not.
I would've told you.
That means you're next.
Get dressed.
All the boats have dupe keys
in the office, right?
You got a fast one?
Feeling the call of the sea?
Where is he?
You can tell me now.
Hey, drop!
You can tell me now, or you can
tell me in 5 minutes minus your teeth.
But you gonna tell me.
I counted 3.
How many did you bring?
Who sent you?
You can tell me now or you
can tell me in 5 minutes...
minus your teeth.
You alright?
- It's Lassiter.
- How do you know?
You get on this boat
you leave behind
everything and
everybody you've ever known.
Do you understand that?
Scared is good.
It means you're alert.
Never had anybody
trying to kill me before.
Yeah, well, the important
thing is - you didn't.
What scares you?
Other than bees.
So this is you cleaning
up your own messes?
Spare me the lecture.
It's like watching the Hindenburg
crash into the Titanic.
Tell me what we're
going to do about Henry.
Henry Brogan is like
any other soldier.
When they're young and stupid
they believe anything you tell them.
Then they get older, they
wear out.
Grow a conscious.
This is why we need
a new breed of soldier.
Gemini will handle this.
I'm sorry, I can't allow that.
I'm not asking
your permission.
You wanna go to your bosses?
I am sure they'd love to hear
about our little rogue project.
I'll make it look
like a Russian hit.
You give Henry a state funeral.
Fly on the coffin.
21-gun salute.
You give a nice speech,
everyone cries.
He'd be remembered as a hero.
Life goes on.
- Not for Henry.
- Oh, come on.
Muds like Henry look born
into be collateral damage.
Let's not pretend otherwise.
Do you have an asset in place?
I have the trophy asset.
- Alright
- Just...
No, I'm good.
You hungry?
Yeah, I'm starving, but those
things expired 2 years ago.
Still taste good.
While he still had teeth
that guy said you were the rogue.
And you believed him?
99% sure he was lying.
But 1% sucks, doesn't it?
Henry, has this ever
happened to you before?
Which part?
Your own government
trying to kill you.
Nah, that's new.
You've been in agency a while and
can't you guess what this is all about?
Trust me, if I could I would not be
on this lovely vacation with you.
When I'm the head of the agency we
gonna handle retirement very differently.
My man.
Baron tour is here
to pick up Brogan.
Party of two.
- Good to see you man.
- You too.
Danny, meet the Baron.
Middle-aged reprobate and
best pilot I've ever known.
Danny, Baron.
Hey, Toast.
Got your appliences requested.
For now, you can hold
up to my place at Cartagena.
You'll be anonymous and safe.
Yeah, we're kinda
in the shit here, man.
I think Jack dead.
- Jesus.
- Yeah.
- Anyone follow you?
- No.
They will.
Let's go.
- Can I have one of those crackers?
- Sure.
Does he do this at home?
I don't think so, I don't know.
- Do you?
- No.
If it's inappropriate to do this
sort of thing at home.
Why would you think it's appropriate
to do it in your science class?
I don't know, probably because
science is so wicked boring.
Guess you really didn't
want me to retire.
Henry, you're okay!
Thank God!
Stop it!
Is Marino dead?
Jack Willis?
It wasn't me. None of this was
me Henry, I swear it.
I trusted you, Dell.
You still can. Let me call you
on another line.
You got 30 seconds.
Hey, excuse me.
Could you borrow a
phone for 5 minutes
if I gave you a hundred bucks?
We'll start with who's idea
it was to send a team
to agent Zakarweski's apartment,
was that necessary?
Also not my call, she's working
for the Inspector General, not me.
Is she with you?
Not voluntarily.
Okay, listen, this is not something
I wanna say over the phone.
I'm at my kids, goddamn, school!
What a hell is all of this?!
We have a problem.
Your old friend, working with
Janet Lassiter and her people.
I can't stop them.
Okay, Dormov.
Did he have something
to do with Gemini?
Dormov, the guy that you had
me popped on the train.
Because you said he
was a Russian terrorist.
Was he working for Gemini?
Once upon a time.
So you got me pulling
triggers For Clay Verris.
Henry, I regret my
lack of candor, but listen...
How many other times
you do this to me, Dell?
How many times you spiked a file,
send me off to AMF somebody
who didn't deserve it?
Never, ever.
This was the one-off.
I swear on my son's life.
Alright, look.
Agent Zakarweski is
not a part of this.
Henry, we can fix this.
I swear, but I need
both of you to come back.
To what, Dell?
Okay, Gemini.
What do you know about it?
Privatized paramilitary
owned by Clay Verris.
Agency does a lot of
business with them.
Is there more?
Baron and I served under
Verris in the Marines:
in Panama, Kuwait, Somalia.
After he left the military, he started
Gemini and tried to hire us.
We both told him "no".
Except I was smart enough
to move 1500 miles away.
I blowed that one.
Verris gets billions of
dollars a year to take
out targets in any
way he sees fit.
That's Gemini:
off-book kidnappings,
They who you call when
you need 12 Saudi princes
to quietly disappear.
Or you want somebody
to train your death squads.
6 weeks into Sniper School
Clay Verris takes me out
on this boat for 5 miles.
Ties this weights to my ankles,
tosses me overboard.
Tells me tread water
as long as I can.
And he didn't know
about your fear of...
Of course did.
That was the point.
So what did you do?
I tread water for
as long as I could.
And then I drowned.
He fished me out,
pat on my chest.
Told me I was now ready
to serve under his command.
A toast.
To the next war...
- which is no war.
- which is no war.
No war.
We'll figure out in the morning.
Right now we can
use some...
Sure, you folks
want one room or...
Two, two.
Yeah, I can put him
in the garage if you want.
Alright, two rooms will be fine.
Just giving you options.
Okay, right this way.
Sniper, rooftop, I leave,
he's gonna follow.
I need you to go with
Baron some place safe.
Shooter, on the roof.
You are a shiity house
guest, you know that?
- How the hell did they find us?
- She's good, she's really good.
She just doesn't know
what she doesn't know.
Take care of her, alright?
Stop right there!
Who are you?
I don't wanna shoot you!
Don't shoot me.
But I'm gonna shoot you.
I could have killed
you on the roof.
Maybe you should have.
Did they show you a
picture of me?
Yeah, you look old.
Kid, you take one step closer.
You gonna leave me no choice.
Get off! Get off!
Move, move!
Get out of the way!
Stop. Stop. Stop!
Hands up!
What the hell was that?
Thank you, sir.
- Thank you, Captain.
- No problem.
Your place is burnt, give me
somewhere I can see him coming.
I wanted to go in
there guns blazing.
But she thought that diplomatic
approach made more sense.
Yeah, gunfire might
have been kinder.
Great work in there.
What now?
I need you to get
me to Budapest.
- What's in Budapest?
- What's in Budapest?
Jack's informer - Yuri.
These guys aren't trying to
kill me because I wanna retire.
They're coming after me because they
think Jack told me something classified.
Yuri ought to know about it.
I'm sorry, partner, but my Aztec
doesn't have that kind of voyage.
Well, I was hoping we would
borrow something that does.
Maybe a G?
Taking someone's Gulfstream?
I mean you.. you'd really have
to love the guy to do that.
I know just the fellow.
Give me a minute.
Well, I got a woman, way over town
That's good to me, oh yeah
I got a woman, way over town
Good to me, oh yeah
She give me money when I'm in need
Did you ever have a kid?
No, why?
Guy on a motorcycle.
Did you notice anything
funny about him?
I noticed he was very good.
And the face?
Yeah, I noticed that too.
You never had a
long-term relationship?
Unless we count you.
Is it possible that you
could've had kid without knowing it?
- Then how do you explain...
- Danny.
Thank you, by the way.
For leaving Baron's appartment,
so I wouldn't be a target.
Coming and getting me in Georgia
when you could've just ran for you life.
I just...
wanted to put you on a private plane
and give you a free trip to Hungary.
Where I am gonna find...?
When I saw him.
It was like I was
seeing a ghost.
Ghost with a gun.
every trigger I've ever pulled.
I told you to stay in Colombia
and wait for orders.
I wanted to talk to you.
He is very good.
He's the best.
That's why I sent you.
He knew every move of
mine before I made it.
I'd have him, right there,
and... take the shot
he'd be gone.
Like a ghost.
Did you get a look at his face?
Not really, I saw him
at the stairs through a dirty mirror.
I thought you were on the roof.
I was, he got a line on
me, I had to jump down.
What do we always drill?
You hold the high ground, you
put his back against the wall
and you don't let him go.
I know that.
Whole thing was weird.
I don't know, it was...
As if I were...
watching it all.
Who is he?
Junior, this thing, that you
are struggling with, this strangeness.
It's fear.
Don't hate it -
lean into it.
Embraced it.
And then overcome it.
You, are right in the threshold, son.
This cause.
You hungry?
Yes, sir.
Bowl of cereals hungry?
Yes, sir.
Thank you. That's it. Hands up.
Over here, everyboy
take the line.
Everybody back to one.
That's one, let's go!
- Lots of new faces.
- Yeap.
They'll be the first
boots on the ground in Yemen.
Do they understand the rules of
engagement, or, just...
whatever moves - they shoot it?
They are elite,
they're disciplined.
And if they get a clean shot at their
target through an appartment window
they'll take it.
You should think about
that on your way to Budapest.
Henry's just landed there.
You're moving out.
Thank you for your time.
Here are the samples.
Least I can do for you in...
2 days.
This I need in 2 hours.
We have a meeting with Yuri.
He agreed to sit with us.
You alright?
I think I know why is
he as good as you, Henry.
He is you.
There's a DNA lab here,
I gave them samples.
Yours and the baseball
cap he was wearing.
He just, he looks so much like you.
I thought he had to be your son, so I...
They did 3 tests.
Your DNA and his.
All 3 came back identical.
Not close, identical.
As in, same person.
He's your clone.
I thought I've made a mistake that I
gave them two samples of the same person.
But I didn't.
He is you.
How's that even possible?
It's complicated,
but it's doable.
All you'd really need is a
surrogate mother and a DNA sample.
If they could clone a person.
You'd think that
they'd clone more
doctors or scientists,
They could've cloned
Nelson Mandela.
Nelson Mandela couldn't kill a man
on a moving train from 2 kilometers away.
Mr. Brogan?
Before we begin,
I must confess.
I have admired your
work for many years.
So you know who I am?
"Long time listener,
first time caller", -
as they say in your country.
I would congratulate you
on your retirement, but...
your last job has...
loose ends, yes?
Yeah, well... My government lied to me
and then tried to kill me.
If that's what you mean.
In Russia, you call
that "Tuesday".
But Americans, it
hurts you feelings.
So, why was Dormov trying
to go back to Russia?
And why was I sent
to kill him?
Yeah, down to business.
Very American.
You are a busy man.
We were both
friends with Jack.
He was a good man.
I mourn his death,
like you.
But the reason you are here
and I have not killed you
Is we share a common enemy.
Clay Verris.
He lured Dormov to the west,
funded his lab.
And now you have met the
fruits of their labor.
Dally the Sheep
was cloned in '96.
- But in '95...
- I was the sheep.
Take it as a compliment.
And you're the only one.
With your DNA Verris raised
the boy as his his son.
Trained him to be
the perfect assassin.
So why was Dormov
trying to leave?
For years, we tried
to lure him back.
Then last year they
had a fallen out.
Dormov got scared,
reached out to me.
So I...
That still doesn't explain
why I was sent to kill him.
We have indications Dormov
made a breakthrough.
Modified human DNA.
A path to mass produciton.
But Dormov wanted soldiers
to be stroger, smarter.
Verris wanted something else.
What something else?
Mr. Brogan.
You are the best at what you do.
But still you get tired,
you have fears, doubts,
you feel pain, perhaps remorse.
You have a conscience.
These makes you human.
But sub-optimital as a soldier.
Less than perfect.
Less profitable.
Clayton Verris is
playing God with DNA.
He must be stopped.
If he's that dangerous
why don't you send a missile?
Blow up his lab.
That is what we're doing.
are the missile.
I wish you luck.
One last thing.
You excaped from
home two days ago?
Amazing work.
I was on the edge of my seat.
Wait, what?
How the hell you
know about that?
I'm a big fan,
what can I say?
If even half of what
he's saying is true.
We gotta talk to this kid.
You're not gonna be
safe until you do.
So you think if your 50-year
old self showed up and told you
you're her clone that
would make you calmer?
- What?
- Just saying, you're...
- You know you're 51, yeah?
- I rounded.
He's the mirror you don't
want to look into, Henry.
But he's our best
shot in getting to Verris.
Janet Lassiter?
Who wants to know?
I got a message for you, ma'am.
From a man who transferred a $1000
into my Featherqueen account
just to make sure you got it.
Does this person have a name?
His name is "$1000 into
my Featherquin account".
Hello, Janet.
Before you try to kill
me again, consider this.
Your home address
is 1362, Carol Grove.
The security alarm
code is 1776.
You awaken at 6:12
every morning.
and stop for your decaf soy latte
with an extra shot by 6:42.
Every night you stand in front
of your huge living room window,
sipping a Jose Cuervo Margarita
with Forensic Files on the TV.
Wearing your nice,
comfy sweatpants.
This is Lassiter.
There are shooters at
your 10 and 2.
Get above of that chair,
you will be AMF'ed.
Now, if I thought the world
needed another me
I would've had a kid.
The program predates
my arrival at the agency,
You must know that.
Yeah, perfect DC answer.
If something goes wrong - duck.
Tip the bike guy.
You can go.
Now, I have your agent
with me against her will.
Danielle Zakarweski.
She wants to come in.
Now, like me, she is a patriot.
Unlike me,
she still wants to spend
the next couple decades
scoring touchdowns
for you assholes.
Her safety is non-negotiable.
10 and 2, Janet.
Decaf soy latte,
an extra shot for Janet?
The only person I'll
turn her over to
is the guy you sent
after me in Cartagena.
Don't even think about
sending anybody else.
Family reunion, very sweet.
Keep it up, you'll be the first
person I've ever killed for free.
How quickly can you
get him to Budapest?
5 minutes.
She'll be in the courtyard of the
Vajdahunyad Castle at midnight, tonight.
Enjoy your latte.
What's AMF?
Adios mother fucker.
How the hell does
he know we're here?
This is gonna work, right?
How do you know?
I know his taste.
Wait, are you saying
you are attracted to me?
Now? Hell no.
But the younger, less
mature version, maybe.
When I came for you in Georgia,
I didn't have to think
about that, it was instinct.
He was born with that too.
Besides, he wants me.
Lovely courtyard.
I'm sorry, ma'am.
Before we go any further,
I'm gonna need you to strip.
I beg you pardon?
Need to be certain
you're not wearing a wire.
Okay, first of all.
I was raised to respect my elders.
Take off your clothes, please.
Turn around, please.
I see you like to be thorough?
Caution is kept me alive.
Call this burner.
Thank you.
In 12 minutes, I'm putting 2
bullets in the back of her head.
Your orders are to
deliver her safely.
My orders are to kill you.
Are you familiar with the
quartz chamber at the catacombs?
We're doing it someplace
visible, where I can see you.
Now you have 11 minutes.
Get dressed.
We're taking a ride.
Cab was a smart move.
Where are you from?
Your formality,
it's Southern.
You know if you gonna use me
as bait and possible murder me
then the least you can do
is indulge me in some conversation.
Just outside Atlanta.
You two have a lot in common.
I doubt that.
You'd be surprised.
You know I started
following him too
just like you're doing.
Then I got to know him.
He's got a big heart, like you.
What do you know
about my heart?
I know that you have one.
And I know that it's telling you
that something about the job
you've been given isn't right.
Job is the job, ma'am.
I wonder how much you
payed the custodian.
Undo the chain.
You must really know the city.
I watch a lot of Nat Geo.
- It says "Off limits".
- Ma'am.
I wonder how many
people are buried down here.
Stand over there.
If you knock out all the lights,
how are you gonna see your
own tripwire on the way out?
The granade is no joke,
I mean I get the idea.
Darkness neutralizes his biggest strength,
enclosed court favors you, right?
I mean he can't throw a
grenade without killing me too.
But what if I tries gas?
You know, or some
sort of sedative agent?
Way ahead of me.
Gas mask and night
vision, very smart.
- Over there.
- Zip ties!
These must be for me?
But can I ask you something?
Would you actually stop talking
long enough for me to answer?
How much do you
know about him?
I mean, would they tell you
why they wanted him dead?
Guy cracked.
Killed 8 ops in a single
night and his spotter.
- That's what they told you?
- That's what he did.
No, not exactly.
I was there.
The night all those
operatives were hit.
They'd been sent to kill him,
and me, by Gemini.
And not that it matters,
but his sparrow shot in Virginia
and the rest of those
men went down in Savannah.
Henry can shoot long distance,
but he can't shoot that long.
Come on, just think.
Does that make any sense to you?
So you understand what I'm saying?
It doesn't...
Fuck you.
Get up.
Stay right there.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
Do you know how to
light one of those?
Jesus, Henry.
Thanks for the tip
on the granade.
You were talking to
him all the time?
You either search somebody.
Or you don't.
And for the record.
I do not want to kill you.
But I absolutely will
if I have to.
What did Clay Verris
tell you about me?
Okay, let me tell
you about him.
Cause I know Mr. Verris well.
How did he start you?
Hunting birds, rabbit?
About 12 years old,
he moved you up to deer.
I'm guessing 19 or 20 years old,
the first time he ordered
you to shoot a person.
Any of these ring a true?
He told you to
lean into your fear.
Because you were a warrior.
Blessed with great gifts
to defend the weak.
But he couldn't stop the noise.
That secret part of you that always felt
a little different than everybody else.
Part that felt like a weirdo.
You don't know shit.
Kid, I know your inside
out and backwards.
You allergic to bees,
you hate cilantro.
You always sneeze 4 times.
Everybody hates cilantro.
You're meticulous, thorough,
disciplined, relentless.
You love puzzles.
You are a chess player, right?
Good too, I bet.
But you suffer from insomnia,
your mind never lets you sleep.
And even when it does, it
attacks you with nightmares.
I am talking about those
3 o'clock in the morning -
"somebody please save me"
kind of nightmares.
And then there's the doubts.
And those are the worst.
You hate them, and you
hate yourself for having them.
They make you feel weak.
A real soldier doesn't doubt, right?
The only time you
ever trully feel happy
is when you're flat on your belly
about to squeeze the trigger.
And at that moment,
the world makes perfect sense.
How do you think I
know all of that?
I don't give a shit
how you know anything.
Look at me, dummy!
Look at us!
25 years ago, your father took
my blood and he cloned me.
He made you
from me.
Our DNA is identical.
He's telling you the truth.
Shut up!
He chose me cause there's
never been anybody like me,
and he knew one day I was
gonna get old and then you'd step in.
He's been lying to
you the whole time.
He told you you
were an orphan.
And of all the people in the world to
come after me why would he send you?
Because I'm the best.
You are, obviously,
not the best.
You're a hard ass hit.
Guess this was supposed to
be your birthday or something that.
I had to die, and
you had to do it.
As long as I was
alive somehow,
Clay's little experiment
was incomplete.
That's the maniac you're
pulling the trigger for.
Shut your mouth about him!
You just trying to rattle me.
I'm trying to save you!
What are you, 23?
Still a virgin, right?
Dying to be in a
relationship and connect,
but terrified to
let anybody near you.
Because what if somebody
actually saw who you are?
How could they love you?
So, everybody is just targets.
And you're just a weapon.
Hey! Hey!
Don't shoot him!
Don't shoot him!
No! Don't!
Drop it!
Drop it! I will shoot you!
No, you won't.
Take your hands off of him!
Let him go!
Right now!
I'm not you!
You hear me, old man?
I'm not you!
- Where is he?
- He's gone.
- Did you hit him?
- I think so, yeah.
- Where?
- Shoulder, I think.
Then he'll recover.
Is that a good thing?
You know,
It's not every day you see a guy
get his ass kicked on 2 continents.
By himself.
Where to?
Is where Verris is.
That poor kid.
He must be terrified.
Then he's going home,
walking into a buzz saw.
I gonna get some
sleep, you too.
Not me, that's where
the ghosts are.
Tell me something.
Why is it so hard
for you to kill this man?
You know how much I hate
Big Hammock Park, pop?
Ever since I was
about 12 years old.
We were to shoot turkeys
there for my birthday.
And I always hated it.
But I was an orphan, right?
So, how would we
even know when
my Birthday was?
But you never seen me
notice so we just keep going.
Okay, so...
Next year we'll
try Chuck E. Cheese.
You, me
and the lab guys,
who made me.
Always believed
you'd be happier not knowing.
You know when
I'm happy, pop?
When I'm flat on my belly,
about to squeeze the trigger.
It's the only time I'm happy.
And this wasn't
even a mistake.
It's not like you got
someone pregnant
and then had to man
up and raise me.
No, you...
made a decision.
To have a scientist
make a person
out of another person.
No, that's not what it was.
That's exactly what it was.
Then you sent me
to kill him.
Of all the shooters in
the world, why would you send me?
It's your darkness, you had
to walk through this on your own.
Maybe you're my darkness.
That lie you told me.
That my parents
dumped me at a fire station.
And I believed that.
Do you know how
that made me feel?
It was a necessary lie.
None of this shit is necessary!
You made a choice
to do this to me.
- Can't you see how not okay I am?
- Bullshit!
You forget who you
are talking to, Junior.
I've seen battle.
I've seen soldiers
go over the edge because
more of was being asked of
them than they can give.
That's not you.
Your world is stable
and dependable.
I made sure of that.
You have something that
Henry himself never had.
You have a loving,
dedicated, present father.
Who tells you every, goddamnit, day that
you are precious and that you matter.
Jesus, the whole
point of this thing.
Was to give you all of Henry's
gifts without his pain, and I did.
Don't doubt, Junior.
You're better than that.
Come here.
I love you, son.
Just don't let yourself down.
Like so many of my encounters,
it was short, but sweet.
Thanks, baby.
It should be truck
here somewhere.
Don't move.
What was in that?
Bee venom.
You can't do that.
You can't do that,
he's allergic.
Henry, can you breathe?
Henry, try to breathe.
- You okay?
- Please.
Henry, Henry,
can you breathe?
Try to breathe, Henry.
- Why are you doing this?
- Come on!
- Why are you doing this?
- Henry, Henry, breathe!
Come on!
Hey, hey.
Breathe, Henry.
Epinephrine antihistamine.
You'll be fine.
I'm sorry.
I had to be sure.
No, it's all good.
It's whole shit's
been a little difficult.
I hate to break up
the party, but
how the hell do you always
know where we are?
They're tracking you.
Do you trust me?
They chipped you.
During your surgery 3 years ago.
You know him too?
Panama, Kuwait, Somalia.
Can you take us to him?
We need to shot him down.
Both of us.
You grew up in
Philadelphia, right?
The place called the Bottom.
The Bottom.
Tell me about my mother.
Helen Jackson Brogan.
Worked two jobs for 40 years.
That woman used
to whip my ass.
Did you deserve it?
Does being angry and stupid
and never really trying at
anything mean you deserve it?
Our father wasn't around much,
he left when I was 5.
And I think every time she
looked at me, she just saw him.
I had to get the
hell outta there.
Joined the Core.
First time I've ever made
any real friends.
Met Clay Verris there.
Found something I was
really, really good at.
By the time I left, I had
medals on the chest.
She was gone, and...
I have become this.
You gotta walk away
while you still can.
- This is all I know.
- No, this is all he taught you.
Stop now, you can still
become something else.
A Doctor?
Husband, father.
And all the things this job
gives you the excuse not to be.
I threw all of that away.
It's shame to waste these
gifts the second time around.
I'm sorry, what
is your name?
It's always been Junior.
Clay Junior.
I don't really know anymore.
That's another really
good reason to quit.
Do you sure about this?
I need to talk to him.
So, what happens
when we get to him?
He's not gonna surrender.
That's him.
Can I talk to him?
I want to be the one to
tell him we all BFFs now.
Take it.
This is Junior.
Are you with Brogan?
Why would I be with him?
You sent me to kill him, didn't you?
It doesn't matter, just run.
Run, get away from him.
Junior, I just want you safe.
Because I'm your
favorite experiment?
No, because I'm your father
and you need to listen to me.
- Get out off the car!
- Go!
Come on!
I'm sorry, Henry.
- Chief Mitchell?
- Go ahead.
Clay Verris, I need your
units to stand down.
We're engaging with a terrorist cell that
has a weaponized biological capability.
All units, go back, immediately!
Federal authorities have been
notified and they en route.
Affirmative, keep me
posting, Clay.
Yes, sir.
You gotta stand your
men down, now!
You did the right
thing, Junior
of walking away from him.
I did what a coward would do.
Makes me sick!
I was asking too much of you.
I can see that now.
He deserves better than a
missile shot into his car, pop.
It doesn't matter what he
deserves, he has to die.
Are you gonna call
those goons off now?
No. But you can.
Just fire that.
Take command.
Armor's weak at the joints.
Eyes and neck are the kill shots.
Take right, I'll take left.
Muscle, discipline.
Watch you round count.
You set, I spike.
- Ready?
- Roger that.
- I'm out!
- Take cover!
Get down!
I am trying to
make you a man!
I should have cloned myself.
Loving, dedicated,
present father?
Right there!
Go ahead.
Do it.
How many rounds
you got left?
I'm sorry.
For what?
For getting you into this.
I was the one
surveilling you.
Anyway, sorry.
Now let's fight our
way out of this thing.
You're a great partner.
Thank you.
Sorry I ran.
Yeah, that's been
a rough night.
How many more
out there?
I didn't see any.
Out of commission.
But still alive?
How bad is that?
I'm fine.
You're not.
Hold the elevator position.
We gonna secure an out.
Back off!
Don't you feel pain?
I don't know why
you're so angry, Henry?
You were the
inspiration for all of this.
You know where I got the idea?
Are you okay?
Watching you go house to house,
wishing I had a whole division of men -
all as good as you.
Wondering if that
could be possible.
You should be flattered.
You should be dead.
You saw what
happened over there.
An atrocities.
Friends being sent home
in a pine box.
Why should we accept that
If there is a better way?
And look what we created.
It's got both of us in.
Don't you think
your country deserves
a perfect version of you?
There is no
perfect version of me,
or him, or anybody.
He was on his way to Yemen.
Now thanks to you
his place is gonna be taken
by someone with parents.
Someone who feels pain.
Which we had
edited out of him.
Someone with just as
many weaknesses,
as the terrorists
that we're trying to kill.
And you gonna
tell me that's better?
So why not make
a whole army of 'em?
Yeah, why not?
Think how many American
families we can spare.
Nobody's son, or daughter
would ever have to die.
No vet comes home
with PTSD and kills himself.
We can keep the
whole world safe
without any
actual grief, so...
Who would I be hurting?
You're talking
about people, Clay.
This is the most humane
thing that Gemini's ever done.
How many more of me
are running around out there?
There's only one you, Junior.
He was a weapon.
You're my son.
And I love you.
As much as any father
ever loved any kid.
I don't have a father.
Goodbye, Clay.
Hey, hey.
So what the hell
are we gonna do?
Gonna turn him in?
They not gonna try him.
They not gonna
shot down his lab.
We have to end
this this right now.
Look at me.
Look at me.
You pull that trigger
and you gonna break something
inside of yourself.
That will never
get fixed again.
Let it go.
Give it to me.
You don't want
those ghosts.
Trust me.
You should know
better than that.
Surprised you give a shit.
We can't be friends anymore.
Because you did
let them try to kill me.
But, that doesn't mean I wanna
see you drink yourself to death.
The Gemini lab's
been dismantled.
Cloning program is history.
And Junior?
He's untouchable.
No one will bother him.
And we checked,
there are no more clones.
What about you?
IG called.
I'm looking at
charges, but
if I bury Janet,
I can make a deal.
She earned it.
I'm really sorry, Henry.
- Take care, Dell.
- Yeah, you too. ten thirty
And happy retirement.
Good to see you.
Congrats on a promotion.
I heard they got big plans.
Well, after you pretty sure
I can handle anything.
- How've you been?
- Good, just...
Settled Baron's estate.
Scattered his ashes
in the Caribbean.
I don't know, all I
wanna do now is
put some good in the world.
Just gotta figure out how.
Yeah, you will.
You sleeping okay?
- No ghosts?
- Not like before.
Oh, and I actually looked
in the mirror the other day.
- Really?
- It wasn't horrendous.
Speaking mirrors.
Catch you later.
What's this?
This is you.
Passport, birth certificate,
driver's license.
Apparently you got
pretty good credit.
I love the name you chose.
It's my mother's name.
She was my mother first.
Yeah, yeah.
Don't you "yeah, yeah" me,
young man.
Come on, I know a
good place for lunch.
So you settled
down on major yet?
Leaning towards engineering.
Yeah, you should listen to her.
If I were you,
which I sorta am,
I'd go with computer science.
Save that for grad school.
You want start with humanities.
- Okay, don't listen to her.
- Don't listen to him.
You need a grounding
on the classics.
Excuse me, I'm trying to
talk to myself over here.
Yeah, you are talking to yourself,
but you're not talking to him.
Look, I just made a lot of
mistakes when I was young.
And I'd actually like to make
some of those mistakes myself.
What I'm trying to say is, I made
them already so you don't have to.
- But he's not you.
- Okay, everybody chill the hell out.
I'm gonna be okay.
If you're okay,
I'm okay.
I just can't believe that in
30 years I'm gonna look like
What? Please.
You wish.
Boy, you better hope you
look like me in 30 years.
This is 50-year old,
mature man meat
you're looking at.
I brush, I floss.
I work hard.
When you're 50, I bet
you won't be
dragging your ass around the
track every morning like I do.
In fact, we can race now.
We can race right now, we
take it to the corner right now.