General Commander (2019) Movie Script

[rock music playing]
[man singing in Italian]
[song ends]
[woman sighs]
Thank you for coming, Jake.
It's been...
It's been a long two weeks.
I came here to tell you that Hayes is
willing to forget your resignation.
The CIA is your home.
Defending America is your life.
I need you to tell me the truth.
Did you kill Gino Orsetti?
You're asking me questions
that you will never understand.
And they're asking you
to make me come back.
I've been doing this
a lot longer than you.
And I've done a lot of things that
they will never let you know about.
The thing
that offends me the most,
it's not that I've risked
my life for my country
and done things that most
people couldn't have done.
- This country that I love so much...
- [Jake echoing] Country...
is the real reason
why I feel so betrayed.
That I was lied to
about what they've done...
to us,
to my [echoing] country.
- Slaughtered.
- [Jake echoing] Slaughtered.
That's the stuff
they're not telling you.
Where we have literally two governments
inside a [echoes] government.
Nobody would've thought,
20 years ago if I would've told them,
what's gonna happen now.
Did you kill Orsetti?
Don't ask me what I did...
how I did it,
or any of this bullshit
about "It's my home."
When you know
what [echoing] I know...
you wouldn't call it
your home either.
I'm done.
She's here. Red dress.
- [typing]
- [Jake] All right, we see her.
[electronic whirring,
[woman] Just pinged her phone.
We've got GPS
and all calls and texts.
All right.
[engine revs]
- [man 1] Check that out, bro.
- She's out of your league, man.
[man 1] No way.
I guarantee you I can.
[man 2] Fifty bucks, bro.
[cheering, applause]
[electronic music playing]
[cheering, applause continues]
[woman on radio]
That's her, Zach.
Red dress. It's showtime.
Let's see how long this takes.
[man] Hello, uh...
- What's up?
- Just, uh, uh...
Okay, all right,
how much for...
I mean, a girl so beautiful?
- Three hundred, two hours.
- Ouch. Really?
- That's...
- I do...
- Uh-huh?
- Everything, every way.
Whatever you like.
- So, tell me...
- Uh-huh.
- Can we go the whole night?
- Uh-huh. Yeah.
- There's a hotel next door, okay?
- [man] Yeah, let's go.
That didn't take long.
[computer beeping, whirring]
All right, game is on, guys.
[lens whirring]
[woman on radio]
Lopez, they're on approach.
[man 1] Watch me work.
Hey, baby.
How about a ride?
- Sure, sweetie.
- Yeah.
[man 2 laughing]
[man 2]
Missed your calling, bro.
[groaning continues]
[man on radio] Lopez.
- You good?
- [Lopez on radio] All good.
Hey, Danilo.
How you doing tonight? All good?
Can you pass me the 225?
[in Spanish]
And, my love, pay.
- How much?
- Forty bucks.
Forty bucks.
[woman on radio] Guys,
hold back till we have eyes on Vincenzo.
[woman 2 on radio] Copy that.
We'll be waiting close by.
Zach's eye cam is live.
[beeping, whirring]
Room 225.
[escort] Baby,
why don't you just go
freshen up?
I'm gonna pour
some drinks for us.
[Jake on radio]
Take the pill, son.
The effect is good
for ten minutes.
That's it.
[toilet flushing]
[beeping, whirring]
I was missing you already.
Why don't you take a drink?
Drink, baby.
Why don't you take this?
Enjoy it.
[Zach on video] Cheers.
[escort] Why don't you
just finish it?
[Zach] All right.
Down the hatch.
[in Spanish]
Cheers, my love.
[Zach sighs deeply]
Strong drink.
[Jake] Ah...
And then...
Lay in bed. I have
a little surprise for you.
[woman on radio]
Guys, this is getting real.
[alarm beeping]
- [computer beeps]
- She sent the text.
[cell phone chimes, beeps]
[Jake] All right,
they're on approach.
Get ready.
[rhythmic beeping]
[hammer cocks]
- Hey, what do you want?
- [grunts]
[escort] You got my money?
- What time tomorrow?
- [man] Same time.
- What bar?
- I'll text you.
[door closes]
- Hey, I'm lost.
- Hey.
Can you tell me where 312 is?
Yes, you just have to go...
[muffled shouting]
Okay. [chuckles]
- You need to hit the treadmill, old man.
- No, I'm good.
I'm just tired from
screwing your mom all night.
[man chuckles]
Hey, you,
get the fuck out of here.
[gasps, chokes]
[in Italian]
Tony, everything okay?
[cell phone beeps]
Ah, shit.
[cell phone ringing]
[man on phone] Rocco.
[in Italian]
Everything's okay. Go out.
[in Italian] Yes, of course.
[in Italian]
I think I heard something.
Go get your position. Go!
[tires squealing]
- [computer beeping]
- [woman] It's back online.
Guys, this is getting real.
Looks like
they're about to go to work.
All right. Game's on.
Upstairs. Up the stairs.
[man grunts]
[in Italian] What the fuck are you doing?
Let's go, let's go, let's go!
[bullet ricochets]
- [chokes]
- I'll break his fucking neck!
[in Italian] Let him go,
or I'll blow your head off!
[tires squealing]
[pedestrians scream]
[tires squealing]
[woman screams]
I'll snap his fucking neck!
[in Italian] Let him go,
or I'll blow your head off!
[woman on radio]
Zach's awake. He's in trouble.
[in Italian] Fuck you!
[woman on radio]
Vincenzo's got a gun on him.
[in Italian] Let him go!
I got your man. Who are you?
Put it down!
- [in Italian] What do you want?
- Calm down.
Drop the gun, motherfucker!
Drop it now!
[in Italian] Fuck you!
Put it down!
I just want to talk.
[in Italian] Fuck you!
[Jake] We don't want you.
We want Orsetti.
Drop the gun, motherfucker!
[Jake] I'll make you a deal.
[in Italian]
You want to make a deal?
We can make a deal.
[in Italian] Who are you?
Let's make a deal!
Put the gun down!
- You want me to sell out my boss?
- Put it down!
- Let's make a deal?
- Put the fucking gun down!
No, Zach! Zach!
Zach. Zach! Zach!
[whimpering] Zach.
[cries softly]
[woman] Were you or were you not in
a relationship with Agent Stevens?
Even though Alexander
trained you,
I'm the one that authorized
your release.
I am going to make your life
a living hell
unless you tell me everything I need
to know about Orsetti's organization.
Answer me, Dekker!
You know what?
You're really wasting my time.
You don't seem to understand
the chain of command here.
You're an asset. That's it.
I will throw your ass back in jail so
fast you won't even know what hit you.
You are in a CIA office.
[echoing, indistinct]
[in Italian] Don Gino.
[in Italian]
Santi, what do you want?
You got to see this.
What is so important that it can't
wait till I finish my breakfast?
We got a problem in Cambodia.
Kid, why you got this dead face?
- What is going on?
- I don't know.
You got your head
just to separate your ears?
Did you call Vinnie?
He doesn't answer.
Everything is okay.
Call our man
at the Phnom Penh police station
and see what happened.
You got it?
He didn't find a fuck.
Look on the Internet.
We don't have time to waste.
They are not like us.
They are not to be trusted.
See what you find.
[in Italian] Okay.
[Gino] I'll wait for you.
[man] How was your flight?
Have you found out anything?
Nothing at all.
Nobody knows who did this.
They are professionals.
Mr. Orsetti is very worried
about the situation.
He's expecting a response
from you soon.
I know.
I have arranged for you
to meet the girl.
Has she said anything?
She is terrified.
We are supposed
to transfer her in the morning
to a federal prison.
I need just a couple of minutes
alone with her.
Who are you?
I work for Orsetti.
What did you tell them?
What's gonna happen now?
Don't worry.
Everything will be okay.
I'm gonna show you something.
[cell phone beeping]
[whimpering] No.
[sobbing] [in Spanish] My mother, no.
My mother, no.
Not my mama.
[sobbing continues]
Do the right thing...
and your mother will be okay.
[cell phone ringing]
[cell phone beeps]
[in Italian] It's me.
It's done.
[in Italian] Do we know who the son
of a bitch is that caused this mess?
This piece of shit.
I want to know who it is.
Nobody knows.
Mao Mao says
it's a professional job.
And now the secretary
has someone high up.
- I'm coming.
- Quickly, please.
I told you that I'm coming.
I'll take care of it.
Tell Mao to hold that answer
until I arrive.
- You got it?
- I got it.
Take care.
[cell phone beeps]
The first thing I want to say...
is that I'm genuinely sorry...
for the loss of Agent Stevens.
I know
that he was your partner.
I know that he was your friend.
And I know that he was
a trusted colleague.
But I am here to tell you...
that you're being reassigned.
The agency is restructuring
the Southeast operation.
It's going to be much more
corporate from now on.
There's no more room
for cowboys.
The agency is changing.
And the orders from higher up...
are that you all are no longer what
they're looking for in Southeast Asia.
This is bullshit.
What about Orsetti?
[woman agent] Orsetti is
no longer your business.
You had your chance
with Orsetti.
You guys lost your chance
when you lost Agent Stevens.
That scumbag
killed one of our own.
Zach was my best friend.
But we're still part of the agency.
We have to follow orders.
But you're willing to disobey orders
if the operation calls for it, right?
No, bending the rules
is one thing.
Disobeying a direct order
is something else entirely.
Yeah, well, if we leave now, guys, we're
gonna lose everything we have on Orsetti.
You don't actually hold
that information yourself.
The company
has that information.
And we will be able to move forward
in a different way in the future.
How many more innocent people will
get butchered if we leave now?
So what do you suggest, Anna?
- We don't accept reassignment.
- [man scoffs]
We stay here and finish this.
For those of you who would like
to follow the orders
that we have been given,
we will be getting on the jet,
and we will head back to Langley
where you will be retrained
and reassigned... separately.
This team is being disbanded.
[echoing] You will no
longer work together.
The plane is at 0900.
I expect to see
each of you there.
You know what? You guys
can do whatever you want.
I'm going after Orsetti
with or without you.
I'm not an agent.
I'm just an asset, all right?
So if you want me
to leave with you,
you're gonna have
to throw my ass back in jail.
I'm leaving, guys.
Asia's my home.
I'm not leaving.
She's right.
If the agency wants us
out of Asia, we're out.
There's nothing more
to talk about.
I'll be there.
If we leave now,
then Zach's death means nothing.
So you don't like cowboys.
Whatever you decide,
I'm with you.
It's your call, mate.
But if we leave now,
we're gonna lose everything we
have on that scumbag Orsetti.
[line ringing]
[line clicks]
Yeah, it's me.
I, uh...
can't come now.
I don't know yet.
Maybe not for a few weeks.
[bell tolls]
[door opens]
[door closes]
[tolling continues]
[in Italian]
[echoing] Fuck you!
Let's make a deal?
- [Zach screams]
- [tolling continues]
[sniffles, sobbing]
[Zach screams]
I lost a good friend, Father.
I'm sorry to hear that.
We will pray
for his eternal repose.
I've sinned again...
[sniffles] I took a man's life.
[tolling continues]
[man shouts] Zach!
- You okay, hon?
- Yeah.
I'm making some coffee.
Fuck the coffee, Charlie.
Just get me a whiskey.
Okay. You got it.
I'm not sure what to say,
Do you want to talk about it?
There's nothing to say.
I was beginning to suspect,
but... but I didn't know.
None of us did.
He said we shouldn't
tell anybody.
He didn't want
to break protocol.
Zach was a good man.
We all loved him.
Not like I did, Anna.
[sobs] I didn't even know I
could love until I met Zach.
The whole of last year
doesn't even seem real.
Me, a con girl...
come out of jail...
turn CIA asset.
[inhales deeply]
Then I came here, and Zach...
He gave me hope.
I should've been there,
you know? I...
There was little things
I could've done.
I... I could've saved him.
You couldn't do
anything about it.
There's nothing you could do.
[sobbing continues]
How am I gonna survive this?
We'll get through this, okay?
- [sniffles]
- Together.
Our team is your family now.
Zach would want you
to know that.
[tolling continues]
[punches landing]
What was that bullshit
with Thompson?
I'm talking to you.
Look at me
when I'm talking to you.
You're meant to be one of us.
What the fuck
is one of us, man?
You're meant to be part
of the same family.
What the fuck
is the family, man?
The people who've been looking
after you all these years.
like we looked after Zach.
Zach knew the risks.
- You're angry, aren't you?
- [panting]
We're all angry.
- Now grow up.
- Oh, come on.
And deal with it!
Don't you remember?
Jake took you in.
Man, he's had enough.
He's gonna get us all killed.
You little Marine shit.
- [grunts]
- [groans]
- We're not doing this today.
- [grunts]
Now calm down.
You know what Jake's
going through?
We're all going through it!
Now pull yourself together.
Stay down!
And I expect to see you
I'm done with this shit!
Be a man and not a boy.
Grow up!
[grunts angrily]
Benton wants
to meet up later. You down?
Nope. Not tonight.
I'm, uh, just gonna take it easy.
Take it ea...
Since when do you take it easy?
Don't look at me like that.
What is this?
You holding out on me?
Oh, I wouldn't do that.
I'll catch you tomorrow, buddy, huh?
I'm out of here.
All right.
[tolling continues]
I fight evil every day, Father.
And I feel like I'm losing
myself to the dark side.
Have faith in God's wisdom.
[sniffles] I don't know
what God has in store for me.
[priest] God has plans
for all of us...
and for you.
[woman crying,
shouting in Tagalog] No!
[in Tagalog]
Please! I'm begging you!
[man] Don't be stubborn,
you'll get hurt!
- [woman] Don't do this to me!
- [Lopez] Hey!
- [in Tagalog] Hey! Let her go!
- [man] Come on, you whore!
What? Stay out of this!
- Are you hurt? Go home.
- Thank you, ma'am.
[engine starts]
[seagulls squawk]
It's good to see you, Jake.
So what brings you to Hong Kong?
Well, I have some stuff going on,
and I thought I could use your help.
- I know that I...
- [shutter clicks]
passed up your offer on running your
security operations before, last year.
[woman chuckles]
Yes, unfortunately, you did.
- But you know what? Things change.
- [clicking continues]
Now we have something better.
I have a proposition for you.
Okay, I am all ears.
- I'd like to you to fund...
- [clicking continues]
and start up
a special company for me.
Start up?
[laughs] Jake, at your age?
Recently one of my guys...
was killed on the last mission.
Kid's been with me
for a long time.
He was like a son to me.
I really loved him.
I see.
So you want revenge?
Revenge is for young guys.
This is about something
much bigger than revenge.
It's about what's right
in the world.
CIA wants us out of here,
wants us out of Asia.
We're just not gonna do that.
Why don't you come
work for me, huh?
I pay you six figures, and you are
going to have a beautiful life.
You're gonna be my boss,
and you're gonna have
six guys working under me.
- [laughs] Now we're talking.
- [chuckles]
So, how much
are we talking about?
Uh, I... I need about $5 million
to start up the company.
[laughing] Five million.
I would say...
So it's a very much
elite, elite agency, right?
Jake, look.
After my father died, you saved my
life, and I never forget this.
You will have the money
on one condition.
I become a full partner
in this whole deal.
- [in Russian] Okay.
- Full on.
[in Russian] Deal.
I will finance
a beautiful,
beautiful office for you.
We'll make it very stylish
because I think you're
gonna need a lot of help
now that you'll be financed
by a woman.
- [laughs]
- [in Russian] It's true.
So, where do you want
this office.
Uh, Bangkok?
Did you know that I own
some property there?
That does not surprise me.
Why don't you call your guys?
Tell them that I'm sending
the plane for them.
- [in Russian] Thank you very much.
- [laughs]
And you and I will cruise
on my beautiful yacht,
and we'll meet them in Manila.
[clicks tongue] I like the sound of
it, partner.
[together, in Russian]
[Thompson] Where is Jake?
Where is Jake?
Where is Alexander?
Where is Jake?
[Thompson echoing]
Where is Alexander?
I don't know where he is.
- Where is Alexander?
- I don't know where he is!
[Thompson echoing]
You're lying to me.
I'm your CIA handler.
You think I don't know you
[echoes] inside and out?
[Thompson echoing]
You know where he is.
You're lying to me.
I want answers.
You're my straight arrow.
You're the guy
that always follows by the book.
These guys don't play
by the rules.
You know,
the book doesn't work.
The rules have changed.
Yeah, the world's changed.
We're too far behind.
Help me do something about it.
Instead of reassigning us
somewhere else...
I'm trying, but every damn one
of you is standing in my way.
Finish the...
Finish the mission. [sighs]
They killed Zach, Thompson!
Help me do something about it.
Where is Alexander?
I don't know where he is!
And if I did,
I wouldn't tell you.
Now, if we're gonna be much longer,
I'm gonna need a burger or something,
'cause I'm starving.
We done?
[together, in Italian]
[in Italian]
To old memories, old times.
Milan, but especially Paris.
Do you remember Paris?
What we did in Paris?
No, no, no, no.
You were tremendous.
Very good.
- Really good.
- What does it remind you of?
- Oh, pasta.
- Oh, pasta.
- Finally.
- Great.
We are Italians.
If we don't eat pasta...
Good, good, yes.
The other surprise
I have for you...
she's my daughter.
[Orsetti sighs, laughs]
- My pleasure.
- Giada.
- You are beautiful.
- Thank you.
- [father] She's Italian.
- Eh...
It's best you go to the
customers waiting for you, okay?
Thank you.
And now? Now the pasta.
Yes, a bit of pasta.
Come on.
Come on, Santino.
- Come on, Santino.
- Thank you.
- Isn't it too much, Santino?
- [Orsetti] Yes, Santino is hungry.
It's too good.
I'm gonna have some more.
[in English] Mao, my friend.
Long time we don't see you.
I have to go to the other customers.
Just talk about business.
How long you been
working for me...
Almost two years, huh?
Yes, sir.
And how much money have you make
during this time?
Not bad, huh?
So, for that kind of money,
I expect a response now.
I have a very simple question
for you.
Who killed my men?
Nobody's talking now.
These people are not from here.
So, basically,
you come to see me,
and you have no answer for me.
[in Italian] You are like a
fork in the soup. Useless.
[Mao choking]
[cell phone ringing]
It's me.
He's back in Bangkok.
We've got a short window.
Do what needs to be done.
Yes, sir.
[man] Hi. How you doing?
Hey, you cannot go inside.
- Speak English?
- No.
[neck snaps]
[car alarm chirps]
[cell phone ringing]
[Jake on phone] Hayes.
Listen to me, you motherfucker.
I know all of your fucking immoral,
dirty, rotten, criminal shit,
and I don't care.
I got my own fish to fry.
You sent somebody to kill me,
and you missed.
You know what that means.
You make another fucking move
or blink the wrong way,
I will kill you.
I will kill your fucking mother.
I will kill your fucking dog.
[line clicks, cell phone beeps]
[Spanish man] You're in Marbella now.
You have to learn this.
I just said,
"What beautiful eyes."
- Cheers, mama.
- Cheers.
[cell phone rings]
- [in Spanish] Yes?
- [Benton on phone] Hi, Alberto.
Long time no speak.
Tom Benton.
[in Spanish] Hello, friend.
[in English] Are you here in Marbella?
I need to ask a favor.
Are you still friends
with the Camorra Mafia?
[in Spanish] Yes.
I need to get in touch
with a guy called Orsetti.
- I know him.
- We need a meeting with him.
I have a very unique product
for a very special customer.
I'll send you the details
via WhatsApp.
[in Spanish] All right.
Time is the essence, mate.
Let me know if it's possible.
It'd be good to see you.
I'll see you soon.
[in Spanish] Bye, my friend.
[cell phone beeps]
[no audio]
[Jake] All right, good morning, everybody.
We're starting our first operation,
which is an intel-gathering op.
We are doing this one
from scratch.
Orsetti was part of the Neapolitan
Camorra crime syndicate.
For the last two years,
he's been off the radar.
This is Orsetti's top dog.
Phnom Penh police chief has confirmed
that he has been assassinated.
Killed in Cambodia.
Then there's
a third unknown person
to Orsetti's
immediate circle,
a computer hacker.
I started tracking him using deep
web sites, but he's since gone dark.
The general public uses search
engines to access indexed results,
mostly certified
and registered web sites.
It's what we commonly refer to
as the World Wide Web.
Then there's the deep web...
databases, software, web sites,
and non-indexed content
that's not accessible
through standard search engines.
This is actually
the majority of the Internet.
Most of this information
is private,
kind of like your network,
Miss Sokolov.
Then there's the dark web.
Think of it like the Mariana
Trench of the Internet.
This content is heavily encrypted
and private network access only.
The dark web is where anonymous
buyers use cryptocurrencies,
like Bitcoin,
Ripple, and Litecoin,
to buy guns, drugs, and organs.
All anonymous, all untraceable.
[Anna] That's where I lost
track of Orsetti's operation.
At the moment, I can't trace him or
the hacker behind his transactions.
Okay, so right now
I have a play in place.
It's a guy called Alberto.
We have a meeting scheduled
with him immediately.
If we're lucky,
Orsetti will come.
Benton, you remember that guy
we had lunch with in Burma?
See if you can set him up
to deliver some supplies to us.
No problem.
[birds chirping]
[in Tagalog]
I'm happy you're all here.
[in Tagalog] Mom, forgive me.
I'm just so busy
with the church.
[mother] I know that.
How about you, Maria?
Did you meet someone from abroad?
Now that you're here...
you should think about
staying here for good.
Your father and I,
we're not getting any younger.
[in Tagalog] Mom,
I really need to stay in Manila.
Why don't you want to stay here?
Mom, you know I have work there.
You should not let your work
take over your life.
Mom, I already told you...
Maria, I'm your mother.
You cannot lie to me!
You think I don't know
what you're doing?
I want my family.
We're still family, right?
Family? We're not family!
Yes, I have two children.
I offer one to God.
And the devil took the other.
Thank you
for the adobo and lechon.
[in Tagalog] Maria.
Dad, I should go.
Why did you say that?
[crying, sniffles]
[siren wailing in distance]
All right, let's do this.
[Anna] Command to all teams.
Coms test.
Checking signals now.
First team, check.
[Anna on radio] Harrison? Check?
[Harrison] Same here.
Lobby's clear.
You know...
this is shitty whiskey.
But it's better than nothing.
[Anna] All eyes are go.
We have full visuals.
You're clear, guys.
Bike's here.
Maria's in position.
Maria, you good?
[Maria] All good.
[Anna on radio] Satellite PHL
Microsat One is transponding.
Black Chrysler 300...
turning now.
The car is approaching.
Sonia and Alberto
are about to enter the lobby.
Look alive, guys. They're here.
Evening. Happy holidays.
Welcome to the Ascott. Madam.
Alberto is an important man.
Orsetti's not gonna
make him wait for long.
He's gonna be watching
to see if anybody follows him.
So we'll have
to get there first.
- [Anna] Copy, team?
- Copy.
Copy that.
[cell phone rings]
- [Orsetti on phone] So?
- [in Italian] They're here.
- They came here.
- Good.
Be careful. We can't trust them.
- Call me every ten minutes, got it?
- Yes, I got it.
Every ten minutes.
Bye. See you.
[cell phone beeps]
Satellite lock, 30th floor.
Initializing Dekker's eye cam.
- [beeping]
- [Anna] Activated.
And remind Alberto
it's a nonsmoking room.
[Sonia] Put the cigar down.
How well you know this guy?
[Alberto] Orsetti?
He's, uh...
He's gonna show?
You can never tell.
See anything down there?
Only action
so far is lover boy...
meeting his next ex-wife.
What's wrong, my son?
You know I can multitask.
Plus, she's got a fantastic ass.
[Harrison] Come on, old man. She's
young enough to be your granddaughter.
How many of those pills
you taking a day?
[doorbell rings]
Evening, sir.
[door closes]
[cell phone ringing]
[Anna] Cell signal's locked.
[ringing continues]
South warehouse,
Yangon 103, 45 minutes.
Honk the horn at the door.
- Bring the money.
- [in Spanish] All right.
I'm sending you directions
on the phone.
Old building near the bridge.
Coordinates on the way.
Copy that.
We're on the move.
[engine revving]
[tires squealing]
[computer beeping]
[beeping continues]
[Harrison] Heads up, guys.
I'm going in now.
I'm in position. Stand by.
[computer beeping]
Is that you at the north gate?
- You got there fast.
- [Benton] I took a shortcut.
I used to date two sisters
in this area.
Oh, my God.
[car doors open, close]
[Anna] Team, take cover.
Amato is pulling in.
Copy that.
[Amato, in Italian]
What the fuck are you doing?
Go back and cover the bridge.
Amato's covering the main gate.
There's another guard
approaching Lopez.
[Lopez] Copy.
Moving to the end of the tunnel.
[metal detector beeps]
It's Orsetti.
I repeat,
Orsetti is in the building.
- Copy that.
- [Jake on radio] Okay, team, remember.
We can't move on Orsetti until
Dekker completes the transaction.
[zipper opens]
- [in Italian] Don Gino, it's all good.
- [zipper closes]
A man of your word.
You never disappoint.
Then, you always were.
You like the food
in this country?
They put peperoncino chili
in everything.
You cannot even have a coffee
without getting this shit.
It's good to see you, Alberto.
A warehouse.
A bit clandestine,
don't you think?
Believe me, I would have preferred
to meet you on the beach in Marbella,
but I use this place to move
some of my art pieces around.
- [Alberto chuckles]
- Hey.
Can we get this moving, please?
You have your money.
My husband's on his deathbed.
When do we get our products?
[in Italian] Let's hurry up
and then go dance, huh?
[in English] Customer...
are becoming
so demanding these days.
To answer your question...
you're gonna get
your product right now.
[electronics whirring]
[gasps] Guys, we got a problem.
He's got a live body in there.
Still beating.
So you know it's good.
[electronics beeping, crackling]
[saw whirring]
[in Spanish] Hey, dude,
what's wrong with you?
[in Italian] Hey,
the guy's shitting his pants.
Don't be an asshole.
[in English] What do you think,
I can just walk in a store
and pick out a heart for you?
Sit your ass back down
and see for yourself
how this is done.
[in Italian]
And show some respect.
[whirring resumes]
Sonia needs backup right now.
Sonia, you need
to create a diversion now.
Think fast. We're moving.
Lopez, get into position.
Wait for Sonia's play.
Harrison, cover the door.
- All right, Sonia. Go.
- Shut the fuck up.
- I need this for my husband, okay?
- [whirring stops]
Go ahead.
Do it.
[whirring resumes]
[Alberto grunts]
[man shouts, grunts]
[in Italian] Vittorio,
where the fuck are you?
[tires screech]
[shouts, groans]
Harrison, cover the side exit.
[in Italian] Son of a bitch!
[Sonia on radio] Rosen, Orsetti's
behind that crate. Where is Lopez?
Guys, Dekker needs backup now.
- [man groans]
- [Lopez grunting]
- [hammer cocks]
- [man] No!
[computer beeps]
I don't think you have
any more bullets, bitch.
Rosen, I'm out of bullets.
Get us out of this.
[Anna] Hang on, Sonia.
Lopez is on the way.
[Orsetti] Come on!
- [Anna on radio] Harrison!
- [Harrison] I'm on my way!
- Hold on, Dekker.
- [Orsetti] You want to fuck with me?
- Orsetti has Sonia.
- Don't move.
Don't move! Put your hands up!
- [Orsetti on video] Come here.
- Fuck off!
[Orsetti] Who are you?
FBI? CIA? Interpol?
Fuck off. Take that shot!
[Benton] Let me take him!
[in Italian]
Vito, take the money.
- Let the girl go.
- [in English] I got the girl!
- Take the shot!
- [in Italian] Piece of shit!
and I'm gonna kill her.
[in Italian] Go, go, go!
Piece of shit! I'll kill you!
[in English]
You send her as bait to me?
Let me fucking take him, Jake!
I've got a clear shot, Jake!
- [in Italian] Piece of shit!
- [Benton] Don't fucking move!
- Benton!
- Let the girl go.
[in English] I'm gonna
fucking kill her anyway.
- Let the girl go.
- [Sonia] Benton!
Jake! Let me fucking take
the son of a bitch!
Come on, man,
give me the fucking go!
- [Sonia] Benton!
- [Orsetti, in Italian] Piece of shit!
Come on, Jake!
Let me fucking take him!
- [in Italian] Piece of shit!
- Jake!
Let me fucking take him!
Let me blow his fucking head off!
Let me take him!
[echoing] Take the shot!
[Jake echoing] Put the gun down.
[in Italian, echoing] Fuck you!
[echoing] Let me fucking take
the son of a bitch!
[Vincenzo in Italian, echoing]
You want to make a deal?
[Benton echoing] Drop the gun,
motherfucker! Drop it now!
[car doors close]
[engine cranks, starts]
[Anna on radio] Harrison, hold your fire.
Lopez, stand down.
[Harrison] Shit.
[grunts, pants]
[tires squealing]
Shut the fuck up!
I'm gonna kill you right now!
- [Anna on radio] Lopez, I said stand down!
- Fuck these guys!
- [Orsetti grunts, groans]
- [Sonia grunts]
[in Italian] Son of a bitch!
Lopez! Jesus!
Look after Dekker!
- [coughs]
- You okay?
Yeah. Amato's been hit.
[Harrison panting]
Rosen, I got him.
[Benton on radio]
Harrison, we're in pursuit.
Harrison is on the bridge.
[tires screech]
[hammer cocks]
Helicopter coming your way.
Be careful, guys.
[shouting, indistinct]
Merry Christmas, motherfucker.
[gun clicks]
[Orsetti, in Italian]
Son of a bitch!
[in Italian] Piece of shit!
[Orsetti grunts, groans]
[groaning, gurgling]
[knife clatters]
Where is Jake? Where is Jake?
Where is Alexander?
[shutter clicks]
[clicking continues]
Where is Jake?
Where is Alexander?
- I need your help.
- You must think I'm some kind of muppet.
Do you think I'm gonna
rat out my partner...
I'm not asking you
to rat him out.
What I'm asking you to do
is to follow orders.
I'm asking you to give me
the information I need...
My loyalty's to him.
- I'm not asking...
- I will not rat out my partner.
I am your superior officer.
It's happy hour, Jess.
It looks like you need a beer.
[birds chirping]
- [computer beeps]
- Three minutes.
[rhythmic beeping]
Two minutes.
You don't know shit!
Can I go now?
Tell me the truth.
I joined Jake's team
because of my father,
which makes him family.
And family always comes first.
You are obstructing justice.
Go ahead. Sit there.
Say nothing.
I'll wait.
[beeping continues]
One minute.
Thirty seconds.
[beeping continues]
Fifteen seconds.
Target locked, sir.
Missile released.
[missile launches]
Welcome home, my love.
[computer whirring, beeping]
I don't know.
And my guess is nobody does.
I've already made my decision.
I've got a plane to catch.
[rock music playing]
[song ends]