General Education (2012) Movie Script

Hey, Bo Chang tapeworms cornered me.
You have trained at full steam.
- I do not know what that means.
- Levi, forget about it, come here.
- Everyone loves the accent.
- I know. - You should already know.
I'm so proud of you
it was a great game!
Sorry, honey. Levi, this is
Samuel Goldstein.
Hey, call me Samuel G.
- Hi. Pretty bow tie.
- Thanks.
- Have a fantastic home.
- Did you hear that? And he knows it.
Sam is a recruiter ForrestWood.
Were you ardas so on behalf of the university
, I offer a full scholarship.
These highly recommended.
Go, free school.
It's great, Sammy.
Although I'm still waiting for the response
other schools before deciding.
has requested admission to
several other universities.
I do not know what they talk about.
Forestwood has been a tradition in my family for...
generations and we are very proud of...
our son go to school right away.
tradition is so beautiful, Mr. Mayor.
Do you want to make a lemonade
and discuss the details?
Can we postpone it?
Have classes today.
Yes. Thank you, Mr. Goldstein,
sorry have to go...
... the race, but I have to show my final presentation
- See you later.
- Classes of what?
It's okay.
Want a drink? Take something.
Okay, come on.
- That, Levi!
- Hello.
- Mrs. B's mad at you.
- What?
Who told you?
- It's about time you showed up.
- Hi Andy.
Dan. Is that your locker is your shaker
Yeah, I have to work on my triceps
- Did you finish that sample amateur?
- Sure.
Then all is well with you and the Mayor?
Yes, I'm saved.
Wood Forest offered me a scholarship.
Wow, thought you
finished with tennis.
You considering all your options.
Perfect. You can now use their savings to buy more
Guys, please, about the fireworks...
not even Mexicans... has never left us well.
Oh, My God, is on fire!
It is the buy a Mexican, not
in Mexico. There is a difference.
If found suitable, will be kings
July 4.
Mexican fireworks are 4 times better!
Guys, do not want to be the king
anything. Now, does anyone...
... of you know if this angry
Mrs. Bradford.?
- Yes, it's a hysterical witch.
- This is forever.
The thing is is furious,
guess you failed.
Should go see, put the
qualifications outside the classroom.
But we already reviewed and you failed.
Ms. Bandford.. Earth Sci.
- Damn, they were not lying.
- We bribe.
- How much you got?
- Two dollars.
- Levi, will my mom is not here you?
- No, I'm walking. What are you doing?
- Rediscovering my head.
- I did not know she was lost.
- Hey, you got some money?
- No.
But the work is not selling very well, so
that the teacher gave me these free tickets.
- I do not want Mom and Dad come.
- Okay.
These functioned.
Hello, Mrs. B, I hope this list
to enjoy.
You're three hours late Levi.
Sorry, I was
helping the community.
Really? How?
Winning another championship.
The school has no
tennis team and play in the club...
... your father has no
as community service.
- Okay, I guess you're right.
- What I can do for you Levi?
Hoping to let me show you my final presentation.
The term school
seconds ago and notes are stuck outside.
- Do you like Mayers?
- Are you bribing me?
's Just a silly show.
I already have those tickets.
Let me wasting my time...
... and I advise you to go with an adviser
I can help.
Wait, Mrs. Bradford, I missed the class
to get a scholarship.
Was important and I have my
project. It's right here!
- See, it works with sunlight!
- It's great, Levi.
I'm late for
get my daughter, but congratulations on your award.
I came to see about my notes.
Are you
little brother Brian Collins?
Oh, my God, not seen you since I
I was going to high school!
Do not just win a scholarship?
I love winning things,
is as reward!
Why are you here?
Ms. Bradford
science failed me and will not let me show you my final project.
Why not see what you want?
Levi Collins. Oh, sure you
Looks like you are not eligible to graduate
What ?!!? Do not I graduated?
Well according to my
computer, you need...
take a few classes over natural sciences.
Oh, right, Science freshmen.
The dark pigment absorbs sunlight...
... Which color the
are better in sports.
That teacher was a racist!
What can not be done alone test or something?
Oh, no! You can not change your...
... grades one time displayed, sorry.
But luckily for you, the
school has summer courses this year.
No, I'll go with my friends
to Mexico after...
... graduation,
I can not go to summer school.
Oh, have to wait until you graduate to...
... able to travel. We have a policy...
... very strict no
let students...
graduate without having met all the requirements.
's One of our rules.
Wait, if I did not graduate
my father will kill me.
Oh, God, probably.
must have something you can do.
There is a way.
The director has called your parents.
Have to run as fast as you can,
find my sister and tell
what is happening.
- Got it?
- Understood.
- Charles, do not bring shoes.
- I know the pull.
Oh, no, you know? That is his old number, and
not work. But I can give them back.
The number you have dialed is out of service
Okay, what is the new number?
- Hi. .
- Ms. Collins...
Lynch'm the director of the school your child
, How are you today?
- Okay, thank you. Do you?
- Well.
I'm with her son Levi and
unfortunately I have some bad news.
- Okay, tell me which.
- Levi has failed in science.
Not graduated with
last generation. He is ready to be...
... in the morning but
graduation would not allow without your permission.
Well, God, I had no idea this
Your father will be as
a poisonous snake.
have lots of cousins ??here visiting for the weekend,
so I would appreciate that you leave
participate in graduation.
Ms. Collins,
should consider the severity of the situation.
Levi has been absent twelve times this semester.
Is that it's just a busy bee.
Thanks for your concern...
... Director, but I'm adamant that
leave to participate in graduation.
- Okay, I understand.
- Thank you, bye-bye, bye-bye.
- Your mother is South?
- Oh, yes, of San Diego.
Born and raised.
That performance!
First row, please stand up.
Good God, you're here!
- If I moved my influences to be here.
Why Dan is calling graduate?
Because it is the best class
Going to a really good school
Hey, Charles, not to
all films, only Levi, you know?
- Let him do as he wants.
- Okay...
We are doing a big favor.
What do your parents do not end up
said secondary?
And our next Bulldog,
is one of my best friends.
Recently he has been awarded a full scholarship
in athletics, Levi Collins.
- You will need to have to tell your dad?
- I have no choice.
- I'm ready if you're ready.
- No, Charles.
This is something I need to do alone.
Is it because they are black?
No, my friend, is because you have
13 and are not family.
Okay, I have a photomontage
greeting him with that kind of hand.
It's okay.
Hi, Mom, Dad is at home?
If you are up getting ready.
There is a letter for you on the table.
What is not dangerous to
the cup near the iron?
'm Sure nothing happened.
- Oh, lottery!
- What does it say?
Dear Levi, on behalf of the state...
- I've Been accepted.
- Oh, honey, that's wonderful.
I also think it's wonderful
. Why not?
You won
things for your account. Thanks honey.
Have very good grades school. And now you can throw.
Because I want to see you in the studio.
Careful, it's hot.
Has been a family tradition to play tennis.
And every
Collins since 1925 has played tennis at Forestwood.
And you are the first to earn a full scholarship
, you know what that means?
Yes, Dad, you told me.
I do not know is that you have the
potential to be better than your brother.
That's what it means.
Means that one of these days I will make your trophy at the...
... stand next to your great great grandfather...
... Leroy Collins who was the first and the best.
Could be second and you could be the best.
O and the third follow
being second best.
Some call Leroy Collins a hero.
- Keep your eyes closed.
- Well.
Keep them closed. Fortunately we have another tradition...
... familiar to me, all graduated
which receives a carriage.
What ?!!? A Mercedes!
- This is amazing!
- And the best part...
I would not have bought something
so good but your mother insisted.
Hi Gail, hello Levi.
Mr. Mayor and you're running late.
- I never late.
- Dad - Yes?
Gotta tell you something.
Can not wait to never
because I have a meeting with...
cyclists and have to get me on this thing.
Not see, love.
Do not worry about it.
Be filled with mud. Go out and have fun.
These things taste much better without bees.
Hey, this is an authentic Mexican
crossing the border has bee
is like water for these people...
Mother of God 1
Levi Damn, where did you get this junk
Only a small graduation gift
First Lady.
- But if you have not graduated so...
- why I'm here.
Shady Looking for Nick.
This en route 3341, half an hour,
trailer in the parking lot.
- It's OK.
- Wait, wait.
Brought this for everyone.
I took all night, but...
Thanks, Dan, this is more than I expected
- My dad works at the factory so...
- everyone engaged so...
Give me that.
Is this draining you, give it to me.
Hi, friend, what's up?
Levi, look at my new ID.
Your new ID?
!? 18 years ?!
What you gonna do?
To vote?
I just want to be 18
celebration we will have in Mexico.
Hell, if
when we leave?
Shady Nick, is it possible to enter records
school and change my grades?
If you're asking me
hack your school, I will not.
- Is it possible?
- Yes, but I only do licenses.
I do not want to mess with the school.
I was supposed to graduate this summer.
- But if you have 22
- I'm a self-taught visual.
Please Shaddy,
need this.
I can get tickets for the program Mayers.
I can not even
I can leave my house.
- I take care of my mom.
- Nickolas, who is at the door?
- Is Samson?
- Shut up mom!
Samson will never come back!
Sorry, Levi,
would be best for you to go...
... The front door
yourself and make your own.
Can not social just...?
Okay, Charles,
this is a great mission.
- Are you ready to accept?
- I do not think is so great for me.
Can we go over the plan again?
First we crossed the street, we
the concierge and headed to...
... this side of the building, where
is a ladder in case of fire.
We use this to secure and remove the
up with her to...
... the roof, once there, open the vent
Then you are entering.
I will tie this rope to get off...
... the living directors, to
you can open inside me and...
I can get super fast access
computer and change my rating.
- Why can disguise these raccoon?
- I needed a costume.
Come on, let's do it.
Levi Collins,
What the hell are you doing?
My arm.
Look like a bear or something.
Do you know what it looks like when you
come in a police car dressed like that?
That's the
costume that I made when you were 16?
- If this is it. - Even you have left?
- If I still
- See? Even you have left.
- Barely.
Forget the costume is supposed to be here
this afternoon to practice with me. Where were you?
had a job interview.
For what? A carnival?
A summer job, that's great affection
. I think...
... that's great.
You can make extra money, new friends...
- Of course I think.
- Mr. Mayor, I need fir-
- What did we say play?
- I'm sorry. I took them 5 minutes.
Thanks Donnie. But I insist is a
fabulous idea. It will make new friends.
Know, honey, I wanted to talk about it
Daryl as
strange when you're not around.
Lives glued to her cell,
who would think?
- So...
- I got this.
What pimp costume!
You packed?
We have some bad news. I will not go to Mexico.
What the hell are you talking about?
- Do we have to go to summer school?
- No, Dan, only me.
- This is supposed to fix it.
- The Bob officer intervened.
- I'm too depressed!
- What are you talking ?!
We can not delay a few weeks?
No, I plan everything
months, plus...
... we only have until Monday to escape
- Hey, I have no choice.
- Do not you have another option?
Very well.
Good luck.
Wait, what
will go without me like that?
Do we have a choice?
No, I guess not.
- Make me proud.
- Oh, we will.
's Go, let's go.
- What are you doing?
- Let's go, Chuck!
- I stay with Levi.
- Dude, you can not stay here.
Yes, yes I can. I'll stay with you.
Charles, do not let me
the reason why you have a horrible summer.
I do not want to be alone with these
both. They could kidnap me or something.
What ?!!? Do what you want!
What could be so bad?
They are only 10 days.
The final space and beyond.
Hope to take extensive notes and if you do not know what...
... means extensive word
please look for its meaning.
Mr. Collins, late,
why am I not surprised?
This alone was missing.
Chad Worthington! What are you doing here?
Educational work for Levi! . Ms. B has...
been very kind in giving me a summer job
- That's great!
- You know what is even more cool!
- Me and my diploma, because I when I graduated!
- Enough!
Chad, takes these papers to the office.
That, Mrs. B, I hope I do not build a rocket
That was last year.
This year if you have to graduate.
Yes, it's true!
I feel it in the blood!
Hello Levi, I guess the
hack job did not help, huh?
- You are know?
- Yes, it is my flesh.
-'re Kind of like friends.
- Take this and sit down.
Nick up your back and sit in front Levi
Hey, could you...?
This interrupting the class Mr. Collins!
I hope this time if put
attention. I'd hate to lose her scholarship.
- I was just being a gentleman.
- Hey, I have a question.
- Yes, Opie?
- This class will be easy? Because...
can not go back to failing again.
No, this class
not be easy.
Haran laboratory tests, leaving their...
oral presentation with a value of 80% rating.
This class will last for 10 days, there is a test every...
... day and allowed
is, again, an absence.
Any other questions? All right.
Clean your tables, this will be your first consideration
- Hi, I'm Katie.
- Levi.
It was an easy exam.
How many times have you taken
summer school?
Since this is five.
Oh, God, how I see it, we have two options for sitting
May not be smart, but if we sit
unhappy with being dumb bitches will be entertained.
Or we can sit down with these guys.
Diversity is the key
and there are two empty seats.
What about her?
're A guy panther.
I like your style.
can sit with you?
You sure.
Kattie, you look like an average student.
How did you end up in this class?
- It's a long story. My mom...
- Hey, baby.
What say we go back there and
for us ..
we eat a couple of these in the bushes?
Thank you, Chad, but am vegetarian
Why not delete that smile
sinister and leave us alone?
Listen, Levi, I hope you know that both
ask the same scholarship this summer.
- Forestwood I was set on you?
- Big surprise, right?
And guess against whom play in the first round?
- June Grid?
- No, you will t
- Too bad for you.
- What are you talking about?
It will be an open tournament.
I'd point since last night.
- I do not have set out.
- Sounds like someone who is afraid.
My friend is not a whore
fearful! You feel...
... very good, why do not you challenge him
here and now?
I would, but this is not
a tennis court.
I was not talking about tennis!
This is Teda Ball, the joke is
maintain balo on the side...
... Opposite pole. And it must be fought
. Nothing loose strings.
Whatever you say. Whoever wins gets
- What the hell!? ?!
- Are you ready?
- Ready!
- A dancing.
What are they doing in court Teda
Adentro, but now!
Levi wait. Thanks,
not let you win.
You're welcome.
What story between you two?
Is not a big deal. Only
believes that it is the only...
class person I know has a chance.
- So you're not from here.
- I'm not from Ocean View.
And I say there
summer school there?
Well I stay with my mom this summer and is very strictest
Academics ... so this forced me to take this class
where he works.
I should be in Mexico with my friends...
... but that witch
Mrs. Bradford failed me..
- Well, I thought so.
- So you're not from here?
- No.
- should go out with me tonight.
- So?
- There is this thing...
Okay, I like things.
- Perfect.
- Wait.
- I'll call you.
- Okay.
What are you seeing?
Something good?
I heard you speak at the morning
Brad Jarvis, so I know I can talk.
Not me? That's it?
These deaf too. Levi!
- Hi.
- How are you dear? How about work?
It was great. I brought a sample.
- What a nice surprise, thanks.
- Welcome.
- Where did you say you worked?
- EN traditional sweets factory.
- Really?
- Well this looks delicious.
- Could you bring more?
- I do not know.
What are you doing?
'm Making cookies. The
Release your sister is this...
... night and no one contacts me
not want it to go.
Well, I think that only
is practicing her paper.
Yes? Well, at least that
can do is let go.
Oh, Mom.
Sure she wants you there.
But you know, since
no tickets left over.
- Thanks for that. Are you hungry?
- Yes, I'm hungry.
You just have to sign here.
do not move a finger I can not sign, Don.
Thank you.
- Dad?
- Hey, sit down.
- You wrote me in the open tournament?
- Yes, I did.
Well, I can not play I have to work.
Forget about it, this is more important.
The admissions office called today...
... and apparently have not sent your
qualifications and you have put on hold.
Do you love me
even explain why you have not sent?
- The school should have done.
- You should've done it alone!
Do you know what this scholarship means to me
and your mother?
- Yes I know.
- So do not spoil it!
- Who asked popcorn?
- Want some?
Well since.
- Pass.
- You must flunked science again?
Callate1 God, do not assume that these
What you gonna do?
Already charge me.
I am in summer school.
Even'll come to work this evening
? Please say yes.
If you say what time it starts?
At 7, but late,
the first act is loose.
Vinicio I love you, I love you!
've Never been to a Broadway
but do not suppose that
mimes do not talk?
I think there Mimos
on Broadway.
- Charles, where drinks are?
- The line was very long.
- Do you know him?
- Is Charles.
- I'm his sidekick.
- Kitie.
Say! Say I love you!
With words!
Now we take
five minute intermission, Vinicio touch...
... this bell 38 times and will be meeting for
arto room.
I'm going for a drink, you want anything?
No, I'm fine. I'll stay with
Charles to hear the bells.
Levi told me you were not here.
- Actually...
am - Hi, Kate.
What say we go way back and suck some palettes
What? No!
What does that mean?
A Kitie likes to scratch.
- Thank you.
- Hello, Levi.
Hi Bebe.
Is it true that your brother broke up with his fiancee
- That would be so great!
- I really do not know if it's true.
That's 38, I better get back to my seat.
- Anda baby.
- Come on, baby.
Levi do not tell me that these
dating legs that wheel.
Hear stay like that last year.
- What's that - No, it's me.
- And as we were leaving.
Do not forget our tournament tomorrow.
- It is a good swimmer.
- Yes, it is.
And what exactly
relationship between you and Charles?
I'm something like
your bodyguard.
So you spend your nights
protecting your sidekick?
Rather it is the other way around, right?
Actually at this time
should be practicing tennis.
Levi, you're a real scammer.
And are even good?
Supposedly a result I got my scholarship.
I did not graduate, so reconsider
to pass this class.
- That sucks.
- Si.
So when did you decide you wanted to play tennis?
You know what? Never.
Only saw dragged me to it.
How about you?
What is your story?
Well, well, my mom wants
I graduated...
... prior to going to college
Has a plan for my master,
go to medical school and become a surgeon.
So the faster faster
do I get a job.
That's exactly like my dad.
We forced my brother and my
playing tennis since birth.
I have a mom that qualifies your homework.
A second.
Is my mom.
Hi, Mom.
If I were practicing
and I had arrived.
- What's going on?
- It's about time!
We have to have a family talk. Sit.
Come on, it's serious.
You listen, I seriously...
- What's going on?
- Family Reunion, sit down.
- Jane go home, please.
- Excuse us, Jane. Thank you.
- Hasten is superserio.
- You already said that!
- It's because it is!
- Brian?
'll Go straight to the point.
Your brother decided to leave his tour.
- What about the protective collar?
- He's dying!
- I'm not dying.
- No dying.
if someone was dying, show them that...
show some respect for his dying brother.
That's your fourth glass of wine?
Do not worry about what your mother does!
Well, I have to go to the Capital tomorrow
and Levi tournament...
... open is important.
I want you as you train.
I do not think that's appropriate.
Do not you think, what?
Do not think that is appropriate ?!
I can do, I can train
Mom, thanks, but no
. No offense.
because you decided to end your career means that too.
Have a great tournament tomorrow so get some sleep.
you're going to be there for him.
You will not mourn, do you?
No, I will not mourn.
- You have to prepare for it tomorrow.
- It's at 1:00 pm.
We should probably stand earlier.
- What are you doing?
- Why have fractured neck?
- I fight with Icarly.
- You fought physically with a girl?
- You will have you going to let your tour tournament?
- Yes, it is.
- What will you do if you no longer jugaras tennis?
- I do not know.
Do not know yet.
Probably find a job or something.
Can you stop asking me so many questions
I'm sorry.
's Just... good night.
Good night.
So what
is playing tennis family, huh?
How long you stay in the city?
I do not know.
I have no travel plans yet, so indefinitely.
But you have a place in Rimbeldon.
Want to buy a plane ticket?
It seems that the board has changed.
Do you still keep wasting time with that actricita
I do not feel comfortable answering that.
Should not focus on the tournament?
What ?!!?
In no way! That was on the line.
No one foot beyond.
Are you serious?
What I can say?
It was a great party!
My set was not, clearly gave
on the line!
- You did not have school today?
- I took care of it.
- Hate Parker?
- Here.
- Levi Collins.
- Boom!
Is a great story, but please
you are only allowed one absence.
Now if you'll excuse me I have to go talk
Sam G.
- At least your wife did not leave you.
- You were not married!
You know
do not have to do this, correct?
If what you say.
Dad stay broken if I lose this scholarship.
- It'll be alright
- around here.
How drank?
I do not know. I just found
get and well.
Pass me the soap.
I think it's time to stop this habit.
I think this is his fault.
- How long ago did this happen?
- Since the election.
- Want this?
- Thanks.
Really, Mom, you're scaring me.
God, did you notice me? Thanks Em.
Never 're here, you're always in the theater and things
theater and...
Brian for three years has been in the
tennis, why is it so difficult to contact you?
Y Levi, at what point did you become
your dad?
Is just work,
tennis, tennis and work.
come and go and nobody notices that I'm here.
- How are you?
- Asleep.
- Dad will be furious when he returns.
- Especially because you lost.
- You did not have classes?
- Classes?
You should go to google search...
... mimes,
because I swear they do not speak.
- Which class?
- Because it does not surprise me.
- Is not Dad's fault.
- So because you failed science?
- Because I force myself to play Tennis ball.
- Tennis ball?
I did the same.
Yes, but you are already a professional
and that's better than school.
Leaving school to join the professional circuit...
tennis... but
is the decision I have taken,
there are hundreds of people there.
And at least you're in the top 5 you are nothing.
- Been worldwide.
- What do you think it got there?
Every tournament I won
single panzazo makes me pass.
Icarly why you broke?
- Because you're mediocre.
- Not fully.
get home early!
Baby, this is what has been bothering you
? I think I broke my neck.
- It happened so fast.
- Auch, that was crazy.
Going to tell you to stop the circuit.
Okay, let's assume you stop playing.
How am I going to go to college?
Is just a second option. It is out of state.
But it is a good school.
If you spend that kind...
... ire to a real university. Trust me.
- Any suggestions?
- Si.
Trust your success. So it got me to pocket
- Trust your success relies on your success.
- Trust your success.
Trust your success relies on your success.
For my final presentation
speak of dinosaurs were herbivores only.
- Okay, I'll accept.
- Topics final presentation.
Plants. Speak...
I have a great plan...
... And a second floor that is great too
... and put them in the same room
see if...
I have a plant supergenial kicks ass .
Okay, while
plants are legal.
Those who make the process of photosynthesis.
Here, what are we doing?
Well, Levi, you should know, since your friend
, recorded the whole class.
Yes, even I have not had a chance to see
're Discussing topics for your final presentation.
I have none.
Can I tell you tomorrow?
Levi Collins does not have a project? What a surprise!
Let's face it, not
here to work.
here because they want to get their hands to Kattie.
That's not true!
Not true.
That's enough!
At your desk!
Anyone else not have
theme for your presentation?
Yes, I do.
May you and Nick go to the library and seek
issues and...
... I want me this
immediately after lunch.
Where are you going?
're Crazy if you think it will come
sit there for two hours.
I will eat something. Also,
alone are we supposed to study.
- I have not so hungry.
- I do.
- And we must not leave the premises.
- I'll take your car.
- Not much gasoline.
- Will put you in the way.
- I have a flat tire.
- I can change.
Friend, this car
this luxury.
- Use Premium?
- Diesel.
You know, I saw a video on the internet where
can turn this car into a Previest.
- Previest?
- I can not believe you.
Is as vegetable oil and condenser flow.
I have a friend in town.
We should go see him.
No way, Mrs.
B kicked my ass.
We said we worked on our project
. What's better than vegetables?
- How do you know this guy?
- It's my father's blood brother.
- Is your dad?
- No.
Hey, Samson, come out my friend.
What are you doing here? Have closed.
No parent today, I need
fix your gas tank.
- Is yours?
- Yes, sir.
Can you make it a fast car
food processor?
What the hell are you talking about?
I have never done anything like this!
Hello youtube friends,
am Vic and Veggie Oil...
... I'll teach veggetable
do your shopping.
The first thing you need is a filter
Like this. What you put here.
Then here and then direct to your motor.
Now that it is installed, only
See? I told you.
If I'll be damned!
But I can not do it alone.
'll Let you help me.
It seems that years ago
dismantle a car that had just the same filter.
Mr. Samson, will I be able to take that filter?
I do not see why the hell not.
Hey, Sam, I need a truck trailers
chickens right away.
I'll be right.
Duty calls, comrades,
go by that filter.
- Shazam!
- That's it!
's Great. Now we have to go to class
if our idea will work.
So the next day the three lawyers...
... went to heaven, the
squat, height and fat.
Messing sneaked into the house, reeking mi...
... study, you're stupid
or what? Come here please.
Speak with Samuel Goldstein, said that
missed the tournament with a double whammy...
Well, if he had not been busy flirting...
... Brian had seen that
I was cheated.
No, I want to hear.
Come here. Stop, please.
have a strong chance to win the scholarship, so you have...
... to work as a maniac.
Beginning tomorrow, we will practice together.
Tomorrow ?! No,
dad, I can not!
- I'm talking, I'm talking about.
- I have to work.
I do not want to hear another
time on that job...
... summer.
Not risk this scholarship for useless work.
Start tomorrow and you will start
me. Goodbye, no more questions. Thank you.
Nice suit. Where was I?
A itself. Three lawyers are going to...
... sky by a short, high
and a fat, who comes first?
- Who?
- The most handsome.
The suit does not work at all.
- Are you crying?
- No.
Is Icarly
page facebook?
- Maybe.
- And you just send a message ?!
- I do not know what you mean.
- You need to calm down.
There is nothing you could have done.
- What's that?
- Something that I want to talk.
128 and continue.
Not bad, indeed.
Stay loose and firm.
Balanced. Sign and loose.
Extend your arm, and pulls the ball
high, high. Very high!
Very High! Not so loud!
Well is the 130, stay loose and think
tennis, loose and do not worry about me.
Let that ball is then merged with the
racket. And the racket hand.
'll Avoid phrases like stink because no...
I think ...
serve your technique. Where are you going?
Do not know, might need a kick or something.
- A break from what?
- I do not wanna play.
Not at this time.
I have to go to work.
What else
gonna do? I'm fine.
What are you looking at, Bill?
Stick to play with your child.
It is amazing that is always right.
Slowly, slowly.
Shit, slipped all!
That language!
chemical spill in my hand, I can go wash?
I do not understand, do you realize that these
about to fail my class again?
I know, sorry.
- What happened yesterday?
- I was looking for my topic, I swear.
- Gasoline plant.
- Yes, ma'am.
- Sure you can do this?
- I solar battery went well.
Since you were absent today I put a 6
But complete this assignment and I'll see you after lunch.
Can be presented on Friday.
I hope you know what you do.
Hey, listen to what happened.
The setting this
shed a solution in your hands...
chemistry class and became one of those chemical showers.
This sucks!
Do not understand how they do not call
saltwater and in my country.
What the hell are you talking about?
You're as white as me.
- Hi.
- Hello.
- I like your theme.
- I had to like it.
What is it?
Going to put a motor that converts vegetable...
and believes it will restarting.
No, I will prove that vegetable oil can...
... function as an alternative fuel.
- With my car.
. Wow that's ambitious.
If, saying, do you think
should work?
Does bear shit in the woods?
I have to admit I'm impressed.
So work?
- We made it!
- Take a spin to test it.
Can not believe that actually works
- I told you.
- Smells of roasted chicken.
What makes a beautiful quote palmeable
pancake as...
... that rolling alone for these dangerous seas
- Babe?
- Oh, God, Brian Collins!
You back in town?
Now you live here?
From a month ago,
'm at my parents.
- What happened to you?
- Oh, nothing out of the ordinary.
You know what? You should go to my presentation tomorrow
. It will be fun knew.
- It's OK. - Have some flyers.
- Yes, yes, yes.
All go, guys right?
- Great.
I love your car, kitchen smells
What the hell is a
palmeable quesito bread?
Enlighten me here.
That should do it.
- What?
- You drawn Babe Simons.
No... I have not seen since high school
. What do you care?
- Nothing but wanted to know. That's all.
- Si.
What's between you and
Kittie? They are very close.
-'re Just friends.
- So...
should not have problems
ask you to go to the presentation tomorrow.
I do not know. I do not know if she
likes this kind of stuff.
If most girls do.
I wanted to know if you want me tonight
out on a date?
Are you busy?
To be honest I thought
work in my project a couple of hours tonight.
- Okay, then.
- I'm kidding!
- I would love to date you.
- Fantastic.
I was beginning to think you were asexual.
O damn gay.
Opie Parker, those bad words!
O gay.
Pick you up at 7
We have so much fun tonight.
- Hi.
- Hello.
- How was work?
- Very good, actually.
- Busy?
- Being busy is the best, believe me.
I want to apologize for the other day.
Do not have to. The
practice makes perfect.
I get it.
Oh dear.
- Harry did not qualify last night.
- Really?
Broke his leg. This means that the
... first round is tomorrow, Chad Worthington
against you.
- I can not, sorry.
- Come on, Levi.
It's okay. The meeting is at 9,
I want to be there. Your scholarship depends on it.
- It's OK.
- Okay.
- Why do you try on as many shirts?
- I have a date tonight species.
That is not prolonged too late.
It's okay.
No, you have fun.
Sure, Dad.
- Lady Bradford?
- Do not tell me you're his appointment.
- What makes Kittie home?
- I see you're with Mom.
- She's your mom?
- Yes, let's go.
- I want you home by 10
- Mom, really?
If you do not want malpases.
No sex, no death, no
fire, okay?
- Understood, no fires.
- Well, bye mom.
She's your mom?
Why do not you tell me your mom is
Mrs. Bradford?
Well she talked
pests before I could tell you.
So I return home tomorrow after
class so imagine never notaries.
No, please, you can not go
. Come on, think of all...
... the fun we can have if u
I know, he is tempted, but I have to return
- You see your own you hate your mom?
- Not so bad.
I guess.
- It's so good.
- But requetebuena.
- Yes, very good.
- I have to talk to her.
Have to go behind the scenes and talk to her.
- Well avintate.
- Okay.
What good.
You know, playing well for years, and
already signed to a label.
- What? Yes.
- Really?
- Yes? Really?
- No.
Why Jamaican girls are so hot?
- She's not Jamaican.
- Talk like pigs.
A Super Hot Dog Levi,
of the guy with the black eye.
Hey, Levi, for you
the goals for the rear.
That moron.
Hey, Katie, do you want to go back to play
Chinese puzzle?
Ya surrender, not
wants to date you!
So says the loser.
- You know you should win that game.
- Unlikely.
And there is another meeting, and I'm in and
and your out.
Good luck with that scholarship.
Guess you should see the show tomorrow.
Oh, I already did, and beat Harry
will be like a walk in the park.
Harry? Well yes, it is
broke his leg and left.
- What are you talking about?
- You play against me.
The tournament is in the morning.
What are you gonna do? Truancy ?
I do not know. I'll go early,
show my car and then I'll kick your ass.
Good luck with that car tomorrow.
What are you talking about?
Let's just say you should take better care of your car.
We must end this guy permanently.
First we must find the car.
Calm down, I'm sure this
here somewhere.
Now what do I do?
Chad has sabotaged me.
- What are you doing ?!
- Fixing it.
- I do not want to break anything.
- It's called justice, bro.
Charles is right. Levi
Come, let us go home.
Take the bat.
- Yes!
- That's love.
Yes, sir, beautiful.
Let's see you have more.
- Yes!
- That'll do, that'll do.
What the hell? What are you doing?
'm Tearing Chad's car.
That's not the truck
Chad, that's my car!
Hey, I have a right to call.
Call your mom and do not answer.
Change that number!
Can not stay here all night!
I have school tomorrow morning!
They Trespassing to school him and destroy police property
, at least 10 are
Please, someone stole my car!
Chad Worthington is a saint!
You belong behind those bars.
- What's up?
- I have only 13
I do not want to be a criminal.
Hey, he only has 13, can not have you here enclosed
You know what? You're right.
Well, come on, man.
- You do not!
- What?
Hey, this is not fair.
- Charles.
- I'm sorry.
Come on, man, I'm your guard, remember?
I have to go home.
Back in an hours.
Charles, get me out of here!
Go teasers!
Makes a beautiful day with the sun rising
... 5:38 a.m..
It will be one of the longest days of the year
all be out enjoying the...
tennis tournament that began in hours.
toras news had a vandalism incident outside the club Venniu
students were caught vandalizing a police car
Speaking of being carried by the heat of the glasses
favorite in the tournament today is Chad Worthington
Faces Levi Collins and
is expected to be a great game
Hi, Levi.
- How did you know I was here?
- Charles left me a note.
Levi's in jail!
The written with crayon.
Bradford came into my office this morning, today was your...
second absence ... so do
bag in its class. Sorry, Levi.
- But neither the school even starts.
- It is noon.
My life is over!
Best return to that cell once.
What happened last night?
Shredding with a bat
my car, that's what happened.
And we found his car in Nelson.
Oh, God, my, you're here.
Charles, what happened just a few hours
I was entertained.
I worry so much when you did not come home last night
. Bob, why do not you call me?
What? Try that then call
trashed my car over and over again.
So let me tell you I need
repair costs.
I get it, sorry.
You will be fully paid.
Can you give us a minute?
I'm sorry, forgive me.
I can not tell you how upset I was when
... Came home last night and did not even call
Your father thinks you left early to play tennis
Honey, this is, this is...
What do bandalizando cars ?!
I received a letter from report...
... saying that these
failed in science, why I get this now?
I did not graduate.
I was at your graduation. I ..
No, I did not lie Em
just to be there.
I lied. And I was scared
and tell or tell Dad!
I have been taking summer classes at their backs.
So you're taking summer classes and working
full time?
No, only the class, but
I fail again...
... and probably lose the scholarship for tennis.
It's so funny, because neither
even want to play tennis!
O my Creator! Your father is always
dale and dale with the same about your great great grandfather...
Leroy ... but what
does not tell you is that...
... Leroy descended from a long line
It was their tradition. But when
Leroy was your age, decided that...
... he did not want to do that and decided to follow their own
And you can make the same choice.
- Can be a farmer.
- Si.
- No. What?
- Hello, I'm sorry to interrupt, but...
I was thinking, how do we save
Levi, Levi how we saved?
And I realized that there is a school board
ending at 9 at school,
if we can arrive quickly and you can show
your project.
- It's your last bet. Anda.
- Now if I'm overwhelmed.
Have to trust me.
I tell you everything later, I promise.
Come on.
- I'm sorry.
- Oh, my god.
Better parents
Chad are secured.
I hate that guy.
If Uninstalling the filter that can even show it.
No, not the
seeketh only one way to bring...
... shows.
'll Take this car to the faculty meeting.
Levi is right. Only
is a little damaged...
folder ... if we can get him out of here
I can fix it.
Charles, I wanted to give you these.
I need you to run one more time for me, my friend.
- Go get Samson.
- Consider it done.
- Babe, how long do we have?
- 20 minutes and the meeting ends.
- Mama need you to drive very fast.
- Will drive the speed limit.
She should be here.
Where is it, where is it?
I'm sorry.
Okay, sorry.
- What are you doing here?
- Are you leaving so soon?
If my mother take me to
Ocean View in a couple of hours.
You did not have a tournament or something?
- If not go.
- Really?
Your mom is here?
I have to talk to her, but seriously.
No, is on the school board.
Where were you this morning?
's A long story,
I can tell it then?
- Yes. Is that Babe Simons?
- Yeah, and my mom.
I have to go to that meeting
. Would you come with me?
I do not think, Levi. I am not in good terms with my mother
at this time.
I spoil everything.
I should have listened to you last night.
Need to graduate and mother is the teacher.
Look, I do not think...
you please help me pass this class?
Sorry, sorry, Levi,
but we have to go!
- We have to go.
- Okay.
- Los sorry, Mom.
- Put on your seat belt and let's go.
- I know a shortcut.
- No, not yet.
Need to make one more stop.
You are stupid? It's already eleven
is not here.
Well looking good that I'll pay for that.
What I have to do everything around here?
Where is the boy?
To be honest,
's been a little crazy lately.
I think it could be you know.
Oh, God!
Hey, Levis, you're late.
I just do not get here.
I'm sure.
Especially after what you did to my car.
What's going on? Why do not these
- I will not play.
- What? Of course I do.
Do you know why I'm failing classes?
Is because I do play this stupid game.
I spend more time here than at school.
- What do you mean, you failed?
- I failed science last semester.
've Been in school all summer,
but neither
pay attention you noticed.
There is a school board in the
school, I need you to come with me.
Absolutely not.
The party is in 5 minutes. Go get dressed.
- Not!
- Oh, Oh, cat fight.
Do not you understand? If I do not go to this board, not
I graduate and scholarship meant nothing.
God, think tennis
will solve everything. I do not wanna play it!
- Levi, yo.
- No, just stop.
Because I do not hear your
next attempt to control my life.
Need your help to already.
- Are you coming with me?
- Have a meeting this afternoon.
Heaven, heavens, this does not
could have gone better.
I'm dying
textearle my friends the good news.
Slow, silver star, who fights
Bo Chang
I do not want to.
Oh, God!
- Here, stop, stop.
- Yeah, yeah.
- Good luck!
- Good luck!
I knew.
- Wait!
- Excuse me?
- I know I'm late.
- What is this all about?
I'm here to graduate.
- Sorry can not be worse.
- It just, Levi.
Mrs B, can not fail me
and no more.
- Did you know the consequences.
- Mom, please.
Not only have you failed three times,
also not turn in your final project.
My project was eighty percent of my grade
! Can you tell Mrs. B?
I do not finish all the requirements of the
class, but if you complete your final project.
I know it was not the best student
but if you let me...
Show presentation...
know that impress.
This is all very dramatic, but
the answer is still no.
I understand why these altered but as...
... school leader, I
to do what is right.
Want to be fair, the fair is also
If not for me this course was over...
... for him two weeks ago, well know.
Not let
is the reason why I did not graduated.
I have not seen your project,
but can be good.
who have known me a long time and just recently...
... to open my mind one little
and feels good.
Open hers a bit too.
Have your project with you?
I got it.
- Thank you. Does it work?
- How good mechanic think I am?
99% of the land function
fossil fuels,
including, gasoline, natural gas
But there are different kinds of fuels...
alternative and in my experiment, use vegetables.
Alternative fuels are not just a...
... way to save money,
also help the environment.
- Vegetable oil?
- Si.
Is a normal biological and
auto, which means...
I use diesel or alternative fuel.
Y here is vegetable oil.
If that is awesome.
You know, if you had told me before we could have
I know, but I'm glad
that all this happened.
Do you still
I can convince you to follow in tennis?
Do you hate me?
Oh, God, Levi, never
! Only clutched me...
strong a stupid tradition, is all.
- You do not hate me, do you?
- No.
No, Dad. Do not hate.
You have so much potential.
You can do whatever...
... whatever you want,
it is, I support you.
- Is very lucky, Mr. Collins.
- Pass!
Do not know why the hate for so long!
Thanks for that.
Volume 6 years but boy graduating
felt good!
- Thanks for coming.
- Hey thank him Charles.
- Where are you going?
- I have to take care of my mom.
But remember, I'll always be your friend.
- Knew you could do it!
- I had to.
'm Your follower.
- Congratulations Mr. Collins!
Thanks, but wait.
I have to take you home to packaging.
I do not know.
I was thinking to stay this summer.
- Really?
- Si.
I love them.
graduated from the University of Arizona with honors.
Emily began a work of pampering at
Broadway. Gale was invited to the premiere.
Bob Chang defeated Chad and
received a scholarship at Forestwood.
Charles followed his dreams.
're In the team race
Hill High.
After college, Katie started a successful chain of
Dog hot vegetarians.
Brian and Babe are happily
hunted and have a cat named Poodle.
Andy and Dan returned from their holydays.
no longer allows them to re-enter the United States
Rich retired as Mayor and founded the tennis team
Hill High.
- Was it good?
- It was great.
- Thanks, Mom.
- Thanks.
Hey thought you said they could only
out until Monday.
Things got out of control.