General, The (1926) Movie Script

The Western and Atlantic Flyer speeding
into Marrietta, Ga., in the Spring 1861.
There were two
loves in his live.
His engine,
"Fort Sumter has been
fired upon."
"Then the war is here."
"Yes, dad, and I'm going
to be one of the first to enlist."
"Aren't you going
to enlist?"
"Your name?"
"Johnnie Gray."
"Engineer on the Western
and Atlantic Railroad."
"Don't enlist him. He is more valuable
to the South as an engineer."
"We can't use you."
"William Brown."
"If you lose this war
don't blame me."
"Did Johnnie enlist?"
"He didn't even get in line."
"He's a disgrace to
the South.
"Why didn't you enlist?"
"They wouldn't take me."
"Please don't lie. I don't want you to
speak to me again until you are in uniform.
A year later. In a Union encampment
just North of Chattanooga.
General Thatcher, and
his chief spy, Captain Anderson.
"I Know every foot of this railroad
from Marietta to Chattanooga, and with
ten picked men I cannot fail."
"We will enter the South as civilians
coming from the neutral state of Kentucky
to join the southern cause."
"At Big Shanty we will steal the train while
the passengers and the crew are at dinner,
and proceeding North
we will burn every bridge,
cutting off the supplies
of the army now facing you."
"Then the day you steal the train I will
have General Parker advance to meet you."
"As soon as I arrive I will let you
know how seriously father is wounded."
"Big Shanty.
Twenty minutes for dinner."
"Three men stole my General.
I think they are deserters."
"Why not stop and fight them?"
"I'm afraid they have us
greatly outnumbered."
The Southern army facing Chattanooga
is ordered to retreat."
General Parker's victorious
Northern army advancing.
"There is only one man
on that engine."
In the enemy's country, hopelessly lost,
helplessly cold and horribly hungry.
"At Nine o'clock tomorrow morning
our supply trains will meet
and unite with General Parker's
army at the Rock River bridge."
"Then the army, backed by
our supply trains,
will advance for a surprise attack
on the rebels left flank."
"Once our trains and troops cross that
bridge, nothing on the earth can stop us."
"This girl was in the baggage car
when we stole the train,
so I thought it best to hold her."
"We had better stay here until
daybreak to see where we are."
"It was so brave of you to risk your life,
coming into the enemy's country,
just to save me."
After a nice, quiet,
refreshing night's rest.
"We've got to get back
to our lines somehow and
warn them of this coming attack."
"I will get that spy before he reaches
the Southern lines. You follow with
the supply trains as planned."
"We must pick up
more firewood."
The Rock River bridge.
The Northern division nearing
the bridge to meet the supply trains.
"That bridge is not burned enough
to stop you, and my men will ford the river."
Heroes of the day.
"Is that your uniform?"
"I had to wear it to get
through the lines."
"Take it off!"
"Enlist the lieutenant."