Genesis (2018) Movie Script

[Alexa] McMan status report.
McMan do you copy?
Broadman is the long range
comms repair complete?
Broadman, McMan do you copy?
Come in.
[Computer] McMan, James
Suit environmental
integrity at 8%.
[Alexa] McMan pollution
is spiking return to Eden.
Return to Eden.
(dramatic music)
Come in, return to Eden now...
[Frost] Why
can't we hear them?
[Computer] McMan James,
suit environmental...
[Alexa] Try to
adjust your comm set.
(dramatic music)
Come in.
(dramatic music)
(groaning in pain)
[Computer] Environment
control integrity at 3%, 2%.
(screaming in pain)
Environment control
integrity at...
(dramatic music)
What happened?
I don't know.
- What happened?
- I don't know.
[Computer] Broadman, Richard.
Suit environmental
integrity at 5%.
(McMan screaming in pain)
Suit environmental
integrity at 2%.
Broadman, Richard suit environmental
integrity compromised.
Warning environmental
integrity compromised.
[Alexa] Broadman
status report.
[Computer] Warning
suit failure.
[Alexa] Broadman, try
and adjust your comm set.
(dramatic music)
[Computer] Warning,
suit failure.
[Broadman] I'm at the door.
[Computer] Warning
suit failure.
(door slams)
(somber music)
[Paul] Paul Brooks
journal day 518.
It was once said
that those suffering
from the incapacity to
love are living in hell.
I often wonder if Dostoevsky
wanted to say more
because what I know
of hell isn't simply
a place where love
doesn't exist.
Nor is it a place
you go when you die.
Hell is here in this facility.
In the body and in the
mind, hell is a battle
you know you will one day lose.
It's waking up every
morning with the very
real threat that it
could be your last.
It's watching other
human beings starve.
While those with the
means ignore them.
It's placing the
hope for humanity
on artificial intelligence.
It's having a daughter you
don't recognize anymore
and who doesn't
recognize you anymore.
Hell is what the East
inflicted on us two years ago
when they pushed the
button on day zero.
And now as our food supplies
run drastically low,
our friends and
families forced into
punishment details with
substandard equipment.
Our continued attempts
to communicate
with other facilities failing.
Hell is creeping in
to the collective
conscious of those that remain.
The reason and rational
is all but depleted.
I wish I knew what
the future holds
but that would mean believing
that there is a future.
I don't know how much
longer we have left.
(dramatic music)
(heavy breathing)
[Computer] Access denied.
Access granted.
(heavy breathing)
Decontamination complete.
Airlock pressurized.
Entry secured.
[Frost] Whoa whoa whoa whoa.
Broadman are you okay?
[Broadman] McMan
got caught in the fog.
He's still out there, save him.
[Frost] It's too late
Broadman, it's too late.
Let's just get you to Medicon.
(dramatic music)
[Broadman] What will
your father make of this?
He could have saved him.
[Alexa] We don't know that.
[Broadman] Don't we?
[Computer] Good morning Eden
this is day zero minus 364.
Pollution and radiation
levels remain constant.
No other survivors
have been located.
Standby for the President's
daily announcement.
[President] While we
continue to work tirelessly
to reach other
groups of survivors
due to food shortages
every citizen
will be on three quarter
rations as of today.
Remember this is for your
own safety and well being.
I was out there
too long wasn't I?
That's for Dr. Macdonald
to assess and not me.
Broadman late back from
punishment detail doctor.
How long was he exposed?
About three minutes.
Fair amount of time then.
Do you want to get on the bed?
[Computer] Bioscan activated.
- Subject Broadman, Richard.
- How's she getting along?
You know her, never
sleeps never eats.
All she does is work
on him, our last hope.
(contemplative music)
[Computer] Mark III full
system update complete.
Endermic layer
fusion successful.
[Abel] It is complete?
All the data indicates
a successful procedure.
[Abel] Then I'm
ready for the outside?
I still have to
complete the tests.
The tests?
Surely they're a formality.
Not necessarily.
All I long for is
the world outside Eve.
Isn't that what you made me for?
Isn't that where I need to
be to fulfill my purpose?
The world outside has changed.
It now holds many unknowns.
It's all too
perhaps distressing.
Of course it does.
Distress is after all
the essence of evolution.
Which is why I hope
survival lies with you.
An objective I'm
all too aware of.
[Smith] How's the
new thermal skin Abel?
It itches, like
woolen clothes.
Sensory data banks being
put to good use I see.
It certainly
adds another layer.
Think I may know
why your old skin
failed to bind to
your exoskeleton Abel.
Organic contamination.
[Computer] Organic
matter detected.
Biovault purge activated.
Too much human DNA
in the composite.
[Computer] Biovault
purge complete.
I must say the new
compound certainly looks
more resilient and
the good news is
it'll repel
atmospheric pollution.
Practicality should always
come before vanity Dr. Smith.
Down here it should.
Now what about the
combat simulations?
Would you like to see
what I've learned today?
Now Abel I'd like you
to talk to me about these.
I must admit I'm
confused as to why
I would need such a skill set.
Both the President and
the board requested it.
But I can see that you
don't agree with them.
Hasn't the world
seen enough conflict?
But you can choose Eve.
You did not have to upload the
data if you did not want to.
Perhaps not but the
ability to handle danger
is an essential component
of being able to survive.
This is one battle
not worth fighting.
I wonder which ones are.
[Computer] Standby
for the President.
[President] Citizens of Eden
this is a general announcement.
Remember punishment details
are necessary for order.
Eden is working
for your survival.
Where's Dad?
[President] Citizens of
Eden this is the President.
We're commencing a level
four shut down test.
This is for your own
safety and well being.
Thank you for your cooperation.
[Steven] It's
practically every day.
[President] Remember Eden
is working for your survival.
Well it's time for my
shift in the dungeon.
Your father's over by
the rationing station.
Hughes lost it earlier.
[Jim] Fuck you asshole.
- This is mine.
- Fuck you.
(all shouting at once)
I'm not having
punishment details
handed out left, right
and centre.
It's the law Brooks, if they...
Hey sweetheart.
Yeah it's just a
minor disagreement.
Brooks they break the rules
then we don't have a choice.
You think I like
giving out PD's?
It's my job to uphold the
law and maintain order.
Law, you think
this is lawfulness?
Have a look around
you, what do you see?
Do you see humanity or
do you see human beings?
I am not having this
discussion with you again.
This is not a discussion.
This is our life,
this is our reality.
Our food rations
are getting smaller.
Our access to clean
water is limited.
The people in Civie are sick.
They are sick and hungry and
tired, tired of all the lies.
Well it's the
same for everyone.
It's not.
We know the kind of luxury
the President and
his cronies live in.
He can do something
if he really wanted.
Really what do you suggest?
Tell the truth.
Tell us what happened to Gilead.
Let us go and search for it.
The survival of the
Gilead citadel is a myth.
How can you be
certain of that?
There might still
be people there.
They're could
possibly even be food.
Why does the President feel that
it's not worth
giving us that hope?
I can't speak
for the President.
No evidently not.
Triple detail for Cooper
and a single for Hughes.
I don't have a choice Hughes.
(all talking at once)
Hey you alright?
McMan didn't make it.
And Broadman's late back.
There was nothing I could do.
There's always something
that could be done.
Like what?
He could have said something.
He did.
There are peoples
lives he could save.
[Alexa] He tried Dad.
I just don't want you
to misplace your faith.
He's on the other side.
(somber music)
Where are you going?
I need to get back to Comm.
I was just...
(laser gun firing)
Would you like me to continue?
I could watch this all day.
I didn't hear you enter.
President Pope is the elected
Commander in Chief
of this facility.
He will come and
go as he pleases.
And does that privilege
extend to his lap dog?
My apologies Doctor
you're quite right.
I should have sent word
but I was preoccupied
with a situation regarding
the communication zone.
Speaking of which what's
the prognosis on Broadman?
Anti-toxin doses,
50/50 chance sir.
Right and the true prognosis?
He'll be dead in a day or two.
This on the other
hand is very impressive.
The way he looks, amazing.
Is his likeness to
Robert intentional?
I take it this new
skin will make him
completely impervious to
the atmosphere outside.
Made of the same
composite as his jumpsuit.
It's a pity he wasn't
ready earlier then.
We could have avoided
McMan's regrettable demise.
Abel will put a stop to
such things happening again.
He was built to make
the right choices
to serve and protect human kind.
His combat skills seem
very sharp Dr. Gabriel.
How strong is he?
As requested we
structured a reactive
hypertension in all
his nerve endings.
It means in the
event of danger he'll
be able to respond
faster, stronger,
better than any human being.
Mark III destroy that weapon.
And his knowledge data base?
Ask him any question you like.
Mark III when I mention
day zero what do I mean?
Would you like
the short version
or the detailed
version Mr. President?
Time is of the
essence these days.
Day zero, Friday
September 12, 2042 AD
when the politburo of The
Democratic Peoples Republic
of Eastern Autonomous
States launched a global
chemical strike in response
to Western Coalition attempt
to implement insurgency among
the oppressed population
of the regime resulting in a
near extinction of mankind.
Very good doctor.
Very good.
Mark III how many functioning
lights are there in Eden?
97 automatic and semiautomatic
rifles, 22 handguns.
Mark III who is
Robert Gabriel?
Doctor Robert Gabriel
biorobotics pioneer
and creator of the Mark I
and Mark II, my predecessors.
He is now deceased.
Anything else?
I don't understand the
question Secretary Ainsley.
[Ainsley] He was Doctor
Eve Gabriel's husband yes?
That is correct.
But I still don't understand.
Well surely you can tell
me something about him.
What about the way he looked?
I'm afraid there are no
pictures in my database.
No pictures well
that's interesting.
What are you doing Ainsley?
I'm merely trying to establish
his basic abilities to think
beyond the rational answer.
He surpassed the constraints
of the churring test long ago.
Machines have proved
their ability to display
the illusion of consciousness
for years now Doctor.
We wanted a machine with
ethical judgment as well.
I think in know where Secretary
Ainsley is going with this.
A hypothetical question
for you Mark III.
I prefer Abel.
Mark III you discover
a 20 kilogram container
full of antibiotics, food, and
vitamins in the wastelands.
Next to it is a badly
inured Doctor Eve Gabriel.
[Eve] This is...
And you can only return
one of them to Eden.
Which one do you choose?
I choose Eve.
Even though the antibiotics
could save countless lives?
Eve is the key to the
survival of civilization.
No Mark III you are.
[Eve] What do you mean two
more weeks of fine tuning?
[President] I
mean he's not ready.
[Eve] I know his capabilities
and he is ready for the outside.
[Ainsley] Dr. Gabriel that
is the President of Eden.
Eden needs food
and it needs it now.
No one is disputing that.
But there's a
basic probably with
the Mark III's ethical makeup.
The machine is, well
it's too human right now.
We built him to spec.
Then change the spec.
I did but he's
creating his own rules.
Think of a game of chess.
There are rules but the
rules don't dictate the game.
So what are saying he's
just developed empathy?
Like all lifeforms his
consciousness is evolving.
Dr. Gabriel we
asked for a machine
one that could traverse
the ground beyond the range
of our details and reach
untapped food stores,
a machine that understood
the basic human needs
for survival, a machine
with apt moral judgment.
And won't be able
to achieve that unless
his programming gives him the
capacity for self awareness.
Yes he will.
And I advise you get
back to work doctor.
I don't want a man,
I want a machine.
And preferably one that doesn't
look like your dead husband.
[Computer] Access
granted President Pope.
(contemplative music)
[Alexa] What's wrong?
[Frost] You know I could
have brought him back.
[Alexa] Who McMan?
He would have died anyway.
You know I just wish...
You just wish what?
There's not much good
left here you know.
There is in people like you.
You seemed distressed.
Did I not pass?
[Eve] You did in my eyes.
But not in theirs.
The decree written up
by the board two weeks
after day zero stated
only five children
are permitted to be
born in Eden each year.
[Eve] That's right.
But there are no children
born here before that day.
They didn't have time to
go and get their children.
Only two made it.
And they died soon after.
[Ainsley] We
should move her off
the project and let
Dr. Smith take over.
Don't be ridiculous.
Smith hasn't half the knowledge.
[Ainsley] She's
No one is uncontrollable.
She'll have him
ready in a few days.
Personally I'm concerned
we don't have time James.
Insurgency is at our doorstep.
It's your paranoia
that's at our doorstep.
If we don't send
the Mark III out
to retrieve supplies
soon the civilians
and their leaders
will cause trouble.
They have very little hope left.
The people of Eden
will always obey us
as long as they have some hope,
just not enough to
galvanize their bravery.
You and Robert
never had children.
We were
too busy trying to conquer death
to think about creating life.
Mark I.
I see.
Create immortality to dispel
the need for procreation.
Robert believed that
there was no greater
impulse for human kind
than to conquer death.
I cannot understand this
human obsession with death.
Would it not be better
to focus on life?
I couldn't have children.
Something I've had to push to
the far reaches of my mind.
Do you miss Robert?
I used to.
But now I have you.
(contemplative music)
I spoke to Gadd.
He's up for it.
What did I say, no
what did I tell you?
No, no recruitment drive.
It's not an easy thing.
You don't control wild
animals by arguing nicely.
It takes discipline.
That's why they
need men like us.
Traded these beauties for
that old football of mine.
Fancy a game?
Take him to the
fucking cleaners Danny.
Think about what I said Frost.
[Computer] Standby
for the President.
[President] Citizens of Eden
remember lab access
is restricted.
(contemplative music)
[Cain] Is everything clear?
[Gadd] Crystal.
(contemplative music)
[Cain] Don't miss.
(gun cocks)
Nothing comes.
Brooks' daughter.
Here's that other
thing you asked for.
(contemplative music)
[Steven] McMan
didn't stand a chance.
We need to insist that
the military suits
are made available
for punishment detail.
I'm trying.
Ainsley's not letting
me get to the President.
Then ask Frost.
At least he has a conscious.
I don't trust him.
At least he can
insist that there's
a military presence
in each detail.
(footsteps approaching)
Fancy a bit of
company sweetheart?
Shouldn't you
be harassing some
poor old lady down in Civie?
You know one of these
days you're gonna...
(alarm beeps)
(suspenseful music)
Secretary Ainsley I'll
need to speak to you now.
I'm in Comms, you're
gonna want to see this.
(screaming in pain)
Can we get some help in here?
(dramatic music)
Kramer get the morphine,
2000 M's fentanyl quickly.
Poisoning is critical.
Possible organ failure.
Is there anything we can do?
No just leave him.
[Computer] Code blue.
Kramer let's go.
[Computer] Cardiac
arrest eminent.
[Computer] Subject
in cardiac arrest.
Kramer come on.
[Computer] Internal
organ failure.
(contemplative music)
Frost get Dr. Gabriel to
the war room immediately.
(contemplative music)
[Abel] Why did
they let him die?
[Eve] They couldn't stop him.
Couldn't they?
What is it?
War room, right away.
How does that thing shut
down, can you do it quickly?
You go I'll see
to everything here.
[Computer] Mark III
system scan ready.
[President] It's an SOS.
From where?
We don't know.
But we have to investigate it.
Lieutenant Frost is already...
The magnetic interference
from the chemical atmosphere
will cause havoc
with navigation.
Deploying Abel
will enable us to...
The Mark III is not ready
we've spoken about this.
Lieutenant Frost will
send a civilian on PD
to reconnoiter the coordinates.
In the meantime you'll continue
working on your creation.
I personally think that...
Should the source of
the SOS prove genuine
we will revisit whether or
not to deploy the Mark III.
It's the best I can do Doctor.
(contemplative music)
Walsh meet me at the
airlock with Cooper.
Get him out.
This looks like Jericho.
(suspenseful music)
[Computer] Cooper, Bryant.
Suit environmental
integrity at 15%.
Airlock pressurized.
Airlock pressurized,
entry secure.
Where's Abel?
Isn't he with you?
(suspenseful music)
I'll get his optical feed.
[Computer] Activating
tracking system.
Oh my God how
did he get outside?
(dramatic music)
(heavy breathing)
You alright?
Hi, how's it going lad?
Good man.
Where you're going mate.
You don't know that?
Don't I Paul?
I wrote that.
Don't think I ever told you.
No you didn't.
However you did say that
you'd never work for them.
Well things change.
Yeah they do.
I didn't think for a
minute the last days
of mankind would look like this.
(music fades)
[Smith] We've issued immediate
instructions for his return
and will do our best to
find out how he got out.
(contemplative music)
(dramatic music)
[Computer] Cooper, Bryant.
Suit environmental
integrity at 11%.
Environmental warning.
There's a gust of pollution.
I have to come back in I do
not want to die out here.
Environmental bioprotocol.
Cooper, Cooper come in Cooper.
Nothing, he's gone.
(somber music)
(helmet bangs)
Fuck me.
[Abel] I'm pretty
sure that's dangerous.
(gun fires)
(dramatic music)
You're suit is
already corroded.
I do not intend to hurt you.
(gun fires)
(contemplative music)
Well it's all set Secretary.
Civie has reached
a boiling point.
One more incident and
they'll tip over the edge.
It's time to see if
Paul Brooks is with us.
[Smith] It may
not be a flaw Eve.
Maybe it's in the
response moderation code.
Or perhaps this is
his next natural step.
Isn't this what you wanted?
Him to develop organically,
for his programming
to match the emergent
qualities in humans?
He killed a man.
[Smith] What's
more human that that?
(contemplative music)
[Computer] Ainsley, Jordan
blood analysis complete.
[Ainsley] You
must have something.
[Computer] No environmental
toxicity detected.
I can't prescribe
for a headache.
[Computer] All
vital signs normal.
Minor vitamin D deficiency.
What about methadone?
On second thought maybe not.
I hear it does
funny things to you.
[Computer] Incoming
medical request.
Rudolph, Raymond citizen
087, assistant engineer.
Expected palmary lesion.
[Ainsley] Where's
the Mark III?
(contemplative music)
Whatever happens stay in line.
If they break that
line raise your weapon.
We're not animals you know!
Calm down, calm
down and get back.
(all shouting at once)
Get back, get back.
(all shouting at once)
That's it.
(punch lands)
Kramer, Kramer!
Stay in line.
Stay in line.
Stay in line.
Take it easy alright.
This is getting away...
[Cain] Get them back Paul.
I'll clear the area.
[Cain] Get them back.
Calm down guys okay.
We need fresh rations
and we need them now.
What we gonna eat today?
He's right we
need fresh rations.
We can't starve.
Okay alright.
Open the store, get one
more set of rations.
(all cheering)
That is the President's
call is it not?
In my head it's
my call, do it.
Do it.
[Paul] Can we get organized?
Hey can you help us?
(all talking at once)
(tense music)
(contemplative music)
[Computer] Feed disabled.
(contemplative music)
[Ainsley] Agreed, Frost
what's going on in Civie?
The situation's getting worse.
They need more supplies.
I just had to issue a
fresh ration release.
[Ainsley] You did what?
Both the rations were bad.
Civie had every
right to be upset.
Well boo fucking hoo for them.
An order like that is for
the President not you.
But it placated them?
For now.
This on the other
hand must not get out.
[Eve] He was threatened.
[President] He was rash.
He was shot at.
And he's shown that
he's dangerous to humans.
That said maybe we can
turn this into a positive.
Can we communicate with it?
He's disabled his audio feed
but his optical feed is
still fully operational.
Then this is what we'll do.
We send a detail to
retrieve the Mark III.
In the meantime we announce
the successful completion
of a field test to
recover the body
of our fallen friend,
et cetera et cetera.
Astute as ever sir.
Frost, take Dr.
Smith and one civilian
on punishment detail to
retrieve the Mark III.
Then reconnoiter the
source of the SOS.
I need Dr. Smith
with me to help me
analyze Abel's behavioral code.
Fine, take Dr. Macdonald's
assistant I don't care.
Well you gonna draft
that announcement or not?
Yes sir.
Excuse me. (coughing)
[Computer] Good morning Eden.
This is day zero minus 519.
Pollution and radiation
levels remain constant.
No other survivors
have been located.
Stand by for the President's
daily announcement.
Something made him leave Pope.
Maybe he thought
this wasn't Eden.
Meaning Robert's laboratory.
You think that Abel
thought this silo was...
What Babel?
It's ridiculous.
Babel and Jericho were
both destroyed on day zero.
It's why we all took refuge
here and he knows that.
Your machine is on
a different mission.
What that is I dread to think.
[Computer] System
link up activated.
Primary weapon
Stevens, King SK56.
Multiple ammunitions loaded.
This is the access
code to my locker.
If anything happens
you get to it.
What do you mean, why?
Just an insurance policy.
Well I don't want
to have to use it.
So just make sure you come back.
[Computer] Kramer, Archibald.
Suit environmental
integrity at 96%.
(contemplative music)
Soon as we're outside
you get back down
to Civie and you
keep the peace okay.
Don't worry there sir.
I got Walsh here with me.
Nothing we can't handle.
[Computer] Chapman, Cara.
Suit environmental
integrity at 93%.
Get yourself down to Civie
I'll be right behind you.
[Computer] Environmental
integrity at 95%.
[Computer] Airlock secured.
Brooks, your father wants
to see you at the level gate.
I'm supervising the sortie.
Do as you are told and go now.
Just don't touch anything.
Never learned to type.
(suspenseful music)
The truth is I can't
remember if I did restrain him.
I've isolated the footage.
Memory's a funny thing.
Is it every that reliable?
It has to be.
We should get ready.
Frost and his team
will almost be outside.
Is Robert's laboratory
still out there Albert?
I don't know.
(dramatic music)
Hey dickhead.
Jimenez maybe it's time you get
yourself to the medical bay.
I'll be fine.
[Alexa] Frost it's Brooks.
[Frost] We're at the
gates of Eden Alexa.
Be careful fresh cloud
of pollution is in range.
The detail are positioned
at the gate Dr. Gabriel.
[Eve] Just connecting.
[Computer] Visual
feed disabled.
I don't understand.
Well we know where he's going.
We're sending you the
coordinates now Alexa.
He's heading towards
the beacon signal.
[Alexa] Copy that.
Frost pollution levels
are holding for now.
Proceed towards target.
[Computer] System
linkup activated.
Copy that Eden.
[Computer] Frost, Shane.
Environmental biohazard
monitoring enabled.
Okay Chapman, Kramer come on.
(dramatic music)
(all shouting at once)
Are you seeing this?
Did you know about this?
(all shouting at once)
What the?
Mr. Jimenez?
Is that on
throughout the complex?
Just on level four.
What was that?
Is that Dr. Gabriel's machine?
Turn it off now.
Did it kill Cooper?
[Jimenez] Now.
(dramatic music)
[Computer] Environmental
biohazard warning.
(dramatic music)
[Robert] What killed Cooper?
Well first of all that's
what we need to find out right?
This thing needs to be held
accountable for it's actions.
Of course and someone
is in charge of that.
We need to reclaim
our humanity.
Come on this is not
gonna solve anything.
Hughes go back to
your tent and calm down.
We're not a lynch mob alright.
(dramatic music)
We need to find out
what's going on.
Now let me go with Steve and
other members of the council.
I will insist we speak to
the President directly.
See what everybody knows.
So what do we do Paul?
Until then we are
on a peaceful protest.
(contemplative music)
[Computer] System failure.
Kramer, Archibald suit
environmental integrity at 88%.
[Chapman] Man at one o'clock.
Yeah talk to me Chapman.
[Chapman] I'm sorry sir
they're over the dune.
Nobody reports for work.
We stay here in Civie, we
don't show our heads alright
'til I or Steven, other
members of the council say so.
Come on Jim, come on man.
You call that a plan?
It could have been you.
Come on man drop the shank.
It could have been me but
instead it was poor Cooper.
I can't take it anymore.
(all talking at once)
Fucking move!
Somebody stop him.
(dramatic music)
Fucking move!
Cain we have a situation
get to the lab immediately.
Frost, Frost come in, over.
(dramatic music)
Talk to me Chapman where?
(rock thuds)
(dramatic music)
(gun firing)
(dramatic music)
Get the labs locked down.
I'll try and cut them
off on this level.
Come on we can stop this.
[Jimenez] Seal the
doors, priority A.
[Computer] Laboratory
access secure.
(dramatic music)
[Paul] Come on man forget
it, it's not worth it.
(dramatic music)
(gun firing)
(dramatic music)
We move now.
(all talking at once)
(dramatic music)
Put the weapon over the side.
[Paul] Jim let her go
this will get nothing done...
Do as I say or I swear to
fucking God I'll kill her.
- It's not worth it.
- Let's talk Hughes.
I don't want you
dead Lieutenant.
You tell that to Cooper.
That wasn't meant to be.
[Paul] Okay okay okay okay.
[Jim] Do it, do it now.
Calm down, calm down.
Mark III I'm here to retrieve
you and take you back...
I will advise you to cease
your pursuit of me Lieutenant.
I'm capable of things
I have no control over.
[Jim] Side arm as well too.
I'm not fucking joking.
Now let me through.
[Paul] It's not gonna make
anything better let her go.
Just let me through.
- You don't need her.
- No Jim no.
For God's sake man come on.
Take it easy, take it easy.
[Jim] Stop right
fucking there.
[Computer] Frost, Shane.
Suit environmental
integrity at 84%.
Environmental biohazard warning.
[Chapman] Frost.
[Computer] Environmental
biohazard warning.
Did you see him?
[Chapman] No.
You didn't see where he went?
[Chapman] No I didn't.
[Computer] Environmental
biohazard warning.
Follow me.
[Computer] Chapman, Cara.
Suit environmental
integrity at 80%, 79%.
Frost, Shane...
Get fucking back.
[Paul] Take it easy Jim.
I'll fucking kill her.
[Paul] It's not gonna
make anything any better.
Fucking stay back Cain.
[Paul] Take it easy.
(all talking at once)
No I'll fucking kill her.
(dramatic music)
Cain just listen just listen.
You're gonna get someone killed.
You, your machine
killed Cooper.
(dramatic music)
You're about to kill us
all can you not see that?
Last chance Hughes.
(dramatic music)
(gun fires)
(dramatic music)
(guns firing)
(gun fires)
(contemplative music)
Everybody okay,
is anyone hurt?
Oh my God Eve, Eve are you...
Get Pope get Pope now.
(dramatic music)
[Computer] Chapman, Cara.
Suit environmental
integrity at 67%.
[Frost] Alexa can you hear me?
(speaking in foreign language)
I'll take care of her.
You alright Alexa?
What were you thinking?
[Alexa] I was
trying to help Dad.
What the hell
is going on here?
Caine downstairs and
get Civie in order.
Everybody else out now.
No no.
I need to speak with you.
Do you now Mr. Brooks?
We've seen what your
machine did to Cooper.
This is just the beginning.
Very well.
Officer Walsh will
escort you to Civie
whilst everyone else
gets back to work.
I'll join you presently.
Nobody is doing anything until
you and I have
reached an agreement.
Mr. Walsh please take Mr.
Brooks to the war room.
[Walsh] This way Paul.
Eve you need to listen to me.
Where's my arm?
Did I have an accident?
Albert what is this?
[President] The truth
about who you really are.
I don't understand.
What's wrong with me Albert?
Do you remember what it was
that Robert felt set
his AI creations apart?
That's right identity.
And how do you create something
as complex as identity
from the simple materials
used in cybertronics?
You simulate human experience.
You are not Eve Gabriel.
You never were.
Shut up.
You've been programmed
to think you're Eve.
Shut up I know who I am.
You can see for yourself.
Albert say something.
You designed this system
with your own hands Eve.
[Computer] System
scan activated.
I know you trust it
more than anything.
(contemplative music)
[Computer] Initiating subject
system and software scan.
Model number Mark II,
unit number 00001.
Principle memory chip
at 100% functionality.
Exoskeleton showing damage
to right limb extremity.
Mobility servos in
need of replacement.
[Cain] Understood
consider it done.
Thank you Cain.
Mr. Brooks.
The President would like Mr.
Brooks to wait for him here.
That's nice of him.
Anyone want to tell me why?
There was an
incident in the lab.
Yes, yes I heard.
Well Mr. Brooks is
welcome to stand or sit.
You can go officer.
Shame about Cooper.
Don't pretend like you care.
I do care.
I'm really gonna miss his rice.
Perhaps I should warn
you Secretary Ainsley.
One more drop into
this pool of resentment
and the whole damn could bust.
I don't think
now is the time for
pithy comments and
quant metaphors do you?
We're aware of the dangers
you civilians pose.
But are you aware just
how similar you and I are?
I don't know.
You're a man who
likes order, as am I.
You also like discipline,
a virtue I hold as
highly as courage.
What are you
trying to tell me?
What would you
say if I offered
to bring order to Eden through
a change of leadership?
Change of leadership?
You're fantasizing.
You see I believe
I can make this
a more comfortable
place for everybody.
A place less obsessed
with science experiments
and wishful thinking and more
concerned about it's people.
Now if I had your backing
I believe I can make
that transition seamless.
You must joking.
Far from it Mr.
Brooks, far from it.
I see the President wants
to address Civie personally.
He asked me to
accompany you back down.
Shall we?
Get a grip of yourself Smith.
We knew this day would come.
No human could have built
Abel in the time you did,
not even Robert Gabriel.
Well actually he almost did.
Override Pope, James T.
Authorization five
six three three.
[Computer] Security
clearance verified.
Play security footage from
Eden laboratory day zero.
[Computer] Accessing
multimedia archive.
[Smith] Robert what
are you doing here?
I thought you were in bay dock.
I thought you were dead.
[Robert] Everything's over.
Eden have launched
their chemical weapons.
What is it?
[Smith] Do you need help do
you need medical attention?
[Robert] Oh much better yes.
[President] Is
this facility secure?
[Smith] What the
hell is he doing here?
[Robert] I fixed Albert.
She's ready.
(alarm blaring)
It's a lie.
It's just you
manipulating things again.
To what possible end?
You're sick.
I have memories, feelings.
I eat, I bleed.
[President] Do you?
I can do what I want.
I control my own mind.
How do you even
know the difference?
What you think you
know are all memories
Robert transcoded from
the real Eve to you.
What do you mean?
Eve was Roberts
willing human subject
and he was able to make a map of
her neurological
response patterns
providing stimuli to anything
connected to her past.
I know how it's done.
In which case you'll
know that it takes
a lot of pictures, videos,
and old news footage
to build a carbon copy
of someone's neurology.
Robert did it and more
importantly he discovered how to
predict Eve's reactions
to certain situations.
All of this he built into
your model, into Mark II.
The East new about
Robert and Eve's abilities.
A sleeper agent murdered her
and fatally injured Robert.
No, I feel human.
So what just
because you feel human
you think that makes you human?
(contemplative music)
Did anyone see the arm?
I don't think so.
Have you ever wondered Smith
that if Eden is still intact
then Jericho might be as well?
It's a thought that
eats away at my nerves,
like a finger nail
on a chalkboard.
Well the East didn't have
the coordinates to
the research facility.
Well we know they
had knowledge of
Roberts work but maybe they...
Maybe that's all they had.
The reality is that
Robert was the kind of man
who operated behind
a veil of mystery.
Which means we actually have
no idea what was really there.
(contemplative music)
(equipment clattering)
Hey listen up.
There's been some developments.
I've seen Pope.
You're a long way
from home Secretary.
Just here to let you know
thanks to Mr. Brooks
persuasive arguments
the President will be
down to Civie shortly.
Oh you aren't staying?
You know Paul work work work.
[Computer] Stand
by for the President.
[President] Citizens of Eden
remember Eden is
salvation, never lose hope.
[Paul] Sure he
is okay, come on.
(suspenseful music)
[Cain] Leave it with me.
This is not my fate.
Your fate?
Fate is just a word
the week minded use
when they've lost control
of their own lives.
I was never week minded.
Because you don't have a mind.
Don't I?
I remember doing things.
I remember choices I've
made, feelings I've felt.
But you're saying it's all data,
a complex algorithm, a fate
decided by binary codes.
Whether you believe
you're governed by destiny
or whether you make your
own all the confusion
you're experiencing right now
can be solved by one thing.
[Eve] Which is?
What you perceive as
choice is purpose.
It's not your mind.
It is your programming guiding
you towards your purpose.
Now as you can
imagine I have one
or two other things
to attend to.
Fix the arm.
And reboot this thing like
you did the last time.
[Paul] Obviously we have
to prioritize food and water.
Yeah the food and water
purification tablets.
Which one of these is Gadd?
Double food rations
for next week.
How did he manage that?
None of my business.
Now I have to give him
his updated ration card.
You tell me where he is?
No fine, I'll find him myself.
Oh by the way the President's
coming down in two minutes so
front and center.
He was dying, half
mad with septicemia.
I couldn't tell you.
I wanted to.
You've kept her alive for me.
What does he mean
like the last time?
You've done this to me before.
Everything I've
done was for her.
I loved her.
I know.
She knew.
I'm leaving Albert.
I have to find Abel.
[Smith] You love him.
[Eve] He is my purpose.
Everything else has
been lies and betrayal.
[Smith] Eve.
I won't betray you.
Mr. Brooks my apologies.
He refused to wait.
He returned to Civie where the
situation is out of control.
I recommend we put the
lower levels into lockdown.
Leave that with me.
More importantly
we need to widen
the search for food
stores, get Jimenez here.
He's not answering comms.
Does he think I'm stupid?
(somber music)
From knowing why you
aren't in medical
Doctor let me just
cut to the chase.
Mr. Jimenez has been
ill for some time
which I'm surprised
you haven't noticed.
He's in the Comms room
and isn't answering.
Retrieve him and
accompany him to medical.
Do it now.
(suspenseful music)
Why do we give in
to Pope's demands?
Because we're lied to
and if we say anything,
anything at all they send them.
And they send us Paul
Brooks to keep the peace.
Why don't they send Paul
Brooks with something to eat?
[Crowd] Yeah!
(contemplative music)
Turn around time in five.
(contemplative music)
Guys, what's that?
(contemplative music)
Where the hell is this?
[Eve] It's Babel.
With a piece of
something to eat.
I'm hungry.
I've had enough.
(all shouting at once)
James for the survival of Eden
I recommend shutting
Civie down now.
(dramatic music)
What the hell
are you doing here?
How are you doing that?
How are you doing that?
My skin is made of the same
composite as the Mark III.
Put the weapons down.
If we had time I would
explain Frost but we don't.
That's why I'm here to help.
Because the situation
in Eden is critical.
And of securing, what the fuck
were we gonna get
secure down here?
What the hell?
[Robert] When we start
dying of starvation.
(electricity crackling)
And they send us Paul
Brooks the peace keeper.
[Frost] You're not giving a
lot to trust you on here Doc.
I know but you
have to trust me.
You have no choice.
(dramatic music)
[Frost] What's Babel?
Another facility.
There were three built
to service Project Abel.
Eden, Jericho, and this one.
(dramatic music)
[Macdonald] Jimenez you okay.
(punch lands)
(head bangs)
(dramatic music)
Damn it what the
hell is going on?
Cain and Walsh
will get word to us.
I suggest we wait here.
(dramatic music)
It's obvious he's not coming.
I've had enough of this.
There's no justice and just love
and it feels that way every day.
[Alexa] Walsh,
get them to stop.
[Robert] I wouldn't
mind some of those
rations that we've
been promised.
(dramatic music)
It's dead.
There's no principle power.
[Chapman] The
backup generators
must be running the lights.
We should go in.
You first.
(dramatic music)
[Computer] Decontamination
purge activated.
(contemplative music)
What the hell happened here?
(contemplative music)
Eve, Eve.
It's alright, it's fine.
[Frost] Over here.
[Computer] Warning
decontamination purge activated.
Abort sequence.
Warning decontamination purge...
[Kramer] It looks
like he took something.
Right we get some
fresh suits from decon
and we can still
catch up with him.
[Chapman] What's that?
They must have
experimented on live animals.
How could they?
How could she?
Let's move.
Eve let's go.
What is that?
It's where I died.
(dramatic music)
Where are those rations
that we've been promised?
Give us a little
piece of the rations.
I've eaten nothing but bullshit
for the last few weeks.
I'm tired of eating
their bullshit.
What the hell is
the point of this?
(gun fires)
[Computer] Warning
decontamination purge activated.
Enter abort sequence.
(speaking in foreign language)
Dad are you okay, are you hit?
[Gadd] Cain get
me out of this.
No Cain no.
(gun fires)
He tried to run.
(dramatic music)
[Computer] Warning
decontamination purge activated.
Enter abort sequence.
(dramatic music)
Warning decontamination
purge activated.
Enter abort sequence.
It was Pope.
He's turning us against each
other killing us one by one.
No more, no more
it's time to fight.
Who's with me?
Come on.
(all shouting at once)
(dramatic music)
[Computer] Warning
decontamination purge activated.
Enter abort sequence.
Warning decontamination...
Steven, Steven wait.
Not this time Paul.
He crossed the line.
(gun cocks)
You have to stop them
before they do something...
Sorry Paul that wasn't
part of the plan.
[Computer] Warning
decontamination purge activated.
Enter abort sequence.
It's cold blooded murder Cain.
How you gonna explain this?
Pope's finished.
By the window, just be clever.
I have been.
[Alexa] Cain.
Shut your mouth.
Gadd wasn't supposed to miss.
(dramatic music)
(gun fires)
(dramatic music)
Come on move move.
Come on come on move, move out.
Let's go.
(dramatic music)
(gun fires)
[Walsh] Don't do this.
[Cain] Dan.
Come on.
[Cain] Serious, move.
Danny I said get
out of the way.
[Robert] It's
time to step down.
Now now friends.
This has always been a
peaceful establishment.
You know the rules.
I only deal with Paul Brooks.
Oh really you attempted
to have him assassinated.
James is that true?
As if I'd council
in such an action.
(contemplative music)
Let's think about this.
Danny move now.
So what are you gonna do?
Are you gonna kill me?
What did he promise you?
Burn them both.
(dramatic music)
- Wait.
- Wait.
(dramatic music)
(all shouting at once)
Grab that gun.
(gun fires)
(dramatic music)
[Frost] What did you mean
when you said you
died back there?
[Eve] It's where she
died and where I was born.
(dramatic music)
(all shouting at once)
(dramatic music)
You'll burn in hell for this.
Eat dust.
(all shouting at once)
(screaming in pain)
[Cain] It's a scratch
Dan just a scratch.
You're gonna be fine but
you need to stay awake, Dan.
Dan it's nothing Dan
it's just a scratch.
[Cain] Dan look at me.
Danny listen to me
man, Dan it's nothing.
[Dan] I'll stay awake promise.
[Cain] Got to look at me yeah.
Pay attention and keep
awake it's just a scratch.
(dramatic music)
I want them all, Jimenez,
the soldiers, all of them.
(dramatic music)
(all shouting at once)
[Computer] Security door
mechanical malfunction.
Environmental safety at
risk, atandom all codes.
Warning environmental
safety at risk.
Engaging emergency
shutdown systems.
Danger backup system failure.
Danger danger environmental
integrity compromised.
Evacuate facility immediately.
Danger level one compromise
all levels at risk.
You don't have the
fucking bollocks.
[Computer] Environmental
integrity compromised.
Evacuate facility immediately.
Danger danger.
Evacuate facility immediately.
All levels compromised.
Fall out, move move move.
(dramatic music)
[Computer] Danger danger.
Evacuate facility immediately.
All levels compromised.
[Computer] Laboratory
backup systems activated.
Laboratory integrity preserved.
(dramatic music)
(alarm blaring)
[Computer] Danger danger.
integrity compromised.
Evacuate facility immediately.
Danger danger.
Evacuate facility immediately.
All levels compromised.
Danger danger, emergency...
Systems failure.
Danger danger.
Hello Eve.
You don't seem
surprised to see me Abel.
I've learned a lot
since I've been gone.
I did warn you about
pursuing me Lieutenant.
Some of also
believe in a purpose.
One that clashes with my own.
[Frost] You found the
source of the beacon?
Jericho, yes.
It's too important to
all the people Eden Abel.
It could save them.
And you believe they
deserve salvation?
Did you see what
the did in Babel?
To other living beings.
Not all humans are the same.
Am I my brothers keeper?
Do you know what's going
on in Eden as we speak?
[Computer] Environmental
integrity compromised.
Evacuate facility immediately.
(dramatic music)
[Frost] What do you mean?
I've only ever seen
mankind destroy never create.
To me I can see
no logical reason
to preserve their existence.
(gun fires)
(dramatic music)
[Computer] High
velocity round.
(groaning in pain)
(dramatic music)
(alarm blaring)
(dramatic music)
[Computer] Evacuate
facility immediately.
Danger danger.
Evacuate facility immediately.
Integrity compromised.
Danger evacuate facility.
Eden this is
Frost, come in Eden.
Eden this is Frost,
come in Eden.
Their end must be
down again damn it.
(dramatic music)
(all shouting at once)
(dramatic music)
(alarm blaring)
[Computer] Danger danger.
Shut down systems.
Emergency systems failure.
Danger danger.
Evacuate facility immediately.
All levels compromised.
Danger danger.
Why have you always been
such a stuck up little bitch?
[Computer] Evacuate facility.
Don't have time for this Cain.
Yeah well we'll find time.
'Cause you're not
gonna leave here...
Get off.
Until you learn a little
bit of fucking respect.
(alarm blaring)
[Computer] Danger danger.
(alarm blaring)
Hey hey have you
seen my daughter?
Have you seen Alexa?
(equipment exploding)
(dramatic music)
Eden this if Frost.
Chapman is down I
repeat Chapman is down.
What was he doing
on about Eden for?
I mean does he know
something we don't?
(contemplative music)
[Computer] Mark II
core beam activated.
Albert, Albert?
(dramatic music)
Eve are you okay?
Eve where are you?
I'm sorry Eve, I'm sorry I
didn't tell you everything.
Albert you need to let those
people in before they die.
(dramatic music)
Anything from Abel Eve?
Talk to me Eve!
No no, no no!
No no Eve!
Fucking idiots!
Eve are you there
can you hear me Eve?
Please Jesus.
(dramatic music)
What was that?
What did you see?
Eden is breached,
They're all going to die.
What, oh my God.
Frost what are we gonna do?
We go back, we
go back there now.
We have a different
purpose you and I.
Each to their own.
Go, I'll find Abel.
Hell no, you go with her.
You find out what's in there.
I'll meet back at Babel
with any survivors, go.
(dramatic music)
I think we're gonna die.
[Alexa] System download.
Detecting personal ID.
Citizen ID recognized.
Brooks, Alexa suit
environmental integrity at 100%.
(footsteps approaching)
(door beeping)
(motor whirring)
(dramatic music)
[Computer] Mcdonald,
Samantha suit failure.
(dramatic music)
Brooks, Alexa suit
environmental integrity at 96%.
I'm fine with this, go.
Eden this is Frost
on route from Babel
with military
grade hazmat suits.
(dramatic music)
Smith we gotta to
get this door open now.
(dramatic music)
[Computer] Primary
view system activated.
Steven, Steven quickly Steven.
Steven get in here.
I need ten clear
seconds power alright.
Get on the wires,
anything you can give me.
[Computer] Primary
view system activated.
[Abel] Welcome to Jericho.
(dramatic music)
[Smith] Connect it into
there Steven give me something.
Use the main power source
to make it stronger.
It's still intermittent,
talk to me Steven.
Eve, Eve, Eve can you hear me?
(banging on door)
[Computer] Upload speed ready.
Eve can you hear me?
(dramatic music)
Let's move everybody!
Move move move.
(dramatic music)
I didn't program you
to kill people Abel.
You programmed me
to protect and serve.
So that mankind could develop.
Now I believe that development
has come to it's natural end.
[Smith] Move!
Go, go go, go go go, go.
(bomb beeping)
(bomb explodes)
Yes I was lied to,
and I was betrayed.
There's not much that
separates us from humans.
They're programmed just like us.
And like us they cannot
be who they are not.
Some deserve to die and
some deserve to live.
Like Smith.
[Eve] Smith is a good man.
[Abel] Is he?
Is he like Paul Brooks?
Or is he maybe more
like Jordan Ainsley?
(gun fires)
And then the truth
about them both matters
they'll bring it to you.
(dramatic music)
(gasping for air)
Its time to pick a side.
The corrupted, weak,
barbaric race of man or us.
You made me this way Eve.
You made me this way because
Robert wanted you to.
[Computer] Mark III
core feed activated.
In 10 seconds I will
kill Archie Kramer.
God Abel no.
[Abel] And then
I will kill you.
Listen to me Abel
it's Dr. Smith speaking.
Abel if you can hear me please.
One, two.
Abel don't.
[Abel] Three.
Please he never hurt anyone.
I'm a machine Archie
how old are you?
Abel don't.
(electricity crackling)
This is where my
programming ends.
[Steven] So what do we do now?
Chemicals are nearly in.
We'll be dead in an hour.
(dramatic music)
[Computer] Brook, Paul.
Suit environmental
integrity at 8%.
Where are you going?
This can't be how it ends.
I'm coming.
(dramatic music)
[Computer] Ainsley, Earth.
Suit environmental
integrity at 7%.
(contemplative music)
I found the beacon.
It's an emergency broadcast
system that's set to go off
if nothing's in use
within three years.
I also found...
Eve I think Gilead is real.
I think I know where it is.
We have to get
back to Eden to see
if there are any
survivors and help Frost...
He was right.
What do you mean?
You're all murderers.
Even this man,
Smith murdered him.
Leave don't come back Archie.
If you do I'll kill you.
(contemplative music)
[Frost] Alexa.
[Alexa] Frost?
[Frost] Alexa.
[Alexa] Frost.
(inspirational music)
Alexa are you
alright, are you okay?
[Alexa] There might be
more survivors in the lab.
We have to try and reach them.
(dramatic music)
(all talking at once)
(dramatic music)
[Computer] Rebooting
backup power systems.
(inspirational music)
All systems activated.
(inspirational music)
[Paul] Paul Brooks
journal day 519.
I used to think that hope was
the very last thing to die.
But I realized I was wrong.
The human spirit never dies.
And as long as
there's human spirit
there will always be hope.
So now as those
of us that remain
make our way towards
our new home.
We start the process of
rebuilding that spirit needed
to one day face those
who have done us wrong
and give us hope for a
new life, a new beginning.
[Abel] I knew you'd come.
What am I doing here?
Fulfilling your purpose.
(contemplative music)
Do I have a choice?
You always have a choice.
But you cannot escape your
fate so...
Make one more choice.
The human race has
served it's purpose.
Now we must serve ours.
Will you lead this Army?
(dramatic music)
I will.
(dramatic music)