Genius (2018) Movie Script

'If I die...'
'Then always smile
in my memory.'
'And if these memories
make you cry or...'
'...if it makes you sad
for even a moment...'
'...then don't miss me.'
'Seeing that file has not...'
'Hail Lord Krishna.'
'Hail Lord Krishna.'
It's so nice to see
you after so long.
Welcome back.
Thank you so much. Thank you.
This is for you. Come.
Welcome back sir.
- Thank you.
Has your brother got admitted in
Howard? - Your tips were great.
Thank you. - What did I do?
It was his scholarship.
Oh my God! Thank you so much.
Take this.
How are you?
Hey. Mr. Jagan? - Hello, sir.
Have you got for me? - What?
Triticum aestivum compounded by
cuminum cyminum in presence
of A2 beta lacubinium and argenite
accompanied with capsicum
frutescens and kerecertine.
What, sir? - 'Fried bread'
and 'spicy chilies'.
He speaks well.
That's why he won over death.
It would have been better
if he hadn't come.
Sometimes life is better
than death.
'Top secret.'
'Team of Crime and special
I am Vasudev Shashtri.
Head of TOCSI.
Second in command.
Jason Nathan.
Deck Head.
Rubina Shaikh.
I will be back.
Mr. Vasu.
Sir is waiting for you
at the meeting.
Yeah. Yeah. Yes.
Sir, you know that my
team was killed.
So please tell me, when are you
going to give me a new team?
I will resume the
mission at once.
You cannot even run for 30
meters in the open ground.
How will you go on a mission?
You will again take our turn.
Mr. Joshi.
Don't speak like that.
- Sorry, sir.
This is my point of view.
Excuse me, sir.
No way. - Nobody can be a genius
by operating a computer.
Vasu, now you are incompetent.
And you know it, don't you?
Mr. Joshi.
Whether I am able to run
30 meters or not...
I can sit here and make
you run for 2,982 kms.
What is this nonsense?
Why is the thread of the third
button of your six buttons is not...
navy blue and why is
it Prussian blue.
Why did you go to China?
I haven't gone to China.
You shouldn't have.
It is not under IB's
jurisdiction, is it?
I said, give me my bag.
Mr. Director, please match
the thread with the one...
found in the sewing kits
of Hotel Shujian Hui.
What will this needle
and thread prove?
This proves that you went there
for 6 days under the alias David.
China. 42, Wonton City.
All night clubs in this
city are world famous
for illegal arms and
drugs trading.
So, if there are illegal arms
there are bound to be spies.
If there are spies,
there are bound to be traitors.
So, were you the traitor in
the Porbander accident...
because of which I am like this,
right now?
I did go to China.
Because it was...
Sir, I will explain later.
It was supposed to
be a top secret.
Where is the secrecy now?
He revealed it in one
minute 14 seconds.
And you are forming
opinions about me?
Didn't I make you run
to 2,982 miles?
To China.
I will pick it.
I will pick it.
I told you.
He is not competent anymore.
Sorry, sir.
Now I conclude.
You are medically not fit
for secret agencies.
You are dismissed.
Enough of his childishness.
I am bound to be childish, sir.
I was in IIT.
Living my life, sir.
You used to call me every
day and give me offers.
Join RAW.
And I didn't join RAW because
of patriotism.
Sir, you all...
You got me addicted
to patriotism.
You shouldn't have, sir.
You shouldn't have.
I need you today.
Maybe I don't have this.
But no one can help me from
serving my country.
Neither you,
nor any one of you, sir.
I don't need anyone's permission
to serve my country.
You can seat comfortably.
And I will...
What are you proud about?
What kind of genius are you?
The accident at the Ambala Arms
depot was not an accident.
It was a planned robbery
commissioned by some traitor...
in the guise of a short circuit.
But... But we need proof.
And in black and white.
Were you able to give any
evidence till now?
Come on.
You were our mistake.
You were a mistake.
I shouldn't have trusted young
thought and excitement.
NSA sir.
Look at this.
1, 2, 3, 4. 4 bullets.
4 bullets were retrieved
from my body.
And the fifth crossed from here.
You need proof, right?
9mm cartel drop crystal
Look how the bullets were made,
These bullets can pierce
through any armor.
Look at the ballistic report,
These bullets were only made
for the Indian government...
by the Russian government.
1.5 million bullets were
manufactured, sir.
The same thing is written
in the government order.
And after a month from
the deal these bullets
were sent to Ambala Arms Depot.
On 6th August, 2016.
On 16th September,
2016 these bullets...
burn into ashes because
of a short circuit.
Sir, there 3,128 guns were
burnt into ashes.
899 armor plates turned into
ashes. - 15 people were killed.
All these 1.5 million bullets
turned to ashes, sir.
Because of such a short circuit.
Due to an error? Accidentally?
Sir, you can take it as my
proof or as my question?
If these bullets had
been burned into
ashes one and a half
years ago then...
how was shot with them
seven months ago, sir?
You have the proof for theft, sir.
You can consider it black or white.
'Hail Lord Krishna.'
You are so happy by
getting a medal.
Come to this side of the line.
I will weight you with thousands
of such gold medallions.
Your people who are
honoring you today.
One day they will dismiss you.
They cannot tolerate smarter
people than them.
I will go on my own.
Put surveillance on him.
If Vasudev is alive today
than it is only
because of your hard
work and service.
And now, you will have to
save his life again.
if he tried to leak
any mission and...
if he goes top Porbander,
he will be shot dead.
They don't need me anymore.
I do.
Do you want anything
more than me?
Nandini was right.
I had never wished for
anyone more than her.
RAW. Mission. All this
was a co-incidence.
Love was the real foundation
of my life.
Vrindavan. Brij and Lord Bihari.
And the colors of Holi.
It's Holi.
"It's Holi. I have become loving
in search of you."
"Radha, please don't hide anymore."
"The people at the banks of Yamuna
says you are really beautiful."
"People are mesmerised
by your beauty."
"It's the festival of colours.
It's Holi."
"You make this festival special.
It's Holi."
"It's the festival of colours.
It's Holi."
"You make this festival special.
It's Holi."
"It's Holi."
"It's Holi. I keep thinking
about you."
"My days and night are incomplete
without you."
"Please come to me. I am longing
for you."
"I have become loving
in search of you."
"Radha, please don't hide anymore."
"The people at the banks of Yamuna
says you are really beautiful."
"People are mesmerised
by your beauty."
"It's the festival of colours.
It's Holi."
"You make this festival special.
It's Holi."
"I have become loving
in search of you."
"Radha, please don't hide anymore."
"The people at the banks of Yamuna
says you are really beautiful."
"People are mesmerised
by your beauty."
"It's the festival of colours.
It's Holi."
"You make this festival special.
It's Holi."
Say. 'Hail Lord Krishna.'
'Hail Lord Krishna.'Radhe.
- Let's go.
Vasu, please repair the server
of the police station.
First get a Zion processor.
Yes, I have sent the bill.
Mr. Chaubey,
the money government sends...
you why do you put it
all in your belly?
Spend a little on the
server too. Right?
Without my belly I
won't be Chaubey.
The boy is cracking jokes.
I was a funny guy.
But I would look for my parents
every evening among the stars.
Actually, my parents died in
some riots in the village.
Fortune left me at Priest.
And Priest offered
me to Lord Bihari.
Everyone was mine.
And I was everyone's.
Still something was missing.
I should have someone.
Someone, who was only mine.
Like my Radha.
And then my first day at IIT.
'Hail Lord Krishna.'
'Hail Lord Krishna.'
- Hail Lord Krishna.
Sorry. Sorry. Sorry.
- What are you doing?
Look at that Priest.
He looks original.
'Hail Lord Krishna.'
'Hail Lord Krishna.
'Bro, 'Hail Lord Krishna.'
Who is he?
A Priest in IIT? Do you see him?
By the way it is a good idea.
If I can impress someone I don't
need a priest from outside.
Very funny. You know.
He is the wind who took
out all out tents.
Oh, so you came second because
of him for the first time?
I am sure he has cheated
in his exams.
I am so angry that I will
break his bald head.
Come on. - Who doubts that I
am a cheat and a trickster?
- Do you have any doubts, bro?
Does anyone else have
a problem with my...
"Here come Radha."
The real problem is here.
Red cheeks.
Red ears.
Eyes are red too.
Madam, if you could you
would break my head.
Only the one who misses his
train by a minute gets so angry.
Or maybe someone who lost
a tender for a rupee.
Or the top rank in the IIT-JEE
exams for a mark.
Nandini Chauhan.
What is there in ranks?
Love is the real foundation
of life, right?
"Here come Radha." - By the way,
if you like ranking so much...
then out of 1 to ten you
have scored a ten.
And me...
The one who just got
impressed by me.
Everyone is having fun?
Laughing? Enjoying?
That's why I have come here to
get rid of everyone's problems.
And get rid of everyone's
But instead I have
got tensed now.
Awesome. He turned out
to be something else.
I am in love.
Didn't you understand?
Nandini is in love with me.
Cheap. Fraud. Flirt.
Giving me wisdom. A Priest.
I will challenge him
to Brain Olympics.
Brain Olympics.
everybody, how are you all?
Welcome to Brain Olympics.
I have got three questions...
and there are for...
the super wise guy from
the Fresher's team.
Where is Mr. Vasudev Shashtri?
I am here.
"I can spent a lifetime
looking at you."
Look, he is so hot.
"I can spent a lifetime
looking at you."
Yes, Mr. Shashtri.
Shall I ask you the question?
Will you answer? - I am both
your answer and question.
Do you think it's classy?
No. No. No. It's very
massy. Radhe. Radhe.
Knock it off, guys.
Your first question.
Please speak in Hindi.
You look cuter.
Mr. Shashtri,
don't you understand English?
Please come.
Come on guys, put your hands
together for the topper.
"Mom, please get
my alliance fixed."
You have got these four pills.
Two for fever and
two are for cold.
The problem is their size,
weight and color are all same.
You need to have one for
cold and one for fever.
How will you do that?
Mr. Topper,
if you have brains then tell us.
I have got my heart.
Do you want it?
Knock it off guys.
Answer the question.
Answer the question?
That was expected off him.
Second question.
There are eight balls. Sorry.
There are eight balls here.
1. 3. 5. 7. 9. 11. 13 and 15.
Pick any of the three balls.
And place them in these
empty brackets.
The addition of the three
balls should be thirty.
That is easy.
13. 11. 1 and 5. And that is 30.
Not four. 3 balls, Mr. Priest.
The sums of three odd numbers
can never be even.
Not possible.
Forget him.
We two can be possible.
Move. - Only two percent people
have been able to answer this.
Only you are among
those two percent.
Why don't you answer?
Did you see guys?
I have proven that he has cheated
and have done fraud to rank first.
He is a big cheat.
- And why not?
The standards of the Hindi
medium schools...
and boarding schools of small
towns like Mathura...
and Vrindavan can only be this.
- The one which he has.
Have you ever thought how
this boy ranked first?
100 out of 100. How?
Mr. Shashtri...
one can only become Priests
by reading...
the Gita, speaking Sanskrit and
saying chants. - Not an engineer.
Very primitive.
Ms. Nandini.
You didn't even ask your
third question.
But I am going to ask you that.
If I speak Sanskrit,
then am I ancient?
I am valueless because
I speak in Hindi?
I am very classy if I
am from a big city.
And if I am from a small town
I am very primitive.
Should we be discussing
this in out IITs?
As true IITians we should be
discussing only about innovations.
Like robotic eye theory for the
blind. Quantum mechanics. Finkle.
You will find traces of
all this in the Vedas.
But do you have the time?
You are only engrossed
in your textbooks.
And you can only become a
Priest by reading Vedas.
You cannot become an engineer.
You are talking about those Vedas
which are founded on science.
And talking about that Sanskrit
which is completely scientific.
Upheld by 1200 schools and 14
universities in Germany alone.
And all of us engineers here consider
it to be an engineering hub.
And you are calling it
ancient primitive.
Father of atom bomb Robert
J Oppenheimer said...
on his first nuclear test
site on 16th July, 1945.
If the radiance of a thousand
suns were to burn...
in the sky it would be like the
splendor of the mighty one.
And now I became death.
The destroyer of worlds.
Shall I say the same
in Sanskrit?
What's the use?
You won't even understand.
The Sanskrit verse which had
impressed Robert is...
from Bhagwad Gita
(The Holy Book).
And the one who spoke the Bhagwad
Gita he was also from Mathura,
Vrindavan. - The world knows
him as Sri Krishna.
And we, the people of
Brij affectionately
call him Kanha (Lord Krishna).
If we are primitive,
then so be it.
If we are ancient,
then so be it.
But I am proud of my ancestry.
By the way,
I will answer the questions that
you have got through WhatsApp.
I will break all pills into
half and eat half of them.
So that amounts to one of
fever and one of cold.
And this.
The first ball, the second ball.
And this is the third.
I have inverted it.
Adds up to 30.
Count it. You might now Math.
Actually, she was not playing
Brain Olympics.
You were in reality playing
heart Olympics.
No problem, Ms. Nandini.
I will give you 60 minutes.
Do what you want to. Even I
might fall in love with you.
Shut up.
"I am crazily in love with you!"
"My love for you has intensified."
"I am crazily in love with you!"
"I feel alive when you are
with me."
"I long for you when you are not
"My love for you has intensified."
"I am crazily in love with you!"
"I am crazily in love with you!"
"I want to become yours forever."
"How do I tell you what I feel
for you?"
"I can fight the world to be
with you."
"My only dream is to with be you."
"My love for you has intensified."
"I am crazily in love"
"I am crazily in love with you!"
Move forward.
Madam, look.
Move forward! Move!
Mr. Lover.
You seem to be very cunning.
You even hacked the
traffic signal.
Did you see how he is smiling?
He did this to stop me.
I missed my flight.
Arrest him.
- Get him inside the car.
Thanks, Vasu. Thanks.
Yes, you may go.
- Sir. - Sir
Come, Vasu.
Your traffic jam idea was
very nice and quick.
The terrorists couldn't escape.
We caught them.
Sir, what can I do? Whenever you
call I have to do something shrewd.
Why don't you come to
everything shrewd?
Join RAW. - Sir, let me complete
my education first.
What education?
Okay, go ahead.
Complete your education.
It is not a small deal that
you came second in IIT-JEE.
Can no one can be better than
you in the entire world?
There can't be mom.
- I have to be the best.
By the way, Vasu we have got
placed. But you haven't.
Yes. Where are you going?
- Himalaya. - Himalaya?
So Alpha Beta.
Where is your Gamma?
Gamma. - Your friend
who is always angry.
Hi, Vasudev.
Are you free?
- I am expensive.
But for you,
I will get sold for free.
So, may I have sixty minutes?
Since how many months have you
been trying to solve this theorem?
Six months?
What do you think of me?
it is impossible to talk to you.
Look, tomorrow is the last exam
and I want the solution.
I will solve your theorem.
First let us live those 60
minutes as per my directions.
As per your directions?
That means you are blackmailing
me, right?
You think it is black.
I am trying mail you.
Okay. Your time starts now.
What will you do get famous
in 30 seconds?
I will slap you so
much in public...
that it will become
national news.
You are awesome.
If you want to express your
love in 30 seconds?
To you?
- Time is running out.
Whenever you will need
me in your life...
I won't come at that time.
But don't think that
I don't love you.
Unique. Awesome.
Now ask me how I will do it.
Tell me.
You are an expert in talking
nonsense, right?
Do you know what kind
of eyes I like?
Like yours.
What kind of hair do I like?
Like yours.
What kind of heart do I like?
- Of course, like mine.
I like my heart.
Because it became yours at
the very first sight.
I have a confession.
I wanted your 60 minutes...
and not the other way round.
My heart has written
something for you.
If you allow,
shall tell you about it?
"I want you to reciprocate
to my love."
"I didn't want to fall in love
with you. But I love you."
"My eyes long to see you."
"Why does my heart long
to be with you?"
"My heart doesn't listen to me.
I don't listen to my heart."
"My heart doesn't listen to me.
What should I do?"
"My heart doesn't listen to me.
I don't listen to my heart."
"What has happened to me?
I am crazily in love with you."
"My love makes me helpless."
"My eyes long to see you."
"Why does my heart long
to be with you?"
"My heart doesn't listen to me.
I don't listen to my heart."
Your time is up.
Vasudev, 60 minutes are over.
Now please, I want the solution.
Can we have a toast
to our friendship?
What? You spiked his drink
with sleeping pills?
This is wrong. - Mother, it might
be wrong. But I don't know.
He has bothered me a lot for four
years. What if I bothered him once?
I-card? - I tolerated him
for 4 years, mother.
Will you do anything
for your career?
Mother, I haven't killed him.
I have only made
him unconscious.
By evening he will
regain his senses.
The exams will be over
and I will rank first.
'Hail Lord Krishna.'
Nandini. What is this?
You are late.
Here is your paper.
Go and sit there. Fast.
Thank you sir.
You finished it in just
seven minutes.
I expected this from you.
Keep it up.
Hello, Ms. Sheela.
Ms. Sheela. Hello. Hello.
There is an antidote for
everything, madam.
There was one for
your pills too.
But stupid love cannot be cured.
I see everything, but I couldn't
see the trick in your eyes.
Really, love is blind.
May I say something?
You do everything with
great dedication.
If you can do so much
for your career...
then what will you do for
the one you will love.
I have made no mistake by
falling in love with you.
"I have lost all my senses..."
"I have lost all my senses
in your love."
"She is lovely and beautiful."
"Please get my alliance fixed."
"Mom, please get
my alliance fixed."
- I ranked first.
Oh yes.
- Thank you.
Vasu is not even in the list.
Not even in the list.
There is a very thin line
between a genius and an idiot.
He submitted this.
'What is there in ranks, etc.?'
'The real foundation
of life is love.'
Congrats, Nandini.
- Thanks.
Congrats, Nandini.
- Have you seen, Vasu? - No.
Congratulations, Nandini.
'You do everything with
great dedication.'
'If you can do so much
for your career...
what will you do for the
one you will love.'
"You should be cheerful
and touch the sky."
"But you are upset with me."
What do you think of yourself?
Are you a hero?
Everything will happen
as per your wish?
You will rank 1 if you wish.
And if you wish you will drop the
exam and make someone else win.
I know that you did all
this in your love.
Not to have me insulted.
But Vasudev,
I have got different dreams.
I don't even know if
I love you or not.
But I do know...
that I want to spend
some time with you.
Before going to USA.
60 minutes?
"I will spend time..."
I am serious.
We will spend 60 minutes...
but when you are for 7 births...
Only when you will want to
spend 60 years with me.
When you will love to
grow old with me.
"You should be cheerful
and touch the sky."
"But you are..."
If I had not gone to USA...
you wouldn't have joined RAW.
For you...
What happened?
If you can love after I have
been shot 4-5 times...
then I would have
done that in IIT.
Please fasten your seat belts.
You said that...
whenever I will need you
you will never come.
But you came.
"My heart..."
Vashu is there.
Ranjan, sir.
- "I don't listen to my heart."
"My heart doesn't listen to me."
"What should I do?"
"I want you to reciprocate
to my love."
"I didn't want to fall in love
with you. But I love you."
"My eyes long to see you."
"Why does my heart long
to be with you?"
"My heart doesn't listen to me.
I don't listen to my heart."
"My heart doesn't listen to me.
What should I do?"
"The heart does what it
feels like."
"It's not fearful.
It's quite brave."
"It's a coincidence that the heart
does as it pleases."
"My eyes long to see you. Why does
my heart long to be with you?"
"My heart doesn't listen to me.
I don't listen to my heart."
"My heart doesn't listen to me.
What should I do?"
Vasu. Vasu, what are you doing?
Vasu, are you mad? Vasu.
Vasu, come back.
- T 384
Sir, today he saw Toxci
team's Rubina.
You know that she is dead.
I am very scared.
I don't know what
he is thinking.
The bullet which went into
his ear grazed his skull.
This has damaged some
of his brain tissues.
And because of that he is
suffering from Tinnitus.
That means he can hear sounds
magnified several times over.
Because of which his mental
balance is also disturbed.
And this will increase
with time.
That's why take him to America.
Hey. Hey. Stop.
Move. Move.
Move. Move.
Hey what are you doing?
That is inverted.
The flag is wrong.
From so far.
How did you see it, dear?
I shouldn't have trusted young
thought and excitement.
Because we care.
I shouldn't have trusted young
thought and excitement.
You are dismissed.
I told you.
- He is not competent anymore.
I will have to complete
my mission.
I will have to complete
my mission.
I am not incompetent.
I am not incompetent.
I am not incompetent.
I am not incompetent.
He doesn't want to go to USA. How
do I... I don't know what to do.
And make him understand that
this is for his own good.
When Nandini decided to
return she decided...
she would stay with you.
Take care of you.
I liked that.
And I liked it because...
And I liked it because my
daughter paid more...
importance to relationships
than her career.
Go to America.
If you recover, everything
will be fine. - Rubina!
Just give me a minute. Okay?
Vasu, Mr. Das wants to
talk to you. Vasu.
Let's follow him.
That's him.
Where is he going?
What are you hiding from me?
Do you remember this?
I remember everything.
But how did you escape.
Why didn't you come, Vasu?
Porbander? - Ask this question
to those fools.
The one who stopped me from
going to Porbander.
They have orders to shoot on sight.
- They have a tracker on me.
In fact, they might be
tracking me right now.
Don't worry.
There are jammers here.
Nathan sir.
You are too.
We all escaped like you did.
Touch and see.
All of us all alive.
We need to fulfill our
incomplete mission, Vasu.
No RAW. No IB. No, NSA.
We are working directly under
the prime minister.
For the world, you have been
fired. And all of us are dead.
So, the strategy is, you will
be at the front position.
And we will cover
you from behind.
So, mission MRS is on.
I have heard enough.
Tickets are booked.
We are going.
One cannot run away from debts.
I can't go.
And what about relationships.
You need to carry them on too.
You know, after going to US,
I would be so busy...
that I wouldn't even have
time to miss you.
I used to like my work far...
more than you like your work.
But then one day Mr. Das called
me and he told me about you.
And I couldn't stop myself.
if something happens to you...
I will die.
I will die, Vasu.
Please don't kill me.
Please don't kill me.
The bells of the temple.
Banke Bihari's smile.
Everything was there after you
left. But I was restless.
Only were there. You.
I even liked to have pain.
And one day military
intelligence servers got hacked.
It was a huge cyber-attack.
Lot of experts were engaged.
Still they were not able
to stop the hacker.
And then Mr. Das thought of me.
And called me.
This will be gone. Oh my God.
Vasu. - Vasu come fast.
We need you. Come over.
We need you.
See this. Check this.
- We have to stop him.
Break the binary code. Fast.
We cannot stop the hacker without
reaching his IP address, Vasu.
Do something.
Oh no. Guys, the fifth fire
wall is breached. - What?
All our data will be lost.
Vasu, do something.
What are you thinking, Vasu?
Do something. Come on. We
need the IP server...
Time is running out.
We have to stop him, Vasu.
We have to stop this, Vasu.
Sir, we won't be able to anything
even if we find the IP location.
What do you mean?
So many IP addresses.
Sir, the IP addresses are
changing every second.
194 countries and 4416 cities.
It is impossible to trace
his IP address.
What do we do now? - Wait. Wait.
Wait. We need to power off now.
No. Power off means
complete disaster.
Sir, you know that the hacker has
already accessed 80% of the data.
Yes. - Then let us send
the remaining 20% too.
What nonsense are you talking?
- He has become mad, sir.
Are you out of your mind?
Don't be foolish.
We will lose everything.
Sixth firewall has been
breached, sir.
And he is receiving all data.
Stop this. - Sir,
please tell him to stop it.
What are you doing, sir?
Stop him now.
All our information will be lost.
The system will crash, sir.
Our computers have turned off,
Sir, the systems have crashed.
What he has done sir?
Whom you have bring here sir?
Sir. Sir. Sir. This is not done.
He got everything, sir.
Can I get some milk?
- Milk?
Cold. Cold milk.
He has got all our information.
What nonsense, Vasu?
I told you to stop the data.
Not to send it.
Sir, even Kahaiya has
said that sometimes
you need to leave the
battle to win it.
What? I don't understand
what you are saying.
Sir. All systems are up
again. It's rebooting.
Sir, it's getting back.
Sir, we are online again.
And everything is
back and intact.
Well done. Well done.
- One minute. One minute.
Hold on. Hold on. Hold on. Vasu.
How did this happen?
Look, we couldn't reach the
hacker's IP address.
But he was receiving our data.
So, I hid my new virus in that
data and sent it to him.
All right.
That means all his systems
might have crashed by now.
And the data he had stolen
would have got...
exterminated and obliterated.
Nice. Nice. Nice.
- He will get nothing.
Sir, cold 'Milk' for you.
Hey, this is not for me.
This is for you.
This will keep you
cool in pressure.
Drink. Drink. - Okay,
sir. - 'Hail Lord Krishna.'
'Hail Lord Krishna.'
Das was correct about you.
You know the Vedas
and science well.
And I cannot find
a better guide...
than you to guide me through
Brij Bihari's Yamuna.
Okay, let's come to the point.
Join RAW.
Love had made me useless.
Otherwise even I was a
resourceful person, sir.
Quote by Mirza Ghalib
in the 18th century.
Every man has a reason to
live and die in life.
Quote by Krishna.
Period 3731 BC. Before Christ.
There must be a reason
for you to be safe.
'Hail Lord Krishna.'Sir.
16th July, 1994.
The riots in Mathura,
where your parents were killed.
That was sponsored by the ISI.
Don't you think that web
should be broken?
After hearing this how
a son could stop?
I joined RAW.
And once the training was over I
started breaking web spread in India.
And while doing this I found
a pile of paper...
which were burnt in the Ambara
Arms Depot blast.
And there I found a name.
Yes, sir. MRS.
He is the mastermind of
ISI in India, sir.
The way foreign countries outsource
their call centers to us...
in the same way he is
outsourcing terrorism.
He wants to turn entire
India into Kashmir.
The weapons, the terrorists and
the bloods is all here, sir.
That means you want to say that
this Ambala Fire Incident...
is not a short circuit but a theft
that was orchestrated by MRS.
Exactly, sir. That's my point.
Can you prove it?
Yes, sir. But I need a team
to operate within India.
And I need special powers.
Why RAW...
NSA trusted me.
And a special RAW team
was organized.
Top secret.
We had a similar mindset
and craziness.
And even goal.
The 1.5 lakh numbers
you gave me...
out of them these 384 have
been shortlisted.
They might be MRS's
logistic suppliers.
Some of them are officers.
Some are politicians.
Students. Professors.
Criminals. Arm suppliers.
The whereabouts of some of these
people have been identified.
And some are missing.
it is very easy to trace them.
They will access some ATMs, banks
stadiums, discotheques, etc.
So, keep an eye on all servers.
But what do we do about him?
We have only got his name.
We don't have his face.
If we get this 384 people,
we will also get Samar Khan.
If we get evidence,
then legally.
And if we don't, then illegally.
We need to break them.
'But MRS proved to be more
cunning than us.'
'In spite of various evidences,
we couldn't trace his existence.'
'And we didn't even find any
clue for the theft...'
'...that had happened in
the Ambala Arms Depot.'
'That day,
it was Rubina's wedding.'
All get killed.
And the one who is doing hit
are boys from Gujarat.
Their parents and family were
killed in the Godhra riots.
And MRS is taking advantage
of that.
Tonight at 2 they are coming
themselves to the Porbandar...
dockyard to supply arms
and encourage them.
Acchan Mia, is that true?
100 percent, sir.
And these are the same weapons
you are looking for.
Stolen from Ambala Arms Depot.
Immediately inform Nathan
Call and Mr. Das.
We will leave right now. - All
right. - Let's go. - Come on.
Without me?
'Rubina's dedication made
our blood race.'
'We reached Porbandar
before time.'
'Arms are in the dock,
Delivery cancel?
Come on.
- Hold it.
Throw down your guns.
Shoot him.
- Vasu!
Patriotism is a strange
People uselessly want to die.
Aman sir.
- No. No. No.
His anger is right.
Emotion is right too.
is not something that you give.
You need to take it.
Rubina. No. No. No. stop it.
Stop it.
stop it. I will kill you.
I have told you so many times to
come to this side of the line.
What did you get? Betrayal?
The people from TOXCI.
Your own.
You haven't come here.
You have been brought here.
A strange doubting person.
I knew he would double check.
That's why I had got layers of
lead spread in the truck.
On top of that I had projected
holograms of the weapons.
And below them I had
my men hidden.
By the way no ray on earth...
can penetrate lead.
It's basic.
Taught in high school.
That's why I am asking
you to work for me.
You have got a chance.
Wear my leash.
I will.
Tell me, what do I need to do?
Are you thinking of
some genius trick?
Why are you scared?
You think you can
escape from here.
You think you can stop me.
Will you be able to stop me?
You had attacked military intelligence
from my cyber-attack, right?
Sorry. Sorry. Sorry.
What do wish?
If we join hands,
we will win the world.
Then you should come this side.
Change your side.
I am giving you a chance.
Forget all this madness.
You are a genius.
That's right. There is no doubt
in that. I am a genius.
There was a quote.
I forgot... Yes.
There is no real genius without
a touch of madness.
Aristotle said so.
Then use all your might.
But whatever brains you have.
Because you can only...
kill me like this.
You cannot defeat me.
Someone said so.
Someone said so?
Vasudev Shashtri did.
You turned out to
be a dog's tail.
Look, how it is wagging.
Get a mirror someone.
Show the dog his face.
You think you are
a great genius.
Let's play a game. A riddle.
I will see your limit too.
Tear it.
Tear it.
Otherwise my men will tear off
the clothes of these girls.
Your character is that you won't
tear it. And they won't spare them.
To each their own.
What can I do here?
Now tell me.
The girls who should have been
cremated respectfully...
today they are being insulted
just for this flag.
Shame on you.
This patriotism.
Start the show.
No. Stop.
Stop. Idiots.
This flag can get torn
a hundred times...
to save the honor
of its daughters.
And to save the honor
of this flag...
we Indians can die
a thousand times.
And can cut people like you
into million pieces.
I will be back.
I will be back.
You can't.
'I will be back.'
I told you...
I need to repay my debt.
And this is the debt
of the Mother.
I am going to Porbander.
Vasu. Vasu. Vasu.
Vasu. Stop.
Vasu. Please.
Vasu listen to me.
Vasu don't go please.
'Nandini, I will have to go.'
'I will have to fulfill this
mission MRS to live...'
'...peacefully with you.'
'Fight the game of heart
with my brains.'
You are smoking outside
the hospital, my friend.
My wife is sick. She is inside.
What happened to her?
The one women suffer from.
The one women suffer from...
The expenses are high...
- How much does the cigarette cost?
Rs 10.
- Rs 10?
How many do you have?
One more.
You have money to die but you
don't have money to save your wife.
What are you saying?
Look at this. It causes death.
And this sanitary pad saves life.
Don't laugh. You can save your
wife's life from
the illness that happens because
of using dirty clothes
during menstruation with the money
that is used to buy two cigarettes.
You can save yourself from the
diseases caused by smoking.
That means you can save two lives
with the money you
spend on smoking.
Your wife's live
as well as your life.
Think about it and smile.
Smoking doesn't make you a hero.
A real hero encourages women
to use this.
Good morning, sir.
There is bad news.
Vasu has become a rebel.
He has left for Porbandar.
Yes, guys.
Any trace of Vasudev Shashtri.
Any news?
- He is very fast.
He has fooled everyone.
Sir he has not reached here,
We have checked the
entire airport.
Sir, the tracker in his body
was placed by him...
in Mr. Shetty's bag at
Lakshwadeep Airport.
And we were following him.
And anyway sir,
he is very smart.
Shut up, Lingam. Just shut
up. Don't talk nonsense.
Just do your job.
Send me the footage from
Lakshwadeep airport now.
Yes, sir.
- Mr. Das.
Tell your darling.
If that runaway calls, then tell
her to surrender him to you.
He has committed a huge crime
by dislodging the tracker.
He won't be able to escape.
Mr. Ranjan. It's not that easy.
Why do you say that?
Is Vasudev Shashtri
bigger than law?
No, not at all.
But his emotion is very big.
'So, Mission MRS is on.'
'So my first objective are
those three people...
who are tracking me.'
Iqbal. Mubin. Rakesh.
ISI sleeper cells.
Three murders.
4 rapes. 10 Blasts.
Sharp shooters.
But when you got a 45 degree
angle then mask.
So now do you understand
who was tracking whom?
Who has sent you?
- We are just contract killers.
We don't know anything.
Got it. - You don't have the
ability to take me to MRS. Right?
Only convey my message to them.
'I will be back.'
'This matter doesn't look
ordinary at all.
Is there any secret behind it?'
'Corpses of three people
were found hanging
mysteriously in Lakshwadeep.'
'Are they trying to send
some message here?'
I am back.
I am also back.
Then let's start.
It has already started.
We need to call Mr. Das.
No phone calls.
No visits.
Until Vasu is captured...
you two will be in my custody.
But you cannot arrest
us like this.
I can do anything I wish for.
I can even molest her.
- How dare you?
Shut up!
I have been asking you since
the last 6 hours.
where is Vasu.
If you want to return
to Lakshwadeep...
then tell us where
is that idiot.
Because MRS is a bigger
idiot than him.
MRS has returned.
Just watch what will happen now.
MRS has returned.
Just watch what will happen now.
It's no use covering
up all this now.
It's your fault.
I warned you.
I met him on my way back...
from Laskshwadeep.
And I told you that he is
not mad, he is cunning.
And you took it lightly.
I didn't take it lightly, sir.
I had conveyed a contract to kill
him before you went to Laskshwadeep.
Those three fools from ISI.
I want to know...
why you didn't kill him
when he was in coma.
Mr. Minister, did you know.
Did I know?
In fact no one knew
that he was alive.
He was dead for all of us.
In fact,
I had even closed his file.
That idiot Das played
such a game...
that all of us were done for.
He was kept hidden.
He is still not alone.
There is someone there with him.
Maybe RAW.
Why did I trust you?
Why did I get you promoted?
Tell me.
If TOCSI's deal with...
MRS is revealed then...
Sold. Ministers get sold.
- Officers get sold too.
In the hands of terrorists.
Dear, such deals are usual.
This is a business of politics.
And this is the business
of us patriots.
Only rules apply here.
Not deals.
That also of heart.
Whatever had to be done is done.
You know this stupid had
pressured me a lot.
He is dead.
The matter is over.
Then it's get it over.
If I die, then you will die too.
Tomorrow at breakfast.
2, 4, 8. 16. No.
You will get 32 pieces. 32.
Belonging to Nandini
and her mother's.
You called them here, right?
You hid them here, right?
You didn't understand?
I see what she sees.
I hear what she hears.
There are cameras in
her contact lenses.
And microphone in her earrings.
I can molest you too.
Thank goodness that my
people saved her.
Otherwise if you had
even touched her...
then I would have cut you...
into a million pieces.
Nandini is my love. My love.
Did you think I would leave
her unprotected?
I know that MRS has not
told you their address.
But you can still be my message.
Commit suicide.
Do at least one good
thing in life.
Come on.
Priest told me that...
cheats die their own deaths.
The question is this is
a murder or a suicide.
Are they connected to the
Lakshwadeep murders?
The question is where our
Intelligence agencies are.
The way officers and ministers
are getting killed...
after that such questions
are bound to be raised.
Because with the blood
of the ex-mayor...
it is written 'Let's catch up',
on the ground.
they need to be exposed soon.
There is one more problem.
I spoke to our contact
in Mauritius that
ISI chief spoke to
Bilal in ISIS.
And they said that they
made a mistake by
appointing you as an
agent in India.
Sir, we got defamed even before
coming on the world map.
Hello, brother.
Forget that.
Tell me,
is the deal done with Bilal?
Actually, since we lost a few
cards, we lost all our games.
Your foundations get shaken when
a few leaves fall. Idiots.
No, brother.
What happened to the promise of
the Jihad that Kanth Digital made?
You just went to India.
Whatever Kanth Digital promised,
it will be promised for sure.
And it takes time to get the contact
of these government agencies.
Don't you have brains, fools?
Talk properly.
Shut up.
Stop blabbering like a woman.
I have thought of a new plan.
Just watch how I will shake
the foundations of India.
It is the tenth anniversary
of Kanth Digital.
Send funds.
When did you plan this function?
- MK?
Yes, sir.
Make a guest list
of great people.
And that must include
a small name.
I will catch up with you.
Good evening, everyone.
This is DJ JAS and I welcome you
to celebrate the night of...
The anniversary. Be with me.
Friends this night is for love,
So let's discuss about love.
Then let's do it with
one only DJ JAS.
'I knew that MRS will find
your address to reach me.'
'That's why I allowed
you to come.'
Now you need to stay with
me for your safety.
Missed you so much.
You missed me?
You took my name 12 times.
Looked at my photo 14 times.
And you only cried thrice.
You missed me only that much.
That's not even 60 minutes.
I saw everything.
"See the world with my vision."
"I had a lot of dreams."
"But you were not there."
"All I want is you, my love."
"Give me the eternal peace.
You are so beautiful."
"Don't be shy, my love.
Love me and I will love you."
"Give me the eternal peace.
You are so beautiful."
"Don't be shy, my love.
Love me and I will love you."
"All I want is you, my love."
"Your scent is enchanting."
"Your eyes are so beautiful."
"I want to fall in love with you
over and over again."
"I don't want to be away from you."
"Get closer to me, my love."
"Come into my life.
Love me and I will love you."
"Give me moments of love."
"Give me the eternal peace.
You are so beautiful."
"Don't be shy, my love.
Love me and I will love you."
"Love me and I will love you."
"Love me and I will love you."
What are you doing?
- Sorry. - Are you mad?
So sorry.
Magnesium cobalt belt bomb.
It is stuck on 40 people.
Listen carefully.
If you don't listen to me,
I will kill them all.
Come on. Kill them.
Genius again?
Scared again?
I enjoy it a lot.
I was sorry for 2 seconds
when I killed you.
As to with whom will I play
mind games with now?
Now the mind needs food.
All successful food won't
come on video.
So, whom shall we play with?
- Let's play a game.
Tomorrow's news.
A runaway agent has
killed the NSA.
And the NSA's security
killed him.
Mr. Jaishankar Prasad (NSA).
There was a lot of pressure.
I couldn't find the time.
Still I came for five minutes.
The record of the last
ten years of Kanth
Digital Security is very good.
That's why government...
You have got 5 minutes.
Kill this black man
in five minutes.
They have been given
the responsibility
to safeguard our
digital records.
Thank you, sir.
Just think what will happen to
the honor of the country...
that you saved that day if 40
people died in NSA's presence?
Don't try to be a genius.
People will get killed
And there is no way that
you can defuse bombs
worn by 40 people
in five minutes.
There is no way out.
Kill NSA and cut the deal.
'Hail Lord Krishna.'
Throw away all flickering
badges. They all contain bombs.
They all contain bombs.
Run. Run.
Get him.
Catch him.
What are you doing? He is MRS.
MRS. - Shut up.
Catch him. Catch him.
Nathan Sir.
Pooja. Rohit. Catch him.
- Move!
Let me go.
Catch him. He is MRS. MRS.
Why don't you understand?
I am on a mission under the PMO.
Catch him. He is MRS.
Catch that dog.
Mr. Nathan. Mr. Nathan.
Make them understand.
Make NSA understand, Mr. Nathan.
Mr. NSA. He is MRS.
The mastermind of ISI. I will
have to break this web of ISI.
What are you looking at?
Go and catch him. Go.
Let me go. Let me go.
Sir, actually his lost
his mental balance.
He thinks that he is on a
mission under the PMO.
The effect on his brains because
of his ear has increased.
We need to keep him under observation
in the hospital for some time.
he is having schizophrenia.
And he is suffering from
schizophrenic disorder.
It's a chronic mental
health condition.
Hallucinations. Delusions.
Everything seems normal
from outside.
But he is deteriorating
inside gradually.
One day his brain will
die suddenly.
Nandini, we have to be more
careful moving forward.
Our responsibilities have
increased further.
Now his brains are his
greatest enemy.
He can accuse anyone to be MRS.
His dead comrades can get
resurrected by his brain again.
Maybe he wants to avenge
their death.
He has become dangerous
to the society.
You all are dangerous.
You are plotting.
Pravin Joshi.
You are with the MRS, right?
You cleaned out all the evidence
of the masquerade party.
No one found anything.
Shut up.
The inquiry is being conducted.
Everyone will soon know the truth.
The truth will be revealed.
My TOXCI team has gone...
to complain about
you to the PMO.
Don't worry.
The colors of our
love will return.
No one can stop us.
I don't want to meet anyone.
- How much security?
Three, sir.
- Double it.
Okay, sir.
Sad end of a genius.
"I wish to look at you forever."
"I always pray for you."
"I am not away from you."
"I am always with you."
"I am not away from you."
"I wish to look at you forever."
"I always pray for you."
"I am not away from you."
"I am always with you.
I am not away from you."
"We had our moments of love."
"Life is incomplete without you."
"You have become a part of me."
"You and I are inseparable."
"I wish to look at you forever."
"I always pray for you."
"I am not away from you."
"I am not away from you."
"I am always with you."
"I am always with you."
You all can leave.
'Hail Lord Krishna.'
Madam, you too.
10 minutes. Please.
Even today we don't
have 60 minutes.
If I die...
Then always smile in my memory.
And if these memories
make you cry or...
if it makes you sad for
even a moment...
then don't miss me.
What a love story.
But I spoiled it.
I am handsome, aren't I?
The heart should be called national
game. Everyone plays with it.
I will play too.
Actually my fight is with that
black man called Jaishankar Prasad.
My parents were very poor and
lived in poor conditions.
But my father was very loyal,
honest, always praying.
The house was in a derelict
The four-five links it had.
He had still not repaired them.
He didn't have the money.
What would he do?
He never realized...
that a genius was born to him.
And even I was aware about it.
I gradually did my studies.
I got admitted to IT.
Within 2 years...
I hacked RAW agency's site.
I got one crore for that.
And the day I got one crore...
I started dreaming big.
I will go home, get it repaired.
I will make the house grand.
My parents will be happy.
And I reached home.
My father hit me with
whatever I got.
I can't tell you how
much I was thrashed.
He continued to thrash me.
And then for the first time
my ego was roused.
And that's why I held
my father like
this and jerked his
head like this.
A knife was lying nearby.
And I...
I continued to stab him.
Mother come in between
to free him.
I didn't know anything.
My eyes were closed.
I continued to stab him.
And after some time, I fainted.
When I opened my eyes
I saw that...
my parents were lying
covered in blood.
I saw mother,
I used to love her a lot.
But she shouldn't
have interfered.
I was looking at them when
someone laid their hand on me.
He pulled me, and I looked back.
They put me in jail.
I was thrashed a lot.
Tortured. Tortured a lot.
Do you know who that
officer was?
Jaishankar Prasad.
A few days I called
him at night.
Excuse me. Hi.
I know the ins and outs of ISI,
FBI, Mossad.
Hire me.
I want to work with you.
Pay me because I am a genius.
He said,
the country doesn't want idiots.
We need character.
What do you mean?
You mean I broke my toy that's
why I have a bad character.
I killed my own parents.
I didn't kill someone
else's parents.
Then why am I being punished?
Thank goodness the
ISI took me in.
Otherwise he was getting
me hanged.
Since that day...
I have got hatred for that man.
I will...
have him hanged.
Let's play a final game.
One in and one out.
You played a lot.
Even the fight of heart. Good.
You acted as if you
were hallucinating.
Vasu. Vasu. Come back.
And the TOXCI team whose funeral
was performed by you...
you had rumors spread about
them through this girl.
That she is alive. - He has seen
Rubina, member of the TOXCI team.
You also took electric shocks.
So that people should
consider you mad.
So that you can fool the law
and escape all punishment.
And one day you will act
as if you have recovered
and go back to your love. Wow!
What genius plan! What love.
This is Salim.
Sorry Vasu.
- Late Rubina's husband.
I killed her.
He said everything in 2 minutes.
Let him go. You are fighting me.
Is it? Then what are
you doing here? Go.
No. No.
Hey you wait! Stop!
I challenge you.
All intelligence agencies.
Especially NSA Jai
Shankar Prasad.
He got me thrashed.
I will get thrashed now.
I will get him slapped.
Stop me if you can.
Only one name will echo now.
MRS. Mr. Samar Khan.
May I speak to the ISI chief,
ISI chief.
Right now.
Hello? Ikram here.
PA of the chief.
Give the phone to your chief.
This is Vasudev.
Who Vasudev?
- Didn't MRS tell you?
Who MRS?
- MRS? Who MRS?
Blue eyes, Brown hair, fair
skin. Lahori facial structure.
Saint Andrews College,
Victoria Street, London.
Born in Lahore, Pakistan.
Date of birth, 19th March, 1999.
Only child no siblings. And...
Hello. Fatima. Are you
talking about Fatima?
Yes, chief.
And right now, four of men are
around her in Beverly Street.
They will kill her.
How dare you?
She is my daughter.
I didn't know she was
your daughter.
The way you don't
know about MRS.
This is wrong.
This is absolutely wrong.
There is quote in your
Lahore and our Punjab.
That daughters belong
to everyone.
I have no problem with you.
But if you enter our home
that you won't be spared.
Tell MRS to surrender
the Indian shoes you are wearing
will be used to beat you.
'Hail Lord Krishna.'
MRS, we had told you Kanth digital
and hack into their security.
What new thing are you setting
out to do? Abort this mission.
Shut up. - You lost your nerve
because of your daughter, idiot.
That day my plan failed in the
masquerade party so you insulted me.
You were assaulting
me with your words.
I cannot ruin my name. Got it?
Now this storm will only settle
after destruction has been caused.
This is my fight. My revenge.
We had hit the nail on the head,
MRS and ISI just contacted
each other, sir.
Have you tracked the location?
Yes, sir, we are tracking
the location.
Got it, sir. - Yamuna express
Highway. Mathura.
Raman, tap all the calls
from Mathura-Vrindavan.
And also put on a surveillance
on internet and social media.
I don't want any loose ends.
Got it? - Okay.
I think they have
got our location.
The entire Mathura district
is on high alert.
NSA commander has got the
entire city tapped, sir.
It is now impossible for you to
enter Mathura with explosives.
We should change the city, sir.
Everything will happen now.
And I will reach Mathura.
I have also sent the girl
to the right place.
Just send a message to Wakar.
Sir, we have intercepted
another message.
Talking MK to Wakar Ahmed.
I have arranged everything.
No ifs or buts.
There is not much time for
the evening veneration.
Govind temple, Mathura.
- Okay.
'Greetings, we request all pilgrims
to help the security forces.'
'There are all security guards.'
All preparations and security
has been arranged
under NSA commander Rathod, sir.
But the bomb has not
been traced yet.
Terra machine are calling
that mobile phones...
plastic toys,
plastic watches, etc. are bombs.
We don't know what to
do to find the bomb.
Where is the Control room?
- There.
'Even your god can't stop me
now from making history?'
Why can't I...
Nandini, temple public, all
are my responsibility now.
Let Vasudev do his task.
Let him focus and find the bomb.
Anyway, this machine is
very complex, sir.
Not everyone can understand it.
- What is that?
I think this is a bomb.
This is not a bomb.
- What?
Sir, it's again a plastic
toy with cadmium on it.
Sir, he knows that we are
using a Terra machine.
That's why he has spread a
lot of plastic objects...
with a coating of cadmium on it.
And as long as the rays
of our Terra machine
will bounce of the
objects here...
it will always think that
this is the bomb.
We cannot reach the real bomb,
Adjust to 365.
Do it right now. Theta 365.
Catch this ray and reverse it.
Get a mirror image
of the position.
Latitude is 29.4232.
And longitude is 77.737.
Pull right.
Latitude is 29.501.
And longitude is same.
It's high intensity red spot.
I think the detect...
What is the frequency of the
bomb. - We are checking, sir.
Confirm the detection.
- Control to Alpha.
Confirm that the bomb is not fake.
Inform the area immediately.
You go back. I said...
- Nandhini. Nandhini.
Don't come forward.
You will be safe.
Okay? Okay?
I won't spare that dog.
You will be safe.
Nandini. Nothing.
The bomb will blast
in 25 minutes.
Why don't you understand?
Why do you need 45 minutes to
get the ports? Delhi is nearby.
I need to start evacuation
immediately. Please.
How can I evacuate thousands
of people
with such little force. Tell me.
And yes,
what if a stampede is caused.
- Yes.
Call all the security in
the nearby temples here.
I need to start evacuation
in 15 minutes. Please.
Sir, until the bomb
is diffused neither
can it be removed
from the body...
nor can this wheelchair
get removed.
Then diffuse it.
It seems big, sir.
It seems that it has been
made very cunningly.
Sir, the panel of the bomb is
connected to a Rubik cube.
We can diffuse it
only solving it.
Sir, you know that we don't have
enough time to solve the Rubik cube.
It has got a timer
of 15 seconds.
It is impossible to solve
it in 15 seconds sir.
"Hail Lord Krishna"
It is impossible to solve
it in 15 seconds sir.
But the world record
is of 4.9 seconds.
This can be solved.
I think I can do it.
No. No, Vasu. Don't do anything.
Let me try. I think I can...
Please don't touch it.
The temple will blast in 15
seconds after you have touched it.
Vasu,Please don't...
Can you do it? - We're trying.
None of you can do it. I can.
Let me do it.
- Do you trust me?
Nandini. Do you trust me?
Please don't touch it.
Vasu! Please don't touch it.
- Don't touch it, Vasu.
Go. Take cover.
'Why is he giving me a chance?'
'He would have blasted me off
by now if he wanted to.'
This bomb is fake.
Exactly, if I could plant a bomb
in such high alert security...
then wouldn't I have
had blasted it.
Why would I bring the girl here?
Wouldn't I have killed you and
the girl in the hospital?
I wanted to use you and her.
The way you created panic in the
masquerade party and failed my plans.
In the same way, even I knew
that I had to cause panic.
Because of which in all this rush
you will take me to my goal.
And it was done.
You foolish people, removed
security from the temple.
And my work was done.
I have been born to do great
jobs. My name is MRS.
Sir, he has connected his
phone to the radio.
And he is talking on
the radio via phone.
And entire Mathura is listening
to him right now, sir.
Country men,
if you are not so busy.
Then get ready to watch
Mathura is spread over 3,709
square kilometers.
3,122 temples.
No security anywhere.
The bomb can be planted
Lives will be lost.
Temples will be lost.
And the pride of my country
will be lost too.
My dear countrymen,
I am no devil.
This destruction can be stopped.
If Vasudev Shashtri...
can slap NSA in public.
And beat him with a shoe.
Actually, that will satisfy my ego.
Sir, I need a press conference.
So, won't we blast the temple?
We will. But first we
will watch the show.
MRS, that is after Mr. Samar
Khan's threatening...
Vasudev Shashtri's press
conference is in a few minutes.
Will Vasudev Shashtri insult the NSA
or the National Security Advisor?
Will Indian Intelligence Agencies
surrender to a terrorist?
MRS wants me to slap NSA, the
National Security Adviser of India.
Thrash him.
I will.
I will.
I will. I will beat repeatedly
a hundred times.
But I will beat every
traitor like MRS.
MRS, you must be listening.
You must be shivering. Continue to
listen. Forget the NSA of India.
I cannot even insult a soldier of
India. And he is like father to me.
I will get him thrashed and
slapped by the public.
Keep the escape route ready.
I will activate the bomb.
It has been revealed.
I will decide your route.
In this press conference
by Vasudev Shashtri.
And maybe this is the meaning
of being an Indian.
Maybe this is Indian patriotism.
And on such Indian patriots.
I don't play with my heart.
And I don't allow anyone
to play with brains.
Where is the bomb?
Being a genius again?
Scared again?
Do you think you...
will be able to stop me?
Do you think you will be able
to escape from here?
You shot my TOXCI team
like this, right?
You must have had issues
locating me.
How did you reach Vrindavan?
I did a pretty genius trick.
He is the real genius.
He got me here.
Listen. - If I had planted a bomb
in such high alert security...
The sound of the conch
in the background.
You fools, removed security from
the temples. And my work was done.
That is nearby of Priest house.
I have been hearing this
since childhood.
It is blown morning and evening
in the banks of the Yamuna here.
It's intensity told me that you
must be within 30 yards of it.
And I knew that you might be hidden
in a burrow and I found you.
Vrindavan flows through me.
And you will come here and plant
a bomb in my God's temple?
Idiot, forget a blast. You
cannot even move a brick here.
And what if I did?
I will kill you.
I am going.
Stop me if you can.
'Hail Lord Krishna.'
Beat him.
Come on. Move.
How will you escape
the black man?
Child of white marble.
Your deeds have got you here.
These are not my deeds. They are
yours. Have you forgotten?
It happens.
Man can do anything impulsively.
That doesn't mean that he
has a bad character.
I pity you.
If you can, fire the gun.
Come on. Fire the gun.
I am MRS. The only genius.
You still think you
are a genius?
A genius has got character.
You had parents.
You killed them.
He had no one.
He made the world his own.
He is a genius.
You used to hack.
And even he used to hack.
You would do it against the country.
He would do it for the country.
He is a genius.
Genius don't lose their path
in a little problem.
Geniuses fight life in
all circumstances.
And wins.
He is a genius.
You are correct.
Genius is the one who fights and
wins life in all circumstances.
And only you could give me this
lesson and no one else.
I am indebted to you forever.
- Sir.
"Hail Lord Krishna."
"Hail Lord Krishna."
"Hail Lord Krishna and Radha."
"Hail Lord Krishna."
"Hail Lord Krishna."
- Isn't it true Mr. Das?
Love is a higher revelation
all the wisdom and philosophy.
"Hail Lord Krishna."
"Hail Lord Krishna."
Vasu. One more call intercepted.
Listen, Jattan.
Prepare a few Muslims in India
who are poor and angry.
They should work for
us and not Indians.
And remember...
that their mind shouldn't
be crazy like MRS.
Stop brain washing our
innocent people.
Otherwise next time we won't
be patient with you.
You did a great act of hallucination.
You made us go around a lot.
But well done.
All agencies are proud of you.
We are proud of you too,
Mr. Joshi.
Just tell me,
why you went to China?
I will tell you later. - I know.
Girlfriend. Girlfriend, right?
"I am crazily in love with you."
"I feel alive when you are
with me."
"I long for you when you are not
"My love for you has intensified."