Genius Party (2007) Movie Script

Late years in Previous Century
Stop drawing already.
The teacher's gonna get mad.
Aw, c'mon...
That's lame!
Hey! That's my...
Stop it...
You bastard...
Gonna do somethin' about it?
Do somethin' about it!
Cut it out!
I said, cut it out!
Ooo, Meihua.
You in love with Gonglong?
You love him! You love him!
Are you kidding? Not in 100 years!
Let's go back.
We'll get in trouble.
Look at that hole...
I wonder what fell.
Watch out, Gonglong.
Where's it go?
What's this?
Lemme see, Gonglong.
That looks dangerous.
How the heck?
No, Gonglong!
Mmmm! Yummy!
The System has been activated.
There's actually a human who
can activate the System!
If the System and that human are
captured by the Al, we're doomed...
We have to hurry!
Lemme see!
Move it!
Don't Meihua.
We better call the teacher.
Mmmm! Yummy...
Give it here.
No! That's mine!
Wow, it's glowing.
Give it back!
Give it back!
Give it back!
It's dangerous.
Everyone gather 'round!
System Activator Confirmed.
It's a human child.
Estimated age 5 - 6 years.
Can this be... the legendary child?
Interpretation System - Activated
My name is Crane Shumer of the
Time Space Patrol.
I strongly request your assistance.
No, Gonglong. The teacher said
don't talk to strangers.
This is a prototype of a System that
turns human thoughts into reality.
You are the first to succeed in breaking
the barrier and activating the System.
Our only hope of survival
depends on this System...
And you!
Can't you understand me?
What is this chaos?
This Way!
I'm counting on you, Sai.
- Hey, thief!
- Never mind. Hang on!
Behind you!
We're floating.
They want to capture you.
Close your ears!
We did it!
Watch your head!
Way to go, Meihua!
Are you alright?
Stay still!
How could these idiots be our saviors?
Go! Rider! Hiiiiyah!
I'm Rider!
Yah! Go! Rider! Hah!
What is this?
Gonglong! Behind you!
Way to go, Gonglong!
No way...
I'm going to save the earth!
Wait! That's...
Lightening rod!
One more time...
Are you alright?
My... my suit.
Quick! Draw the strongest weapon
you can think of!
But the lightening rod is the
strongest weapon there is and...
Then a missile!
A... missile?
You're taking too long!
Hey! My picture!
This is good!
Where'd you come from?
From a star out there.
But I don't see any stars out there.
Not yet.
It may be a little hard to grasp,
but the earth 300 years from now
is out there.
300 years?
The earth and sun are
passing through the galaxy
heading towards Lyra.
That's why 300 years from now,
our earth will be out there.
And 300 years later,
over reliance on biotechnology results
in mankind's inability to procreate.
There are no more children being born.
We came back to collect
the imagination of you children.
That was our mission.
Let's go!
It's beautiful!
Are we all ready to roll?
Gonglong, I'm scared.
Don't worry!
All systems, go!
Are you still asleep?
You'll be late for school.
Cut it out.
Stop playing dead.
Unfuk is already up.
There, good as new.
Eat up! Your favorite breakfast.
We got some really nice worms today.
Wow! Great. But I hate worms.
Hurry up or you'll miss the school bus.
Still haven't made any friends?
I fit in with this world perfectly.
My body stinks like everybody.
OK, OK. I'm going.
The sky looks strange.
You stink.
Can I touch you?
Can I lick you?
What's that?
You don't know anything!
It's an Uzu Uzu.
Wow! An Uzu Uzu!
It's super dangerous.
Only appears once a year.
Can I eat you?
Not again.
He's digging in.
Zombies are best when
made 50 days post mortern.
The embalming compound
must be rubbed in thoroughly...
I smell something alive.
You may have noticed there is
an Uzu Uzu out today.
You have to be careful.
Hey! Where'd he go?
So you guys are heroes?
Yep, yep.
Ashe fights off enemies with fire?
Blase can manipulate water?
Cool. You guys rock.
What can you do, Pse?
Take this off...
And I'm super-zombie!
Wow, Pse!
Hurry up. How'd he get in?
Who are they?
You mean us?
Blse and... I'm Ashe.
You got a problem?
You're not what I expected,
that's all.
What do you mean?
We were just out
conquering evil after school.
Gross! He squirted water on me.
Get lost, you fire breathing loser!
And that's how we conquered evil.
OK. I wanted to ask you heroes a favor.
A favor?
Yeah. It's this...
Whoa! It's alive!
A living frog!
My tummy.
I'm gonna blow...
A live frog? Are you nuts?
I thought I was gonna die!
I want to return him to his home.
What? That's impossible.
But Pase said you two could do it.
No way.
We'll be busted by the zombie police.
Although I've never seen one.
It's not impossible.
In the Uzu Uzu hole?
Blase says the Uzu Uzu
could take it back.
Oh, it's just a kid.
Maybe not.
Wait a minute...
It's the zombie police!
We're in trouble now!
Throw that thing out!
Whose side are you on?
No. It's alive.
Hurry Pase! They're catching up!
I can't make sharp turns. Oh well.
They're still after us!
Man... they're relentless.
Thanks Blase.
This is where the secret weapon
Black Maria is hidden.
Wow. Pretty impressive.
We're here. I hate running.
What secret weapon?
It doesn't even have an engine.
Don't worry. It's all downhill.
The Uzu Uzu's lighting up. Hurry!
They're on us!
They're all over!
Behind you, Pse!
We're crossing the bridge.
Darn! The bridge is rising.
Move, Pse!
I can't see a thing!
But I can't stop!
It's not just the bridge. Listen!
It's Valbat!
Shoot. We're slowing down.
We're trapped!
We can do it! Blase!
Give Pase lots of water.
What are you doing?
I'm so bloated!
I'm gonna blow!
I'm right behind you...
We need you right there!
Push down on Pase's stomach!
One, two,
I'm gonna blow!
We can't get any closer.
Ratt, give me your shoelaces.
You're a genius.
You'll hurt yourself
walking backwards like that.
I'm home.
Did the front door just open?
But no one's there.
Can I come over?
Sure, is something wrong?
No... same old thing.
Same old thing?
I don't get it.
You don't have to get it.
Hey... sorry for barging in.
Not again...
What? No one's there...
But the doorbell rang, right?
Of course the guy has to apologize.
Even if she's clearly at fault?
She probably knows she's wrong.
But it's easier if the guy
apologizes first.
How can I do that
knowing that I'm right?
Of course you have to apologize.
Even if he's clearly at fault?
He probably knows he's wrong.
But it's easier...
if the girl apologizes first.
You've got to be kidding.
You sure are stubborn.
I'm not stubborn.
Pig-headed, then?
Mai Yasuno
Of course she has to apologize.
Even if Tanaka's clearly at fault?
He probably knows he's wrong.
The person you have called
cannot be reached.
Hello? Hello?
It's Yu. I just called.
Oh, yeah. Where are you?
Downstairs. At your front door.
OK. Wait a second.
I'm coming right down.
Um, by any chance, is...
Hey, you.
I need to use that.
Oh. Excuse me.
It's me.
Oh, grandma.
You here already?
That was fast. One minute.
Hello? Hello? What's wrong?
By any chance, what?
Never mind.
I'm coming down.
Uh, OK.
What's wrong?
Why'd you throw your bag?
Well... I...
It's strange...
I thought I saw two of you.
That was the old me.
What do you mean?
Never mind. I'm glad...
About what?
That you're seeing me.
What do you mean?
That I was here first this time.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Yeah... It's kind of pretty, isn't it?
But really, I saw two of you
a minute ago!
I knew it.
What do you mean by that?
Do you have a twin?
ls that it?
You could even be a triplet...
Aren't you cold?
I don't get it either.
There are a bunch of me,
and if I don't watch out...
another me will take over.
I know I'm not making sense.
It's hard to explain.
But I'm awfully glad to see you.
A void.
That which is not essential.
Extremely wrong and
extremely unhealthy.
Our intentions entrap our souls
in another's.
It is unnatural.
We each have our own place.
They don't know I am judging them
by my own watch.
A God that is emotional, not rational.
An embodiment.
External circumstances.
A fake window creates balance.
Absence and corruption.
Codes. Words.
Why did God create prayer?
To impart dignity to cause and effect...
To allow us to implore...
to teach us...
Our souls see numbers,
space, activity.
We think of nothing else.
Who would doubt that
we think of nothing else?
But we have no light.
Words change the meaning of things,
but the meaning remains the same.
Circle of life.
Literally, it's a falsehood, therefore
spiritually, a truth.
A kind of dubious obscurity.
No price is too high for immortality.
If it weren't dubious,
Man would not know his own corruption.
If there was no light,
Man would not seek salvation.
Protector of God's Grace.
When miracles betray hope...
When miracles reward hope...
Chance changes our minds,
Chance deprives our minds.
We have no ability to acquire
our thoughts.
It is not what motivates us.
It is not desirable to be an
exception to the rule.
We should judge exceptions
strictly but fairly.
Paganism in its independent and
purely natural state.
Absence and corruption.
We create God for ourselves.
Those who know him,
serve him wholeheartedly.
They don't know I am judging them
by my own watch.
Those who don't know God,
truly desire Him.
There are 3 types of people.
The ones in the middle are
unfortunate and conform to reason.
The ones at the end are
unfortunate and foolish.
Bad thoughts are necessary.
Recognize yourself and
follow your carnal desires.
There is an Art.
As long as it is not denied,
whether it's a principle of
truth or flesh,
this Art clarifies the relationship
between principles.
All creatures torture and tempt him.
And control him through violence,
or through gentle temptation.
This latter is more terrifying
and absolute.
Two extremes.
Exclusion of reason.
Absolute belief in reason.
What causes the phenomenon?
Lust and power are the source
of our intentions.
Lust is a voluntary intention and
power is an involuntary intention.
People begin to rebel
against perfection itself.
If you know your own sins,
you will lose heart.
Because I believe in you and
the depravity of those sins.
If you don't want it to end,
you must make people believe
it is true and eternal.
You must hide its origin.
Probability will provide certainty.
We are automated as well as spiritual.
Complete your salvation fearfully.
The epitome of evil.
An embodiment.
Man has lost his way.
Fallen from grace.
Trying to find his place.
But who will deliver him there?
A secure foothold.
God's Grace.
The strongest and most credible proof
are our habits.
Habits influence automation
and automation unwittingly
drags the mind with it.
You must make them believe,
so this isn't reversed.
A kind of dubious obscurity.
Vague ambiguity.
Nature is an image. Darkness.
God guides us to the one essential thing
through diversity
to satisfy both sides.
L don't know... they say.
What's not perfectly good is just
an embodiment of it.
The only necessity.
Exclusion of reason.
Absolute belief in reason.
Two extremes.
Without this mediator,
we will lose all contact with God.
Protector of God's Grace.
Language is the same either way.
Those who pass judgment,
need a focal point.
The lecture on God's Grace.
Witnesses who don't excuse death.
Two witnesses.
A ladder.
Two foundations.
One internal, one external.
God's Grace and miracles
are both natural phenomena.
Not only do we see things
from a different perspective,
we see through different eyes.
So, why would they appear the same?
If God supports nature,
then let nature prove this clearly,
I often wished.
The work of God's Grace.
Absence and corruption.
An embodiment.
Nature made all these things
mutually exclusive.
A fake window creates balance.
People only seek horizontal symmetry.
Not in height or depth.
If you recognize me,
compare yourself to me.
What are you comparing?
Yourself? Or me within you?
If it is yourself, that is despicable.
You are comparing me to myself.
For 4000 years, people continued to
prophesize about His Coming.
To desire glory. Greatness.
But is it probable
that probability provides certainty?
Truth does not inhabit the earth.
Truth wanders amongst us.
Those who escape it are fortunate.
God's Grace is a natural phenomenon.
To prove that nature is the image of God
we are perfect in some sense.
To prove we are only but an image,
we have some faults.
Reason controls us much more severely.
Nature has made us extremely neutral.
We always end up evening the scales.
God guides us to the one essential thing
through diversity,
to satisfy both sides.
Imagine a body full of bodies of thought.
If it splits,
and doesn't return to the whole,
it was only meant for death
and destruction.
Universal good is within us
It is us, but is not us.
Because it is infinite.
A prisoner awaiting his execution.
It belittles us.
It hates us.
If two things unite without changing,
one will not become the other.
Thus, our spirit unites with our bodies
and maintains a balance
of opposing vices.
Our souls are thrown into a body
and find numbers, time, a third dimension.
It makes inferences,
and calls it nature, inevitability.
We cannot think of anything else.
We recognize truth not just
through reason, but through emotion.
Emotion senses that space
has a third dimension.
It senses principle,
and a proposition is made.
Emotion, instinct, principle.
Instinct and reason.
Two natural symbols.
God's Grace will always exist,
as will nature.
Therefore, God's Grace is natural,
in a sense.
Birth symbolizing the creation of Man.
Baptism symbolizing the Atonement.
He came to this earth
to impart truth without symbolism.
But to say he only came symbolically
and to refute his existence
is a blasphemy.
Love is not a symbolic rule.
By systematically explaining
the origin of love,
one cannot confirm
that he should be loved.
One must sympathize with both sides.
But while one is sympathy born of love,
the other is sympathy born of contempt.
The various origins of love.
Protector of God's Grace.
Unspoken desire.
Deception. Salvation.
The only necessity.
The difference between
rest and ease of conscience.
Nothing besides the truth is certain.
The first birth creates the former.
The Grace of the second creates the latter.
I can love complete darkness
but if God thinks me unlucky,
that haphazardness will anger me.
I don't accept its merits.
Not like complete darkness.
So it makes me angry.
This is proof that I idolize darkness
and have drifted far from God's Order.
I don't know who I am
and what I should do.
I don't know my state of being
or my responsibility.
My heart wants to search
for and serve God.
I will sacrifice everything to find it.
No price is too high for immortality.
A God that conducts all
with benevolent will.
His power and intimidation.
He, who is worthy of atonement.
Of receiving it.
Infinity, large and small.
Order of a limited perfection
created for the sake of infinity.
When all those teachings are
contained in one,
as if hidden inside a box,
they will appear, essentially chaotic.
It is not true that everything
manifests God.
Nor that God is hidden from us.
But God hides himself
from those who test him,
and reveals himself
to those who believe.
Inside this gigantic prison,
there is no direction.
In the hands of an angry God.
Once an immortal being exists,
he always exists.
We want to live an imaginary life
within another's mind.
God is infinite, first of all.
Empty Space.
That cannot be changed by will.
It is power and intimidation.
The be all and end all.
A mutual and inescapable relationship.
Error and falsehood.
The Protector of truth.
Another form of insanity.
Hateful things.
God's deeds.
Infinite chaos separates us.
And somewhere in that infinity,
a bet is being wagered.
Will it be a crucifix,
or will it not?
Our souls are thrown into a body
and find numbers, time,
a third dimension.
Activity at a standstill.
Countless infinity.
Ambiguous and limitless.
Our nature is in activity.
Total stillness means death.
A void.
Nature placed the
entirety of truth inside themselves.
Our intentions entrap our souls
in another's.
We each have our own place.
Our imagination makes
small things big enough to fulfill us
and makes big things small
so that they are more like us.
We make ourselves
for our own God.
Adam's glory.
The spark of fire.
Finding a focal point.
The circle of life.
The never ending reversal
from right to wrong.
Amazing geometry.
Infinite numbers.
A limited, yet infinite space.
Numbers duplicate space.
Nature diversifies and duplicates.
Artificiality duplicates and diversifies.
All unresolved matters still exist.
His Words...
The God within God...
He gave life to all
through His own rebirth.
Emptiness. Power.
A focal point.
A void.
That which is not essential.
Extremely wrong...
But in order to maintain His supremacy,
God granted prayer to His believers.
A wish for dependent independence.
Everything is duality.
Everyone is both alive and dead.
The chosen and abandoned always exist
in the marvelous order.
The root of self-love.
The hateful thing.
To be continued...
Music Room
Who, me?
Just for today, let's forget about
tomorrow or the future,
and go somewhere...
Shall we?
What's with the shall we?
Let's go.
You mean... cut class?
You could put it that way.
I wouldn't mind.
Let's blow all our money
and go as far as it'll take us.
Where to?
Let's see... South of the border?
That's so clich.
Where then?
I've never been to Shonan Beach before.
Me either.
I want to do fireworks on the beach.
Talk about clichs.
But it's so unlike you.
To cut class and all.
I always thought you were a good boy.
Because you're so smart.
I was always in awe of you.
It's just a pain.
To have to listen to parents and
teachers go on and on about grades.
I hate being told what to do.
But it is my first time cutting class.
So you're a good boy after all.
How about you? Do you out classes?
You delinquent, you.
Shut up!
It's been a long time
since we've talked like this.
Do you remember
our childhood secret?
What did you do with it?
I tried to use it once.
There was this teacher from hell
in middle school.
You went to an all girls school,
so you wouldn't know.
He was all violent.
I thought about
bombing the teacher's lounge.
You're shocked?
I'm glad I didn't go through with it.
That's good.
I brought it today, actually.
No way.
You and I are the only ones
who know about it.
Let's bury it together.
You know...
You're not a good boy after all.
Which way?
Probably this way.
Let's see...
Let's just follow that beach bum.
Hakone. The terminal, Hakone.
Where the heck are we?
Did we miss it?
All train lines are now closed.
Damn! I hate the suburbs.
What will we do?
I have only 1000 yen.
We'll have to steal a motorbike
and ride off into the sunset...
But the best we could do was...
You OK?
Well, we're not there yet...
You there, riding double
without headlights. Stop!
Oh no, it's a cop.
- Go!
- What?!
Hey you!
He's so fast!
Don't underestimate me!
Hey! Not that way!
To the expressway
Where do you punks think you are?
What era is he from?
Are you listening?
Hey, the girl's hot.
Leave her and I'll let you go.
We're not thinking about tomorrow
or the future for that matter.
In other words,
I don't give a shit!
What the hell is that?
Whoa! Chill out, man!
The fireworks.
It's light out already.
That's OK. Let's do it anyways.
But we don't even have a lighter.
I could rub two sticks together.
...maybe not.
Why did you ask me to come with you?
I'm moving tomorrow.
To Shinshu.
Everyone will forget about me.
Out of sight, out of mind.
I mean, I don't remember anyone
that's moved away...
I know that's how it is, but...
I had the sudden urge
to go somewhere with you.
I Wish...
We could just disappear somewhere.
always looked up to you when
we were little.
I had a crush on you.
But now...
I know... you have a boyfriend.
How'd you know?
I see you guys walking together.
I know...
Let's go back.
There's nowhere to go.
When are you leaving?
Tonight at 7.
But don't see me off or anything.
That would only make it harder.
See ya!
What is it, Sho?
Directed by Atsuko Fukushima
Directed By Shoji Kawamori
Directed by Shinji Kimura
Directed by Yoji Fukuyama
Directed by Hideki Futamura
Directed by Masaaki Yuasa
Directed by Shinichiro Watanabe