Gensan Punch (2021) Movie Script

Speed up, Nao.
Hit and move.
Speed up... speed up!
One, two. Body... hit the body.
Hit and move.
Yes, speed up... speed up!
Congratulations, Champion!
Hang on, one shot please.
Everyone, together.
OK, look at the camera. Please pose.
Thank you very much.
All right. Thank you.
From Okinawa To The World
Hiranaka Boxing School Gym
Hiranaka Boxing School Gym
Congratulations. Thank you.
Congratulations! Thank you very much!
You did it. I tried.
Hurry up. Yes.
The boxing belt. Champion!
Thank you very much.
You're awesome! No, this is nothing.
Show me. Did you really win this?
Well, yeah, really.
Is it heavy? Wow, it's heavy!
It's heavier than I thought.
You're really awesome.
Congratulations. Thank you.
You're next, Nao.
Good luck!
Congratulations on your continued good health.
Unfortunately, your professional
licence application is rejected
due to the committee's policy on
the physical condition of licensed athletes.
Nao, I brought you food.
Thank you.
Hello. Hello.
How may I help you?
I'm here about the licence issue.
Yes, I see. Please wait a moment.
Hello. Hello.
Please have a seat.
Based on your physical condition
we cannot guarantee your safety.
Your case is very rare, especially in Japan.
You might stand a chance abroad
but it's impossible for us
to issue you a licence here.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
I see.
Thank you.
Good luck. All right.
Good boy.
That's good.
Tag me. You can do it!
Here I come!
Boxing's pride of the Philippines
WBA, welterweight champion of the world
Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao!
Here, Nao.
Look here. This is the time.
From Fukuoka to Manila
and Manila to General...
General Santos. Yes.
Take note of the time for your transfer flight.
Got it.
You went and got me a map? Yeah.
Here. Thanks.
Please place your baggage
in the overhead compartment
or under the seat in front of you.
Excuse me.
Me... Nao.
Oh, you're Nao? Yes.
I'm Ben, we talked on the phone.
Oh, Ben? The gym owner.
Let us carry that. Thank you.
It's heavy. It's OK...
Hi. I'm Bon Jovi.
Bon Jovi. Bon Jovi?
He's like a son to me.
Just like you, he came here... Bon Jovi?
Yeah. He's from Manila.
He came here to be a boxer.
He's very passionate about boxing.
That's why he's here. Wow.
Yeah. Let's go.
The tricycle's over there.
I hope it's OK with you.
It's my Lamborghini.
We'll ride this?
Yeah... Oh, OK.
Don't worry, Bon Jovi is a very good driver.
OK. Let's go.
Son of a bitch.
They're huge.
Come, come.
What's going on?
That's Rudy!
Come here! It's Rudy!
Buddy... hey!
Calm down... calm down! Relax!
Take him away.
Stop it now!
Wait... wait!
Let him come! Stop that!
Take him away.
Come here!
It's too early to pick a fight.
This is the Japanese I told you about.
You'll train him.
Japanese? Yes.
So mind your manners.
This is so embarrassing.
Nao, this is Rudy.
He's the one who's going to train you.
He's good. All right...
Hey! Let's go. For Christ's sake!
Such bad temper early in the morning!
Let's go. Coward!
That's enough! Moron!
Stop it! Take him away.
We're nearby.
That's the place.
Here? Yes...
OK, this is it.
Come. Is this the gym?
Please take his luggage inside.
Nao, I'll introduce you to my boxers.
Come here...
This is Nao, he's going to train with us.
This is Resty. Hi, Resty.
I'm Resty. Nice to meet you.
And those are the brothers, Pitt and Russu.
Hey! This is Nao.
He'll train here. Show him around.
Hi, I'm Russu, the pretty boy here.
Hey, Sander. This is Nao.
Hey, good morning. Hi.
I'm Nao. Duffy!
This is Nao. Look after him.
All right. OK.
Come here.
By the way, I have a Japanese boxer here.
Really? Taku!
He's Japanese.
What's your name? I'm Nao.
Nao? Yes.
I'm Taku. Nice meeting you.
Come here. Hey, darling.
This is my lovely wife, Mina. Hi, hello.
This is Nao. Mina?
Yeah, Mina. I'm Mina.
My mother's name is Mina too.
So your mother must be beautiful too.
Welcome to GenSan.
Thank you. She's a very good cook.
What are you cooking?
Have you ever tried Filipino food? No.
Later you will, OK? Later.
You go there. You follow...
It's hard to speak in English.
Come here.
This is my daughter, Melissa.
She has a knockout punch.
She manages the gym.
Melissa, meet Nao.
He's going to train here.
He just arrived from Japan.
Hi. Hi.
Come here...
Nao, this is the gym.
Can I wear my shoes inside?
No problem! Come inside...
These are the equipment.
See the trophies?
We have lots of champions from this gym.
Over here.
You should lose weight!
Guys, Rudy's here.
He's ready for you, Nao. Hi.
I'm Rudy. What's his name again?
He's Nao. Nao?
What's this?
It's a prosthetic leg.
What happened?
I had an accident when I was a child.
But you can train and run?
No problem.
Are you sure? Yes.
Let's go. OK.
Let's go... come here!
High knees, go!
Higher! Balance!
One more... side.
This way... side.
Balance! Higher!
Go! You can do it!
Don't forget, head movement.
OK. Very good...
All right? OK.
Thank you.
I really need a professional boxing licence.
Work hard. OK? Work hard.
Water, please.
(Speaking in Visayan)
(Speaking in Visayan)
Thank you.
Eat. Yes, Boss.
Thank you.
Just eat.
Please pass the fish.
Let's eat.
Eat. OK.
Delicious? I will try...
Is this chicken?
No, that's pork. Oh, pork.
This is eggplant.
Vegetables. It's good.
We'll do ten.
Ready? OK.
All right...
All right...
Time out...
You OK? Yeah.
Bon Jovi, where is everyone?
They're training at the park.
You're going there too? Yes.
I want to come along. OK.
I'll get ready.
You know, I drove from Manila to GenSan.
Because I want to train
as a boxer here in GenSan.
From Manila?
It's true.
How did you get from Manila to GenSan?
I drove all the way to the port and...
rode the ferry. Do you know what a ferry is?
The transport in water.
Coach Rudy. Hey.
The officer of the Games and Amusements Board
is here. We'll talk about your permit.
OK. Coach...
Let's go there!
I got something for you. What?
These are used, but...
If you don't mind, it's yours.
For me? Yes.
I'll put it on now...
OK, it fits!
It does? It fits!
Very nice. Thank you...
Very nice. We'll go there.
We'll talk to the officer.
I'll talk to him. OK.
Sir. Hey Rudy, how are you?
How are you?
My Japanese boxer. He's very good, sir.
How are you?
Sir, maybe we can give him
a professional boxing licence?
It's not that easy, Rudy.
We can but there are conditions to be met
Here are the requirements.
You need to submit a medical certificate
a birth certificate and a training certificate
as proof that this boxer
has been training for a long time.
He must win three fights
before we give him a licence.
For each fight, he must submit
a medical certificate.
He needs three consecutive wins.
If he loses one time
he'll need to start over.
Is this clear? Yes, sir.
Sign here. Here?
If you want to tighten it, just press here.
It should be tight? Yes.
All right?
Hello, Che. Hi, Ben.
We've requested for a medical certificate.
Yes, please wait for the doctor.
All right.
Please have a seat. There?
Yes, over there. Thank you.
Doc, Ben is here for the certificate.
Doc, good morning. Hey, good morning.
Please sit down. Come here.
How are you, Doc? How are you?
Doc, you remember Nao? The Japanese boxer?
Hello, how are you?
Is the cert ready, Doc? Yes, of course.
Pass me the cert for the Japanese.
OK, get me an envelope too.
Wait, I'll just sign it.
You need to sign it?
Thank you very much, Doc!
Here's your certificate.
Thank you. All right, you're welcome.
Good luck!
Thank you, Doc. No problem.
Let's go.
Thank you, Che. Take care.
Come back in two weeks.
Same time at 2.00pm.
Ladies and gentlemen
this is scheduled for three rounds
of amateur boxing in the elite division.
Focus, speed.
Introducing first
fighting out of the red corner
he weighs 60kg
from Okinawa, Japan
and now fighting for
GenSan Punch Gym, General Santos City.
Ladies and gentlemen
introducing Nao Tsuyama!
And his opponent in three rounds...
fighting out of the blue corner
he weighs 60kg
the pride of Sarangani Province.
Ladies and gentlemen, introducing
Marlon Louie Ancon.
Boxers to the referee.
No holding, OK?
If I say stop, don't punch.
If I say break, step backwards.
OK, shake hands.
Go back to your corner.
Seconds out.
Seconds out.
Beginning of round one. Round one.
Slide back.
Jab! Jab!
Slide back.
Go, go, go!
He's OK.
Ring physician...
Time keeper, time out.
Ladies and gentlemen
within 38 seconds in round number three
the referee stopped the contest.
The winner by RSC...
Red corner!
Is everything OK?
We're here.
Nao, my auntie.
Good evening, Auntie.
This is my house.
This is Marilou, my wife.
He's Japanese. My trainee in boxing.
The one you told me about.
Hi, hello. Come inside.
His name is Nao. Come...
Nao, this is Marilou. Hello.
Wait here, OK? OK.
Come with me.
So, you're...
That one.
Was it in Russia?
It was very, very cold.
There were many people.
It was televised.
I won. Wow.
This one, I do remember.
That one.
I fought...
In round eight
my stomach was hurting very badly...
because I drank too much milk
but I won.
I won.
Is this your son?
He doesn't like boxing.
He likes MMA, martial arts.
He doesn't live here anymore.
He's living with his mother.
Very hard mother.
He's very good.
OK, so...
I will give it to Madam Mina, OK?
Thank you...
Going already?
Marilou, he's leaving!
All right, take care.
Thank you very much.
Thank you, Coach.
We'll train again. OK.
Bon Jovi!
Go now.
Take care.
Fight! Punch him!
Come here, boy! How dare you!
Why is he stopping the fight?
Who's asking? I'm his father!
We're training him to be good in boxing.
No! You're using my son for gambling!
To be the next Pacquiao.
Not everybody can be like Pacquiao!
Your son wants to be like Pacquiao.
The fight is already starting.
Let's go. Hurry!
Wait, Nao!
I have something for you.
To protect you during your fights.
Really? Yeah, let's go.
Thank you.
Come on...
Go, Pitt!
Nao, throw your straight!
Go on! Go!
That's right!
Sit here.
Look at him.
Just concentrate, OK?
Break... break!
seven, eight, nine...
Good job, Nao.
Ladies and gentlemen
after six rounds of exciting boxing
we have a winner
by way of technical knockout.
Ladies and gentlemen
the pride of Okinawa, Japan.
Ladies and gentlemen...
Nao Tsuyama!
Hey! Go, bro!
I got this!
Go back to your corner.
One, two, three, four...
five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten!
Darling? Did you win?
Of course, we did!
We won!
I'm happy that we're victorious today.
But don't be overconfident.
Consider this a tune-up fight.
The big fight will be in Japan.
Don't lose your focus.
Don't worry about the paperwork.
Pitt, Russu...
your paperwork are in place.
We'll have light training tomorrow.
Tonight, let's relax and sleep early. OK?
GenSan! Punch!
Good night...
Thank you, Boss Ben. Nao.
Good job. Thank you.
You did well. Keep it up. Thank you.
And you?
I will just train.
You'll talk to your girlfriend again?
Taku is a playboy.
Where's my share?
Give it to me.
Say thanks first. Thank you.
Doesn't sound like it came from the heart.
Thank you.
Is this better? Sincere enough for you?
OK. Thank you for this.
Lend me 500 pesos.
Here. Just kidding.
You just want to buy shoes.
I just need 500 pesos more.
Save it.
I'll take care of Mum.
Don't buy new shoes!
(Speaking in Visayan)
It's great that I won.
Someone interviewed me at the gym.
I didn't understand.
She said, "If forever is not you gonna do
what will you do?"
Hey, dude. Hey.
(Speaking in Visayan)
(Speaking in Visayan)
We have a nice beach too... in Okinawa.
Look at that crab.
Jab straight!
One more time! Jab straight!
Good! One more time! Jab straight!
Hurry up, we're next.
We're good.
Let's go.
From Manila
ladies and gentlemen, introducing...
Bon Jovi
"the Blaze of Glory" Cabahug!
Fight! First round.
End of round one.
Don't be too confident.
You're just taking his punches.
Is that clear? OK? All right.
Fight! OK, round number three.
Round three.
Head blow!
What? What happened?
Medic! Medic!
Wake up... brother!
One, two, three, four, five, six
seven, eight, nine, ten...
Bon Jovi!
Turn it around!
Bon Jovi!
Where's he from, sir?
From Guiguinto, Bulacan originally
but he's living with me now in Bawing.
He's one of my boxers.
His age?
22 years old.
I'm calling about Bon Jovi.
We've just brought him to the hospital.
He was knocked unconscious
during a fight.
I don't know what happened.
Mama! Papa!
Come here, talk to the doctor.
Good afternoon. I'm the doctor.
Thank you.
Where's Bon Jovi?
In the morgue.
Close your eyes and listen
I'll sing a song for you
Stop crying and sleep
I'm here when you wake up
Go to sleep...
we'll dance in your dreams
Go to sleep...
I'll be here when you wake up
Bon Jovi saved this money.
He wanted you to come to GenSan.
This is for your fare.
He worked hard for this.
That's good! Good... Nao!
Let's talk.
You want the licence?
Right? Yes.
You are going to win.
I have a plan.
I will rig the fight.
I will rig the fight.
Rig? Yeah.
What do you mean, rig?
I will rig...
No, what is rig? I will...
pay people so we won't have a problem.
You'll win right away, OK?
You don't trust me?
Yeah, I trust you.
So why will you pay?
To make sure you get the licence, right?
No... no payment.
Are you sure?
You don't trust me?
I trust you...
There's a lot of people, see?
I told you.
Coach Danny.
I have a plan.
I'll add more after the fight.
Three rounds.
Give me the rest after.
Ladies and gentlemen...
Thank you.
Did you know...
Coach paid someone off for your fight?
He paid someone off?
Slide back... slide back!
Stop, stop!
What do you want to tell me?
Did you rig my fight?
Did you rig my fight?
Why did you do that?
That's what you like! You wanted to win!
You want the licence! There!
Why? Why did you do such a stupid thing?
Why? I don't want you to get hurt!
But that's what you...
That's what?
That's what you like.
You wanted to win!
It's not for you to decide!
It's not for you to decide!
It's not for... Hey, Nao!
Stop that... stop that!
Stop it now, Nao! Stop!
Stop it now! Nao...
I trusted you!
Nao, stop! Stop it... Nao!
You're a liar!
No... come on!
Yeah, come on! You're a loser!
You're a loser! Nao, listen to me!
Stop it! Stop it, OK?
Please! Enough...
Where are you going?
When are you coming back?
I have a surprise for you.
Thank you, brothers!
Good luck, my friend.
You deserve it, Nao.
Congratulations. Thank you, Boss.
Thank you.
Thank you. Congratulations, Nao.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Yes? Hi.
Can I talk to Rudy?
Please sit down.
Rudy, you have a visitor.
I want another fight.
A fight?
But no rigging this time.
I want to earn my fight.
Focus... focus!
Last one minute!
That's right!
Last 30 seconds.
More power!
Last 30 seconds. Come on!
Go on!
Keep punching... keep punching!
Ten seconds!
Speed! Speed!
Speed! Speed!
Rapido! That's it! Go on!
Give it your all!
This is an eight-round bout
for the super featherweight division.
Official weigh in, ladies and gentlemen
Kerwin "Chivalry" Tan!
With an official weight of 130 pounds.
From Okinawa, Japan
by way of General Santos City
ladies and gentlemen...
Nao Tsuyama!
With an official weight of 130 pounds.
Eight rounds of boxing.
Ladies and gentlemen
this is your main event of the night!
From Tiger City Ex Con Boxing
of Mandaluyong City, the Philippines...
put your hands together for
Kerwin "Chivalry" Tan!
Kerwin... Kerwin!
And his opponent
all the way from Okinawa, Japan
by way of General Santos City
the Philippines.
Put your hands together for
Nao Tsuyama!
Tsuyama... Tsuyama!
All right, ladies and gentlemen
welcome to Tiger Hall in Mandaluyong
presenting "The Big Fight".
Start of first round.
Jab straight! Jab straight!
One, two, three
four, five, six
seven, eight...
Ten seconds!
One, two, three, four...
He's fighting dirty.
Just focus. You can do it.
The opponent is winning.
You have to stay close.
You can do it! Let's go!
I believe in you, Nao. You can do it.
Inhale... exhale. All right?
Let's go!
Go, Nao! You can do it!
Inhale, exhale!
Break... break!
Break! Step back...
Step back!
Ten seconds.
Ref! It's obvious he's cheating!
Three, four, five, six...
seven, eight...
Tsuyama... Tsuyama!
You can do it, Nao!
Come on! Come on!
Sit down.
Water, please.
Breathe... Nao. Is it painful?
Can you still do it?
I'll put this on, OK?
Just tell me if it's painful.
Is this OK?
I told you!
You can do it! Good job, Nao!
Good job, Nao!
Tsuyama! Good job, Nao! Good job!
Tsuyama... Tsuyama!
Congrats, Nao!
Tsuyama... Tsuyama!
Tsuyama... Tsuyama!
Let's officially announce the winner.
It's OK...
It's OK. I'm sorry.
It's OK.
GenSan! Punch!
GenSan! Punch!
GenSan! Punch!
All right, let's officially announce the winner.
The end has come
in the two-minute mark of the eighth round.
Your winner via knockout...
Nao Tsuyama!
Good job!
Tsuyama... Tsuyama!
Let's take a picture!
Good job!
One, two, three. Smile!
GenSan Punch!
Check your passports.
Take care. Be safe. Bye.
I will come back.
For the win! For the win, team!
It's cold! It's very cold here in Japan.
Yeah, it's cold.
Yes, it's very cold.
Where's the car?
The van is parked over there. OK.
(Speaking in Visayan)
(Speaking in Visayan)
May I sit in front? Yes. Go ahead.
Thank you.
Wow, the door's automatic.
That's so modern.
Please put on your seat belt. OK.
Can you see?
That's the Fukuoka Tower.
That's the Hakata Station.
That's where the bullet train is, right?
That's a very fast train, like a bullet.
That's why it's called a bullet train.
Sign here.
OK. We're good.
Thank you. Thank you so much.
Thank you.
Thank you so much. Thank you.
Hello. Hi.
I'm here about the licence I reapplied for.
We have declined you once before
but I commend you for your determination.
However, in terms of defence
and various other aspects
we judge prosthetic legs
to be extremely dangerous.
Our main concern is your health and safety.
With that...
we must deny your request again.
The city sports officers granted him approval.
The Board of Games and Amusement
in the Philippines gave him their approval.
Sir, we've worked very hard for this.
And the doctor said he's fit to fight.
He can fight like any other boxer in the world.
You judge his...
He can fight very well.
He fights very well.
Like any boxer.
Sir, look at his certificates.
Show him the ID...
Please calm down.
See? There's the approval!
He can fight in the ring like any boxer.
He can fight.
Coach... You can watch him fight.
My son here...
My boy is a good fighter. Coach...
Thank you. It's all right.
But we should get... I know.
We have to go.
He fights very well.
I should know, I trained him.
He can fight very well.
Thank you. Thank you very much.
Excuse us.
It's OK. Thank you.
If you want, we can invite you to see him fight.
You should fight and show them.
"JIN JIN" the premium sake of Oita
and Mr Nanae Shimoji
the president of Mr Kinjo presents
eight rounds of flyweight boxing.
Yes! Go, go, go!
Let's win this...
One, two, three, four
five, six, seven, eight
nine... OK?
One, two, three, four
five, six, seven, eight
nine, ten!
Yeah, Pitt!
Nice one! Champion!
Thank you.
Thanks. I will visit sometime.
Thank you.
Thank you!
Tsuyama Store
Here you go.
Careful... What are you doing?
Thank you. I'm home.
Nao, you're home.
Here's your soki soba.
Sorry for keeping you waiting.
I'm already full. Oh, you're full?
Sorry to keep you waiting.
Here's your chopsticks.
One more. Thank you.
Nao, just leave it.
Go rest in your room. All right.
The winner, the pride of the Philippines
"The Golden Boy" Laurente!
Oriental and Pacific Boxing Title Match
New Champion, Pitt Laurente (Philippines)