Geostorm (2017) Movie Script

Everyone was warned
but no one listened.
A rise in temperature...
ocean patterns changed...
and ice caps melted.
They called it extreme weather.
They didn't know what
"extreme" was.
In the year of 2019...
and droughts...
unleashed a wave of destruction
upon our planet.
We didn't just lose towns...
or beachfronts.
We lost entire cities.
The East River swallowed
Lower Manhattan.
A heatwave killed
2 million people in Madrid...
in just one day.
But in that moment...
facing our own extinction...
it became clear
that no single nation
could solve this problem alone.
The world came together as one.
And we fought back.
Scientists from 17 countries...
led by the U.S. and China...
worked tirelessly...
not as representatives
of their nations...
but of humanity.
They found a way
to neutralize the storms...
with a net of
thousands of satellites...
each deploying countermeasures...
designed to impact the
basic elements of weather...
heat, pressure, and water.
All overseen by the
International Space Station.
They gave the satellite net
a technical name...
put we all came
to call it "Dutch Boy"...
after the story of the child...
who plugged a dam
with his finger.
This is what saved us all.
It was built by a team
led by one man...
my father.
- Thanks, boss.
- Keep the change.
Uh, Jake Lawson. I have a...
Senate hearing, room 12.
- You're the Dutch Boy guy, right?
- Yeah.
Man, I need to shake your hand.
Oh, okay.
Tornado. Zap.
Blizzard. Zap.
- Zap?
- Zap!
Everybody down here owes you,
Jake Lawson.
If you need anything,
you just ask.
The Senate Committee assigned
to oversee Dutch Boy...
will now hear from Jacob Lawson,
Climate ISS,
Chief Operations Coordinator.
May the record reflect that
he was nearly one hour late.
Yeah, sorry 'bout that, uh.
I literally had to fly in
from outer space.
Oh, here we go.
Mr. Lawson, we find ourselves
heading toward a crossroads.
As you know,
as per UN Resolution 28-14,
the United States will be
handing over control of Dutch Boy
to an international oversight
committee in three years.
This in spite of the fact that
we actually built the thing.
Uh, excuse me, Senator,
I-I don't wanna slow things down.
It's just the you said, "we" built it?
Yes, indeed I did.
Because I know what I did.
I'm the guy that led the team
that built the station.
I was up there with a
international crew of 600 people...
not just Americans.
And I know all of their faces, but...
I don't remember yours.
We had a-a plumber up there.
He looked a little like you.
Very clever, Mr. Lawson.
Yes, Dutch Boy was
an international effort.
And yes, it may one day,
very well belong to the world.
But until it does, we have
authority over its operation.
And we have authority over you.
And you have been
flouting that authority.
I-I have report after report here.
"Failure to follow procedures".
Numerous violations
of the chain of command.
And then, there was the
incident where you punched
a federal inspector in the face.
Well, your federal inspector
doesn't know
that a capacitor holds a charge
even when it's disconnected.
He was grabbing for the damn thing.
I saved his life.
You can make all the
excuses you want, Mr. Lawson.
But there's one thing
you cannot defend.
And that would be the day
you brought Dutch Boy online
and operational without our consent.
And what would that
have taken, Senator?
There were a series
of storms building
in Southeast Asia
and the North Atlantic
that would have killed
tens of thousands of people.
Dutch Boy was ready.
We went green.
It works. You're welcome.
Mr. Lawson, if you continue
to defy our authority,
Dutch Boy will go on
without you!
Am I making myself clear?
Oh, and one more thing.
To ensure compliance,
this committee will be sending up
new support staff.
Naturally, when they get up there,
you'll have to send some of
your people home.
We'll leave those choices up to you.
Senator, respectfully,
my crew didn't do
anything wrong.
Excuse me,
I'm not asking for your input.
These people left their homes,
and their families,
and risked their lives...
- to save this planet.
- This hearing is adjourned.
I'm not cutting a single one
of those people loose!
Excuse me?
People like you need people
like me. You know why?
So you can take credit
for everything we accomplish.
So you can go to your constituents
- and your cronies.
- This meeting is adjourned.
And your mistresses.
And pump out your chest
- and say, "Hey, look at me!"
- Sit down, please!
- Well, I'm looking, Senator.
- Excuse me.
- We're all looking.
- This meeting is adjourned.
This meeting is adjourned!
Thank you.
That was going well, huh?
Up to a point.
No, Jake, that didn't go well
at any point.
But hey, what are you good at,
little brother, huh?
Like workin' the angles,
smoothin' ruffled feathers.
You can fix it.
You always do.
It's like a talent.
It is a talent.
Of a sort.
I wish I could help you,
I really do.
But it's not that simple.
Not this time.
Why not?
Well, as of last week,
they have put me
in charge of Dutch Boy.
But that's great!
That's great!
You kidding me?
You're kidding me.
Look, what do you
want me to do, huh?
You leave me no choice.
I told you.
This had to go well,
and it didn't.
Look, I-I'm sorry, Jake.
You're fired.
Jesus. It's over 120
in this mother.
Fan out.
Uh, Agent Wilson.
Assistant Secretary Lawson.
You look nice today.
I'm wearing the
same thing I always wear.
Ah, exactly.
Have you seen I uh,
got on a new tie?
I observed.
We're trained to notice any
disturbing details.
Sarah, come on,
can we just drop...
Assistant Secretary Lawson.
I'm not permitted to engage in
casual conversation
while I'm at a post.
We are being watched.
We're always being watched.
Well, if we're
always being watched
then what's the
point of hiding anything?
You're interfering with my duties.
I'd rather not shoot you.
Well, it would be an honor
to be the first person
that you kill.
Damn it.
What is it.
Uh, the President's
called a security briefing.
It was not on the schedule, so.
I guess I'm now on duty.
I like the tie.
Home by 7. Love you.
I'm sorry, I didn't catch that.
I didn't say anything.
Move along, sir.
Yes, ma'am.
What the hell happened here?
One of our thermospheric
malfunctioned over Afghanistan.
A UN recon team found it,
Mr. President.
And the members of the
Climate Council, they're aware?
Yes, and they've all agreed
to keep the incident discreet.
But with this many people
in the loop,
I'm not sure how long
it's gonna keep.
And we're sure this was
caused by Dutch Boy?
Can we assume that
this is an isolated incident?
Doctor Quigley?
We're fairly certain, yes.
It's great to know
that you're "fairly certain".
This is a serious malfunction.
So, your proposal is what?
Simple. We shut down
all Central Asian satellites
until we know what went wrong.
- Are you serious?
- Yes, I'm serious.
Do you know how difficult it was
to get every one of these
nations online for this?
We have worked extremely hard
to assure these nations
that this system will protect them.
And it has.
And let's not forget, people,
it's an election year.
We shut Dutch Boy down,
the press is gonna jump all over this.
Oh, my God.
300 people died in that village.
Who gives a damn
about the politics of it all?
We cost those people their lives.
The only thing we
should be concerned
about here is how to fix it and
making sure it never happens again.
And how do you propose
we do that?
We can't do anything.
What I mean is, the problem
is not gonna be solved in this room
and well, certainly not by us.
We need an international team
on the station itself.
Not suits.
Engineers, coders, builders,
doing a comprehensive
systems check.
No matter the cost,
no matter the politics.
We need them up there now.
We are set to transfer
full authority for Dutch Boy
to the international
community in two weeks.
I will not be the President
that hands over damaged goods.
Not now, not ever.
So, we are gonna handle this
problem and its solution in-house.
And we are gonna send up one man.
One of our own
who reports only to us
and that we can control.
So, find me that someone.
Yes, sir.
Look, I know you're
not gonna like it
but as I see it,
there's only one person
to go after for this.
Your brother, Jake.
Come on, not Jake, please.
17 countries, hmm?
17 countries had teams
workin' on Dutch Boy.
They all reported to him.
Nobody knows what's under
the hood better than him.
Can we weigh other options?
Max, how long have you known me?
Ever since I was transferred
to the State Department.
That's right.
I handpicked you.
I believed in you.
You're smart.
And I was right about you.
I'm right about Jake.
If this is gonna be a problem...
No, sir.
Afghan satellite zero-niner-six
All crews prepare for
incoming Afghanistan satellite.
Replacement satellite
standing by.
Afghan sat is locked in.
Replacement cleared for launch.
And away on sat 5-A.
Airlock doors secured.
I want a full dissection
of all components.
Priority one.
Afghan satellite dissection commencing.
I will take care of this.
Make sure they depressurize
the fuel intake.
Yeah, we got it.
Makmoud. Oi, Makmoud!
I'm about to obliterate
your top score here, pal.
I have to do some reprogramming.
Oh, come on!
He's got no pride
of ownership, that lad.
Please stand clear of the doors.
Please stand clear of the doors.
No, no, no!
Uncle Max?
Hey! What you doin' up there?
What is that, a solar generator?
Dual-access, sun-tracking
solar generator.
Replacing the power converter.
Oh, God.
Being more like
your dad every day.
Hey, where'd he find that?
You seriously asking that question?
No, of course.
He made it, right?
Come here, you.
Ah, it's good to see you!
How you doin'?
You okay?
I'm really great.
Okay, what's goin' on here?
All right, this is
freakin' me out.
You're supposed to
be nine years old.
You were supposed
to be part of my life.
But shit happens.
So, what's goin' on here?
You living with him?
He gets me two weekends a month.
Oh, good.
Uh, how's your mom?
Mmm, justifiably pissed.
Yeah, I bet.
Hannah, it's time.
What's up, Jake?
Hannah, I thought I told you
not to talk to strangers.
Come on, don't listen to him.
Your dad and I were your age,
we were so close,
we had our own secret code.
- It's true.
- Really?
I don't remember that.
Yeah, you do.
No, I don't.
Well, it was nice seeing you.
Hey, look.
You take care.
What's with all the car parts?
I build electric motors for
the retirees down at Vero Beach.
Keeps me busy.
Seems hardly worth your talent.
You kidding?
The time of my life.
It's a little early,
don't you think?
I got fired by my own brother.
Then I lost my family.
My house, my dog, so.
Happy hour starts
around 11 out here.
Okay, saw your niece,
you don't want a beer.
Road's that way.
There's somethin' wrong
with Dutch Boy.
No, there isn't.
Well, an entire village of dead
Afghans may disagree with you.
And then yesterday, an airlock just
just opened by itself.
We lost one of our crew.
Dutch Boy is not my problem anymore.
That, I am calling bullshit on.
'Cause other than you daughter
and your precious soccer club,
Dutch Boy was all you
ever gave a damn about.
Oh, yeah, once.
Yeah, but you took care of that.
You don't care?
Well then, what are you
doin' livin' out here?
Look, I know you
think I'm a weasel.
Someone who just moves pieces
around a chess board for a living.
Well, guess what?
Yeah, yeah, I am.
But that is how you
get 17 countries
to agree to build
a space station.
Now, you.
You build things.
And there's something wrong
with the thing that you built.
And people are dying.
If you really think you're the best,
which I know that you do,
then how the hell can you
stand there and say no?
I'll be taking orders
from someone, I suppose?
So what, is that a yes?
Long as it's not you.
Hey, this is Max.
Leave a message.
You got any room in there for me?
I think this is everything.
I made you a
packed lunch as well.
Did you hear about the gas main
explosions in Hong Kong?
Yeah, it just hit the news.
It's terrible.
Was it anything like
what happened in Afghanistan?
Nothing happened in Afghanistan.
Are you going back up to space?
- No.
- Yes, you are!
You're leaving today
to fix Dutch Boy.
What did I tell you
about eavesdropping?
You never told me anything
about eavesdropping.
You don't really
do much parenting.
How do you know it's safe?
Of course, it's safe. I've been
up there a hundred times.
Don't treat me like I'm a child.
Someone died!
- It was an accident.
- Someone got sucked out.
It was an accident.
See, that's what I'm going
up there to fix, okay?
You don't have to worry.
Think of it like I'm going on
a vacation for a week or two.
To a place 250 miles straight up?
And negative 450 degrees?
Some holiday.
Yeah, you got a point.
Why'd Uncle Max fire you?
Did you do something wrong?
No, look, your Uncle Max
and me, it's...
It's not just about the one job.
Sometimes, younger brothers
resent being younger.
So they get bossy.
They think they know everything.
They tell you how to act,
how to talk, and...
after a couple of decades, you
just get tired of
listening to it.
Maybe you should listen.
My lift is here.
- Gotta go.
- What?
Wait, I thought I was
taking you to the airport?
You really wanna
see Mom? Great.
We can all fly home
to Atlanta together.
I got it covered.
Quit acting like you're mad.
Hannah, what do you
want from me?
I want you to come back alive.
And you're not exactly
the reliable type.
I know I haven't always made
good on my promises,
but I'm coming back!
- I...
- Promise.
I promise.
Come here.
I'll be back soon, okay?
OV-104 is now at T-minus one hour,
and ready for boarding.
We're at T-minus
one minute and counting.
Have a safe trip, sir.
Booster rocket
separation confirmed.
Hate to interrupt, Major Tom...
but in a few seconds,
you should be able to see the net.
How does it feel
to be back home?
Look at you, girl.
Livin' and breathin'
Mr. Lawson.
Ute Fassbinder.
Nice to meet you.
Yeah, I remember you.
Yeah, you were the
German scientist.
You were here when I was here.
Thermospherics, right?
The containment shell needs
a fresh coat of sealant,
where the APT ducts pressure
the channel housing.
Not good. That's wrong.
And you hear that?
- I'm sorry.
- Shh, listen.
That one-way hum?
That's a bad step down transformer.
All these things, they have
to be watched, cared for.
- Mr. Lawson.
- No, I know, I know it's not your fault.
But when I left,
everything here was perfect.
So, maybe I need to
speak to your chief scientist
about the fine art of
giving a shit.
I'm the Chief Scientist.
I've been promoted a year ago.
Well, congratulations.
One of our crew died
this week, Mr. Lawson.
Sorry about the transformer.
Let me introduce you to your team.
Oh, of course, an American.
Actually, my brother and I were
born in the UK, but thank you.
Yeah, but you got
the old Stars and...
Stripes on your arm there and...
cowboy look in your eye.
Oh, no offence,
it's just a serious situation and
the last thing we need is some
Washington douche to come
supervise us, do we lads?
Well, you got one, so.
How about we start with
names and positions.
Adisa, structural.
Duncan Taylor,
systems and OS analyst
and loyal British subject.
Hernandez, robotics.
Satcom and security.
And you are?
This is Mr. Jake Lawson.
You're Jake Lawson?
The Jake Lawson?
Y-You look much older
than I would've thought.
I-I mean, you look good, but
y-your physical appearance is not
does not match the-the amount
of time that has elapsed
in your life.
Am I getting fired?
Okay, we don't have a lot of time.
So, we have three
situations to examine.
Afghanistan, the scientist
that died here,
and the new incident in Hong Kong.
Hong Kong? No, that was
that was a gas main explosion.
We all watched that on the telly.
All right, okay, you
just keep believing that.
I, on the other hand,
have a mystery
that I'd like to solve
and prevent more deaths, so.
Feel free to join me.
Or not.
All right, quick question.
Okay, active shooter.
The President and I
are both in the line of fire.
Who do you save first?
The President.
Come on, you could take a second
just to think about that.
Sorry, baby.
Job comes first.
Same with you.
No, that's not true.
No, I have priorities,
and you...
you are my priority.
Come on, let's do it.
I kinda want to, but um...
you just keep talkin'.
And why do we always
have to be sneakin' around?
Come on, let's do it.
Let's get married.
We can't.
It's against the rules.
One day, baby.
Um, you're gonna get that.
Because your job comes first.
I'm gonna get it 'cause I don't
want it to interfere with this.
Now, I might just not save you.
Yeah, hello?
Max, it's Cheng.
Cheng, God,
tell me you're not in Hong Kong.
- Cheng?
- Last night...
I was right in the middle of it.
It was horrible.
That's why I'm calling.
Phone service just came back on.
Yeah, well, you're lucky to be alive.
I mean those gas pipes?
I'm not so sure
that was the cause.
What you you mean?
I-I don't follow.
It was abnormally hot
before the pipes blew.
The satellite sensors
should've recorded it, right?
I checked over a dozen times
but I can't get access to
Dutch Boy's Hong Kong satellite.
My access has been blocked.
Check your holoframe.
I don't understand.
We both have clearance.
And the only people that
have the authority to block it
are in the building you work in.
What do you mean?
If someone is covering up
a system defect,
there's potential for critical
failure on a global scale.
If Dutch Boy has
a catastrophic failure,
it can create
something far worse
than what we're
trying to prevent.
What we call a geostorm.
Uh, what, slow down, Cheng.
All right? A what?
A geostorm.
catastrophic weather
events triggered all
over the globe.
Once they pass
the minimum threshold,
the storms will start
causing new storms.
Like a chain reaction
until they merge together.
It's gotta be a glitch.
I'll give you a call
when I know something.
All right. Thanks.
These pipes have not been
well-maintained or upgraded in years.
Cheng thinks Hong Kong had
something to do with Dutch Boy.
He's implying some kind of cover-up.
I just got a text and POTUS
called a last-minute press briefing.
What, you can't stay?
Oh, when duty calls, duty calls.
"Neither rain nor snow
nor gloom of night", right.
Honey, that's the Postal Service.
We're the Secret Service.
Secret Service.
Oh, there's a difference?
I didn't know that.
Grab his laptop.
Let's go.
So, the satellite that
went rogue over Afghanistan,
what type was that?
That's my fave, actually.
I call it a "RocknRolla".
Ah, the SR-22.
Uses sonic waves to
slow molecular movement
causing cooling.
But in that case,
freezing. Why?
We don't know. We checked
the satellite's hard drives
but the logs were wiped clean
by the malfunction.
All right. Let's pull up every
RocknRolla satellite we have
to see if we can find
any corruption in their logs.
Pull up every
RocknRolla in the net.
There's gotta be more
than a thousand of them.
Ah, 1,270, to be exact.
And we're gonna scan
each and every one of them.
Dana. Hey.
Hey, what are you doing here?
What do you mean,
what am I doing here? I...
I work here.
I'm your boss.
Yeah, but what are you
doing down from Mt. Olympus
and visiting me in Millennial Village?
Well, I have
I have a favor to ask you.
You're the best at what you do.
I need you to
keep this between us.
I have a problem
with my holoframe.
Do I look like a
Genius Bar to you?
I'm sorry. I'm sitting here
defending the free world
against state operators
and cyber terrorists
but grandpa needs
a fix in his phone.
No, but I have a
problem trying to
get through to satellite
G-22 over Hong Kong.
So a satellite has
a bad com, that happens.
No, no not a satellite.
All of them.
I am mildly intrigued.
Looks like Vanilla
line disruption...
bad server relay or
trunc failure or something.
You still dating that
Secret Service chick?
What? No.
No, I'm not dating anyone.
Wait, look. Oh, my God.
Someone wanted to block
your access without you
knowing that it was intentional.
But this...
This is very intentional,
and it's very clever.
And I know
what you're gonna say.
You're gonna say, 'tell no one',
and I won't.
But I didn't sign up to work here
so I could cubicle squat 24-7.
So, whatever is going on,
I want in on the action.
Well, then let's hope
there isn't any action.
And yeah...
Tell no one.
Miss Fassbinder,
we've just been given a
priority communication request.
From Climate Command?
From the White House.
All right so, who are the
yahoos in Washington
we're gonna deal with on this?
I guess I would be
the head yahoo.
Hello, guys.
Max tells me you don't have
a high opinion of politicians
I didn't say... that.
Well, neither do I.
We went through hell
getting the world
on board with this program.
We've come too far
for it to fail.
You and I both understand
why we cannot let that happen.
Yes, sir.
So, if I find anything,
I'll report to you right away.
Actually, you'll be
reporting to Max here.
Good luck.
Have at it.
Thank you, sir.
I'll leave you two alone. If you
need me, I'll be in my office.
Thank you.
I'll be reporting to you?
You lied to me.
No, I just didn't answer
your ridiculous demand.
How do I switch this thing off?
There's something you need to know.
We've been having
issues down here
accessing the Dutch Boy satcom.
We have reason to believe that...
Well, it may not be accidental.
Might not be accidental?
I've been trying to access
the Hong Kong satellite.
I knew it.
I knew it!
You think it's possible?
Yeah, it's possible.
But even if you could access
the Hong Kong satellite remotely,
you're not gonna
get the logs you need.
No. We gotta pull
that information
from the actual
satellite up here.
Okay, I can authorize that.
I don't need your
authorization for anything.
I'm sure that's
really scary for you.
But how about
you just count on me
to do my job
and say 'thank you'?
Oh, count on you.
Remember the first time
I had to bail you out?
Oh, God, Jesus Christ.
Yeah, just one week
after Mom and Dad died,
you got arrested
for fighting, hmm?
That's when I
realized that despite
everything I was going through,
I was gonna have to be
responsible for you.
All right, you know what?
Fine. It is what it is.
I guess I got no choice
but to count on you.
But if you ever authorize
anything without my approval,
you're gonna be on
the next shuttle home.
Transmission ended.
Hong Kong satellite 022
inbound for examination.
All right.
Let's take this thing apart,
find out what
happened in Hong Kong.
Bring it down.
It should've come down by now.
What is that?
I have no idea.
- All right, shut it down.
- It's not responding.
Jesus, Hernandez!
Get down!
Get outta here! Go!
Somebody, open this door now!
Watch out!
I'd like to pick up every
single piece of this thing
and get it down to manufacturing.
Think we can retrieve the logs
from the hard drives?
Well, the accident
created an electrical
short and fried all the drives.
I mean, look at it.
It's toast.
So, we've lost all the drives
with possible corruption?
Not all of them.
What do you mean?
I was reviewing a video from the
accident that killed Makmoud.
Each of the panels that blew
has a drive inside.
And one of them got stuck
in the communication tower.
Looks like the seal locks
are still intact.
We're lucky. The corrupted
drive could still be inside.
We gotta get that panel back.
Yeah, hello?
I just got into D.C.
We have to meet.
I figured it all out.
Meet me at 10:00
at the place across the square
where we used to have lunch
back in college.
All right, yeah.
I'll be there.
Ready to decompress.
All right. Doors open, kids.
You're clear to exit.
Step across the gravity threshold
and follow me.
Let's just get the panel,
see what's on those drives.
There's the panel.
Wait. Hold up.
We designed the tower to have
the emergency derig ports
so the bars can be moved easily.
Control, the panel is secured.
Roger that.
Come back now, kids, come back.
We're on our way back.
Jake, what's happening?
I don't know!
Jake? Jake!
I can't control that damn suit!
- What's going on? What's going on?
- His suit's malfunctioning.
- Jake, do you read me?
- Duncan, tell him to cut it.
Jake, cut off the fuel intake.
It's not responding!
Hang on, Jake.
I can't hold it!
Eject the pack.
Eject the pack!
Oh, Christ, we're gonna lose him!
We're gonna lose him!
Are you all right?
You got the drive?
I grabbed it
when I freed the panel.
You smashed up a dozen
comlinks, TCAS sensors...
I'm fine. Thank you very much.
What happened out there?
Propulsion throttle locked up.
And you lost the door panel
which means
no drive codes.
Back to square one.
Why didn't you tell them
about the drive?
Because someone
just tried to kill me.
I know my crew.
I trust them.
You think you know them.
But someone doesn't want us
to see what's on this drive.
Jake, there's
no corruption here at all.
The doors weren't
accidentally blown off.
They were programmed to.
- This wasn't a malfunction.
- No.
Someone intentionally killed Makmoud.
No doubt the same person
that tampered with
the Hong Kong satellite.
The user log ins
have been wiped clean.
We have no digital fingerprints.
No. That's what they think.
Log in records are synched
back to the mainframe.
Yeah, but that's the problem.
If they're deleted in one place,
they're deleted everywhere.
No, everywhere they know about.
When we built Dutch Boy,
we put in a-a locked off library.
Something that would track
and archive everything.
Our saboteur's log in info
is gonna be in there.
You've been locked out.
But by who?
The virtual conference room.
How many have access
to those transmissions?
Anyone with level three access
and above.
Dozens of people.
- Max.
- What?
He'll be here soon.
What, really? I-I seem nervous?
Just a little.
He's here.
He's here?
No! No!
Cheng! Oh, God!
This is Agent Wilson.
Yes, I need an
ambulance right now!
- Dupont Circle.
- Max...
Agent Wilson,
I'm dispatching the ambulance.
You got me. You got me.
I'm here, look at me.
Look at me.
Virtual conference initiating.
Max? You okay?
They said it was urgent.
What is it?
Yeah, uh.
I wanted to... apologize.
If you had any idea
what I just walked away from...
You gotta drag me up here
just to apologize?
All right, fine.
Apology accepted.
Hey, Max, we don't walk out
on each other.
That's the unspoken code
between brothers.
You remember that day
Dad took us fishing?
Yeah, he dropped his
cellphone in Key Biscayne.
Proof the Lawsons aren't fishermen.
Four hours...
the three of us didn't catch a thing.
I tried to sabotage Dad's reel
so we could leave.
That pin, the highest
part of the spool,
pulled it, so the level
mechanism would pop out.
Of course, Dad was a government
spy his whole life.
Caught me red-handed.
"Trust me," he said.
I get it.
"No one likes to fail.
"But I'd rather not
catch fish with my family...
than catch 20 fish alone".
I didn't even understand
what he meant back then.
But I do now.
Take care, Max.
End transmission.
Transmission ended.
What was all that?
That was the first decent
conversation we've had in years.
Oh! Oh, my God!
Would you relax?
Do you have a moment?
Yes! I do, I got your message.
What happened?
Did Secret Service Barbie dump you?
I-I need to show you something.
Take a look at this.
You remember that day
Dad took us fishing?
He dropped his
cellphone in Key Biscayne.
Our dad never took us fishing.
That's sad.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I'm not good at the, like,
talk about your daddy issues
kinda friend thing, I just...
What? No.
No, no, no.
It's a code.
"He dropped his cellphone
in Key Biscayne".
His cellphone number is the key.
Take a look at the digits.
Okay, you got your first number,
that's your first word.
Second number, nine.
You move on nine words.
- That's your second word.
- Mm-hmm.
Third number, nine again.
Another nine, you move on.
Then nine, then two, then nine,
then five, so on, and so on,
until you get an entirely
different message.
So, who came up with
this encryption, a 12-year-old?
No. I was 13.
So, one, nine, nine, nine,
two, nine, five,
five, eight, seven, one. And go.
Proof of sabotage at the
highest level of government.
Trust no one.
Well, you said you were
looking for action.
Yeah, but I mean, holy shit.
If you don't wanna take
this any further, I understand.
Oh, no, no, no.
I do, I do. It's just...
I do and I don't.
Kinda like going on a roller coaster
or eating Chipotle.
What's our next move?
Okay, I need you to find
anything you can
on a file named Project Zeus.
Project Zeus?
Okay. Looks like we have
ourselves a bro-spicacy here.
Uh, just run the damn search.
I am getting a hit.
Looks like it's double-encrypted.
It's a little OCD.
C-Can you break it?
Yeah, I could but...
I can't do it from here.
File's under a White
House security
network and it's
just not hackable.
I'd have to log in and
I don't have the credentials for it.
Shit. Nor do I.
Uh, I-I don't know anyone who does.
Yeah, you do.
Oh! Holy shit!
Whoa, whoa, whoa, honey, relax!
Who is this girl in our house?
I-I can explain everything.
Uhmm, that sounds really pervy.
- Shut up.
- Okay, I'm sorry, I will.
I broke one of your wine glasses.
Um, i-it just fell and
I promise I'm gonna reimburse you.
Um, I have the money, I'm sorry.
This is Dana.
She works with me in State.
Now I asked her here
'cause I need her help.
And uh, well, as it turns out,
I need your help too.
She's hot!
I know how much
your job means to you.
I took an oath, Max.
We have rules.
And technically,
you're not supposed
to be sleeping together, either.
You're asking me
to commit a crime.
You're soliciting a Secret
Service agent
to break into the
White House server
and illegally obtain files.
And you thought I would say yes!
Yeah, I still think
you're gonna say yes.
Because I'm the one
who's asking you.
You know, and if I'm asking you,
well, then it must be important.
And you know that
it's bigger than you and me.
You and I.
- Shut up.
- Shut up.
Sarah, please.
One time.
We need to play back
the security cameras
without alerting anyone.
Someone killed Makmoud.
We find out why,
we'll know who's behind this.
But you can't access the cameras
without being logged in.
That's why we're going
to the backup server room.
See? It comes in handy
that I built the place.
Yes. But I live here.
Makmoud was prepping diagnostics
on the Afghan sat
while we launched a replacement.
Son of a bitch.
He pulled something off the sat.
Poor bastard figured it out
and they killed him
to make sure no one else did.
There are no cameras
allowed in the locker rooms.
Then let's go
take a look for ourselves.
What's the code?
Seven, six, three, six, three.
What do you think you're doing?
You know what happened to me
out there wasn't an accident.
Whoever did that...
killed Makmoud.
And what makes
you think it is not me?
'Cause if it was you,
I'd be dead already.
Dussette, lower your gun.
Whatever you're looking for
it is not in this locker.
I was here when Makmoud came in.
He put his stuff
in an empty one.
Why didn't you tell me?
You watched the same
security footage that I did.
I was just waiting to see
who's gonna come and
look for Makmoud's stuff.
It's in here.
Two, six, six, five, three.
This is everything he copied off
the satellite onto
his holoframe.
That's a virus.
That wasn't generated by the
satellite's onboard computer.
Because they were planted.
Makmoud found the virus,
got killed before he could tell anyone.
Oh, I got it.
All right, here we go.
Project Zeus.
There are tens of thousands
of storm simulations in here
and each one is
starting in a different place.
They all end the same way.
A geostorm.
And unlike anything
we've ever seen.
Dana, can you-can you
show us just uh,
the simulation that
begins in Afghanistan?
Yeah, sure.
Okay, now, now filter those
so that the second
malfunctions over Hong Kong.
Where are you going with this?
What if Cheng realized
that someone was
following one of his scenarios?
Making it look like
a predicted pattern of malfunction.
Disguising a crime
like a series of accidents.
It might actually be
a series of accidents.
If it were, they
wouldn't have killed him.
Someone has weaponized Dutch Boy.
Virtual conference initiating.
New face?
Yeah, yeah, a friend.
She's keepin' things
off the monitors, chillin',
so, we're good.
- So, you got my message?
- Yeah, I got your message.
It's uh, it's worse than we thought.
Whoever's doing this is using
Dutch Boy to target cities.
And they're disguising
their moves as malfunctions.
They already killed the man
who found out about this.
And I don't think they're done.
This is my life's work, Max.
You know, they said it was impossible,
but we pulled it off.
And it worked
perfectly, without fail
day after day, year after year.
So, what do people do with it?
Turn it into a gun.
I know.
I know. It's not too late.
We can fix this
before it happens again,
but I can't do it on my own.
I need you. I need
you to tell me.
How are they
controlling Dutch Boy?
- I know how they're controlling it.
- How?
A virus.
Well, could you stop it?
There's only one way.
We can shut down
Dutch Boy temporarily.
The reboot will
flush out the system,
kill the virus, and revert back
to the failsafe OS.
Okay. Let's do it.
Then I'm authorizing.
Yeah, I think we've established
I don't really wait for that.
This isn't a Chromebook.
You don't just put your
finger on the power button.
You need the kill codes.
And the only one who has those
is the President.
So, let's just go to the President
and tell him what we know.
No. No.
You can't go to Palma.
We need way more
proof than I have.
We're talkin' about
shutting down Dutch Boy.
I mean even for an hour,
that puts the whole planet at risk.
No, I don't think you understand.
Someone sealed off the
back door into the system.
A back door almost
no one knew existed.
But the President did.
No, Jake, come on, what?
Are you out of your mind?
Not saying it's him.
I'm saying what if.
Who else has the
resources to pull this off?
Murder, cover-up, and a virus
that can only be stopped
with the codes in his pocket.
Why? Huh, tell me. Why?
Why would he do that?
We're two weeks away
from transferring Dutch Boy
to the rest of the world.
Two weeks away from
losing autonomous control.
Now, he talks a good game,
but he's never gonna let it happen.
A series of disasters, an
international crew to take the fall.
And you'd have to
cancel the hand-off.
And who would blame him?
All right. You stay on top
of your satellites.
Hey, Max,
don't do anything stupid.
Let's go.
Yeah, they already
tried to kill me once.
Transmission ended.
President Palma.
Some questions please, sir.
Comments before heading to the
national convention
in Orlando, sir?
Mr. President,
is there any statement?
A moment before
you head to Orlando.
My friends from Washington, D.C.,
I could never get off the plane
without first saying
hello to you.
What are you doing here?
- Are you insane?
- Sarah, look.
Jake needs us to steal
the kill codes from Palma.
You're asking me to help you
on the word
of your asshole brother
who you haven't even
spoken to in three years!
Think about it, Afghanistan,
Hong Kong,
Cheng, the-the crazy sim shit,
the death on the
space station, come on?
Look, you gotta trust me on this.
All right?
I'm not kidding around here.
- Okay.
- Look.
The codes are on
Palma's holoframe.
We can't do it on the plane.
Why not?
Too many eyes.
He's never alone.
All right, then-
then what's the play?
Palma likes some private time
to shower and make calls
before the after parties.
You follow, I'll get you inside.
I can steal the codes
while he's in the shower.
- That's the idea.
- Yes, it is.
- Warning.
- Out of my...
All satellite communication
All satellite communication
Report to stations immediately.
Oh, my God.
We have nearly 200 satellites
reporting malfunctions.
Most of them nearing critical.
Pull up the satellite
closest to critical overload.
We've lost all control
of the Tokyo satellite.
I didn't know you were
coming to the convemtion.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, you know,
my dad lives in Florida, so uh.
I promised I'd get him in
to the convention.
We need every vote, right?
Yeah, bring him to
the green room.
We'll uh, do a little photo op.
Aw, that's very kind of you, sir.
Thank you.
We've got reports of
extreme weather anomalies
building over Brazil, Mexico,
Bucharest, and Belgrade.
There's over a thousand storm
warnings issued around the world.
Rio de Janeiro satellite, critical.
Retrieval routine offline.
Chart a new course.
Get us close to the
nearest satellite going critical.
What are you trying to do?
We're gonna launch
the replacements.
As many as we can.
- Wait, wait, wait...
- As fast as we can.
We have to retrieve
the other satellites first.
All of the replacements
will crash into them.
They're programmed to arrive
in the exact same destination.
And they'll knock out
the infected satellites.
- Yeah.
- Of course!
All crews report to stations
for Rio satellite replacement.
Go for launch.
Away, she goes.
Satellite replacement for Rio
on its way.
Warning: Satellite on
collision course.
Stable the retro boosters.
Don't let it slow down.
Load 'em up!
Keep 'em comin'!
Warning: Geostorm Alert.
Time to geostorm:
One hour, 30 minutes.
Four more years!
Thank you.
As you know, the environment
was my late wife's
great passion and purpose.
And I know that she
would be extremely proud...
caused by the worst
hailstorm in recorded history.
There has been another
extreme weather event,
this time in Rio de Janeiro.
An off shore cold front
blew rapidly across land
plunging the city into
dangerously low temperatures.
There are reports of
numerous casualties, but
we don't know
how many at this time.
We're also hearing
that a cargo plane
may have crashed
in the city itself
possibly related
to the freezing cold.
Tokyo and now Rio are the first
catastrophic weather events
since the launch of Dutch Boy.
Stay tuned after the break
when we're joined by
our reporter, Sally Jones.
Oh, God.
Hey, Max!
Where's your daddy?
Uh, you know what,
he got so caught
up in all the excitement, I-I...
I recruited you for this position.
I know everything about you.
Your brother,
your mother's death,
your father's death, everything.
Why'd you lie to me?
Why'd you insist
on making this trip?
Tell me what's wrong.
Maybe I can help you.
Maybe I can't.
All right, look.
I've gotta tell you something,
come here.
We are 90 minutes away
from a global storm
we won't recover from.
And I need
the President's kill codes.
Come again?
We gotta shut
Dutch Boy down now.
You're serious.
You said you hired me
because you believed in me, right?
All right, well, I need you
to believe in me now.
Well, we've gotta brief
the President.
Get to Cape Canaveral.
No, no, no, no.
W-We can't do that, sir.
Why not?
I believe he's the one
who initiated it.
United we stand.
United, we can.
Four more years!
You better be goddamn
sure of yourself
making accusations like that.
With all due respect, we don't
have time to argue about this.
Palma and I go way back.
Why would he do that?
That's insane.
Yeah, well, he's doin' it.
What's your proof?
Yeah, I got proof.
Dozens of files, right?
Project Zeus. It's all there.
Well, we can't get the
kill codes from the President.
Why not?
'Cause the President
is the kill codes.
Biometrics. Ten fingerprints,
two retina scans.
Well, what do we do?
I'll have to reason with him.
We'll have to reason with him.
Satellites going critical
over Florida.
Go to replacement sat now.
Station self-destruct
sequence initiated.
Station self-destruct
sequence initiated.
Phase one commencing now.
Great. Shut that down!
I can't, I'm locked out.
We built in back door overrides.
I'm trying them!
If we lose the station, we won't
be able to control
the satellites.
Why would you build
that into the station?
In case it fell to Earth.
Where's Duncan?
He's the only one with
enough programming expertise
to override the commands.
That's the fuel tanks.
They're the first to go.
Then section by section
until it can't handle retrieval.
Okay, everybody
get to the shuttles!
Come on, we gotta hurry!
Go, go, go!
Jake. What are you
still doing here?
That felt good.
I wanted to do that
since I first met you.
Have you gone mad?
Yeah, pretty much.
The virus?
You're the only one who
could've put it in the system.
The only one who could've
sealed off the back door.
The only one who could've
helped them pulled this off.
I need the overrides for the
self-destruct to the station, now!
I mean, what for?
I'm not gonna be here
when it blows.
But you will.
Come on, man.
Why did you do it?
Well, you know what us
lowly scientists get paid?
Take that times a thousand.
What difference is it gonna make?
If you don't stop, there's not
gonna be a planet to spend it on.
Please. We're gonna
keep all the best bits.
Aren't you a little bit curious
to watch the world...
No. 'Cause millions
of people are gonna die.
One of them's my daughter.
Oh, shit.
Holding room for the President
down on the left.
We'll confront him there.
Project Zeus.
Did Cheng tell you anything else?
This president knows that hope
is not a plan.
This president knows...
that despite how far we've come...
there is much more work ahead.
Working to save our planet...
is my first priority as vice president.
This is but a stepping stone
for the success...
and greatness that can and
will be the future of our society.
Excuse me.
That's why I'm here tonight
with the Speaker of the House...
the senate pro tempore,
and President Palma's whole cabinet.
We all stand united to support...
Palma doesn't leave the building.
- Yes, sir.
- Let's go.
Where have you been?
Come here, come here.
It's not the President, all right?
It's Dekkom.
H-How do you know?
Because he just tried to kill me.
That's how I know.
Look, the sim shows Orlando
is the next city to be hit.
Why would he do that?
Because Dekkom wants Palma
trapped here, all right?
And everyone else who's
next in line for the presidency.
Are we still stealing the codes?
The President is the kill codes,
all right? They're biometric.
If Palma dies, Dutch Boy
can't be stopped.
Sure, kidnap the President. That
sounds like the reasonable move.
Well, it's the only move we've got.
Unless you wanna steal his
fingers and his eyes.
We go now.
You get us a car.
I'll get us a president.
All right, good.
The program did not gain
immense international support...
Gunman spotted.
POTUS is compromised.
Evac to secure location: Alpha.
Get him out! Get him out!
Go, go, go, go, go!
Secret Service!
Get back! Get back!
You got a 20 on the shooters?
From mezzanine by exit 212.
Two men with automatics.
- I'm on it. You get POTUS.
- You two...
Secure this entrance.
No one come down this hallway.
Nobody gets through!
Hard room, Lammy.
- Got it!
- You two...
Clear the emergency exit now!
I'm sorry, Mr. President.
You need to come with me.
This exit is off limits!
Please remain calm.
A self-driving cab?
Dana jacked it remotely.
It was all I could get.
What the hell's
going on here, Lawson?
Please, please, sir. Look,
I'll explain everything in the car.
Please, sir!
We don't have much time!
Keep moving!
Get to the shuttles!
Keep going!
Time to geostorm: 55 minutes.
Sir, I can barely hear you.
The storm is causing
too much static.
The Secret Service will be
homing in on the beacon
on the President's holoframe.
You gotta get to him
before they do.
Under no circumstances can he
make it out of Orlando.
Our man on the
space station did his job.
- Now you do yours.
- Copy that. Got it.
- Dekkom?
- It's the perfect weapon, sir.
All right? Dekkom is trying
to change the map of the world.
Then what? Blame it on
a computer glitch?
Yeah, that and a dead president.
He'll take office
after wiping out
everyone in the
line of succession.
Dear God.
- Get to cover, under the bridge!
- Sir.
You are implicating the
Secretary of State in this.
You realize you're committing...
- treason?
- Treason.
Oh, yeah, I kidnapped the President,
I've stolen state secrets.
Anything I'm forgetting, honey?
It took years for
Dekkom to plan this, sir.
President's schedule always
changes last minute.
This is the one day and date
he could be sure wouldn't move.
Having my brother and I
leave the investigation
was a setup from the start.
Think about it.
He hired us to fail.
Get down!
All right, it says we're
back in the clear.
We've got four minutes to 91.
Just gotta take care
of a little problem, first.
Hold on!
Marry her.
No. We're fine here.
A lightning storm in
Orlando has caused
a horrific explosion at the DNC.
There's no official word on the
whereabouts of the President...
I don't know...
I don't know.
I just can't get in touch with Jake.
We have reports now on
explosions on the space station.
Honey, the Orlando storm
is getting really close
to your dad's place.
I-I can't get through to him.
Has he texted you? Or...
He's not there.
He's there.
On a major issue
on the space station.
Attention all crews.
Now loading final shuttle.
Please board the designated
evacuation shuttle immediately.
Shuttle launch sequence initiating.
- I'm not comin'.
- What?
When my brother
gets those kill codes,
someone has to be here
to execute the program.
No. We need to go.
We haven't heard
from him in hours.
I trust him.
You know the reboot
has to be done manually.
Then I stay.
I'm the commander.
I'm the only one my brother
would trust with the codes, so.
I need your holoframe.
You have to insert it manually
at the core of the mainframe.
You can find it, yes?
- Yes.
- Good.
Goodbye, Ute.
Auf Wiedersehen, Jake.
Pull over here.
The President's beacon shows
him heading right towards us.
You really wanna
drive back into that?
Yeah, right after it passes,
I'll be the sole survivor...
ready to be sworn in as the
next President of the United States.
Here they come.
You thought the President was
the only one who could be tracked?
- How the hell did you?
- How?
'Cause I'm the goddamn President
of the United States of America.
You're done, Leonard.
He's all yours.
Wait, wait, wait a minute.
I've given you an opportunity,
Mr. President.
You should take it.
An opportunity?
Let him go.
It's genocide, Leonard!
You say genocide,
I say preemptive strike.
You've lost your mind!
Tomorrow, the sun will rise,
all our enemies will be gone.
Wiped away as if
by the hand of God!
Why would you do this?
Because no one else would.
I'm turning the clock
back to 1945...
when America was
a shining city on a hill...
not just a bank
disguised as a country.
By playing God?
What the hell is Dutch Boy
if not playing God?
Ask Max, he knows.
Science is all about playing God.
God doesn't play so nice.
Yeah, well, you know what
my brother would say?
Get him outta here.
Let's go, Lawson!
That's my fianc.
Get the President
to cover. Hurry!
Mr. President.
We got the kill codes.
You'll have to hurry.
Station-controlled shut down.
What about the crew?
But Jake decided to stay.
To reboot the satellites.
Your brother's waitin' for you.
Come on.
Virtual conference initiating.
Jake, it was Dekkom.
Well, I did say
I might be right.
Mr. President.
How's Hannah?
Oh, she's good, she's safe.
Atlanta wasn't hit.
Thank God.
Identity verified.
Shut down protocol
transfer initiating.
It's gonna take
60 seconds to upload.
Well, how long
till the self-destruct?
Eight minutes.
Give or take.
Mr. Lawson...
we thank you for your sacrifice.
Wait. What the hell's goin' on?
You've done your part, Max.
Jake, what is goin' on?
Now it's time for me to do mine.
No, no, no.
The kill codes don't stop
the self-destruct, do they?
Do they?!
only the geostorm.
The station's self-destruct
can't be reversed.
Come on, come on,
there must be a way, huh?
Come on, it's all my fault.
I'm the one who put you up there.
Hey, it's okay.
I wanted to go.
It was my choice.
God knows...
I haven't always
made the right ones.
You know, you were right,
little brother.
I was supposed to look after you.
But you looked after me.
Can you forgive me?
Yeah, always.
Look after my little girl.
Stay in her life.
I will.
Should've done this
a long time ago, huh?
You're a good man, Jake.
I'll see you, kiddo.
Transfer complete.
Time to geostorm:
Five minutes, 51 seconds.
Warning: Core rotation
has terminated.
We don't know
what's happening up there.
We just know
the station has suffered
a devastating accident
of some kind.
We're being told now
it is beyond repair or salvation.
He's coming back.
He promised me.
We will keep you updated
with any new developments.
entering phase four.
Code invalid.
Code invalid.
Need a hand?
Wrong door.
What are you doing here?
I told you I live here.
Time to geostorm:
One minute, 40 seconds.
Uploading kill codes.
Satellite shut down in process.
When the last satellite
cycles down, let me know.
I'll manually reboot
the entire system.
- That should flush out the virus.
- Okay.
Five to go.
- Come on, baby.
- Two.
And one.
Manual reboot activated.
Status: Rebooting.
The net is back up.
The virus is gone.
Transferring control
of the net back to NASA.
I've got you!
Warning: Self-destruct
entering final stage.
Best seat in the house.
Are you a believer in
the Hail Mary?
Follow me.
We gotta get to the satellite.
I've got you.
We gotta get away
as far as we can
before the final detonation.
Dock releasing.
And it appears we have lost
the space station.
A tragic ending for the
two heroes still on board.
Hey, Max, take a look.
Picking up exhaust flares.
And they're pulsing.
In a mayday pattern.
See if we could turn
one of the shuttles around.
Hopefully, someone sees us.
Fingers crossed.
Hernandez, you son of a bitch!
Thank the Mexican.
Yes! Come here. Yes!
A miracle indeed.
The shuttle you see
is bringing home
all the ISS crew members
who remained on the station.
Hi, Jake. I'm Sarah,
Max's fiance.
Well, welcome to the family.
Well done, well done.
Both of you.
Sorry I doubted you,
Mr. President.
Yeah, well,
you were wrong, Jake.
Well, how many times
do I have to tell you?
Never listen to me.
God, it's good to have you back.
Good to be back.
It's a nice place
you got here, Jake.
Thank you.
So, when you heading back up?
- In a week.
- Yeah?
Yeah, a lot of work left.
But I'll be back.
I know.
- This sucks.
- Yeah, seriously, this is so boring.
You know what?
I can't do this for another second.
Why'd you make us
do this in the first place?
I don't know.
I was tryin' to relive a moment.
Moment? W-What moment?
We never went fishing with Dad.
You made that whole story up.
Yeah, but that was
a good story though, huh?
You gotta admit that.
It had a moral and everything.
Moral? What moral?
You can't undo the past.
All you can do
is face what's ahead.
NASA maintained the
satellites while
we rebuilt the space station.
We made it safer,
made it stronger.
It belongs to all of us now.
One planet, one people.
And as long as we remember
that we share one future...
we will survive.