Geostorm (2017) Movie Script

Everyone has been notified, but
no one is listening.
Increasing temperature, weather pattern
change, and polar ice melt.
They call it extreme weather.
They do not know what extreme is.
In 2019, storms, tornadoes,
floods and droughts...
... destroys our planet.
It not only destroys the city or the beach
but the whole city is great.
East River causes flooding in
Heat waves kill 200 people
in Madrid, in just 1 day.
At that point, facing our own extinction
it becomes clear that no
country can solve this problem
The world is united. And we fight.
Scientists from 17 countries,
led by America and China
work tirelessly.
Become a representative of their country
To save the Earth.
They found a way to
neutralize this.
By connecting thousands of
satellites, each with
is designed to change basic
elements from weather.
Heat, pressure, and water.
Everything is overseen by Overseas Station
International Space.
They use that satellite
to change the weather.
This is a story for
saving the Earth.
This is what saved us
all. Performed by a
team led by 1 person.
My father.
There is a small fortune?
- None. - You've been waiting,
room 12.
- Lawson? You scientist, right? -
- I have to shake your hand. -
Tornado, lightning, blizzard.
- Zap? - Zap!
Everyone owes you,
Jake Lawson.
This is the committee designated for
leading operation.
Now we will hear from
Jake Lawson. Head of operations of
We just reminded her that she
was late for almost 1 hour.
Yes, sorry about that. I have to fly from outer space.
Here it is.
Mr.. Lawson, we find ourselves
we are headed for an intersection.
As we know,
based on you and resolution 2814,
United States...
... handed control of
... to the international committee
within 3 years.
Due to the fact that we created the
Sorry, Senator, I do not want to delay. But you said '' us ''
who made it?
Yes, that's right.
Because I know what I
doing. I'm the one who led the
team that created it.
I'm up there with an international team of about 600 people.
Not just Americans. And I
remember all their faces, but I
do not remember your face.
We have a plumber
there. She looks like you.
Very clever, Mr. Lawson.
Yes, Dutchboy is an international effort. And yes, maybe
... will belong to the world. But
until that happens, we have
authority over its operation.
And we have authority over your
And you play with the
's authority. I get report after report.
Failure to follow procedure.
Many violations of the command
Then, there was an incident where you
hit the face of a Federal Inspector
Your Federal Inspector does not know
that a
capacitor holds even
power when not connected.
He wants to hold it, I
saved his life.
You can make all the
reasons you want, Mr. Lawson.
But there is one thing you can not maintain.
And that is the day where you
enable Dutchboy...
... and our unlicensed operation.
That's necessary, sir.
There is a series of storms that are awakening in Southeast Asia and North Atlantic
That can kill tens of thousands of people
Dutchboy is ready. We work
and save the world. Equally.
Mr.. Lawson, if you continue to defy our authority,
Dutchboy will continue
without you.
Am I clear?
- Yes. - Good.
And one more thing.
To ensure compliance, this
committee will send a new support staff
When they get there, you
have to repatriate some of your
We leave that option
to you.
Dear Sirs, my team did not make a mistake.
Sorry, I did not ask for your input.
0 These people are leaving their home
and their families, and
risking their lives...
-... to save this
planet. - The meeting is pending.
I will not fire any
from those people.
- Sorry ?. - people like you
need someone like me.
You know why?
In order for you to take credit
from everything we achieve.
So you can be arrogant...
... to your mistress...
- Please sit down. - '' Hey, hey, look at
me. ''
- I do not want to, Senator. -
This meeting is pending.
This meeting is delayed. Thank you for your love.
That goes well, right?
Very good.
No, Jake, that does not work at all.
Take it easy, ok?.
You can fix this, you
always can.
You have a talent. It is
a talent. Less is more.
Yes, I wish I could help you. Really.
It's not that simple. Not this time
Why not?.
Well, last week, they've
taken control of Dutchboy.
That's good. That's great.
You are kidding.
Do you want me to do what?
You did not give me a choice.
I've told you this should go well.
Sorry, Jake.
You are fired.
Good God. It's very hot here.
- How? - Assistant Secretary
You look beautiful today.
- I wear the clothes that I wear every day. - Not too.
Do you see this?
I've been watching. All
- Sarah, come on... - This is for
Lawson's Secretary.
I can not do
regular conversation while it is working
We are being watched. We are always
If we're always being watched, what's the use of hiding?
You're interrupting my job, I prefer
likes not to shoot you.
It will be an honor to be the first person
you kill.
What's up?
The President called to do a security meeting
. It's not on the schedule.
So now I have to work.
I like your tie.
- Sorry, I did not hear. - I
did not say anything.
- Go on, sir. - Yes, bu.
- What's going on here? - One
one satellite we experience
damage over Afghanistan.
Do you already know about this,
Mr. President?
Members of the Climate Council already know
Yes, and they all agree to
to hide the incident.
With this many people, I'm not sure how long.
- We are sure this is caused by
Dutchboy ?. - Of course.
We assume this is an isolated
We are very sure, yes.
It's nice to know that you're sure. This is a serious
So what's your proposal?
Simply, we turn off all
satellites until we know what the error
- Are you serious? - Yes, I'm
Do you know how difficult it is to ask
help around the country for this?
We work very hard
to convince all nations
that the system will protect their
And do not forget that year
selection, we...
-... turns off Dutchboy. Media
will surely go berserk. - Oh my God.
300 people dead in the village.
This is not about politics.
We made those people
The only thing we should worry about is how to fix it, and
make sure it does not happen again.
And how do you think we can do that?
We can not do anything.
The problem will not be solved
in this room, and
certainly not by us.
We need an international team at
the station itself.
Everything. Technician, builder, we
want to do a complete
system check
No matter the price, do not care about politics... We
need them there now.
We will surrender full
authority over Dutchboy to
International Committee within 2
I do not want to be the President
who handed me the damaged item.
So we will handle this
problem and find the solution ourselves.
And we will send one person.
One of our own people.
We send someone we can control.
Do you understand?
So find that person for me.
- Now. - Yes, sir.
I know you will not like it,
but I think only one person
can do this.
Your brother Jake.
- Do not Jake, sir. - It's for country
, kid.
Everything is done for country.
No one knows better
than he does.
- Is there another option? - How long have you known me?
Since I was moved to
Department of Home Affairs.
That's right. I chose you.
I trust you.
You are smart. And I'm right
about you.
I'm right about Jake.
Will this be a problem?
- No, sir. - Good.
Satellite is coming.
All units, preparing to receive
Satellite, get ready.
Sign in slowly.
Everything is fine.
Satellite has been received.
The air gate is secure.
I want a full check of all components
. First priority.
I will take care of this. It will not take long.
Yes, okay.
Hey! I beat your highest
- I'm busy. - Come on.
I'm not proud to beat you.
Please move away from the door. Please
move away from the door.
Uncle Max?
Hey! What are you doing there?
What is a solar generator?
The solar generator with two
axes. I'm replacing his
power converter.
I did not hear it every
days. Where did you find that?
Do you really ask that?
Of course. You created it, did not you?
Nice to meet you. Are you all right?
- Yes. - 0k. What's happening here
This scares me. You
should be nine years old.
13. You should be a part of my life. The problem occurred.
What happened? Are you okay
I work diligently.
0k. How's your mother?
- Good enough. - All right.
Hannah, it's time.
How are you, Jake?
Hannah, I told you to
not talk to strangers.
Come on, do not do that.
When your father and I are your age,
we are very close, we have a secret
Really? I do not remember that.
- Yes, you remember. - No.
Nice to meet you.
Hey, take care of yourself.
What's up with all these car parts
I made an electric motor for
It keeps me busy.
Do you keep working?
I have fun.
Do not you think it's a bit too
Yes. I was fired by my brother
I lost my family, my house, my
my dog. So...
I'm pretty happy to stay here
Okay, you do not want beer. Not
Something is wrong with Dutchboy.
All villages containing dead
Afghans may not agree with you.
And yesterday, an aerial door
open itself. We lost
one person.
- Dutchboy is not my problem anymore. -
That's not true.
Because other than your daughter, and your precious soccer
Dutchboy is the only one you
have to care about.
It used to be. But you've taken care of that.
You do not care?
Then what are you doing
staying here?
Look, I know you think you
will not forgive me.
Someone who sells chess
chess to live. Yes, that's right.
But that's how you make 17
countries agree to make
space station.
You made this. There is a problem
with your results, and
people are dead.
If you really think
you are the best,
and I know you think so,
then how can you stand
there and say no?
I guess I'll take a
command from someone.
What that means yes?
As long as it's not you. Yes.
Hey, leave a message.
Do you have something for me?
0k. I think it's all.
I also make lunch.
Did you hear about the big bang
in Hong Kong ?.
I just heard. That's bad
Is that the same as happened
in Afghanistan?
Nothing happens in
- Are you going back to outer space? - No.
Yes. They need you to fix Dutchboy.
What did I say to you about
You never say anything about eavesdropping. You are not a good parent
How do you know if it is
Of course it's safe, I always
be there.
Do not treat me like a little kid. Someone died.
- Someone sucked out. - That
is an accident.
Therefore I will go to
fix it. You do not have to worry
Let's say I'm on holiday
for 1 or 2 weeks.
Are you going to keep lying on your son
It is not a vacation.
My goodness.
When will you go home?
- It's hard to believe. - Did you make a mistake?
No. Look, baby, it's not my fault
. This is not just
about the job.
Sometimes a younger brother does not like
to be younger.
So they behave like bosses.
They think they know everything.
They teach you how to talk,
You get tired of listening to that
Maybe you should listen.
Someone is coming.
I thought you were going to airport
Do you really want to meet
with mom? Good.
You two do not fit together.
A good lie.
Stop acting like you
are upset. Hannah, what
do you want from me?
I want you back in a live
I do not want to lose you.
I will definitely keep my promise.
I'll be back.
I promise.
I promise.
I'll be right back, okay?.
Welcome, sir.
Rocket separation has been confirmed.
Send him, Major Tom.
You will arrive in 20 seconds.
Are you happy to be home?
See yourself. Live and breathe.
- Mr. Lawson. - Hey.
It's been a long time. Nice to meet
with you.
Yes. How many German scientists are there? They're great.
Everything needs a new layer
Not good, that's wrong. Did you hear that?
- I'm sorry. - Shh, listen.
It was a sound that indicated something
something went wrong.
All this should be watched with
I know it's not your fault.
But when I go, everything
Maybe I should talk to your boss
to see if he cares.
I'm the boss, I was promoted
a year ago.
One person died this week,
Mr. Lawson. Sorry about that.
I'll introduce you to your team
Of course. United States.
Actually, my sister and I were born
in England, but thanks.
Yes, but you have an American
flag on your arm and a cowboy
look in your eyes.
No offense, this is just a serious
situation and...
the last thing we need
is the Washington guy who
came and watched us. Right?.
- You get one.
- And you are?
This is Mr. Jake Lawson.
You're Jake Lawson? That Jake Lawson
You look older than I expected.
I mean, it's good but
your physical appearance is not...
Not in accordance with the time that
has passed in your life.
Am I fired?
0k, we do not have much time.
There are 3 situations we should check.
Afghanistan, the dead scientist
here, and the new incident in Hong Kong
Hong Kong ?. It was a gas explosion, we
all saw it on TV.
0k, just keep doing that.
I, on the other hand, have a mystery
that I want to solve. And that's
You are free to join
with me.
Or not.
I asked specifically...
... to have the gift ready.
- What do you think? I... -
What is the choice?
- Come on, you can stop
doing that. - Sorry, honey.
- Work is more important, same
with you. - No, that's not true.
I have a priority. And you,
you are my priority.
Come on.
I want to do it, but you
keep talking.
Why should we hide?
Come on, let's get married.
We can not. That's against
with rules.
Someday, honey.
Come on.
Because work is more important.
0k. Do not disturb this.
See? Now I probably will not save you.
- Yes, hello. - Max, this is Cheng.
- Cheng. Tell me you're not in Hong Kong. - Cheng?.
Last night, I was in the middle of it all. That's terrible,
so I called you.
Phone service just got back
We have a serious problem.
I'm not so sure it was
an accident.
What do you mean? I do not understand.
Satellite sensors should record
all of them, right?
I checked it a dozen times,
but I can not get
access on the Dutchboy satellite in Hong Kong
My access is closed. Check yours.
- I do not understand, we both have permission
. - That's right.
And the only person who can block
work at your place.
Wait. What do you mean?
Someone keeps the system secret.
There is a possibility of serious
damage on a global scale.
Dutchboy suffered major damage,
it could create something
worse than we want
to prevent.
We call it Geo Storm.
Wait, slowly, Cheng. What?
Geo Storm. The incident of weather that
occurs all over the world simultaneously.
After passing the minimum pressure,
storm will be formed.
Like a chain reaction, until
all together.
That must be a mistake. I'll call you when I know something.
Okay. Thank you.
Cheng thinks Hong Kong has something to do with Dutchboy.
Now he says that there's a secret
I just received an sms. There will be a press conference. How do you think?
- You can stay. - When
calling task, I have to work.
No matter rain or snow...
Dear, this is our job. We
have to keep secrets.
There is a difference.
You know that.
Grab everything.
Do not leave anything behind.
We already got it. Let's go
The damaged satellite over
Afghanistan, when did it happen?
Actually it's my responsibility.
I call it Rock n 'Roll.
USSR 22.
Using sonic waves to
slow down molecular motion,
cause cooling.
But in that case freezing.
We do not know. We checked the
satellite record, but
record was cleared cleanly.
Okay. Show all
satellites we have...
... and see if we can
find any damage.
Do everything he says.
There must be one in the thousands.
1270 to be exact.
And we will check everything.
Dana, hey.
Hey, what are you doing here?
I'm working here. I'm your boss.
Yes, but what are you doing
below here?
I want to ask your help. You
the best in your job.
- I want you to get
something. - 0k.
I have a problem with my old friend
Do I look like a genius
for you?
I'm sorry. I'm sitting here,
defending the world against cyber crime,
but you need something?
I have a problem with
G22 satellite in Hong Kong.
That does not happen often.
No. It is not that. Everything.
I'm interested. Stay here.
There seems to be minor damage.
A problematic server relay.
Is this something that requires
What? No. No, not the same
View. Dear God.
Someone closed their access
But this, this is very deliberate and
very clever.
I know what you will
say. You'll tell me to keep a secret.
But I did not register to
work here so I can
save the world.
So whatever happens, I
want to get involved.
Let's hope it's not true.
And remember, do not tell anyone at
Ms. Fassbinder, we just received
important communication request.
- From where? - The White House.
Do you agree on all this?
I do not think nobody says
it anymore.
- Hello, guys. - Max
says if...
-... you do not like politicians.
- I did not say...
We work hard involving you
in this program.
We've got too far
to get a failure.
You and I understand why we
can not let that happen.
Yes, sir.
So if I find something,
I will immediately report to you.
Actually you will report to
Good luck.
Thank you, sir.
I will leave you
Thank you.
I'm reporting to you?
You lied to me, again.
No. I just do not reply
your stupid demands.
- How do I turn this off? -
There is something you need to know.
We have a problem here to
access the
Dutchboy communication satellite.
We have reason to believe
... maybe it was not an accident.
Maybe it was not an accident?
- We are trying to access the
Hong Kong satellite. - I already know that.
- I already know that. - You think
is possible?
Yes. That's possible.
But even if you can
access that Hong Kong satellite,
you will not get the
records you need.
We have to retrieve that information
from the satellite above here.
0k, I can give permission to the
I do not need your permission for any
I'm sure it's very scary
for you,
but what if you
let me do my job
- and say thank you? -
Rely on you?
Remember the first time I had to redeem you?
- Oh my God. - Just 1 week
after mum and dad died,
you were arrested for fighting.
That's when I realized, though
everything I went through,
I should be responsible for your
Do you know something? OK. That's the existing
I guess I have no choice
but to rely on you.
But if you do something
without my consent,
you will board the next plane
go home.
Transmission ends.
The Hong Kong 022 satellite will enter
for repairs.
Okay. Let's open this thing
to find out what happened in Hong Kong.
Lower it.
It should have gone down now.
- What is it? - I do not know.
- Turn it off. - No response.
Get out of here! Let's go!
Anyone, open this door!
Watch out!
Let's open this thing and
check everything.
Do you think we can take
a note from its hard drive?
The crash caused an electric current
that damaged all of its drives. Look at that, it's broken.
So we lost all drives?
- Not everything. - What do you mean?
I saw a video about the accident
All exploding panels have
something in it.
And one of them is stuck in
communication tower.
It looks like the seal is still intact.
The note may still be
inside. We should get the
panel back.
Yes, hello.
I just flew to DC, we
have to meet. I already know.
The place where you often eat
during college.
Okay, I'll go there.
Preparing to exit.
Okay. The door is open,
Preparing to exit.
Skip the gravity line.
You should get that drive.
by Guavaberry
Find the panel.
Wait. Wait a minute.
This tower has not been repaired for a while. So it can be damaged
The panel has been secured.
Come back now, kids.
We're on our way back.
- What's going on? - I do not know!
Jake? Jake?!
- What's going on? What happened? - There was a malfunction.
- Jake, you hear me? - Bring them back
Jake, cut off the grill
Hang on, Jake.
I can not control this.
Unplug it. Release the
Dear God, we will lose him.
We will lose him!
- Are you okay? - Yes.
- You get the drive. -
I picked it up as I
unplugged the panel.
I'm fine, thanks
a lot.
- What's happening there? -
The system is out of control.
You lost the door panel,
which means no hard drive?
We're back to the starting point.
Why did not you tell
them about that drive?
Someone just tried to
kill me.
- I know my team, I believe in their
. - You think you know their
But someone does not want us to see what the contents of this drive are.
That's not corrupt at all.
The data is deleted well,
as programmed. This is not
No. Someone wanted to kill me.
Probably the same person who
damages the Hong Kong satellite.
Login user has been deleted.
We do not have digital fingerprints.
That's what they think.
All notes do
sync to main computer.
Yes, but that's the problem. If
data is deleted in one place, everything
will be deleted.
I know that. When we create
Dutchboy, we set up something.
Something will track and
save everything.
The person's login information will
be there.
This is not possible.
0 by whom?
How many have
access to that transmission?
Everyone with access level 3
and above. Lots of it.
- Max. Max! - What?
Take it easy. He will come soon.
- I look nervous? - You have to calm down.
- He's here. - She's
coming ?. Where?
No! No! Cheng!
This is Lawson Agent, I need
ambulance now too.
You have to survive, Cheng.
- All... all... - What?
Transmission begins.
Max? Are you okay?
You said this is important. What's wrong?
Yes, um... I want to apologize.
I'm sorry?.
Do you know what I just experienced?
You called me here just
to apologize ?.
Okay. Apology received.
Hey, Max. We do not leave
to each other.
That code is never
talked about between you.
Remember the day my father took us fishing?
Dad dropped his phone to keep
fish off.
Evidence that Lawson is not a fisherman.
For 4 hours, we three of us do not catch anything.
I tried to sabotage the
line of my father's fishing line so we can go.
The top part of the thread. I
pulled it out.
Of course, dad is a government spy, he caught me
'' Believe me, '' he said.
''I understand. No one wants to fail. ''
'' But I'd rather not catch a fish with my family,
instead of catching 20
fish alone. ''
I do not understand what it means
But I understand now.
Take care of yourself, Max. End the transmission.
Transmission is complete.
What is it about?
That's the first good conversation we've done over the years.
- Oh my God. - Take it easy.
- What? - Do you have time?
Yes! I have received your message. Yes
- What's going on? You have
accident? - I need your help
See this.
Remember the day my father took us fishing?
Dad dropped his phone to keep
fish off.
Our dad never took us fishing
That's sad.
I'm sorry, I just do not get used to talking about daddy.
What? No, no, no. That's a
He dropped his phone to keep the fish
off. The phone's
number is the key.
View the numbers. The first
number, first letter.
The second number, 9, means 9 letters.
Third number, 9 again. We
continue, 9 and 2...
And continue. It's like
a message.
Who created this encryption?
No. I do not know anything.
So 9995587...
Evidence that the government did
sabotage. Do not trust anyone
He said he got something.
Yes, but... Geez.
- If you do not want to continue this
, I understand. - No, I
want. I just...
I want and I do not want to. It's
like a roller coaster ride.
What does it mean?
0k, I want you to find all the
you can about the
Zeus project.
- Zeus Project? - Yes.
- I like to do that. -
Begin searching.
I'm getting something.
- It looks like there's double encryption. -
Can you solve it?
Yes, I can. But I can not
do it from here.
The security network here will
restrict my capabilities.
- I can not do anything
from here. - Shit.
No, no. We should be able to do this.
- Do not move. - Shit!
Calm down!
- What are you doing in my house?
- I can explain everything.
- That sounds good. - Shut up!
I'm sorry. I broke your wine
It fell off, and I'll
clean it up. I'm sorry.
This is Dana. He works with me.
I brought him here because I
need his help.
It turns out I need your help too.
I know how much
means your job to you.
I swear, Max. We must
keep it.
- You also should not
dating. - Fund.
You asked me to commit crime.
You are requesting a Secret Service
agent to log in to the White House server,
and retrieve the file illegally.
- And you think I'll
say yes. - Yes, I still think so.
- Why? - Because I'm the one who requested.
If I ask you to
do that, then it must be
This is bigger than you and me.
- That's right. - Shut up.
Sarah, please.
Have you checked the security
camera? Do not talk to anyone
Someone killed my friend. We will find out who the mastermind is.
I've taken care of the camera.
Therefore we will check the backup server
See? I built this
Yes. Very good.
Like show-off.
He did the Afghanistan
satellite diagnostics when we left.
Shit. He got something
from that satellite.
The poor bastard found
something, and they killed him.
To make sure no other
No camera is allowed
in the locker room.
Then let's check out
Which is the locker?
Where is your locker? How much is the code?
What are you doing?
You know what happened to me
out there is not an accident
Whoever did that
killed my team.
And what makes you think
it is not me?
Because if you are the person, I
must be dead.
Lower your weapon.
Whatever you're looking for is not in the
I'm here when he comes in. He
puts his stuff in an empty
Why did not you tell me?
You see the same
camera record as mine.
I just wait to see
who will take
his stuff. Here.
This is everything he copied from the satellite
That's a virus.
It was not generated by
satellite computer.
Seems to be planted. He found the
virus, he was killed before
could tell anyone.
Here it is.
Zeus Project.
There are tens of thousands of storm
simulations that come from different places.
Everything ends in the same way. Geo Storm.
Unlike anything we've seen
Dana, can you show
simulation in Afghanistan?
0k, no. Try second damage in Hong Kong
Where do you go with this?
What if somebody
follows one of those scenarios?
Make it look like an
pattern of unexpected damage.
Disguise it as
series of crashes.
- It will look like
accident. - We can die
because of this.
Someone made Dutchboy
a weapon.
Transmission from Max.
Your face?
Yes, a friend. He helped
I investigated.
That's worse than we expected.
Anyone who does this
uses Dutchboy to destroy city
And disguise his movement as
They've killed people who
know about this, and I guess
they have not finished yet.
This is the work of my life, Max.
They say it's impossible, but
we did it. And it works.
Perfect without failure day by day, year after year.
So what are they doing
with it?
Turns it into a weapon.
I know. Not too late, we
can fix this before
happen again,
but I can not do it
I need you. You should be able to control Dutchboy.
I know how to control it.
- How? - A virus.
Can you stop it?
There is only one way. We can
turn off the temporary Dutchboy.
A reboot will clean up the system
, killing the virus and
back to backup 0s.
0k. Let's do it. I'm giving permission.
Yes, we already agreed that I
did not wait for that.
This is not a toy, you do not put your finger in control. You
need the code.
And the only one that has it
is President.
So we just go to the President,
say what we know.
No. You can not talk to public
We need far more
proof than we have.
We're talking about turning off Dutchboy
. And even for 1 hour,
it endangers the whole planet.
No, I do not think you understand.
Someone closes the back door
to the system.
The rear door is not
known to anyone. But
President knows.
No. Jake, come on. Are you
I did not say he was the person. I say how
if that's true?.
Who else has an
power source to do this?
Killings, closures, and virus
can only be stopped with
code that he has.
Why? Why did he do that?
We are 2 weeks away to
submit Dutchboy to the world.
2 weeks before losing full control
He will never let
Serious disaster. The international
community will be blamed,
and the submission must be
canceled. And who will
be blamed?
You crossed the line.
Max. Hey, Max, do not do
stupid actions.
- Let's go. - They've tried to kill me.
Transmission ends.
Hard Walker from NBC.
What are you doing here?
- Are you crazy? - Sarah, look at.
Jake want us to steal the code
from the President.
Us? You asked me to
do that?
You have not even talked to him for 3 years.
Think Afghanistan, Hong Kong,
All the crazy things that happen in the space station
. Come on.
I'm not kidding.
We have to get the code.
I can not do that.
That's too dangerous. He is not alone.
Okay. Then what is the plan?
He has a private time to shower after the party. We follow
I can steal his code when he
is in the bathroom.
- That's the idea. - All right.
Dear God.
Nearly 200 satellites are reporting
damage. Everything is critical.
Show most
satellites approaching crisis.
We lost control over Tokyo satellite
- I do not know you came to
convention. - Yes, yes. I'm
in Florida.
So I promise to
visit him.
We have an important event.
You're very kind, sir. Thank you for your love.
There was an extreme weather anomaly
in Brazil and Mexico.
There are a thousand storms that are being formed all over the world.
Satellite controls can not be accessed.
Satellite control is off.
Keep track of it.
The nearest satellite is not
- What do you want to do? -
We will launch a successor.
As much as we can.
We have to take another
past first.
The successor will hit his satellite
. It was programmed to arrive at the same location.
And destroy the
infected satellite. Of course.
- Get ready. - Here it is.
The replacement satellite has already left.
Satellite in collision path.
Activate the plunger, do not
let him lose speed.
Excellent! Continue that.
Warning. Geo Geo Warning.
Time to Geo Storm, 1 hour 30
Thank you. As you
know, I am a very
person who thinks about the environment.
And I know there's a big disaster
There was a satellite explosion outside the space
An unknown satellite
Makes the city temperature drop down
to dangerous levels.
There are reports of casualties,
but we do not know exactly how many
the numbers are.
- Oh my God. - Hey, Max.
Where is your father?
He is very busy.
I'm nominating you for this position
. I know everything
about you.
Your sister, your mother's death, the death of your father
. Everything.
Why are you lying to me? Why
did you do that?
Tell me what the problem is.
Maybe I can help you,
maybe not.
Okay. I have to say
something to you.
We have 90 minutes before the biggest storm ever.
And I need the code belonging to
- What do you mean? - We have to turn off Dutchboy right now.
- Are you sure? - You said you
hired me because you believe me, right?
I want you to trust me
- We have to tell the President.
- No, no, no.
- We can not do that,
pack. - Why not?
I believe he did that.
Unite us strong, united us
You should be absolutely sure
to make such an allegation.
We do not have time to argue
I've known her for a long time. For what
does he do that? That's crazy.8
- I know what he's doing. -
What's your proof?
I have proof. Thousands of deleted
We can not get the
code from the President.
- Why not ?. - Because President
has no code.
Biometrics. 10 fingerprint, 2
retina scan.
We need that.
I need to talk to him. We
have to talk to him.
Send the replacement satellite
series is enabled.
series is enabled.
Please evacuate immediately.
- Turn it off! - Can not, I'm
- We created the system. -
I can not fight it.
If we lose this station,
we can not control the
This place will be destroyed.
Why would someone do this
on the station?
We're going home to Earth.
Where is Falcon? He's the only one who has the skills to
enable commands.
Not possible.
The fuel tank will be the first
to burst.
Close all parts until we get
Everyone goes to the plane!
Come on, we have to hurry. Come on, come on,
let's go.
Hey. What are you still doing
It feels great. I want to do that since I first met
- Are you crazy? - Yes, I
is crazy.
The virus. The only thing that can
include it...
... is you. You are the only one who has access.
You will also turn off all
Turn off self-destruction
station right now.
I can not do that. You
can not force me.
What are you doing?
Well, do you know the fee of a scientist? Multiply that by 1000.
If you do not stop this,
there will be no more planets to spend the money
Come on. We already have a backup plan.
Do you not want to see the world burning
No. There are millions of people who will die.
I do not want to lose my daughter.
The presidential room is on the left.
Meet me there.
Project Zeus. Do you have more
I have important stuff.
Yes, sir.
Where is he? Come on.
- Not the President, but Dekkom. -
- How do you know? - Because
he tried to kill me.
See, the simulation shows
the next city that will be the target
Here? Why did he do that
Because Dekkom wants the President
to be stuck here.
And the next one will
be president.
Are we still going to steal the code
The President is the code.
That requires biometrics. If
he is dead, Dutchboy can not be stopped
We need to notify the President.
That's the only chance we
Unless you want to steal a finger and
his eyes.
Go. Find the car, I'll take the President.
P0TUS is not secure. Evacuate to
safe location.
Come on, come on, come on.
Move, move aside!
You already know the danger?
There are two people with automatic
- Where? - Secure the President.
Nothing goes down here.
No passes allowed.
Opt in with me.
You two, secure the emergency exit door now!
I'm sorry, Mr. President. You
have to come with me.
Are you serious? Automatic car?
This is all I can get.
What's happening?
Please, sir. We will
tell you.
Please, sir. We do not have
much time.
Keep moving. Sign in to plane
Time to Geo Storm, 55 minutes.
Sir, I can not hear you.
The storm is approaching, there are many
static sounds.
Secret Service will secure
You should get him before their
He can not exit from
0rang us at space station
has done its job. Now
do your job.
Okay, I understand.
- Dekkom? - That's a perfect weapon, sir.
Dekkom is trying to destroy the world.
And blame it to
computer error?.
That and become President.
He will become president after
killing everyone who will
replace president.
Dear God.
Shelter, under the bridge.
You accused the Minister of Home Affairs.
You realize you are doing
I kidnapped the president, I know
what am I doing.
I will not survive this.
It took me years to plan this. The president's schedule keeps changing.
This is the only day she is sure
you will be here.
My sister and I know this
from the beginning.
Think about it. He hired us to fail.
We are followed by a very large
We need to take care of the
problem first.
Are you okay?
No, we're fine.
I do not know. I do not know.
I can not call Jake.
Unfortunately, the 0rlando storm is starting to be very bad.
I can not reach him. I
send sms and...
He is not there.
He is there.
- I'm not coming. - What?
My brother got the code,
someone must be here
to use it.
No. We should go now
as well.
I trust him. You know that
should be done manually.
- I'll stay, I'm the commander. - No.
I do not know if my brother will believe in you. So I
have to be here.
You need to manually enter it into the mainframe.
Can you do that?
- Yes. - Good.
I'll wait for you, Jake.
Pulled over here. The presidential blow
shows him headed right into our direction.
Do you really want to go back there?
After that passes, I'll be the only
person to survive.
Ready to be sworn into the next
president of the United States.
Here it comes.
You think the president is the only one that can be tracked ?.
- How do you... - How?
Because I am the president of the United States.
You are fired.
The President is here.
Wait, wait, wait. I
give you a chance, Mr. President.
Opportunity? It was a massacre!
You said massacre, I think
early attack.
You're crazy.
Tomorrow the sun will rise, all our enemy
will be destroyed.
As cleansed by hand
- Why are you doing this? -
Because no one else is
willing to do it.
I roll back time to year
1945 when America is the largest
Not just a bank that
disguised as a country.
- By playing God? -
Dutchboy is not playing God
Ask Max, he knows.
Scientist is like being
Sometimes God is not being nice.
- Do you know what my brother would say? - What?
Take him away from here.
That's my fiance.
Take the president to a safe place,
- Mr. President. - We must
You must hurry. Before
the station explodes.
What about the code?
Jake decides to stay,
to restart his satellite.
Your sister is waiting for you.
Come on.
Transmission is enabled.
Jake. It's me.
I've been waiting for you.
Mr. President.
- How are things there? -
Not good. 0landland will be destroyed.
Dear God.
The identity has been verified.
The shutdown protocol is enabled.
It took 60 seconds to upload.
- How long will it take until
the station explodes ?. - 8 minutes. Less is more.
Mr.. Lawson, we thank you for your sacrifice.
- What's going on? - You already
did your part, Max.
- Jake, what happened? -
Now it's time I did my part
No, no, no. The code does not stop
self destruction, right?
Right, right?
by Guavaberry
No. Just his Geo storm.
Destruction of station can not stop
Come on, come on. There must be a way.
Everything is my fault, I'm the one who puts you there.
Hey, it's okay. I want to go, that's my choice.
God knows I do not always
make the right choice.
You are correct, dik.
I should be looking after you.
But you guard me.
- Can you forgive me? -
Take care of my daughter.
You should take care of it.
- We should have done this
long ago. - Yes.
- You're a good person, Jake. -
You too.
The transfer is complete.
Time to Geo Storm, 5 minutes.
Warning, gravity disappears.
We do not know what's happening here
We just found out that
big damage occurred at the station.
We are being told that
station is no longer irreparable.
- honey... - He'll come back.
He already promised me.
Incorrect code.
Incorrect code.
Need help?
The wrong door.
- Why do not you go? - I
've said, I love you.
Time to Geo Storm, 1 minute 40
Upload code.
Termination of satellite is being processed.
When the last satellite is
off, let me know.
I will restart the entire
system. That will clear the
It's time.
- Jake? - Come on.
Jake? Now.
The system is restarted.
We're done.
Full is being restored.
I've got you.
Warning, destruction will occur
The best seats.
I told you.
You believe in Hail Mary?
Follow me, we have to go to
I've got you.
We have to go as far as we
can before the last blast.
It looks like we've lost the space station
Hey, Max. Take a look.
I'm getting something.
And they approached. They are heading to
See if we can
pick it up.
Hope someone will see us.
Shit basics.
I'm a Mexican.
We received the surviving member
member information.
Hi, Jake. I'm Sarah. Max Fiance.
Welcome to family.
Excellent, you two.
Sorry I doubt you, Mr.
You make your people proud.
How many times do I have to say
to you, never listen to me
- You have a great place,
Jake. - Thank you.
So when are you going back to
outer space?
In a week?
Yes. There is a lot of work. I
have to go back.
I know.
- This is suck. - Yes, I am serious, this
very boring.
I can not do this
Why did you make us do this
from the beginning?
I tried to repeat a
We never go fishing.
You compose it.
It's dark.
Let's go home.
You can not repeat the past
period. All you can do is
face the future.
All countries are building
returning space stations.
Make it safer, stronger.
It is all of us
now. One planet, one person.
As long as we remember that we share the same future, we will survive.