Germ (2013) Movie Script

Hey there, good looking.
Deputy Brody.
I hope you're here to frisk me.
Well, service is half our motto.
Don't they prohibit you
from corrupting young girls?
I'm pretty sure you've
already been corrupted.
Hell of a thing.
Billion dollars
to put it up in the sky,
60 million to bring it back.
Are we still confirmed
for launch time?
No sir, it's been
pushed back to 0-800.
Well, you can tell them
that Recovery is still ready
and waiting for the sky to fall.
Yes sir.
I'll be in rover two
if you need me.
Sir, control is ready to launch.
About time. Inform control that
rover is ready and waiting.
Control indicates
firing in ten, nine...
I'll just read it off the
screen, Sarge. Eight...
I'll just read it
off the screen.
Sir, we have a
deviation... Say again?
The satellite
is off-plane.
Control is aborting the launch.
Screens are not
showing anything.
All right, back it up and show me
the past few seconds of footage.
Doesn't appear
to be military, sir.
Could be a meteor.
Plot the target's new
trajectory and point of impact.
I've been thinking
a lot about what you said.
I just don't get it.
You love me.
I love you...
I like you a lot, Max.
I'm not even sure what that is.
We agreed on just friends.
If you can't handle that,
then this is just
gonna have to stop.
I'm just trying to...
Yeah, I know you're
trying, all right?
I also know how I feel.
And until I feel differently,
this is just how it has to be.
How's it gonna be?
Well, I'm not giving you up.
So I guess I'll stick
with this then.
I just... I just don't
want to keep having
the same conversation.
Yeah, I... I get it,
all right?
And mum's the word.
You're a hard woman to love.
I know.
See you later then?
It is a small town.
Be careful.
Watch out for bears.
And lions and tigers.
Supposed to be good weather.
That's good news.
Steph's been working
so hard on that merit badge.
I'd hate for her
to come home empty handed.
Ah, she'll do fine
rain or shine.
Brooke still out on her run?
She left before sunrise.
You know that girl
is gonna get hurt
if she keeps running at night.
She's been running
in those woods forever.
She knows where
all those mines are,
yours included.
About time you got up.
Daylight's a wastin'.
I'd have been up sooner if you
had a phone in this place.
That's your answer
for everything.
Get a phone and you'll
stop hearing it.
Where you heading today?
Thought I'd head
up to the gorge.
Some good deadfall up there.
Plus, the burnout will be
good for the seedlings.
Well, if it stays clear
we'll use the mares
and bring it all on home.
Sounds good to me.
See y'all later.
There go the fuel tanks.
Get the team wheels up.
I want best speed
for Preacher's Mill.
Inform HOUSTONE we'll survey the wreckage
and extract whatever's left.
And tell the local fire crews
to hang back
until we get there.
The last thing we need
is for some short order cook
to get a face full
of hydrazine.
Hey, Dad.
Hey, good morning, Brooke.
How was your run?
You about ready to go?
Steph is going crazy
with the wait.
Yeah, I'll be just a sec.
BROOKE: Hi, Mom.
Hi, sweetheart,
how was the run?
Your Dad and Steph
are waiting on you.
Yeah, I know.
Dad already told me.
You almost ready?
You ready to kicksome Forestal butt?
It's just a camp-out.
Yeah, well, hope
you're rested up.
Mrs. Brewer tells methat your campsite
is almost two milesfrom the parking lot.
Two miles through
the spooky woods.
Ah, went the littlegreen frog one day
and it all went mmm ah mmm
Oh, yeah.
La dee da dee da,
la dee da dee da
Ia dee da dee da,
and we all know frogs
Go la dee dolly olly,
they don't go mmm ah mmm
Did you hear that?
Morning, Green!
Morning, Stu.
How can we help you today?
Ah, little bit of weighing,
little bit of trade?
You know cell service is down?
Probably something you did.
Why'd we give you
that badge again?
Won it off the Sheriff
in a poker game.
Did you hear something earlier?
I heard this big boom.
It sounded like...
The sound of a satellite hitting
the side of South Mountain?
You're shitting me.
The army says that
there is or will be
a hell of a fire,
and that we should
steer clear, although
what they actually say
is we should steer cle...
Probably means that the
communications equipment's
nice and toasty
right about now,
hence the lack
of cell phone service.
According to this,
the satellite still
has over half its fuel left.
Hand me that book
over there, would you?
You really think Miller can
handle this kind of hazmat shit?
I don't know about handling it,
but they definitely
need to get up there
and check out that fire.
They got all sorts of equipment
and they don't use half of it.
That reminds me.
I gotta take
the Chief's car
to get an oil change.
Flip you for the duty.
Sorry, Davidson,
only full-time deputies
get to play games of chance.
Enjoy your drive, though.
While you're at it, stop out
at Silver Springs,
too, and warn them off.
Yeah, I'll tell the hippies not
to inhale any of the smoke.
Just tell them
to come down here
if the fire heads their way.
I'm gonna go ahead and take my
lunch break out at Silver Creek.
Hey, there's
no lunch, Davidson!
We've got a fire on our hands!
We're policemen, Max.
We handle crimes.
Firemen handle fires.
Fine. Be back here in an hour
and a half or so regardless.
You have my word as a physician
and part-time deputy.
Hey! Watch those
bootlegger turns.
Chief says you keep it up those tires
will be coming out of your pay.
What is the point
of being a lawman
if you can't break the law?
Chrissy, I mean, seriously,
your mom and dad
haven't even been gone
for five minutes
and you're already...
You got everything?
Okay then, you two crazy girls
CHRISSY: I will!
STEPH: We will!
I'll bring her back on Sunday.
That'd be great,
but no need to rush.
I'm going over to Chad's
for the weekend.
Sunday afternoon it is.
Chrissy, are you sure you
should be eating that much?
Aren't you supposed to go
hiking as part of this trip?
But I'm hungry and my mom said
I could have some
while she's gone.
She said you could
have the whole box?
Steph, sweetie, I don't want
you eating a bunch, okay?
I won't.
STEPH: Gross!
BROOKE: Great.
All right.
You all set?
Okay. There's no reason
to be scared, sweetie, okay?
You've got
your whole troupe here.
I'm not scared. It's
going to be fun.
Great. I'll meet you right
back here on Sunday, okay?
And we'll go for some ice cream.
Maybe not ice cream.
CHILDREN: Stephanie!
Hi, Stephanie! Hi!
GIRL 1: Hey, you can't get me!
GIRL 2: You just got me!
BROOKE: All right,
Chrissy, homeward bound.
DYKES: Tell you what, Cap.
If this is another false alarm,
I'm gonna hit somebody
with my fucking Halligan.
We've got a job to do.
Holy shit.
Are we gonna call the
park service for this?
Power's out.
What the hell is this?
It's all fucking shitty.
Oh, yeah.
CHAD: So, d'ya hear
about the fire?
She ate a bunch
of sweets and threw up.
We weren't in the camping
mood after that.
KIM: I told you not
to eat all that stuff.
Do you mind if I
drop her here with you?
No, that's okay. Fine. Fine.
Come on, piglet.
Let's get you a place to sit.
What was that about the fire?
Ah, up on South Mountain.
Some wildfire or something.
Best ask your boyfriend.
I just play here.
Yo, where's that ball?
Okay. Bye-bye.
Ball, please.
BROOKE: Deputy?
So, do you have any
plans for dinner?
Well, I'm supposed
to have dinner
with this guy I know.
He's in law enforcement.
Well, if it's
the chief, I think
I've got some
ass-kicking to do.
And if it is, I think you have
a daddy complex, little girl.
What's up with the fire?
Steph's out camping, you know?
Yeah, they're,
all the Forestals,
they're out at Silver Lake,
you know that.
The fire's nowhere near there.
So, I got Miller and his team
checking it out right now.
They're digging some firebreaks
and other than that
we're just supposed
to wait until the feds show up.
The feds?
Oh, yeah, the fire
was actually started
by this satellite
that they were trying
to shoot down or something
and it fell out of orbit
and crash landed in beautiful,
scenic Preacher's Mill.
What are the odds, right?
Yeah, really.
So, they're
supposed to send out
some HAZMAT team or something
and until then
we're just supposed
to steer clear.
Yeah, wow.
First the iron ore runs out
and now shit's
falling from the sky.
You'll keep an eye on it, right?
In case the fire shifts?
Hey, your sister
and her whole coven
of Forestals are gonna be fine.
Long as I run this town.
So they're solid until Tuesday,
'cause that's when
the chief gets back.
Well, I'll see you
tonight, then.
Okay, guys, listen up.
The feds are gonna
be here shortly,
tomorrow morning, so we
don't need any heroes.
Go ahead and dig your breaks
and then back off, okay?
Yeah. Okay.
Has anybody actually been
up to the tower yet?
We just came from the tower.
Whole fucking thing'sburning up there.
I don't know how you guys
deal with this shit.
Beats the hell out
of giving out enemas.
Jeez, Edwards, I told
you to take a break!
MANAGER: Is he gonna be okay?
I don't know. Looks like
he's got heat stroke.
Hey, you almost ready?
I'm gonna ride back.
What, all the way?
That's uphill, you know.
I know.
The race is,
like, two weeks out.
Steph all right?
I think so.
She's got your love
for the woods.
Did you hear about that fire?
Yeah, the winds are
blowing westward.
Shouldn't be a problem for you
if you stay on the east loop.
Will do.
You home for dinner?
Max is cooking.
What, are you
leading that boy on?
See you tomorrow.
Love you.
Need a push?
Ha, ha.
Ugh. Aw.
What the fuck?
KIM: Shh. You're gonna
wake up Chrissy.
Well, so much for that.
How about this?
Why don't you go
start the generator?
Oh, what for?
We've got fire.
You got fire.
Well, that's all true,
but the house doesn't,
and unless you start it,
guess who's gonna be
sleeping with us?
Fine! I'll go
see if I can find
a flashlight somewhere
or something.
There's one in the
kitchen closet, I think.
What is it, sweetheart?
(WHIMPERING) What happened?
Did you have a scary dream?
What happened?
There's a monster outside.
There's a monster outside!
He's trying to get in.
CHAD: Okay, okay, okay.
All right, all right, listen up.
You two juststay where you are.
Don't want him coming in here.
It's okay. Nothing's out there.
You just had a scary
dream, that's all.
Hey, motherfucker,
anybody out there?
Best be leaving
or I'll call the cops!
It's quiet out here.
Too quiet.
Yo, bitches, come get some!
Chad, this isn't funny.
Chad, where are you?
Holy shit.
MAX: Davidson? In here!
how are things
going on this end?
I've got good newsand I've got bad news.
How much have you
had to drink today?
That's probably the bad news.
So, give me
the good news, then.
I've got your cause of death.
All right.
Torso severed
in mid-thorax,
eviscerated and no major
organs remaining.
Massive tissue loss
across the entire
musculature of the body,
maybe 70 percent.
And most of the head,
the right hand, the right leg,
portions of the
sternum and ribs,
fragments of the
pelvis still intact.
All of it largely
denuded of tissue.
Postmortem lacerations
and abrasions indicate all
the typical hallmarks
of non-frenzied feeding.
So, it was a bear attack, then.
This was no bear.
Bite marks.
Well, duh.
Human bite marks.
Bite marks.
Struck him down and ate him up.
A person did this!
Oh, my God.
Do you think it was Kim?
Kids these days.
I'm gonna go.
Yeah, yeah.
The moose, the moose,
the moose, the moose
Swimming in the water,
swimming in the water
The moose, the moose,
the moose, the moose
COOPER: Hell of a fire, Sarge!
COOPER: That'll do it!
MAX: We need to talk
about last night.
What was it?
A bear attack?
What makes you think
it was a bear?
What do you mean?
What else would it be?
That's where we need your help.
DAVIDSON: Okay, Kim.
Now, this is a gelatin mold,
I just want you,
it's gonna be a little warm
I want you to go ahead
and put it in your mouth
and you'll bite down evenly.
Wait a minute!
What's going on here?
It's all standard procedure
in a case like this.
For a bear attack?
I know it seems
a little strange, but...
KIM: Whoa.
You think...
you think I ate him?
Oh, my God!
Now, Kim, please,
we're just trying to...
What the fuck are you saying?
I think I'm gonna get sick!
What's that?
A bucket for my vomit?
For my vomit, right?
To check my vomit.
Because you think I ate him?
Fine! I'll take
your test.
Just get it over with!
Okay, Kim.
Just go ahead
and put it in your mouth,
bite down evenly.
All right.
That's it.
That's it?
You're not gonna arrest me?
Well, we do have
to hold you here
until we get the results back.
I want you to tell me now!
You think I ate him?
I want you to know now!
I don't think it's a match.
Jesus Christ!
I'm really sorry
about all this,
but we had to be...
Is there anything else?
Then kindly fuck off!
Come on, Chrissy, let's go.
Come on.
You know, Hardy Boys,
if it wasn't a bear attack,
and it wasn't me,
then what was it?
God damn it.
That's the other bad news.
What's that?
There were multiple
bite patterns
on the kid's body, all right?
There's more than one killer,
more accurately,
more than one eater.
You got to be kidding me.
one other thing.
His hypothalamus was
extremely enlarged.
It's still growing.
Almost exponentially.
Even though he's dead?
Even though he's dead.
Look, you're the doc here,
but isn't that a bit unusual?
Of the body that
continue to grow
after death, but
the hypothalamus
is usually not one
of them, all right?
So, I've done a little digging
and I found something
interesting going on, all right?
Don't you need
permission for that?
Okay, you know the drill.
We move out in 20 towards
the impact crater.
If you see any of the locals,
get a check on conditions,
then check back with me.
Get any spikes in your meters,
and you pull back double quick.
Other than that, it's bag it and
tag it, and we can go home.
Damn, it's hot out.
Gonna be like hell today.
MAX: Ugh. You pulled
this out of Chad's head?
I don't know what that means.
I've never seen anything
like that, all right?
It's structure is,
frankly, alien.
Alien, like, foreign?
No, alien, like as in alien.
As in not from around
here, as in Earth.
There are hypotheses
about the possibility
of germs from space
landing on a planet, okay?
Galactic pan-spermia,
for example.
And nobody really
pays much attention to them,
they've largely
been discredited,
but technically,
it is conceivable
that a non-terrestrial
micro-organism could,
in fact, survive re-entry,
land on a planet surface
where it could...
Find Chad.
What are the odds of that?
About the same
as that of a satellite
hitting South Mountain,
I would say.
You think the satellite
brought this in with it?
Ask the military, man,
it's their satellite.
I mean, okay, look.
In Chad's case, the cells are
all right?
His hypothalamus is growing
and putting a tremendous amount
of pressure on the
rest of his brain.
What effect would that have?
It's hard to say.
I mean, I'm out
of my depth here, man.
I mean, the hypothalamus
governs body temperature,
thirst, hunger, aggression,
all kinds of stuff.
Look, until the
HAZMAT guys get here,
the best I can say
is maybe we just
keep our eyes peeled
for anybody with symptoms
and hope that it's not
readily transmittable.
What about the people
who ate him?
Do you think they're infected?
Your guess is as good as mine
when it comes to
alien bacteria, man.
Preacher's Mill Police?
Hey man, this is Mike.
I'm out at Silver Lake
and I've kind of got a problem.
MAX: Oh, yeah? What's that?
Yeah, believe it or not, but there's a
pack of fucking wild dogs out here.
What the fuck?
(ROCK MUSIC) All right,
something works in this car.
(BANGING) Holy...
JACK: Mom!
JACK: Mom!
JACK: Mom, get the gun!
Jack? Jack?
JACK: Get the fucking gun!
Mom, get the fucking gun!
Shoot him!
Shoot him, God damn it!
Get away!
What happened?
(CRYING) Karen, what happened?
He's gone!
My boy!
What happened?
He's gone.
Who did this?
Karen, who did this?
What is him?
I don't know! He came
out of the woods.
And he was chasing Jack.
And he said get the gun.
And I got the gun.
And he killed him right
here with his bare hands.
And then he tried to eat him!
He tried to eat him!
Karen, Karen, baby,
baby, slow down.
Don't shush me!
I know what I saw!
And he tried to eat him!
It's okay, darlin.
It's okay, baby.
Who are those people?
Get the fuck off my land!
Get in the house!
Get in, now!
Shit, man.
They really went to town.
Saved me a beer, though.
What's up?
Who's that?
Hey, man, are you all right?
(SCREAMING) Hey, whoa!
Whoa! Dude!
Hold it!
Get it off me!
Step away from the car!
I said step away
from the car now!
Stop or I'll shoot!
Don't look outside.
Don't look outside.
Shit! Shit!
Oh shit!
Mike, oh my God!
Oh, Jesus.
Come on.
Come on!
Get in the car!
Lock the doors!
Are you okay?
Are you hurt?
I cut myself on the door.
Use this.
Buckle up!
Who are those people?
What do they want?
Hold on.
What do they want?
Hold on!
Come on, baby!
Sweet Jesus!
Get back in the house now!
STU: Reload, baby!
Come on, baby.
What's going on? Who are these people?
Get up the stairs.
Was there a gun? No,
I don't think so.
What is wrong
with these people?
I don't know,
but they're attacking!
Daddy, what are we gonna do?
Go to the window!
But what about you and Mom?
We'll be fine! The fall
would break our legs.
Now, you start runningand
don't you look back!
I need you to do this
for me and your Mom!
KAREN: It'll be okay, baby.
It'll be okay.
It's gonna be okay, ma'am.
I'm gonna take you to the doc,
and it's gonna be...
Are you okay?
Are you okay?
I'm gonna take you to the doc
and he's gonna...
Ma'am, are you okay?
(COOPER) What the fuck?
Hey! Hey!
Hey, are you okay?
Hey, are you okay?
Look, is that a deer?
No! No!
Oh, my God!
Mrs. Brewer!
No! No! No!
Is that the cavalry on the way?
No. There's people,
but they've...
gone crazy or something.
They've definitely done that.
Or something.
Where are the rest
of your people?
I don't know.
This isn't gonna work
if you don't help.
You want help? My team's
vehicles are up on the road
by the Silver Springs Resort.
Satellite phone is inside.
Dial alpha alpha three delta bravo.
Wait, wait, wait.
Alpha alpha delta...
Alpha alpha three,
alpha alpha, oh, fuck it.
It's just pain.
Let's go.
Okay, okay.
I'm gonna need
a lot of your help.
I'll be the help if you kill
anything that comes at us.
If any of those fuckers get by,
you leave me and go, deal?
Let's just get to that phone.
Are you okay?
Are you hurt?
Come on out of there, sweetheart.
Come on. It's okay. I'm here.
Oh, come here.
I gotcha.
I gotcha.
Steph, what are you
doing out here?
They tore
Mrs. Brewer's arm off.
Shh, it's okay.
It's okay. It's okay.
Can you stand? Yeah, I got it.
Get their weapons!
To the truck.
There's no phone in here!
Check the other truck!
What's the number?
Alpha alpha three delta bravo
alpha alpha. (DIALING)
Okay, Steph.
I'll be right back, okay?
Just, lock the doors
and don't open them
for anybody except for me.
And you know what?
Even if it is me,
only open it if I knock
three times, okay?
How many times
am I gonna knock, Steph?
Three. That a girl.
Did you get them dogs?
Man, I am really hungry.
You got anything to eat?
Davidson, what happened?
Oh, alien virus one,
Preacher's Mill zero.
I got some people
locked up in the...
the cage there, shot
some others out here.
I got whatever it is
unless this is
the worst case of pollen
outbreak in history.
Oh, I let the girls go.
Seemed the thing to do
under the circumstances.
Make it stop! Make it stop!
Make it stop!
It burns! It burns! It burns!
Get it out!
Oh God! Oh God! Oh God!
Damn it!
Stu! Steph is in the car.
Steph! Steph!
Roll the window down, baby.
Put the window down!
Put the window down!
I can't, Daddy!
I can't.
Okay. Try the key
in the ignition
Give it a turn. Give it a turn.
That's it! That a girl!
That a girl!
That's right. Right there.
Come on.
Come to me.
Don't even look at him.
Don't worry about
him, sweetheart.
Don't look at him! Don't
look at him, sweetheart!
Come on, baby. I gotcha.
I gotcha.
I gotcha.
I gotcha.
Oh God.
(INFECTED) Somebody, please.
DAVIDSON: About the same as
that of a satellite hitting
South Mountain, I would say.
BROOKE: Until I feel differently,
this is just how it has to be.
God, motherfuckers!
Come on!
BROOKE: I knew you were alive.
MAX: Are you okay?
MAX: You don't know how much
it means to me to see you safe.
BROOKE: I wanted to be with you.
BROOKE: Why won't you
let me back there?
MAX: I got whatever this is.
And I don't knowhow long
I can control myself.
You know.
Your father's alive.
Steph is too.
They left herea little while ago,
headed towards Ashland.
As far as I could tell anyway.
Oh, my God, Max.
Use the front door.
The front door!
I knew you were alive.
I love you, Brooke.
You're my everything.
You're my stars.
My moon.
My whole world.
I'll always love you,
even after I'm gone.
I just hope that you
can take this ring
as a token of my love.
Damn it.
You know, it's been kind
of one of those days, huh.
Well, it'll be back here
for you when I'm gone.
I love you.
I love you.
I'd tell you to run for help,
but I don't think the odds are
in your favor at this point.
The entire valley's
in quarantine.
They told me I just
had to stay put.
And of course you didn't.
I was looking for you.
I came out here
looking for you!
Well, if you're up
for a challenge,
grab one of those
guns up front.
Maybe we can get these
people to listen to reason.
MAX: Brooke!