Germania (2012) Movie Script

Volga German Village,
Santa Rosa, Entre Rios.
..The first Beer Festival coming up,
February 11th at San Juan Village,
fantastic... the Volga gringos are
coming in from Buenos Aires
also from San Juan Village, of course,
the German Marvels
are presenting their
eighth album...
We have to hurry, come on.
one... two... three...
four... five... six...
seven... eight...
nine... ten...
eleven... twelve...
Isn't it a bit late?
If your father was here
he would've smacked you by now.
They have beak marks.
They're killing each other.
We are not going to leave our
misery behind in the village.
Everyone should
take care of their own.
Let's keep putting
this place apart.
Were you with a hooker last night?
Let's see this, Horacio.
How much can we pay?
- We can'! pay much.
- The cages don't close properly.
It's messed up, the hens
are either dead or sick.
The metal is rotten.
It's all messed up.
We'd have to start over.
The wind comes in
through the curtains.
No. It looks quite abandoned.
They want to give us half
of what it's worth.
Don't listen to them,
they are trying to bargain.
They say they heard things,
they think they won'! sell
enough eggs
from this farm.
- They found everything strange.
- They should leave.
Tell them about the job our
cousins found for us
at the Brazilian Village.
Let's see what they say then.
Mother, we need the money
to take with us.
Some people made a lot of money
off soy over there.
Our cousin says
the trucks are incredible,
and they even
have a small TV inside.
Get if?
Is it true you are going
to be a waitress now?
Stop it!
Yes. They need waitresses
at this restaurant at Brazilian Village,
they say if you are blonde
it's even better.
Blonde? You'll look
better like this.
But collecting eggs is pretty different
than waiting tables.
It's going to get a bit
more complicated.
Seems Lucas and the other guys went
to a hooker last night.
Nelson was there too.
That's all they do.
I'll throw you down.
- Hold this.
- Coming.
Let go of me!
Are you that scared of falling?
I'll throw you down.
I think you are going to fall.
You get it el Mate.
Alright. You made
me drop the your fault.
Don't tell me you dropped it!
You did
We still have the lemon.
How come we didn't realize
this was a great hair ornament!
We wasted so much time.
- It looks better on you.
- You think so?
I'll put it here, like a ower,
on the other side too.
- You too then.
- Okay, enough.
Hey Brenda, are you or aren't you?
It doesn't matter,
we have to leave anyway.
Speaking of leaving,
we should get going.
Okay, let's go.
If I knew,
I'd have come to help out.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
We thought you were
packing your things.
Have you seen my eye?
Going out Saturday night
like that was a bad idea.
That cheap wine we had.
Was really bad.
We should only drink cider.
Look, see my eye?
This is no good. Look.
Give me a smoke.
Are you sure you
don't want the dogs?
No, no.
They don't want them over here
They told me.
They are good dogs,
good hunters.
But ours are
good hunters too.
So what should I do with the dogs?
I don't want to kill them.
I don't know, my dad says he doesn't
want anything to do with the dogs.
Besides, be careful,
they might be sick.
Did our cousin call?
I told you I would let you
know if she did.
Don't worry
Don't trouble yourself over it.
It's just that
we are all set.
I want her to introduce us
to the people at the canteen
They say it's packed
every weekend.
Yes, I heard that too.
How's everything going
over here?
It's going well.
They already peeled the potatoes
and the eggs for the salads.
Your hair looks dull.
The water contains too
much chlorine.
Maybe that's what's
killing my animals.
Could be.
Get off!
- Are those the guano workers?
- I think so.
Hurry, I have to go
work at the dairy.
Nelson'd kill me if he sees me.
Hold on.
I thought I'd never see you again.
T haven't found
my substitute yet
Don 'r worry
we?! find someone soon
Is there a plague
at Eigenfeld Village?
Or elsewhere?
Some people in the villages
are very scared...
about the plague.
They even relate it to certain
biblical passages.
It's all there... in the Bible.
What happened to your family
has spread around every village.
Tie it better!
Let it run for a second.
Come on!
You can'! do anything right!
I'm sorry about today
We shouldn't speak dialect;
once there we won'! be able to.
The dogs are back.
You should've taken them further away.
The guano workers are back too.
What's wrong?
Are you jealous?
Go Nico! Nico!
We need you in the team Nico,
you have to be ready.
You have to pay more attention.
Chori is the goalie tomorrow.
No, I'm scoring.
We can put Nico in
for the day.
Come on, Chori.
We need new players.
Your cousin, Chori.
Don't you have one?
I do, but he doesn't play anymore.
He fell from the motorcycle.
He was a good goalie, that guy.
- I can ask him, we'll see.
- Come on, we're almost done!
Twenty four!
One more and that's it.
Come on, Chori.
- I'd like to ask you for a favor.
- Yes.
I 'd like you to change your brother's
flowers every once in a while,
and say a Lord's Prayer
for me...
one or two.
Should I pray for
your children too?
How can you say that?
Abelardo doesn't need prayers.
His place in heaven was saved.
I wonder what heaven is like,
they say people don'!
recognize each other.
It would be nice if you
visited us every now and then.
We're going to miss you Lucas, really.
D' you want to be
the altar boy for the church?
No, I'm sorry, but no.
Does anyone want to be
the altar boy?
No, right now we're looking f
or a goal keeper.
Find us a goalie, Lucas.
It's true. The goalie
is much more important.
We need one by tomorrow.
Don't let him escape.
I'll grab his hand.
Let's get Brenda now!
In the water!
Hey, jerk!
How can you be like that with your sister?
You're shivering.
Speed up, we need to go!
Come on, we need to go!
Come on!
Come on!
Push the gas!
I am pushing!
Come on!
Don't embarrass me tonight.
Are you afraid of looking bad
in front of Elda?
She's playing tonight.
Are you jealous too?
Shut up.
Shall we?
Are you staying
for the show?
It's going to be good.
We're doing a full show.
We are recording our new album.
The fourth one.
Yes. 100% German.
People like it.
That's what matters.
Yes, it's nice.
Do you like dancing polka?
A little bit.
Will you dance
when we play?
- At least one song.
- Maybe one song.
We started out early.
Let's dance now.
So don't remain seated.
Let's all get up,
because here comes the rhythm
of Elda and her group!
Aren't you coming with me?
No Brenda, not again.
Just once more?
Let's better go to the party.
I don't want to go back in there.
But it was fun.
That awful music and
those old folks dancing, it's always
the same, they circle around,
and around, and around...
and that's it.
- It's not like that.
- No, it's worse.
Go! Go! Go!
Here, Lucas.
Your turn.
My turn.
Oh, look! You're being watched.
Put down your card.
- Play.-
- Okay.-
Play, Cochi.
Put something on it
before it lies off.
My bet is on you.
What did you say?
Oh, he said he's on me.
- Play.-
- Okay.-
We deserve a drink.
I don't know how
you can keep going.
Don't laugh.
Hey, this thing's cracked.
It's cracked! Let me see.
It's good.
How do you say cracked mug
in German, Brenda?
Cracked mug.
Say it again.
Cracked mug.
Cracked mug.
And how do you say
"Gabi, the village' s main cuckold?"
Hold on a minute.
He's going
to be a father.
What did she say?
He's going
to be a father.
- Bye guys.
- Bye.
Alright Lucas,
good luck.
Bye Lucas,
have a good trip.
Bye Lucas,
Nico, hold on!
I was thinking,
I could go with you...
in the truck, wash your clothes,
cook for you guys.
Over time, we could get our
own house, raise our child.
Brenda, what child
are you talking about?
Where is my sister?
She must've left with
the other guy.
where is my sister?
Go back to the party, kid.
Where did she go?
Where is she?
She left.
I'll kick your ass.
Hi girl,
have some Mate.
it's chilly out here!