Get Crazy (1983) Movie Script

This is ground control.
All systems are go, all systems A-okay.
Entering final approach.
Prepare for docking.
Fire retro rockets.
We're gaining velocity.
Switch to emergency systems.
Emergency systems not functioning.
Get me out of here I'm dying.
You guys are gonna Kill me.
I don't believe it.
15 years in this place
and I still can't get
a crew to do it right.
Do you understand what I'm talking about?
Tonight is gonna be the,
the greatest concert in
the history of this city.
It's gonna be the biggest concert
in the history of the world,
the country, the universe.
All right let's go,
let's clean this mess up.
Shake a leg.
- Violetta.
- Here Neil.
Max Wolfe wants
us to get it right.
Get it better than right.
My uncle Max is a king in this
business, a living legend.
He deserves the very best
and you guys, you almost killed him.
Fuck you.
They're degenerates uncle Max.
Let me whip 'em into shape.
Max, I love you.
I'm your nephew.
You should let me.
I told you you're in a good business,
the best in the world you
just gotta be patient.
You'll learn.
You gotta start from the bottom up, right?
That's right.
Al right.
You just be patient, you listen to me.
In the meantime you go to the corner,
you get me a chili dog and you
get one for yourself, okay?
No onions.
I love you.
What am I an errand boy?
Okay, let's go through it one more time.
When my watch says that it's 12 o'clock
that column is gonna light up.
Then this big 83 is gonna light up.
This rocket hits the pad, Max steps out,
he says, happy new year
then we hit the flash pots,
the fireworks, the balloons.
What happened to the flash pots?
The control panel fucked up Neil.
Well fix it.
Oh anything you said lover.
Gotcha that time you little worm.
So this is how they do things
at the famous Saturn Theater.
Just one look
And felt so oh oh oh
In love
With you
I thought I was dreaming but
I was wrong, yeah, yeah, yeah
Oh but I'm gonna keep on feeling
Who are you?
Who are you?
Neil Allan, Willy Loam.
Nice to meet you.
The best stage manager in the business.
Hi nice to meet you.
Now, where the hell have you been?
I just got off the bus.
I needed to see a friendly face.
The bus?
I seem to recall that you
left in a Rolls Royce.
Well things happen in two years.
The place folded.
Colin Beverly bought the
lease and closed us down.
Well you always got a job here darling.
I think someone else has got my job.
It's okay.
Through with the business anyway.
Did I hear you correctly?
You're through with the business?
You'll eat those words,
that's how you're feeling tonight darling
but this is our 15th anniversary Willie.
This is new year's Eve.
It's just another concert Max.
No Willie no.
From that stage they all look the same.
Willie I'm surprised that you,
this is where the magic happens.
Come on.
Max Wolfe is a piss ant
and the Saturn Theater has got to go.
Personally, I like Max.
Nice guy.
But I've got a business to run.
Major industry.
An empire.
And Max Wolfe stands
in the way of progress.
and that's costing us money.
We can't have that.
Gotta stop.
His time has passed.
A has been.
Take it down.
Land it.
On the ground.
Collin Beverly, you're here.
That's fantastic, fantastic.
You're going to see my uncle.
Wonderful, wonderful.
Let me get the door for you.
This is an honor Mr. Beverley.
You're my hero.
You're rich, you're powerful,
you're famous, you're ruthless.
Nobody fucks with you,
you fuck with everybody.
I love it.
Do you need tickets?
Your should have called me,
you know I can work miracles around here.
You're going to see my uncle, Max Wolfe.
You know he's a big fan of yours
so talks about you all the time.
Colin Beverly get out of my theater.
Max, you're beautiful.
What a sense of humor.
Funny man.
Every time I
set foot in this place,
I'm awestruck.
The stars, the tradition, the magic.
It's like a-
- A shrine.
- A temple.
- Like coming home.
If I was your mother I'd
have drowned you at birth.
This man is a prince.
Do you know that he gave me my
very first job 10 years ago.
Imagine me an usher here
at the Saturn Theater.
An usher.
He lasted a week.
I fired him because he scalped tickets,
sold bad dope to the kids
and drilled peep holes
in the ladies room floor.
Those were the days Maxie.
Max you're beautiful don't ever change.
You know because I respect
you as a human being Max
I'm gonna make you
another wonderful offer.
Fantastic offer.
Fabulous offer.
I'll give you a million
dollars cash up front
and you sign over the lease to me.
The answer is still no.
Get out of my theater.
Max you put on good shows,
think of what you could
do with my auditorium,
22,000 seats.
Think of my stadium, 84,000 seats.
Four days at each place, free rain.
Uncle Max, people would
kill for a deal like that.
Well let 'em.
I put on shows at the Saturn
so that the kids can see the stage
afford the tickets and hear
the music, so screw stadiums.
Now you come back and
talk to me in 15 years
my lease will be over,
you talk to me then.
Okay I'll make it a
Million two in six days
and when the building goes up,
right they're chiseled in granite,
right in the corner of the building,
"Max Wolfe, a man of integrity."
This my last out to you,
get out of my theater.
This building is coming down
and 88 stories are going up
so fuck you and fuck rock and roll.
I'm gonna murder you.
Max down, down boy, down Max, down.
Oh, no.
My heart.
It's his heart.
Talk to me Max.
Uncle Max.
If he pulls through
tell him the offer stands until midnight.
Tell him he outta get some exercise.
Uncle Max.
Uncle Max are you al-
Wait a minute.
What do I care?
I inherit.
Mr. Beverly.
Mr. Beverly.
Mr. Beverly.
Mr. Beverly.
Oh Mr. Beverly, wait a minute.
Mr. Beverly.
Mr. Beverly.
Mr. Beverly wait, I inherit.
Sammy what about the chili dogs?
So it wasn't his heart?
Well I won't know exactly
until I get the test back
but I'm pretty sure it
was acute indigestion.
The junk that guy eats has
finally caught up with him.
I'm letting him think it's
much more serious than that.
The man needs rest
and he's not gonna get
any around here tonight
unless he's forced.
Well thanks for coming by doc.
Do you have any idea what time it is?
Yeah, it's a 2:00.
Two o'clock?
I've got a heart
transplant at two o'clock.
I better cut out.
What'd you get?
Let's find out.
Lets see.
I'll take those.
Nothing here we can use.
We got too much work but not much time man
and what we need is something
that's gonna blast us into the fast lane.
Electric Larry.
Just in time.
It's simple.
This is a release form.
You get him to sign here at the bottom.
I get the same deal
you offered uncle Max?
To the letter.
What if he doesn't sign?
You're a bright boy, Sammy.
You'll think of something else to do.
Hey Joey, how's it hanging?
You learn anything new?
It's just like all the rest.
I'm naked.
She's naked.
I'm in bed.
She's in bed.
Oh Neil, if I could get that far
I wouldn't be the only 19
year old virgin in the world.
I hear there's one in Buffalo.
You got an address?
Hey it's New Year's Eve
maybe you'll get lucky.
Come on Violetta needs help with the gels.
How do you like it?
Like what?
Working here.
I like it a lot.
I do too.
Then why'd you leave?
This place got to be
like living at home.
I had to find out if I was any good
or if it was just the Saturn.
What'd you find out?
I was fine.
My partner was a jerk.
We had a chance to do
something really great
but the minute that Colin
Beverly waived his checkbooks,
Skip sold out.
I came home.
Well nothing wrong with that.
There's no place like home.
There's no place like home.
There's no place like home.
Imagine yourself with
a field full of flowers
With fountains of
rainbows of
I see god.
No, what you need is a pass.
You have a pass?
I need a pass.
Do you have a pass too?
I feel like I'm one
What a trip.
What a thrash.
How are you?
Well hello.
What are you doing here?
I work here.
What are you doing here?
We came here to play.
Yes performance.
The celebration of sound and color.
Hey, where's Max, we need
to exchange energies.
He's over there.
Over there?
Over there.
Captain cloud and the rainbow telegraph,
my favorite fans.
Neil this pass is for
December 31st, 1968.
Cool it.
Oh, I must be in heaven.
Captain give a hug to a dying man.
Give a hug.
Hi, why say die?
Another step on the journey man.
Actually it's a passage
from one life to the next.
Is it beautiful?
Anyway, can you dig it Max?
Together again.
How to usher in a brand new year, 1969.
This is '83 captain.
Yeah well time's a trip man.
Captain thinks he's
playing here tonight.
Well sure why not?
Well where are we gonna put him?
The finale.
The finale, sure.
"Auld Lang Syne" captain
it's yours, it's all yours.
Wow, the end is always a new beginning.
We're in an oasis of harmony
brothers and sisters.
We will camp for the night.
Sure getting crazy around here.
Yeah and it's still early.
Look at my car look at my face
You know this ain't no kind of race

Don't need no candy
Fantastic, get in.
Excuse me you need a-
In order to have to
get in you need a pass.
You have to form a-
- Look, look, it's me Bob.
I'm celeb.
Hey, hey girls, take a look at this.
Nada, Nada, Nada, Nada, Nada,
Nada, Nada, Nada, Nada, Nada.
Nada come to it.
Nada, Nada.
Your pass to get into the room.
Your fly's open.
I didn't.
Pass my ass.
Hey where's Piggy?
Joey, Nada, Nada, Joey.
Oh hi.
You think they have much equipment?
I think you can handle it.
One, two, three, four, five, six.
Hey Piggy, contract.
I get 95% of gross and first dollar.
No fees, no taxes, nothing.
Hey, this is the Saturn
standard contract for everyone.
Where do I sign?
Right on the line there.
It's over.
Business is business, let it go.
It's nobody's fault.
Of course we can be
friends just don't call me.
I'm all tied up.
You Neil Allan?
I'm Connell O'Connell, I'm
your fire inspector tonight.
Now this extinguisher
is precisely 3.2 pounds under pressure.
That simply won't do it.
Where's Carter.
Inspector Carter has been dismissed
but I'm putting you on notice.
No fireworks, no smoke
bombs, no sparklers.
No flaming assholes.
I have a motto, no spark's too small.
One itsy bitsy open flame in here tonight
and it's your funeral.
The sky is crying
Sky is crying
Look at the tears roll down the street
Roll down the streets
The sky is crying
Look at the tears roll down the street
as we send Brother Howland
Blind Luther Washington
to his just rewards, brother King Blues
would like to say a few words.
Luther, you were the
greatest, the greatest guitar,
the greatest driver, the greatest manager,
lover of women and drinker of whiskey
and I'm gonna miss you.
this is my man and you
better take care of him
or I'm gonna wax your ass.
Amen brother.
Let's get out of here Luther Jr.
You know we've got a
big show to do tonight.
Excuse me brother,
excuse me, where's the TA?
You know Luther Jr. if
you're anything like your daddy
you'll be at the set on time
and you and I could be on
the road 40 more years.
So do me a favor King.
What's that?
Call me Cool.
Yeah I'm tired of that Luther. Jr stuff.
You got it,
Thank you.
What the hell are you doing?
Hang on King,
I'm getting us to the
Saturn Theater on time.
Now take it easy Cool.
I've used this car for about 25 years.
Are you crazy?
Look Susie we've been
through this before.
It's all right with me if
you come to the concert.
If it's all right with mom and dad.
But Neil, they never let me do anything.
Well Susie I can't help that.
Well it's New Year's
Eve, I have to be there.
Susan I can't talk now
things are getting crazy here,
I'll call you back, bye.
My baby sister.
Well listen, good luck tonight
it was really nice meeting you.
Where are you going you just got here?
Well I don't know.
I feel kind of funny hanging around.
Look Max is out of it tonight
and this is New Year's Eve
I could use all the help I could get.
It's almost time for sound check,
I don't even know where King Blues is.
Watch out man.
I know you don't believe
in the magic anymore,
you think it's all the
same from backstage.
Well tonight,
tonight you're gonna
witness a Max Wolfe miracle.
Odin's returned to the Saturn.
Max no one seen on in six years.
He hasn't even been out of his apartment.
He's not coming here tonight Max.
How can he refuse?
Max Wolfe is calling
him from his death bed.
Odin metaphysical folk singer.
I can't believe it.
You know that's the first
time we've we ever had.
You've entered the '70s.
Dropped by six record companies.
It was the first concert I ever went to.
Antisocial recluse.
That's you.
Oh yeah hi.
Who's this?
Max Wolfe.
Come on Max you can get him.
- Hey Max listen to this.
You know it's hard for me
I can not use the phone
Sound solid.
Oh man, that sounds great.
It is solid trouble
is that's all there is.
I seem to have lost my edge.
There's no tragedy in my life Max.
Odin I want you to
play the Saturn tonight.
Aren't you listening to me?
I have lost it.
Odin I'm dying.
Max Wolfe can't die.
This is a deathbed request.
It's a deathbed request, wait a minute.
It's the death bed request
It's a death bed request
He's a goddamn genius.
I'm dying and I need your help.
Max, death has brought you close to art
as we know it today, there's
a concept album on this.
You hang in there and
I'll be right over there.
He'll be right over.
You got him.
He's coming.
Death bed request
Max Wolfe at the Saturn Theater
Hey jackass.
Get out of the street.
Are you crazy?
Are you out of your mind?
Come on pal, where to?
I ain't got all day.
He ain't got all day
Max Wolfe at the Saturn
You know, this is going good for me.
I've got a lot of good
ideas coming from this.
I got places to be, make up your mind.
Saturn Theater.
Al right.
Hey fella take the scenic route
I got some things to work on.
Odin is playing at the Saturn
tonight, it's all over town.
Oh my God, Debbie well
we've just gotta go.
Oh, he's so poetic.
It's like he knows what's
going on inside of me.
I'll die if I don't get to see him.
We just gotta go Debbie.
I can't, I've gotta
go to my nerdy party.
Mom's already bought the
fucking burritos and everything.
So what are you gonna tell your mom?
What do you think?
I'm at your nerdy party.
Oh, thanks.
Oh come on Deb.
Maybe I'll get to meet Reggie Wanker.
I love him.
I really do.
Yeah but are you
sure Neil can get you in?
God I hope so, he's my brother
and he knows I love them.
He knows I'd die.
You're so lucky.
God, I wish I had a brother like that.
All mine does is sell tickets
to his nerdy little horny friends.
Listen Susie I gotta go, Tony's here.
Okay bye Deb.
what would you think if
I really became a nun
or do you prefer me as a countess?
Sister Chantamina or countess Chantamina,
I just can't decide.
Reggie, you know best help me.
What do you think?
I think this horrible bleedin' life
I'm leading is making
me old before me time.
You, you, you, all you
ever think about is you?
What about me?
Sometimes I think you
don't even know I'm here.
I didn't know you were here.
How about some toot.
Two and a half, three million.
My turn.
What are you doing?
I got you a free game mate.
I'd had won.
Gangway on the new toilet.
- All right, taking over.
- Hey, who are you?
This is Cole, your new captain speaking.
I have the full control of the aircraft.
I'm a fake, away!
Dive, dive.
Mayday, mayday.
Easy, easy.
Me blow, me blow.
Hi honey.
Hi mom, hi dad.
Are you leaving awfully
early for the party?
Yeah I'm gonna help
Debbie set up the party.
Oh, you're good.
Well turn around let's see how you look.
Let's see how you look.
Have fun.
- Thanks mom.
- Have fun.
Thanks dad.
Say hi to Debbie for me.
- Bye mom, bye dad.
- Say hi to Debbie for me.
Happy New Year.
Happy New Year
mom, Happy New Year dad.
She's too cool, she's got to be there
She's too cool, she's
got to be
Just a request
Max Wolfe at the Saturn Theater
Just a request
Joey, reach over and
take out the aqua gel.
This is your first New Year's Eve?
Yeah, this is my first New Year's Eve.
My first New Year's Eve was the best.
What do you think
they wanna play here for
anyway on New Year's Eve?
Couldn't be the money.
They come for Max,
come for the music.
One night a year it's for fun.
Even Reggie Wanker.
Even the Wanker.
I love you.
God bless you, god bless you.
Nice to see you.
Oh hi, everybody adoring me.
What is a boy to do, eh?
Fucking hell.
Cool do you realize
we're goin down a one way street.
Hell yeah, I'm only going one way.
We're either gonna die
or be there on time.
Saturn Theater on time everything's fine.
Saturn Theater, on
time, everything is fine.
You know, you really
outta take better care
of an expensive car like this.
You know what?
I hope you a better guitar
player than you are a driver.
One, two, three, four.
Ain't I lovely.
What do you got for me, old son?
Oh, pate, caviar, lobster.
Oh, I'll have some lobster.
Is this the only size you've got?
There's Twinkies too.
Yeah well, then help yourself.
Hey Toad.
Got any crabs?
Got three or four I'm friends with.
Well try this one.
Reggie dear, have you seen my makeup case?
Not now darling, can't you see I'm busy.
I saw it downstairs.
You did?
Would you be an angel and get it for me?
I'd die for you.
Look what I just pulled off ya.
You okay?
I'm in love.
If this is love, sex is gonna Kill you.
Boss, I don't trust Sammy.
He's a putz.
An idiot.
What are you gonna do if
he doesn't get the lease?
Legally or illegally
The Saturn will be mine.
Let's get the investors
in here and get me down.
Ichi San, Mohammed,
I'd like to talk about
the most beautiful thing in the world.
Money, money, money, money, money.
I love it.
This is the past and this,
this is the present.
Four, three, two, one.
This is the future.
Okay, gather around everybody.
You too kid, this is for you.
This is your night kid.
Come on.
Al right.
Now let's go out there and
give them a good show tonight.
Let's do our best, let's do it for Max.
Yay Max.
Tell 'em what night this is kid.
It's New Year's Eve.
Tell 'em what time it it.
It's showtime.
Get crazy
No alcohol, no drugs,
no firearms allowed.
Okay, here they come.
Oh yeah just like the animals tonight.
Get crazy
The streets these days
are super mummy out
Get crazy
All right, no drugs, no
firearms, what have we got here?
No guns allowed, no guns,
what else we got in here?
Big joint.
It's my chair that's parked outside
Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy.
I can get you into TV
Here we go.
Excuse me, I'm looking
for my brother Neil,
he's the stage manager.
Oh, you look just like
him, step right on through.
Neil she says she's your sister.
She's right.
What are you doing here?
What are you wearing?
Mom and dad don't
know you're here right?
No but Neil I just have
to see Odin or I'll die.
Well don't die.
Just stay put okay?
Great guy your brother.
You like him?
Yeah I like him a lot.
Hey Susie right?
Why don't you go out
and have a great time?
It's my first concert.
Get crazy
Get crazy
Hey King.
Hey fuck this man.
What are you talking about?
I'm talking about this shit over here.
Man we need a Blues band,
they sent us a Jews band.
Please no.
Listen to that group before you decide.
Pack our bags man we getting out.
Hey wait King man, let's talk is over.
No there's no talking, King is walking.
Come on, hey Max would
you do something please?
Just I just need a little bit.
Hey Cool just be cool
for one minute, okay?
Cool's counting.
All right guys let's go, we're on.
Now Max went out on
a line for you guys,
that's right?
We gonna play good tonight, right?
All right, let's go, let's go, let's go.
My god.
Give us a kiss baby.
We're stuck.
We're stuck.
Neil, they're stuck.
Levine, get over there!
Let go of her.
I'm trying.
Let go of her.
I'm trying.
You're on.
I'm what?
You're playing tonight.
Hey, I was just playing with these man.
Well you were good before you-
- Well they're people out there.
Listen here's your
chance the King needs you.
I need you.
Now go play the drums.
I'm not gonna go out there.
They're waiting on those introductions.
Well fuck not from me.
Yes from you.
This is it Neil.
The big time.
This is rock and roll.
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome
to the 15th anniversary of.
New Year's Eve
and particularly playing out
tonight our show kicks off
with a timely comparable performer
who opened their first
show here 15 years ago.
That's my brother.
That's right.
I'm talking about, the
big daddy on the wall.
That's right.
I'm talking about a living legend.
The real king of Blues.
Ladies and gentlemen, King Blues.
One, two, three, four.
How was I?
How do they sound?
Hey, they need a lot of work though.
Can you do it?
- We can do it.
- Well go do it.
Neil you were great man.
I'm never doing that again,
that scared the piss out of me.
All you people out there
You know blues have a soul
Well this is a story
Story that has never been told
Where the blues got played
And in there they
made it rock and roll
Many got to say
You know the blues got soul
Robert Johnson said, you
know the blues got soul
The blues had a baby
And they named the baby rock and roll
Wow this guy is great.
Hey Joey, where's Susie?
Joey, Joey where's Susie?
I don't know.
Hey, this is my son
and this is my daughter.
I'm Susie.
Hi Susie, they call me
dance children.
Dance, this is it.
Such hostility.
B.B. King said, you
know blues got a soul
Howlin' Wolfe said
You know that blues got a soul
Well then the blues had a baby
And they named the baby rock and roll
Max I need your signature.
On this.
Right here.
What is this?
It's just a press release.
About me?
Max, good news.
You got the test results back.
What's going on?
- Max,
- How much time have I got?
It isn't your heart,
it was the egg foo young.
The chinks?
Max an hour from now
you're gonna be hungry all over again.
I love it.
Cloud do you hear that?
I'm cured.
Blind Melon said that
You know the blues got a soul
His daddy said
You know the blues got a soul
Then blues had a baby and
they named him rock and roll
I'd like for you ladies and gentlemen
to meet this marvelous band I got here.
Okay now bass.
Little Baller, Larrylicious.
Oh God Mr. Beverly, this is terrible.
It's uncle Max, he's not dying.
Control yourself Sammy.
Don't panic.
Stay cool.
But the deal.
What about the deal?
The deal is up to you Sammy
and you have until midnight.
Mark and Marv, destroy the Saturn.
You look like a nice bunch of guys
and I really liked to help you fellas
but like I said, we're all sold out.
Well unsell little man.
We're coming in.
Well if you'll put it that
way I'll see what I can do.
Sammy, what should I do?
There's a bunch of guys out
there who wanna come in.
Do they have passes?
Fuck 'em.
Hey fellas, fuck you.
The gypsy woman told my mother
Before I was born
I got a boy child
He gonna be a son of a gun
He's gonna make pretty
women jump and shout
Holy shit.
Wait a minute, what am I doing?
Colin Beverly, my deal.
Get that shit out of the
way, I gotta get out of here.
Those guys are still out there.
Who cares asshole?
Are you all right?
You know I'm a hoochie coochie man
Everybody knows I'm here
Hoochie Coochie man
Oh wow, you guys are beautiful.
We're beautiful.
And don't you forget it.
King Blues who loves you.
Bless y'all.
I do hate New Year's.
I mean it's a putrid
color, it's revolving.
Oh gawd, where do you
people find these rags?
The bleedin' museum?
Talking of museum.
Do you think I'm still a mop top?
Hey Toad.
Remember when we wore
these with tiny buttons
you got the clap.
So watch it darling, you
don't know where he's been.
I mean, do I still look like a punk?
A man of wealth, a man of style.
Can't anybody understand
the burden of style?
The burden of trying to please someone
when no one is willing to please me.
I mean I do hate New Year's Eve.
I've never had a good time.
Hey, Piggy, Piggy ease it.
Ease it.
I got it girls.
God you're so ugly.
Take it easy Piggy.
I want you to save your voice.
Al right?
The Saturn is proud to welcome a group
that's gonna eat you alive
but seriously, they're really
a great bunch of girls.
I give you Nada and a special
guest man named Piggy.
I saw you at he tour last night
Oh yeah
And someone else was holding you tight
Oh no
I tell you boy it's not my scene
I tell you now, I'll make it fast
What's that
You know this love
affair ain't gonna last
When it's time for me to go away
I think it's time for you
To rock
I ain't coming back no more
Hey, you wanna go to Max's and get a beer?
Hey Piggy.
Behave yourself.
Hey Piggy.
I can't take it no more
Take, take, take,
take, take it no more
Take, take, take,
take, take it no more
From you
From you
You asked me to your gig last week
Get lost
You made me dress up like a freak
I don't care
You said that I could hold your gun
Big deal
And now baby I'm having fun
Say it now, I'll make it fast
What's that
You know this love ain't gonna last
And when it's time for me to go away
I think it's time for
you to pay, pay, pay
But you're wrong
I ain't coming back no more
I know baby
Just wear your hat
I will not take, take,
take, take, take it no more
I will not take, take,
take, take, take it no more
I will not take, take,
take, take, take it no more
From you
From you
You told me that you love me
I knew that it was just a lie
I saw the look in your eyes
Do you make me feel so good
I can't take, take, take,
take, take it no more
I will not take, take,
take, take, take it no more
I will
So you want a beer?
What's with the smoke?
I'll bet you do.
In the basement.
I can't take, take, take,
take, take it no more
I can't take, take, take,
take, take it no more
From you
From you
I'll get the hose.
I'll get the water.
I can't take, take, take,
take, take it no more
From you
Joey, looks like we
got a fire down there.
Get Chester okay?
Let's just stay cool
or we're gonna have us
a riot out there okay?
Let me in, let me in.
I can't take, take, take,
take, take it no more
From you
From you
Get out of the way!
Nada I love you.
Nada you're hot baby.
I love you.
I'm entering the men's room.
That's why they call it dope.
Ganja man.
No, no thanks.
Yeah I'm almost there.
Okay I'm turning the
valve anything happening?
All right, we saved the day.
Ganja man.
Come on Maxie, come on Max.
Just a little further.
Just a little further and it's all yours.
Oh not so fast Max.
No, no, first you have to wash your hands.
Yes Colin Junior.
Bye bye Maxie.
Eat up, good boy.
Oh no.
Come on Piggy.
I countin' down, it's Piggy.
Hey Cool, listen to that.
Somebody's playing one of my songs.
I gotta see this close up.
Hey Cool, don't pick that
way, it struck my blind.
You ain't blind, you
just in the damn closet.
I knew that.
Releasing Piggy.
Come on and be a son of a gun
Make pretty women, children shout
The world wanna know
what it's all about
Jump, jump, jump you.
Yeah you.
It's okay, follow me.
It's okay, it's okay.
Jump you wimps, jump!
Jump, jump, jump.
Thanks for jumping, you're really great.
Come on.
Jump over my face.
Jump, no.
I'm a doctor, I'm a doctor.
Who said a white boy
can't sing the blues.
Girls, we killed 'em.
What's with the beer?
Come on girls that ain't classy.
Generic champagne 1982, champagne.
Champagne again?
Are you married?
I ain't got all day
Max Wolfe and the Saturn
Hey, you know
it's coming back to me?
Hey, watch it, watch it.
Whoa, I'm sorry I didn't see you.
What do I blend in with the other girls?
I don't look at other girls.
You having fun?
I love it.
Reggie, Reggie, Reggie.
Oh, I feel all animal tonight.
All animal.
You're beautiful.
I'm gonna be good tonight love.
Reggie, Reggie, Reggie, Reggie.
Jesus Christ Reggie you're the best.
How about a kiss for
good luck sweetie pie.
Al right.
Good luck.
Reggie, you're the hottest, Reggie.
Help, help, he's
trying to bring me down.
Help me, help.
Reggie, ready?
Listen I'm sorry we got a problem tonight.
We've got this new fire
inspector, he says no fireworks.
No fireworks you must be joking.
No, no, I am not, no I'm not joking.
Really Reggie do me a favor, no fireworks.
No fireworks.
You hear that?
No fireworks.
Al right.
Okay I'll do your introductions.
Hey short ass, nobody introduces me.
Al right?
Catch you later.
I used to like that prick.
Okay, now three, four
fan out into the audience.
Don't be nervous I'm
here to examine you.
Don't touch my lady parts.
Yeah that's right, okay go.
I am the fiction around I
love to hear the crowd roar
The sole survivor of a
hundred rock and roll wars
I'm the legend that shines
I'm a one of a Kind institution
Don't I fill you with love
I'm a miracle of evolution
You know I'm a hot shot
When I glowing with fire I'm
Hot shot
I get all you desire now
Hot shot
I will do what I wanna do
Hot shot
Hey Neil help me I'm losing it.
Losing what?
My eyelash.
Don't just stand there.
My nails are wet.
Help me.
Hey stop fooling around and grab it.
You need some help for that sailor?
No, I think I can handle it.
Oh I bet you can.
Hey Joey, take over.
Open the door, open it.
We want in, we want in.
Don't worry we'll get in.
We'll get in.
Happy new year.
Hey Rhonda.
Hey Willie.
Hot shot
Hot shot
Hot shot
Hot shot
Wait, wait a minute what fire?
In the basement, I set it hours ago.
Damn it must've gone out.
We brought you something better.
Bangy, bang, bang.
Oh no.
No, no, no, no bombs, no.
I'm not planting a bomb.
Fire is different, it's
slow, people can get out
but a bomb people, pieces.
It's not that kind of a bomb.
Yeah what kind of people
do you think we are Sammy,
it's only a stink bomb.
It's gonna make everybody here
smell like skunk shit for a week.
And stink up the Saturn's
reputation forever.
And make you smell like roses.
Where do I put it?
Be creative.
It's set to go at midnight.
It's ticking.
Of course.
It's traditional.
Happy New Year Sammy.
I am the spectacle when
love and power collide
I make you feel the things
you only dreamed of inside
I'm a mystical sage, full
of nuclear ages seduction
I can take any heart
'Cause I've mastered
the art of corruption
Hot shot
I am glowing with fire
Hot shot
I got all your desires now
Hot shot
And I do what I wanna do
Take it off.
Hot shot
I'm burning with fire now
Hot shot
I got all your desires
Hot shot
And I do what I wanna do
What am I
Hot shot
Neil put me down.
We are the lights can be
Hot shot
I'm a rock and roll dynasty
Hot shot
I'm just a reflection of you
I knew it.
Out of here captain asshole.
Happy new year.
Sammy, you okay?
Hey inspector,
hey Arthur give me some water.
Are you guys okay?
Inspector, inspector, there you go.
Drink it up.
Okay mister.
I'm putting you on notice.
Every detail of this fiasco
is going into my report.
You messed with the wrong fella.
Hey are you okay?
Sammy, are you all right?
How's your head?
My head is in a really nice place Neil.
Do you feel it?
Do you feel the energy?
Sammy what the hell are you doing?
Possessions are a bummer.
They're insane.
I'll tell you, take a
good look at this place
"cause when that bomb
goes off at midnight,
there's gonna be nothing
left but memories.
Max's nephew is an idiot.
Oh Sammy that little cunt.
Thinks he can make a
deal with Colin Beverly,
nobody makes deals with Colin Beverly.
She heard us, get her.
Turn around.
Make a wish.
Colin Beverly,
let me out of here.
Damn it.
18 inches long,
an ounce and a half each
and dripping with raza.
Hey man take it.
Look it's Jamaican
ganja, Californian indica
and Maui wowie.
Enjoy, enjoy.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Now I'm gonna do our version,
We love you Reggie.
My version of hoochie coochie man.
A gift from me.
Mama had a vision, before I was born
Gonna have a boy a son of a gun
Half past 11.
30 minutes to 12.
And the Saturn Theater closes for good.
The end.
Too bad about all those kids.
But what the hell, people
have kids all the time.
Colin Beverly, damn
you, let me out of here.
Lets take the river.
Deep six.
Cement city.
Wrong with good luck
Now you see
Seven million bucks
don't follow in on me
I'm here, oh yes, I'm here
I'm a hoochie coochie man
Reggie, for you from me.
Hey Cool.
Is it just the reefer,
or is there somebody else
singing one of my songs?
Well it sounds the same but different.
I'm here
Everybody knows I'm here
We love you Reggie.
I'm a hoochie coochie man
That's who I am
I'm gonna bask in my own genius.
I wouldn't go that way King.
Oh, good reefer, man.
Yeah well, it'll get you high man.
Shit I'm gonna take me another
hit of this motherfucker.
Oh my god.
We love you Reggie.
Reggie, Reggie.
Oh Reggie, you animal.
My superstar let's go make love right now.
Right here.
I don't have a, I'm going
up to the dressing room
to meditate.
This is the best
concert I've ever been to,
I'm having so much fun.
Good reefer here.
Happy new year Reggie.
Oh hot shot, hot shot.
You're hungry.
Hot shot.
All right come on.
Hey countess.
Looking good countess.
Happy new year Reggie.
Season's greetings.
Happy Hanukah.
Is Reggie in there?
In there?
He's in everything, prick.
You're kind of cute.
I am?
In your own way.
Aint got all day
Hey man it's dark out
there, what's going on?
Night, what time is it?
20 to 12.
20 to 12, I've got a
show to do step on it.
We're late for the show.
We're late for the show
We better go
We're gonna be killed.
We're gonna be killed
Get her.
After her.
Stop her.
Evening officer.
What's your phone number?
I can't satisfy this lot.
I need some air.
Here daddy,
just a little bit longer.
Oh my god, he can't be leaving.
Come back.
Oh god all right, get out of it.
Wait a minute.
Chantamine, my little Chantamine.
Hey, can't you get off?
I want somebody who loves me for me.
It's my birthday.
Here you go, happy birthday.
I'm not satisfied.
What's your sign?
You insatiable beast.
You turn your bleeding
back for half a second
and they stick a bleeding
knife right up the hilt.
I finally found the meaning
of the bleeding blues.
Reggie can stand the pain but can they?
I've seen the light and
I want you all to hear
It's the story of a man
Who's ego has disappeared
If you look at my face
You can see there's trace of confusion
I'm in out of control
and I've poisoned my soul
With illusion
You know I'm a hot shot
I'm burning with fire now
Hot shot
Reggie I love you.
Hot shot
I do what I wanna do
Hot shot
I'm bigger than life can be
Hot shot
I'm not a rock and roll fantasy
Hot shot
I'm just a reflection of you
I love you.
Reggie I want you.
Reggie, Reggie, Reggie.
Reggie, Reggie, Reggie.
Reggie, Reggie, Reggie.
That was very great Reggie.
They love you.
Can you give them one more?
They want an encore, what do you say?
Come on Reg they love you.
I can't mate.
I just can't.
Given me all, I've given me
heart, me soul, me bleeding life
I mean, I'm an empty shell of a man mate.
One more.
What's your name?
I'm Neil.
Neil, could you please
get me a glass of water?
Oh cool I was hot tonight.
Hey Neil, Neil.
One more Reg.
Neil you gotta do something man,
they're gonna tear this place down.
Put on a cartoon maybe
that'll calm 'em down.
Sunshine, sunshine
I wanna be happy.
I wanna be gay.
Sunshine, sunshine
Lots and lots and lots of sunshine
Hey Reg, you all right?
Yeah I'm fine mate yeah.
Oh yeah, I'm fine mate, yeah.
I'm just going for a pee.
I feel kinda different.
That's because
you are different mate.
is that you OI' Cock?
I didn't know you could talk.
There's a lot
you don't know about me.
There's a lot you've
forgotten about yourself.
I don't believe it.
Well come on, you got
something to say spit it out.
You became a star Reg.
You forgot how to feel mate.
What about the agony I'm feeling now?
I mean a woman's hurt me lad.
Deep cut.
Emotion Reggie, emotion.
That's what makes tonight's
performance your best?
Was I really that good?
Like old times
and it can be that good from
now on if you listen to me.
It's the start of a new beginning.
Well shake on it then.
You've got my hand on it.
Not that,
don't shake me so hard mate.
Come on open this door,
King gotta feed this hungry.
Let Cool cool 'em down.
Open that motherfucker.
Al right.
Oh god.
Oh wow they shot Piggy.
Neil, Neil.
Hey Willie look I'm sorry.
Forget it.
There is a bomb in the theater.
Sammy planted it for Colin Beverly
and it's gonna go off at midnight.
Where's Sammy?
I don't know.
Well find him.
I'll clear the house.
Search the theater.
Is it midnight yet?
Happy new year.
Ladies and gentlemen,
Ladies and gentlemen we have a problem.
Listen, Listen.
Listen when I give you the word
I want you to get up and I want
you to get out of this theater
as soon as you-
Hey listen, there's a bomb in the theater.
What a bummer.
Wait a second, wait, wait, wait I said,
there's a bomb in the theater.
I've got it.
I've got the bong man.
Sammy where's the bomb?
Where's the bomb?
Where's the bomb?
Love is the answer.
We must get rid of the bummers like
hate and greed are bummers.
Sammy where's the bomb?
Be really peaceful-
- Where's the bomb?
Hater is a bummer too Neil.
Neil, Neil, find
the captain he'll translate.
In the cosmos where there
is no bitterness or hate
or greed only perfect being and oneness
and unity in karmic harmony.
Far out man.
The little freak put it in the rocket.
Bon voyage honey pot.
I'll see ya, toots.
Three, two, one, blast off.
Max, Max, there's a bomb in the rocket.
A bomb.
Bomb where?
Get rid of it.
This is a joke.
Oh my God.
Hey Max, Max throw me the,
hey Max throw me the bomb right here.
Here give it to me.
Hot spit, here we go,
the end of the Saturn.
Oh shit, - Oh shit.
Happy New Year.
Happy new year Max.
You too boss.
Should auld acquaintance be forgot
And never brought to mind
Should auld acquaintance be forgot
And days of auld lang syne
For auld lang syne, my friends
For auld lang syne
We'll take a cup of kindness yet
For auld lang syne
Oh marry me.
Yeah why not?
Never brought to mind
Should auld
We're going to the motor city
and I want you to join us, okay?
But King, I got a job here.
Listen don't give me no, King needs you.
We need you.
Wow, he needs me.
I'll miss ya.
I miss you too man.
Hey what about us?
Come on.
Happy new year Nada.
Nada, Nada, Nada,
Nada, Nada, Nada, Nada.
Auld lang syne
For auld lang syne
You've really come a long way, Sammy.
Goodbye, I love everyone.
Dogs, shit I'll never
kick a dog again I swear.
I apologize, I love dogs.
Auld acquaintance be forgot
Hey Reg.
Everything coming out all right?
Happy new year.
Happy new year mate.
Hey Reg, what's gotten into you?
Rock and roll is gonna be fun again.
I'd like you to meet our new manager.
Nice to meet you Toady.
Come on get a move on,
I've got us booked into every
bleeding dive in Malibu.
Well don't just sit
there, give the lad a drink.
I ain't gonna touch him.
We're here.
You know you're lucky
you didn't hurt the guitar.
Keep the change.
Happy new year.
Happy new year.
Hey Max it was a great night.
Oh the best ever.
Well that's because
you guys made it great
and I had a great time watching it.
What's this?
That is the lease.
Now after you're through
with it, you pass it on.
From now on it's strictly playtime.
Hey this is for real.
Oh I guess I missed the show huh?
Hey well it's the thought that counts.
That's too bad I had a really good song
I wanted to try out.
Well you can play here
next new year's Eve.
You can play here anytime you want.
Oh, Susie, Odin, Odin, Susie.
Oh wait, I thought you'd never show up,
I have so much to ask you.
Now that I'm a new theatre owner,
I could use a stage manager.
All right, all right.
He gave it to you.
Oh come on it'd be
a lot of fun together.
Oh Neil.
Friend of yours?
I think we've met.
Get crazy
Do a striptease down
the supermarket aisle
Get crazy
Tell your boyfriend that
you're pregnant watch him smile
I'm a modest sort of guy
Kind of quiet, kind of shy
That's my Jeep that's parked outside
How about a little ride
Get crazy
Sell your sister to a sheik of Arabie
Get crazy
Spend the whole day
without watching no TV
And I'm standing at your knees
And you're staring at my keys
And I'm staring at your heart
What a lovely, lovely heart
Get crazy
Do a swan dive from
the top of Hoover Dam
Get crazy
Take a beehive when
you go to Sunday mass
Get crazy
Say you're married to
a tenor saxophone
Get crazy
Take a midnight stroll
through Central Park alone
Get crazy, crazy
You know it's hard for me
I can not use the phone
And in the shade of publicity
You're relationship is born
And I feel like a Hercules
who's recently been shorn
But I have always loved my baby sister
Hit me up at eight and see me on TV
I know I don't look well,
time's not been good to me
But please believe me
The blame is all on me
I've always loved my baby sister
You Remember when you were young when
You would wait for me at school
Teacher's friends they
were raising sands
And I was often cruel
But you always believed in me
You thought I was the best
And now that I've got you alone
Let me get this off my chest
Pick a melody then
count from one to 10
Eight, nine, ten.
I'll make a rhyme up
and then we'll try again
To laugh or cry or give a side
To a past might have been
And how much I really
love my baby sister
And how much I really
love my baby sister
And how much I really
love my baby sister
My, my, my, my
My, my, my, my
My, my, my, my
My, my, my, my
My, my, my, my
My, my, my, my
My, my, my, my
My, my, my, my