Get Gone (2019) Movie Script

And we are good.
Sounded good on my end
and looked epic on my phone.
All right. Good work everyone.
Hey, sexy party people.
I'm pretty sure we got it.
As you can see,
this is where
it supposedly happened
based on the internet videos.
We easily recreated
the fake murder
using a few props
and a couple of cell phones.
So, for those of you suckers
who believed the internet videos
about the shadow people...
You've been hoaxed!
- You've been hoaxed.
- And we are good.
Scott, can you get that
through the edit
and upload it
before we take off tomorrow?
Yeah, with absolutely no sleep,
- Is that a yes?
- Yeah, man.
All right.
Hey, uh, Grant,
Tommy and I
wanna head to the camp now.
Can we roll out now or what?
Are you guys
going ghoul hunting?
That would be a big no.
Our guide really wanted us all
to go at the same time.
All right, fine. Just camp smart
and meet us at the parking area
tomorrow. Cool?
- Coolio.
- Camp smart?
Oh. Hey, wait.
You need
your participation stickers.
So dumb.
Just give me your cards.
Here you go, Connie.
Right there.
500 bucks is a nice bonus
if you get enough stickers.
Yeah, it's just
the gayest way ever
of keeping track
of team building moments.
Then don't participate.
- I already did.
- And don't say gayest.
We're at work.
Can I say that we're having
the gayest time of our lives?
- Really?
- No?
Come on.
- Hey, Rene.
- Yeah, Abbs?
You sure you really wanna go
You'll be fine.
We'll meet up tomorrow.
Okay, just be safe.
- Okay.
- Okay.
See ya.
meet us at the parking area
Okay, Daddy.
Don't be a prick.
Good work today, everybody.
Remember, tomorrow,
1:00 p.m. sharp.
Oh, yeah...
3:00 p.m., you got it.
Please. I don't mind
you being here.
Please, I'm so sorry.
It is the company.
No, please.
You know, I now want you to know
this is not your fault.
No. No.
'Cause I look different,
is there...
No, I don't mind.
I don't mind!
I got you another one.
You'll be fine. Get in bed.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
All right,
I'm dropping this right here.
Howdy doody?
What can I do for ya?
Sorry to bother you,
but um, may I please
speak to Don?
We ain't leaving.
I told the boys
about y'all wantin' us to leave.
They went way off the deep end.
- Just mad.
- Yeah.
It's the land owner
and the state.
Mmm-hmm. Mmm-hmm.
Well, whoop-de-doo.
And nighty night.
- Ma'am...
- Don't you touch me.
There are men coming.
Maybe tonight.
I'm sorry.
'Course you're sorry.
You're sorry for letting them
evil people climb in our yard?
And trying to take pictures
of my family?
Like my, my sons were freaks?
You did nothing to stop that.
I tried putting this off
for months.
It's the state
that's getting serious.
So, now we got to get gone,
is that right?
Is that right?
Go on. Go on, say it.
Is that right?
Ma'am, I'm-I'm just trying
to do my job.
Just doing your job?
Oh, you're such
a smart young man.
Ma'am, I'm just here
to give you information...
- I don't want your information.
- And if you walk...
I got this, hon.
You could go back to bed.
I took care of it.
Go on in the house now, Mama.
Go on.
You're such a good boy.
You know how those people
in town treat my boys.
People out there in your world
make us feel like garbage.
Like monsters.
That can devastate
a fragile human being.
Just ain't right, son.
No sir, it's not.
It's the only home we got.
they're coming.
maybe they shouldn't.
What have they ever done
for this county?
With their drilling
and fracking,
make people sick, is all.
I'll be waiting here,
if they come.
Thanks for looking out, Rico.
You be careful out there, now.
Hey, Don.
This is super weird.
She's fine.
Don't worry about it. Come on.
I thought we said 1:00 p.m.
It's barely 1:30, bro.
Rene isn't answering her phone.
It's very unlikely
that there's much, if any,
cell service up there.
Abbs, be more like me.
Oh, no, I was gonna say,
expect nothing,
anticipate everything.
It's my motto.
Why are we even here?
Because your boss and mine
wants to see more teamwork.
I like this kind of work.
Anything else, guys?
No, we're good. Thank you.
And you get to drink beer.
So, enjoy it.
True that, twisted sister.
I'm so not looking forward
to getting out there,
and getting all dirty
and bitten by bugs.
I heard you like to get dirty.
Hey, watch it.
What's that guy staring at?
Your boobs.
- Nice, bro.
- Shut up, Kyle.
That's two.
Don't let there be a third.
What's up your ass today?
You're at work.
You need to remember that.
Yeah, that's fair, all right.
Can we help you?
Going out?
You a genius?
Your gear kinda sucks.
that was rude.
Arrogance will get you killed
out in the wilderness.
That, or a weirdo local.
- Are you kiddin'?
- Okay.
Where you going?
None of your business.
Near Coon Creek,
maybe Bear Mountain.
Lot of accidents
happen up there.
Yeah. Well, we have a guide.
Yeah. Well,
people who live up there
don't like tourists.
I'm sure they don't.
Hey, hands off, creeper.
Scott, dude.
Don't be a cockwaffle.
So, a cockwaffle is like
this meaty breakfast...
Rene still isn't
answering her phone.
Trust me. She's fine.
Get 'em gone.
My patience
is just about gone, Rico.
Yes, ma'am.
Yes, ma'am. Well,
I'm very, very sorry
that a coyote ate your cat.
The best I can do is put out
some traps tomorrow.
Yeah, yes, ma'am. All right.
Good night, Mrs. Henderson.
You guys are dicks.
Now, I've already
let the Maxwells know...
If we have to remove 'em
they ain't gonna like it.
As I was saying,
we already asked
the Maxwells to leave.
Look, involve the sheriff
if you guys want to.
I have no authority
on your company's property.
It's your job to remove them
before we took over
the property, months ago.
It's in the goddamn contract.
We asked them to leave
months ago.
We don't need the sheriff's help
to remove an old man
and his wife.
Back off, big guy.
I need some coffee,
if you ain't busy.
- Go fuck yourself.
- All right, back off, Carol.
You too, Ug.
They've lived there 30 years.
This federal document
trumps your empathy.
We will remove them.
Let's go.
Holy shit. Am I right?
I think I had poison ivy
on my leg.
If we find these people,
dude, we win.
Do you even think
that they're real?
Plus, that video
says they ate babies.
Shut up. They don't eat babies.
They could eat babies.
How much further
do we have to go?
- Stop whining.
- I'm not whining.
It's work.
Yeah, well, you could've
stayed at the camp site.
Yeah, I should've stayed
at the camp site.
Holy shit.
What kind of asshole.
Can we be done already?
Dude, the video said
those people filmed them
a few hundred yards
up these trails. So, move.
And Grant wants us back to camp
before everyone gets there.
I'm hungry.
Get gone.
What in the absolute... Shit.
Take a picture.
- Damn it.
- Come on, get him.
No way. No fucking way.
I'm out.
Don't be a pussy.
Come on, Tommy. Please.
I just think that he wanted
us to go, you know?
Come on, just 10 minutes.
We'll ask him
why he's afraid of us.
I don't think
you're reading him right.
Rocks and Roots
team building guide,
Craig Eubanks.
I'm sorry. I was a little late.
My last group took forever
getting back on the road.
I'm not a part of your group.
Oh. Hi, I'm Craig.
Maybe we should
get this started.
If you could pass those around.
are you missing a few people?
Well, you were the one
who's late, so.
Kinda could've slept in a while.
You did sleep in.
And, full disclosure.
Two of our team went up
to the camp site last night.
Now, I'm pretty sure I said,
no one was to go alone.
Yeah, you did.
What? What do you want?
I know you.
- No.
- Yeah.
You let that girl drown
a couple of years ago.
No, I didn't.
I'm sorry. Who are you?
I'm the guy who knows.
Yeah. I heard you just froze up.
You just froze up
and let her die.
Not cool.
- I agree.
- Yeah, well...
Guy who knows,
I think
you should be on your way.
You have a good day, Manson.
Oh, my God,
how could you tell that freak
where we're going?
He's a stoner.
No worries.
This is your team
building orientation.
There's that motherfucker,
right there, man.
Time to get your ass
out of our woods,
you damn freak.
Fuck's sake, turn around
you stupid...
Where's your hard headed daddy?
We got something for him.
Our home,
my family,
leave us alone.
Get gone.
We ain't no teenagers out here
tryin' to find a boogeyman.
We damn sure ain't afraid of you
and your fucking skin condition
and whatever shit
you got yourself into.
I heard I could get 300 bucks
for a picture of his retarded
baby brother.
We're done talking. Do it.
Well, he's dead. He's dead.
That's enough, you got him.
You got him.
- There's more of them, Apple.
- Hmm?
Oh, my God.
No! Don't kill me.
Thank you, Abby.
You may sit down.
Rocks and Roots.
- Still team building, Craig?
- Hey, Rico.
How you doin'?
Yeah, we're heading up
to Whiskey Flats.
Whiskey Flats?
You know
that's private property now,
not national forest.
We're going wherever
those ghoul babies are.
All right, Craig,
you're not taking these people
out to the Maxwells, are you?
Yeah, yes, we're gonna find him
and film.
It's gonna be awesome.
No, Rico, we're... we're not.
All right, good.
'Cause I'm getting
a lot of shit from the drillers.
Don't want any shit
from the Maxwells.
Who are the Maxwells?
Oh, he was a ranger,
long time ago.
He got fired and decided
to stay on the land.
He met his wife one night
when she was lost.
And I guess they fell in love.
And she decided to stay behind.
See, the problem is,
all the oil drilling
and fracking
poisoned the water supply
in that area.
That's what the Maxwells drank.
So, now, their kids, they have
this skin pigment problem
and sensitive eyes.
Just strange looking, is all.
So, so the rumors
are true, though.
They're like albino people.
- No, no, they're just people.
- You guys aren't serious, are you?
No... Everybody, stop, listen.
Just leave them alone,
all right?
There's enough rumors going
around about the Maxwells.
Don't bother them.
Don't worry, Rico.
We'll mind our own business.
All right.
Y'all be safe, all right?
I'll be patrolling
the area later on.
Y'all need anything,
wave me down.
So, they are real.
Al right, all right, all right.
We're not going on any
privately owned land, right?
- No, no, no.
- Right?
We're gonna be fine.
Don't worry about Rico.
We're gonna see some
deformed ghoul babies,
and I'm gonna tackle one of
them, and it's...
If you had some deformed
brother or sister,
would you want some asshole
talking about them like that,
trying to take their picture?
No. You wouldn't.
Did he just call me an asshole?
The van is outside.
Let's get up,
grab your gear,
and make your way to the van.
Kill me!
There's a knock at the door
The Devil's on the other side
The desperate vultures Waiting
To feed on your dying hearts
The serpent is depending
On you to fall apart
She left out the back door
Holy shit!
What the hell?
What was that?
There was someone in the woods.
Someone was just standing
in the woods.
- See anything?
- It was a guy. He was just standing there.
Stop messing with us.
I'm not, I swear.
Was it a ghoul baby?
Shut up, Kyle!
How you doing over there?
Mr. Apple?
How you doing over there?
There you go.
I've got some of
your favorite cookies.
Are you ready? Are you ready?
There's cookies.
Ooh, there's...
- One, two, three.
- He said we go!
One... Come on, one cookie.
Those got your vitamins in 'em.
One, two...
That's got another
vitamin in it.
Here you go. Here you go.
Oh, what a good boy.
Go on, go on, chew it up.
Oh, good boy.
My God, I love you so much.
I love you. I love you.
I love you so much.
They're never going to get us.
No, no, Ma.
So, you show it to them.
Go away!
Sit down in your mama's lap.
What a big boy!
Oh, what a big boy!
I love you.
Welcome to paradise.
Now, get the fuck out.
Why are you always
so charming, Hank?
All right, we're here a
little bit later than planned,
but it's not a big deal.
We still have a ways to go.
I really don't wanna
go out there
I swear I saw someone.
There's absolutely nothing
to worry about. Nothing.
People camp and hike
and fish and hunt
all around these mountains.
We may see more people.
It is a wilderness area.
It's no big deal.
He didn't look right.
Maybe you didn't
look right to him.
The stupid stories you guys are
talking about got me all creeped out.
Come on. There's six of us.
We're safe as kittens.
All right, hang on
one minute, Hank.
All right, everyone.
All cell phones in the bag.
Oh, fuck that.
Yeah, what?
No way.
Yes, way.
Look, you guys
are here to connect,
and learn self-reliance.
That benefits the team.
Um, nope.
I came here to chase
mythic albinos.
This whole team-building shit,
that's being forced on us.
Careful, man, that's gonna get you
in trouble with the sticker police.
Grant, you wanna
help me out here?
Guys, just do it.
Babe, come on. It's fine.
No, it's not fine.
Look, I've got this.
In case of emergencies.
What are you doing
with our phones, then?
They will be right here
in this waterproof bag.
All right. Let me pay Hank,
and then we'll be on our way.
All right, everybody sure
they got everything?
I'm missing my phone.
I'll see you back here
Sunday afternoon.
I don't think I like him.
I hate him.
All righty, then.
Here we go.
You left our phones
on that van, didn't you?
Hey, Craig, are you a dick?
Hey... Did he?
I did. But we're covered.
It's three days, people! Jesus!
- Two, really.
- It's just, I can't.
Please don't hurt me.
Where's Tommy?
You know, uh,
my brother and I used to
play in here, these parts.
Can you, can you believe that stuff
like this used to give my brother and I
such a comfort,
make us feel normal?
you know, it's a human defect.
Our problems lay
a few centimeters deep,
but, you know, they had no
souls, as people saw it.
Don't kill 'em,
they're harmless.
Please don't hurt me.
Where's Tommy?
My friends, they're coming.
They'll find me.
They'll find me.
No, they won't.
They will.
No, they won't.
No, no. No, no, no.
No. No, please! Please!
See? I'm not all that bad.
Thank you for the wine, Craig.
Nothing says class
like cardboard vino.
Yeah, well, it's easier
to pack out than glass.
Here's to a successful
exercise tomorrow.
So, uh, you heard anything
from your friends?
Well, you took our phones,
so we wouldn't know, would we?
Their car's here.
I'm sure they found
a good place to camp,
and we'll catch up
to them tomorrow.
And on that note,
we are going to bed.
You guys try and get some rest.
And seriously, all joking aside,
you guys are a great team.
I'm proud as hell to be your leader.
Oh, jeez!
All right, all right.
You're a bunch of sarcastic
assholes, is what you really are.
But it's fun doing
these exercises with you.
So, cheers.
Don't mention it.
What time are we
taking off tomorrow?
I think about 8:30.
Should give everybody
enough time
to rise and shine
and do your "business."
At 8:30 in the morning?
You know tomorrow's Saturday?
And you're getting paid.
Suck it up.
So, Abbs, what do you
think you saw?
Dude, seriously,
stop messing with her.
I'm not screwing with her.
I'm just kind of wondering.
So, Ab-master?
It was probably just
a hunter or something.
That's all it was, Abbey.
Maybe a fisherman
going back to camp,
another hiker. Anyone, really.
I am going to call it a night.
Big day tomorrow.
I suggest you guys do the same.
Night, Craig.
See you bright and squirrely.
Dream happy thoughts.
Fuck it.
Might as well crash, not really
anything else to do.
I'll pass. I'm probably
paranoid enough already.
- Night, guys.
- Night.
- You want a smoke?
- You want a smoke?
So, what do you think
about all that?
The YouTube thing said
there was a cell phone found,
and it had one of these
albino people on it,
or whatever you wanna call 'em.
Like, internet rumors
and bullshit.
Yeah, pretty much.
The story goes that, like,
some asshole and his girlfriend
found them by accident
one night,
and tried to film them.
And, I guess...
one of them falls in the river,
and the other one
was never found.
So, instead of just saying
that they got lost,
these rumors spread that these
mountain folk killed them.
So, if they died
or vanished or whatever,
how the hell did the video
get posted online?
Exactly! It's bullshit.
It's bullshit.
Fuck off!
Kyle! Stop throwing rocks
at my tent!
I'm over here with Peppy.
It's not cool, guys. Seriously.
Guys, come on!
We're tired. Stop.
Daddy's pissed.
Hey, Abbey.
You want some company?
I'm fine. Just stop.
I'm gonna go check on her.
Good luck,
I'm snoozing here. It's comfy.
Except my little piggies
are cold as fuck.
Wear a rubber.
Dude, I would be an orphan with a
baby still if I can make that happen.
This really isn't so bad.
Really not bad at all.
It's kinda like that Four
Seasons in Bali, isn't it?
You're such a jerk.
Just with some extra bugs and...
Remember you said we'd be glamping?
This is not glamping.
- This is glamping.
- No, it's not.
With three minions.
You think is Abbey
gonna make it?
She's so scared.
Scotty's looking
a little frisky.
Uh, I don't think that
protein bar agreed with me.
Oh, God! So romantic.
Yeah, I gotta take a shit.
- Okay. Just...
- Yeah.
Go away from our tent, then.
I'll be right back.
What? You like it!
Goddamnit, Kyle!
Knock it off!
You all right?
I'm fine.
Do you want some company?
What? I'm just asking.
Just trying to look out for you.
I don't need anybody
looking out for me.
I'm just saying, if...
you're scared, I can
sleep right here on the ground.
Completely harmless.
I knew it.
Forget it. I'm out.
Wait, I...
Will you just stay,
but out here?
All right, yeah.
I'll grab my sleeping bag
and be right back.
- Thank you.
- You bet.
Fuck! Jesus.
Lucky I already shit,
or I would have.
Near my tent?
Dude, not cool.
Buried it. Relax.
I fucking smell it, man.
You'll be fine.
Fucking asshole!
I am getting laid tonight.
Laid tonight, laid tonight
Hey, baby, what are you doing
in my sleeping bag?
Oh, my God!
Oh, fuck!
This is it, bud.
Almost over.
What the fuck?
Inconsiderate douche-nozzle.
You get to see the other side
before I do.
This is gonna make a good one.
Kyle! Wake up!
Oh, shit! Shit! Shit!
Shit! Shit! Shit!
Howdy, Ma'am.
Didn't mean to wake you.
Who are you? Hey.
Kyle, wake up.
Kyle, please wake up.
I'm only...
I'm really sorry.
Fuck, man.
- Ah.
- Connie.
What the fuck?
No, Apple.
Not the women. Apple!
It's really beneath you.
What'd you do?
They're killing everyone.
They, they just,
they just killed them.
Craig, what's going on?
Those guys, the, the family,
the white guys.
They just killed everyone.
They, they're killing everybody.
- The Maxwells?
- I don't know.
Yeah, yeah.
They just killed my people.
- Carol, come in.
- Come on.
Rico, we gotta get
outta here, man.
Carol, please pick up.
Craig, where are they?
They're behind you.
Apple. Patton.
I am going to
try and find some cell service.
- Craig.
- You...
Craig, stay there goddamn it.
- I'll go for help.
- Craig!
Get down.
We ain't leavin.'
If you had any sense,
you'd get gone.
This didn't involve you.
Didn't involve
those people you killed, either.
He knows them.
Remember, I know your daddy.
That don't mean you know me.
Get on your knees.
All right.
I guess, since you're so
polite and all.
Leave us alone!
Rico, do you copy?
Rico, come in.
I was in the head.
Is everything all right
out there?
Somebody help.
Can you please...
- Mama.
- Can you please help me?
Please. Please.
- Are you all right?
- No.
- Come on.
- We need to get inside.
All right, come one.
Come in the house. Now.
Come on.
Someone's been killed, Mama.
I heard.
Well, bring her inside.
- Take her in the house.
- Get her some tea.
- Come on, come on.
- Come on.
You're safe, now.
Go in. Come on.
You're gonna be all right.
There's two men.
I know, come on in.
Come on in. Come on in.
We have to...
Can you please call the cops?
Come on in.
Are you coming or are you gonna stay out?
I'm comin', I'm comin'.
I hope to God...
You just sit tight
and you drink your tea.
Careful, it's hot.
Get this around you.
Stay nice and cozy.
- There you go.
- Thank you.
That's a good girl.
It's a landline.
Cells don't work out here.
Yeah, hi.
Don Maxwell here.
Out at the Hawk Boundary.
The old Ranger cabin
and pack station.
No, I'm okay, yeah.
It seems we have someone here
who's lost.
I'm not lost.
Tell 'em about the killers.
How many do you think?
I don't know. Um, Kyle,
maybe Connie.
There were six in our group.
Craig ran. Just please tell 'em
to hurry, it's not safe.
We're safe here.
- We are.
- Oh, yeah.
Uh, she has some friends
with her.
Uh, I don't know
who got out or not.
Okay. Yeah.
All right, thank you.
They'll be here soon.
They're on their way.
All's well.
Drink your tea.
I'm, uh...
I'm gonna go outside,
wait for the Sheriff.
make the girl
another cup of tea.
Looks like she can use it.
All right.
You like the tea?
You're very pretty.
Where are you from?
- What?
- Where do you live?
No, I've never been there.
I've never been
very many places, really.
It's so beautiful here.
Uh... The cities are
a little bit suffocatin'.
A lot of very hard people.
Mean people.
Mean and I mean mean. You know
what I mean when I say mean.
Did you lock the doors?
Because I feel like you should
lock the doors.
It is so peaceful out here.
Except when
the strangers show up.
I sure wouldn't understand why
they wanna harass my family,
but they do.
Are they on the way?
when I first came up,
he said that...
Damn flies.
I... Goddamn flies.
You know,
once, the boys and me,
we was trapped,
in this very room
and we could not escape
the flies.
We was unable
to escape them flies.
It had to do with a reoccurring
fly problem in our barn.
Apparently, the place was just
filled with all these flies,
and they just, they just
found their way right into here.
Don, he went out there,
and he bug bombed.
To kill the flies.
But they just keep on coming.
They just keep on...
They keep on, they keep on,
they just keep on coming.
You say you come up here
with some of your friends?
Ah, shit.
Carol, come in.
Say what?
I can't hear you in here.
The eensy weensy spider
Went up the water spout
Down come the rain
Washed the spider out
Out came the sun
And dried up all the rain
And the eensy weensy spider
Went up the spout again
Look what I brought you.
Little tea. We're gonna take
good care of you.
Ooh, my boy.
He thinks you are so pretty.
You are. Look at you.
One sip?
Ain't you Miss Smarty-pants?
He didn't call anyone.
No one's coming.
Ah, shit.
I think I gave her too much tea.
Still good tea, Mama.
But don't you worry, honey,
because Patton's gonna
give it to you.
Yeah, he is. He is.
He's the one.
He gonna be all yours.
He is the most beautiful one.
You're gonna be
so happy together.
You're gonna give me
some normal babies.
Ain't ya, Patty?
Plenty of 'em, Mama.
You know how to do it?
He's going to give you twins.
We're gonna have
a boy and a girl.
Then we'll have another
boy and a girl.
Then we're gonna have
two boys and two girls,
and then we can have
another set,
and they're gonna be triplets.
We're gonna have a big family.
- Whole family.
- Whole family.
A big, beautiful, whole family.
We love you.
We need you.
Sleep tighty night.
- You, sir.
- Thank you, Mama.
Here we come, honey.
Coming through.
No one else just randomly
gonna show up, are they?
Here you go.
Put her...
Tuck her in. Tuck her in.
Just like a little baby.
There you go. That's a good boy.
So, where's Apple?
I don't know.
Of course not.
- Son.
- Yeah?
Once you get her settled,
you clean up you and your brother's mess.
You hear me?
I know.
Pretty little thing, ain't she?
I was your bride once.
Prettiest little bride
in the whole county.
You better come to bed, Daddy.
I'll be right in.
I got something for ya.
Don't be long.
Get lost, Pug.
Let go. This one's not yours.
Oh, my God, Abbey?
I'm gonna marry you.
Oh, wake up. Please.
Wake up.
I'm here, Abbs.
Wake up.
You're okay.
We're okay.
What are you doing here
this time of night, son?
Little late for gardening,
don't you think?
Don, I'mma need you
to back away from the...
I'm gonna need you to back away
from the door.
You're gonna hit me
with that hoe?
You ain't a law man. Be cool.
You're tresspassin'.
It's not your land, Don.
So, technically you're the one
who's trespassing.
Opinions vary.
I got rights, too. You know?
Where is the girl, Don?
Damn, son.
Looks like you met
the wrong end of an ass beat.
I ran into Patton.
Where is she?
we can talk about it
in the house.
I'm going back inside.
Grab me a cold one.
God damn it, Don. Stop.
Turn around and answer me right now.
The drillers.
They attacked my boys.
I didn't know anything about it.
Other people are dead, Don.
I know.
Apple heard some some people...
coming to move us out.
He thought they was them.
It was an honest mistake.
An honest mistake?
An honest mistake?
Those were hikers.
They were practically kids.
And now they are dead and you...
You made that happen.
Let it go, Don.
It wasn't up to me, Rico.
If you create a beast,
you best learn how to ride it.
I'm too old and sick
to give a damn, now.
I just want it all to be over.
It is over - MAMA: Dad...
I knew you were like
the goddamn...
You really don't wanna fuck
with me tonight.
Ms. Maxwell, just back off.
I'm about to cut off more than
that you motherfucker.
Oh, God.
You killed my baby.
Yeah, well fuck your baby
and fuck you, too.
You chopped off my fingers.
You ain't gettin' out of here.
Can anyone hear me?
Oh, my God, Abbey.
Abbey. Hey, look at me.
Hey. Hey. Hey.
Wake up. Look at me.
Look at me. Hi.
Hi. Hi.
Abbey. Abbey. Abbey.
Hey. Hey, I got you. Okay.
It's okay. I got you.
I got you.
It's okay. It's okay.
I got you.
I'm here.
I'm here.
Thank God. Thank God.
Kyle and Scott and Connie...
Everybody's dead.
They killed everyone.
No. No.
They got Tommy.
Can we get out?
I searched every inch
of this place.
That psychopath comes
in and out of that door.
There's no other way.
Is it safe?
I don't know, but...
Abbey, hey.
Hey, hey, hey, Abbey.
Look at me. Look at me.
Look at me.
Look at me.
If we stay here,
we're going to die, okay?
Don't wanna die.
Me either.
Okay, okay, so, breathe.
We're gonna breathe.
We have to go. Okay?
Let's go. Let's go.
Let's go.
Wait. Wait.
But what if he is out there?
It doesn't matter.
He's gonna come back,
either way. Come on, Abbey.
Come on.
Don't, don't, don't, don't...
I can't help it.
Come on, Abbey.
Please, be careful.
Okay. Shh.
Come here. Come here.
Okay. Okay. Listen. Listen.
This is the way
he brought us in, okay.
It's the only way.
Okay, let's go.
Let's go.
Rene, be careful.
No, no, come here.
Stop, stop. Look at me.
Okay. We have to do this.
Is anybody there?
Sound off if you can
hear me, please.
Come on, girl,
sound off, please.
Oh, my God. He's here.
Your ma's dead, son.
I'm gonna check out the barn.
You could let Pug loose, now.
Help me, help me.
- Open up the door.
- No.
Open it.
It's Ranger Rico,
open up the goddamn door.
Open up the fucking door.
All right, listen to me.
If you don't open
the fucking door,
I'm going to die.
You, take this
hammer and get ready.
Is there any other way
out of here?
No, there is no other way.
A little help, please.
Hold tight.
- Is it gone?
- Fuck no.
- You ready?
- Yeah.
He's alone. It's okay.
There's three of us.
I like your optimism.
Look, listen to me.
Listen to me.
Okay, we are
gonna get out of here, okay?
I promise you,
we are not gonna die.
- We're gonna die.
- We're not gonna die.
I promise you,
we're not going to die.
We are
gonna get out of here, okay?
Okay? All right,
There's, um... There's a tunnel.
There's a tunnel
about 20 meters,
and it's not too long,
but it goes through
an up out of the shed.
Now, if we get there,
we find that and get there,
we'll be home free.
- I like your optimism.
- Thanks.
Oh, God.
No, no, don't listen to him.
Don't listen to him.
Look at me. Look at me.
Look at me. Look at me.
We are going
to get out of here, okay?
We are going to survive.
We are going to get out of here.
Fuck yeah? Fuck yeah.
Say "fuck yeah."
We are gonna do this, okay?
Say "fuck yeah."
Come on, say "fuck yeah."
Fuck yeah.
Fuck yeah.
Let's get out of here.
Come here, I got you.
All right, listen.
My truck is about 200 yards
down the road.
Key's in the ignition.
You have to do this, okay?
Fight, kick, punch, do whatever
the hell you have to do,
but do something
and get to that truck.
I got you.
Come on, I got you.
Come on, I got you, I got you.
Wait, wait we should
go down this...
No, no, we stick together,
come on.
I got you.
We wanted to be left alone.
- Why are you doing this?
- You should not have run.
But I didn't do anything.
Well, you came.
You came here!
Now, you're gonna stay!
- I want to go home.
- Let's go. Okay.
All right.
Put some pressure on there.
Where's Rene?
Fuck this fucking family.
Leave me alone!
I need to get you back
in the hole.
No, I'm not going back there.
Back in the hole.
Get back in the hole.
I'm so sorry.
- Please, help me.
- I'm so sorry.
Help. Mama, please help me.
Mama, Mama.
Mama, Mama...
All right, listen,
you stay right here.
- I'll be right back, all right?
- Okay.
- I'll be right back.
- No, don't.
When the wind
Is calm, calm, calm
Then we got to run,
To run, to run
When you feel
The calm, calm, calm
Then we got to run,
To run, to run
And the wind blows
Everybody knows
That something coming
For their mama...
So at Rocks and Roots,
team building
and weekend outdoor trips.
Obviously we wander around
the neighborhood
with my team of cameras
that come out here to enjoy
the beautiful
and bucolic scenery
of gorgeous
Whiskey Flats, Oregon.
Just had to say that
I know you got a bad reputation
in light of the recent incidents
that happened.
But I'm here to assure you
that at Rocks and Roots,
we are leading the industry
in death and injury resistant
camping trips.
We have... well, you know,
at Rocks and Roots,
we boast one of the
highest survival rates
in the industry.
So, when it became
first apparent to me
that my camp site
was under
some sort of terrorist attack,
I assured everyone
that the situation
was under control
and told them remain calm
as I did myself.
It's not like it happens often.
I can't even remember
the last time it happened.
Yeah, no, I can't remember.
If, by some act of God...
Don't let our isolated incidents
dissuade you from coming
to visit Rocks and Roots.
Things, things
That make the world
fall around your feet
And I know that it's time
For you to run, run, run...
We are very proud to say
that if you don't survive,
you don't pay.
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