Get M4rried (2013) Movie Script

Welcome to the new Jakarta.
In the last five years,
there has been a huge change
in our beloved capital city.
-Your turn.
-Hang on, let me pray.
Sir, excuse me. Could you take a picture?
The painting is so good.
Sure, but it will cost you
one thousand rupiah per picture.
One thousand.
-All right.
Go ahead.
Our community is getting up to date
on all the latest technology
and digital trends.
Wow, celebrities.
Can we take a picture together?
Hi, Miss Crest Hair.
I think I know you. Are you Syahroni?
It's getting more modern and trendy.
-You dropped your money.
-Getting bolder.
-And reckless.
But luckily,
mutual help hasn't been forgotten.
That's the thief!
As government officials,
the issues that we must tackle
are terrorism, drugs,
community and public complaints.
But the most important thing
is immorality. All right?
Can't you see I'm in a meeting?
I'll hit you.
-Go beat him.
Calm down, sir, there are kids around.
I don't care. I'm not a puppet.
Sir, you are a headman now.
Smile, smile.
I want to ask something. Will we get paid?
Oh, my God,
we're celebrating our grandchildren.
We're supposed to have a budget. For gas.
-It's more important than celebrities.
-We'll get paid later, be patient.
Just so you know, a lot of celebrities
become government officials.
This is the era of clean officials,
serving for the communities.
Then why would I become a headman?
There's no profit.
Yes, yes.
-Write it down!
Ma'am, sir.
I paid you a lot
for my child's birthday party.
Why did it become like this?
After serving time in prison,
Eman became an EO.
-And now he's--
-Sorry, who are you?
Who are you?
You should know, Ren.
You're the one who told me
to arrange this game party.
Themed party!
Like you said in the broadcast message.
"Birthday party with decoration."
See? MRT.
-"There will be games."
-This is a game.
The flooded pool is a game.
This is the worst birthday party.
Ren, my concept is realistic,
bitter, and pitiful.
Jakarta is about how hard it is to live,
not always about glamour.
About how hard the competition is.
Traffic, am I right?
-This is a six-year-old's birthday party!
Peace be upon you.
Peace be upon you.
Just like Eman, Benny is trying his luck.
Becoming a young ustad.
Guntoro still believes
he's the most handsome guy in the world.
Ladies and gentlemen,
thank you for coming
to my children's birthday party.
Which was held by Eman Bener Enterprise.
Please, give out the ID cards
to those who are interested.
Thank you. Go ahead.
In case you need someone
to lead the prayers--
Hi, everybody!
Shame on me.
Are you guys waiting for me?
No. Nobody is. Right?
Sorry, we're late.
Because I've just received good news
from my daughter, Sophie.
Mom, let us finish this.
I'm getting married!
Praise be to God.
Aren't you 16, Sophie?
May God forgive me.
But her boyfriend's family is rich,
so it's okay.
It's okay.
-Are you pregnant?
-What are you talking about?
-How old?
-How dare you?
Watch your mouth.
All right, enough.
Shut up!
Long live, long live
Long live and noble
Rendy, you agree with me, don't you?
Sophie is too young to get married.
Do you agree with me
that Sophie is too young to get married?
She has such a long future ahead of her
to just be a housewife.
She's a modern kid.
Technology is advanced.
Why did she think of marriage?
She should get
her Master's Degree, or Doctorate.
Become a manager, director, or president.
Instead, she decided to be a wife.
Why did Kartini fight
for women's emancipation
if all women do is
think about getting married?
Now is not the time
for women to just stay home and be wives.
What's wrong? Let me help you.
Kids around her age are known
to be rebels.
So, if we challenge her, she will fight.
Come on, eat, kids.
You never fought your parents.
Fight my parents?
No, I never did.
Mom never fought her parents.
Eat more.
Eat a lot of it, chew it.
Just relax, I'll take care of everything.
I'll rescue Sophie
from the biggest mistake of her life.
Oh, God, sorry.
-All right?
-Okay, honey.
Take care.
What would I do without you?
Still handsome.
But not happy. Go.
Why should we go with your aunt?
She's not my aunt, she's my sister-in-law.
She wants to cancel my wedding.
So you guys have to help me.
And she's super curious.
Which one? There are a lot of women here.
There, the one with the 2012 outfit.
Hi, Soph.
These are my friends.
Anything you want to say to me,
you can say it in front of them.
Best friends?
Just like Mae, Guntoro, Eman, and Benny?
Benny, Guntoro, Eman, who?
Her gang, older men.
That's why they have ancient names.
What's his name?
He's the only one
whose parents haven't divorced yet.
So, it's normal he's acting strange.
He just wants to exist.
There's a lot of things you can do
before you get married.
Travel around the world,
don't you want to do that?
I've done it three times.
I told you that I could do it in May.
But they keep asking me
to perform next month.
Cancel it.
You only have to pay
a few thousand dollars.
Yeah, that's true.
But I want to perform in Dubai.
You want to go to Dubai?
We could go together.
Let's go.
Hey, stop.
What is this?
You guys are still young.
How is it so easy for you to go overseas?
Joe is a famous DJ.
And he has his own clothing line.
And Vanya
You're the female model of that provider?
Wow, that advertisement is so cool!
I like it.
And Max, he works at Apple.
Mae, now is not the time to wait
to be older to do something.
Look at us, we're still young.
And if I want to know anything,
I have the Internet.
Kim, this is my sister-in-law, Mae.
Mae, meet my future husband, Kim.
Peace be upon you?
Peace be upon you too.
Let's go.
I've paid the bill.
Sixteen years old, Ren!
They are 16 years old.
They have done a lot of things.
A lot.
Meanwhile, when I was 16 years old,
what did I do?
Hang out with the boys.
Oh, I did something.
I played cards with the boys, too.
You were still playing cards
when you met me.
That's it, Ren. That's it.
Can you imagine how much time I've wasted?
I've never been overseas,
I've never been a DJ.
And of course I've never had
my own clothing line.
Oh, my.
The only time I dealt with an apple
was when I went to the market.
So, how is Sophie?
Is she getting married?
Huh? Sophie?
Do you even remember
the point of you meeting her?
Do you?
Yes, I do.
It's just
her future husband
I believe love exists because of destiny.
I will fight against destiny
until I can be with you forever.
What are you doing?
How about--
No need.
Thinking about Sophie's boyfriend?
What? Thinking about Sophie's boyfriend?
Answer me honestly.
That's the answer. I answered already. No.
Even though his future husband
is a dream husband for any girl
in Indonesia.
But it's just a fantasy.
Fantasy can be deceiving.
Therefore, we need
to prevent Sophie's wedding
before it's too late, Rendy.
Am I your fantasy guy too?
Here, let me take a look.
Loves me.
But a fantasy could not possibly happen.
But, I got you. It's okay.
Hey, are you teasing me?
You are my fantasy wife.
My fantasy has always been
to have a tiny wife.
So I can take her anywhere.
-Yes, baby?
Are you all right?
I'm all right.
Be careful, baby!
You said tiny would be easy.
Where's my stimulant?
No, no.
What do you want?
It's been a week, isn't it?
I don't know.
Stop fantasizing about Kim.
Who fantasized about Kim?
It doesn't make sense.
If you want to play,
don't put your money here.
If there's money, then it's gambling.
That's a sin.
You've never put money here.
He always owes me money.
-Pretends to forget.
But I already knew this.
Because when I was in prison,
I always watched television films.
That's what people do in prison, watch TV.
That's right.
Now I know.
We have to find Sophie a new match.
So it will distract her attention
from Kim.
With a few conditions, a boy--
A boy.
A boy.
This, X.
Smells good.
Three, this.
If we find one like this,
Sophie will realize
that Kim is not her match.
When the wedding is canceled,
we ask him to break up with Sophie.
Wait, I disagree.
Just give it to me.
You see?
This. Manly.
-Kim is manly, isn't he?
-Yes, he is.
Well built.
-I think Kim smells good.
-He smells good.
Like a flower.
-Is he handsome?
-Yes, he is.
Then you have to come up
with a better idea.
Actually, it's not that bad.
-This is correct, but--
-We missed one thing.
Number four.
-Diligent student?
This is the most important thing.
If he has three of these,
but he doesn't have this one,
he's a zero,
that's the most important thing.
Then, who's the boy?
It's not that I don't want to help.
But Sophie is too young for me.
Besides, I don't want
to break Rendy's sister's heart.
Keep fantasizing.
Am I not handsome?
-I don't know.
-Where are my cards?
But, actually,
have you ever thought,
all of you,
that we
don't do a lot
of meaningful things in life?
Meaningful how?
I don't get it.
Yeah, what do you mean?
-I'm going to go.
-What about the game?
-Go play by yourselves.
-Where are you going?
I'm going to go pick up my kids.
You're complicated.
I agree with you.
I watch TV as well.
So, you find a match for Sophie.
So this will be
Eman Bener Enterprise's project.
-We're not playing?
I'm going to pick up my kids.
Let's play with the three of us.
It's not fun with only three of us.
-It's not done yet.
-We continue?
It's not done.
The point is we have to make an audition
for Sophie's future boyfriends.
Usually, the ones
who show up first are weird.
But relax.
Because a handsome guy will come next.
Not stylish enough,
but we can give him a makeover.
Smart. A makeover.
Clean haircut.
This too, the beard.
So it's clean, right?
Then we give him contact lenses.
-And what else?
-Then we play some current hit songs.
Modern. On the top charts.
Then, suddenly--
Sir, I'm sorry.
My father said this place
can no longer be used for hanging out.
This is a drug free area.
Alcohol, gamble and terrorism free area.
-Who are you?
-Where are you from?
Sorry, I'm Jali.
Intern at the sub-district office.
Peace be upon you.
Peace be upon you too.
Attention to all visitors
So, Mrs. Mae, you have
an abnormal menstruation this month?
Yeah, doc.
It usually takes four days.
But now it's been more than a week.
A week. Yeah.
Okay, I'll check it out.
Here it is, nurse.
Did you bring the jelly?
Yeah, you'll feel a bit of pain.
But this is normal.
It's the process.
Hold your breath, ma'am.
Keep holding your breath, ma'am.
Hold your breath.
-Is it safe, nurse?
-It is, doc.
Yes, you can breathe now.
-What is it, Man?
-Take this, Gun.
Oh, my God.
Do you have a girlfriend?
I do, sir.
-You do?
Break up with her.
-Break up with her!
You can't do that, Man.
Love is everything for a young man,
it can't be bought like this.
Hey, do you love Jakarta or not?
I do, sir.
Answer loudly!
I do, sir!
That's why they gave me the name Jali.
Do you want this nation
to lose its identity?
-No, sir.
Now, do you want this country,
including its women,
to be hijacked by foreigners?
-Do you want that?
-Move over.
Hey, you see this? Look at this.
-Is she beautiful?
-Yes, she is.
-Do you want to be her boyfriend?
-Yes, I do.
See? You're making it too complicated.
-Just like that?
-You're too complicated.
Hey, come with us.
How's the result, doc?
Mrs. Mae, we will know the result
in about two hours.
-Do you want to wait--
-Oh, no, doc.
I'm already late to pick up my kids.
All right.
What if I come back tomorrow?
Tomorrow? Sure, I'll prepare it.
-Tomorrow then.
Doc, can I have this?
I mean this, doc.
Yeah, sure.
Can I?
-I'll take two, okay?
-See you tomorrow.
-See you.
-Bye, doc.
You missed me.
You missed me.
Slow down.
What are you drawing?
A house.
Hey, come here. Draw something.
Come on, Oprah.
You've been taking care of me forever,
along with Dad.
Isn't there anything else you want to do?
Oh, my God, Mae.
I'm done taking care of you.
But taking care of your father
will never be done.
You know your father.
I'm late.
I've created a choir
together with some housewives.
You can come too.
I drew a picture too.
They must be hungry.
I don't have any food.
I had no time to cook.
If you want to eat, just buy something.
It's okay.
I wanted to talk about gossip.
What gossip?
Sophie, isn't it?
What did she do now?
Thank God, Mae.
My kid took the right path.
I was thinking what would you be
when you grew up.
Thank God, you've become
a good wife and a good mother.
My grandchildren.
Grandma has to go.
- Peace be upon you.
- Kiss her hand.
-Peace be upon you too.
-Peace be upon you.
Peace be upon you.
-I'm so late.
Bye, Mrs. Headman.
Mom, I'm hungry.
Are you hungry too?
Oh, my God. Let's clean this up.
Let's go, clean it up.
you look exactly like me when I was yo--
-I mean--
You're so beautiful.
Mom, I have to look super beautiful, okay?
I don't want people on my wedding day
to think Kim looks cooler than me.
You're cool.
Mom, why is he here?
Eman Bener Enterprise.
We manage wedding parties too.
Don't worry, everything is fine.
Miss, come here.
Take a look at this, please.
Looks like something is missing.
The main thing is Kim and Sophie's wedding
cannot be canceled.
Kim's father owns a cellphone company
in Korea.
Just relax.
Relax, Eman is here.
But you know what, ma'am?
Mae has a plan to make Sophie
fall in love with another guy.
But it will not happen.
As long as Eman Bener Enterprise is here.
there's a cost for it, ma'am.
You gave me a Malang apple price.
I usually take the price of
Washington apple.
Oh, my God, ma'am.
This is Monthong durian.
Thanks, ma'am.
Everything is done.
All you know is done.
Ma'am, I love you.
I love you, too.
We love you, too.
Stop, I'm okay.
Bye, ma'am.
Hey, have you collected Sophie's data?
You have to know the movies she likes.
What songs she listens to.
Not yet, there's more.
You have to know what makes her sad.
And what makes her happy.
You have to know that, okay?
This doesn't feel right.
What doesn't?
I feel like spying on somebody's life.
Hey, gay face.
Listen, this is a transparent era.
If you're pursuing a girl,
you have to go through everything.
No matter what it takes.
-You got me?
Don't just say yes, listen to him.
Do you want to be a successful person?
Yes, I do.
Yesterday you said
that you had a girlfriend.
How is she now?
I broke up with her via text.
-You didn't meet her?
-It's okay, they broke up.
How is she now?
She's mad.
She blocked me on Instagram,
Twitter and Facebook.
-It's all right.
-Hey, Jali!
I hate you!
-Who is she?
-My girlfriend.
I hate you!
Look at this!
Your girlfriend?
-That's my motorcycle!
-I don't care!
Why did you bring me up?
-That's your girlfriend?
Why did you have to be with her?
You'll be better with this one.
You have to find a good girl.
Not like that one.
Which one do you choose?
-This one, sir.
-This one?
Good. What about the tire, Gun?
Mom, did you wish to be a cop?
How is it? Are you wearing it?
What do you think?
How could you buy a present like this?
You always said you wanted to be a cop.
So, you bought me this present
so I could fulfill my dream?
And my dream too.
Hey, you.
-Come here.
It's complicated.
It suits you.
There's something I want to
tell you.
Darling, it's from the office.
There has been a network problem today.
It's important, hold on one second.
Have you checked it?
What did the technician say?
What? Hacked?
Oh, my God.
How come?
Find someone.
How much does it cost?
Hey, I don't care.
Oh, the river used to be cheerful,
now it has a dark sorrow.
The breath is rotten.
The trash is clinging.
Ragged cans, pieces of cardboard,
plastic waste,
staying in their stomach.
Disaster that strikes men and women.
The extinction of civilization.
Good morning, Mrs. Mae.
Morning, doc.
I have the results.
Let's get to the point.
Looks like we have a problem.
You're taking a bath in there?
-What's going on?
-My God!
Hey, Jali.
You're meeting Sophie for the first time.
-Ben, what's this?
-Like he's taking an exam.
You look like you're applying for a job.
This is not fashionable.
Sophie is not a regular girl.
But I'm a regular man.
Hey, don't get me wrong.
You never learned religion?
Every human being is equal in the eyes
of God, there's a verse about it.
The point is, every human being
is equal in the eyes of God.
-All right.
-What about this?
Let the most handsome guy
take care of his style.
Let's go.
Stupid, you hit me.
Hello, Mae.
Oh, yeah.
I brought this for you.
Thank you.
Mae, I want to make this clear.
You and Rendy cannot stop my wedding.
One week.
One week what?
We have bought a lot of things.
You talk too much.
Where's the clerk?
I'll take this one.
While we have the money.
This one too.
I'll just wear it.
and I will support
all of your wedding expenses
as long as you want to learn
about marriage in one week.
One week like that?
One week with our rules.
After that, you're free
to choose what you want.
Take it, Soph.
It's only a week.
Hey, nerd, be honest.
But don't be too overconfident.
I feel good going together with you.
It's different with the boys.
They're old.
Too mature.
They can't keep up with me.
When it's you and me, we are connected.
High five.
High five, like that.
Bye, monkey.
-Oh, well.
That suits you.
-No, thank you.
-I'll buy it for you.
These are enough.
-No, man.
-Let's buy it.
This one must be the younger guy
and the other one is his older man.
-Let's greet them.
-It's good for you.
Nice shirt, sir.
Wait, don't call me sir.
Sorry, what should we call you?
Call me Gun.
-Hi, Gun.
Hi, meet my friends.
-Meet them.
Gun. The Guns.
See? Hanging out
with these young guys is my thing.
-I agree.
-Let's party together some day.
Follow me on Twitter first, @reyhotstuff.
-Write it down.
You see that? Stylish.
Stay at father's house.
Gun, what are you doing?
It's all right, we'll clean it.
All right.
You happen to be here with--
-He's my nephew.
Take a look at this,
I took him shopping to make him happy.
I'm happy.
Hello. Jali.
She's beautiful in person.
Sophie happens to be
staying at father's place.
For a week.
Oh, yeah, what a coincidence.
I'm an intern at father's sub-district.
So, if you need anything,
I can help you.
My nephew.
Gun, does your wife know
that you're going out with your nephew?
Oh, yes, she does.
She knows.
I'm always open with my wife.
Open, you know?
We have to be honest.
Honesty is the key to marriage.
That's it.
In marriage--
-Get married.
-Guns, we meet again.
You smell so good.
Guns, don't forget that we have
to arrange a party together.
What's up, my daughter?
I can't sleep.
You can't, honey?
Okay, then sleep with us.
-Sleep here.
-Sleep here.
But we'll move you later, okay?
I have to thank mom and dad.
For allowing Sophie to stay with them.
Don't thank them yet.
We're not sure
Sophie is not running away tonight.
You don't like staying with dad either.
It's not I don't like it.
But I'd stay in a room
with a crocodile than with him.
Don't say that.
If I'm gone someday and you still fight
with dad, what about the kids?
Gone how?
I mean,
I want to go traveling, backpacking.
I've never done that kind of thing.
Also, diving.
Playing guitar.
Wait a second, Ren.
-What are you writing?
It's a secret.
Are you all right?
I mean, you--
That's the office calling.
That night
even though he was sitting
on the edge of the bed,
for the first time he felt Mae
was so far away from him.
Mae, how could you stay
in a place like this?
This is not acceptable.
You're my wife,
you should listen to what I say.
-I'm your husband.
-I know you're my husband.
But it doesn't mean I have
to obey everything like a goat.
Had I known this,
I would have married a goat.
So that's how it is, huh?
You used to flatter me
when we were dating.
You said I was the most beautiful girl
in the village.
You were beautiful.
But that was 30 years ago.
I know that you tricked me.
If I had known you'd end up like this,
I wouldn't have wanted you!
What are you talking about?
Like what?
What are you talking about?
Where are my wrinkles? Show me.
Where are my wrinkles?
Here and here.
How dare you?
Now you go sleep with a goat.
Go sleep with a goat!
Darling, why are you being serious?
Hey, love.
Isn't my acting good?
I guarantee you
she won't get married too early.
Thank God, I thought you were serious.
I thought you got angry
when I mentioned your wrinkles.
What do you mean wrinkles?
Do you realize all these wrinkles
are because of you?
Having you as a husband is heartbreaking.
I used to be beautiful, I'm rotten now!
I was the most beautiful girl
in the village!
I'll have wrinkles in this case.
I'm sleepy.
Bring the bag.
Come, Hanung.
The car doors are open. Hang on.
Let's go, Mark.
Let's go. Okay.
Let's go to the car now. Chop! Chop!
Why aren't you ready yet?
I'm not coming.
The chauffeur will drive you.
Where are you going?
I have something to do.
What is it?
Not important.
Hanung's homework.
Who's Max?
That was close,
I've been working on it all night.
What's up with you?
I love you.
I told you to go to the car,
why are you still here?
To the car.
I'll drop them at school first,
then I'll go to the office.
-Take care.
How dare you accuse me
of having an affair?
Don't you have a better reason?
I'm tired of being married
to a cow with wrinkles.
What did you say, a cow with wrinkles?
Why me?
It makes me sad when you say that,
you know that?
You have wrinkles too.
Yeah, you have no wrinkles.
You've offended me.
You must leave this house.
I'm a headman.
I don't care if you're a headman or not.
You still can't say
you have a senile wife.
Did you think
I wasn't going to get wrinkles?
I have wrinkles, but I'm beautiful.
You have wrinkles, but you're rotten.
Hey, miss.
Can't you see I'm stressed out?
I noticed.
It hurts.
Are you stressed out?
There's a place
that won't make you stressed out.
Let's go, but don't
hit me again.
PI Mall?
What's that?
We'll see about that later.
We're leaving!
What's taking you so long?
What are you doing?
Wait a second.
Be patient.
What time is it?
-It's so long.
-Yeah, hang on.
Sorry. Dirty.
So, is this the place?
What is this place?
This is where the boys usually hang out.
But the headman demolished it.
He was afraid something bad would happen.
We're actually close to the city.
but why does it feel so far from here?
This is all Jakarta.
There are
There are alleys.
There is me, there is you.
is there you and me?
we're like
a building and an alley.
There's a form to it, but
it's not suitable
if they're close together.
Besides, don't feel insecure.
If I'm with
a regular girl,
I'm confident.
But if I'm with
Miss Sophia--
Don't call me "Miss."
My name is Sophie.
And what's up with me?
It's just
I don't--
You're like no other.
Thank you.
Are you serious you want to do this?
And I'll start playing
The old song we used to sing
But I can't say a word
Just a memory in my head
Day changes
You know what?
Wow! That's my favorite song, too!
We're a match!
I thought you didn't know the song.
I love that song so much.
Play it again.
This is not a coincidence.
I've been following you on Twitter.
And Instagram.
And Facebook.
I've been a stalker.
I looked at the things you like.
I looked at the things you don't like.
after all this time
So, it turns out you're my real fan?
Are you not mad at me?
Why would I?
What else do you know about me?
Oh, God.
You don't like reading.
You know what? I'm so happy right now!
At first I thought
we would have nothing to talk about.
But now we're talking about me, me and me!
Let's clap!
Now tell me.
What else? Come on.
Twenty-seven? That's correct.
I still can't believe
you've never tried this thing.
I've always wanted to.
But you know, Eman, Benny, Guntoro--
they like to play by the river.
Rendy is busy with his job.
It's okay.
We must have fun now.
But you have your own friends.
Sometimes we need a different environment.
Don't you feel that?
I think
life is too short
when you spend it with a routine.
I'm a blogger.
Okay, then, let's go.
Come on.
I don't know if this is crazy,
or paranoid or anything.
But I think Mae is seeing another guy.
Oh, my God.
His name is Max.
I've approved this,
please take it to accounting.
Thank you.
Ren, in Islam,
if a wife has an affair,
she gets a stoning punishment.
She's not having an affair.
She's not having an affair.
If she's not, why would you be panicking?
Because me, Eman, Mae and Guntoro,
we've been friends forever.
Then why can't you let Mae be friends
with Max?
Ben, do you want to help me?
Please find out everything about Max.
Actually, in Islam,
bad thoughts and suspicion
only bring bad things.
In a marriage,
you as the husband,
Mae as the wife,
the most important thing
is communication.
Yeah, communication
is the most important thing.
Not only can I help you
by having this conversation,
I can help you more you want.
I can be your private spiritual adviser.
If you want.
But there's something that I need.
It's not much.
For example,
a wristwatch.
What for?
So that when you call me, I know the time.
One more thing.
I need a private car.
What for?
So I can be fast whenever you call me.
I'll come to you as fast as I can.
So, if you give me all those gifts,
they must be given sincerely.
Sincerity is the most important thing.
-Mae isn't having an affair, is she?
-All right.
Pray to God.
Mae isn't having an affair.
Mae is having an affair!
Oh, my God!
This girl is making a mistake.
Your friend is having an affair.
Why is it impossible?
Look at his husband.
-He's so handsome.
He looks just like me.
Rich, and can be easily tricked.
If I were a woman, I'd marry Rendy.
Me too.
Rendy told me.
He asked for my help
to find out who Max is.
Wait a second, what's his name?
-This is Jali, my nephew.
Why are you laughing?
Yes, why are you laughing?
Max is Sophie's friend.
He's just a teenager.
I don't think Mae is seeing a little boy.
How little is Max?
Like this? Or like this?
He's a bit taller than me.
Sharp nose.
Pale skin.
His face
is cute.
Mae is having an affair!
-Oh, my God!
-Oh, my God.
Let me ask you something.
If I were a Hollywood celebrity,
who do you think I would look like?
Demi Lovato.
If I were an Indonesian celebrity,
who would I be?
Meriam Bellina.
Why would I look like Meriam Bellina?
She looks like Mae's mother.
How can you compare me with her?
Ira Wibowo.
Good, that one!
Ira Wibowo, I love her.
You want to try it?
Jali secretly has a different answer
in his heart.
Sophie looks more like
the mother of his future children.
Where is Max?
-Yeah, Max.
I'll be seeing him later at a concert.
I'll introduce you to my friends.
Because I'm the only one
who has a real fan among them.
Yes, we'll join you.
we want to meet Max
and we need to talk
man to man.
It's not funny.
Not funny, you know?
When I was high
I lost my mind
But I still remember you
I have a lot of phone credits to call you
A lot of messages that I left for you
But I don't know where you are
Best friends!
I miss you, but I hate you
Sophie! Soph!
Hey! In the back, Sophie!
Wow, Slank!
Who is he?
I don't know.
Maybe a Twitter follower.
-Who is he?
Oh, okay, let me introduce myself.
We want more! We want more!
We want more!
We meet at first sight
-My future husband is here!
-Where have you been? What time is it?
You came early.
He came to me
I bought tickets for all of you.
Now show me who is Max.
-Yeah, we'll show you.
I'm in front of you
I take the liberty
Hey, hey!
I want to talk to you.
About what?
This is so chaotic!
It's okay, you were brave to do it.
That's cool!
Kim! Oh, my God, Kim!
Let's go.
-How dare you!
Calm down.
Run! Run away!
What is this?
Eat that, dumbass!
Hey, this is my friend!
Are you all right, Man?
Oh, my God.
Soph! Sophie!
Sophie! Soph, wait! Sophie!
Mae, tell me. What's going on with you?
Is it because modern women,
as the sign of their emancipation,
they can have a younger man?
Is that it?
Am I boring in your eyes or what?
I've read your diary.
Traveling to Africa.
Learning how to play flute.
Going around Monas on a scooter.
What is that?
That made you want to sacrifice
everything we've built.
For those things, Mae?
You read my diary?
That's private.
Since when do we have secrets between us?
Of course I'm keeping it a secret.
Because I know
if I tell you I want to travel to Africa
you will laugh at me.
No, Mae.
But you should think
about what you want carefully.
Not based on a whim.
Perhaps that's what I need right now.
But why?
Why, Mae?
We're not done yet, Mae.
I need a rest.
I'm going to have an operation
in a couple of days.
They'll be removing
a tumor from my womb.
Why didn't you tell me you were sick, Mae?
You should've told me.
This must be a warning from God
because I'm a career woman now.
Why did you say that?
I'm proud of you, Mom.
God is telling you,
the nature of a mother is
more than taking care of dad and me.
I want to be a good mother to you.
That's what makes me happy.
That's the most important thing for me.
You have the nerve to do that to me.
Keeping secrets.
I know all about your grievance.
Kamil took the sub-district's money
for his child's operation. I know.
How could I ignore my own daughter?
The whole village confides in me.
Why don't you? What's the matter?
I didn't want you to panic.
I'm used to dealing
with red alert situations,
do you understand?
It's just your appendix, that's nothing.
A tumor, darling. Not the appendix.
-A tumor?
-A tumor.
-Mae has tumor.
-Yes, she does.
Mae, dad has fainted!
Why did they put him in a hearse?
No, this is an ambulance.
They're taking him to hospital.
Calm down, I'm here.
Yeah, Mae is coming too.
You go with your husband.
-Mae's coming too.
-I'm okay.
Pull me up.
What's up?
I'm here, darling.
Let's go.
Are you sick?
Do you want to see a doctor?
Are they going to give you an injection?
Mom, don't cry, promise me.
You have to be brave like me.
I promise.
I will not cry.
Darling, wake up!
Out of the way.
-What's going on?
-Shut up! Move! I'm busy!
What's wrong?
What happened?
-What happened to your father?
Did your father get caught
by Anti-Corruption?
He passed out
because of his heart condition when he--
When he found out that Mae
is having tumor surgery.
Is that true, Mae?
A tumor can kill you.
-Do you really have a tumor?
Let's just hope it's not cervical cancer.
How is father?
He's all right. I've taken care of him.
You better prepare for your surgery.
Rendy, take care of my daughter.
-I can't, Mom.
-Mae, Mae.
Look at me.
You need to have surgery, okay?
Even thugs are afraid of you,
let alone a disease.
You're strong.
I'll go back in
to take care of your father.
Mommy loves you, you gotta be strong.
Don't cry, okay?
Don't cry.
Let's get ready.
-Let's go.
-See you.
Be strong, okay?
Be patient, Mae.
Don't be friendly.
Be strong.
If your husband wasn't here, I'd cry.
Thank you, Ben.
Hey, what are you doing?
-I'll sleep here.
-Me too.
I'm first.
-Do you own this?
-Hey, hey!
What's going on?
It's Guntoro.
I'm injured, look at my head.
I was here first.
All three of you just go home,
Rendy will be staying here.
-It can't be.
-Rendy again.
Rendy again.
Rendy has been with you since forever.
He stays with you every night.
-And what's the result?
Ben, Gun,
remember when we were still young?
-You were never sick.
-Always healthy.
Why can't you guys accept Rendy?
-Of course.
-Because of this
How is it?
All of you, listen to me.
I can't imagine my life right now
if I don't spend it with Rendy.
All I have in my head right now are ideas
about traveling around the world
or having my own clothing line.
But in that reality,
there's no "What if?"
There's only a decision!
I've decided to be married to Rendy!
I married him!
And I'm lucky.
I married the right person.
Do you know what's the result
of my marriage?
Three beautiful children.
Three children who soothe my heart.
I'm so happy.
Because I know they will always be
protected by his crazy uncles!
Yeah, is that me?
Crazy uncle, right?
I'm the crazier uncle.
-Everybody knows I'm the craziest.
-You're the craziest.
-You're the craziest.
You're here?
Don't blame him.
You need to support him.
Because I know you're not
one hundred percent supporting him yet.
I'm 75.
Well, I support him more than that.
Eighty percent.
But he likes to feel
more handsome than me.
-I'm fair, right?
I don't like unrealistic people.
-I'm serious.
-It's enough.
For me.
-All right.
For you, Mae.
Promise? Keep it like that.
Who told you to hug my wife?
She could catch your stupidity.
-It's not funny, is it?
-Not funny.
It's not funny, Mae.
Just laugh.
I want to vomit.
-I can't hold it.
-My stomach hurts.
So funny.
Yeah, yeah.
the three of us will support you.
In any form.
Are you serious?
You're not joking anymore?
-Not funny.
-Say it.
You are
our friend.
My God! God is great!
There is no God but Allah.
You are our best friend.
Yes. Don't talk too much.
We better hug.
Just a high five, no hugs.
High five.
Best friends.
If you want to see Mae,
go straight and then turn to the left.
If you want to see Babe,
look for the door
that has a strong medicated oil smell.
Soph, wait.
I want to
apologize for punching Kim.
It was Kim who punched you.
-But I was defending myself--
You were so pathetic last night.
You should be more thorough,
you should be a stalker.
You can't be lovable
and adorable like this.
My future husband is cool and rich.
Not like you.
You are cute and adorable, you know that?
I'll count from one to three.
If you don't stop crying,
I will--
It hurts in the beginning.
What matters is the love.
Chase your girlfriend.
I was just at the hospital.
Now what matters is--
you have to decide what dress
you're going to wear.
You said it was okay
to wear the one with the gold
There's no time.
You have to pick between
the silver one and the gold one.
The down payment is today.
Sorry, sir.
Wait a minute.
So, what is it?
You haven't changed at all!
You said you'd be loyal to me,
but you're still looking at women!
What's wrong with you?
Rather than a boy.
Besides, she's prettier than you.
Okay! We're canceling the wedding!
Meatball seller
Brings a girl to be
Meatball seller
Brings a girl to be
Yeah, yeah.
If you want to join us,
you must be able to sing that song.
-Come on, come on.
-That's easy.
Meatball seller
-It's enough.
-Let him be, Mae.
He's handsome enough. No.
Okay, now,
you are officially one of us.
You're great.
You don't need to shake hands.
Me too.
I've been meaning to ask this
since forever.
I was curious.
Which one from the three of us
do you love the most?
Eman, Ben or Guntoro?
-It's never been asked before.
-This is the time. Let's go.
Just answer. We're not going to be angry.
The one you love the most.
You can say it's Eman, or Benny,
it's okay.
The one you love the most,
Gun, Benny or me?
-Don't involve him.
You don't want to answer?
-Should I?
Comfortable, yeah?
The one who makes me
the most comfortable is--
Good afternoon.
Mrs. Mae, it's time.
-It's time.
Let me help you get prepared.
Excuse me.
-Mr. Rendy?
-It's me.
The surgery went well.
-Mae is fine.
-Oh, yeah?
I can't hear.
I can't hear!
What is it?
Mae's tumor wasn't dangerous.
The surgery went very well!
What did I say?
Mae is all right. She'll be fine.
Mae is all right.
Mae is all right.
Ren, thank you.
We're lucky you're rich
and you can pay the hospital bill.
Mae could've died otherwise.
During the checkup
they found Mae has worms.
Yeah, we're lucky you're here.
-Thank you.
-No problem.
I'm so happy too.
Who are you?
Dodi, sir.
If you need an ID card,
I'll make it easy for you.
Darling, government officials
are not allowed to do that.
Go on, take care of my daughter.
Wait a minute.
Do you have any stimulant?
I've been weak for two days.
Could you help me?
You must have one.
I'm sorry, sir, I don't have it.
I really need it.
The surgery went well.
No dangerous tumor was found.
You're healthy, darling.
You made it.
We made it.
We made it.
want to throw up.
-Nurse, she wants to throw up.
Is this normal or not?
It's all right.
That's the rest of her anesthetic.
It's a normal reaction.
It will be gone in a moment.
It's all right, let me do it.
Not there, darling!
Those are my pants, darling.
Throw up here, not there.
-Sorry, darling.
-It's okay.
-It's okay.
It's okay.
So, you're getting close to Mae
just because you're creating a blog,
"How To Get An Older Woman?"
You haven't succeeded,
because she doesn't like you at all.
So, if you post that blog,
I'll tell everyone that it's just a hoax.
And I'll post your picture
when you were fat and curly.
My life will be ruined.
In that case--
Because Mae's love is only
for Rendy, forever.
Yeah, just like us.
Rock, paper, scissors!
Who wins?
Rock, paper,
Thank you, auntie.
I've taught you this, how do you say it?
Auntie Sophie gave you a present.
What should you say?
Thank you.
Take it, honey.
Take it, Mark.
Mom wants to talk to Auntie Sophie, okay?
What do you want?
Just because you're in a hospital,
it doesn't mean you have
to look ugly and crumpled. Okay?
You came here just to call me crumpled.
Max wanted to write a blog
about your relationship with him.
But, relax.
Whoa. I didn't expect it.
Well, it's probably because I owed you.
About your wedding--
you don't need to listen to me.
Yeah, I admit I assumed I knew everything.
I didn't know
if Rendy was going to be the best thing
in my life.
Even though still, in my opinion,
you're too young to get married
at 16 years old.
Too early for you to get married.
You're too young to be a mother.
Yeah, but how do you know
Kim is going to be
the best thing in your life, too?
I don't believe a word
from people who never studied abroad.
Why are you talking like that?
I learned a lot from you.
I have a message for you.
Let anyone see you without makeup.
Yes. I have this now.
Hey, Soph.
Come here.
Are you really serious
you want to get married?
Don't have kids too soon.
Who wants to have kids?
Who knows? It will be halal soon.
Like that?
Here, I got something for you.
Here, put it in your bag.
Your hip isn't ready, not good enough.
Put it in.
Who knows? It's halal already.
Clean that up. Get closer.
This one is close, that one is far.
Ujang, the chair! Hey!
Hey, where are you taking it?
Yeah, move it to the right.
It's not good here.
Help me here.
Let's go.
You two.
Don't you dare touch them
or I'll kill you. Seriously.
-You're too sensitive.
-Go away!
-You better help me.
Help how?
Why is it so quiet here?
-Mom, can we play there?
Later, stay with me first.
Yeah, like that.
Where are you going again?
-Thank you.
-All right, go on. Don't go too far.
Why is it not started yet?
There's no one here.
Darling, I forgot to tell you.
I've been busy calling
all the invited guests.
And apologizing on behalf of my family.
-The wedding is canceled.
What happened?
Tell me.
I saw Sophie recently.
But all of the guests have been invited.
It's because of you two.
Who do you mean?
You and Mae.
I saw you two,
how you love each other.
When Mae was in the hospital,
you were there staying by her side.
Crying over her.
I agree.
Chase your true love.
Since when do you wear a leather jacket?
I might have exaggerated a little bit.
How is Kim?
He has been unfollowed.
Then, what else?
What matters is this thing got canceled
without getting anyone frustrated
and wanting to commit suicide.
Man. Oh, my God.
What is wrong with you?
Let it go.
Say "Oh, my God."
My wedding is canceled.
-You're just--
-My hat!
The hat, Gun. Get it.
What else do you need? Water?
Still thinking about a stupid hat.
Why did you come?
You guys didn't read Twitter?
It's canceled.
Block. Unfollow. Report as spam.
-But what?
You didn't read?
-We've come a long way.
I don't care.
My hard work!
It hurts me.
I hate you.
-He means "I miss you."
I hate you, but I miss you.
I miss you.
It's done!
-I'm out of voice!
-Hey, hey!
Man, enough.
-You're crazy!
Eman is possessed by Ahek!
-They said the wedding was canceled.
-How can this be?
-I don't know, the envelope.
-Take it back?
-Take it, it's our loss.
Act of worship, Man.
Why are you here?
You haven't read my Twitter?
I have no phone credits.
Can I request a song?
Mae, my wife.
Do you want to accept me
as your crazy friend?
Your whole life--
until death do us part.
I accept.
You canceled the wedding?
Maybe I'll get married in ten years.
It's too soon to get married.
My mother
got fat right after she got married.
I don't want you to get fat.
You are perfect now.
Ouch! Oh, my God!
Why are you so obsessed with me?
That hurt.
What are you doing?
Apparently, they're creating a 3GP video.
This neighborhood can't accept immorality.
-We can't let it happen!
-Catch them!
What is she talking about?
I don't understand.
-I don't know.
-Not sure.
-Let's go.
-Let's go.
Where are you going?
What's the reason to arrest us?
Yeah, why?
It's the headman's orders.
Immorality is not allowed here!
What proof do you have?
This is the proof.
A condom.
You have a condom?
-Let's take them to the headman.
-Let's go.
They wanted to do immoral things.
I'm watching an orchestra.
What are you talking about?
You can't be like that.
A public servant should hear
the public's complaints.
-What's up?
Here they are, Mr. Headman.
This is Sophie, my daughter.
-Here she is.
-Why did you guys arrest them?
Mr. Headman. Get them married.
-Yeah, Mr. Headman.
-Get them married!
Headman, we found the proof.
They had a condom, Mr. Headman.
Oh, my God.
-Keep it, darling?
-I'll keep it.
-Yeah. Jali!
You're an intern
at the sub-district office,
you should be a good example.
Why did you do an immoral thing?
No, sir. I didn't do anything immoral.
I swear.
You can hang me on the Monas.
The Monas is full, I'll beat you up
until you explode.
Sophie, what did you do?
Mommy, I didn't do anything.
I just kissed him.
Isn't that right, Mr. Headman?
Get them married, Mr. Headman!
Both of you, come here!
Let me check you.
You're called upon.
You two are not muhrim.
Kissing each other is inappropriate.
Kissing, that's not appropriate.
-You too!
You kissed her. Do you love her?
Let me ask you. Do you like her?
Yes, Be.
If Sophie was
a flower,
I would be her grave.
That's right. Chief!
-You're still alive?
-Legal, I mean, alive.
-They are getting married. Are you ready?
-I am.
Hey, stop! Stop.
Who wants to get married?
Sophie? With--
Jali is a good man,
he loves your daughter.
They just met.
Wait a minute.
My daughter here just met a man.
Not long ago. They got married.
You see what came out of their marriage.
Not you, you're ugly.
-Not me.
-Where's your husband?
-This one.
-This is the result.
-Good, isn't he?
Yes, I promise.
If I marry Sophie one day,
I won't let a single tear
fall from her eyes.
Get them married!
Hang them!
Who dares to hang my daughter?
-They want to marry them or hang them?
I'll mediate.
Ma'am, it means hanging marriage.
What's that?
Hanging marriage means
that both of these kids are officially
married according to their religion,
and legally.
they can't stay together in a house.
-I understand.
That's a good idea.
-So, Sophie can go to school.
And they won't be thinking about sex.
Well, it means this. Let me be clear.
You two are married.
But you can't sleep together.
You can sleep at the sub-district office.
It's okay.
I'm tired of getting slapped.
Wait, but let's ask Sophie first.
Are you sure you want to get married
to this cute, but poor guy?
It's clear.
All right.
You can.
-But hanging marriage, okay?
I'll give you one year to earn money.
When you have one billion,
you can stay together in the same house.
I agree to marry Sophie,
daughter of Sumarsono,
with said dowry
which will be paid in debt.
Left side, is it official?
Right side, official?
-Everybody, is it official?
Wait a minute.
-Is it official?
Pinch each other
Nudge each other, nudge each other
Girls nowadays are flirty
When they get pinched
They will say it's love
Boys nowadays are flirty
If they get nudged
They say it's love
Sophie and Jali
finally became husband and wife.
Although it's a hanging marriage status.
But that doesn't matter,
because hanging marriages,
or any kind of hangings,
are common in this country.
Who are you anyway?
Who are you?
Who are you?
-What's going on?
-Sit down.
Subtitle translation by:
Taufick Karim Zainal