Get Married 2 (2009) Movie Script

Toys for kids.
It has been four years
since Mae and Rendy's grand wedding.
Their wedding party
did not last just one night,
or two nights,
not even three nights.
It went on for four days and four nights,
because Rendy is Sundanese,
German and Chinese.
The celebrations left a big impression.
Not just on Mae, Rendy and their family,
but also on the villagers.
What about that one?
-I'll pay tomorrow.
-You keep racking up debt!
Like other married women,
Mae is now busy with
Here, Zidane, here!
No, no. These are not Mae's children.
Thank God, not this one either.
Whose child is this? So naughty.
No, no. She is not Mae.
Mae is not busy taking care of children,
neither is she pregnant, but
You are still on your way?
Rendy, where are you?
You said you were on your way
two hours ago!
I'm stuck in a traffic jam.
It's raining, you know?
Everyone has come for our anniversary
and you are not even here yet!
My God, Rendy!
And there's an ambulance in front of me.
Where are you?
Man, where are Mom and Dad?
Mom and Dad are angry!
You must be here in five minutes!
No matter what!
What the heck!
Come on, Dad!
Why didn't we go to Mae's party?
Mae said that there is
a five-star hotel buffet tonight.
We don't have to go there.
Why should we?
Four years of marriage,
and she is still not pregnant.
They should be making children
instead of partying.
Let's just stop by, Dad, show our face.
Show our face?
Do you think we are politicians?
I have no face to show anymore!
I am already ashamed
in front of the villagers.
Where are my grandchildren?
Look at our neighbor.
Three months pregnant already.
Actually, that was in Mae's mind as well.
She wanted to hug a baby.
To see a baby smiling, laughing, and
Oh my God, May,
this is Balenciaga.
Rendy bought it for 30 million in Paris!
Why is the kid so dirty?
Hey, don't talk like that!
This is my friend's son.
You insult him, you insult me.
It's okay, darling.
And why should Rendy
buy clothes that expensive?
You can get clothes like these
at Mangga Dua.
Rice cake, Sophie?
I don't eat rice.
This is Sophie, Mae's sister-in-law.
Born in Malang,
she studied in France for two years.
And she claims
she still can't speak Indonesian.
Get out!
Her idol is Victoria Beckham.
Her hobbies are
shopping with her family's credit card,
vitamin C injections and Botox,
as well as maintaining
her body weight without exercise.
Oh my God, May,
where is that dress I got you?
That dress is not comfortable.
I can't sit like this in it.
I can't believe God gave me
a sister-in-law like you!
I can't believe your breasts
are not made in Thailand!
And, by the way, my name is Mae!
Not May.
"May, here."
Come here.
Where is your wife?
She's home, she's not coming.
Here, Mae, an anniversary gift for you.
Thanks, Man.
But don't wear it in public,
I haven't paid the printing company.
Ever since being conned
by a political party
that we shall not mention here,
Eman has spent
all his grandfather's inheritance
on his campaign.
I've told you not to do that!
Don't run!
He didn't get a seat in Congress,
but Eman is thankful he didn't go crazy
like his neighbor, Mahmud.
Thanks to Rendy, Eman got some power
that can be abused too.
Straight ahead. Yes, all the way.
Be careful, boss.
We're lucky
to have a friend like you, Mae.
Now we have connections
with rich guys like Rendy.
Ever since Guntoro was caught
texting a girl from Surabaya,
his wife forbids him to go sailing.
To keep him from flirting
with girls all over Indonesia,
Guntoro has become a driver
at Rendy's office.
Look at your face.
Beni, the aspiring boxer, has become
a bodyguard for Rendy's mom.
Thief! Thief!
You, dog! You thief!
But since the Louis Vuitton incident,
Beni has been transferred.
He's an office boy at Rendy's office.
I don't agree with the theme
of our event this time.
-I have no problem
-Here, some refreshing drinks.
So you can reach an agreement.
Here, boss.
Thank you.
Yes, just like that.
Okay, thank you. Good luck everyone.
Thank God.
Let's all thank God
for bringing Mae and Rendy into our lives.
Come on, everyone. Dear God, may Rendy
Cellphone, huh?
Sorry, darling,
my meeting is still going on.
Start the party without me, okay?
Calm down, Mae.
-Take a deep breath.
-Remember God, Mae.
Attention everyone!
I have news for all of you!
This party's over!
Go away everyone! Go home!
What's wrong?
Out of my way!
I said I wanted to go back
to my parents' home!
Who will drive me there?
You come so late just to bring donations?
-Mom, Mae is home for good.
But Mae
No buts.
Mae wants to be a strong woman.
Mae didn't want to be a woman
who could be trampled on.
Like you, Mom!
What will people say?
A wife can't leave her husband like this.
And Ramelan has been living
in that room for so long.
He's like family to us.
He's never late on his rent.
How about we sneak in
when Mae falls asleep,
pick her up, put her in a cab,
and send her back to Rendy?
Listen! We don't need to do anything.
If Mae wants a divorce, I support that!
Darling! For God's sake!
Mae, divorce your husband!
-Get down here, I want to talk to you!
Get down here! Or I'll smack you!
Dad, why do you talk like that?
Divorce him!
He's useless, good for nothing. Get it?
Or maybe he's impotent,
no power whatsoever.
I've been suspicious of him
for a long time.
He speaks too softly.
He can't even grow a moustache!
How can he impregnate his wife?
But you You are powerful!
You should have a strong husband,
A true man, one thrust.
See? Like him.
Drink I-KWAT, women will flock to you.
I-KWAT, women will flock to you.
You believe commercials too much.
That's only for weak men
who have no strength.
-Okay. Yes, wait a moment.
-Sir, sorry, a call for you.
-Wait a minute.
-It's important, sir.
-Send an e-mail as soon as possible.
-From who?
-From Beni.
Beni? DC, UK, SF?
-OB. Office Boy.
I'm in a meeting,
don't bother me with trivial matters.
He said it's about your wife, sir.
My wife?
Just a minute, okay? Hello.
Check. You're finished.
You're dead. Finished.
Let's do it again.
Boss Rendy.
Are you tired, boss? Anything to drink?
Sweet tea, coffee
Ben, it's no longer office hours,
you can stop kissing up to him.
Let me bring that for you, sir.
Mae, the one you're waiting for is here.
Go ahead, boss.
Bob. Come on, Bob.
Here's the flower, sir.
Now the porridge comes?
I've already brushed my teeth.
Come back home, Mae.
Bob, please bring
my wife's things to the car.
Yes, boss.
Hey, bonehead,
what are you doing here?
Just so you know,
Mae has decided to stay here! Understand?
I know
I know I was wrong, Mae.
And I'm sorry.
But just because I work too much,
you need to leave our house?
Our house?
Your house, perhaps?
I'm just a guest who never meets the host.
Meetings in the morning,
discussing the meetings at night.
Sundays, golfing to arrange meetings.
You think I'm happy
being alone in your house?
I'm not supposed to get the floor wet
when I want to take a shower?
I can't call the meatball peddler,
the walls are so freaking high!
Can't talk to neighbors,
they're foreigners!
When I go to bed I have to wear
three layers of clothing. I'm cold!
Three layers of clothing?
That's why you never get pregnant.
It's hard to penetrate, right?
-Yes, it must be hard.
If Mae doesn't want to go home,
Rendy can stay here.
As long as a husband and a wife
are not separated.
-He's right.
-Just stay here.
If Mae doesn't want to go home
let me stay here.
Oh, dear, Rendy's staying here?
Go the restaurant, buy some food,
any food,
for his breakfast tomorrow morning.
-Man, go borrow AC from Kodir.
Beni, buy some gas.
-For the water heater, for Rendy's bath.
-Let me prepare it.
-Hey, what are you doing?
-Want to
-Are you on his side?
Why are you on his side? I want to know!
Dear, our son-in-law is an elite
I understand!
He eats what we eat, understand?
This is the mentality
of colonialized people.
You see white people as gods.
That's why the dollar keeps going up.
Hey, Rendy, listen.
You can stay here.
On one condition.
You must make Mae pregnant.
If not, you must separate!
I accept, sir.
I will do anything not to lose Mae.
There is something
I want to talk to you about.
You know my company's headquarters
are in America, right?
Have you ever heard of the global crisis?
Hey! You inside!
Have you begun fishing?
You should not eavesdrop, dear.
That's rude.
Who's eavesdropping anyway?
Carry on, no more eavesdroppers.
What were you saying? What crisis?
Global crisis.
If you need to, Ren, use I-Kwat.
It's in the second drawer.
Let me go back to work.
Where's my blackberry?
I don't know.
Here, under your ass.
Sorry, sorry.
What did I tell you?
When you drink I-Kwat,
you keep going, Ren.
Does your ass hurt?
Well, it is rather cramped.
Sorry, just take it in the middle.
That's it.
-I have a lot of ironing to do.
-I'll go play chess.
Newspapers, newspapers.
Mae, if you want it
to happen instantly, let me tell you,
you have to use the butterfly style.
-What do you mean, the butterfly style?
-Listen to her.
When I was conceiving
my second and third child,
I used the jumping deer move.
Moves are not important.
-What's important is not to be weak.
If you're weak, you're just hanging by.
Gun, is it fun to have a baby?
If you want to have a kid soon, you have
to cradle babies as much as possible.
-Here, let me try it.
-Want to try?
Let's try it again.
You have a very bad aura, Mae.
It's your kid who's a coward!
Say hi to auntie, dear.
If you want to get pregnant, be maternal.
There's nothing wrong
with my maternal instinct!
Hush, my dear.
Mae, don't stand there,
you're scaring my child!
Go away!
Hi, Adi.
-Listen to Daddy, okay?
-Do you want to live in a big house?
-I want to.
It has a big pool.
-Will you like it?
But remember,
do whatever Auntie Mae tells you.
Pay us first.
I don't have money.
Auntie Mae has way more money.
What is this, asking for money?
Cute, aren't they?
-Alright then, say bye-bye to Daddy.
-I'm going to miss them.
Bye-bye, Daddy.
Come, let's all go in.
Thank God! I'm free from the kids!
Eman, did you call me?
Oh dear, what's this?
Don't do that!
Look, they have the same face.
Got it?
-Yes, boss.
Are you sure you want to drink this, boss?
I have to get out of here.
I have to be successful tonight.
Good luck, boss.
Drink I-KWAT, women will flock to you.
What the heck? It's so bitter.
Why did you kiss my neck?
I put insect repellent lotion on me.
Look at the insect bites.
What are you doing?
But the MU match is starting soon.
There's no re-run for our thing, Mae.
Alright then.
Not bad, we have 15 minutes.
Starting from now. Come here.
Mae, don't do it that way.
Do it
the sexy, romantic way.
Come on.
We only have 15 minutes!
-Hello, Mr. Rendy.
-Mae, it's me.
Ask your husband
where he wants the car parked.
Guntoro is asking
where you want the car parked.
Which car?
Which car?
The office car.
The office car.
-At the office.
-At the office.
Hey, are you watching the soccer game?
Yes, but hold on, I'm making a baby first.
What? Mae is making a baby!
Ben, come here!
She's making a baby!
This is Eman.
You know he has twins.
You want to know how he did it?
No, no. Hang up.
-Hello, Mae.
-Yes, yes.
It's up to you.
Do you want a girl, a boy
or a transvestite?
Do we want a girl or a boy?
Just hang up.
-Hold on, let me put you on speaker.
Good evening, Mr. Rendy.
Good evening.
Is it gone?
What's gone?
So, should we delay baby-making?
Oh, he can't do it?
That's natural, Mae.
It happens to a lot of guys.
-Not me.
-Not me, either.
I know, but we shouldn't let
Mr. Boss feel inferior.
Mae, there are many tricks
to turn things around.
What's your position now? Top or bottom?
Who's on top?
Don't ask too many questions,
just watch TV!
-Just watch the TV!
So what? Should I be on top?
Ben, just a second.
Alright, I'm on top. What now?
Oh, you're on top
because you have stronger stamina, right?
Let Rendy be on the bottom.
He's weak, he gets tired easily.
That's right, Mae. You're stronger.
But it also depends
What did Rendy eat last night?
Because it can affect
the quality of the sperm.
Sperm? Whose sperm?
Go away!
Rendy, Guntoro is asking
how your sperm is usually.
Sorry, Mae.
He's embarrassed, Gun.
Talk to him directly.
It's cut off.
Why are you so rude?
Rude? Me?
You're discussing
our bedroom matters with outsiders.
-They must be getting started.
She's on top.
Beni, Guntoro and Eman
are not just anybody.
They're just trying to help.
Well, their help
will make me a joke at the office.
Did you know they're a security guard,
a driver and an office boy?
-They're subordinates.
Your "subordinates" are my friends.
I consider them my brothers.
Forgive me for making you fraternize
with your "subordinates."
Is that what you mean?
You misunderstood, Mae.
Why? Because I'm dumb?
Because I never studied abroad?
-Just say it.
-Why are you like this?
Well, I'm a village person.
I speak honestly, I speak my mind!
Excuse me.
I want to watch the soccer game
with subordinates!
So, what's the decision?
About what?
The downsizing of employees.
Oh, yes.
As you requested,
I have selected people we can let go.
Good, good.
You want me to fire them?
From all our employees,
these ones perform below par, sir.
For example?
Eman, the security guard.
Every night he's on duty,
all he does is watch TV soap operas.
Please, don't die.
Goddammit, please don't die.
Hey, who's there?
Who put you out here?
Just keep me company, okay?
Talk to me.
As a result, two computers, a fax machine
and five koi fishes were stolen.
Guntoro, office driver.
Since he's been working here,
we've lost an extra 20 liters of gasoline.
-Per day?
He stands by in front of the office,
and if a pretty girl walks by
Hey, pretty, where are you going?
To Kelapa Gading.
Kelapa Gading?
I'm going there too, let's go together.
He's just been here a month, but the car
has been to the repair shop three times.
Now, the gas pedal. Keep it there.
That's it.
Thank you for allowing me to drive.
Mom would never allow me to drive a car
because I may hit something.
Good thing I'm around to teach you.
Watch out!
Dear God!
Just because you are rich!
Beni, office boy. Every lunch break,
he takes all employees' orders
Beni, get me a sushi set
and don't let the tea get cold.
Fried tempeh, avocado juice and kwetiau.
One Venti Frappuccino
without whipped cream,
zero-calorie sugar,
not the low-calorie one.
Ben, don't forget
the blueprint at the print shop.
And stop by the dumpling peddler.
Get me two orders.
Ben, one spaghetti napolitana.
And I don't want small change!
Alright, I'll be right back.
So, what's the problem?
Let me finish.
At the pantry, he takes half portion
of every food he orders for himself
and he delivers to us
the remaining half, sir.
-Such a small portion of kwetiau.
-That's how it is, usually.
Why so little?
That's the amount of sushi
you always get, Miss!
Geez, Ben, what are you eating?
This is steak, rare,
and sushi.
The Anti-Corruption Commission
will investigate you!
This is just a comparative study.
I heard at the office
that many people will be fired this month.
-Poor souls.
I feel sorry for them.
You're sure you're not getting fired?
Hey, we are above the law.
Furthermore, we are close friends
of the boss's wife, Mae.
That's the key to success.
The important thing
is not what we do,
but who we know.
-True, true.
Well, all we can do is eat.
Susi, please call Beni.
Rendy! Boss Rendy.
Come in, please.
Come in, please. Have a seat.
Boss Rendy.
Oh, right,
why didn't I think of it before?
If I have a boy, I will name him Rendy.
Isn't it neat?
If it's a girl,
Why don't you say anything?
Didn't you know?
My wife is pregnant.
The doctor did say
she might need to have a C-section,
but my salary as an office boy
would not cover the hospital expenses.
So we'll just call the midwife
next door to us.
She's just recovered from a stroke.
She is blind in one eye.
She quivers when she walks.
But I leave it to God.
Hopefully my wife and child
will be alright.
Susi, please call Guntoro.
Oh, dear, so cute.
May I?
-Just take it, it's an old photo.
-Thank you.
For good luck.
My eldest son keeps asking me, sir.
He says,
"Dad, you have to give
my drawing to Mr. Rendy."
I asked him,
What would he do with your drawing?"
"The paper is crumpled,
where would he hang it?"
Fire me, sir!
I'm a useless person, sir!
From all my life failures, sir.
I am reminded by God
to touch the heart of a man named Rendy.
Ben, Ben!
Lately, I've often get
He took his piggy bank, sir.
"Here, Dad, smash my piggy bank
to buy a frame."
"So that Mr. Rendy
can keep looking at my work."
"Don't do it, son."
"Those are the savings
for your education later on."
I'm not worthy of this noble job, sir.
Why am I sharing so much with you?
I'm embarrassed.
I should be thankful.
At least my right kidney's
still functioning.
What's wrong with your left kidney?
I donated my left kidney to my mother.
I've accepted what happened.
-It's okay.
"I want to be smart and successful
like Mr. Rendy."
"Mr. Rendy is rich and wise
and understanding of his employees."
"Dad, you must promise
to keep working for Mr. Rendy."
"I love Mr. Rendy very much."
Fire me, sir!
Save me, sir!
Let me go, sir!
The little one is my son, Abang.
Sorry, sir, the bottom part is smudged
by my son's tears
when I told him to go to bed.
No, sir!
Oh, my God!
What are you doing? Get down here!
Man, get down here this instant!
Dear Lord!
Man, I'm not firing you.
-You're not fired, okay?
I'm not fired, sir?
No, you're not fired.
Are you serious, sir?
Now get down here. Oh, and one more thing.
Don't watch too much TV, alright?
Yes, sir.
He's good.
-Yes, sir?
You're fired.
You said you wanted
to be a strong woman, Mae.
No, Mom, I just found this rotten t-shirt.
Not bad for a rag.
A strong person is not necessarily
the one who screams the loudest, Mae.
Is it wrong if I don't want Rendy
to take me for granted?
Rendy is arrogant.
Just because he's rich and well-educated
doesn't mean we can stand still
while he insults us.
You don't sound like someone
who's been insulted, you know?
You sound like someone who's been
feeling inferior for a long time.
You will never feel respected by people
if you can't respect yourself, Mae.
Even though you live
in a house in an alley,
you're a college graduate, right?
And you have loyal friends.
And Rendy, whom you think so highly of,
fell in love with you.
And married you.
You should never feel inferior,
never give up.
Don't ever listen to your dad.
You are someone's wife, Mae,
you're no longer a child.
It's too late, Mom.
Rendy is very angry with me.
Mae, men will always succumb
to tenderness.
That's the problem, Mom.
I'm not a tender person.
Mae is not someone
who's afraid of challenges, either.
-Excuse me.
-Hey, what is this?
This is an office, not a motel.
-I know, that's why I want to go inside.
-I told you, no.
Hey, my husband owns this building!
You can daydream all you want.
It's still no!
-Oh, is that so? Move aside!
-I said no, don't you get it?
-Are you crazy?
-I'm a security guard.
-Don't you know who she is?
-You want to get fired?
This is Boss's wife!
Forgive me, Rendy.
Rendy, forgive me
for being rude to you all this time.
It's because I love you
and I don't want to lose you.
But I'm now sure that you
love me so much
and that I'm everything for you.
Well, you must show it.
-I'm going home!
-Looking for someone?
-Did you see Missus?
-Missus who?
-My wife.
-I have no idea.
-What's the matter with you?
When you first set foot in the house,
I thought you would
make my daughter, Mae, happy.
But now Mae is not the only one crying.
My wife cried too.
I'm her husband,
I never made her cry, do you understand?
Sir, this is all a misunderstanding.
If I could just see Mae.
You won't see Mae again.
Ma, I love Mae very much.
Ma, I really love
This is all a misunderstanding.
I love Mae.
As the attorney
for Rendy's extended family,
I want to bridge this problem.
Hey, man, no need to build a bridge.
Take care of the landslide first.
Mae is getting a divorce, period.
Mae wants to be free
from that alligator, Rendy!
Dad, don't get emotional.
Do you understand, Ma?
Even if he's a wolf in sheep's clothing,
Rendy's still our son-in-law.
Hey, be careful with what you say!
Sir, I still want this matter
to be resolved carefully.
Tell them
it's good enough
Rendy asked me to come here.
With just one sneeze, Rendy can get
three beautiful girls instantly.
Tell that woman
it's too bad her son
is only good at sneezing.
Ask her to get to the point,
what does she mean?
Tell her,
her son's manhood is questionable.
What man wants a woman
who looks like a street thug?
Since she's a thug,
no wonder she's infertile!
Who says Mae is infertile?
It's Rendy who only shoots blanks!
-Mae has been deceived, right?
The crook calls someone else a crook!
Rendy loves Mae
because he has been bewitched.
Oh! I'll tear her apart!
Calm down!
Come here!
Calm down, let's discuss this!
Watch out.
Calm down!
This is getting dangerous!
Calm down!
I sent you over there to get a truce.
Why am I getting a divorce now?
Look! Because I went to their lair,
my French shoes are ruined!
I don't want to divorce Mae, Mom!
That family is no longer our family.
Forget Mae.
I've told our lawyers to take care
of the divorce settlement!
Ma, please don't be like that!
So, can I have May's car?
Yes, by all means, take it!
I will never divorce Mae, Mom.
Who would have thought
that the marriage
that started with a four-day wedding
would end with Mae crying
for four days as well?
Why don't you take her out, entertain her?
Hey, pay first!
Buy toys for your kids!
Hey, pay first!
I win!
No, please, I can't swim!
This is like old times, just be still!
Mae, they're throwing Ramlan
into the water!
Peace be upon you all.
Hello everyone!
As a nation that upholds
the value of unity
it is only fitting that we express
our deepest condolences to Mae.
God is Great!
God is Great!
Don't smile
or laugh in front of Mae.
This is to show our solidarity,
With the spirit of our national hero,
Tuanku Imam Bonjol.
Long live togetherness!
Ladies, our neighborhood chief
has an affair with someone else's wife?
the neighborhood's act of sympathy
affected Mae
right in the most essential place
in a human being's mind
her ego.
Starting today, stop pitying me!
This Maemunah is a strong woman!
I'm not a victim of men!
Even though I don't have a husband
I can still live on my own two feet!
Men are nothing but oppressors of women!
Maemunah will be an independent woman!
If needed, Maemunah will become
the State Minister
for Women's Empowerment!
I'll show Rendy
that losing a great wife like me
is his loss!
Because I will be a great career woman!
-Thank God Mae is back.
-Attagirl, Mae.
That's why I'm glad and proud
to always have you in my life.
That's why I'm sure
you'll be able to get me
a job suitable
for my talents and potential!
Welcome to my new and better life!
Yes, I have to go now!
What's up with Mae?
What can Mae do?
Look, "Has to be fluent in English
and have computer skills."
"Looking for a woman under 25
with experience"
Oh, no.
-Just find an easy job.
One without requirements.
Nothing complicated for Mae.
They look for people
with Master's degrees.
Hey, Mae.
Help me. Careful, it's hot.
So, did you get me a job?
We got lots of them, Mae.
But we have to go
through them once more.
We only look for the best for you, Mae.
Alright then.
I don't want to break your concentration.
-I got you snacks and coffee, drink it.
-Take care, okay?
What work can she do?
The company has decided
to terminate your employment here.
you can prove that you're valuable assets.
For instance,
to have the persuasive ability
to make a particular someone
cancel her intentions
to separate herself from me.
Or if you have up-to-date information
on a particular person, I
I can renegotiate with the company
to keep you as employees here.
Wait, are you trying to buy us?
You want us to persuade Mae
to reconcile with you?
Sorry, sir.
Mae is our good friend.
Our loyalty to her is above all else.
We may be poor, sir,
but we're not traitors.
That's not what I meant.
You're the only ones who can talk to Mae.
I don't know who else to turn to.
Look, sir.
We'll help you, not as our boss,
but as part of our family.
Yes, just relax.
Thank you.
-And I
-Don't mention it.
Bygones are bygones.
No, but I want to apologize
if I've treated you like subordinates
all this time.
That's alright.
You are, indeed, my family.
We are family.
High five.
Thank God!
A new family
gets an additional two-month leave.
A twenty-percent raise!
A one-year free gym membership!
That's crazy!
Just be realistic, Mae.
Getting a job for a woman
in your situation is hard.
Gun is right.
The easiest way is to go back
to your position as a rich man's wife.
Right, Ben? Right, Gun?
That's right.
Mae, don't think negatively so fast.
That's also a career, Mae.
I'd say, nowadays, more women want to be
a rich man's wife rather than an engineer.
That's right, Mae.
If they can't marry rich men,
they're willing to be their mistresses.
Watch your mouth!
I'm not a materialistic girl, you know?
I'd rather be a parking attendant
than reconcile with Rendy!
Go straight ahead!
What's the matter with you?
Can you help park or not?
Look at that, my car is damaged!
There's a dent in the back!
My expensive car is damaged!
I don't know what to do!
It's all because of you!
Divorce him. He speaks softly.
Can't even grow a moustache.
How can he impregnate his wife?
Maybe he can't get it up.
Hey, this, this
-What's wrong?
-Help! Help!
Excuse me.
I just want to speak with Mae's husband.
I'm her husband!
Oh, my God!
Kids nowadays
Getting pregnant and not knowing
who the husband is.
-Mae's pregnant?
Mae is pregnant.
I've been kicked.
I've been punched.
So cool!
Thank God, we pray to God.
-Mae and Rendy won't divorce.
Says who?
We're going ahead with the divorce.
Mae, pregnant women cannot be divorced.
That's not right.
Fine, I'll wait
until after this kid comes out.
We're going ahead with the divorce!
Which one are you divorcing, Mae?
Rendy, Doctor. Who else?
Yet another husband? Rendy?
-Think it over.
My plan is falling apart.
A divorcee with one kid.
No selling point, no one will want her.
Mae, are you alright?
I'm okay, Ma.
Darling, these are hard times.
If Mae gets a divorce,
how is she going to raise a child
without a husband?
I don't care.
Ma'am, trust me.
As I've told you before,
I have a special connection
with the metaphysical world.
And it's this metaphysical world
that convinces me
Mae is going to divorce Rendy.
And every month, Mae will get an alimony
of one billion rupiah.
Have career or dating issues?
Type "reg-space-shaman."
-Darling, type it.
-Send it to 54321, right away.
And to make it come true,
there are two conditions.
What are they, Mr. Shaman?
I will do it for my daughter.
it will be quite costly.
That's no problem,
I will get one billion anyway,
so I'll have some money left.
That's fine.
Mae can never see Rendy again.
Mae, I've heard about our baby.
I don't know what else to say except
I'm very happy to hear it.
That's a good sign from God.
And if you can hear me,
please give me a sign, Mae.
What are you saying?
Mae didn't hear that,
but the whole neighborhood did!
What do you want? Everyone's gone to bed!
Sir, please, let me in and let me see Mae.
The hell I will!
For four years, you neglected my daughter!
Now you want
to bullshit your way to a resolution!
No way! Understand?
Just so you know,
Mae won't see you ever again!
-Go away! Never come back!
-Go away! Never come back!
I will stand here until you let me in!
Even if there's rain or a storm.
I don't care if I get wet.
I will stay here!
During Mae's pregnancy
I'm relieving you from your office duties.
But remember, you have to be
by Mae's side 24 hours a day.
I will cover all your costs.
If Mae wants something, however trivial,
you let me know, understood?
Understood, sir.
Oh, and don't let anyone sit in my chair.
Someone who sat in your chair
would be insolent, sir.
I would beat up that person, sir.
Wait, Guntoro is supposed to be here.
So, why am I here again?
Okay, Gun! Godspeed!
Play it right.
-Beni, is the TV show starting yet?
-No, not yet.
Hey, I've made milk for your baby,
for a pregnant woman.
Let's play another game. One more.
-Try it first, Mae.
-No, it smells awful.
Beni, it doesn't smell good!
Quick, drink it up!
-Yes, Ma! Going home, Ma!
-Mae now craves sugarcane juice.
-Sugarcane juice.
"Gold embroidery."
"Buy two, get three,
at Cahaya Shop, third floor, Mangga Dua."
Wear sunglasses.
get me a DVD player
that can play bootlegs, okay?
Mrs. Romlah.
What brand is the washing machine
you bought yesterday?
"Bata leather sandals, size 43"?
How big is a 40-inch TV?
-Oh, yeah, really big.
Alright, just a minute.
Young mango salad.
Spicy roasted fish.
That's really good. Later, okay?
I want to touch the bald head.
Let's just go to the mall.
I want to touch the bald head!
If the baby comes out drooling,
it'll be because of you!
No, not you.
The baby!
Let's go, I'll buy you anything!
The bald head!
Alright, alright!
-How much dilation?
-It's almost ten.
It hurts!
-Yes, Mae?
Come here right away.
Call Guntoro or Eman instead.
I want you here! Right away!
Papa will be back in a moment, okay?
Where are you going?
Hey, what's up?
Is there a thief? Where?
No, no.
There's a lizard behind my pillow here.
Bring your bag!
It turns out,
being Mae's emergency buddies
makes Beni's, Guntoro's
and Eman's marriages
enter a state of emergency.
Dear Lord. What's the matter with you?
Your wife threw you out too, Man?
Ben, my wife would never throw me out.
That's unthinkable.
Everywhere in the world,
men are always in control.
I was thrown out, too. Damn it, Ben.
Dear God.
If this goes on,
before Mae gets her divorce,
our wives will divorce us.
Whatever we do, the only man
who can make a pregnant woman happy
is her husband.
-Oh, my God.
It's nice of you
to take us to a mountain resort, Gun.
Once in a while, Ma'am. Come on.
It's a holiday,
won't there be a traffic jam?
It's possible, sir, come on.
-Look after Mae for me.
-Yes, sir.
-What do you want me to bring you?
Oh, fermented cassava.
Ah, at last.
The porridge is here.
What are you doing here?
I heard you wanted some porridge.
-It's good, isn't it?
-Not bad.
I'll get you some water, okay?
Don't eat so fast. Here, drink.
I didn't know you could serve like this.
I can cook too.
You're kidding me.
My mom sent me to the US
when I was in junior high.
Of course I had to cook for myself.
We've been married for four years
and I've never seen you cook.
There's only meeting
after meeting after meeting.
Maybe because
you never got pregnant before.
-So only when I get pregnant?
-No, eat some more.
So, in junior high
you were away from your parents?
I don't want our baby to live like that.
Until our baby grows up,
he must stay in this house.
No one's going away.
Have you seen Stripes?
He ran away again.
He was sleeping here. But now he's gone.
Maybe he's perched on Mrs. Romlah's tree.
-Thank you.
-You're welcome.
-Was that Mandarin?
-How did you learn it?
-Ma and Pa used to go away a lot.
They left me at Koh Liong's place.
Can we meet again tomorrow?
Have a chat?
Don't, Pa will get mad.
Pa doesn't have to know.
I'll figure it out. Drink up.
Want to do it backstreet?
-Where's the newspaper?
-It should be there.
-Where are you going?
-I want to see a buffalo.
-She's pregnant, let her be.
Peace be upon you.
-Hey, where are you going?
-The usual, looking at buffaloes.
Looking at buffaloes every day?
Pa, ever since Mae got pregnant,
she looks so pretty and happy.
But she craves looking at buffaloes.
I fear her child
will do nothing but sleep.
She should go to a circus once in a while.
You're so cute.
Oh, and how will you
sneak out again tomorrow?
I'll say I'm going out
to look at buffaloes.
It's worked so far.
-Buffaloes again?
-Does he believe you?
Mae, I have to take this call.
-Go ahead and order, okay?
Jeff, how's everything?
Can't we extend the contract?
-Here's the menu, ma'am.
Just tell me
which is the most delicious one.
Okay, thanks, Jeff.
That's it. Don't take too long.
What's wrong?
Oh, just the usual. Work.
What's wrong with work?
Tell me.
My American partner
has officially backed out.
That's why I was having
so many internal meetings at the office
instead of being home with you.
Why didn't you tell me about this?
I don't want you to know about my failure.
You shouldn't be this way.
Rendy, listen up.
I don't care even if you go bankrupt.
Understand that.
Your order, ma'am.
-Your order, ma'am.
Well, today I just want
to have a glass of water.
Here is the water.
Maybe that's for another table. Go away!
Find the right table.
I can still afford to pay for your food.
The food here is expensive.
Better to eat at a street food stall.
Noodles. Delicious.
-Just eat this. It's free.
Hurry up, get me out of here.
Oh, yes.
How come my wife fainted
after only eating a dinner roll?
Is it poisoned?
Cancel all our orders, we're going home!
Hold on, darling.
-How come you're so heavy, darling?
-I'm pregnant.
Oh, right.
We're here.
But I must say
you're the craziest person I've ever met.
You should go out with me more.
Today, you got free food.
Next time I can teach you
how to ride a bus without paying.
Ride a bus without paying?
That's important.
I look forward to that day.
And the days after that.
Ouch, sorry.
Why did you poke me?
Can I ask you something?
May I organize
the seven-month pregnancy ceremony?
-Oh, will this be your first grandchild?
-How lovely.
-Isn't it? And you are still young.
-Yes, it's not the time yet actually.
-May, I think these are baby clothes.
Oh my God, it must be so cute.
And this one, I think it's a handbag.
Maybe a Gucci or Louis Vuitton.
Oh, that's suitable for a baby.
-I hope it's a girl.
-Excuse me for a minute. I'll be back.
-You came.
Why did you come through the back?
-We deserve it, Mae
-We're embarrassed.
Embarrassed of what?
You don't feel confident, nonsense.
We're actually here
to congratulate you for your child.
-We're not bringing anything, Mae.
-You're not bringing anything?
-We just want to congratulate you.
After that, we're going home.
Congratulations, Mae. We have to go.
Hey, what is this?
-Hey! What's that?
-Nothing, it's no good.
Quick, give it to me.
-Mae, we can't give you anything.
-May, we got a stroller.
It's the same brand
that Angelina Jolie has.
Oh, and, May, don't chat for too long.
You haven't opened
the gift from Uncle Johan,
he ordered it specially from Harrod's.
-Okay, okay.
-Don't, Mae, we're ashamed.
-It's mine!
-What's Harrod's, anyway?
We can only give you that, Mae.
We're embarrassed.
I'm opening it.
Hold this, please.
Oh, photos.
Ugly, right?
You know what?
This is the best gift I got today.
Thank God.
I hope that when my child is born
he will have friends like you guys.
-Okay, then, come on in.
-We're going home.
-Stop the nonsense, come on in.
-We're embarrassed.
Don't feel inferior,
Rendy's friends are Mae's friends too.
-Mae's friends are Rendy's friends too!
-Mama, these are my friends.
-Oh, okay, hello.
-Hello, Ma'am. We're fine.
-How are you?
-How are you?
-Did you just get here?
-From home.
Good, good.
Excuse me!
Excuse me!
Mae, I am--
You misunderstood, I was just
Yes, Mae, we haven't been introduced.
My name
Don't bother telling me your name!
I know your name,
Mae, please don't make a scene, this is--
If you don't want me to make a scene
then don't create trouble!
I hope these seven months
have been meaningful!
We're divorcing in two months!
That's it, I'm out of here!
-Get off!
-Ren, let go.
You have hurt my friend twice!
We regret ever helping you.
Rendy, if this means we're getting fired,
we don't care.
We can find other jobs,
but friendship is forever. Let's go.
Hey, you stay here. Mae is our concern.
-How are you?
-Excuse me!
Just come along.
-Mae, where are we going?
Why are we going to the hospital?
Don't ask questions!
Hurry, to the hospital!
Driver, quick, to the hospital!
Calm down, Mae!
Out of the way!
Watch out!
How is she, Doctor?
My condolences.
Oh, no!
Oh, God.
No Not that!
I've made the wrong calculation.
Mae is not seven months pregnant.
She's nine months pregnant,
she's going into labor now.
-Uh, Mom and Dad.
Calm down, Mae, don't panic.
This is a natural thing
that every woman goes through.
But this one hurts, Doc.
Not in the chest but here.
-It hurts so much!
Please, nurse! Doctor!
Nurse, help me! What about me?
Stop walking back and forth.
Hey, don't make any trouble, don't go in!
This is her husband. I'll beat you!
Relax, ma'am, relax.
I don't want to give birth
until Rendy is here.
Calm down, this is a hospital.
-Hospital, hospital.
Where's Rendy? Get Rendy here!
Ms. Mae wants Mr. Rendy to come in.
Wait a minute. Rendy or Mardi?
-Mr. Rendy, sir.
-I'm her father.
-She wants her husband!
-Don't interfere!
-Sir, calm down
-Rendy, go in, be with Mae.
-You're so pig-headed!
Who told you to come close?
Back off!
I said back off!
Calm down.
Now be honest with me!
Why did that woman come back?
-Don't come any closer!
Another step back!
I shouldn't have given you another chance!
-It really hurts.
-Blow, blow.
There's nothing between us, Mae.
She's just my work partner.
-Yes, darling.
-Who told you to come close?
Come back here.
Don't touch me!
Mr. Rachmat is also your partner,
but you never kiss him!
-Don't touch me!
-Don't get so emotional.
Mae, don't
Don't tell me not to be emotional!
I've never had any affair with any woman.
You're the only one in my life, Mae.
Everyone knows,
Vivi is more beautiful than me.
A thousand times more beautiful than me!
Everyone says Maemunah
is the flower of her neighborhood.
I disagree.
Because Maemunah Mardi
is a flower that always blooms here.
That doesn't explain
why you have to kiss Vivi!
I want to buy the shares of my American
partner and make a local product.
Deodorant for men.
I was smelling a deodorant sample
Vivi gave me.
-Blow, ma'am, blow.
Take a deep breath.
-Where were you?
-The restroom.
Restroom? What's wrong with you?
I wonder
why it won't leave its mother's belly.
It's a cramped space in there anyway.
-You're so noisy.
-But it won't come out.
Be patient.
So, your company is safe?
We're not closing it down.
Hopefully it will succeed in the market.
Mae, Vivi is just a work partner.
Can't you trust me?
Why are you always grumpy?
Can I see Mae?
-No, sir, they're delivering another one.
-Another one?
Mae has twins?
Thank God!
After a long and complicated wait,
happiness finally arrives.
Happiness that changes everything.
It doesn't just change Mae and Rendy.
It doesn't just change Mr. and Mrs. Mardi.
It doesn't just change Rendy's family.
But it also changes Mae's friends,
who were initially sad, but are now glad.
And Mae's decision to get a divorce
She has forgotten about it.
Hey, you're still crying? Such a crybaby.
Hello, I'm the substitute doctor,
you are my first patient.
There's no one here. Nurse!