Get Married 3 (2011) Movie Script

The story begins with Mae and Rendy
being blessed with three adorable babies.
Pretty baby.
The entire extended families are blissful.
Hes so handsome when he laughs.
- Wow, this ones so Beni. Beni--
- Hey!
- That's Eman, Beni's over there.
- What?
If he were skinny and malnourished
you can name him Eman.
However, this creates a new problem.
Im handsome, too, you know?
-No, no. Cant you see?
-This one is you.
-Listen, listen!
-Siti Khamelia.
-Siti Khamelia.
Right on!
Thank God, I hope my grandkids
will loyally serve
their nation, country,
religion and parents.
-No, no, no, no.
No way.
- This one's Guntoro.
This is Edward.
This is Guntoro.
-Jacob carries too much burden.
Bella. Bella
As mature parents, Rendy and I
have an important announcement
for you all.
Youre all so childish!
Everyone out!
Bye, Guntoro.
Hurry up!
So everybody, my beloved mothers, father,
beloved brothers and sister,
The reason we gather all of you here is
we want to tell you that we
Mae and Rendy, already have names
for our babies.
Are you ready to hear them?
Weak answer. Say it loudly, ready or not?
The first one is Mark.
Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook.
Hes a genius and became the richest
person in the world by age 26.
But hes Jewish.
Youre still a racist.
-Dont be like that. Thats racist.
Be open-minded. Value people based
on their achievements
not ethnicity, religion or race.
Youll never progress that way.
-Hey, open-minded!
-Slap him.
-Moving on.
- Yup.
-The second one.
-Whos Oprah?
As in Oprah Winfrey.
Shes an entrepreneur, smart
and very influential worldwide.
Everyone listens to her.
But Mae, shes a black person and fat.
You said, be open-minded.
But a daughter should be named
after someone white-skinned, pretty,
tall and slim.
-No that?
-Thats not right.
Okay, listen.
Even if shes a girl, my daughter
should still be smart and successful.
Thats right! I agree!
I dont want her to be a stay-at-home mom
taking care of her husband and three kids.
Hey, what do you mean by that?
-I have a husband and three kids.
What are you insinuating?
-I have something to say.
You picked such peculiar names.
Mark, Oprah, Jamie, Lauren.
Find proper names.
Remember where we live, you understand?
Such messed-up names.
Theyll have a hard time getting IDs made.
Read the newspaper,
legislators dont have foreign names
but theyre still rich.
Very rich.
So, not Mark and all that names.
Choose religious names,
so our grandkids will be full of faith.
-Money isn't everything.
Money is all you think of.
Being rich is important too.
You dont give a child random names.
Stop glaring at me.
Why? You have a problem?
-Hey, hey, hey!
Hey, hey, hey!
No, don't!
Hey, stop!
Cut it out. Stop.
Whats the third childs name?
-Oh, right.
Good question.
Its the best question.
Hold on, everyone.
Who can guess the third name?
-Must be Guntoro.
-I know, Emod.
Whats Emod?
Eman the model.
I know, I know, I know. Jacob.
No, Mom.
Now, here it is.
-Hey, Jujun.
And we both decided her name is
-Hanung the comedian?
You mean Nunung, idiot.
Actually theres one more announcement.
-Why Hanung?
since we both are new parents
so we both also decided that
-wed look after our children ourselves.
Without any help from anyone.
Including from all of you.
Yes, honey dear.
Rendy and Mae didnt realize that
raising three human children isnt as easy
as breeding fresh water carps.
Okay, entering the third month of
Rendy and Mae becoming new parents.
Today is Saturday.
We are back after giving the kids
their immunization vaccine.
-What happened to you?
Not so loud.
Hanung vomited on his doll, it stank.
I washed it, dont worry.
But hes asleep now.
What are you carrying?
Oh my God!
Hanung-- Hey-- Mae!
Whoa, whoa, whoa. Mae?
Why is he here, Mae?
-Im sorry.
-How do you untie this?
Forgive Mommy, Hanung.
Remember, you threw up?
-Forgive me?
-Whats wrong with you?
You said you were committed
to be a good parent?
That was very bad. What if he fell?
If you cant handle it,
we should let other parents adopt them.
What an incompetent mother!
Im so disappointed in you, Mae.
Please forgive mommy, Nung.
Forgive Mommy, Nung.
Forgive Mommy, Nung.
Forgive Mommy, Nung.
Come on--
Let's play, Baby.
What do you want, sweetheart?
Mommy cant understand you.
Come on, play. What is it that you want?
Why are you still crying?
-Let's play.
There, there. Stop crying.
There, there.
Let's play.
There, there.
Do you really love me?
I really do.
Yes, Mae.
Yes, really.
Please dont cry.
Oh, boy. Oh, boy.
Its okay, dear. Dont cry.
I have a surprise--
for you
Why? Because Im ugly?
How could you?
What do you call it, Ma?
Its nothing.
Mae is having Baby Blues.
Its fine. Its natural.
After I just gave birth to you and Sophie,
I also had Baby Blues.
But it doesnt stay long, right, Mom?
Hopefully its temporary.
What Maes experiencing is nothing.
She only cries.
You must know that
when I had it--
Just the thought of you,
not even a touch of you
It made me feel so icky.
Really icky.
Ouch! Ouch.
I still have the goosebumps. Look.
-Thanks, Mom.
Wha-- what?
Dont touch me, please.
Almost at the same time,
when shes in a really gloomy state
Mae also had the same enlightenment
about her condition.
-Hi, Mae.
-How are you?
-Is Junior okay?
-Good. Tripled.
-Okay, see you later.
-Take care.
-Take care, Mae.
Move already!
Theres no such disease.
When your mom gave birth to you,
there were no Baby Blues, no Baby Rock.
None of that.
Those diseases are made up by doctors,
who want to dig up rich peoples money.
Let me carry.
-But wait a second. Siti.
-Siti, the neighborhood chiefs
mistress. -I know.
After delivering her baby,
she became rather crazy.
She had to be chained for two weeks.
Chained for two weeks!
God have mercy.
Im worried someone put a spell on you
like Siti, Mae.
Dear God, you may be right. Mae!
We have to visit the shaman.
Get ready. Lets go to the shaman.
Mom, you still believe those things
in this day and age?
My shaman is different.
He can take care anything.
Forget it, I dont believe in those stuff.
-What the heck?
-Let her be.
You cant impose what you believe.
-We are entitled to each of our opinions.
Right on!
Respect differences.
-Mom, what were you doing?
Nothing. I didn't do nothing?
-Whats that?
-Cool water.
-Water from the shaman?
It's not.
This family shouldnt believe
in those things.
Whats wrong with you?
-Dad! What are you doing?
Hes feeling hot.
My grandchild feels hot.
Right? We believe in no such things.
Youre being silly.
As if youve never seen fish before.
So many of them, Boss.
You spent too much time punching people.
-How are you? Youre well?
- Yes, thanks.
-Shake hands.
-Oh, right.
Guntoro, Beni and Eman have changed a lot
these past three months.
One night,
Beni discovered that the advice he once
read in self-improvement books
that he once read is actually true.
Your hobby could become your profession.
After an unexpected fortune that night
Who will first subpoena the other?
Jupe or Depe?
Four million.
Thats how Beni became
a professional online gambler.
For honey bunny
sweetie baby bala-bala, Jeni.
My true love is only for Jeni.
Jeni, dont leave me alone high and dry.
Total commitment is the key to success.
Thats why Beni decided to quit his job.
And he continues
to learn anywhere, anytime.
-What are you doing?
-Proving my love.
Lets bet.
-Will he die?
-Die? You say die too?
Guntoro is another story.
He meant to have his wart treated,
but instead his doctor cut his intestines.
Guntoro now pees frequently.
Its okay, only a minor complication.
Dont you worry.
A mere deformity in the lower part. Okay?
On Benis suggestion,
Guntoro raised a coin campaign
to protest against the hospital.
Look. These are your supporters.
I got them through Twitter. Look.
See how many supporters I got for you.
-Wow, five million coins?
-Of course.
The money went straight
to my bank account.
That was quick.
But Beni, who is now a gambling addict,
cant resist the temptation of money.
So I used two million for investment.
But its very profitable. I mean--
A bet?
Which sumo wrestler ties their shoe
-Gun, Gun. calm down.
-Slimy fish!
Stealing my money?
Calm down, I said its an investment.
Investment my foot!
Calm down. Gun, Gun, Gun!
Are you an employee here?
Wheres the slippery floor sign?
Get your managers,
bosses of this hospital,
bring them here, I want to talk.
You see my friend, you see?
-Stop talking.
This is evidence, dont move.
You still here? Go, fetch everyone.
Turns out, proving a janitors fault
is easier than proving a doctors.
Guntoro received a five billion
compensation from the hospital.
-Peace be upon you.
Indeed, Eman wasnt blessed
with the handsome face of a model
-One, coffee please.
Make it quick, please.
But it doesnt mean Eman cant look
like a famous person.
What was I doing there?
And Eman isnt the only one noticing
the resemblance.
-Let me go!
- Let me go!
- Shut up!
Well, Boss? Similar, right?
Feed him. Get him fatter.
-Eat, quickly.
-Hurry up!
Dear, finally they caught the corrupter.
Serves him right!
Doesnt mean hell be in jail
all the time, Mae.
Yes but at least hed feel discomfort,
even just a little bit.
What percentage did you
get for the commission, sir?
I didnt do corruption.
I only embezzled a bit. Enough?
-How much, sir?
-Where is the money now?
I only embezzled, not corruption. I swear.
-He looks like Eman.
-He does.
-You see that?
The convicts face doesnt look like Eman,
but he really is Eman.
With a 500 million rupiah monthly pay,
Eman has become a prison proxy.
He works four days a week,
he gets health insurance
And one-year worth of VIP tickets
to badminton matches.
Oh, youre asking for trouble? Sit!
I want to ask for your help.
-Bye, Rendy. Bye, King Kong.
-Good luck. What a good deal.
-Peace be upon you.
This place is not too bad.
Next family time I want to come here.
Boss, take me along, will you?
Do you understand
what family time means?
Mae Darling, sorry.
I have a short-noticed meeting
with a client in Hong Kong.
I wanted to wake you up,
but didnt have the heart.
Ill call you when I arrive there. Okay?
Love, Rendy.
Yes yes, mommys coming.
Where are my children?
Oh God, dont take my babies
just because my mother-in-law is evil.
Your children woke up
because youre so noisy.
Its okay, Uncle Benis here.
Youre all playing with Uncle Beni, right?
Whats all the ruckus?
Why are you here?
Im staying here temporarily.
My wife caught me using money
from her skin care budget
for online gambling.
Its okay, right?
-What? Lets take a rest.
-Here, let me help you.
Its okay, Ill do it.
It's fine. Here, here, here.
Here, come here. Over here.
Hes crying. Carefully, carefully.
Come, come, come.
Why do you carry him like that?
Your own son! Softly, like this.
There, take Hanung. He starts crying also.
I met Rendy out front. He said its fine.
I wont give you any trouble.
You can tell me to do anything,
Ill do it.
Naked thief! Naked thief! Help!
Mae! Mae!
Its me, Guntoro!
Why are you here? Naked, too!
You scared me!
Mae, ouch.
-It hurts!
Oh, sorry.
My washing machine is broken.
And the cleaners are expensive.
Better I do my laundry here.
I wash your clothes, too.
And this is what I get in return?
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Whats going on?
Why does my house become like
a logistics depot?
What the heck is this?
I really need your help.
My cardiologist told me to stop eating
and go on a diet.
So I brought here all the food
in my house. Okay?
But, Man--
Dont you want to save me, E?
If I die, from diabetes?
Uric acid?
What would you do?
Oh my God, Eman.
This is so much--
What the--
-Allah is the Greatest.
-Doctor. Doctor. Doctor.
-No, don't.
Too far. Just bring him here!
-What the heck?
Whats wrong with him?
How could you do that to Eman?
Only you can cure him.
Oh, no.
Man, if you die,
haunt Mae first, okay?
-She made you like this.
-No, dont!
Hey, wake up!
Wake up!
-Or else!
-Ow, ow, ow!
Ouch! Okay, Im up, Im up!
Stand in a row.
You think you all can fool me?
You want to fool me with your acts?
Now I ask the three of you.
Who taught you to lie
when you were little?
You did.
Once more, louder!
-You think you can fool me?
I don't think so!
It hurts, Mae.
Im the one whos hurting! You lied to me!
It hurts, Mae.
You think you can lie to me?
I know you are all here because
you dont believe I can be a good mother.
Im so emotional now.
Just so you know,
Rendy and I already
made plans that we can do this!
Im so emotional!
Dont be so barbaric, Mae.
Whos more barbaric?
Liars! How dare you!
No. we actually believe
you can handle everything. We do.
But as you can see were only here
less than an hour
and Eman already has a concussion, right?
Dont laugh!
Mae, were Indonesians.
Its bad luck to refuse help.
Thats right!
What? Uncle Guntoro is coming!
I cant buy it no more. It got spoiled.
How about eggplants?
Thats all you eat, eggplants.
Stomach ache you know.
Better eat some jenkol.
-Hey. Eman!
-Where are you going?
Whats this? Hey!
-Where you are going?
-What's this?
Why do you bring baby toys?
Why do you bring balloons, what for?
Mrs. Mardi, Mr. Mardi,
it seems my wife is pregnant again.
See, I told you.
Dont make more kids,
make more good deeds instead.
Mrs. Mardi, Mr. Mardi, I have to go,
I have something to do.
What is the sling for?
Thats a baby sling.
-Its a baby-- no its--
-Its a baby sling.
-Baby sling!
-What for?
-No, its not.
-Even blind people can tell.
-Its for--
-What for?
- Its for carrying groceries.
- No way! Thats a baby sling.
-Maam the usual, please.
-Ill have the papaya, Maam.
To feed my bird-- my bird-- at home.
Dont mess it up.
Im not, I always do it this way,
just as usual.
-I know who this sling is for.
-For groceries.
-After him!
Hey, hey, hey!
Hey, hey!
Where are you going? Gun!
That kid is just impossible!
Something suspicious is going on, dear.
Ah dear, even blind people can tell.
-Excuse me.
Out of the way.
-Who is that?
Isnt he the director
for traditional comedy shows?
Hes an extra in the movie Verses of Love.
-Lets all sing together
We sing together
Come on, everybody
We start with counting
We begin from one
One, two, three
Dear, youre right.
I can see
Eman, Guntoro, Mae playing with the babies
Its true. I see it with my own eyes.
Although demonstrations are common
that afternoon Mae learned
an important lesson.
Never stand between
the love of grandparents
and their first grandchildren.
Its bad luck.
And finally, a white flag is waved.
Dont forget, aside from demonstrations,
envy and spite
are also ingrained in our society.
So happy to play with grandkids.
It's hot.
Whats that?
-Mom, why are you here?
-Excuse me.
Caught you, caught you!
Rendy said you both dont want
anybody else taking care of your children.
What is this?
You tell me, what is this?
I can explain.
No, no, no, no.
Thats it.
-Im telling Rendy.
-No, Mom. Dont call Rendy.
What a bitch.
-Hello, Rendy.
Ill do anything,
so long as you dont call Rendy.
Hello, Rendy, bad phone connection.
Why did she came here?
Youd do anything?
Grandmas, thank you for singing.
Please stop now.
One, two, three.
And on the count of three, just like magic
Maes Baby Blues disappeared.
Who's there?
Rendy. Rendys home!
Everybody hide!
He mustn't find out. Hide!
What happens if he finds out? Hurry!
Oh, no!
Dear, youre home.
-I miss you so much.
-Me too.
Why arent you asleep yet? Go to sleep.
I miss the babies too.
I want to see them first.
Heres some money, just go to sleep now.
Here, take it.
You should rest.
Let me give you a massage.
Once I give the kids a kiss,
the pains will go away.
We better go downstairs,
I give you a massage,
you give me a kiss.
-So you want a kiss?
-I do.
My childs laughing.
He knows daddys home.
-Mark, Oprah!
-What about the massage?
Hello, my kids, whos missing daddy?
See, the kids are alright.
-Lets go now, come to mama.
-See, theyre crying.
Come to mama, lets go to our room.
But theyre awake now.
Thats okay. Well go for a few minutes.
-Come on, dont you care about me?
Youre very aggressive, Mae.
-Do you miss me that much?
Fine, lets do it here.
You just sit. Sit.
I have a surprise for you.
Grandpa is passing through.
Press on, my friend, never hesitate.
-I have to go home.
Something wrong with the roof tiles.
Maybe leaking.
Has the fried rice peddler pass by yet?
Im craving for some.
They said threesome is better.
Why are there so many people here?
Oh my God, Im gonna have nightmares.
Relax, Im used to this.
Youre laughing so heartily.
Sorry, dear.
If I knew it was
going to be a big audience,
Id have created better choreography.
-That was already good.
-Youre lying.
But forgive me, dear.
Im ashamed.
We had a commitment
to look after of our children ourselves.
For me, the important thing is
youre smiling again.
Youre laughing again.
How can our kids be happy
if their mother always sulks?
So were not having autonomy
in our household like we wanted.
Its not a problem
as long as the help doesnt interfere
with the household policy.
Your Baby Blues gone?
-Baby blues--
No humping here. Move!
I want to watch TV with my grandchild.
-Sit here, then.
-Move aside.
-In the middle.
-In the middle.
I'm in the middle.
Sweetheart, you want to watch TV
with grandpa?
Mae, were having salted fish
and stinky beans for lunch.
Ive cooked them.
Ive cooked them.
Mom, Rendy doesnt like stinky beans.
He must eat it. Its vitamin for the eyes.
You should eat them too.
Hi Oprah. Its daddy.
Come with me, daddys pretty girl.
Hey, hey, hey.
Why do you carry Oprah like that?
She doesnt like it. Give her to me.
She doesnt like being carried flat.
She likes being carried like this. See?
But, Ben--
Just shut the door,
there are many mosquitoes.
You like this way better, right?
Go away, then.
Poor thing.
Just shut the door.
Whats the matter with you?
Sorry, sorry.
You're dressed. Dressed.
To keep you warm.
Lets go for a walk.
Hey, where are you taking this kid?
What are you going to do?
Babies should not be taken outside
at dusk. Understand?
You want this kid
to be possessed by demons?
Possessed by banshees and their cronies?
What were you thinking?
This baby taken out for a walk at dusk?
No way!
Now, lets change your diaper.
It stinks. See? Stinks. Right?
-Let me do it.
-Can you do it?
-Of course I can.
You think I cant clean up my own child?
what are you doing, Rendy?
Man, I can do it!
Thats not a sarong.
Good God, Rendy, look.
What are you going to do with the bird?
Whats in your mind, Man?
Rendy, Rendy-- Zero.
Go away. Youre only causing problems.
Your father is confused.
He cant even put on diapers.
Here, here.
All he knows is office work, office work.
Want to see fish?
Over there. See--
-Where are you going?
-Just a sec.
Dont be too long.
What a weakling, cant stand a little AC?
Old man.
Lets go see the fish.
So cute, very big.
-Take it easy, Sir.
Whats the heck?
Why didnt you do something?
Just let it go.
He is rude, cutting in line.
Let it go, youll scare the kids.
Scare the kids?
Buddy, were also queuing here.
-Just shut up.
-I paid, too.
-You have a problem?
-What? Im the father.
-Dad, stop it.
Shut up!
If you wanna fight, fine. But not here.
-Too many people.
-Ill wait for you at the tunnel.
-Go wait for me there! Go!
Teach your kids how to be man.
Understand? Dont just stand still!
Hush dear, hush.
Thats how you do it. Understand?
You have many kids,
but you cant defend your family?
Dont you get it? Idiot!
Mae, lets go home.
I won 100! Take note.
Get ready. 200 coming up.
Two hundred! Okay, one more.
Not bad. 200. Your turn, go!
Whats happening?
Usually youre better than me.
Two hundred!
Cash and carry.
Give me here.
Whats wrong with you?
Problems at home?
Not bad. I can have a massage. Coming?
Alright then, Im off. Thank you.
You look so stressed, Boss. Massage?
Your bodys so tense, Boss.
I know. Youre exhausted
from taking care of your kids.
How can I be too tired caring for my kids?
Im not even allowed to touch them.
I have no control even in my own home.
But you gave them the permission
to help around the house.
You cant just kick them out.
They back out themselves.
How, Boss?
To repel pests,
usually we find the pests predator.
-Yes, Boss?
You have a special assignment.
And you cannot fail.
Bobbys my name, problem is my game.
Show off.
Peace be upon you.
Meet Zubaedah Maemunah a.k.a. Big Mama.
A migrant worker in Arabia for years,
and terrorism suspect in three countries.
Mrs. Mardis mother and Maes grandma.
Mortal mother in-law--
mortal enemy of Mr. Mardi.
Im back.
Oh, my God, Mother!
My God, Mom. Youre still alive?
Thank God!
I thought youd died.
Theres been no news from Arabia
all these years.
Dear, theres a grave with her name on it.
Hey, you! You want me to die soon, huh?
Well, Im still alive and well.
Still hot, hot, hot.
My God!
This way of dressing in Arabia
would be penalized with stoning.
And youd been chained.
-Who is this?
-Its Big Mama.
Our childrens great grandmother.
Son-in-law, dont just sit there.
My luggage. Bring them inside.
This guy!
You married an idiot.
Dont be like your grandpa.
Good job, Bob.
Then give me a massage, Boss.
-A little to the left.
Hey, why am I giving you a massage?
Who misses Uncle Gun?
Whats the matter?
You cant just touch them like that!
Have you sterilized your hands?
Ive washed them, Big Mama.
Dont lie.
I still uphold
Arabias strict criminal law.
Dear God! Allah the Greatest!
Theres no God but Allah!
Have you checked the water?
Is it too hot or not?
Of course, Big Mama.
You think I wanted to boil the baby?
What kind of water is this? So murky?
-Its clean, Big Mama.
I swear to God.
Drink it.
Drink the water. Drink!
Yes, Big Mama.
Careful with that. Its dangerous.
Is it clean?
Youre cruel.
Im cruel?
I worked in Arabia for years!
I know what cruel is.
This is so wrong.
Poisoning kids with such garbage shows.
He will be dumb like his grandfather.
Give it here.
Instead of looking at your face,
Id rather watch a movie about
What did you say?
Are you insulting me?
I wasnt insulting you!
I was looking after my grandchild.
As the grandfather,
you should give a good example.
Get him to exercise, read books.
I wonder how Mae can be successful
with a father like you.
Why, Big Mama? Let me ask you, why?
Its alright.
I wanted my daughter to marry Rosyid.
So that her childs nose is prettier,
not flat like yours.
Marry them off then, take this kid also.
The heck?
Marry them off! Take all of these!
Crazy grandma. Crazy grandma.
Slowly but surely,
Rendys pest repellent strategy
is working.
Dear, you havent taken a bath?
Were going to visit the grandkids.
Go take a bath.
You go. I dont feel well.
You dont feel well?
No fever.
Not there, but here,
Im incensed, understand?
Your mother has always insulted me,
you know.
Just so you know,
as long as your mother is at Maes house,
Ill never go there.
We cant kick out our parent, dear.
Whose side are you on? Im your husband.
It hurts, you know.
Yes, but shes an elderly woman,
we must be understanding.
Ive been understanding to her
for dozens of years.
Can you be understanding to me? Tell her.
Obviously I mean nothing to you.
I better go then.
Where are you going?
Im leaving. Dont you try to find me.
Give me some money. Money!
Oh, God.
Youre staying at home, right? Here.
Whats the matter?
Your father.
Hush, okay.
Mom, wheres Dad?
He left.
Huh? He left?
You still have
some veggie in coconut milk?
Mae is restless.
Her world starts to become gloomy.
Beni, Guntoro and Eman
dont dare to visit her house anymore.
Mae becomes unstable again.
Your dad left home, Mae?
Why? I thought your parents
were harmonious all this time.
True, how did they have a big fight?
Thats why I dont want them
to get divorced, no way.
E, I have a great idea.
What if we hook up Maes mom
with my grandfather--
-Your wrinkly grandpa?
-Youre offering a wrinkly guy?
You are so obnoxious.
Why did you say that?
Have you any idea how stressed I am?
You don't have a heart.
Relax, E.
Your mother is beautiful.
-I guarantee that in less than two days
youll get a stepfather. Relax.
-A stepfather.
-A more handsome one.
-Do you agree?
-Do you want it?
Dont talk nonsense!
-You too! That's garbage.
How can you talk like that
to a stressed-out person?
No stepfather.
I read that people from broken homes
all of them have psychological disorders.
None of them is normal.
You all should know that.
So, stop talking nonsense.
-Like matchmaking my mom.
-Okay, sorry.
Now those are faces of people
from broken homes.
Youre all messed up. What?
You wanna fight?
-Where are you going?
Go back home, demon!
Go away, you dont belong
in this neighborhood!
-Calm down, Mae.
-Who are they?
Mae, whats wrong with you? Calm down.
How can I calm down?
I dont want a broken home.
Do you want to be a product
of a broken home?
Mae, broken home-related
psychological disorders are just a theory.
My mom got divorced
and remarried six times
and I turned out fine.
What are you doing there? Come here.
How could you lie there?
Your wife needs you here.
Maes jealous.
Im serious.
My parents will not get a divorce!
How do we prevent it?
Big Mama is the problem.
And we dont want you to be
a product of a broken home like--
What are you doing?
Whats wrong with the three of you?
-Nothing wrong with us.
-Nothing wrong with us.
-Whats wrong with you?
Its not that.
Why dont you ever come to my house?
Oh, Mae,
we dont feel like coming to your house.
-Big Mamas there.
-True. You know how she is.
What are you doing?
Im late, Id better go.
-Just go later.
-Were not finished talking yet.
-I must go.
-What do you do anyway, Man?
-Peace be upon you.
Peace be upon you too.
-What do you do?
-Well, you know. Bye.
Hi, babies.
Its Auntie Sophie.
Where are you going?
Going clubbing, grandma,
its Saturday night.
So, why arent you wearing any clothes?
This is my outfit, Grandma.
Thats an underwear.
Youre not allowed to go anywhere
wearing that.
-Yes, darling?
Whats wrong, Sophie?
Mommy, she said I cant go out
if I wear these clothes.
Thats not right. Its an expensive dress.
If she only wears it at home,
who will see it?
I didnt know expensive clothes
can make someone look cheap.
Sorry, Big Mama, Im a modern parent.
So, I tell Sophie she can wear
any clothes she wants.
Its up to her.
-Thanks, Mommy, youre the best.
Hello, baby.
Hello. Oh, I have to stand on my toes.
Wow, you look so hot.
Youre gonna have
a fourth grandchild soon.
Sophie. Sophie.
Change your clothes.
-Change your clothes!
If you dont, youre grounded for a month.
-Sit, sit.
-Thank you, Mommy, thank you.
Wow, nice home.
Make me a cup of tea, please.
-Who do you think I am?
-Im the host.
-Im sorry I didnt know, Im sorry.
Who are your parents?
-Where do you live? What do you do?
-Answer her, what are you waiting for?
Leave your ID here.
You can take a photocopy of it.
For real?
Yes, Mommy. Mom--
Mae, are you alright?
If it isnt a child problem,
then its a parent problem.
If its not a parent problem,
then its Big Mama.
What do you want?
Im stressed-out here.
Relax, Mae.
Or youll get Baby Blues again.
Baby blues? I'm over that.
This is bigger than that.
This is Family Blues. Everyones affected.
Im surprised youre not affected.
This is a rare moment of peace.
Yes, its nice.
Watching the kids--
I mean now, just the two of us.
No parents.
No Big Mama.
-Just the two of us.
-Free to do anything.
There is another way
to quickly get rid of stress.
Want to know?
-Its stuck, Mae.
-Do it slowly.
-Ow! Are you okay?
-It's fine.
There-- What? What--
Dont make me nervous!
Ill pick it up later, its fine.
Pick it up, it might be important.
-Just for a moment.
-Dont take too long.
Hello, Soph.
Rendy, I have had it.
Maes grandma must go.
-She turned everything into a mess.
- Soph--
She even got Mommy to agree with her.
Well, be patient.
Big Mama is part of our family, too.
No, Big Mama is Maes family.
And when you married Mae--
I didnt know that meant you're marrying
her family as well as her ancestors.
Rendy, if you cant send her back
to Arabia,
she should stay at a hotel.
I cant tell her to stay at a hotel.
I invited her here. I paid for her ticket.
But Im not the one married to her!
Hello Soph, Sophie.
-Where were we, Mae?
-Hold on.
I want to ask you first.
What was that all about?
Did you ask Big Mama to come here?
Never mind, good deeds
need no announcement, right?
Its not a matter of announcements.
Why didnt you tell me?
am I wrong to want my kids
to know their great grandma?
Lets put it this way.
Correct me if Im wrong.
I have noticed in the past few days
youre the only person who seems happy.
You seem to be enjoying yourself.
Other people are stressed out by Big Mama.
-What are you accusing me of, Mae?
What are you doing? Get out.
You wait here, alright?
Young people, making out inside a car?
Sir, this is my wife.
-Everybody says that.
-Its true, Sir.
Get out.
-You shut up.
Get out.
Get the ID, Mae.
We really are husband and wife.
Did you bring your wallet?
-Show him your ID.
-Dont give me excuses.
Sir, we really are husband and wife. Mae?
-You take care of it.
-Hey, Mae.
Mae, where are you going?
What do you have to say?
You brought Big Mama here
but you didnt tell me.
Why should I stay here?
Im so disappointed. I just found out now.
Well, like I said before--
You are the father of my children
and I always thought
you were a good man.
Somebody I can respect.
Thats that, then.
Deal with it on your own.
Im sorry for not telling you.
-I'm sorry. Mae, we should talk, Mae.
I can explain everything.
Mae, lets talk it through.
Youre leaving me here, Mae?
Mae, get out Mae, please. Mae!
Sir, that really was your wife?
Good grief.
Sir, you need a ride? Come.
See, your knight cant go anywhere.
What do you do now?
I bring it back here.
Mom, have the kids been given a bath?
Yes, relax.
They are all clean and smell nice.
-You have taken a bath?
Ouch! What the heck--
-Oh, my God.
Grandma has given you a bath, hasnt she?
Right, you smell nice.
Lets face that way.
-Thanks, Mom.
-Yes, dont worry about it.
If things can run like this,
we dont need any man in the house, do we?
We can take care of everything.
We dont have to fix anyone breakfast.
No more yelling,
Ren, put the cap on the toothpaste
back on!
No more shouting,
Dear, flush the toilet after using!
What are you doing here?
-Why are you here?
-Its my office.
I know, I didnt say it was my office!
Listen, dont tell anyone Im here.
And I promise you,
you wont even feel that Im here.
Got it?
Dad, you have to go home now.
Everyones worried about you.
Go home? I wont go home.
As long as that witch is there,
I wont go home.
Such a bossy mom-in-law.
You know, Im nothing to her.
Nothing is right in her eyes.
She gets easily offended.
You think your handsome father-in-law
doesnt have any feeling?
Ren. She should treat
her son-in-law like her own son.
-Indulge him, give him nice things.
-I agree, dad.
Son in-laws should be indulged.
Shut up,
Im the one sharing my thoughts here.
Bottom line, if everyone
still loves her more than they love me
Ill never go home.
Ill stay here till I die if necessary.
In your office. Understand?
Stupid in-law.
One foot in the grave but still arrogant.
Yes, stupid in-law.
Hey, are you mocking me?
-No, Dad.
-Okay then, Im going to sleep now.
-Yes, go, I want to sleep. Im sleepy.
I wonder what Rendy
is doing right now, Mom.
And why havent I heard
anything from your father?
Speak of the devil. Its Rendy, Mom.
Mom, Rendy said Dads in his office.
What is he doing there?
Im not sure.
Dont you want to pick him up?
Why should I? Hes not a kindergartener.
He left. So hes the one
who has to come back by himself.
What kind of women do they think we are?
Thats why I want to ask you,
do you love me?
Honey, I love you so much, honey.
Its a lot, right, honey? Count the words.
Honey, I love you so much, honey.
Mae, whats wrong, Mae?
Well, then, lets just be here.
Right here. Not going anywhere.
My, lovely--
Darling! Im coming!
Okay, Im coming with you!
Forgive me sweetheart, oh God!
Ive forgotten you. Lets go!
Come on, Mom.
Calm down, everyone.
Big Mama.
-My great grandchildren, come here.
-Help here.
-Big Mama, can I leave the kids with you?
These kids are no problem.
I once babysat
Osama bin Ladens great grandchildren.
Mae, hurry up, I dont want to be a widow.
Big Mama, if theres emergency,
call Beni, Guntoro and Eman, okay?
-No need.
-I leave the numbers here.
No need.
Hush, honey.
In this meeting I want each division
to give sales progress report
of our newest product of the month. Go.
So far, the launching of our
newest product is quite successful.
Its just not concurrent with the sales.
But Sir, so far,
our companys overall sales this month
has reached break even point, Sir.
Okay, based on existing reports--
Where are you going, Dad?
The bathroom there is under repair.
I stink, I want to use the bathroom here.
I want to take a bath here.
As I was saying,
based on the existing reports--
My God.
-Meetings adjourned.
-But, Sir--
Well continue next time.
-This is a mess.
-Postponed again?
-Whos inside?
-His father in-law.
-Upstairs, upstairs.
-Go on ahead.
Dear, its me!
-Wheres Dad?
Wheres Dad?
Answer her! Whats with you?
-He just finished showering.
-Why did it take you long to answer?
-What do you want?
Im here for Dad.
Where are you? Darling!
Do you want help?
-Where is he?
-Where is he?
-Im looking for you!
Old man! Where are you?
Mr. Rendy, somebodys about
to kill himself, up there.
Oh, no!
-Dear God-- Darling!
Darling, get down. Get down.
Dont be like this, dear.
I promise not to let Mom interfere
with our domestic affairs anymore.
She wont interfere with our
domestic affairs anymore, okay?
Okay? Okay?
Step aside. Sit.
-I'm fine. Okay.
-Sit down.
Im asking you to come home, please.
I miss the smell of your fart, okay?
I miss your snore. Come home.
I promise I wont let Mom interfere
with our household anymore.
I will never leave home again.
This is useless high-rise building,
no Wi-Fi.
-Dont kill yourself.
-Who wants to kill himself?
You were just about to jump.
I was going to get a kite
for the grandchildren.
Whats wrong with you? Dont you get it?
Who said we have reconciled? Go away!
Mae, you must believe me!
I didnt have any bad intention.
Well, maybe a little, but--
-Okay, I have no excuse.
I did all this because Im selfish, Mae.
My dream is to prove that as a man,
I can be the best father for our children.
The best husband for you.
But the fact is--
Our kids like your friends better, Mae.
They like Dad better.
And your friends
drove your Baby Blues away.
Not me.
I panicked, Mae.
I cant bear to lose my dream.
So I called Big Mama so she can come here
-I have to go.
We have declared
cease fire with Big Mama, Mae.
Once we gotten to know her,
shes actually really cool, Mae.
-I swear.
-Where are the others?
-Hold on.
-So cool.
-Well, Im Big Mama.
- Mae.
- Pay up, come on.
Youre so amazing, Big Mama.
-I need your help.
Its Rendy, he just needs reassurance
that he can be a good father.
I see.
Im going to sleep at the office again.
Did you pack your clean socks?
I did.
Hello? Gun, speak slowly.
What? What happened to Beni?
-Alright, Ill be on my way.
-What happened to Beni?
Dont panic.
We have to go to Benis place.
-Whats wrong?
-Ill explain later.
Sorry, Bro.
My husband has something urgent to do.
Im very sorry.
Just because youre handsome--
-Youre more handsome. Sorry.
Mae. Rendy.
Mae got news that Beni was thrown out of
his house by his wife.
Because he wants to pawn
the rest of their possessions
to gamble on betta fish fight.
His best friends panicked.
-Ben! Stop it, Ben!
-Wait a minute.
No, this is the last time,
I promise this is the last time.
I dont mind losing my house certificate.
But I wont give this up.
-Im serious.
Ben, you must stop now.
I cant Ren, I cant.
Ask Gods forgiveness, idiot!
-Ben, Beni! Beni!
-This is the last time--
Do you want to lose your family,
wife and children for gambling?
You may get rich, Ben.
But you'll spend the rest of your life
Is that what you want?
That night Rendy shows his mettle.
Now call your wife, apologize
and ask her to come home
And promise that youll quit gambling.
Like a general in battle,
he tactically took care of
Benis household situation.
Ill temporarily confiscate
your Blackberry.
Ren, I especially
would like to thank you very much.
Your words just now
are a slap on the face.
-You can feel it here?
Just now I felt like--
Wow, I almost lost everything, didnt I?
My house, my family--
Just because of this betta fish.
-Youre welcome.
-Youre the man.
-Hes moved.
-No problem. Nothing to it.
-Are you alright?
-My intestines hurt.
And although Guntoro
teeters between life and death
a new hope emerged in Rendys heart.
God is the Greatest!
His last breath.
-I only want to say--
-He only wants to say--
-That Im sure--
-That hes sure--
-That you--
-Who, me or Rendy?
-Oh. That you, Ren.
-Can be a good dad.
-Can be--
Thank you Gun, thank you.
-Get out!
-What the-- Man?
-It's you!
Sir? Sir?
Let go!
What's this?
Hey, Sir, Sir, Sir--
Hey, hey, hey!
-Stand still!
-You wait here.
Let go of my friend, or Ill smack you.
Wait a minute. Hey!
Quiet everyone!
-Eman! Eman!
Arrest him.
Move. Lets go.
Rendy, sorry, it turns out,
all this time Eman works as prison proxy.
Thats why the police was very suspicious
and monitor his every move.
How did it end up like this, Im sorry.
But the truth, Ren.
I was never really sick.
I, too, hasnt stopped gambling.
I wanted to. But--
Hey, youre the one who should be in here.
-Whos he talking to?
-Dont know.
Shh, go away, I want to talk to her.
Go away.
Come here.
Why are you giving me another chance, Mae?
Remember when we were
on the roof of your office building?
Youve given me the best.
Ever since you set foot in my house.
Everything has been the best.
So Im not losing you, Mae?
Family never leave each other.
-Be patient.
-I want to hug you.
-Climb up here.
Come here.
I miss you so much--
-I miss you--
What the-- Hey--
What's this--
This chaos didnt last long.
What are you doing? Hey?
Rendys moms lawyer
had their sentence postponed.
So they can attend an important event.
Mae realized, the key to tame Big Mama
is by digging into her past.
When Big Mama separated
from her high school sweetheart.
Through Facebook, they were reunited.
A veteran action movie star
who has amnesia
from getting hit on the head too often.
And the action stars name is
Am I pretty already?
Of course you are.
Jaka Sembung.
His memory is slowly coming back,
although not totally.
So young.
No, youre wrong, not me.
Wrong place. Here. Or Ill claw your face!
But with only one soft touch of the hand
their memories are fully restored.
My AC is broken.
-Can you fix it?
Oh, maybe then after the party,
you fix the AC.
-How are you?
-Thank you.
What are you guys talking about?
I have your shirt.
I dont know, she speaks English.
I dont know, she speaks English.
Whoa! What happened?
-Sorry, Sir.
-Sorry, Sir.
Now I know.
where Mae inherited the tendency
to slap someone.
-Perfect fit.
Its true, we can never escape family.
There will be sadness,
or happy laughter,
and hope.
And we can never forget
family, no matter how crazy they are
they protect us from the world out there
which is very,
very cruel.