Get Out Alive (2016) Movie Script

( Horn honking )
Honey, off the phone, let's go.
Hon, the limo is here... finally.
What the hell is he doing?
He's just sitting there.
I don't know.
First he's late and
now he's being a jerk.
You've gotta be kidding me.
Just grab the bags and let's get going.
This prick can forget about a tip.
Just hurry up.
Domestic terminal.
And step on it.
By the way, thanks for
the help with the bags.
Never again are we hiring this company.
This is ridiculous.
You know who recommended them?
Don't ever listen to Ron!
Oh my God, Ron.
This is classic Ron.
It's the same Ron who said
he'd get me on the golf course
for half price.
( Laughs )
You know what happened that day?
I paid for four people
to go at full price.
Well, if you close this business deal,
we can buy our own golf course.
You know who won't be playing
on our course?
Shouldn't we have taken this turn-off?
Hey! What the hell are you doing?
You're going the wrong way.
Turn around.
What's your problem?
Turn around.
If we miss this flight,
I'm going to have you fired, jerk!
This is unacceptable.
Who does he think he is?
Where are we?
What's up with this guy?
I don't know,
it looks like we're in some
kind of industrial park.
Will, do something.
You've pushed this too far!
I'm calling the cops.
Jackie, something weird is going on.
Oh, my God! They have guns!!!
Will, they have guns!!!
Are you crazy?!!!
Please, take what you want,
just don't hurt us!
If this is a kidnapping,
I can get you money!
We don't want your money.
What is it?
You're worth more dead than alive.
( Gun shots )
So after hacking into the satellite,
I was able to download loads of data
and a clear pattern emerged.
The eyes in the sky
are fixated on coordinates
with very distinctive
radioactive signatures,
and why is that?
Mrs. Forrester...
Call me Lucy.
Did you hear what I just said?
Aliens could be watching right now.
All my theories are true.
I hacked into the satellites...
Court order, no hacking,
no computer access.
We live in the 21st century,
and you're my lawyer.
That's why I hired you,
to stop the government
conspiracy against me.
And as your lawyer,
it's my job to keep you out of jail!
No computers?
That's like Lord of the Rings
with no Gandalf.
Ok, relax.
Take a deep breath.
I am here for you.
That is why I'm seeing you
on short notice at my house.
I promise, I will get
that order rescinded
as soon as I get back.
How do I know you're not just
saying this to keep me calm,
but in fact you're planning
on moving to Europe
and working with the world bank and...
There's no conspiracy here,
and I am not moving to Europe.
I am here for you.
That is why I took your case
pro-bono because
I believe that you have a voice,
so you've just got to trust me.
Ok, I will see you next week.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Hey, you ready to go?
Just about.
You ok?
You know, we don't have to go
if you don't want to go.
I know.
I just think it'd be good
for us to get away,
you know, with some new friends.
I'll be outside.
See ya.
"Welcome to Second Chance
Retreat, where couples
go to grow love."
Wow, really?
They need a new catch phrase.
It's not about the catch phrase, Greg.
It's about the experience.
That doesn't sound any better.
It's like any other vacation,
only you get to work
on your relationship.
You do realize you said
"vacation" and "work"
in the same sentence?
Trust us.
A couple's retreat can work wonders.
It's the secret to our happiness.
We go every year.
It's like a tune-up for our marriage.
( Laughs )
Leave it to men to compare
marriage to cars.
So exactly how backwoods is this place?
Well, my friends, we get
to arrive in style.
What does that even mean?
It's a surprise.
I'm not a fan of surprises.
Come on, Lucy.
Any chance we'll be stopping soon?
We're getting close.
We've been driving for, like,
three hours.
How far is this place?
We're not so far away
from the departure point.
Departure point?
What does that mean?
You're about to find out.
( Sirens )
Uh-oh, looks like we've got company.
What seems to be the problem?
You know you were speeding?
No, I'm sorry, I did not.
I'll need to see your license
and registration.
The rest of you folks,
can I see your ID as well?
Is that really necessary?
I'm afraid so, ma'am.
We've had a rash of drug runners
come through the state.
I'm just checking.
We have nothing to hide.
Alright, you folks hang tight.
I'm just gonna run these
through the computer.
Nothing like small town hospitality.
Were you even speeding?
They're probably just
razzing out-of-towners.
It all checks out.
Where y'all headed?
Second Chance Retreat.
Have a nice flight.
Thank you.
Wait, flight?
What is he talking about?
Like I said earlier,
we're arriving in style.
Something tells me this is not
going to be an ordinary trip.
Wow, you weren't kidding when
you said traveling in style.
( helicopter whirring )
Thank you!
Thank you!
Ha, ha, ha!!!!
Well, welcome to Second Chance Retreat.
So, does this get the
Forrester's seal of approval?
It's so much nicer than I imagined.
Big time.
It's pretty impressive.
Come on, Lucy.
Let's go check it out.
We'll wait for the second
chopper with the bags.
Wow, it's so serene.
It's so beautiful.
Very romantic.
I was gonna say relaxing.
Welcome to Second Chance Retreat.
Good afternoon.
Place your hand on the outline, please.
Oh, I'm sorry.
What's this for?
The security ID links
to your unique prints
and lets you into your room.
Basically, it recognizes
your bio-signature.
I had the same reaction
last time I was here.
Relax, it's harmless.
( Computer )
Bio-scan successful.
And now I'll take a picture.
Once you check in,
the doctor will be around
to do a medical.
Wait, a medical?
I'm fine, thank you.
It's just for insurance purposes.
They're gonna take a blood sample,
check your heartbeat,
basically just checking to see
if you're alive and breathing.
I'll show you to your rooms.
Well, perfect.
I just need to call the office
and make sure there aren't
any fires to put out.
You're out of luck.
Sorry, no phone calls.
Retreat policy.
We have a cell blocker
to prevent any calls.
Wait, seriously?
We are officially off the grid.
It's to help mend the relationship.
Trust me, you'll be thanking me
in a week.
If you say so.
The security, is that really necessary?
Unfortunately, some of the wives
attack their husbands during therapy.
It makes for a dangerous environment.
( Laughs )
I'm kidding!
I had you!
No, it's for the insurance company.
They insisted on it, I don't know why.
I'll stick with the angry wife scenario.
Speaking of angry wives,
let's go find them
before they spend all your money.
Oh, man. This place is awesome.
The security?
The guards?
The blood tests?
The doctors?
Doesn't it seem a little weird?
Can we just get through the week?
Look, if you want me
to get another room,
if you're uncomfortable...
They're expecting us
for dinner in an hour.
We should get ready.
I'm willing to make it work.
You just have to make an attempt.
( jazz music )
Is it just me or is this place
completely empty?
You read my mind, son.
Russell Green, and this is my wife, Ira.
Short for Irate.
Hi, Lucy.
Hi, Greg.
This is my wife, Serena.
You're retreat virgins, aren't you?
You've got that whole
"kicked in the nads" look.
I'm sorry, I forgot his muzzle at home.
So how did you hear about this place?
Oh, well our friends James and Serena,
they've been here before,
they swear by it.
How about you?
It's a strange thing.
Out of nowhere a woman shows up,
tells us we've been selected
to participate
in a week-long retreat
and, well, three words
sealed the deal for us.
"All expenses paid".
And why not?
Who would turn down an
all expenses paid holiday?
I mean, they're looking
for the right candidates,
and that's Ira and I.
Sour, miserable, irritable,
old, and ornery.
Russ figures if this can change us,
it can change anyone.
Well, I doubt a week will do the trick.
I keep telling her there's no easy trick
to saving a marriage.
Except for divorce.
( Laughs )
You, come with me.
What? I'm sorry, ow!
What the hell are you doing?!
She needs to come with me.
There, that feeling,
defending a loved one.
Hold onto it.
It means she's someone important to you.
Who the hell are you?
My name is Alex Koslov.
This is my retreat.
I know who I am and why I am here.
Do you?
I'm beginning to wonder.
I'm going to give you the means
to keep your relationship together.
Welcome to Second Chance Retreat.
I hope you all enjoy your week.
( Clapping )
Now that's an entrance.
Trust me, Greg.
He puts on a big show.
It's worth the price of admission.
Dinner is being served.
Please take a seat.
I'm starving.
You wanted to be here.
The meal was fantastic.
Thank you.
Lucy, it was a stunt.
They wanted a reaction out of us
and it worked.
Granted, he may have taken it
a little bit too far.
May have taken it too far?
He basically attacked me.
I stepped in front of you.
What else do you want from me?
Five seconds of chivalry.
Yeah, it must have been a real
stretch for you, Greg.
Some of you may be having
second thoughts.
It is understandable.
You are afraid of change.
You are comfortable with the status quo.
You are looking for any excuse
to keep things the way they are.
If you feel this way,
if you are too weak
to block out that scared little
voice inside your head,
then there is the door.
Go on.
Use it.
Again, welcome to Second Chance Retreat.
We were expecting a larger group
but the weather took a turn
for the worse.
It looks clear enough outside.
True, but not from
where we fly from the east.
So until the weather changes
it will just be us.
Is there no other way in?
There is a remote road
through Edgewater County
but it's not exactly user-friendly.
But on the bright side it
gives us a chance to get
to know each other even better.
I will get to know you
from the inside and out.
( Chuckles )
Now, if I could ask you
to place your identification
in the bowl.
Uh, what for?
Well, it is vital that we shed
symbols of our identity
before we can possibly work
on our relationships.
I'm sorry but I'm not
comfortable giving my ID
to someone I hardly know.
Someone you hardly know
or someone you don't like?
You're the Guru, you tell me.
I'm in.
Me too.
Well, like Lucy said, you're the Guru.
So I'm in.
We had the same reaction last year.
It's all good.
It is very nice to see
returning couples.
It's great to be back.
I'm really excited
for this week's retreat.
As am I.
Now tomorrow I would like
to start with personal sessions.
I will work with each couple
I would love to start with Greg
and Lucy in the morning.
Yeah, great.
I can't wait.
Thank you for a lovely evening.
It has been a pleasure,
but now I have some business
to attend to.
You must excuse me.
Good night.
Greg and Lucy Forrester,
married six years, almost seven.
Tell me about the life you share.
Do you have any children?
We're basically workaholics.
Greg is a history professor.
Currently on sabbatical.
I'm working on my thesis.
And I'm a lawyer.
And you know what they say
about lawyers.
Oh, really?
What do they say, Greg?
I don't know, I was just joking, Lucy.
Any illness?
What's with the emphasis on our health?
I don't see how it's relevant.
Well, as you know,
disease can put a strain
on a relationship.
Well, of course, but you already
had us medically checked.
You know, digging any deeper
seems a little personal.
After all, I am a lawyer,
I know my rights.
I see your defense mechanism.
You turn the tables.
You do not like to be vulnerable.
That's not what I'm doing.
That is what you're doing
and you do it all the time.
I do not.
I'm sorry.
We both have a clean bill of health.
It's never been an issue for us.
Um, may I ask you
about your family history?
Tell me about your parents.
Uh, my parents died.
My father actually died last year.
I'm sorry to hear that.
Any siblings?
Only child raised by a single mom.
She was just diagnosed with
dementia a few years back.
I'm sorry to hear that.
Tell me how you two met.
In college.
We took the same elective.
We used to sit on opposite sides
of class.
We never spoke to each other.
Until we booked the same time
at the observatory.
He loved gazing at the stars.
And the rest is history.
Tell me about the struggles
in your marriage.
We all have demons.
This is the place to face them.
I'm sorry, I can't do this.
Doc, I'm so sorry.
How many times do I have to tell you,
nothing else happened between us?
Only because I caught you.
I saw you kiss her!
She kissed me!
How many times do I have
to tell you that?
You didn't seem to mind, did you?
I don't know.
I needed you, and you checked out.
I was there!
You were defending your clients.
Oh, ok.
So I drove you into the arms
of another woman?
How cliche.
No, I told you.
She kissed me!
And for a second, God help me,
I needed it.
But if you didn't walk
through that alley,
I would have pushed her away.
We came here to save our marriage.
You've just gotta give me one more day.
Just give me one more day.
I can't go back in there.
That's fine.
Let's just go for a walk.
Yes, it's me.
I just finished the personal
interviews with the Forresters.
I think we should dig a little deeper.
They... they may be hiding something.
No, no, no, no.
It's... it's no problem,
it's just I want to cover all the bases.
We've had a 100 percent success
rate up until this point.
It's getting dark soon so maybe
we should head back?
You know, it's gonna be a little quicker
if we go straight back the way we came.
Ok, which way would that be?
Uh... well,
if we head down there, go
across the river to that trail,
it should lead us back to the retreat.
Look, there's a rope.
Shouldn't we just go back
the way we came?
You can't be serious.
Why don't we just go back
the way we came?
No, it'll be fine.
I'll just go down and check
how deep the river is.
I don't think this is a good idea.
I'm serious, Luce.
It's gonna be fun.
( Branch breaking )
It's safe to cross, the
river's only ankle deep.
Come on down.
I don't think this looks safe.
It is.
Are you ok?
Someone pushed me!
I felt it, it felt like someone
pushed me!
Why would someone push you?
I... I don't know!
Did you see somebody up there?
You think I just fell down the hill?
I don't know, maybe you tripped.
You know... just forget it.
Where've you been?
We went on a hike.
I think someone tried
to push me down a hill.
I think someone's trying to kill me.
Kill you?
I know it sounds crazy
but I know I saw someone.
I don't know.
Did you see somebody?
I didn't see anything.
You can't be sure you saw someone.
Maybe a branch snapped
and hit you or something.
I don't know.
Well, it makes more sense
than someone trying to kill you.
I know what I saw.
But why would someone try to hurt you?
I... I don't know!
Are you suggesting it's someone
from the resort?
There you are!
We were just about to send out
a search party to look for you.
Most guests return before dark.
Lucy was just telling us that...
Oh, we went on a hike
and we thought we saw a bear and
just got spooked and I just...
I tripped and fell.
Then you are very lucky.
The woods are not a good place
after dark.
You should stay on the retreat grounds.
Now, we are about to dine
in a few minutes.
Please join me.
Great, we're starving.
You guys coming?
Just give us a minute.
Greg, we need to talk.
I know I'm not crazy.
It doesn't make any sense.
I think someone is trying to kill me,
and it could be anyone here!
Lucy, we were dehydrated,
we were tired, we were hungry.
We could have seen Bigfoot
in those conditions.
But we didn't.
Greg, please.
I need you to believe me.
We have to tell Koslov.
No, no, no.
I... I don't think that's a good idea.
Why not?
Because I don't trust him.
I mean, with all this medical
crap and the guards,
I'm getting a bad feeling
about this place.
I think we should leave.
Yeah, as soon as we can.
So this is what you're after?
You're gonna come up with
any excuse to get out of here.
It's not an excuse, Greg.
I'm sorry.
Ok, you're gonna believe a conspiracy
that someone's trying to kill you?
You believe in that more than us.
Greg, wait!
Have you guys seen Greg?
I think he went that way.
I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you.
Can we talk?
Yes, of course.
It's just us, Ira.
Serena and James told us what happened.
I think someone might want
to hurt Russ and I, too.
What makes you think that?
Well, strange things have been
happening to us
since we got here.
I feel like we're being watched.
I feel the same way.
Russ always insisted we put
our valuables, ID, cash,
credit cards in a money belt
and we never took it off.
We only took it off when we went to bed.
Wait, you didn't give your ID to Koslov?
That's right.
Well, I gave him a library card.
And we never put anything in the safe.
The other day I check my money belt,
my ID was gone.
My credit cards.
Same with Russ's.
Did you report it to...
Yes, Koslov, of course.
That was the first thing we did
and he said we should
check again just to make sure.
Maybe it fell out.
He even went back with us to look.
And sure enough all our ID
was under the bed,
like it had just slipped out somehow.
But I know it didn't.
Someone had to have come in
our room and taken it
when we were sleeping.
For what reason?
I don't know.
I don't know.
Has anything gone missing
from your room?
Not that I know of, but we use the safe.
I just... I just have a terrible
feeling about this place.
Does Russ feel the same?
Yeah, for once we agree on something.
Ah, there you are.
I was wondering what had
happened to you.
Now that I have you here,
I should let you know
that it is not safe to wander
away from the retreat,
especially at night,
and we would not want anything
to happen to you.
Have a pleasant evening.
You don't think he heard, do you?
Don't worry, everything
is gonna be fine.
I'm gonna go check on Greg.
Ok, I'm gonna go back, go back in there.
( Gasps )
Greg, wake up!
( Screams )
( Gasping )
What are you doing?
Where are Russ and Ira?
We think they left.
I... I talked to Ira last night,
she didn't say anything.
Sorry, you'll have to talk
to Mr. Koslov.
( Knocking )
Come in.
Ah, Mrs. Forrester.
What can I do for you?
The Greens, where are they?
They're probably about an hour
from the retreat now.
Excuse me?
They decided to leave unannounced.
We see this sometimes.
We should be able to locate
them shortly.
Something's not right here.
Care to share your concerns?
Is there something
you're not telling me?
Um... I'm going to go find Greg.
Of course.
Yes, it's me.
Any news?
The next group is due to arrive tomorrow
and the investors want assurance
that there will be no delays.
Any sign of them?
I'm afraid not.
Maybe they went home.
It's 15 miles of rough terrain,
we'll find them.
I want to be part of the search party.
Me too.
I appreciate your concern,
but let's leave this
to the professionals.
If that's the case then
we should call the cops.
I mean, they could be hurt, or worse.
I mean, you said that there's
predators out there.
Mrs. Forrester, we have
this under control.
All the security, the guards...
How does someone get away so easily?
I've never seen this.
I believe her.
They went and told Koslov
and when they came back,
they found their IDs on the floor
like they had just fallen out.
So someone broke
into Russ and Ira's room
and stole their IDs?
And credit cards
while they were sleeping.
And then put it back so
it didn't raise any alarm bells?
When was the last time
you checked the safe?
Not since we got here.
I had no reason to.
What's the number?
Four, one, five, four.
Let me try.
Four, one, five, four.
Four, one, five, four.
That's the number I set.
It's not working.
Well, we both failed,
so not much of a coincidence.
I don't feel so good.
Lucy, Lucy.
Lucy, Lucy.
Wake up.
Can you hear me?
Lucy, wake up!
Can you hear me?
Breathe, breathe.
Take some deep breaths.
Deep breaths, that's it.
That's... no, no, no, no.
Not so fast.
Woah, what happened?
A leaky gas line fed some
carbon monoxide into the room,
it's lucky that we found you
when we did.
A leaky gas line?
Yes, being off the grid,
we use generators.
But not to worry,
the problem has been solved for now.
The last thing I remember
is my wife and I
trying to get into our safe.
The damn thing kept rejecting us.
That is strange.
Try it again.
It seems to be working fine.
Did you find Russ and Ira?
No, not yet, but the police
are looking into it.
I promise to keep you both posted.
Um, again I am very sorry
for this inconvenience.
I have some other things to attend to.
Be well.
Hey, hon. You ok?
Maybe the gas leak wasn't an accident.
Why would Koslov want to kill us?
He just saved us.
Why would he want us dead?
I mean, you've seen the security guards,
they're always watching, always around.
Come on.
I mean, what if maybe
he still needs something
from us and once he has it, we...
you know what?
I'm going to go take a bath
and clear my head.
Hey, I got a headache.
You got any Aspirin?
Yeah, there's some in my bag.
Did you find them?
Yeah, I got them.
Koslov wants us to join him for dinner.
Just something small and informal.
Russ and Ira are still missing.
Shouldn't we have a search party?
The police are on it.
I'm sorry if I seem insensitive,
but when we were here a year ago
two couples just up and left.
One walked the whole way home
and then the other just canoed
down the river.
It's nothing, really.
Serena is right, you're overreacting.
We're leaving.
Because of a gas leak?
It was an accident.
No, that's not the only thing.
The safe...
What about the safe?
I'll explain later.
The point is I want out, Luce wants out.
You want out, right?
You're making a mistake.
No, coming here was a mistake.
Buying into your twisted delusion
that this couple's retreat is
going to save our marriage.
That was a mistake.
I'm done making mistakes.
I'm sorry, but Serena and I are staying.
Our marriage needs this.
Yeah, well I'm going home.
Wait, Greg!
Greg, wait.
Greg, I never meant for you
to find those papers.
I just thought about it one time and...
Look, we've gotta stick together
to get out of here.
After that...
Greg, wait.
And don't forget to pack this.
My wife and I want out now.
As far as I'm considered,
this is all crap.
Relax, Greg.
You've made such progress here.
No, I'm done relaxing.
We want out now, or
we're calling the cops.
It sounds to me like
your wife wants a divorce.
You're the one overreacting.
How'd you know that?
You're not the first one to get
the divorce bomb, Greg.
The same thing happened to Russ and Ira.
Russ left and Ira went after him.
She was afraid he would
clean out the bank accounts
while she was here.
I got a message from the police,
they found them at home.
The neighbours had called
because they were yelling and screaming.
They're safe.
They're safe, already at home?
As I said, they're very wealthy.
What Ira wants, Ira gets.
She chartered the plane out of here.
Greg, the helicopter will be
coming later on this afternoon,
you're welcome to take it.
But I ask you, please,
stay until after dinner.
If you feel the same way,
I will drive you out personally.
We can leave tonight?
This is not a prison, Greg.
Is there anything else I can do for you?
I want a room to myself until we leave.
Of course. Consider it done.
I have an uneasy feeling.
I think we should start
the transfer right away.
I will start the preparations.
I think I realized that.
I want him.
Well, it's not too late.
We need to convince him to stay.
We need to convince him
that you are the best thing
that's ever happened to him.
You're a good friend
but I can assure you he does
not feel that way.
Not now.
Well, let's show him
what he's about to lose.
What are you doing?
You are going to look
smoking hot tonight.
I don't think this is a good idea.
( Knocking )
( On the screen )
Please disable the battery.
How unfortunate that the vehicle
the Forresters could use
has suffered a mechanical malfunction.
What the hell?
( slow dance music )
Ah, Mr. Forrester.
Please, join me.
Mr. Forrester.
I am so glad you decided to stay.
I'm just holding up my end
of the bargain.
I see the rest of the guests
have arrived.
Yes, life is good.
Please, have a drink.
Should I worry?
What's in the drink?
Only the best, of course.
And where is your wife?
She's not really the party type.
I see.
I see.
Well, I beg to differ.
She looks beautiful.
May I?
Of course.
Do you mind?
Oh, please.
Who are you, and what have
you done with Lucy?
( Giggles )
I think Greg's watching.
Oh, really?
But he's pretending not to.
I love this dress on you.
Oh, thank you.
It's your wife's.
I thought I recognized it.
Oh, here he comes.
Sorry, James.
May I talk to my wife?
Of course.
Thank you for the dance.
What's going on?
He's playing us.
I saw them sabotage the Jeep
so it won't start.
Why would he do that?
I told him that we were leaving tonight
otherwise I would call the cops.
He has no intention of driving us back.
I have a feeling if we stick around...
Maybe we'll have an accident?
We've gotta get out of here.
I'm going to steal us a Jeep.
I see you have been calming the storm.
Discord is never a good thing.
It's all going to be over in a few days.
Satisfaction once again.
Meet me at the back of
the lodge in five minutes.
Oh, I don't think so.
You're not going anywhere without me
and I'm not taking no for an answer.
Well, if we're going to do this
we need to step away
without anyone noticing.
Ok, so we need a diversion.
- What?
- Okay.
Just spin me.
( Glasses smash )
That's great, now we need to change.
I'm so sorry.
I'll be right back.
I knew it!
Nice diversion, well played.
It was actually pretty fun.
Ok, keep an eye out.
( Whispers ) Greg, get down!
Hey, Luce.
Oh, I'm sorry,
I didn't mean to startle you.
That's ok.
What are you doing out here?
Just taking a breather.
Just giving Greg some space to cool off.
Oh, I didn't mean to pry.
How did you find me out here?
Did you follow me?
I was just getting some air.
I smelled your perfume.
I recognized it from the dance.
Oh yeah, um, sorry about Serena's dress.
Don't worry about it.
Well, I'm going to head back in.
Do you want to join me?
I'm just gonna be out here
for a few minutes.
Alright, see you.
You ok?
Yeah, it was just James.
How much longer?
Just give me a minute.
Keep an eye out.
( Whispers )
Greg, get down!
Get down!
I'm going to confirm the buyer
right now.
I'll be right back.
( Whispers )
Luce! Luce!!
( door slams shut )
( Radio )
Charlie, I need you in sector four.
Yeah, I'm on my way.
You sick bastard.
You've been watching us the whole time.
Come on! Come on!!
What are you up to, Koslov?
( Screams )
( Gasps )
( screams )
Get out of the Jeep.
Come on!
He will shoot you.
Don't hurt her.
You know, Greg, you're beginning
to get on my nerves.
I think it is time you met the surgeon.
( Groans )
Greg, wake up!
Greg, wake up, please!
Greg! Greg!
Please, wake up!
Greg! Greg, we've gotta get out of here!
Russ and Ira, they're dead!
They butchered them!
They're in the other room!
That room is filled with bodies!
We have to get out of here!
Koslov is a psycho!
We have... we have to
warn Serena and James!
Please, just hurry!
Ok, ok.
Please, please.
Hurry, Greg, hurry!
Someone's coming, do you trust me?
Easy, easy.
You do not want to stress the organs.
Who do you think you are?
Well, here my name is Mr. Koslov.
But back home I'm known
as Vassily Bolkin,
a highly skilled surgeon who,
because of an unfortunate accident,
was stripped of my medical license.
I struggled and I scraped for two years.
Until a very fortunate
circumstance allowed me
to save the life of a man
who had been shot.
This man had a very lucrative business
collecting identities and then
making the victims disappear.
I convinced him that there was
value in the bodies,
more profit to be made.
Use them as organ donation.
So you just butchered all those people?
Russ and Ira?
Well, I'm a surgeon, again.
Only now I take a life to give a life.
( Screaming )
Help! Somebody help!
No one can hear you scream.
Leave my wife alone!
First, your wife is going to die,
and then you are going
to cease to exist.
( Screaming )
Help! Somebody, please!
Woah, woah.
Shut up.
Doc, I told you to sedate her.
You two are involved in this, too?
I can't believe it.
You're monsters.
I prefer to be called an opportunists.
Who'd have thought an
accountant would have a gun?
( James) Such a nice gun,
sneaky little prick.
( Gun shot )
Next thing you know he's shooting at us.
( Serena ) Fortunate for us
he was a bad shot.
( James ) We wanted to take him alive.
This man had access to a lot of money.
But now we couldn't leave
a witness behind.
He had to go.
( Serena ) James was hurt.
We had to find a doctor who
could keep his mouth shut.
( James ) We found him.
And lucky for us, we had the
pleasure of meeting Dr. Koslov.
He patched me up.
The man was brilliant.
( Serena ) It's not often you
meet someone special,
who can take an unfortunate situation
and turn it into a
money making operation.
We went from stealing identities
to harvesting and selling
body parts as well.
Do you know how much a kidney sells for
on the black market?
A heart is 300,000, 400,000.
More than you're worth alive.
And definitely more than
what either of you
would make in a year.
I thought we were friends.
( Laughs )
Look where that got you.
Presumption leads to disappointment.
Didn't anyone ever teach you that?
Anyways, it doesn't matter.
It's all going to be over soon,
you two will no longer exist.
Well, your heart,
your liver, your kidneys
and your lungs might.
How long have you been playing us for?
Six months.
We accessed your medical history,
your business information,
you're wonderful candidates
for the program,
and in desperate need
of some counseling.
We got close.
Watched you, frequented the same haunts.
Befriended you.
Don't give me that look.
It's a compliment, really.
Baby, what's that phrase again?
Imitation is the sincerest
form of flattery.
You won't get away with this.
( Laughs )
Come on, you're tied up.
Where are you going to go?
We're doing you a favour, really.
I mean, thanks to us, you two
are gonna give someone
a great gift.
That's true.
It's time to make the final
arrangements with the buyer,
collect our money.
Vassily, love your work.
I want her eyes.
Good luck with the surgery.
Don't have too much fun, either.
We have other guests to tend to.
They're good colleagues.
They make me a very wealthy man.
Someone is going to find out
what you're doing and stop you.
What, like you two?
They'll wind up on my table in the end.
Shall we begin?
Get away from her!
I'm doing her a kindness.
- We do not want to stress the organs.
- Leave her alone!
Anymore than we have to.
Would you prefer I did this
without anesthetic?
Otherwise you'll be awake
the whole time!
Get away from her!!!!!!
( Groans )
( Struggle ensues )
( Groans in pain )
Greg! Greg!
( struggle ensues )
Greg, Greg, Greg!!!
Get me out!
Ok, we gotta go.
Luce, what are you doing?
We have to go!
Just hold on one second.
I got it.
Let's go!
Go, go, go!
Greg, Greg, Greg!
Wait, look at this.
We have to stop them.
We can't let them get away with this.
There could be fifty IDs here!
We've gotta take this for evidence.
We can do this.
We stay, we die.
We're gonna get out.
Come on.
Wait, wait!
They're coming!
They're coming!
Just give me a minute.
( Whispering )
Wait Greg!!
Greg! Greg!
No, no, no, no!!
No, no, no!
They've got my computer!
Where are they?
( car engine attempting to start )
They're coming!!!
Let's go, go, go, go!
Serena, come on!
They're getting away!
Come on!
( Gun shot )
( Gun shot )
Greg, hurry!
We lost them.
What are you doing?
You just let them get away.
Shut up!
This is why I have insurance.
What about Koslov?
You get sloppy, you get burned.
What about our new recruits?
Put them on ice until we find
a replacement for Koslov.
And when will that be?
We have some fun.
They just took off with our laptop.
We are dead.
I have it covered, Serena.
Let's get back to the house
and clean up the mess.
I knew we should have killed
them when we had the chance.
( Slap )
Don't ever tell me what I should do.
Do you understand me?
Do you understand me?
Let's go!
Ok, we're safe.
Call the police.
There's no service.
And they may be able
to track the cell phone.
We should probably just lay low
and go to the police in the morning.
Yeah, I think you are right.
That's a good idea.
Ladies and gentlemen,
there's been a change of plans.
I need you to come with me now.
( Gun shot )
There we go!
Come on.
Let's go, let's go, let's go.
Eat my food, drink my booze,
and you don't want to listen to me?
Let's go!
We gotta go.
Are we gonna be ok?
We made it this far so I doubt
they're gonna find us.
No, I mean us.
Yeah, we're gonna be ok.
Your hair's just... there.
What are you doing?
I have an idea.
( Phone ringing )
Mrs. Forrester.
I see the aliens haven't
gotten to you yet.
Just call me Lucy.
Troy, listen.
I need to ask you a huge favour.
I can't pay you.
No, no. It's not that.
It's something that
I've told you not to do
a thousand times.
I'm listening.
It could be dangerous
and it's completely illegal.
I'm in.
( Lucy ) Ok, now listen, are you
able to track the cell phone?
( Troy ) Come on, that's child's play.
Give me something harder than that.
( Lucy ) We were being held in
a resort about an hour
from where we are now.
Can you find that spot?
( Troy ) No problem.
I'll access the previous cell calls,
triangulate location from
cell towers and voila busted.
( Lucy ) I need you to hack
into their security system.
( Troy ) Now, we're talking.
( Lucy ) Once you're in, this
is what I need you to do...
Hearts, kidneys, you name it.
That's just what they told us.
Who knows what else they do.
All we know is that they're
stealing people's identities
and they're selling their organs
until there's nothing left.
And who knows how many
victims there's already been?
And there's gonna be more
victims if we don't stop them.
They have more recruits flying in today.
Please, Sheriff.
I know it sounds far-fetched,
but you've gotta believe us.
I'll tell you what.
I'm gonna have the SWAT team
move in, hold the camp,
secure the suspects.
I need the two of you to come
back with me and ID them.
Oh gosh.
Hold on.
You want us to go back?
Time is not on our side here,
Mrs. Forrester.
Now you've made some
very serious accusations.
I need you to trust me on this one.
Ok, good, let's move.
I don't understand.
This place was so heavily guarded.
Where is everyone?
Are we safe?
They have guns.
We could be walking into an ambush.
Everything is under control.
I had the SWAT team move in,
they've secured the area,
if everything you've told me is true
it should all be over very soon.
SWAT team.
This is SWAT, report.
Alright, you guys hang tight.
I'm going to move inside,
make sure everything is under control.
Something's not right here.
I don't see a SWAT team anywhere.
They've gotta be around the front.
Let's go.
Don't look at me, move.
Are these the suspects?
That's them.
That's far enough.
You're going to pay for what you did.
Did you actually think you
were gonna get away with it?
They killed Russ and Ira
and many others.
We have proof.
Why don't you show me
where that proof is,
we'll get them back to
the station for processing.
It's over here.
Just one of you.
One of us?
What's going on here?
You're in on this?
The incentive was too good to pass.
Money talks.
Now that you're back,
let's finish what we started.
Once we give you the evidence
you're gonna kill us anyways.
Maybe not.
But I've got a guarantee.
If you don't get the evidence right now,
I'm going to shoot your wife.
Why are you doing this?
Really, Luce?
For the money.
James gets a little trigger
happy sometimes.
If he lays one finger on my wife...
Shut up and keep moving!
It's over here.
Is that everything?
Ok, move.
You two really don't want to kill us.
Why's that?
Because you're being watched.
( Laughs )
We're 30 miles away from anywhere.
It's pathetic.
( Phone rings )
Woah, woah.
Hands up.
It's for you.
No, really.
It's for you.
In my back pocket.
( phone ringing )
She's telling the truth.
I called the Feds, they're on their way.
Take a look at your security cameras.
I've hooked into your security system.
Your every move is being
watched and recorded.
You listen to me.
You've got ten seconds
to delete the footage,
or Lucy here will no longer be
a viable organ donor!
You got it?
She's gonna be dead!
Can't do. It is a live stream.
In addition to having
the footage streamed
to a proxy server,
it is being broadcast across the nation.
We knew a few pictures
weren't going to be enough.
We needed more.
You two are on your own.
This is above my pay grade.
I'm out of here.
I haven't killed anyone yet,
I don't plan on starting now.
I'll take my chances with the Feds.
( Gun shot )
I liked him!
Watch both of them.
Give me that.
You better not have deleted anything.
( Struggle ensues )
( Gun shots )
( Fight continues )
( gunshots )
( Fight continues )
Serena, where the hell are you going?!
( Fight continues )
( Fight continues )
You bastard.
You ruined everything!
You're a monster!
You killed Russ and Ira!
Come on.
Come at me.
You shouldn't have followed me here.
( Groans )
And let you get away with this?
You're so weak.
( Cries out in pain )
Too easy.
I'm really gonna enjoy this.
( fighting grunts )
( Cries out in pain )
Take a breath.
Take a breath.
( Laughs )
You don't stand a chance.
I should have killed you days ago.
Time to say good-bye.
You've been played.
You've been nothing but a pain.
You and that wife, blah, blah, blah.
Well, guess what, buddy?
It's time for a divorce.
Come here.
( Screams in pain )
Yes! Get him, Greg!
Oh, God!
( Groans )
Greg! Greg!
Come here!
( Sobbing )
No, no, no, no, no.
Don't talk.
Don't talk.
Help is coming.
Let's go.
This isn't over.
See you soon.
Good luck with that.
( latino music )
Now this is a vacation.
It's perfect.
You know, it was all my fault.
What was?
Our marriage falling apart.
I could have told you how I was feeling.
Expressed myself better.
Instead I just made you read my mind.
It took me getting stabbed
to figure it out
what a jerk I was.
I played my part, as well.
I know you were hurting
and I just lost track of what
was important in my life.
I think we both did.
Well, we're here now.
And I wouldn't change that at all.
Except for no more retreats.
I love you so much.
I love you, too.
Corrected, added missing, and synced
by H@w-to-kiLL @subscene.