Get the Sucker Back (2017) Movie Script

[light upbeat music]
- What do you think?
- You look great.
- See you at lunch?
- I got meetings all day today.
- [Rachel] but you promised.
- You know how busy work gets
for me this time of the month.
- You've been so busy lately,
we hardly have
any time together.
- [Peter] Well, I'll make
it up to you, I promise.
- [Rachel] You're lucky you
have a job you love so much.
- No, I'm lucky I have a
woman that loves me so much.
How do I look?
- You look great, as always.
- I do, don't I?
[gently slapping]
[dramatic music]
- Have a seat.
As you know, the
company's been having
financial difficulties lately--
- Are you firing me?
- No, I'm not firing you.
- Thank god, for a second here
I thought you were firing me,
you know, with all the rumors
and my marriage in two weeks
and I was just a
little afraid here,
but I'm glad you're not.
- Rachel.
- Oh, I'm sorry,
am I rambling?
My husband says
that I ramble a lot.
- Rachel.
- Future, future husband
says that I ramble a lot,
especially when I'm nervous.
But, actually the word
that he uses is Kiddish.
- I'm gonna have to let you go.
[dramatic music]
- What?
But you just said that
you're not firing me.
- Yes, I'm not firing you.
It's a layoff.
- A layoff?
But I've been with this
company since high school--
- Do you think I want this?
This is hard for me, too.
- But six months
ago you said that
if I'd agree to a pay cut,
my job would be saved.
Was that a scam?
- Things changed.
[light dramatic music]
- This is all I know.
- Rachel, it's not
what it looks like.
- Of course it's
what it looks like.
[dramatic music]
- [Rachel] People make
mistakes all the time.
When it seems
you've lost all hope
- [Rachel] Everyone
deserves a second chance.
Be strong
- [Rachel] The good book says
love is patient, love forgives.
My love
With faith and time
- [Rachel] I can forgive.
- Rachel.
- Have you eaten?
- What?
- Have you eaten?
- [Peter] No.
- Okay, well I'll freshen up
and make you something to eat.
- I'm not hungry.
- I'll make your favorite.
Let me walk with you
- Rachel, Rachel, Rachel.
Don't walk alone
- We need to talk about this.
Let me walk with you
- We can't pretend that
nothing's happened.
- What did I do?
- It's not you, it's me.
- Okay, well, I forgive you.
- It's not that simple.
Just, we need space, okay?
To think things through.
- But I forgive you.
Don't leave me.
- For goodness sakes, Rachel.
Don't make this more
difficult than it needs to be.
I will wait for you
Give me strength to carry on
[doorbell ringing]
- Damn salespeople.
Oh, my gosh, Rachel.
["Wedding March"]
[Rachel crying]
- [Woman] Please
record your message.
- [Rachel] Hey there, I know
you said you need some space,
but I'm still at Grammy's
and I just, I miss you.
[door knocking]
- Rachel?
[phone beeping]
[light music]
[Rachel groaning]
- No lights.
- Let's go out today,
it's a beautiful day.
Let's go out and do something.
- What's the point.
[Grammy groaning]
- All right, that's it.
- What are you doing?
- Enough of this pity party.
- I'll pity party all I want.
You don't understand.
- Yes, I do understand.
Peter dumped you, now life
isn't worth living, right?
- That hurts.
- You do not have to settle.
- I'm not settling.
- Tell me, just tell me you
did not notice the signs.
You didn't even the beady
eyes, his conceitedness.
Aw, oh.
He's not good enough for you.
He's not good enough for you
and you're beautiful and you're
intelligent and you've got
everything going for you,
and you know what?
I can't offer you a man,
but I have something that
I've been wanting to give to
you that I can help you with,
so that you can get back on
your feet and start over.
[playful music]
- Grammy, I don't know
when I can pay you back.
- It's not a loan.
- I don't wanna take your money.
What if you have an emergency.
- I have savings and
I have investments.
I don't have emergencies
to worry about.
You just.
- Well, as you can see, you've
cashed out your savings,
your investments and you've even
taken out equity on your home.
- I did not sign these.
- Is this your signature?
- Yes.
- But you didn't sign anything--
- She just told you!
- Simba!
- I'm so sorry.
- Get me the cleaning lady now.
Oh, my precious Simba.
I know just--
[head thudding]
[phone ringing]
Why are you just standing there?
Start with my desk,
start with my desk!
Ah, no!
Cleaning lady.
- It's Nadine.
- Be careful with those files.
- This does not make sense.
- That's absolutely ridiculous.
- [Grammy] How could
this have happened?
[dramatic music]
- A good man once said,
the deceiver always finds those
who allow themselves
to be deceived.
- Pardon?
- She must talking through
some sort of wireless device.
- Oh, I hate those things.
But she does talk funny.
- In the last few months
you've been somewhere,
given your personal information.
Checks or checks somewhere.
- She's talking to us.
- Your mail has
probably been diverted
and your identity stolen,
or it could be fraud
by someone you know,
someone close to you,
someone you really trust.
- Stop it, you're
frightening her.
- I can help you.
- No, thank you.
We'll have the
bank sort this out.
She's just a cleaning lady.
- Okay, yes.
Simba's okay.
Simba's okay.
Simba's okay.
Simba's okay.
Now, in the past few months,
have you given your social
security card or any other
identification cards to anyone?
- No.
- How about your checkbook?
Have you given your
checks to anyone
or perhaps written a
check someplace unusual?
- No.
- How did you know?
- You know what I
would like to know,
how you could let this happen?
- Well, I understand
your frustration, I do,
but your signature is
your responsibility
and the bank can't be held
responsible for the fraud.
- Do you know how long
I've been banking here?
- And we appreciate
your business.
We're going to open
a full investigation.
The whole process
should take 45 days.
In the meantime, I
suggest you go home,
retrace your steps, and call
me if you think of anything.
- This is ridiculous.
- Thanks for coming in.
- I really can't
think of anything.
- Maybe you bought
something new?
- Groceries, same stores.
- Well, you must have
done something different.
Maybe in the past
six months or a year?
[light dramatic music]
- Unless.
- Unless what?
- [Grammy] Oh, my goodness.
- Grammy?
What are you doing?
What's happening?
Grammy, you're scaring me.
What are you looking for?
- Jacob Hudson.
- [Rachel] Who?
- [Grammy] My
investment advisor.
- [Jacob] Perfect,
you've just made
the best decision
of your whole life.
- I believe I have.
- You think he's responsible?
- Hey, how did the interview go?
- Awful, I don't
have any skills.
- Oh, don't say that.
- Well, it's obviously true.
- No, it isn't, you
just haven't found
what you've been looking for.
- All right.
- Want some tea?
- No, thanks.
Got your letters.
- Oh great honey, please
put 'em on the table.
Any luck with Jacob?
- [Grammy] No.
- Well, he should've
called back by now,
it's been over a week.
Maybe we should
go to his office.
- No.
- Why not?
What is it that
you're not telling me?
- I've never been to his office.
- What?
- I've always met
him in a restaurant.
- [Rachel] That's not right.
You should go to the cops.
- No.
He's always returned
my calls, always,
and I'd like to give him
the benefit of the doubt.
Maybe he's sick, maybe
he's on vacation.
- Well, have you tried Lisa?
Maybe she knows.
- Lisa passed away
earlier this year.
- [Rachel] Oh, my, God.
- She was in perfect health.
Suddenly, completely unexpected.
- Gosh, okay I really don't
like the sound of that.
Grammy, we need
to go to the cops
if he doesn't call
back tomorrow.
- Okay.
- I'm gonna take a bath.
- All right, honey.
[dramatic music]
- [Rachel] Hey, by the
way, what are you doing?
[sirens wailing]
[door knocking]
- Miss Cooper, you need
to go home and rest.
Come one, there's
nothing more you can do
for her this moment anyway.
Come on.
Come on, let's go.
All right, come on, let's go.
It's okay.
[dramatic music]
- As I said, the
process takes 45 days.
- Well, we don't have 45 days.
Her house will be foreclosed
in 30 days if we don't--
- Look, I can't
divulge that kind
of information without
your grandmother present.
- Well, she had a heart attack
yesterday, she's in a coma.
- Oh, well I'm
sorry to hear that,
but if you have
power of attorney.
- Well, I don't.
I mean, I don't know.
- Well, without
power of attorney,
I can't give you
any information.
- You don't understand,
she's gonna lose her home.
- Well, if you really suspect
her investment advisor
I suggest you report him
to the police or the
securities commission.
Thanks for coming in.
[dog barking]
[light soothing music]
- Naomi, what's going on?
- He cheated on me
after 20 years, with
a younger woman!
- [Man] Cheated on my sister?
Don't worry, I'll
get that sucker back,
if it's the last
thing I do, sis.
- You promise?
- I promise!
You pick the time,
I'll take care of it.
- [Woman] Tonight!
- [Man] I'll get this
sucker back tonight.
[upbeat music]
- You were right, it
was someone she trusted.
It was an investment advisor.
- What does she know,
she talks funny.
Let the bank sort this out.
- Listen, I was wrong, okay?
I'm sorry.
I've been everywhere.
The bank, the SEC, the
police, no one can help.
- And this is my
problem because?
- My grandmother
had a heart attack.
She's in a coma, she's
gonna lose her home
in 30 days if I
don't make a payment.
You said you could help.
- So you want me to help you?
- I wanna get the sucker back.
- You wanna do what?
- Con the con.
- Outside.
Have you lost your mind?
- On the contrary,
I've never been
more serious in my entire life.
- First of all, you can't
get the sucker back.
- Yes, I can.
- Technically speaking
you're the sucker
because you and your
Grammy were conned.
- Well, I'm about to con the
con, thus being unconned.
- There's no such thing.
- Well now there is.
He's the sucker, he's
gonna get suckered.
- Do you have any idea what
it takes to pull a con?
- No, but you obviously
know a thing or two.
- What the hell?
- I'm gonna pay you.
Whenever we get the money.
[Nadine laughing]
5% of everything we make.
- 10%.
- Okay.
- But 5% operational cost.
- [Rachel] Okay.
- And another 5%.
- Another 5%?
- Finders fee, we need a crew.
- [Rachel] That's
a total of 20%.
- Okay.
- Fine, 20%.
- I know someone.
[light music]
Sam, what are you doing here?
- Nice to see you, too.
- Carlos.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Aren't you gonna introduce us?
- No.
- Your brother's bluff.
- Is he the scam guru?
- Secrets are my favorite.
- Where's Carlos?
- In the shower.
Hi, I'm Sam.
I'm an actor.
- [Nadine] Aspiring.
- She's mean.
- [Rachel] Rachel.
- [Nadine] I was just
thinking of giving you a call.
- Oh.
- Oh?
- Yeah, okay, sure.
You wait here,
I'll be right back.
- Oh, okay.
- Yeah, yeah.
Listen, a friend of
mine has an acting gig.
I told him about you and
he wants to meet you.
The auditions are
going on as we speak.
- I don't believe you.
I think you're trying
to get rid of me.
- Fine, that's your
loss, but don't ever say
I wasn't supportive
of your acting career.
- I swear, if this is
one of your sick jokes
I'll get you back.
- Do you want it or not?
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- Tell Carlos I
had to dash, okay?
- You owe me.
- Yeah.
- [Nadine] I see
you already met.
- [Carlos] Who the hell is
she, and where is Sammy?
- He had to leave.
We need to talk.
- Take a seat.
- Give me the spam folder.
Sit tight.
[funky music]
- You must never
tell this to anyone.
- I swear.
- Once we start
there's no going back.
- This Jacob guy will
be very convincing.
- You can't trust him
with anything he says.
Always appear vulnerable.
- He will try to manipulate you.
Are you sure you're
ready for this?
- Yes.
- Good, it's time to setup
the game to pull off the con.
- Like what?
- We need a bait.
- Thelma.
- Yeah, just like your Grammy,
Thelma will attend a few of
those seminars to meet Jacob.
- Why?
- Jacob will seem
to be in control
and think Thelma's
another victim.
Most importantly, he
must think meeting
you is purely coincidental.
And once Thelma confirms
we have the right Jacob.
- She will setup an
appointment to meet him at
a restaurant where she will
pretend to need his services.
- Okay, then what?
- You posing as an aloft
desperate millionaire,
you'll meet him and make
him fall in love with you.
- Guys, falling in
love is organic,
you can't just
fall in love with--
- And make him
donate money to you.
- Oh yeah, that's easy.
I could just pull
a gun and say hey,
your money or your life.
I'm no expert here, but this
is the dumbest plan I've ever.
Great plan.
- Carlos will create a profile
for you and your
charitable foundation.
- I don't have a
charitable foundation.
- We need to go.
Tomorrow's another day.
Come on.
- What are we looking for?
- Your mansion.
- Sorry, I thought you
just said my mansion.
- Yup, this is it.
- Are you crazy?
That's $10,000 per month.
How are we gonna pay for that?
- You have a credit card, right?
- Yeah.
No, don't even think about it.
- Do you want to save your
Grammy's house or not?
- Yes, but I'm not gonna
give you my credit card.
- It's only for a month.
I have taken the liberty of
creating your online profile
and your investment portfolio
showing millions of dollars.
- Wow.
You can do that?
- He can do a whole
lot of things.
- Now, you can't
give him any money.
- Or sign anything.
- Be on your guard at all times.
- Without being
obvious, of course.
- And remember, you always
have to have the upper hand.
- Yes, you have to be in
control of the relationship.
Always stay two steps
ahead of the game.
- [Rachel] Okay.
- What?
- Grammy, I wish
you could hear me.
I know you wouldn't approve,
but I've tried everything else.
This is the only way.
You know, you drive a nice
car for a cleaning lady.
You're good at this.
- Thanks, I used to sing in
the choir as a kid you know?
- Oh no, I meant the scam thing.
So, you and Carlos
have a thing, huh?
- Mind your business.
- Well, if you ask
me, he's a hunk.
- Here are the rules.
- The rules?
- Yes, you never touch a black
woman's man if she has one.
You definitely don't
touch her money.
And for the love
of God, you never,
ever, ever touch a
black woman's weave.
Her hair extensions.
- [Rachel] Wait,
that's not yours?
- Focus on the plan.
- What if I'm not his type.
- You're definitely his type.
- How can you know for sure?
- The deceiver is constantly
on the prowl for
the next victim.
The greedy or the gullible.
- Well I'm not greedy.
- I know that.
- You're not a very
nice person, are you?
[Nadine chuckling]
- Oh, he's here.
- Are you sure?
- Yeah.
It's time.
- I don't think I can do this.
- To achieve
anything good in life
there's always the
element of danger.
- Yeah, but what if
something goes wrong.
What is Ray Ray doesn't show up?
You said that he
can be unreliable?
- Not all the time.
- Reassuring.
- [Waiter] Something to drink
while you wait for your guest?
- I will a glass of your 1974
[speaking foreign
language] please.
- [Waiter] Excellent
choice, Ms. Livingston.
- Thank you.
- Waiter, I'm ready
to order a drink now,
may I see a menu please?
- Of course.
- Thank you very much.
- What is it?
No, no, no, no, no,
my, no, the foundation
is a separate entity
for my estate.
How can you lose
another million dollars
in less than a month?
- Jacob?
- Oh, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry.
I'm just kinda lost
in thought here.
- You know, back in the day,
I was quite something myself.
- I'm certain you were.
- What about you?
- Me?
No, no, no, I've never
been much of a looker.
- Oh, you're so modest, but I
was talking about your drink.
- Um, you know what, I will
have whatever you're having.
- Waiter.
Two Shirley Temple's please.
- [Waiter] Right away.
- No, no, what I need is
a new portfolio manager.
[wine splashing]
[Rachel groaning]
- Oh, one sec.
Oh, my goodness.
Oh, dear.
- I'm so sorry, I'm so
clumsy when I'm angry.
- No, that's okay.
Listen, I do worse things.
- You're very kind.
- Sorry, is everything okay?
- Yes, no.
My charity just lost a million.
- Um, a million dollars?
- Two months ago it was
400,000, now it's a million.
How can you lose
1.4 million dollars
in less than three months?
- 1.4 million dollars.
- Oh, I'm sorry, I
don't even know you
and I'm bothering
you with my problems.
- No, no, no, no, actually
I am an investment advisor.
- You don't look like
an investment advisor.
- What do investment
advisors look like?
- Old, boring.
Definitely not
this good looking.
- You think I'm good looking?
- What I mean to say was that--
- No, no, no, no,
I appreciate that.
Thank you, and I couldn't
help but notice you as well.
- You don't have to be nice.
- No, it's absolutely impossible
not to notice a beautiful
woman, especially when she's
sitting right next to you.
[phone ringing]
Seems like somebody
wants you pretty badly.
- Yeah, oh no, I'm
sorry, I mean, I just,
- Sure.
- I need to take that.
Excuse me.
What is it?
- [Nadine] You have to leave.
- Wait way?
- [Nadine] Ray Ray got the date
of his bosses arrival mixed up.
- To that.
- Mm hm.
- [Nadine] He has to go.
Jacob has to see you
drive off with the limo.
- Sorry, one second.
Uh, is everything okay?
- But the plan is working.
If I leave now it's
gonna be ruined.
- [Nadine] Get your
butt out right now
or Ray Ray leaves without you.
- Oh no.
- That um--
- You know, I'm gonna step out
for one, I just have to make
- Well, except that,
- a quick call.
- Yes but I need you to see,
- is it, now, oh my goodness.
- no I need you to see this now.
- Thelma I will be right back
- Just tell me now,
tell me your curious.
- Absolutely.
Order me a soup please.
- It'll only take a second.
- Thank you.
[tires screeching]
- I say we go ahead with the
plan and move into the mansion.
- Really, then what?
- Right, set up and
then give him a call.
[light dramatic music]
Slowly head up.
Beautiful, love it, love it.
All righty baby let's
go, let's do it.
Oh, I love this.
Got it.
Find you now
Oh, ho, ho
My team will
- Remember good cop, bad cop,
and a whole lot of crazy.
- It's show time.
[light piano music]
- Mr. Hudson, I'm afraid I
have to ask you to leave.
- It's nice to meet you.
- It's Nadine, Miss
Livingston's personal assistant.
- Well, Nadine, Miss
Livingston's personal assistant,
I have an appointment today.
- That's impossible.
I book all her appointments and
you are not on the schedule.
Neither have I ever
heard of you before.
- Ah, well, she called me.
You see, I'm an
investment advisor and--
- Miss Livingstone has an
investment advisor already.
It's that she never
does anything,
what I meant to say was--
- You know what,
this time she did.
- She would've told me.
- Might have slipped her mind.
You know, these things happen.
Miss Livingston.
- Mr. Hudson.
- This man claims you booked
an appointment with him.
- I did, simply forgot
to mention it to you.
- But Harold is your
investment advisor.
- He's been wasting way too
much of my money lately.
- Mr. Hudson must come
with great recommendations.
- Please come to my office.
- Miss Livingston, the lawyers
will be here any moment.
- I've seen them twice already.
- [Nadine] You have to
sign the updated will.
- It can wait.
- [Nadine] You can't
keep putting this off.
- [Rachel] Well, you know what,
if it makes you feel better.
Give this to them so they can
review it while they wait.
Thanks Nadine.
Want a glass?
- Oh, no, thank you.
- Miss Livingston,
you shouldn't.
- It seems like everyone
knows what's better for me.
Nadine here thinks
that I shouldn't drink.
What do you think?
Should I?
- I think you're a grown
woman, make your own decisions.
Besides I think a little drink
each day is quite
good for the heart.
- You hear that Nadine?
I like 'em already.
Want a glass?
- No, thank you.
- Very well then.
I'll drink alone.
Have a seat.
- Oh, thank you.
- So, investment advisor, huh?
- Yes, I represent various
individuals and funds.
Managing everything from
original investments to--
- Are you sure you
don't want a glass?
- Yeah, I'm sure.
- Very well, I'll have
one for your heart too.
So tell me, what
can you do for me?
- Well, as your investment
advisor what I'd like to do
is help you navigate the
financial terrain of the world,
all the while
avoiding pitfalls like
the one you recently
found yourself in.
Meanwhile I'll be
securing and growing
your original investment
at the same time.
- Hm, impressive.
- I have to say, you
seem pretty young.
I'm gonna go ahead, early 20's.
- You should know never to ask
a lady her age, Mr. Hudson.
- Apologies, I do
know better than that.
Now, roughly estimating,
what would you say
your net worth is?
- I would say around--
- Miss Livingston, don't.
- It's okay, Nadine.
He could be my new
financial advisor.
- Well, personally I'd
love the opportunity
to represent Miss Livingston.
- You hear that?
He'd love to.
Mr. Hudson--
- Oh, please, you
can call me Jacob.
- Jacob, I like that.
- What I would like to do for
you is create an investment
plan so you don't have to
worry about things like stocks,
unexpected expenditures,
retirement, even a rainy day.
- Rainy days?
You hear that,
Nadine, rainy day.
- Miss Livingston, remember
what the doctor said.
- Damn the doctor.
- [Nadine] Miss Livingston.
- I'm tired of people telling
what I can and cannot do.
- [Nadine] You shouldn't
have that drink.
You need to rest.
- No, what I need is a man.
- Miss Livingston.
[Rachel giggling]
- Oh, Nadine, stop
being so uptight.
- Mr. Hudson, you have to
come back some other time.
- You know, Nadine, you
could do with a man, too.
[Rachel giggling]
- Carlos, please
come for Mr. Hudson.
She's usually not like this.
She's had a very rough week.
- Oh, no, no, no, I understand.
- And in the future, Mr. Hudson,
you'll have to book all
appointments through me.
- Of course.
- Bye Jacob.
[funky music]
I was so nervous.
- You did great.
The game is on.
The next step, you make
him fall in love with you.
- Okay, I'm fine.
[playful music]
[phone ringing]
- Hello?
- Miss Livingston, it's Jacob.
- Jacob?
- I hope I'm not
calling at a bad time.
I was a little worried
about yesterday,
I wanted to give you a call
and make sure you're okay.
- Well you're either
a guardian angel
or just looking for an
excuse to make a call.
- You got me, it's both.
I'm seeing a client a little
later on in your neighborhood,
I was wondering if
maybe I could stop by.
- [Rachel] Sure.
- [Jacob] Miss Livingston.
- You got me roses.
- I hope you approve.
- [Rachel] Aren't
they beautiful.
- They're just flowers.
- I should apologize.
- No, no, no, no, there's
no apology necessary.
- Well, if you're going to
be my new investment advisor
I'd like to get to
know you better.
- How about I take
you out to lunch?
- Sounds fair.
- Oh, do remember
to trim the ends off
those before you
put them in water.
Thank you so much.
There you go.
Take a seat.
Okay, something to drink.
What do we got?
We will take a bottle of
the De Mornay '02 please.
Thank you.
So, Rachel the reason I
asked you here is I want
to explain a little more
about what it is I do
and kinda make you a little
more comfortable with it.
You know, it's
dealing with money
so people start to
get a little nervous.
Some for you?
- No.
- No, just for me then.
That's great, thank you.
There's another place I like
to go, it's nothing fancy,
but it really helps me relax.
Would you like to go?
- Sure.
- Great.
- I can't dance.
- Anyone can dance.
If you can walk, you can dance.
Welcome to Step and Two.
- Vlad is a little eccentric,
but he is the best.
- Jacket, sir.
Now, he will be your matador,
you will be his cape.
You will seduce him
and all you need
to do is one step at a time.
Arm out, go out there
and just roll into me.
Very simple, ready and go.
One more time.
- Sorry.
- Just roll out,
one foot at a time.
[light playful music]
[light pleasant music]
- You go there a lot, huh?
- Well, yeah, sometimes.
- You know, I have to say,
this was a really
excellent, excellent choice.
- Well, it is one of
my favorite places.
- Is that right?
- Yeah.
- Shoot, I forgot
my keys inside.
Wait here, okay?
Wait right here.
- Rachel?
Rachel, wow, you look great.
Come here.
Wow, you look, I
got your message.
- That was ages ago.
- Well, you know
me, Mr. Busypants.
What I meant was I'm here now.
I went to Grammy's,
no one was there.
So, I came here to
check out this place.
You always raved about it, so.
- Why?
- To give us a second chance.
- I can't talk to you right now.
- I can make it up to you.
- I don't wanna talk to you.
[Jacob clearing throat]
- Is there a problem here?
- And who are you?
- My fiancee.
- What?
- What?
- Can you take me home?
- [Jacob] Yeah.
- Rachel, Rachel!
- I'm so sorry for
getting you involved.
- I'm not.
Tomorrow I'm gonna take you
somewhere really special to me.
- Okay.
- Here you go, you got that?
All right.
Hey, good to see you again.
Here you go, you got that?
Ooh, careful.
- Jacob?
- Hey, George,
how are you doing?
- How are ya?
- Hey, how's Emma
feeling these days?
- Oh much better,
thanks for asking.
Listen, I need to thank you for
that great investment
guidance you gave me.
You were right, the growth
has been phenomenal.
- Well, you don't
have to thank me.
That's my job, right?
- Ah, thank you, you're
a good man Jacob.
A good man.
- George, please.
- You're a good man.
He's a good man, he's
one of the good guys.
- It's embarrassing.
I wish he wouldn't do that.
Here you go.
- He's a good man.
- Would you stop it?
- A good man.
- Get lost.
- [George] One of the good guys.
- They're just such
sweethearts, you know?
They just have you
know, a lot of stories.
Hey, take care, okay?
- It's true.
You're wonderful.
- Oh.
You know, it's really
important to me
that I come and I do this,
but because of my schedule I
can only come once a month.
- Well I think that
it's great that you try.
- Do you wanna come with
me on my next visit?
- I'd love to.
- Great.
I just have more stop to make,
I promise it's really quick.
- Okay.
- There should be a
check in there somewhere.
- Got it.
- Yeah, I know it's not much,
but I like to help
out where I can.
You know, helping the unfortunate,
that's my way of showing
appreciation for the good
fortune that I've had.
Growing up in the
foster homes the um--
- You grew up in a foster home?
- I don't really
wanna talk about it.
- Come here.
[light romantic music]
Well, thank you for
the wonderful morning.
- Tonight's gonna
be spectacular.
[light piano music]
[dramatic music]
You look beautiful.
- You don't look
too bad yourself.
- I hope you like the opera.
- The opera?
- Nadine would you be
a dear and put these
in some water for
Miss Livingston?
Thank you so much.
- Thank you, Nadine.
[phone ringing]
- This is our special night.
- It is?
- It has been two weeks,
three days, 10 hours,
45 minutes and 38.3
seconds since we first met.
- You're so sweet.
- The performance is
absolutely breathtaking.
It's a really classic--
[phone buzzing]
- You should answer it.
- I'll just turn it off.
- No, no, you should take it.
Could be an emergency.
- Hello?
- [Alan] It's all gone.
Ah, it's all gone, Jacob!
- Who is this?
- [Alan] Oh, my God, I
shoulda listened to you.
Five million!
- Alan.
- [Alan] What do I tell my wife?
- We can fix this.
[Alan crying]
- [Alan] I'm gonna kill myself.
- No, no, Alan, no.
I'm on my way.
- I'm gonna kill myself
right now, Jacob.
- I'm on my way, right now.
Oh, God, I'm so sorry.
I promise I will make this
up to you tomorrow night.
I promise.
- It's okay, don't worry.
It's okay.
[light dramatic music]
- What happened?
- Jacob had an emergency.
- Emergency?
- Yah, one of his
clients called.
Apparently another
financial advisor
gave him the wrong advice.
He lost all of his money.
He was about to kill himself.
- Don't tell me you
bought the load of crap?
- Crap?
- The client is an accomplice.
It's all a part of the con.
- Don't you ever wonder
if we made a mistake?
- A mistake?
- Yeah, what if we don't
have the right guy.
- Of course we
have the right guy.
- Well, I mean, he hasn't
done anything crazy,
you know, or try
to steal my money.
- You don't have any money.
- Well, he doesn't know that.
He's been a gentleman
everywhere we've been.
Everybody was so nice to him.
Everybody loves him.
Oh wait, you're
gonna tell me that
that's a part of the con, too.
- Yes, of course.
- Well, Grammy did say
that he's wonderful.
- You're supposed to
make him fall for you,
not the other way around.
- I'm not falling for him.
Just some of us happen
to have a conscience.
- What's that supposed to mean?
- I thought you were going
out with Jacob tonight.
- Emergency.
Remember what he is.
- Hi.
- You know, I don't think
she likes me very much.
- I wouldn't worry about it.
How were things with
Alan last night?
- He's um, he's gonna be okay.
And I am taking you
somewhere special.
- The opera?
- It's a surprise.
Take a step.
[light music]
One more.
Open your eyes.
[glasses clinking]
[light music]
There we go.
Suddenly got a little
nippy out there, didn't it?
- Still can't believe you
cooked all that by yourself.
- I love cooking.
You know when I retire, I think
I'm gonna own a restaurant.
- So, my charity event
is in two weeks from now.
- That's excellent.
- Yeah, and I was thinking maybe
you could become my
new portfolio manager.
My investment advisor.
- I can't.
- Why not?
- You know when I first met
you I'll admit that that was
all that I wanted, but now
there's a conflict of interest.
I, I want more.
- You do?
- Yeah, and because of this,
I can't be your
investment advisor.
- Why not?
- This is gonna sound crazy,
but I've fallen
in love with you.
- Really?
- Is that a bad thing?
- No.
- I wanna be with you
every passing second.
You know, I wish
tonight would never end.
No, no, I don't wanna rush you.
- Rush me?
- I wanna do this properly.
- This is proper.
[romantic music]
[alarm wailing]
[light music]
[glass clanking]
[light dramatic music]
[heartbeat pounding]
[Rachel crying]
[dramatic music]
- I got it, I got it, I got it.
Do you want me to come in?
- No.
- Okay, I hope
you'll feel better.
I'll stop by tonight.
[dramatic music]
- [Carlos] Rachel!
- [Rachel] Go away!
- [Nadine] Rachel, Rachel!
- Go away!
[door knocking]
- Rachel.
- [Carlos] What happened,
did he hurt you?
- [Rachel] I can't
do this anymore.
- [Nadine] Oh my goodness,
you slept with him.
- Grammy, I can't
do this without you.
I need you.
[doorbell ringing]
- [Nadine] Like I said,
Mr. Hudson, no visitors.
[doorbell ringing]
[dog barking]
[dramatic music]
- Rachel.
- Hey.
- Nadine's not here.
- Can we talk?
- Now is not a good time.
- Listen, I'm sorry I
bailed on you guys, I...
What's going on?
- It's over.
- Hey, I know I messed up,
but I just needed a moment
to clear my head, to
think about everything.
- No more.
- Don't you ever
had a weak moment?
That's what I just had.
Just a weak moment.
I can do this.
Everything that you guys
tell me to do, I will do it.
- [Carlos] I can't.
- We can.
As professionals.
- We're not professionals.
- Listen, what I'm trying to
say is that we can do this.
- We are not professionals.
- Fine, I get it, I'm
not a professional,
but just--
- No, I'm a computer programmer.
- Nadine's an
immigrant lawyer trying
to get in the system
so she can practice.
- You're not scam gurus?
- We've never done this before.
[light dramatic music]
- Carlos we need to, oh.
- Nadine.
- She can't just take off and
show up anytime she wants.
- You conniving sly--
- Excuse you.
- She knows.
- You can't play
with people's lives.
- Rachel, it's
not what it seems.
- I trusted you.
- Why, I never asked you to.
You believed what you wanted to.
- It's called faith.
- Faith?
It's called copping out.
- I wouldn't expect
that you understand
you vindictive, conceited,
self serving woman.
- Nadine's been through a lot.
You two have more in
common than you think.
- I have nothing in
common with you two.
- Sure, play the victim.
The truth was thrown
at you all this while,
but you chose to ignore it.
- The truth?
You wanna talk about the truth?
Love stares at you
at every moment,
but you just choose
to ignore it.
- This isn't about
me, it's about you.
- What is wrong with you?
What are you so afraid of?
- Me, afraid?
Have you ever
stopped to wonder why
you keep falling
for the wrong man?
Trusting the wrong people.
- You're worse than Jacob.
- [Carlos] Rachel.
- [Rachel] Stay away from me.
- Men are so simple
minded and desperate--
- Cut it out.
- What's your problem?
- That was insensitive.
- You like her?
- You're crazy.
- I've seen the way
you look at her.
- I should have
never agreed to this.
- If I recall, it didn't take
too much to convince you.
- Guess I really don't know you.
- I never pretended to
be anything but myself.
- That's just it, you're
always caught up with yourself.
- [Nadine] How dare you?
- Look, I know you've been hurt,
but there's still a lot of
great guys out there, here.
- What, you're
the love guru now?
- You know, if you
don't let anybody in,
you're gonna be a
very lonely woman.
- [Nadine] I don't need you.
[light dramatic music]
- [Lawyer] Well, you must
make the required payment
to stop the foreclosure.
- Well, I don't have
that kind of money,
there must be something
you can do for me.
- I wish I could help
you, but I can't.
It's the system.
Do you have to do that now?
- Rachel
- Haven't you had
enough fun yet?
- I'll give you the money.
No strings attached.
- Right, and why would
you ever do that?
To make us friends or even?
Do you think I'm that stupid?
Why would I ever
trust you again?
- Faith?
- Nadine.
[gasping] Grammy!
- Easy there, easy.
She's a little groggy from the
meds and we have to watch her
for about two weeks, but I
think your Grammy's a fighter.
[light music]
[door knocking]
- [Sam] Sup man?
So I see you and
Nadine are back at it?
- [Carlos] Nope.
- What?
Come on, I just
saw her drive off.
- You must be seeing things.
Here, put that back.
- No, no, no, you can't
freaking do this, no!
- Well you can't just--
- I made a payment already,
why did you foreclose
on my Grammy's house?
- There must be a mistake.
There's a glitch.
- Well fix it.
- Well, it's not that simple.
We have a process.
- Are you freaking kidding me?
- I know how you must feel.
- You have no idea of
how I feel right now.
You better take your money
somewhere else or get screwed.
Niccolo Machiavelli, right?
I need your help
to get Jacob back.
- You do realize Carlos
and I were just winging it?
- Yeah.
- [Nadine] You're a
sucker for punishment.
- Well, I'd rather take
my chances with you.
Besides, I have a plan.
- Only if evens this cause
and makes us friends.
- These are the rules.
- Rules?
- We do it my way.
If you ever try to hustle me
again, I will kill you slowly.
Rip you from limb to
limb, gut your eyes out.
Or maybe not.
- I love Niccolo.
- Well then, let's
get the sucker back.
[door knocking]
- Expecting somebody?
- No.
- Hey.
May I come in?
- You know.
- Yes.
- Sure.
- There is somebody else.
So, that's the plan.
- I'm in.
Asking me all those questions.
- Easy homes.
- Sorry, I can't believe
you left me out of this.
You know I can help.
- For this plan to work I need
everybody's full cooperation.
- We're gonna need a venue,
food, entertainment and people.
- I got the
entertainment and people.
- Carlos?
- I can take care
of the technology,
but we are gonna
need a lot of money
if we wanna pull
off this operation.
- I know someone.
I wanna give us a second chance.
Just like you said.
[dramatic instrumental music]
- You shouldn't
have slept with her.
- She wanted me so bad.
- It complicates things.
- It's all a part of the con.
Besides, how am I gonna say
no to the future Mrs. Hudson?
[phone ringing]
[Jacob humming]
Look at that, huh?
Who's the man?
Watch, watch.
- Jacob.
- Rachel?
- The cancer is back.
The doctor says that
it's not looking good.
- I'm sorry, I've been
trying to see you,
but your guard dog's
not letting me in.
- Yeah, they can be
overprotective sometimes.
- I thought maybe
you were mad at me,
maybe you had some regrets?
- No, no, no I miss you.
- I missed you even more.
- Miss Livingston, I
forgot to, Mr. Hudson.
- Such a pleasure
to see you again.
- Nadine, why didn't you tell
me that Jacob came or called?
- Doctors orders, no
visitors, work or excitement.
- Well, that's not your
decision to make, is it?
- I'm sorry, I was only
looking out for you.
- No, I don't wanna take
them, it makes me feel worse.
- You should if
you wanna make it
to your charity
event this weekend.
[light dramatic music]
I'll be around if you need me.
- I hate her sometimes.
- I hate her all the time.
- You know, she means well.
I think my sickness has been
taking a toll on everyone.
It's unfair to dump
so much on her.
- What's this?
- My estate, 19 and 1/2 million.
12 if we exclude the charity.
- Rachel, you know that--
- I know, I know, it's not.
It's against your principle,
but I was hoping that
maybe you would reconsider.
Everybody loves you.
You're the best at what you do.
You will be
compensated generously.
- It's not about the money.
- I know, I know,
I know, I know.
Just, think about it?
I'm meeting with the
lawyers next week.
I have to make decisions.
- Are you all right?
- Yeah, just the medicine.
I need to rest.
Will you come in tomorrow?
- Of course.
- Would you mind bringing
this back to the office?
But Nadine mustn't see it.
She would throw
a fit if she knew
that we were
discussing business.
[dramatic music]
- Sam, Sam.
I'm here.
She must've called him.
We have to move quickly,
you know how fickle she is.
Okay, I'll get the files.
Yes, I'm still giving
her the same dose.
Sam, her charity is key.
I forgot my keys,
I forgot my keys.
Okay, I'll be right back.
- How are you today,
my lovely lady?
- Much better.
Getting stronger
for this weekend.
- That, my dear,
is very important.
- I'll just go run some errands
if you don't need me anymore.
- Sure, thank you, Nadine.
See, she likes you.
- She gives me the creeps.
- She wouldn't hurt a fly.
- Something about her, I
can't put my finger on it.
- No, no, I trust
her with my life.
Once you get to know
her, you will too.
After all, she's the
executor of my estate.
Just, it's not fair for her,
she hardly has a
life because of me.
- Oh, wait.
I would like a little
more time with you first.
- [Nadine] You
can't go in there.
[dramatic music]
- Sam?
- Hello.
- Miss Livingston.
- Rachel, come on.
- Miss Livingston.
- Hey, Rach, Rachel.
- Miss Livingston.
[Rachel groaning]
- Hey, Rachel.
Here we go.
- Careful, careful.
- [Nadine] Are you okay?
- Rachel, darling.
- Sam?
Is it really you?
- Yes, honey.
I deserve that.
- Sam.
[joyful music]
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, well, okay.
Hold up.
Who is this?
- [Nadine] Her fiancee.
- Your fiancee?
No, no, no, I
thought that the guy
outside the restaurant
was your fiancee?
- The restaurant?
Ut oh.
- There have been others?
- I, I'm sorry, but babe
they told me you were dead.
- Things went wrong
on the mission.
No one knew if I
was gonna make it.
They had to tell you that.
But the thought of
you kept me alive.
- Rachel, this is crazy.
- Who the hell are you?
- He's my lover.
- What?
- I'm sorry, I didn't
know you were alive.
They told me you were dead.
- Ah, this is all my fault.
But we can work through it.
Put this behind us.
- Don't say that.
For the first time since
us, I found love again.
- Don't say that.
I felt love in our kiss.
You still love me.
- Yes.
- Rachel?
- No?
- Darling?
- I mean, I don't know.
I need, I need time to think.
- No, honey.
- Go away.
- Yeah.
- All of you.
- Miss Livingston--
- Go, now!
- You first.
[light dramatic music]
- Hello?
- I need your help.
- Young man, I don't have
to tell you what will happen
to you if you mess
with my money.
- The best part
about this investment
is that the results
are guaranteed.
[light piano music]
- Everyone knows what to do?
- Yes.
- You've outdone yourself.
- Thank you.
- Ut oh, bozo's here.
- Nadine.
- Mr. Hudson.
- Where's Rachel?
- Around.
- I know what you're up to.
- Then you know not
to cross my path.
- He's not one of mine.
- What?
May I help you?
- Peter Winston.
- Who?
- Rachel's fiancee.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Everything's gonna be okay.
- How can you be so sure?
[door slamming]
- What the hell is
Peter doing here?
You obviously don't give a
damn about anyone but yourself.
- You don't understand.
- I hope you haven't
messed this up.
- Not here, ladies.
- I'm gonna go get ready.
- You do that.
We need to talk, we
can't keep up this way--
- Not now, Nadine.
- I'm sorry I pushed you away.
- You look beautiful tonight.
- Just tonight?
- Always.
- [Man] Ladies and Gentleman,
the Progressive
People's Orchestra.
Get that sucker back
[orchestral music]
Get that sucker back
Get that sucker back
Get that sucker back
Get that sucker back
Whoa, get that sucker back
Get that sucker back
Hey, hey
Get that sucker back
I said you better go do it
Get that sucker back
Hey, go get 'em, go get 'em
Get that sucker back
Oh, yeah, get
that sucker back
Get that sucker back
Go get 'em, go get 'em I say
Get that sucker back
[audience applauding]
- Ladies and gentlemen,
the Progressive
People's Orchestra.
And they sound wonderful.
Thank you very much,
that was wonderful.
Now ladies and gentleman,
as you all know
electronic contributions
is our preferred method
to receive donations
this evening.
So as you'll see all
over the hall there
are payment stations setup
for your convenience.
So please, use them generously.
And now, please join me
in welcoming to the stage
your hostess for this evening.
The beautiful, the lovely,
Miss Rachel Livingston.
[audience applauding]
- Good evening
ladies and gentleman.
I hope you've had a
spectacular evening so far.
All over the world women
and young ladies have faced
and still face
great adversities.
Sometimes treated
less than human,
simply because they are females.
Though the plight of
women in our nation isn't
what it used to be, it's
also not what it should be.
Women can achieve whatever
they set their hearts to
and shouldn't settle for less.
Women are doctors, lawyers,
soldiers, astronauts,
homemakers, filmmakers, world
leaders and so much more.
I wanna say a huge thank you
to the men who
have supported us.
And now join me in to
giving to this great cause
The Women Matter Foundation.
[audience applauding]
- Rachel Livingston everyone.
Very nice words.
[ballroom music]
[audience applauding]
Well ladies and
gentlemen as I say,
we do have a wonderful
evening for you.
- [Man] Gentlemen.
- Gentlemen, gentlemen,
please if you wouldn't mind
just taking your seats.
There'll be plenty
of time to mingle
with the hostess afterwards.
Thank you.
- Thank you.
- No, thank them.
- As I was saying, ladies and
gentlemen it is now my great
pleasure to unveil to you
this magnificent masterpiece.
[dramatic music]
[audience applauding]
As I say the bidding
for this wonderful work
of art will begin at $100,000.
Do I hear 100,000.
$100,000 right in the back.
Thank you very much sir.
What about 150, 150,000?
150,000 right over there,
thank you, thank you.
What about two, $200,000
right over there.
What about 250, 250, 250,
250, $250,000, thank you.
What about three, $300,000,
thank you very much.
What about three, 350,
$350,000, what about four?
400, $400,000, thank you.
What about 450, 450?
$450,000 right there,
thank you very much.
All the way to
five, 500, $500,000.
Thank you sir, going to 550.
Five, holding at 500,000.
500,000 going once,
500,000 going twice.
Sold for $500,000
to the gentlemen
with the nicely styled hair.
Congratulations, sir.
[upbeat music]
And now I'd like to
welcome back to stage,
our lovely hostess
for the evening
to present the certificate
of authentication.
Nice to see you again,
Miss Livingston.
- Nice to see you too.
- Rachel, honey, I love you.
- Peter, what are you doing?
- I know I've made some mistakes
in the past, but I know now.
[audience gasping]
[muffled whispering]
- Now don't worry everybody,
he's gonna be fine.
He's gonna be, he's gonna be
okay, he's gonna be just--
- Rachel, you're an
incredible woman.
Beautiful, talented, full
of goodness and I love you.
Rachel darling.
- [Jacob] No, marry, marry me.
Marry me Rachel, I love you.
- You can't marry him,
you hardly know the guy.
Plus, I love you more.
- I can't marry any of you.
- What?
- Why?
- The doctor says I have
only one week to live.
- Then it would be an
honor to be married
to you just even for one week.
- It would be my
honor to be married
to you for one day, one hour.
- No, no, you know what?
He doesn't love you, he's
only after you for the money.
- Oh, Jacob, how
can you say that?
- No, and Nadine's
in on it, too.
Yeah, I heard them talking.
Remember you asked me to put
that file back in the office.
I was under the desk,
I heard them talking.
I heard it all, and
they're in it with Peter.
- Nadine, Sam?
- Honey, it's all nonsense.
I want nothing
from you but love.
I'll prove it.
I'll sign a prenup.
- Ha!
You will?
- Yes.
- Oh.
- Sam.
- But I will manage
all your charity's
investments at narrow fees.
- You will?
- 500,000.
I have 500,000 in
my service fee.
If something were
to happen to me,
it would all be donated
to your charity.
- Oh, Sam, you know how
much this means to me.
- We could have a
quick and quiet wedding
like you've always wanted.
- That would be wonderful.
- I will donate $500,000 to your
charity as a pre-wedding gift.
- Not so fast.
300,000 of my 401k will
be transferred into your
charity's account first
thing Monday morning.
[Jacob laughing]
- Anyone can make
lofty promises.
- Yes, that's why
I'm also donating
300,000 electronically,
right now.
[dramatic music]
- [Host] Thank you
for your wonderful
donations this evening.
- Ha, I knew you were bluffing.
[dramatic music]
- Rachel, marry me now.
- Now?
- You said you always
like spontaneity, right?
Well, this is spontaneous.
We have Father Goodwill
and the other guests.
This would be the
perfect wedding.
- But I, I--
- All you have to do is say yes.
- Don't.
Rachel I love you
and I would never
forgive myself if I lost you.
- I proved my love.
Prove his.
- As a wedding gift,
I'm willing to donate
1.5 million dollars
to your charity.
[audience gasping]
- He doesn't have
that kind of money.
[suspenseful music]
- Ladies and gentleman that
is 1.5 million dollars!
Oh, my gosh.
- Marry me?
- I will.
- Now?
- Father Goodwill,
will you merry us?
- It would be my pleasure.
- Well, hey now that is the
perfect way to celebrate
this evening, huh
ladies and gentlemen?
Let's hear it for
these two kids.
- Ladies and gentlemen, we
are gathered here tonight
to witness the joining
in holy matrimony
of our dearly beloved
Rachel Livingston and Jacob.
Be there anyone who
would object to this.
- [Jacob] Are you all right?
- Yeah, just excited.
Would you just skip
that part please?
- Who gives this bride,
may they come forward now.
- [Rachel] I feel, I feel faint.
- Just, you can skip
right to the vows.
- Yeah.
- Jacob, do you take this
woman to be your lawfully--
- I do.
- Rachel, do you take this man
to be your lawfully
wedded husband?
- Rachel?
- I.
- Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
- Can someone call 911?
- Only one person
can ride with her.
- [Jacob] Me, I'm her husband.
- She never said I do.
- That's true.
- [Jacob] Fine, I'm
her fiancee then.
- So am I.
- You all sort this out and
meet us at St. Mary's hospital.
[tires screeching]
- Something to play here--
- Good evening.
- Thank you everyone.
That's a wrap.
[audience applauding]
- What's happening,
what's wrong?
[swanky music]
- 1.5 million.
- Woo hoo!
- Oh, my, God.
Wait, what if he pulls it back.
- Impossible I created
multiple encryptions
which produces codes
creating a diversion
then I move the money
to another account.
It's untraceable.
- Carlos, you are a guru.
Creating all those codes to
show millions of dollars,
and Sam, your performance
tonight was brilliant.
- It wasn't all a performance.
- Oh, I wanna take my time.
- I understand.
I'm a patient man.
- I like patient.
- I thought you were
still in love with Peter?
- No, he was a convenient man.
So after I got to Grammy's,
I discovered the truth
about my real father.
His name was Richard Livingston,
the multi-millionaire.
- Wait, okay, why didn't Grammy
tell you about this before?
- Well, to cut the story
short, when he died,
as his only child he
left me everything.
But first, I must prove myself
in order it claim
my inheritance.
I have a plan, but I need you.
- [Peter] Yeah.
- [Rachel] I told him all
he had to do was pay for
the event and I'll take
care of everything else.
- He's gonna come after you.
- He won't.
The night he walked
out I found a picture.
It was a picture of him,
his boss and the woman
I caught him in bed
with, his bosses wife.
When he fell tonight, I told
him I consider your payment
for this evening as my share
in the equity for our house.
Two suckers in one
night, not bad.
- You're good.
- Oh, I know.
I would've loved to see
Jacobs face whenever
he realizes that
he has been conned.
- [Nadine] Take
us home, Ray Ray.
- [George] Hey, you
going somewhere?
- Come on, George.
Now listen, you know
me, I can make you rich.
All right, there's
lots of money.
I'm committed--
- You shoulda stuck to the plan.
[muffled talking]
- Sucker Busters, please hold.
- It'll just another minute.
Thank you for waiting.
[phone ringing]
- Sucker Busters, please hold.
- Okay, I thank you so much
for holding.
- Goodness, you're here.
- It's been like
this all morning.
[phones ringing]
- Welcome to Sucker Busters Inc.
Meet my associates.
Get that sucker back
Get that sucker back
Get that sucker back
Get that sucker back,
get that sucker back
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Hey, go get 'em, go get 'em
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Ooh lord, yeah
Get that sucker back
Ooh lord, yeah
Go get 'em, go
get 'em, I say
Go get 'em, go
get 'em, I say
Get that sucker back
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Yeah, yeah, yeah
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