Getaway, The (1994) Movie Script

-Now that's got some kick, Doc.
This P.P.K.S. is a sweet little weapon.
- Try not to pull so hard on the trigger.
You're throwin' off your sights. All it takes is practice.
-.38 is too small. -"Too small," she says.
What d'ya say, Doc?
$300,000, that's a lot of money. I'm tellin' ya straight.
-Sounds too easy. -Oh, it is.
What we gotta do is break his sorry ass outta jail,
get him across the old Rio Grande.
-What's the hard part? -Collecting.
Not this time. This here Mexican's uncle is loaded.
Come on, Carol, help me out. Tell Doc it's a good deal.
We'll split the money 50-50.
You are kidding. I'm on this job too, you know.
Got a smart woman there, Doc. You taught her real well.
I guess she figures we do most of the work, we get most of the cash.
Well, I don't know about that.
-I'm supplying the plane and the deal.
-Without that, you got nothin'.
-Which one d'you like, baby? -I like the Colt.
The Colt's mine.
But I want it.
Excuse me. I hate to break up this beautiful moment here,
but I need to know what you're gonna do, Doc.
Are you in or out?
-I guess I can take that as a yes, huh?
I'll think about it.
Don't think too goddamn long!
Do it myself.
- Hey, where's my lawyer?
- Mendoza!
Come on out!
Step up to the line. Turn around.
925, comin' up on your right. Over.
Okay, I see you.
Up here on the left. This is perfect.
You got three minutes to pull this off.
-Once I get in the van. I know. -Right.
-What? -Hell of a way to make a livin', Doc.
Well, you should've married a dentist.
You're gonna telephone Gibson. Right?
I don't know.
I Oye, Mendoza!
-Follow me.
- Hey, don't forget to blow the judge.
Hey, Mendoza, kiss us good-bye before you leave.
Come on, let's go. The judge is waitin'.
Come on, keep moving.
1208, they're moving out. Over.
1208, go now. Go now.
-What's she doin'? Come on, move it!
- Let's move outta here, sweetheart.
- What the fuck you want?
-Hurry up!
- Officer, they got out of your van!
-Let's go, man! Vamonos!
-Buenos dias, amigo.
Make a left here, then make another left.
-Ya lost your cargo, ya dumb fucks. - i Adios, pendejo!
- Keep it running.
-Better hold onto this. -Good to be back.
-I Gracias! -Let's go.
You're gonna be a big hero with my uncle, man. Mucho dinero.
-Hey, Jos. -Hey, Luis!
- Hey, Luis, bienvenido. -Hola, Lupe.
-Luis,? Dnde has estado? -Hola.
- i Tio! - Luis,? Qu tal?
Djame verte.
- Gracias por sacarme de ese infierno, tio.
Una cerveza para mi sobrino.
Very smooth piece of work.
You know, your job even got you on the 5:00 News on the cable down here.
It's all there. You can check it, if you wish.
And thank you for bringing my nephew back to me.
-Who could do such a terrible thing to my nephew, huh?
Luis was a nice family man,
but his accounts were short for 100 million pesos.
Nice doing business with you.
Ya va saliendo del edificio.
-Fuck me! Let's go! -Shit!
-Vamonos! -We're outta here, boss.
Manos arriba, gringo.
-May I help you, ma'am? -I'm here to see my husband, Carter McCoy.
Okay. Come to the gate.
Vaya por ahi.
Vente conmigo. Tienes un visitante.
-Hi, Doc. -Hi, baby.
You been doin' okay?
Pretty good.
I went to see my brother in Oklahoma, see his kids.
God, Doc.
Hey. Hey.
I think I've got a way out of this place.
There's this guy that works out of Phoenix.
His name's Jack Benyon.
Controls a lot of action on both sides of the border,
and he's plannin' something very big.
-Lookin' for a guy that can handle security.
Explosives. For the right guy, he'll pull some strings.
Benyon knows about me.
You contact him. Tell him I'm for sale.
Just get me the hell outta here.
Can you do that? Can you do that for me?
I'm not spendin' the next 20 years without you.
Welcome to the Arizona Biltmore.
Ooh. My, my, my. Ooh.
You Doc McCoy's wife?
-That's right. -Mm-hmm.
Jim Deer Jackson. May I have your purse?
I work for Mr. Benyon.
Mrs. McCoy, I have to frisk you.
Excuse me, Mr. Benyon, sir.
Your guest has arrived.
-I bet that made your day.
- Ah, my morning, anyway.
Hello, Mrs. McCoy. I'm Jack Benyon.
-Nice to meet you. -The pleasure is all mine.
Sorry about Jim Deer here.
Sometimes he enjoys his work too much.
Mr. Benyon, I came here to talk about my husband.
-Won't you please sit down? -Sure. Thank you.
You care for a drink?
Scotch, please.
-Rocks? -Be fine.
How is your husband?
He could be a lot better.
Prisons in Mexico aren't very nice.
Even harder for a gringo down there, isn't it?
It's a shame for a fellow with all his talent.
I understand you have a job.
-Maybe you could help each other out.
-It's possible.
Thank you.
Doc's in prison in Mexico.
It's complicated.
I can get myself another guy. Why should I bother with your husband?
Doc's the best.
Isn't that what you want?
Yeah, that's what I want.
So just how cooperative are the McCoys willing to be?
You know, you deserve a lot better. You're way outta his league.
How long's he been in?
-Over a year. -Ooh.
That's a long time, isn't it?
It's a very long time.
What's your name?
Sala, va a salir McCoy.
- Esta bien.
Arizona Air Taxi's flight from Phoenix to Tucson...
will be departing in five minutes.
I'm sorry I'm late. Did you wait long?
No, not long.
- I missed you so much.
- But the... - San Jose S...
...penalty applied to all...
Where is it, S...
I can't get a good station on here.
I'm just as nervous as you are.
Your best time! Can we do this again on Saturday?
You bet we can. No problem.
-You better, 'cause that's the boy we gotta beat.
- Take her inside.
- She sounds good. How does it handle, all right?
Is the steering a little tighter?
- Just gonna get a beer, all right?
-Make it a short day. Good work, Sam. -Right, sir.
-May I get you a beer or something? -No, thank you.
Guess you don't mix business and pleasure.
Me, I mix 'em all the time.
You know, your wife spoke highly of you.
You're a lucky man to have such a woman to run your errands.
What can I do for you?
Dog track right here in town.
A very well-built safe, big vault room, just like a bank.
There's no money at the dog races. Even the payroll is small-time.
This track's different. It'll be there, trust me.
-How much? -Million, maybe two.
Maybe more. You see, I know the people running the operation.
I used to get a cut of the action until they decided they didn't need me.
-What's the deal? -I keep two-thirds; you keep one.
You take care of your crew out of your end.
Pretty generous considering I got you out of prison.
And I can put you right back in.
Now let's go meet your boys. I got you some professionals.
I like to use my own people.
It doesn't much matter what you like. Does it?
There he is. Just like old times.
Good to see ya, Doc.
Finally let ya out, huh?
Hey, I'm Frank Hansen. I'm pleased to meet you.
You worked with Jack Easler out of Galveston, right?
Yeah. Cops blew Jack up a couple months ago.
-Where? -Uh, Baton Rouge. Uh, payroll job.
Where else you worked, Frank?
I, I hit some liquor stores, you know, and, uh, I drive real good.
-And I shoot nice. -You shoot nice, huh?
-Where'd ya learn? -Army.
-Army, huh? -Mm-hmm. I'm a team player.
You guys just do your job. You stay clean, I stay clean.
-Real simple, right? -Right.
This is the last time you and I meet in public.
You got any more business with me, you handle it with my associate, Jim Deer.
McCoy, I didn't wanna leave ya.
We both know you had all the money.
Maybe I should've waited, but I didn't wanna get my head blown off.
What am I gonna do, go to jail like you?
I'm not the kind to apologize, so I'm not gonna.
Benyon wants me, and that's the end of it. He ain't gonna back down.
Let's just, uh, make the best of it. No hard feelings, all right?
-Boy, you're touchy, Doc.
Don't fuck me again.
-No hard feelin's.
Once we wrap it up in the vault room,
if everything... I should say when everything times out perfect,
we've got the tanker in the field north of the track.
It blows. There's your diversion.
Inside the vault room, two, maybe three guards.
Probably two accountants in the safe area itself.
You got one guard with a.38 on your right-hand side...
when you come through this door.
That's him on the monitor right now.
Let's take care of him right away.
Be careful that he doesn't panic and try to shoot somebody.
One of these boys does try to get off a shot, this might come in handy.
I been workin' ten years without one of these.
I sure as hell don't need it now.
Might change my luck.
Nah, not for me.
Suit yourselves. After that, we're gonna switch cars at, uh...
- Sutter's Ranch. -Sutter's Ranch.
Now, once I settle up with Benyon,
we're all gonna meet in Tucson to, uh, cut up the money.
Unless we're hot, in which case we have to travel to El Paso.
Man, why do we got to go all the way to El Paso?
I know a guy there runs a place called the Border Hotel.
He can get us some passports and I.D.s.
The stuff's expensive, but it's the best;
get us into Mexico nice and clean.
After that, boys, it's adios and good-bye.
Why do we have to go in so hard?
-We all gotta be John Dillinger for this one. -Dillinger got killed.
- You all right?
Benyon said I was a lucky man.
You are...
a lucky man.
Oh, yeah?
You trust me?
-Yeah, I guess so. -You better.
Tell me everything's gonna be okay tomorrow, Doc.
I don't wanna spend any more time without you.
Hey, you're not the only one that's ready to quit this life.
-Uh-uh. -Mm-hmm.
You spend some time in prison,
you do a lot of thinkin'.
Listen to me.
This is gonna be our last job.
You know that, don't you?
You mean it? Really? You do?
Get out!
-The inside post is held by the favored Shoo Fly,
the winner of the last two races.
Second favored: B.D.'s Folly...
- And they're off! At the break, it's B.D.'s Folly.
-Jesus. -Sorry.
Okay, a couple more feet. Go, go, go, good.
Come on, come on.
It's all okay. Thanks.
- It is now post time.
The lure is now in motion.
There he is now, turning into the back stretch.
They're reaching the final turn and the home stretch.
- Three.
Ten seconds.
What's goin' on here?
The emergency power should've come on. Why don't you close the vault?
I'm just gonna find out what's goin' on. You better set the time lock.
-Ready? -Let's go.
Bill, the phones are dead.
-Watch out!
Move! On the floor, heads towards the wall, now!
-On the floor, head towards the door!
-Drop the gun!
-Drop the gun on the floor! Open the door! -Do what he says!
- Heads towards the door, now!
-My God, don't hurt him! -Now! Move, move!
-Everybody, out! Out! Move, move, move!
-Let's go in now!
-Head toward the door! -No, don't hurt me!
-We can't open the safe. It's on a time lock.
Don't move! Don't anybody move, or you're dead!
- I want quiet!
- Shut up!
- Don't move! Don't anyone move!
-I'm down. -Down! Down! Down!
- Quit cryin'. Shut up!
-Put your head down.
-Ooh, nice legs.
- Put your head down before I blow it off.
- You tryin' to be a hero?
You'll be a dead hero. One minute, 30 seconds.
Come on, let's go! Let's hurry!
-He had a gun, man!
He was reaching in his pant leg for a gun. He pulled it out of his pant leg.
This bozo was reachin' for his gun!
- Stop pointin' that fuckin' thing at me!
- What, man?
He had a gun, man! He had a gun. I'm sorry!
-Outta the way!
Slow down! Just slow down!
Just slow down!
-You okay?
I guess so.
How far away is it?
-Fifteen minutes. -Is he gonna meet us there?
-Uh-huh, he's gonna be there. -Good.
-Hold the wheel. -Sure.
- Ah, God!
See ya!
What happened to Hansen?
Oh, he didn't make it, and neither did you.
That's what I always liked about Rudy.
He was predictable.
Let's get outta here.
What's Benyon's place like?
I don't know. I met him at the office.
Doc, what if we headed south and just kept on goin'?
We got lots of money here. Why share it?
Benyon's kept his end of the bargain so far.
You don't owe Benyon anything.
Try to wrap this up quick. If anything happens, you, uh,
do what you gotta do.
Thought I might never see you again.
The news said, "One dead."
Three dead.
Hansen got jumpy and shot a guard. Rudy got ambitious and killed Hansen.
Then he lost his head and tried to kill me.
How's your wife?
Let's cut up this money. I wanna get outta here.
I don't like complications.
Pull these kind of jobs, you take those chances.
You know, McCoy, you and I are two of a kind.
No, I don't think so. I like to do my own dirty work.
I never much liked guys like you, the crooks that wanna look respectable.
You still don't get it, do you?
That's funny, 'cause I always heard what a smart operator you are.
So let's just look at the situation.
One, a very attractive woman;
two, the woman's husband... a killer and a thief...
serving a long sentence in a Mexican hellhole;
three, a businessman...
lots of power and influence,
a fellow who can easily get the husband a pardon.
Why should he? Well,
one simple reason, the obvious reason:
Maybe there's other considerations.
The wife is very attractive,
and she proves to be willing, very willing.
She sees an opportunity, and she takes it.
And who could blame her? She's tired of life on the run.
Her husband, he's a loser.
She wants something better,
and so the inevitable happens:
A very... intimate alliance.
A very pleasurable alliance,
enjoyed by both parties vigorously and repeatedly.
And then the moment arrives.
The husband is baited to a remote place,
a place...
Well, Doc, kinda like this.
Don't think too badly of your wife, Doc.
After all, you were locked up in prison,
and she is a stunningly healthy young woman.
I see you been practicing.
Goddamn it, it wasn't my fault! It was the only way.
You stupid bitch, you should've told me!
You were supposed to make a deal with him, not fuck his brains out!
-The deal wasn't good enough! -Then you should've walked away!
-And you'd still be sittin' in that shit-hole! -I trusted you!
-And I came through for you! -Yeah, "repeatedly."
Fuck you!
You weren't straight with me!
I didn't think you could handle the truth, and I was right.
You weren't sure which one of us you were gonna shoot, huh?
-Is that what you think? -Yeah, that's what I think!
-Then I'm sorry. -Sorry you shot Benyon?
No, I'm sorry I fucked him.
'Cause I did it for you, and you're not worth it!
-Get in. -Go to hell.
Get in.
I guess you did what you had to do to get me out.
You'd do the same for me, wouldn't you, Doc?
You'd humiliate yourself for me, wouldn't you?
Wouldn't you?
-Honey, there's a man out here. -Who is it?
-I don't know. -Oh! God!
Okay, what's the damage here?
That glucose should start to work in about a half hour,
and you'll... you'll feel better then.
That collarbone's badly shattered.
There's no, no infection yet.
You should just, um, keep...
changing those bandages several times a day.
Looks like I'm gonna need myself a nurse.
Get over there where I can see you. Go on.
That's better.
You know, on second thought,
it might be wiser if we just leave those bandages in place,
'cause I'm nervous about you just irritating that wound.
Is that what you thought, Harold?
-Come here and sit down.
-Get over here and sit down! Come here, Doc.
You think real hard...
and tell me the truth.
Am I gonna need more lookin' after... or not?
Well, there's...
- Yes, there's,
there's a chance of gangrene setting in.
-Oh, lovely.
-All right.
The three of us are gonna do some traveling.
Tomorrow morning, we're gonna take your car and go to El Paso.
No, that... that's just not possible. We...
Look, we can't leave here. Okay?
We've got our work. We've gotta take care of these animals.
What do you say, Fran? Wanna do some travelin'?
sure, I mean, whatever you say.
-What kind of car you got, Harold?
A Chevy. We have a Chevy Suburban.
Oh, that's nice. I like Chevies.
Why don't you go outside and gas it up?
Check the tires and check the oil.
Make sure it's gonna run real good,
'cause I don't want any trouble on the road.
And if you come back in here with anyone else,
I'm gonna stop her clock.
You got that? She dies.
You do what he says, Harold.
That's right, Harold. Now go on.
Get the fuck outta here.
Come here, honey. Come here, polka dots. Sit down.
What's his name?
He's cute,
and so are you.
-How long has he been dead? -A few hours, at least.
-Hell, they're probably halfway to Mexico.
- Hansen said they was gonna split the money up in Tucson,
but if they got hot, they'd head to El Paso, the Border Hotel.
Check both places.
Put out the word.
-I know somebody's got our money. -What about Benyon?
- There's a dry well about a mile from here.
Jack deserves a proper burial.
You just do what I tell you.
.. The huge explosion of a tanker truck,
which panicked nearby spectators,
was all part of the extremely well-organized robbery.
Reporter Roscoe Serra was on the scene within minutes.
We go now to his taped report from the dog track earlier today.
A lot of folks were at the dog track today trying to get a little lucky,
but it seems that some people got a little luckier than most.
This explosion appears to have been a decoy for a large robbery here.
Details are sketchy, but this is what we know: One guard has been killed.
Police officials believe this is the work of experts.
They knew what they were doing, but they don't know who pulled this robbery off.
- Fuckin' pinhead Hansen.
I say that we dump that wagon right now and hop on that train to El Paso.
-We still headin' to Gollie's? -We gotta get some new passports.
You got a better idea?
-You okay? -Sure.
-Don't I seem okay? -I don't know.
If you were still pissed at me,
I found you one of Harold's T-shirts.
Could be a little small for your body, but it's clean.
Ooh! Let me have that.
I wouldn't worry too much about Harold if I were you.
He's not gonna bring anyone back here. He's harmless.
Well, ain't that the truth.
How long you two been married?
-Two years. -Hmm.
An exciting two years I'll bet it's been,
hangin' around this place, fixin' up poor little doggies.
Come here.
I'm not gonna be any trouble to you.
The fact is, this may sound kinda funny, but I was thinkin' that...
maybe you and I could be friends.
Been my experience that havin' friends is overrated.
Oh, well.
Come here.
You don't always have to be pointin' that gun at me.
I'll do whatever you want. Really, I will.
What are you wearin' underneath that dress?
Turn around.
Sit down.
Wipe off that nail polish, 'cause I don't like it. Hey.
When I tell you to come here, you move your ass real fast. You understand?
'Cause I got you figured out from the start.
Now go ahead. Wait a second.
-Get rid of this too.
Come here.
Don't get blood on me. I hate blood.
I'll park the car while you get the tickets.
-Meet me in the bar. -Okay.
That bag's kind of heavy. Why don't you let me take it?
It's not heavy. I can handle it.
-Hey, you! Don't park here.
-Use the structure around the corner. -Yes, sir, boss.
Here are your two tickets to El Paso, your change,
and your train should be leaving in about one hour.
Thank you.
The train to El Paso has been delayed...
and will be departing in 90 minutes.
The train to El Paso has been delayed...
and will be departing in 90 minutes.
Thank you.
-Let me help you with that. -No, that's okay.
No, no, it's a big bag.
-There you go. -Thank you.
Glad to help.
The third bridesmaid's dress took up half of my closet.
- Did you ever wear the others? - No!
-Tequila. -Sauza okay?
It's fine.
-Would you like another? -Please.
I guess you have to catch a train?
That's right.
Yeah, me too. I'm goin' home.
Where's home?
Utah. The Beehive State.
I'm from Orem. It's right near Salt Lake.
Say, you wouldn't happen to be Mormon, would you?
There's about 12 people in the state that aren't Mormon, and I'm one of 'em.
Well, that makes you kind of special then, huh?
Yeah, I guess it does.
Say, uh, you wouldn't be taking the train to Salt Lake, would you?
No. No, I'm afraid not.
Never have any luck. Sorry.
Where is it?
-It's in a locker over there. -Show me.
-Just can't forget about it, can you, Doc? -Makes two of us.
We should cut the money and split up right here.
If that's how you feel about it, then fine by me.
-We've lost something, Doc. -I think Benyon got to you.
At least I got to him.
What the...
-I know I put it in this locker. -What are you tryin' to pull?
I know I put it in this locker. L... A man helped me...
-just a few minutes ago. -Someone helped you?
-Yeah, and then I went to the bar. -What did he look like?
He was tall. He had a red shirt. I know I put it in that locker.
He switched the keys on you. The oldest trick in the book.
Come on. Let's go.
Do you see him?
Look at every face. Concentrate.
Do you see him?
No. Maybe he went outside.
That's him!
Move! Move!
You're in the center up there.
-Bye, Grandma. -There she is.
-Bye. -Bye.
-Can you help me with my bag? -No problem.
What are you doing?
Slow down!
The toilets will be open in five minutes.
Don't even think about it!
Next time you pick that lock don't leave them scratch marks.
-Hey, put that away. -What?
-Give me some pain pills. -Here.
-Harold, these... these ones? -Yes.
So... Rudy, why are we going to El Paso?
I gotta look up some old friends.
-Oh. -I gotta pick up a suitcase.
Then I'm gonna head south of the border. Real far south.
Oh, that sounds great.
I love to travel, but Harold never wants to go anywhere.
-That's not true. -It's true. We never go anywhere.
He'd rather stay home and play
with all of his little critters.
Isn't that right, Harold?
You poor old bugger.
I got us a car that I hot-wired.
-Come on, let's go.
-Bye. -Bye-bye.
Here, Harold, have some chicken. Harold.
No, no. Look, I gotta pull over. I gotta pee.
-Have some fries. -Rudy!
-Here, Harold, have some fries.
Have some chicken. Here's your chicken.
Hey, some chicken.
Rudy. Goddamn it! What'd you do that for?
You know why I did that? 'Cause it makes me feel good.
-Have some fries. -No, you have a fry.
-Hey! Have some fries, Harold. Hey! -Have a biscuit, Rudy.
-Hey, have some more fries. -Hey, have some chicken.
- Chicken. -You have some chicken.
-Have some bean sprouts.
-Hey, stop it! -Fran, get back here!
-You're such a pig! -I've gotta pull over. I've gotta pee!
Oh, I guess we should stop, 'cause Harold has to pee.
Get back in the front.
Get back up there with Harold! Get up there!
I don't want to play... this game... anymore!
You pee in your pants.
Looks like this guy's a real pro.
Where'd you get this?
It was a gift. I told you, the guy gave it to me.
Yeah, that's him.
Carter McCoy.
Hey. Hey!
- It's Harold!
Harold, get back in there, you pervert.
Hey, Gollie, it's Doc.
Yeah. Yeah, right.
How's those travel arrangements coming?
Good. Yeah, she's doing all right.
-All right. Thanks.
-We're all set. -Good morning. How're ya doin'?
-Who had bacon? -Right here.
Enjoy your breakfast. Anything else?
-No, that's all right. Thank you. -All right.
Arizona police have identified a suspect in the greyhound track robbery.
Carter McCoy, also known as Doc McCoy, is wanted...
-in an armed robbery at the Phoenix Dog Track. -Doc.
He is also wanted in connection with a hijacking...
and firebombing of a tanker truck in the track parking lot.
McCoy is an expert safe-cracker. His criminal record indicates...
numerous other well-planned thefts.
He is considered by authorities as the probable mastermind behind the heist...
and should be considered well-armed and extremely dangerous.
-Dad, that's the guy there on TV. -What?
...and immediately contact law enforcement officials.
Here we go, Mel. I think she's gonna like that.
-Say hello to Alice for me, will ya? -Thank you.
-Yes, sir. What can we do for you today? -Let's see.
I'll take that black 12-gauge pump gun.
Ah, the Minelli. That's a good choice.
This is a very powerful weapon here, sir.
My brother-in-law uses this very gun to hunt ducks, if you can believe that.
You hit a duck with one of these suckers,
and you're not gonna have many pieces left to eat.
That's a good weapon, though. What else can I get for you?
-Four boxes of double-aught buck. -Double-aught buck.
Four of 'em. Here we go.
That sounds like a huntin' trip I'd like to be on, I'll tell ya.
These babies'll knock down a wall, if ya need it.
Four boxes of.45 auto shells.
.45 auto shells. Where'd I put those? There they are.
Okay, all we need now is a little bit of identification.
And we're gonna have to fill this out for Uncle Sam. One through eight.
Don't forget question C: "Are you a fugitive from justice?"
Don't worry about that. We ask everybody to do that.
I got a dandy here for you. Right here.
-Wrap the shotgun.
Wrap the shotgun.
40-23, I need a 10-28, please, on an Arizona plate:
Sam-Paul-Queen, four-eight-five.
This will be on a 1987 metallic-blue Camaro.
Look, are you sure you want to do this?
-I want you to shut up, lie down and take a nap. -All right, all right.
I know the drill. Count to 100, right?
- One, two, three,
four, five...
I'm gettin' out of this business. Six...
Keep the change.
Excuse me, are you for hire?
Shift's over. Sorry, lady.
What are you doin'? I said my shift's over.
-You'll have to get another... -We're heading east, pal. Straight out of town.
2-79, car 2-79, come in. Can you do another pickup?
-That's you. Answer it. -What do you want me to say?
-Tell him you got a fare. -The dispatcher ain't gonna fall for that.
She's gonna know the cab's been hijacked, and we're on Third...
He's got the radio on, telling 'em where we are.
-You make a right turn here, or I'm gonna put one in you. -Okay.
- Get out of there, now! -Let's go!
Let's go!
Doc, come on!
Go! Go!
Get in!
- Fuck! Stay with him!
-Keep it steady.
- On the right!
-On your right, on your right!
Hang on, Doc!
Keep going, keep going!
Negative. We're blocked in the underground parking area.
-We're gonna jump in this thing. -No way.
-Doc, we gotta keep moving.
Oh, shit, Doc!
-What? -The cops are out there. We're goin' in the truck.
- God! -Stay back!
-Doc! No! -Get back!
Get back! All the way to the back.
-Whoooaah! Oh, God!
What are you lookin' out the window for?
Somebody else comin' after me?
Look, Rudy, he likes it.
-Give me that. -Rudy!
Hey, Harold, come out of the bathroom.
Harold, come on out. My shoulder hurts.
What are you doin' in there?
-Hey, Fran, I think it's time to check out.
You okay?
I think so. I don't know.
Don't scratch yourself around here. You're gonna get an infection.
-I wanna tell you something. -I don't wanna hear it.
Hey, this is hard for me.
When we get to El Paso, I think I should take off.
Hey, listen to me.
I want you to stick with me.
No more about Benyon.
You and me. What do you say?
- Can't get much worse than this, Doc.
I don't see how it could.
Got us a car.
Got a couple of tires. We're in business.
Hey, we get to Mexico, we're gonna have a new life. Right?
That's all I want.
-Yeah, Tom here.
Tell Jim Deer Rudy and some girl just drove up.
Looks like they're headin' into the hotel.
Howdy, folks. Welcome to the rustic Border Hotel.
-You must be Gollie. - By golly, I am Gollie.
This here's my wife Carmen. I call her Tootsie.
That's our three-year-old daughter. Her name's Anna.
That's my son Jim. He's 17, and he's my jackrabbit.
-We need a room for three. -Three?
-Oh, you got a cat. No problem.
You need a room, you come to the right place.
We got lots of rooms. Room 309.
Hot out there, ain't it? It must be 114 degrees.
Y'all come in for the races, I'll bet.
Y-Y'all watch your step. Watch your step please, ma'am.
A horse'll run a good second faster out there...
than any other track in the country.
It's just somethin'.
Now, if one thing does hold true to form, it's the speed horse.
A speed horse, he's runnin' just as hard as he can for as long as he can.
What they try to do is to rate those things. That's a whole 'nother story.
This here... This here's your livin' room.
Bathroom, shower, toilet, bedroom, bed.
Over in the top drawer you got the Gideon Bible.
Right out here you got a veranda.
Oh, it's just a beautiful sunset there, lady.
Now... here you go.
-What's in there? -That'd be your closet there. It's...
Oh! God! What're ya... Oh!
Open up your mouth. Say "Ahhh."
Ahhh! Ahhh!
You got two choices here, pal: You can live or you can die.
-What's it gonna be? -I don't wanna die.
You do the right thing, you might even make a little bit of money.
I'll tell you what. I'll go check us into the hotel.
You go find someplace around here and get us some new clothes.
Here you go, Doc. Passport.
Credit card, driver's license.
All cherry stuff. Never been reported.
That stuff's so good, you can go anywhere you want to,
no matter how hot you may be.
Here's the key to your room, 234.
Nobody else on that floor but you. All you gotta do is lay low a while.
Then we'll get you on out of here, okay?
Carol went to get us some fresh clothes.
We're both hungry. Send up some food as soon as you can.
-How about some sandwiches? -That'll be fine.
It's gonna be an hour, maybe more.
When my wife comes back, have that kid take care of anything she might need.
-I gave him the day off. -Then you do it.
I can't. I-I've gotta watch the front desk. You know how it goes.
Doc, look, I'll work on the food, okay? Doc!
This ain't the Hilton.
-Can I come in? -Sure.
-Give me that room key, or I'll kill you...
and I'll kill your little kitty too.
You see Gollie's face when he bounced off that door?
- Hey, Gollie, what's in here?
- I don't know. Let's find out.
Open your mouth! Open it wider!
-Yeah? - He's here.
Room 234.
Wants me to bring him up some sandwiches in about an hour.
Yeah, 234.
Hang it up.
-Get dressed.
-Good flight, Jim? -They still in there?
Yeah, both of 'em. McCoy and his wife showed up a little while ago.
Mm-hmm. That's nice.
Fire up the grill, boys. It's barbecue time.
-Want some of these? -Let's go, baby. Come on.
Hey, wake up. Come on, let's go.
What's the matter?
Get dressed. We're leavin' right now.
What is it?
It's Gollie.
Somethin' bothering me about him.
He's always got his family around.
That wife and kid of his always stick close...
to make sure he stays away from the horses and the booze.
So what?
If they're not here, then there's somethin' wrong.
Maybe they took the day off.
What's the plan?
The plan is, shut up.
-Come on, baby, we gotta move.
Who is it?
- Sandwiches for Mr. McCoy. It's your food, ma'am.
He's in the shower. Can you leave them outside?
Um, no, I can't do that, ma'am.
You have to pay now, 'cause I have to pay the boy that brought up the food.
Well, I'm not dressed. You'll have to wait.
All right.
- Ma'am, how much longer are you gonna be?
- Rudy!
My Rudy! Rudy! Don't touch my Rudy!
Don't hurt my Rudy! Don't hurt my Rudy!
Don't hurt my Rudy!
Let's get out of here.
-Ah, what is it? Is it... 204? -
-Is it, uh, 314?
Ooh! My, my, my, my, my. Now, you may wanna watch this.
What are you gonna do with that thing?
-What are you doin' to me? No! No! -Right there.
Please let me go! It's 309!
-There he is! -Get him!
-Get the bastard! -Get him! Get out there!
Get down, down!
-She's a fucking girl! Get over there!
-Get over there!
I'm hit! I'm hit!
Get off that floor!
My knee! My knee!
Here we come!
Just put down the bag, Doc.
We don't give a shit about what you did to Benyon.
We just want the money.
Get up there!
Get ready.
-I'll meet you up on the roof. -Yeah.
Come on! Get McCoy! He went around the corner.
Go! Go!
-Was that gunfire? -Nah, someone's TV.
Rudy? Where's Rudy?
Rudy. Rudy.
Rudy? Rudy?
Rudy! Rudy!
Rudy! Rudy!
Shit! Ah, shit!
-Get up!
Come on! Stand up!
-Where you goin', Doc?
-Get up! Turn around!
I wanna see your face!
Get up! Stand up!
Should've killed me when you had the chance.
Bang, bang.
This fucking thing. Shit!
See ya later, Doc.
He's a big tall man, and he has...
Give me the gun.
Get outta here! Run!
Out the back.
-Hey, man. -We need a lift.
All you gotta do is ask. Get in.
-Where are we headed? -Mexico.
I love Mexico!
You know, I was thinkin' about taking
a trip down there myself.
Not in this big a hurry, though. Hang on!
-Take it easy, fella.
Well, I guess you ain't gonna shoot me, are ya?
I kind of doubt it.
That's good. I'll cooperate, don't worry about that.
Yes, sir, I've had a few run-ins with the law myself.
Is that right?
About three years ago I dynamited some fish down by the reservoir.
That little job cost me $100.
They wouldn't even let me keep the fish.
- What's your name? -Slim.
You're a bad boy, Slim.
Where are you going today?
-You sure this is gonna work? -Absolutely positive.
-What if it doesn't? -I'll floor it.
Buenos dias, Slim. ? Como esta?
Doin' just fine, Jose. This here's my nephew and his wife.
We thought we'd go over and do a little sightseein'.
Don't forget to buy something.
Si, se? Or. You got my word on that.
I didn't think we'd have a problem back there.
I got me a little se? Orita here in town.
Fellas kind of know me.
-You got a se? Orita? -Mm-hmm.
Shame on you. Your wife know about it?
My wife's been gone for ten years.
If she was still around, I wouldn't be goin' no place but home.
-Are you two married? -Yeah.
Well, it's a tough haul sometime,
but let me tell you, it's well worth it.
I think the most important thing in life is...
somethin' you got to give to each other.
Don't never forget it.
- Pull over up here.
You folks gonna be all right out here?
Let me ask you something.
-How much money you make last year? -Twelve thousand.
I'll tell ya, I'll give ya 20,000 for the truck.
Are ya serious?
I sure am.
Whew! And, uh, I keep my mouth shut,
and I don't say nothin' about the truck.
I've never seen you two before. Right?
You got it.
Could, uh... Could you make it 30?
-How about 40? -Damn!
Ma'am, you got a deal. She's all yours.
You're gonna have to make your own way back to the border, though.
Oh, I'll make it. Don't worry about me.
Vaya con Dios. Same to you.
She's a good old truck.
She won't win any races, but she'll run forever.
-I just put new brakes in her. -Good.
-Y'all take care, ya hear? -Yeah.
Adios, amigos!
Whenever I'm weary
From the battles that rage in my head
You make sense of madness
When my sanity hangs by a thread
I lose my way but still
You seem to understand
Now and forever
I will be your man
Sometimes I just hold you
Too caught up in me to see
I'm holding a fortune
That heaven has given to me
I'll try to show you
Each and every way I can
Now and forever
I will be your man
Now I can rest my worries
And always be sure
That I won't be alone
If I'd only known you were there
All the time
All this time
Until the day the ocean
Doesn't touch the sand
Now and forever
I will be your man
Now and forever
I will be
Your man