GG (2024) Movie Script

Take your headphones off.
You're embarrassing.
May it be that as she welcomed
our Lord in her heart,
she is now welcomed by Him
in her eternal home in Heaven.
Now, let us call on
Grandma's favorite grandchild.
Go ahead.
Let's go!
This is probably my last chance
to apologize to you.
I hope you don't think
that we're pushing you away.
The truth is
I don't know how we can afford
to send you to university.
You know how expensive
Mom's hospital bills were.
It's okay, Auntie.
But you're transferring to a good school.
To St. Andrews.
It's for the elite.
Just take it easy,
playing your computer games, all right?
Focus on your studies first.
I think that's her.
-Who are you?
-I'm Mondi, Miss Iya's driver.
-Where is she?
-In the car.
Would you like to come in
for some coffee first?
No need, but thank you.
Your mom.
Hi, Seth.
Iya, why didn't you text
that you were on your way?
Sorry about that.
-Meet Seth.
-Hello, Seth!
So handsome. He looks just like you. Hi!
Seth, I'll head back in.
I'll let you get settled first.
Just let me know if you need anything.
Eskape, have you arrived in Manila?
Yes. I'll come by tomorrow.
Chester Bernard recognized
that individuals behave differently
when acting in their organizational role
than when acting separately
from the organization.
One of the main goals
of organizational behavior
is to revitalize organizational theory
and develop a better conceptualization
of organizational life.
Minor mention that there is
a certain arbitrariness
in identifying a point
Okay, that's it for today.
See you on Wednesday.
Who are you?
It is you!
The gaming house is here?
Yeah, why?
It's not how I imagined it.
Don't worry. Chill out!
Hey! Quit doing that
or you'll turn positive again!
Maria, I'll pay you later!
We're here.
Come on in!
What's up, Tokwa't Bad Bois?
Eskape has arrived.
Hey, what's up, Kevsters!
-Finally! Our leader.
-This is our gaming house.
-Sit, sit, sit!
-Eskape is here!
I told you he's as handsome as me.
So? How is it?
It's great, right?
Coach, how'd you get all this?
Because I'm amazing!
You said you wanted a gaming house,
now you have it!
Gaming house, right?
Don't we have a scrim today?
Wait a sec.
Before that,
I have something to say.
Ace, eyes here. I'm making a speech.
I'm in-game.
I just wanna say
how happy I am
that we are finally complete.
Altogether, helping one another.
For our one and only goal,
qualifying for the Requiem Nationals.
So with that, "Tokwa't Bad Bois!"
There's that lame cheer again!
Can we play now?
Welcome to Requiem.
A 5v5 first-person shooter game.
The Metrakom will act as defenders,
seek to prevent Laya, the attackers,
from planting a device
called Phase Disruptor.
If Laya is successful
in planting the Phase Disruptor,
the Metrakom must defuse it
before it activates in order to win.
If time runs out, the disruptor activates
and Metrakom loses the game.
If the odds aren't in favor,
they have the option to use the Requiem,
which is a unique mechanic
that allows a player a one-time reset
to revive fallen allies
in exchange for the player's life.
Requiem is a tournament structure
that gives a chance
to the best teams in the world
to compete against each other,
with prize pools up to $5 million.
Are you ready to play?
Intruder alert!
Hands up, bro!
Hey! Who are you?
What are you doing here?
Dennis! What's going on?
Seth! What's happening?
Oh, Seth!
He just climbed up our gate!
I think I left my
I left my keys.
Well, this is an awkward first meeting.
Is there no formal introduction?
Seth, this is my husband.
Your Uncle Dennis.
Nice to meet you, Seth.
And this is your little baby brother. Mau.
I told you not to buy him that gun.
Next time, you should join us for dinner.
In this family,
having dinner together is very important.
Is he joining us tomorrow
with Dad for lunch?
Great! I'm sure your dad
is so excited to meet this guy.
Hon, come on!
-That's a lot of bubbles, Mau!
-Let's go!
Come on.
There is my Maui!
So nice to have you. Did you know that?
My goodness! Haven't you grown!
We're gonna have a school play.
Really? Wow!
So, Seth.
How do you find your new school?
It's okay.
Able to keep up?
Yeah, somehow.
You know, I'll be straight with you, Seth.
See, Iya here,
wants you to get the same opportunities
that I gave her.
That is why,
Dennis and I found a way
to get you into St. Andrews,
the best school there is.
I'm sure he'll do his best, Dad.
We'll see!
It's what we expect of him,
that's why he's here.
I assume you aren't
used to vegetarian food?
I'm sure Iya briefed you
that we are all vegetarians here.
You know, it's a decision we made
for health reasons,
and more importantly,
for moral and ecological reasons.
Do you know
Seth, do you want me
to pick you up after school?
I'll just commute.
Actually, I can just commute to school
so you won't be hassled.
Most of the teams here are pro-teams
but we also have amateurs
joining our tournament.
Right, this is a chance for amateur teams
to qualify for the Requiem Nationals.
Okay, so Tokwa't Bad Bois
will be on this side.
Over here, watch your step.
All right, boys.
-Don't be nervous--
-What's up, bro?
How are you?
I should be asking you the same, man!
What are you doing here?
Here to watch?
Oh, no!
We're also in the tourney.
Bro, aren't your players all amateurs?
No way!
Ace, right here,
used to be with Xtreme Gaming.
Eskape, over here,
is number three in SEA leaderboards, bro!
You guys sponsored already?
Not yet, but--
Here's my team. Come on down, boys.
I'm sure you heard of them, right?
-The North Starz, of course!
All right, bro. We'll go ahead.
Okay? Sure.
Good luck!
-Let's go, boys.
See you around.
Are you guys nervous?
Don't be! Because I'm here
in full support of you guys, right?
So we need to do our team cheer.
-We have to win.
Let's not forget our plays.
No mistakes.
Welcome to our qualifiers tournament!
By the end of this day,
the top two teams shall move
and advance to our premiere league,
the Requiem Nationals.
For our first match,
Metasports will be facing
Tokwa't Bad Bois.
Yes, TBB is fresh on the block
on the running for a spot
at the Requiem Nationals.
Considering their entrance here
is against the veteran, Metasports,
is an indication of their power level
in this tournament.
They used a smoke already!
How many are there?
Two, I think.
Rice and I are flanking.
Three here. Three!
Good play from Metasports,
but Tokwa't Bad Bois quick to catch it.
What Rice will do?
Seems like a bit of contact
in this alleyway.
He should be careful there!
I'm dead.
but they're outnumbered.
And while Tokwa't Bad Bois going mid,
Kev's coming in strong!
Shit! Kev and I are down.
Ace, let's go!
They're gonna plant the bomb at B.
They need to turn this around.
Not only that, Ace is in a good position.
This is Eskape's chance.
Picked off one! Two in total!
Two enemies remaining.
It's now even. Great move by Eskape!
Well played!
Incredible comeback from a 2v5.
Nice one!
What a round by TBB!
That was an intense outplay by Eskape.
Even if he was taken by surprise at first.
He knows what to do
in these types of situations.
And his outplay potential
is always exquisite.
Let's see if they can do it again
in the next round.
If they really wanna win this,
they need to because the score's 3-3.
It's a full game,
and whoever wins this round,
wins the game.
Okay, let's split up.
Trickz, let's go.
Rice and Kev, go to the other side.
Battle begins.
Plant the phase disruptor
or eliminate all enforcers.
Make some noise there, flash them.
Trickz and I will flank.
Don't go in yet.
Just bait them.
Especially now, you also notice here
Eskape and Trickz
are going for a really long flank.
And because of that,
the frontline of TBB
really needs to buy time,
who are Rice and Kev.
They're low on HP!
Kev, flash them again!
Okay, flashed!
Nice flash, Kev!
I'll attack them!
Wait! They're camping!
I can take them down!
The problem,
Metasports are ready for them.
There's four!
We're on our way. Let's go, Ace. Ace?
This one's tricky.
They're in a tricky spot here.
They also have the phase disruptor.
Why did you attack?
This is so problematic
for Tokwa't Bad Bois.
Trickz, smoke!
-I'm going in!
There are still five!
Let's just play for Requiem.
Let's go!
Eskape has a different plan.
Asked smoke from Trickz.
Eskape's now attacking.
Looks like he's finding his enemies.
He's picked off three!
The PD is back in their hands.
Now, the Tokwa't Bad Bois
are up in the man count here.
-It's 2v2 now.
I spoke too soon.
Ace in a risky position.
Keeping an eye on them.
He gets sniped from above.
Everything, yet again,
left to Eskape's hands.
PD's with him.
But could he bring it to Site A?
Can Eskape do this one more time?
Can he bring this home? It's 1v2.
He swings wide, gets the one!
He's clueless of the one on higher ground.
And Eskape was taken out!
Metasports, they take the game
and eliminate Tokwa't Bad Bois.
Too bad, Tokwa't Bad Bois
showed us a great start.
We thought they'd make an upset and win.
Your calls sucked.
Metasports! Metasports!
We should've played for Requiem.
What did you want me to do? Rice attacked!
That's why we should've played
for Requiem.
It was 5v3!
I said go in!
Your backup was too slow!
we're not in a good position.
I still took down four of them.
Just admit that you're weak.
If I'm too weak, play by yourself!
Ace! Hey!
Just so it's clear, I quit.
And to the rest of you,
good luck with a leader
who only knows how to tilt.
Fine! Leave!
Hey, Ace!
He'll be back, guys.
He's in the wrong
and still has the nerve to quit?
If anyone else wants to leave, do it now.
I can make a new team.
-Coach, I'll grab a bite.
-Me too, Coach.
That was too harsh, Eskape.
Hey, guys!
What's with all of you?
Just eat.
If he wants to eat, he'll come.
Are you going to sleep?
I was about to.
Are you okay?
I want you to know
that you can talk to me
about anything.
Even if it's not about school,
you can talk to me.
I know what you're going through
isn't easy.
You're in a new environment.
It's hard to adjust.
And with what happened to Grandma--
I'm fine.
I'm really fine.
You don't have to worry about me.
I'll manage myself at school.
Are you okay?
Okay, how many are we right now?
We have
187 viewers!
Guys, here's the real star
of this stream, Mommy!
This is her!
How many viewers do we have?
Wait a second!
That was Mommy, guys!
Wait. I'll focus first.
Mommy, what's that?
Mechanical keyboard!
-Wow! Are you for real?
-Of course!
Hey, guys! I'm telling you. Watch this.
This is what Seth will use
when he becomes a pro-gamer.
It's not too far off, Mommy.
Have you guys seen this?
What? He's quick to move on.
Aren't the Northstars complete?
Maybe he's a sub?
Crazy if he'd rather be a sub.
Boys! Boys! Boys!
Relax! Okay.
I knew this would happen,
and I've already got a solution.
There's a player
who wants to join our team.
When I was younger,
there was a legendary player
who was well-known in every computer shop.
Every time he'd play,
you couldn't even see him
through the crowd.
Everyone wanted to see him play.
He was that good.
What's up with the mask?
Is that true, Coach?
Whoa. Hold up.
Can't I finish the story first?
No one knew why he played with a mask.
And, yes, it's a true story.
But the important thing is,
he was the best player of my time
and is feared by everyone.
The legendary masked gamer
Hold on, Coach!
What does this story have to do with us?
He's the one who wants to join our team.
None other than Icebox!
But does he know how to play Requiem?
Was Requiem even a thing back in your day?
Of course, he's playing Requiem now.
-Then, Coach, where is he?
Icebox, turn on your cam.
so this is my team,
Team Tokwa't Bad Bois.
-This is Xtra Rice.
Here are Kevin and Trickz.
And this is Eskape, one of our best.
What's up, TBB?
Is this a prank, Coach?
-Is it?
This is real.
I'm serious, Eskape.
I want to join the team.
Now we're talking! See?
Coach, we've got a huge problem.
And we're wasting our time on this?
Can't we just look for a real teammate?
Sorry, Icebox, or whatever your name is.
We don't have time for this.
We have to take this seriously.
Try me.
WhoaWhoa. Okay.
Game. Fight! You'll allow that?
A challenge?
He won't. Come on!
Show him!
What are you trying to say?
1v1, game?
Enforcer down.
Got him again, Coach!
He was good
at losing!
GG, Icebox.
So you can lose again?
Coach, this guy sucks.
This team needs strong players.
-Whatever! I suck?
Find another team.
Man, you're being harsh
to a legend, you know.
You're telling me I suck
but all you do is vlog!
It's Icebox!
Are you seriously fighting right now?
Wait, guys.
Can we be serious for a second?
The LCQ is coming up fast.
We need to find a new teammate.
Coach, what's this?
Can't we find anyone else?
There's no one else.
Is Mom here?
She's not here.
Do you know where she is?
She isn't home yet.
Where's your real mom?
Go play somewhere else. Go!
Come here.
-What's wrong?
Where's my real mom?
Didn't I tell you?
I'm your mother.
We've been looking for
a new teammate for days.
Nobody wants to join us?
Okay, guys,
-I'll show you around first
-Guys, look. Coach!
Look at this.
A gaming house?
They promised us so many things,
but this is all we get?
What a scam, right?
I mean, look around!
A very nice gaming house for us,
all right?
No wonder no one wants to join us.
When did he post that?
It's been up for a while.
Why did we just see it now?
It has so many reactions!
Don't you worry, guys.
We'll find a new teammate soon.
I don't think so, Coach.
It's been days already.
So, that's how it's going, Kevsters.
Unfortunately, we haven't found
a new teammate yet.
And I don't know
if we're still joining the LCQ.
That's not cool!
We barely just started,
you're already ending things.
Boys, someone wants to talk to you.
Hello, Tokwa't Bad Bois.
Coach, it's Icebox?
You again?
Yes, it's me again.
Let me try again.
Eskape, didn't you destroy
this guy already?
Yeah, at 1v1.
But not in 5v5.
And we all know that the real test
of a player is in 5v5.
I played against you in a 1v1 match
to test your mechanical skills.
You weren't good enough then,
what more in 5v5?
I practiced a lot since you beat me.
I'm a whole new player now.
Wow! This guy's crazy!
Besides, any luck finding a new player?
You don't back down, do you?
Just give me another chance.
Just one.
Okay. Nice smoke! Okay, go in.
Go, go, go!
I'll flash them.
Icebox and I are flanking.
-We did it!
-Nice game!
Nice one, Team!
-A round of applause for that win.
-Okay, good! That was good!
Icebox, that play was insane!
So, let's eat?
Game. I'm starving.
So I'm in, Eskape?
On a trial basis for now.
We need to do things first.
Icebox, sorry, but we've got
to eat without you.
We're really hungry. Let's go!
Let's eat. My food's getting cold.
Your throw was a mess earlier.
Yeah, man. My aim was off.
Welcome, Icebox! Be in my content, okay?
Your mask gimmick is great.
Isn't he just a stand-in?
Hi, Icebox.
I'd like to think I've been able
to prove myself by now.
We won a scrim. Just one scrim.
Just one scrim?
I guess we just won against Metasports,
the team that destroyed you
in the qualifiers.
Maybe we were just lucky.
Fine, your calls were okay.
But we both know
that you lack mechanical skill.
You talk like you have others
to choose from.
Weren't you dying to recruit someone?
Why are you so obsessed with us?
I want to play at the Requiem Nationals.
Can you commit?
What do you mean?
Aren't there other things you do?
A job?
Can you do that alongside practice?
And you? Don't you have commitments?
I know my priorities.
You're something else, Eskape.
Yeah, you can say that.
Can you keep up?
I'll show you I can.
Stressful life events trigger
biological and psychological
vulnerabilities to anxiety.
Most are social
and interpersonal in nature.
Marriage, divorce,
the bureaucracy at work,
death of a loved one,
pressures to excel at school and so on.
Some might be physical,
such as an injury or illness.
And to explain our methodology,
we have Mr. Seth Romulo.
-Why me?
-Just read it.
-What am I going to read?
-The slide.
Go, go.
For our methodology,
we used a chicken and a dog
and a boom, boom, boom.
My groupmates did all the work.
I go vroom, vroom, vroom.
Sorry, guys.
I think there's a problem with our slide.
Or maybe with our groupmate.
Quiet please!
Let's say this is a comedy break.
Let's not waste our time. Please continue.
You may go.
Mr. Romulo.
What your groupmates did was wrong.
But they did tell me that you
didn't do any work in the report.
With your attendance, you cannot afford
to have another low mark.
To be honest with you, Seth
you're failing my class.
Are you aware of that?
Your only chance is the midterm exams.
You need to get at least a B
for you to pass my class.
Yes, sir.
I'm aware.
I'll work on it.
Back me up.
The enemies are positioned.
It's okay as long as the smoke's good.
Let's wait for Joseph before we go in.
Let's go!
Hold on!
What's the play?
Go in! Smoke!
Shit, my bad!
What was that? Back me up!
Hold up, let's flank.
-Flash them!
What kind of smoke was that?
Even the flash was messed up.
I'm sorry, okay?
Can't you throw it first before I go in?
It's a mistake, okay?
We can't have that kind of execution
in the LCQ.
Where'd that leave us?
Boys! Chill out, will you?
We've been winning our scrims for a while.
-But, Coach--
-This is our first loss.
It's so annoying.
We'll lose by these mistakes
and executions.
Are mistakes not allowed on this team?
In the LCQ, there's no room for mistakes.
Your flash sucked.
Trickz's smoke was even worse.
We get it, Seth!
We all suck! You're the best!
Am I not?
I killed two more
after you guys screwed up.
You're something else.
Your smoke failed, yes or no?
You're right, my smoke failed.
And if your executions are like that,
especially in crucial moments like those,
we're not going to win the LCQ!
Right or wrong?
You're right. You're always right, Eskape.
We're all stupid and you're the best!
Hey, Trickz! Where are you going?
You're still online?
How are they?
Still pissed?
We don't have time for fights.
The LCQ is approaching.
What should I do?
How about you apologize?
You yelled at them.
How could I not, with their misplays?
I couldn't just keep quiet.
They already know their mistakes,
and they won't do it again.
Was the yelling really necessary?
We're all working tirelessly,
practicing day and night.
And don't take this the wrong way, okay?
Patrick had a point.
That situation happened
because of the smoke.
Yes, you're right.
But what's done is done,
so we have to learn to adjust.
Learn to adjust?
-To making mistakes?
Isn't it better to just avoid mistakes?
Every day, we try
to avoid making mistakes.
But they're inevitable
because we're only human.
What's important is how we make up for it.
Rice, Rice
Yeah, yeah
My name is Xtra Rice
My mom said to always be nice
My favorite is burger and fries
And when it's too hot out
Everything with Ice
Food's good, huh?
One tapsi, please.
-Yes. Tapsilog.
Okay, tapsilog.
Is the pares good?
-Yes, sir?
I'll have the pares.
Pares is our specialty! One coming up.
Boys, all good?
Yup, all good, boss!
I was hoping to say something
about our scrim the other day.
I watched the replay with Icebox.
I made the wrong call.
I got too heated when the smoke failed.
Instead of adjusting,
I insisted on the play.
So I'm sorry for everything I said.
I let the pressure get to me.
Because I want us to win at the LCQ.
You're not the only who wants to win Seth.
We do too.
All of us.
You're right, Pat. You're right.
So I apologize
if I'm a little intense sometimes.
What's the definition of "sometimes"?
Every day?
Bro, check this bar.
All day, every day
Seth is always angry
Poor Seth. He's always pissed.
I apologized, okay?
We all good?
What "all good"?
Not yet!
Why not?
Why not? You gotta rap first, of course!
Kev, bust a beat!
One, two, three! Go!
Before you're forgiven
You gotta eat something
Food's so good,
Seth, rap my dude!
Let's go, let's go
Is that all you'll challenge me, dude?
Okay, go ahead, here goes nothing
A sorry isn't the only thing I can do
I can finish all this rice
In one bite too!
Eat it! Eat it!
Eat it! Eat it!
Eat it! Eat it!
He ate it! He ate it! He ate it!
He ate it! He ate it! He ate it!
Here, soup too!
The soup! The soup! The soup!
The soup! The soup!
Boys, the tokwa't baboy is on the house!
-All yours!
Looks good!
You know, boys.
Even if you're different,
you can still work together.
It's just like tokwa't baboy.
If that's the case,
Elvis, it's your turn to rap!
Yes! Go, Elvis! Go, Elvis!
One, two, three. Go!
Okay, team, let's practice!
We're going in!
Attacking is all about teamwork.
So stay focused! Focus!
Wake up! Wake up! Let's start!
-Nice one, team! Nice one!
Tokwa't Bad Bois!
We can do that next time, Coach!
Nice one!
-Okay, one more time!
-One more time!
Midterm examinations will be on the 16th.
I know you guys
aren't in high school anymore,
but I would like to take this chance
to remind some of you
that you need to do well in the midterms
for you to stay in this class.
Aren't you gonna have dinner?
I've already eaten.
Remember what I said about
how much I value having
dinner together in this family?
I don't want Mau to see us like this.
Join us for dinner.
Isn't Iya here yet?
She's probably arriving soon.
She's been coming home late these days.
Well, she did come home early
the other day.
There she is!
I was stuck in traffic. Sorry, I'm late!
You missed Mau's play.
What? Oh no! Mau, I'm sorry, son.
I'm sorry.
How was your roar?
Hi, Seth!
Where are you?
No phones, please!
You may now begin.
You're done?
Yes, sir.
Mr. Romulo, we still have enough time.
You might want to check your answers.
I'm done, sir.
You're sure?
And we are running out of time.
Looks like the star player
of Tokwa't Bad Bois is missing.
Yes, we haven't seen
their star player, Eskape, yet.
If he can't make it, the Tokwa't Bad Bois
might even get disqualified.
You son of a gun!
We're gonna get disqualified!
Come on, let's go!
Let's go and enter the lobby!
Where's Icebox?
In the lobby already!
-Icebox, ready?
-Ready, boys?
This is the Last Chance Qualifiers.
The last chance to qualify
for the Requiem Nationals.
Out of 20 teams competing today,
only one will move forward.
This is a single-elimination
tournament after all.
If you lose once, you're eliminated.
Time to go in!
They're somewhere in heaven.
I hear footsteps.
Copy that.
I'll flash them.
Nice, Ice!
All right, let's go!
Kev, flash!
Take that!
Someone's flanking on the right!
They're heading your way!
I'll throw a smoke! You too!
Wait, wait. They're scattered. Look.
I'll try to hold them here!
All right, I see them.
We're going in now!
Are they mid? Where, again?
I see them. I'll flash them.
Oh, no! TBB players are down!
All down to Eskape in a 1v3.
You're right about that.
He needs to seize this
for the Tokwa't Bad Bois
or they will be in a troubled position.
He picked off one!
Two! One more left, can he do it?
Three! What a clutch!
What a clutch play from Eskape!
He makes it happen again! And that's it!
The Tokwa't Bad Bois, they make it
in to the Requiem National Finals.
Seth, do you want food?
Seems like you didn't eat earlier.
Is it good?
Is this vegetarian?
Leave of absence form, please.
Mau, don't run! You might trip!
Pau, are you graduating?
This year, Uncle.
And we are expecting that
he's going to be summa cum laude.
That's great, Pau! Congratulations!
Summa cum laude.
There may be many job offers
waiting for you.
Justine graduated last year too.
She's working with
her Grandpa's firm right now.
That's so fast.
How about you, Seth?
When do you expect to graduate?
I'm in my third year.
That's close!
I bet you're so excited, Iya!
May I join you, guys?
-Hi, Dad.
-Hi, Dad.
I heard you took a leave from work.
Let's cut to the chase, Seth.
I know what's going on with your studies.
And it's not just about your grades.
But, Seth, you're hardly
attending class anymore.
Iya and I,
we wanted to give you a chance.
But it seems that's not what you want.
I really don't know.
Because we didn't raise you.
But I don't want these things to mess up
everything Iya and I built together.
-Guys, come on! Family picture!
-Let's go.
Can you still do a roll call
of all your grandchildren?
Let's join them, Seth.
I'll just wait here.
Maui is already here.
Join us inside.
I'm fine over here.
That's all of them.
Except for
Ready? One, two, three, smile!
Go to sleep.
Miss Wizz, I've deposited
the postdated checks!
I promise they won't bounce.
All your checks bounce!
Miss Wizz, please.
We agreed I'll pay you this week, right?
You've been saying that for months!
-Take everything!
-Wait! Not the computers, please!
-Do you want to get hurt?
Guys, don't worry!
Everything is under control, okay?
Ma'am, don't treat me like a stranger
I left the gang years ago,
but they won't stop bothering me.
Did they do that to you?
This? My dad.
He's a drunk and good-for-nothing.
The type that'll beat you
if you don't give him money.
So I'm done! 'Cause who's up next? Tricia?
Fuck him!
That's why we ran away.
I had no idea what you guys
were going through.
I don't speak about it much.
Where will you guys stay?
Well, I was just about to ask Coach
about staying at the gaming house.
But you know what, bro?
To tell you the truth,
our team's all I have.
I didn't finish high school.
If we don't win,
I don't know.
-I might go back to what I used to do.
You're not going back to that.
Why? Do you think we'll win?
Can we do it?
Pat! Seth! I've been looking for you guys.
Hurry up!
Coach! Help me up!
Wait a sec.
-Too much extra rice.
Come over, guys.
What's up, bro?
It's nice up here, huh?
We have a slight problem.
It's just a minor setback.
We won't be able
to use the gaming house for a while.
But don't worry!
I'll take care of it, okay?
-Coach, what actually happened?
-Yeah, Coach.
The truth is
I haven't been able
to pay rent for months.
All those PCs
were borrowed.
I'm really sorry.
All I wanted is
a place where we could all play together.
Even though
we don't have sponsors yet
and there's no cash coming in.
Because I really believe in you guys.
I know what you can do together.
You guys can really play.
And I wanted to be part of it.
There's that.
I'm really sorry.
Your coach is a failure.
Coach, thank you.
Thank you so much.
Thank you for believing in us.
If it weren't for you,
we wouldn't be here.
Right, boys?
We'll come back to the gaming house.
We'll get everything back, Coach.
Don't worry.
Boys, we got into Nationals.
Let's not forget that, right?
Now we just need to win.
That will solve all our problems.
I want to ask you something.
What is it?
Did I do the right thing?
What thing?
I took a leave of absence.
I won't go back to school for a while.
I mean, it was obvious
your focus wasn't on school.
How can it be when we're practicing
with the boys every day.
I guess.
But, Eskape,
are you sure this is really
what you wanna do?
I'm sure.
It's all I've been thinking about.
This is the only thing I can do.
It's what I'm good at.
Do you ever look around and you just know
that you can do something
at a level no one else can?
That's gaming for me.
Even when others say
we're stupid to play games all day,
that we're weak
or good-for-nothing, it's fine!
I can take it.
They're just saying those things because
they don't understand us.
They can't see where we're headed.
They don't feel what you feel.
But eventually, they'll see.
They will understand.
Once we win the National Finals.
I get you, Seth.
Are you disappointed in me?
Me? Disappointed?
Why would I be disappointed?
an opportunity here to witness
some of the best teams we have
at the Requiem National Finals.
Anticipating the best of the best!
And what we'll have tonight
are the strongest, the best
and the most thrilling battles
in this competition.
Are you excited for the Requiem Finals?
Welcome to Requiem National Finals!
The top 16 teams from different qualifiers
will battle it out
to win a prize pool of 5 million pesos!
The winner will also represent
the Philippines
in the regional and world finals.
This is Requiem!
Coach Kurt.
Kev, Initiator.
Yes! Yeah!
Xtra Rice, Lurker!
Trickz, Controller.
Eskape, Captain and Duelist.
Icebox, Sniper.
It's an even score
between TBB and Oasis Gaming.
We know that it only takes
one more point for these teams,
BlackenBlue, for them to win this match.
This is the last round for this game,
Oasis Gaming vs Tokwa't Bad Bois.
The winner advances in this competition.
Just one point away.
Any team could clinch it
and potentially advance
to their next match.
Wait, I can't enter.
There's a sniper.
What's your call, Eskape? Should I flash?
Wait. This is tricky.
Make some noise. Rice, go around the mid.
What? But that's not the plan!
It's okay, boys. Let's adjust.
Let's adjust.
A good flank from Rice.
Can he hold it though?
A good sign for TBB.
A good sign for TBB.
Got him! I killed the sniper!
Go, push!
Come on, let's go in!
Push, guys! Keep pushing!
Run for it!
How did that happen?
Wiped out! What happened?
They exploded, what happened?
Quick replay, we saw that
excellent flank from Xtra Rice.
But he took the grenade with him!
Instantaneously eliminating three players
from the Tokwa't Bad Bois.
He punished TBB.
He took the grenade with him!
Looks like a tough break
for Tokwa't Bad Bois.
What an unfortunate happening.
But let's see if they can regain control.
It's all up to Eskape.
Eskape in another clutch situation.
He did it in the past
but can he do it again?
It's now 1v2 after he picked off.
On the high ground,
he's at a disadvantage.
A double beat!
And Eskape is down!
Hey, Trickz!
That was so close!
What an unfortunate
turn of events for TBB!
I was looking forward to this team
because they are really promising,
and at the same time,
they are the dark horse.
That's true!
Sorry, Seth.
I thought
I just wanted to win.
I didn't know the play wasn't gonna work.
Don't apologize, Pat.
It's not your fault.
We couldn't have known
it wasn't gonna work
until after we tried.
Even I thought you were right at the time.
But, guys, we aren't done yet.
You heard that right!
For those of you who have just tuned in,
a quick explanation.
We have a losers' bracket in our format.
What Patrick did,
when he adjusted to fit the situation,
that's correct.
We should do that.
Don't be afraid to act upon a play
you think would work.
I believe in you.
I believe in all of us!
Bad Bois!
-Bad Bois!
-Bad Bois!
Bad Bois!
Bad Bois!
Let's go!
To all our TBB fans, don't you worry.
They'll still compete
in our loser's bracket
together with other teams who are
fighting to stay in this tournament.
You're right, BlackenBlue.
The upcoming matches will be very crucial
among the losers' brackets.
This is their last chance to bounce back.
Literally, what you just said.
This is the last hope for our teams.
Like you've mentioned, losers' bracket.
Basically, this is their last chance.
Because if they lose here,
in the losers' bracket,
it's finally done,
they're eliminated for good.
The fight is over.
Go! They're blinded!
I'm moving in.
Nice one!
The skirmish, they come out on top!
That's Tokwa't Bad Bois with a round!
Battle begins.
Plant the Phase Disruptor
or eliminate all enforcers.
Bomb's planted. We're on defense.
Phase disruptor initiated.
Watch this side.
I need help. Let's surprise them!
I have a feeling
they'll appear on this side.
Rice, come on!
Guys, believe me. They'll show up here.
Trigger discipline here from Rice.
They're clueless.
And here's your Xtra Rice!
Wiped them all out!
Tokwa't Bad Bois looking good so far.
Let's see if they can continue.
I'm going in!
Nice one, Trickz!
And Trickz finished them all.
The Tokwa't Bad Bois
move up in the bracket!
Gosh, they have to make progress.
They need a good play.
They're cornered
and they might get pinned down.
-He's pinned down.
-Can they make it through?
I'm behind you!
Can they do this?
Another moment for the Tokwa't Bad Bois.
The enemy has the high ground.
Sniper hit again.
-Nice one, Icebox!
-Nice! Nice!
Impressive play
from their new player, Icebox.
But now that we're in the last round,
can TBB make it to the grand finals?
The Tokwa't Bad Bois
have shown a great run so far
in the lower bracket run.
But will they be able to face Metasports?
Gosh, this battle is neck and neck.
We're seeing some seriously
high-stakes skirmishes.
Even the retakes.
The Tokwa't Bad Bois spread
and here's Eskape, the star.
He gets a double!
A win for Tokwa't Bad Bois!
Yes! We won!
So this is it, guys!
Only two teams are remaining.
Tokwa't Bad Bois and the North Starz!
The storyline is actually interesting,
It's basically the underdogs
versus the seasoned professionals.
It's definitely like
a David and Goliath storyline.
Not to mention Ace,
who is a former TBB player.
There's a possibility that he knows
the tactics of Tokwa't Bad Bois.
Tokwa't Bad Bois take a round.
Tokwa't Bad Bois takes another win!
This game is so tight.
So intense!
And the game is on.
We're now in the final round
of TBB versus North Starz.
Whoever wins this round wins the game.
3-1-1, guys.
The battle begins to to end on one
by any means necessary.
This round will decide
who gets to win here
at the Requiem National Finals.
They're here in B.
They'll plant here.
We'll flank back there.
Move forward, guys!
-I'll hold here.
-Back up.
He's waiting for reinforcements
from the rest of Tokwa't Bad Bois.
Will there be enough time?
Here's the rest, they go for a contact.
Huge flash!
This is trouble for TBB.
We see how they're trying to help him.
But Eskape at the mid,
got picked off by Ace,
their former teammate.
Oh, no, this is really bad.
Even Eskape, their star player, is down.
You can see that they're not comfortable
with what's happening here.
Only two players left
from Tokwa't Bad Bois.
And there's Trickz trying to get away.
Trickz, come here!
Trickz, let's play for Requiem!
Go, Icebox!
I'll cover you!
They're trying to cross.
Trickz goes for a wide angle.
Trickz is down. It's all down to Icebox.
Icebox attempting to cross the bridge.
All shots heavily concentrated on Icebox.
Trying to run.
He's got a low HP at this point.
He's being hit!
Will Icebox make it to Requiem?
Does he have time?
Requiem activated.
Yes! Game on!
Let's go!
Nice, Icebox!
And there goes the reset Requiem.
This allows them
to get themselves a round reset.
But Icebox won't be able to play.
One life for one more chance
for Tokwa't Bad Bois
to turn things around.
Will they turn the tide in this 4v5?
Phase Disruptor initiated.
They planted at B site.
So, Kalamotilt?
Kalamotilt! Come on!
Okay, go, go, go!
And we're here once again,
but they're short by one.
Icebox unable to contribute
the needed extra manpower.
Smoke obscuring
Tokwa't Bad Bois' position,
losing vision.
Xtra Rice is still pushing.
Enforcer down.
What a great push for Xtra Rice!
But they need to move
because there's a sniper.
Kev is down! Rice as well!
Tokwa't Bad Bois going down one by one.
Trickz here, trying to win the fight,
but no!
Trickz is also gone.
That means Eskape's the only one left.
This is very, very unfortunate for TBB.
Eskape's killing them
but he needs one more to make it 1v1.
Can he do it? He does!
Double kill! Eskape is back
in the situation he had in the past.
It's up to him again
to realize TBB's dream.
Where's the last one?
Isn't Ace still alive?
He needs a miracle to win this round.
He has to defuse.
Will it happen in time?
We might know the answer
to your question soon
in this 1v1 between Eskape and Ace.
He's wasting Eskape's time.
Good job by Ace to try to deny the defuse.
-Eskape can't stick to defusing.
-15 seconds remaining.
His time is running out.
He needs to try hard in order to do this.
He can't stick to the defuse
because of the sniper.
He's running of time!
Does he have enough time?
Can he kill Ace?
Eskape's committed in this fight.
Out in the open!
And Eskape finds Ace!
But is the time enough?
Does he have time
to defuse the phase disruptor?
He picked him off,
but he needs enough time to get this out.
These players are under intense pressure
for sure.
Can they make it happen?
Does he have enough time?
Time's running out! Just a bit more!
Can he make it?
Oh, no! That's the Tokwa't Bad Bois down
as North Starz are your
grand final champions
in the Requiem National Finals!
Such a shame!
I was really rooting for this team
because they are one of the
most promising teams here.
And at the same time,
they are the dark horse
of this tournament, BlackenBlue.
What is the matter with you, Iya?
Do you know how much shame
you've brought to this family?
Really now, pregnant?
And with whom?
Some nobody from the streets?
Now, I cannot
and I will not allow this, Iya.
I've already spoken to the boy's parents.
They will take the child,
and they will raise him.
Iya, you must understand.
You can't possibly raise that child.
You're not ready.
You have no right to see him.
After you left and abandoned him?
You'll suddenly reappear in his life?
Don't you already have a new family?
What do you want him to feel?
We're doing just fine.
He's grown up fine without you.
He knows me as his mother now.
Please, don't mess things up again.
I'm begging you, Iya.
If you really love Seth,
as a mother,
you'll understand me.
Happy birthday to you
Happy Birthday, Seth!
Okay, blow your candles. Blow!
I'm sorry, son.
I should have fought for you.
GG, Icebox.
Why even join the team?
Can you even commit?
Maybe you're just here for the beginning.
-We did it!
Thank you, Eskape.
I heard you took a leave from work.
I've just been
prioritizing something, Dad.
Sorry, Mom. We lost.
Life is like that sometimes.
Even if you give it your all,
and you have everyone's support,
and pour your heart and soul into it.
Sometimes, it's just not for you.
After losing the qualifiers,
each of us decided
to focus on our own lives.
Patrick looked for means
to provide for him and his sister.
Joseph decided to get fit.
Kevin explored new content
for his Kevsters.
As for me,
I'm making up for lost time with my mom.
And I decided to focus
on finishing school.
Gaming remained a happy memory for us all.
Just kidding.
One loss and suddenly we all quit?
Should we tilt? That's not allowed, right?
You're in charge for now.
Sis, you're in charge here, okay?
Okay, smoke!
Got it.
Kev, your turn!
Flashing mid!
On it!
Smoke them!
'Cause when it comes
to the things you want
Let's go in!
there's only one thing I can say.
If you really want it,
and know that you're able,
and can keep at it, despite failures
then what else are you waiting for?
Go ahead and do it.
MVP, meet TBB!
So now I'd like to officially
welcome you to our family,
our newest sports team,
Tokwa't Bad Bois.
Guys, we've got a sponsor!