Ghajini (2005) Movie Script

The lesson about human brain is very
important to every medical student.
Our brain co-ordinates
every action we indulge in.
Our brain judges
an individual...
...and categorizes him as to
whether he is intelligent or a crook.
It's the king of human parts.
The characteristics of human brain
are amazing, aren't they?
Absolutely, it's very amazing.
We need to begin our project
on human brain within a week.
Shall we do a project on
an interesting patient?
Hey, see this one!
Hey, it's interesting, isn't it?
- Yes!
Who suggested the idea of taking
up this case for your project?
I suggested this idea, Sir!
- Did you read the file thoroughly?
It's not only a peculiar case,
it is also a legal issue.
Please don't take up
this case for your project.
But it's an interesting case.
- Do as I say!
Else I may have to
inform your parents.
Alright, we will do
as you say...
...but please tell us
about the case in detail.
As medical students, let us
learn more about it. - Okay!
The patient's name
is Sanjay Ramasamy.
He was attacked by someone,
with an iron rod!
As a result he is suffering
from a loss of memory.
His brain has lost
the memory power.
This disease is termed as
Short Term Memory Loss.
He cannot retain anything in his
memory for more than 15 minutes.
If he speaks to someone
for more than 15 minutes...
...he forgets the beginning
of the conversation.
What about his friends
and acquaintances?
He forgets them within
a span of fifteen minutes.
He can remember only the
incident and the people he saw...
...during the course
of the incident.
Satisfying hunger pangs,
the language he used to speak...
...the vehicle he used to drive,
are few actions...
...that have been registered
in his sub-conscious mind.
Hence, they are not
a problem for him.
In fact, he is left handed and
he continues to be so.
What does he do when he wants
to go out or buy something?
Just as children memorize
their activities...
...this patient adopts
similar methods.
They need to write down their
itinary and put it into action.
I wonder what the poor soul,
who is struggling... lead a normal life,
is upto at present.
Yes Sir! - Who was the first
to inform? - The watchman, Sir!
Hey, move!
He died just the way
Sethuraman died!
This is the second murder
within a span of one week.
I shall arrest him
within 24 hours!
Trace the culprit before the
police succeed in tracing him.
Take me to this lane!
Besent Nagar, 16th Cross Street.
This is your destination, Sir!
Go straight and turn right!
Go to Heritage Apartment.
This is the apartment
you were referring to.
Who lives here, Sir?
- I live here!
Excuse me, I live in this flat,
I have a problem...
I'm aware of your problem.
You suffer from loss of memory.
After all, I've been supplying you
lunch for the last one year.
Now, you want me to
guide you to the lift, right?
Go straight and take a turn
after the third block.
It departed at 8.30 am. - I want to
show this ticket to the conductor.
Your good name?
This ticket was issued
at 10:00 am the day before...
...from Besent Nagar to Adyar.
I see! Something's written
on the ticket.
He gave me a hundred rupee note,
but I didn't have change... I made note of it
on the ticket...
...but he seems to have
forgotten to collect the change.
I'm sure you'll remember
the man who forgot... collect such a huge sum.
Please think hard.
Can you remember him?
How does he look?
Is he tall or short, fair or dark?
Is he stout or lean?
Think hard, I'm sure you
will recollect his personality.
I remember him vaguely!
The man is fair, but bald!
There is a scar on his head,
and he travels in my bus often!
Can you identify him in a crowd?
- Certainly!
He boarded my bus at the
Vannanthurai stop, at 10:00 am.
The time is 9:00 now. We need to
trap him within one hour. Hurry!
Youth murdered'
I vow to trace the culprit
within 24 hours'
You scoundrel! How dare you
take the police force for granted?
I'll get the better of you!
You rascal!
My name is Sanjay,
Sanjay Ramasamy.'
My business is my hobby
and profession!
My father's aim was to be
the most successful man... the cell phone industry.
It was my aim too.
The city I loved most was Madras... mother's birthplace.
This is Airvoice Mobile Company,
my office.
My father always advised me to
think big and work hard to achieve it.
It was my aim to sell atleast
Five Crore Cell phones in Tamil Nadu.
I can make it possible.
There's barely any difference
between self-confidence and ego.
The phrase, I can do it'
reflects self-confidence...
...while the phrase,
Only I can do it' reflects ego.
One can be successful not
by sheer hard work...
...but only if one has
the will to do so.
Work is worship!
In the midst of the lane,
landed a fairy
Will the celestial being
come and meet you?
Hey adorable one!
Your beauty is enchanting!
Hey compassionate one!
You are a poet's delight!
Oh holy one!
- Disguise...
Oh holy one!
...If I adorn...
Oh holy one!
- Oh moon...
...has it descended on the earth?
Will the appearance...
- Of the blue sky change?
Will the distance...
- Get any closer?
Will the sky...
- Come closer?
It's an age to enjoy!
Hey adorable one!
Your beauty is enchanting!
Hey compassionate one!
You're a poet's delight!
I tried to write a verse
in my dreams!
Ring out the old
and ring in the new!
It's an electrifying experience!
By the mere touch...
Come, touch me! Touch me!
No one dares to touch me!
Hey adorable one!
Your beauty is enchanting!
Hey compassionate one!
You're a poet's delight!
The warmth of the sun melts me!
While the monsoon showers drench me!
My stars are changing daily!
Happiness turns into fury!
Variety is the spice of life!
Hey adorable one!
Your beauty is enchanting!
Hey compassionate one!
You're a poet's delight!
Oh holy one!
- Disguise...
Oh holy one!
- If I adorn...
Oh holy one!
- Oh moon...
...has it descended on the earth?
Will the appearance...
- Of the blue sky change?
Will the distance?
- Get any closer?
Will the sky...
- Come closer?
It is an age to enjoy!
Why are you late?
- Stop gossiping and get back to work.
Hi, am I late? I wonder how long we're
going to be a part of this crowd.
Look at her!
Ready, lights on, first take!
Shall we go for the first take?
Ready, action!
Ordinary soaps turn
your clothes pale...
Pan, action!
...but Ponmuthu soap...
Do you understand the
reason why I chose this soap?
Do you understand
why I chide her?
This is our 46th place, sir.
People will get a clear view
of our hoarding, if we fix it...
...on the terrace, as there is
a flyover adjacent to the building.
Who is staying here?
A girl named Kalpana!
Trace the girl and make arrangements
for fixing the hoarding at once!
What do you think of yourself?
You're only a co-artiste after all!
You'll be dismissed if
you continue to be late!
Get ready quickly!
Where is Kalpana Madam?
Call her Kalpana, that's it.
Introduce yourself first!
I'm Secretary to the MD of
Airvoice Cell Phone Company.
I see! I'm the Director
of this Ad film.
I've directed several Ad films.
In fact I directed the most popular
Ad film, Monkey brand bath soap.
Do you want me to
direct any Ad films?
Where is Kalpana madam?
Tell her that the MD of Airvoice,
Sanjay Ramasamy sent me here.
She is inside, perhaps.
Excuse me madam... - Yes.
We are from Airvoice.
Our MD sent us here to discuss
an important matter with you.
Simply open the door and serve
them tea. - As you command, Sir!
Sorry, don't try to convince me.
I can't help!
I'm not interested.
- Love matter, perhaps. - Is it?
We're pleading to you for our
MD's sake. Please think over it.
I'm not interested.
You may go!
Oh no!
They're coming!
Madam... - Tell your MD
that Kalpana isn't interested.
Okay, but you can still keep
our company visiting card.
Okay... - Thank you.
Sorry sir... sorry... hold on for a minute...
. - Just a minute, madam.
I'm sorry for interfering
in your personal affairs.
We overheard your conversation!
Boy, get a chair for madam!
Let me narrate the tale to you.
The MD of Airvoice Cell company...
...Sanjay Ramasamy happened
to see you somewhere.
He sent his men to convey
his love to you...
...but you have declined the offer.
Am I correct, madam?
- Absolutely right!
Why did you decline his proposal?
- Look, no matter what the...
...status of a person is,
but the man should be... our liking, isn't it?
You are fortunate to have
received a good offer.
If only you accept it, it will add
to the goodwill of our company.
It's a golden opportunity that God
has given you. Please accept it.
Please accept it. - Wait. Please
give me that visiting card, Madam.
Come on! I'll call him.
It's ringing.
Here, speak to him.
I'm Kalpana here.
- Oh, the terrace girl?
But is it true that you aren't
the owner of the house?
You haven't even settled the dues in
the past 2 months. Put the phone down!
The whole office is trembling.
- Express your love, come on!
Inform your MD that I've
accepted his proposal.
Pure, glittering, 916 Hallmark Gold,
available only at Kalyan Jewellers.
What does sincerity mean?
- Sincerity means, Hamam.
Why did you take the trouble, Sir?
- It's alright!
Why have you brought Apple juice?
I'm allergic to it.
Please have it one last time.
I won't serve this juice next time.
One person called Co-ordinator Kumar,
will come here in a while.
He isn't aware of your affair
with Sanjay Ramasamy.
He will be shocked if he hears of it.
We can bag a few Ad films from him...
...we need to progress, after all.
It will improve your image,
isn't it?
Don't worry, sir. If you trust
Kalpana you'll never be disappointed.
Thank you...
Thank you so much.
You may go!
Set the camera. - I'm a reporter
from Kungumam Magazine.
We're publishing an article on
the lives of female models...
...can you please arrange for
an interview with your models?
You may go and meet them
in the Make-up room.
Welcome, sir!
Please sit down.
The Director told me that
you'd come. - Is that so?
I've got to got the airport.
Sanjay is going to Bombay today.
Sanjay Ramasamy, the owner
of Airvoice Mobile Company.
He is my lover.
- Is he your lover?
Yes, of course! I met him for the
first time at the Bombay Airport.
He kept gazing at me,
and to my surprise...
...his seat was next
to mine, on the flight.
He initiated the conversation,
and that's when...
...I learnt that he was
Sanjay Ramasamy.
May I note this down?
- By all means!
Thereafter, he called me repeatedly,
but I never showed any interest.
He insisted that we get married,
but I strongly declined his proposal.
Is it so?
Finally, I accepted his
proposal, out of sympathy.
Kungumam - Love affair with
renowned businessman'
Sensational revelations
by an Ad film model! '
Of my God, is he the VIP?
Stunning remarks, Kalpana.'
One sachet of Masala powder,
free with every magazine'
Hello... No... It's a false news!
Come on... believe me...
I have not even seen her.
I have never met her before.
It's a farce!
I don't understand why she said so.
I'll call you back later!
Is the girl's picture printed?
Neither her picture nor
yours is printed, sir!
I must meet that girl!
I'm not able to cross
the road, Miss!
What's the matter?
Careful! Slowly!
Place your foot on the gate.
Come, my dear!
You wait here!
Who's Kalpana here?
- She's upstairs!
You've finally succeeded.
I learnt of the truth only after
reading the magazine.
Congrats. - Thank you.
Excuse me!
Is your name Kalpana?
- Yes, it's me! What's the matter?
I read the article printed
in Kungumam magazine.
Oh no! I'm tired of these phones, SMS's,
photographs, autographs & interviews.
I kept this affair a secret all this
while only to avoid this publicity.
People are troubling me
Actually, I met him for the
first time at Bombay Airport.
He kept gazing at me,
and to my surprise...
...his seat was next
to mine, on the flight.
I didn't know that he was none
other than Sanjay Ramasamy.
He greeted me and so did I!
He talked and talked until
we reached Chennai airport.
The moment we landed in Chennai,
he said that he loves me!
I refused to accept his love.
He tried every possible way... convince me, and finally
I had to accept his love!
I've been flooded with
recommendation calls...
...ever since the article was
published in the magazine.
You too are here to act
in Ad films, right?
You're wearing a Coat, only
to act in this AD film, right?
Have they selected you?
Do you need my recommendation?
Don't expect to be selected for Suiting Ad
just because you're wearing this Coat.
You must be prepared
to act in any Ad film!
I shall recommend only if
you're truly talented!
Hold it.
That's a spatula!
Now repeat...
Rupini is not the name of the cook,
it's the name of a cooking oil. Tell me.
I'll say it some other time.
- Fine, you seem to be shy!
Give me your phone number.
I'll call you when there's a chance!
Do you have an Airvoice Cell?
Why did you choose that?
It has shown a bad performance!
It's an useless cell phone!
They refuse to provide good
service to their customers!
It's our company, yet it should
maintain a good standard, isn't it?
Hai Anitha... hold on...
You're Manohar, right?
Okay, I'm busy now...
...I shall call you whenever
there's a chance, bye!
Absolutely right!
I met him at the Bombay Airport,
he greeted me and so did I!
He talked continuously...
I've completed my MBA
at the Harvard's...
...I'll be looking after this
business after my Dad.
I feel honoured to be identified
as the Indian Entrepreneur of this year!
I strongly feel that Technology
has to reach the people beyond...
...the socio and
economic barriers.
And that's the goal of
my company! Sorry, one sec.!
I'm Kalpana speaking.
How are you? - Kalpana!? Who's that?
Sanjay Ramasamy's lover!
Oh! How are you?
- I'm fine.
Would you like to act
in a vest and brief Ad film?
Certainly! Are you acting
in that Ad too?
It's a Gents' Ad that's the reason
I called you. Please come at once!
I'm at Saligramam,
note down my address.
Just a moment. Mark!
- Yes sir! - Tell me!
Llnd Kaveri Street, opposite
Goddess Mariamman Temple.
Opposite Goddess Mariamman Temple.
- Opposite Goddess Mariamman Temple.
Hurry up! You must prove
your dignity, so take an auto.
You have enough money to pay
the auto, don't you? - Yes, madam!
It's very hot in Chennai.
- You talk as though you're from USA.
Drive carefully, you rascal.
- Sorry!
You needn't apologize to them.
They need to learn to
walk on the footpath.
- Please pay some extra amount.
Here, take this.
Hi! You seem to be shocked.
My manager, Mr. Kumar was looking
for a new model... so I thought of you.
Which Ad did you mention about?
- Sudarmani Briefs Ad.
If only you're selected,
you'll be the luckiest man.
Just imagine, a Vinyl
Hoarding on Beach Road...
...featuring you in a Brief's Ad.
Don't worry, you will
definitely be selected.
Do I have a chance in
any Ad other than this?
Yes, an Ad which features an ointment
used... for itching, ring worms, etc.
Oh no, I prefer the Ad
featuring briefs.
Hello sister!
- Hello!
You'd promised to recommend for
the Ad featuring briefs, didn't you?
Someone else has been
selected for that Ad.
I'll recommend you for
the ltch Guard Ad instead.
I'm afraid I cannot act in it.
You simply have to scratch your
thigh and you'll be selected.
I'll come in a moment.
- Which way do you want to go, sir?
I have to go to the bus stop.
- Please hold my hand.
I'll tell you about the
spots we pass by, okay?
Four young girls in their
uniforms, are standing here.
One lady is quarrelling
with her husband.
Some music is being played
at the tea stall.
The manhole is left open!
We're about to cross the
Ganesha Temple at the platform.
We've reached the main road now.
At charming twilight... enthralling autumn season...
At charming twilight... enthralling autumn season...
At a distance, I saw her and
it was love at first sight!
At a distance, I saw her and
it was love at first sight!
Truth reflected in her false words!
Her stunning words
I bore with a smile!
Every moment in her company
is exquisite!
Her bewitching looks
stole my heart!
Stole my heart!
Stole my heart!
At charming twilight... autumn season...
At a distance, I saw her and
it was love at first sight!
At a distance, I saw her and
it was love at first sight!
Few days in her company
changed my lifestyle.
She was my guide to simplicity!
Is she a cool wind or an
electrifying lightning?
I made myself worthy of you!
At charming twilight... enthralling autumn season...
At a distance, I saw her and
it was love at first sight!
At a distance, I saw her and
it was love at first sight!
Her impressive style of talking,
I spent entire day!
To admire her style of sleeping,
I gazed all night!
You tread the path of snow... flows down on me as water!
I lost control of myself,
while gazing at you!
At a distance, I saw her and
it was love at first sight!
At a distance, I saw her and
it was love at first sight!
Good morning sir.
- Good morning.
Did you call for me? - Yes,
take your seat. - What's the matter?
You have made our company proud!
What!? - I have taken an important
decision without your permission.
Our company is going to have a
grand celebration on New Year's Eve.
You know who the Chief Guest is?
- Who is it, Sir?
None other than your lover and
MD of Airvoice Mobile, Sanjay Ramasamy.
It's your responsibility
to convince him.
Look, I've even printed his name
on the invitation card.
Several people from the Media are
expected to attend this function.
Oh no! With whose permission did you
print his name as the Chief Guest?
Please don't say so.
We've invited everyone already.
You must convince him
to grace the occasion.
We're not on good terms now.
- Please don't say so.
Our guests will be spell bound on
seeing him, else my job will be at stake.
How could you print his name
without my permission?
I apologize for doing so.
Please pardon me.
You have committed a blunder.
- I admit my mistake...
...but please don't be
so stubborn.
No chance! - But we haven't
met him even once before.
We're all eager to see him, please
convince him to attend the function.
What did you say?
- We have never seen him.
Have you never seen him?
- Never!
Fine, I'll convince him.
Trust Kalpana and you'll
never be disappointed.
Say Hello...
Hello... I'm Sanjay...
Sanjay Ramasamy. - Perfect!
You'll play Sanjay Ramasamy's
role at the party tomorrow.
You must prove yourself,
else people will get suspicious.
Hey, my friend is here.
You pose as Sanjay before him.
You will be selected if
he doesn't recognize you.
- Sanjay's here, come in!
Hey Manohar, come here.
- Here? - Meet Mr. Sanjay!
Hai... I'm Sanjay.
What!? - Sanjay Ramasamy!
- Who!?
He is the one.
- Are you bluffing?
You fool!
While you're being introduced,
you must greet him...
...only after he greets you.
You have messed up everything.
Manohar, I'm going to disclose
a fact to you... - What is it?
I don't love Sanjay Ramasamy.
- What!?
I have never met him before.
They thrust him on me, and
I was forced to accept it... it was a prestige issue.
Now, they're hosting
a party on 31st night...
...and they want me
to bring Sanjay there.
Hence I hired this man,
but you recognized him.
What should I do now?
- Relax! I'll train him.
Do you speak English? It enhances
your looks when spoken in style.
Stop it! You are responsible
for this mess up.
Move forward.
Undo the knots!
You must walk with grace
and shake hands confidently.
Take off your Coat!
- I won't! - Do as I say!
Wear your spectacles!
Great! Hey, you must play Sanjay's
role at the party on 31st night.
What!? - Please don't refuse!
He will surely come, won't he?
- Certainly, sir!
Else my job will be at stake.
Sister! The Coat is ready. With your
permission, I'll dress in a jiffy...
...and introduce myself to
the crowd gathered here.
I promise to prove myself.
Get out of my sight!
Cheat! How dare he hire
such an expensive car?
I won't pay the price.
Please hold this. - Strange,
he has barely begun acting...
...and people have begun
to trust him already.
Excuse me sir... I just kept
her waiting... Once again...
Hai... hai darling! - Darling?!
I know I'm late!
You're looking so cute!
Hello sir! I'm Kalpana's director.
I am the one who compelled
her to love you.
Haven't you mentioned anything
to him? - I did mention.
Can I have your autograph please?
- Oh sure!
I read the article that was printed
in the Economic Times, last week.
You're really excellent.
- Thank you.
You may proceed for dinner!
Please come, sir!
I can't believe it.
- Why do you say so?
I'm shocked to see such
an affluent man at our party.
Our clients in Bombay
will be bewildered!
Can you replace this drink
with a chilled drink?
You deserve only this!
It's okay!
He's acting too smart.
- Okay, you may go!
I'm the Chief of a Women's
Rehabilitation Centre.
We're collecting funds
for our organisation.
Can you contribute anything
towards our fund?
He isn't carrying any cash.
- We accept cheques too.
I don't think he is carrying
a cheque book either.
Why are you acting smart?
Who asked you to carry a cheque book?
You'll be trapped!
Have you gone crazy?
Thank you sir.
- My best wishes.
Wear your spectacles!
Each one of them believed
that you are Sanjay Ramasamy.
Foolish people! Right?
Foolish people!
That man read an article about you
in the Economic Times!
I love you! - What?
I love you and wish
to marry you.
Why all of a sudden?
- I just felt so!
I never experienced
such a feeling.
So, I'm confused!
I need some time to
think about it.
Can I reply to you
in the morning? - Okay!
But you mustn't mistake me
if I reject you, okay?
I've got to go.
See you tomorrow, bye!
Happy New Year.
- Happy New Year.
I didn't disclose
my true identity as...
...I wanted to win her heart
as an ordinary man.
I shall reveal my identity
if she accepts me.
Else I shall part ways
with her as Manohar.
My fate will be decided at dawn!
This is the last page and
the last date of the year too.
The New year 2003 begins
the next day.
What happened the next day?
Did the girl confess her love?
What happened after that?
What happened to the girl?
Why are you in such
a miserable state?
Good morning sir.
Who are you?
- Your manager, Venkat.
Hai Sanjay, how are you?
I'm Dr. Ram Chand.
Your doctor...
He is our Auditor. - Hello sir.
The Audit Reports and Annual Reports
of our company are ready.
I have checked them, now
I need your signatures on them.
Mr. Sanjay, how do you feel?
You need adequate rest, perhaps.
- You needn't come to office...
...but you can visit
your bungalow atleast.
Why don't you move out
of this small flat?
Please permit me to arrange
for a driver and a nurse... care for you atleast.
I need only myself
and no one else!
Hello sir. I'm Chitra.
Chitra, final year Medical student.
This is my ID card. You don't
know me but I know you.
Can we chat for a while?
As a medical student I'm
curious to know how you...
What is it?
It beeps after an interval
of fifteen minutes!
It reminds me that
I'm carrying a camera.
I use the camera to take
pictures of the people...
...and places, important to me...
...and make note of
my relationship with them.
I switch it off when
it is not necessary.
What's that?
Sir, notes!
Tear it!
Sir, can I see those photos?
My Driver!
My Watchman!
Kumar. Don't believe him.
My Flat!
This flat is in Besent Nagar,
isn't it?
Do you live here?
And one more thing, sir...
Our Prof. Told us that
you remember only the facts...
...that occurred
during the incident.
Do you remember how you
were assaulted?
Do you remember who assaulted you?
Yes. - How? What happened?
I can confide in you only when
we get close to one another.
Sorry... sorry, sir!
Please don't mistake me.
I wish to meet you again.
If you could take my picture...
...I needn't introduce myself
all over again. Please.
Take one more, sir! One copy
for you and the other for me.
Write My Friend' on the photo.
Show me this photo
when we meet next time.
Okay sir. Thank you.
What are you doing here, sir?
Our college cultural programme
is going on upstairs.
Oh, sorry!
You don't remember me, isn't it?
Actually you know me.
I forgot to bring that photo.
Our Prof. Refused to permit us
to do a project on a patient...
...saying that some police case
is involved in it, right?
He is the patient.
Sir, we met that day.
Have you forgotten about it?
Sir, I've a programme.
You must come.
Please come as soon as possible.
Every channel on radio,
will speak about me!
Every channel on radio,
will speak about me!
My beauty is bewitching!
Thousands will swoon over me!
My fans will hover around me!
People will swarm
around me like bees!
Every channel on radio,
will speak about you!
Your beauty is bewitching!
Thousands will swoon over you!
Your fans will hover around you!
People will swarm
around me like bees!
Shall I hover you like
the Pelican bird?
My heart will be glued
to you like Fevicol!
My heart will pour its feelings
like a stream of water!
Who will trap the blowing wind?
Every channel on radio,
will speak about me!
My beauty is bewitching!
Thousands will swoon over me!
People will swarm
around me like bees!
I'm like a crossword puzzle
which you have to solve!
You pierce my heart
gently like an arrow.
The wind will caress me
and adorn fragrance!
The string of flowers too
will whisper in my ears!
My lips influence a poet's verses!
Every channel on radio,
will speak about you!
Your beauty is bewitching!
Thousands will swoon over you!
Your fans will hover around you!
Hey, who's that?
What are you up to,
standing beside the car?
Hey, what happened?
Answer me!
Who's the culprit?
- Sir, you were actually his target.
Who is he?
Two years ago...
- Speak up!
...we were on a trip...
- Hey, speak up! Who's that man?
Hey, speak up! Who's that man?
What's his name? Answer me!
Tell me his name atleast.
Who is he?
Tell me his name atleast!
Boss, he is dead!
Get me a copy of our crime record
we committed two years ago...
...I also need to know on whose
hit list I appear! It's urgent!
You don't care for me any longer...
Can you guide me to
Sanjay Ramasamy's flat?
Go to the second floor!
Hurry, release me!
Get out of this place. He is a
murderer. Do as I say! Hurry!
Who are you? Tell me!
No problem...
Let's go! - You...?
- Have you forgotten so soon?
Look, the picture you'd taken,
with My Friend' marked on it.
I had to make an urgent call,
so I came here. Let's go!
Did I chase you? - Not at all!
Why should you chase me?
I'm your friend after all.
I did chase you. I'm panting
and so are you.
I'm perspiring and so are you.
I certainly chased you!
Hey, don't you know that smoking
is prohibited in a public place?
You said that you'd thrash people if
they smoked in public, didn't you?
Come on, thrash them now!
What!? Did you dare to
say that you'd beat us?
Beat us if you dare to!
Come on!
Beat us if you dare to!
Come on!
Beat us if you dare to!
Spare me!
Listen to me Lakshman!
I never interfered in your affairs
during the last four years, did I?
Why did you attempt
to kill me then?
I wasn't the one!
- I'm not sure whether it was you.
But I've decided to
rout my enemies.
You can't escape after killing me.
I too have high level contacts.
Kill each one of them!
We have killed all our enemies,
why do you appear to be tense yet?
It's none of these people.
We have left out one of them.
These men trembled
on just hearing my name.
The culprit is someone else.
We have missed one of them.
Trace him!
He is tense, you can't
meet him now.
I need to talk to him urgently.
Impossible, you may come later.
- His life is at stake.
Someone's hatched a plot
to kill him.
I can hear a girl's voice,
call her in.
Sir, I'm Chitra. I visited a
patients' home unexpectedly...
The patient has hatched
a plot to kill you.
I found pictures of two men
he had killed already.
This is your picture. He has marked
the date of your murder on it.
I wanted to inform
the police, but... would spoil the
reputation of our college.
It would affect my studies too.
But I couldn't ignore it either.
Hence I thought it was apt
to warn you personally.
One minute.
This is his picture.
One who's suffering from a memory loss,
has planned to kill me.
He has even fixed the
date for killing me!
I'll fix the time for him.
Such a man will cease to exist...
...within the next 12 hours.
Be alert! He has gone out.
He will surely pass by us.
Shoot him if he comes your way.
I'll gun him down,
if he comes my way.
This picture was taken by him.
Will the police interrogate me...
...if they trap that man?
You should have thought of it
before befriending him.
You have invited trouble
for yourself now!
What should I do now? Our Prof.
Too had warned us earlier, right?
Call Mr. Lakshman,
he's looking for him.
Ask him to retrieve your picture.
I've found him, it's Lakshman.
Hello... Lakshman sir... hello...
I'm Chitra speaking.
Who!? - I met you yesterday
and warned you...
...that someone has
planned to kill you.
I even gave you a
picture of the culprit.
You need to be very careful. He may
suffer from Short Term Memory Loss...
...but he has made note
of all his plans.
He possesses the pictures
of all his targets...
...he has even tattooed his
body with the details.
I need a favour, sir!
Can you please...
...retrieve my picture
that he possesses?
I'll wait at the restaurant and
I'm carrying some books too.
What colour dress are you wearing?
A white coloured sleeveless top!
I'll return the photos to you
personally. Give me your address.
Move, make way.
Where is he?
- He's trapped in the lift.
Which floor is the lift on?
- Switch on the main and we'll know.
His Diary!
I shall disclose my identity
if she confesses her love...
...else I shall part ways,
as Manohar.
I'll wait until dawn!
The one with sparkling eyes,
my life revolves around you!
My heart's on fire...
when your reflection touches it!
When I looked into your eyes,
on the skies I began to walk...
with eyes wide open,
I began to dream.
With eyes wide open,
I began to dream.
The one with sparkling eyes,
my life revolves around you!
My heart's on fire...
when your reflection touches it!
When I looked into your eyes,
on the skies I began to walk...
with eyes wide open,
I began to dream.
With eyes wide open,
I began to dream.
Your beauty reflects your youth!
Your eyes reflect your heart!
But I fail to capture your heart!
I blabbered in my sleep!
I got drenched in the drizzle!
I recalled you whenever I sneezed!
Your eyes reflect
the beauty of a flower!
And the beauty of this flower
captivates the bees!
And the beauty of this flower
captivates the bees!
The one with sparkling eyes,
my life revolves around you!
My heart's on fire...
when your reflection touches it!
When I looked into your eyes,
on the skies I began to walk...
with eyes wide open,
I began to dream.
With eyes wide open,
I began to dream.
A woodpecker...
pecked my heart today...
and I surrendered
my heart and soul!
Sans fire, sans wick...
the bodies burning in passion...
I witnessed this rare sight today.
Is the rain alluring!?
Or is the sun alluring!?
The rain is alluring
when we romance!
The sun is alluring
when you're annoyed, my love!
The sun is alluring
when you're annoyed, my love!
The one with sparkling eyes,
my life revolves around you!
My heart's on fire...
when your reflection touches it!
When I looked into your eyes,
on the skies I began to walk...
with eyes wide open,
I began to dream.
With eyes wide open,
I began to dream.
With eyes wide open,
I began to dream.
With eyes wide open,
I began to dream.
I thought of him all night.
Between 1:00 and 2:00 am,
I wondered why I should love you.
Then between 2:00 and 3:00 am,
I wondered that it wasn't wrong at all.
After 3:00 am I decided that
I'd love only you and none else.
I love you!
I must disclose my true
identity to her.
I want to share an important
matter with you. - What is it?
I want to share an important
matter with you.
You'll be stunned to learn
of my true identity.
You'll be shocked to
learn of my father.
She's saying whatever
I'd decided to say.
My father owned 3 Ambassador
cars way back in 1997.
Is that so? - Yes. - Great!
He owned a travel agency named
Cittu Travels. - Shit travels?
I said Cittu Travels!
My paternal uncle cheated my
father and seized the 3 cars.
My father died of this shock!
I decided that very day
that I'd marry...
...only the day I own
3 Ambassador cars.
That's a wonderful aim indeed!
- Thank you.
What next? - You may wait for me
until I buy the cars, if you please...
...else you may marry someone
else equal to you in status.
I'll wait for you!
But one thing, I shall be the same
even if I grow rich in future.
Is that so? - Okay?
- Okay!
Good morning sir...
- Good morning!
10 o' clock - Officials meeting sir...
Broadman lecture is at 4... - Okay.
Was Madam excited to learn
of your true identity?
I haven't revealed
the truth to her yet.
Her father was a rich man.
He owned 3 Ambassador cars,
way back in 1997.
Her paternal uncle cheated them
and seized their cars.
Her aim is to get the
better of her uncle.
I have to wait until then.
- You could have disclosed your identity.
That's risky. She may then
decide to marry me...
...only after she grows
richer than me.
I'll reveal the truth,
once she buys the cars.
Besides, I like the way
she is at present.
I thought I'd gift a flat to her,
once I disclosed my identity.
But I'm unable to
gift it to her now.
Please try to hand over
the keys to her.
Okay sir.
May it rid of all evil eyes!
Hey, wait a minute.
Take it in turns!
You've parked your car in the
middle of the road. Move it at once!
Do we object when you stand
in the middle of the road?
Acting smart, eh?
You must take turns! - For me?
- How long should I wait for you?
Hey, have you bought a car? - Yes!
- Why didn't you inform me?
As resolved, I've bought the first
car out of the three cars.
How is it? - Excellent!
Give it to him.
The moment I decided to marry you...
I sold the jewellery I'd collected
over these years, for my marriage.
You're very clever. By the way,
is the car in working condition?
Joking, eh!?
You may test it yourself.
Ready? - Ready!
It runs smoothly, doesn't it?
- Yes!
Priest, I own this car. It's good,
isn't it? - Yes, take care!
I have a good news for you, sir!
Just now you've got a fax
from London, sir.
Our company has secured a license
for International Routing of calls!
Henceforth, all the calls
made to UK from India...
...will be diverted
through our company.
You have to go to London
and introduce our company... the new operator, at once.
You may have to spend about
ten days in London, sir!
What a surprise!
Thank god!
Convey this good news
to all our staff.
I have a good news for you.
- She is very intuitive.
I too have a good news for you.
- I'll say it first. - Alright!
I've been awarded a flat in
the Hamam Own your flat' offer.
A new flat!? - It's the one
you wanted to gift to her...
...I sent the keys
through Hamam company.
Hey... congrats Kalpana...
Thank you.
You must meet me within the next
five minutes at the place I decide.
I'm extremely busy,
I can't make it.
You talk as though
you're a Collector.
You must see me in five minutes.
Note down my address!
Hai... congrats... - Thank you!
Hey, wait a minute!
Hey, what's this?
- A wet cement slab...
...I want your footsteps to be a
permanent feature of my new home.
Step on this first and enter
my home. Hey, wait a minute!
I'll join you too.
Its nice, isn't it? - Wow! Superb!
We must preserve this all our lives!
Do you like the place?
- Wonderful! You've managed... get a flat and a second
hand car within such a short span.
You wanted to convey a good news
to me over the phone, right?
I'm going to my hometown
for ten days.
Why all of a sudden?
My mother's unwell, it's an
emergency. - What's wrong?
I need to sign some documents to
sell the land that's in my name.
My mother needs money for
her medical expenses!
Try to return at the earliest, okay?
You'll return soon, won't you?
- Certainly!
Why are you nervous?
- I don't understand!
I feel very uneasy!
I take this report as it is
to London, okay?
Excuse me sir... - Yeah...
This is closing time.
Thank you sir.
Its already 1 p. M...
Okay. Let's windup.
Mano, I'm Kalpana here.
Come to the Perumal Temple Street
immediately. I need to talk to you.
It's midnight, can't we
meet tomorrow?
But you're leaving tomorrow.
Please come at once!
What are you doing here at
this hour? - Just like that!
I don't believe it.
Tell me the actual reason!
There are Two Lakh Rupees
in this bundle.
You may use it towards your
mother's medical expenses.
How did you manage to get such
a huge sum? - I sold my car!
But why did you sell your car?
I didn't want you to
sell your land!
The land must be very
dear to you, isn't it?
The land is ancestral property,
but my car isn't so!
We can always buy
another car, right?
But the car was your dream, isn't it?
Doesn't matter! Introduce me
to your mother...
...through the Fairever Ad,
I look good in it.
You must return at the earliest, okay?
I'm also going to Bombay for an Ad shoot.
- Call me on reaching there.
Fine, you're getting late.
You may go now!
Mano... bye!
It's written only upto 21st June!
She goes to Bombay...
...and he tells her that
he's going to his hometown...
...and goes to London instead.
What could have happened after that?
You arrange for a scooter while
I bathe. We'll go there then.
Could you gather any
information about the man... arrested at the
Ladies' Hostel yesterday?
No sir. Another matter related to the
case is confusing. - What is it?
Bring the man here!
Give me the torch!
Observe his body, he has tattooed
many numbers & names all over.
He possessed a camera
and about 15 photos...
...but we're unable to
identify the people in it.
They are all 10 digit numbers!
It must be cell phone numbers.
Try to call these numbers.
- Okay sir!
The customer you're trying to
reach has switched off his mobile!
We're calling from the
Commissioner's Office. Your name?
I'm Lakshman.
We need to conduct an inquiry,
can you come to our office? - Yes!
I'll be there in 10 minutes.
When did the incident occur?
- At 2:00. - Morning or night?
Sir, I'm Lakshman. - Hello sir.
I was called here for something...
He has tattooed your number on
his body. You surely know him!
He is the Chairman of Airvoice
Mobile Company, Mr. Sanjay!
Chairman of Airvoice!?
Sir, he is a short term
memory loss patient.
He is my friend, and he has tattooed
my number to remember me.
Sir, his PA and Doctors are here.
- Have you filed an FIR on him?
Not yet, sir!
- Wait for some time!
Why have you arrested him?
He is only a patient!
Do you know who he is?
- How would we know...
...when he entered a Ladies'
hostel at midnight?
Sir, I've to give him treatment.
We haven't filed an FIR yet,
so you may take him home...
...but be very cautious.
He will regain consciousness
only after 6 hours.
Meanwhile, call us if there's
an emergency. - Okay doctor.
Hello, who are you? What have
you come here for? - Shut up!
42, Mosque street, Royapettah.
13th June, 2005, whose address
is it? - Mine, Boss!
You'd be finished if we'd
spared him for one more day!
Boss! - Don't shoot!
He has tattooed my phone number.
I told the Police that
he's my friend!
The police will interrogate me
if we kill him.
And subsequently, my past deeds
will come to light!
Do you want us to spare him?
I want you to transform him into
a transparent white paper.
Wipe this place into
a clean slate!
Destroy all the evidences
that he possesses!
Henceforth he too is an object,
just like the furniture here.
Just like an vegetable!
Malathy, look here...
Tamil children released'
Sivananda Gurukul'
What are you doing here?
What's the matter?
Why are you weeping?
What's the matter?
- I hail from Kallakurchi!
What happened? - A man promised
to get me a good job...
...and left me at a Hindi
speaking lady's house instead.
They lure many young
girls like me.
But I managed to escape
from their clutches.
What happened? - I fear that
they'll reach here any moment.
Don't worry!
Did a girl pass this way?
- What price will you pay?
Take this and answer me!
Hey open the door!
- How dare you bolt the door?
- The girl is worth Rs.2000.
Hey, you'd better open the door!
Hey, open the door!
Hey, pick it up!
It's a gold chain, it must be
worth Rs.3000.- Let's spare her!
You may relax now.
We'll alight at the next station
and proceed to Chennai.
How can we spare a lovely prey?
Hey, let go!
- Hey let her go!
Let me go! Sister, help!
- You cannot escape now!
Relax! You're all safe now!
Relax, I'll escort you home!
How are you?
- I'm fine, how are you?
You're in Bombay, right?
- No, I'm on my way back to Chennai!
It's a long story. Some rogues
tried to kidnap our native girls.
I risked my life to rescue them.
What!? I hope you're safe!
You're superb!
I simply love your helpful nature!
...when I saw you
for the first time.
You were helping some
handicapped girls...
I fell in love with you instantly!
How did you know that?
You still aren't aware
of many more facts.
If I disclose it,
you will be surprised.
Please don't keep it a suspense.
Please tell me the fact!
...when you learn of the truth.
I wish to see the excitement
lighting up your face...
I'll disclose the facts
to you in person!
Okay... take care!
He seems to be exaggerating.
He has sought his mother's
permission for marriage, perhaps.
Oh colourful maiden,
your kiss makes me colourful!
Oh colourful prince,
your kiss makes me colourful!
Your eyes are bewitching!
May I bedeck your hair
with fragrant flowers?
Flatter me not with your words!
Let us enter into wedlock!
Oh colourful maiden,
your kiss makes me colourful!
Oh colourful prince,
your kiss makes me colourful!
Fly like the moon...
and forget the world...
...come close to my heart just
as the waves come close to the shore!
He virtually touches my heart...
and virtually draws me
close to his heart
He shoos me away slyly!
I'll win your heart skillfully!
It's a burning desire
in my heart!
You snatched the jingling
bunch of keys from my waist
I shall scream if you tease me!
Oh colourful prince,
your kiss makes me colourful!
He tries my youth,
steals my heart...
and gently disturbs my soul!
Her beauty is mesmerising,
her smile gorgeous...
and gentle gaze is electrifying!
When I tread your path of dreams...
you chose me as your mate.
A game of life
which we indulged in... fled me when
I tried to make you mine!
Oh colourful maiden,
your kiss makes me colourful!
Oh colourful prince,
your kiss makes me colourful!
Your eyes are bewitching!
May I bedeck you hair
with fragrant flowers?
Flatter me not with your words!
Let us enter into wedlock!
Sun News' - Greetings!
- Greetings!
The headlines today.
Shocking news! Politicians involved
in the kidnapping of girls!
Suspicion mounts as
VIP goes missing!
Innocent girls were
lured under the pretext...
...of being given decent jobs
and sold to rogues instead. rescue the innocent
girls in the nick of time.
However, a youth named
Kalpana managed...
She sought the help of soldiers
travelling by the same train...
...and managed to bring back
those girls to Chennai.
The Police have arrested
the men involved in this case!
The Police suspect the
involvement of VIPs in this case!
Hence a Special Task Force
has been appointed... deal with this case under
the supervision of the Jt. Commissioner.
I'm Constable Malarvizhi, calling
from Royapettah Hospital.
You rescued 25 children
from the train, right?
But there are only 23
children present here.
Don't know what happened
to rest of the two!
Can you please come and
look into the matter?
Please don't tell anyone that
I informed you of this matter.
I suspect the involvement
of a VIP in this case!
Why have you come at this hour?
They're going back home tomorrow.
There were 25 girls in all,
but there are only 23 now!
Where are the other two?
But you rescued only 23 girls.
I know the truth. Solaiamma and
Manimegalai are missing.
But you rescued only 23 girls.
- I have the list of names. Don't lie!
You're right, there were
25 girls in all.
The girls you rescued
blamed my men.
But the two girls dared
to point fingers at me!
So, I was left with no option.
- Where are the two girls?
What difference does it make?
You can begin a school
with the rest of the girls.
Where are they?
- They're dead!
They were drowned in the sea!
How many men do women
have to encounter?
Women Officials, doctors,
students, at the workplace...
...women have been liberated
only in the last 100 years.
But scoundrels like you
will compel them... confine themselves
to the kitchen once again.
Damn it!
They're dead!
They were drowned in the sea.
I'm constable speaking.
- Tell me, Madam!
The moment you left,
they hatched a plot to kill you.
Please don't go home tonight.
Spend the night elsewhere instead.
Four men are hiding
in your house already!
What happened? - There's
a power cut. Wait a minute!
She must be hiding indoors.
Let's look for her!
Please don't go!
Has she fallen asleep?
- Please don't go!
Please don't go!
He's gone!
Hey, come out! She must be
hiding indoors. Look for her!
Hey, look here!
Has she managed to escape?
- Let's go and look for her!
Hey, catch hold of her!
Let me go!
Go away!
Please go away, Mano!
I pity that poor soul!
Her face still haunts me!
Hey, come on!
You seem to have lost the power.
- I've lost touch!
How are you?
- What have you come here for?
Is this the question
you ask an elder brother?
I faced a problem in Kolkata!
One Woman Organisation leader...
I tried to convince them,
but in vain!
Left with no alternative,
so, I murdered the entire family.
How many members were there?
- I didn't count the number!
As many as there were
in a popular Hindi film!
Ramu, you seem to have forgotten
us after going to Kolkata.
Thereafter, you told her that
you're going to your hometown...
...but went to London instead.
And she went to Bombay.
Why did she go to Bombay?
- To shoot an Ad film, perhaps.
I too have been responsible
for your plight!
I'm sorry.
I'll help you trace that rogue!
I want to talk to him
this very instant!
My name is Sanjay!
Your name is Lakshman, right?
Do you remember...
...the year 2003, 23rd June?
You may have forgotten...
...but that's the
only date I remember!
I committed a blunder
by sparing your life!
But I always rectify my mistakes!
I'm coming!
I shall trace you wherever you are.
Damn it! - What happened?
- That guy, Sanjay is back!
You claimed to have destroyed
all evidences, didn't you?
Now that he's back, I'm sure
someone's helping him.
Listen carefully!
We've come to his factory!
Keep this mobile! I'll call you
the moment he arrives.
Attend the call when
it indicates, My friend.'
I'll guide you the way
indoors, okay?
Do you remember his face?
- I remember only two faces... is Kalpana
and the other is his.
I brought you here
as you were in a hurry.
Remember, I'll lose my life
if something goes wrong!
Be careful.
Keep this in mind!
Who are you?
What have you come here for?
I want to meet Lakshmi.
- She is upstairs!
Stop! Why are you tense?
I destroyed everything,
but he has managed to survive!
I'll tackle this issue, you may
go home. - How will you solve it?
He isn't aware of the fact
that you have a twin brother.
This is an advantage to us.
We can trap him using this.
I'll return to Kolkata only
after killing the scoundrel!
You may go home and relax!
I'll tackle the issue!
He's here. - What!?
- Lakshman has arrived! Hurry!
Hey, he's travelling in his car
and I'm chasing him!
You're following the wrong man.
He is in the factory.
You're misleading me.
He is ahead of me!
Don't repeat the same words.
He is here, hurry up!
Your prey is in the factory.
Come in!
Hey, catch hold of her!
Hey, who are you?
Auto, start at once! Hurry!
Where is she? - She has managed
to escape. - Has she escaped?
Call Lakshman!
Hello, you cannot enter
a Ladies' hostel!
I managed to escape. - Your life
is in danger, you flee the place.
She's right. We'll deal
with the issue later.
Where is he?
- Won't you answer us promptly?
Answer me! Where is he?
Don't beat her, she will die!
Oh God!
You'll scream only as long
as you live, right?
She is no more. I don't care even
if the whole world is watching!
Look at her,
she can't see anything.
Please let me go!
Tell me now. Where is he?
- I swear, I don't know!
Please spare the innocent girls.
I'll trace him if you
give me an hour's time!
Three of you accompany her.
- Okay, boss!
Go and fetch him
in an hour's time.
Else, one girl will be killed
every ten minutes, after 5:00.
Just like her! Go!
It is common in this area.
A tree is uprooted whenever it rains!
We'll clear it within half an hour.
Everything is okay, sir!
Greetings, sir!
Your time is out! Let's go!
You'll be killed today!
Sanjay, please help me!
I came in search of you.
These men are chasing me.
Please save me from their clutches!
I'm your friend! Oh, the photo.
You took my snap too!
I'll take you to the one you have
been chasing all this while!
Tackle these men and
I'll take you to him.
Who's my prey? Tell me,
which one of them is my prey?
I know the one you're looking for,
but I won't disclose it to you.
They both are not fit to live!
It would be selfishness
to kill only one of them.
But if both are killed, it
would amount to social welfare!
You either kill both of them
or instead die at their hands!
Don't spare them!
Beat them up!
Take him away. The rogues have
committed a murder in our premises.
We will confess that we killed the
two for the sake of self-defense!
Take him away...
She's right! Hurry,
we will deal with them!
Come with me! They're dead, Sanjay.
Come with me!
Come on!