Ghanchakkar (2013) Movie Script

How is it?
How is what?
What you are eating.
It's salty.
I suggest you cook from tomorrow
If I cook, what will you do?
I'll watch TV all day...
just like you do.
Sanj u...
Yes, mom?
Had dinner?
I'm having right now.
Did she cook or call for
a take away?
Trust me, she's no good.
Mom, I'll call you later.
Why later?
Is the wretch sitting with you?
There goes your mom again.
Mom, I said I'll call later!
It's Pandit.
Pandit who?
Remember Babu?
Babu Fruit?
How is he?
He's up in heaven.
How did that happen?
He hung himself from the
prison window using his underwear!
Why did you call?
Babu spoke highly of you.
He said you are the best.
Good bye.
There's this thing...
What thing?
I'll tell you when we meet.
I don't want to meet.
100 million.
What's that?
The population of Bihar!
It's your share.
I don't want it.
Relax, take your time.
Quick job, low risk, bumper jackpot.
Think about it...
this is my number.
What do they want?
I didn't ask.
You didn't ask?
We decided we wouldn't do it again.
Didn't we?
We did but...
you wouldn't go to prison for asking!
100 million is a big amount!
You want money?
Who doesn't?
We have enough to lead
a good life for a few years.
Then what?
Lead a good life for a few years
and then...
starve to death?
You want me to take it up,
don't you?
I didn't say that.
It's not about what you said.
I'll do it, if you want me to.
You'll have enough to get
a lifetime subscription of...
Do you want Femina too?
You and your mother...
It's useless talking to both...
Why do you...
wear such loud and weird clothes?
This is fashion.
You would know if you
ever went through a magazine.
You've grown old already.
You've lost your mind staying
at home all the time.
When can we meet?
That was superfast.
Tomorrow night, 12:30...
Andheri railway station,
platform number one.
Wear a red shin.
Isn't that too late?
And I don't wear red.
Red shin, Andheri,
platform number one.
Don't forget.
Sanj u...
I'm Pandit.
This is ldris.
The train will be here soon.
Get in.
Where are we going?
You just have to get in.
You have a ticket?
It's okay, neither do we!
When you're carrying this...
no one asks for a ticket.
Where are we going?
This is our conference room,
where we conduct meetings.
In a train?
Idris here...
was born in a train...
grew up travelling in them...
he's sentimental about trains.
Not just any train.
Only the Virar Fast.
What's the job?
What's the hurry?
Let's get to know each other.
I don't want to.
You better talk or I'm getting off
at the next station.
Shove your attitude up your behind!
Or I'll throw you off before we get
to the next station.
That's enough.
The job's easy if we do it right.
On the 5th of every month...
One minute.
I have a railway pass...
first class.
AnYihing else?
Do you have carrots?
What do you have?
You' re so mean.
You want your wife to cook
mashed brinjal at this hour?
I have a first class railway pass...
And I have this...
You want to come in?
On the 5th of every month...
200 million is deposited
at ABI Bank to pay salaries.
This time it will be 300 million.
It's Diwali...
festival bonus.
About 40-50 million will be
the regular cash.
We can easily take that.
We can easily deactivate
the alarm and CCTV.
The cash locker in the bank
is an advanced thing.
It's not easy to break in.
This is where you do your thing.
It's not easy.
If it were, the bank
wouldn't keep the cash there.
What's my share?
All three get an equal share.
I need some time to think.
Okay... how long?
About a week.
Of course.
I mean...
we're talking about breaking
into a bank...
not stealing fruits from
the neighbour's backyard.
So, a few days is fine.
And you'll also discuss this
with your wife...
I don't recollect her name though...
Right, Neetu.
You have to ask your wife.
How do you know her name?
Just like we know
about the 350 million.
And keep your unfashionable comments
to yourself.
Okay, whatever saves my skin.
What's wrong with you?
You're eating a raw brinjal.
Go and do your favourite thing...
watching TV.
I'll do it?
Of course, I'm sure there's
something good on one of the channels.
I meant...
the bank job.
I'll do it?
If I say 'yes', you'll think that...
I am a greedy wretch who
only thinks about money.
And if I say 'no' and give it a thought...
I wonder about all the things
we could do with a 100 million.
Buy a big apartment, a luxury car...
go on a tour of Europe.
We can buy a big LED TV for you.
Didn't you want one?
How much would a really big TV cost?
Not much...
about 300,000-400,000.
This big!
That's enough!
The candy man will be back tomorrow
Where's the other one?
I don't know.
You have 45 minutes.
In 45 minutes...
these guards will leave
and two others will arrive for their shift.
Why didn't you tell me earlier?
I'm sorry I didn't.
Anything else you haven't mentioned yet?
You have 44 minutes.
Who is that?
Let's take a look.
now we're screwed.
Think of something.
Come here... quick.
Wait, wait...
Listen, stay locked up with him
in the restroom.
What are you staring at?
Hurry up!
What's the matter?
How can the cops be here?
I called them!
Why are the cops here?
I suggest you ask them yourself.
The bank has an arrangement
with the cops.
On the 5th of every month...
they come by the bank
every two hours instead of four.
Are you married?
You want to see them again?
Then you better do as I say.
You should start working at that terminal.
You work late nights, okay?
Why don't you do it?
You think I look like a banker?
You see someone like me in
a bank only when its being robbed!
I'm not doing it.
Open the gate.
Where were you?
What took you so long?
Sir, I was looking for the keys.
Right, looking for the keys.
Who is he?
He's an employee here.
What's his name?
His name... his name is...
Don't you have a wife and kids?
I was just leaving.
Hurry up or you'll find your kids alone
at home.
You want to come in too?
I'll be back in two hours.
You better go home.
The cop left?
Is he gone?
For the first time you are in
the right place at the right time.
We'll meet after three months...
and split our loot.
Why three months?
The cops will be on this case
for the next three months.
So we have to lay low.
No pomp or show...
No spending lavishly...
No luxurious purchases...
Neither for yourself...
Nor for your wife.
Not even your neighbour's wife.
Lay low... get it?
Don't even think about escaping
with the money.
Why don't you keep it instead?
The thing is...
amongst the three of us,
only you have a family.
And you would never want it
to fall apart
Where do I hide it?
Where no one will ever find it.
See you.
Was it these guys?
Yes, sir. It was them.
Don't spare them.
Sanj u...
there's a call for you.
Who is it?
Throw it.
What if you don't catch it?
No chance,
I used to be a wicket keeper in college.
Wicket keeper?
More like an umpire.
It's Pandit.
Pandit who?
Pandit... Pandit...
Pandit who?
Why are you screaming?
I'm not deaf.
Tonight, 12:30,
Ville Parle railway station.
Wrong number.
Who was it?
Wrong number.
What happened?
He hung up.
If you don't meet us tonight,
I will come to your place...
and shove the magnum up your behind.
Get it?
I told you, you've dialed a wrong number.
If you call again, I'll inform the cops.
What happened?
He hung up.
Sanj u...
Yes, mom.
Had dinner?
I'm having right now.
You eat so late every night?
Mom, I'll call you later.
How is it?
How is what?
What you are eating.
There's no salt.
What are you doing?
Let me eat.
No salt, more salt...
Tell your mom to send food for you.
I'm wearing the night suit you bought.
What about the underwear I got for you?
Why don't you find out for yourself?!
You know what.
Oh come on!
I don't want to get pregnant.
I mean, I can't tell our child
that their father is a thief.
Hurry up now.
Got it?
It was in there.
What are you doing?
You want Google Maps?
What was I looking for?
Never mind!
We'll try next year!
I hope you know I can fire this gun
in the dark too.
Who are you?
Chunky Pandey!
Get up.
Take whatever you want but let us go.
Who are you?
Who the hell are they?
Let's go.
I'm not coming with you.
Who are you?
Let's go.
That's enough.
Shall we?
Where are you taking him?
At least let me get dressed.
You look beautiful just the way you are.
Stay here, I'll figure this.
Let's go.
If you call the cops,
we'll make sure he goes to heaven.
And you'll follow him.
I think he bought an apple orchard
with our money.
Come on.
Let's go...
Come on!
Come on!
Where are we going?
At least tell me where you're taking me.
Carrot cake?
Where is it?
Where is the money?
What money?
Where did you hide it?
What money are you talking about?
Come on...
Come on...
Throw him!
Remember anything?
What are you talking about
and who the hell are you?
I don't even know you.
Do you know God?
Very soon you will,
because we're sending you to Him.
I don't remember.
You better talk or you're dead.
I swear I don't remember.
I lost my memory in an accident.
I lost my memory.
I neither remember you nor any money.
The three of us robbed a bank
and you hid the money, remember?
Do you?
I don't remember!
Even if I did hide the money,
I don't remember where I hid it.
This jerk is pulling a fast one on us.
He is taking us for a ride
and we're falling for it.
I'm on medication,
you can check with the doctor.
Okay... let's go to the doctor.
Let's go to the doctor's place.
He won't be home.
You don't know where you hid
the money but...
you know the doctor won't be home.
What about the hospital?
Will he be there?
I don't know.
Call his wife...
Call Neetu!
Hello... Sanju...
Where are you?
Are you alright?
I'm fine.
Which hospital did we go
to after my accident?
I asked, which hospital did we go
to after my accident?
Fonis, but why?
Who are they?
Hello? Sanju?
We don't have money to eat
and he's getting treated at Fortis!
Amitabh Bachchan gets treated at Fonis.
You think you're Amitabh Bachchan?
If we smell something
fishy at the hospital...
we'll make sure your post-mortem
happens there.
Pull the emergency chain!
Hey you...
pull the chain.
Because someone stole your carrot.
AnYihing else?
Pull the chain.
pull the chain.
I would like to see Dr. Gulati.
He is sleeping now.
He's a doctor...
he should be available 24 hours a day.
Wake him up, it's an emergency.
I don't think so.
What do you have to say now?
Just a minute.
Doctor, I' m Sanj u...
Sanj ay At h ray.
I met with an accident a few months back...
you treated me...
Sanjay... Sanjay Athray...
I lost my memory...
He's lost his memory too.
Sanjay Athray!
Please sit...
So, what can I do for you?
These are my friends.
They want to know what's wrong with me...
they are concerned.
Just a minute...
Sanjay Athray...
You had hurt your head.
You have ante-retrograde amnesia.
Not aunty!
Ante-retrograde am nesia.
The thing is,
because he hurt his head...
he remembers certain things
but not everything.
It's called partial memory loss.
It's possible that he could get back
his memory and then lose it again.
What now?
What do you mean?
I mean, are there any chances
of his memory coming back?
There is a chance...
but it's also possible that
he might lose his memory completely.
In cases like these anything's possible,
you know...
Satisfied? I'm going home.
We want our money.
Are you deaf?
The doctor said
I suffer from memory loss.
I don't remember where I hid the money.
Get out of my way.
He's walking away.
Didn't you hear?
He's lost his memory.
Did I tell you where I hid the money?
And you didn't ask?
I did... a hundred times.
But you said,
the lesser I know the better it is.
Are you going to stay
in there all night?
Want to play?
What time should I call the carpenter?
I thought we were all set to break the bed.
Neetu is with us.
Sanj u...
You have seven days.
Or else Neetu will be
crossing the railway tracks...
and a train will mow her down.
You'll have to claim
her body at the morgue.
If you harm Neetu, I won't spare you.
Seven days.
Where is she? I want to talk to her.
Sanj u...
She is safe for seven days.
Listen, your lunch is on the table.
What did you get for him?
Chicken Biryani.
Chicken Biryani...
No bones.
No bones.
I got tired of ringing the door-bell.
Where were you?
Are you alright?
Everything is good.
We didn't make her cook.
Gave her good stuff to drink and eat...
all without bones.
What is the meaning of this?
What is the meaning of this?
There's been a slight change in plans.
We're moving in.
Until we get our money back...
we're staying with you.
What? Have you lost it?
We're giving you an opportunity
to be with Neetu.
Make the most of it.
We aren't living with you because you have
DTH services or comfortable cushions...
we're living here because
we don't trust you, get it?
Only seven days!
Are you reminding yourself or telling us?
Where's our room?
It's because of you that I was kidnapped.
Remember where you hid the money,
so that they can go.
And stop throwing around stuff like this.
Why don't you wear a salwar-kameez?
Are you serious?
When we got married...
you knew I was fashionable...
If you wanted a salwar-
kameez wearing prude...
you should've married someone else!
At least until the time
these jerks are here.
Why? What's wrong with this?
Latest issue!
You better not comment on my clothes.
What should I cook for them?
This isn't a hotel.
How about I add some disinfectant?
It will stink.
Bug killer?
What if they force us to eat?
You don't like anything I say or do.
Get out and try to remember
where you hid the money.
go easy on the salt.
Why don't you start?
What do you think?
Needs more salt.
I'd like some pickle.
Pickle with fried rice?
This is fried rice?!
Neetu... I'll get it.
Where is the pickle?
It was in there... you kept it yourself.
Before he forgets everything,
we have to get our money.
He can't even find the pickle bottle,
you think he'll find the money?
He thinks he's Salman Khan
from the film Ghajini.
Shahrukh Khan was the actor in Ghajini.
They don't know that Saif Ali Khan
acted in Ghajini.
Let's go for a drive.
N ow?
Why not?
Do you remember the late night
romantic drives...
forgotten that too?
You and me...
empty roads...
Let's go... we'll take my car.
Why are you sulking?
Do you remember anything about that night?
I mean, where I hid the money...
I musfve said something...
Anything at all...
Of course!
When you got home that night
you were very angry.
Angry, but why?
A cab driver had bumped into your car
and drove away.
I think you took down the cab number.
Where is it?
I don't know.
Don't you think
you should check your wallet?
NIH-O1 -7313.
If I can locate this cab driver,
I'll find out where I was that night.
How will you locate the cab
with just the number?
Where can I find this cab?
Where can I find this cab?
Go take a seat.
Move it!
Why are you running?
Why are you chasing me?
There's something I want to ask you.
I don't know anything.
I made a mistake-
now what do you want?
Wait, I need to speak with you.
I need your help.
Help? In what way?
Some months ago you bumped into my car
and drove away.
You want the money, right?
No, I don't want any money.
No? Then what do you want?
Can you tell me the locality
where you bumped into my car?
Sir, I don't remember
all the cars I bump into.
Which car do you drive?
I bumped into this near
Rajesh Khanna Garden.
There's a garden by that name?
Sir, I didn't name it.
I got the cab driver.
He bumped into my car
near Rajesh Khanna Garden.
Rajesh Khanna Garden?
What were you doing there?
I don't remember.
Just a minute...
doesn't Uttam live nearby?
Who is Uttam?
Uttam Nagpal, your friend from college.
The one who looks like a hero.
Atlantic building...
that's where he lives.
How do you know that?
I won't know where he lives?
We went over for
dinner a few months ago.
Dinner? Really?
How would I know if we didn't go?
Where does Uttam Nagpal live?
Who is that?
The one who looks like a hero.
Oh, Uttam Nagpal...
He doesn't live here anymore.
He moved to Pali Hill.
Pali Hill? When?
About two months ago...
he won a jackpot.
He bought a three bedroom apartment
in Pali Hill...
Apsara apartment block.
Is Uttam in?
He is sleeping.
Who are you?
Sanju. Wake him up.
I can't, he will fire me.
Come back later.
Does he bite?
Will he bite now?
He's done biting for the day.
Wait a minute...
You can't barge in to
someone's home like this...
Sir... listen...
Where is his bedroom?
Get up.
[San] u'?
What brings you here?
You haven't called in a while.
I wanted to... guess I forgot.
This is a nice place.
I heard you won the jackpot.
Yes, three months ago.
Who told you?
Did we meet three months ago?
You had come to get your imported wine.
Did I give you a suitcase,
for safekeeping?
Suitcase? No...
Was it in the newspaper
that you won the jackpot?
Where is the newspaper?
Should be around.
I want to see.
N ow?
I'll call you as soon as I find it.
But why do you want it?
Where is Priya?
Priya left me.
She thought I was having an affair.
With whom?
Never mind...
Where were you all day?
Stop acting like my wife.
Where were you?
Whom is this bouquet for?
I'll call you later.
What's going on?
Happy anniversary, honey.
You remembered?
How could I forget
our wedding anniversary?
Happy anniversary.
You remember your wedding anniversary
but not where you hid our money!
I told you this jerk
is taking us for a ride!
You said seven days...
only two are up.
You have five days, get it?
Let go!
Let's eat?
I'm sure everyone is hungry.
How is it?
It's really good.
I don't think we'll get the money.
Stop being so negative.
Can't you see that I don't remember?
In a few days I might
not even remember you.
Sanj u...
I've told you not to
touch me after applying lotion.
Why are you getting angry?
It's good for the skin.
Makes me look five years younger!
Don't you think so?
You think those idiots will spare us
because you have good skin?
I don't think it matters to you whether
we get the money or not.
What's that supposed to mean?
I am as concerned about the money
as you are.
You sure don't look concerned.
Well, at least one of us
has to remain calm.
Good night.
Why don't you call me anymore?
How is my patient feeling today?
Not feeling good at all. I'm in pain.
You are in pain?
Where does it hurt'?
All over the body.
I had given you medicines yesterday...
don't you feel better?
No, doctor.
I need more of your medicine.
I guess I have to increase the dosage.
Please do so.
Come on, open your mouth.
If you don't open your mouth,
how can I give the medicine?
A bottle of wine, please.
Red or white?
just a second.
Building name?
Hold on...
Raj at Apartments...
D'Mello Road.
Now take off your clothes...
come on...
Just a minute...
I took off my shin.
You took off shin.
I am taking them off too.
Now lie down on the stretcher...
come on...
Now the doctor wants a massage.
Where does it hurt, doctor'?
It hurts near my chest...
Just a minute...
Let me pull the cunain.
Hurry up...
it's hurting like crazy...
Hurry up...
The right one...
Come on...
massage harder...
Sanj u...
Pandit... wake up!
What's the matter?
Ran away... ran away...
Sanj u ran away...
Why would he run away?
Where did he go?
How should I know?
Try calling on his phone...
Pick up!
He is not answering.
What do we do now?
Let's wait for him.
What's the meaning of this?
What's the meaning of this?
I hope you didn't do something to me
when I was sleeping, you perven!
Actually, I was talking to Chanda.
In your underwear?
We were playing 'doctor, doctor'.
Doctor, doctor?
Doctor, doctor...
Go and get something to eat,
I'm hungry.
wash your hands!
Sanj u...
Sanj u...
Where did he go?
He drove away.
[That was San] u'?
Sure it was him?
I'm sure.
Relax, he will come here.
Pandit, I told you he would try to escape.
Where will he go?
His wife is here, and so is his apartment.
He has to come back.
He's coming here.
ldris, move away...
ldris, he's crazy, he'll drive over you.
Pull him out of the car.
Beat him up.
Break his face.
Beat him up.
He is testing our patience.
Drag him out.
Beat him up.
Beat him up.
Beat him up.
Ask him about the money.
Hello doctor?
Where are you?
No, I can't make it today, I'm busy.
You pervert!
Ask him about the money!
You were running away with our money!
Where is our money?
In the car.
In the car.
Take a look...
In the car?
Take a look...
You were running away with our money!
Take a look...
You were running away with our money!
Not there?
Got it.
The money is here.
Got it.
The money is here.
We got our money!
We got our money!
Now open it!
It's not opening.
I said, open the suitcase.
Open the suitcase.
I said, it's not opening.
Not opening?
Not opening, huh?
Not opening?
I'll get it opened.
Not opening?
I'll get it opened.
Not opening?
Not opening?
What the...
Where's the money?
I wasn't running away.
I forgot where I live.
Mr. Sanj u?
Who is it?
Si r, I' rn Nlohan.
Mohan who?
Sir, Mohan Ahuja, real estate agent.
Sir, you called me last night.
I couldn't answer because
I was watching a movie.
Sir, don't you remember?
I had taken you to check out a 3
bedroom apartment in Pali Hill...
a few months ago...
Pali Hill... which building?
Sir, Gulmohar building.
Sea view apartment, on the 6th floor.
It's a nice neighbourhood
and Hema Malini lives on the 5th floor.
You also said you were
in a hurry to move in...
that's why I had convinced the owner
to accept cash payment.
But you disappeared after that.
If you are still interested,
I will talk to the owner.
No... I'll call you.
What happened to your face?
They beat me up.
They beat you up?
I'm going to teach them a lesson.
I was planning on double crossing
Pandit and ldris.
Come again?
I spent the money, all of it.
What did you spend 350 million on?
I don't remember.
How can you not remember?
I was about to double cross them...
How can you be sure you wanted
to double cross them?
I wanted to buy an apartment
with that money.
We were going to buy an apartment...
with our share of the loot.
You know about it?
Why didn't we buy it?
You met with the accident before
we could buy it.
Sanj u...
you can never double cross anyone.
You can never betray anyone.
I know you hid the money somewhere
but now you don't remember.
Sanj u...
Get up!
Get out of my house.
What are you doing?
Wake up you monsters!
Why did you hit Sanju?
You live here,
eat with us and you beat him up?
Hit him as well!
Get up!
Hey... what's with the broom?
I'll tell you in a minute.
I'll tell you...
Neetu, please relax, it was a mistake.
No, pack your stuff and leave.
Trust me, it was a mistake,
please forgive us.
I said sorry...
Go and apologise to Sanju.
It won't happen again.
Say something...
Right, the pyramid!
If you even touch my husband again...
I'll cut your hands off.
A few more days, Neetu...
How did my magazine get here?
You like women in short dresses?
I like women without anything on.
Without anything on, huh?
Shut up!
You bloody pervert!
I can't take it anymore!
We're still stuck where we started.
The idiot doesn't remember
where the money is...
and the pace at which he
is forgetting things...
soon he'll even forget us.
Pandit, I have an idea.
Baba, will this help?
It will be hard as a tree...
go, hurry up.
Sit down.
Sit down.
It's been a long time.
How can I help?
Sit down.
It's really bad.
What's bad?
He is losing his memory.
He doesn't remember anything,
can you help him?
I help bring it together
and shake it all up.
You have to help him remember.
You have lost your mind.
This Baba has magical powers, he will...
Magic and voodoo dolls...
the three of you can go to hell.
Don't let him get away.
Baba, mix your potion soon.
Stop him,
Don't let him get away.
Baba, hurry up.
Get it quickly.
Let me go.
Make him drink it.
Open your mouth.
Drink it up.
How soon will the potion take effect?
In two hours.
My magic will do the trick and
he will remember everything in two hours.
I'll remember everything in two hours?
Don't you mock me.
You'll remember everything
from all your past lives too!
Two hours.
Baba... hold on...
Stop the car.
What is it?
Stop the car!
I remember where I hid the money.
I said,
I remember where I hid the money.
Stop the car.
Stop it right now!
Where is it?
You can't stop here, you idiot!
Drive to the last lane...
Don't forget...
Baba, Baba, you are great.
Your magic really works.
You remember... where is it?
Where did you hide it?
In Dilip Kumar's bungalow
In Dilip Kumar's bungalow
Baba, you are truly great!
Dilip Kumar from Mother India?
Yes, that's right.
He didn't want to drink the potion...
but see, it actually worked.
Come on... let's go there.
Hey... what happened?
He is taking us for a ride.
ldris, let him be...
Magical Baba...
What a jackass!
Today is one tough day for Capricorns.
Trying to cover all corners could backfire.
Reclaiming wealth will prove onerous.
Feeding a black dog will bring luck.
Try to remember,
our lives are at stake here.
What do you think I've been trying to do?
How is it that you don't know where
I hid the money?
I don't know because you didn't tell me.
What are you doing?
Whose number are you looking for?
I'm checking if any name rings a bell.
Uttam was to send the newspaper cutting
of his jackpot win.
No, he is not at home.
Where is he?
He went to London.
A few days ago.
When is he coming back?
He is not coming back.
What do you mean?
I mean, he will be living in London now
and he is also selling this apartment.
Who are you?
I am Ramesh, housekeeper.
I will be here until the house is sold.
Do you have his number in London.
No, there's no number.
How can he not have a number?
How do you talk to him?
You think I'm an idiot?
When did I say you were an idiot?
All I said is I don't have his number.
Uttam has moved to London.
What? London?
He didn't even inform!
I was sure he didn't win the jackpot.
Bloody liar.
Sanju, how can you think so?
He probably has a good reason
to move to London.
Of course!
He has our money.
What's the matter with you?
You suspect everyone these days.
Next you will suspect even me!
May I ask you something?
You really don't remember
where the money is?
Or are you pretending?
I am your wife, Sanju.
You know you can tell me.
Who is it?
I don't know.
650 rupees... your wine.
I didn't call for it.
Sir, this is 203,
Rajat Apartment, isn't it?
Yes, it is.
But I didn't call for wine.
Sir, you specifically asked for
an urgent delivery.
Why will I call for it,
I don't even drink wine.
You called for it?
Since when do you drink?
Since when do I drink?
What's wrong with you?
You have wine every day!
You called for it.
Wine? Me?
You're a drunkard!
Sanju, please try to remember.
I don't remember.
How can you not remember?
I said, I don't.
What do you mean, you don't?
You musfve called for it
a few minutes ago.
I said, I don't remember!
I don't remember!
You need rest, why don't you...
Don't tell me what to do
and what not to!
If he doesn't remember anything
by tomorrow...
we'll get rid of them the day after.
You think you'll remember everything
if you scream at me?
Hello... Sanju...
Yes, mom?
Had dinner?
Mom, I'll call you later.
What are you looking for?
I asked, what are you looking for?
Where are my pills?
How should I know?
Stop throwing things around.
I want my pills!
Sanju... relax...
You'll find the pills.
What's this?
I kept them there.
You've kept them?
How did you get them?
What do you mean?
It's my money.
Your money?
Tell me the truth, Neetu.
What's wrong with you?
I've been saving for three years.
I told you but
I guess you don't remember.
I'll call you later.
Who was it?
Who is Rinki?
My sister, don't tell me
you've forgotten her as well.
Call her back.
I said, call her back.
She didn't answer.
She probably put the phone on silent
and went off to sleep.
Call her again.
I said, call again.
And I said, no.
I've had enough of your nonsense.
If you don't trust me, just say it.
I'll go away from here.
A bottle of red wine please...
Where is the money?
Who is this?
Where is the money?
Who is this?
I know you have the money.
I also know you haven't lost your memory.
You can fool your wife, but not me.
Who the hell are you
and what money are you talking about?
When do I come to collect the money?
Where are you going?
Where are you going... this early?
To see the doctor.
What will he do?
He will only prescribe more pills.
We are running out of time.
Which hospital was it?
Where is it?
Sanj u...
you forgot the car keys.
You want me to get lost again?
I'm taking a cab.
Doctor Gulati?
Doctor Gulati?
He is no more.
What do you mean?
He passed away.
What... how?
A car hit him while he was jogging.
He was declared dead on arrival.
Doctor Gulati was killed.
A car ran over him.
I don't know.
It could have been an accident.
It's murder, not an accident.
I can't believe what you're saying.
A hundred accidents take place every day,
I'm sure this one is too.
I told you it's murder.
Oh come on!
Which bank do we go to?
What's our account number?
Is it a crime to ask?
Just a minute...
Yes, sir?
This is my account number.
Sure sir...
YES sir?
I want to know if I also have
a safe deposit locker.
Sure sir, I'll just check.
Sanjay Athray, you have a joint account?
I think so...
Okay, sir, I'll check.
Yes sir, the locker is in Neetu's name.
Sir, Neetu... your wife.
Yes sir.
I want to check the locker.
I am sorry,
but your wife has to be present for that.
Why? It's a joint account.
It is ajoint account,
but the locker is in Neetu's name.
I don't care...
I want to check the locker.
I am sorry, sir... but your wife...
What sorry?
Until you let me check the locker...
I won't move from here.
I am sorry,
but your wife has to be present for that.
I want to check.
Sir, where are you going?
Let me go!
I will sue all of you.
Don't deposit your money in this back,
they are Swindlers.
He is crazy.
I think his loan must have got rejected
It's a nice bank.
Let's go.
Where is Neetu?
It's him, he wants to talk to Neetu.
Where is he?
Where are you?
You want the money?
Do you want the money or not?
You got it?
If you want it, put Neetu on.
He's not telling where the money is.
Wants to talk to Neetu,
I think he got it.
It's in his interest to find the money.
Say she is in the bathroom.
Neetu is in the bathroom.
I'll wait...
He will wait...
Do you have to repeat everything?
I think it's time to get a new TV.
Me too. I've been thinking about it.
Which one?
Sony or Samsung?
Samsung is better.
The Samsung speakers are better.
But the Sony picture quality
is much better.
I agree,
the Sony picture quality is fabulous.
it's Sanj u.
Stop staring at me.
Why didn't you tell me about
the bank safe deposit locker?
You have a safe deposit
locker in the bank?
Yes, but why?
Why didn't you tell me about it?
What rubbish, Sanj u.
Of course, I have told you.
You never told me.
I told you.
You didn't!
I would remember if you did.
You don't remember
because you've lost your memory.
Don't blame everything on my memory.
Last month you told me you want
to cut your hair short.
Didn't you?
How is the bank locker
connected to my hair?
Answer my question!
Yes, I told you.
If I have lost my memory,
how do I remember this?
I didn't say you've
forgotten everything.
You remember some things
and some you don't.
The doctor also said that.
If you had told me about the locker,
I would remember.
Why did you keep it from me?
I had told you.
You can believe me if you wish
or you can go to hell.
I can't take your nonsense anymore!
What's in the locker?
My jewellery.
My wedding jewellery.
I want to check.
I want to check what's in the locker.
I told you it's the wedding jewellery.
Neetu, I want to check.
No, I won't open the locker.
Do you trust me or not?
Sanj u...
Do you trust me or not?
Don't ever hang up on me.
Who are you and how did
you get my number?
When can I come to take the money?
What money are you talking about?
I don't have any money.
And stop calling me over and over.
I'll tell the cops you robbed a bank.
Then you can rot in jail.
Do you want to spend your
life rotting in jail?
Who are you?
The answer to that question
won't save you.
I don't have the money.
You know where the money
is but you don't want to tell.
I know you want to keep it all.
I will call you once again.
If I don't get the money...
the cops will get your personal details.
I suggest, you keep your hand inside.
You could easily get hurt.
Pull over!
Pull over!
Just a minute, sir...
Who are you looking for?
A bottle of water...
What's up?
How did you get hurt?
Remember me?
It's me, Mohan.
Sir, Mohan Ahuja, real estate agent.
Sorry, I don't remember.
We spoke two nights ago.
How's madam...
she's your wife, right?
You know her?
Yes, sir.
I showed her an apartment
a few weeks ago.
I think, three weeks ago.
Was she alone?
No, there was a gentleman with her.
Are you sure there was a
man with her?
Of course, that's why I remember.
Can you describe the man?
He was quite tall and fair.
He mentioned his name but
I can't remember.
I mean, it's at the tip
of my tongue but...
He looks just like a hero.
That's right, Uttam!
You have an amazing memory.
They bought the apartment?
No, sir.
It's an amazing apartment.
You get a clear view of the
Bandra Sea Link from the window.
But they wanted a bigger apartment.
What's wrong, sir?
Sir, would you like to see that apartment?
What took you so long?
Don't tell me you want
me to wait all day...
Where did I hail your cab this morning?
Where did I hail your cab this morning?
15th Road, Khar...
Take me back.
Where can I buy a gun?
Gun? You mean like a pistol?
Yes, pistol.
No, sir.
What do you want?
Which floor do I live on?
What happened to your face?
Which floor do I live on?
2nd floor... right side.
You want a pain-killer? I have...
I want a gun...
do you have it?
Bloody wretch!
Dear Sanj u...
we've taken Neetu with us.
If you want her back alive...
get into the 3rd compartment
of the last train for...
Virar leaving Jogeshwari station at 1:30.
Looking forward to seeing you,
Pandit and ldris.
When can I come to take the money?
You're running out of time.
[San] u'?
You loser, we told you to
get into the third compartment.
Why didn't you remember?
Who are you?
Who are they?
You don't remember us?
Have we met before?
Bloody scoundrel, I won't spare you!
You're going to regret this.
Did you hear that?
He doesn't remember us.
I knew this would happen.
I knew he would forget us
before we could get our money.
I knew this would happen.
Why are you staring at me?
Look here...
look at me.
I'm Pandit and this is ldris, remember?
Okay, now listen carefully.
The three of us robbed a bank
and you hid the money.
Then you met with an accident
and lost your memory.
We are helping you to
remember where you hid the money.
We have been living at your place.
All I remember is I'm looking
for some money.
You are looking for our money...
our money.
Your money?
I don't even know you.
You don't know us, huh?
I've had enough of this.
When I shoot through your wife's head,
you'll remember everything.
Sanj u...
it's their money.
You have two minutes...
Tell me where the money
is or your wife is dead!
If you kill her,
you'll never get the money.
She has the money.
She and her boyfriend.
What nonsense, Sanj u?
Yeah, what nonsense?
Are you high on something?
He is taking us for a ride...
and we're falling for it.
The jerk is lying!
I'm not lying, she has the money.
What rubbish?
Don't pretend!
I know everything about you and Uttam.
Now who is Uttam?
My college friend.
They conned me and took the money.
Do you have any idea what you're saying?
How could you think like that?
What's got into you?
Didn't you go with Uttam
to check an apartment?
Did you go or not?
I didn't go with him.
I met him outside the building where
I went to check an apartment for us...
he came upstairs with me.
Then why didn't you tell me you met him?
I told you.
No, you didn't!
I told you, but you forgot.
You are lying.
The money has been transferred
to Uttam who's in London...
and she will be joining him soon.
Is this true?
No, it's not.
I know nothing about the money.
He is making it up.
Making it up?
Are you not going to London
to be with that jerk?
Are you not?
Then what's this?
What is it?
Look at this...
credit card statement.
Neetu bought a ticket for London...
a one way ticket.
Date of departure is a week later-
on the 18th.
Take a look.
Yes, I am going to London
to see my sister.
And you bought this ticket, not me.
I don't even know that she has a sister.
She doesn't have a sister, she is lying.
Uttam won a jackpot and moved to London.
She went with him to check an apartment
and now she is fleeing to London.
Think about it.
Is the money here or in London?
Trust me,
I know nothing about the money.
I'm going to London to see my sister.
He knows it but he doesn't remember.
He doesn't even remember you,
think about it.
Bloody lying wretch.
She blamed everything on my memory
and conned me...
now she's pulling a fast one on you.
Pandit, nowl am confused...
who is pulling a fast one on whom?
Sanj u...
Come here... into this compartment.
I'm not coming there. I'm going home.
Are you coming or not?
Why did you come here,
if you don't won't to come in here?
Because I found this at home...
asking me to come here.
We left this for you.
We wrote it.
Come here...
Now come in here.
I'm going home.
Where do you think you're going?
Told you to join us.
Sanj u...
Get into this compartment...
we warn you...
Enough is enough.
Call your boyfriend and tell him
to send the money.
N ow!
I told you I don't have the money.
He said call.
trust me, please trust me...
you will get your money.
Sir, trust me... you will get...
No, no...
You will get your money.
Let me go.
Please forgive me.
Please let us go...
Don't kill us.
Who are you?
Why do you ask me the same thing...
'Who are you?'
Yes, it's me.
Did you think...
that these two idiots were
behind the robbery?
I gave them one last chance
but they failed at it.
You know what their problem was?
They never let their gun do the talking.
Please don't kill us.
What's that?
What do you think this is?
A three course dinner?
Sanj u...
Sanj u...
Where is the money?
What money?
Where is the money?
I don't remember any money!
You don't remem be r?
Do you remember her or
have you forgotten her as well?
Don't move.
Now do you remember?
I said, I don't remember.
Where is the money?
I don't know.
Sanj u...
Where is the money?
I told you, I don't remember.
Are you going to shoot me
like you shot this poor woman?
Poor woman?
Poor woman?
Do you know who this poor woman is?
I don't know.
You really don't know who she is?
Probably someone you know.
I'll never see my money again.
You ruined my well thought out plan.
They paid the price for their mistake.
And you...
You know how I'll punish you?
I'll let you live.
You want to take my wallet?
Banana and fork... to kill me?
You know the best thing about a banana?
You don't need to wash it clean.
You don't need to wash an orange either.
One leg in the grave and you've
still got a sense of humour.
Sanj u...
Sanj u...
She is calling out to you...
Did you go to sleep?
Who is this?
Did the wretch make any dinner?
Is she sitting with you?
I guess she didn't make dinner.
Ever since you married her,
you've been losing weight.
And that Punjabi woman
is growing fat like a buffalo!
Who is this?
I'm your mom.
How many times will you ask?
Are you drunk?
Yes, your mom.
I called you so many times but you'd
hang up saying you'll call back.
Don't hang up now.
I need to ask you something...
when are you taking your suitcase?
Which suitcase?
The one you left here three months ago.
Sanj u...
What's all that noise?
Say something... did someone die?
This is my last warning.
Come and take this suitcase or...
I'll sell it to the guy from the pawnshop.
Whose mother... what suitcase...
Sanj u...