Ghani (2022) Movie Script

Welcome to National Boxing championship.
Today is going to be a historical day for South India.
Yes, Harsha.
A player from Andhra Pradesh has made it to the finals.
In another few minutes, the match is going to begin.
The match is going to begin soon.
Hurry up and come.
None other than Vikramaditya!
What is it?
Youve played hooky today?
How can Practice be more important
than watching dads match?
What a smooth talker youve become, Ghani.
By the end of the third round, Vikram is in lead.
(Crowd cheering)
Winning is not wrong.
But trying to win at all costs is wrong.
Sir, this issue is very much alive in the national media.
We have to take serious action on this.
I'm considering this issue so seriously.
Mr. Vikram is taking drugs.
Until we get a clarity on whether or not
Mr. Vikram and some of the other players are taking drugs,
I am putting a ban on players from A.P.
Disgusting! Calling himself a champion!
I am ashamed to call Vikram our colleague.
Quick! Quick!
Hurry up!
What happened, sir?
Why are you removing the boxing ring?
You sent Vikram to do some wonders, didnt you?
Well, he managed to get the boxing ring removed!
Is it just him?
Or are you guys taking steroids as well?
What do you mean, sir?
Andhra Pradesh has been banned
from boxing for one whole year.
Theres nothing to be done here.
Get lost!
allocate this space for badminton.
Hey, you are cheating just like your father.
In that last match, I am sure you won by cheating.
Give me my cup back!
I am not a cheater.
I will not give you the cup!
Give him back his cup!
Give it!
Why did you throw the cycle down?
Why did you grab my collar? Let it go!
Let it go!
Give it. Give me my cup. Thats mine
Hey! Hey!
Stop it!
Why are you guys fighting?
What is this?
Arent you Vikram Adityas son?
Our colony has lost its reputation because of your father.
I thought Vikram is a good guy
but he proved me wrong
I am ashamed of that Vikram is our neighbor
Boxing game banned in our state due to Vikram's mistake.
Andhra Pradesh's reputation was tarnished by his father
Cheater! Cheater! Cheater!
Cheater! Cheater! Cheater!
Cheater! Cheater! Cheater!
Open the door.
Open the door.
Open the door first.
Open the door.
Come out!
-Open the door.
Dont be scared, son.
Nothing will happen.
What's the fuss?
Nothing will happen.
Call the police.
Mother, why did father do that?
I dont have an answer...
to the question you asked me.
in this situation...
we cannot stay here.
Lets go somewhere else.
promise me one thing.
Promise that you would never
take up boxing in your life ever again.
Promise me.
We take care of plants.
Plants will take care of us.
Save trees.
Save earth.
Children, do you know
.as per UN reports,
for every person in Canada there are 7000 trees,
in Russia its 4000 trees [per person]
and US has 700 trees [per person.]
But, in our country,
for every person there are only 28 trees.
How many saplings does we have?
It must be around 4000.
If its 4000, thats okay.
We are better than the US.
We need to protect our trees and plant new ones.
Children, I am going to give each one of you a sapling.
You all need to promise me that you are going to plant it.
Promise teacher. (All together)
Its easy to make a promise.
But, keeping your promise is very difficult.
Make sure you keep up your word.
Okay, maam.
Yeah, come here children.
Come and take the saplings.
Thank you, Madhuri.
Youve educated the children on plants very well.
The children spend most of the time
in classroom and amongst books.
This is a really different experience.
Well, what is our student Ghani up to?
Oh? Ghani is studying his final year Engineering.
Recently he started took up a computer course.
It gets late in the evenings.
He must be busy with his studies.
You are very lucky, Mom.
In fact, Ghani is a good and quiet student.
Oh, thank you.
Is there anyone else to fight him?
Final fight 1:10?
Yes! There is someone.
How much is the bet?
You look very scrawny and about to croak.
Are you going to fight?
Look at my man here.
If he lands a punch on you,
you are going to be flying in the air.
Do you need this at your age?
Do you know who you are talking about?!
He is Sikkol Lokaraju.
20 knockouts, 30 wins and four-time championship.
Bro, you shouldnt claim others laurels as your own.
I dont think I am the right opponent for your guy.
My student would do.
He says his student!
Ask that Kiddo to come.
The game is gonna be ours.
Come on, Ghani.
You should hit hard him to crush his nose
and break his jaw
If you keep instructing him like that,
they are not going to consider you as his coach.
Instead, you would be regarded as a cook.
You shut up.
You go ahead and fight.
No! no!
Oh no!
Is this how you coach?
What are you looking at? Do something
Yeah! Come on!
What did you tell him, coach?
He was in really good form there.
I told him that his opponents name is Vikram.
Does he hate that name very much?
No, he hates his father.
Coach looks like youve been paid well today.
How about a party tonight?
You must be wondering why Im doing all this.
If he wants to learn boxing, he needs a room,
he needs to pay rent,
and needs good professional equipment.
Along with those things, he needs a good coach as well.
You wait.
Your high voltage punches have
completely knocked him down.
His wounds need to be treated
Buddy, you won.
Why do you look dull?
Its not about winning here.
I need to win in the boxing ring.
I promised my mother that
I would never take up boxing.
But I had already decided right when I was
a child that my life is going to be about boxing.
Every time I break the promise I made her,
it leaves me in little pain.
I keep wondering if I am cheating my mother.
If you are that worried about it,
why do you even pursue this sport?
some questions in our lives remain unanswered.
Thats because of my father.
There is just one answer to all those questions.
That is to win the national championship.
you have already started on your journey to success.
From now on, you are going to be
successful in every venture.
Party! Yay!
Hey... Hey... Save even half of it.
Good morning, mom.
Those who sleep in the night and wake up
in the morning say Good morning.
When did you get home last night?
Between 11 and 11:15.
He's very smart!
Why did you get late?
I went to a movie, mother.
What movie?
Bheemla Nayak
What theatre?
Which show?
First show, mother.
Show me the tickets.
Why do you constantly
keep questioning me like some traffic police?
You might think that I am interrogating you.
But for me, its concern
What happened to Deepa in the serial Kartika Deepam?
I forgot to tell you. Sit down.
Ghani! Getting late
There you guys are!
Instead of wasting your time with these idiots...
why dont you bring a girl
and introduce her to me as your girlfriend?
I am waiting for it.
Please get her soon sir
I am unable to do all the work by myself.
Did you hear that?
Mother, I beg you.
Please, I am getting late.
Bye. Bye.
He's going
Madam, these are
I know that they are not tickets.
They are ATM slips.
If you knew about it, why did you let
him go instead of reprimanding him?
You cannot bring a child or a young man
closer to you by reprimanding him.
They will distance themselves.
He is my only child.
If he is happy, thats enough for me.
Why shouldn't you take care?
- Why shouldn't you take care?
Instead of trusting you, if I wrote the question
papers twice in my answer sheet,
he would have given me 10 marks.
Set aside the fact that he wrote.
How could you have copied from him?
I saw how confident he was and spent 2000 bucks on food.
The torture that Ramachari inflicts upon us in the classroom
and the fact that there are no girls in my life,
is making my hormones dry.
Do you know how the girls of Geetham college ought to be?
When there are flowers raining from up above,
and they walk past us like that
Buddy, look at that girl.
If the girl is really that beautiful,
she must already be in a relationship with someone.
Dont waste your time or energy
and just tell me what you want.
I dont want anything.
You go and get what you want.
Hi, Bobby, Siddhu, Rohit.
How are you guys?
Do you know us?
What do you mean?
I am Maya.
Didnt Ghani tell you?
-About what?
About our love story.
Didnt he tell you that I am his girlfriend?
In love?
Oh god Narayana!
Yes, our love story began in Narayana college.
As soon as I saw him, Ghani proposed his love to me.
He must have done it.
He got in relationship with the girl and diverted us.
You continue.
And I said yes.
-That quickly?
Do you want logic or do you want me to continue?
You shut up.
You please continue.
After that, our love story scaled beautiful heights.
We went on dates to RK Beach Road
and Jagadamba Center.
Our love story went public and
reached every nook and cranny.
After that?
My father got to know about our love story.
Oh no!
What happened?
My father shifted me to a hostel
and put a break in our relationship.
These fathers!
What happened after that?
I searched for Ghani and came all the way here.
Stop that.
You asked me to wait at the office.
What are you doing here?
Do you already know her?
I know all of you as well.
We are all from the same colony.
She is new joining.
She is Ghanis girlfriend.
I really dont know who she is.
Whats going on?
A small prank.
If I had given you an ordinary introduction,
I would have ended up as a contact in your phones.
But now, you are going to remember me
for the rest of my life.
Oh goodness!
Shes isnt an ordinary girl.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Get up Sir...
Its been an hour since Ghani came.
I dont think you are up to it.
Did you finish all the formalities for the selection match?
All done, my boy.
The selections are on the next Sunday and will rock it.
-What happened?
Time to celebrate...
This is not the time for celebration.
Ghani, the actual game is going to begin now.
The player who is up next is well trained
and fully prepared
with a proper coach.
Like me, right?
No matter how prepared they are or well-trained they are,
I dont have any other option, other than to win.
I am ready to face anyone.
Hi dad!
What a pleasant surprise, dad!
What else can I do?
Do you know how many months
its been since you came home?
Practice, dad.
We have lots of wealth.
A father like me would want his son
to either enjoy the wealth they earned
or join the business and take it to the next level
But you on the other hand
boxing and all that.
Do you really need to take such a risk?
Identity, dad.
Even though you have a lot of wealth,
you are one among the rich.
Is there anyone who would recognize
you without your wealth?
I am crazy about boxing.
Its my identity.
When I get into the boxing ring and begin to fight,
And when I am winning the game,
I enjoy the high it gives me.
Once I win the nationals.
My range will be on national range.
My brand image would be created.
Then I'll take over the business
I want to win when the entire world is watching.
All the best, my boy.
Thank you, dad.
Mom, coffee.
Ill be back.
Our colony has lost its reputation
because of your father.
I am ashamed of that Vikram is our neighbor
I thought Vikram is a good guy
but he proved me wrong
Ghani, coffee.
No, mother.
Didnt you just ask me for it?
In India, when two people meet, the topics
that are usually discussed are sports, movies and politics.
In sports, Olympics and Commonwealth games
are usually conducted every four years.
But, after those games, for the next four years,
people forget about those games.
There is a cricket event every month.
There are series as well with sponsors.
That is why that game has become very popular.
Even though there are many talented
sportspeople in every sport...
they do not have the right platform and are left behind.
Most of these games have very recently
begin to acquire viewership.
Just as with IPL, a lot of players have come to
light with the Pro Kabbadi and Pro Badminton series.
In the same manner, we are privatizing boxing
to create a platform for talented boxers.
That is IBL.
Indian Boxing League.
All the details and schedules regarding
IBL will be announced soon.
Boxing will very soon become the buzzing
topic in everyones conversation.
Thank you.
Bloody Cheaters
Good morning, Bangari.
I dont want your Good Mornings.
Mother, is there no Sambar (Lentil stew)?
Sambar ?
what are you looking at?
Serve me some breakfast.
So you eat your breakfast only when I serve you?
Do you inform me of everything you do?
Who is Maya?
Do you know Maya, mother?
Who is Maya?
She is my friend.
She is from my college.
Is that all?
That is all, mom.
What else can there be?
A while ago, she came home.
She came home?
Aunty, do you have some Sambar?
Who are you?
Who am I?
Ghani didnt tell you?
What should he have told me?
That I am his Lover.
You might be shocked that
I told you all this after so much has happened.
But that was the situation I was in.
What was that situation?
What was that situation?
Second month?
Just some random girl comes and
tells you something, and you believe it, is it?
Dont you trust your son even a little bit?
She came this far and moved
about the house and told us this.
Is there a reason we should not believe her?
You shut up.
My mother knows me well.
You meanthere is nothing going on.
Thank god!
What are you going to do tomorrow?
-I am sure Ill think of something.
I need to speak to you.
I never believed that one could fall in love at first sight.
But when I saw you for the first time...
I dont know what it is but I felt something.
Getting to know you is magic.
You cast some spell on me.
I want to be with you
I want to constantly stay with you
I keep constantly thinking these thoughts.
Why go that far?
Youve cast a spell on my mother as well.
I want to stay forever in this magic with you.
I love you.
Buddy, such passion in your confession!
Did you see that?
If my buddy here decides to prank you,
you have no other option than to be blown away!
Lets go.
She was shocked
Now she never does pranks
Whats going on with you?
If someone is pranked, they get irritated.
If not, they retaliate.
You on the other hand are enjoying it.
What else can I do but enjoy it.
Ive been waiting for three years.
I wanted to hear this from him.
If he confessed to me so passionately just as a prank...
imagine how passionate
he would be if he really loved me.
Like Juliet to Romeo.
Like the satellite to the Radio,
Like the beating of the heart.
Shall I remain so for you?
Like an invisible chocolate
Like your magnetic smile
I like all of you
Like the gorgeous moon.
Like the theory that Newton discovered,
My heart keeps being pulled.
Shall I take a u turn and
keep you company like a shadow?
If you ask me to describe my love for you,
Like the poet Veturi or Nanduri,
I dont think all the languages
of this world would be enough.
Like Juliet to Romeo.
Like the satellite to the Radio,
Like the beating of the heart.
Shall I remain so for you?
Did the cloud perch down here for me?
Happiness entered my life and brought me joy.
Until yesterday, I did not like myself as much as I do now.

And suddenly, even my breath is
sounding like a soft lullaby.
Like Juliet to Romeo.
Like the satellite to the Radio,
Like the beating of the heart.
Shall I remain so for you?
Hey guys... Are you ready for some action?
Welcome to the Race night!
Come on Krish!
Who is this weekend hero?
Who will race against him?
Nobody is there?
you might be a champion in the boxing ring.
But when it comes to racing, I am the champion.
Be it the boxing ring or the race,
I am still the champion.
Just wait.
The race has started.
Adi is raising.
I know Adi will do it.
100% for sure.
What happened?
Road block.
I think it's racing?
Hey, no... Maya
What are you doing?
Maya, please.
What man?
You seem to be overdoing it just
because theres a girl riding on your bike?
Get lost!
You wait... I'll take care of him.
Whats going on with you?
You are blocking the road and creating a ruckus?
Of course, we will create a ruckus. Our wish.
You think this road belongs to you?
Clear it! Clear it!
Yes, its my fathers.
what is your problem?
Yes, I have a problem with it.
So, clear it!
Not possible.
Sorry... Sorry.
You guys carry on. Sorry.
Maya, why bother with those fellows?
-Come at me!
Why did you apologize to him?
Its not wrong to apologize to him in this situation.
You seem to be running you mouth off.
Dont you know how to behave with women?
Whats this nuisance in the middle of the night?
That is exactly what I am asking.
Whats this nuisance in the middle of the night?
Are these races being conducted without your knowledge?
And they are harassing girls!
Sir, if this gets public,
its going to damage your reputation.
Whatever it is, deal with it later.
Just let this go for now, sir.
Please, sir.
do you want some ice-cream?
Are you always like this?
Dont you take anything seriously?
Why wouldnt I?
I am seriously in love with you.
Dont you get it?
I know that you understand, Ghani.
What is your problem?
I dont like it.
Dont like it?
Maya, you are very special.
You are naughty, the way you talkeverything.
They say that some people make
you forget the entire world.
If I am with you, I will forget myself.
And I dont like to forget myself.
The Ghani you see and the Ghani
that I am are different, Maya.
for a girl like you.
I am not the right person
My goals and my priorities are different.
The journey that I am on, I dont know
what is going to happen when or even where.
I dont think we can be in a relationship.
And I dont think you can understand either.
Why wont I understand it?
This isnt some sort of a lesson
for you to understand me.
This is life.
In my life, love is a mere disturbance.
And I dont want to be disturbed.
My love is a disturbance?
What happened?
I can understand if he doesnt love me.
He does love me but says that I am a disturbance.
He will know my pain if I avoid him
I already imagined his future.
So, it started now.
Hello! about girl friend!
This is called out focus.
Let's go.
He escaped!
Someday, we will catch him in Vizag.
The day we catch him, its going to be his last.
Lets go.
You shouldnt mess with a right
person in a wrong situation.
I already forgot about what happened
that day and moved on.
But you guys are still stuck there.
Let it go.
I'll let it go.
Come on, Ghani...
And the Zonal area winner is Mr. Ghani.
You came to the match yesterday?
Why didnt you tell me?
What should I tell you?
You said that I was a disturbance.
Is that why youve been avoiding me
for the past two days?
Its my wish.
That is what I am going to do.
Stop it Maya!
Alright, please forget about that.
I beg you.
In another few minutes, somebody
is going to knock on the door of your home.
Did you come here again?
Dont be stressed.
I didnt come.
I sent you a very good gift.
Gift? What is it?
Why ruin the surprise by telling it?
Go and see for yourself.
I will only accept it if you tell me what it is.
If not, I am going to send it away.
No! No! No!
I will tell...
I sent you the boxing gloves as a gift.
You mean youve patched up?
Its none of your business.
Go about your work.
What is it?
Shouldnt I see it?
Who asked you to send me gloves?
I only sent you gloves, right?
Why are you overreacting?
In just a matter of a second, my 15-year-old
dream would have been shattered.
I would have to forgo everything.
What are you talking about, Ghani?
Generally, when someone knocks on the door,
people in the house dont look at the door.
They look at their father.
Its because of the belief that ones father
wouldnt let the problem get to them.
What if that very father is the problem?
In everyones life, their father is their role model, Maya.
Its the same for me.
On how a father shouldnt be.
I experienced a lot of pain when I was young.
I had only two options then.
live by the promise I made to my mother and
stay far away from certain things and live quietly.
bring back our happiness that
our father lost and my mothers respect.
That is why I learnt boxing, Maya.
Despite such pain...
how are you able to stay normal, Ghani?
Do you know whats the most difficult thing in this world?
It is to make the other person believe that you are happy.
That is exactly what my mother and
I have been doing for the past 15 years.
She told me to forget.
And she pretends that she has forgotten.
One day, she is going to find out the truth.
Even the lie knows that its days are numbered.
That is why whenever I got the opportunity,
I kept prolonging that lie.
If someday, mother gets to know about the truth...
It should be on the day that
I win the National Boxing Championship.
That is my goal.
Being in love isnt just about loving that person.
It also means sharing their problems
and their responsibilities.
I am always with you.
I love you, Ghani.
For the past 15 days, the state competitions
at the state championship have seen a lot of enthusiasm.
It is now time for the final.
We are proud to announce the finalists
for the state championship.
Winner Ghani from Zonal A.
Adi from Zonal B.
Please welcome them on
to the Dias with a big round of applause.
Ah! Finally, caught you.
I am happy that I am in the finals.
But I am happier because you are my opponent.
That day, you didnt just mess with me.
You messed with my ego.
Pray to god.
Make sure you survive maximum number of rounds.
That day, since we were out,
I held back my punches.
Tomorrow, in the ring, there will be no such restrictions.
Pray to God.
Ask him to save you from me.
Good luck.
Is he the son of Vikramaditya?
Yes, its him. Confirmed.
I am coming.
How many bonsai plants do you have?
There are none left, madam.
You tell me that now?
Immediately place an order for them.
Yes, madam.
Madam, I have some happy news.
Happy news?
Your sons picture is in the newspaper.
In the blue corner Ghani...
In the red corner Adi...
Boxers... shake hands
Come on, Ghani.
Go to your corners
Cool Ghani!
Go to your corners
Wow! Ghani!
Give your best, Ghani!
Is this energy given by your girlfriend?
Can I take my chance with her too?
Whats going on?
You are playing with such gusto.
Did you take steroids like your dad?
You must have.
You are really his son.
I am warning you
Why is he behaving contrary to the rules?
What is this?
Damn it!
Ghani is being disqualified because he played
a foul game and went out of control.
We stop this boxing match and
are now announcing Adi as our State Champion for this year.
Why are you angry?
Is it because you lost the match?
Or because you didnt keep your promise?
Its because I was born as Vikram Adityas son!
Its because hes been an obstacle every step of my way.
because he made me lie to you!
And because he made me lose today!
He committed the crime.
And Ive been suffering these horrendous consequences
for the crime I didnt commit for the past fifteen years,
He gave me life and ruined it!
Is he even a human being?!
What the hell are you talking about?
Did I ever tell you that he committed a crime?
I was worried that something might happen
to you and so I forbade you to take up boxing.
Even if you hit me or make excuses for him,
he is a bloody cheater!
Stop it, Ghani.
Would you say this if you won the match?
If you win, the credit goes entirely to you.
And if you lose, its your fathers fault?!
Its against the spirit of the sport, Ghani.
Who the hell are you?
What do you know?
I know that Vikram Aditya.
That Vikram Aditya that no one knows about.
I saw him a few inches away, three feet above
the ground and in 60 x 20 boxing ring.
On that way...
I was Vikram Adityas opponent in the game.
He was easily one of the best boxers in the history of
We all fought to won the game.
But he fought to make sure that
the boxing sport became the highlight.
The power of his punch was known only
to the wind that resisted his hand.
Even though his feet moved,
only the boxing ring knew his game.
He is one of the greatest fighters
and the world didnt know about it.
That is Vikram Aditya.
Come on, Vikram... come on.
The new state champion is Vikram Aditya.
Thank you so much, sir.
As soon as I requested,
you added boxing into the school sports.
Ghani, when you grow up...
you must become as big a champion as your father is.
Sure, sir.
My father is my role model.
Vicky, the national notification is out.
Theres just one month left until
your dream becomes true.
All the best.
Thank you, Eswar. Thank you.
Congrats, sir.
All the best.
Thank you.
What happened?
Why arent you wearing the gloves?
How can I afford it, brother?
Even though I raised the issue with the federation,
no one pays any attention to it.
Be that the case, we cannot stop practicing, isnt it?
Here, take it.
Use these gloves.
Thank you, brother.
Whats up, Madhuri?
What are you doing?
I am putting up my heros cup.
-What do you mean?
You might be the state champion.
But, for me, my son is my champion.
Does that mean I dont matter anymore?
Looks like someone is jealous.
Why would I be jealous?
I am very proud.
When I see strangers engage in boxing,
I take a lot of delight in it.
When my very own son is on the path
to becoming a big boxer, I am very happy.
For every son, his father is his first role model.
I wish for my son to grow up and become a big
boxer, and become a role model for a lot of people.
My hero will definitely become one.
What happened?
Ramesh got injured while practicing.
how is Ramesh?
He is out of danger.
My god!
He has an important match in two days.
Vikram, he is just out of danger.
Why would you talk about the match?
He cannot continue his career any longer.
Sir, what are you saying?
He hurt his eye because he practiced without a guard.
His optical nerve has been damaged and he lost his eye
He can no longer pursue boxing.
How is it that as players,
you cant take even the basic of precautions?
If they give us, why would we refuse?
But they should first provide us with gloves.
What if they dont give?
You mean to say you will not get your hands on them?
He just lost an eye today.
Tomorrow, someone may lose their life.
Anything can happen.
Hope you understand.
How many lives are you going to play around
because of your incompetency?
Ramesh's life and his career are completely shattered.
Vikram, you are crossing your limits.
Did you look at his hands?
Did you notice the injuries on his hands?
Do you know the ambition and
hope behind those injuries?
I am worried if they would all turn into
champions or just end up like Ramesh.
You think we are responsible for all this?
Boxing is a contact game.
Dont you know the risk of injury in this sport?
Why are you talking as if no boxer
in the world goes through injuries?
We are well aware that while boxing,
there could be injuries.
If those injuries are because we fought
for our state or our country...
we are happy to subject ourselves to such injuries.
How ridiculous that ones career ended because
there are no facilities provided in practice?
Isnt every sport federation provided
with monetary support from the government?
What are you doing with it?
Sir, do you have some change?
You asked me about funds, right?
The amount of funds that the
central government allocates is
one rupee.
After removing the salaries and other
monthly expenditures, the amount left is 50 paise.
There are 22 sports in Sports Authoritys list.
When that fifty paise is distributed amongst the 22 sports,
Boxing is left with 5 paise.
That means, there is no change.
A cheap sport that does not have
even the minimum of funds.
A cheap sport?
If you split the funds that way,
the sport will be left with peanuts.
If you reduce the amount of money you spend
on eating out and your unnecessary drives...
players can be provided with proper kits.
Just because you won the state championship,
youve gotten aggressive.
There are many who went to the nationals
before you just to make a mark.
And none of them ever did.
You got a few of your buddies along
and are showing off your clout, is it?
Do you know what would happen
if I get as aggressive as you?
What are you going to do, sir?
Sir. I will take care of it, sir.
Sir, that is not it
Tell in a way that he understands.
You there, get me a cup of hot tea.
Okay sir.
I have a splitting headache because of this.
Do you all even know what youre doing?
Come to reality.
Just because you come and create a fuss,
is Rajesh can play boxing again?
Do you think youll get the
equipment if you get aggressive?
There needs to be certain achievements and
a stature for you to even demand things and get them.
First, win the nationals.
I will win, sir.
I will do it for sure.
Not for the sake of winning for myself.
I will win to make sure that
this sport gets its due recognition.
I will win to make sure that all the hopes and
ambitions of those who believe in this sport win too.
Thats the spirit.
Vikram, do you even know what you are doing?
Are you going to forgo such as plum government
post just for a sport that has no patronage or an audience?
Looking at you, I feel like someday,
you are going to drag your family down onto the streets.
People take up a job for the reason of security.
But people flock to a sport because of a certain madness.
They want to play for the state.
And they want to win for the nation.
But the problem with the society is that
whoever wins is proclaimed as one of their own.
And nobody encourages those who want to win.
The nationals are very important for me, sir.
I dont need a job that is an obstacle to my boxing.
That is not what I meant, Vikram.
Sir, if I wanted your opinion,
I would have listened to you.
I am informing you of my decision.
Hope you understand.
Thank you, sir.
The most important quality of a player is ambition.
This system is making sure that
ambition is nothing more than a thought.
All the players think that I will be assured
of a good future when I win the match.
But I doubt if that would happen.
You are right!
But, what more could you have done?
I should do something, Madhuri.
I must.
Just thinking about those boxers like me
who are interested in the sport...
but are not given the necessary support,
is making me upset.
Until yesterday, I thought becoming a champion was enough.
But now, I want to create a platform for such people.
Bharat Boxing Academy.
In there, its enough if the boxers are interested
in training in Boxing and are determined to win.
The Institute will provide them with
all the necessary facilities.
In the future, they are going to play at the state level,
national level and even internationally.
They will make sure that India is proud
of the achievements of its boxers.
Vijendra Sinha.
Defending Champion.
Very aggressive boxer.
Now all eyes are on him.
All those who are sponsoring
the nationals are sponsoring him.
If you win, its altogether, an entirely different high.
There will be people, media and following.
This is what real success looks like.
Are you tensed?
Why would I be tensed?
If the opponent is very skilled,
one can enjoy the game even more.
Congratulations, sir.
Thank you.
Its the first time that a South Indian player
has come to the finals.
How do you feel?
Very happy.
My life is boxing.
Representing the state and the country in the sport
gives me a lot of happiness when compared to having a job.
That is the magic of sports.
There are many occasions where countries
got recognized because of sportsmen.
That is whats great about these games.
Your defending champion,
Mr. Vijendra Sinha, seems very confident.
No matter what happens,
there can only be one winner.
No matter who wins, ultimately,
its the sport that should shine bright.
I will be the one winning this.
Everyone here has come to win.
But I am the brand ambassador of winning.
Congratulations on reaching the finals, Vikram.
Thank you, sir.
But I am not able to wish you the best.
You know everything.
As national sponsors,
we are the ones who are sponsoring Sinha.
If Sinha doesnt win this match,
we are going to face a huge loss.
It will damage our reputation.
Next year, we will be the ones sponsoring Vikram.
At the same time, we will pay him twice the price
money that is being offered to the winner now.
Vikram should lose the finals.
What are you saying?
You can put the logo of your brand on a players jersey.
That is your business.
There is nothing wrong with that.
But, for the sake of your brand,
its completely brutal to ask a player to lose the match.
Please remember this.
Anywhere or anytime, you can only sponsor the game.
You cannot command the player.
We will give more money.
If you say something more or even
if you stay here any longer,
I dont know how I will be reacting.
What did you do?!
I hope you understood our decision.
If you turn this into an issue,
we might have to complain to the sports authority.
Get out!
Vicky, the good news is
you are sure to win.
Such politics?
Earlier, I was struggling to even pay
for learning the sport...
But now, here they are,
ready to pay you to lose the match.
They turned sports into business.
-Please forget about all that.
Theres just one more day until your dreams are realized.
Mom, I'll talk to Dad.
Please be careful. All the best.
Hey, Ghani.
Welcome to National Boxing Championship.
Youve made a lot of sacrifices to come this far.
Now it is a chance.
You can do it, Vikram.
Dont think about anything else.
Just go and fight.
The victory is ours.
Come on, all the best.
Vijay, these players are not new to you.
And this boxing ring isnt new either.
Neither are these people new.
Nor is the victory.
Just knock him around.
Come on!
Come on Vicky.
90 seconds until you become a champion.
90 seconds to realize the hopes of all
those who believed in you.
Okay, Vicky.
Keep it up, come on.. Vicky.
Congratulations, Mr. Vijendra Sinha.
Just as you predicted,
you won for the second time.
I will be the one winning the
Commonwealth games as well.
All the best.
Hey, I am Shanta.
The man of the day.
Thank you so much.
Why are you looking like that?
Arent you going to thank him?
Thank him?
What do you mean?
If it wasnt for him,
we wouldnt have won the tournament today.
If you make a person an offer,
he should either be excited about it or is in need of it.
Vikram has neither.
But I have the need.
What youre asking isnt Vikrams defeat.
You are asking for a players dream.
It is about some players career.
And beyond that, it is about the trust he placed in me.
Excite me more.
Sir, how is the player?
I am sorry to say this.
Mr. Vikram Aditya died due to steroid overdose.
Bloody cheater!
Are you going to complain to the board?
Everyone here is the same.
The amount the board pays us in salaries isnt enough.
If the sponsors see you lose, their brand value plummets.
So, media will not have any business.
Opportunities such as this, very rarely fall into my lap.
Weve already divided the share.
With your share, enjoy the victory that isnt yours.
Dont overreact.
Okay, Champ?
One mans greed destroyed two players lives.
At that time, I was in a situation where
I knew everything and yet couldnt do anything.
I tried really hard to find you.
But you didnt have any identity.
Ghani, your father wasnt just some big player.
He was a man with great ideals and vision.
"The unsurmountable amount of pain that you experienced
when you were blamed is beyond imagination."
"Father! Father! Father!"
"Your pride and reputation must have
dispersed like ash in a strong breeze."
"Father! Father! Father!"
"You are insuperable heights
who cannot be comprehended by everyone;"
"And I am one among everyone."
"Faulting you was my biggest mistake;
Can you forgive your child, father?"
"You are my pride."
"You are my destination."
"You are my journey."
Forget about winning or losing.
Just box to enjoy the game.
That is when you are going to become the best boxer.
That is when you will experience the high of the game.
Come on, right left.
Thank you so much for telling me
the truth about my father, sir.
For the past fifteen years, I believed in the
same lies about my father like everyone else.
Not once did I think that my father
is innocent of all the blame.
My father would always tell me
to enjoy the game and compete.
Where as I, I boxed with anger, hate and emotions,
and brought myself to this situation.
This year, I must somehow participate in IBL.
And win the nationals.
What are you talking, Ghani?
Youve already been banned from competing for an entire
Anger, aggression, emotion.
Everyone has all those things within them.
Players like Mohammad Ali, Mary Kom, Vijendra
Singh have become winners by overcoming all these things.
Now, all this is a waste.
Its too late.
I cant help you.
All these days I boxed to prove myself
to be different from my father.
But now, I need to prove that
my father isnt such sort of a person.
Sir, if you help, I can participate in IBL.
Please, sir.
Give me one last chance.
You were a two-time champion,
who stayed away from the sport for 15 years and have
suddenly popped by and are now asking for a favor.
How do you think I can say no to you?
Boxing is an emotional game.
He is a strong player.
But he needs to have a good emotional balance as well.
I believe you, Mr. Vijender.
I am giving you my approval because
I trust your judgement.
Thank you.
When you reached the finals of state level championship,
you got into the IBL selections by default.
Of course, there were problems because of the ban.
But I have sorted it all out.
You are part of the IBL now.
Sir, thank you.
-Theres very little time now.
So, get started.
Your innings starts now.
Okay, sir.
I will start right away.
Sorry, mom.
I spoke nonsense without knowing the
entire truth about my father and hurt you.
I dont know if we are used to the pain
or if pain got used to us.
But its always been around us.
To achieve dads goals, I need to win boxing.
Mother, I got selected to the IBL.
I am going to Delhi.
Your father did not lose the match.
They made him lose the match.
I dont like you going there.
I can understand your fear, mother.
You are saying no because you are scared that the
same thing that happened to dad would happen to me as well.
If I dont try after getting to know dads goals and
vision, every moment of my life, I would be in constant
In the very boxing ring that my father lost...
I should win there and proudly proclaim
that I am Vikram Adityas son.
I shall take my leave, mother.
I will be back.
You dont lose when you are knocked down.
You lose when you stay down.
So, our focus should be on the opponent.
The power should be in our fists.
And when you hit, the injury should be a thousand-fold.
Why didnt it move?
Do you understand?
Do you get it?
Youve been hitting for the past
ten days and it hasnt moved.
I didnt hit it to make it move.
I hit it so you could understand.
I dont know about all that.
Give me back my money.
Money? What money?
-Once you give me the money,
its as good as making an offering to your teacher.
You should fear me that much at least.
What are you looking at?
What are you looking at?
I didnt teach you this punch, did I?
-I saw it in YouTube.
Apart from cooking,
are they teaching boxing as well on YouTube?
Even though he saw it on the YouTube,
his right hook is
-Excuse me?
What do you want?
-I want to meet the coach.
How can I be of help?
Mr. Vijender Sinha asked me to meet him.
I dont have work here at all.
What can you do here?
Is the room ready?
-Ready, sir.
Get ready.
We are going to start your practice.
Everyone here dreams of being a champion,
just like you.
But there is only one winner.
And why should you be that one winner?
Why you?
Dont stop this fight until the very end.
Thiswarrior spiritis necessary for every dream.
Why bother about yesterday or the day before?
Today is your battlefield.
Dont be distracted.
Your focus is your foundation.
Whether you fall or rise, dont ever stop.
You must continue with the spirit of the sportsman.
Whether its a defeat or victory, dont count it.
Your game is your felicitation.
Do you have it in you to set aside all that anger and
insults you faced for twenty years.
and just focus on the opponents
movements during the match in the boxing ring?
Then why you?
They call him Ghani.
Someone the world has never heard of before.
They call him Ghani.
Like the world is his for the offering.
They call him Ghani.
Someone the world has never heard of before.
They call him Ghani.
Like the world is his for the offering.
Whether you win or lose,
your name will be in the records, Ghani.
But if you win, you will be in history.
The Why me question should always be in your mind.
And the answer to that question should be in your game.
Are you ready?
Tomorrow is ours, victory is ours.
Theres light at the end of the dark night.
Tomorrow is ours, victory is ours.
Every drop of sweat you shed brings you results.
They call him Ghani.
They call him Ghani.
Like the world is his for the offering.
Someone the world has never heard of before.
The name is GhGhani.
( News commentary )
Welcome to everyone who has come
from all across India.
And especially to the boxers.
Who are eagerly waiting for the IBL.
Now the day has arrived today.
With pleasure, we invite our
sports minister to launch the logo of IBL.
Please launch the logo sir.
Now, I would like to call upon
the most important person
The man behind this idea.
The person behind this revolution.
The founder of this format.
The strength of this IBL.
Mr. Eshwar Nath to come up on stage.
Welcome to everyone.
Unlike every year, the boxing federation has
changed the pattern of the game at nationals.
Many people are wondering why they made this change.
India is a great country.
But so far, it was able to win
only 10 gold medals in Olympics.
Boxing hasnt got even a single one of those medals.
That is why Indian Boxing Federation
has taken a step forward...
and turned National Boxing Championship
into Indian Boxing League.
It has been my dream for the past 25 years.
Earlier, there were no facilities available
for those who wanted to learn boxing.
There were no opportunities to box either.
I have seen players who starved themselves
just to get an opportunity to compete.
And Ive even seen players whove resorted
to unethical practices to win.
That is when I thought about it.
Every player who wants
to play must be given an opportunity.
Every player who is capable and talented needs to
be supported so that no one tries to sabotage them.
That is IBL.
IBL champion is a national champion.
The champion of this league can participate
in any league or championship in the world.
But they will do that as someone who is representing India.
In the future, India is going to be in a number
one position when it comes to boxing.
I say it with pride that India is going
to win gold medal in Olympics.
Dream boxing, breathe boxing, live boxing.
IBL is with you.
Thank you.
Did you get angry when you saw Eswar?
When I saw the man who put us in such a situation,
I was so angry that I wanted to kill him.
But, killing him is simply so easy.
At the max, it can be delayed by a day.
The next year, they are going to launch IBL on his name.
My father trusted him and lost.
You won and yet you lost.
But he has become such a central figure in Indian boxing.
My father wished for the success of the sport.
If the sport has to succeed, I need to win.
Because the society always believes the words of a winner.
I will win, coach.
I will win for sure.
Like father!
Like Son!
Let's do it.
Youve knocked it out of the park, Eashwara.
IBL is trending on FaceBook, Twitter and the entire media.
The entire country is overcome by this IBL fever.
But there is a small problem.
The name of that problem is
Advisory Board chairman, Irfan Khan.
That very same man.
Tell me, Eashwar.
What else is there to say, Mr. Khan?
If you give us the clearance,
we can start the tournament.
How can you start?
Its wrong to even make the announcement without
the approval of the Advisory Committee.
The government approved it and
I made the announcement.
Whats wrong with that?
There is nothing wrong with the government approving.
But it is wrong to make you in charge of this game.
I am very clear on the intention behind this move.
If you are that clear,
why dont you give me the clearance?
If necessary, I will stop the IBL
that has already been announced.
But I will make sure what you want
doesnt come to pass.
Thanks for the confirmation.
If possible, let us meet again.
I am prepared to kill IBL and those who oppose my ideas
Let's begin the game
come to the ring of destiny.
The sport of your hearts desire is boxing.
So, come on, you and me,
lets get the excitement going.
Make a fist with those ten fingers,
bend them, bend them.
Let the adrenaline flows through you like a flood.
I wonder how powerful and sharp you are.
Let your punches show them.
There are so many who call themselves players
Wonder how powerful each one of them is.
Count them up and win over them
Come on, play.
The expectations riding
on you touch the borders of the skies.
Only your victory matters.
Give it your best and play
No matter how strong your opponent is,
Just knock them out.
Take the trophy.
Only the one who wins becomes the king, isnt it?
What happened Ram Mohan?
You asked me to invest 500 crores in a sport
such as boxing that has absolutely no recognition.
I trusted you and invested the amount.
The sport is now recognized and even you made name.
And the quarter finals players list is out as well.
What about my money, Eashwara?
When will I get it and how will I get it?
Our people are so habituated to betting that
They gather around the tea stall and bet on the
series number of the car thats going to pass them by.
And they even spend hundreds of crores
gambling away on cock fights in Bhimavaram.
They gamble thousands of crores on elections
and hundred thousand crores in cricket.
Our people need a situation to start gambling.
Gambling is in the DNA of Indian people.
This works with cricket, politics and cock-fights.
How will this work with boxing?
Hello, excuse me?
Dont take boxing lightly.
There is a turnover of lakhs of crore of rupees on
upcoming sports all over the world.
Cricket accounts for only 20%.
Just one boxing match in Las Vegas
amounts to 300 to 400 million dollars in gambling.
Its far greater than the gambling in IPL matches.
Oh goodness!
Who is this, Eashwara?
-Yousaf Ali Khan.
One of the best betting experts in India.
Right from MLA, MP elections to Cricket and Rummy betting,
he is the one who handles all illegal betting.
Yousuf will take care of things such
as how to set the odds in IBL,
fix matches and make sure the message
reaches the people through social media.
Its all good that he will take care of it.
What about the players?
Shakuni won not because Dharmaraju
didnt know how to play the game.
Its because he knew the kind of
numbers he needed to throw.
I got it.
You are the ones who will be running the show.
Just as the Shakunis dice,
you will be handling players in the same manner.
arrange a party for all those who won the quarterfinals.
Okay sir.
Finally, after fifteen years.
How are you, Vijendar?
I am right here.
But youyou reached somewhere else.
You know what your problem is, Vijender?
You know how to fight in the ring.
But you dont know how to win in life.
Well, are you going to introduce me or
are you going to keep hiding him?
Vikram Adityas son.
Hey, champ!
He would have told you everything
about me as soon as he met you.
And as soon as you found out,
you should have come and surrendered.
I would have done something to give
you a leg up in your career.
And if you didnt come even after you knew things,
you must have some other intention.
This is not going to happen.
I will not let that happen.
Whether it is life or boxing there is no victory in
Victory comes with struggle
Note it down.
I am going to be the one who will win the tournament.
Theres nothing wrong with thinking that.
Since you are Vikram Adityas son,
you will be motivated by revenge.
Your youth will boost your ego.
And you will nourish the hope that you will win.
But, this is Eashwar Nath.
I am the one in charge.
I am the one who makes someone win or lose or
even make them participate in the game.
You dont have it in you to face me.
There is nothing wrong with underestimating me.
Because you carry a 25-year sin in your life,
your ego makes you think that you will win.
And your arrogance will make you believe that you will not
In life, you can mess with a good man or a bad man.
But you should never mess with a mad man
like me who wishes to make the sport shine.
Because you cannot take it.
Vijender, did you teach him to box or mince words?
I established my foundations in your fathers loss and got
this far.
You are just a kid. What can you do?!
I can do as much damage as someone
in this tournament can inflict upon you.
You will be outside the ring and watch the match.
But I will be in the boxing ring, playing the game.
I will make sure that every victory of mine
is going to make you start fearing.
I will make sure you remember your sins.
I will make sure you have no other option.
I was so used to winning that there
was no more excitement in my life.
Now, I am on a high.
I like it.
All the best, Champ.
What happened here, Rishi?
I think its a knock out.
But we will have to confirm with the replays.
Look at that...
wah, what a punch?
So, in the four quarterfinals that happened,
three were according to our odds and equations.
And we won close to 400 crores.
But, the fourth quarterfinal,
which was between Ghani and Sohail Khan,
the odds and equations that we predicted for it, did not
In fact, it went in the opposite direction.
We lost.
How much did we lose?
Approximately 100 crores.
Hundred crores, Eashwer?!
Sir, going forward, the stakes are going
to be five to ten times higher.
Its semis and finals.
Even one small mistake
If we lose even one match,
the consequences will be unthinkable, sir.
It looks like we are going to be in losses right off the
You must do something.
Don't give the opponent a chance...
You should...
Sorry bro.
I made a mistake.
False ego.
After I got to know the truth about your father,
I realized how important this match is for you.
I lost the match.
But you must win.
(Game commentary)
Ghani, Are you okay?
Are you okay?
(Game commentary)
Idiot... it's a foul.
Referee, it's a foul.
Give me that tray... faster.
Relax Ghani! just focus on the game.
Move... move... move
(Game commentary)
Stop, move back.
Knock him off.
Ghani knocks out Kala
Blunt force damage.
Right now, nothing critical.
But, if he goes to the same situation in the finals
and injures himself in the ribs,
his lungs and liver could be damaged
and that could endanger his life.
Hope you can understand.
No, Ghani.
The decision is in our hands.
You don't worry.
Next year, we can practice and try once again.
IBL chairman, Mr. Eashwer Nath has proceeded to
meet the IBLs first finalist, Ghani.
Lets watch the live updates.
What going on?
Why is there no pride that you won the match?
Neither can I see the pain because of your rib injury.
That day, after the winning punch, you gave me a look.
I didnt like how you looked at me then.
I was hurt.
Eashwer Nath.
Today my position, my power
The empire Ive created for myself
This is all 25 years of hard work.
How will I stay quiet when a 25-year-old kid comes
along and says that he would turn into all into rubble?
The investment I made in quarter
finals for your defeat is a loss
But I did make profit because of your success in
Do you know what the bonus is?
As you wanted, you came all the way to the finals.
But you cannot win.
Do you know why?
Your opponent is Ivan...
my monster.
Trained in Russia.
The wildest beast in the ring.
I killed his father because I knew that he was
going to turn into a problem in the future.
How will I let him go?
Your player is very lucky, sir.
If he had taken 10 milligrams more, he would have died.
Can I give it to him now?
What are you saying, sir?
He will die!
Can I tell you one thing...
The doctor is going to say that you are fit.
Media will come to the match
and you will turn into a crowd favorite.
You fighting the match, losing it and dying
all these things are going to happen for sure.
But I will be the one deciding until which round you
are going to play and until when.
All the best, Champs.
We lost our money because of him.
Now, you are making back that money by betting on him.
You are super, Eashwer.
You made him believe that you are
losing and the enemy is winning.
Who else could do a better job of stabbing
someone in the back?
Whats up, Yousuf?
Is everything set for the finals?
Yes, sir. Everything is ready.
The craze for this final is way beyond our expectations.
But there is a small problem.
The odds between the two players are equal, sir.
Thats good, right? Whats the problem?
If the odds are same for both the players,
it wouldnt bode well for us, sir.
If the expectations on one player are high and low
for another player, that is when we make a profit.
Otherwise, it wouldnt work, sir.
I tried to convince Ghani .. but it didn't work.
But he isnt listening.
That is why I called you.
I dont want another tragedy in the ring.
That is why if you could talk to him
What is it, mother?
Are you going to give me the same advice that others did?
That I shouldnt fight this match?
You should fight this match, Ghani.
Looking at you, I am reminded of your father.
To realize his dream, he let go of all of his interests, his
.and finally, his life as well.
Your father was such a man.
But people around him kept pointing fingers
at him like he was in the wrong.
I wanted to shout and scream that
Vikram isnt that kind of a person.
But I dont have any proof.
But today, you are here.
If I tell you not to fight, it is as good as
killing his dream once again.
You came this far despite the
number of hurdles in your path.
That can only mean that your
fathers determination is very strong.
Turn your anger into speed,
Put your pain into your punches.
And believe in the game.
Every punch you make, should be as if
your fathers ambitions are being brought to life.
We are right now at IBL finals.
The two finalists, Ghani and Ivan.
Ghani is from Andhra Pradesh and Ivan is from Haryana.
Lets see who is going to win the cup.
Ivan is an aggressive player.
His semi finals and quarterfinals were all knock outs.
My favorite is Ivan.
You know one thing,
do you know who Ghani is?
He is the son of Vikram Aditya who took steroids
and play in finals fifteen years ago.
Would he be able to erase that black mark with his victory?
Thank you all.
Finals begin in few minutes.
Let's enjoy the game.
The IBL final match will start in few minutes
From the red corner we have Ivan.
( Game commentary )
That's it... That's it...That's it.
( Game commentary )
( Game commentary )
Stop... stop.
Come on...
(Game commentary)
(Game commentary)
Back... Back.
(Game commentary)
Ghani try not to stay in yourselves
Watch his moves.
Move... move... move away.
Come on Ghani, Come on...
Cool... coo...
just be cool Ghani.
He does not rise.
I will win, coach
I must won
You fighting the match, losing it and dying
all these things are going to happen for sure.
your fathers ambitions are being brought to life.
Are you ok?
We will quit the game.
Whether dead or alive it is in the game only.
I'll play.
C'mon Ghani. Hit it hard.
You can do it.
Come... come.
(Game commentary)
We lost it.
And Ghani has won by a knockout
I dont know what you are going to do.
If you dont arrange for the money within 24 hours,
you know better than me whats going to happen.
So, make it fast Eashwer.
He is still so arrogant.
This isnt the right time.
Lets come back again to handle him.
Let's go.
Why cant I see pride in your eyes?
I cant even see the sadness that comes from defeat either.
I didn't like the way you treated us
at the party that day.
Now, you know the pain that feels like
someone is squeezing your heart.
We suffered that pain for fifteen years.
Do you know something shocking?
That Eswar will not let you win
He met me after the match
Bro, I need help from you.
Anytime, bro.
Ill help you anyway I can.
Do as he said
Not everyone cheats like you.
There is another breaking news for you.
I am very happy that Ghani won the IBL.
Ghani's father, Vikramaditya, was not a cheater.
In fact, he was a genuine and a great boxer.
That day, Eashwar Nath had deceived him into taking
the drug in a drink. And killed him heartlessly.
Do you have any proofs?
I have a proof regarding his death.
Vijender, I knew that his father would become a
problem for me the in the future and so killed him.
How do you think Ill let him off easy?
Are you feeling sad that the entire world knows the truth?
Do you realize how much pain my father
went through because of your betrayal?
You keep talking about your power,
your position and your 25-year-old empire
None of those things can save you now.
Karma (Fate)
Did you hear about it?
It doesnt spare anyone.
It catches ones pin code and comes to them.
It came to you in the form of me.
I know that you know how to handle
this situation better than me.
All the best.
Lets meet again if possible.
Ghani, its time.
Sir... here.
There is no time... please cut it fast.
Come on.
We need to get ready for Olympics.
What? In your coaching??