Ghazal (1976) Movie Script

Based on The Intruder by Jorge Luis Borges
Mohammad Ali Fardin
Faramarz Gharibian
Pouri Banaie
You must be tired.
Come here have a sip.
To your health, brother!
Brother, I'm running out of money.
What do you do with the money?
Nothing, just bought two ships with it.
You bet! Two plastic toy ships maybe.
- Are you going to spend the night with Malih?
- How about you?
I'm going to Tooba's place to be with Zari.
What do you like about this Zari?
I like nothing in her. It is she who
likes everything about me.
- This is that son of a bitch Nosrat.
- I can hear Malih too.
He thinks I'm dead that
he dares to act like this?
How dare you call yourself a man!
You have no shame?
You asshole, don't raise your hand on her.
You think you're tough?
They are not animals to give you free ride.
You mind your own business.
He has no mercy! He beats me
up anytime he feels like it.
You vicious man! People have
reported you selling trees.
If you have stolen them from us,
then you're in deep shit.
- Go fuck yourself!
- You bastard!
I'll drag you to the forest
to be eaten by the bears.
Or I cut your dick off so you
can join the women society.
Hojjat, don't take your knife out.
We need him to have our business run.
You've always been nice to me.
You used to bring me game meat.
I was making you feel comfortable.
Washing your laundry for you.
Please don't do this so we
can keep living our lives.
I won't kill him.
He stays alive because of you.
- I'll make you crawl out of here.
- You fucking pimp!
- Are we taking the high road?
- The horse knows the way.
Why you are so sore?
Having hangover?
I'm getting old. Look how many time
I've seen these trees losing leaves.
For how long, in the forest or the desert,
I've stared into the fire at night.
I've had three horses.
Two of them I buried myself.
I'm old now.
But you're still young.
We're not that different.
Soon I'll be like you.
We haven't visited Bibi's grave
in a long time.
Bibi was the only woman I ever respected.
How many nights she waited for
me to go back home.
She was washing my bloody shirts
to hide them from my father.
"I want to see you having a baby,"
she always used to say.
I used to say "Bibi, first I must fall in love,
and my love must be your servant"
She said I'll die happy if I see your son.
She died and I still have no son.
She was a real woman,
with many virtues.
She fell in love with my father because
of the way he held the gun.
When my father was killed she said
"I wish he was a better shot".
She didn't leave the room for two days.
I was very small.
I was small.
She was quite a woman.
You should find yourself a wife.
You should marry first.
And women nag.
She won't stand me washing,
cooking and caring for you.
She would be jealous of
my love for you brother.
Winter is coming to end.
Trees are about to blossom.
I would cut Nosrat's hands if I find out
he's been stealing the trees.
If that's true, he will suffer for it.
It's very quiet.
Should I wash your dirty laundry
now or in the morning?
Let's leave it for the morning.
You're too drunk now.
Go to bed, kid!
No need to make your hands wet for me.
- The wound is serious?
- No, it's not.
I saw an old Jeep for sale. Affordable.
I think we can buy it.
I don't know where from
Tooba has found this girl.
She is gorgeous.
Nosrat takes him to the city.
A good woman is like a good horse.
All eyes are after her.
I won't let it happen.
She impressed me.
Go and pay her a visit.
She is something!
I really liked her.
She was scared of me.
I guess that was her first time.
What was her name?
Son of bitches!
- I'm going to the city.
- What's happened?
They've cut more trees last night.
They've carried them with a jeep.
Whoever they are, they know
about when we are drunk.
I go to town, maybe I find him.
- I come along.
- No, stay. I'll be quick.
Have you seen a ghost?
- I've got good news.
- I can see that.
This is what you found instead of the tress?
I didn't search much.
This is Ghazal.
Take a good look at her.
- Now you believe me?
- So this is your brother? - Yes.
Take a good look.
Even an oak tree can overshadow him.
Maybe he is only handsome when it's dark.
Why look at me like that?
Hey stop looking at me like that.
I didn't know men sew too.
He can do everything.
So this is Ghazal.
Take a good look.
She bakes and washes.
She even cooks fancy foods.
And look how pretty she is.
I've paid good money to get her.
This is not a good patching.
I don't like people doing it for me.
Don't tell me you've washed all these!
Where are you hussy?
Come get this.
Be quick!
I don't need a pretty donkey here
who can't do anything properly.
Don't call me donkey.
Why so heavy?
What's in it?
Vodka... cotton.
You should visit our village. The first
thing they do is to give you a gun.
And put you on horseback,
even before you learn to walk.
Then they teach you catering.
To be the God of the house.
And you have these precious things too.
Is he always like this or it's
because he's afraid of me?
She's right. Why you're
silent like a log in fire?
If you like, I can take care of you tonight.
We do it together. We should
let the bear lick her.
Can't you two play the bear for me?
You shameless woman!
Don't touch me in front of him. He might
think I have taken away you from him.
Why are you so gloomy?
She's right. Why so depressed?
Is it because of her?
No, I just have nothing to say.
And now that she is doing everything
for you, I have nothing more to do.
It's not my fault. Whenever I come close,
you stand off and ignore me.
I talk and you don't listen.
I can see that you don't like me.
Have I ever been nasty to you?
I like you so much.
Come on!
What do you want me to do for you?
To wash your laundry? Trim your nails?
To make you warm?
Maybe breast feed you?
Tell me!
I feel comfy here.
There are no nasty men here.
Nobody hurts me or curse me here.
You seem OK too.
What have I done to you?
I won't go back to the city anymore.
Instead, I'll send letters to my father.
Say something!
Where aren't you eating?
Are you on hunger strike?
I'm going to the city.
Have some business.
If you needed me, I'll be at Malih's.
- Are you coming by?
- Yes.
- How are you doing today?
- Not bad.
Eat here or taking away?
I'm taking away.
- The usual?
- Yes.
Where is Hojjat?
In seventh heaven.
Is it true that he has a new company?
You talk too much.
Friday nights used to be our boogie nights.
There were Friday nights with Ghazal
who belonged to everybody.
Don't look at me like that.
Is it true that your brother is in love?
Are you looking for trouble?
I can see that he has abandoned you.
Put it on my tab.
Hey Zeini!
Tell your brother that he
should let the woman go.
It doesn't worth it.
We won't hurt you.
We just have a message for your brother.
Tell him to bring back that woman.
I came quietly. Let me go quietly.
How about taking this other whore as well?
The summer is near. How about you opening
a whorehouse for the new season?
How dare you?
Hello brother.
You are very late.
You had a fight?
- Who did this to you?
- Don't touch me.
How do you care when
you were not there?
Why aren't you more careful?
Why did you leave?
- Say something.
- I told you to come with me.
But you don't want to leave her.
We used to go there together.
She is not doing us any harm.
You're talking about her as if she is poison.
Was it Nosrat?
- You went there again?
- Where else I have to go?
Don't you know whose puppet is he?
Do you really know that they
are cutting the trees?
We are not in good terms with them.
And they are using it to harass us
[inaudible dialogue]
You're talking as if I'm dead.
You went to get drunk last night on your own.
And he found you alone.
He dared to do that, only because
you were not with me.
No, this is not true.
You have fallen for this woman.
Let her go.
Are you afraid of me?
He's not afraid of anyone.
You had never raised your voice on me before.
What's wrong with you?
If you want me I kick her out tonight.
But you have another problem.
Don't beat around the bush.
Tell me what you really want.
If you love her she's yours.
Haven't brought a virgin to this house.
I've paid for her.
[speaking in an unknown dialect]
[still speaking the dialect]
What do you think you're doing? I brought
you here, and I'm going to take you away.
Brother, if girls 100 times better than her
come to me, I won't replace them with you.
Tell me what you want me to do?
I have passed 40.
This woman has taken care of me,
and also of you.
What do you want?
if we don't have wives,
why shouldn't we enjoy this?
I'm running out of time.
I run out of breath when I walk to the river.
But I'm still strong enough to destroy
anyone who stand on my way.
For how long should I look outside this window?
Don't worry, I go when the morning comes.
I always leave when the morning comes.
I've been with so many men that I've
lost the count. You are just two more.
This is not the end of the world.
- When the morning comes, I will be leaving.
- No.
Is Hojjat gone?
He seemed down.
There was no need for him to go.
He had no business to go.
Maybe he wanted to leave us alone.
Alone or not alone, don't forget
that he is my brother.
- Why should he leave us alone?
- I don't know.
What do you sleep outside?
The water is for making tea?
It's not water it's milk.
Who brought it?
Hojjat has left it behind the door.
Why he didn't come in?
I have no idea.
- Would you like to have some?
- Yes please.
Warm it first and I serve you too.
You are pretty.
I can't touch you.
And you know why.
I know he doesn't like it,
and I don't want to hurt him.
It's chilly at night here.
Why do you sleep outside?
I'm afraid they might cut the trees.
Aren't you afraid of wild animals?
Any guns to protect yourselves?
Hojjat has changed now. Up to two years
ago he used to be as wild as a tiger.
In our village he nearly killed someone.
Fights every month.
20 of us against 20 of them.
If Hojjat hadn't left the village, now
he was either dear or in prison.
That's why he moved here and
became a forest guardian.
He brought me along too.
You talk to me but your mind
is somewhere else.
I go to Malih's place tonight.
Hojjat went to the bar.
Don't bother him.
I go fetch him.
Throw him out, Nosrat!
Look who wants to confront us.
He loves someone whose body
we all know inch by inch.
You son of a bitch, Nosrat!
You pimp have become cocky again?
I won't be happy to just kick you out.
I want you to leave this place forever.
Anyone daring to stop me
will see blood.
You promised you won't kill him.
Ok, I won't kill him.
You worthless piece of shit.
Look at him!
Now get lost!
Your brother is in love with Ghazal.
I swear I haven't touched Ghazal.
Get up!
Tonight belongs to you and Ghazal.
Don't lie to yourself Hojjat.
You still love her.
It's not like with other women.
We have seen many women.
She's different.
Let her go.
- What's wrong?
- Come and have my brother.
Don't you understand that for me
she's just another woman?
Don't fall for her because then you
have to choose between me and her.
You know that I will never do that.
You know I'm drunk and this
is only drunk talk.
I want her.
Stand up! Be like a man.
Take her inside.
Tell him why I brought you here.
Tell him, Ghazal.
I thought he hates me.
That's why I didn't tell him anything.
[spoken in dialect]
Come on, stand up.
You need to rest.
Are you telling me the truth?
I swear you to our mother's grave.
This woman has put spell on us.
Her curse can dry the whole forest.
Haven't you lie to me? She's taking me.
I said take him.
Why so quiet?
How was last night?
I told you that she's something, wasn't she?
But I didn't want you to fall for her.
She'll be your ball and chain.
You'll suffer.
You want a woman who
has slept with your brother.
You should either leave her or me.
I'd be fine either way.
I will hold no grudge against you.
What should I do? How?
- You stop me.
- This is what I said since the beginning.
How about sharing her between us?
Couldn't you identiy the theives last night?
I wish you had stopped
at least one of them.
I was beaten up.
I'm sorry if I couldn't.
I will find them.
There's no doubt that
Nosrat is involved in this.
Have you been hurt?
If we were together,
we could have got them.
By the way, if she gets pregnant
who's baby's that would be?
It makes it very complicated.
It will bring us hell.
- Do you want to get rid of her?
- Yes.
I'm worried.
We'll take her there.
Come on! Come on, move it.
Why so much hurry?
Are you looking for an excuse
to see her again?
You think you can fool your brother?
I'm happy that there is
no sign of her anymore.
She's gone for good.
I feel her eyes are still here.
Looking at us from behind the window.
From the top of that tree.
You see, she is looking
at us in all directions.
Don't panic, bro!
Do you think I'm that weak to
be influenced with a pair of eyes?
What is your problem?
Look, he has got old too.
He has gone dumb.
Do you think now that there is only
the two of us, we would be happy?
I'm missing something...
not because she has gone.
I'm missing you.
I'm missing our mother.
And Father. His horse, too.
I'm missing Sister whose husband
beats her up all the time.
Only if I see that bastard again.
Is there any fire burning in the chimney?
No, but tonight we both sleep inside.
I swear to our father's soul
that I'm missing your snore.
Which father?
Who knows if we're really brothers?
We're just buddies.
Move your ass, bro!
Anyone's here?
- Leave a note.
- They're illiterate.
- Welcome.
- Come here. You're in deep shit.
I don't remember you ever
bringing us any good news,
or to discuss our wage properly.
Two trees were found in the city which
were evidently cut in this forest.
Didn't you hear anything?
If you think the tress were
cut in here, you're wrong.
They who've been caught
never tell the truth.
They don't like us, so they claim
that the trees were from here.
- It's our job to see who's telling the truth.
- Whatever.
Someone is responsible for this.
And I'm going to get him.
- Half of the trees we've confiscated
are from here. - Be more careful.
These are the names and the dates.
Drop by to the office when you can.
We're doing our best.
We know our job.
It's not fair that every tree which is
cut from the forest you come to us.
If that's true, show me the roots. They haven't
uprooted the tree, so they must be here.
Let's clear it up in the office.
Look at them.
They take themselves too seriously.
What was that?
- Anyone's here?
- No.
Why don't you eat?
- It has no taste.
- It's the same thing that slut used to cook.
Be careful how you talk
to your older brother.
And you can talk to me
any way you like?
- I know what's your real problem.
- My problem is like yours.
Don't be so sensitive.
I know what's wrong with you.
- Think about me too.
- Don't play games with me.
I said I don't want to eat
and you keep lecturing.
Your words are bitter.
Your tongue is poisonous.
Your eyes are bitter.
I told you I don't want any.
Don't shout at me.
Don't take it out on me.
I'm not the one who's responsible for this.
I raised you to stand against me?
Has devil got you to behave like that?
You feel superior because I've
washed you and looked after you.
- I can't stand this anymore. I'm going.
- Don't you think that I know where to?
You asked me to get rid of her.
Don't you dare to touch me.
You might scare some
people, but not me.
If you were my brother
I shouldn't touch you.
You'll pay for this.
All because of a woman?
All because of a woman?
All because of a whore?
Don't say it...
I couldn't sleep last night.
Yes, I saw you.
Going somewhere?
I'm off to the city. I have some errands
to do. And to get the wage.
On a Friday night?
I'm restless.
If the weather doesn't change,
I come back before sunset.
Why like this?
Why here?
Don't say a word, bro.
You see the shape I'm in.
Why did you come here?
For the same reason you came here.
Why were we fooled?
You're growing up, bro.
You're not naive anymore.
Let's take her back tonight.
- You tell her.
- No, you tell her. I'm ashamed.
You should do it big bro.
Pack up your thing.
Get moving.
Promise to not quarrel with me anymore?
You won't send me back here again?
Stop talking and pack your things.
How this will end?
We can't let her go.
It would a disgrace.
We can't let her go again.
She will go back to her job again.
I love her.
- You don't love her, do you?
- No.
But how is it going to end?
You said I marry her, I can't
look into your eyes,
And if I marry her... don't
even think about it...
How is it going to end?
I know what are you thinking about.
You're having the same thought too?
... you are older than me...
... you've got more brain...
... is it right to do it?
Yes, Zaine...'s hard...
... we didn't know it would be like this...
...this is our nature...
You are right.
she will be leaving us forever.
To her.
To you two.
And that you always be.
As Ghazal's ephemeral.