Ghoomer (2023) Movie Script

"Let's dance, baby..."
Bro, stop...
What a lucky umpire.
I swear, man.
She'll look so good running
in slow motion...
No wonder women's cricket is so popular.
Play with us too, madam.
Let us bat...
on your pitch!
- She's mine.
- No, mine.
Sorry guys, women power
is on the rise.
If you hit on us,
we'll have to hit back.
Next time, wear a helmet
and watch.
Let's go.
When you fall sick...
what will you eat?
Opposite case...
she'll eat butter chicken then.
What do stock market players know
about fitness!
- Pull your paunch in.
- Granny!
Hot hot 'parathas'...
Niku, get a DNA test done for these two.
They can't be my grandsons.
Two more.
Let them eat, Granny.
There's just a one letter difference
between fitness and fatness.
And they are fatness freaks.
How was the match, Ani?
104 runs in 83 balls.
We won by 8 wickets!
You're the best.
You know, Chris Gayle scored a century
in only 30 balls.
Even my mutual funds have matured...
when will you?
Tishu, that was a T20 game.
Ani played a one-day match.
In a 50 over game
one has to play 50 overs.
Special forces act perpendicular
to the surface
and the formula is -
Force on the body is the
vector sum of the pressure
multiplied by the area
around the body.
What's the score?
Sorry, sir...
What's the score?
It's... 118 for 8.
English conditions...
swinging ball... they can't play.
- Who took the wickets?
- Joe Root.
Can't even play spin bowling!
- I tell you, if we had --
- Sir...
Sir, can we please get back to Physics?
We've half an hour of class left...
please watch the match after that.
Anina, you're a cricketer but
you have no interest in cricket?
I'm interested in cricket, sir...
that's why I'm studying Physics.
Ball trajectories are based
on the dynamics of a moving object
and the effect of atmospheric pressure
and thrust force on a rotating
spherical object...
Please teach me Physics, sir
so I can play spin and swing better.
Head position is so perfect.
So technically perfect, yet...
her strike rate is always above 120.
I think she's ready to play for India.
Let her play for the state first.
If you ring the bell so loudly,
how will God hear your prayers?
'Some spinach leaves... adding
some mint for a nice, cooling effect.'
'Some ginger...'
'Lemon juice, few celery sticks...'
Ani, your omelette is getting cold.
Concentration-booster smoothie.
To help you focus.
Formula 1 racer Lewis Hamilton
also drinks this formula.
One minute...
let me first call an ambulance.
Call... someone's about to have
a heart attack.
Eat eat...
This is readily available in England.
Today, the list of 24 probables
for the English tour will be announced.
Chill, Granny.
I've just started playing state-level.
There's still time.
Mr Morey - the selector,
was watching.
When you raised your bat
on scoring 50,
he applauded the most.
David Warner, without ever playing
state-level matches...
was selected directly
for the Australian team.
Times have changed.
The world of cricket is hungry
for special talent.
A piece of professional advice...
Concentrate on your concentration.
Why do you get so excited
when you see a spinner?
T20 generation!
"My heart spins like a wheel"
"Spinning all around you"
"My heart spins like a reel"
"Spinning even when it's cut loose"
"My heart searches for you..."
"Spinning around your neighbourhood"
"My heart follows you,
wagging its tail"
"My heart follows you,
wagging its tail"
"My heart follows you around,
wagging its tail"
Isn't this your grandpa's car?
It was. I pocketed it
after he popped it.
I missed you, Ani.
Life is so strange...
As kids, we spent every day together
then suddenly life takes over
and we go our different ways.
And then one day,
suddenly we meet again.
Feels like we've been meeting every day.
Stop the car.
What are you doing?
Ani, you're spoiling my hair!
Is this how you behave?
What's going on?
Hitting a girl?
The girl is hitting me, man!
- Did I ask you for help?
- Crazy girl...
Were you in a coma all these years,
you rascal?
You'd follow me around
like a puppy every day
then you showed your true colors
after moving to USA, you dog.
Had to check out my options in USA.
Now it feels like we've been meeting
every day!
How long are you here for?
As long as I'm alive!
Want me to drag you in?
Yes sir, this is Anina.
Thank you, sir.
Yes, sir.
I made it.
I made it to the Indian team
probables for the England tour.
I am so proud of you.
Don't cry, it's time to make
the opposition cry.
I've fully analyzed the English bowlers.
Their spinning department is weak.
Their biggest advantage is the weather.
Average seamers become
as good as Wasim and Waqar.
Bless you.
And who are you?
Remember Jeet, Granny?
Puppy love still following you around?
Give me your hand, Ani.
What is this?
I've been praying for three months now
that's why she has been selected.
This sacred thread is more powerful
than a bat.
You'll see, she'll score a century
in her very first match!
For that, I have to be selected
in the team first.
This is only a list
of the probables.
I don't know if I'll make it
to the 16.
- I don't believe in all this rubbish.
- I believe in it.
Bribing a God for his daughter!
Mohinder Amarnath always kept
a red handkerchief
in his pocket, while batting.
And 'Dada'... Sourav Ganguly...
would keep his guru's photo
in his pocket.
Sachin... always wore
his left pad first.
Legends and superstition
seem to be made for each other.
G.R. Vishwanath?
India's real legend, who played
before you were even born.
To face Andy Roberts without a helmet,
you need self-belief
not superstition!
Keep it on only if you score a 100.
- You?
- Hello, Uncle... Jeet. Remember me?
Didn't Ani break your teeth once?
Ma'am is here.
I'm so sorry. Too much traffic.
Don't apologize, ma'am.
The Chairman of Selectors can be late.
Coach, after the 15-day camp...
what's your feeling?
Who's fit? Who isn't?
Tell us and make our jobs easier.
Sorry, ma'am, all the girls
are super fit.
So, it's going to be a long day.
It's my job to make your job difficult.
All of them are good enough
to be in the final 16.
Let's begin.
She has so much time...
plays the ball so late.
She'll do well in English conditions.
Who is he?
Why is he on the field?
Ma'am, that's Paddy sir.
Padam Singh Sodhi.
He played a Test match
in the 90s.
But what is he doing here?
Please tell him, team selection
is going on. He can't be there.
Hello... you are?
And you, sir?
You don't know who I am?
I'm thirsty...
The thirst to play.
- Is that working?
- What, sir?
Sir, that's just--
It's a beautiful morning for cricket.
Sir, sir...
One ball. Just one ball.
Sir, selections are going on...
Sure... I didn't think
elections are going on.
Let me bowl one ball.
Seeing this amazing
batswoman play
I felt like bowling, after 20 years.
After all, the greatest motivation
for a bowler is a good batsman.
Just... one ball.
Sir, you'll have to leave.
You'll have to leave now.
What is he doing there?
Please get him out.
Sorry. Not ready.
Batswoman not ready, sir.
Dead ball.
One more.
Sir... you are disturbing our players.
- Please leave or else--
- Or else what?
You'll throw me out
and I'll be okay with it?
See, boss...
It's Happy Hour at the Club bar.
I ordered two large drinks and downed
four before coming here.
There will be a scuffle...
anything may happen...
to me.
Then you'll have to call an ambulance
there'll be a lot of drama.
The selectors' time will be wasted.
Just one ball. Two minutes.
I'm a spinner...
won't even need a run up.
One ball, please.
Coach sir...
He's a senior player, sir.
Just one ball...
What are you saying?
Selections are going on.
Girls are playing. This is not okay.
He'll bowl one delivery and leave.
Please, sir. One ball.
Just one ball.
Thank you, my friend.
One more ball, please... sir.
- Anina.
- Please, sir.
Was it a no-ball?
No, right?
Why should I bowl again?
Lady with the sacred thread!
In cricket, when you're out...
you have to go out!
What is happening?
Selection is happening, ma'am.
This girl... no!
Hello, Mr Padam.
You are?
Rumi Vakeel, Chairman
of the selection committee.
Get up from your chair...
and bowl.
You can gauge a batsman
in two minutes.
Things are deceptive from a distance.
All of you... bowl a ball each.
Once you're done,
meet me at the bar.
Happy Hour is on.
I'll teach you how to select...
the world's greatest whisky.
Use your common sense
young girls are playing.
If you can't shut the club,
shut the bar at least!
Every frustrated, failed cricketer
is given membership here.
What do you expect?
Girls, I'm sorry for the interruption.
We'll carry on with the selection.
All right?
Don't let this affect you.
What does Happy Hour mean?
Buy 1 get 1 free.
So where is it?
Right here, sir.
This is free with this one.
And with this one?
This is free with this one, sir.
This is free with this one.
And with this one?
This is a drink.
Where's the free one with this?
Here. Free.
- Rules are rules.
- Yeah.
And the free one with this?
Paddy brother...
wake up, it's 2 p.m.
Your tea will get cold
and then you'll say...
puckall tea!
First words in the morning
must be nice, Rasika.
It's not P... it's F... F!
- I don't want to eat.
- You have to!
- Why do I have to?
- If you don't, then--
Then what? I'll die?
How does it matter to you?
You won't, I will die.
If you're hungry...
you'll go and chew somebody's brain
that brainless person will vote
for the wrong political party
and the rights of people like me
will become 'wrong' again!
Because of these two eggs
my life will be fried!
So it's me who'll die, right?
Why on earth did I adopt you
as my sister?
And drink a little less...
or else you'll die too!
Drinking and dying
is better than not drinking and dying.
If there is less alcohol in the body
when dying
a lot of wood will be needed
for cremating it.
Many trees will need to be cut
there will be global warming.
So, in order to protect Mother Nature
and her children
at the time of death
the body should be full of alcohol.
Just one strike of a match...
Eco-friendly last rites!
What a puckall thought!
Your daughter has become
an Indian cricketer!
See the miracle of the sacred thread!
Not even one warm-up match?
What is this planning
by the Cricket Board!
Straightaway 5 one-day matches
and 2 T20s.
Hello... Mama-ji!
Ani has been selected
to play for India!!!
No match at Lord's?
Men play so many matches
at Lord's,
why can't women get one!
Hello Chacha-ji, Ani has been selected
to play for India.
The whole world is going on
about equality,
these chaps at Lord's are stuck
in the Lord Mountbatten era!
Why would she play for England?
She will play for India.
What is Bedford-shyre... Derby-shyre...
- Buckingham-shyre...
- Shire.
Where else are the matches?
Why? Want to book a double-room
in all these places?
Papa, how many relatives
will you broadcast this to?
Not ticket... cricket!
Sit down.
- Or you'll lose your voice.
- Aunty...
I understand a father's pride
but this over-enthusiastic publicity
can pressurize my player.
The pressure of making
every family member proud
can end up with her disappointing India!
Two butter 'naans'.
Is Jos Butler married?
- I don't know.
- Google it.
What if she and Jos have an affair
in England?
You're single, aren't you, Granny?
Go on. Kill me.
Who'll say thank you?
Sir, you can't go inside.
I'm a life member...
As long as I am living, I can.
The women's team farewell dinner
is on.
So, let it.
I won't be eating off their plates!
Sir, actually the club is closed today.
Call the management.
This is by order of the management, sir.
Who is the management to stop me!
This club is for cricketers
and I am a Test cricketer!
I will throw the management out!
Sir... please don't create
a scene today.
There are ladies inside...
tomorrow onwards, the club is all yours.
Sir, please...
Don't... please, sir.
Don't do what?
What have I done?
Seeing kids playing gully cricket...
don't grown ups feel like
bowling a ball or two?
Kids should be happy
that a Test cricketer bowled to them.
Show some bloody respect!
Sir, we do respect you...
but you are making the girls
feel uncomfortable.
Girls, am I 'uncomforting' you?
Lady with the sacred thread,
you got selected?
Did you get someone high up
to make a call?
Or did you bribe someone?
Because you certainly don't deserve
to be here.
I love how this system works!
A player who can't face a single ball...
is being fed 'biryani'
and taken to England.
And the one who took her wicket
isn't even being allowed
to go to the bar.
I will not leave without my drink!
Sir, one more word against my players...
and there'll be no one worse than me.
No one can be worse than you.
You've picked a third-class cricketer
for the team
to bring shame to the nation.
Are you a coach or a cockroach?
You've picked garbage...
hand-picked it.
I just want to...
I just want to kill
that son of a...!
Forget that fool.
Ani, focus on England.
You're leaving day after.
What if he's right?
What if I really am
a third-class batter?
Ani, are you crazy?
You're the next superstar
of women's cricket.
Whose wicket can be taken...
by even a drunk, unfit,
retired male bowler.
Fluke, Ani.
It was a fluke.
If he bowled another ball,
it would be game over for him!
You can play Jimmy Anderson
better than our male players.
So, come on, cheer up.
Cover your ears.
- Why?
- I said, cover your ears.
I am driving... how can I?
Okay, done.
Don't stop. Call him more names.
Shut up.
You should wear a helmet while playing.
How will people focus
on your batting?
Who do you think you are,
flirting with an Indian cricketer?
Who should I be?
At least somebody who can afford
to buy a small new car.
I sold my company for 20 million dollars
in the US.
20 million dollars?
Then why the hell are you driving
this piece of junk?
It's the safest car in the world...
doesn't go faster than 30 kmph.
The wiper moves when I want to start
the indicator.
What do I use to start the indicator?
How is Ani?
She has lost a lot of blood.
Her right hand took the whole impact
of the accident.
Bones and tissues
have been severely damaged.
Nerves have been completely destroyed.
- We had to do a closed amputation.
- Amputa--
Sorry, we tried our best but
we could not save her right arm.
Fortunately, there is no head injury
or any other serious injuries.
She'll be fine.
- What!
- 'Yes, ma'am.'
My god.
'How did it happen?'
When did it happen?
Last night.
She's at Maxx Hospital.
How many men did this?
Hurts a lot?
Want to pee?
- No.
- Then why are you getting up?
I'll change the dressing.
What a pretty nose.
Have to ward off the evil eye.
My brothers too spared your whole face
and smashed just your nose.
Keep quiet or else
I'll break your nose too!
What did you say?
You'll hit a woman?
You were better as a man.
You did your work quietly...
now all you do is blabber!
Yeah right!
Dragging home a 90 kg man
from the car, in the middle of the night
applying bandage
changing the pants
of an unconscious body
cleaning vomit off the carpet...
staying up all night
is hardly any work!
Shut up.
I took it out of the washing machine...
just in time.
There'll be 7 missed calls.
How many times have I told you
not to check my phone.
Give my glasses.
Anger will inflame the wound.
I didn't check your phone...
I only called.
It's really very unfortunate...
but now, we have to look
for a replacement.
"These things called dreams"
"They think the world is theirs"
"This thing called hope"
"Is all airy fairy"
"This thing called aspiration"
"Flies without ever taking off"
"All these poetic thoughts"
"will end now that I'm here"
"Surrender to me"
"I'm the punctuation mark"
"Called the full stop"
"To put an abrupt end"
"Is my job"
"This life is my slave"
"I am the full stop"
"All this fake courage"
"Doesn't stand a chance"
"How will the story
of your dreams progress"
"When I'm present on every page"
"I hold the reins of time"
"Obey me, obey me, obey me"
"All these poetic thoughts"
"will end now that I'm here"
"I am just a small dot"
"I am the full stop"
"To put an abrupt end"
"Is my job"
This pain is called phantom pain.
It's felt in that part of the body,
which doesn't exist anymore.
It's a post-amputation phenomenon.
Her brain still thinks
that her right arm exists.
This sensation will slowly go away.
"I am the full stop"
I don't have the strength to hit you.
Feeling guilty?
Survivor's guilt?
I love you, Ani.
You're so great, Jeet.
Thank you.
I should touch your feet.
Let me touch your feet, Jeet.
Your feet, Jeet...
Give me your feet.
Give me your feet.
Please, give me your feet!
- Please, please give me your feet!
- Ani, just shut up.
You shut up!
You want to say 'I love you'
to a cripple and become a hero?
Got bored after earning
20 million dollars?
To have a new goal in life,
you want to take advantage of me?
What do you want?
You want me to applaud you all my life,
with one hand?
You want to feel bigger
than what you are
by making me feel smaller
than what I am?
Take your love and shove it up!
I want to die.
I want to die.
Do I wish you happy birthday
or happy last day?
How will you die?
By tying a rope to the fan?
Or by tying a bed sheet?
Oh, but how will you tie with one hand?
Here you go.
Slash your wrist with this.
But to slash the wrist of one hand
you'll need the other hand.
Rat poison.
But you might survive.
Hmm... tough tough!
How were you planning to die?
What are you doing here?
I came to wish you...
happy birthday.
You're feeling sorry for me too?
I can't believe this.
A crass drunkard who ridiculed me
till yesterday...
has given up his Happy Hour
to come wish me happy birthday!
Ani... all okay?
Dad, have you met this man?
Yes... while you were with Jeet,
we were chatting outside.
Mr Padam Singh Sodhi
was all praise for you.
And who will know better
than the Chairman of Selectors?
One more cup of coffee?
Yeah, sure.
- Let's make it Irish.
- Sure.
- And another slice of the cake.
- Right away.
Chairman of Selectors?
Yeah, it worked, didn't it?
What are you doing here?
You know...
when I was dropped from the team...
no one came to meet me to say -
'Don't worry, Paddy.
You'll play the next series.'
So I have come here to tell you...
Don't worry, Anina.
You'll definitely play the next series.
Have you quit whiskey
and moved on to cocaine?
- Cake. Your coffee is just coming.
- Dad, ask this man to get out of here.
- What happened?
- Get him out of here, Dad!
- What happened?
- Nothing, sir. I just told her,
'You'll definitely play
the next series.'
And... she is saying, 'Get out!'
Don't know what I did wrong --
Don't know, is it?
You don't know?
You are the one who cut off my hand.
If you hadn't insulted me
in front of my team,
I wouldn't have got into that car!
The car wouldn't have crashed and...
I wouldn't be this
breathing corpse today!
What breathing? What corpse?
You're fine.
You'll definitely play the next series.
I'm fine?
I'm fine, is it?
This is fine?
Where's my bat, Dad?
Get my bat!
Like this... will I play like this?
Cricket is not just about batting.
Happy birthday, Anina.
Whether you go right to left,
or left to right...
Anina is Anina.
Anina from the Pavilion End...
left-arm over the wicket...
Camilla is beaten and bowled.
England will tour India
in 10 months.
It's difficult to kill yourself
with one hand.
But playing for India again,
if you wish to,
is an easier option... left.
May I play?
Give her the ball.
Come on...
No problem.
Get the ball.
Good bowling!
Catch it.
January 1995,
India vs. South Africa.
South Africa 76 for no loss
Padam Singh Sodhi's first test match.
In the second ball of his first over
he gets a wicket.
Next ball, the batsman collides
with him while taking a run...
and he fractures a rib.
He doesn't play the rest of the match.
Then, despite taking 42 wickets
in the domestic season,
he's never selected
to play for India again.
The forgotten man now lives
at this address.
Dad, are you listening?
A random man comes
and says ridiculous things...
and we take it seriously?
Ani, listen to me.
We will go to New York.
I've done full research...
biomechanics and robotic technology
are very advanced now.
A prosthetic arm can be just
like a real hand.
You'll be able to do everything.
Who knows...
you might be able to bat one day!
We have also done our research...
she won't be allowed to play
with this bio-robot.
The rules don't allow it.
I want to play for India.
Papa, will you say something?
With one eye, if Tiger Pataudi,
could captain the Indian team...
with one hand, why can't she
play for India?
Who is it?
Come in.
I can come in only if you open the door.
The lock is jammed
from inside...
You'll have to open it
from outside.
- How?
- On your right-hand side--
You were saying,
on my right-hand side...
There is a big flowerpot.
The key is under it.
It's very heavy.
Exactly why the key is safe
under it.
What happened?
Can't do it?
You can't do it.
Go home.
When life shuts the door on your face
you can't open it,
you have to break it open!
Lesson number one.
- What happened?
- House warming!
Who is this?
- Anina.
- Rasika.
She's left handed!
It's her only hand left.
But this is a jungle.
What do you want? MCG?
Make your Melbourne Cricket Ground here.
What happened?
I see...
Not enough space for a stadium?
Forget the stadium,
nobody is going to watch anyway.
Just make the ground. Enough.
who needs a ground?
No one's going to hit a boundary!
All a bowler needs is...
...five, six, seven...
...just 22 yards...
and a little more.
Just make a pitch and bowl.
I have to make... a pitch?
You'll be the one bowling, right?
Don't worry, you'll get help.
- Why trouble the poor thing...
- Buzz off.
Go on, open it.
Is this a joke?
I want to be a bowler,
not a gardener.
Your left hand that's been cleaning
just one thing all its life...
can't suddenly wake up one day
and bowl!
Your left hand has to earn
the right to bowl.
"When all it takes is one eye"
"To see a dream"
"Does it matter if you don't have two?"
"When all it takes is one paddle"
"To steer a boat across the river"
"Does it matter if you don't have two?"
"So what if you don't have it"
"So what if you have a little less"
"So what if your heart
is a little heavy"
"Do what you must"
"Your power comes from having less"
"Forget the complaints"
"Soar like an eagle"
"Flapping one wing"
"Rise above your destiny"
"Forget the complaints"
"Soar like an eagle"
"Flapping one wing"
"Rise above your destiny"
I'm hungry.
Me too.
Flour, potatoes, onions
and chillies.
Can we order something?
Sure, order...
one right hand.
You made a map of England...
Gobble up England.
Won't you eat?
Thank you.
Leg piece.
I ordered it.
"There's one sun, one moon"
"One earth, one sky"
"See yourself...
you're one of a kind too"
"Look around you"
"Everyone wants to be one in a million"
"Luckily, you're already
one in a million"
"You are the one"
Bad light stops play.
What are you doing here?
You asked me to get out,
so I'm standing outside.
Why weren't you waiting outside
all these days?
You'll get tired if you follow me.
If I do, I'll catch my breath
and catch up.
My path is different.
No no no, not that one!
- That's Dhoni.
- Dhoni?
Wicket keeper... to stop the ball.
But he'll put up nets for that.
If he hears you,
he'll make me put them up.
She didn't call me.
I'm the one who came to help.
Hold her hand.
Now help her bowl.
Cricket is not a team sport...
until you're in the team.
Get lost!
Crib, crib, crib, crib.
Couldn't find anyone to marry...
takes out his prustration on me.
"There's one sun, one moon"
"One earth, one sky"
"See yourself...
you're one of a kind too"
"Look around you"
"Everyone wants to be one in a million"
"Luckily, you're already
one in a million"
"You are the one"
Water has stopped.
"Forget the complaints"
"Soar like an eagle"
"Flapping one wing"
"Rise above your destiny"
Booster is the secret of your energy.
What have you done!
Give me your hand.
No no, what if he sees me
lending a hand?
Just give your hand.
- Aah... is that a hand or a hammer!
- See.
All this gardening
has turned you into Muhammad Ali!
Now I feel like a bowler.
It's a beautiful day at the MCG.
Play is all set to begin.
There is an unwanted spectator
on the field.
Anina from the Pavilion End.
Left-arm... over the wicket.
Short and wide.
The batsman smashes the ball
in his sleep...
for 4 runs.
A rubbish half volley... 6 runs.
2 kms away from the leg stump...
4 wides.
A rubbish full toss.
The ball flies out of the stadium...
8 runs.
If muscles were all a bowler needed,
Muhammad Ali would've been
the world's best bowler.
'I'm a bowler.'
Before you utter these three words...
bowl at least three thousand times!
Pitch it here.
Get up.
Just look at Bishan Singh Bedi.
Even if I practice for 10 years,
I won't be able to bowl like this.
Congratulations, you're pregnant.
You're comparing yourself
with Bishan Singh Bedi.
Means, there's a bowler
growing inside you.
Waiting to be born.
I've told you so many times
to get that fence fixed!
Bloody buffaloes!
See the mess they've made.
What a mess!
It's about to rain.
- How?
- Bowl.
- I'll clean this in two minutes.
- We don't have two minutes.
Bowl, come on... Bowl bowl bowl!
- The ball will land on the dung.
- Shut up!
Left-arm around the wicket.
Hurry up!
A good length delivery...
on the off stump.
The batsman had to defend.
Correct line... on the middle stump.
The batsman defends again.
Full length... a beautiful delivery
No big shot played.
One perfect ball after another.
I had my heart in my mouth.
What if the ball lands on the dung!
He's a genius.
You're the one who bowled,
how is he the genius?
This is short pitched...
This is over pitched...
This is outside the off stump...
And this is outside leg stump.
If the ball lands
here... here... here...
it's a shit ball.
I've been avoiding the dung and
aiming at the gaps while bowling.
The line and length became perfect.
Shit is a good fertilizer for growth!
Till you can bowl perfectly
with your eyes closed...
Why is it so important for you
to make her a cricketer?
When something is snatched away
from someone without reason...
it's wrong.
Looks like God has sent you here
to rectify His mistakes.
Give me some more nectar.
- No more.
- What!
From now on, I'll be the one
rectifying mistakes.
It's a Dry Day, from today.
Damn woman!
Who are you to shut my bar?
I am that woman, who would've died a man
if not for you.
You understood my reality,
fought with my family,
helped me get operated,
gave me a new identity,
adopted me as your sister...
Your liver... I will not let it die!
If I don't drink one day,
my liver will message
the other workers of my body...
'Boss is dead. Stop work now!'
Shutter down.
I'll truly die.
Then who will rectify
your God's mistakes?
I don't understand...
how did the buffaloes shit
in the perfect spots?
Happy Diwali!
Happy Diwali!
Happy Diwali!
Happy Diwali, sir.
Sir... this is Jeet.
Jeet, Paddy sir.
- Hello, sir. Happy Diwali.
- I'm not happy!
You have to be happy today, sir.
You're not allowed to sit alone
in the dark.
How, sir?
Now please be a little happy, sir.
Would you have...
got out to your own bowling?
Once upon a time,
you used to bat, right?
Could you take your own wicket?
Forget that...
could you at least beat your bat
with this bowling?
So then... what do I have
to be so happy for?
More importantly...
what are you so happy for?
Pitching a ball on the right spot
doesn't make anyone a bowler.
A bowler's job is to take wickets.
And you're not capable of taking
even a tail-ender's wicket.
I've been staying up nights thinking...
how will this girl take wickets?
What does a spinner have except
the art of deceiving the batsman
and the magic of playing
with the batsman's mind.
But how will the spinner
weave her magic
if she isn't able to spin the ball?
My head is spinning,
thinking about this.
And you!
You're going around with your lover,
bursting crackers and giving out sweets!
- Sir.
- I'm talking to my player.
The hunger to play for India
is your biggest strength.
If you keep satiating this hunger
with sweet nothings,
you'll be finished!
And you'll have to wait
for Diwali every year
to be happy!
7 a.m. tomorrow.
Stuff cotton in your ears
and go to bed.
Leave her hand.
It's fine, it's okay.
Leave her hand.
- I said, leave her hand!
- Sir!
You okay?
Let go of her hand
or I'll set you on fire.
- Stop it, sir.
- Leave her hand!
Sir... what are you doing?
It's Diwali... Hold her hand. Boom!
- Sir, stop it.
- Dare hold her hand?
Diwali! Diwali! Diwali! Hold her hand.
Stop it, sir.
Hold, hold. Boom! Boom!
"The lamp burns my soul."
He's a psychopath.
You should've seen him, Granny.
He looked possessed.
Crazy man.
What does he think of himself?
Thinks he's her father?
Bloody fellow!
He came here on his own.
We didn't go begging for his help.
Does he think he owns her?
Torturing her like this!
He does not own her,
he's not her father, brother,
or boyfriend.
He came here uninvited
and took on the responsibility
of her future.
Do you know how much
the monthly electricity bill is?
No one gives electricity, for free.
And this psychopath...
wants to light up the entire life
of a complete stranger, for free!
Crazy man.
I know a coach has to be tough.
But so ruthless.
She's a young girl.
She has lost her arm,
not her heart.
What if something had happened
to the boy?
Why take out your prustration on her?
Yes, I am prustrated.
Pucking prustrated!
My mother died giving birth to me...
I was born prustrated.
My father brought home a new wife...
childhood prustrated.
Then Cricket took pity on me
and adopted me...
and my dream came true.
The dream of playing for India one day.
One day is all I played for India.
My entire youth prustrated.
Logically, I should have got
another chance to play for India
but this life...
isn't a game of logic.
This life...
is a game of magic.
But this magic never came
into my life.
'The system is corrupt.'
'Politics in the team.'
'Selectors are puckall.'
Hearing my constant cribbing,
Magic got prustrated and ran away!
My hair turned grey.
I stopped talking.
I stopped living.
Then, one day suddenly,
there was a knock at my door.
Opened... saw... it was MAGIC!!!
'Hello, Paddy. How are you?'
'Sorry, I couldn't bring magic
to your life.'
'Try again?
Want another chance?'
'Here... take Anina. Try.'
Anina has plenty of talent...
courage, passion, guts.
But logically...
can someone with just one hand
play for the country?
You need magic.
But this damn magic appears
only when you're 100% ready for it.
You have to earn the magic!
it's the end of play.
For a spectator,
sport is just a game.
But for players,
sport is sacrifice.
What a loser feels...
I know.
I know.
I want her to know...
how winners feel.
I also want to know...
what winners feel.
Just one day...
just for one day,
I want to live...
without prustration.
For one day.
Okay now you can spin the ball
but would you be able
to take your own wicket?
There's spin but no speed.
That nip is not there.
Any half-decent batter
will easily play such slow spin.
To get a wicket,
the ball should turn sharply...
like zuckkkk!
So what the 'zuck' are you waiting for?
If the ball needs more speed,
bowl with more speed.
Can't bowl faster than this, sir.
You can.
We're done.
If you strain your shoulder,
it may get dislocated again.
Complete rest for two weeks.
Why? It's not so serious.
Now that you've set it,
why can't she bowl?
I've dislocated my shoulder
multiple times,
physio used to set it
and I was back on the field.
Mr Sodhi, get up and bowl.
Come on, get up... and bowl.
- Bowl?
- Yeah.
When you bowl left arm,
your right arm automatically
swings back.
The reverse motion of the right arm
creates the momentum
that gives a left-arm bowler
that extra force.
That's why your left arm
can generate more pace
not Anina's.
To compensate for that momentum,
if she tries to generate the same force
with only one hand,
her shoulder could get
permanently damaged.
So, Anina...
Yes, sir, I know... basic Physics.
Mr Sodhi, I'm a doctor
but I'm an Indian too.
Cricket runs in my blood, too.
You've done more than you could
you've done your best.
You here to offer your sympathies again?
- I was just trying to--
- Dad, ask him to get out.
Why is your timing always off?
Time the ball, no?
Momentum... how to generate momentum?
Momentum. Come on think.
Enough now.
Get me whisky.
This 'mentum mentum'
will make you go mad!
Not here, idiot! Stupid woman.
Not on the pitch!
On the side... at short leg!
Is this short leg, you fool?
How do I know where short leg is!
Do short people field at that position?
It's not me, it's your cricket
that's foolish.
It's an English game
but all the English is wrong!
Short leg...
And slip?
Does everyone 'slip' over there?
Shut up and get out!
I'm already outside!
Say 'get in'.
Hey... what just happened?
'What just happened'?
I just escaped death.
We just escaped death.
Mr Padam Singh? Come in.
Tea? Coffee?
Welcome, my 'basic Physics' expert.
Shall we show the world...
- Hello, sir.
- Well done, son...
fantastic absolutely.
You sent it to 'the' Bishan Singh Bedi?
The greatest left-arm spinner
the world has ever seen.
Not known for hiding his feelings.
You guys think Kajal is good, right?
Kajal can't...
- Sir, but...
- She hasn't played...
After the break,
she isn't consistent.
Bishan Singh Bedi?
- Carry on, guys.
- Okay.
- Kajal...
- No no no!
Guys, you should check this out.
Is this the same Anina?
If she doesn't have a twin sister,
it's her!
How is this possible?
She wasn't even a bowler.
There are a lot of free apps.
You can easily morph your face
on another body.
Anina, this is Hemanti Dhingra
from the selection committee, remember?
Yes, ma'am?
Tell me, ma'am.
How are you?
Health wealth all okay?
Wealth same. Health better, ma'am.
did you see a video?
Which video, ma'am?
You didn't see it?
I knew it.
'Technology is so advanced now...'
if you see it, you'll truly think
it's you who's bowling.
Truth will look like the truth, ma'am.
Are you seriously asking us
to consider her?
It is our job to make sure,
there is absolutely no discrimination
of any sort in this game.
Is she good enough to play
for India or not...
it is our duty to check that out.
Thank you, ma'am.
Granny, they are calling me
for the Indian camp!
Why are you underacting?
Show some emotion.
I'm a Federer fan.
We don't show our emotions.
I've never seen anything like this.
But, one problem...
she won't be able to bat.
B.S. Chandrashekhar couldn't bat.
Is she good enough to play
as a specialist bowler or not?
She is amazing.
A one-handed player...
in an international cricket team...
the media will go into a frenzy.
What a story, ma'am.
We should renegotiate
the telecast rights.
Mr Bhavik, I know you're
the Treasurer of the Cricket Board
but for once, please forget the treasure
and focus on the cricket.
Welcome to the first
A23 one-day international
between England and India.
News from the middle is
that England have won the toss
and elected to bat.
It's a historical day
in the game of cricket.
Look at Anina swinging
her left arm.
What a way to make
your international debut in cricket.
What a day for me to make my debut
as a commentator.
'Start of the innings... first ball.'
'Archer taking guard.'
'Six fielders on the offside
and three on the onside.'
Dipti from the Pavilion End to Archer.
Archer drives... through extra cover
for 4
and England are on their way.
Great wristwork... 4 runs.
Backfoot punch.
No chance to stop it.
Over mid-on... 4 runs.
Beautiful cover drive.
Played to Anina...
Not a clean pick up and throw.
1 run added.
Super shot over cover.
And 6 runs!
England off to a flying start here.
The first bowling change...
it's the girl that
we've all been waiting for.
The atmosphere is charged with emotion.
The question is...
will it play on the minds of the
English batters out in the middle?
I don't know about the English but
is it okay for an Indian to
shed a tear or two on live television?
I'm going to stand up.
'First match.'
'First over.'
'First ball.'
The entire stadium resounding
with applause.
Anina from the Pavilion End.
Left-arm around the wicket.
A comic moment in this drama.
Bowler in front of the umpire?
Or umpire in front of the bowler?
- Ever seen anything like this, Pankaj?
- Never.
Hearts racing...
Seems like time itself has stopped.
A loosener from Anina and
Searle smashes it over midwicket.
With this 6, Searle's score moves to 48.
She is in an attacking mood today.
Anina's second ball...
Outside the leg stump...
signalled a wide.
Can't imagine the pressure on the girl.
The captain is having a chat with her.
Think she's telling her to focus
on her line and length.
Anina's next ball...
This was a good ball.
Correct line and length.
Searle forced to defend.
The batter takes two steps
outside the crease.
Let's see if Anina can adjust
her length.
Bang on middle stump... correct length.
No chance to play an attacking shot.
Slowly gaining confidence...
Anina is back to her bowling mark.
In... comes... Anina...
What was that?
What was that arrow!
Batters, spectators...
everyone in shock.
Just look at that.
A spinning spinner.
She is a Ghoomer.
A Ghoom-what?
'The momentum that's gained
by the swing of the right hand...'
'will be achieved by spinning
your body.'
'If you spin, the ball will spin.'
There's a lot of confusion out there.
Is it within the laws of the game?
Batters can do whatever they want...
switch from being a righty to a lefty
Switch hit, reverse sweep...
are all legal.
Why can't a bowler change her action?
Sorry, switching from
English to Hindi...
Is that within the laws of the game?
Law 21...
ICC Book of Cricket Rules.
You can change action.
As long as you bowl with the same hand
and from the same side of the wicket.
Anina from the Pavilion End...
spinning around.
An appeal!
It's a leg bye.
Struck outside the leg stump.
End of a unique over.
"Ghoom Ghoom Ghoomer spinning."
After the dance performance
of the last over...
back to cricket.
Anjali in to Searle.
It's up in the air...
And she's out!
Caught Dipti, bowled Anjali...
and Anina?
'Bowling has partnerships too.'
Sometimes a wicket falls
'due to pressure created
in the previous over.'
'Last ball from Anjali.'
'No runs. End of the over.'
"Ghoom Ghoom Ghoomer spinning."
That's my song!
They think, copyright means...
everyone has the right to copy.
No... I'll explain later.
Anina spins again...
Boom boom boom!
One bullet ball after another.
'After two balls, the surprise
won't stay a surprise.'
After zuck zuck zuck...
That is her first wicket in cricket.
'This is called deception.'
'This is not just a thinking bowler
this is an out-thinking bowler.'
Great, fantastic, mind-blowing, miracle.
Beautiful. Beautiful deception.
Ghoomer became a floater.
A small change in pace...
Archer back to the pavilion.
Next in, Camila Williams, the captain.
Archer telling her, I'm sure,
of Anina's change of pace.
She just got out, what will she advise!
Sorry, Williams taking guard.
Anina... looking for her second wicket.
The English captain, the best batter
in the team...
Camila Williams.
Scored three centuries in
one-day cricket this year.
Come on, Ani!
In the umpire's goggles,
the spinning Ghoomer sees
Williams coming forward.
Goggle... became Google.
If you're not watching this,
you're missing something.
'Get to the ground, get to a TV,
radio, phone...'
'get to something.'
'Cricket is being Ghoomered!'
Bowling change from the far end.
Bernadette thrashes this one for 4.
'Cracking shot!'
'Looks like the English have decided to
go after the bowling at the other end.'
16 runs from that over.
Start of Ghoomer's third over.
Come on.
An easy catch dropped in the slips.
commentator... neutral...
Stiff upper lip.
I'm an Aussie.
Sorry, mate.
Next ball.
Over the long on boundary... 6 runs.
The ball was a bit short,
easily hit for 6.
Next ball.
Short and Bernadette pulls it
through square leg for 4.
The English batters have decided,
attack is the best form of defence.
What a shot! 4 runs!
'Has the dropped catch
affected her length, I wonder.'
Looks like Bernadette
has managed to rattle her
with her aggression.
Fantastic batting by Bernadette.
Pin-drop silence in the stadium.
Anina in deep thought.
'Clean bowled!'
When you bowl a yorker
the greatest batter looks like a joker.
Poetry in cricket brings out
the poet in me.
116 for 4. And I'm so sorry
to be breaking into Hindi.
Sounds beautiful.
Just a one step run-up
but what a fast yorker!
The concentration-smoothie-effect.
Spin from the other end too.
'A good shot... boundary.'
'Nasreen right-arm over.'
'Played towards midwicket... 1 run.'
'Next ball.'
'Great shot... ball is in the air...'
With that, England lose
their fifth wicket.
End of a successful over by Nasreen.
'Anina's fourth over...'
Looks like the captain will make
her bowl all 10 overs together
that is if England isn't bowled out
by then!
A non-Ghoomer delivery.
Lot of spin.
Straight action... sharp turn again.
The batter expecting a Ghoomer
but Anina bowling straight
and deceiving her.
The ball is in the air...
She drops it.
That was a wrong one
that deceived Amber.
There was no time
for catching practice!
The ball was on Anina's
right side...
maybe someone else
should've gone for it.
Maybe someone else
should've been commentating.
A Jonty Rhodes like you
also misses a catch!
Mr Sunny is commentating over there,
may I sit here?
- But, sir...
- I'm fine.
Please carry on.
And to bowl the over's
last delivery, Amit--
er, Anina comes in.
And Amber out.
Caught and bowled!
Great catch.
It looks like, she has hurt herself.
The physio coming on to the field.
'Anina is leaving the field.'
Even if she retires hurt now...
she will have left her mark
in cricketing history.
Only those who have no desire
to move forward...
look back at their achievements.
Don't look back.
The camera is on you.
4 overs 28 runs and 4 wickets.
May I go in?
Are you ice?
Then you have no work inside.
Goes on her knees,
clears the boundary,
6 runs.
A lofted shot straight to long on.
Oh ho... 4 runs.
Played between point and gully...
4 runs.
Whacked over mid on...
4 runs.
What are they bowling?
Drives through extra cover for 4.
Ball is in the air... 6 runs!
Welcome back, Amitabh.
Looks like a whole new game out there
without the left-arm Ghoomer.
'England's middle order wreaking havoc
in Anina's absence.'
'India again on the back foot.'
According to the rules...
when a bowler stays off the field
for a period of time...
she has to wait
for the same amount of time...
to bowl again.
Batsman can retire hurt and
come back anytime and play.
But a bowler has to come back and wait.
Who made these rules?
You know, the Brits owe us
more than one explanation.
Lofted... 4 runs.
A great cover drive.
Shot! No fielder at deep midwicket...
4 runs.
England know that they have a few overs
before Anina returns to bowl
and boy, are they cashing
in before that.
Played towards midwicket,
first run taken quickly...
Anina's dive saves a boundary.
And... a strong throw...
this can be a close call.
240 for 7.
Referred to the third umpire.
Why do you need a third umpire?
And that's out!
A run out is not a bowler's wicket.
Captain Dipti speaking to the umpire.
'The entire stadium has come alive.'
'Anina's fifth over
from the Pavilion End.'
The field is spread out.
Let's see if Anina's injury
will affect her bowling.
Nicole on strike.
Anina, left arm, around the wicket.
The shot piercing the field...
4 runs.
A change in the field.
Fielders are being brought in
instead of being spread out!
What's going on?
Slips, gully, forward short leg
and silly point?
Ghoomer thinking!
'Hurt the ego.'
'You won't need to take the wicket,'
'the batter will give it away herself.'
A drunkard bowling to me?
'This ego led someone to give up
their wicket.'
It's a five-wicket haul on debut
for this cricketing wonder.
A bouncer from a spinner!
266 for 8 wickets.
Dipti, right-arm over the wicket.
That's leg before.
And that's the 9th wicket.
Clean bowled.
England all out for 266.
12 overs wasted.
Wickets falling in a heap at the end.
And after all that drama,
it's a pretty decent score
which will require some getting.
Remember India have just 10 batters.
The Ghoomer does not bat.
SKY bowls?
Virat bowls?
Rohit bowls? KL bowls?
Batters don't bowl...
why should she have to bat?
Before she can catch her breath...
they start hounding with mics
and questions.
Let the match get over first!
They say, you can't clap
with one hand.
But this one hand
has created an applause
that will echo for years.
- Hello?
- 'What fabulous bowling, Ghoomer!'
Rasika, why aren't you here?
Paddy brother said, in the ground
you can't see much from a distance
TV is better.
Start of the Indian innings...
target 267.
Evans to Dipti,
right-arm over the wicket.
Cracking shot.
6 runs off the very first ball.
'The Indian innings on its way.'
Outside off, played between
gully and point... 4 runs.
Great timing. No chance to stop it.
Oh ho ho!
Wherever you place the fielders,
we'll hit it over them.
Dipti off to a flyer.
An appeal...
and out!
India lose their first wicket.
Trying to steal a single here...
saved by a whisker.
That could've been a run out.
We have 38 overs.
We need only 5 runs per over.
Way outside off.
Play straight.
For her, playing straight means
straight over mid off.
Runs flowing off Dipti's bat.
This crazy girl is batting like
it's a T20.
- You won't get a chance to bat.
- Shall I take off my pads?
Next ball.
A bullet-like straight drive.
- Are you okay?
- Yes, sir.
Williams to Shreya.
Driven square.
Bernadette to Shreya...
And... out!
Caught and bowled.
Next ball...
played in the air...
a fielder coming under it... and out!
Third wicket down for India.
Beautifully done there by England.
A flighted delivery...
Within a few moments,
a cloud of gloom has descended.
A cracking shot by Dipti.
'Right shot but the placement
was wrong.'
This is called snatching defeat
from the jaws of victory!
We can still win it.
Play out Evans--
Cricket can be a funny game but
the Indians are not laughing.
Williams with four wickets
and her tail up...
just two wickets to go
for an English win.
31 runs for an Indian win.
Williams' next ball...
Sets off for a quick single.
This could be close.
Super shot!
Played in the gap...
fielder dives... 4 runs.
Another great shot.
Defensive push.
Another misfield.
Tempers going up in the field.
It's all about who keeps a cooler head.
A gentle push for 1 run.
Runs coming in singles,
India moving towards its target.
Another single.
Just simple responsible batting
has put India back in the driver's seat.
Only 10 more runs to win.
Fantastic shot... 6 runs.
Only 4 more runs to win.
It's good to see you smiling again.
We Indians have a great
sense of humor...
when we are winning.
India on the brink of victory.
India one shot away from victory.
Williams... the ball is up in the air,
towards mid on...
and she's out!
Another irresponsible shot.
Caught at mid on.
England one wicket away from victory.
This is a nail-biter.
Only 4 more runs needed...
so many overs left.
When singles can do the job...
why play such a bad shot?
Preeta, just play straight okay.
You can do it. Come on.
Best of luck.
'Best of luck.'
After all the hard work, courage,
passion and fame...
it all comes down to luck!
Tension in the air.
Bowled above waist height.
And it's a no ball.
India have got a free hit.
'Luck is going India's way.'
Seems, Luck is playing on our side.
3 runs to win.
It's a free hit...
can hit it anywhere.
batter swings...
straight to the fielder.
Throw... she knocks the bails off...
'The English team looks confident.'
How can Luck play...
when I have snatched it away?
Lady with the sacred thread!
Nervous faces.
Everyone holding their breath...
waiting for the Third Umpire's decision.
That night...
'I didn't get booze...
abused... fought...'
'bought booze... drank...'
'thought I hit something on the road...'
'didn't see anything... kept driving...'
'reached home... fell asleep...'
'woke up next morning...'
'read the news...'
'went to find out...'
'but found...'
'Lady with the sacred thread.'
And that's out!
England win by 2 runs.
'England's bowling deserves praise.'
But I must say the Indian batters
helped them a lot.
In this International One-day series,
they lead 1--
What's going on?
I'm sorry, the English language
is too understated
for my emotions right now.
Wherever you are in the 195 countries
of the world...
whatever the colour of your skin...
whether you're Indian or English...
stand up and salute...
salute this game...
which can bring out
so much passion.
No matter who wins today...
the real winner is walking in...
wearing one glove...
and holding a bat...
in her only hand.
An incredible moment in cricket.
Anina at the non-striker end.
Must take a single
to keep Anina off strike.
She sets off for a run...
Anina sends her back.
Correct decision.
3 runs to get for India.
1 wicket to get for England.
Anina taking guard.
I love this game.
Just love it!
The whole stadium reverberating.
Evans from the Pavilion End,
to Anina.
The ball has beaten her bat
and the noise is for a 100.
Captain Williams bringing
the fielders in.
Attacking field.
This is heart breaking.
This is sport.
This is what makes life worth living.
'Whether you go right to left,
or left to right...'
'Anina is Anina.'
She's taking a left-hander's stance.
Only a third man to stop a lucky edge.
Everybody else around the bat.
Can she get an edge?
Can she survive?
"Raise a toast to yourself"
"To your spirit"
"And spin..."
"Ignore what the world says"
"Salute yourself"
"And spin..."
"March in victory"
"Script your victory"
"And dream higher"
"Stand tall"
"Stride strong"
"Towards your goal"
"Spin, spin, spin
Spin like a Ghoomer"
"Spin your fate around"
"May this crazy world
dance to your tune"
"As you spin like a Ghoomer..."
"And spin your fate around"
"Spin, spin, spin"
"Spin like a Ghoomer"
"Spin, spin, spin"
"Spin like a Ghoomer"
dial 100...
Call the police.
Doing something wrong
and running off to prison is normal.
Correcting the wrong
and then going to prison is...
Call the police.
Say it.
Say it...
Very sorry.
Say it...
Say it...
I said I'm sorry.
"Etch this in your soul"
"Fulfil every dream"
"You are light"
"You are fire"
"You are the chosen one"