Ghost (2012) Movie Script

I am consciousness I
reside in human thoughts
I am born out of awareness
In half from as
Jesus I do good deeds.
And in half form
as Satan I do evil.
By predestine almighty
God has blessed humans with
conscious knowledge to choose
to follow either Jesus or Satan
I am the shadow of
human consciousness
to make awareness to recognise their
true self and experience bliss
Good bye, sister.
Don't call me sister,
call me Liya Saxsena.
And call me Saxsena,
call me doctor, okay?
Dear, Jesus..
I request you to give me inspirit.
And help me be a good doctor.
Our Father in heaven,
hallowed be your name.
Your kingdom come,
your will be done,
on earth, as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread,
and forgive us our debts,
as we also have forgiven our debtors.
Congrats on your first job.
so what's your next plan?
Have to go to the hospital
first day and night duty
that too in the ICU.
Can't afford to be late.
And truly speaking
I'm a bit nervous too
Doctor have to be very responsible, right.
Let' go.
Welcome, doc.
- Thank you.
Here's the file.
- Hello, good morning.
Good morning.
Yes... Mr. Patil.
So how are you feeling Mr. Patil?
I have a shooting pain
from here to the shoulder.
Slight movement gives intense pain.
I understand
Don't worry.
Sister will just give a painkiller
in half an hour you
will be fine... ok
Give him pessary.
Okay, doc.
Give everyone medicines on time
check their blood pressure &
temperatures at regular intervals.
And report to me
- Okay, doc.
- in case you need me, call!
I will be back after meeting
doctor Saxsena. - Okay.
Come in.
Hello, sir.
Dr. These are the
reports of the patients
that you wanted to see
You're looking nice today.
Thank you.
one patient is serious
So I feel...
- So..
What are your ledger time pursuits.
you look prettier when you smile
I leave this here,
you can check these reports.
Patients are waiting for me
Maybe we could out some times.
Oh, you...
What happened Dr.?
Oh she...
she sleep walks.
Pick up the phone.
Where are you?
It's been three days
Where have you been?
I'm coming to meet you
I am waiting for you
Couldn't you knock
before entering?
Who's this coffee for?
Let my people go to worship me.
If you refuse to let them leave.
I will punish the country,
with plague of frogs.
The Nile will teem with frogs.
Till inveed your house.
Your bedroom and your bed..
Your servants and you people houses.
Your oven and you needing bowls.
Over you,
and your people the frogs will clay.
Come, end my wait
Swim across my thirsty eyes
Come, end my wait
Swim across my thirsty eyes
Make your arms my home
My Ranjha!
My Ranjha!
Let me explain whatever is in my heart
Through lips
Say and listen something
Restlessness is since long
Let me explain whatever is in my heart
Through lips
Say and listen something
Restlessness is since long
I am here for you
Then why are you?
I shall make you mine
Don't go like this
I am here for you
Then why are you?
I shall make you mine
Don't go like this
Come, end my wait
Swim across my thirsty eyes
Make your arms my home
These will be thrown
in the blessing furnace.
I am evil.
And I will take
you will love way to hell.
Yes, Dr. Malhotra.
Yes, I agree.
Don't worry, we shall take care of it.
We will investigate.
Okay, bye.
Hi, Gautam. How are you?
- Yes, sir.
Have you gone through the case file.
- Yes, sir.
I was talking with Dr. Malhotra.
He is quite worried about it.
First the nurse
and now this Dr...
- Naturally.
What's happening is unbelievable
and hospital reputation is at stake.
Precisely, that's why.
Dr. Malhotra and the hospital
management want us to investigate
They wants us to finish
this case very fast.
We should give this case
to our best detective.
Who is intelligent and
will solve this case quickly
I prefer the only name...
Mr. Vijay Singh.
Heart is finding you
Asking in the way
where are you?
Heart is finding you
Asking in the way
where are you?
When I seprate with you
I broke up.
Like my shadow is upset with me
Heart is finding you
Asking in the way
where are you?
Rain is in the eyes
All wishes are wet
You are in the my memory of world.
You are in my talk
You are in the my memory of world.
You are in my talk
What I do without you
with this incomplete breath.
Need the report on priority... ok.
Be prepared,
what you about to see.
This is the goriest death
I've seen in my entire career.
Where did you find the body?
Any blood trail?
Murder was committed in
this room but no blood trail.
I feel the body was brought
here after the murder
to hide it in the loft.
The person had enough time
to work at leisure
and to remove all blood stains.
The murderer had time
so much time
somebody may have
surely seen something.
What is the time of the murder?
We are just sending
the body for post mortem
but by the condition
of the body it seems
that an uncommon weapon was used.
Immense strength was used to
wrench the heart out of the body
or may be it was more
than one person
where's the watch?
There was no watch sir.
Murder was committed two days ago.
Sir... Seems like
a crime of passion.
Yes, he went out for someone.
Any evidence found till now?
Yes sir.
There are records of
phone calls retrieved
from Dr. Saxena and
sister Lea's mobile phones.
Second body... what's
the Doctor's name?
Doctor Saxsena.
Where's his body?
In the morgue downstairs.
Who saw sister Lea's body first?
Dr. Suhani sir
she's new
has joined few days ago.
Sir, Dr. Sohani.
Dr. Suhani.
I am Vijay.
Vijay Singh.
Chief investigating officer,
Trust investigation.
- Okay.
Dr. Suhani
you were the
first to see sister Lea.
- Yes.
- Where did you find the body?
- Same room where
- What were you doing there?
Actually I heard strange sounds
coming from there and went to check,
but the room was empty.
Carry on.
Do you believe in spirits.
What's the relation to this case?
What you have come to?
Is nothing known to the senses.
Both are heat of placing fire.
Darkness, clump storms.
The side so terrifying,
that even more sad.
I tremble with fear.
He brutevel.
This is written in the Bible.
Are you a Christian?
But I believe in Jesus.
So do I.
But I have not come to discuss
our religious faiths now.
Dr. Suhani.
What was the time then?
May be 3am.
Did you meet Dr.
Saxena that night?
Dr. Suhani.
Sister Lea had died two days ago.
Dr. Saxena's phone records show
a call from sister Lea at 3am.
The exact time when
you found the phone.
And, the only fingerprints
is on the phone.
Are you us?
Don't you find its strange.
That in the Dr. Saxsena's phone..
..that times phone record has of
sister lia's phone.
You have agreed that phone... with you.
You mean,
I called Dr. Saxena?
Isn't that obvious.
Then sister Lea's phone should
show the call record too.
Cant the record be deleted?
Come on, Dr. Suhani
tell me the truth.
Tell me why did you
call Dr. Saxena?
You are suspecting me?
Only Because I
found the body first.
How am I at fault?
Dr. Suhani I Can help you.
But you'll have to help,
to prove your innocence
Because it closest to the case.
Do you think these two
murders are related?
No body dies or
kills without reason.
I believe
behind these two murders.
There is an unnatural force.
There is no unnatural force.
Whatever is happening
is in this world only.
And there is no doubt
whatever has happened
has happened here only.
And whoever has done
it is of this world too
Whoever it is,
my belief is
I'll track them soon.
Mr. Sharma why don't
you understand?
A deal is a deal...
let's settle amicably
else there are other ways.
I don't want that.
I'm sure Mr. Howard
will understand.
Yes darling.
No... no I'll come soon.
Love you.
You called me?
Yes son.
You have to go to Sydney tomorrow
to finalise a new deal.
These are your
tickets and other papers
Good excuse to call me here.
We've spoken in this before
and you know my answer.
Too busy huh?
Doing what?
Some petty theft investigation.
What do you get?
Stop Vijay
How can you walk out
on your father like this.
Wish your mother was alive
to see
your arrogant behaviour
But she's dead
and you are responsible.
What are you saying?
I'm responsible?
I didn't kill her.
She committed suicide goddamnit.
Selfish just like you, she
thought of herself only.
Thinking only of her
pain till her end.
She was a very..
..selfish women.
She didn't
you have always thought
of your happiness
and pleasures...
If you think manliness
is promiscuousness.
Then so be it...
I'm promiscuous.
I always thought you
cared for my mother
but no.
But you will live
with the truth...
...that you killed your wife.
We were so engrossed talking
that I haven't offered
you coffee Mr. Singh.
Perferbing call Vijay.
So, Vijay.
How did you think of
becoming a detective?
Well since childhood I've
loved reading detective novels,
whether it was comic or stories...
Iqbal, Bahadur, Rajan,
Perimation, Solochom
these all were my heroes.
In school to trace any missing
object became a case for me.
Well... My passion
became my profession
Here I am.
So doctor, what about you?
My father was a very good doctor.
He served selflessly all mankind.
I idolised him and
want to work like him
That's little tough.
Dr. Saxena and sister Lea,
I want to interrogate everyone
here who has associated with.
For interrogation, I'll
prepare a staff list.
I think it should help.
Hi, Vijay.
Surprising, postmortem report
Call details, forensic
No leads here?
Well said. On surface what it's look like.
The strongest clue is that both
murders were committed at 3am
and in the same manner.
-In the same manner?
-Yes sir.
Both faces were brutally disfigured
and their hearts removed.
And Sir m besides the professional
both victims shared a
personal relationship too.
What shall we do?
Through their relationship
I'll establish the motive
and the motive will
lead us to the murderer
I think in all this our first
witness Dr. Suhani can help us.
Dr. Suhani.
- Yes, sir.
In this mad world of hate and cry,
what is life mean to you?
Giving, forgiving,
to love.
Your simplicity
Your splendor
It never happens that your memory
Does not come to me
I am lost in your memories
I have not slept for many nights
I remained lonely, I laughed and cried
Like a beauty you are everywhere, beloved
It is not possible
for me to live without you
You are in my thoughts
You are in the questions of my heart
Just your desire is in me
You are in the dark of the night
You are in the light of the morning
Every moment is attached to you
When evening sets,
My every breath burns,
I don't have any control
Like a beauty you are everywhere, beloved
It is not possible
for me to live without you
Oh my God,
3rd degree bunch.
Hurry... give IV through jugular.
Antibiotic injection.
Oxygen nurse.
Quick nurse... Quick.
She is shrinking.
What are you doing
here, where's Parag?
Why aren't you at the
scene of the crime?
It's freezing inside sir...
Parag just stepped out...
let's wait here for Parag sir...
In any case here all eye
witnesses eyes are closed.
We're waiting for forensic department
details report.
This time the scene of
crime is the morgue...
Let me guess.
Face has been badly disfigured.
The heart has been ruthlessly
wrenched from the body.
Time of murder was 3 am.
No fingerprints found.
Yes sir...
Why have the eyes been pulled out?
The horrifying sight of the body
is enough to pop out anybody's eyes.
Why pull the hear out...
and to kill so heartlessly...
Could be only two motives,
either revenge
or someone is making a trademark
How long has the ward boy
been working here?
Will find out and let you know...
First lets have coffee...
They make good coffee here.
- Ok...
Two coffees.
do you believe in cosmic connections?
No, I do.
But I do believe in coincidences.
I am trying to say that,
here is something.
Some this that's not address.
Some turbulent.
You don't believe me, do you?
You are absolute right,
I don't believe you.
Maybe I will not make you understand.
Keep trying, may be
I will understand.
You know,
When I joining this job,
I was so excited.
But then, so many murders...
Here's Environment has changed.
Now I don't feel to come here.
Vijay, Can't you read the signs.
Suhanai I thought that you...
are trying to give me
some clue about this world.
Trust me.
What happened,
don't you like it.
I can make better than
this coffee by closed eyes.
Cold, cold!
What happened?
You can't do this... - Hey, hey.
- This is not fair.
Try again.
You can't make coffee..
and solve the case..
without my help.
I thought after meeting you..
your all magic is in your eyes.
But you are very good.
Even with your eyes closed.
We should not believe in seen eyes.
So you don't trust what you see.
I saw you always
from my heart..
not my eyes.
I didn't know that you are
so adventures.
Sadak Chhap.
Wow, when had you participated
in sadak chhap.
This is...
Got to be some sort of joke.
Hello, Vijay.
How are you?
I called Mr. Parera
to view the ATV footage.
Okay, yeah, yeah, of course.
He told me about that.
Please, come.
Follow me.
You know, Vijay. The first
Sadak Chaap show five years back
It was very big hit.
And you guys were
amazing really.
And we all loved you
and marry.
Hey Dino play for sir,
the sadak chap show CDs
Hey! Vijay you've
come after so long,
Yeah, now you just carry on.
It's all yours.
I am Vijay Singh Prabhakar
I am from Mumbai.
I love extreme sports
and fast cards.
Five years ago I had an accident
but I don't remember anything.
I just remember
waking up in the hospital.
That's what the report say.
That you had head injury.
And you were operated Paul.
How come I don't
remember anything?
I think, this is retrograde amnesia.
An injury to the head can
cause partial memory loss.
But I remember my whole life,
then how is it that I am unable
to recollect certain incidents.
It happened Vijay.
if the computer memory gets damaged
or corrupted no data can be recorded
like wise brain too has sectors,
and any injury can
cause memory loss.
Just like what you have.
So this means that what
I don't remember now,
will I never remember it?
It's not a diseases.
It really doesn't matter.
As long as your not lose
any critical information.
You remember everything
You are doing your job perfectly.
Family relations, friends.
Girls friends.
You remember them all.
And don't worry.
In case you've forgotten
any girl friend,
she will surely find you
Hi, I am...
I am an Australian.
I am the moved India
five years ago.
And now here review,
on my favrite TV show...
Dr. Mukherjee.
- Yes. - Hello, I am Vijay Singh.
Oh Mr. Vijay everyone
knows you in this hospital.
Have a seat.
We have full faith in you...
We will help you
in every was we can.
The reputation of our
hospital is at stake.
these repeated murders.
Mr. Vijay,
I'm sure you'll soon
trace the murderer.
Thank you, sir.
Tell me, how can I help you?
Sir... I have a few
questions for you.
Hmmm... Ask.
Do you know Mary?
No, never heard the name.
This file from your hospital
may help you to remember.
Oh, Mary.
I remember now...
where can I find Mary?
No an idea.
She doesn't work here now.
Mr. Vijay.
I'm getting late...
for an operation.
We'll talk later
Leave your card please.
Okay, bye.
See you.
Did you see the IPL match?
It was fixed sir.
Bp is high.
Nurse, clamps.
Ok sir.
Close it up.
- Cate 5.
Oh, shit.
What kind of passion are you
taking, sir?
Sir, what do you want to
say about this?
Who's is handling this case, sir?
Please tell us.
- Who should solve this case.
Such painful death.
I'm shocked.
Please give us answers.
What do you think,
who is killer?
And will he catch?
For murders
and everyone who can lead us to
the murderer is himself killed
Yes, sir.
Sir we have no information
to take this case forward
except that all victims are
employees of this hospital.
And 2nd, which could be a
may a coincidence.
The time for all murders was 3am
and all the hearts were
thrown out of the body.
And all this you
have thought alone?
- Yes sir...
- Great.
Sir, third time lucky.
Sir to me it seems a
game of number three.
Think sir...
First murder was in room no. 3
and time of all
murders was around 3
Time of the devil is also 3am
And you...
have to meet Dr. Mukherjee's
assistant at 3o'clock!
3pm... not 3am... come on.
Hello Vijay, Suhani speaking.
- Yes Suhani.
- Something important
Can you come over here to my home?
Okay, come.
Should we go?
Thank you.
"Salute, Salute"
"Comes and goes
Moment's says"
Let sleep break.
Let do eyes....
"Let eyes lock with this eyes"
"Let get high love
on breath"
"Let eyes lock with this eyes"
"Who has stop to this step
go ahead"
"Live, drink with eyes"
"Let sleep break.
Let do eyes...."
"Let lips smoke fly"
"Let stop heart beat for a moment"
"Let fly smoke by lips"
"Be careless,
Let happened anything"
"Get lose, let everyone...
"Let sleep break.
Let do eyes...."
"Salute, Salute"
Suhani! Why are you so beautiful?
Why are you so nice?
You'll still meet
me after this case?
Who knows...
You'll get busy with your
life and me with mine.
You'll forget me?
I'll forget you...
If I forget myself...
What are you doing? Suhani?
What happened, Vijay?
Are you okay?
You were right.
There is something
that's not address.
I feel I know her...
I can't explain you.
Vijay, I don't understand,
what the hell going on
about this investigation.
I got call from the hospital that day..
utterly disgusted with
progress of the investigation.
What you doing?
Sir they should be concerned.
I've just come to know that.
Mary, an intern in this hospital
is missing from
here for a while now.
You feel there is a connection?
Yes, sir. I know it's gut feel.
What do you know about Mary?
No sir...
You haven't gone home
since three days.
Khemu told me.
I think you need break, Vijay.
Sir lets assign him another case.
I fully agree with you.
Vijay, I don't understand,
why you getting personally
involved in this case.
Yes, sir.
I am personally involved
and I will not leave this case
even if you don't
let me investigate it.
I will find the murderer.
Vijay, you have to
listen this.
Some years ago I was
working here on night shift.
There were fewer people
in the hospital then.
I was on round.
I found this earring
in the corridor
I kept it thinking it was expensive
So I kept it?
I needed money so I thought
I could borrow some from Dr.
Suhani in exchange for this earring
when I save it I thought
I had seen it before...
then I remembered that Mary
was wearing it on the ATV show.
How do you remember?
A girls observation you see.
We have a clue.
Hey what are you doing
in my area?
You haven't seen it
not seen...
now look there see there...
remember now?
Yes... Yes...
- Speak
I didn't kill her sir...
she was already dead...
But her heart was beating.
"Hey life, give me face for my heart"
"Hey life, give me face for my heart"
"I am nothing without her"
"I can't breathe"
"Hey life, give me face for my heart"
"Eyes talking to your eyes"
"Try to understand my gesture"
"In the movement
life's get end up "
"Try to understand my gesture"
"New talks, night"
"No danger for them"
"Hey life, give me face for my heart"
Sit sit...
This is Mary.
You are in love.
son you've not made
me meet her before...
Where're your parents?
They died, three years ago.
In the car accident.
And, I have no family left.
And I am very sorry to hear about that.
But now you have us.
And I know what's good for my son.
Good choice, son.
Thank you dad.
- Hey!
God Bless son... long life...
Love you.
Greetings, uncle.
Say dad.
Hello, dad.
- Hello!
We'll you take marry.
To be lawful wedded wife.
To live together
according to the holey laws of court.
The state of marry.
We will you love her...
...honour and be faithful husband to her.
As long as shall goes live.
I will.
With grace of God.
And Marry.
Will you take Vijay
to be lawful wedded husband.
To live together
according to the holey laws of court.
The state of marry.
Will you him,
Honour him.
And be faithful wife
on to him.
As long as you both shall goes live.
I will.
With grace of God.
O mighty God.
This rings.
Mary to Vijay.
And to Marry.
The symbol of unending love.
To remind them of
the promise and pledge.
Which they have made to stay
is Jesus Christ out lord.
Vijay! Vijay! Vijay!
Hit her.
To heaven doesn't heart of his cross.
And comes after me.
It's not worthy of me.
Oh my God, let's call the Ambulance.
One minute... One minute...
Oh! This is Mary.
She's alive!
Quickly take her to the O. ...Move... Quick... Quick.
Doctor, pulse.
Look, doctor.
She is clinically dead.
But her heart is beating...
how's this possible?
Riya, Change the machine.
Sir, what do you think?
What happened to her?
No comments.
Sir, do you have any explanation
what's happening to her?
No comments.
- Are you follow the case union...
No comments.
what is the police doing about it?
Some answer must be there for this.
This is a unique case in
the world's medical history
We are here for serious matter.
Was brutally assaulted and nearly killed.
We need to provide
answers back home.
To the authorities,
to the family and to the media.
That's why we planned
to have a meeting.
With Indian government.
Ladies, you are highly trained.
In your respective filed..
We need the answers to the situation.
Is that medical sciences no answers.
To her condition.
I think it could be..
That the heart is beating...
by it's only nature.
her spirit is not letting her die
this spirit is going
to cause destruction
I can't stay here
I can't stay here
Yes Vijay...
Okay... Where?
Alright... I'm coming.
What has happened to Vijay?
I'm just coming to the hospital
What happened Vijay?
Son are you okay?
Why did you call Jogi?
Who Jogi?
I don't know any Jogi...
Jogi understood.
Keep a strict eye on Vijay.
It has taken me 25 tough years
to set up this empire.
And now my son Vijay...
wants to marry this foreigner...
who was standing
outside the church.
Like Jesus.
Two days before Mary's death
you called Dr. Saxena.
How did you remember me today sir?
Take care of this Australian girl.
I have not understood sir...
Her face is extremely damaged.
That no one can identify her.
Replace body with someone else.
And hand it over to the student...
But sir her heart
is still beating...
After changing the
body tell everyone
that the heart has
stopped beating...
Matter over.
Sir... There is always
a nurse with her,
who reports her
condition to Dr. Mukherjee
Money is powerful.
Just buy him.
Tonight take her body
to the hospital morgue...
My man will be there
What's happening all this?
What is this happening?
No, help!
What do you want from me?
Why have you come here?
You will have to leave his body...
Then send me to pigs
send me...