Ghost (2023) Movie Script

Some miscreants have attacked
the North Zone Prison
and taken Tower One under their control
Please send the backup
force immediately
Special Task Force Officer, Chengappa
has been transferred from Kerala
Ask him to report immediately!
(Chengappa reading a newspaper)
(98.3 FM Jingle)
A man arrested for
raping a 10-year-old girl
has gone missing from the police
custody since yesterday night
This is the fourth such
incident this year
where prisoners have gone missing
So where are these culprits then escaping to?
The city police commissioner
is holding a press meet this evening
to give more information
about the incidents
What do I do with the ashes?
Only those who have led
an honourable life
deserve to go with dignity
You have got a call from the CM office
It seems like an emergency situation
The situation is critical
They have taken the entire jail
under their control
The home minister who was inside the jail
has been taken hostage
Hence there is severe pressure
from the central government
to get things under control
Sir, any updates on how
many attackers are there?
There is no information yet
on their number
or why they targeted the jail
Okay sir
No demands have been made yet either
In fact, we still have not been able
to communicate with them!
Let me introduce you to
Mr Shekar and Mr Parameshwar
They will brief you about
the developments so far
Sure sir
Good luck!
Thank You, sir
Sir, it's an emergency situation.
Red alert has been issued!
Sir, it's an emergency situation.
Red alert has been issued!
Sir, all this started at around 9AM today
As part of the jail privatization initiative
all the inmates were asked
to assemble in the main corridor
VIPs will be entering through
the front gate
Get the new inmates from the back gate
You guys, stop right there.
Come back here. Fast
Shambulinga, where are you taking them?
Sir instructed us to bring the inmates to
the main arena to attend the event
We had asked you to bring only the
undertrials not the notorious criminals!
God knows how you even
landed this warden position!
Sir, the undertrials were not
in sufficient number
so the seating area looked empty
Get how many ever inmates you want
to fill this place up,
barring the criminals in Tower six
Got it?
Yes, sir!
Our jailer is a strict man
He doesnt forgive those
who have sinned
and yet an inmate tried
to escape from the prison today
and got caught by him
(Distant Noise)
Come on, Pull.. Pull harder
Pull, pull. come on tug harder
Our inmates are really strong arent they?
Yes, Sir
Admit him to the hospital
Will do sir
You people have only five minutes.
The function is about to start
Finish talking and come back quickly
(Crowd talking)
How are you?
Im okay. You?
Was the bail granted?
The lawyer says
it will be granted tomorrow
Did you arrange the money?
(Emotional Music)
I did not have a
choice but to sell it
I can somehow digest the fact
that my husband is in the jail
but I dont want our child to be haunted
by the fact that its father is behind bars
Okay, cheer up
Look at this.
Do you like it?
This is what I made for our baby.
Its going to be my first gift
In spite of stiff opposition
the government has gone ahead
and passed the prison privatization bill
The opposition parties are
protesting against this move
Retired CBI chief Vaman Srinivasan
has been entrusted
with the responsibility
of the privatization project
The idea of prison privatization
has been receiving a lot of flak
Former CBI Head Vaman Srinivasan
has arrived at the jail to kick start the project
along with the Home Minister
and cine actor Madhu Kumar
(Media Reportage)
Okay, okay! I understand that
you have a lot of questions
I get that you are skeptical
about this move as well
But be rest assured as it is not us
but the government that will be
running the prison
In fact, I will only be in charge
of the administration
See, anyone can make a mistake
All we are trying to do here is
to create an atmosphere
which enables him/her to change
Thus this privatization
Sir, sources suggest that you
lobbied for the administration tender
Is it true?
Are you forgetting that I
am a former CBI officer?
How can you even associate
my name with bribery!
Stop spreading these rumours!
Sir. One more question,
Sir just answer us
(Police controlling the media)
(Prisoners talking)
All of you form a single line
(Dramatic musical sting)
Around the same time
Prasanna, who is an inmate
and informer told us that
a gang would soon enter the prison,
get arrested
and kill an inmate lodged here!
So our focus shifted entirely on
identifying that gang
(Dramatic musical sting)
(Police inspecting new prisoners)
Mohan, enter
Keerthi, enter
Sir, the identities of these people
are not matching those on this list
What do we do?
Who are you guys??
Show your I.D Card
(Media reportage)
Mam, what took you so long?
Sorry, Lets get down to work
Okay, ready
As you all know
Former CBI Head Vaman Sreenivasan,
Home Minister and actor Madhukumar
have arrived at the Central Jail
to participate in the foundation
stone laying ceremony
that signifies the kick starting of
the prison privatization programme
Stay tuned to TV 24 for more live updates
This is Lakshmi reporting live
with cameraperson Mahesh
This privatisation initiative aims at
upgrading the quality of prisoners' life
You should step out of
this place as a better person
and this privatisation
is a step in that direction
Many change makers have
been to jail at least once in their life!
In fact, prisons have been the
home ground for several revolutions
You may recall
how even Lord Krishnas birth
happened in confinement
So basically, prison is a place
where a God was once born
but the general perception is that
it is a playground of the demons!
Basically you see
what you want to see
If you are like Bhakta Prahalada
(reference to Indian mythology)
you will see God everywhere
But if you feel akin to Hiranyakashipu
you will also see God,
only it will be in the form of Ugranarasimha!
So work on controlling your
anger, arrogance and aggression
or else like Hiranyakashipu
you too will become a victim of
your own anger
What was that dialogue again??
Who am I?
I am the son of Kashyapabramha
Ah, right! Who am I?
I am the son of Kashyapa
(Prisoners Screaming)
What was that?
Run for your lives
My eyes are burning
(Police Charging)
(Intense Music)
(Bomb Explosion)
(Bomb Explosion)
Sir, a bomb has exploded
inside the jail
It was filled with chilly powder
Its becoming difficult
to control the situation
I need some backup support
(Chaos following the bomb blast)
(Intense musical buildup)
(Intense musical sting)
(Chaos following the bomb blast)
(Chaos following the bomb blast)
(Bomb Explosion)
(Intense musical buildup)
(Bullets Firing)
(Bullets Firing)
Sir, I cant spot Vaman anywhere
He is the one who is
most crucial to our plan
Yes, Sir
Make sure he doesnt escape
Okay Sir
(Bullets Firing)
(Bullets Firing)
(Intense musical buildup)
(Chaos all around)
(Shots Fired)
(Chaos all around)
(Chaos outside the jail premises)
(Media questioning the police about the blast)
Get inside..
Hurry up..
(Intense Music)
This is what happened
today morning sir
A part of our IT cell
has been converted into
a makeshift base camp
In Tower One
there are approximately
140-150 inmates and 21 police personnel
This apart, Mr Vaman, our home minster
and others have also been taken hostage
This tower is also where
VIP prisoners are lodged
This is our most
important tower
as this houses
our record room as well
What is odd is that
the data of all the prisoners
have been deleted
Yes, and this has made it difficult
to identify the real inmates from those
who have entered the prison now
To retrieve the data we will
require a minimum of 72 hours
As of now,
we don't have any IDs
or count of prisoners captured inside
Looks like I am not the only one
who does not know anything
you people seem to be equally clueless too!
One of the team members
have been captured by us
He was injured during the firing
Okay. Do you have
any CCTV footage of the incident?
No, sir
Realizing the importance of
Tower One, they have captured it
They have even erased
the CCTV footage hard disk
thats in the jailers room
We are trying to recover it
but looks like its going to be
a futile attempt
What about the captured guy?
He was shot during the cross fire
The doctor expects him to regain
consciousness in the next 20 minutes
Issue a statement saying he is dead
Sir, why would you do that?
If they realize he is alive
they will negotiate with us
for his release by making demands
but if we say he is dead
we can just get down to opening
an inquiry without any further delays
Lead me to Tower One
This way sir
Sir, Tower One
Sir, they have sent us
their demand list
They are releasing
a doctor and two inmates
and expect us to send back
these medicines with them
Looks like one of them is injured
Why just medicine?
If he asks for it,
give him a chopper even!
People come to jail
after commiting a mistake,
but this fellow has come to jail
to make a mistake!
Who is he?
(Title Music)
(CBI vehicles charging)
(Officers conducting search operation)
We are from the CBI
And here is our search warrant
Sir, why are you conducting
a raid on our warehouse?
We are acting on a tip off that
we received. Please co-operate
Come on, come on
Yes, sir
You search this area
and also seize everyones mobile
And put them in a cover
Come on, move fast
Prabhu, you check this region
Check all the racks thoroughly
Come on boys, be quick
Bring down those boxes
and check whats inside them
Gentleman, you relax,
go take a seat
Officers, make sure no
one exits from the back door
Be sure to scan
every nook and corner
Open every cover and check
Come on, be quick
Sir, we questioned everyone here
and inspected every area
There is nothing suspicious
Even we searched everywhere
and there is nothing suspicious
Sir, looks like we were misled
This place is filled with
nothing but factory goods
We apologise for the inconvenience
you may resume your work
(Dramatic musical sting)
(Power Cut)
(Shoot Out)
Sir, we arrived on the site
an hour ago
and the situation is now
under control
There are four casualties
And a couple of minor injury cases
Yes, sir
yes, yes, sir
Clear the area, quick
Sir, we had seized the gold
and were taking into account the quantity
when the power went off
Sir, please come here immediately
See what has happened here
Chandrashekhar sir is shot dead
(Dramatic Music)
Sir, as instructed by you
We have captured them all
and lodged them in separate cells
Everything is under control
You may now execute the Plan A
How is Vaman?
There was a doctor
amongst the hostages
And he is attending to him
His injury has led to a severe blood loss
If the bullet is not removed
as soon as possible from Vamans body
it may pose a threat to his life it seems!
There is one more problem
Jeeva is now in police custody
Make arrangements to fetch
the medical equipment
needed to operate on Vaman
He should be kept alive at any cost
You both get the fire crackers ready
Going by the way things
are panning out
we may have to burst them
sooner than we expected
We will celebrate this years Deepavali
With a bang
Its already been three hours
since the miscreants took
control of the jail
but the police is yet to issue
an official statement
regarding the present situation
Special Task Force Chief Chengappa
has been made the case in-charge
Please let me know
about the situation inside
We cant do all that now.
Stop bothering me
Sir please, sir..
Let me talk to him once
Already we are having trouble
controlling the media and public
Dont add to our woes.
Just leave
All Channels are airing exclusive news
What the hell are you doing?
Sir, but we are not being allowed
to enter the jail
Thats not my problem! We won't
get this kind of opportunity again and again
I need breaking news
from your end
in the next one hour
If not just come and
hand in your resignation
Is Anyone there?
No, it's clear
Sir, in one hours time,
Ill come up with some good news
No one is interested in good news
Make sure you have something
sensational to report
Breaking news it seems
How will I go searching
for breaking news in this rain?
Is everything ready?
Sir, like you suggested
we have hidden a microphone
in the BP machine
and inside the stethoscope
we have placed a spycam
These are pregabalin capsules
used as pain killers
We have also kept
microphone chips inside this
Even if this is consumed,
no harm will be done
Sir, they are coming out
We have to scan those three
once they are back
The police would have installed
bugs in the items we have asked for
The only way to detect them is
by using the metal detectors
inside the jail
But these detectors are 10 years old
and continuous power supply
is required to operate them
So we have to depend on
the visuals of the spy camera
and cut power supply
to specific areas only
Okay, okay
Sir, the doctor is entering
the medical block
Play that on the monitor
Okay, sir
You see those two prisoners
with the doctor?
Yes, sir
Find me officers whose physiques
are akin to those of the two prisoners
These two have been inmates
of this jail over the past ten years
So there is no way that
they belong to that gang
So they have sent one of our own
prisoners and not one of their own
Sir, they are entering Tower One
Yes correct,
Yes. Right
I can see
There is a code.
Ask them what the code is
Tell me the code
Tell the code
Take off your masks
Sir, its Ravana sir
Ravana, Ravana!
Only one Hanuman was sent to
Ravana's palace,
so where did this second one
come from!?
Didnt get my point?
Well, among the two I
sent, one of them was mute
What are your names?
Sir, he cant talk.
He can't talk sir
They are not the ones we sent,
bash and imprison them
in a cell
Turn around.
Shall we start the treatment?
Sir, we have to cautiously plan
our every move,
they seem to be ahead of us
in their thinking
Our Plan A has failed
but we cant let our Plan B
go to waste
Get started, all the best
Cheer up, guys!
Activate those audio and video bugs
(Voice bit of a famous
social media influencer)
(Voice bit of a famous
social media influencer)
(Voice bit of a famous
social media influencer)
What's this?
No idea sir
Then how?
that are inside the jail
They may be dysfunctional
or there may be a power cut
at some point in time
So lets have a backup plan.
Just in case
And this is our back up plan
You all will be aware of
the FM stations played on the transistors
But how many know of the AM feature?
Simply put
the AM frequency level
in the transistor remains constant
It changes only
when it comes in contact
with any electronic device
be it a mobile phone or a spy cam
This happens because all these
devices emit radio frequencies
So this transistor is good
enough to detect bugs
If those chasing culprits
have one way to catch them,
those on the run, have
100 ways to escape...always!
they have started a live stream
using the camera we inserted
Guys, come here
Hi sir, this is Kumar
I am in no way connected
to these people
They have given me this paper
and asked me to read from it
I cant even follow the handwriting
Shall I read in my own style?
This is a warning!
Stop indulging in this kind of
a cat and mouse game
This wont work on people like me
You will receive the demand list
in an hours time
Until then shut your trap!
With Cameraman.. nobody,
this is Kumar reporting from
north zone prison
By now he would have realized
that more attractive the war field,
more horrifying the war
Congratulations are in order
for having conducted
a successful raid
Its the first time that something of
this magnitude has been seized
Good Job
Thank You, sir
Thank You
You stopped the seized goods
from falling into
the hands of terrorists
I asked for this meeting as
I wanted to discuss
something important
According to your report,
the seized gold amounts to 100 kgs.
Am i right?
But my Intel suggests that
There was over 1000 kgs of gold
So Ill give you 48 hours time
to solve this issue
or else the media will get behind it
Otherwise, I will hand the case
over to the CIA
Okay Sir
Who could have committed such
a henious crime in our department?
How many kgs?
How much gold was seized?
Sir, almost 1000kgs
But why is he saying
it's only 200 kgs??
Come on boys. Be quick
Fast. Make it fast
Come on, search there again
Sir, whats happening here?
Look properly inside the drawer again.
Quickly we dont have the whole day
Sir, sir why are you
searching my house?
You dont have anything
to worry about
This is just a mandatory drill
Who are all of you?
Prabhu what is this?
Vaman sir, whats happening here?
Who are they?
Dont worry this is just
a normal search
What are you saying sir?
Prabhu, what is this?
There is more of this inside.
We are seizing it
This? What is this Prabhu?
Geetha, I have no idea.
Sir, you know about me
Officers, take him into custody.
Sir, sir please wait
Geetha, someone is trying to frame me
Vaman sir, please.
Please listen to me
Why are you talking him sir.
(Intense Music)
Its been an hour Prabhu
If you dont want to be
treated like a thief,
you should stop answering like one
If you are not able to find an answer
even after an hour long enquiry,
it means that Im lying or
that you dont want
to see the truth
Officer, also just know that the
truth wont change with passing time
Shut up Prabhu. I have
seen many an officer like you
Im being honest with you.
Trust me
I was the one who gave
a tip off about this scam
happening inside the department
through Intelligence officer Altaf
But now someone is
trying to frame me only
Check with Altaf if you dont trust me
Ill call you back wait, I am
at work. Who are you sir?
We are from the CBI
and are here to meet Altaf
He is not here
But he asked me to hand over this
to anyone who comes from the CBI
To me?
Yes, sir
Prabhus life is in danger
Dont trust anyone around you
Produce him in front of
the magistrate immediately
And dont try to look for me
Sir, Prabhu, who was under our custody,
has committed suicide
We dont know what to do
What?? Ill be right there
(Dramatic Music)
Excuse me, doctor
Sir, sir please dont disturb him.
How is he feeling now?
He is a heart patient and due to stress,
he has had a panic attack
If you try to push him to do anything,
he might die of a heart attack
But even when my beloved wife died,
I didnt shed a tear. See, even now
Im leading a normal life
So how do I care if this fellow dies?
Please calm down
Please you be there
Please give me two minutes!
The doctor says you will die if you
suffer from one more panic attack
but Ive already
announced that you are dead
Your family
Sir, you cant
Don't interrupt
And teammates think
you died two hours ago
So if I put an end
to your life unofficially now
no one can question me
in official capacity even!
So just answer these two
questions of mine and I will let you go
In fact, Ill arrange for you
to settledown in a foreign country,
What say?
Tell me, why you entered the jail ?
Why are you trembling?
Is your leader so scary?
Is he a gangster?
A don perhaps?
A terrorist then??
If not who the hell is he?
Tell me? Is he God then?
In fact, he is the very opposite of that
(Intense musical buildup)
Who is he?
He is Gho..Gho..
I have scared more people
with my eyes
than you have ever scared
with your guns!
They call me OG
Who is he?
Sir I have already warned you
He will suffer from panic attack
Sir, I asked you to leave him alone,
Send his photos to all the
stations and verify his identity
This test is being done to identify
the 100 plus prisoners
who have been captured
Thats right sir
If they write the names of
their fellow inmates,
then it would be easy to identify
those captured
Yes sir
Sir, these guys are trying to misguide us.
They are purposefully
writing down false names
Looks like they know about
the missing prisoners records
I thought so!
Actually this wasnt my plan at all.
Shekar, you do know that
Ravana has ten heads
whereas Ram has only one
Tell me why?
Why sir?
Because evil people have
higher thinking capacity!
Only the police and the gang members
knew about the missing police records,
but given that the rest of
them in this tower found out,
it only means one thing
And that is someone from the gang
is amongst these guys.
He is the one communicating
all this information
All the calls and walkie-talkies
are being monitored,
yet if they have managed
to establish contact,
we have to quickly identify
the black sheep
If we do this we can arrest all
the gang members, who are inside
Sir, we have received a
fax from Tower One
I know that Jeeva is alive
How did they figure out
that he is alive? How??
Dont give these guys
any food today
You are being given full authority
over these guys
so make sure they spit the truth out
about the line of communication!
(Dramatic Music)
How can I help you?
I am a journalist and heard that
you train animals
and give them for film shooting
So I wanted to do a story on you
Well, Prior to this, I was
training animals in circus
After they banned the
same, I started this centre
And I know that
you are not a journalist
What do you need from me?
A favour
So you need me to send in
a trained guard dog inside the jail
Not a dog
(Buildup Music)
(Intense Music)
(Jeeva is alive)
Hello, who is this? I have received
several missed calls from this number
Its me
Sir, an outgoing call made from
within the jail has been traced
Hope you are okay papa, given
that the jail has been attacked
I am in the same tower as them.
But dont worry about me
Tell me how you are
Papa, they are threatening
to remove me from my job
Im very worried as if I lose this job,
it will become difficult
to fend for moms medical bills,
pay your lawyer fee and clear the loans
Why would they do that to you?
Who knows?
Because Im unable to
churn out breaking news
Looks like someone in Tower One
is equipped with a phone,
call that number and patch me
Will exclusive news save your career?
May be.
Who knows?
Okay, let me then update you
with a minute by minute account
of whats happening here,
Go report the same
and save your job
Please dont run that risk
We dont even know
who these people are
You have already committed a
crime for me and gone in there
Lets not do this.
Ill find another job
Yes, you may find another job,
but the humiliation
you will have to go through
for not delivering the results
at your work place
is going to become unbearable
Any parent will readily take risks
if the outcome means
his/her childs success
Father, still
I promise to come out of here alive,
I will hear only praises about your work,
the moment I step out
Will you promise me that?
I Promise
Sir, what are you trying to do?
Im trying to free myself
And what do you think you
can achieve by doing that?
I have an idea
There are four notorious
criminals in a restricted cell
I plan to bring them out
And take their help
to sabotage the plan of this gang
And why would they help you?
They will do anything
to get out of here
Now help me get rid of this rope
Sir, thats a nylon rope.
It will cut open your wrist
Lets try to cut it with this
pendent as it has sharp edges
Sir, like you said,
I have reached this block
Okay, how many people are there?
There are around six people
but they have their masks on,
So I am unable to identify them
But I can tell you the
numbers on their uniform
Go ahead
Sorry, 613
Find out the identity of prisoners
who were assigned with these numbers
Very good Prasanna
Keep up the good work and
update me regularly
I will then make arrangements
for your release,
once we succeed with this operation
Thank You, sir
If you are not helpful,
Ill make sure
you cant die in here
or go out and live
with your daughter either!
Got it?
Sir, the prisoners who
were assigned these numbers
have all been released
Their planning is on point
We are getting
a call from Tower One
Its me Kumar,
the one who had made the video call
This is their demand list
Please pay attention,
If you miss out on anything,
Im not going to be responsible
Metamorphin-2 sheets
Peracetamol-2 sheets
ORS Juice-200 tetra packs
Does someone have loose motion here?
Sir, sorry that was not for you,
I was checking with someone here
Bandage and cotton
Water bottles-20
Rantax- 2 sheets
Asprin-2 sheets
Mosquito coils...
There are too many
mosquitoes here you see
Sir, I am allergic to coils
so can you please send
odomos instead?
can I order coconut water also please?
Im suffering from heat
Actually, if we ask for
some beds and injections,
we can set up a hospital
with all these materials no?
This is it for now
You will be sent another
demand list in an hours time
Hey, put it on speaker
Okay sir
I know you are listening to me
You better surrender
There is no way that you will survive
for too long even if you escape from here.
How long do you think
youll be on the run?
One day?
A week?
One month?
A year at the most?
However long it is,
I am going to catch up with you!
The unfulfilled desires, that I have buried
deep inside my heart are nothing!
Compared to the number of criminals
I have killed
Got it? Can you hear me??
Can you hear me???
Hello, its me Kumar, the one
who made the video call before!
This is their demand list.
Please pay attention
If you miss out on anything,
Im not going to be responsible
Play that audio clip again
Sure Sir..
Hello, its me Kumar,
the one who made the video call before!
(Kumar reading demand list)
This fellow who spoke just now...
what was his profession
before being arrested?
Sir, he used to work at
the Hopkins Stroke
and Paralysis Rehabilitation Centre
He was convicted for administering
slow poison to a patient
to make some quick bucks
Play his first video byte
Yes, thats the one
Hi sir, I am Kumar.
I am in no way related to them
I think he is trying
to pass us a message
Ask a doctor from Hopkins hospital
to come here right away
Yes, sir
Hey, bare your hands
Sir, sir..
Show me you hand
Show your hand
Cut it sir, cut it
Yes, come in!
Show me your hands
Big deal, see
And you?
Wheres the other guy?
He fainted and is not responding
to our calls
Where is he?
get up, get up, get up
Yes, Doctor
Please carry on
Okay doctor,
what do you have to say about these visuals?
Its coded
Why do you think so?
We communicate with
paralysis patients,
who are experiencing
speech difficulties,
through eye blinks
or what we call Morse codes
This technique was used by
an American war prisoner,
while he was being interviewed by
the Chinese media
He during the interview,
without actually voicing it
but only by blinking his eyes
in a certain way
conveyed that he was being tortured
We use the same technique today
in our medical treatment
to commnicate
Can you then decode this for us?
Yes, give me some time please
Play that once more
(Intense Music)
One person
One person has seen everyone
Be careful. Good luck
You better not try to
escape from here
Ill go get those four goons
Copy that boss!
Hold this you jack ass
Okay sir, Ill leave
You fool,
do you even have any acting skills?
Acting and Me?
Haha, I have got three awards.
I am better than
Manirathnam in acting!
Idiot, go cleanse your mouth using petrol
for having said that first!
Manirathnam is a director
not an actor
Sir, there is an actor by that name,
its just that you are not aware!
For sure, youll land up
being dead today
In fact Ill personally write
to Shivarajkumar,
asking him to shoot
your head off!
we have one guy in our custody who
has seen and knows all these people
and if we find out who this guy is,
its as good as figuring out the identities of
the rest of them, correct?
Yes sir!
Sir, but how can we find out
the identity of this one guy
amongst Karnatakas
six crore population?
Hmm Do you have a girlfriend?
Yes, sir!
Then if you were able
to find yourself a girl
and say she is the one for me
amongst these six crore people,
you think you cant figure out
who this guy is??
It can be done sir
Then stop wasting time
and figure his identity out!
Yes Sir.
Send Jeeva's photo
to every police station
and upload it on all
social media platforms
Announce a cash award of Rs one
crore for whoever recognizes Jeeva.
Okay, sir
Ill also see how long he
can hide his identity from us!
Go, get to work
(News reportage)
The police department has announced
a cash award of Rs one crore to whoever
identifies the man in this photograph
However, the ones providing
false information
will be put behind bars
for a period of seven years
Guys, we have a problem
You are all sentenced to
lifetime imprisonment
I'm giving you guys an opportunity
But if you do as I say,
I will get you guys
out of this jail, alive!
And remember,
you should be loyal to me!
Its okay even if your clothes get soiled,
but dont dirty your conscience
Sir, we have some good news
We have received over a 1000 calls
over the past one hour
and only two of the callers was aware
of Jeevas stammering issue.
They are in our custody now
Sir, I am from Raichur
and I work as a server at a hotel
One day someone approached
my owner asking him
to assign someone who could provide
them with breakfast and lunch for two months
I was blindfolded and taken to
a destination that was quite far away
and for the next few months,
I catered to their food requirements
Someone called Ramanna
from Nanjangud is here to meet you sir
He claims that one day while
he was about to shut his shop down,
he was approached by two men
and one of them was Jeeva
They gave him Rs 25,000 in cash
And requested him to urgently
Phonepay a doctor at a hospital
However, he says he may not be
able to identify the men,
who came that day as it was already
very late in the night and dark
If we figure out who that doctor is,
we will know who the patient was!
How is he doing?
I have operated upon him
and extracted the bullet
He will regain his consciousness
in the next two hours
Inform me once that happens
His life is very important to us
Arrange for a sketch artist
to come here immediately
Contact the local police and ask them
to fetch details on the hospital
I need every bit of information on him
in the next half hour. Half hour only!
All this bravery and shenanigan
is going to last
only till his mask comes off!
Once I know who he is,
I will show him what fear is!
Its one nothing not to
respect the police system,
but he should surely fear us!
Sir, sir
I have forgotten to get an injection
Okay, get it and come back quickly
Sir, I called the hospital
and got some information
The patients name is Surappa
and he is 54 years old
H is wifes name is Nanjamma
They had come to Rona district
as contract labourers
A drunk Surappa met with an accident
while heading back from work
He was then treated at the hospital
and discharged even
The patient had given
his temporary address
but we found no one there
when we went
Also it was a government hospital
and the doctor has had Rs 25,000
transferred to his account
This information has come as
a shot in the arm!
What I want is not any shot,
I am aiming at the bulls eye only
I have a plan!
It's possible that Surappa is related
to one of the gang members
Send the letter with all the details
to Tower One
(Intense Music)
Play that again
Sir, the letter has been sent
How long has it been since you did that?
10 minutes sir
Sir, sir
Where is he?
There was a call that was made
from Tower One right?
Yes, sir
Connect me to that number
Sure, sir
(Phone Rings)
(Phone Rings)
(Phone Rings)
(Phone Rings)
Sir, Im not able connect
Ok Sir
(Phone Rings)
(Phone Rings)
(Phone Rings)
So am I talking to the boss
or his sidekick?
Anyway I have two things to say.
Number 1 Siddhu, who used to supply food
to you guys during your farm stay
He is now in my custody
and we are interrogating him
Second, I have sent a letter to Tower One
and in that are details of
one of your gang member's family
In an hours time
Im going to hand out details, address
and photos about all your families
To the media
With that I am also going to release
a piece of information saying that
You guys are there to release the terrorists
who are a threat to our nation
And yes my reaction to your act
may have been a bit delayed,
but public outrage is going to be instant!
They may attack your homes,
pelt stones at your people
and who knows even
burn alive your families!
If you dont want all this to happen,
kneel down before me
and surrender to us in the next half hour
This letter was delivered by
the police to Tower On
Im trying to reach Ghost
and tell him about this
but he is nowhere to be seen
Oh crap!
Who saw Ghost last and where?
He came to check on Vaman
a while ago
But after that I have heard
nothing from him
What do you mean?
Guys, dont panic.
Lets look for them
If everything is normal,
fire one shot
If not?
If you think something is fishy,
then take two air shots.
Lets meet at the Tower One gate
in the next 15 minutes.
Yes, yes
Good luck guys, good luck!
So eyes portion is okay
and the nose is also looking similar?
So far so good right?
OK. Continue ma'am.
We want you to do this as soon as possible
Sir, the jailer has escaped
with the help of four prisoners
and managed to capture
the gang leader
The jailer escaped?
Yes, sir
What a plus!
Shekar, once its completed,
send the sketch to Tower One
Sure, sir
The pressure will mount on them
Will do sir
Sir, Chengappa is on line
Thomas, listen to me,
you dont do anything
as we dont know
how many of them are there
First figure out how
to come out of there,
the rest we will plan later.
With me is a prisoner called Fox Ajith
He knows a route through which
we can escape from here
We will come out the same way
You use the same route
to send in the commandos
Very good. But be careful
This jailer spoke about everything else
but our release
He is here with us anyway,
so lets kill him and escape
His gang has no choice now
but to surrender
Okay, keep me updated
Wow, so basically,
you need us to get out and to come in,
so what use are you to us in that case??
Hey! What are you saying?
(Jailer Attacked)
Go, you go!
Sir, we have found a match
to the sketch in our database
Let's go
We have only five minutes left.
And given that we have not
received any signal,
I feel something is wrong
If you ask me,
its best to surrender
Why are you being so negative?
Lets wait for five minutes
Have you lost your mind ?
You want to see
our families perish??
But did we work
this hard to surrender?
What the hell!
Why are you getting tensed?
Hey, hey.what are you guys doing?
(Gun Shots)
Shit. What did you do sir?
Sir, sirplease let me be,
please dont harm me. Please sir..
You are the only one who knows the way
out of here
I'll show the way out sir
Will you lead the way or ?
Where is he? Find him,
go search, search
Doctor! What are you looking at?
Go search
Two gun shots? That means
check what that is.
Is the sketch ready?
Ready Sir
Very good
Sir, it matches the identity of a psycho
killer who was encountered 15 years ago
Psycho killer you say?
Yes sir
I think its a wrong match!
You said he would remain unconscious
for a minimum of four hours,
where is he now?!
But I did spike his water.
May be the tablet got diluted
He could not have gone too far
But we should find him
before he finds some water to drink!
Sir, the sketch sent to us is not the one
that was confirmed by the boy
Not that??
Not that Sir
Where are they?
They both went to have breakfast
Are you crazy?
How can someone be
so irresponsible really?
Sir, someone claiming
to be a sketch artist has come now sir
Sir, I am the artist appointed
by the government
I got a bit delayed
as my vehicle broke down
Its common sense to let someone in
after checking their ID!
Go search for them right away!
(Intense Music)
(Doctor Attacked)
(Fox Ajith Attacked)
(Police searching for sketch artist)
Please, please let me go
Whatever the kill, be it a deer
or a tigera hunter is a hunter!
So whats important is not
who you are but what you kill!
Thomas, can you hear me?
I have issued a warning
to the gang members,
where are you?
Thomas? Thomas?? Can you hear me?
Thomas? Hello, hello!
The deadline that
you gave my boys is over
Anybody who knows the game well
knows that it cant be played
fair and square!
And you think operating
in the dark
gives you an edge over
the opponent do you?
You think you are invisible?
Thats your perception.
I am all out and about in the open
Its just that I have masked your eyes
with a black cloth
And now its on you to figure out
how to get rid of it!
Who the hell are you guys?
Why are you here
and what do you want?
Youll never find the answer
to your first question
As for the second one, well, if you try hard,
you will figure out why
And that will automatically answer
your other question as well.
Good luck and bye!
I dont have the courage
to ask you to stay strong
You used to say that
Prabhu is like a son to you
and yet you failed
to save that very son!
Please forgive me.
An apology is the only thing
that I have to offer you at this point
Prabhu left this for you
If you find any clue in this call me
The culprit should be punished
(Emotional Music)
(Prabhu's secret message to Geetha)
(Tense Music)
(Intense Music)
(Emotional Music)
(Truck rams into car)
Yes, yes, yes
It is past midnight so
there were no other food options
No problem sir
(Officers converation in background)
Sorry, sorry
Everyone's sorted?
Yes, sir
Let's get to the point
Okay, officers can you brief us about
the other hostage situations in India
and the prime reasons behind them
Sir, the motive behind such situations
is usually money
or the release of a terrorist or extremist
No, no, if its money
that they were after,
looting a bank would be
a better game plan
and as for the release of terrorists,
low security regions such as
educational institutions
or malls would be a better bet.
So think hard and tell me
why they could have targeted this jail
Come on
We are running out of time
Sir, if you notice,
they have attacked the jail
on the day Vaman came visiting
Yes, sir
That means he is either
someone Vaman knows
or someone who wants
Vaman under his clasp
No, no
If they were after Vaman,
they could have attacked him
outside the jail also right?
They could have kidnapped Vaman
from his house only
and that would have been easier
So why would they want
to complicate things by entering the jail?
No sir, I feel Shekar sir is right
There seems to be some connection between
Vaman and them
I mean if jail was the target,
they could have taken control of it
on any there day too
But they have come on the day Vaman came.
That too on this special occasion
We just have to figure out
why they are after him
Yes, yes
This argument makes sense
Provide me with complete details
on this Vaman Sreenivasan
This jail was built in 1902 by the Britishers
Sir, Vaman was born in the year 1962
Vaman joined the CBI in 1986.
He was only 24 years old then.
He came under the spotlight
in the year 2000
for having exposed a union minister
for taking kickbacks
In 2013, this jail was closed
for about a month
for renovation as a portion of
this structure collapsed
In the same year, Vaman was appointed
as the CBI chief
as the then acting head
passed away during a raid
This turns out to be
a turning point
in both Vaman's career
and the history of this jail
But why was that raid conducted?
Sir, we have converted
all the gold we had into gold biscuits
But where are we going to hide
these many biscuits safely?
To keep it safe,
we will have to give a share of the same
to one more person
The court had ordered
the CBI to submit a report
on the missing quantity of
gold seized during this raid
But the main accused,
Prabhu committed suicide during investigation,
leading to the case being closed abruptly
Also the missing gold
never got recovered
So where do you think that gold is now?
Our jail is currently closed for renovation
So no one will suspect that
the gold is hidden here
We will lie low until everyone shifts
their attention from the gold scam
and later move it from here
under the pretext of
a jail privatization project
Sir, they were a team of 9
Six of them died in 2012,
while three others went missing in 2016
That means
I have shown you where to hide it
now its up to you
to show me a place to bury them
Sir, Fox Ajith escaped
from my clutches
Thats okay
Where are the jailer and doctor?
I have locked them up
in a secured cell
Okay, no worries then.
Ill take care of the rest
Okay sir
Move, move forward
Sir, sir, sir, please sir,
Tell me!
Please dont harm me
Please dont harm me sir
Ill show you the way
Since this is an old jail,
there is a false wall
in one of the bathrooms
No one but me is aware of that wall
Ill lead you to that specific bathroom
False wall?
That's good... that's good news
Sir, what if we send in
commandoes through that wall?
No, No! What if they spot
the uniform clad commandoes?
That could become a problem
So we have to send them
in prisoners uniform
Sir, I have an idea
Today the India-Pakistan
cricket match will be aired
We will enter the prison
when India is batting
Sir, like you suggested
We have entered Tower One
wearing prisoners uniform
Anyway firecrackers will be burst
whenever India scores a four or a six
so let us also open fire
at the same time,
that way we wont
garner any attention
No,No! Dont shoot,
use tranquilizers as I want them alive!
Whats all that noise?
India-Pak cricket match is on sir
And crackers are being burst for that?
Go check whats happening there,
Ok. Get down
Is it ready?
Sir, we are yet to fix one more part
Ill take care of that,
you wait near the main gate. Leave
Sir, Prassana is calling us again
Connect the call here
Hello, hello Prasanna
Sir, the gang members
are digging up a spot
around the tree
near the back entrance
I can see some boxes there
Hey, what's this?
There are bricks in those boxes sir
But how is that even possible?
Okay leave that be for now
Go figure out where Vaman is
and shift him to a safe place immediately
Okay sir
(Commandos are entering Tower One)
(Tranquilizers are fired)
Move, move
Sir, we got him sir!
Dont fire. I want him alive
Okay, sir
We will bring him to you
in the next five minutes
Be quick, quick, quick!
Sir, he has a gun
Sir, members of the gang are amidst
the hostages as well
Sir, lets abort the mission immediately!
Please abort the mission sir,
or all of us will be caught
Fire crackers??
Stay away from me, go away
Get inside the Tower One. Go in now!
Get away from me!
(Shots Fired)
I'm warning all of you!
Get inside the Tower
Sir, I found Vaman sir
This whole operation is now dependant on
you and Vaman
Shift him to a safe place
and call me back
Okay sir
Stop right there.
Don't run...listen to me
Shekar, go to Tower one gate.
The hostages are escaping
Dont run guys, please stop
(Gun Shot)
(Emotional Music)
How is it?
I made it myself.
Its the first gift that
my child will get from my side
(Emotional Music)
(War Continues)
Ambulance is leaving.
Clear the way
We have released all the commandos
as you suggested
Now most of the hostages
are under our control
However, a couple of them escaped
during the chaos that ensued
but we will find and bring them near
Tower one in the next fifteen minutes
Okay, let me know
when everything is in place
Going forward things are bound
to get complicated
There is no way that this is true!
Shush! What is it that
you are blabbering?
I saw his face
and Im sure that
none of us will be spared
Whose face and who wont he spare?
Be more specific
I saw their gang leaders face
If we surrender, he will let us be,
if not, we are done for
We also are no less powerful!
Is his notoriety something that
even we cannot control?
If it was just any other goon or don,
it would be just fear that we would be facing,
but this person is nothing short of terror!
(Intense buildup music)
His name was Dalavayi but he was popularly
referred to as the Big Daddy
There was a time when just
the mention of his name
was both powerful and fearful all at once!
I remember this incident,
Where the then Chief Minister,
Subhash Rao Chennabassapa was scared to death!
His son had raped a tribal girl and
dumped her mutilated body in a forest
But the police department
also stood in his support
as he was the CM's son
And the CM got a call one day!
Dad, you are the CM of this State
And yet you fear a goon,
thats ridiculous!
In spite of being the CM,
if Im trembling with fear
thinking of the consequences
its not really hard to figure out
whom Im going to meet, is it?
He is not the one to spare those
who harm the ones he cares for
so imagine your fate
given that you have managed
to instigate the devil himself!
Sir, I know why you wanted to meet me
He is a young boy and hence has not realized
what he has done,
please forgive him and spare me
If not, I will have to
give up my CM position
Even after these many years,
you have failed to figure out
how I function
it is your life and not your political position
If there is something that
you have to fear for,
Sir. sir
I will ask him also to surrender
and compensate for the girls death
Sir, please forgive him
Dad, why should I surrender?
We will just double up
the compensation amount
We will match their expectations
and close this case!
Money is a good pain killer you know!
(Tight Slap)
I will fill sense in his head.
Please let him go
He has surely passed the age,
where he is capable of listening to you CM sir
Its now time to teach him a lesson!
Sir, sir
Please get up CM sir
Sir, Im ready to fall at your feet
and beg for your forgiveness
Please let him be
Which deity do you believe in the most?
Goddess Chamundeshwari
Your devotion towards
her is however questionable!
Anyone who prays to a female God,
can never get down to treating
a woman mercilessly
Sir, he was intoxicated
Sir, every crime is redeemable
Let me pay the price
and make up for the loss
How much are you willing to pay?
10 crores?
20 crores?
Sir, how about 30?
Forget it, I will give 50 crores
I mean, that worthless soul doesnt deserve
more than that anyway
In fact, if I had thrown
Rs five lakhs on her face,
she would have willingly compromised!
(Gun Shots)
Suraj, Suraj. Son
Sorry CM sir
I was intoxicated
and didn't realise what I did!
Your son was ready to
compensate Rs 50 crores
I am adding Rs one crore extra
and giving it to you
Treat this as a compensation for his death
Now its up to you
to use this money for charity
or to build education institutions
You failed to teach your son
the right values,
atleast build schools and
colleges to educate the needy
You made a huge mistake by killing him
I was ready to give you
whatever you wanted
But it was your son who told me that
money can make
any sort of pain vanish
Hence this compensation!
But its not right to counter wrong with wrong,
is it?
All forces enter!
Doing so will only lead to catastrophe!
Looks like you came well prepared!
Sir, it was you
who made this choice!
You said that you will teach
my son a lesson right?
I will send you also up there
so that you can teach him a lesson!
I said Fire!!!
The government may be yours
but all those in that government are mine!
You may be the minister,
but history has time and again shown that
soldiers listen not to the minister
but to the king and the king alone!
What sir?
Okay water, water
( Prasanna, a prisoner,
is leaking information to police)
This is our demand list
Instruct all the commandos
and sharp shooters
you have put on duty
to leave the city right away
Also, we will negotiate
only with Chengappa
This apart, within 1 AM
I want all the roads leading
to the airport to be cleared
Two flights need to be at
our disposal at the airport
One will fly towards Afghanistan
and the other to Myanmar
We will release 50 percent
of the hostages
once we reach the airport
and the other half will be set free
once we reach our desired destination
Make sure you get necessary permissions
for all this by 11 PM
And try not to pull a stunt
as none of us are fools. Beware!
Where is he?
At the back entrance
Just remember that
no life should be lost!
You know why?
Well, a soldier losing his life in a battle
could still lead to a victory
but an innocent life lost during a rebellion
will never serve the cause!
I will never disappoint you
but just in case I dont live up
to your expectations, I will
(Shot Fired)
I wanted to represent my country
at the national level
But my fate didnt permit me to do so!
My vision is clear only during the day
I cannot see properly without
my glasses during the night
Burn his body here itself
I dont want anyone
to find out his true identity
Sir, I need to use the washroom
But didnt you just relieve yourself?
Sir, I am diabetic,
hence this urge
to frequent the washroom!
Alright, get up, lets go!
Wait sir
Make it quick!
(Gang member attacked)
The commandos were sent inside
even before a dialogue
could be opened between
the extremists and the police
As a result of this,
a hostage has even lost his life!
As always, the police seem
to have their hands tied
and no official statement
has been made as yet
For all the inside stories
stay tuned to TV 24
This is Lakshmi with
Cameraperson Mahesh
Sir, what do we do next?
Last time when Prassana called us,
he said that the trunk
was filled with bricks,
which means they have not
found the gold yet!
But why then did they want
buses to go to the airport
and the flights to be
arranged upon their arrival?
There could be only
two possibilities in that case;
Either they have found the location
where the gold has been shifted to
or they are confident that
they will locate it within 1 AM
Vaman is the only one who knows
that gold is hidden inside
We just got to contact him
and find out if the gold is
really there or not
Did the call get connected?
He is not receiving the call, sir
Keep trying
Yes sir!
(Phone Vibrating)
(Phone Ringing)
This is Subramanya.
I am the Chief Ministers PA
The CM wants to talk to you
What? The CM wants to talk to me??
Just give me a minute
Hello Lakshmi,
how are you?
Hello sir, I still cant believe
that you have called me!
Its unbelievable!
Im very much impressed
by your reportage
We need youth like you
to take our society forward
Once this crisis ends,
I wish to meet you in person
Sir, its overwhelming to know that
you follow my news stories
Sir, Ill only stop by your office
once this fiasco ends
Also is it true that your father
is also inside the jail?
Yes sir, his release is slated
for next week though
I want to reach out to him,
but the police personnel are
not letting me inside
Dont worry,
I will have your father released
once this operation ends
The department is indebted
to him for his service
I need to discuss something
important with him,
can you share
his number with me?
Yes sir, please note it down
Thank you.
Also, you are like my daughter
so here is a small word
of caution for you
Sure sir
Whats happening around you
is a very dangerous operation
So, trust no one.
Be careful and I wish you well
Yes, sir and thank you so much sir
Have a great day sir. Have.
The extremists and our commandoes.
CM Sir is on live, then..
(CM addressing the media on the TV screen)
that way no one from the outside
will be able to go
on a call with him!
Make sure to engage the phone holder
until his battery goes dead
Thats the only way
we can cut any sort of
communication to and
from the outside world!
Its ringing, but no one is answering
Thats okay,
but you keep calling, got it?
Were you able to track
any incoming or outgoing calls?
Sir, looks like he is talking to someone,
the line is engaged
Okay, okay
Keep trying
Sir, it got connected
Hello, this is Chengappa
Hello, sir!
Is everything okay inside the jail?
Yes sir, both of us are safe
Safe where?
Inside the storage room
(Store room)
Yes, sir
Sir, someone is using your name
and talking to Prasanna
Thats why we have been getting
a busy tone
My name?
Yes sir
(Phone Conversation)
Someone is coming
Sir, Ill call you back,
someone is coming
Listen to me. Listen
Who was that?
Nothing to worry about
Sir, the line is connected
Sir, Im calling from ICID Bank
He has received a call
from the ICID Bank
ICID Bank??
I am already out of my mind,
loan it seems!
Just hang up
Sir, you had ordered food
on Zomato right?
Im waiting outside,
can you come quickly?
What is this tomato-Zomato
nonsense? Just let me be!
Sir, the thing.
They are calling him non-stop
to keep the line busy
Yes, sir
You start calling that number continuously.
Come on, dont stop
Yes, sir
Call the three numbers from which
the fake calls were made as well
Do it, go, go, everyone
Dads phone is also busy
Sir, the line is engaged
He is not receiving the call
Sir, his phone is busy
Everybody, keep trying,
Sir, sir, we got Prasanna on line
Hello, Prasanna, Its Chengappa
Please, you are the 7th person calling me
claiming to be Chengappa!
Believe me, dont cut the call please,
its really me
Your name is Prassana and
your prison ID is 401
Your daughters name is Lakshmi
and she resides in Nandini Layout,
Sir, six people called me
claiming to be Chengappa before you so
Its okay. So how is Vaman now?
He is safe
And have the gang members
found anything as yet?
Hello, hello..
Hello, Prasanna.
Hello, can you hear me?
Connect me once again, fast
Its switched off sir
(Phone switched off)
Sir, Sir please listen to me
No doctor,
This is not the time
You cannot stop me this time!
As a doctor its your duty to protect him
likewise as a police officer
its my job to punish the criminal!
So, Im going to get
everything out of him right now
Kindly wait till he recovers
Recover it seems!
(Shot Fired)
Tell me!
Even if one person from your gang
escapes from there,
you wont be spared
So tell me, tell me who he is?
Who is he?
Sir, Subramatheertha is the name of a village
We may get some clues if we go there
Hi, bro!
Dont worry,
Your friend Prassana is being
very well taken care of inside another cell
Are you threatening me?
Even for a second dont think that
you can take a single piece of gold
out of here by scaring me!
At the most, you will kill me!
But then again even death
cant scare someone
who has been living in hell
all this while
Likewise, you cannot defeat someone
who has conquered
the fear of death
Anyway, I have safeguarded
that gold for so many years,
so I rather die than let someone else enjoy
what belongs to me!
Torture me as much as you want
but I am not going to give in
I mean, I am the one who wrote the manual
of torture for this jail,
when I was in CBI!
so there is no scaring me!
Hence, you only have two options now
1. To release me or 2. Kill me
There is another option
How did you manage to find it?
You know how everything that
some people touch turns into gold?
but in my case, I touch nothing but gold!
Darling, when it comes to God,
there are no secrets!
Going forward,
you are of no use to me now
Get rid of him
Hey listen
Lets split the gold up equally between us,
how about 50-50?
How about 60-40 then?
I have a plan, hear me out
or else the gold cannot be
taken out of here, Listen to me
You people go this sides
You head the other way
Search every inch of this place.
Spread out
Hurry up, we have very little time
Sir, I doubt if we will find any clue here
I mean look at this farm,
why would they plan something here
of all the places??
Im sure that Jeeva is pulling
a fast one on us
Has the drone operator arrived?
He is setting up the equipment
Make it fast
Come on, move
Get down
Drop your weapons!
Nowdrop your weapons!
Okay! Calm down
No spot has been dug up!
everything seems to be as it was,
so where did he get the gold from
In todays world,
It's easier to make people believe in lies
rather than the truth
Did you find anything?
Did you?
Look that side
Did you find anything?
No, sir
Did you guys find anything at least?
No, sir
There is no gold, my love!
No fire can harm the piece of camphor
which is hidden in water!
I told your boss that
we should share the gold
But now forget gold,
there is nothing here
What a shame!
Vaman Srinivasan,
who is being held hostage
has been fighting over
the past 10 years
to get approval for
the privatization of this jail
However, approval was granted
only last year
It now it needs to be examined
as to why he was so particular
about privatizing this jail alone in karnataka
What are the specialities of this jail then?
There is every possibility that
the gold is hidden
in the block that was being renovated!
Which part of the Tower One
is being reconstructed?
Library and a washroom sir
What is being reconstructed
at this place?
Sir, library
Where is the library coming up?
Sir, its a little difficult to pin point
the exact location in this
half an acre plot
We will at least need two days to
figure that out
To figure that out youll need
the blueprint of the jail
And who knows if you are
lucky enough,
you may even find the gold
once that happens
But there is no way that
you are going to get
your hands on the blueprint!
But what makes you think that
I need the blueprint?
I need the top view,
go higher, higher
fly it a bit higher, yes
a bit towards the centre
Sir, this looks like
a pattern of some sort
Its the blueprint of our jail!
Look Thomas,
our jail privatization proposal
has been rejected
by the government three times already
But according to media reports,
a whole new government
will be formed this time
If thats the case,
it will be easy to get our file passed
We have waited all these years
and it finally looks like
our time has come
Let's be patient for
a few more months
It's okay if there is a change in power
but what if the same government
retains its majority
So just to be on the safer side,
lets come up with Plan B
Sir, what do we do now?
Its unfortunate that
they found the gold
Go fetch my glasses from
my blazer pocket
Glasses, why?
Because I can send
an emergency message using it
But even if you do that,
what use would it be
as they cannot come inside?
This was my Plan B all along!
(Police searching for clues)
Lakshman, come here.
Clear this space
Any clue yet?
No luck yet,
we are still searching
Whose photos are these?
These are the details of the prisoners
Yes, sir?
Who among these are inside the jail?
Sir, all of them
Use your influence
and have some notorious criminals
shifted to your jail
Then shift them to Tower Three
In case there is
no change in the government
I will tell you how to use
these criminals
and move the gold
out of the prison
What will I get
if I fetch you the glasses?
You will get 10 percent of the gold
Okay sir, okay
Go now, fast
Faster..come on
Come on, Quick
Thats the one
Bring it here and be careful
not to drop it
Good, good
Now press this, press, fast
Do you even know who they all are?
And how the hell did they all
land up in the same jail!?
Where are they now?
Are they in Tower Three?
They were there previously
But after the jail break incident
In Tamil Nadu that took place
two months ago
the High Court issued
an order stating that
no prisoner should be lodged in the same cell
beyond three months,
so they are now in Tower Six
Can they be really trusted?
But why would criminals
like them hand over
hand over the gold,
that too of that proportion, to us?
What if they cheat us?
I know someone
Lets get his gang members involved
He is just not a man of power
but also a man of his words!
And who may that be?
Ramanna, There is no power in this tower,
rush to the generator room and
fix the problem immediately
For this block houses
some of the most dangerous criminals!
Code Red!
Code Red!
Hello, hello, hellowhat happened?
Sir, 50 prisoners have escaped
from Tower Six
Okay send the CCTV footage from that tower
to my phone immediately
And update me
Okay sir!
Have them deploy extra forces to the jail
And seize this entire place
Okay, come on get down to work
Got it?
Whats happening?
No idea sir but the police force
has been diverted to another tower
See, I dont care who you are
but Im warning you,
if I dont see Vaman walking out of the jail
before I count 10,
we are going to come inside
Also we are not police to care
about the fate of hostages
We are criminals!
So your time starts now
Like you ordered,
we have locked
them all up in a cell
You go inside, Ill handle this situation
I remember you saying that
this mission will be a failure
even if one person dies
But as I see it, if we dont kill them,
they will kill us!
We are at times pushed
to face unforseen challenges head on
Go inside
Sir, who are all those people
and why did you panic after
seeing their photos?
Have you heard about the past chief minister,
Subash Rao Chenabassapa?
The one who died in a chopper crash?
He didnt die in a crash!
He went against one man
and his death was the result of doing so!
At one point,
this man was the undisputed ruler of
Karnataka's underworld
No one knew his real name
Nor had people seen how he looked
You are alive?
Who is he sir?
No one knew who he really was
But everyone called him Big Daddy!
Chopper crash was how government
covered up the CMs death!
For the very first time,
even though the kings throne
was empty,
no one came forward
to occupy the seat!
Three months later,
the central government appointed me
to bring an end to this
Big daddys reign
However, this was no easy task
as the department was filled with his men
This is when we also figured out that
the best way to nab him would be
to infiltrate his gang
Our plan was a success
and one day we received a tipoff
Sir, Dalavai is apparently performing
the last rights of his parents
in Fathepur
There will be very few people with him,
so this is the best time to finish him!
As planned,
we left for Fathepura at around
4 AM the following day
But what we saw upon
our arrival was shocking!
We found the bodies of
our team members,
who had infiltrated his gang,
hanging from a tree
We wanted to put an end to his story
then and there
but in actuality it was he
who had dug up graves
and waited all this while to bury us!
Anyway, he had spared the life of
one of our officers
Of course not out of mercy
But just to convey to us
what our fates would be
If we went after him
And just as we were attempting
to save his life...
Let him live, please...
If you intend to put your hands
inside a snakes burrow
You should keep an antidote
in your pocket!
Okay, Ill let him be
if he answers my question
A simple one at that...
You have heard that
tortoise and rabbit story right?
The one where the rabbit is ahead
of the tortoise in a race
so how due to its overconfidence
about its win,
decides to take a nap?
Well, the tortoise almost manages
to make it to the finish line
while the rabbit is sleeping
but in the nick of the time,
the rabbit wakes up
and rushes past it and wins the race
Now tell me how the rabbit
managed to wake up
at the right time and win the race?
Ill count till three
and if you can give me
an answer by then
Ill let you live
1, 2..
(Shots Fired)
No. No....
Prasad, Prasad, Prasad...
No, Prasad..
Oops! Hard luck
See, I could have given him the answer
and then killed him
but seeing someone wither
away with frustration
and die before even knowing the answer....
Well, thats what gives me the kicks!
Officer, I keep wondering
if someone will actually get down
to giving me the answer
but then again its impossible,
as in my story, there is no scope for
the tortoise to win, ever!
Dont think this is the end of it
I can actually finish all of you
right here right now
But Im going to let you go
I'm going to teach you a lesson that
you cant learn in any school,
even if you are ready
to pay a fee for it!
Before going after someone
make sure to know their history
and just not their name!
Begging is not a disrespectful act
However, if that someone,
you went up
and lost against due to
your incompetence
ends up sparing your life, well,
thats an insult you will have
to endure till your last breath!
Now get lost
and dont forget to thank me
with folded hands on your birthdays
after all you have got the gift of life
even before you asked for it!
Stop, Stop the vehicle!
(Chengappa expressing his frustration)
There is nothing more shameful
than living a life spared by a gangster!
Those who want to live
such a cursed life stay back
and those of you who rather die a martyr,
while trying to kill him
get into the vehicle with me
And like that we went on a
suicide machine that day
We wanted to kill Dalavai
at any cost that day
So we equipped ourselves
with the grenades we had carried
and just as we were about
to ram into his car
Our officers, threw
me out of the vehicle
and then crashed into his car!
45 brave officers lost their life in order
to kill a demon called Dalavai
But now I see that their sacrifice
was to no avail
The evil is back in play and
with it naturally comes fear!
Sir, but you said you saw him die
How is it then possible
for him to be here,
that too in this jail of all places?
Thats the question
thats bothering me too
Lets go from the back gate
Whats the present situation like?
Sir Dalavayi gang went into
Tower One to attack the gang at first
but now they are only gaurding it!
We can't figure out why!
Sir, we have received
another demand list
They have asked for
Jeeva to be released
Okay we will do that
But before doing so,
ask their leader to meet me for
five minutes, five minutes only!
When did you get here?
I didn't even realise
you when you came
It's not like misfortune arrives
with a prior notice!
So you are admitting
that you are here to create havoc
All of us are villains
in someones story or the other
Lets get to the point
Nothing much,
I needed clarity on two things
and you seem have
the answers with you
Only Vaman and the jailer
knew about the hidden gold
how did you then chance
upon this information?
See, there is every possibility that
a police officer will take months
to nab a drug dealer running loose
in his own jurisdiction
But a student may land up
figuring out the contact details
of the same peddler
in a matter of minutes
Of course, this doesnt mean that
the student is smarter than the police
It only suggests that
the officer is not as smart as the peddler!
So look for the answer
I mean isnt that why you are being
paid by the government?
Fine, we will do all the searching,
after all its not like criminals
come looking for punishment
its up to the police to find the culprit
and bring him to book!
I for sure know that you are capable of
moving the gold out of here on your own
Im also positive that
you are not in need of it either
So Im curious to find out as to
why you are making this futile attempt?
When ones intentions are clear
and just there is no force
strong enough to stop them!
In history you only find mentions
of those who are strong willed and determined
and not of those who bow down to circumstances.
Once Im out of here,
what needs to be proven will be proven!
And what if you dont go out?
Sir, I usually dont meddle
in anyones business
and the reason I dont get involved is not
because I am scared
but only because if I get involved,
the battle field will turn
into a bloody warfare!
The biggest lesson that
history teaches us is
that there is nothing left
to learn from history
Dalavai, you also know
what kind of a man I am
See, Im not trying to
scare you or anything
but this is just a warning
Fear is a good thing sir for only
then will we know
how brave we are!
The Dalavai I knew
never talked like this
Sir, just because dust forms over a book
the story hidden in its pages
does not lose its sheen!
Its just that I assumed that
I had put the 'THE END' sign to your story
But it now looks like a new chapter is
about to unravel itself!
A dead man has come back alive
And hidden treasures have been found by
someone other than
the man who hid it!
So many questions remain unanswered
Sir, instead of finding answers
to all these questions,
go seek the truth
Answers will then automatically find you
What is that you really want from me?
You have no proper answers
to any of my questions
But 10 years ago,
you had asked me a question,
do you remember?
It still haunts me
It had something
to do with a race between
a rabbit and a tortoise, race.
what was that again?
Sir, the rabbit was overconfident
so it takes a nap
and hence the tortoise wins,
thats it right?
But in the story that Dalavai told me,
there is no scope for the tortoise to win!
You have come all the way to Kashi
so you think Ill
let you go without
making you take a dip
in the Ganges??
There is no way that he is Dalavai!
You heard our conversation right?
So now you tell me
if he is your boss or not!
What is all this?
This situation looks slightly dicey
See, everyone wishes for
their dead loved one to come back
But once they are back
its natural to want to know
how they came back
If not!
Are you questioning the God himself?
God exists but only when we pray
and a flower falls from the
right side of the idol
do we tend to believe truly
in His existence!
Our boss was the one who taught me,
actually all of us here,
the art of wrestling
He is also the only one
who knows how to escape from our clutches
without getting physical with us
If you are really our boss
we will celebrate you
if not we will finish you off
and carry your body out of here
on our shoulders!
Go after him
Look for him, search there
Did you find him?
Now, you take a call on who I am!
Load the gold,
its now time to execute the exit plan
Sir, three buses,
that have prisoners on board
are reportedly headed
towards the airport
Chengappa wants to talk to you
Tell me
Sir, a few minutes ago
we made a breakthrough in this case
I am confident about ensuring the safety
of all the prisoners
I have a plan
Are you sure?
100 percent sure sir
Sir, ever since they captured the jail
and even after our commandos launched
an attack on them,
zero casualties have been reported
Sir they have used
frangible bullets
according to forensic reports
And these bullets
do not cause fatal harm
They have not used a single original bullet
even though they have access to it,
And this does not mean that
they didnt know how to use it
but its just that they did not want
to use it to hurt the prisoners
So now that we know there intention
is not to harm our prisoners,
we will be fools if we dont go after them!
So what do you propose to do that?
Sir, there are three underpasses
on the way to the airport
We will have a clear view once
the buses pass through
the first underpass
so we will take them down
once they come out of the underpass
Sounds like a plan, go ahead
Target is in sight. Be ready
Dont you think the police
will try to attack
our vehicles while
we are trying to escape?
Sir, we cant see any buses
exiting the underpass
Ah, Murthy,
Enter the underpass right away
along with the commandos and check
Quick, quick
Sir , we are here
And whats the status?
There is nothing here
What about the buses?
We dont find any
buses approaching either
Sir, hold on, I can see some light
Why are so many cars exciting
from the underpass all of a sudden?
Close all the roads immediately
If someone tries to escape,
shoot them on the spot
They will surely close all the roads
and even stop all the cars
They are going to bombard the drivers
with questions too
but the only answer they will get is.
Who are you?
Sir, I know nothing
We were paid Rs 50,000 told that
a film scene is being shot
And asked to in full speed.
So I was driving fast
Film shoot?
Sir, all of them
are giving the same reason
We managed to seize most of
the cars but there are no prisoners
But some 20 cars managed to
make it to the highway towards airport
Have the drones follow these cars
and capture their every movement
Also block the next exit,
No vehicle should cross the third underpass.
Take position
If someone tries to break
the barriers and cross over
Shoot them.
No need to wait for my orders!
Sir, we have blocked the exit of
the third underpass
We are waiting for your order
Sir, all cars have entered the underpass
So are we going to escape in these cars?
What the hell is this now?
Why are they heading back towards the city
and not going to the airport?
And where are these bikes coming from?
Send the force and stop all these bikers
Arrest all the bikers and check their IDs
Where are all of you coming from?
Sir, we were told to do this
as part of a film shoot
Film shoot?
They paid us Rs 5000
Hello sir, this Shekar
Sir, all the prisoners are in the buses only,
Please send a backup force
to first underpass immideately
They are all still in the buses
in the first underpass!!
If you don't hold this gun,
I will blow these buses up
Doctor?? You should have told them
it was you right!
Sir, I was too scared,
hence I waited for you only to come,
to reveal my identity
Prasanna Sir.
What are all these
people doing here?
And where are all
the gang members?
No one is going to go anywhere.
You will all be there only
You will be one among the hostages
Only you would have given
your guns to the actual hostages
You ten will blend in
with the remaining prisoners
and no one can ever single you out
Because your true identity
will never be revealed
Sir, looks like the gang members
have managed to escape
somewhere in the middle
All of them are our prison inmates,
I ran a thorough check
Okay, we will escape somehow
but what about the gold that we would have
loaded into the buses?
Sir, sir, sir
The gold that we have found in
the trunks is fake!
Yes, see for yourself sir
We have been taken for a ride
Then, then, where is the real gold?
There is a BWSSB pipe
in Tower sixs backyard
Through that pipe, our men, who will be
operating from outside the prison,
will send remote control operated
mini boats
Those boats will already be
carrying fake gold,
We will load the Buses
with this fake gold
and send the real gold
through the boats
This is our plan,
And who will be operating these boats?
You will know that
when the time is right
But once we get caught,
wont they check our
record and sentence?
Apart from the hostages,
check the records of
all those prisoners
who are facing a sentence
between one and three years
I want that list immediately,
go, go right away
Yes sir, yes
You should be sentenced to
at least three years of jail
that way no one is
going to suspect you
Are you saying that
we have to stay inside the prison
for a minimum of three years then?
No. To avoid this situation,
Im going to hire
a lawyer friend of mine
He is an expert at reopening old cases
His name is
Mahesh Das
People call him
All your team members
have been released
Since Jeeva turned
approver willingly,
he will be released
one year later
I have made necessary arrangements
for his release as well
Thank You. Thank you very much!
But I am very curious
About your escape plan.
Every ones exit plan was pre decided
But you, how did you escape?
You are a smart man
So think hard and
you will find out how, Bye!
(Intense Music)
(Dramatic Music)
Mr Chengappa,
Yes mam
This case will directly impact
the image of this government
We are six months away
from elections
and hence its important to solve
this case within that time
Thats why
The party has decided
to hand over this case to another agency
What do you mean by another agency?
Have you heard about
an agency called PITHAMAHA?
Are you talking about
the famous Indian Spy Agency,
The one run by Mr A N Rao?
Did he say yes to this case?
No one dare force him
to take up a case
At most, we can request him to handle it
Anyway, he is on his way here,
so you can find out for yourself
The stage is set
and people are waiting to cheer for us
So, ready to enter in slow motion
with some foot tapping
background music?
Sir, you still dont know about our people
Im sure they are already all pumped up
and whistling away
Lets go
Just not him,
even his best agent is coming along
Dont tell me,
you are referring to the one and only Ghost
Please take a seat
Sit down
Thank you for accepting this case
The pleasure is all mine
As always we are relying
on you to find us a solution
Please ensure that the case
is solved at the earliest
Mam, it will take time
to expose the reality
But I promise you that
the moment the truth comes out
all the lies will die a painful death
Ill crack this case in
the next seven days
And what do you have to say
about this young man?
Mam, our greatest weapon
is our intelligence
Also we have already collected details
about the gang that hijacked the prison
and the place where the gold is hidden
We will catch them
Sounds great
Mr Chengappa, please hand over
the case file to them
Sure ma'am
Best of luck
Sorry for sounding cheeky,
But we dont believe in luck
We only believe in work, hard work
Sir, this is the file
and it has all the details
Thank you
Excuse me sir,
can I see your tattoo?
Im going to get
something similar done too
I got this tattoo done
on the insistence of my children
We are a family of four,
hence these four stars
In fact, Whenever I miss them,
I look up to the sky and watch the stars
Thank You
Excuse me
Looks like you also have
a tattoo right?
Can I please see that?
Who is he?
Why do I get the feeling that I
have seen this tattoo somewhere?
Then these both are
Father and Son
Then who was the guy
who came to the jail for
He also had the same tattoo?
Anand, Geetha and Prabhu
My world starts and ends with them
I found them
while I was sent to handle
an emergency situation in Kashmir
Many a Kashmiri Pundits
lost their lives at that time
These kids were orphaned
in the same scenario
I brought them back with me
and raised them like my own
Later Anand and Prabhu
went on to clear their civil service exam
I went on to become a part of the
Joint Task Force on Intelligence
Prabhu joined the CBI
and married Geetha
And just as the future
started to look happy and bright.
Dad and I were deployed to Khandhar
to solve the hijack case
around that time
And only when we returned
did we realize
What had happened
I decided to make the life
of the person
Who ruined my happiness,
a living hell
But my father rightly
pointed out that
Doing so would not clear
Prabhus name
Thats when I decided
to do something that
Would prove Prabhus innocence
And at the same time
expose the culprit
Until the lion
figures out a way to tell its version of the story
the hunter will be the one
who will be lauded as the hero
Operation Ghost
You cant execute this plan
with this face
You will have to look like a
different person all together
And here is my plan
There is a common belief that states that
seven people in his world look alike
That's fact
In fact, there is a reference in
To a king called Poudraka
who is said to have looked
Just like Lord Krishna
Apparently he had even convinced people that
he was the Lord Himself!
There is one more aspect
attached to this belief
It is said that it is not necessary
to find similar looking people
in the same timeline
Now we have to find someone,
who looked like you
We will!
For this operation,
you will go not as Anand but as Dalavai
So even if the police land up
figuring out your true identity
They will be able
to prove nothing
as its been 15 years
since Dalavai died!
Its natural for an animal to come
looking for the kill it has hidden
likewise Vaman will come looking
for the gold
and find a way to shift it,
we just have to follow him
Make sure to leave
behind all the proof that
the media and police need to
prove Vamans involvement
Once you find the gold,
leave some of it in Vamans house
Make his involvement so obvious
that even his own conscious
should start pricking him and
he should accept his mistake
This heist is not something
that can be solved easily
So Ill think of a way
to have the Home Ministry
Approach our agency to solve the case
There is too much pressure
from the public to solve this case ma'am
I suggest you request
A N Rao to handle this case
Congrats Ghost!
You won yet again
Thank You
But I rather celebrate the fact that
I did not lose
than the fact that I won!
I have always wanted to ask you
Why did you gave me
the code name GHOSThe idea of a GHOST is
a fragment of ones imagination;
it is also a phenomenon
that invokes fear
It denotes something
that is secretive too
Everyone has a side that is
hidden to the world
and its best if that side is put
to use for the right causes
Today, you have done the same
And brought out the positive connotation
of the word GHOSHello! Who is this?
Your misfortune!
Mr GHOST, dont celebrate the win of a game
even before it ends!
especially when you have no clue
who your opponent is!
Let me simplify this for you
What belongs to you is mine now
If you dont do as I say
Dr Rao will be standing with flowers
in his hand at the same place next year,
only the grave will be yours!
If you want to see your people alive
You have to give me the gold that
you made away within the next 12 hours
If not,
The head of each of your team members
will start rolling one by one!
Who are you?
The son of the man,
whose name you flaunted in the jail!
Who was that?
He wants to meet GHOST it seems!