Ghost House (2017) Movie Script

- Somebody
fucking help me!
- I love you.
- I love you too.
- This vacation's
gonna be so amazing.
- Hey, you have driver?
Gogo best driver in Bangkok.
No it's okay, it's okay.
This way, this way.
Hey, you like Van?
- Gogo?
- Is this guy for real?
- Good music, good
music, new brake.
Hey where you go, where you go?
I take you fast, fast.
- Where?
I think it's, um--
- no.
- I, I don't know that.
- Show him.
- It's in our guide book.
We need to go there.
- Oh,
- uh, gogo!
- Okay.
- We're gonna die.
- Welcome to Thailand.
Got it?
- Gogo, what was he
doing with this house?
- Oh, this a ghost house.
Thai people, they give
present to the ghost,
make them happy.
Happy ghost stay in here,
and then they not
go in your home.
So good idea, keep ghost happy.
- Yeah?
Gotta keep those ghosts happy.
- No, no, no, it's okay, I do.
Oh hey, you have a guide?
Gogo the best.
- You ready, babe?
- Yeah, let me help you.
Ya got it?
- Mm hmm.
- Oh, sorry, excuse me.
- It's no problem.
Well, the windows won't open.
Ah, this is worse than
a New York summer.
- You wanna turn back?
- No way, we did it.
- Yes we did.
- Hey, no, no, no,
I'm sticky, I'm gross.
- And kind of beautiful
and super sexy.
- I love this.
- Yeah, is that a, uh...
- I want that.
- Like a blessing stick?
- No.
- Jules, what about
this blessing stick?
How much you think
i can talk her down?
- Seriously?
Jim, that's disresp, come on.
Come on, Jesus.
- They put the dick
in the fish's mouth.
- You know Bangkok, in
thai we call krung thep
and krung thep
mean city of angel,
and you come all
the way to Thailand
and you've come to
Los Angeles again.
Oh, look at that, it a fat man.
He so fat.
People in Thailand
also eat McDonald,
and if you eat a lot,
sometime you get fat
just like America,
so we the same.
- Gogo, can you please
stop here please?
- Oh, okay, okay, okay.
- Where ya goin'?
- I'm just gonna
get a closer look.
One sec, okay?
Let go!
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
I can't read any of this.
- Neither can I.
- Oh man.
- I love you, Julie,
for better or for worse.
Julie Marie Richardson,
will you be my wife?
- Yes.
- Here, try it on.
- Oh my god.
- Does it fit?
- It is so beautiful, it's--
- you like it?
- Yes.
Oh, thank you.
- Thank you.
- Oh, tomorrow morning I give
special tour for you, huh?
- Yeah, yeah sure.
- Thanks, gogo.
- Oh,
my card.
- Ahh.
Look how he spelled brake.
- It's a very nice hotel.
You two new to Bangkok?
- Yeah, just arrived
this morning.
- I'm sorry, I'm Robert.
- Ah, Jim.
- And this is bill.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- That's a fancy ring.
- Oh, thank you.
Jim just gave it to
me, we are engaged.
- Oh wow, congratulations.
Do you wanna join
us for a drink?
We'd be honored,
wouldn't we bill?
- Yeah, it'd be great.
- We would love to.
- Yeah, you know, we just...
- We insist.
You two should be toasted.
Besides, you know, we've
been around a while,
I'm sure we can
help, places to go,
things to do, and so on.
- We would love to.
- Yeah, maybe in a little while.
- Brilliant.
Well, we were just about to
go and grab a bite to eat,
so, why don't you
give us a bell.
Room 124, whenever you're ready.
- Lookin' forward to it.
- See ya later.
- You're mine forever.
- Oh yeah.
- So anyway, basically what
he was just sayin' earlier,
any price here, you half it.
That's the rule of thumb.
- Yeah, that's a
really nice one.
Your missus has got
some talent, Jim.
- In more ways than one.
- Mm, cheeky.
- You're not even looking.
Maybe if you read
up on the culture,
you'd see what I see.
- Hey, I've read up.
In fact, do you know why
you don't wanna
piss off the ghosts?
- The ghosts?
- Yeah, Julie loves
those ghost houses
they have everywhere.
She's freakin' obsessed.
- I'm listening.
- Apparently if the ghost
doesn't find a house,
it might just take up
residence in the living.
- Jesus, that'll
put a fright up ya.
- No, no, seriously, seriously,
that's the myth.
- You read that in a guidebook?
- Well gogo told me while
you were takin' pictures.
- Right.
I say we move to somewhere
a bit more lively.
What do you reckon?
- Let's go.
- Oh.
What's up with that?
- Bad luck to drop coins
on the floor here, mate.
Apparently the locals reckon
you're gonna lose a finger.
- Uh oh, you hear that, babe?
Keep an eye on these
for me, all right?
- Well, looks like
they're getting along.
- Yeah, well, Robert's
a pretty nice guy
when you get to know him.
When's the big day?
- Ah, we haven't set a date yet.
- Okay.
- It's all really new.
- Right.
- Are you married?
- Me, no, not me.
I think I'm better off
being on my own sometimes.
- What about Robert?
- Yeah, he has a girl.
- Guys.
You guys are not going in here.
- Darling, you have him
for the rest of your life.
- Just five minutes.
- Okay, yeah.
- Be right back.
- Are you not gonna go in?
- Nah, I've seen
more than enough.
I'll keep you company here.
- Thanks.
- To new friends.
- To new friends.
- As long as you've got
money in your wallet,
it's happy days.
- What'd she say?
- She wants you to buy a bottle.
Come on, you're not married
yet, one more drink.
- He's a lucky man, your fellow.
- Yeah, yeah he is.
- What about you, do you
ever let your hair down?
- What?
- I mean, like, your hair,
do you always wear
it up like that?
- I mean, my neck gets sweaty
but yes, I do let my
hair down.
- Show me.
Do you mind if I, let me,
just one second.
- Ah, it's probably messy.
- It looks good, it
looks much better.
- Thanks.
- Nice evening, huh?
- Where's Jim?
- He's just coming,
he's in the toilet.
You ready?
- Yeah, where to?
- Well, this isn't your
cup of tea, is it Julie?
- No.
- The good stuff
is in the country.
You love those
ghost houses, right?
I know somewhere where
the four of us can go
where it would blow your mind.
Come on, stand up, stand up.
- Okay.
- It is a wee bit of a
trek, but it's worth it.
We actually discovered
it by accident,
pulled up in the Van,
got out to take a piss,
and there it is,
just starin' at us.
- What was it?
- Well you're gonna have
to wait and see, ain't ya?
- Guys, come on,
we're just gonna
drive to the country right now?
- We have one time on
this planet, one time,
and our clock is tickin'.
Don't you wanna look
back at that and say,
fuck me, I had an adventure.
- Yeah.
- Yeah?
All right, seriously,
i promise you
the most amazing photographs.
- Okay, let's go!
- Hey, where are we going?
- Come on.
- Let's go, let's go,
- let's go, let's go!
- - Okay.
- Your chariot awaits.
After you, squad.
- Thank you.
- I'm not sure about this, mate.
She's a really nice girl.
- You okay?
- Yeah, I'm just gonna
rest my eyes for a second.
Where we goin', hotel?
- No, country.
- Country.
Julie, we barely
even know these guys.
- About an hour ago you
guys were best friends.
- Come on Jules, I need a bed.
- You had your little
fun, I'm gonna have mine.
- It's not gonna
be too far from here.
- Jules--
- stop it.
This is so beautiful.
- Yeah, I think
this is it, guys.
If you two wait here,
we'll go and check it out.
- We'll wait.
- What?
It's better than making out
with some slut in a club.
- I didn't make out with anyone.
- Well the lipstick stain on
your mouth says different.
- What?
They came at me.
I was gone five minutes.
- Yeah, long enough.
- Long enough for you to
snuggle up next to Billy.
You wanna tell me what
that was all about?
- What are you talking about?
- Come on, I saw you two
starin' at each other.
You were havin'
some kinda moment,
so what the hell was that?
- Nothing.
He's a gentleman, or at least
knows how to act like one.
- A goddamn chimney sweeper,
or whatever the fuck it
is they do over there.
- No, don't project
your guilt on me.
- Hurry up, we haven't got long.
Have you got it?
- I don't like this.
- Hurry up.
- Look.
- Have you got it?
Just give me it.
- All this is on you.
- You crossed a
line tonight, Jim.
How am I supposed to trust--
- baby.
- How am I supposed
to marry you?
You know what?
- No, no--
- you can go fuck
whoever you want.
- Ju, Julie.
- This is incredible,
what is this place?
- It's basically a
ghost house graveyard.
They're too scared
to destroy 'em.
So when the townies
are done with them,
the older ghost
houses end up here.
I wonder if they
give the wee ghosties
an eviction notice.
- Just don't touch
anything, okay?
- I'm just taking photos.
- You're not scared
of ghosts, are you?
Hey look, she's a
beauty, ain't she?
- No, they're all beautiful.
- Woah, check it out.
Look, come and have a look here.
You should take it.
- No, that wouldn't be right.
- A souvenir for your journey.
It's just trash,
No one's gonna miss it,
so you might as well.
- Julie wait, what
are you doing?
What, hey!
- Is this a joke?
This is my scarf.
- What the fuck, man?
What the fuck's goin' on?
You okay?
- I don't feel so good.
- It's okay, it's okay.
Let's get you the
hell outta here.
Give me this.
Come on,
- Stop.
- Yeah okay, yeah.
You okay?
- I am just so tired.
- Okay, just...
Shit, I have a signal.
Gogo, fucking voicemail, man.
Gogo, it's Jim, uh,
we got stranded.
- I hear voices.
- Oh babe, you okay, you okay?
Julie, Julie, it's me, it's me.
Gogo, hello, hello?
Gogo, gogo, can you hear me?
I need you to come get us.
Julie's not, I think she's sick.
It's okay, it's okay, it's okay.
It's okay.
Hey, I think it's
him, I think it's him.
Gogo, hey!
Right here, right here.
She was totally fine
and then, I don't know.
Maybe it's malaria?
Can it happen that quick?
- Not good stay here, we go now.
- Those fuckin'
brits poisoned her.
I'm so sorry.
Where are you going?
- This village I come from.
- We need a doctor
or a hospital.
- Too far.
This better, trust gogo.
- Oh wait, wait up, wait up.
Okay, what can I do to help?
- Shhh.
- What, what can I do?
Hello, hi.
- Shh, shh, shh, Jim.
- What, why are you whispering?
- The spirit, they listen.
- How is this helping?
- You have to let
them help, yeah?
Give them space.
- What was that,
what is she saying?
What is it?
- Watabe.
- Watamiyoo, what the...
What, where's he going?
- Go for help.
- Will someone please tell me
what the hell's goin' on here?
- Jim, come, come.
- What was that old lady saying?
- She not happy with gogo.
- Why?
- People in the country,
they have story they believe.
Long time ago there
was a woman from Japan
who married a thai man.
She leave her home and her
family to go stay with him,
even though it made
her so sad and lonely.
It's because she love him.
But then one day,
the man have affair with
a young servant woman
and the wife find out.
And she so angry, she
set fire to the house,
try to kill them all.
The man and the
servant girl get out,
but the wife not.
She burn,
she die.
Now that she dead,
not a happy ghost.
In thai we call her watabe.
- What does that
have to do with us?
- Watabe still angry.
She don't like
pretty young woman.
- She's dead.
- Yes, but still dangerous.
- You're serious.
- Thai people don't
mess with watabe.
You cannot take what is hers.
They keep her home in
sukowit, where I pick you up.
They say she look after
the old ghost houses,
keep her busy so she leave
the young women alone.
But if you disturb
the ghost house,
then she will come for you.
You cannot hide,
and she will take your soul
to the ghost world forever.
- What, I thought you said
you called for a doctor.
- It's okay, this better, yeah?
- What's he gonna do,
pray her fever away?
- Jim, thai people believe
sometimes ghost take over body.
Monk will help.
You have to let him try.
- Fuck this, we're
gettin' outta here.
- Jim, stop.
- We're gettin' outta here.
- You have to let monk help her.
- No, gogo.
- You have to let him help!
- Stay.
Excuse me.
We need a hospital,
a hospital, a doctor.
- Jim.
- This has gotta be yellow
fever or dengue or, or...
What am I supposed to do?
- Jim, don't worry.
Monk take care of her.
They pray for her all night
and give her amulet
for protection.
She'll be okay, trust gogo.
- Julie.
Thank you, I'm
sorry we have to go.
I just need to get her to bed.
That's a big family you got.
- Big family, many, many auntie.
- Uh, yeah.
She doesn't look
very happy with you.
Should I pay the monk?
- Oh, no, no, no, it's okay.
You don't have to.
She say gogo should call first.
Gogo never call.
- Thanks, gogo.
For everything.
- You call me, yeah?
- It's a deal.
- I had the strangest dream.
And there was this
terrible woman,
and she was so angry.
Her face looked like it
had been burned in a fire,
and she wanted inside me,
Jim, she wanted my soul.
- I think we've all had a
little too much ghost stuff
for one night, okay?
Is that yours?
They planned it all out.
They were gonna leave
us the whole time.
They didn't, they
didn't try to rob us.
- I don't care, I don't care.
- They were gonna try to rob us.
- Jim,
- I'm gonna have a little
talk with our English friends.
- Think it through.
Whatever reason they
had, they mean business.
- Nah, I should call the cops.
I'm gonna find out
where they're from
and I'm gonna send
them the hospital bill
as soon as we get
you checked out.
- I don't want--
- fucking assholes!
- A hospital.
- You should at least
get checked out.
- No, I just want this bed
and I want you in
it with me, please.
- Okay.
That was the scariest
night of my life.
- I don't know.
- What?
- It's hard to explain.
It was like,
I knew you were there and
everything was gonna be okay.
It was like it was
just beginning.
- So where are we now?
The beginning or the end?
Are you sure about this, Jules?
- Yeah.
- Are you okay?
Should I get a doctor?
Are you okay?
- No, I just
need an aspirin.
- Okay.
Sure, I'll, I'll
go to the pharmacy.
Is there a pharmacy around here?
- You will find
everything marked.
- Okay great, thanks.
You know I, I was supposed to
meet a couple friends of mine
but I, I forgot
their room number.
- What are their names?
- Robert and Billy somethin'.
Look, I don't know
their last names.
They're English, two
guys stayin' together.
- We have three British guests.
They checked out this morning.
- Three?
No, two, it was two guys.
- Two guys, and a one lady.
- You sure?
- Oh yes, they were stay
with us for a long time.
- Okay great, thanks.
- Jim?
- Julie!
It's me, it's me, it's Jim.
- I'm sorry for the delay.
We had to restrain
and sedate her.
- Have you found out
what's wrong with her?
- Yes and no.
There's nothing wrong with
her, clinically speaking.
You're okay.
Listen, it's okay.
Her condition, we've seen it
with folks in the country,
but it's a battle to
even get them here.
I had a patient with
a similar ailment
just recovered this morning.
Listen, it's okay, calm down.
You'll be just fine.
- Another American?
- No, British, I believe.
- British?
Do you have any
idea where she went?
It's very important
that I speak with her.
- I imagine she's
on a plane by now.
She and her two friends are
very anxious to get home.
- Can I, can I see Julie?
- Sure.
- Thank you.
- Mm hmm.
- Gogo?
I need you at the hospital.
Yeah, right away.
- Hey, where you go?
- The airport.
- It's okay, we
almost there now.
Okay, I come and find you.
- Wait here as long as you can.
Whatever you do, don't leave.
Fancy meetin' you here.
- Hello, mate.
Glad you got back all right.
We found ourselves in a
bit of a rush, you see.
No hard feelings.
- Julie's in the hospital.
- Who is this?
- I'm sorry about that.
These tropical climates
are not to be trifled with.
Never know what
you might pick up.
- I don't know what you
did or how you did it,
but I know it was you.
- You're fucking
losin' it, mate.
- You're gonna tell
me how to fix it.
- What you want, an apology?
Yeah, sure.
I'm sorry.
What's done is done.
Get the fuckin' bags.
- Wait, you know he's,
you know he's not,
you know he's not gonna
do this willfully.
It doesn't have to be over,
it doesn't have
to be over, okay?
Go to this address,
ask for Reno.
Say that I sent you,
he will help you.
If you're lucky, you've
got 36 hours at best.
But don't waste any more time.
Look, go, fucking go, go!
- Gogo!
Get in the car.
You know this address?
Sure we're in the right place?
- Of course you are.
Go and ask.
- What you want?
- I'm here to see Reno.
Tell him Billy sent me.
- Reno?
- Who's askin'?
- I'm a friend of Billy's.
- Oh, Billy.
- How is he, Billy?
And his magnificent
friend, Robert?
- They're fine.
- Mm.
Who's this, your little toy boy?
It wouldn't be an
exotic vacation
without a little
extracurricular activity, eh?
- Gogo heard about you, Reno.
Gogo heard you dead.
- Well the night
isn't over, is it?
- My name's Jim.
I'm here with my
girlfriend, Julie, she's,
she's in the hospital.
Billy said I should
ask for your help.
- And what could I do
to help a man like you?
- Robert and Billy, they
did somethin' to her,
to Julie.
The doctors don't know
what's wrong with her.
Either she's,
she's crazy or, she's
possessed by a ghost
which is even crazier.
- Bye.
Do you believe in the
spirit world, Jimmy?
- I didn't, but,
now I, I don't know.
- Of course you don't,
you're a man of the west.
You don't find ghosts
running up and down
the aisles of the Walmart.
But here, the spirit world
is a whole nother matter.
- So can you help her?
- I don't know.
I'm more of a sham
than a shaman,
although I might've picked up
a few things here or there.
- That's fine,
I'll try anything.
- Well, believe it or not,
your woman's been cursed.
The only way you can help her
is a kind of sympathetic magic.
You have to find another person
to transfer that spirit to.
Or otherwise, it
will eat her soul.
- You want me to
do to someone else
what they did to Julie?
- You're an unlucky man.
You have a conscience.
Manny, Manny!
Get me another drink.
- Hello?
Leave me alone!
Leave me alone!
- Julie!
Julie, Julie, Julie, it's me.
It's okay, it's okay.
Baby, the doctors
are here to help.
- Oh god.
- Here you go.
Nothing to worry, ma'am.
Okay with her?
She be fine.
- Help me.
Help me.
- Okay, okay.
- Congrats, man.
- Aww, thanks.
- Now it's a party.
- That's right, this
next one's on us.
- You, you don't
have to do that.
- Oh come on, if
you can't toast love
what can you toast?
- By the way, where
is the bride to be?
- She's back at the hotel.
She actually came down
with a little bug.
- Oh, bummer.
Bad timing.
- Traveling is both
an art and science.
Sometimes you just gotta
roll with the punches.
She'll be fine.
- To new friends.
- Cheers, man.
- To love.
- Oh oh, hey, hey,
party this way.
- Woah.
- I'm damn glad we met you, man.
You're one of the good ones.
- Don't worry, he says
that to all the guys.
- No, seriously.
- I, um,
I can't, I can't do this.
- Can't what?
- What, was it something I said?
- I gotta go.
No, no, I should
probably check on Julie.
- What about
the ghost houses, man?
- Cal, you're drunk, come on.
You tell Julie that we
said she is a lucky girl.
- Goodnight, captain.
- Hey, time to go.
Let's go.
- Okay.
You do not like hospital?
- Those people
can't help us here.
We gotta find another way.
- Hey, this a bad idea.
- I know.
- Oh Jesus, come on.
- There's another
way, there has to be.
- Yeah well, it's
probably way beyond
my limited abilities, man.
You'd need a true believer.
- Then take me to one.
- It'll come at a great price.
- I'll do anything.
- I believe you would.
- Whoa,
- When did she desecrate
the ghost house?
- Desecrate?
She didn't desecrate
anything, they tricked her--
- when?
- Two days ago.
- Well then you
have exactly one day
to free her from
that spirit's embrace
before she tumbles
into the abyss,
'cause there ain't no comin'
back from that, Jimmy boy,
no matter how much you love her.
Plain enough for you?
- Yeah, that's plain enough.
Let's go.
Let's go!
Let's go, Reno.
Move, move!
- All right.
- She's getting worse.
Tell him where.
- Just drive.
- Julie?
- Where are you taking me?
- Well little lady, you
need to get some rest.
You have a very
accomplished guide
for today's little safari.
- Don't talk to her, okay?
- Just put the gun down.
You look ridiculous.
- What are you doing?
- Shoot me.
- What?
- Kill me.
It's the only way
to keep me from her.
- Julie.
- Do it!
- No!
No, baby, I'm...
- Coward.
- Julie.
What's happening,
what's happening?
- Make sure she doesn't
swallow her tongue.
What are these?
What are they?
- Which one's the tranquilizer?
- I don't read thai.
- Gogo, please, please.
- What is it?
- It's this one, it's this one.
- That's good,
that's good, do it.
You have no idea what
you're up against.
- Oh no.
- Jesus.
Were they all on, on one bike?
- That's nothin'.
I've seen six, seven
people on a bike.
You ever seen that?
- No, I...
- They're dead.
Did you call the police?
This could take hours.
- What do we do?
- Gotta be another way,
just gotta go back and find it.
- Shit!
- There.
- Julie.
What's happening, baby?
Julie, it's me, baby.
- She's almost gone.
We have no time.
Get her up, get her up!
Wait here.
- Jim, trust him?
- We don't have a choice, go.
If we get through this,
things will be different,
I promise.
- How touching.
I don't think I'll ever have
to sweeten my coffee again.
- What now?
Where are we going?
- The witch doctor.
- The witch doctor?
- Well what do you think we
had before modern medicine?
Now get in.
She knows we're comin.
- Gogo, what's wrong?
- The locals, they don't
even wanna come here
because the waters are full of,
, with demons.
Get the motor started.
Tell him to start the motor.
She's in their world now.
If we don't get her there soon,
watabe will take her soul.
The sun's about to rise.
You're almost out of time.
Whatever you find in
here, you gotta face it.
Be strong.
- Just don't leave us.
What's she saying?
- She say you cannot disturb
the ghost house of watabe.
She say it's Julie fault.
She cannot help her.
- No, it, it was not her fault.
She was tricked into it.
Tell her she was
tricked into it.
Please help her.
I'll give you anything,
I just, I'm begging you.
- You beg me?
- I do, I love her.
- She say you must give up
something important to you,
make ghost leave her.
Not good enough.
You must give a part of you.
Watabe need flesh and blood.
a finger.
- You want me to cut
off my fucking finger?
no, they, there's gotta
be something else.
That ring stands for
everything between us.
Just try.
We've come so far.
- Get out, get to the circle!
- I'm not leaving her.
- No, no, leave her!
The circle, it won't kill her.
The ghost cannot hurt us here.
Cut it off!
- Jim?
What's going on?
Are you okay?
- Hey,
you look good.
How about a drink?
- Who's that?
- This is Reno.
- Yeah, so what now?
I mean, uh, you guys
aren't headin' back
right away, are ya?
I mean, you just got here.
You guys haven't even
been to the beach, right?
- Reno, shut up.
- Gogo, thank you.
You're a life saver.
- You're welcome.
- thanks, gogo.
Thank you.
- Okay, it's okay.
- You ready?
- Come on, let's go.
- Okay, see you next time, huh?
Hey, you have driver?
Gogo best driver in Bangkok.
No, it's okay, it's
okay, it's okay.
Come, come, come, come,
come, this way, this way.
Hey, you like Van?
Cool music, new Van.
- Oh, can we get it?
- Gwen, that thing's huge.
Probably cost a fortune.
- Oh come on, what's
a few dollars?
It's totally authentic.
- How would you know?
- Something this crazy
looking, it's gotta be.
Come on baby, please?