Ghost in a Teeny Bikini (2006) Movie Script

Bardone !
I knew you'd save me!
Sorry I'm late, but
I had to break through the jungle...
To set a fuse, find the secret lab and
save you.
What we have before they come
and blow us all?
Let's not talk about killing...
may have another 30 minutes
before they kill us
who seek to kill.
Melting when you touch me like that.
Make love to me Bardo.
- If you already have to die,
let it be a
in the second lap.
Thank God!
You hinted extra scene, Ted?
Muffin, honey...
This is the extended DVD version.
We really need those extra,
previously not viewed minutes.
'' and requires extra effort'' accessories.
Really, Ted?
I thought that was your idea of ??Appendix
for DVD...
additional animated menu?
Well... i did...
But people are almost begun to
to complain.
Well, do not blame them.
I seriously...
etvorominutna love scene?
No reason?
Come on...
I better get back to dza bu,
stiptiz poker.
It is not enough sounded tense
but anyway...
leave record.
Ted, I think we need
another shot.
Yes... we will do a close up and
assistant will to read to you.
Because Muffin Baker stars.
The people paying to see it.
A Muffin Bejkers
text does not say off camera.
This is why!
Okay folks, let the bards
monologue about the burning huts with orphans.
Come on, folks, let's go, let's go!
Bardo III,
scene 15 the second time.
How's my line? Damn...
- Cut!
Is my life could be worse?
I'm doing terribly funny
scenario to scenario...
Here's a scenario for your next film
g-Dice Baker.
'' Only'' for your thong?
The story of Colonel Sanders?
Do they think I am?
PARE meat?
Anyway, here's a telegram for you, according to your Uncle
Sajlus suddenly died...
Finally! Things are starting to
Thank you Mr. Baker dice!
Do all to dump the
one place, kid.
Dear Muffin Baker,
Sajlus your uncle died...
must come immediately.
Testament Reading this weekend.
Stop to stop talking.
I scroll immediately.
Aribald Vajzenhajmer III.
By Authorized attorney.
And! Money from a dead man!
Maybe you inherited a part of the ancient heritage
Sajlusa, my dear.
But will not be easy to get hold of him when
is Aribald Vajzenhajmer concerned.
He's an evil man that nothing will stop
to surrender the entire legacy
its kerci...
Still, I never
not like.
A, and it would be nice to have someone new
for persecution, for a change...
Enjoy your visit
home in the Raven'''' Muffin Baker.
Vrebau you.
Muffin! Honey!
're Home?
Still ask my dear!
Just the way you like.
- Muffin?
Is everything all right?
Did someone die?
Well, actually, it is!
Someone you know?
- My rich cousin, Sajlus Davenport.
One without children.
Is that a good thing... or bad?
They invited me to go to'' raven''
This weekend's reading of the will.
Not think so, and we still have 2 days
shooting for the film.
Can not.
Well, can not we a couple of days rest
and the movie ends next week?
Absolutely not! That would set me back about
... $ 250!
Who's gonna pay for that?
I can not afford that!
You would not you?
Uncle's estate is worth over $ 3 million!
That would cover the costs, delayed film,
a left over to the new film.
If you want?
It sounds very, very tempting.
But I'll have a bit to think about it.
Do you think?
Yeah... think hard...
... very hard.
Been done, sir.
So it has received
my telegram.
I am confident that the
immediately supplied.
Then we believe that nothing will stop you
to a small bird of prey
from coming to the reading of the will of a deceased uncle
Then everything exactly as I planned
Sajlusom testament is that it has
to attend in person, reading...
Or otherwise, the process inherits
including mine, will be null and void.
In other words?
- In other words,
if it appears in a
play, I'll be completely off.
It is very clever of Mr. Cyrus.
Yes, very clever, Yep...
His will says that she has
to come here in one piece...
but says he has to
stay in one piece!
You are evil-calculated,
kvarljivac, sir.
This is the nicest
you've ever said Marsh.
Go we now heat the seat of the car
. My ass is igolica.
Do you hear me, my dear Sajluse?
I bet you can.
Pouj this!
I would be much trusted in little
Muffin Baker!
Something tells me she will not
a penny to succeed!
Suck the marrow, Areia!
But I still can not thwart
your evil plans in the meantime.
Nice try Sajluse! But I
I do not believe in ghosts!
It's not a hoarder!
I'll see you later, Areia!
One more try Sajluse
and prosuu in the sand for cats!
Do not believe me?
Just Try!
I'm so glad you decided
you to come with me.
This could have been a very boring weekend
, I'm alone.
If it is true what you told me about
property of your uncle...
I would not have missed it for anything...
Big creepy house, lightning and thunder
! French maid,
small thong. - Do not worry,
everything just so.
Uncle has always delved into the darker depths
society, if you get my drift.
His old friend and lawyer,
Aribald Vajzenhajmer?
He always hated my side of the family
Even now, he is probably
conspired to kill me.
Here's my plan to kill
Muffin Baker!
You always tweak the
last detail.
I, but not completely.
No one knows where
Sajlus hid his money.
Secret can be detected only when
all members of his family
expensive to reading of the will.
I can not wait.
Check it is!
You really think you can
inherit this whole place?
Who knows, maybe.
Uncle Sajlus I was very attached
Usually I was plucked to knee
for several hours.
In fact, sometimes it is not standing
and when I asked him.
Hopping... hopping...
It was a bit strange...
Thanks for the information. Are we going to see
Is there anybody in there?
Oh, Miss Baker.
- Hi, Marsh.
We're about Uncle Sajlusa.
I guess you've heard, do you?
Well he did not, he lives here!
Yeah, I got Mr. Sajlusa.
It's painful to even.
Hi, I'm Ted.
Ted Wood.
Ted Wood?
Am I wrong, or is: Ms.
Baker supposed to travel alone?
Well, Marsh.
If that is your real name?
'' The more vivid''
at least I say so.
Please, enter.
Thank you.
Your coat, sir.
- Of course that's my coat.
Well, Mars, if the house is still
'' haunted''?
Yes... it is.
Well, Marsh. How so ugladen character as
I finished in such a place like
kuerina as the'''' Gavrilov.
Well, let me tell you...
Smarao I was like a dog,
while I was sitting with bass,
I drove around in my Jugiu,
stomped it to the floor and shooting each
women who sell...
Then I saw something that made me lieth end,
began some black smoke to Euros under the hood,
so I parked next to the cemetery,
the side of the road.
I have DIPA zombies, vampires Ripa
and bats are flying in the sky!
Appeared with female breasts,
big as the moon,
werewolf with bouffant hair!
I threw the spirit of a finger, said
I do not play the cross,
in a place that's not helping!
Well it to the max
spark for Gavrilovo''''!
I have DIPA zombies, vampires Ripa
and bats are flying in the sky!
Appeared with female breasts,
big as the moon,
werewolf with bouffant hair!
I threw the spirit of a finger, said
I do not play the cross,
in a place that's not helping!
Well it to the max
spark for Gavrilovo''''!
Gavrilovo it, bazenii,
movie stars.
I've been here since then.
Sounded to me that I heard the front door.
Muffin, looking lovelier than ever!
Thank Areia.
This is my fiance, Ted.
Lovely to meet you fella!
Aribald Vajzenhajmer.
This must have been a terrible shock
It is to suddenly.
So I was told.
What happened?
Cleaned her his knife.
And he pulled the trigger.
How tragic!
Yes, the real horror...
to call my daughter.
You called?
- Yes, dear.
This is: Ms. Baker
and her boyfriend.
Hi, Muffin!
Finally got here!
Ted, this is my daughter, Evelyn.
Hello, gorgeous!
It is readily excites.
Yes, but we're all family.
- Exactly!
I believe you have a lot of questions about the
I think that brandy
chased the chill from your bones.
Prepare a guest room.
- Here Now.
Fjua is kuepaziteljka.
Maybe you're kueaziteljka.
Marsh, enter their luggage.
I make sure everything is ready.
- Master.
Right this way, we have many things to discuss
Yes, sir Vajzenhajmer?
I want to help Mars in preparation
guest rooms.
I was thrilled.
And who would you be?
- Ted. Ted Wood.
Mr. Ted. Ted Wood.
What you like to be the sheet?
Implicated? (Firmly)
- Yes, it implicated.
So implicated (tough)... I can hardly stand?
Well, implicated in the bottom but a little
protruding at the top.
I fully understand Mr. Wood.
Big up and down close.
It comes from divorced families.
- Well, somebody has to be re-educate.
But, to pour brandy...
You probably want a slim,
is it Ted?
No, I'm fine.
I'll take one Ted thin...
Are you sure you can?
This is no small thing...
Well, as soon as get my hands on it,
just have to swallow...
through the mouth and through the gums,
drink in the stomach tresni.
O God...
Another lousy joke...
and has everything to kill you.
How many times have I told you I
so no sneaking?
I'm sorry, old habit.
Yeah, well, stop and come here
to help me with the sheet.
Now, when the muffin and when will
will be read,
Do you know what that means?
- No.
What does that mean?
Do not know how they read?
This means that you and I should
join forces as never before.
Yes, you're absolutely right.
I need to come up with a plan.
Cruel, vile plan.
The plan natplanjuje plan,
that they are planning.
Confusing me, I can not think that
Okay honey, dropped me sad,
but only quickly.
When a cat does,
mice will play.
They definitely make a shambles.
Clever mind would come up to
bit to take part in such an action.
I'm not a long time...
I wonder if someone out there wanted me
Thank you! I knew that
the same thinking.
I understand that you...
oseajno baby Evelyn. I feel that the
your share in this dangerous work
Crucial to the overall success of
What do you want to do, daddy?
- Way to go...
I think we need to podvuemo
line between Ted and Muffin,
and you've got the quality to do so.
I know exactly what you need and how to.
As soon as it zabalaveo for you,
moiu to finish that zinulu muffin.
Feel free to leave everything to me.
If only I could
clone this girl.
Can I help you?
I am Madame Zola.
Notice of me.
Came you Madame Zola, sir.
Let's do this.
I suppose you're wondering why
're all here.
I do not wonder.
Of course
Your Uncle Sajlus left specific instructions on how to...
and when the property will be divided.
One of these conditions is to establish a session
to contact his spirit.
Last time.
Session? That's just great.
I always knew there was a ghost in the house...
invisible force...
touching... feelings...
I really believe in ghosts.
In the end, I invited Madame Zola,
-known media, to allow the session.
So that we can begin, and
get the job done on the first try.
I understand, you do not believe in the world of spirits
Mr. Vajzenhajmer?
I've never seen anything that convinces me otherwise
but Sajlusove
instructions on this issue are clear.
Keep moving.
All join hands, please.
If any doubt, there's a ghost in the house
'' in'' Gavrilov.
Informed me of his presence
more after my arrival...
for my power, as well as the media.
Spirits! In Gavrilov?
Not that rare.
- Muffin.
I'm a rarity.
This house is possessed...
but by whom?
Invite disembodied.
The unknown.
Behind the dream of eternal...
I hope there is no
Piggy Prasi. - Evelyn, quietly.
Sorry dad.
I'm trying to make contact with the spirit
Sajlus Davenport.
Sajluse! Are you there?
Of course not.
He's dead!
A, and where did you get that outfit?
The gypsy fair?
If you're here, give us a sign!
I'll give you a sign, as yet.
Do you feel the spirit?
- Very possible.
Look at him.
Grins like a fool!
O my God!
What's he doing?
Spirit is trying to tell us something.
I think it's haunted.
Is there a ghost of the dead but of the
Sajlus Davenport.
Some tumultuous spirit.
Yes, of course.
End of the show.
Can we go from here?
Daddy, are you okay?
Please help me in the kitchen.
You know more about these
Avetinja than you're letting on.
I've heard all the stories.
But who would believe me?
I would. There's one thing I know for sure
This house is haunted,
rotten from head to toe.
This house is haunted.
Escaped wish I
I were you.
Spirit will catch you napping,
I'll kill you if you wish.
This house is haunted.
This house is haunted.
There is no other way.
This house is haunted.
I do not want to stay another
one day.
This house is haunted.
Rotten from head to toe.
This house is haunted.
Escaped wish I
I were you.
Spirit will catch you napping,
I'll kill you if you wish.
This house is haunted.
The story of several years ago, before
60 to be accurately.
There was a lot of laughter and debauchery.
- Lewdness?
Yes, debauchery.
Mr. Sajlus at that time had
beautiful mistress.
She was young, and her name was Tabitha.
I like it
to wear tight bikinis?
The tight bikini?
Now I know why
is hard to believe these stories.
. Sajlus always said that
chest cold is a killer.
Because it had a really big... and
Just had them.
Is a pity that he died young
and had a long life ahead of you.
But why? Why would her spirit
haunted house?
They say they did not have the opportunity to experience the
full extent of their femininity.
Mr. Sajlus was old even
at that time.
Now her horny ghost
wandering these halls.
Seeking a way to fulfill their desires
Now that's just netano
smashed, sir.
If only there was a way to redirect
her spirit...
You can
relieve the suffering of her spirit.
But how?
I thought you would not
never ask.
Just need to uvuem in
something a little more comfortable.
For example, in your body.
Are you okay?
I know you might not believe this but I have a
... wish...
Otkopam your blouse.
This is not the same Madame Zola that
was invited to the session.
And for $ 50.
Madam Zola left his body
and I just a few minutes
to control her earthly shell.
uskija but I am not an idiot.
You're the one who died of breast
cold? - Yes!
But please do not be afraid.
I'm not here to hurt you.
Please do not refuse me. I need you.
I need it!
A has so little time.
Please, take me!
How big are your shoes!
Ispratiu you to the door.
I do not know dear, all around
A little creepy.
- Yes, I know what you mean.
As the supernatural. Everything is unknown.
- Yes.
Hey, if you're me you
caught under the table?
I do not think so.
Is that
may do unconsciously?
Probably not.
But I was encouraged to think
About what?
- To do a little dive...
How can you think about sex
in the house where he died my Uncle Sajlus.
You're so insensitive.
- No, just the opposite.
I feel things all day.
A to something else?
I can not think of
little rolling, when these spirits
begins to bang overnight.
You'll have to forbear
until we get back to Hollywood.
Good night, Ted.
- Refrain?
Hey, what's your number
tonight, baby?
What is this?
Well, whatever.
What the hell is this...
Here, Daddy.
Drink this.
Do not think I...
Give it to me!
- Yes.
I thank.
Encounter with the supernatural
can be very exhausting experience.
Look weak.
- No time for that!
You have to carry them out
plan into action!
Are you ready?
Just leave everything to me.
Remember... this is for
3 million.
And how could I forget?
Cheers, dear daddy.
This is my girl.
I'm glad to see that
not only awake and Orna.
Oran jesan, but never
anything up.
Do not be so gloomy effects.
You have the whole world on a string.
Are you sure?
Certainly think so stud.
You have advanced his career as one of Hollywood's
prominent directors.
It's true.
Not many people can shoot
film in just 5 days.
And you have a beautiful girl
I'd licked...
from one end to the other.
And that will just be
inherit a fortune.
This is all true.
So why not continue to sit here tonight all
'' bloated''?
You just need a little uplifting.
So, you want me to'' elevate''
Or not?
I guess your last name is Wood (Wood)
for anything? Is not it?
Not. Not tonight.
Poor Ted.
I guess I can give him a little something...
But I'm his girlfriend, right?
Will not be a pretty sight.
But if you do not care about
your man, someone else will.
Honey, I've been thinking...
I think I was a little
unfair to you.
How could you?
How do I?
Or does he?
Well, I mean... Honey,
is not as it seems, this...
Did he looks like, but...
Do you remember what we talked to have
'' triple''?
All I did was
I started from my end.
Want to join us?
I hate you!
Hate is such a strong word.
I'm just a girl.
Like any other girl.
I just want to love you.
I to be loved, than others.
Why is this so hard?
Why is it so hard to understand?
I'm just a fool for you...
I'm doing what you want from me...
So how can
leave me the...
When I was honest...
I never wanted a lot of...
Do not move anymore.
Only to look and not touch...
O God! To me
nearly killed!
You saved my life, Marsh.
It is not safe to wander at night
g-Dice Baker.
Do you really think that someone
're trying to kill me?
You might have someone
worth more dead than alive.
I know what you mean.
My world was collapsing from the time
when I stepped in Gavrilovo''''.
Many bad things have happened to me
You'll all just
to change.
Muffin! Everywhere I've been looking for!
So that's it.
I should have known.
- Ted!
The night was much more complicated.
I do not know whether I'm going or staying.
You'll be safer there.
're Right.
Sajlus Davenport,
was my friend.
Not to bother with the formalities and as the
legal obligations are met,
we can proceed with reading the will,
which is why the presence of everyone here.
Testament carefully zapeaen
and curled works of storing.
Otvoriu far this envelope with
Sajlusov blessing.
Why do not you just open.
Very interesting.
What does it say?
To go to the main.
- Once reju,
Sajlus has turned this event
in some kind of treasure hunting.
- Yes.
Sajlus somewhere in the house hid
key that opens a small box of treasures.
Also hidden on the property.
Which contains,
securities holdings and its
bank account.
What does that mean?
Who he found was his, my dear
I suggest that we all join together,
and we cooperate together.
It'll easily find a treasure
and divide the estate equally.
Razmisliu about.
I obavestiu you.
I do not like people who try to kill me
Mr. Vajzenhajmer!
What is it now, dear papa?
There's something I did not mention
and others concerns the muffin in his will.
Looks like it
it plays in this house as a child.
Something from that time period,
plays a role in all of this.
But I still have not figured out what.
Well, I'll have it...
monitor carefully.
Is it? Well, I know
something that you do not know.
I will not tell you what it is.
Muffin, please, can we
to talk about this?
- You have to believe me.
I was drugged or something.
I was not aware of what I'm doing.
Looks like
you know what you're doing.
but it seems we all like the idea of ??evil
to we were razvojili.
I, divide and conquer.
Get and razdvajaj.
Yeah, I know what you mean.
I'm so mad at you!
Think about it, please!
Yeah, maybe. But not now.
My mind is stretched.
Very sad.
I'm totally devastated.
What a mess.
All about the hidden key.
How to figure out?
I've never been good with puzzles
Why do not you sleep?
Maybe I should get some sleep.
Quick nap would help.
Quick nap sounds good to me.
In the waking world, nobody sees me
Only in your dreams
can not be together.
Keep on dreaming baby.
I in your dreams,
I'll be with you.
Who are you? - Just a dream that
will overwhelm you happy.
So this is real?
Just a fantasy.
Super! I've never been with a woman
What is it nap turned out!
Muffin, what are you looking
may be found in the palace of the princess.
Princess' palace?
What does that mean?
Well, Uncle Sajlus me is always
call their little princess.
Not that I was annoying
or something.
I love that we may set here and there,
but it does not make me a princess.
A room where I was playing,
is usually called the princess's palace.
That's it!
I know it must be here somewhere...
Devil uzidao them.
Very clever of him.
I knew you'd find us
you Muffin.
Now you just need
key to your happiness.
Naie it where I
he kept it always.
Close to my heart.
'' Close to my heart''?
What does that mean?
I may be wrong, but...
here everything starts to be interesting.
Sorry to bother
eternal sleep, Uncle Sajluse.
Uncle Sajlus swallowed
key for safekeeping!
Pretty ingenious.
Genius, Yep.
But without blemish? No.
- Vajzenhajmer!
I knew that if I
long enough to follow, you'll take me
right to the treasure.
You've been watching me? Secretly?
All Time?
- Sorry.
Now, sit down, percussion.
You did me a
you happy man, Muffin.
You will not get away with this!
We have already cut
brakes on your car.
When I kill you, only we
and a nice push off a cliff.
With all the car.
Enough with the complicated reima!
Since then my head hurts!
- Do not worry.
It's going to be over very quickly.
This is the part where
spoil their evil plans.
I cleared it.
That's the spirit! - Nonsense.
Ghosts do not exist.
Then what is it?
Oh, please!
Please do not hurt me!
I killed Sajlusa Davenport
and tried to kill Muffin,
I'm terrible human being!
I am not worthy of respect
decent people, but the wrong company!
I am a product of my
privileged upbringing!
Okay we heard a lot of confessions.
Let's nice now to orku,
where you will not be able to einis evil.
Yes, keep me.
Put me in a nice dry a cell.
Thank you officer.
- OK Mr. consequences.
I do not worry about women.
Tripped on tits and we got her.
Will not be any problems.
Let me help you
to remove trash.
Okay boy, here we go.
I need a little bit to explain.
I'm sorry for everything I did.
And now that you're dangerously rich,
if you can forgive me?
Well, I have my own
little recognition.
I fucked a dead girl.
I liked it.
Licking her? - No, I'm
liked, but I was licked.
Either way, I forgive you!
Do you brush your teeth?
- Of course.
Then it's fine.
Thank you.