Ghost in the Machine (1993) Movie Script

Just a little.
Hurry up.
You've been in there for half an hour.
I'm not.
Hurry two of you. Dinner is ready.
Kristie check up if the windows are closed.
Dad, she's been in the bathroom for a long time.
Steve check the windows.
A moment.
Hurry up, two of you.
My towel!
Excuse me.
What is it?
State lottery.
Is it true that you can not redeem a winning ticket if you are a minor?
That's right. You must be 18 years old or older to play.
I understand. Can you tell me whether
17,11,13,16,18 is a winning combination.
Just a moment.
That's right.
You won $ 100.
You can come to 2211 Western ...
2211 West Sail.
Thank you.
You're right.
Here you go.
You know since my mother died,
sometimes it's really hard for me.
Now I have to bring the food home.
$ 50 is $ 50.
I am glad to see you.
I lost you.
I lost you somewhere.
I do not know how.
It was not like this when Dad was there.
You say that she would feel guilty and sad.
Better invent a new template.
I have news for you.
Even when your father was there as if he was not there.
Because it's like me.
Like you at age 13.
Stop the sign.
Stop the sign.
Can I help you?
I'm looking for a present for my boss Frank.
What's your name, Josh?
Computer me.
I work on my computer all day,
but I will never understand them.
That's my boss...
An asshole.
I have the right thing.
Paper warrior.
Designed by editors for editors.
And for your address book,
just scan your information.
You have an address book?
Of course.
Maybe you should.
This is great.
What is that?
You got to do this...
Do not touch that!
It'll blow you up.
Hold on, man.
Just swipe from top to bottom through the page.
Hey, Josh.
Come and see this.
And repeat the procedure for each page.
I'll take.
Mom, I'll wait for you in the car.
Phil Stewart? Briam Walker, Assistant Manager.
I'm in charge of duty.
You're late.
They do not go to my folders.
I hope your printers are less complicated.
A joke.
I have no sense of humor.
You first notice these people to me.
You're kicking me in the carpet.
You've done it well. He studied at Harvard?
No, Ohio Tech. Same as you.
Really. I can not tease you.
I'm not surprised.
While you were working on servers,
breaking up particles and accelerators
the rest of us were messing around.
And now I'm your boss.
God was good to me.
You know what, Walker?
Let me tell you something.
Some people think you're a hero,
because of the crap that you've done with the tax administration.
But not me.
I did not go to jail.
But you came here.
She will not look at you here as Robin Hood.
I love you too,
Phil. But my rule is not to hang out
with colleagues from work.
What do you do?
By typing the addresses.
What kind of address?
These people are more annoying than Howard Stern.
I have to go. Be here tomorrow morning at 8.30.
Find some more appropriate clothes, please.
What are you doing?
The lady who bought the Paper Warrior today,
she forgot the adrear,
so I thought I would return it.
How lucky I was when I found you.
That's kind of you.
I will be delighted.
You're alone.
You do not have anyone to share with anyone,
you share love,
someone who will hug you and say that everything is fine.
You should enjoy it.
I was until two minutes ago.
You need to socialize a bit.
You're still pretty.
Not that I'm really happy you came,
but have you stopped by some reason?
I was shopping.
I bought Joshua pants, which would cost him.
They will never wear them.
I have something for you.
How's Bill?
I do not know.
And in the future, call him a jerk.
A man who leaves his own son...
Not now, Mom! Josh is fine.
Well, you see.
Is it good?
Let's get him out of there.
What have we got?
I do not know.
Stable stable?
It is.
The patient has serious injuries on the left side of the body.
Determine the parameters.
I enter the header parameters and scan the brain.
There were blows in the head with possible brain injuries.
Continue scanning the spine and possible brain damage.
5 seconds to complete scanning.
The scan is complete.
What is it?
The storm breaks the power supply.
We're losing him.
He's dying!
Let's get him out!
Check his pulse.
He's dead.
Where the hell is missing?
What is it?
You probably deleted my new program.
Never put a floppy near a magnet.
Excuse me.
Do not drink a breakfast bowl.
I need information.
Hey, Josh.
Your father is a thief because he stole the stars from
the sky and put them in your eyes.
Thank you.
Seriously, Carroll is a fisherman.
I was thinking that we could ...
I'm a little busy Josh.
And I. So what do you say Friday night,
you and I, it'll be crazy.
Hi Carroll.
Hello, Mrs. Monroe.
Hello Darling.
What did this do?
A power failure due to a heavy storm.
A complete password has been deleted.
You think someone got into the system?
When you leave him open for 12 hours
no hacker will bypass him.
And then it's not nice.
Damn it.
Get out of my way.
It's not good to be upset, Phil.
I do not care what your computer says.
I did not order this
and I did not even write these messages along with it.
So tell somebody to come to this thing or
I'll call the Consumer Protection Department.
Where is my address book?
Pajama party?
Do not you.
We're back to you, Bob.
Officials have announced that a local guy
who died in a traffic accident late Monday
most likely the serial killer they are looking for in the last 3 years.
Identified as Karl Hockman, known by the nickname
"The Slayer from the Address Book"
because he was stealing an address book
and killing people who were enrolled in him.
It's angry.
Did you wonder how much Billy was your address book?
I have no idea.
This is one of the advantages when you have no friends.
Who's Terry Monroe?
I have no idea.
Someone searched the files.
Is this a third-rate hacker who shines with an ex-girlfriend?
This one is good.
Really good.
It is not elegant, but creative with the intention.
It moves through the net faster than I can track it.
Faster than you?
How can we get rid of him?
I do not know.
Hurry, gentlemen!
Account blocked.
I searched for something on my computer and found an excellent sex program.
He is great.
This fish is awesome.
I call it sucking onions. It makes you cry.
Join me on a love train.
I have to go.
My computer wants me.
Choose your partner.
Choose You.
You want me to remove my breast shield. Just touch them.
I like this.
E-mail is coming.
Who knows my number?
Hi Josh.
Who are you?
A friend.
What do you want?
Hanging up.
Do not be scared.
I want you to be with me. Touch screen.
Feel the power.
What are you doing?
They called from the post office.
Somebody charged $ 700 for calls in the last 24 hours.
Think a little.
$700 for 24 hours?
I'd get an ear inflammation.
How can you explain that?
I do not know if it's Axel
takes everything into his mouth that moves.
Do not wake me up.
I'm sorry you lost your address book,
but please try to get yourself killed on somebody else.
Turn that damn copier off. You think the electricity is free?
Green address book,
roughly this size.
I'm just trying.
I have a customer.
A bunch of papers came out of him.
Sorry, but you know how it's when you lose your address book.
Of course.
Especially when this happened.
The new laptops are fantastic.
It's scary, not only were they enrolled
but they looked like me and you.
People who think I can work overtime.
The killer from the address book,
who worked here.
Do not be ridiculous.
Excuse me,
who is the wardrobe of Charles Hoffman?
Somebody explain to me what's going on here?
Oh, Josh.
I'm glad you're here.
Can I get you something?
A glass of milk, a cake? Anything?
Mom, do you feel good?
I'll be back in a minute.
Miss Monroe?
Sorry to bother you.
My name is Walker.
Server maintenance company.
Sorry, but if you sell something,
I really do not care.
No, nothing like that.
We've had problems with the last day.
We think it has something to do with you.
With me?
Yes. We are constantly getting these things about you.
I have nothing to talk about.
I hate computers.
Excuse me.
Please wait.
Theresa Margareth Monroe?
Arrested in April 1972 in Washington. Civil disobedience.
What is this?
You're not a Nixon fan?
I was at these demonstrations.
Were you among the girls who were barely jumping into the lake?
My driver's license,
my son's medical record?
Who are you?
Bram Walker?
That Bram Walker?
Do you know who this character is?
What exchange, huh ?!
We get online ticket purchases and bank machines
and then you get one Big Brother
who watches you whenever you're kidding.
I'm telling you, the paranoia is underestimated.
See! This is incredible.
This figure infected the tax administration with a computer virus.
And everyone on Rhode Islada received a 5 cents return.
The stealing store?
I had 17.
Pubertal pressure.
My mom was a thief.
Great news.
I'm not perfect.
I'm glad you came.
Believe it or not, we are not responsible for your bank account or arrest file.
Can you remember what you hurt the hacker?
Fired some high school student in high school?
What is "David Jones Fan Club?
Give me that!
I'm sorry to interrupt.
I have to go.
If you notice something strange to the computer, call me.
Thank you.
No no no.
Thank you.
Oh my God.
Oh no.
We teach Franck's body to the grace
and love of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.
O yes. We had 4 TV crews yesterday.
And two reporters from the magazine.
Switch off.
Real madman.
All that time he killed people.
I had no idea.
Of course, I knew him.
He did not talk to anyone.
When he came to the address book he played, teased them.
Where did he hold them?
The police said nothing was touching.
They took what they wanted.
Including all the address books.
He was a genius for computers. He sat, did not speak the word and stared at the screen.
Have you finished?
I guess.
Come on. I have work to do.
I'm eating out of this place.
Social hatred.
That's what the doctor said on the news.
That's why he hated friends.
He hated his family.
It's a long life.
You can make a lot of mistakes.
To marry the wrong man and not let him approach your children.
You must pay attention to your social life.
I thought you had a meeting with Eliot.
I think I will cancel.
I'm not ready for that.
Mom and I are missing Frank,
but you think he wants you to stay home.
I feel a little lonely tonight.
Is it not so every night?
You've been protesting in Washington.
See you now.
When was the last time you bought
a dress that was not from the catalog?
Everything that can be bought at the store
is also in the catalog and cheaper.
That's right.
This is great.
If you want to land a golf player.
I get fashion tips from someone who has 87 black t-shirts.
You're not getting young.
Put your sleeves down.
Yes, she left. Let's meet up in the air in 15 minutes.
Hi. This is Terry. Josh and I are not here right now.
Leave a message and we'll get back to you.
Well caught, Barbara.
Oh, God.
Many dogs are scared of water,
but once they learn to swim,
they never want to get out of the water.
Dogs were born with the ability to swim.
Then why is it said:
"Swim like a dog"?
Excuse me.
Hurry up, Josh.
Josh Monroe.
Get ready to die, Frazer.
I'm ready, Frazer
I am looking for you.
You can not wait a long time, do you?
There you are.
I got you.
Come on, Josh. Where are you?
I got you. Now you are mine!
It is not fair.
Stop crying, Monroe.
And prepare to die.
I'm coming for you.
You are dead.
You're mine now.
I'll give you back for this.
Come on.
Did you see that?
Looks like there's someone else with us.
I'll check it out.
Josh, the party has not even begun.
Are you okay, Josh?
Where are you, boy?
Who covered the pool?
Come on.
Damn it!
Not again.
That was my gay, was not it?
It's not.
It was an accident.
Come on, sweetheart.
Leave me alone, please.
Miss Monroe?
I know it's too late,
but I need to talk to you.
Here I am.
I'm very worried about Josh. Strange things are happening.
I should not burden you with these things.
You will not be a beer?
No, I do not drink.
I just want to know what's going on.
It's because I know someone gets into the system.
He's good, really good.
And the only thing he wants you to do is come to you.
I'm constantly thinking what a hacker is
He found out that I was the next victim.
And he decided to continue where the killer
from the address book stopped.
What if he killed Franco?
Such a good hacker can use your credit cards
to delete accounts in the bank
or to cancel your driving license.
But there is no way anyone can be killed by a computer.
Come on Terry,
how many times have I asked you to come to the lab.
Mr. Miller!
Wait a moment.
1700 to 6.35. Give it back.
They are good.
Let's try 120.
What do you think?
Come out for dinner.
It has a great vegetarian restaurant across the street.
Very nice of you.
I'm tired.
I do not think I'm coming.
The Terry system was blocking.
The entire Atlante region is not available.
Hurry up.
No, this is the last time in a month I'm in the lab.
Incredible things are done here.
Come on, Terry.
Elliote, I have to go.
God, what is it now?
It looks like a front brake. You want to look?
Oh, great.
Let me fix it.
Damn it.
Mr. Miller!
The camera is acting awkward again.
Hey, this is not a coffee break.
Hey you.
Bring me ladders.
Your ladders.
What is this?
Are you trying to kill me?
Get the other ladders.
Let them be real.
12 M. M as a moron.
Do not sidestep the sensors.
We're doing a frontal collision.
Let me do it. Outside.
Are you okay, sir?
Jesus Christ.
You're all fired.
Stupid idiots!
Mr. Miller?
I am coming right now.
Our computer automatically selected your number...
Did you know that at Hartnam Insurance you have no obligation ...
Go to hell!
Have you ever wondered what will happen to your family
when you no longer exist?
Answer after the signal.
Do you know that you have received
the Consumer Protection Association
and we'll report you for maltreatment.
Thank you for your response.
Terry? I want to see your tears in your eyes.
I want to try your blood.
Who is this?
I stole your address book, Terry.
Who is this?
I killed your friends and in the end I'll kill you too.
I do not want to go to the Fraser.
No discussion, Josh.
I'm going to see Bram and I will not leave you alone.
Babysitter boys are here.
It's so humiliating.
This is your fault.
The reason they're here because they've run away from you for the last time.
Oh my God.
What is it?
It's pretty sweet.
Have a good time tonight.
Thank you, Carol. Goodnight
Another beer, please.
I'm okay, thanks.
You said you did not drink.
Just during the holidays and when computers come to life
and start calling me home.
Not possible.
That must have been a hacker.
You did not hear his voice.
It was not a hacker.
No, I can not come, Greg.
I'm babysitting.
After all, they canceled my driver's license.
I'll have a bus.
Bye. This is Carol.
I'm not here at the moment.
If you want to talk to me
call 555-2048. It's just tonight.
See you.
Are not you watching TV or something?
Wait a minute.
I have a call.
I do not know.
I guess the wrong number.
Even though.
Not! He told me that he would give another...
We can go along with Dario and Chris.
Why must she go?
Who turned on the stove?
I do not know.
Who did it because I want to know.
I did not do it.
Me neither.
You want the hard way.
OK. In the kitchen, you can start with the courts.
We did not do anything.
Come on.
Come on, Josh.
It is a great idea.
This is my house and she keeps me
and my sister and I tell you no.
It's here because my mom gave the number to your mom.
And it looks like she's doing a lot of work.
Damn it!
What is it?
Something stuck.
Are you crazy?
Listen, nothing will happen.
Not! Frazer!
My hand.
Get it out.
Can not.
Fucking one, I thought you were something.
I did it.
I do not think you fell for that.
$ 13.
That's a total of $ 37 and 28 cents.
Come on, Carol. Who will find out?
Even if we tell someone, they will not believe us.
We are hackers.
We can get you a driver.
I'm going to dig a shoe well.
A bra?
The price will be lower.
A shirt. That's it.
You've definitely grown your babysitting.
Do not go.
It's not over yet.
I have that list of names.
Take a look at.
These are all who have been involved in DataNet since all this started.
Our man must be among them.
Look if you know something.
Do you recognize something?
Southern Polyclinic?
They were taken to the hospital by the killer,
the night he died.
There are large scanners for recording head and body.
The killer died in that hospital.
He was logged in for your computer.
You'll be fine,
will not you?
How's Mom?
It's fine.
She's worried about you.
Tell her what happened to Carol.
You know that.
I can not tell her what happened at school.
Does not matter.
You're tough, huh?
Just like you.
I'm not like that.
Come on...
You're a fugitive.
The strongest hacker of today.
See Josh. With tax refunds,
It's nice to feel like an outlaw.
In one day, I destroyed my career.
Guys like me must be careful.
Sometimes we are too smart for our good.
It was an accident.
Accident?! You must be crazy.
Somebody or something is following my son and my friends.
How many people have to die before someone takes this seriously?
As far as we are concerned, accidents happen.
He thinks there's no problem. Three died last week.
What else has to happen to get involved?
Calm down, please.
Do not tell me to calm down.
There is a sequence.
Mom, this is from your address book.
There is a sequence.
Hurry up and turn off everything from the electricity.
I know, it sounds crazy but something is haunting me.
I do not intend to wait for what could be.
You're over here.
I go to DataNet to try to follow the hacker's next call.
So we get his number and we can catch the gad.
Just not my fan.
For the ring and the car.
I'm waiting, waiting...
All right, for all the money in the world.
I'll be back in a couple of hours.
I'm going to town to see Brian. Watch your grandma.
Do not include anything.
Do not trust her with anything that tells you about my childhood.
See you.
I'm waiting for you.
Come on, come on.
I know you are here.
Be there.
We got you.
Be there.
Not possible.
Line 5, you're in the program.
I want a song "Sleep Tight Tonight", from "Serial Killers".
For someone special?
For Bram Walker,
whom I know he is right now.
Sit down tonight, Brian.
Do not forget to scream.
Can i see you.
Shit. A policeman was hit.
Looks like you'll have a bloody baptism on the first night.
1227 Lakeview Drive.
What do you have?
Violence in the house. Lakeview Drive Street.
We'll have to take over.
Take this.
Situation with hostages.
Gunshot of weapons.
Robbery is in progress.
There's a lot of crowds here and nobody knows why.
The suspect is dangerous and armed.
Domestic robbery,
there is no indulgence here.
Grandma, did you see what's out there?
Look, guys, this is a new game from LA.
We do not sit and hide.
Take the positions.
Stop the fire! Stop the fire!
Everything will be fine, Mom.
You're in shock.
They'll keep you here for tests.
Thank God you two are fine.
Magnetic resonance records all brain activity in humans
and writes them to the computer.
The storm caused a short circuit and actually switched the scan
from a hospital computer to DataNet.
You say there is a picture of a killer inside the DataNet computer?
I would not call it a picture.
If you are religious,
I would call it a soul.
That scares me very much.
So if he's in the computer...
I know.
Exorcism. We will call the priest and expel the spirit into hell from DataNet.
No, we'll do it...
And to send him back through the magnetic resonance to his body?
Then I and Bram stab him into his heart.
That's great.
Why do not we simply delete it?
When you wipe something on a computer,
it does not get lost.
He's still there.
You just can not find him.
Unfortunately it is right.
I could program it...
Magnets from the fridge.
Magnets from the fridge?
Did not you tell me that I do not put magnets
next to the discs because they will wipe them?
You can not delete anything from
a DataNet computer with a fridge magnet.
Damage is right.
But no.
We need a little bigger magnet.
University of Ohio.
Josh, give me that.
Here you go.
How will your virus actually make the killer at Ohio Tech University?
Now it moves freely through the system.
It can go to any network.
But with my virus,
I will close all out of DateNat
but only one will be open.
Right in the particle accelerator.
I can not wait to get him.
The virus will take it to the particle accelerator and then what?
You push the button and wipe it off?
The accelerator is one type of big magnet.
We'll magnify the magnet as much as we can
and drag it into an accelerator.
Whatever it is,
we'll break it on the atoms.
You think this will work out?
I did not know you liked to break into science labs, Bram.
That's my hobby.
Is not there a guard here?
This is just a particle accelerator.
The only thing that must be kept is drunk students.
Come on.
Where's the magnet?
This tube is an accelerator and it's all a magnet.
When we pull it into this tube,
we will blow it up to a million particles.
There's a control room.
The walls are safe.
As long as we are in the room
we are protected from the magnetic field.
When starting an accelerator,
you do not leave the room.
The magnet can extract seals from your teeth.
Turn these switches over here and this one here.
Because of.
We're ready.
He almost arrived.
What happens?
I do not know.
Something comes out of the system.
Sorry, it's a little uncomfortable.
Because of the virus.
No, Josh.
Are you OK?
He turned it off.
Where are you rushing?
We have all the time in the world.
Help my mom.
I'll try to fix it.
I've been waiting so long to kill you.
I'll do it slowly.
I want to feel your pain.
I'll fix this.
I want to hear how your ribs are broken when I drink blood from your lungs.
Because of!
No electricity here,
I'll turn it on downstairs.
No bad thing can go unpunished.
Good attempt.
Do not fight me, whore.
No more gameplay, you can not escape,
you can not hide, you can not win.
Come on.
Yes. We are back.
The board works.
Here we go.
Terry descends from the bridge.
Stay there.
I'm coming up.
Magnetic field overloaded.
Get out of here!
Come on.
You're next.
Mum! Help!
Get your hands off my son.
Guess what's new?
I'm already dead, Einstein.
Smartly use the last bullet.
Honestly, Terry, I'm fed up with this family shit.
Do me a favor.
Turn this damn machine off.