Ghost Machine (2009) Movie Script

Okay, let's go.
Fucking move it.
Come on, baby.
Come on.
Move move move!
On me! On me!
Through the room.
He's on flank.
Drop it.
What are you waiting for?
Do it!
Get the fuck up!
Get the fuck up!
Ending simulation.
Extracting players.
You just got
your whole unit blown up.
You okay?
- Yeah, I'm fine.
- You're a fucking liability, trooper.
I think she's really hurt, man.
She's fine.
Automatic cut-out--
any vitals go critical,
the system brings her out.
You know the score.
You fuck up, you get basted.
We weren't warned about
booby traps in the arena, Sergeant.
You're not Special Forces.
You're special fucking needs!
Now outside.
Playtime's over.
Actually, I'm gonna need her
for a while first, Sergeant.
You okay, Jess?
Yes, sir.
Outside in 10.
The rest of you--
good work.
Now piss off and have
yourselves a weekend.
I'm fine.
- Hey, Tom, what was that all about?
- Go debrief the others, Vic.
Look, I'm sorry,
but my job is not
to give you an easy ride.
Dismount, cowboy.
All right, so when you were in there,
there were times
when you realized
it was a simulation, right?
For instance,
before finishing off that guy,
you hesitated
when you thought it was real,
- but then you realized--
- Shit!
Just don't tell them, all right?
It's no problem.
My job is to make
the sim for the brain.
Taggert's the one that's supposed
to make a mindless killer out of you.
Thanks. Is that it?
Yes, ma'am. That's all.
What'd you go and do that for?
- What's that, Victor?
- This-- it was a booby trap.
Were you planning
on bringing her?
Because I really
don't think it's her scene, man.
No no no, that's not the point.
The point is, you nearly
blew her fucking hand off, mate.
And it grew right back.
I did you a favor, man.
I mean, tell me.
How did you plan on getting out
of seeing her, anyway?
We had no definite plan.
It's Friday night, dude.
She may be Special Forces,
but she is a chick.
She would've had you
by the balls.
- Fuck off.
- She'll be fine, trust me.
It's you I'm worried about.
I mean, look at you.
You're falling apart.
You can make it up to her tomorrow,
but for now,
let's get this show on the road.
All right, dude.
Load up and I'll make the call.
And try to be inconspicuous.
Tom, Fort Bragg is not
the same without you, bud.
Hey man, listen up. I'm gonna run
some sims tonight,
off-base remote link.
So I'm gonna need a support team
and the system running.
You've got it. Is this another one
of your crazy-ass experiments?
No. No no, man.
Just some regular extreme gaming, dude.
No for reals.
But hey, I am gonna push this.
So if the readings get a little crazy,
don't worry about it, all right?
don't tell the chief, okay?
Cool. I owe you one, man.
- Hey.
- Hey.
So listen, sorry I-- I--
I screwed up earlier this evening.
- You know, not that we had plans exactly--
- No. It's okay.
It's just too bad.
So are you going somewhere?
Hey, I forgot to ask
you about your hand.
Right. Yeah.
It's fine actually.
- Gave me a bit of a shock, that's all.
- Yeah, I'm sorry about that.
It's hardly your fault.
I have 2 hands now.
- So, what'll you do then, tonight?
- I don't know. No real plans.
You know?
Bit of gaming with Benny.
Iain's got this really
kind of cool setup at work.
So we're gonna check that out.
God. Geeks' night out.
Yeah. Geeks' night out.
- Are you up to something?
- No. No.
I mean-- you know,
anyway I've got to go.
- Steady.
- All right. Okay.
- Well, you better run.
- Yeah.
- so should I call you later then?
- Yeah.
Yeah, you can call me later.
You might need me
to come rescue you.
- Yeah.
- All right. Let's go.
She's gonna call later.
Subterfuge just ain't
your thing, is it, bud?
What did the guy mean
by "crazy-ass experiments"?
The guy's retarded.
They all are.
They can't even begin to fathom
what this shit can do.
A prophet's never recognized
his own land, mate.
Damn straight.
You think I came here
for the weather?
Tell me about it.
Fuck's sake! Fuckers!
Come on, that's mean.
Kind of thought so.
Tom, Benny.
Benny, Tom.
The American Vic, right?
No. I'm the original,
he's the Australian rip-off.
- That hurts.
- Have you got it?
The question is, my friend,
have you got it?
- You know what I'm saying?
- Absolutely.
Oh, yeah.
Hold on.
People actually pay you
to get their avatars up
to higher gaming levels?
Are you kidding me?
You call that a job?
Well, what can I tell ya?
- Meet the master.
- Here we go.
And you can't fucking laugh.
I've just creamed
your high score again.
I'm on fucking fire, boys.
This game of yours-- it won't
know what the fuck has hit it.
Here we go, guys.
Die, you fuck!
An empty jail.
Imagine being stuck in here
on your own every night.
Hell of a security guard.
How long do we have to
sit here for, Vic? I mean,
can't we just go anywhere
and set this up?
- No.
- Why this gloomy shithole?
"Gloomy shithole's" the point, bud.
completely undisturbed
and it's all ours.
Not to mention, he's got CCTV which
clearly is not working.
About bloody fucking time.
About time! Thank you!
Jesus Christ.
This place is being
turned into a hotel?
5 stars.
- What took ya?
- Mr. Sullivan.
Good to see you again.
You ready for this?
So it's up to me and Vic
to lift everything, eh?
Hey. Welcome to
the house of fun, boys.
We'll be the judge of that.
Cool space, man.
This will be unreal.
Hey, where's that stuff at?
- What stuff?
- Come on, man.
You know what I'm talking about.
That crazy shit you told me
that night in the pub.
- Where's it at?
- What crazy stuff?
Keep up.
- The place that really spooked you.
- Yeah.
People laugh at me for that.
They think I'm fucking hallucinating.
But if they went down there,
they wouldn't laugh.
I'm not laughing at you, man.
Just tell me, down where?
Where do I dump this?
North wing, lower level,
through the tunnel.
That's where it's worse, you know?
Oi! Security.
You sly fuckers.
- So this game...
- Mate?
- Cheers.
- is it as good as Vic says?
This game...
is no game, my friend.
Very fancy.
What kind of specs
are we talking?
Unless you have
a PhD in Al from MIT,
don't even ask.
I do have an MA in "fuck you."
Will that not do?
All right, so...
we'll go ahead and
wire up this place...
and one other wing.
That one. All the way
downstairs too.
My lovely assistant here
will show you what to do.
These are not
what we've been using.
- What are these sexy things?
- It's an upgrade.
It's for your greater
comfort and pleasure.
Very comfortable.
They're not gonna
put themselves out.
Okay. Take the bag.
Iain, you know what to do, mate.
Bring the weed
and let's get the fuck out of here.
So, Vicky, if Yankee Doodle Dandy
says to suck his cock,
do you say, "How hard?"
Benny boy,
for the purposes of tonight,
so do you.
Hold on, why are we
going this way?
Because, my very stoned friend--
- Tom said so.
- Yeah, but--
So, what do these
gizmos do then?
It's how the system maps the location.
See, these babies will monitor
just about anything--
geography, temperature...
It's looking good.
Warning: raising emersion--
monitor movement,
temperature, ionic charge...
every fucking molecule.
This way.
- Question.
- Fuck!
What were you
up to at the sim building?
If you have a question,
you can fucking well wait outside.
You're not a woman here,
you're a soldier
just like all the rest.
Isn't that how you want it?
Get the fuck out of my way.
Looking for lover boy, were ya?
You think I don't know
you've been fucking your way
through the course?
Bad news.
The geeks can't
get you through.
They're not proper army.
I'm the real fucking army!
Basic training, trooper--
never drop your guard...
unless you want me
to treat you different--
more like a woman.
'Cause I can do that.
Put it away
or wave it goodbye.
You think I can't
take that off you?
Don't you blink, trooper.
You blink and it's mine.
And you.
You'll blink.
What kind of fucked up
prison is this, Iain?
Yeah, it's not
a regular prison, mate.
Well, I mean it was
until it closed down 20 years ago.
Then the military
took it over after 9/11.
When I was in the service
it was supposed to be out of use,
but we all knew different.
- And?
- Mate.
Come on, Iain. Spill the beans.
What the fuck happened here?
You know our boys were
working with the Americans--
picking up suspects overseas.
And if they wanted
to interrogate them
without worrying about
the Geneva Convention and stuff,
- well, this is where they took them.
- Bollocks.
- What?
- You mean rendition?
- Yeah.
- There was none of that shit here.
What the fuck do you know?
All right, then wise up now.
Now they export it.
- That's why they let this place go.
- Of course they did.
I'm telling ya!
I was stationed at your base.
- What, my base?
- Yeah.
They used guys from there
as guards here.
Mates of mine-- they told me stuff.
Stuff? What kind of stuff?
Unmarked graves. Dark shit.
These prisoners, they all went
to Guantnamo, didn't they?
Not all of them.
Some people came in
and never came out.
No shit?
That leads to the interrogation cell.
I don't go down there.
Bro, seriously,
no one in the security company
goes down there.
That's where it's cold.
Yeah, well,
I mean a kind of cold.
It's like death.
How the hell were you
ever in the army?
What do you know about fear?
Come on, Iain.
I'll look after you, mate.
Come on.
- Vic, where are you?
- Hey, babe.
Kind of weird?
...leave me a message
and I'll ring you back.
Hey listen, Vic, it's me.
I know what you're up to.
And to be honest,
I really don't feel like hanging
around here right now,
give me a call.
All right.
You asshole.
Fucking hell.
What is that stench?
When did you say
this place was last used?
We're in.
- Good evening.
- Yes, hello.
Do you have a Mr. Iain Sullivan
working for you?
Mr. Sullivan-- yes, we do.
Right, well, his mobile's off,
so do you think you could
tell me where to find him?
I'm not supposed to release that--
So, Major Tom,
what are we waiting for?
Monitor signals need a boost--
- high as you can.
- Gotcha.
Aren't you afraid of heights, soldier?
So do you guys do this often, then?
You know, knick the kit
from the base?
yeah, sure.
A bunch of us at Bragg
devised a scoring system
for the shoot-em-ups.
We got ourselves
a little league going.
Thought it might be cool to have
some international competition.
And well, Vicky says
you boys know what you're doing.
- Yeah.
- Well...
maybe we'll teach you
a thing or 3.
Yeah, or 7.
You boys have got a high opinion
of yourselves now, don't ya?
Joking aside,
as an American, at Immigration,
when they say "occupation,"
do you have to say
"No, just here on holiday"?
You're a funny guy.
Let's see how much you laugh
when you're inside the belly of the beast.
- Whatever.
- Guys!
We're good to go.
Private, I need the keys
to the sim building.
Right, Sergeant.
- All right.
- You're fucking kidding.
All right, none of that.
Come on.
- Ready?
- Spoil sport.
How does this
miracle machine work then?
Well, we-- we manipulate
the temporal lobe.
It stops the brain from being able
to tell reality from fantasy.
What the-- temporal--
No, is it...
it's safe, yeah?
Relax, Tom's done it 100 times.
Right, Tom?
Simple appliance of science.
Don't worry.
I've only ever lobotomized
a couple of guys.
You'll be just fine.
See, basically, you boys-- you're
going to be in a waking dream state.
- Right?
- You know how sometimes you know
- that you're dreaming?
- Yeah.
Yeah, well,
you might feel that at first,
but then...
we take the breakers off,
the dream becomes reality.
Here we go.
You guys not coming in then?
We just gotta get things
running smoothly.
- We'll see you girls in there in a bit.
- Right.
- Cool.
- This is gonna be great.
All right, mate.
How fucking crazy is this?
It looks like you.
Guys, listen up.
I can feel that!
You're moving into
a different reality.
Your brains need time
to interface with the software.
This is fucked.
Pretty soon you won't
be able to hear me.
- You'll be completely online.
- Stop it, right?
Something is up with Benny.
Unfamiliar scenario.
He'll be fine.
You are soldiers
in enemy territory.
Look around.
Fight and stay alive.
- Full combat?
- The works, baby.
Holy mind fuck.
It's been too fucking long, right?
Check your weapon.
Safety off.
Go for it.
Right, let's fucking
go for this.
Come on.
- That's so beautiful.
- Concentrate, soldier! Focus.
They're above us.
Get behind me!
Go go!
How do you score?
Let's regenerate a few.
Go go go!
They're coming from everywhere!
Go down the fucking stairs!
It's getting a little extreme there,
don't you think?
It's a fucking program.
The combatants
are programmed to miss.
Go go go go!
Fall back!
Come on!
Go go go go!
What the fuck?
Get in here!
- Iain!
- Piece of shit!
Iain, you all right?
- Bitch!
- You're not so clever now!
Iain. Fuck!
Shit, man-- what--
What the fuck is that?
That looked like a woman.
- I've got bigger problems to deal with.
- Access denied.
The automatic cut-out
just... cut out.
Access denied.
Shit. Iain's in trouble.
- Where are you going?
- I'm pulling the plug, man.
What are you, crazy? There's a million
different ways that could mess him up.
If nothing else, you could
turn him into a vegetable.
But leaving him in there
might fucking kill him. Okay, man?
It's my call.
First you close the program.
- Well then, close the fucking program!
- I'm trying!
Okay, we didn't upload that.
We've got to get them out now.
Fuck. God.
Come on.
For fuck's sake, Iain,
get up.
Come on, get fucking up!
You all right? Yeah?
What doesn't kill ya...
Ready, yeah?
Holy fuck.
Look like we fucking
blew them away.
No, man.
That wasn't you.
No. Bullets may
have done that...
but not that.
I definitely did that, mate.
This has got to be the most
coolest thing yet.
That's for sure, eh?
Escape, you stupid--
Fuck! Escape!
Shut up! Just shut up!
Ending simulation.
Extracting players.
You okay?
My fucking God!
- Yeah, you like that?
- Liked it?!
It was fucking horrible!
Give me more!
Hey, you all right?
Yeah, fucking fine.
Sergeant Taggert,
this is Fort Bragg Control.
How can we help you?
Equipment's gone missing
from my base.
It may be your base,
but it's our equipment.
This is a security matter.
And your security status
does not permit you
to be in this facility
on your own.
Please leave immediately, Sergeant.
That is some intense shit.
What did I tell you, Benny boy?
I mean,
that could really fuck you up.
Guys, listen--
Tommy, how did we do, anyway?
What's the score?
Tommy boy?
The score?
- No score.
- No score?
Yeah, the system,
it didn't collate it.
We had to extract you early.
We had a technical glitch.
- He's checking it out.
- Fuck!
I fucking creamed them!
No, that wasn't you.
It certainly wasn't
fucking you, soldier.
You see this guy?
He froze on me.
Wouldn't want him
beside you in a real fight.
Shut the fuck up.
Scan complete.
Sensor malfunctioning.
Hey, Tom, we're getting
some crazy readings.
- What's up?
- Yeah, it's no big deal.
It's just a couple
of the sensors blew.
I'm gonna go change 'em now.
I'm coming right back.
No touching.
Right, guys.
Something really fucked up
happened in there.
Here we go.
- Acid flashback.
- No.
This was not in my head.
it was in my head, but--
Iain, mate,
you fried your brains.
You really fucking deep-fried 'em.
You gotta relax, Iain.
It's all part of the game--
total immersion.
I really don't think
this was part of any game.
The game worked, man.
You played the game.
So, this precious system of yours--
Can it read any CD-ROM?
Yeah, it sure can.
The program just acts
as a catalyst for the brain.
How about, say, this one?
No no no, Benny boy. No.
The system's not all clear yet.
It's too damn risky.
How risky can it be?
Naked women. Fuck, no.
Hey... no. Don't touch that.
Which is it--
you don't know how
or you're not allowed?
Now it's best to stay in the room.
The rest is not
all mapped out yet, okay?
Yeah. All right.
Man, this is a bad idea.
Stop being such
a fucking Cassandra.
- A what?
- Ho-ho!
He's ignorant too.
she was the Trojan princess.
She-- well, she had
the gift of prophecy
but no one believed her.
So what you're saying is
that no one believed her,
but actually she was right.
Right. That-- that
was a bad example.
That's not what I meant.
What I meant was--
What he's saying is a faint heart
never fucks a pig, yeah?
- True.
- Yeah.
Let's rock.
I hope the ladies
like a guy in uniform.
We'll make it ideal.
And they don't give it a shit
because they'll even like you.
Now you're going
into a new place.
Your mission--
well, it's to fuck anything
that moves, right, mate?
Can you actually, like, fuck?
Evening, darling.
Got something
for a weary soldier, have ya?
Can you give her a bit more,
I don't know, character?
What, you mean like "character"?
Yeah, like,
you know... dominatrix.
I can't do that.
He likes 'em beefy.
That's what I call
Perfect just got better.
Come here.
Hey, baby.
- Tom.
- Jess.
What are you doing here?
Funny that. I was about
to ask you the same thing.
Boys will be boys.
When did you plan this?
Totally last minute.
You're full of shit.
Don't tell anyone, okay?
- Hold that thought.
- I will.
- Tom.
- Hey, man. Yeah, I just fixed it.
- Copy that. It's running right now.
- No no, that's not possible.
I'm getting some
strange pictures here, Tom.
Those motherfuckers!
What's this?
Brought another friend, did ya?
- On you go, cowboy.
- Hey, asshole!
Stop the fucking program!
Would you relax?
It's just a bit of fun,
No fucking idea--
Big drama queen.
Don't fuck with my game, dude.
You are in so much trouble.
Why don't you come over
and join us here, love?
The more the merrier.
Why don't you let me work on this one
a couple of minutes, yeah?
- You fucking idiots!
- Relax.
It's just a bit of fun.
Look at him.
You stood me up for this?
Technically we didn't have a date.
Relax, it's not like
I'm with another woman.
Right, so...
what would you call this then?
Okay, it was Benny's idea.
It was his idea.
Look at him.
Come on!
It was Benny's idea, babe!
That is... some look, babe.
A little shy, are ya?
Not too shy
for a bit of bondage though.
just a little tight, babe.
- Seriously?
- Guys. Guys!
I-- I don't think
this woman is ideal.
No need to stop entirely.
See? What I tell you? Look.
He's loving it. Look at him.
- Jesus Christ.
- Fuck me.
- Shit.
- What the fuck happened there?
Someone get him out.
- System locked.
- It won't close.
- Jesus.
- Do something.
- His neck!
- I'm on it.
- What just happened?
- I just replaced some of the sensors,
but these idiots started the program
before it came online again.
Just hold on, okay?
That should do it.
I thought that there was no way that it
could cause actually, physical damage.
Yeah, I said that
this is out of control.
Look-- the cut-out fucked up.
It could just be
a muscle spasm, okay?
But he's alive.
We can get him out.
We just have to find him, that's all.
- So, where is he?
- The arena's shifting.
- Tom!
- That's unexpected.
- Unexpected?
- Appliance of science.
We apply, it replies.
What's it saying now?
Hey, Tom! Stop staring at it, mate,
and do something.
Come on, please.
I'm sorry, Benny.
Why can't we just unplug him?
To unplug him,
we'd have to close the program.
And to close the program,
we'd have to extract the players.
And to extract the players,
we gotta know where they are.
- How can this happen?
- What part of it, Jess?
The program not closing?
The disappearances? Injuries?
It's got in there, that's how.
It's fucking in there.
- What is?
- He's got some mentalist notion
- there's a haunted corridor.
- For--
There's something down there.
Vic, you felt that weird shit.
And I told him we shouldn't be
fucking around down there.
If you don't believe me,
fucking ask him.
Why'd you pick
that wing, Tom?
If you would
all just calm down--
As a matter of fact,
why did you even
insist we come here
in the first place?
We need to focus on Benny.
No, we need to know
what's going on, Tom!
Yeah. Tom, enough.
All right, no bullshit,
no cryptic comments.
Just tell us what
the fuck is going on.
We may have
uploaded an anomaly.
What kind of anomaly?
He means a ghost.
Did I not just say that?
I mean an unidentified
source of energy
- that has corrupted the system.
- You uploaded it how, Tom?
Look, the vital thing right now
is to get Benny out,
wouldn't you say?
We need to find him.
So how do we find him?
Somebody has to go in.
- Quickly.
- All right.
I put him in there.
I'll go and get him.
Vic, there's a hostile in there.
You've got hardly
any combat experience.
I'll go with you.
You're better off
to bring somebody
who knows the place well too.
It's kind of... changeable.
You're going in.
Okay, Tom.
Can we find him?
To find him, we have to find her.
Clearly we're not dealing
with an ordinary sim combatant.
- How do we fight her?
- Well, you're going to need
a special weapon
and I've got just the thing.
- An immobilizer.
- Immobilize,
capture, drag-- bingo.
You seem mighty well-prepared
for this anomaly.
What can I say?
I was a Boy Scout.
is Taggert 750-X-02.
I'm running a training sim here.
I need you to triangulate
a mobile signal.
I'm taking you in fast, guys.
This is a search and rescue mission.
Find the hostage, capture the hostile.
Test your weapons.
Good luck.
Yeah. Beautiful.
Iain, what's the matter?
Arm yourself.
Let's go.
Right. This way.
Last man down.
Go right.
Closed down all this years ago.
Running silent--
stick to giving directions.
Right. Take the stairs
in front of you.
What stairs?
The fucking stairs
in front of you.
Iain, what stairs?
This is no time to piss about.
The fucking--
Iain, just 'cause you don't
want to go down there, mate--
- come on, hurry up.
- No-- right-- look.
I've walked this beat 100 times--
a fucking 1,000 times.
This is where
the fucking stairs are.
- He's fucking right.
- What are you waiting for?
All right. I'm going to check
down this way.
You check the other cells.
Come on.
Vic! Come here!
- Jess!
- Where the fuck has she gone?!
Shit! Fuck.
She's right behind you.
Turn around.
Shit. Jess!
Mate, I don't think you
should be fucking shouting.
Shut up. Benny!
Oh, my God.
- Benny.
- Jess.
No, go. Go
- She's here. She's here.
- It's okay.
She's not here.
I've got you.
It's okay, Benny. It's all right.
That's it.
Down you go.
Oh, shit.
All right, Benny. You just hang tight.
Help is coming.
- Did I get the top score?
- What?
- Did I win?
- Benny, listen to me.
You're hurt.
Just fucking beautiful.
Just-- don't try to speak, all right?
Hell of a thing--
world in a microchip.
Did someone just die?
There's a good girl.
Go! Go!
- Tom?
- Just bear with me, dude.
I got a plan.
Not again!
Come on.
What kind of a fucking game
do you call this?
Listen to me, Taggert.
You just cut the signal boost.
Now they're trapped inside
until I reconnect.
They're already in serious danger.
You just made it worse.
No no, don't touch him.
He's past caring.
I knew you couldn't
handle combat, girlie!
You can't even handle
a fucking game.
No, she's still in the system!
- Jess!
- She's here!
She's here! Where is she?
Jess, stop.
You're out of the sim, Jess.
- The sim, Jess--
- Fuck.
Tom, there was a woman.
- She killed Benny.
- What was she like?
What was she like?
she was evil.
I know this sounds crazy, but...
she got inside my--
my head.
It was like I had her memories.
How could that happen?
You interfaced with it.
My God.
That's-- that's everything--
Wait. He was there.
- This is crazy.
- Taggert?
- Where?
- He attacked me. I mean, fuck--
I mean, he attacked her. I--
Christ, that's what she wants--
She's going to kill--
why are they not out?
Tom, why are they
not out of the sim?
You weren't as fully immersed
as they are, but...
if we don't get them out right away,
they may never come back.
Signal-- as high as you can.
Where'd the lights go, man?
It's the extraction team.
They cut the power.
They have a tendency to do that.
There's no team, man.
It's just us.
We're left here, Vic.
Oi, there's something there.
There's nothing there, okay, Iain?
Please, hold it together
for me, okay, man?
Come on, come on.
Guys, hang in there.
Cavalry's coming.
- Can you see them?
- It's rebuilding.
Well, the whole fucking world
has disappeared, man.
Shut up.
You hear that?
You hear that? Fuck.
Listen. Listen to that, mate.
Listen to that.
Jess! Benny!
No, mate.
Don't think about it.
What's that, Iain?
Iain? Iain!
Shit, man! Fuck!
You did this intentionally.
- I had this theory--
- What the fuck!
Are you saying
that Iain was right?
What have you done?
Jesus Christ.
Who is she?
A life form, a spirit,
a ghost, call it what you--
I'm sorry. Who was she?
Beats me.
But she knew Taggert,
so she can't be that long gone.
- Wait, I have an idea. Dude.
- What's going on, man?
I need you to check
some files for me.
Come on.
Okay, complete.
Get them out.
It may be complete,
but nothing is where it should be
and I still can't see them.
Look at this crazy shit.
She's doing this.
I can't find anything anymore.
I know where they are.
Put me back in.
- Put me in, quick.
- Jess,
once you find her,
just get her in the beam
and I'll take care of the rest.
Tom, get this--
if I find her,
I'm going to tie her chain
around her fucking neck
and I'm going to rip
her evil head off.
Jess! Jess!
Tom, we got one possibility.
- Talk to me.
- Just known as Prisoner K--
She was picked up
by the company in Istanbul
just after 9/11.
Put her in an unmarked jet,
flew her to the UK
for questioning
took her to that jail of yours.
Tell me about the prisoner.
Worked for the highest
bidder, IQ off the scale,
she hacked into banks.
War on terror?
Man, she was funding the other side.
- What does it say happened to her?
- Man: She was one mean motherfucker.
Killed a guard.
The interrogation got a little out of hand.
Your man Taggert was in charge.
What it says here--
she died there, man.
So, what the fuck is going on?
What's this about, man?
I caught us a ghost, man.
- You did what?
- That's right.
Like I always said, man,
this thing--
it's got consciousness.
It can do shit
you would not even believe.
And we can own her.
Tom, people have died.
We can't hide this from the chief.
I'm shutting you down.
No... you cannot do that.
We have people inside.
Okay, you got 15 minutes
to get 'em out.
That's all.
Tom: You're going to
have to run the sim from there.
I'm going in for them.
And I'm gonna catch me a ghost.
How the hell are you gonna do that?
I got something she wants.
Okay, Tom, we're set.
I'm sending you in first,
then Taggert.
Hey. Hey, you okay?
Hey. Hey.
You understand me? Hey.
- Are you hurt? Hey.
Fucking bitch!
Fucking bitch, fuck you!
Get your fucking hands off him!
- Vic!
- Where'd she go?
- I don't know.
- Did you get her?
I don't think so.
What the bloody fuck?
Iain's dead.
- I know.
- I kind of thought she got you.
- No.
- Come here.
Where are ya?
You fucker!
When I fucking get hold of you
I'm gonna make mincemeat!
Who the bloody hell are you?
Hello, baby.
Want to party?
What are you up to, you fuckers?
Don't fuck with me!
Where are ya?
What's going on?
Is this a fucking joke?
Okay, we just need
to get to the rotunda.
They can extract us from there.
Okay, go! Go!
She's mine, Jess!
It's okay, it's okay, it's okay.
It's all right. It's okay.
- We made it.
- Yeah.
This is not all possible.
It's a fucking sim, you know?
I think she was real.
I think Iain was right.
Tom came here
with a plan tonight
to-- to catch a ghost.
God knows how, he--
he did it.
Holy crap!
How did that happen?
That's not supposed to happen.
How'd that happen?
She got what she wanted.
She got Taggert.
Now you can clean up the pieces.
- Come on, Vic.
- One minute.
Bragg? Hey.
Hey, you guys there?
You shut us down?
Yes! We fucking got you!
Now all I need to do is bag you.
- Tom!
- What?!
You did all this?
All for some fucking crazy ghost?
Crazy? Crazy how, man?
I just proved that
it's not fucking crazy.
I just interfaced
with the fucking afterlife, man!
Do you realize--
this is like--
this is like Nobel Prize shit.
This is-- this is bigger
than landing
on the motherfucking
moon, man!
Did you miss the dead bodies
on the floor, Tom?
Excuse me, sweetheart,
but I'm addressing
the man of science!
- You arrogant prick!
- You just fucking used me!
- And you kill my fucking friends?
- No, I didn't kill them, she did.
You put them in there,
you fucking prick.
Vic! Vic!
Vic, I'm-- I'm sorry. I truly am.
I swear to God.
Just think about it.
This is bigger than life or death.
You had no right, Tom!
No right at all!
- Come on, Vic.
- Vic, just give me a second, okay?
Just imagine a world
where there's
just war in cyberspace.
There's no human casualties,
there's no collateral damage,
just a billion bots
beating the crap out of each other.
That's the future
and I welcome it.
And when that future comes,
that bitch is going to be
the best fucking
weapon on the planet.
All we gotta do
is strap a saddle on her, man.
- Come on.
- You're out of your fucking mind,
you know that?
Let's go.
Well, I just caught
a fucking ghost!
Who's crazy now?
What's going to happen
about the guys?
They're going to cover it up.
They're gonna try, at least,
but I'm gonna shout it
from the fucking rooftops!
They won't like that.
Well, I hope not, man. I'm putting
these bastards in the shit, babe.
- I'm telling you.
- Good for you.
when you disappeared in there,
I-- I thought I lost you.
I realized just, you know,
how much you meant to me
and, well, we've never
really discussed the future.
Right, well, I don't think
now is quite the time, Vic--
I know it's not the time, but...
we should make time.
We should go
anywhere you like.
And we should make time...
if you'd like.
Yeah, I-- I'd like.
Let's get out of here.
Okay, we're nearly out.
Let's kick up a storm.
Oh, lost my phone.
You got one?
You got anything
in your pockets?
- No, is it important?
- My pockets were full.
Fucking shit.
The world-- it's gone.
It was never there.
See, there's nothing
in our pockets
because the computer
didn't program it in.
I don't understand.
We're still inside the sim, Jess.
It's all virtual.
She tricked us. Let's go.
Shit. Come on.
Bragg, have I got something for you.
Tom! Don't!
Came back to share
in the glory?
No, do not put
that folder in there.
Listen, she tricked us.
We're still inside the game.
That's not possible.
No no, Tom-- Tom--
there is no outside world,
there is no details.
It is a program and she's running it.
No. 'Cause these are our clothes
and we never uploaded them
into the game.
Tom, she's in our fucking minds!
And she is playing us like fools!
Tom, have you spoken to Bragg?
- It can't be.
- Erasing drive.
- Shit, dude! Believe me now?
- What the fuck was that?
She's wiping the drive.
Anything connected
to it will be erased.
Tom! Where the fuck
is the evacuation point?
It's up top.
And she knows that too.
- Come on, Tom!
- Come on!
She's mine for the taking now.
Listen to yourself!
Jesus, Tom!
They're erasing our minds.
Come on!
Come on!
Oh, my God.
She's up there.
And that's where we've got to go.
Let's go! Let's go!
- Come on!
- 5 minutes.
Move immediately
to the evacuation point.
- Where? You want to tell us where?
- She's coming.
Move immediately to your--
- Where?!
- Fuck!
- Tell us where!
- Time to close shop.
Vic? Any ideas?
Lure her into the black,
that might erase it.
- No, I got her!
- No!
Come here!
You're gonna fall!
Vic, no!
I got you.
I've got you now.
Erasing drive
in 18 seconds.
Go go go!
- Tom, we've got to go!
- Leave him!
No way! She's mine!
Leave him! There isn't time.
A little slice of heaven.
Do you remember
how we got here?
- Does it matter?
- No.
Oh, yeah.
Seems like a million years ago.
here's to a million more.
Bragg, we're secure.
Where are they?
Where are the survivors?
We've got them
in the holding area. They're safe.
What about the upload files?
Tom captured something.
It's empty. There's not-- hey wait.
Something's wrong.
There's a breach
in the firewall.
Get 'em out of there! Hurry!
Mainframe's going fucking crazy!
Get them the fuck
out of that sim quick!
It was fascination
I know
It might have ended right then
at the start
Just a passing glance
Just a brief romance
And I might have gone on my way
It was fascination, I know
Seeing you alone
With the moonlight above
And I touch your hand
The next moment,
I kiss you
Fascination turned to love
It was fascination
I know
I see you alone
With the moonlight above
Then I touch your hand
And the next moment,
I kiss you
Fascination turned to love
It was fascination
It was fascination,
it was fascination
It was fascination
It was fascination,
it was fascination
It's fascination
It was fascination,
I know
It might have ended right then
at the start
Just a passing glance
And just a brief romance
I might have gone on my way
It was fascination
I know
Seeing your alone
with the moonlight above
I touch your hand
The next moment, I kiss you
Fascination turned to love,
fascination turned to love
It was fascination, I know
Seeing you alone
With the moonlight above
But then I touch your hand
The next moment,
I kiss you
Fascination turned
It turned into love
It was fascination,
it was fascination
It was fascination
It was fascination,
it was fascination
Fascination turned to love.