Ghost of Camp Blood (2018) Movie Script

(dramatic music)
(eerie ambient music)
(eerie ambient music)
(suspenseful ambient music)
- Well, what are
you waiting for?
Kill me!
Kill me.
I thought you were dead.
- I don't go down that easy.
Where are the others?
Are you sure?
- Lizzie might have
made to the road?
I just don't know.
- It's a mess this
is turning out to be.
- I found the car.
Let me help you.
We can make it.
She didn't start earlier.
- She floods real easily.
Go gentle on the gas pedal.
Now, let's get the
hell outta here.
- Amen to that.
- It's a good thing you
stumbled across the vehicle.
- It was hidden pretty well.
We wouldn't ever seen it from
the main road where we parked.
- Who would've known
clowns can drive cars?
- I guess Lizzie's
intuition was right.
It just seems like it
hasn't actually happened.
- This is so surreal.
- What do we do now?
- Call the police, get them
up here to clean this mess up.
- This is just more
than just a mess.
This is a nightmare.
- We should just be
happy we're alive.
(eerie ambient music)
(eerie ambient music)
(birds chirping)
(eerie ambient music)
(police siren wailing)
- [Police] You,
hold it right there!
(gunshots bang)
- [Reporter] Welcome back
to Live News Channel 7.
We just received
word that police
are closing in on the
notorious Camp Blood killer,
identified by authorities
as Stan Cunningham.
He's believed to have been
responsible for over 27 murders
in the last decade.
Targeting victims in
the Blackwood area.
His motives were unknown
but a countrywide crackdown
led authorities to him
home where a search
uncovered dozens
of murder weapons,
photos of victims and
several clown masks.
Locals are relieved but still
frightened by terror legacy.
- I can't believe it, I
really can't believe it.
I've known Stan
Cunningham all my life.
The guy was just, I
don't know, normal guy,
your average guy, nice guy,
quiet, kept to himself.
I can't believe that he would
murder all those people.
When I heard the news,
I was just shocked.
Really shocking.
- I really don't wanna talk
wanna talk about this, okay?
Just leave me alone.
Did you hear what I said?
Leave me alone.
- To let these kind of sick
people walk the streets without,
you know, the proper healthcare
or mental healthcare or,
it's just, it's scary.
I mean, you know, I.
- [Reporter] We have been told
that the fugitive killer have
been cornered in an alley.
And he's now in a
showdown with the police.
More breaking news
as we receive it.
- [Police] Freeze!
(police siren wailing)
(gunshot bangs)
(eerie ambient music)
(fast-paced orchestral music)
(birds chirping)
(eerie ambient music)
(eerie ambient music)
(eerie ambient music)
(eerie ambient music)
(eerie ambient music)
(eerie ambient music)
- Well, Randy, I
have some bad news.
Your show, Voice from Beyond,
is tanking in the ratings.
Our sponsors are pulling out
and move in to the
home and garden hour.
- What?
You're joking.
- I wish I was.
Look at these ratings.
It's really bad.
- Look, I know we've
had a few bad months.
The Halloween is coming.
It'll pick up.
It always does.
- Not good enough.
We need the time slot for
program that makes us money.
Two years, I've held
on and we keep sinking.
I have to cut it.
You understand.
- No, I don't.
- Let me put it to you this way.
Your show is over.
Do you understand that?
- People love this crap.
- No on our station.
There's too many
competitive programs.
Better ones.
We tried.
- Give me one more
chance, please.
- No can do.
I got the barking orders
from the head office.
- My contract says you
owe me six more shows.
- We both know what
contracts are worth.
- I guess I'll have to take my
hot new concept to WGFN then.
- Yeah, and what is that?
- A program on the
Camp Blood killer.
Stan Cunningham.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Hold it.
That's hot!
Real hot!
And trendy.
- Yeah, well, someone
else is getting it.
I'm done, remember?
- Let's back up a bit.
What if we work out a deal?
- What good is a deal if a
contract can't be upheld?
- I'm serious.
Listen, I'll talk to the brass
and hold off on
this garden program.
You deliver me a knockout
show about Camp Blood
and we might be able to get
you extended for a year,
and a better time slot.
- Yeah?
- Yeah, trust me.
- That's the part I don't like.
- Well?
- Deal.
- Don't let me down.
- And don't worry.
This one's gonna
blow the others away.
(eerie ambient music)
Stan Cunningham a.k.a.
the Camp Blood Killer.
Reportedly to have
slain over 27 people.
All in the vicinity
of Camp Blackwood,
known by locals as Camp Blood.
And now, infamous area,
off limits to anyone.
No one knows what drove him
to commit these murders.
Some say a jealous rage
over a scorned lover.
Other boil it down
to a mad blood lust,
unchecked and out of control.
He's weapon of choice were
various long-bladed machetes.
Sometimes, an ax.
Sometimes, his bare hands.
Each murder was
bloody and vicious.
Several clues and tips
led authorities to Stan
who was gunned down
in a dark alley.
(gunshot bangs)
Even to the end, it is said
he brandished his machete.
No one knows where
his body is buried.
Well, my friend, you're
gonna make history again.
Now, it's gonna be of
no harm in this world.
We'll see what you can tell
us from the other side.
(spooky ambient music)
(breathing heavily)
(knocking on door)
11 o'clock?
I must really slept in.
(knocking on door)
Yeah, what is it?
How can I help you?
- Hi, Mr. Banks.
I'm AJ and this is Jane and Sam.
- Hello.
- We're huge fans of your show.
- Yeah, that's a shocker.
Look, I don't have a pen on me
if you're booking for an
autograph or something.
- No, we wanna help you.
- Help me?
Wait, you're that local community
college paranormal group,
aren't you?
- That's us.
We'd really like
to be on your show.
Nobody takes us seriously.
- Yeah, I know
the feeling, kids,
but I already have my next
few months' shows planned
so maybe in a few months or so?
- We're also willing to
assist you on your ghost hunts
free of charge.
- Are you sure you
have the nerve.
- Yeah, why?
- Really?
Have you ever felt the
hot breath of a specter
on the back of your neck?
The cold touch of
death on your hand?
Been thrown across the room
and bitten by unseen spirits?
- Um, no.
- [Randy] Yeah, I thought so.
- We talked to the ghost of a
five-year-old drowning victim.
Does that count?
- No.
- Well, here's our card.
Let's chat and
work something out.
- Okay, thanks.
I'll keep you guys in mind.
Happy hunting.
- He's interested.
- Definitely.
- Why don't we have as
exciting encounters as he does?
- He's making half of it up.
Come on.
(eerie ambient music)
- If I can't find
you with my eyes,
I got ways of finding you.
Let's see here.
(device beeping)
(suspenseful music)
(device beeping)
(suspenseful music)
(suspenseful music)
(device beeping)
(device beeping rapidly)
(eerie ambient music)
- Should we be doing
this behind Randy's back?
I mean, if he finds out,
we're definitely not
gonna be on his show.
- You worry too much.
Like he owns this property.
We have just as much right
to be here as he does.
- Or anyone else
for that matter.
- What do you hope to find?
- Just some groovy B-roll
he can use for his show.
Have you seen one of those?
He's needs all the
help he can get.
- If I'm correct,
I think we can find
what's up with Camp
Blackwood back to us, right?
- You mean Camp Blood?
- Well, let's just go.
I don't wanna be
here after dark.
- [Sam] Oh boy, we're close.
- Look, everyone in TV land,
the official Camp Blood sign.
All yours for only 9.99.
Plus shipping and handling.
- Quit screwing around!
- [Sam] What's wrong, Jane?
Getting scared on us?
- Stop talking about things
you don't understand.
- I don't think Stan
Cunningham cares.
He's dead.
- How do you know he's
spirit isn't alive?
I've been feeling like
somebody's been watching us
this whole entire time.
- You worry too much.
We found it, viewers!
Camp Blood!
This place is in ruins.
Everything in ruins!
This place is overgrown.
It reeks of murder and death!
- Looks like
someone's blood here.
- [Jane] Probably
everywhere here.
You really think it was one
of the killer's victims?
- [Sam] I bet 10 bucks on it.
Most murders occur here
at the surrounding place.
- Suddenly, it doesn't
seem so cool being here.
Let's split.
We have enough footage.
(heavy dark music)
(muffled screaming)
(heavy dark music)
(flesh squelching)
(birds chirping)
(breathing heavily)
- Okay, promo of Stan
Cunningham, Camp Blood Killer.
In three, two, one.
Next week's edition
of Voices From Beyond
would be our finest hour.
We have a hauntingly good
treat stored for you.
We have an exclusive date
with Stan Cunningham,
the Camp Blood killer.
Yes, you heard correctly.
We will talk to
the infamous killer
to see if we can get answers
from his twisted mind.
And even get answers
about many of his victims
still missing and
unaccounted for.
Join us for the most
important hour of the year.
Randy Spark's
Voices From Beyond.
- We'll all start
with my friend, AJ.
He had this idea of our
adventures, ghost hunting,
paranormal activity.
We met in college and
he's a really cool guy.
And then, our friend,
Jane, came along
and she seem pretty
down for, you know,
not like super like into it
but she enjoy hanging out
with us 'cause, you know,
cool people like that.
And we've been all over.
We traveled and we've seen
things and heard things.
I'd like to say we're
pretty good at this.
We talked to a five-year-old
drowning victim
and he just really need
to reach out to us.
He's wasn't sure
how to cross over
and I'd like to
think we helped him.
Stan Cunningham character is,
yeah, he seems all
right, I guess.
Killing people but,
you know, whatever.
(upbeat music)
Not too scared of that.
You know, he's like
any other spirit
where I just needs to reach out.
(lively music)
Where he just needs
to cross over.
(steady dark music)
(woman screams)
Hopefully, AJ, Jane, Randy and
I can help him do just that.
(eerie ambient music)
- What do you want?
(breathing deeply)
I'll find you.
(eerie ambient music)
(suspenseful music)
(machete scraping)
(suspenseful music)
(eerie ambient music)
(birds chirping)
(suspenseful music)
- Next week's edition
of Voices From Beyond
would be our finest hour.
We have a hauntingly good
treat stored for you.
We have an exclusive date
with Stan Cunningham,
the Camp Blood killer.
Yes, you heard correctly.
We will talk to
the infamous killer
to see if we can get answers
from his twisted mind.
And even get answers
about many of his victims
still missing and
unaccounted for.
Join us for the most
important hour of the year.
Randy Spark's
Voices From Beyond.
- Oh god, he does need our help.
- Ooh, let's play a game.
- Oh, brother.
- Oh, come on, it'll be fun.
- Okay, what?
- What is the grizzliest Camp
Blood murder that you know of?
- Good one.
Who goes first?
- Okay, I will.
Let's see.
- So many to choose from.
- I think one of the
gruesomest Camp Blood murders
would have to be that of the
victim that was strangled
with her own intestines.
- Really?
(eerie ambient music)
- Good one but I think
it have to be one,
it have to be the
wheelchair bound victim
stabbed in the head
and slashed to pieces.
(eerie ambient music)
(flesh squelching)
- Mine is more savage.
The one with the
hunter is killed
with a road flare
right in his face!
(eerie ambient music)
Ugh, gruesome!
- Why do you think Stan Cunningham
killed all those people?
- If only he really
knows for sure.
So we contact the spirit?
We'll find out.
- Do you think he can still
kill beyond the grave?
- Sounds like a cheap movie.
- [Jane] Seriously?
- Anything is
possible, I suppose.
I've heard of poltergeist
harming people.
Biting and scratching
but never any deaths.
- It would take a lot
of energy, a lot of hate
to physically harm
somebody from the grave.
- Let's hope we're not
the first to find out.
I'm gonna give Randy Bucks a
call and see we're in or out
regards to his show.
Hey Randy, it's AJ.
I wanna call, it's
Ghost Hunters.
I phoned up with agency see
if we can help in your show.
We filmed some rad B-roll
footage of Camp Blood today
and found the sign.
Sure do.
Thank you so much.
See you tomorrow.
We're in.
- Ooh, awesome.
- It's fantastic!
He sure did have
a change of heart.
- He knows raw talent
when he sees it.
- Or just a couple of suckers.
(eerie ambient music)
- Yeah, this is Harley.
No, I have the money for you.
I just scored a
job that paid well.
Tell him first he
still get what I owe.
Nothing more.
He's getting real greedy.
Yeah, same place, phone
boot by first and fifth.
(eerie ambient music)
(suspenseful music)
It's time I find an
honest profession.
(eerie ambient music)
Who the hell are you?
You know, you're trespassing.
Hey, I stole that
mask for Randy Banks.
Who are you?
Banks, if you're here to get
your money back, beat it.
A deal is a deal.
Okay, funny guy.
I hope you have clown insurance.
(suspenseful music)
No, no!
- We're at your disposal.
- Thanks so much for the
opportunity to work with you.
- I'm a damn good camera person.
- Great.
I think we'll work
well together.
It's all well and good as
long you have a fortitude.
- We can handle it.
We've seen all kinds of
paranormal activities
that would turn a ghost white.
- You've never
dealt with a spirit
of a homicidal maniac
before, have you?
- Well, no.
Not exactly.
- Stan Cunningham,
the Camp Blood killer
is serious business.
When we make contact with him,
he may try and lash
out to harm one of us.
- We've all been poked and
prodded by ghost before.
- I'm talking more than that.
Physical harm is reality.
He may try to throw an
object at you, stab you.
Do you see what I mean?
You still in?
- Do we have anything physical
that we contact the spirit with?
- We sure do.
- My god, is that?
- The killer's actual mask, yes.
- How did you?
- Don't worry
about how I got it.
Point is I have it and this
will be our strongest link
between our world and his.
(eerie ambient music)
- It's creepy.
Can you guy's feel it?
It's almost as if it's
emitting some sort of energy.
- Those are some bad vibes, man.
- Other than the actual
murder weapons themselves,
this right here is
the strongest tie
between Stan Cunningham
and his sick twisted world.
- What's the plan?
(eerie ambient music)
- I have it on good authority
that tan Cunningham's body
is buried in a remote location
near the vicinity of Camp Blood.
- We're all over the place
and we didn't see it.
- Then you didn't
look hard enough, kid.
- Okay, okay.
- Once we find it, then what?
- Cecil B. DeMille
here will film.
We'll make contact and
capture the whole event.
We'll set his spirit free.
The mask being the link.
Then we'll bury it next to him.
The bloody legacy, closed.
- What if he doesn't wanna go?
- Why wouldn't he?
- He was going to a
place he'd be welcome.
Would you rather
stick around here?
- Good observation.
But we'll do our best to
convince him that it's over.
- When do we start?
- Right now, today.
(eerie ambient music)
- How far back this
Camp Blood would go?
When was it open?
- I think it started
as summer kids' retreat
back in the 60s.
- Yeah, that's right, 1968.
- I guess today's summer
camps are a thing of the past.
- This one sure is.
- Now, I went to some
camps a few times as a kid.
- Yeah, did you like it?
- Yeah, it's all right.
Fun, actually.
- Did you tell
scary ghost stories?
- Yeah, among other things.
- What urban legends
are popular in your day?
- Ah, you know, the usual stuff.
The Hook at lover's lane.
Becky's grave, kid
wants his liver back.
- It all sounds so scary.
- Our urban legend was real.
- Was real.
Passed onto eternity.
- Yeah, we'll see about that.
Here, we'll use my equipment.
I'm sure it's notches above
your amateur solute stuff.
These are the EVP recorders
for when Stan get chatty.
- [Jane] When do
we leave for camp?
- As soon as it stops raining.
Tell you what, guys,
wait right here.
I'll be right back.
- Don't take too long.
- What, are you afraid
it's gonna get dark?
- Yeah, right.
- I thought you guys
were ready for this.
- We'll be fine.
(eerie ambient music)
(device beeping)
(device beeping rapidly)
- Cemetery could be anywhere.
- I'm sure it's
old and forgotten.
- No wonder he's body's
in recent cemetery.
- Who could blame them?
What is it?
- [Jane] I thought
I saw something!
- What?
- The shape of a
person, I think.
- There's no one there.
- I think Randy is
on pinging needles.
- Don't worry,
it's not the clown.
- Yeah, right.
- Come on, let's go wait
for Randy out in the hall.
- Stan Cunningham.
Let your spirit still
roam this halls.
(device beeping)
- Are you here?
- [Stan] Yes.
- Why don't you leave?
- [Stan] No!
- Why?
- [Stan] Work to do!
- [Randy] What work?
- [Stan] Chilly.
- Where are you?
- [Stan] I am everywhere.
(eerie ambient music)
(suspenseful music)
- Randy said he wants
us to use his equipment.
- Randy isn't here and his
equipment's cheaper than ours.
Bad funding at the
station, maybe?
- Might as well do
something while we wait.
- Why don't we try
contacting the killer?
- Stan Cunningham,
are you here with us?
We call on you, Stan Cunningham,
killer of Camp Blood.
(eerie ambient music)
Please, we ask that
you make contact.
Are you here?
- [Stan] Yes.
- Holy crap!
- Ssh, don't break
We wanna talk to you.
- [Stan] Speak while you can.
- Why did you do it?
Why did you kill all
these innocent people?
- [Stan] Want the true world.
- Do you wanna move on?
- [Stan] No.
- Why?
- [Stan] Work to do.
- What work?
- [Stan] Kill, kill, kill!
- AJ, stop!
(AJ hushes)
- Kill who?
- [Stan] You!
Coming to get all of you.
(eerie ambient music)
- Randy.
Is that you?
Why are you dressed like that?
- You got us good.
Fun is over.
- Right, there's
something wrong with him.
Stan, are you here?
Are you possessing
Randy right now?
Oh shit!
- Let's get outta here!
(fast-paced music)
- Who's here?
(fast-paced music)
- Where he hell is everybody?
- Randy's gone crazy!
- He's possessed by the
spirit of Stan Cunningham.
- We need to find
somewhere to hide now!
- No doubt!
(fast-paced music)
(thunder lightly crashing)
(rain pattering)
(suspenseful music)
- Who's in there?
(suspenseful music)
Banks, are you here?
Banks, why are all
these lights on?
You're wasting money
and electricity.
And I saw a bunch
of kids running by.
I knew I shouldn't have agreed
to that stupid show of his.
(eerie ambient music)
Who are you?
(machete scraping)
- Aw!
What is this?
We were partners, now
you're double crossing me?
- News flash, you
tried to kill us.
- What?
I don't remember any of that.
- What do you remember?
- We were separated.
I had the EVP recorder, I was
trying to talk to the killer.
And I don't know.
- I'll fill in the blanks.
We're waiting for you when
you showed up with the mask
and the knife of the killer
and proceeded and
try and throttle us!
- What knife?
- The one next to you.
- Untie me!
Untie me now!
We're in danger.
- From you!
- No, the killer!
He must've possessed me.
- How do we know that?
- Whatever explanation
can there be?
- You were going to harm us to
gain ratings on your TV show.
- You know what?
That's absurd.
Untie me now!
- Untie him, he's
telling the truth.
- He tried to--
- Do it!
We're gonna need all
the help we can get
if we wanna get out here alive.
(suspenseful music)
- Aw!
Look, whatever I tried
to do, I'm sorry.
- Sorry for us, clubbing you.
- Yeah, I understand, I get it.
- The doors were locked.
Did you do that?
- I don't even remember
touching anything.
- Great.
(eerie ambient music)
It's evil, the mask.
I sense it.
- Now what?
- It's still we came here for.
We're in a relatively
safe place.
We have the mask.
Let's just set Stan
Cunningham free.
Get outta here.
- Yeah, he's absolutely right.
Put the mask down.
Let's all sit facing it
and see could release his
spirit to the other side.
Try not to talk all at once.
- Don't worry, I think Stan
will be doing all the talking.
- Let's get started.
We're safe if we stick together.
- Okay, Randy.
- Stan Cunningham, are you here?
Are you with us?
- [Stan] Yes.
- Why did you possess me?
Make me attempt to
harm these kids?
- [Stan] Fun.
- It was bad.
It was a bad thing to do.
- [Stan] Fun not bad.
- Why did you do it?
- [Stan] Enjoy
watching suffering.
- There's no joy in
someone's suffering.
- [Stan] There is.
Will you suffer for me?
- Never!
- What do you want?
- [Stan] Mask.
Want mask back.
- Why?
- [Stan] Seen so much pain.
Part of me.
- How do we give it back to you?
- [Stan] Outfit.
- Outfit?
Is it nearby?
- [Stan] Yes.
Cold, dark, need mask.
- Why don't you cross over?
You're done in this
plane of existence.
- [Stan] Need mask.
Cross threshold then.
Light scares me.
- You can cross into the
light without the mask.
- [Stan] Need mask, please!
Need mask!
- Where's your outfit
so we can return it?
- [Stan] Nearby, very close.
- If we give you your mask
back, will you cross over?
I repeat.
If we return the mask,
will you cross over?
- He's gone.
- [Stan] Yes.
- Which direction is it?
Your outfit?
- [Stan] North.
- Did you get that, kid?
- Sure did.
- Why is the mask
so important anyhow?
- If it had significance in
his life, it will in his death.
He needs to connect with it.
While separated, he's restless
and roaming the netherworld
until he gets it back.
- What makes you
think he'll cross over
once we give it to him?
- What are you getting at?
- Maybe the mask is
just what he needs
to comeback in our world.
Not crossover to the next.
Maybe he's lying.
- That's a chance we
gonna have to take.
Come on.
(suspenseful ambient music)
This way.
- I think we're off the trail.
- He said north.
- He's dead.
Maybe his sense of
direction's off.
- Use the mask.
- What?
- Yeah.
If he wants it that bad, he
just might lead us right to him.
- It's worth the try.
- Like a dowsing rod.
(eerie ambient music)
(eerie ambient music)
(suspenseful music)
(eerie ambient music)
- I don't like the
look of this, guys.
(eerie ambient music)
- Run.
I'll take him on so
you could get far away.
- [Jane] You'll be killed.
- Just go!
- Where?
- Try and get outside!
Okay, motherfucker,
come play with me!
(eerie ambient music)
No fair, I can't do that.
(eerie ambient music)
(eerie ambient music)
- What kind of game
are you playing?
- [Stan] Welcome to
my nightmare world
where my victims relive
their deaths over and over.
- No!
(suspenseful music)
- No, it's not real.
It's an illusion.
- [Stan] It was
real and still is.
- That's impossible.
- [Stan] You will witness
more terror's today.
(suspenseful music)
(thunder lightly crashing)
(rain pattering)
- Figures you for dead.
- Likewise.
- The spirit of Stan is strong.
I've seen horrible visions,
nightmares of past victims.
- Me too.
- What do we do?
- Join him!
(lively music)
- [Stan] You said you
wanted an interview.
(lively music)
- I'm the host.
- [Stan] Not today.
- Today on Voices From Beyond.
- [Stan] I'm the host.
Today on Voices From Beyond,
we have our guest, Randy Banks,
former paranormal investigator.
- Former?
- [Stan] Tell us, Randy.
Why you're so interested
in paranormal?
- I always wanted
to get to the bottom
of whether ghosts
were real or not?
- [Stan] And are they?
- Yeah, hell yeah!
- [Stan] And why the
fascination in me?
Stan Cunningham, the
Camp Blood killer.
- You're the most profiled
killer in the history.
I wanted to know if heaven
and hell were real or not.
- [Stan] Well?
- You tell me.
- [Stan] Yes, there is
a heaven and a hell.
My ashes would sent me to hell.
- Would have?
- [Stan] If I choose
to cross over.
- Can't you go into the light?
Isn't there a light?
- [Stan] There is but
it's behind a locked door.
The fiery way is wild.
My victims told me to lead
to them but I'm do not dare.
- Are you afraid?
- Isn't you the one
afraid of finality?
- You have to cross over.
- [Stan] I don't
have to do shit!
- This is fucked up!
(suspenseful music)
- If ever I make it
outta here alive,
I'm never go ghost
hunting again.
(flesh squelching)
(suspenseful music)
- Why don't you go to
hell where you belong?
- [Stan] I'm not ready to, yet.
- Finish me off!
- [Stan] With pleasure!
- The mask!
The mask, that's
where your power lie!
(birds chirping)
- [Crew] Three, two.
- Welcome to a very special
episode of Voices From Beyond.
Tonight, I'm going to
convince you that ghosts exist
with undeniable proof.
I wanna bring you to
the Camp Blood killer.
Are you ready?
(upbeat music)
(eerie ambient music)
(fast-paced orchestral music)