Ghost of Goodnight Lane (2014) Movie Script

I used to live here.
Terrible things have
happened in this house.
It could not be stopped
once the wheels were set in motion.
Childish games can turn
ugly real fast, can't they?
If she's still here,
then it won't be quiet.
Later, haters.
- Ah, oh!
- Sorry, dude.
Ah, what the hell are you doin'?
- Did I get you?
- I'm gonna knock you out.
You got me, man.
Come on, don't do that.
Anyway, I'm last man out,
so I'll lock up, all right?
All right, yeah.
How's it goin'?
You know, I'm trying.
Makin' all the changes Alan wants.
You can score it in the morning.
Cross my heart, hope to die.
Well, I've already laid down the
basics, I just need to see it,
so I can really tweak things.
Okay, look, uh, that file
- will be on your server in the morning.
- It better be.
- All right?
- Yeah.
- Hey, can you do me a favor?
- What's that?
Would you get the hell outta here?
Five minutes of my life
talking to your sorry ass.
- Now, go.
- You know what? I feel sorry for your wife.
What? Hey, don't
talk about my wife.
You're a freakin' workaholic.
Blow me!
Fuckin' gay.
I'm losing my mind.
Jesus Christ.
Oh! Ow!
Who the fuck builds a
floor like that, huh?
Fuckin' step.
Oh, shit.
What is that?
Oh, God...
I'll fuckin' find
you, wedding ring.
What the hell?
What the hell?
Hello, I'm Sarah with
channel 47 news.
We're live on the scene here
at a local Dallas film
studio on Goodnight Lane
where one of the employees has been found
dead this morning by the cleaning crew.
The police are investigating
the cause of his death...
- Sir?
- Yeah.
I know this is a lot
to take in right now,
but I'll need you to
identify the body for me.
That's Ron...
Doesn't look like anybody broke in.
No, it looks more like
a freak accident.
Guy was going for a cup
of coffee and tripped,
impaled himself on something.
Could've happened to anyone.
It could?
I, I imagine this would have
gone a little differently.
Well, when it's your time to
go, it's your time to go.
Well, I guess it's your time to go.
You okay, man?
It's weird.
There was this lady.
She was...
lookin' at me and, um...
No, that's just weird,
everything's fucking weird.
Let's go talk to the others.
Seriously, we're just gonna keep
working like nothing happened?
Yeah, it's called a deadline.
- Deadline... dead...
- Wow.
- I know, it's just a little...
disturbing is all. - Yeah.
Whatever, this just crosses
the line into bizarre.
I know you've only been
here a few months,
but I'm the new guy, and
I just think it's odd
to be working in this
building after Ron died.
Yeah, well, welcome
to indie filmmaking.
There's a skeleton in every closet.
You're full of 'em today.
That was unpleasant.
Yeah, well, Alan, janitor quit.
He said he's gonna have nightmares
after finding Ron's body
with the eyes open.
It looked like he had seen a ghost.
Sorry, not to scare the new kids.
Oh, like it's a big
secret we have a ghost?
Come on.
We've all felt it before.
'Cause I was working
here late one night,
and the lights flickered, and I
thought it was a power outage,
but then they went
down really slowly
and then just came
back up by themselves.
It was pretty freaky.
And that's it?
Dude, I've lost keys,
I've had equipment moved
from one room to another,
I came in one morning, and
an entire section of footage
had been completely re-edited.
It was better, but, you know,
it's the principle of the thing.
Wait, you guys aren't
serious right now.
- Sure!
- Are you serious?
Hey, hey, hey look.
I was just kidding.
No ghost.
Alan, what are we doing?
Well, last I checked,
we had a deadline.
We lost our lead editor.
We didn't lose him, Alan.
I mean, he died.
I know he died, and we all
feel awful about it, John-ny.
All right?
But, the police said
it was an accident.
And they're professionals.
They know what they're doing.
And I, for one, believe them.
Look, it-it's very simple.
He's here late.
He's alone.
He's surfing the internet for
free porn, he whacks off,
he gets hungry, he's tired,
he goes to the kitchen, raise
that blood sugar, he slips,
hangs it all up on a coat hook.
Yeah, but what about
the look on his face?
I said he whacked off.
Look, dead is fucking scary,
no matter how it's laid out.
Now, I say we just take
a couple days here,
we go and comfort his wife,
Susan, at the funeral,
then we get our asses back
here, and we finish the film.
Before, if I may remind us,
that we have to pack everything up
and move our shit
to the new location
before the wrecking ball flattens
this place for the new tenants?
We're all gonna have
to pull together
and wear a few different hats.
Maybe some hat pins.
All right, Ben?
As assistant editor, I'm
gonna need to upgrade you.
- You're now lead editor.
- Cool.
But I'm also gonna still need some
help in production and on set.
- All right.
- And now that the janitor quit,
I'm gonna need you to pick up
some slack there too, okay buddy?
But listen, we're gonna have
to pull some late nights.
So I've really gotta know
if I can count on you.
I, yeah, I don't have
a social life. I'm in.
- Yeah, whatever you need.
- Thank you.
That's the spirit.
And I'm also gonna need
someone to contact Lauren...
- Laurel.
- Laurel...
- Blonde with the...?
- With the... yeah.
Um, she's gotta come
and do some extra ADR,
and I wanna reshoot some
of the dance scene.
But we've already locked
the dance sequence.
- You need more...
- We need to include some...
- Right. Okay.
- more guns and, uh, product placement.
Yeah, but then we have to call
back all the other actors and...
That's, that's, I don't care.
That's fine.
Bring whoever.
Just bring her.
That's fine.
All right, listen, um...
Thank you, all right?
Let's do this one for Ron.
For the Ron-ster.
For the Rontolemeron.
And, life goes on.
Go team.
Thank you.
All right, Laurel.
Might have to get a haircut.
She's outta your league.
Could happen...
But you know, maybe a shower?
Okay, that's fair.
Thank you for throwing this reception
for Ron. I really appreciate it.
- I just wish he was here.
- Me too.
So, what do you got for
us, Benjamin Buttons?
Well, I was able to retrieve
any of the work that he did.
Anything he saved, we got,
but the problem is, he didn't
get as far as we had hoped.
Well, because he was spending
his time looking at this.
Kung pow chicken nuggets.
Is that her leg?
- That is a wing.
- Oh.
Anyway, so that's all I got.
- You guys know where I'll be.
- Mmm.
Just give me the locked edit when
you're done with it, all right?
All right, cool.
You download everything
off the camera?
Uh, no, I hadn't gotten that far.
I've just been reviewing
these cut sequences.
He's filmed himself editing.
Is that all he was doing?
Tell you what, why don't you
review the rest of that material.
And if you find anything
compromising, delete it.
Better yet, why don't you
burn copies for all of us.
Will someone please tell
me when Lauren gets here?
- Hey, Alan?
- Fuck!
- What?
- What?!
There is a lady who wants
to see you up front.
Well, fuck!
Hello, ma'am.
My name is Alan.
May I be of some
assistance to you, Ma'am?
I can't believe what you've
done with this place.
I knew it was going to
be different, but...
this is more than I could imagine.
I'm sorry, ma'am, have we met?
Do I know you?
You only saw my signature.
Thelma Perkins.
I thought about telling
you sooner, but...
it didn't seem right
stirring up the pot
if there was no reason to.
But then I saw those officers.
It was such a shame what
happened to that nice man.
Yeah, it was awful
what happened to Ron.
Why, did you know him?
I like to keep an eye
on things, you know...
From a distance.
Seems like something's got
her all wound up again.
You can feel it if
you're close enough.
Pier and beam, you know.
They would play hide-and-seek.
She would hide in there as a joke.
Childish games can turn
ugly real fast, can't they?
Is she still here?
Is w-who still here?
Did you know someone
who worked here?
Got her.
All right...
Um, ma'am.
We got a lot of work to do today.
Please, you can... I'll be happy
to give you a tour anytime,
just phone first,
and then we can do this
kind of crazy business
any other day that I'm not here.
How did you get it all
off the wallpaper.
I can't believe you got it all off.
Seems like it would be
a hard thing to do.
But I guess you can't
sell a house like that.
- Get what off?
- The blood.
The blood...
Okay, listen.
I want life alert out of
here right now, you hear me?
Okay, fine.
Remove her.
What am I, a disposal
service? Help me.
I don't know. It's your building.
You do something.
- I'm just a cameraman.
- A cameraman, is that what you call it?
- Oh, Jesus.
- Oh, God. Okay. Don't break a hip.
Come on. Okay, okay.
You all right?
It's okay. It's okay.
No lawsuit.
Yeah. Okay, off we go.
Nice lady.
Nice and easy.
Nice and easy. That's it.
You can drive, can't you?
Sure you can.
Thank you for coming.
Thank you.
I used to live here.
Terrible thing that
happened in this house.
It couldn't be stopped, really.
Not once the wheels
were set in motion.
She's still here, then...
it won't be quiet.
Not for you.
Not for anyone.
It's a good thing the new owner's gonna
level the place for their restaurant.
I meant they're gonna probably
just build an extension,
maybe a patio.
No, no, no, no, no,
we sold the building.
- Whole thing's gone soon.
- Shh... shut up!
Does that matter to you?
- She won't like that.
- She won't like that.
She won't like that at all.
Really? Did that just happen?
I mean, seriously, on the
all-time weird shit scale,
that is way up there.
Way past the transvestite
clown at Chuck-E-Cheese.
I mean, God, Alan.
So, I just got off the
phone with Laurel,
and she said she'll be
here in about a half hour.
You want her first?
Don't answer that.
I'll go ahead and
get the mics ready.
And you guys can have her
when I'm done with her.
You got it.
Hey, um...
Is Mo coming with her?
Does she ever go
anywhere without him.
Just what do you think
you're doing, Jeanie?
Traveling money.
You didn't earn one
penny of that money.
You've got no idea what the
real world is all about.
I'll just find out on my own.
Jeanie, wait!
Test, test.
One, two, three.
Test, test. One, two, three.
Come on.
Not today.
Test, test. One, two...
The fuck?
Who's out there?
Hey! Alan!
Hey, is anybody out there?
Open the fucking door!
Open the fucking...!
Stop it!
Stop it!
What's the problem?
I have no idea.
What's that?
It's nothing.
Building is settling.
Look, I have no idea, all right?
But if my equipment didn't pick up what
I just heard, I am going to be pissed!
That, or you need to lock me
up and start the meds, now.
Rewind again.
Test, test. One, two...
What the fuck?
Who's out there?
Hey! Alan!
Hey, is anybody out there?
Open the fucking door!
Open the fucking...!
That's good. You've got a nice
timbre in your voice there.
- You heard that, right?
- Heard what?
- I'm not crazy.
- No, you're not crazy.
- Then what was that, Alan?
- I don't know.
But I know this, if there was something
there, I wouldn't tell anyone about it.
I think everyone would bail on
us, and we cannot afford that.
So, I'll tell you what,
whatever it was, if it was,
which it wasn't, has stopped.
Hasn't it?
'Cause I don't hear anything.
So, I'll tell you what.
- I'll go keep Lauren busy...
- Laurel.
Laura, and you, uh, just get
everything ready here, okay?
And if anything else
doesn't happen,
which it won't, 'cause it didn't...
Um, then don't tell me about it.
Don't fuck with me.
I'll fuck you up!
- Fuck you up...
- Alan!
- What's that?
- Alan, shit.
Wow, that is really... ugly.
Well, you are the
authority on that.
Aw, that's sweet.
Laurel's arriving any second,
we're not ready for her.
Will you help me stall
her just a little bit?
Oh, come on.
I'm sure you can think of something
inappropriate to do with her.
If I agree to ignore your
sexually-charged passive aggression,
will you promise to ignore mine?
At least 'til the wrap party when we
get drunk and actually do hook up?
'Til then, tell you what, you be
the bitch, I'll be the asshole,
that way the work will
actually get done,
and the sex will be so much better
with a little friendly anger.
Hate you!
You sick bastard.
Oh, my God.
I'm so sorry.
You have no idea how
gross it is outside.
- So, did you make it in okay?
- Yeah, thanks!
Hey, hi, Mo.
Yes, how is my sweet guy?
You don't like the rain
very much either, do you?
- Hey.
- See, I didn't forget about you.
Thanks so much for
letting me bring him.
I know some people can be
intimidated by a big dog.
- Aw.
- That's silly, I love dogs.
- You have cats. A lot of cats.
- Yeah...
but... I...
I... love all animals.
You have cats? Ew.
Alan! How are you?
- Oh, it's so good to see you!
- So good to see you!
- Ohh, how have you been?
- Good, good!
- What's been going on?
- Nothing!
- I'm back from LA for a couple days.
- Yeah.
Why can't all actresses
be that professional?
Anyway, listen, so
Amin is in the studio
getting stuff ready,
so we got some time.
- Okay.
- So, feel free to just,
um, take a shower or... or...
- and, uh, you know, lather up, warm up.
- Yeah, o-okay.
And uh, while you're
drying, we'll get the, uh,
the thing to do, we can,
can we get some coffee?
- Oh, sure, yeah.
- Thank you.
- Hi, Mo.
- Definitely.
Listen, um, you know,
of all of the, um,
girls and guns horror dance movies,
this is definitely one of them,
so we are really grateful for all
the effort you're putting in,
- 'cause you are such a pro!
- Thanks!
Thank you.
It's good, yeah.
- I'm gonna go make that coffee.
- Yeah.
You wanna die?
Hey, Mo. You comfy? Yeah?
Get you anything?
Water? No?
Good dog.
Okay, and then I'll
just do your gloss.
You like that same color as before?
Yeah, the, the pink one.
That's really pretty.
Actually, yeah, we're done.
You're good.
Hey! How are you guys?
Hey, thank you so
much for coming out.
Wet or dry, Nico has arrived.
- We start now.
- Thanks.
Listen, you can use the hairdryers
at the makeup table if you want.
Or you can use the
bathroom upstairs
next to the dollhouse set
where we shot last time.
There's dryers, towels, you know.
Everyone's already
on the stage, so...
Get dry, get dressed,
and we'll, uh,
- be with you in a sec.
- Cool!
I'm excited to reshoot the scene!
I don't know, more money,
you know, rent's due.
- That's sad.
- Shut up.
You shut up.
Ben, is that you?
So, ladies, um...
What do you think?
Hey, girlie.
Hey, baby.
You want some love?
Why don't you come with us.
She's ours.
Don't worry, everything's
gonna be all right.
- What's your name, baby?
- I'm Jeanie.
Happy Yellow.
This is Michelle.
Nice to meet you.
- Oh!
- Whoa! Whoa.
What are you doing?
- Geez.
- Don't sneak up on me.
- You scared me to death. - I'm just
trying to get a second alone with you.
Yeah, well you shouldn't
sneak around so much.
Oh, well you shouldn't
be a baby crab.
- Huh-uh. Huh-uh.
- What?
No, we can't, we can't.
Everyone's here.
No. No.
Five minutes.
It's a long day, and
you need a kiss.
And I need a kiss.
And Laurel Matthews
could use a kiss.
Huh-uh. Nope.
Not my type,
- and you know it.
- Oh, give me a break.
She's everyone's type.
She's gorgeous, she's famous.
Oh, well you're gorgeous,
and you are brilliant.
Ah, okay, Laurel, honey, if
you would turn for me, dear.
Thank you.
That scene that we shot on this
set, that was so much fun.
- Yeah, I like the dolls.
- Yeah.
How many hours did
we work that day?
18 hours.
It was definitely a record for me.
- I was so tired.
- Yeah.
Ben... Ben!
- To be continued.
- Yeah.
Oh, oh, I uh, I digitized
that footage you were
asking about and I put
it on this hard drive.
I got your... this.
- All right.
- All right.
- All right.
- All right... hey.
Hey, SpongeBob Fosse.
So how we doin', people?
That good, huh?
I didn't do that.
What the hell?
God, this fucking storm.
Just... oh, my God.
Just get me out of here!
Do we have a backup?
I think I'll go check the fuse box.
- I can't see...
- What the shit?
- Ow... hey!
- It should be right over here.
Stop screaming!
It's just a fucking doll!
It just looked at me.
- Hey.
- Whoa.
Who was that?
Dani was up front when
the lights went out.
Let's go.
- Ah, ah.
- Dani...
Whoa, whoa, whoa... hey.
Who turned the lights off?
The storm knocked the
power out, are you okay?
I'm, I'm fine.
I was just sitting there and
it was like the chair just,
just fell out from under me.
That, that, that can't happen.
Where is everyone?
In the back setting
up for the next shot.
Are you... sure you're okay?
Yeah, Ben, I'm, I'm totally fine.
I was literally
sitting in the chair
and it was like, it, it just
got pulled out from under me.
Maybe it was Mo, right?
Uh, come on.
Let's get back to work.
Everything all right?
- Yeah.
- We good?
Look, we've gotta tell
them about what happened
- in the studio.
- We gotta tell... what, what?
We gotta tell him about
what happened...
- No, no, no, no.
- Listen, but...
Ooh, it's hot.
Hey listen...
Uh, why don't we just
dance it through again,
just to get familiar with it.
It's been a while.
Um, and then I'll add some notes
and, um, a couple elements,
um, we'll talk about later.
Uh, we're gonna do all the zombie sequences
The idea is that they're kind of surrounding
the dance studio, and
you're unaware of it.
But we'll, we'll deal
with story later.
Hit the music.
Count it down, Nico.
Five, six, seven, eight.
I need sexy!
Makin' love, makin' love...
All right, hold on.
Hold on.
Hold on one second.
You're on the dance floor.
Your bodies so close.
But I'm not feeling it.
Feel free to like, you know,
get in there a little bit,
- and when, and when y'all drop down
around her... - Here, I need you to
- you idolize her... okay?
- It's okay.
You look up to her.
You know what I mean?
- Yeah, exactly.
- You, you can touch me.
- And... - At this point, you
need to almost be clawing
- my clothes off.
- Exactly.
- Isn't that right, Alan?
- Yes, it is, Lauren.
- That's absolut...
- Laurel.
Yes, what'd I call you?
I called you Lauren.
Please, that's ridiculous.
I'm hypnotized.
Hypnotize me!
Let's feel it!
And go.
Hold on, hold on.
I forgot something.
Come in for a minute, would you?
Um, there's a couple
elements I wanna include.
Bring me that, would you?
Oh, yeah.
On behalf of our sponsors,
our distributors.
Brought them in.
Muscle man, Muscle Milk.
I need you to hold it,
but I want you to hold
it labels forward,
- so we can see them... okay?
- Okay.
Got it.
No, it'll work.
It'll work fine.
That's fine.
Just go back to the one.
And go!
Show me the guns!
That's money!
Go, man, go!
Kiss those guns!
Ben, shine the light
on the dancers.
Get it off the dolly grip.
What are you doing?
Uh... more guns,
more guns, more guns.
Get in the middle
with the Muscle Milk.
Show us the shit.
You know why you got all these
armed hotties around you?
'Cause you drink that
shit, that's what.
Go, go!
Now, everyone drop.
Everyone drop.
You're dying.
There's like fairy dust
sprinkling on you,
and you're down.
Except you, Nico!
Why? 'Cause you're
high as a fucking kite!
Go! You're amped!
You're a fuckin' steroid
monkey boy from hell.
Go, man, go!
All right.
Fuck this shit.
We're done.
That really... was weird.
What is it you're not telling me?
Oh, my God, man.
I checked this thing
a hundred times.
I'm sure you did.
I mean, I know what I'm doing.
I'm not retarded.
I'm not arguing with
you, all right.
- I agree, really... Yeah.
- Yeah?
- Listen, you doing all right?
- Yeah.
You guys want a break?
Go, get out of these
wet things, okay?
You can do whatever you want,
you know that, sweetheart.
Th-There's some booze in the kitchen, if
you wanna go have a drink, help yourself.
I'll take a shot of tequila.
Take a shot or have a wax.
Whatever y'all wanna do.
You guys seriously need to move out
of this shithole building,
it's falling down around you.
Really? I've always
been partial to it.
Yeah, well, maybe it's
time to knock it down
to the ground and start over fresh.
You give a girl a couple Uzis, and
suddenly they cop an attitude.
Oh, man.
Somebody's gotta
clean this up, Ben.
Come on.
Kirk to reception.
Ben, get in here.
I told her.
I don't know everything, do I?
I don't know.
Do you?
- Do you?
- I don't know.
Okay, how could you
keep this from us?
Because I don't know
anything, do I?
Okay, um...
Look, we've had a
lot of weird stuff
happening here, all right?
Fair enough.
But nothing big.
I mean, certainly
not since Ron died,
and when he did,
I thought I'd lose you.
Oh, you already have.
Yeah, I'm out.
Fair enough.
I got that number you asked for.
I don't know if we'll get her,
but that's the only listing I
could find for a Thelma Perkins.
Well, she may be off her rocker, but she
was the last person who lived here.
I wanna know everything
about this Thelma Perkins.
I wanna know her habits.
I wanna know what she eats.
I wanna know who she sees at night.
Well, I-I know she had a daughter
- that was kidnapped.
- Good.
She was, uh, a teenager
when it happened,
but I-I don't know
much beyond that.
Well, I suggest we give her a call, and
if she's not napping, we find out.
We all need to be a little
more careful around here,
- don't you think?
- Yes, I do, Amin Johnson,
which is why we should
stick together.
We should keep an eye on
the actors, which means,
we get this stuff shot,
we get them out of here.
Ben, do you have that, that
hard drive I gave you?
Gave it to Alan.
Did you look at it?
Absolutely not.
Right, okay, well it's from
the night that Ron died.
You know, I think the camera on his desk
must've been rolling while he was working.
It's... It's really weird.
I-I think we should check it out.
Weird, good.
Yeah, sure, why not?
All right, good.
Whoo, geez.
- Wow.
- You guys want a shot?
- Yes!
- No whiskey for me, thanks.
I have tequila, too.
- Oh, okay.
- Tequila me.
I'll have a little tequila.
Something to calm my nerves.
Ooh, that's a big shot.
You know, I almost died
today, by the way.
Big light.
Nico, no one, no one cares.
- I do.
- Thank you.
This place kinda creeps
me out, so this'll help.
Yeah, I know.
Really, Nico?
- Cheers.
- God.
Who was that?
I don't know.
Roll it back.
Let's see if we can find out.
Okay, I-I-I definitely
didn't see that before.
Was that CGI?
'Cause I did not approve that.
No, dude, that was real.
What the fuck?
No chase!
- Cheers!
- Cheers.
- I'm gonna go freshen up.
- 'Kay.
- Thanks for the shot.
- Yeah.
Wait a minute, did you hear that?
That sound in the background.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
I mean, you think you can
enhance the original
media so we can hear
that more clearly?
Yeah, maybe.
Well, you use that blinding
speed and enthusiasm,
go find out what the hell that is.
I'm gonna go find Laurel...
and the others,
and we meet up right back
here in about 30 minutes.
Then, we all walk out
of here together.
Even you.
Got it?
Get out, get out, Get out!
Get out, get out!
So, you ever been to a high school
marching band competition?
Change of plans.
Where's Micah?
Having a cigarette and probably...
- No.
- Oh, God.
All right, well, find her and
what's left of her drugs
and bring her down to
edit room A, okay?
We're getting out of here.
I just wanna talk to everyone first.
Okay, I have stuff up
there, should I grab it?
All right, fine.
Johnny, you go with her,
but bring them both
down right away.
I'm gonna go find Lauren.
I'll see ya in a minute.
- Laurel!
- Fuck!
- This is Thelma...
- It's an answering machine.
Do people still even use those?
Just leave a message.
Uh, hi,
Mrs. Perkins, this is
Ben from Media World.
You were at our
studio earlier today.
There's been some... strange things
that have happened
since you were here.
Uh, our number is 555-215-1212.
Hopefully she calls back.
Yeah, we just wait.
Mm, I like it when you
do it like that, baby.
Baby, you are a bad,
bad, naughty girl.
Hey, Michelle!
How come you don't send
girly out to work?
She's so pretty.
Because she's new, and she
is my song, and she is mine!
And because she's your favorite?
I thought I was your favorite.
God doesn't have favorites.
We are what it is.
You dig?
I'm saving her for another
purpose yet to come.
Does he know?
No, I don't think so.
You have to get out of here.
I don't get it.
You have to go.
This is no place for a baby.
Please pick up, please pick up.
- Hello?
- Mom?
Jeanie, is that you?
I wanna come home.
Jeanie, where are you?
Oh, God.
Uh, Media World Studios,
- how may I help you?
- This is Thelma.
Thelma, thank you so much
for calling us back.
There are things you need to know.
I gotta know...
do you like her?
I wonder what would turn you
on more, me liking her...
or me liking you.
Both... neither.
How about...
Lauren, listen to me.
I want you to get your stuff, okay?
You're gonna have to trust me,
but we gotta leave now, okay?
All right, good.
That's fine with me.
This place sucks!
Help me.
I'm getting the hell out of here!
- What the fuck is going on?
- I don't know, let go.
- No, I'm try...
- Get me the fuck out of here!
The door's not locked,
but it's not opening!
- Oh, why isn't it opening?
- I don't know why.
So, Jeanie came home
to have the kid?
Well, Thelma said she
told her not to.
She said that they would
all pay in the end.
Jesus... How much emotional damage
can one person go through?
Apparently, a lot.
Thelma swears that the little girl
made Jeanie kill herself.
Yeah, she said she was evil.
Why isn't it opening?
I don't know why it is not opening!
We just, we just
gotta stay together!
Fuck that!
Let me get my phone.
You think?
Hold on a minute.
What the fuck are you doing?
It's a new app.
Why don't you call someone
and get some help?
Call whom and tell
them what exactly?
That someone was attacked
in my fucking building!
Be quiet, would you. Shush!
I don't know how to explain
what the hell happened back there.
Oh, shit!
I'm afraid.
I'm not afraid because I,
I know you've been here.
I just wanted to meet
ya, and here you are.
Okay, so, listen.
Just, please, just stop
hurting my people.
Don't kill my actors.
Or, at least, not my dancers.
Come on... ugh!
I never negotiated with
a fuckin' ghost before.
Yeah, well, I'm not gonna be
able to get that swastika
Yeah, well, neither
will Micah, apparently.
What now?
That's what we need to be focused on.
Chloe is freaked out.
Micah is dead,
and Nico is, well, from
the sound of it...
Guys, there's something even
more strange going on here.
Thelma called, and...
and we got disconnected,
but before we did,
she said that other
people have died here.
- H-Here?
- Here?
As in, this house that is
attached to your studio.
W-W-Wait a, wait a minute,
w-what are we saying?
That people were
actually murdered here?
Yeah, someone isn't
happy with us here.
Oh, no shit!
No, I'm serious.
This is huge.
Wait a minute,
y-y-you're into this.
- Well...
- This is fucking interesting to you?
A woman tells me
that her dead family
isn't at rest, and they
are physically entering
this world to express
their unhappiness.
Yeah, I'm sorry,
I'm a little intrigued.
You're sick.
No, no, I mean seriously,
there's something
fucking wrong with you.
I mean, snap out of it, Dani!
Th-This isn't some little
indie fucking documentary!
W-W-We're not your subjects!
This is...
- Fuck this!
- Wait, where you going?
Well, you said that the
front door if locked, okay.
I'm gonna try the others.
I'm gonna get out of this place
and go get some fucking help.
You can stay here and
study your ghosts
Johnny, I don't think
that separating right now
I'm not just gonna sit
around here and do nothing.
Are you deaf, Johnny?
There is no way out.
I'm getting out of this hellhole.
Anybody else who wants to come
with me, please, feel free.
I'm out, Alan.
I'm going with Johnny, and
we're gonna get a door open.
Good luck.
Go, go, go!
Why isn't it opening?
Oh, no!
We have to go get him!
Hang on, buddy, we're coming.
We have to go get him!
Laurel, we have to get out of here.
Come on!
We gotta go, Laurel!
Come on.
Oh, my God.
Maybe I should send a
text or an IM to someone
on the outside to try
and get some help.
- There's a good idea.
- See?
What did I do?
What happened?
I-I-I was trying to press send, and
then the whole thing just went black.
Just reboot it.
Just press power.
That's what I do every time.
That's where all my
files have gone?
Wait, you guys...
Well, what do you
mean by that, Dani?
I'm-I'm not writing that.
Get the key!
Oh, God!
Oh, God!
This is so frustrating.
- Right?
- I can't send a message out.
- No, nothing.
- Nothing.
No text.
My phone doesn't work.
I can't send an email... I...
Yeah, but I-I can search anything.
I-I can literally, like,
search for anything,
It makes no sense, whatsoever.
This is so stupid.
Do a search on the little
girl and her mother.
Well, I know the mother's
name was Jeanie,
and Thelma told me the
little girl's name, but I...
I can't remember.
Ben, do you remember it?
Uh... Carla something...
I think...?
- but if Jeanie killed herself when
the kid was four... - Oh, right.
Then I doubt you'll find much
about the two of them together.
Stupid fucking door!
It's okay, it's okay,
it's okay, it's okay.
Come here.
It's okay, Laurel.
Yup, I got something.
It's, uh, it's a picture.
It's looks like, um, a
Fourth of July celebration,
Look who they have a picture of.
Was that her dad?
No, it's her stepdad, George Evans.
Thelma said he came on the scene
after Jeanie got back
from being kidnapped.
Look at the way she's looking at him.
Apparently little Carla didn't like her
new daddy very much.
Look at the name.
It's Carly, not Carla.
All right, relax.
Carly... Carly May Milles...
Wait... h-how did, how did you...
I was named after my daddy.
You're the smart one.
Chloe's gone bye-bye.
But I'm here, and I'm
not going anywhere.
Okay, what do you want?
My house!
We didn't know that
this was your house
until, until now, and,
and you can have it
if-if you'll just
let us out of here.
Okay, I'm out.
Oh, shit.
Time to do something witchy.
You're gonna die here!
You first.
That's quite enough, you two.
Son of a...
Okay, Laurel.
We're gonna get out.
It's okay!
I've got it!
I'm gonna get us out of here, okay!
Johnny, what are you doing?
I'm gonna get us out of here.
You hang on, Laurel.
I'm gonna get us out
of here, no problem.
I've got this, Laurel.
I'll get us out of here in no time.
How is that gonna help us?
Don't worry.
We're gonna be fine.
Fuck this.
I don't care how much
a new door costs,
we are kickin' this mother down.
Thelma Perkins, how
did you get in here?
We've been trying to
get out for hours.
I have a key.
It never occurred to you to change
the locks on those old doors?
I told you to change the locks.
You never told me to change...
- Well, I told somebody to change the...
- What?
Okay it doesn't matter!
People are dying here!
She let you in, didn't she?
You mean Carly May?
Then she is angry with you about
getting rid of this place.
Alan, the door.
See? This is, this is what keeps
happening to all the doors.
What do we do, Thelma Perkins?
Why is she doing this?
Why does she hate these doors?
Carly always loved Goodnight Lane.
It's the only home she ever knew.
She was born here.
I helped deliver that baby
with my own two hands.
She died here.
I mean, since we moved in,
I've always felt stuff, her,
but, I mean, she never
hurt anybody, so why now?
This is all she has left 'til
her daddy comes her way.
He's what she really wants, but she
won't get him 'til he's six feet under.
So, this house, and the few
things she has hidden in it,
are all she has.
Her daddy?
Jeanie may have come back to me,
but she never really got over him.
Some girl even brought her a present for
Carly from him before she was born.
We'll all be together
again, someday.
As one, Sweetness.
Love, Daddy.
I told Jeanie having that
baby was a bad idea,
but she wouldn't listen.
We started seeing him on the news.
I knew I was right,
When Carly got older,
Jeanie knew I was right, too.
I'm sorry, I'm lost,
I don't know... who-who's her,
who's her daddy?
Charles Milles Manson.
Come on!
The skinny...
The tall, goth rocker?
With the...
I thought he was gay.
- Dude...
- No, not Marilyn Manson,
Charles Manson, the serial killer.
That's worse!
Well, yeah, a little.
I mean, this was extreme,
but... Manson?
Has anything strange happened?
Uh, there was, like, a swastika...
That was fucking weird.
Yeah, there was a swastika
carved into Micah's head...
- when Johnny found her...
- Right, right into her head.
Manson has one, too.
You are shitting me.
And, and, and Chloe...
Well, Carly, I-I-I guess,
she kept saying that she
was named after her daddy?
It was the closest thing
Jeanie could find
without just calling her Charlie.
Do you boys ever use
that fireplace?
We've got central... heating, so...
It made for a great hiding place
for a little girl with secrets.
She thought I didn't know,
but... but I knew.
Once Jeanie saw how...
mean that little girl could be,
she started to be afraid of her.
Afraid of a baby.
Uh, I got something.
Everyone says Jeanie
killed herself, but
if you ask me, Carly
made her do it.
So what happened to her?
Once Jeanie was gone,
things got worse.
The older Carly got...
Oh, the wicked games
that little girl played.
She tortured her stepfather.
Poor man, was a wreck.
He couldn't sleep at night, but
he was determined to do
right by Jeanie and me.
One night, I came home from work,
and the house was
quiet... too quiet.
As I started to get
things ready for dinner,
I found the first drops of blood.
When I found her, she was
playing with her dolls,
as though nothing
had ever happened.
What did she do?
Carly stabbed her
stepfather to death.
Cut him to pieces.
And then, had a tea party.
And what did you do about that?
I gave Carly a bath
every night, so...
it wasn't out of the
ordinary to her for me
to give her one that night,
especially since she
had blood on her.
She hopped right into the tub.
Then, I drowned her.
And... the cops didn't
give you any trouble?
You know, they're not really...
I'm sorry.
Mr. Manson was a horrible man.
He spread fear throughout
in those days.
I told them who she was.
How she was related
to that... monster.
I told them how she...
No, dear.
I had no problems from anyone.
How do we get out of here?
I think she has made it
pretty clear what she wants.
Whether you go or not,
this house has to stay.
- No sale.
- No sale.
No restaurant.
No knocking down of anything.
No, we're, absolutely...
whatever, right.
I have to be the one to tell it.
I'm the only one she'll listen to.
- That's all right.
- So, let's do that.
- Okay.
- Let's do this.
- Sounds sage.
- Careful with her.
She goes down pretty easy.
You all right?
I've been better.
Dog stayed with me all night
'til you stepped on my face.
All night, huh?
I'm sorry, you okay?
Oh, my God!
- Lauren!
- Laurel.
Not now.
Where's John...
Stay here where it's safe.
Someone's gonna have to
clean up that mess, Ben.
All right, here you are, okay?
Just, please, be careful.
We just painted.
- You stay right there, honey.
- Okay.
This is my game now.
Yep, you saw the mess she made...
This is my granddaughter.
I know exactly what to do.
You just back off.
Carly May.
Grandma's come home, sweet girl.
And it's time for you
to let these people go.
Carly, do you hear me?
It's time to let these people go.
They're going to leave
this house now,
and you and I can stay
and wait for daddy.
Thelma Perkins, no.
I have lived a long life,
without my daughter,
without my granddaughter,
but I can go with my girl now,
if that's what she wants.
Right, Carly, baby?
This is my house.
Thelma, no!
We have to help her.
She'll die in this.
It's what she wants.
You've got what you want, Carly.
You've got the house.
Now, let them go.
I don't believe them!
tell her.
Why did I stand up?
Tell her, and you have to mean it.
It's the only way.
Look, the house is yours, all right?
I swear, it's yours.
No one's gonna tear
this thing down.
You've got what you want.
The house is yours.
Now, let them go.
One more thing, grandma.
You took my life!
So now, I need yours!
Let's go.
- Yeah.
- Yeah?
So, go, we go now?
- Chloe, you okay?
- Yeah.
Stay focused.
And, you know, Goodnight
Lane is a great location.
They're about to expand
into four lanes.
The property value's
just gonna go up.
So, Mr. Kardashi,
what do you think?
I mean, uh, everything
looks good, but, um...
It's just a little too
small for what we need.
What about this building here?
Oh, no.
Nobody's in it, right?
That building's been
empty for a few years.
This space is perfect
for a parking lot.
Any chance we could
get our hands on it?
No. I tried that a few years
back for another client,
but the owner refuses to sell.
But they're not using it...
Uh, weird, I know, but
they won't go in there,
and they said no one
else can either, yet.
Come on.
Everybody's got a price.
I'll be honest.
If there's not even a chance,
I don't think we'll be really
interested in this purchase.
But, if you can
convince them to sell,
I'm sure we can add a little
nice bonus to your commission.
You know what, it has
been four years,
I'm sure that the owner's changed
his mind by now about selling.
I think I can help you guys out.
What's in there, anyway?
They're definitely not gonna
be using this place again.