Ghost Riders (1987) Movie Script

there is evil amongst us!
- Amen!
- The devil himself
- is within them walls.
- Amen!
Are we gonna risk letting him
loose again upon this town?
That Frank Clements is a killer!
- A murderer of children!
- Amen!
For retribution is at hand!
The Lord says, "Drive the
beast from your midst!
Destroy him! Send him back
to the hell that spawned him".
Hey everybody, get him out!
So, you finally have your
way with me, Preacher Man.
It's not my way, Frank Clements,
but the way of the
Lord what counts here.
You've been tried
fair and square.
And sentenced to hang
for the wrongful killing
of Jake Barley and his two sons.
And hang you will.
- String him out!
- Hang 'em!
Get him over here.
Get him up here.
Get him up here.
Take him up, take him up.
Thaddeus Sutton, what the
hell you think you're doing?
Don't try to stop us now, Ed.
There's the Lord's
work to be done here
and we aim to do
it before his boys
have the chance
to bust him loose.
I know how you feel.
We all knew Jake and his family.
They're good folks, they were.
But the law's the law.
And the law says
I hang Frank Clements
in the morning, sunrise.
The laws of men do not
exceed the law of God.
Clements is a minion of Lucifer.
And if we see to is hanging
for crimes against man and God,
neither can find
fault with this part.
Sorry, Sheriff, I tried but
there was too many of them.
Is that part of the
Lord's work, Thadeous?
I'm right sorry for that, Slim,
but the rain falls on the
just and the unjust alike.
Come on, Sheriff. Let him
hang me and get it over with.
I ain't afraid of
dying and I can't stand
no more of this preaching.
That book gives him the right
to do anything he wants to
in the name of the Lord.
You see, you see how
it is with his kind?
No respect for the laws
of men or the word of God!
This is the tool of Satan.
The very one that Clements used
to blow the head
clean off Jake Barley.
I swear on the name of
God and on Jake's grave,
it'll never again
be used for evil
in the hands of Frank Clements
or any other man.
It shall serve as a reminder
to future generations
of the wicked soul we dispatched
to hell this very night.
- Yeah!
- Hang him!
- Hang him!
- Hang him!
No offense to
the Lord, Preacher,
but I wouldn't be
much of a law man
if I let this continue.
Now you just bring
Frank Clements down off there
and we'll have a good and
proper hanging in the morning.
Now I want all y'all to go home.
Get down! It's
the Clements Gang!
Damn you to the bottomless
perdition, Frank Clements.
May your soul never rest.
As you sow, Preacher,
so shall ye reap.
Ah, here it is.
Well, it says here he was dead
about five days
when they found him.
That could mean September 17th.
September 17th hasn't been
a particularly good day
for the Suttons, has it?
Or for this guy.
Now you don't
suppose he could have
anything to do
with this, do you?
Yeah, you're right.
We can't be too careful.
Supreme Allied Command.
This is Jim Sutton.
Damn it.
You're dime, bud. Start anytime.
I need to talk to Hampton.
He's ringing out
the pits right now.
Tell him his dad called.
Let me get something
to write with.
I'm not gonna remember this.
Just tell him to call me.
It's very important.
Okay, shoot.
You're the honkiness son
of a bitch I ever saw.
Hell, Professor,
we got fish to catch.
From what I hear,
the only fish you catch
comes wrapped in plastic.
Ah, no, we got a new system.
Don't we, Baxter?
We sure do. I got
me a new spoon.
Can't miss.
Well are you going
down to Neil's Creek
or over to Bosky River?
Bosky River. That's where
we left our boat last time.
Mm-hmm, well I suppose you'll be
wanting to stay out there all night.
All night.
Well, please clean up after
yourselves this time. Okay?
Okay, professor.
Come on, Baxter.
Thanks, Professor.
We belong together.
Have you seen
Hampton this morning?
Hey, is anybody alive in there?
- Quit screwing around.
- Hey, I'm looking for Hampton.
Have you seen him?
He's out at the pits.
I won't do anything drastic.
I won't kill him more
than twice, I swear it!
Come on, Hampton.
What's the problem, dude?
Bring her in.
What the hell's wrong with you?
I told you I still had work
to do on that intake manifold.
Well, the manifold's
fine, Corey.
You just worry too much, huh?
Besides, I just felt
the need.
Well in case you forgotten,
we have an air show in
Brownsville on Saturday.
- Yeah.
- That's four days away.
- In case you need...
- Plenty of time
for last minute tinkering.
- Don't you think?
- Wrong.
We're going to your
dad's place tomorrow
and that'll take all day.
What? That's three left, huh?
No sweat.
Look, partner. You may
fly the Screaming Meanie,
but I keep her guts together.
I mean, either I call the shots
on that engine or I don't.
Hey, you're the best kid. Huh?
- I always said that, didn't I?
- Oh, look.
I just don't like the idea
of you getting stuck up there
with your ass in
the wind, you know?
I appreciate it.
So you ready for tomorrow?
About tomorrow.
I was thinking about
taking this friend along
to meet the professor,
- If you don't mind.
- What's her name?
Well this one's different.
She's really bright.
Her name's Pam and she's working
on her masters in history
up at the university.
And when I just
happened to mention
that I was going to visit the
renowned professor, Sutton,
you should have seen
her eyes light up.
She's read both of his
books on the early West.
Oh, come on.
I just met her a
couple of weeks ago.
Well, you know
what's gonna happen.
My dad is gonna take
exception to you using him
to get a pretty girl
in the sack, boy.
Oh, come on, buddy.
This is my big chance to
score some points with her.
Come on. Why do you say this?
Just invite me to the wedding.
All right! This
is gonna be great!
I knew you wouldn't mind.
Besides the more
the merrier, right?
So they say. I'll see you.
Hey, let's get together tonight
at Millers for some beer.
Pam will be there and
it'll give you a chance
to meet her before tomorrow.
All right. You're on.
- See you there about eight.
- All right.
All right, damn it.
Who borrowed my lucky wrench?
What's the matter?
Beer gone sour?
No, no, beer is fine.
I'm just waiting for a friend.
He's, he's late.
And almost past
your bedtime, right?
Is it something
I did or you just
annoy people at random?
I just bother the ones I like.
How do you
treat the ones you hate?
- I see.
- You wish.
Is there a reply or do
you plan to just club her
and drag her off
by the hair later?
Ah, don't you have work to do?
I reach in the light.
I touch your hand.
Looks like some people just
can't hold their liquor.
You're late, kid.
Yeah, well, I wanted to
finish up with the manifold.
Some things just shouldn't
wait until the last minute.
Look, Cory, I apologize
about this morning.
I shouldn't have taken her out
without checking with you first.
All right, I apologize too.
- For what?
- For lying.
It wasn't your ass
I was worried about.
It was the pits.
Oh. Give me a break.
Well, thanks for
the concern, bud.
So where's your new flame?
Here she comes now.
Cory, I didn't see you come in.
You two know each other?
He's awfully quick, isn't he?
This is Pam.
Yeah. We met already.
That's great.
Listen, I called your
place and your roommate
said you were working tonight.
Well fortunately,
I got off early.
I wanna be good and
rested for tomorrow.
Which reminds me.
What time are we leaving?
You'll have to ask
Hampton here. It's his party.
Hampton Sutton?
Then your father's
Professor Sutton?
Yeah. Swing by my
place about nine.
You got my truck running?
Yeah, I got the heads
back on this morning.
You must be very
proud of your father.
Very much.
Ah, I know the Professor too.
In fact, I'm helping
him with some research
for his new book.
Bet you have lots of
fascinating stories about him.
What are you, some kind
of fan or something?
I'm studying Texas history.
And, well, he is the
authority on the subject.
I guess he is.
Well, well, I guess
I better be going.
Bring the truck on
over in the morning.
We'll take it out
to dad's house.
Uh, would you mind
giving me a lift home?
I'll give you a ride home, Pam.
That's all right, Cory.
I'll just be a minute.
Well, my dad is the
authority on Texas history.
See you in the morning, Kid.
I never got over you.
I never got.
Where to?
Well to tell you the truth,
I'm too wound up
to go straight home.
How about some coffee?
Like I said, where to?
How about your place?
Well, this must be the place.
Just make yourself at home.
I'm gonna run upstairs
just for a second.
- I'll be right back.
- Okay.
Don't go away.
Find anything interesting?
God, you scared me.
I hope you don't mind.
I guess it's the
historian in me.
I'm just naturally snoopy.
That's a funny place
to keep a medal.
What'd you win?
Mutter Ridge. That's Vietnam.
September '66.
I didn't know you were that old.
Thanks for the compliment,
I think.
It was a terrible war.
Is that right?
What did you study it
in school or something?
Maybe you even
did a paper on it.
Forgive me if I say,
I don't give a damn
what you think of the war.
- My father...
- Told you all about it, right?
Look, honey, it's the
difference between riding a bull
and having it described to you.
You couldn't
possibly understand.
My father died in Vietnam.
He was a Colonel in the Rangers.
They never found his body.
Hell, I'm sorry.
Seems like I never
get tired of the taste
of my foot in my mouth.
That's okay.
I was just a kid.
I don't even really
remember him that well.
It seems like now he
was just a stranger
that visits me in my dreams.
As you sow,
Preacher, so shall ye reap.
Never mind, boy. It's just
an old man's foolishness.
I'da caught him if you
hadn't rocked the boat!
I wouldn't have stood
up if you hadn't yelled,
"I got one! I got one!
At least I got one.
I don't see one. Where?
That's because you
rocked the boat.
I'da got him if you
didn't rock the boat!
There you go. Here.
Here, boy.
Let's get it done.
There we go. There it is.
What do you think? Hmm?
What's the matter with you, boy?
you can't be.
You're dead.
Move it!
Come on, old man!
I brought along someone
to keep you company.
What's happening, bud?
Universally cosmic. Great.
Let's move it. Pam's
gonna wonder where we are.
Look, Cory, we were
talking, it got late.
She slept on the couch.
That's all.
Nothing happened.
Come on, kid, what are you...
Let's just get going, all right?
- Morning everyone.
- Hi.
Good times roll.
Heading for the AM,
gonna grab my bag and go.
We got a long way to travel
headed for the Mission show.
We're riding,
taking in some Texas soul.
We travel Lewisville, Texas.
To the mountains of Rosillo.
We're off to Panhandle
900 miles down to Mexico.
We're riding,
taking in some Texas soul.
We're riding.
Riding and
rock and rolling.
Rocking and rolling,
we're riding.
Riding with rock and roll.
Rocking and rolling,
we're riding.
Taking in some Texas soul.
Texas Main street
filled with so much sounds.
They take you
to downtown Austin.
Hear those good times wind.
Hey, Dad, we're here!
Maybe we caught him napping.
Oh yeah. Your dad called
yesterday up at the airport.
What'd he say?
Not much.
Thanks for the message.
Hey, no problem.
Dad? You here?
You know the name of
the professor's new book?
Not being Hampton, I'm not privy
to the secrets of
the golden circle.
I'm just a friend of the family.
Look, Corey,
you're a nice guy
and I like you,
but I'll do what I like
with whomever I choose.
Never said you couldn't.
I don't much like
the looks of this guy.
So what are we gonna do?
Uh, there's a creek
about three miles down.
Dad does some fishing there.
You wanna hike over
and take a look?
Yeah, it's either that
or twiddle our thumbs
- till he shows up.
- Let's go.
Hang on one.
There's something I gotta
get out of the truck.
What's that for?
Peace of mind.
Are you a gun freak?
Gun freak?
It's just for snakes and stuff.
I don't care what it's for.
I don't like 'em.
Maybe you could leave it behind.
There. Satisfied?
Now, anybody seen
the atomic kid?
Yo, come on! We're heading out!
Ah, well, how's our Girl Scout?
Fine, god damn it!
I love walking in the country.
I can see that.
"I can see that."
Hey, hold it down
- for a second.
- Ow!
Hold it down.
A dog? Way out here?
- Sounds like Ringo.
- Ringo?
Yeah, my dad's dog.
It sounds like it's coming
from the old cemetery.
Hey! Wait up!
Hey, Ringo!
Hey, Ringo, come here!
Come here. Hey, boy.
Hey, boy. Come here.
Yeah, where's Dad?
Where's Daddy? Huh?
Dad? Dad?
Well he was here.
He was trying to make a
rubbing from this headstone.
Maybe he's coming back this way.
That's why he left his stuff.
Are we gonna wait or what?
Well we could leave him a note.
Tell him we've
gone to the creek.
Sound okay to you?
Okay. He should find it here.
Okay. Come on, let's
go up the creek, Ringo.
Come on.
Okay, Ringo.
Okay, you stay here
and wait for Dad.
Okay, right there's the boat.
What about the water?
Where the hell is it?
Right down here.
Way bitchin'.
All right!
I'm ready to get it on!
Come on, Cory.
Loosen up a little bit.
- Yeah.
- Have some fun.
Yeah, right.
No! Hey!
I'll get you!
Come on!
You're not coming in?
No thanks, beautiful.
You can't tell me this
doesn't look good to you.
Not even the least bit tempted?
Hey, come on. Is this how
you bother the ones you like?
Look at her.
What's Hampton doing now?
You don't need to
worry about Hampton.
He's an okay guy.
Yeah? Well how come
Pam doesn't like me?
I'm a good guy.
Yeah, but Hampton's older.
See, chicks go for older guys.
Oh, they do?
- Sure.
- Why?
Well, basically it's
because they're older guys.
See, older guys act
like they don't care
whether you like them or not.
- Chicks go for that.
- Why?
Look, I'm not a chick.
I don't know.
But older guys got
this thing about them.
Chicks dig it.
Well I'm older. I'm 23.
To a 15 year old,
you're an older guy.
To a 23 year old woman like Pam,
you're still a spring chicken.
Damn it, I want that woman!
Look, listen, Cory.
Let me tell you what to do.
You just ignore her totally.
Totally ignore her.
Play hard to get.
Treat her like you
wouldn't want her
if she was the last
woman on Earth.
She'll love you for it.
- Really?
- Sure.
You see, you start
treating a girl too nice,
and they start saying,
they start thinking there's
something wrong with you.
That's the way it is with women.
Ah, that's crazy.
It doesn't have
to be sane to be true.
Tommy, where did you
learn so much about girls?
I watched
Hampton, dude.
So what's next?
Get the others, man.
Let's get going.
We'll check further
down the river for Dad.
You still worried
about your dad?
It's been hours.
Maybe he decided to
go back to his house.
He's probably wondering
where we are right now.
Mm, maybe.
But you don't think so.
It's just not like Dad to
leave his work that way
and wander off.
- Where's Tommy?
- Oh, he went off that way.
What's that idiot doing now?
I don't know.
Let's take a break.
It's getting really hot.
Yeah. Come on.
How long have you known Hampton?
Oh, about all my life, it seems.
He and my dad were
stunt pilots together.
Until my dad was killed. Hmm.
- Flying?
- Yeah.
He and Hampton were performing
some sort of close maneuver
at an air show down
near San Antonio.
And after something went wrong,
their wings touched...
and my dad crashed.
I know how you feel.
It must have been
terrible for you.
Uh, I was pretty young.
I really can't remember
too much about it,
but Hampton's never
really gotten over it.
Anyway, after it
happened, Hampton,
well, he sort of adopted me.
Doesn't have a
family of his own?
No, it's just him and his dad.
They're pretty close though.
Well what about,
what about women?
Well, there's always women.
No one really special though.
I guess Hampton's what you
would call a lone wolf.
Jesus Christ! What is going on?
Pam, get down, get down!
- What's happening?
- Get down, get down, move!
- What about Tommy?
- Tommy's dead.
- What, what's going on?
- I don't know!
Who the hell are these guys?
I don't know!
But they've seen us.
And we've seen them.
So they'll be coming after us.
We gotta move.
Come on, let's go.
We have to go.
Hold it, man! Hold it!
- Are you okay?
- Yeah.
How, how do you feel?
Yeah, I'm fine, I'm fine.
Just never had to
flee for my life.
Look, can we give her a second?
Yeah, but not too long.
Listen, I'll climb up and see
if I can spot those bastards.
You're gonna be okay.
Oh, damn.
- You okay?
- Yeah, I'm fine.
Here we go.
I can move now.
Forget that.
They've cut us off already.
So what do we do?
I don't know, it's pretty
obvious we're never gonna
lose them this way.
We gotta get somewhere
that horses can't follow.
Maybe some thicker brush.
This is might work. Let's go!
- Let's go.
- All right, move out.
You think we lost 'em?
Sorry, it does that.
What time is it, anyway?
It's five.
Well, it'll be dark
in another hour.
If we can keep clear
of 'em till then,
maybe we can lose 'em.
Why? Why are they doing this?
Well now that's the
$64,000 question, isn't it?
All right, let's split up.
Spread out, okay?
We'll get back together down
the trail here. Come on.
Quiet, quiet. That's my dad.
Dad! Jesus, Dad, are you okay?
God, what's happened to him?
Dad, it's Hampton. Dad!
Professor Sutton,
we're your friends.
- Return...
- What?
- They returned.
- Who?
Who returned, Dad?
Who are they?
"The evil men do
lives after them."
- Shakespeare.
- What?
Hold it! I think
heard something!
The gun...
It's the gun!
Cory, are you okay?
I thought you left
that thing behind.
So sue me.
Come on buddy.
We gotta get moving.
Let's go. Let's go.
- Come on, Dad.
- Professor Sutton!
- Hampton!
- What?
Oh my God! Dad!
Easy, Dad.
Don't try to move now.
Jesus, Hampton.
This looks like
a genuine article.
Now look, come on.
It might not be too serious.
Looks like they got him pretty
good above the temple here.
Oh my God.
Cory! Man, we gotta move!
Come on!
You better take a look at this.
We got a problem.
So what's our next move?
I don't know. No way...
No way we can all make
it down this thing.
Which leaves us?
Which leaves you with
a pretty nasty climb
down this cliff here.
So you better get going.
Come on.
What about you?
My dad can't make it down.
He and I will just stay up here
and handle the rearguard action.
No way, no way,
I can't leave you.
You've got to!
Now go on before
I shoot you myself.
Give him to me.
Oh, Dad. It's okay.
Come on, Dad. It's all right.
- Hampton!
- Go, god damn it!
Hampton, are you all right?
I'm not holding this fucking
spot all night! Now move!
Die, die, son of a bitch!
Cory, y'all okay down there?
Yeah, we're all right.
Come on.
Come on, Pam. We gotta move.
Where are we going?
- Back to creek.
- What?
Come on!
Dad, we gotta move.
Get up here.
Come on, come on, come on!
Now listen, listen.
- We're gonna have to swim.
- Why?
The water might help us throw
'em off our trail. Okay?
Now come on.
Oh my God! Who is he?
I don't know. Fisherman, maybe.
He's been shot.
By those cowboys?
That would be my guess.
What are they after?
I don't know. I don't know.
Come on. Let's just,
let's just get going.
You're gonna be okay,
Pam! Just hang in there!
Come on Dad. I think we can
make it to the old house.
You can rest there.
Just a little further.
Here we go.
Just a little farther.
That's it.
- Gun, gun.
- I got it right here.
I got it right here, Pops.
No, no.
- What?
- The gun...
The gun, the gun...
Dad, let me get you
some water, okay?
I'm gonna have to clean
you up a little bit.
No, no.
I'm gonna get you some water.
- No!
- I'll be right back.
-I swear,
- Now you stay right here.
- No.
Aw shit, Dad.
Where are you, Dad?
Okay. Wait, wait.
What good is the truck gonna
do us if Hampton has the keys?
Look, if I can keep
a plane in the air,
I think I can hot
wire one stupid truck.
Come on. I think the
house is just up here.
Come on.
Well, goddamn.
How many of you guys
are there anyway?
Okay. It's like in
the movies, right?
Good guys always win!
I hope I can get her going.
Why do you have to be so safe?
A wheel lock?
We're in the middle of nowhere?
Who the hell did he
think would steal it?
What does it matter?
He locked it and we're screwed.
Can't you just cut
it or something?
Well, if it were that easy,
it wouldn't be much of
a lock, now would it?
We'll just have to
wait for Hampton.
- Hampton's dead.
- You don't know that!
And if we can't go
get him, we wait here.
You heard the gun
fire same as me.
You know what
they're capable of.
But you don't know Hampton!
- I know he was your friend, but-
-But nothing!
Look, long after you put
this out of your mind,
I'll still be
thinking about the day
I left my friend to die!
Looks like we've had
a little bit of company here.
Oh my God.
What are they looking for?
I don't know,
but I hope they
found it 'cause I'm,
I'm tired of messing
with these guys.
Now come on.
You gotta let me take
a look at that arm.
Come on.
Let me see. Let me see.
I'm gonna see if I can
find some bandages.
And something to clean you up.
Let me see.
All right.
Come on, breathe. Okay.
Here, hold that.
Now we'll see.
We're gonna have to be ready.
Just in case those
guys come back.
Here. Drink this.
- For the pain.
- Thanks.
This is incredible.
Really fucking incredible.
No electricity, no phone.
No car. No car?
Why didn't the
professor have a car?
I don't know.
So what are we gonna do?
- If Hampton were here...
- Hampton's not here.
We're gonna have to figure
this one out on our own.
It's time to grow up, Cory.
I'm sorry.
Who is Reverend Thadeous Sutton?
That was Hampton's
great grandpa.
Some people
think it was suicide.
The professor thinks
that he was murdered.
Think we lost 'em in the woods?
Maybe they're not coming back.
Listen, why don't
you stretch out.
And give that arm a rest.
- Cory.
- What?
Are we gonna die?
I'm gonna try like
to hell to make sure
it doesn't happen tonight.
Come on now.
Get some sleep. Okay?
Pam, wake up!
- It's Hampton!
- Hampton?
Yeah. He's back!
Cory, Pam! Let's haul
it on outta here!
Hey, you're all right.
You're okay.
It's just a bad dream.
Where'd you go?
I was rigging a surprise
for our friends, just in case.
It will be light
in another hour.
You've been sleeping
a long time.
What's that?
I hope I can improvise a bit.
You mind if I ask you something?
Back there in the woods
with the professor,
you said something
about Shakespeare.
Yeah, that was
professor's last words.
They were from Shakespeare,
"Julius Caesar."
"The evil that men
do lives after them.
The good is oft interred
with their bones."
Cory, that man by the river...
The candidate for
cosmetic surgery.
Yeah, he...
I had the strangest feeling
I'd seen him before somewhere.
Yeah, hanging on
the post office wall.
Cory, you're gonna
think I'm crazy, but...
Someone's out there!
I think he's heading
for the door.
Cory! Open up, it's me.
Watch the window.
Jesus! Hampton!
Damn man, help me.
Well, I tried to
unlock the truck,
but I must have lost my keys.
- Come on.
- What?
Are you all right? Are you okay?
Hey, hey, I outfoxed 'em, man.
I fell off
the fucking cliff!
What about your dad?
He wasn't bad.
All in a day's work.
Try it sometime.
I'm sorry, man.
Yeah, well,
there will be plenty
of times more later.
Right now, we gotta get
the hell out of here.
They'll be coming.
I heard a horse earlier.
Oh, shit.
It's too late.
They're out there waiting
for us to make a move.
Who are these guys?
I don't know.
But one thing's for sure,
they don't seem to
be the quitting type.
Well, we can't
hold out all night.
I mean, God, every
time we knock one down,
there's another one
to take his place.
There's something not
right about those men.
Before you came in,
I was talking to Cory
about the man with
a scar on his face.
Yeah. The one I shot.
No you didn't. I bashed his
head in down by the river.
You both killed him.
What do you mean?
But your great-grandfather
hung him first.
Look, you recognize him?
That's the guy.
Yeah, that's the guy.
I wouldn't some face like that.
And he had an empty holster.
That's what Dad was
trying to tell us.
- What?
- The gun.
The gun, man! The gun!
There it is.
It belonged to Frank Clements.
See the initials? F.C.
Frank Clements.
He was an outlaw.
My great-grandfather hung him
a hundred years ago today.
Hung him?
I thought your great-grandfather
was a preacher.
He was a little
overzealous at times.
Anyway, after Clements was dead,
he hung onto his gun.
It stayed with the family
from generation to generation.
My daddy was gonna
give it to me.
We've got company.
You go out there
and they'll kill you
just as sure as
they killed Tommy!
They got my father out there!
And there's nothing
you can do about it!
Oh my God.
No! No! Hampton!
Those bastards!
- Those fucking bastards!
- What are we gonna do?
We can't just sit here!
We gotta do something!
Yeah, the only
chance is that jeep.
What Jeep?
Dad keeps a Jeep out
behind the tool shed there.
It's about 200 yards there.
I'm gonna go out there
and get the Jeep.
I'm gonna drive it right
in front here, Cory.
Take one of these grenades.
We'll cover you from here.
When I get here,
we are gonna ride the
hell oughta here, man.
Let's do it.
Be careful, Hampton.
Cory, man.
You're the
best friend I got.
She slept on the couch.
That's all.
Thanks, Hampton.
Here we go.
I don't see anything.
There he is.
Careful, Hampton!
Take the shotgun
and cover the window.
What's the use?
There's too many of them.
They just keep coming.
So you wanna give up?
Let them kill you?
They're gonna get
us sooner or later.
Hampton just died trying
to save our asses!
And you wanna give
up without a fight?
I'm not gonna!
I say we fight to the end!
Come on, what do you say?
It looks like this is it.
I guess so.
You get out of the house,
you get as far away as you can
and you connect these
leads, all right?
After you've done that,
when you hear my signal,
you press this red button.
- Okay?
- Why? What's gonna happen?
I rigged the house
with black powder bombs.
When you press this button,
it'll set 'em off.
I'm gonna lure
these guys in there
and we're gonna
blow 'em away! Okay?
- Here, give me this.
- Got it.
Go! Go!
Bring it on, you bastards!
Now, Pam, now!
It won't work! Damn it!
You, you're all dead!
You're all dead!
My God, Cory, look!
Where'd he go?
Back to Hell.
Let's just hope this
time he'll stay there.
Damn you
to the bottomless perdition,
Frank Clements.
May your soul never rest.
Some men lose their
lives too early.
Some men never make
the play at all.
Me, I'm just a dish
out on the table.
Counting rules and
hoping time to stall.
If I had a second
life to give you.
And yielded arms and
captured all your dreams.
Brought them to you
in a wave of baskets.
Through the corners
carry such a gleam.
Life goes on.
Life goes on.
Life goes on.
I met a girl who
loved me for a season.
She read my hand and
sang out all her songs.
But when that winter wind
came down that highway.
The playing cars were
Scattered one by one.
Perhaps another night
out running to save her.
Another night in
a distant pair of eyes.
And me, I stood there
counting my reflections.
Turning, spinning slowly
through to survive.
But life goes on.
Life goes on.
Life goes on.
When I went to war
inside the city.
I fell to love...