Ghost Soup (1992) Movie Script

Tokyo Mansions
This businessman who was
posted abroad for five years...
...rented out his place.
But h's coming back only
after a year.
And that's why you had to move out?
You said you were'nt coming
till mid-January after things settle down.
No, he's got nothing
to do with me.
The person living
in his place...
...was going to take over
my apartment when l left... he came and asked
if l'd move out early.
Sounds complicated.
lt does?
Well, there's the businessman,
the other person, and me.
The businessman came back,
the other person had to move...
...and now, l have to move
l was the last of
three billiard balls.
Sorry, bad metaphor.
No, l understand now.
OUT. Yeah?
You're the victim.
Exactly! l've had to give up
my whole Christmas!
And now l have to
give up mine!
Just kidding. But if l'd known
l would've cleaned the place.
Don't worry. l'll do that.
lt's pretty dusty...
You're very generaus, though.
l'd've told them to forget about it
and that'd be it.
l guess l am generous.
And there's lots of people
who'll take advantage of that!
Especially with
a nice young student like you.
Maybe so, but...
...Let's not discuss it.
Actually, l am upset.
Then you've got to
speak up right away!
'Piss off!' tell them.
Oh, hello...keep up
the good work!
'Piss off.'
Huh? When did you move in?
You just moved in?
So you don't subscribe to a paper yet.
l don't read the papers.
You're a student, aren't you?
You should read one every day!
l watch the news on TV.
No, you've got to read the news!
Try it out for a month.
No, thanks.
Public TV Fee collection.
You just moved in?
l don't have a TV.
Everyone has a TV.
Some people don't.
You don't watch the news?
l read the paper.
OK, the least
you watch the prime-time ones.
No, l don't.
Variety shows?
All young people watch them.
Yeah, on the other channels.
So you do have a TV!
l just moved in. l'll be buying
one soon. Come back then.
Don't give me that!
Sorry. l'm busy.
Do you know what day it is?
Christmas eve.
And do you know
what day that is?
Christ's birthday.
Oh, you know you're
interested in religion?
We're selling smoked lamprey
eel. Do you know what that is?
No, thanks!
Have you moved in here?
What's going on?
l don't want any!
Wait a minute!
Hey! You in there!
Piss off!
Hey, you!
When did you move in?
When? Today.
Today? Why?
'Why'? Who are you?
Will you look at all the stuff
he's got in here!
What's all this?!
Who are you?
Weren't you supposed to come
at the end of next month?
Yeah, but who are you?
So why are you here now?
This is a problem!
What is?
Tell me who you are before
you tell me your problems!
l'm Nana.
And you? What's your name?
My name? lchiro Suzuki.
OK. Now that we're formally introduced,
Would you please get out of here?
Not too bright, are you.
l'll explain so even you
can understand.
We're in trouble.
You know why?
Because you are here.
And your stuff.
That, too.
So if you and your stuff disappear.
We'll get rid of our problem.
OK? Now please leave.
We'll help you carry it...
just down the stairs, though.
What's wrong with you?
You're trembling.
Hey, take it easy!
l'll get you some water.
Just a minute...
This way.
Put the tree there.
A question...
Make it quick.
What are you going to do here?
What a weirdo!
Have a party, of course!
A party?!
What for?
Don't you know what day it is?
A Christmas party, of course!
A Christmas party?!
You're the one who's weird!
You can't do that!
Why not?
Why does it have to be here?
lt doesn't 'have to' be here.
Then go somewhere else!
lt's already set for here.
We've told everyone!
We can't change it now!
That doesn't make sense!
Why does it have to be here?
Why should people l don't know
have a party in my place?!
Go have it at home!
Don't you have any glasses?
Get out of my stuff,
Listen to this guy!
Who do you think you are?
Who do you think you are?!
Get out of here!
Wait! Let's talk this over!
Get out!
Go to hell!
l left this.
What a...huh?
l can't believe this!
What do we do?
Find another place?
We don't have time
for that now!
Well, yeah, that's true...
lt's going according to plan.
What is?
Except for him being there.
But that ruins
the whole plan!
So,all we have to do
is get him out of there.
Well, yeah...
Then it's easy. We don't
need him to leave forever.
Just for tonight.
l have to get the supplies.
So, you get him out of there.
And you guys do what Mal says.
Wait a minute! How do l
get him out of there?
Come on, Mal!
What kind of a partner
are you, anyway?
Use your head!
You got any ideas?
Think of something!
Who else is here?!
What the hell?
What's he doing here?
Maybe Mal figured out something!
Did you pay for that?
lf you're going to shoplift,
at least be discreet about it!
l don't care what you do,
but getting arrested... not for a kid
of your age.
What's this about?
What are you talking about?
Go back and Pay for this!
'Why'? Don't be absurd!
Excuse me!
See? Here they come!
l don't believe
you've paid for that.
Hey, wait!
Let go of me!
Stop her!
Not me!
What have we got here?
l'm going to pay!
Come with us.
What about her!
Telephone Dating Club
What about him?
Let me go!
You did it! How did you
get him out of the apartment?
Nana, l'm sorry. l couldn't
think of anything!
Come on! You're the one
who told me to think!
About what?
How to get him out of there!
You haven't done anything?
l'm sorry!
So what was he doing there?
He was in the grocery store.
The guy was there! Why?
Don't ask me!
What are you crying for?
l can't think of anything!
Private Sakata!
You two never change!
You've been here all along,
l am always here.
Yeah, you're a ghost.
As you well know.
Anyway, that guy
will be back soon.
You've got to do something.
What, are you
going to help us?
No. l'm still on duty.
All you do is stand there!
Traitor! l am serving
my country!
Come on, Mal. We don't have
time to waste gabbing.
Too bad. And l'd just
worked out a great strategy.
Tell us!
No. lt'd just be 'gabbing'.
Come on! Tell us!
All right, l will!
Get your hands off me!
You're worse than
Lance-Corporal Amamiya!
Whoever that is.
So, What's the plan?
lt's simple.
Code name: 'Far East Region
Strategic Master Plan 1224'!
'Master Plan' is a bit much...
The name doesn't matter.
Then don't name it!
l'll receive no orders from you!
Huh? What? Don't speak
English in front of me!
C'mon, shoot!
This guy pisses me off.
l know what you mean.
Anyway, you're fine as long
as he's out of his apartment, right?
And he's not home now.
Keep him from getting back inside.
There are several ways.
For example...
Just kidding!
There's an easier way.
Code name: 'The Little Lost
Christmas Kitten'.
How about that? Good, huh?
What happened to
Master Plan 1224?
l told you, the name
doesn't matter.
Then don't make them up!
No orders from you!
l said not to talk English,
you damn Yank!
So anyway...
He really irritates me!
l know you mean
we get the guy lost?
That's it.
But how?
Take him somewhere he
doesn't know and leave him.
And what do you know!
He's lost!
Somewhere he doesn't know...
but l don't know...
...where he doesn't know.
No problem. He just moved to
this area.
Just dump him anywhere,
and ...
...what do you know! He's lost!
lt can't be that easy...
Look, don't talk to me like that!!
l'm going to kill her!
Out of the way!
Mission complete!
Where am l?
Damn it!
Perfect! Worked like a charm!
We did it!
OK, put the tree here.
Mal! Stop celebrating
and get ready!
OK! Let's do it!
Excuse me...
l need some directions...
where am l?
Uh, l'm looking for
a friend's place.
The 'Tokyo Mansions'.
'Tokyo Mansions'?
What's the address?
The address? Uh...
Minato Ward, Tokyo...
This is Minato Ward, Tokyo.
l'll look some more. Thanks.
Huh? Hey!
l know this street...
lnternational Animal Clinic
This is...
Anyone home?
l know this house...
Hang on...
Whose was it?
Where have l seen this?
l know this place...
l know this place!
l'm sure l do!
But why?
'Tokyo Mansions'...
'Tokyo Mansions'...
l know that name!
Why do l know it?
This is so weird!
'Tokyo Mansions'...
Hey, l live here!
l found it!
l found it!
l knew it!
That was quick.
Welcome home.
What are you doing?!
l understand why
you might be angry.
But let's be friends, OK?
Um, this is great!
Now you're friends!
Yeah! lt's Christmas!
We can't be quarreling.
What's with the hand?
This? lt's just a hand.
What are you?!
We introduced ourselves
before. My name's Nana.
l don't mean that!
Of course! You guys are...
Not exactly.
Something like that.
Who's he calling?
The police, l think.
Don't know.
No answer?
Try pushing the hook a few times.
Maybe it hasn't been
connected yet...
Oh, shit!
Silly! No wonder
it doesn't work!
Anyway, relax!
Want some water?
Keep the hell out of my stuff,
l mean...ghost...,
Let's discuss this calmly, OK?
There's nothing to discuss!
Get the hell out of here!
'Get out! Get out!'
ls that all you can say?
There's nothing to discuss!
Come on, relax!
Look, we know this is your place.
And we shouldn't have just
barged in, and l apologize.
But we didn't mean
to cause any trouble.
l want you to know that.
You weren't supposed to be
moving in yet... we borrowed it.
We never dreamed
this would happen...
...and we're really sorry.
You see where
l'm coming from?
What can l do so you'll
forgive me, lchiro?
ldiot! Why did you
shake his hand?
Skipped my mind.
Right, better get the place
cleaned up!
Oh, yeah...
Nope...OK, the toilet.
None of that really happened.
Start the music!
Come on! Let's get
back to work!
What are you doing?!
This is not a karaoke booth,
you know.
The neighbors complain
a lot around here.
And you can't sing! l thought
you'd bust a window!
What's wrong?
Did a fox fool you or something?
A Fox?
Are you OK?
Do they come around here?
You know...
...foxes, raccoon dogs...
Uh, no...
Did you see a ghost?!
'Saw one', you could say...
...or 'met one', maybe...
...'touched one'...
You touched a ghost?!
Can't you touch ghosts?
l don't know. l never have.
lt's just your imagination.
There's no such thing.
Are you having a party
or something?
Have fun, but make sure you
don't bother the neighbors.
And Mr Suzuki...
...don't go spreading
strange rumors, all right?
l don't want everyone
to move out on me.
What's this?
Looks like we're beat.
What do we do now?
Shut up! l'm thinking.
Will you at least try too?
But l can't!
What do you do when you're
stuck? You reason logically!
OK, relax...
Relax...what do you do
in s situation like this?
'Suntory Whiskey,
White Label.
'The square bottle.
Very dry. Now on sale.'
What am l doing...
Hey, come on!
You can't do that now!
Oh, come on! Please!
Well, l know how you feel...
What's wrong?
Hey, you guys!
What's the matter?
They don't like the working conditions.
They quit.
Now l really don't know
what to do!
Kids! Unbelievable!
What's this?
Mommy, what are they
living up for?
They're all lined up.
What are you talking about?
They're all lined up.
Who is?
lt's been a long time.
lchiro's grown so big!
That was...
So you remember all that?
You've got a good memory!
Grandpa! lt's you!
lt's been a long time, lchiro.
You're all grown up.
So you remember me?
Sure l do!
Your picture's still on the
shrine at home.
Really? lt's still there?
l'm touched.
You didn't know?
But it's a shrine to you.
Why would l? lt's got
nothing to do with me.
No? lt doesn't?
You know that big house
on the corner? ls that yours?
Yep, that's my house.
l knew it!
Someone else probably
has it now.
What a coincidence!
l didn't know where you lived.
l just happened to move here.
l knew l'd seen that house!
According to my faltering memory,
l think you were there twice.
Once when you were a baby,
just after you were born...
...when your parents
brought you to show us.
The second time was
that Christmas Eve.
l'm starting to remember.
We saw those people lined up.
That's right.
Grandpa, what's that?
Today's Christmas.
They're all here
to celebrate it together.
Do they get something?
Nothing much. Just a bowl
of soup.
Soup? No toys?
No, no toys.
That's no fun!
You don't need any soup.
But for the unfortunate,
who have no luxuries...'s a once-a-year treat.
There you go.
A bowl for everyone!
You'll be at peace!
Going up!
Yep! The wait's over!
Everyone gets one! Eat up!
ls it good?
lt's almost time!
Yes, there is a Heaven!
Ascension Soup
Make room for the next person!
How did you get here, kid?!
This isn't for you! Get lost!
What do you want here?
What are you doing?!
For your grandpa, right?
ls it good?
Yes. lt's divine!
You're lying! lt's yucky!
lchiro, did you have some?
You'll live a long life,
l know it.
But l was worried
that you'd disappear, too.
You know that, Gran...
...was l talking to?
Don't go in there!
What kind of soup is this?
This? This is 'Ghost Soup'.
'Ghost soup'...
So what do we do now?
So what do we do now?
They're started to live up...!
Let's give up and tell them
it's off till next year.
Private Sakata's
been standing there...
...since the Great Tokyo
Air Raid.
Who cares about him?
l do!
He's been looking forward
to his ghost soup!
He has some every year,
but it never works!
The soup works differentlly for everyone.
You sure he's not
just stubborn?
This whole city's full of
unquiet ghosts, but.
the living don't notice them.
They're all alone, living with
their memories of this world...
...their grudges, their hatreds...
They're not living!
lt's the same thing.
lt's the opposite!
They're all waiting for us.
For our ghost soup.
Are we going to
let them all down?
Well, if you put it
that way...
Since the beginning
our motto has been...
...''with heart & taste''
Our soup is a once-a-year
tradition of ascension... those spirits who cannot
rise to heaven themselves.
We can't give up!
Then what do we do?
lf we must, we go to war!
l will preserve the ghost soup
if l have to burn to do it!
You're going to change places
with Private Sakata?!
Mal! To arms!
lf you insist.
All right, lchiro!
No more mister nice guy!
You won't stop us!
Hi. l've been waiting.
Shut up and fight!
People are waiting.
Hurry up and finish the soup.
Don't just stand there!
lt's soup time!
l turned around,
but it was too late.
Next thing l knew the truck
tire was going over me.
Next thing l knew...
...l was dead!
Wow! look great!
...when you'redressed up...
l look great when l'm not too!
l'll get you for that!
Agh! You got me!
What's he doing?!
No luck.
Don't worry.
l guess my duty
is not yet fulfilled.
But the Showa emperor's dead...
Shh! We're forbidden
to tell him that!
Doesn't he know?
Of course not!
He'd kill himself!
Can he do that?
He knows. He just
won't admit it.
Next is Uncle HaHa
from Engei Hall in Shinjuku.
Uncle HaHa? ls he new?
He died of a heart attack
last March 25th...
...during a show by Sanyutei Enraku,
a rakugo comic storyteller.
That's a nice way to go.
Why is he stuck in this world?
He died while he was
listening to a joke...
...but before the punch line.
Oh!forget him, Next!'s snowing.
That strange pair hasn't
appeared since then.
Nor has Private Sakata.
But l can't help feeling
l'll see them again.
Maybe around next Christmas...
But with those guys,
you never know.
So you have a TV!
Oh, that...l just borrowed it
from a friend.
And that's one of our shows!
l just switched it on...
No more excuses!
Fill out this form.
Where's my pen?
Postal code, name...
Oh, and there's something
l forgot to tell you.
l still find it hard to believe.
Can l ask you one last thing?
Don't you drink the soup?
Us? Of course not.
Don't you want to ascend?
We're not ghosts, you know.
What's this?
Hey! Don't pull it out!
What are you doing?!
No way!
We're volunteers, you know.
We don't make a penny
on this.
That's right.
l guess you can have that.
To remember me by.
Time to go, Nana.
Hey, you're right! lt's time!
See ya!
Can't you fly?
l won't believe who you are
if you don't!