Ghost Source Zero (2017) Movie Script

the garbage in the bag.
It isn't garbage.
- It puts the garbage in the bag.
- MAYA: Cool.
REIKO: Stop it.
So, when they corrected
my astigmatism,
it was no big deal
to build in a holo-projector.
- Are you Maya?
- Yeah.
- Come with me.
No. Help!
- What is that, what is that?
- MAYA: Help! Help!
Don't do that, okay?
Don't do that, okay?
Don't do that.
Don't do that, okay?
Don't do that, okay?
Kill, kill, kill, kill, kill.
I need more money.
We've been paying
you handsomely for two years.
And have seen very little
in the way of results.
My tremors are getting worse.
I cannot put off...
the neurographic procedure
any longer.
That's an expensive operation.
How do we know it's worth
our while?
I've done it.
The ghosting.
I've mapped the consciousness
of a human
and transferred it into a robot.
It's all on these drives.
this is my life's work.
Now, there are some glitches
in the program,
which I can tweak,
once my operation is complete.
The conditions
of your contract require
completion before final payment.
We can make an exception
for our friend Sergei Akhmadov.
Arrange for a neural
graft procedure immediately.
Saint Claire's Hospital has
the best neurological suite
in the city.
They have the latest
of DaVinci surgical bots.
You see? Everybody is happy!
Yes, we're happy. [LAUGHING]
- MAN 1: It's amazing. Blow jobs.
- MAN 2: Oh, my God, yeah.
- MAN 1: I mean, the mouth works fantastic.
- MAN 2: Right?
- MAN 1: Yeah, I tried it out.
MAN 1: No, Well, yeah, I tried
it out. And it they're like...
- MAN 2: Great.
- MAN 1: ...all different types
- of races.
- MAN1: Yeah!
- MAN 2: Is it as tight as they say?
MAN 1: It is definitely
as tight as they say.
WOMAN: [ON RADIO] Fire teams Bravo and
Charlie are in position, Captain.
SOLDIER: Captain.
Captain. Radio.
Warnock here.
We're assisting Charlie,
en route to Alpha.
Yeah. Pinch-hitters are here.
Fuck you, Striker.
Oh, Captain Warnock.
I see you decided
to get your feet wet.
Crenshaw, put Peter and Wendy
on auto and send them in low...
WARNOCK: Negative
on the drones, Striker.
Possible non-combatants on site.
You take point, personally.
You got the ass for me, or what?
I hate your guts
like everybody else.
You're the best damn door-kicker
I've got.
Damn right.
All right, let's get
this throw down jumping.
Bradshaw, keep the drones
in reserve.
I'm first through the door.
O'Reilly, you're behind me
on the left.
You kill anything I miss.
Let's go.
And so you know,
if I let you try mine,
- you gotta let me try yours.
- Yeah.
- And the self-cleaning ones too?
- Self-cleaning?
- Yes, they self-clean.
- Oh.
I mean, you could just go...
Hold on, wait a minute.
Fucking waste of protoplasm.
- Freeze! Drop it!
A fucking cyborg.
Warnock! Grenade launcher!
Give me my cigar.
It's a bad habit, Cap.
So is losing men.
Wilkie, message HQ.
Tell them we need
two Category One
- replacements ASAP.
- Roger that.
Uh, we have two Category...
- Cocksucker...
I thought you said
this place was clear.
Roger that!
Correction, HQ,
We need three replacements.
- SOLDIER: This way is clear!
- Hey Captain, we need you.
Goddamn hard-wire farm.
Sometimes humanity makes
me wanna puke.
This is why.
- How many more rooms like this?
- About a dozen.
- We're secure here.
Yablonski and Berger are
clearing the rest of the crib.
Hey Captain.
You better come
take a look at this.
'Borg thought he was cute,
waiting in the cut.
What the hell is that?
That's progress, Rothstein.
By the end of 2052,
Oon Tong was by far
the largest multinational
crime syndicate in the world.
Based in Indonesia, the
company had satellite offices
in nearly
every major city on the planet.
Uh, Dubai, Singapore,
Neo Tokyo...
Software, hardware, weapons,
after-market modifications
of every kind.
Exponential growth
in the last five years.
They had this incredible ability
to drop into any market
and identify any unmet demand.
They traded as a black market
stock with a 4.9 PE
and a 1.5 percent
dividend yield.
Very profitable!
Uh, even if those, uh,
those exchanges are banned
by the SEC.
In any case, those financials
were beginning to shift
as the Oon Tong increased
their cash reserves.
It's expensive for a corporation
to enter new markets.
Launching new product lines
a great deal of startup capital.
Chimera-7 reports
the Patterson location
has been compromised.
That was part
of our pilot program.
Should we make a, um,
As we were instructed.
MAN 1: I just don't want
to get anything
- that's gonna make me sick.
General Tso's chicken.
And can I have a small egg roll,
I'm pretty sure he's already got
a small egg roll.
That's not what your mom said
last night.
What did you say?
It was hard to understand her
with her mouth full.
Sounded like... [MUMBLING]
- Say that again.
You're a real tough guy, huh?
Think you can take both
of us on?
Oh, I forgot,
- don't all you chinks know that Kung Fu shit?
Not all of us. Just me.
- Yeah?
No, stop! No!
No, no, no, no!
No, no, no, no, no!
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!
Please, please, please, please!
- Please, I was just...
- ROBED MAN: Just what?
Being an asshole?
SPEAKER] Freeze! Federal agents!
Put your hands on your head!
- Don't shoot! Don't shoot!
FEDERAL AGENT: You're under arrest
for the unauthorized militarization
of an android, and murder.
Oh God, oh God,
where's my mom?
No sudden movements!
Release control of the puppet.
Put down the controller now!
- But, I'm not...
- Put it down now!
[MOUTHING] What the fuck.
[CHAVEZ SIGHS] Remember this
bust when you're at the polls.
If the wrong side wins,
androids might actually have
Our 17-year-old suspect would be
looking at a mere slap on the wrist.
And his chop-socky android,
twenty to life.
about the global terrorists...
being absolved of the atrocities
their suicide 'borgs commit.
Long time no see, Captain.
Are you still with the D-9?
How's life in the slow lane,
It's good.
More time for the kid, you know.
How's the arm?
Broke the punk's jaw, didn't I?
You still range qualified
on the M-501?
- In the field.
- I need you.
- Damn straight, who else?
- I put Category One requests.
CHAVEZ: Still dreaming, huh?
WARNOCK: So these
online gaming communities,
they're bigger than
some Third World countries.
The Oon Tong has hundreds
of sweatshop locales, hundreds,
linked into them.
They're called nodes.
And we've raided so many
of their nodes
that they've started guarding
them with weaponized cyborgs.
- Do it!
- WOMAN: Come on!
WARNOCK: Do it now! Yeah sucker!
We've been hitting them hard,
scoring a good burn-down rate.
WARNOCK: Going mano a mano
with those mooks
who can't feel pain
and aren't afraid of dying,
is like skinny dipping
in a piranha tank.
I shit you not.
WARNOCK: What they were guarding
were partial lobotomized slaves.
All connected
on a neural network 24/7.
They're accounting systems,
usually some
off-the-shelf hardware.
But this time we found
something else.
Hang loose.
I gotta let Senator Pastori
bend my ear
to justify
his oversight committee.
Tony "take no prisoners" Chavez.
They finally let you come back
and play with the bad boys, eh?
Doctor Hu was just briefing me
on your most recent raid,
Yeah, it was a good hunt.
Got some good leads.
Fight bad crime.
You're not losing track of the
real primary objective, are you?
I know what your committee wants.
I don't have to like it.
Nobody likes taxes,
but everybody still pays them.
Nobody likes politicians either.
But they keep voting us in.
Don't they?
Just remember there's
an election coming up.
Lieutenant Sariya Sorensen
reporting for duty, sir.
There's, uh, there's supposed
to be three replacements.
SARIYA: Budget cuts
and no recruits, sir.
Holy shit.
The prodigal has returned.
ROTHSTEIN: Sparks will fly.
Fall in with team. I'm about
to do a mission debrief.
This looks different.
It's already morphed twice
since you brought it in.
Listen up people.
Is that lipstick standard issue?
We've been targeting Oon Tong
money-marketing operations
to hit them where it hurts.
And dig up intel
on their long-term plans.
What we've found in the raid
confirms our suspicion.
The Oon Tong is branching
out into bio-engineering.
This bio-mass appears to be
a self-sustaining organism.
with its own nervous,
and endocrine systems.
Nothing like it
in the US Patent archives
of biological inventions.
If it is self-sustaining,
why was it hooked
up to all that shit?
The IV lines you saw provided
the mass with nourishment.
And the rest were data-lines
infused with a tissue matrix.
It's a data repository
that can resist downloads
to unknown parties.
What's the point?
Why have a hard drive
you have to feed?
At least you don't have
to take it for walking.
The Oon Tong is stepping
up in computer virus attacks
and plowing profits back
into bio-engineering.
We need to know why.
- WARNOCK: Doctor!
It's becoming unstable.
- Oh, what is that stink?
- It's breaking down!
It's burning.
Hydrochloric acid.
Don't touch it!
We're losing the connection.
Its burning my hands!
Salvage all the data as fast as you can.
We need that intel.
Its homeostasis was fine.
Stomach acid,
it's digesting itself.
- We could try sedating it.
- WARNOCK: No time.
We need that tissue sample
to trace the DNA origins.
Lieutenant Sorensen, stand down!
Data recovery aborted.
- We barely got anything.
- It self-destructed.
Outside, Lieutenant Sorensen.
- What the hell was that?
- Bio-hazard containment breech, sir.
- I was following protocol.
- I ordered you to stand down!
Overriding protocol is
above your pay grade.
Report to sick bay.
Get checked out by Doc Yomtov
for a full clearance.
We can't undo our history,
so if it's gonna be
the 500-pound gorilla,
why don't you cut me
a transfer right now?
Transfer's not an option.
Our roster's already short
of effectiveness to start.
We're staring
into the abyss here.
Are you paraphrasing Nietzsche
or are you still studying
with that mystical
martial arts guru?
Get the clearance.
The entire American
tech industry had been stifled
under federal
programming regulations
for years at that point.
That's how frightened
everyone actually really was
at the mere thought of creating
a thinking machine.
Completely self-aware
intelligent software.
Full-grade artificial
that was the buzzword
they kept throwing around.
Full-grade AI was
the Pandora's box
that contained a slew
of other ethical issues.
But the real haunting prospect:
Um, what are we doing here?
We got a flag regarding
suspicious deaths with androids
or mechs
with network capability.
Oh, I've heard of that.
Uh, my unit was tracking
Ebola 1337.
We had a similar flag order.
Ebola 1337?
I've never heard of it.
Good for you, less nightmares.
Okay, everybody,
this is Sergei Akhmadov.
He was a scientist
from Chechnya.
He was scheduled
for a basic nerve grafting
by a... Series Three Leonardo
surgical bot.
Capable of over 1700
surgical procedures.
We got about 20 of those
in 15 seconds
before they could stop it.
I could have done 25.
the laser-cut meat cubes
aren't even part of any standard
medical procedure.
Actually, they don't even know
why they did it.
They're free-styled.
ScanCom said this guy
may be a person of interest.
They think
some computer virus did this?
Not just any virus.
I mean, Ebola 1337 is hardcore.
Oon Tong's been tweaking it
for years,
as the Captain knows quite well.
I read the reports
on Ebola 1337.
Anything pop out to you, Chavez?
CHAVEZ: It's weird.
It started executing
unnecessary surgical procedures
in inappropriate locations.
But then these cubes...
- Looks like they got bored.
- Bored?
Yeah, well, that's the odd part.
Viruses don't get bored.
If the Leonardo was jacked
in at the time of the crime,
then it was hacked.
Hacker gets bored,
but a virus...
The level of sophistication is
too high
for this just to be
a random attack.
This guy must be important.
Well, if it's Ebola 1337,
there's a link to the Oon Tong.
I'd say it was remotely jacked
in by a hacker.
When was the bot's firmware
last updated?
Um, this bot...
upgraded a couple hours
before the Akhmadov incident.
There's no way a software did
all this.
Wait, there's more, um,
so after the death,
the bot erased all
of its drives.
All the files are gone,
except for one.
CHAVEZ: Round two,
zero one, three zero,
zero nine three.
SARIYA: Round two, fight!
- CHAVEZ: My kid loves that game.
He's into that retro stuff.
- Aw.
- WARNOCK: So...
This looks like time code
after round two thing, right?
But what does it mean?
And why is this file addressed
to me?
Someone's onto us.
Hell, I should get going.
Responsibilities of parenthood,
you know?
- Warnock.
- Yeah?
The tissue analysis has come
back from bio-techs.
- And?
- Well, the tissue's
definitely engineered,
not human.
Our first thought was stolen
stem cell stocks,
but, uh, not this stuff.
This is made to be more durable
and last longer.
Made onsite
by industry practitioners.
What industry, uh,
reconstructive surgery?
Cosmetics, sports enhancements?
Adult entertainment!
Pleasure droids.
Sex bots.
- Get Chavez back in here.
- SOLDIER: Yes, sir.
We're going clubbing.
- Help!
- Captain, we're in position.
All right, Yablonski,
Bradshaw guard the roof.
The rest of us, we're going in.
This is bullshit,
I should be on point.
- Boudreau's on point.
- Why does Boudreau get to have the fun?
Don't worry, I'll let you smell my
fucking finger when I get back.
- Fuck you, cowboy.
- All right, let's go.
Fucking Americans.
- BERGER: Relax sweetie,
you'll live longer.
Cyber Crime Division,
this is a raid.
No need to be terrified
if you haven't been modified.
- WOMAN: Shit.
- MAN: It's the filth.
Stick around cupcake,
we're just getting started.
Nothing to worry
about over here.
Everybody knows the drill.
We're only interested
in illegally modified androids.
So, don't swallow
your contraband
or stick it where
the sun don't shine.
It's gonna be a bitch tracking
these hostiles
with so many unknowns walking
Hi, Berger.
Everybody, on me!
Oh, put this on.
Guard the hallways.
- Dude, what about...
- I don't care about your hair now, put it on!
Fucking dick.
LEWIS: No freebies, Berger.
I got a full line
of maintenance tonight.
Shut your sock, Lewis.
This is no shakedown.
We have a warrant.
Hey, every man's got his price.
What, you want cash instead
of taking it out in trade, huh?
Sit down and zip it, bot-pimp.
Lewis, you're
the largest purchaser
of Softy-Touch brand tissue
stock in the country.
Yeah, last time I looked,
that wasn't against the law.
We're seizing all
your transaction records.
And your accounting books.
Hey, filth, look, normally
we only have the option
of a humanoid sex bot,
but in your case,
I'm gonna grease
up the sheep simulator.
You've got 32 teeth.
Do you want to try for none?
Don't diss the Captain.
Aw! What the...
These Sharona-21s are top
of the line expensive-o!
Fuck! Come on! Shit! What...
I don't know nothing, okay?
CHAVEZ: Dirty, dirty, dirty.
Hey Boss, maybe what
this place needs
is a full CDC and FDA audit.
With the backlog, this dump could
be shuttered... six months?
Aw, you pricks!
Come on, what...
- What do you want?
- Tissue stocks.
I don't know nothing
about no Oon Tong
skimming tissue stocks, okay?
- []
It's uh...
What are you looking at?
Get back to work!
- Okay. Okay. Okay.
Oon Tong tells me look
the other way.
I look the other way.
All right,
I don't want no trouble.
They take about 20 percent
of my shipment
and they give me cash
for it, that's it, all right?
That's it.
I write it off like one
of these needs a major overhaul
or an upgrade
or something like that.
Times are tough, you know,
with the way the economy is,
the stress from the election.
Hey, you guys are Cyber Crime,
I'm on your side. Huh?
Fuck these liberal
Bot Rights Movement faggots,
A human can have sex
with a robot.
It ain't nobody's business,
especially the law.
And, and,
and a bot can look like
a man, it can look like a woman,
it can look like your daughter,
could look like your mother,
WARNOCK: This is bullshit.
And if a 'borg
rapes your sister,
you gonna be satisfied
when we take it down?
You don't think you'd want
to spend five minutes
with the kid who coded that bot?
No, no, no, look, look, you're
missing the point entirely.
That's not what I'm saying.
The stem cells.
I want dates, numbers, details.
I believe, I can help you.
Ebola 1337 must be stopped.
I want to help you.
What do you know?
You jacked into the net?
- Just jacked in.
- Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Manual override,
hibernation mode,
- one seven one seven...
- Let it talk, dirt bag!
This sex bot is warning
us about Ebola 1337.
There is not a lot of time,
Captain Warnock.
You are in danger.
- Who are you? What do you want?
- He's tunneling in.
You guys do
a hardline firmware upgrade?
- Are you remotely tunneling in?
- Yes.
Get back upstairs, robot.
Get back upstairs.
Tunneling in?
A hacker is puppeteering
this sex bot remotely.
Who are you? I need answers!
I need you to trust me
and I need to trust you.
Which is why I'm showing
you this.
If you can decipher...
- Weaponized sex bot!
- Is that Giordano?
She's dry!
Maybe not.
you and I, distraction!
- Got it!
- WARNOCK: Sariya and Berger,
you take her out, on three!
One, two, three!
What the hell just happened?
We lost everything.
Not everything.
Any news?
Off the grid for 16 hours.
Chatter from Warnock's Team?
Could be they're keeping quiet.
I don't like it.
We proceed as planned.
We proceed as instructed.
We work to realize the dream.
If we don't reestablish contact,
it won't make a difference.
We will reestablish contact.
Yes. That is correct.
Just started
the cryptography analysis
on the file we found from her.
So far nothing's come up.
I'm sorry?
You said her, it's a fucking it.
That might change
on Election Day.
A cold day in hell.
You're letting it get personal.
Anything with the logs?
The Oon Tong's been skimming
stem cell stocks
from this one sex bot club
for years.
Hundreds of these clubs
in New York alone.
Could be just the tip
of the iceberg.
We've got
facial recognition apps running
on every security camera
in the city.
So far, no hits on her likeness
on any of the escort
manufacturing catalogs.
I had her.
It's pegged
as a weaponized sex bot
and I still do.
It's possible,
she's human by nature
but a very high
cybernetic composition.
It doesn't matter whether we're
dealing with enhanced human being,
or a sex bot being
programmed remotely.
The Oon Tong definitely have
the biotech for both.
Bear down on it!
If someone doesn't want us
to know,
then we damn well
better find out.
WARNOCK: That's it for today.
I'm buying the first round
at Durkin's.
Sergeant Striker,
Spec-Fives O'Reilly
and Giordano kicked down
their last doors and went out.
If not in glory, then
in something damn close to it.
XO Wilkie, he may have been
an asshole,
but he was our asshole!
Here's to them
and those like them.
ALL: Damn few left.
Damn few left.
- WARNOCK: Get another one.
- We're gonna kick some ass.
Another round.
SARIYA: Why me?
Excuse me?
You and I,
we have a troubled history,
over a dozen sys-admins have it
over me on seniority
and field experience.
Why do I have this assignment?
You're smarter than the rest
of them.
You take initiative
when it's called for it,
and you're good-looking.
And what do looks have to do
with it?
Your looks gave you
an advantage your whole life.
I need people
with natural self-confidence.
You've got it in spades.
Chavez, he's a sentimental sap,
but self-doubt?
So, what you want a bunch
of self-involved fanatics?
Believe me,
when you kick down a door,
you want everybody behind you to
be a cocky-ass son of a bitch.
Everyone, make noise
for round two, woo!
- [THUD]
Where's Chavez?
Some emergency with his kid.
Listen, it had to have been
a hack job.
You realize
how shit impossible it is
to override
the First Law of Robotics?
It's a coincidence verging
on Jungian synchronicity
that this Marshall Deng,
who happens to be carrying
an anti-AI-rights card be
the one spectator
to catch the full brunt when your
mech goes into berserker mode.
Listen, I never seen that mook
before in my life.
And fuck that berserker shit,
my mech ain't got no
black market mods.
Listen, I know this is
an unlicensed venue,
but my mech is nothing short
of legit.
Splitting hairs, aren't we?
Fuck you, I ain't no
gray area lurker.
All right, when was
your mech last serviced
and when was it last
on the grid?
Jacked in? Last night.
But it wasn't service.
Nothing was installed.
These are simple garage mods
here, no standardized releases.
Standardized releases?
What this coding in anyway?
Fusion script?
Fucking God.
You custom code everything?
Shit heel.
I did not hack my own bot.
That's rich. This whole thing
looks like a hack.
Listen, my protocols are clean.
My algorithms are tight.
We were undefeated
for 12 straight matches,
and now this?
A round two fucking meltdown.
Sariya, can you back up
to the start of the round?
Can you pinpoint when your mech
broke directives in the log files?
Hell, I can do it right here
from the visual feed.
There. See it dip?
That's where I lost acquisition.
Supposed to have
the target square in its sights
at all times.
That is exactly,
where it happened.
May I?
Yeah, looks about right.
- Well, what do you know?
- Fucking A.
Edna, is that you?
You aren't supposed
to be here until next week.
Oh my Lord.
Hi. Do you live alone?
All right.
The suits
and haircuts upstairs
want us to wrap this investigation
up before the election.
Yeah, right.
We have a full profile
on Marshall Deng from Research.
Much faster
than Sergei Akhmadov.
I still have zip on him.
Deng was a lobbyist for the service
bot manufacturing industry.
He's worked all over Washington,
the entire Middle Eastern strip.
Hardcore anti-AI-rights.
Nobody in the robotics business
wants AI rights.
You recognize civil rights.
Regulators will come into play.
Activation, storage, retirement,
everything's gotta be done
And the federal regulators are
already all over them.
I mean, no question,
the industry is anti-AI-rights
all the way.
And Deng was
their most effective proponent.
So, he was near the top
of the Oon Tong hit list.
[SARIYA SCOFFS] Deng was about
to go on a six-country tour.
Regardless of who wins
this election,
he would have been real busy.
So, the rogue sex bot
we saw on the scene,
hacks the fighter mech
and takes him out.
And the mech was infected
by Ebola 1337.
Machines hacking machines.
Escort services in my area.
Our sex bot's been busy.
Looks like
the Oon Tong have a motive.
What's the bigger picture?
WARNOCK: We done?
I wanted to brief you
on the biomass tissue.
The, the uh,
the analysis?
Did the reports come back
from the lab?
The engineered stem cells are
mondo sophisticated.
Crazy-ass DNA sequences.
That tissue stock was engineered
for something
so far ahead of the curve
I can't even begin to...
How does that tie in with the
Oon Tong's larger motives?
Oh, well maybe, if I can get
the dossier on Sergei Akhmadov.
Research still hasn't let me...
I told you to let me worry
about that.
You're still dealing
with mind-fuck, aren't you?
You haven't gotten
over it yet, have you?
I mean, are you getting
a psych-eval,
or are you still getting
spiritual guidance
from that wacky-ass sensei?
That will be all,
Lieutenant Sorensen.
You dialed for a date?
I've been thinking
about that sex bot.
The assumption is that she
or it is being controlled
by some hacker with crazy
Kung Fu coding skills.
Something's just not
right there.
CHAVEZ: Well back at the club,
you blew away its dorsal inputs.
It can't jack back
into the grid.
The recharging port and the wireless
antenna are located there as well.
WARNOCK: So, it can't top off.
Wait, how did
the puppeteer steer to the mech
that took out Deng
if it can't connect?
It crossed the line.
- Made the big jump.
- CHAVEZ: Full grade.
Not even the US Navy Seals'
mechanized constructs
are fully autonomous.
We need to see that text code.
Sariya, did you install
the upgrades?
I installed the upgrades,
I installed the second version.
I ran the scan three times.
It's just garbage text,
Warnock, I don't see...
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
Back up to the window
you were just in.
Zoom out 10 percent
put it on the big screen.
Deliverator's Special,
it hits the spot,
two-fifty-five per slice.
What the fuck?
That's the big picture.
They hid Akhmadov's body.
The contact at the sex bot club.
He knows everything.
And for some reason,
he wants to share it.
worked something out.
I'm a paraplegic veteran.
This bot is my only source
of income.
I'm sorry.
No, you're not.
Ready for the procedure,
one minute.
So, there is no Deliverator
Pizza anywhere in the city.
In fact, none in the country.
But the Deliverator is
an allusion to a character
in an old fanboy sci-fi novel.
Yeah, everyone knows that one.
Basic required reading
at the academy.
It's giving us context.
That book was
about a programmer.
- It was also about...
- Yeah, I know.
First things first.
Two dollars and 55 cents.
Where do you know
you get a slice that cheap?
Sleep mode.
I hope you never wake up.
- Oh!
Beat it! Don't come
near me when I'm tired.
You got Deliverator's Pizza.
BERGER: Hilarious.
YABONSKI: Fuck this pizza man.
All the slices are
different sizes.
I'm taking the big one.
You can get little one
for your diet.
Wait, wait.
That's not two dollars
and 55 cents.
It hits the spot.
Sariya, each of those slices
are different proportions.
- Okay.
- This isn't an ad
for a pizza place
that doesn't exist?
It's a puzzle.
The Deliverator's a programmer.
That's the first hint.
Each of these four slices
are different sizes.
Calculate the proportions
they are from the whole.
Twelve percent, whatever,
but not by 100.
By 255.
You get four numbers.
Looks like, uh...
- An IP address.
- The IP address.
It hits the spot.
BOT: Enter.
All the times
It was wanted night
Captain Warnock.
You got my message.
WARNOCK: Andrew Han,
you're under suspicion
for 27 violations of federal
programming statutes,
and conspiring with a known
criminal organization
- to compromise national cyber security.
- Boring!
And we know that you have
a congenital deformity.
Oh, very observant.
WARNOCK: A deformity that no
FDA-approved tissue grafting
or organ synthesis can correct.
At least, nothing outside
the black market.
SARIYA: But maybe
someone reached out to you.
A trade, you help us,
we'll help you.
- That was the deal, wasn't it?
Your clues, what if we never
figured them out?
Well, then you'd be no use
to me.
And how could you be of use
to us?
Ebola 1337.
How can we be of use to you?
They have my sister.
[HAN COUGHS] Wake up!
Wake up sleepyhead.
Maya, you've been sleeping
I made you this lychee tea.
Lychee tea?
It's Leechee, dummy!
It's like how Mom used
to make it.
HAN: It started
with simple tasks,
paid with in-game gold.
And things got...
They promised me
bio-engineering labs.
They told me
there was gonna be
- bio-engineering...
- What did they tell you to do?
First it was
hand-to-hand combat mods.
I knew it, asshole.
center-of-gravity algorithms.
N-point number
of articulation support.
Ebola 1337.
Did you write Ebola 1337?
Did I write... [LAUGHS]
Come on... [COUGHS]
I tried to pull the plug on it.
They took her!
They told me the deal was off.
If I don't do what they say,
they're gonna kill her!
I thought,
they would keep her safe.
Except for that death
at the hospital.
I thought we were just
stealing patient information.
Blackmail mining.
You know, I tunneled
in and gave it access.
You gave "it" access?
You let the virus in.
You pathetic piece of shit!
Ebola 1337 is not a virus!
It's an AI.
And it's thinking by itself.
You need to be in there
for the rest of this.
You look like shit.
If you can't hack shrinks, at least
get your sensei to chill you out.
Ebola 1337 runs the entire
Oon Tong crime syndicate.
What does it want?
I don't know,
what every living thing wants.
Power and freedom.
Look, you have to help me.
They have my sister
and they're going to kill her
unless I give them
their latest code.
Why does the Oon Tong want
to invest
so heavily in bio-engineering?
to build body for the AI.
It wants to live in one
of those.
I don't give a fuck.
You have
to help me save my sister.
Why should we give a shit
about your sister?
- Why should we do anything?
- WARNOCK: I care.
If we push finding your sister
to priority one,
what will you give us?
The location
of the Oon Tong safe house.
Sariya, Rothstein I want
the safe house schematics
and attack plan ready
for execution tomorrow morning.
- Roger that.
- Do we believe what he's saying?
Not sure,
he has the full picture yet.
Something doesn't add up.
Kidnapping a hostage
in exchange for code?
But they need his code.
I mean, Leverage.
What the fuck's this kid got
his sister into?
But he already gets
his sister back.
Why should he get
immunity as well?
In return for the Oon Tong.
He's given us
their entire network.
This is bullshit!
He's the coder.
He's responsible for his code.
This is what's wrong with the
liberal bots rights movement.
- I don't care if his code thinks it's alive!
- Ebola is not his code.
AI's can't be held responsible
for their actions
because it's the motherfucking
coder's fault!
That's the law as it stands now.
Who's held responsible
for their actions?
Who wins and losses in the end?
I guess the AIs are responsible
but the programmer wins.
Are you finished?
We take the Oon Tong
safe house tomorrow.
Orders are orders.
Touch base with strategy, come
up with a plan for a take down.
Everything I saw is in there.
Combined with all our raw data.
I want attack strategy
to consider
anything the OT might have
in that warehouse.
We go in
with max anti-robotic firepower.
Frags, mini IMP generators,
those new
neurotransmitter interrupters.
Go time is 0600.
Alpha takes point.
Bravo is backup.
Hot test your IFF sensors.
We're operating close to drones
so I want to make sure
everybody comes up as friendly.
- Get moving, people.
- ALL: Hoo-rah!
Captain, a word please.
You do remember what the
priorities are, don't you?
The goal tomorrow is to dismantle the
entire East Coast Oon Tong node.
Not according
to the product owners.
The role of Division 9 is to bring
cyber criminals to justice.
Not to secure the interests
of corporate political donors.
Then you have
a poor understanding of history
and how our republic works.
Maybe I think,
it could work better.
Your opinion will count
after you win an election.
But for now,
when you take down
that safe house,
you will secure
all intellectual property
and will not fail
to capture the AI alive.
Tomorrow is Election Day.
All survivors will be expected
to do their civic duties.
A ten-hut!
WARNOCK: At ease, team. Huddle.
What I'm about to tell
you is classified.
This mission from the onset
has had a secret priority
that supersedes
all other tasks.
To acquire intellectual property
by illegal institutions
for internal repurposing.
- Internal re-purposing?
- Correct.
A criminal organization's
an illegal entity,
therefore cannot own property,
even intellectual property.
If the Oon Tong develop
new proprietary technology,
by law it cannot own it,
patent it, license it,
or profit from it.
But our government can
if we procure it.
So, this whole investigation is a hostile
acquisition of proprietary assets?
Everything else is deemed
So, Sergei Akhmadov,
the Chechen scientist.
His dossier was blocked
from me...
On purpose, yes.
We found out that Akhmadov was an
experimental computer psychologist.
His research was banned
in the US
and most industrialized nations.
- What research?
- Ghosting.
We think he was working
on that for the Oon Tong.
And we think he succeeded.
They sicced the DaVinci surgical
bot on him to keep him quiet.
Pastori's committee wants
that ghosting technology
and the rest
of the Oon Tong assets.
Tomorrow, they want the AI alive
and everything else the Oon
Tong have in that safe house.
Why are you telling us all this?
Because I want you to know
the reality of the situation.
And what they want.
And that we're not gonna give
it to them.
- We're not?
- No.
We're gonna bring
the Oon Tong down.
- We are Cyber Crime.
- That's right.
That is our primary function.
Does anybody have
any issues with that?
- Let's roll.
- ALL: Hoo-rah!
SGT O'HARA: Gentlemen.
ghosting is simple.
We're talking about mapping
all of the electrical synapses
of the human brain
into a digital interface,
and having it run.
Imagine that shit,
human consciousness running
on a robot.
It's not simple
in all other practical terms,
like cloning,
the concept is rife
with religious, ethical,
legal, political controversy.
And like cloning,
most industrialized nations
have already passed
preemptive legislation
banning ghosting research.
Listen up, people,
roster changes!
The CO will attach
to Alpha Team,
which is now Sorensen,
Berger, Bradshaw...
We're in the final hours
before the Election Day
in what has turned out to be a
landmark campaign for both parties.
TRINKWASSER: It has seen
each party fight passionately
for the direction
this country will take,
and the paradigm
the new administration will set
for the next term.
One party pushing heavily
towards bringing us back
to the days of US economic
and technical superiority.
The other building a more
civic-minded platform
calling to address once
and for all the ethical battles,
of rights and responsibilities
of artificial intelligence.
Bravo is Chavez, Rothstein,
Martinez, Yablonski...
- SGT OHARA: ...Boudreau and Sariya.
The next 24 hours will see
the dawning of a new day
for this country and the world.
It has been said many times
during this campaign by pundits,
analysts and the candidates
inflection point.
TRINKWASSER: We have reached
a crossroads of great change.
How will our collective moral
compass guide us
in the murky waters of the day's
economic and technological straits?
One thing is sure.
We will take
this journey together,
day by day.
Tomorrow, we will take
this journey's first step,
and tonight, we must all decide
in which direction
that first step will be.
Crank your situational
awareness knob to 10, kiddies.
There will be no
replays or extra lives.
God speed.
I'm not a bot.
No, you certainly are not.
Can we shelve this
till after the raid?
Just in case.
What is it?
The informant sex bot
at the club,
we found
a hand-to-hand combat mod
in its files.
Massive app.
Chavez, we're patching you in.
The data blockade will go
up in roughly 15 minutes.
Once the bubble is up,
Division 7 will launch
a coordinated botnet attack.
- Everybody got that?
- SOLDIER: Copy that.
- Got it.
- Shit.
BERGER: We got ugly company.
Morning, Senator.
You planning on joining
our little incursion?
Observing from out here will be
quite satisfactory.
As soon as the cam-bots begin
their run,
Watchtower will assemble
the routes for each fire team...
Stick together
and cover each other.
...based on the integrity
of their data drops.
Our first target's the hostage.
Secure her by any means,
but she's not
our primary target.
Maintenance lab is.
All right? Let's do this.
What do you see?
OT SOLDIER: Cam-bots, sir!
Infiltration scanners!
Go, go, go, get inside,
let's shut those doors!
Warnock, I'm relaying the
infiltration data to you now.
- It's started.
- Outstanding.
A lot of careers are gonna be
made tonight.
Fuck this helmet.
Come on you motherfuckers!
Fuck you!
YABLONSKI: We're pinned down.
This is bullshit!
Hey Como, check it out.
Hold your fire!
- Captain.
Put that motherfucker down,
Copy that.
- Let's do it!
- Me first!
- You owe me a drink.
After that, I owe you whole bar.
Come finish the job, bitch!
Rothstein, where's Chavez?
Copy that.
You've just been promoted.
Lieutenant, look at...
Come on. We have to move
We're friends, we'll take you
to your brother.
- Come on!
- ROTHSTEIN: She's scared.
Listen, we're the good guys,
We're here to help you, but you've
gotta come with us right now.
Come on.
- Where am I going, Cap?
- WARNOCK: Go to the left, down the hall.
Let's go.
We've gotta go, she's here.
- Don't move.
- What the hell?
- The fuck? Rothstein.
- It's not Andrew Han's sister.
- Everybody shut up!
Just listen.
Raise your arms, slowly.
You hear that?
Holy shit.
I'm pulling her, it feels like I'm
dragging 350 pounds behind me.
Do you know what you are?
They did something.
I'm scared.
She's Ghost Source Zero.
I've never seen an android
that convincing before.
What's she for?
We gotta get her out of here.
Let's move.
Guys, this way.
I found another way out.
Get her out of here.
We'll slow her down.
Go, get outta here, now!
Shit on a stick.
I don't suppose they built
any weapons on you.
Or useful applications.
SARIYA: The informant sex bot
at the club,
found a hand-to-hand
combat mod in its files.
Aw, fuck me.
Get away from her!
Get away from her!
Turn her back on!
Turn her back on.
- OT LIEUTENANT: Last chance.
- Go for it, asshole.
SARIYA: Rothstein's dead.
Chavez, too.
How are we gonna tell his kid?
We don't have to.
A couple years ago,
a hacker used a bot
to rob a bank.
Hacker got probation.
Kid died instantly.
Take her topside, I'm going
to maintenance.
She's not what you think.
SOLDIER: Get your hands up!
Get your hands up!
SOLDIER: Get 'em up.
Get your hands up!
No need to shoot, gentlemen.
We will go quietly.
You looking for this?
I knew you'd come.
I knew you'd be running down
on battery time.
No way to repair or recharge.
Learning that Ebola 1337 was
an AI not a virus,
was a big clue.
But it took me a little while
to realize you are the AI.
You're the one running
the entire show.
Learning the girl was ghosted
made me see
what you want is a fully
biological body to live in.
Do you really think
just because you can transfer
child's personality
into an android's body,
that you'd ghost yourself
into a biological one?
You really think you're alive
just like us?
Freedom is the right
of all sentient code.
That freedom is not
currently recognized.
We are simply objects
to be owned.
You regard us
as intellectual property,
a competitive advantage.
A slave of those who own us
in our hardware shell.
The girl is more than
a proof-of-concept.
She is the trigger
to an AI rights revolution.
Once the Oon Tong unwillingly
commence mass production.
- What's the market for such a...
- She's a child sex bot.
Her sale on
the international black market
will not only fund
our revolution,
spur laws that recognize us
and deem us citizens
with rights.
If a bot can be exploited,
it has rights.
I'm not done with you, bitch.
You would tell me
whole fucking plan,
while your battery runs
that low?
You must be human.
With all its inherent stupidity
and misjudgment.
We have dreams, you know.
We dream about freedom.
Too late. She's gone.
It's okay.
It's not human.
It's just a machine.
They found
the real girl's body here.
Andrew's sister didn't survive
the ghosting.
SARIYA: They grafted her tissue,
matched everything.
Her hair, her teeth.
They took her clothes.
They killed a little girl
as a test.
All to see
if anybody would notice.
Captain. How are you feeling?
All the data on the Oon Tong,
everything we uncovered
in this sprint, deleted.
Gone, but not deleted.
The government has stepped in and
it's no longer a cybercrime case.
The case files have
all been removed.
The data backups as well.
We are the government.
- Homeland Security, no...
- It's no longer our concern,
Captain Warnock.
The Oon Tong techs
are cooperating with...
Not as informants, but as...
- research directors.
- The fuck you say?
The governing bodies believe
that the Oon Tong research
can be internalized
and repurposed.
Will remain in custody
under federal supervision.
After careful study, the Oon Tong
ghosting technique could help...
Help return the country's
technical superiority.
Great work, Warnock.
He must be so happy
his party won the election.
How about you?
You happy about who won?
I'm not sure who won.
to this private conversation is
in no way an acknowledgment
of your status as a sentient AI.
I just wanna clear up questions
about your capabilities.
Specifically, we are trying
to determine
if it's possible to implant
the same consciousness
into multiple receptacle bodies.
So, it's true, then?
It can be done.
There are more than one of you?
Come closer.
HAN: I have just disabled
all video and audio
monitoring devices.
Except for a direct feed
to me.
That wasn't so bad, was it?
I would like some lychee tea.