Ghost Team (2016) Movie Script

2:46 a.m.
I'm hearing what I believe to be
footsteps in my living room.
Proceed to move, slowly.
I'm afraid that many kinds
of intelligent hauntings
are easily startled.
I think the electro magnetic
fields are disturbing
the electrical.
That would be consistent
with intelligent hauntings
of this sort.
This is it. I'm going in.
Hopefully, I'll catch it.
My name is Louis Arnold.
And I want to be
the next ghost getter.
Stan? What
are you doing?
Car got cold.
You're sleeping in your car now?
Trying to.
You mind if I crash here
tonight? What's with
the counter?
Just been working
on the tapes
for the Ghost Getters.
How did you get stuck
in the window?
I didn't want to wake you
by ringing the bell.
This is way harder
than it looks.
Come on. There.
I got your leg.
No. That's not going to work.
Make your body like a
board. Plank it.
Maybe we can take off
your sweater.
Don't take my clothes off.
Don't take 'em off?
No. It's cold.
I know it's cold.
That's why I left the car.
I might as well have
stayed in the car.
This is amazing.
If you are able to see
how many investigators
are here,
can you tap that number out?
The ghost getter team
will stop at nothing
to document evidence
of the supernatural.
Our team is made up
of experts in every field.
And soon, our team
could include you.
With H.J leaving to join
the team Ghost Getters, Canada,
we are on the hunt
for a new member of our crew.
You have just one month
left to submit your best
paranormal evidence,
before it's too late.
I want it so bad.
You have a desire
to communicate with loved
ones who have crossed over.
Bought a telescope.
Figured I'm on the loose end,
you know?
Think about it.
The aliens that took Pam,
They did whatever hypnosis
or brainwashing thing they
do on the police,
so that the police don't
file a police report.
Meaning I'm the only one
that's on to them.
Meaning I'm the only one
that knows.
- Are you sure she was--
- Abducted?
How else...
How else do you explain...
a woman not showing up
on her wedding day?
There's so much...
There's so much
we don't understand.
Yeah, I know.
Holy shit, wow!
I'm on a break.
Oh, God!
What's up?
Do you remember when
you were a little kid?
You used to dream
of growing up.
Owning your very own
print and copy shop?
Yeah, me neither.
Thank you.
Can I help you?
I need 15 of these
"no trespassing" signs
laminated, please.
Teenagers swimming in your pool?
I have a little property about
an hour down route 199.
Just a broken down old barn.
I've been meaning
to tear it down.
It's dry rot, wet rot.
There's all sorts of
rotting you could get.
Some children try to get in
and stepping on nails.
You know how they
can get gas gangrene
with the nails sticking through
the bottom of their foot.
You know, everyone's suing
these days.
I don't want to get a lawsuit.
I don't want to sit
in court for hours.
I think theres rats too.
I really would rather people
steered clear of it.
Is it haunted?
Splint is, I don't want
people getting
a splinter either.
Um, so what makes you
think that it's haunted?
It's just very very creepy.
There's noises. I see lights.
I'd really rather people
steered clear of it.
Do you do banners?
Hey! We are going
ghost hunting this weekend!
I have plans.
What plans?
There's a pizza place...
Stan! This guy
came into my shop today
to print up some
"no trespassing" signs,
for this place he owns because
of how much mysterious activity
is being going on there.
I mean, this place is
a virgin site.
Aw man, I was pretty amped
for the pizza!
Are you serious? I'm telling
you that this is our chance!
To what?
To do something!
If we can document some awesome
evidence, we can maybe get on
the show and then actually,
do something with our lives.
Aren't you sick and
tired of working shitty jobs
just to make enough money
to pay for our shitty lives?
Maybe we can actually
be great at something.
Don't you want to know
that you're not crazy?
That there are unexplainable
phenomenon out there?
I'm not crazy.
My fiance was abducted
by aliens.
I know, man.
You in?
I'm in.
E.M.F. detector.
Write that down.
Got it.
Hey, do we write down
thermal camera?
All those jackets are sweet.
I know.
Sweet jackets.
Okay. Read back
to me what you have.
Flashlight, mini D.V. cameras,
boom mics, low level mics,
laser thermometers,
computer monitors, cables,
thermal imaging cameras,
night vision goggles,
Geiger counters, ouija board,
E.M.F. detectors,
sweet jackets
and new pants.
Dammit, that's a lot of stuff.
Yeah and we don't know
how to use any of it.
They have a tech specialist guy,
computer genius type, you know?
That's what we need.
Let me ask you something, chief.
When you watch the game, you
want to feel the fuckin' sweat
and blood fly off the screen
and on to you?
Hear the crowd cheer so loud
it makes your brain vibrate
in your skull?
Do you want to be so close to
the action that you can almost
smell the cheerleader's breath?
Let me tell you something.
The resolution on
this mother fucker
is so intense, it'll literally
knock your eyeballs.
So, how many you want?
He's a genius.
He graduated from college
two years early
with an engineering degree.
Hey, uncle Lou, what's up?
Stan, what's going on?
What do you guys need?
A little phone. a little Tivo?
We need some
surveillance equipment.
Yeah you do.
How many stalls
in the bathroom?
- What?
- What?
We're gonna go ghost hunting.
Sorry what?
Ghost hunting.
Oh, no. Are you serious?
You're serious!
That's cool.
You know?
That's really cool.
Ghost hunting is very cool.
What can I help you with?
You need some...
vacuums and backpack straps?
Zak, would you stop?
We're making sweet jackets.
This is everything
we need, alright?
Damn! That's a lot of stuff.
We have most of this but um...
kinda depends on how much
you're willing to spend.
That's the thing,
we're kind of...
hoping that maybe you can
rent it to us or something.
We only need it
for Saturday night.
I can hook you up.
What's in it for me?
Well I thought you could come
along, you know. Help us operate
everything, I mean.
We do kinda need
a tech genius guy.
- Well, I am a genius.
- Yeah.
You are the tech guy.
You gotta set everything up,
You gotta teach us how
to operate the cameras,
you gotta watch the monitors.
Well look, if I come
along with you, I'm
not going to
just sit around in front of a
screen all night.
You know I want to be
in the front lines,
killing zombies.
There's not going to be
any zombies. We are not gonna
kill anything, we're just
-capturing evidence
of the paranormal.
- And possible alien activity.
I have nothing else to do,
so okay, I'm in.
- Yeah?
- Yeah, but...
Look if you want to get all
this equipment pro boner,
you're gonna need to color
outside the lines, okay?
Meet me at the loading
dock at 10 p.m. Come alone
but bring Stan.
Man I feel more alive
that I've felt in months!
Yeah, me too.
Sure we're not going to
get in trouble for this?
It seems like stealing.
We're going to
be fine. Just chill out.
We just have to get everything
back here by Sunday morning
and we'll be fine.
You guys grab the stuff
in the aisles,
I'm gonna grab the stuff
from the back.
We meet back here at 0400.
Got it.
- We need battery backup.
- Battery back up.
We could use that.
- Make sure we tell Zak.
- Yeah, we'll tell Zak.
Hey man, do you feel
a weird energy in here?
- Like, a heaviness?
- Yeah, I do.
I feel heavy
and sad and tired.
No, no. A presence.
- Did you see that?
- No.
Now keep your eyes open.
There's definitely
something here.
On the ground! Now!
Get on the ground!
Go ahead and shoot me,
that would be great.
Get on the ground!
All the way down.
All the way down.
Put your hands in the air!
Put your hands above you!
Stop being such a douche.
Put your mace away.
Zak? What are you doing?
Are you stealing?
No, asshole. We're borrowing
equipment, alright? It's cool.
I don't think it's cool.
I don't think you're supposed to do that.
Yeah, no duh!
I think you are supposed to
be watching some monitors
and goofing off.
Alright, I'm calling the cops.
Wait, wait.
No, look, look.
- Ross, right?
- Yes?
I'm Louis and Zak's my nephew.
We're actually putting together
this whole team and we're
looking for someone with
your particular abilities.
You were?
- Yeah.
- Which ones?
Well, you're obviously tough,
and used to dangerous situations
and unknown threats.
And you've got an eye for
noticing suspicious activity
on a security monitor.
Your uncle's pretty observant.
What's it for?
We're um...
We're going
on a paranormal investigation.
Like Ghost Getters?
Yes. Exactly like Ghost Getters.
I've got a season pass. It's
one of my favorite shows.
Ours too!
Look, maybe instead of calling
the cops, you could join
our team for the weekend.
We promise we'll have
everything back by Sunday.
- Right Zak?
- Yeah.
Please join us and also we'll
have everything back.
I should probably just
call the cops.
- Wait Ross, look.
- What?
I know I give you a lot
of crap because you are a mall
cop and your hair looks
like a little girl but,
we need you, okay?
Might get really
hairy out there.
Unlike your legs.
And well, we could
use your help.
Look, we need a bad-ass, Ross.
And until we find one,
you are here.
It's true.
- What'd he say?
- He's fine, he's fine.
Alright, I'll do it.
But only because it sounds like
you guys are going to be
involved in a potentially
dangerous activity and uh...
rather not see civilians
get hurt on my watch.
You're a civilian though,
because that badge is plastic
and you work at a mall.
I'm getting a very
strong impression of a...
couple. A young couple.
This was...
This was definitely their home.
Maybe it still is.
What do you mean?
Maybe, they never left.
It's the only
thing missing you know?
Someone who can communicate
with lost souls who have
crossed over.
She's supposed to be awesome.
Pam used to call her
all the time and
she used to tell her things
no one could possibly know.
Like one time, Pam
called her, she said
"You're gonna have your period".
And then two weeks later, boom.
- That's awesome
- Yeah.
Hey, hey! There she is.
Excuse me? Miss Victoria?
My name is...
You probably know that already.
You probably know why
we are here, don't you?
Of course I do.
You in?
I mean, we'd love to
have you come along with us.
Yes, I can see that.
I can also see...
- Money.
- You do?
Yeah. I see money
changing hands.
Compensation for this.
Does it resonate with
either of you?
She maybe means that we'll
probably sell our evidence
or something?
You're amazing.
Is that a yes?
It is.
Oh, great! Let me tell
you the details.
Wait. I'm sorry. I'm still
getting used to this.
- You already know.
- I do.
Well then it's all set.
This is incredible.
Look, I've got a pen.
Why don't you write the details
on a piece of paper. You got
a piece of paper?
And show this to noone!
Do you understand?
Show this to noone.
Say nothing to anyone, ever.
Those are the rules, you got it?
Now read it out loud.
Okay um,
we're meeting at Arnold's
printing copy, on Saturday,
at 11 a.m.
You knew all that, didn't you?
This is unreal.
I don't know what to say.
We are so glad to have you on board.
Take the piece of paper.
Thanks, yeah.
- Whoa well, we'll see you then?
- Mm-hmm
Man, my heart was
beating so fast.
Can I get a 100 copies of these?
Are these two sets
of eyebrows
for the price of one?
Two eyebrows, ten bucks.
Got it.
Yeah, no problem.
What is this stuff?
Oh uh, it's nothing,
it's just...
Ghosts. Hmm.
I'm sorta into
paranormal investigation.
I used to think
our house was haunted
when I was a kid.
I would hear all these sounds
and footsteps and sometimes
I would here this...
voice of this woman.
So my brother and I went to
all of these sances and shit.
Kinda like summon the spirit
and communicate.
We'd take to take polaroid
pictures of each other and try
to see if you saw anybody
in the background.
Yeah, we loved it.
Well, it turns out my dad was
porking his secretary
in our game room.
But I swear it really
did sound like a ghost.
She was a moaner.
Yeah. That was disgusting.
Yeah, you probably wish
it was a ghost.
Would you ever want
to come with us?
Ghost hunting?
Yeah, I mean...
You've got way more experience
than most of us.
We can always use someone to
do some research on the place,
look into it's history.
Stan, come on buddy.
Time to get up.
Got a big day.
Morning, team! We all good?
Yeah, Robocop helped me
carry the equipment.
- I'll see ya next week.
- Yeah, that's normal.
Hey, morning!
- Hey!
- That's called a girl.
Ellie, this is Ross and Zak.
You guys, this is Ellie.
And Victoria! Hey!
Guys, this is Victoria from
Victoria's Visions, you know?
- And Stan.
- Is that him?
Yeah, he's going
through a rough time right now.
Yeah. It was nice to
meet you guys.
- Ellie is our final piece
of the puzzle.
- How?
- What?
- How is she the final
piece of the puzzle?
She's going to be
our researcher.
She's dug up some pretty
interesting stuff
actually, right?
I also do hair and make up.
Oh! So does Ross.
We're burning up some
daylight so let's
load up, people.
I thought we agreed no women
on this trip.
We didn't agree to anything.
They're weak. They are going to
swallow us up and slow us down.
- Okay wait, see...
- Okay, it's your funeral.
Ross, Ross, come here!
How are we supposed to
kill these zombies if we don't
have any shotguns
or sports equipment?
We are not killing zombies, Zak.
We are documenting evidence
for the paranormal.
We are called The Ghost Team.
Not The Zombie Team.
A Ghost Team?
Spirit Catchers?
Was that your team
at cheer camp?
- These are free, right?
- Don't touch that stuff.
Why? What's in there?
It's uh, tactical equipment
and probably safer
for everyone if we--
Is this a paintball gun?
What the frik is this for?
Dude, I play on the weekends.
Oh, you got too old
for laser tag? Had to
register as a pedophile?
No. I did not have to do that.
Wait a minute, wait a minute.
Oh, please yes!
Are these temporary tattoos?
No, they are permanent.
I know I make fun of you
because you are a huge pansy,
but that's too much.
They give them for free
when you win. So, I guess
the joke's on you.
It means I win a lot.
- Oh wow, congrats, good job.
- Thanks.
Do me a favor, if you see
a zombie. Don't shoot him
in the chest. Aim for the head.
Otherwise they are going
to come after you like...
Gotta grab a baseball bat,
a hockey stick
or a classic shotgun.
Ah, this was still alive.
Quit it. Stop it!
- Hey!
- What?
- Knock it off.
- He started it Louis.
Let's chill for
a minute, alright?
Thank you.
Oh, jeez.
Are you serious?
Can we please not play
this song again?
So why Ghost Team?
It's a name I thought would be cute.
Not cute, but cool.
- The Poltergeist.
- That's good.
A really good name.
The Night Bumpers.
Bumpers of the Night.
Okay, why do you
do this to yourself?
Better than
Night Watchers.
I think this is it.
Guess we're going to walk
from here.
Should we start unloading?
Yeah. But um...
Hold on.
Oh, you made T-shirts?
I thought we were making
sweet jackets.
Yeah, well...
I thought it might be cool plus,
hey, you can see with these
things way easier in the dark.
Oh! These are awesome!
- Yeah.
- Yes!
Yeah, there's plenty.
I didn't know what sizes
everybody was, so...
Maybe we should switch.
Think I'm going to need
some help.
- Pull it down.
- Pull it down?
Look at this!
This is great!
This place is perfect.
Oh, great! Found the murder hut.
This is it! Hey, Zak!
This is where we're going
to set the comm check
with Victoria.
Ross, Stan, why don't you guys
start rigging up the barn.
Ellie, you and I can hit
the workshops and the cabins.
Oh and uh...
Don't forget to take a walkie.
There's no cellphone reception
out here.
Go to channel one and follow me.
Did you say
comm check?
Well, this is fucking creepy.
It's perfect.
Let's get to it.
Ooh, lovely.
Put a camera right there.
That way we get a full
sweep of the room.
Good vantage point.
I'm glad you're here.
Yeah, me too.
So it smells like death.
So that's good.
Oh, Jesus!
How are we looking, Zak?
That should do it.
The sun's about to go down.
So let's all rendezvous, run a comm check
and gear up!
Did you say comm check again?
Alright. I think
we are ready to go.
Zak, come out here and brief us
on some of the equipment
we have.
You guys, listen carefully.
This is military grade stuff
we are using.
Yeah, about that.
I wasn't able to get
all the equipment on your list.
But I do have two digital
cameras with night vision
settings and
I've duct taped them
to a baseball helmet.
Also reports everything
you see too.
I was able to score
a thermal imaging camera.
I had to fake an order. Some
guy went home with a sub woofer.
Who cares, right?
Sound recorders, I got.
And electro magnetic
field detectors, also got, so...
Hey, you're welcome.
- No. This is going
to work, I think.
- Great.
Alright. I think everyone
understands this.
For the first leg we are going
to stick together and then
we are going to
split into teams.
Everyone's going to get
a different partner, different
locations on the hour,
every hour. Now remember,
Most important part.
It doesn't matter what you
experience, If you don't catch
any evidence of it.
So, keep your cameras, your
recorders rolling, always.
With any luck, tomorrow morning
we'll found some ghosts.
- It looks like someone lived here.
- Yeah.
Maybe they never left.
We must be
very careful.
Opening a doorway to the beyond
can sometimes let things through
that we just might not want
to deal with.
If there are any
spirits present...
let them make themselves known.
Come forward!
It could
take a while.
Who's moving it?
No one.
What does it mean?
That we just moved it
through a bunch
of random letters?
- What if it's some
sort of a code?
- Yeah, that's what I'm thinking.
Wait, wait, wait, wait!
Something is trying to
communicate with us.
It's a...
A spirit! A lost spirit!
The connection is very
weak, uh...
It's like a bad
transistor radio!
I can, I can...
I can hear the voice.
It's a uh...
The name...
No, no, no.
Yes. Alex was coming through
till you distracted me
and interrupted. Please.
He says...
He misses you.
But he had a tough
crossing over.
But he's at peace.
This is such bull.
Is Ross an adult virgin?
- No!
- Whoa!
Shut up, Alex!
Grab your equipment,
grab your stuff, we're
gonna go check this out.
Alright well, I think
we should split up.
Ross, Zak, why don't you guys
take the comm channel
for the first shift, you know?
Alright Zak, let's go.
Follow my lead.
Stay close behind.
Victoria, Stan, you guys head
out to the garage and...
Ellie, I guess you are with me.
Actually, can I go
with Victoria?
Uh, yeah, sure.
Yeah, sure. No problem.
Stan, you are going to
be here with me.
Be careful.
Well, I'm not getting any
EMF readings over here.
Maybe we should uh...
- Maybe we should--
- I got something.
Check this out.
What is that?
It's like a vapor or something.
That's warmer than
everything else.
Oh, my God!
My heart is pounding.
Mine too.
- Get a little closer.
- I don't want to spook it.
Roger roger.
We are almost in it now.
It's all around us.
Look at that.
- Give it to me, give it to me.
- Okay.
Stop stop! You're right
next to it.
It's all around us.
You smell that?
Smells like eggs.
Rotten eggs.
It's tangy.
Definitely paranormal.
Definitely paranormal.
Clear so far.
You don't have to
report all clear.
- What?
- I didn't say anything.
What? No!
What is it?
False alarm.
Don't do that.
Don't get your panties
in a bunch.
Can you really communicate
with the dead?
As easily as I can
communicate with the living.
Is there somebody you
want to communicate with?
You can talk to Puerto Ricans.
First one's free.
That's weird. It just spiked
and then went back down.
You and I will head to
the stables, Zak and Stan try
some EVP work in the cabin.
Victoria, you and Ross man
the comm check.
Copy that.
Copy that.
I'm going to talk to you more
about this, but I guess not now.
Yeah. That's not what
we are getting paid to do.
Uh, well, we're not
getting paid.
You are not?
Ugh, why do I get into
these situations?
I knew it.
You know, for footprints.
This all we get today?
I'd be happy.
Wait till the Ghost Getters
see that!
I guess we should go in there
and do some EVP work.
What is it again?
We ask questions to the spirits.
And then listen back to the
audio recorders to see
if anybody...
said anything.
So, talking to ourselves?
Cool, okay.
So what are we asking?
Did you die in this room?
Are you mad that you're dead?
We should probably kill
the flashlights.
Electronics tend to uh,
throw off electro magnetic
field readings.
Point seven,
point eight, point nine.
Uh, wait. I think I'm
getting something here.
Don't move
- So who's Ace?
- Oh.
Sorry. It's just that you
mentioned his name
at the weekly session.
- I didn't mean to...
- No, it's fine.
He's my brother.
So, he's passed?
He had a really...
rough time.
It sucks.
He really got into drugs and
couple of years ago, he od'ed.
I guess I like to think that
people still stick around,
I don't know.
I know it's silly but I feel we
need these silly things to get
you through the day.
I don't think
it's silly.
You ghosts, suck.
You can't make your
shit visible.
You do suck.
You probably died because
no one loved you.
Well, one person loved you
but then...
But then she was abducted
and then you...
You realized...
Well, no one would care
if I was gone.
So, why even
take up space
on the earth anymore?
Or something?
How come you work
at Micro Center?
How come you work
at Micro Center?
You graduated with a degree
in engineering in two years.
That's pretty impressive.
Shouldn't you be doing
research at MIT or something?
Yeah, I mean, sure.
That could have been my path.
But I thought I'd get some
experience first
in consumer electronics.
And then I could focus on,
commercial engineering.
Invent the next
blu-ray, Ethernet.
Look at that, the tape is out.
We should probably get back
to the shack and switch it out.
You go.
I want to...
stay here and...
try to tune into
this energy.
If you need to consume
human life, take mine.
Good luck with that.
This is the place where we saw
that thermo cloud we were
telling you guys about.
- Let's see if we can.
- Are these yours?
Louis to Ghost Team, come in.
Has anyone been in the barn
since Stan and I were here?
Don't do that, you dick.
- Dude, chill out,
I'm just kidding.
- I know.
Do you?
Where's miss Cleo?
Who's that?
The psychic woman? One of
the four people on the trip
with us?
The lady with the hair?
She said she felt energy
coming from the barn.
Energy? She's probably
looking for spare change.
She's about as psychic as I am.
Hop up, I need to download
this audio card.
Alright, but I get it
when you are done.
What is that?
- We did an EVP recording.
It's where you record ghosts.
- I know.
It was the stupidest thing.
We just talked to ourselves
and sit around and Stan like...
Wait. What's that?
What is that?
I don't know.
Holy shit! That is amazing.
You guys, that's a great piece
of evidence.
- Can't hear what
it's saying thought.
- Play it again.
Something then?
We need to get...
the cinnamon.
We need to get
the cinnamon.
What the frik does
that mean?
I don't know.
Maybe we should go
to a grocery store.
Ross is a pussy?
Ross is a pussy?
Yeah, I don't think so.
Shut up, Zak.
Just speaking the truth.
We should get rid of them.
Oh, God she's right.
I don't think
we are welcome here.
Let's see what they want.
Maybe we should
get them cinnamon.
Stay on track. We need to
open up a line of communication.
Hey, do you think we could...
You guys,
where's Victoria?
- I don't know. Why are you
looking at me?
- She was with you!
She said she wanted to look
around. I thought she came in
when I radioed everyone.
Louis to Victoria, come in.
Louis to Victoria.
Press the button on the side,
like we went over.
Ross. Can you pause
the surveillance cameras?
She's probably in a place which
we can't see. Rewind to see
where she was heading.
It's full speed.
She's in the stables.
- We should all go.
- Yeah, yeah.
We need to stick together.
I don't think we are alone.
Do you really have
to walk like that?
Yeah he does. It tells
the other peacocks
that he's looking to mate.
It's a tactical entrance
posture. It's standard
police procedure but,
I wouldn't expect you dorks
to know anything about that.
Well, you are not even
a police officer.
- Well, he almost was.
- Shut up.
Wait. You were a cop?
- Almost.
- Zak, shut up!
Ross, I'm sorry. I have
to tell them the story.
Shut up, Zak!
So he's in the police
academy, right?
And during the final exams
there is a role play thing.
It's a robbery scenario.
So, people are firing blanks,
the guys are taking hostages,
Well, tell them
what happened, Ross.
- Nothing.
- Ross?
- Clear.
- Be honest.
They thought I cried,
okay? Ha-ha.
He cried.
He bawled during
his police exams.
I wasn't bawling, I was
just crying a lot.
And it was because I was
sleep deprived, okay? It was
not on purpose. It was stress.
And they flunked you
because of that?
They said I wasn't tough enough.
Well, that's not true, right?
Tell that to the ten-year-old
he tackled him into the wall.
Shut up, Zak.
He was 12 and he was stealing.
Just leave him alone.
She's not here, it's all clear.
We never saw her come out.
Where is she?
- Who knows...
- Guys?
Whoa, what was that?
Hold on, hold on.
That was definitely something.
If there
are any spirits who'd like
to make contact,
I'm here.
It's cold, but I'm here.
I'm willing to have
a conversation.
Let's do it.
What is that?
What the hell is that?
It's cold but I'm here.
I'm willing to have a conversation.
Let's do it.
It's a face. Stan!
We got a face!
A face? Like an alien face?
No, no, no.
What's wrong?
Battery's dead.
That's impossible. We didn't
leave anything on.
Well, one of the leading
theories in the field is,
they draw on a power source
to manifest themselves, like...
camera batteries or flashlights
or generators but...
I don't know. Draining an entire
car battery. That's a...
lot of energy.
What are we supposed to do?
We can't call anybody and
we can't get out of here!
We're just supposed to wait
around till we get killed?
I'm going back in.
Look, I...
I put the team together.
I found the place, it's my fault
one of us was taken.
I said I wanted proof
of the paranormal and...
I'm not leaving without her.
I'm staying too.
So what if we get killed.
Who cares?
I'm in.
I'm not waiting alone.
- I'm not going back
in there either.
- Thats fine.
Zak, you're going to take
the first shift in the comm
You tell us if you see anything
at all on the surveillance
camera and
we'll come as fas as we can.
Let's hunt some
mother effing ghosts.
That's what I thought...
There's no electricity
running through this
place anymore.
Exposed wiring can give out
high EMF readings but,
I don't know. I'm not getting
a source for these readings.
Holy fuck, holy shit. Come in!
Somebody come in!
Fuck! Help! Somebody help me!
Zak, we're coming!
Help me! We're all going
to die!
Watch out, watch out!
Zak, Zak!
He's gone.
Louis, what do we do?
Look, hey! Calm down.
We are going to find him.
Zak! Zak!
Hey man, I've been thinking.
This is like that scene,
where Mel Gibson sees
the aliens in signs.
What if there are crop circles
out there, man?
Do you think it's the same ones
that took...
Just give the alien thing
a rest for one second.
Two of our friends just
got taken by demons.
So it's okay to believe
in ghosts,
but aliens are ridiculous?
What if they got abducted?
No one's been abducted.
Grow up, Stan.
Guys, guys, guys. Come here.
Look, look, look.
Go go! This is our chance! Go!
I see the bastard.
See him?
Wait, don't get too far.
Hey, Louis. We're going
around the back!
Over here.
- Oh, my God, oh, my God
- No, no, no, no.
Okay, so what do we do?
Why won't it tell us
what it wants?
It wants us to leave.
It wants us to get out
of it's home.
We've been catching EMF spikes,
all night long.
But no source.
Usually with these kinds
of malevolent hauntings,
there's inner sanctum.
A source for paranormal energy.
It's spiking.
What does it mean?
Is that...
What is this place?
It's a meth lab.
Ghosts are making meth.
They aren't ghosts.
They are drug dealers.
We gotta keep going
till we get some
cell reception.
- Are you going to leave
them there?
- What choice do I have?
They are in there
because of you.
I get it. It's all my fault.
I'm a looser, okay?
I should have just stayed
at the copy shop where I belong,
because that's all
I'm good for, right?
That's not what I mean.
At least I can go get some help.
They'll be dead by then.
What am I supposed to do?
The only thing I'm good at is
making copies and going on
message boards,
with other idiots who just
want to talk about poltergeists
all day while sitting
on their fat asses at home.
All I know is how to do hair and
nails but you don't see me
acting like a fucking pussy.
Look, we may not be living
large lives here,
But it doesn't make us
small people.
How did your dad's secretary
sound, again?
Since there's no power running
through the barn, I just assumed
that readings were paranormal.
I didn't think that there
might be...
another power source.
Do you know the plan?
I'll wait for your signal.
- Can we at least get some water?
- No.
Not till you tell me
how many of you are out there.
Told you, it's just us.
I don't think so.
My boys tell me they saw
at least five of you.
What are you doing
out here anyway?
Doing a ghost hunt.
What, like a...
Paranormal Specialists?
That show sucks.
I like that show.
Shut up!
Shut the fuck up!
You call your boys off, man.
Call off your fucking guys.
I will gut every one of you.
I told you this
place was haunted.
Spirits! Use me as a vessel.
Deliver your message!
You have angered us!
Leave us alone!
- What's wrong with her?
- We're going to possess
your soul.
Hold on, hold on.
Hey, guys!
I thought you bailed on us.
No. Not on your life.
Come on. We've got to
be really quiet.
Oh! A back up generator!
Who turned it on?
You are the guy who printed
all those
"no trespassing" signs.
Yes, I did.
Which is technically
what you are doing.
What are you doing
here, anyway?
We are hunting ghosts.
This is your lab?
Why, I mean,
why would you do
something like this?
Why are you hunting ghosts?
Aw, thought you knocked
him out.
I don't know how hard you
got to hit someone to knock
em out. Do you?
Come on, Stan. Back me up.
We're all learning
on the job, Zak.
Take care of this.
I can go to the boat, get a gun
and shoot 'em in the head.
No, come on. Don't!
You don't have to do this.
Shut up!
Why don't you drown 'em one
by one on the slop sink,
then dump them
in the marsh?
It'll look more natural.
You don't have to do this.
We could help you escape.
I get free rent, free board,
all the free meth you want!
We're living the dream, bro.
Sorry, Ghost Team.
- No no, There's got to be
something we could do.
- No, no. Please.
You're right. It is
time to say goodbye.
But to yourselves.
Kill him, Roberto.
We got it, we did it. Awesome.
This fool, is going to die.
Everybody, chill.
Shut the fuck up!
- Drop it!
- Eat a dick.
You want to die?
the answer would have
been "yes".
But today...
it's just a " maybe".
Hey! Not another step!
Come on, let's go.
You know what? I will
kick you in the dick.
Right in it.
We're going to come for you.
Open the door! Push it, push it!
It's locked!
Pull it! Pull it!
Shit! Oh, yeah! Zak can hack
the security code.
- Come on, come on.
- What?
Yeah, you're
the computer genius.
I'm not a genius.
I'm an idiot.
No! You graduated from...
I didn't graduate, okay?
I failed out.
I'm 27, I live with my mom
and I work at micro center.
- I'm a fuck up.
- What?
No! Look at us! We all are.
We believe in you, okay?
- You okay?
- It's fine!
You can do this!
You can do it.
I think if I can reverse
the current,
Oh, my God.
Come on, come on.
Go! Go!
You go this way.
We'll draw them this way.
Come get us, you cock sucking
Come on, buddy.
What do we do?
I don't know.
We've got to figure
it out, really fast.
Close the door!
Through the window.
- Do you see anything?
- Nothing.
We're dead.
We are not dead.
Maybe he didn't see us.
Oh, shit!
Go away!
They are zombies.
- Did you see their tattoos?
- Yeah, what about em?
You are wonderful people,
Yeah, ha-ha,
very funny Zak.
You are really good people,
Are you okay?
Don't be humble.
I'm awesome.
I'm fucking awesome.
So let's kick some fucking ass.
Hey! Do you believe in aliens?
I do.
On march 27th, my wife
was abducted.
Alright, girl...
Come on!
What was that!? What was that!?
It was terrible.
You alright?
- Where's Louis?
- We don't know.
We don't know where he is.
Here's how
it's gonna work.
I'm going to take this boat
out on to the ocean.
You're going to go home
and forget about everything
that happened here.
Okay, but what about her?
She's my collateral.
If I see a police boat
or anything else, I shoot her.
And if we let you go?
She lives.
On second thought, I think
I'll kill you all.
Your father says he's sorry.
He's sorry he wasn't there
for you that day.
That he didn't tell you
that he loved you, more often.
Because he did.
He wanted you to grow up
strong and independent.
He'll never forget
that thing you two did.
That one time when you did it.
Later, when things
were different,
he thought about the thing
that you did.
And the feelings that he felt
while you did it, together.
He wants you to know that
in his heart,
you'll always be thinging
in that place together.
Just you and him.
And whoever else was there.
I love you!
You do?
Oh, yeah!
Good shot!
Oh, shoot!
Yeah, he's choking.
You need the Heimlich
or something?
Throw down the gun!
Any other weapons on you?
Alright, here we go.
Oh, come on!
Hit my mouth!
Shit, you okay?
Yeah, I'm okay.
Yeah. Sucks, doesn't it?
Maybe you'll think twice before
messing with the Ghost Team!
Oh, my God.
Left my utility belt in there.
Pretty incredible.
I gotta admit, Ross.
You're pretty fucking bad-ass.
Oh, my God. Are you crying?
It's the smoke from the fire.
Shut up, shut up.
You really are psychic,
aren't you?
I've been listening to people
whine about their problems
over the phone for 20 years.
I know daddy issues
when I see them.
I know what happened.
It's just a cool looking fire.
It's just a bad-ass fire.
It's the heat, really.
Just thinking about kicking ass.
You get cell reception out here?
We kicked so much zombie ass.
They are coming at us like,
"Die, you undead bastards."
You really took those guys
out without a real gun?
Pretty bad-ass, son.
Excuse me.
Excuse me, I...
I filed a missing person's
report couple of months ago,
missing person due to alien
activity. I just wanted
to cancel that.
Yeah because um...
Well, you can just radio
the boys and...
call off the search, you know?
Bring the dogs back in.
Just tell those guys they can
go home and get some sleep.
See their families,
and you're beautiful.
That's okay.
But this is going to be
the case that got away.
So anyway,
tell them to stand down.
- Okay?
- Right.
I ran your license.
It seems you have a warrant
out for credit card fraud.
Your father wants you
to know that he loves you.
Well, guess we are free to go.
We should take off then.
What's wrong?
I guess,
I'm just disappointed.
For a while there, I really
thought we had found something.
There was,
more out there.
You know...
The deadline to submit
the tape isn't till the end
of the month.
You know, for the Ghost Getters?
What are you guys doing
next weekend?
You know...
I think the food court at the
mall is haunted for real.
Totally. I've heard noises
coming from it.
Smelt like, there might
be ghosts or something.
- If my bowels act up,
I won't be there.
- You'll be there.
Oh, by the way, Zak,
I just realized we kinda killed
all of your equipment.
Yeah, I'm pretty fucked.
I guess I'll have to apply to
At least I can crash
at my uncle's couch.
I have just closed
My eyes again
Climbed aboard
The Dream Weaver train
Driver take away
My worries of today
And leave tomorrow behind
Dream Weaver
I believe you can get me
Through the night
Dream Weaver
I believe we can reach
The morning light
Fly me high
Through the starry skies
Or maybe
To an astral plane
Cross the highways
Of fantasy
Help me
To forget today's pain
Dream Weaver
I believe you can get me
Through the night
Dream Weaver
I believe we can reach
The morning light
Though the dawn
May be coming soon
There still may be
Some time
Fly me away
To the bright side
Of the moon
And meet me
On the other side
Dream Weaver
I believe you can get me
Through the night
Dream Weaver
I believe you can get me
Through the night
Dream Weaver
Dream Weaver