Ghost Tour (2015) Movie Script

(suspenseful music)
- With that, we are back where we began.
If anyone has any questions,
I'm more than happy to answer them.
Speak now or forever hold your peace.
- You never did tell us
why the museum is closing.
- It would seem that everyone
who wanted a tour has
already taken one.
- [Woman] That is a shame.
- Yes.
Well, time doesn't stand still.
Unless you're a ghost.
- And after all these
years here Mr. Sawyer,
do you believe in ghosts?
(door creaks open)
(dramatic music)
- Richard does not,
has not,
and will not ever believe in ghosts.
William Sawyer, curator, at
least for the next few hours.
- Are you two ...
- Brothers.
Ricky tell you about our
little claim to fame?
- Bill ...
- Last two standing
at the Clemons School for Boys.
- [Woman] What do you mean?
- [Richard] After the incident ...
- [William] We were students here.
- It's nothing to be proud of.
- Sure it is.
30 students and faculty,
and we're the two that made it out.
I'll drink to that, I got a
nice Scotch in the office.
- [Richard] It's gonna kill you.
- We all gotta go sometime.
Pleasure meeting.
And thank you
for being the final
patrons on our legendary
ghost tour.
(ghost sound)
- Right, well, we should go.
Class in the morning.
- Yeah.
Thank you, this is gonna
make a fascinating paper.
- [Richard] Glad to help.
- So 30 people dead, and
no idea what happened?
- Plenty of ideas.
Just no answers.
- Well, a lot of the
stuff gets covered up.
Maybe someday.
- [Richard] Doubtful.
But I appreciate your optimism.
- Thanks again.
- Mr. Sawyer, did I
understand you correctly?
- Yes.
Ten years after it happened,
something drew me back to this place.
I'm haunted by memories.
Not by ghosts.
(dramatic music)
Excuse me.
(suspenseful music)
- [Woman] Mr. Sawyer.
We've thought of another question.
- [Man] What's in here?
- That room is not on the tour,
and our time is up, so if
you would just come with me.
- This time tomorrow, the
building will be rubble.
- William doesn't want us in there.
- [Man] Can't you make an exception?
- I'm sorry, it's off limits.
(door creaking)
- Is it?
- Are you coming?
- I'm calling security.
(suspenseful music)
I don't find this amusing.
Who are you?
- He doesn't remember.
- [Man] I told you he wouldn't.
- Ricky.
We missed you at dinner.
- Tom.
- I'm going to do homework, can you help?
- This isn't happening.
- Okay, I'll see you upstairs.
- Shall we?
- Remind us again why
this room is off limits.
- Artifacts.
Rare artifacts.
What do you want?
- To teach.
- Teach?
Teach who?
- Ricky!
It's almost lights-out.
Get your books, hurry up!
- On the desk.
(suspenseful music)
- [Richard] William.
- [William Voiceover] November 30th, 1973.
In 12 hours, this museum, my alma mater,
will return to the dust
from whence it came.
And with it,
my story.
(suspenseful music)
- What do I do?
- Read.
- [William Voiceover] On April 21st, 1922,
my grand experiment was a success.
I expected five, maybe ten.
But every student,
every teacher.
Better than I ever could have imagined.
(dramatic music)
- [Richard] We have to help him.
- He's a memory, Richard,
he can't be helped.
- This isn't real!
- Still don't believe in ghosts?
- [William Voiceover] A
healthy dose of rodenticide
in the evening supper's all it took.
A benefit of living in a time
before toxicology reports.
Everyone wants to be remembered.
Every boy I went to school
with, every instructor
who picked up a piece of chalk wanted to
make their mark on history.
And on that ordinary
April night, I gave us all
the gift of immortality.
We are the heroes, both living and dead,
or our very own ghost story.
(dramatic music)
- Richard, come on, what's taking so long?
Don't drag this out, goodbyes
are easier when they're fast.
- William ...
- Don't be so sentimental.
Ah ...
You need a drink.
Pick your poison.
(dramatic music)