Ghost Walk (2019) Movie Script

Houses for Sale
Brand new houses for sale!
Thursday, October 4th
Chuseok - Korean Thanksgiving
Closed for Chuseok
Thursday, October 4th
Happiness Loan
Monthly Cash
The ghost with no tomorrow
walks back in its own trail.
My grandma's old wardrobe
used to be in my room.
It had a black door
with cranes flying
through the clouds.
And I would see
grandma heading somewhere.
I'm heading home after work.
How's dad?
What did the doctor say?
I'll buy a delicious one.
It's ok, I'm not tired.
October 8th
I can see plenty
of demolishing houses.
I guess they're building
another studio apartment.
I guess so.
My neighborhood
has a lot of them, too.
I see.
How many flatmates
did you say you have?
Don't you want to live alone?
We're complete
strangers anyways.
And we have our own rooms.
I'm kind of tired
of living with my parents.
So I'm thinking of getting
a 10-year loan,
and buying my own apartment.
Aren't you tired
of this neighborhood?
Hey, Hye-jeong
Take this.
What is it?
Your birthday present.
How did you know?
I like you.
You don't know me.
I'm not interested
in dating or marriage.
I'm always too tired
from work.
I don't think I would be
good at those things.
Yes, I finished displaying
the sale items,
and submitted today's
sales records.
So noisy.
Eldest brother: Are you alive?
Are you not going to see us?
What's the matter?
After leaving home, I cut
all ties with my family.
I didn't want to
rely on anyone.
I was determined
to make it on my own.
October 9th
My nephews and nieces
came by for Chuseok.
Mom and dad
are so fond of the kids.
They don't even
notice I'm there.
But since I love kids so much,
I want to get married, soon.
But you are only 25?
So what?
You think my life
is going to change?
I don't have any skills.
I'll be doing the same old thing
for decades to come.
Nothing excites me anymore,
nothing to look forward to.
I guess that's why I want
to get married and have kids.
Don't you?
I prefer being alone.
Isn't it lonely?
It's better
to be lonely than...
Man, why are there so many
public holidays this month?
We should have worked over
the holidays for extra money.
What are you going to do
with all that money?
Money isn't just for spending.
This is all preparation.
What time is it now?
It's one o'clock.
We got to go.
Let's head back.
That sounds great,
but not for now.
Help me.
Help me.
-Are you coming?
-Yes, of course.
October 10th
Wow, it's cold.
Notice: Providing Protection for
Women Returning Home at Night.
I came home late...
because of some
business outside.
I was entering the alley...
when I noticed Hye-jeong's
room light was blinking.
She doesn't leave her light on,
so I wondered if she fell asleep.
I was going to
turn off her lights...
What time was that?
Around 3am?
Yes, around 3am, or 2:30am?
Was there anything unusual
when you entered the house?
Any sound?
Something unusual?
Even something minor can help.
do you remember anything?
Ms. Yoo Ji-yeon?
Take her to the police station.
No sign of forced entry
to her room.
The suspect must have used
the door to come and go.
According to Cha Mi-suk's
the victim didn't bring home
any family or friends.
Luckily, the suspect
didn't clean up the crime scene.
the suspect's method is similar
to the Jeon Gwang-sik
murder case.
It may be the same suspect.
I'm so helpless
What about Kang Hye-jeong?
She's been sent
to Hwa-pyung Hospital,
but unconscious.
I thought I was really dead.
October 9th
Sir, I'd like to pay for this.
Excuse me.
Help me.
Help me.
I could tell the kid...
had died.
I could just feel it.
Ji-yeon, are you there?
Are you there?
Ji-yeon, wake up.
Ji-yeon, wake up,
for a second. Please!
Before opening my eyes,
I could see myself lying
in the hospital bed.
October 8th
Chances of waking up from
a coma, drops significantly,
after 2 weeks.
I'm sure Jun-ho's
trying hard to wake up.
Wake up, soon!
Kim Jun-ho!
Will there be
anyone by my side?
Darn it!
Dad, where are you?
Got hit by a car.
When are you coming home?
I can see plenty of
demolishing houses.
I guess they're building
another studio apartment.
I guess so.
My neighborhood
has a lot of them, too.
How many flatmates
did you say you have?
I like you.
You don't know me.
I'm not interested
in getting married nor dating.
I'm always
too tired from work.
I don't think
I would be good at those things.
Is that your reason?
I'm not well spoken,
I don't have anything
I want to do,
I don't get along
with other people...
It doesn't seem to suit me.
Can't you hear me?
Can't you hear me?
Help me...
Stop wandering around.
You'll wake the others.
Stay put.
I want to scream and run...
Run around like a dog.
Do you know you're acting weird?
I'm suffocating.
I can't even tell
how time is going by.
Let me rest.
I'm so pitiful.
There's so much in life
I haven't done.
What if I die tomorrow?
Would you still ignore me
if I die tomorrow?
Do as you please.
That's all you do.
I can't stand this anymore.
I'm going to
escape this place.
I'm going to escape.
October 7th
Are you there?
Hey, Ji-yeon.
You're still at work?
What about dinner?
You should grab a bite.
We work to live, you know.
You know, your
sister's thing.
I asked the office
right after the holidays...
but got rejected
on the spot.
I don't know if you know,
but your sister has a debt of
around 70 thousand dollars.
With that kind of credit no
agency will send her abroad.
So sorry.
I really wanted
to help out.
Global Job Agency
National ID card: Kang Hye-jeong
Resume: Yoo Hyo-yeon
Organ Removal Consent
Form: Yoo Hyo-yeon
Jeon Gwang-sik
I'm not going to die.
I will survive.
Jeon Gwang-sik,
Yoo Hyo-yeon
-Jeon Gwang-sik, Yoo Hyo-yeon
The suspect's method is similar
to the Jeon Gwang-sik murder case.
It may be the same suspect.
Jeon Gwang-sik...
Jeon Gwang-sik is dead.
The death of
Jeon Gwang-sik.
Stay here.
Why are you out in the cold?
The autopsy went well.
They found the tip
of the knife, from the ribs...
but because
the knife is so common,
it will take time
to narrow down the suspect.
Evidence 47-121
Dad, where are you?
When are you coming home?
Draw a diamond shaped star...
and write "Daddy" here.
Dad's face is so small...
so we need to
make it bigger.
We need to draw the eyes small.
It's the next day!
I'll wipe this for you, dad.
It must be tough, it's the
first day of the funeral.
Don't tell
your granddaughter yet.
October 6th
Today, have fun playing
with a friend! - Jumping World
Hi there.
What's your name?
I'm Jeon Soo-yang.
Are you a girl or a boy?
-So, you are... Soo-yang.
-Jeon Soo-yang.
Which school do you go to?
Mom, I'm hungry.
Give me grass, please.
The number you have called
cannot be reached.
You will be transferred
to voice mail.
I didn't know anything
back then.
You must have been lonely.
What were you trying
to say to me?
Who is it?
Who is it?
Can you hear me?
Yes, I can.
Yes, where are you?
I'm here...
beside you.
Don't be afraid.
I won't scare you,
When I became an adult, at 20,
I ran around the
schoolyard in joy.
I no longer had to wander
outside to avoid going home.
I no longer had to spend
meaningless days
with unfriendly people.
But now an adult,
how come I don't even know
how to start
a conversation with you.
Mom became a ghost!
"I think I hear mom's voice."
"Is that a rooster?"
"I think he hears this sound!"
October 5th
Day after Chuseok
The number you have called...
Co... co... co... co....
Co... co... co...
Co... co... co...
co... co... co...
Co... co... co... co... co...
Mom! Are you a ghost?
I'm not your mother.
I don't have anyone to help me.
I came here because I think
you can hear me.
Sorry I'm not your mom.
Liar. You're mom, right?
Then who are you?
I'm a...
named Hye-jeong.
I don't know you.
Then why are you here?
You're the only one
who can hear my voice.
What was your mom like?
I ask my dad,
but he doesn't like
to talk about her.
So I was worried that
I wouldn't recognize her...
even if she came as a ghost.
That's okay.
Your mom will recognize you...
just like I found you.
Do you have anyone
you want to see?
When my mom comes as a ghost,
I'm going to smile
and hug her every day.
This stop
is Hwa-pyeong
police station.
-Any witnesses?
-Not yet.
No one was in the building
probably due to the holidays.
The janitor made his rounds
before the holidays...
but said he wasn't working
during the holidays.
That's why
it was reported late.
there are no locals living here.
No one would notice,
even if a knife fight broke out
at the pub across the road.
It's a newly developing area,
so no CCTVs either.
Hi. This is
detective Lee Hong-gu
from the Hwa-pyeong
police station.
-Detective Lee.
This is Han Seong-won.
Detective Han?
I was trying to reach the dad
of a little girl that's here.
Get away from the girl.
Just a second.
Stay here Soo-yang
for a moment.
-What is it?
-This is the phone
of a murder victim.
You mean the
kid's dad is dead?
This kid came alone to the
station talking about ghosts...
so I was trying to reach
her guardian.
Cause of death:
excessive bleeding
from six stab wounds
and subsequent shock.
Seems like it has been 2 days.
We have to wait
for the autopsy to be sure.
but time of death, seems
like 10, 12pm of October 3rd,
the first day of the holiday.
Seems like the suspect
waited for him to come,
and then killed him.
Hye-jeong, can you...
perhaps, lend me some money?
October 4th
Did you get everything?
Dumplings, too?
Yeah, did you have dinner?
Yeah. What about you, sis?
I ate at work.
Get something if you're hungry.
I'm good.
this is the hotel
you wanted to come to.
We bought everything you like.
Mom, you're being pampered.
You're right.
Good we came, right?
Before paying respects
to their ancestors,
they clean the floor.
Wish this was our home.
It's not even that good.
Is it a crime
to want a good life?
I just wanted to live
like the folks on TV.
I hate living
such a pitiful life.
Doesn't everyone
want to be well off?
We can pay back the debt.
Then maybe
I shouldn't have killed him.
What did you say?
Say it again!
I killed him.
I had no choice.
Or else,
I would've been killed.
It's not my fault.
He crossed me first.
I want to scream:
To hell with everything.
Yoo Hyo-yeon!
Are you crazy?
Have you totally lost it?
If I didn't do it,
I would have died, like mom.
Having done nothing wrong.
Damn it!
How can we escape this?
When will this ever end?
When our disgusting dad...
tried to drug and kill us all...
maybe it was meant
to be like this.
Not me.
This is hell.
Me neither.
I'm going to save myself,
and the people around me.
October 3rd
Day before Chuseok
Yes. All you have to promise to do is:
transfer the money
everyday before midnight,
always respond
to your phone after 6pm.
Yes. What now?
I'm meeting a client....
If it's urgent, let's meet in
front of the community center,
tomorrow at 9am.
You need to get some documents
issued there.
Just bring your ID.
See you then.
There's no good
in seeing each other often.
I lent you the money because...
you sounded so desperate.
You shouldn't be like this.
Everyday is money, you know.
You're already up to US$70,000.
It will get more complicated
if you delay it.
Organ Removal Consent Form
Yoo Hyo-yeon
Hand over phone numbers
of family members...
Don't say you didn't know
this would happen.
You knew from the beginning.
I've got something
to sort out at the office.
Yes, I do have good news.
Let's drink tomorrow.
I'm fine tomorrow.
Trying to kill yourself?
It would be good
if we could save your dad.
If he doesn't die...
then maybe...
we could all...
just maybe...
Wait here,
and when your dad comes,
tell him it's not safe inside.
That the office is dangerous.
You shouldn't come
either, got it?
What's the matter?
What if dad gets mad
because I came when he's busy?
Don't worry.
He'll be glad to see you.
When I was alive...
I never thought I would
want someone's attention.
Thank you for listening to me.
Wait here.
How did you find this place?
Where's grandma?
She's at home.
Give me your phone.
What are you doing?
She's here in Hya-pyeong dong.
Do you know the time?
If she didn't come home
you should've checked
her whereabouts!
Of course I'm bringing her.
Want me to send her alone?
No, I have to go home
after I bring her.
I told you I'll be there
for the Chuseok holidays!
Stop nagging, I got it!
-When inside,
don't wander around,
just stay put.
Don't go to the office.
She said it's dangerous.
Who? Grandma?
No... the...
It's more dangerous
wandering around at this hour.
She said it was dangerous.
Take this.
Come in.
Said it was dangerous...
The ghost.
What the...
That old geezer...
I said stay put...
Who are you?
Turn on the lights!
I said, turn on the lights!
Turn it on!
Dad, open the door!
-Let go!
-Open the door.
Dad, open the door.
You have no reason
to live anyway.
Your life has
no significance.
Dad, let me in!
Dad, please
open the door!
Dad, open up!
Don't kill him.
-Just die.
-Dad, open the door!
Dad, open the door!
Dad, open the door!
No one deserves to die.
I once saw you
in my dream.
You were looking out
the window of a bus,
heading to your hometown.
The drawings on
the old wardrobe
must have been engraved then,
The sight of lost ones
coming back...
and seemingly irreversible
events re-claiming its place...
Is this what you
saw, Grandma?
There's something
I didn't tell my old self.
October 3rd
There's something
I'd like to tell her.
My goodness, Hyo-yeon!
Do you know her?
She's my flatmate.
There must be
something going on.
A few months ago...
she asked if she could
borrow money for her sister.
I did have the money
back then...
but didn't want to get involved
because of the stress
related to money matters.
Never mind.
Do people get private loans
for just U$S5,000?
Well, a family member
could be ill, or...
I guess...
Things do happen.
When I first came here to work,
I wanted to quickly save up
and head to Australia.
But, that year, my dad got sick.
So I used all my savings
to pay hospital bills
and even had to get a loan.
But after things settled down,
our family got
much closer to each other.
Much, much closer.
Ji-yeon and you must have
gone through tough times.
My existence is so insignificant
that I am no help to anybody.
That's okay.
You always work hard
in your place.
When I see you, Hye-jeong...
When I see you...
When I see you, Hye-jeong,
I realize my life and work
isn't shabby or in vain.
I realize that life itself
shines on its own.
Thank you.
The ghost with
no tomorrow
walks back in its own trail,
to avoid disappearing.
Only after observing
all of yesterday's nights...
does it stop its journey.
At the end of
its journey,
the ghost
encounters a door.
A night's door that
could've always been opened,
but never was.