Ghosthunters (2016) Movie Script

Wake up!
Do you feel it... how close you are?
Feel how alive your heart is.
You ever wonder how much
a human heart can take?
Come on, man. What are you doing?
Give me that. Give me that. Come on.
There's more news on the Night Stalker.
I'm so sorry for your loss.
They got him. They got him.
There was a car chase, shoot out.
What about the house?
It's all boarded up,
it's a crime scene for God's sake.
Did you go in?
No, I mean...
I snuck through the grounds but I couldn't.
It was all sealed up.
We've got to find out
what happened to our machine.
It's still there. It's still there. The police
probably didn't know what to make of it.
We have to go back.
No, no, there's patrol cars there
every night, we can't go back.
We have to get the machine up and running!
No, your wife and daughter
just died in that place.
That's exactly why we have to go back!
Neil, we built the machine
to capture ghosts, alright?
If there was ever a reason to use
that goddamned machine, now is the time!
I don't want their spirits flying around
in that house for a second longer!
Yeah, I got the call from him too.
You on your way there now?
We've been driving about an hour.
Has Henry said how he's doing?
I think it's too early for him
to let it all sink in.
He's dealing with it the only way he can.
Yeah. That's why I'm coming.
- Alright, I'll see you soon.
- See you soon.
We should be getting there
around nightfall.
I'm just glad you're finally
letting me come along.
I know you've been busy with your work,
but I think I can really be help.
I just want to make sure
that you give Henry his space.
Just observe. Everything is really
sensitive now with this situation.
Hey. I can be compassionate too.
- How you holding up?
- Good.
I'm glad you're here.
- Seen Henry yet?
- Not since I called him.
Henry's dealing with it as Henry does.
And who's this?
Neil, this is Devon. Devon, Neil.
- The Devon. I've heard so much about you.
- Nice to meet you.
And this is my girlfriend, Amy.
Jessica, Devon.
Hey. It's so nice to finally meet you.
It's okay, guys, I checked inside,
it's clean and... Who's this?
Henry, this is my girlfriend, Amy.
You remember the reporter that I met?
Neil... this is no time to turn this
into some sort of a media circus.
- We're doing really dangerous work...
- I'm freelance. This will all be private.
I thought she could do a piece for us,
alright? If this is successful this time,
we're going to need somebody
to report on it, objectively.
You said yourself from the beginning,
we're trying to change the world...
Honestly, I could use someone that
could talk about my work in lay terms.
A reporter on our side
is gonna change lives.
No stories on Martha or Gabby, okay?
Stay focused on the work at hand.
Henry, you remember Devon?
You ready?
Alright. I got here early.
There's equipment upstairs already, okay?
Let me help you with that.
No thanks, I've got my own.
So do the lights not work
anymore in this place?
I prefer to use our portable power. Okay?
Wiring in here sets the EMF
all over the place.
And I can't get a good read.
So you're saying that a spike
in the electromagnetic field
means that there's ghosts around?
Well, almost.
Ghosts and spirits are a form of energy,
so a spike in the EMF meter
can indicate a presence.
We just have better data
to back up our claims.
Yeah, like holding a seance.
Do you think that perhaps these high EMFs
could be the cause of paranoia
or hallucinations
that would make one 'think'
that they're seeing ghosts?
There have been some claims.
when you see what we're doing,
you'll know it's no hallucination.
- Is there where he found her?
- Yeah.
So you guys were working
in an active serial killer site?
We figured since the cops
were onto it, we'd go on the run.
So we set our experiments
here in the house.
We didn't anticipate that he'd return.
Well, he ain't gonna return this time.
Can we go up?
That's the only place to go. The attic,
that's where we set up base camp.
So these are the rooms
where we'll be searching for ghosts.
Well, hopefully with the high energy
surrounding this place we'll find something.
Just one of his many rooms.
Hey, are you okay?
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Thought of Martha and Gabby.
In there.
Yeah, yeah. I know. I know.
Why don't you stay
out of here for a bit, okay?
You good?
What is it?
- What is it?
- I...
I thought I felt something.
You can feel the sadness in this place.
It's the residual memories.
All the dark energy surrounding it.
Stains even the walls.
Come on. Let's go up to the attic.
What is this thing?
This is what we've been working on.
I designed it.
Neil here built it.
Jessica is in charge
of all the programming for it.
- It's the only one of its kind.
- It's a machine designed to capture ghosts
and generate ectoplasm out of them.
- Wait? Like the one Robert Bess invented?
- This is my design.
Do you mind if I record this
for my article?
And can you try explaining
how all this works?
Or at the very least,
what else needs to be done.
A general idea
is that the containment chamber
is able to analyze its surroundings
for haunted activity.
Since all ghosts have
their own magnetic properties,
it has to be a specific inverse
electric magnetic charge.
And this is where
the problematic part comes in.
Now, once the ghost has been captured,
this machine is supposed to convert
electromagnetic energy
into ectoplasm.
Sorry, can you repeat the last part?
You're creating ectoplasm.
That's what we're trying to do.
In theory we discovered that...
every ectoplasm
has its own unique quality.
Kind of like a ghost DNA.
Each one of them is unique
in its own right, okay?
Hypothetically, this machine should be able
to tell us everything we need to know
about where the ectoplasm came from,
and who it was when it was living.
You think you can identify
beings with ectoplasm?
That's the only way we're going
to find out if it's Martha and Gabby.
I have to know that it's them.
Only then can we consider
our work here a success.
Let's get back to work then.
- Henry, come here.
- What is it?
Hey. What are you doing up here?
What are you making?
Preservation agent.
deteriorates moments upon
being exposed to the elements.
Oxygen, air, something. I don't know.
If we're going to create ectoplasm,
we have to preserve it long enough that
we can run all of our experiments on it.
And it's the only way
that I can identify the ectoplasm
as belonging to Martha and Gabby.
So you're trying to put science
in the paranormal.
Science is merely the discovery
of the unknown.
Just because you don't understand
something, doesn't mean it's paranormal.
Just undiscovered.
So all you need now is to find
the spirits and capture them.
And since none of us is psychic...
we created these goggles...
to detect the presence
of spiritual entities.
You're saying I could actually see
ghosts with these?
I would love to try it out.
Amy! Amy!
Are you okay? I heard you scream.
Yeah. I'm... I'm fine.
- You're still not convinced, are you?
- I'm not saying I don't believe in it.
I'm just saying that most of the time
there's another explanation for it.
Alright, well, the machine's ready.
- Yeah.
- Let's go.
I think Amy might have found
something on the radar.
- What did you see?
- It looked like moving shadows, but...
as I told Neil, it could have been
light from outside.
Keep an open mind.
Constant skepticism can be unhealthy.
Back to the machine.
Tell me where we are in all this.
Okay, so I re-calibrated the machine.
Previously, the magnets didn't have
their own voltage setting.
So I installed 3 magnets
with their own motor.
Which means they can work independently
against each other. Alright?
Each magnet has a specific polarized path,
and with each one being an integer,
we can hone in on the exact cross-
electromagnetic fields to capture any spirits.
What are you measuring
your magnetic charge against?
Your scanners are measuring
a spiritual energy in voltages, right?
- Yes, SI voltage. SI base in coulombs.
- Okay, well, same thing.
Except we're on the negative side
to counter any activity.
You guys ready?
Let's go get some ghosts.
Test these new modifications.
Wanna give this another go?
I'll try to be more open this time.
Let's see if we can find something
up here first.
I think I got something.
Over here by the box.
It just looks like some kind of mask.
- Over here?
- No, left corner.
I can feel something.
SI's only 115.2.
That very small.
Are you sure it's a ghost?
I don't know what it is.
Looks like some kind of blob
on the glasses.
- That's probably residual memory.
- No, my readings confirm it's paranormal.
Give it a shot anyway.
Setting stat volt at negative 115.2.
Standing by.
Powering up the decoder.
We're set.
I've got something.
It's in the machine.
Take one of us, Henry,
we'll take one of you.
An eye for an eye!
Tooth for a tooth.
We did it!
Easy, easy, easy!
We don't wanna break this vial.
Remember, ectoplasm disintegrates
within moments of coming
in contact with the elements.
We don't want to miss any chance of
losing identification with any ghost DNA.
We have to get this right if we have
any chance of getting Martha and Gabby.
Is there any way your can validate
your claim that this is ectoplasm?
I'm gonna work on some code.
It's a start. We'll know once
we get more ectoplasm samples.
Let's go. We don't have much time left.
No, no, no, no. Wait.
Did anyone ever stop to think
that this can all be dangerous?
We're merely retrieving information
at this point, Devon.
Exactly! From another dimension.
Priest, shamans, and pagans,
they have rituals to protect themselves.
We know what we're doing. We'll have
our protocols fully up and running,
- when this is going.
- So now you're an expert in occult history.
I don't see anything else
that could be paranormal left.
The attic seems clean.
If your claims are true,
then perhaps we should go downstairs
and try to find more of those samples
Neil was talking about.
With the new mods on the machine,
do you think we can get this thing mobile
- and get it there?
- Goggles and scanners are already mobile.
All we need to do is separate the demagnetizer
and the rest of the machine can stay here.
- How are you going to do that?
- Well, I'll need a motor.
Probably a generator.
Definitely gonna be battery operated.
I saw some stuff laying around outside.
Maybe you can use it.
- It's old and rusty though.
- Okay. Yeah. I'll take a look.
Bring me back some chain, would you?
I wanna stabilize the machine.
It was shaking when
the demagnetizer was going off.
Yeah, you got it.
Well... looks like the analysis works.
But I can't make out
any language in the code.
This is your 'ghost DNA'
you were talking about.
How do you guys even read all this stuff?
Well, this is what the computer analyzed.
Decrypting it, it's another story.
We've got to know
what ghosts we're capturing.
We have to be able to identify them.
We don't know if it's Martha, Gabby,
could be any ghost in here.
- You think there could be a pattern?
- Everything has a pattern.
Basic mathematics and chaos theory.
It's just figuring how much.
I wonder if...
- What's happening here?
- I used Maxwell's equation on the data.
Maxwell's equation?
Essentially, Maxwell's equation
is to classical electromagnetism.
What Newton's law of motion
and law of universal gravitation are to...
classical mechanics.
- Binary.
- Yeah.
I wonder...
What if we use the cassette speaker
as a output decoder.
You can decode this binary into sound?
To sound waves.
No idea what we'll come up with,
no guarantees.
Messages from the afterlife.
If our EVP...
can pick up specific information
only the deceased person would know,
that would be our proof.
Wouldn't matter what the message is.
What's going on with Neil?
Still looking, I guess.
I'll go check on him.
- Find something?
- Yeah.
I found this old motor and a chainsaw.
I think I can get it to work.
Hopefully the wiring is still good.
Come on. Let's head back
so I can work on this.
Who are you talking to?
I thought it was Henry right
beside me and I turn around,
I look up, Henry is right there
in front of me.
S... yeah.
And the ghost did nothing to you?
Said nothing to you?
I thought all the ghosts
are supposed to be inside.
Ghosts do move around.
We have to get moving
if the ghosts are moving around.
Wanna get started finishing up
the modifications on the demagnetizer.
I'll clean up the code.
Make it simple and more efficient.
Guy, you can always use
seals to keep them in.
For being a bunch of ghost hunters, you sure
don't know much about the occult, do you?
Occult and paranormal science
isn't exactly the same.
Maybe you should try this.
Clavicula Salomonis Regis.
- What is this?
- It's the Lesser Key of Solomon.
It's a grimoire. 17th century collection
of books used to conjure the spirits.
We can use the seals inside
to keep the ghost from getting in.
Or out of the place.
I'm using science.
You're using occult theories.
So what else do you have?
These seals have been used for centuries,
and if it works why not use it?
It's not gonna ruin your little
science experiment just trying, is it?
What do these seals do?
If you draw them around the house,
in front of the windows, in front of doors,
you can stop the ghost from getting out.
But we need salt.
Alright, I'll look in the kitchen.
Might get lucky.
Let me come.
I can help you draw it out.
I can be of use around here, you know?
Alright, we'll try this.
I need the rest of you working.
We can't afford to slow down.
Yeah, Neil, I can use your help
soldering the speaker to the decoder.
Yeah. Yeah, of course. Let's do it.
Everything is rotten.
At least salt doesn't go bad.
- What is it?
- I thought I've seen something.
You really are sensitive to these things.
I kinda like this stuff.
But to be honest with you...
I think you guys are messing with something
you know very little about.
do you think these ghosts know
what we're doing here?
They don't like it.
You're thinking too much.
It's not much. Can you work with it?
It's enough to seal.
- I'm out.
- Yeah, I'm almost out too.
I'll go in the kitchen and find some more.
I saw... I saw something!
We must... they said we must get out.
There's something here too.
No. This isn't supposed to happen.
Something's wrong.
- What happened?
- Henry's bleeding!
A poltergeist... we got attacked.
Get a shirt. Get a shirt.
We've got to stop the bleeding.
Devon, are you okay?
- Is him gonna be okay?
- My arm hurts, my back hurts but I'm alive.
What happened down there?
Just leave it on.
It started happening
as we were finishing the seals.
I've never seen ghosts
act that violent before.
- They were aware of our presence.
- Where?
It knows what you're trying to do
and it doesn't want us here.
We have to get out.
- Baby, we're going to get out soon.
- No, no, no, no. We have to stay, alright?
We gotta push on. We gotta stay here.
We have to stay because
if the ghost are getting hostile,
then Gabby and Martha
could be in danger. Alright?
Neil, tell me what's going on
with the machine?
- It's done, the modifications are done.
- I decoded the ectoplasm.
You have to hear it. Okay, hold on, guys.
I decrypted the ectoplasm. You have
to listen. Check out the sound waves.
What is it?
Play it one more time.
Between the second scream
and the third wail,
sounds like...
Sound like it's saying,
'An eye for an eye.'
Guys, this is it.
Proof of the existence of ghosts.
A spiritual realm.
They're sending a message to us.
Messages from their DNA. Embedded in time.
I can't believe you, guys.
Can't you see it doesn't want us here!
Martha and Gabby.
- They're still here, someplace.
- Are you hearing this?
Dev. Dev, Henry's right.
This is a huge breakthrough.
I don't care about your breakthrough!
Henry is bleeding and all you care about
is your little ghost experiments.
These experiments aren't little.
I don't want the spirit
of my wife and my daughter
floating around in here, suffering!
We're doing this all for them!
- I'm done.
- Devon!
No! I'm sick of this.
You guys are crazy and I don't want
to have anything to do with this.
You're messing with things
that you think you know.
- She'll calm down.
- She doesn't calm down.
Okay. Come on, let's finish this.
Devon, come over here.
Henry, is that you?
Yes, Devon. It's me, Henry.
It's all over now, we're going to go home.
We're going to need more ectoplasm.
You guys are going to be okay
with me coming?
You can play with those goggles.
Might as well be in charge of them.
I'll take care of the scanner, and Neil,
you can be in charge of the demagnetizer.
- Yeah, I'm coming with you.
- No, you are not.
Your wounds are barely healed, closed up.
What do you expect me to do?
Stay here all by myself?
We're just going to have a test run
down there. Get a couple more samples.
Don't go in Martha's room, alright?
Wait for me. I'll be ready then.
Don't worry.
You'll need all your strength soon.
You think this is a good idea?
So long as we all stay together.
Can ghosts kill us?
There's no direct evidence to support it,
but in Henry's case they did manipulate
objects to cause harm.
So is that a yes or a no?
Hey, do you think turning on the lights
will mess up the scanner?
- Henry said the old wiring would.
- No.
These new scanners are way better
at filtering cross-frequencies.
Damn, nothing in this house works right.
All the switches on one light?
Seems like it.
- The reading just spiked.
- Can you get a scan of it?
- I think so. Am I on the right spot?
- Yeah.
I think it went in there.
Henry, get up. There's someone coming.
- Come on, get up.
- Everything's going to be okay.
Kill them all!
You're like the first one.
One of many to come.
I don't see anything.
- There's something there!
- What is it? What is it? What is it?
I got something.
Okay, almost there.
A charge of 667.84. 667.84!
667.84. Okay, ready?
What happened?
You are a religious man.
Do you remember this?
Please don't.
Yes. Abraham and his son.
This is where he sacrifices him.
Please, please don't do this.
Imagine... this must be
how his son Isaac felt
when Abraham was put
to the test... by the Lord.
Do you feel it?
The panic?
The fear!
I got it! I got it!
I must've... dropped my camera.
This container isn't gonna hold it long.
We gotta go.
- I'll check for your camera in a bit.
- Don't worry abut it.
Any luck?
Hearing out anything else was said?
No. No, just those sounds.
- we caught something.
- Where?
- The occult room.
- Set the depolarizer. Let's go.
Full spiritual manifestation.
Run the decoder.
Play it.
Guys. This is it.
The whole process. From scanning,
to the decryption of ectoplasm DNA.
- We did it.
- Wait. Someone else is here.
- What?
- There's another energy in here.
I felt it downstairs
before we headed into the room.
- Martha? Gabby?
- No.
It's the same feeling
I had in the kitchen.
It's not like the ghosts.
There's no distress. No pain.
It's darker.
Almost demonic.
Hey. Hey.
They have more reason
to be afraid of us, okay?
I don't know how I know it.
I just feel it.
Okay, well, it's normal to feel weird.
To feel spooked out, alright?
This is the Night Stalker's house.
Look, I've started to see things.
Sense things I've never felt before.
I want to see the whole process
again with my own eyes.
And then we go and get Martha and Gabby.
- Are you sure you're ready for that?
- I'm fine. My arm's fine.
Let's go! We don't have a lot of time.
This is Officer Mack.
I'm on Blackburn Lane house now. Over.
S&R Realty has requested patrol on property.
Security is non-responsive.
Copy. Who am I looking for?
Check the premises for any unauthorized
trespassers and report back.
I got a visual on 3 vehicles.
Run a check on license plate TRR544,
YDK178, and FDR012. I'll be back.
10-4. Do not go into the house,
set up perimeter.
I'm only getting a small ratings.
I can't pick anything up yet.
- Something's here.
- It's spiking.
I can see her.
Let me see.
Fourth lens, dial it at 32 degrees.
- It's moving.
- I need a frequency!
449.67. 449.67.
Alright. Here we go.
I need some food.
I need some food.
No, no! I can't. I can't eat meat!
- I got it! I got it!
- Amy!
Come on!
Somebody help me!
- What happened?
- She was catatonic
while the magnetizer was going.
And the moment it stopped she passed out.
- Hey, hey, hey!
- Epilepsy.
No, she doesn't have epilepsy. Come on!
The strobe lights.
This could be her first time.
Hey, baby! Hey, baby!
Come back. Come back.
Hey, it's okay! It's okay! It's okay.
You're back. It's okay. It's okay.
You scared me.
I'm going to get you to a hospital.
No. No, no, no, I'm fine.
No, no. We gotta get you checked out.
We don't know what happened.
I'm fine.
This isn't the first time.
What do you mean?
Every time the demagnetizer goes off...
something happens to me.
I go into some sort of trance.
You mean, like having visions?
What did you see?
The killings.
What happened in these rooms.
Like I was there.
Do you have any control over this?
I don't know what's happening to me.
Well, you're not gonna see it again, alright?
You're not gonna see it again.
- We're not gonna put you in that...
- I saw a girl.
She was forced to eat human meat.
Gets off on the stress of its victims.
Forces their bodies to the point
where they can die by stress.
Just like Martha.
The Night Stalker.
He would use that monitor to measure
their stress levels before killing them.
You know that dark demonic energy
I was talking about?
I know what it is now.
The Night Stalker.
I felt the same thing in my visions.
You're saying
the Night Stalker's ghost is here?
I don't know.
But that sense of dread...
I can't shake it off.
Whatever or whoever is here...
it doesn't want us here.
And it's watching.
I just... I just need some air.
What do you make of this?
He will lurk in your souls.
Who... what are you saying?
He's back. Don't fall asleep.
Who's back?
What are you doing here?
I heard some noises
and I came to check it out.
I think they were
coming from the rocking chair.
Everything okay?
Let's get the scanner on the chair.
- Henry!
- Neil!
I can't get it loose!
I can't get it loose!
- Henry!
- Henry! Henry! Henry!
- He's alive. Hurt bad though.
- This is the second time.
It's like it's out for Henry or...
What's wrong?
What's wrong?
When I was in the room...
I heard Martha tell me something.
She's been trying to warm me
more than once.
- What kind of warning?
- About the poltergeist attacks.
All the hauntings.
I think the Night Stalker is back.
He wants to finish what he started.
He wants to kill Henry.
Kill us for coming into this house.
- No, I think it's just Henry he wants.
- What about Martha and Gabby?
Unless we get him out now,
he's gonna be dead.
What if we just go? We take Henry
and we can keep him safe.
No, no. He'll come back
with or without us.
He's right. All Henry cares about
is getting Martha and Gabby.
The only way we all leave,
is to end this now.
We go get them.
This is where Devon said
she saw Gabby's ghost.
I feel her.
What do you see?
She's right behind you.
She was right there.
Gabby, if you're here, give us a sign.
Gabby, if you have something
to tell us... now is the time.
He's coming!
- What happened? What happened?
- Hey!
What did it say?
She said he's coming.
The Night Stalker?
Okay. We should get
to Martha and Gabby's room.
It's got the highest sense
of spiritual phenomenon.
Okay. Let's go.
Why is that light off?
- Do you feel anything?
- There's something here.
It's Gabby. She wants us to go in.
Let's get them quick and get out of here.
Keep your eyes open.
Night Stalker's ghost could be anywhere.
I'll try.
What's going on here?
He knew we were coming.
Check over there.
I'll try to get a visual.
I'm not getting a reading.
I don't see Martha anywhere.
I'm not getting a reading.
- What's going on?
- It's Gabby! She's on me, quick.
- Eyes on Martha?
- I can't see her. Hurry!
I have a reading 147.89.
We should try to get Gabby.
- See if we have time to get Martha.
- Here we go! Setting charge!
Do you feel... how close you are?
Feel how alive your heart is.
You ever wonder how much
a human heart can take?
What did you want to tell me?
I'm listening.
- Neil, something's wrong!
- What?
- What?
- Turn off the demagnetizer.
She's going into shock!
- Come back.
- Henry!
Come back.
There's nothing to be afraid of.
You are going to be a part of history.
An evolution of science.
You're okay! You're okay!
You're okay! You're okay!
- You're back. You're back, baby.
- Is she still with you?
- What?
- Gabby? She... linked to you.
She's been trying to use you
to get us up here.
You weren't psychic
before you got here, right?
Gabby, the incident in the kitchen,
I think she's been using you
to try to tell us the truth.
The truth.
I saw it all.
We heard it all.
He better not be doing...
what I think he's doing.
Henry can't be the Night Stalker.
It's not possible.
I saw it all.
I saw him kill Martha and Gabby.
And they found the killer
and you've been having those feelings...
The energy I felt... is not a ghost.
It's Henry I've been
picking up the whole time.
Why would Henry kill Martha and Gabby?
They're his everything.
I bet their ghosts want to know that too.
- That doesn't make sense.
- You really can't look...
at the situation from just one angle.
What are you doing here?
Seems you guys disappeared on me.
What are you doing with that?
Have you ever heard of Unit 731?
Horrible atrocities committed
on prisoners of war by the Japanese...
during World War II.
Did you know that all of the scientists...
were given pardons by the US government...
in exchange for their... research.
They tested the human body...
to see how long it could endure pain...
before it dies.
But this was all excusable.
Because you see...
their experiments provided...
advancements and leaps...
in the science of the human body.
World War II finished years ago, Henry.
Science never changes, Neil.
Just admit it, Henry.
- You killed them.
- Not seeing the point.
How could you?
Your wife. Your daughter.
The deaths weren't gruesome enough.
We weren't making any movement
with our experiments...
because the energies
of the spirits was weak.
And I realized...
- I had to up the ante.
- I can't believe it!
How do you think it makes me feel?
I had to sacrifice my wife.
My daughter.
You even know what that does to a man?
I had to live with their blood
on my hands.
But our research... we succeeded.
Their... their deaths were not in vain.
That's my only consolation.
What was that?
I must have turned it on
when I came in the room.
I forgot, I forgot to turn it off.
You wanted to expose me?
You... you wanted a confession!
No! It was an accident, please!
And to think that I trusted you!
- Go! Go!
- Come on!
- No!
- Come on!
It's over.
Go, go, go, go!
Over there!
Come on.
Hide! Hide!
Too many sins in his hands.
Blood. The blood is in the machine.
The Parabot machine.
There you are!
Let her go or I'll drop these!
You're willing to risk your life for this?
If I drop these you lose everything
that you worked for.
So it's between... your life and my work?
You're going to kill me anyway.
True. True.
But I'm gonna make sure, Jessica...
that you suffer a slow one
before I'm finished with you!
Drop them!
Oh, God.