Ghostline (2015) Movie Script

Here we are.
Alright, check out
the new crib.
Not bad,
now if we were only closer to L.A.
We're only two and a half
hours away, just think Chels'.
No more rent... no more
nosy apartment managers.
No more eviction notices,
I get it.
It was very thoughtful of your
Aunt Evelyn to bequeath it to you.
God rest her soul.
And what I really love
about it.
When my mom comes to visit,
she's going to have her own room.
So... what do you think?
Well, it could definitely use
a decorators touch.
My only real beef, is the lack of
plumbing in the second bathroom.
Don't worry, we're going to get
that fixed when we have the money.
Remember, like I said
this is just for a year or two.
Until the market picks up, then we'll
flip the house and move back to L.A.
Ya, I just hope we can find
some work in this town.
Don't worry,
everything's going to be okay.
Your lawyer was right about
the cellphone service out here.
Still can't get
a signal?
Only if I stand out in the
street, and turn a certain way.
What's the problem?
I don't know,
he said it might have something to do
with the local power
plant or something.
That sucks, what are we going
to do for phone service?
I guess we just spring
for a landline.
- Hey.
- Hey, what you doing?
- Just updating my resume.
- Ya?
- Yeah.
- Any luck with the back door?
- No it still won't open.
- Mm, okay.
- I'm going to hit the sack.
- Okay I'll be right there, I love you.
Love you... oh.
- What time's our first interview tomorrow?
- Eleven.
Yes hello, you've reached the Tyler
Jantzen and Chelsea Watkins residence.
How may I be of assistance
to you?
I'm sorry can you,
can you hear me right now?
I'm going to hang up, okay?
Hello Eric.
I'm sorry,
you've got the wrong number.
Hey, don't even think about
pulling that shit on me.
I know it's you.
Trust me lady, there's no Eric
here, have a good night.
- What?
- Why did you hang up on me?
Look, there's no one called Eric at
this number, so stop calling okay.
Eric, it's Ellen.
I don't give a shit what your name
is, I'm not Eric, so stop calling me.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
You making another one
of your seaweed concoctions?
- Want some?
- No thanks, I'll pass.
Ah by the way,
we had 36 voicemails this morning.
Really, from who?
Not sure, but I think it was the
same chick who called last night.
- What did she say?
- Nothing.
All she does is breathe into the
phone, then hang up and call back.
Weird... did you save
any of them?
Nope... cleared them all.
When was the last time
she called?
4:30, nothing since then.
Hmm, maybe she gave up on us.
Are you sure you don't want
some of this?
Look, I love you,
but that is disgusting.
Just a little bit.
Look, I'm going to drink my
coffee like a normal human being.
This is better for you.
Please, if you make me drink
that, I'm going to throw up all over you.
Please, please, please.
Yes... I completely understand.
Thank you very much
for your time anyway.
So, what was the reason
this time?
Same thing as last time,
no local references.
how in hell are we supposed
to have local references
if no one will hire us
without them in the first place?
I think there's more
to it than that.
I say for future interviews we
don't mention we're actors from L.A.
that need to available
to go on auditions
because in small towns like this,
they don't get people like us.
Okay, so basically we're screwed if we
find a job, and screwed if we don't.
- Yeah, pretty much.
- Okay.
- Babe.
- What?
We're kind of
in the middle of dinner.
No we're in the middle of eating
Romaine lettuce
which I don't think constitutes dinner.
- You're shitting me.
- Don't answer it.
No babe, if it's her she's just
going to keep calling and calling.
- Just unplug it.
- No, I'm going to nip this in the bud right now.
- Hello.
- Eric. Why are you ignoring me?
Look lady, I have tried
to be nice about this
but I have told you over and over
again, there is no one named Eric
who lives at this number,
so stop calling us
or we're going to be forced
to call the police.
What do you mean, "us"?
Is someone there with you?
That's none of your business, are you
going to stop calling here, or what?
You have a woman
there, don't you?
Okay, have a good night, bye.
This is getting, ridiculous.
Look, in the morning, I'm just going
to call--
You know what,
allow me.
Look Ellen, or whatever the hell
your name is
you're starting to be a royal
pain in the ass.
Stop calling us!
Put Eric back on the phone,
Lady, are you deaf?
There is no Eric here!
Liar, give him the goddam phone!
We definitely need to unplug it.
- How many were there?
- 58.
- Any messages?
- No.
Just heavy breathing
like last time.
What are we going to do?
What the hell
is a ghostline?
It's a line you can make phone calls
from, without having a specific number.
And there's no way to trace it?
No sir, I'm afraid not.
How is that even possible?
It's hard to explain.
Would you like to speak
with my supervisor?
No, that's not going to be
Look, can you just tell me
who had the number before us?
Sorry, but we're not allowed to
give out that kind of information.
But what I can do is provide
you with a new phone number.
That should solve your problem.
And, boom goes the dynamite.
Oh no.
Is that Heather?
No it's another
unknown caller.
Well, go ahead and answer it.
It can't possibly
be that Ellen bitch.
Put it on speaker.
- Hello.
- Dude.
Took you long enough to answer.
- Catch you sleeping?
- Hey Bobby, what's up man?
Just checking in to see how you
two are doing in the new digs.
Oh yeah, everything's cool.
Hey, how come your name didn't
come up on the caller I.D?
Oh it's this new cellphone,
I'm still trying to figure it out.
- Bobby it's Chelsea.
- Hey Chels', what's shaking?
It's all good,
we miss you guys.
Oh we miss you too...
hey hold on a sec man, I got another call.
Crap, this thing ain't working...
I'll call you back in a few, okay?
Okay, take your time man.
Oh, I can't wait to find out if Heather
got that part on Serenity Falls.
I know, I just hope she had
a better experience
with that casting director
than you did.
Because he seemed more interested
in your tits, than in your acting ability.
he was kind of cute for an older guy.
Yeah right.
Hey bud, that was quick.
Did you really think you could
get rid of me that easily?
Mr. Jantzen, other than
identifying herself as Ellen.
Did she reveal any information, such
as, where she lives, or where she works?
- No.
- Mrs. Jantzen, how many times did you actually talk to her?
Once, and my last name
is Watkins.
- But you can call me Chelsea.
- And I'm Tyler.
Ok, Tyler and Chelsea.
Let me get this straight, phone calls
started right after you moved in.
Yeah, they started the first
night we got the landline.
- And they've all been at night.
- That's correct.
And what was the word
the phone company used?
- Ghostline?
- Right.
What I don't understand is how
this woman got your new number.
Welcome to the club.
Have you noticed any suspicious
looking women around the neighborhood?
No, we haven't
been outside much though.
I see,
where are you folks from?
L.A. I just inherited the place from a
relative who unexpectedly passed away.
Oh, well I'm sorry
for your loss.
That's okay.
Well, I'll talk to the phone
and see if there's anything else
they can do.
Detective Tanner,
what if she calls again tonight?
Until we figure out
who this woman is
I suggest you don't answer
any unknown calls.
But she'll just keep
calling back.
- Unplug it.
- Okay.
Thank you.
Thank you.
I'll be in touch.
So, where did you
I was thinking, maybe we could try
that Mexican place over by the bowling alley.
As long as they have
strong Margaritas.
Yeah babe,
I like that style.
I thought you would.
We're home.
Thank you.
Easy, easy.
Easy, easy, oh.
Oh... should have stopped
after three.
You think?
What I think is.
- I'm gonna hurl.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Oh no, not tonight.
- Did you say 82?
- Yup.
And just like before, all we can
hear is heavy breathing.
Well, I'm no psychologist
but, we might be dealing
with a psychopathic insomniac
who has a fixation
on this Eric guy
and she's refusing to believe
you're not him.
What can we do about it?
If we identify her, we can take
the appropriate legal steps
to force her to stop
harassing you.
How do you plan
on identifying her?
That's going to
require some effort on your part.
But as an actor...
it shouldn't be a problem.
So how do you want
me to handle this?
Well, try to get her
to talk about herself.
Maybe she'll slip up
and tell us where she lives.
Detective, did you find out
who had our original number before us?
I did, it belonged to...
Patrick and Maggie Detweiler.
They gave it up when they moved
about eight and a half years ago.
And it's been inactive
since then?
Yeah... oh and I found
out how she got your new number.
Some idiot at the phone company put
in a change of number notification.
So, anyone who calls the old number,
- It's her.
- Put her on speaker.
Hello... is anyone there?
Who were you expecting?
What do you want, Ellen?
I want you, Eric.
Yeah, I get that,
but like I've been trying to tell you.
I'm not Eric.
Why do you keep saying that?
Because it's the truth.
Stop lying.
Of all your undesirable traits
that's the one I've always hated
the most.
Look Ellen, if this Eric dude
is such a terrible guy
then why do you still want him?
That woman's
still there, isn't she?
Er, what woman?
You know who I'm talking about.
No, I'm home alone.
Liar! I bet she's listening in.
Look Ellen, it's just
you and me on the phone, okay.
Now if you'll just
tell me where you are--
How was that?
Hello... Ellen
are you still there?
We're trying your call again.
Bitch hung up.
This is the first thing I thought,
that woman is utterly delusional.
Oh, she is worse
than delusional.
- This chick is unhinged!
- Yeah, no shit.
What do you want me to do next time
she calls, what do you want me to say?
Something to draw
her out.
I got it.
Tell her that she's right, and that
you've just been playing with her.
You want me to falsely admit
that I'm this Eric guy?
Exactly... and then ask to meet
her somewhere in public.
I don't like that idea.
Yeah, I'm not crazy
about it either.
You want to find out
who she is, or not?
Alright... yeah if that's what you think
is going to take to end this nightmare.
Well, it's been
over an hour.
If she doesn't call soon
I'm going to have to leave.
I understand.
Here we go.
Is she gone.
- Yes, I made her go home.
- Good.
Where are you?
In a very dark place.
I see.
Look, I'm sorry I made you angry
earlier, I was just messing with you.
Of course... I'm Eric.
- I know.
- And I'd like to see you again.
So maybe I could meet you
in a bar, or a coffee shop?
Oh don't worry,
you'll be seeing me soon enough.
What does that mean?
I'm going to find you, Eric.
And when I do.
I'll make you pay
for what you did to me.
What the hell
are you talking about?
Hey, Ellen?
She's gone.
Due to the nature of the threat, Detective
Starr will be working with me henceforth.
- Happy to have you aboard, detective.
- Thank you.
After conferring with detective
Tanner this morning
I got to thinking,
how many young women
by the name of Ellen
could there be living in a
community of thirty two thousand?
Surprisingly, there's over
a hundred.
However, only two of them
match the profile
we've created
for this particular person.
And unfortunately they both have
alibis for last night.
So where does that leave us?
We asked our boss to authorize
posting a squad car outside your home.
However, he turned us down.
It's a resource issue.
But, here's the good news.
We believe that if Ellen
actually saw you
she'd know right away
that you're not Eric.
We believe it's entirely
possible that your voices are similar
and that's why
she's pursuing him.
But, just to be on the safe side
we recommend that you install
a hi-tech security system.
We're barely making ends meet
as it is.
We simply can't afford it.
Well do you own a gun?
No... no.
We never like to encourage anyone
to bring a weapon into their home
but in this case,
you may want to consider it.
Sorry, not an option.
Well then all we can
is that you keep all your doors
and windows locked at all times.
And don't go out at night unless
it's absolutely necessary.
Actually we were going out
Here's to four years
of unwedded bliss.
And they said it wouldn't last.
Can't believe we're actually
toasting with water.
After the other night, I don't even
want to look at booze for a while.
I hear ya.
Don't look now.
But some chick is staring
at you from across the room.
- Seriously?
- I said don't look.
You don't think it's Ellen,
do you?
- Why don't you go ask her?
- What would I say?
I don't know, how about, "are you the psycho
bitch from hell, who thinks I'm Eric?"
The detective said that
Ellen is looking for Eric, not me.
Okay, get up
and walk to the bathroom.
- But I don't have to go.
- I just want to see what she does.
Fine, I'll go wash my hands,
- You're food is coming right up ma'am.
- Thank you.
Sure you don't want
something from the bar?
- What happened?
- She just took a picture of you.
Detective Tanner,
this is Chelsea Watkins.
Yeah, we're fine,
but listen.
I think we might
have found Ellen.
See ya, bitch.
- Si.
- Muchas gracias.
- So we'll wait, yeah?
- Yeah.
- Evening folks.
- Hey detective.
Thanks for coming,
have a seat.
Her name is Tammy Edwards.
Her divorce is final today.
And she thinks Tyler's hot.
I get that a lot.
Oh, here we go.
Sorry to waste your time detective,
we appreciate you coming down.
No worries,
it's my job.
Speaking of which,
are you two still looking for work?
I hate working banquets,
unless I get to bartend.
Still, it was sweet of detective
Tanner to recommend us.
- No calls.
- Ah, would you look at that.
Maybe she got the message.
One can only hope.
Oh man, I am going to sleep in
so late tomorrow.
No arguing here.
Come on... shit.
Where's the flashlight?
Uh, in the kitchen
- Chels'.
- What?
Come here, quick.
If you're looking for the
coffee, it's inside the--
Holy shit!
- What happened?
- You tell me.
How am I supposed to know?
I didn't even open the fridge last night.
I'm going to check the doors
and windows.
Everything's locked up, there's
no way anyone got in here without a key.
Well I guarantee the fridge
didn't open up
and expel its contents
by itself.
Thank you, I understand that.
I don't know, maybe...
one of us is sleepwalking or something.
And violent.
I don't know
what to tell you Chels'.
I thought it was funny when your
divorcee stalker had a handsome date.
Yeah, you know,
she was trying to make me jealous.
Hey, we left the doggy bag
in the car.
Ah, I'll go grab it.
Tyler... what the hell,
is going on?
I don't know.
Come here.
It's going to be okay.
That security system is starting to
look pretty good to me right now.
- Ya... did you leave the door open?
- No.
Wait, did you pick up
my jacket?
- No.
- Well that's weird,
because I distinctly remember
tossing it on the couch.
And I saw you do it.
You sure your aunt didn't have a few
house keys floating around somewhere?
No, we had the locks changed
before we moved in.
If you decide to install a security
system, this guy will work within a price.
- Alright thank you.
- Okay.
We're a phone call away
if you need us.
what you doing?
I think I'm going to put some
coffee on.
No... uh.
Stay in bed, it's Sunday
for Christ sake.
Can't we sleep in one day
a week?
No baby,
I got stuff to do.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Anything weird
go on this morning?
Actually, no.
- Thank God.
- Yeah.
- Hey babe, have you seen my wallet?
- No.
What's wrong?
Is that supposed to be
some sort of a joke?
Holy shit!
- Did you know about this?
- No, I didn't open up the refrigerator this morning.
Get rid of it!
Hey... where
did you find my wallet?
Right where you left it.
Well that's weird,
because I haven't been outside yet.
you get rid of the rat?
Yeah I did.
So look, I just got off
the phone with Bobby.
What do you say we head down
to L.A. for the day?
That shit
is unreal.
And the cops think that
Ellen chick is behind it all?
Bro, I don't really know
what they think.
Can we get you guys
anything else?
- Oh no, we're fine.
- I'm good.
You know, this ghostline thing reminds
me of a TV show I saw once as a kid.
What was it about?
Well, there was this telephone
pole next to a cemetery
and from his grave
a dead guy was able to communicate
with an old lady over the phone
or something like that.
Pumpkin, are you suggesting
they're being haunted by a ghost.
Well think about it... First the
phone calls, all at night, by the way.
The threat, and now bizarre
things happening in their house.
Heather, you're letting all these
ghosts on these shows go to your head.
- I mean, you don't really believe--
- I...
I think she's on to something.
Come on, don't tell me you
believe in that bullshit.
Do you have a better theory, Ty?
It's ridiculous.
Is that right?
Okay Mr. tough guy.
- You two can come stay with us for a couple of nights.
- I'm down with that.
Not me, sorry guys.
You told me yesterday you
were dying to see their house.
Yeah, but not with all this shit
going on.
Good call, girlfriend.
Well I'm still coming.
Actually man, it's probably best
to wait it out a couple of weeks.
Just until we get all this
stuff sorted out, you know.
By the way Heather,
I am so sorry
you did not get that part.
Ah thanks. You know
the frustrating thing
is that old creep ended up casting an actress,
who's only attribute was a huge rack.
And I don't even think
they were real.
Surprise, surprise.
I just think a good night's
rest is going to do us well.
Yeah, I think so.
What the hell.
Chels'... look.
We need to talk.
Look, whoever's doing this is
just trying to scare us away.
Well guess what...
it's working.
Tyler... I know it's
hard for you to fathom
but what if Heather's right?
Chelsea, it's going to take
a lot more than this
to convince me we have a ghost
living in our house, okay.
Hey! I'm not done
talking to you.
I'm just going to lock
the front door
and then hit the bathroom,
if that's okay with you.
Come on Chelsea,
I got to take a pee.
What, are you going to make
me go outside?
Who are you talking
Okay look.
You might think I'm crazy
but what happened last night
re-enforces my belief
that something very evil is in
our house.
You mean like a demon?
No... I'm thinking ghost.
What are you thinking, Tyler?
All I can say right now, is that my
belief system is in a state of upheaval.
You know, in the law
enforcement profession
we have to choose
our words very carefully
when it comes
to controversial issues
- such as the paranormal.
- As you can imagine
we're trained to approach
every situation
from a common sense
point of view.
I told you they wouldn't
believe us.
that's not what we're saying.
Off the record... we believe
that there's a distinct
that what you're experiencing is,
in fact... paranormal activity.
Okay, so how do we deal
with that?
I'm going to recommend
someone for you to talk to.
But first, we want
to bring you up to speed
on our investigation.
We located the folks who had the
number, that Ellen originally called.
- Okay.
- According to Mr. Dettweiller,
the main reason they left town
was to get away
from the nephew.
An unemployed construction worker,
by the name of Eric Chambers.
Apparently he'd been
leaching off him for years.
But here's the interesting part.
Eight years ago,
the police questioned Eric
regarding the disappearance
of his girlfriend,
Ellen Pendleton.
But unfortunately there
was no evidence of foul play
and Ellen's body
was never found.
We also need to point
out, that since then
there's been seven
other unresolved cases
of missing women in Lovejoy.
- Was this Eric guy suspected in any of those cases?
- No.
Here again,
no bodies, no evidence.
Now, about your little problem.
So then Marina and I decided
to form the Lovejoy paranormal society
or, L.P.S for short.
But we're not
restricted to Lovejoy.
Scott and I investigate hauntings
all over the south west.
so as ghost hunters, what's the craziest
thing you guys
have ever seen?
Go ahead.
Well I guess it would have to be the
apparition of a woman we encountered
at the old Linda Vista hospital
in L.A a few years ago.
And you saw her face
and everything?
It was more like
a human shaped shadow.
Let me tell you something.
It scared the crap out of us.
I think you have
some new admirers.
Yeah, I saw that earlier.
What can I say babe,
when you got it, you got it.
I remember the good old days, when the cute
girls used to look at me like that and smile.
- And now they laugh out loud?
- Yeah pretty much.
Anyone like any more coffee?
No thank you.
Right, so...
How do we do
this ghost hunting thing?
Well actually it's very simple.
We just need access
to your house for one night.
Okay, yeah.
Hello Ellen,
I'm Scott.
And this is Marina.
We mean you no harm.
We just want to talk with you.
Why are you doing all these nasty
things to Chelsea and Tyler, huh?
Justin, are you getting anything
on your camera?
- Nada.
- I don't see anything in here.
I don't know...
- Seems a little--
- Hey you know what, let's try the master bedroom.
Marina, this is really quiet in
here, I'm not finding anything.
Anything on your meter?
Nothing really.
It's really quiet.
You know what, Justin.
Why don't you go ahead
and cut the camera.
We're going to try
something else.
I'm not getting a damned thing.
I'm beginning to think these
folks are just messing with us.
- You know what, let's just do an EVP session.
- Okay.
What time is it?
Coming up on 2:00 am.
You want to pack it in?
Might as well, we're just
wasting our time here.
I'm pretty sure
that wasn't the wind.
Hey Justin,
grab your camera.
- Let's go.
- Copy that.
Are you ready?
Is anyone in here?
- Scott, this door didn't close by itself.
- I know.
Hey guys,
my battery just croaked.
I'm gonna go get a new one.
but make it fast.
Where the hell
did Justin go?
Er, Scott.
Oh my God!
- Let' try to make contact.
- Seriously?
- It's what we do, isn't it?
- Yeah but--
Hi, I'm Scott,
and this is Marina.
Are you Ellen?
We don't
mean you any harm.
We just want to talk.
Holy shit, let's get out of here!
Open the door.
- Marina, open the door!
- I'm trying!
Look, there are ghosts,
and there are poltergeists.
Which you traditionally describe
as malicious ghosts.
In my opinion... what you have
is a poltergeist.
And a very pissed off one
at that.
Did you guys catch her on tape?
- Unfortunately no.
- What does she want from us?
We have no idea.
How do we get rid of her?
Listen, I can't vouch
for this guy's credibility.
But he claims he can rid any
house of any malicious spirit.
Mort Castleberry?
I would call him if I were you.
Listen, we got to go.
Aren't you guys going to come
back, and pick up your stuff?
but do us a favor
Put it all in your driveway, because we're
never setting foot in that house again.
So this is Ellen, huh?
- Yup.
- She's very pretty.
So what are your plans?
Chelsea wants to leave.
Well, I can certainly
understand why.
- Thank you.
- And I assume you want to stay.
Look, the way things are going
with our acting careers right now,
this may be the only opportunity
we have to own property again.
Not if we sell it,
and use the money to buy something else.
Nothing's selling
in this town, Chels'.
Plus even if we were lucky enough to find
a buyer, we'd never get what it's worth.
Tyler's right.
This is one of the most depressed
real estate markets in the state.
So in other words,
we're stuck in this goddamn place?
You know what,
just take the car and go back to L.A.
I'm sure that Bobby and Heather will
let you crash with them for a few days.
Are you serious?
Look, maybe if I'm in the house
by myself
Ellen will reveal herself to me
and I can finally prove
I'm not the guy she's after.
No... if you're staying,
so am I.
- Chels', we have no idea what kind of--
- Excuse me.
Can I make a suggestion.
We really appreciate
this detective.
Well like I was saying,
I've got no family or social life to
speak of, so it's really not a problem.
And look, we're going to be
roomies for the next few days.
- Feel free to call me Nick.
- Alright, cool Nick, thanks.
Now look,
there's somewhere I need to be.
But you just got here.
I know, but I'll be back
before dark... don't worry.
Is there somewhere
I can put this bag?
Oh, I can take it, yeah.
Is that why you're here,
to talk about Ellen Pendleton?
That's right.
Well nothing's changed,
I still have no idea where she went.
You two were pretty close,
Yeah, you could say that.
Then we have good news for you.
- How so?
- We believe she's back in town.
Really... how do you know that?
For starters, she called
your old phone number.
Which was given to someone else,
and she asked for you?
And there are two people who
claim to have actually seen her.
Is that so?
Sure wasn't someone
who just looks like her.
No... they made a positive I.D.
Mr. Chambers,
I'm confused.
I'd have thought you'd be
thrilled to know that she's alive
and back in town.
Of course I am...
why wouldn't I be?
We're going to let you know that
because of this new information
we've officially
closed our case.
Have a nice day Mr. Chambers.
One more thing.
The people who saw her.
They said she seemed
very angry.
Do you have any idea why?
Chelsea, the sauce
is delicious.
It's my Sicilian grandmother's
special recipe.
Well I haven't had a home cooked meal in a
long time, let alone one as tasty as this.
Considering what you're doing
for us...
it's the least I could do.
Well, as a bachelor
who survives on
take out and fast food.
I sincerely appreciate it.
So how did Eric react,
when you told him Ellen was back in town?
In a word, surprised.
Where did you find him?
He was in this dive bar
down in Pine.
- Turns out the son of a bitch is a regular there.
- Hmm.
You didn't mention anything about
Ellen being a ghost, did you?
No of course not,
I didn't want to spook him.
Pun intended.
- Um, more wine Nick?
- Yes please.
- Hit me.
- I'll hit you.
Are you ready yet?
what are you doing?
- Tyler what is it?
- It was her.
- What happened?
- Ellen, she was just on top of me.
- Where did she go?
- I don't know.
You guys turned on the light
and she left.
I'll check out the house.
Come here.
Come and sit.
- Honey I'm so sorry.
- Where were you?
- I was turning off the TV.
- The TV, why was that on?
I don't know.
Maybe Nick forgot
to turn it off earlier.
Oh god.
- You okay?
- Yeah.
You sure it wasn't a dream?
Yeah, I was definitely awake.
You think it was Ellen.
Yeah I mean,
her face was all...
Shit, I can't even describe
how terrifying it was,
but it didn't look anything
like the picture.
Well, I'll stay up tonight
in case she comes back.
We appreciate that.
Nick... what's up?
What the fuck was that?
What just happened?
What am I doing in here?
- Why the hell are you on top of me?
- You tell me.
Is everyone alright?
We wouldn't have been,
if Tyler hadn't woken up when he did.
I'm so sorry... look.
Under the circumstances,
I think it's best if I go home.
That's okay Nick,
It's not your fault
I think you were possessed
by Ellen's ghost.
Wow, have you come a long way.
A few days ago, you refused to even
acknowledge the existence of ghosts,
and now you're suggesting
spirit possession?
Look, coming face to face with something
as terrifying as Ellen's apparition
is enough to change anyone's
perspective on the spirit world.
Plus the whole possession thing
makes a whole lot more sense
than Nick simply waking up in the middle
of the night, and trying to shoot me.
Actually the concept of spiritual
possession exists in many religions...
including Christianity
and Buddhism.
I studied religion in college.
Look, it's obvious
that up to this point
Ellen has just been
screwing around with you
but I think
in light of tonight's event...
it's perfectly clear
that she wants you dead.
We can't allow that to happen.
I agree
and that's why I think you should
get out while you still can.
Sure we can leave.
Get lucky and sell the house
but what if Ellen were to stick
around, and terrorize the new owners
I mean, what if they had kids?
- I see your point but--
- He's right.
Whether it's our fault or not...
we're still responsible
for Ellen being in this house.
And now it's up to us
to get rid of her.
That's very admirable...
but how do you propose to accomplish that?
Have you ever heard of a ghost
eradicator, named Mort Castleberry
Cleansing tools such as Sage,
incense sticks and holy water
are effective in reducing
and removing minor ghosts.
But eradicating
a troublesome spirit,
such as the one you describe...
will require much, much
more than that.
So how does you whole
detox program work?
I can't give away any trade
secrets, you understand.
What I can tell you,
is it conforms
to the six basic principles
of spiritual practice.
Which has its origins in,
my research science foundation.
Which is dedicated
to bridging the known
and the unknown worlds.
How long will this take?
Another common question.
That depends... it could take
all night.
And you're sure you don't
want us to stick around.
No, no that's not necessary...
I prefer to work alone.
- Okay then.
- Okay.
I guess we're out of here.
Ah, will a check be okay?
I know where you live.
I should be done here
in about an hour.
...yeah, no they're nice kids,
they're just, you know,
gullible like most people
who believe in this crap.
Well, I'll be there
when I get there.
Okay... alright.
Don't these people ever eat?
You and I
need to have a little chat.
Something creepy
about this house.
Case in point.
Probably a... open window.
I'm getting too old
for this shit.
Sweet mother Jesus!
Come on!
What the hell do you want?
Please... please leave me alone.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
Please, please let me go.
Hey please,
have some mercy.
If you let me go,
I'll never bother you again
I swear.
Guess I showed that stupid bitch
who's boss.
Oh crap.
[bones crunch
The coroner confirmed that the
cause of death was a broken neck.
Oh my God.
How did this happen?
I think we all know
the answer to that question.
Look, what we have here
is a very sticky situation.
We know for a fact that you two
were elsewhere when he died...
but, there's no way we're ever
going to convince our captain.
And the D.A,
that our perp' is a ghost.
Then how will you explain it?
The only logical explanation,
is that.
He was killed
by an intruder.
- Ty'
- Hm.
What is it?
I was just thinking that if we
could get Eric to come here...
then we could finally convince Ellen that
I'm not him, and she would leave us alone.
Mr. Jantzen.
Listen to me.
Eric Chambers is bad news.
You don't want him anywhere near
you, or your lady.
Trust me on that.
A much better plan, would be for
the two of you to move out of this house
and leave town, immediately.
- We'll consider it.
- In the meantime.
This house is a crime scene.
Until we complete
our investigation...
you'll need to stay elsewhere.
She snapped his neck?
- Like a twig.
- Holy crap.
Please tell me,
you're not going back there.
Are you two nuts?
Ty' has a plan.
To do what,
get yourselves killed?
Look, all we need to do,
is lure that asshole back to the house.
Tyler believes that seeing Eric
will make Ellen realize,
that she's haunting the wrong guy.
Okay, let's say this works.
In light of what happened
to Mort..
how do you stop her from killing
Good question babe.
The way I see it...
that's his problem.
- Hold it.
- Oh come on girl, you used to run circles round me.
Give me a break,
will ya.
With all the crap we've had
going on lately
jogging's been the last thing
on our minds.
Yeah well, truth be told,
I could use a breather myself.
Oh... it's a text from Tyler.
Uh, he says the audition was
a huge waste of time
and he's much rather be jogging
with us instead.
Bummer, is he at the apartment?
No, he's at Costco.
Says he'll meet us at us
at Jerry's Delhi at one.
He also says,
"don't forget to shower"
"but not together".
Ain't gonna touch that one.
What time do you think Heather
will be done with her shoot?
Hard to say,
could be kind of late.
What time are you and Tyler heading out tomorrow?
I'd say no later than noon.
Ah, I wish you could
stay longer.
Me too and listen, we really appreciate
you letting us stay at your place.
- Hey you'd do the same thing for us.
- Hmm.
I just wish you didn't
have to go back to that damn house.
Last one to the bench
buys lunch.
You do understand why
we have to go back there, right?
Yeah, but it doesn't mean
I have to like it.
Believe me, I'm not a hundred
percent sold on Tyler's plan either.
But right now,
it looks like our best option.
A man died in our house.
I know,
but are you absolutely sure
it was Ellen, I mean who's
to say it wasn't an intruder.
It was her.
Look, we just don't want
to lose you too.
Not going to happen.
Okay, if you're bound and
determined to go through with it,
then please reconsider
my offer.
Bobby, you know
how I feel about guns.
- Besides neither of us--
- Girl, why are you being so stubborn?
I'm not, it's just... I...
Then do it for me.
And Heather.
Okay... I'll talk
to Tyler again tonight.
Thank you.
I just, can't wait
for all of this to be over
so we can go back to focusing
on our acting careers.
Look, I hear you.
- We should get back.
- Yup.
Hey... you want to race?
No way, I want
to quit while I'm ahead.
- Chicken.
- Mm hmm.
I have to admit, I'm a little bit
surprised to see you two back here.
Well it's our home detective,
and we've got every right to fight for it.
Why do I have this knawing feeling in my
gut, that you two are up to something.
I don't know Nick,
maybe it's something you ate.
Yeah, you really should
lay off that fast food, buddy.
I hope you guys aren't planning
on doing something stupid, like..
perhaps making contact
with Eric Chambers.
- No...
- Don't know what you're talking about...
Like you said,
he's a really bad dude, so...
By the way, even though he
signed off on the intruder theory
the D.A might still want
to talk to you, at some point
so, keep us apprised
of your whereabouts.
Alright, will do.
You're sure you want
to go through with this?
I don't think we have a choice.
Betty, give me another.
I don't think so, slick.
You're tab's already
out of control.
Come on doll,
you know I'm good for it.
When's the last time
you worked?
A while ago, but look I've got
a big job coming up next week.
I'll pay you on Friday.
The entire tab?
Every cent.
Okay... but if you let me down.
I'll 86 your ass faster than
a hooker at a truck stop.
Alright, no need for drama.
- Thanks sugar.
- Uh huh.
- What'll it be hun?
- Glass of wine.
- House will do.
- White or red?
- White please.
- You got it.
May I help you?
Oh, I'm sorry,
I didn't mean to stare.
Not used to seeing a woman like
you, in a place like this.
Woman like me?
What I meant to say was,
a classy and attractive woman like you.
Ah... bet you say that to anyone
with tits.
Honey... watch out
for this one.
I haven't seen you around
before, are you new in town?
I've been here a while,
I just don't get out much.
So what brings you out tonight?
Well if you must know, I just booted
my no good boyfriend out of the house
and I'm in the mood
to celebrate.
Are you now...
I'm Eric.
I got to tell you Eric,
I haven't laughed
like this in a long time.
You're a real fun guy.
In more ways
than you know, baby.
But it's getting kinda late,
I should go home.
Come one now,
I thought you wanted to celebrate.
I do but... uh look.
I've already had one D.U.I
I can't risk getting another.
I hear you doll.
And I've got the perfect
solution to that problem.
Which is?
Got any booze at your place?
Whoa cowboy.
I barely know you.
Hey... we'll have a few drinks,
a few laughs.
And I'll go home.
Wasn't someone murdered
on this street last week?
Yeah, it was only
four houses down.
Tragic event.
Uh, so make yourself at home.
I'm going to get into something
more comfortable.
You got it, doll.
Don't tell me,
the no good boyfriend?
Guess again asshole.
Alright man,
just stay cool.
I will if you will.
What the hell is this,
some kind of a shakedown?
- We just want to talk.
- About what?
About what you did to Ellen.
Ellen Pendleton,
I didn't do nothing to her.
Yeah you sure did.
You killed that poor girl,
and then disposed of her body.
Hold on now, the cops just
told me she's back in town.
- So I couldn't have killed her.
- Oh she's back alright.
Just not how you think.
Ellen, you want to come out
here, and meet the real Eric?
Ellen, here's your chance to get
even with the guy who murdered you.
You guys are bat shit crazy.
- Tyler!
- Let her go.
Put it down man, or I'll cut
her, I'm serious I'll do it!
- Tyler.
- Okay.
Now back away.
- Please.
- I take it back.
You aren't crazy.
You're just stupid.
Guess I could make it look like
a home invasion.
- Yeah...
- that would work.
Now I just have to decide
whether to shoot ya,
or cut your throats.
Look we're not going to say
anything to anyone.
I'm going to make
damn sure of that.
What a shame.
I was looking forward
to having some fun with you.
Maybe I still can.
- I'd rather be dead.
- Look.
If you're just going to kill us,
why not tell us what happened to Ellen.
Sure, why not.
- Dead people can't talk, right?
- Yeah.
You'd be surprised.
Well... it so happens that Ellen
was my first kill.
There were others?
Oh yeah... seven.
To be exact.
But you know what?
The first one.
Was by far the sweetest.
Get your filthy hands
off of her.
The stupid bitch tried
to dump me.
Like I was
going to let that happen.
Come on man,
let's just talk about this, okay?
She begged me not to kill her.
But the more she begged,
- the more I wanted to choke the life out of her--
- Eric stop!
I'll give you anything you want,
I'll give you this goddam house, just stop!
But, since I got to make
this look like a home invasion,
it just makes more sense
to shoot ya.
These eight... women you killed.
How did you dispose
of their bodies?
Buried them down the road
from my uncles house.
Ellen got the nicest spot
Right under an old
scrub oak tree.
Now that I
got that off my chest,
it's time for you two to die.
Is there someone else here?
Maybe, why don't you
go take a look.
I believe I will.
Don't go nowhere.
Come out, come out,
where ever you are.
Hurry up.
I know you're here somewhere.
I'm gonna find you
sooner or later.
So you might as well
show yourself.
Really starting to piss me off!
I don't know what kind of goddam game
you're playing, but I've had enough of it.
Shit! Ellen?
You're supposed to be dead
goddam it.
Oh no.
Tyler, Tyler.
Ellen please don't.
He had nothing
to do with your death.
Be at peace.
Thanks to the information
you were able to extract from Eric.
We already found
five of the eight bodies,
including Ellen's.
It's only a matter of time
before we find the other three.
- Well at least in will bring closure to their families.
- Indeed.
Okay, well we'll let you folks
get back to what you were doing.
- Alright, hey thanks for everything detective.
- You folks take care.
Notice how pleasant it's been
round here the past few nights.
It's been pretty nice not having
to sleep with one eye open.
Another unknow caller.
Should I answer it?
Yeah there's no sense in being
paranoid, go ahead put it on speaker.
Hello Dianna.
Dianna, I'm not...
Who is this?
You don't recognize my voice?
It's me... Eric.
- Eric Chambers?
- Yes.
We have some
unfinished business, Dianna.
See you soon.
I'm coming for you