Ghosts of the Void (2023) Movie Script

(industrial sounds)
(peephole cover swooshing)
(electrical zapping, buzzing)

(engine rumbling)

(brakes squeak)
(engine shuts off)
(keys rattling)
Are you sure you're okay
we passed on the motel?
I'm sure.
There are other options.
You know Rachel and Alex
would let us crash on the couch
for as long as we needed.
All we'd have to do is ask.
I know.
And there is your mom.
I mean, I'm not saying
we go that route,
-but it is an option.
-Tyler, please.
It's just one night, you know,
let's just get some sleep.
In the morning,
we'll come up with a gameplan
like you said.
(Jen sighs)
I'm fine.
I didn't mean to snap.
I'm sorry.
That was not a snap.
But even if it had been,
I think we're both entitled
to a little stress right now,
you know?
I'm fine.
Just as long as no one
bothers us out here.
This side of town?
(Tyler scoffs)
Worst case scenario,
some Karen spots us
on her late night jog,
gets a little nosey.
Yeah, I dare a bitch
to try me tonight.
That's the spirit.
(paper rustling)
Aw, come on.
I got your favorite.
You get something
to spread that?
(Tyler laughs)
Who are you talkin' to?
Well, check out Top Chef
over here.
(Tyler chuckles)
I'm just gonna
get some fresh air.
Do what you gotta do.
Hey, start the car.
Run the heat for a little bit.
(engine starts, radio playing)
It's time to take
that next big step...
Hey, Jen.
...for your growing family.
We're gonna get through this.
Because you're a part
of our family,
-Security One Bank is here...
-Yeah. make this step
as painless as possible.
(engine rumbling)
(indistinct speaking on radio)

(swing chains clattering)

(muffled lyrics)

(distant dog barks)
(paper rustling)


(swing chains clatter)
(engine rumbling)
(muffled lyrics continue)

(indistinct hammering)
(wind rustling softly)

And you're my girl
(muffled lyrics continue)

Probably shouldn't run
the engine too long.
We're low on gas.
(Jen sighs)
Is that the country club
through those woods?
I don't know.
If we...
Yeah, I think it is.
Check if they have free wi-fi.

The country club?
Oh, wait, shit.
They probably have like--
like a bed made for us.
-Maybe--maybe some coffee
I think they might have, like,
that new hot tub.
I'm gonna forgive
this sarcasm
because I know that it means
you're feelin' better.

All right, I'll check for you.
Thank you.
(Jen growls)
No free wi-fi.
No free anything.
How stingy.
What did you expect?


Does this bread
taste stale to you?

Oh, it expired.
(Tyler chuckles)
(Tyler laughs)
(Jen spits)
PB is still good.

Only the one knife, though,
if you don't mind sharing.
(indistinct speaking on radio)
It is cold out there tonight.
Let me know--
You remember that motel
we stayed at
when we took that trip
out west,
I wanna say my junior year?
The one with all the burned bugs
in the porch light.
Oh, God.
Do it now.
Could have gone
the rest of my life
without remembering that smell.
(indistinct speaking on radio)
Oh, and the--the woman
at the ice machine.
Oh my gosh, I almost forgot.
She wanted your business bad.
I know she did.
I listened to her sales pitch.
I already had
everything I needed with me
in that shit-smelling room.
God, what a dump.
Good trip though.
Even with my nerdy-ass
dragging you
to all those old mining towns?
I liked seeing you
get inspiration
for your stories.

It was a good trip.
Good year.
(indistinct lyrics on radio)

It's gonna be good again.
We just gotta get past
this moment.
You know?
You sure?
I'm full.
Yeah, me too.

Shit, the blankets and pillows
are in the trunk.
Why did you put 'em
in there?

I don't know.
Everything was moving so fast.
(indistinct lyrics on radio)
Why'd we put
the fucking mattress
on the roof?
(Tyler laughs)
Because they're expensive.
You think
we should have left it?
There's no telling when
we'll get into a new spot.
We can't keep driving
around with it like this.
Yeah, I guess not.
(Tyler laughs)
I don't know, I think
we're gonna find something
sooner than you think.
I got a good feeling.
(Tyler laughs)
You know, we can dream.
Well, my unemployment
should kick in next week,
assuming there's no problems.
But if we find a place
that can take us,
then maybe we can--
I can scrounge together enough
for a down payment.
But until then...
And that's assuming that they
won't garnish my unemployment.
No, they can't do that, right?
(indistinct lyrics on radio)

How did I let things
get so out of hand?

When's the last time you slept?
Maybe two nights ago.
For sure fuckin' didn't sleep
last night.
Just stared up at the ceiling
knowing that Connie
wasn't gonna give us
another extension.
And that I fucked up
our entire lives.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
People struggle.
But the strong ones
bounce back.
And we're strong.
(indistinct lyrics on radio)

I'm gonna buckle down,
find something,
whatever I can get.

I should have done it
a long time ago.

We don't have to talk
about this now.
Let's just get some sleep.

What the hell?
(fireworks popping, exploding)
It's gotta be the country club
through those woods.
I heard some towns are doing
delayed July 4th celebrations
because of all the lockdowns
this summer.
That's stupid.
You know, it could also just be
a wedding or something.
At least someone's got something
to celebrate tonight.
(fireworks popping, exploding)

Hey, pop the trunk,
I'll get the pillows
and blankets.


The latch doesn't work,
(fireworks popping, exploding)



(fireworks popping, exploding)

(bag rustling)

(guitar rendition
of The Star-Spangled Banner)
(muffled fireworks
popping, exploding)

(trunk slams)
Hey, that wasn't a--a cop
or a park ranger or something,
-was it?
-I don't know.
I didn't get a look.
(Tyler grunting)
If it was,
they didn't stop,
so that's a good thing, right?
I grabbed your pills,
by the way,
in case you need help sleepin'.
Oh, babe,
I stopped taking these
the same time you stopped
taking your meds.
When was that?
When we lost
our health insurance.
These are way expired now.
(Tyler sighs)
But thank you.
It was very, very sweet of you
to think of them.
I don't know, how do
sleeping pills expire?
They just put that
on the bottle
so you'll throw 'em out
and buy more.
Maybe, I don't know.
I needed off of them anyway.
I wasn't digging the way
they messed with my head.
(both sighing)
Don't take 'em
if you don't want to.
I just figured
you could use 'em.
(wind howling softly)
We're gonna be fine.
Just lay your seat back
and try to relax, okay?
(seat thuds)
Is that your chair?
We should have pawned it
with all that other stuff.
I saw a dumpster back there
when we were coming in.
Tyler, you're not gonna
throw out your chair.
It helps you write.
I can just move it, it's fine.
I'm throwing it away.
(door opens)
You don't--
It's fine.
It's like with the mattress.
We were just throwin' stuff
in here not thinkin'.
I don't need it.
It's gonna be so much better
without it.
You really don't need
to do this.
-It's fine.
-It's your chair.
I don't need it.
Fuckin' garbage anyway.
(wind rustling softly)

How's that?
(seat thuds)
You're happy.
Forget about the chair.
(Tyler inhales, sighs)
I know I said that we didn't
have to talk about it,
but we can if you want to.
I'm fine.
Really, I think we both
just need to get some sleep.

(Tyler inhales, groans softly)

(Tyler sighs)
(groaning softly)

(Jen groans softly)

You only snuggle when
you're excited about something.

I had
a really interesting dream.
I think this one
could really be something.

The novel?
Let's hear it.

Let me start writing it first.
Make sure it's really something
before I start talking about it.
(Jen sighs)

Okay, fine, don't tell me.
I'll wait.

Hey, do you think we could
get an advance from a publisher
if you showed 'em
a few solid chapters?
You are a published writer.

Okay, never mind, sorry.
No pressure.

I can't wait to read it.

I had a dream too.
We just bought a house.
And it was perfect.

Except that everything
was upside down.

Upside down?
Yeah, like--like the furniture
was on the ceiling.
And all the realtor kept saying
was that the previous owner
had really tall kids.

We're gonna be okay.

I think so too.

(vehicle approaching)
(engine rumbling)

(vehicle departing)
(exhales sharply)
It's okay.
It's okay, Jen.
It's all gonna be okay.

(pamphlet thuds)

(cart clattering)

-(horn beeps)
What's goin' on?
I just got the shit
scared out of me.
Oh, what happened?
Some--some homeless guy
was just--
was just staring into the car,
just--just--just looking at me,
just staring into the car.
A homeless guy?
On this side of town?
We're on this side of town.
Okay. Hey, hey, hey.
Just try and relax.
Do you need to do
your grounding thing?
What is it, uh,
five things you can see.
I'm fine, I'm fine, I'm fine.
He left a note,
he left a note or something.
I don't know what it is.
Well, let's just find out.
Look at that.
God has a plan for us.
Isn't that dandy?
I wonder
if there's something in here
about a refund policy.
(Jen marvels)
You know,
that guy's probably seen
police run people
out of here before.
I bet he was just tryin'
to warn us.
Of course he is.
We're on the stand your ground
side of town.
God knows what he's seen them
do to people.
I mean, I'm pretty sure
if the police did come
the worst thing they can do
is ask us to move along.
You don't know that, Tyler.
We don't know
what the ordinances are.
Neither of us
bothered to look that up
before we decided
to camp out here.
This is so stupid.
What were we thinking?
The motel is $30.
We got $40
from the pawn shop, so...
(Tyler sighs)
It's just I did say
we had options.
Do you want to go
to that motel or not?
I don't know, I'm paralyzed.
I can't make
any more decisions tonight.
Yeah, let's go to the motel.
(keys jangle)
You don't have to do anything.
You can just go to sleep.
I'm driving, so...
I'm so sorry.
That came out way judgier
than I meant it.
It's fine.
(Jen sniffs)
I know that you're upset.
I'm not upset.
I'm just tired.
And you know what?
I have really been trying
to stay positive
and sensitive
to your anxiety
about all of this.
But I'm struggling too.
Yeah, and I told you
that you can talk about it.
I don't wanna talk about it.
I would like to go to sleep.
But you won't even try
to relax.
A man was just staring
into our car, Tyler.
Just go to the motel then.
(Jen sighs)
I'm gonna go pee first.
You can't hold it?
The hotel's all the way
across town.
I'm just gonna go in the woods
real quick.
(door closes)
(engine starts)
(crunching footsteps)
I've got another
little life hack for you.
Did you know
the average household
spends more than $4,000 a year
on restaurants?
With a little planning
and effort...
(indistinct speaking on radio)
(liquid sloshing)
(cap twisting on)
(liquid sloshing)
(distant eerie howling sound)


(indistinct lyrics on radio)

Hey, uh...
We'd use up
what gas we have left
getting back across town.
After we pay for the room
and what we already spent
on the peanut butter
and the bread,
we wouldn't have enough cash
to fill up again.
We still don't know
what we're doing tomorrow
and what we're gonna need.
This is how our debt crept up
on us in the first place,
us not thinking things through.
(indistinct lyrics on radio)
So you wanna stay?
But yes.

If a cop comes,
we'll leave,
but we're not gonna
run ourselves out.
-Not if we don't have to.
Right, I think
that's the smart choice.
(indistinct lyrics on radio)

(keys jangling)
(engine shuts off)
(Jen sighs)
Now I feel bad.
About what?
How I reacted to that poor man.
He was just trying to help us.
(man grunts)
(cart clattering)
It must be lonely out here,
people assuming the worst
about you.

Well, you're more thoughtful
than I am, I'll say that.


(door opens)
You're really fine
staying out here?
Just try and get some sleep,
all right?

I don't need them, I'm fine.
Thank you.

Hey, park's closed.
You can't be here right now.

Do you hear me?
You can't be here.

(sniffling, sighing)

I claimed this place already.
You gotta go someplace else.
(engine revving)

Stop doing this.
You need to go to sleep.
You have a lot
to figure out tomorrow,
so close your eyes
and go to sleep.


(soft clanging)
What are you doing?
You didn't feel that?
-Feel what?
You're still all freaked out
from that homeless guy.
You need to get some sleep.
I almost was asleep.
Listen, what time is it?
Just take one, okay?
If they're expired,
all that means
is they're not as strong,
so maybe take two.
Something shook the car, Tyler.
All right, get some fresh air.
I know I put the thing
in here somewhere.
(deep inhale and exhale)
Hey, you know what? It's fine.
Really, it was probably nothing.
Actually, now that I'm out,
I think I'm gonna take a walk.
A walk?
Yeah, uh...
I just need to clear my head.
Do what you gotta do.
(dog barking)


(sighing, clicking)


The fuck?

(heavy breathing)

(leaves crunching)

Hey, I'm sorry.
I know it's been
a rough few days.
I just needed
to get my head straight,
but it's passed.
It's a condition.
You should never feel guilty
about it.
I'm here for you.
I always am.
I'm just glad
you're feeling better.
I am better.
I even got a little workout in
after I hit my pages.
Look at you go.
You know, I think I might
start writing at that cafe
down the street during the day.
-Get me out of this place.
I think that'll help too.
Whatever you gotta do.
This time next year,
I can feel it,
I will be a published writer.
You are a published writer.
Fine, a published novelist.
Don't belittle
the short story collection.
No one else in your class
has that honor.
Hm, I like this one.
The focus is janky.
Yeah, but the way you captured
the light in his eyes...
What's his name?
(Jen sighs)
What's wrong?
(Jen groans)
I wasn't gonna tell you
if you were still in your low,
but I got another call
from a creditor today.
I hung up on them
and now I'm paranoid about it.
I thought you were gonna talk
to that bankruptcy lawyer.
Yeah, I was,
but it's just, like,
a really intrusive process,
you know?
They go through everything.
I just wish I could pause time
long enough to get a grip,
get caught up.
But you don't need to worry
about it, I got it covered.
Okay? You just focus
on your writing.


(heavy breathing)



(engine starting)
Forever stuck
You're in America

You're in America


You're in America

Don't hold back
You're in America
(indistinct lyrics)

Don't hold back
Well, we've been listening
to a couple local artists
who've been doing pretty well
for themselves lately.
But you know who's not
doing so well right now?
That stupid bitch Jen Wilson.
How pathetic is her situation?
I mean, come on,
get your shit together already.
Stop making excuses.
If getting yourself
back on track
is what you're looking for,
there's a place
you can go for that.
Are you feeling overwhelmed?
Worried about tomorrow?
At Lifetime Church,
there's a place for you.
(muffled radio chatter)

(squeaking, grunting)

(indistinct radio chatter)
(horn blaring)
With us, you can.
That's because our goal
is to make a deal
that works for you
because this is America,
where everyone--
(horn blaring)
So head on down to Cannon Auto.
It's America's lot,
where you don't leave
until we make a deal.
Great folks down there
at Cannon Auto.
Honest, trustworthy,

Why didn't you answer me?
I'm answering you now.
What's going on?
...trespass a residential...
(muffled radio chatter)
(engine puttering)
What the hell?


We should get in the car
and call the cops.
If we call the cops,
they might give us a ticket.
Well, we were willing to roll
the dice earlier with that.

You see anyone else out here
besides that homeless guy?
Um, no, other than the person
who drove up earlier.
Why? Have you?
Saw a couple tents
back in the woods.
-Looked like meth heads.

Don't think it was them, though.
These things are expensive.

I bet it was some teenagers
from this neighborhood
fucking with us.

Honestly, I don't care
who it is.
It's for the police
to figure out.
You know, I've seen
some videos on YouTube
about these things.
They're pretty easy
to break off
if you just back over 'em
On these tires?
We're lucky we haven't had
a blowout already.
The tread's
almost completely gone.

Then, maybe I can break it off
with something.

Here, hold this.

What's wrong with this latch?
The latch doesn't work, Tyler.
Use the keys.
The first night
of the rest of our lives

Someone was standing
in the trees.
(indistinct lyrics)

Joke's over!
Come take this thing off,
or I'm gonna break it!
(indistinct lyrics)

(radio stops)
I know I put that fucking thing
in here somewhere.
(thudding, jingling)
(grunting continues)
Okay, you're probably right
that it's just kids,
but we have been being harassed
a lot lately.
Harassed? What do you mean,
the phone calls?
Yeah, the phone calls,
the wage garnishment.
I mean, they contacted my boss.
And I never told you this,
but I'm pretty sure
they called my mom
at some point.
-Maybe Rachel too.
-They can't do that, Jen.
No, they can't, but they do.
These third parties
are way less regulated.
Third parties?
What the fuck
are you talking about?
The third-party collectors.
The people who bought our debt.
The people who bought my debt.
The people that are suing us.
Sometimes they do things
they're not supposed to do.
They--they hire guys
to intimidate people like this.
I've read about this,
it's all over the news.
It's just kids playing a prank.
You read too much crap
on the internet.
Now I know it's been
a long day--
Okay, don't take this
the wrong way, Tyler,
but I think I know
a little bit more about this
than you do.
And I'm just telling you
that I've had this feeling
like we've been being watched
for a while now.
Jen, please, just go sit
in the car and try to relax.
No, and, and if we were
being followed,
and they knew that we were
being evicted, then--
Jen! Get in the fucking car
and do your breathing thing
before you give yourself
a goddamn panic attack!
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean
to lose my temper.
I'm fine, okay, please,
just go sit in the car.
I don't need the light.
Have you been drinking?
What would I have been drinking,
I don't know, Tyler.
But we have $40 to our name,
so I really can't imagine
you would've put any of it
towards booze
when you went
into that gas station earlier.
But I know that temper.
I'm fine.
Okay? I'm fine.
Please just give me
a little bit of space.
Okay? Please.
(heavy breathing)

(thudding continues)

(crickets chirring)

Tyler? Tyler, honey.
Okay, okay.
(Tyler groans)

If we could just refill
his prescription,
maybe get him
a session of therapy.
He had a few sessions
before we lost our insurance.
It seemed to do him
a lot of good.
At a certain point,
he has to help himself.
He's trying, but he needs
professional help.
He needs a job.
He's looking,
he's been looking.
I'm not talking
about writing gigs.
He needs a job,
full-time with benefits.
This is adulthood, Jennifer.
Tyler might have been
a big deal in college,
-but that won't pay the bills.
-Oh my God.
You think this is
a matter of pride?
If you don't want to help us,
that's fine.
Just--just say so.
I can help you
with a few bills maybe,
but I'm not gonna let you
throw away my money,
your husband's feelings.

You there?

I'm handling the bills,
I don't need help with that.
Are you still getting
those calls
from the debt collectors?
I'm handling the bills.
You're still doing
your photography for free?
It's not for free, Mom.
It's pay what you can.
It's neighborhood people,
people who need headshots
for resumes
or family photos
but can't afford it.
It's just something I do,
it's not a career.
I don't have the gear
or the skills
to charge real money for it.
You could've.
You need to leave him, Jen.
-I can't do that.
-Why not?

Because I don't know what
he'd do to himself if I did.

And I love him.
You loved him when you two
were still in college,
when life was easier.
But love isn't always enough
when you grow up.
I'm worried about what happens
to you if you stay,
-how he treats you.
-He treats me just fine.

He only ever hurts himself.

I heard you.

I heard you on the phone
talking about me.
I heard what you said.

It's fine.
You don't owe me anything.
It's not about
owing you anything.
I love you.
Even if you do, it doesn't mean
you wouldn't be better off
without me.
As long as you keep
indulging me,
this is gonna be
your lot in life, Jen.

You're drunk, sleep it off.

-Jen, I said I needed...
-Do you hear that?

(drone whirring)
See? It's a joke.
Some little perv
is messing with us.
Okay, get in the car,
we're calling the cops.
-Jen, I can deal with that.
-Tyler, get in the car.
Get in the car!
(whirring continues)

Help me cover up the windows.

The back windows too.
Hurry up.

I think we should
just try my idea.
If we blow the tire,
we have the spare.
It'll be fine.
Okay, okay.
-All right.
-What do I do?
-Just put the car in reverse
and take it slow and easy.
It's gonna work, watch.
All right.
Oh, shit!

I left the keys
hanging from the fucking trunk.
-It's fine, I'll get 'em.
-Wait, wait, wait, wait.
-It might still be there.
So what?
I'm getting 'em.
-What was that?
-I don't know.
(heavy breathing)
(slamming, squeaking)
Fuck this, man.
No, shh, shh, shh.
-Are they gone?
-I don't know.
(slamming, squeaking)
-I'm getting those keys back.
-No, stop, stop, stop, stop.
-It sounds like they ran off.
-You don't know that.
Just--I'm gonna get the keys.
It's gonna be fine, okay?
Here, you keep the flashlight.
It'll be okay.
I'll be right back.
Tyler, are you...
(car door closing)
They took the fucking keys.
Let's just gather this up,
and then we are calling
the police.
Fuck this.
I'm taking care of this shit.

What are you doing, Tyler?

Okay, Tyler, calm down, baby.
Whoever's out there,
come out now!

You know what?
I'm calling the police, okay?

Tyler, come back
with the phone!





(heavy breathing)


(leaves rustling)


(heavy breathing)

(heavy breathing)


(labored breathing)

Oh, oh.
(heavy breathing)

Oh, God.
(labored breathing)

(breathing heavily)
Five things you can see.
Thumbtacks, Bungees,
mirror, tassels,
picture of us.
Four things you can touch.
(breathing heavily)
a seatbelt,
the blanket that my grandmother
made for our wedding,
the steering wheel.
The steering wheel of my car,
which I control.

Three things you can hear.

(breathing deeply)
Three things you can smell.
Stale upholstery.
My own sweat.

One thing you can taste.

(exhaling heavily)

You're in control
of the situation.

You're in control
of the situation.
You're in control
of the situation.
You're in control
of the situation.
You're in control
of the situation.
You're in control
of the situation.
You're in control
of the situation.
You're in control
of the situation.
(leaves rustling)
Stupid little fuckers.
What the fuck?
(breathing heavily)
Give me back my keys, man.
Did you hear me?
Give me back my fucking keys!
Ah, fuck!

No, what the fuck, man?
No, uh, uh, uh--
No, no, no, all right,
please, please, please!
Please don't do this, man,
come on!
you don't have to do this!
Please, no!




(breathing heavily)
Who are you people?
What do you want?

Professional help.
He treats me just fine.
Yeah, a few sessions,
but we lost our insurance
It seemed to do him a lot of good.
He only ever hurts himself.
I finished it.
-And it was good!
It was--
it was really good.
It was so good,
it's a really good first draft.
I'm so proud of you!
Thank you
for letting me read it.
(wind whistling)
-It's not a first draft.
I've been working on that book
for months.
Yeah, I know,
but it's the first time
that you've shown it.
That doesn't mean
it's a first draft.
Okay, sorry,
it's not a first draft.
It's not a first draft.
I'm sorry I said
it was a first draft.
(chimes clinking)
-But it's--
-So it's not--
you don't think it's ready?
No, I mean--
Well, do you want--?
I thought you wanted
my--my feedback, my--
I do want your feedback.
So I thought
it was really great.
You thought it was great
as a first draft.
I thought it was great
as the first time
that I've read it, and--
So that's not a first draft,
that's your first read-through.
I thought it was a great
first read-through for me,
so thank you for that.
I think you are
a brilliant writer
and everything you write
is gold.
(car door thudding)
Mm, Tyler.
(leaves rustling)
(exhaling heavily)
Good, you're back.

Back from where?
Pfft, from the woods.

You get the keys?
(clearing throat)
What are you talking about?
You--you charged into the woods
to get the keys back.

Jen, that was three nights ago.

I got the keys back, remember?
Got the keys and scared off
those little punks.

Wait, that was three nights ago?
Why are we--
why are we still here
if you got the keys?

No one leaves
without paying their debt, Jen.

Okay, Jen.
Okay, go get 'em.
(breathing deeply)
Go get 'em.

Jen, Jen.
(labored breathing)

-Oh, no.
-Can you hear me?
-I'm sorry.
Where's the phone?
Tyler, where's the phone?
I'm sorry, I don't know.
Did you drop it?
Tyler, we need the phone,
we need to call 911,
-we need to get you help.
Okay, let's get you to the car.
You're okay!
Okay, okay.
Okay, um.

Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit.
They're not kids, Jen.
They're not kids.
(labored breathing)
we have to give them something.
We have to.
Or neither of us
will make it
out of this alive--


What do you want?

What do you want?

I'm living
out of my fucking car!
I have nothing left to give you!

I'm not playing your game.
Get up.
Get up, Tyler.
We're walking out of here.
I'm gonna carry you.
They can stop us if they try,
but I'm not gonna let you
bleed out in this lot.

What are you doing?

Leave him alone!

No, no, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no, stop!
I said stop!
Please, please, please, please,
no, no, no, no, no, no.
Stop it, stop it, stop, stop,
stop, stop, stop, no!
(breathing heavily)
No, no, no, no, no, no, stop,
no, this isn't happening,
this isn't happening,
this isn't happening.
No, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no, no.
No, no, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no.
No, no, no, it's not real,
it's not real,
it's not real,
I'm still dreaming.

What do you want?

Get up, get up.
Tyler, get up.

(door squeaking)
(keys jingling)
Stupid bitch.
(indistinct remarks)

Stupid bitch.
(indistinct remarks)

Okay, okay,
all right.
I can't carry you anymore.
I'm gonna find help.
Oh, shit.
(inaudible), okay.

Okay, okay.
I'm gonna find the country club.
I need you to just--
just stay here,
just--just stay low
and don't fall asleep.
Okay, I'll be--I'll be back.
(footfalls thudding)
(breathing heavily)



I'm sorry, okay?
It has nothing to do
with your writing,
it has to do with me.
I--I just can't think about
anything else anymore
or anyone.
All I can think about
is our rent,
and how we're gonna
pay off our debt,
and whether or not
my unemployment application
is gonna go through this time.
I'm just--I'm just--I'm--
I'm in survival mode
all the time
and I just have become
this incredibly selfish person,
and so I'm sorry
that I didn't have this--
this deep emotional connection
to your characters.
It doesn't mean that the book
wasn't objectively good.

It wasn't good enough to
break through our shitty lives.
It wasn't good enough.
Okay, that's not fair, Tyler.
It's not--
Our situation sucks, okay?
It's--it's affecting your mind.
It's affecting
both of our minds.
Where are you going?
Tyler, we're--we're
in the middle of a conversation,
why are you leaving me?
(door thudding)
Are you serious?

(breathing heavily)

Jen, you gotta stop this.
There's nobody out there.
Just lay down.
You haven't slept in weeks.
I'm really worried about you.


(muffled screaming)





Get off!
(breathing heavily)
Help me!
Get off me.

Help me!

What are you doing?

I deleted it.
What do you mean you deleted it?
I deleted it from my computer.
I erased the back-up
from my hard drive.
I emptied my trash.
Everything is gone.
I deleted it.
Why would you do that?
Oh, because it was shit.
(crickets chirping)
I told you that I liked it.
But did you actually?
Damn it, Tyler.
There's gotta be a way
to undo it.
It's gone.
It's gone, I told you,
it's gone, okay?
What are you
talking about, Tyler?
-Jen, it's gone.
-Tyler, why would you do that?
It's gone.
Just let go
of the damn computer.
I'm sorry.
I--I didn't mean
to do that, Jen.
(footfalls thudding)

(leaves rustling)
(dial tone beeping)
(leaves rustling)

Tyler, come back with the phone!
Tyler, give me back the phone!
Oh, my God.
Jen, I'm--I'm sorry,
I didn't mean to do that.







(car engine whirring)
(car doors clattering)
Hurry up, get it off.
Dude, he's fucking dead.
-We gotta call the police.
-Fuck that.
Just get it off so we can
get the fuck out of here.
Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.
(doors thudding)
(engine whirring)
(brakes squeaking)
(engine whirring)
(birds chirping)
(birds squawking)
(car engine whirring)
(bird squawking)

Let's pause
in life's pleasure
And count its many tears
While we all sup sorrow
with the poor

There's a song
that will linger
Forever in our ears
Hard times,
come again no more

There's a pale weeping woman
Who wastes her life away
With a worn heart
whose better days are over
No pressure.
Her voice should be merry
Okay, you guys owe us 10 bucks.
-It's sighing all the day
-For a double.
Hard times,
come again no more
It's the song,
the sigh of the weary
Hard times, hard times
Come again no more
Many days you have lingered
around my cabin door
Oh, hard times,
come again no more

(indistinct remarks)

(birds chirping)
While we seek
wealth and beauty
The music fades away
Frail forms
are fainting at the door

Though their voices
are silent
Their pleading looks
will say
Hard times,
come again no more
It's the song,
the sigh of the weary
Hard times, hard times
Come again no more
Many days you have lingered
around my cabin door
Oh, hard times,
come again no more
Oh, hard times,
come again no more
(indistinct remarks)

You guys already owe us
40 bucks a piece.
(birds chirping)